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The Berbice Gazette

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Twelve dudiars p. annum.)
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9, ] By [lis Facellen me
(overnor If, W.DPevran
(UV. Cenrinex.) aud | TORE As oaalager’ e)
— Porcy and Crin Suste,
of the Colony Berbice.”
ge all to whom thane presents shall or may come,
Cirecting! Be ith —- '
WHEREAS Ulis Excellency the Li-ntessnt Gow
gernor has this day bi be tore the Couttla Dep dch,
received tramp My Lord 2 Urtirs!, on of Mis Mt ny sty s
Principal & = of Soto, conveying Mis Royal
Hivhaess the Prince Kecent’® oS Fol ien of th-
measures ac ypted hy the Courter Relic See
mation of a tempecary Court of Civil Pastce, on the
25th of Novemly #180) on the apple een of Tubs
Excellency the Gosom aylor Ube masons ‘a
this GCour’s Prochnation of Ura diite.
And wh t@as His Royal cnn * Pringe We.
ccithas boon please tala prov of Hide elias
the Goternor’s conduct, with reca d oo his: pree ed.
ings towards the Meiwbers of the late | ome, ot Civy
Jugmer, which was dissolved oa the LOek NN ewember,
IST 4; as aloof the disn.issal of ch ne sab ob
Notice thercof ishiereby. pulbiale vovons lta
Consof Civil Justice bavine ex ste@ion the fru yet
vember 1814, has by Elisdterval TJigh yy ss OOF ce
Revent’s decision became cisolvect, ant U wr
consider the functions of 1hftemporery CO i. je
vil Justice have ceased; of whreh ell persons cone
eotned are required to take notice, and goers thee -
selves accordingly.
‘Thus done in var Qourt. of Policy and Chiny
Justice of the cofomy Peibic , this Gri S: ptogitt
3815.) Prisemt, His. xcelibency [2 otenant Gow pnoe
HW: hentia), ond the LonwrabbMeiibewe, Meter
Tairtaien,* Creorge Muntoys Devid Camegic, am!
J vases rit So0k lem pis Ore by ~
bis, Avert Jon Glustus, and she cz Parele
j y e/d — ‘ad rublihedon the? 5 pte oer ta 5.
be picrence of bis Exceliency, and the aluscnientionce
Ry Commo),
i _» _ es
By fis Tacellency TT. B
Rertine : F.suney lL .iewte-
menl-(romermor of the color»
0q1.W.Benrincr) |. eo, antahe /henondiie
Cowrlof Policy ard .Crme-
ral Justice ef sad colong.

To all to whom tise prescnis 16 y ur stall comme -
Gre Linge f be it Lnuwn:—
WHEREAS we have taken un’ oer can kh re-
fien the inconvenwnce which the cobwy os lieht te)
} ibe prosecutioa nth civil Iu! chal riuce there.
©’. hy the uowili Theses ol ge he a »are enc.
« Members ot the Clourt of Cowl Pett e. 10 Whe
wpon themselves the burda of secu apy unten!
Je Oeven, therefore, that this breech oe che putin
aerviee (which the Law requires shsil Be yveate toue-
ly periurined), may be equally burns by all swe ger.
@usasare eligible, and thar it shell be ne bincet o
the will andpleasure ofany individual o decline th
eppointment of this Court; We bave juderd itex-
pedient to enact, as we do bereby Foact, that fun
and afier the date of these prosenats, any ant all
sons duly elected as Members of the Court of Civil
Justice, shall be obliged to accept uf such appommr-
ment, and serve the - riod pe wertbedd by Law, wr
otherwise shell tomeit the sum of bce thousand eur.
ders Wolland’s currency, which shall be part int.
the Petty Duties of this colony, in sappert of ile ox
peuses defrayed fron Gator that past,of the culon.el
And m order fhat none may plead ignorance o
this our Proclamation, these preseuts shell bo pab-
Jished, and dealt with accowling to emstom,
S nacted and resolved ie eur Court ot Poles
aad Criminal Justice, of the colin —Bethice, th GF
September, 1815, present, His Excellency Live.
nant Governor A. IV. Bentinck, and the ilonorab!
Members Peler Fairbairn, George Munro, Dar.
Carnegie, and Francis Brititebank,— dew piis, the
Jionorable Members Albert Jan Glasius, and the
Rev. Francis 1) hitfield.—And publwhet on the Tih
September, 18/5, present. His Exe leney the Licur.
Governor and the aforementioned M moers.
By Command of the Court,
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~ =—_a > eonw™: 6 wal
be MBE Ie
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. a ” Ney Pee aly quire, Pier
te oe
c. and th cer
Coat of eM
Justice o cal
Toall to whom ft pi Sieh, ay
Greeting! be it ka = « ite
veruor tM ply
ho ,
Mamls Gis: . p
Sad whe Teas be Cae aa” Ms hus
of saiti¥ i s . etics ab the Pie i?
artot fhe oie : « uy
7 ~ all
ih A
“Het oF f
€ seal vi ny
me | Nev. b Ode ; ag 1.
- was Rive , “a A b 4
a *.
S * .
, Mod a ¢
ice Ae
S14 avers che
ne prggh y the Court of Civil
. oacel| the Gow weor hos been
ase, lee un Q. FIDdegat herds . Creu le to
‘em are Fiat ( Court. . °
BASER, Kilnget hk,
ic Faticy,
tots nna ” ‘ae | rare
de -
- . ite '
Of wine ° ” Phy svery
y ‘oes @ -
peact awa ah
tty ms
>- :
"| betes ie baw vesotwedEin a ‘ oF , I"
ond rte “an 1 ae ts *
S ,acr-me, b BB, ‘ft ley
Gov. soon gl .o a, ath pele fy
Meuders 0. Fae kar”, V aero, -
al ©. Piev ‘oath, —. Wor Be flan oe 1 6
‘comme, met the Rew, J. yrs, te d.- Am!) pew Ton
We X hySemreubiery $515, preven’, Mis Lx Teney
the Licwtemant —e.
by —a of the Caur?,
X. DOW NEN, See.
Secreiary 0 fire, Berbice, S14 Spt. 1833.
TIE Coart of Civil dastice will Meet lor the dis-
mtch ui business, on Tuescey the ita S piember
isl}. Dy Comnar i
R. C. DOWNER, See.
View original NOTICE —Al} t) ose who have a: y demands
roninet, Orare indet dito the Bereades of the late Wr.
J. VP. Mousse, dee., ave requested to remler their
ofeluns, oh te pe their respeciive dedts wiibuul de.
ley, to the umlersigaed.
. P.7..MONNIER. ,
9 Sep. A.D. CUCHE.
View original Caprfain U..k Lensken, voerende bet Beik
chay oe Jomge Vypre, | anhker leeweude ingleze
viet, % uF ; SF ia ite { ; per t T HMOMNe>
iaem elt renen oper As lore, attvertcord een
wytlykeun beta rat, dat by op Magndag den
bhue sleoa ematn cobazel gym wel Z2ym vous
sch moe leaceee t lenen cn, verzocht derhalyen
Jo heeten tabeice, Suewe colly aun boot te zeaden,
en wel die genem wee veecontricttird zyn, dv door
Lunne geeontmac eecos partyen bimnen 0 dagen, te
rehenen van den tite dezer maand, velyens con-
tract aan beord te zerden, de genen dic vourmemcas
yn th vaten fe schepen, worden verzozt Cezeive het
cers ei hoe eer zou beter aan boord te zenden, aane
seziven de veten wp Bet loatste nict zullen honnen
WOrdED io: BLUMER, » 9Sept.
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oe ee ae owes EE ee te eee eS” oe = a Ses a at . ow
View original Comp ies brestte
y Master sowil sil promo tiwets
Rdont a hilioo her cargo On|
the whol Ot the regiipin omen cal.
low Paka 4, or ?.... pluase ap-
i OF PAL »
ply to the Mester ont band, »
5 Spt. . A
‘o. is ‘cr foe Male. on
Mud sits A os
ry sthwere
si i
View original * wT
C > Peo
prin whee tte bo mac doe’
rere f 35 os seep bh. Voucial
rels ae rees f 77- Cu ob ret oa bh Vor -
- sm Ws? a wa din,
it - I~ by hp tus tons
tle, wy nvace! rahe! Th JAq e Ho. baile
Teed / WL rr & Bow N.
‘to > Credites 42 COD pound of cod
7 colfer, “bs ott st the ' 7
tver, ia ation OF "preraon ‘
sowie int pl be
tC # cm o aa
Dy thet
\ ate fn ‘at ¢
thea elt Mot ® :
yh st ™ Rm 90. Nn
EWLTY, » tag.
vey reason afte
\merican flour, Rock a, V i: sal,
veal we if ff onivas, slew ‘ec il-
‘taeda s,vVui—
ath | os nighoe Mach’. wiee in ny, ‘.
warPinelto ve heen ue te OS ida | Ve. OT 1 >
Sessa: : el port oie Fan | 4 to Leal vy
1° or! aud a variety of dry go ls ko
Tuk Subsea ery tend» & to Gttet (ee eon cily
‘eit his family, for F
Ope, Ma, ts clit: Ds Pome rts. cu
this Ex ency the ¢ SO VETHBT eto « ‘ep se othe
hore : mit Occuples, sutt fOr tata » KC.
ly f
agreeable to pe lp gSc SC
O83 Prizes, value toz m, Om oe _<
2 Novia, each cutitled ee
235 ‘Lickets, at f 176- each, =. : £0,160- 0
nes in favor of Adventurers. Peek 783-10
Tickets end printed particulate, my be hid of Mr.
es. Hene ‘ry, Comingsburg; Me. G. M. Fore
tlubb’ee Towns Mr. Robes Marshall, MM: wee
Hotel; Me. F. Lindner, in Bei Bice a1, ntgyf
Ie mail rary, Ang. iva & FORRPSTER.
AANGEBRAGT p. de brik ce Jonge ¢ Viper, 7
Captain D. Henssic, en te Koop by doG, PL Thienss
may ce voencc yoedercn, a de ne venstagne Ae kassa
pn, als—boter a fe het vaatje, va ka-
a fl- —10,—zeiever a f 20 keklergol cchney
en Seltzer watoc a f 13-15 het douzyn kr: pe Sy
se tongena 13, haw lSstuivers het pond, cehorre
tabak af het pond, styleel a 10 etuivers het port,
ke 2 ; . 2 Sgpt,
View original —_—— ———_ 62 o-WW.
RUNAWAY from the Sub: e anegrro
man pamed King, forme ily the proapoily ob John
“~ Y -
Clark, dec., and fired with bin pany ye ars sho. %G
am? 27, Berbice ; The ig well known asa wandeune ,
thout 5 feet 7 on Sule hes ss ole slemler matelend has
larve Fall « Yes, a Few: rl ol Jee Joes vill be e:ven
on lodging hin efther in the Barracks al Pemerery of
Berbice, (by application to the Priater there, or to
tne Subscriber, )
Demeratg, Aug. 99, I1S15
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Nowee inh reby given, that amonth after dete the
folowing Tran porrsand Mortgages will be passe
Aug. 19. Joha M Dons ld will transport to Demerary
~ hight Negroes, maunes to be scen at this Oficc
Jeard Bartrum will trar sport to Donald Ress
and AT. Nicholson, 21 Negro Slives. '
—— |). Koss and M. Nicholson will pases 2 men-
gage on the alorcmentioncd 2] Negro SQ ves in
fuyor of kdbward Baetrom, aod a father mort-
eve on 25 Necro Shaives.
Aug. 26. ©. CU. Swating and I. Sint Esecutors to
the bsiate @ Jolfina Hofbauer, dee. will tratis-
patto C. bk. Gemon a piece ot land e@alled Ay
a/vol, Wh buildings, &C. situate of Ue Last-
bank of the river.
Sept. 255A. 4. Scho will (rangpért to J. J. Hite
part of Jot No, 97, within the Bown New Ain
sterdamn, paritevtass to be scen-at this Oilice.
H. Sei iThors! pwd! t tusporl fod. POB oer,
the northern front qnarter of let No. 15, New
Amst Hn.
—— W.Kelz, williteansport le Ying Wit, plin-
tatiod licciuitege, knusa as io WO. 13, Baie Seal
=> ——— ;
———— oh,
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View original . >» * -*
» cosst. sy’ th Nei the eo cahd ot Mab ine, gee
meat Cra ao
—s Paver [= eee plantation
. 1S, beast See co: isfy and on
the gevrics and a ®, es ard de
Civ <n war of Px Ge bat ;
; Mi thon, the 1 the same, or their R
nfetivey, wherein be seen at
i Ofer. - ‘
Damel Alt, will passa swan be
of Heritage or bat Nu., Sei
the nég ries and hed ane
nce rt ( sae neat has:
ed next oe ax tv the
Reena Rg ae
ei Gullon 1). ee —N ve
mato Lob. Ga pe bio J.
: . Manucenbs ne Qs - 5
a be at lain oi La tthe Old Por:
' Vass COHBO.: yotha evhurs, Py Mia,
Tone te Wes Oagerve
deny jah ig lay nglltbee
. ; Yeu ae Jr,
pie hi N. WA Pi
SO rod, to W. Kad
é Part of Lor Na, |, east of
per kine $5 roed 3 feet, low. rhae
to W. Cowie. @
iar of Boot Na.
per lise TT road &
® &. Chaifter.. 7% eo
e® Part of Lowa: of ‘he enfre road, from
: ie ‘me rowel baek clam, the iull width
ol ( Ms
facing the back din, )-
» luwer lime 14 Bead ic,
s cond empyller, j int
‘omte—Turibe, Aenea ‘i, Aona
608, Duve Jan, Feder, ani ibeu
oe | tu the survivors theren .
View original PUBLIC. VENDLEs.
* ThirsJey }$ Soyo, will he suk! ai the Verdue
office, by owd. cot Le wie (4sneren, Pix). Gq. § jpn se
aut 1S.hbitls, chuice Ghi Medea wine, at 5 wad 6
e ~aaee ©0 kegs heat ear." lime in pan.
i heoms, beep Bo itm ive, Chobe tiem parts, ©
WeRs self a lew casas earthen ware, Madeira wine in
buities, Xe.
Ky onter of I. G. PF. Dhiensma, Lsq. 9q. the front.
lot Nu. 63, New Amsterdam.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
By virtue of on appointment granted by the Hon.
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, upon a peti-
Heo ol KK, Francaen, coquire, im bis capacity as dee
iDerating Exccuor to toe Estate of J.C. Scholle.
VaMoer, Lowen s inn date the 19ih A ugust, 1815, will be
sohi at the Ventuc Offtee, on Thurs iy the O8 inal.
(he Tulowing shaves, belomging tu ithe deccased’s ey.
fare, Wiz, Adgnis,« bose boy awd ‘Taylor, Febrea-
ry, a fild negro, and a wean named Uelsey wih
hee child, sbua piece uf bud being pait of laoNo, 8
hesten polder al the baca dam, with the dwelling
house and out buiblings.
D.C. CAMLRON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Monday the 2d October next, will be sold by
order of the Hon. J. WH. 1. Maurenbiecher,. Esgr.,
iS months credit, the whole of his howehold tur-
niuie, Comsisting ol giass, earthen and China ware,
Mebles, chairs, beds aud B-deiewts, silver spouns and
POPK:, table and bed heen, hiteten @tensils, aad a!
collection of books in various languages, ® six-our'd
lent vacht tn exellent repair, a cusmete an! chaise,
chaise harness, a super iag Chaise hore, saithes and
briiles, &c.—Also a few Cases OF excell ut MN. Julun,
Midoc, and Muscatel wines, aod old hock by the
DiC. CAMERON, Dip. Vendue Master.
View original
View original
View original yof my rs ‘al ec at
lor o Person fo take up all Ona,
8, cattle vals atany time
mov lo Fone straying The ) lsor Darns
the Tower, and place a in Y Obie ‘Towa
Wl that guch shail be dilained wetil the
woers shall Bs wil ater the following
oa C es » Ass, Stver
fer, and tor
RascteLon the Gth Joly, 1818. "
‘, o Pn ro SRT
DOWNER, ‘Secy,
View original i? fa esv 2.
New Mo ite 9 8 TORS L9in. Moraine.
~ o
a narteglGth Day, .@hy Sm. Wie.
oon, i eh lay. ai Ob. Sl, Kvenme, .
yh Sy er, Soth Woy, uth. 45m. Mormtie. ©
View original li. W.
Heolitoys, Pheporena, &e.
ous :
View original v7

coal ? Ali 1¢
‘lon Durnt, 1669. O. S. 5159
Biedey uflerDruicy. 4}49
prime Tiis. 5
6 |.
“eurehes. ee ;
Nauti ly of V. B. Mary, Sil
Oh Sunday after Trinity. H15
‘Neap Tides. lUd 5
sluly Cross.
(7th Sunday after Trinity.
Spring Tides.
St. Matthew. ;
niag Geo. ill. Crowned 1761.
Sun cuters Uabra. Autumal ¢ qui-
_ — © — Cl wee
(och Sumdoy ater ‘Lraty. [nox.
St. Cy prian. 10
Wwoap dides. i]
st. Michacl.
Duchess of Wurt.
[b. 1766.
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View original 14th ed ’rav: the Vi oie Seeretonsi's reli tien) on t
t Rimi gers OR GR: hb lifuedey aubah oie.
Mw AW wh. ,
Toe \lit s orreste | severst batik sof Pei, i+ opt
Gor to sve UPC Ie A verent oft e CORR tion 1. pe
Std ag-on Lb dies Wn, '
Phis srid “Matto. Ai MZ i» gZvins » form afew Cham-
De et ot Peers.
¥. OUR. J i "yf Ty,
The fol'o wing GF -a “eal Or - CR s ldselbtd lo
WS tro ps intro Ves
rT ee a TRE ee oy is Mle comire of Pr Pre
>.al' ie a> Megat larene bear Du fall wi, ‘ir
went, a’? ’ all Lirir Tercal 0h an or tw ppy
(DT tty, 1 hy du meet: 7 d>c'arin? oui-
wees ST thedegt hesilu!ionwthe lenet delay, may
ali: Cine Whe wos! eh and the COMI y 0 't
cull #2 lovan orn? bur ahi dB asters which we Shull
m0! hop pesca! se
pallers—) he neers’ pot circumsia res, nc!
val he wr thet dels Mink he: rts, ides: rhis ws ich
rom! og hens, ad —S/ ont the duly of unin
a f ewren) 1’ .
“eT eulemanteC ever a!, One aR live the Four-
termined liftresth Mi tary Dieian, in cose-
4 tate, erders iia! @'! bhe trupps in has district immes
aalilg ABrumethow % cackasespew’e that the white
flog he kcisted onu!l the ¥ ris and fortresses.
“dhe (cneruletommandag de&isions will look lo
(he@zecut.on af thet ate.
( Myre) ‘“* Count Lexwanor:.”
‘ Pars, July 15.
Pr irk Somme dy Secrers-Ceacial to the Mi-
isk Doe fred fat ‘Tier, San win ned Secreta’ y- -Genvur: al
for thee AP pate x Ins uae
Tie Dic de Richafica, who isappointed one of
the MiwKrecs, hacl WFive d at Paris laoc@y.
ML, Posquis, brotbeeso the Minister of Mistie® and
P Tec th Depart emt ofthe Sithe, lis becn re;
store Tt Ws fametiinrve.
Maroad “al ge Lic,l> Sei*ary-Ceneral tothe War
Ma os -
b Wouit cerfaim tha! bt om age vene Marshal B'n-
clirt, s , Outratiem | ae pe) ea b> property
OO] Savers | owt he Cc. mT rss
acters (fein Wiens se@PVbeat Modame Mir. will
becom! “AAP Wi) kemeiihe: from Trieste to Pra.
gn, fe ightriresteues, “Thoeartonds and cinac
which wore tether by her eave ion with the Ea-
glish aré valucd! St cig wteeu mil ons.
P cris, July Ie.
Maligal-uis Repapa rc quitt:' Paris valitirttey.
Thee ip ofthe Neciatands ative! loti he ft
P iris,
Lefteps foo Turin stat, thet the plicue had bro.
kei, out in several qvarts of Da .
Jt ie wail Chattbe Couneil of Ministers, Which mee
‘ alet mv, faye as! ieJ d rcsel j 100 ol great itite
j) wamee,
The Goveraaent lee civen ot lers thatathe_ ore.
iz. hon of fhe N ‘fimaal Cs id <. mL hh» coarriett in -”
effect tra Leviesof the coat, aadPtiat thea cqui, -
ment stall be Gomspdeted.
Nat te Gertoralehe Conoet VOrlonre, bas heen 1 fe
peovited toghe commen af the « Wy o: Naa y, by the
Mimpeewr of iueste.
The departeene of Tua Memethe has ben ciblled
tian to form a tievantne OF 2.950.090 tahiti oro.
Vishors, andl TROOOO cvs of | ‘ey or the sortie
Carell ap any ot [503000 mela. ar MOCO ly es,
brid toys, ‘TPhese'sup lies SFO ex Giitsive ofethe.e
Nocc yap tor the subsistence of troops ou march ond
in cagtisome | M. Michoa, Provisional Pret-et »f the
Depart: en, has albessecdorders reseecting this ree
quisition to the Sab-Prelvets and the pyorss
It is said, that in consequence of the death of ITis
Serene High ‘ssthe Duke of Brunswick, the Enalish
Hanoverian Government? will have the adininistras
tien of the Duc! ny of Brunswick, as Guardian to the
Hereditary Prince during bis minority.
Amoiy the o@s! aMict ed mourte Ts tor the loss of
Telatives im (he dreadiul bettle of Waterluo, are two
Widow Ladios, one of whom had no less than five,
amd the other iliice sone, slain in that sanguinary
CV sfuct.
lt in st0%@) in the London papers that a Noble Earl
lately icimaMicd an audicnce of an illustrious Perso
nage for (he purpose of Stating his opinion relative fo
Ube isnclis pe ata le necessity which new existed for ree
moving the cWaineof fortresses in the Netherlands,
trom Dunkirk to Luxemburg, fram the Dominien of
France, asthe only means ov preventing future ag-
gression on the partol (lat country.
A sanguitiary battle is sant to hawe boen foucht be-
{ween Prinee \WWredeand the enemy on the 7th, be-
tween Chalons and Nancy, in which the French were
totally defeated. The losson both sides is stated at
14,000 men. '
~~ ee ea
View original a “ - o . > -_—
- « to bedhabeme 6 oh oe eee ee BR ”

9 September 1815