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The Berbice Gazette

View original 1814.)
— : =
ve Ny
Pecclve dollars p. animen.
View original ——— ee ee ee
This isto inform the Prblic, thal the following per-
eons intend qutinrg this Colo if.
Donald 2 heed in 6 weeks fram Oct, 29.
OL W. Laatsheoor in 6 weeks Frau Oct, 22.
Win. 8. Owens. for Barberdos.
Tov. John (Porno will quit this colony by the
_ mon fy, Oct. 20,
Mis. I. Covine ay ro. AN. Pleery. wth 4 ser.
Via’ s, ‘will mui the colo. Vy Berbice ly the first Op-
eytarnit \.
P Grant in G weeds fern 3 November.
A. Siupsvi iG ween % ou Nove 19.
NOMIC shoreby creceny thuta menth alter date te
follozsing Treerports ail Mortsazes will be passed
Oct. 090.3. He. Schtirhorst will transport ta dh @. Due
(hers SVS Poot of ancl, ot Jot No. Io. NX. Amst.
feeing (hemi htle road.
Nov. 5. \W. Wewles qa. ASPhoroborrow, will fruns-
poartfto Joby Paps, (he west) front cu veter of
Yo ~ 20, New WS: nsterdan ing With Che buildings
Nov. 5 Joh Walf will cancel 9 tranenort errone-
oly pisse bby hin to Merey Sshoy. now Wile
ol ii ore Harper, of a petoflot Now 4, i TOW
Ansforde: 2 fromline Myeeeontye rords and will
NOW fey 9 4 Me same hind to the Adlorvey
of Pots Sythe yh de 7.
Nov. JY. he Ite sceareies of the Estate of the
bite Prores o ory owl bps a Traasnort of the
west hall Loi dy ayy toll. Barawell or his
Repres io iives oro hers Carpe ered!) to receive
Mie sae —toly Borrell TE. Barnwell, or
overs the Renecesont tives. wtll tronsnort to d.
rot. the sag | \\ : | | V (vi [oof 1, Crryyee,
Noy (OV Geer ey thee Ssh ences oF Puenbol
Jory S& Corr will tees! to Chaeles ® lye
othe Photuionen hl Zt twee, with an (Ty.
Nesroes. baidinss, stocky avery. Xe, Pre Wyre
Jovrine theectos aa bre werd Chs. VG er | wel!
samara tivor of the Assiznces 0
Srey EP Po wbos & Conon the sve.
- — Mh Reale cq. the Asstonees of Tornbal,
Boies & Co. will Proms ort to Chis, VE. Cared,
ts. I rerestot choesatd Asstenmoess tall che Ne-
PTO sy uthdines, stocky ulensil | fe, &e J oweel
the (ie). lermentio ied las tS. Cermur oniy coll ra
and hnown b v thepomes ols Le fic! is Petates,’
Av | thre Nit! i ‘lhe. \}° ire| \\ i} poussy ranch rive
dn favor ot Cre cud Asste NCOs. ct {'@ SUN, Viz:
Plot: iltons— f/f erste Ml; ye, Pe ere, VW ac
Ji leeleren, Leloint, byvovy, Festa eo ane
Glasguic, Moachost, Et tert" Zee Lust
RoC. DOS NER, Sery.
_ 2 eee nT ae B12. 1. SES
FOR the use of the Civil Couns issiry Department,
Wie s—
AQ Neero tradesmen’s sachets.
4? Parcuck trowsers.
A? Cheen sarits,
49 Connon hits,
CH Preees Comm on eallteoo,
9) Common beridhere tieus.
OID Lele oe vw tane elo ks,
Y'0O Gills Cosa iiss?
Torowiich Tenders will be reeetved by the Suls-
Boiber, oad Purstay the Ghdey ot. Ceeprber. a
$0 Weluck inthe morning, who nth y will be opened
A presence of EPs Exen the hey the Governor. and
Bhe lowest, th approved of, weep tod, 19 Nov.
Rh. MACALNS bee, Acting Coin,
LLL Ll nl ee ee Ll ee eee ~)
View original leer ce
oaW__ —_=~ —_
Ea EE PO artes OE SE ese <
‘the stivseribe r hii | bly recerved Sully athe
fiom ous pe, Wiz. — Ladies feshionab!
Uo ss, sy straw
bonnets clegantly trirnmed, cauibite
; priutsy musting,
artificial flowers, white and black sth liandherebiers,
@nad a cieat vartely ol fancy coloured ditto, with an
assortment ob necessaries aad ormunents to suit) the—Also has to dispose of the tollowing, viz.—
eandies and soap tn boxes, tea, Madeira wine by the
dozen, hard ware, indo. and many other goods,
which she will dispose of fur cash, ata reasonable
@ vunes.—12 Noy. Bl. LINDUNLK.
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View original
View original i
View original . ———___——_
On Thorsday the Ohh out. with te el p iat the
Vendue Othee, ly order oF O8S Wo ferntstreer, Psa.
J negro me rand bweonen, vizy Ceeres, vr od cook
mud hosther: Biilion, hue bev: She ea Sate
rand elcome, porters acd field y nls foe
an exeelleut wosth ea onrins— hs Tosise hh tt turrets
ture, cousis'in ey ty stoan, yy oniebogany iran fae
Iles, card tables, susas, cosine, elie. witie assorted,
oe plate, &e..
On the sine day will be seal ’ two casee of Linen,
without reserves Madeira wiee in bot less cian aera
issurtinent of plentation tools, dry woods. Xe.
D. CL CAM CRON, Des. Veni Master.
View original ee
(no NionJ. ly Z ity Now. Wall a solids bv orl ton
the Execeutors of the bite Mle hes. Ohousbuiny, a
the Vendue QMce, + prone ear oN, Woe ras, ts
of pistols, carpenter tools, wearing apy tel, writing
desk, &e.
On the same day by the Verdue Moartor tn cam.
mission, an assortiacnt ofdley goods, provisirys, &
By order of Dr. VS. Gordon, 8 nie solu rileu.
Ine Madeira wine, 2 of which it. ey oor tsoof TS
months tn this colorv.— Vso by J Ven ne Masta
in commission, GO negroe mon, file pocgley anda
washer won warrintod soma.
Ry order of Mr. We RatenSael, 30.6 prime ns
vroimeny, woodculfers and srevers.
D. Co. CAM RRO ly De Vendors 2% ter,
View original ee EEEE EEE
On Mornivy the 'Orh Deeendy or. cents vill be sob
atthe Vendas Cine, be artoer ond. Gt, de Noette
werkeork, Esq. aq. the bstrteor Cie tote Govemor
van Batenburg, 49 prure Nevroes, 2 tamribesy some
of Which are exnccden! domestics s Gris of paymen
Ly 6, & Oiavont's.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Verndire 8 eter.
eS SO ee ee ee See ow 8e-T ee @ @ 2 T= O28 +O eo
—™ —.\ TC Tm re,* Nc rte ge
O85, a .?> IGS A @ea i _- 6@e@ it On
Rerhicc, \9th November, IStt.
CYStD js wanted for Goveorement Biull, tor which
Teoaters in Tripheate, will bercecived ar tls Clie,
unfit Pues toy pext, the S24 instant, at 10 o'clock in
Chie morn.
AY. TEENDY, Dep. Assist. Com. Gen,
For 20 to ‘0 bales Cotton, the produce of Phin-
sation Nieg, will be reecived at the honse of Mr.
Oo bathers, on lot Now 16, until (he 29th inst. when
the hiiehest offer (lor not tess than 10 bales) will be
accepted by the Curators of suid es eo. Poyment
to boamade imeash ondclive y. 19 Nov.
——_——_———_—— ee
View original a —————_—————
Tire undorsteaed offers for = ile from IAN ta COO
very fine sheep, amongst whteh are fran 70 to 100
yeu rrowecd ders, and wilh soll them moderate toa
onrohascr who ean pay cash down or an approved
iN (or the whole lock. Fle witlhatse engage to de-
vor them in George Pown, Demerary, for a sial
consideration above their value in Berbiee.
Py the Subscriber, at the Store formerly oceupicd
Ny A. Stewart & Co., at moderate prices for cash or
ro lace [ce
LONDON brown stou', porferand beer in bottles
Tadeira wine in quarter casks, oldand new ram per
omnehean, a few dozen rich sherry, hams, potatoes,
flour in barrels, oatmeal in lars, paint and paint oil,
rentlenians, ladies, and children shoes, gingh: ms,
eatiicoes, checks, cutlon shirting, Madras haudker-
chiefs, &e.
19 Nov, W. REYNOLDS.
THE ecngavement entered into between the sub-
ecribers, or the conducting of business before the
Courts, being dissolved; they request payment of
WW eccounts due to the ™, their books being in the
hands of the first subscriber for collectio Ny and who
hereby deelires that he will not appear In Court for
any Individual who shall remain in default ot paying
what is now due.
— = = ~~ -_—-_ -—_—
W.TIOBSON, Attorney at Law.
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View original (No. 539.
=" ws
Ne Se ee
—_ F_
View original ES SL LL
d. [ Payable on advance.
View original Mirelned by the schooner
Tran, fiom Demerariy
the follozine choice lof coods, lo be sold
on reasonable terms pr.
paclagc, vit i—
‘Nosy halia & Lancashire] Cotton Ice and edging
Seefand pork in’ barrels
and aha,
Rifts of piesled and rec
Split peasand pearl barles
in jaes and keas
Bloons racsins in boxes
London bottled |) rier
Soap and candh s
Cotton siting in 25 yils
Cotfoa and Trish sheets
VPeddros, poultice,
matters and
hamcthere biets
“oortech oruze
risin & worked
mull and book titel:
"aVesrenslin caps & col
bette ik Shawls
mibroi tered sorsnet, are!
satin ribbons, rich pat-
Troan linen wire ron
Toon for shoe binding
Shirt buttons and firriting
Wire ribbas, flat
(Seyeuy tone:
heat conte and tossels
Coton nett braces
Manor & cotton corters
lock silk, carsemere and
Marsetle vests
an’ Carsemere pane
"sarge white counterpancs
‘allicoes in QS yards ps.
val, sonere and sceving
lookines classes
Mens, boys and girls beae
ver fitis.
Lye. horny brag and nifre
ress rem thats
ladies Marocen, Joanand
hat Sierers
holdron Marocco and kid
Olantersancle Shoes
Le eleegat assorboent of
jewellery & perfumery
rmenond cottan checks
orub playing cards

Shavless etitliaeeces
havives, forksy poenkrietg
setesors, fichi looks, hire
e syscrews, tron toed
SPOOns, trope k any] chose
locks, 44. to Od. nvils,
vof & hoon rivets, bot
atid borce shoe rails,
"Torse shee erunb, and
Cook brushes
Ntotion TY asearted
Miliary elasp and sill) Sadia variety of articles
Qilk buttons
19 Nov.
humerous to nicie
NP. A fers prrcheons Neat Rum tole disposed of.
{ ‘
‘ s
Dy the Subervibers, inported in the Tanarec, fom
Td ondon; acd BELMONT, from Liverpool sia leo
PORK in barrels, hams, pickles, Tesen and
Souchone tea in cannisters, Vinegar ta jugs and bute
tes, sprees, GUN DOs Mor, Inverness cotton ond coftee
bieving, Osnaburg’s, blue aod) white solempores,
elegant Ladics silk and muslin dresses, willow stecw
and Ladies sattin bonnets wih frinunings, gentles
men’s clothing, yoohey and llesstan boots, lidies sind
ventlomen’s shoes, sith ono beaver hats, Neero hints
andclothine, check shirts and coverlids, Rus: ta duck
and sheeting, blick, blue, ercen an lo oapixed bel
sup rfine cloths, rob kerseymere, flinn Ts, serrlet
bloean | rreen table cloths, dhiacer and lamack Wor,
platitlys, cotton and finenecheeks, Erish linens, Preach
cambric, needles and piss, silk umbrettis’, soap ancl
candles, an assoriment of brushes and a@liss ware,
powder horns and shot Hels ecnritin pins, plate aud
rin’ locks, Norfolk door-handlosand hinges, cofhe
mills, iron and copper stew pans, erid-irons and trys
ing pans iron and tin tea-hettles, Patian & sad-irans,
wood and bed screws, metabsauce pans with covers,
enuffersand trays, Cea and cheese Grays, bread bass
kets, iron, Gin and Japan enedlesticks, bells. bell pulls
and copper wite, nails ddy. a O0dy. &e. &e.
12 Nov. GhkoO. BONE & Co.
View original $$ —___——_—_-—_-—--
The subscriber, tn addition to his already extene
sive assortment ¢f choice Medicines, has received,
per Belisle, Captain Todd, the following articless
which heas usual, warrants fresh and genuine, viz 3
Guw camphor, asttotida, Panam, Ualacn yg
ammoniac, arabic; Cheltenhame Epsome Rochelics
and wlauberesalts ; Powder valerian root, veri: snake
root, senna and awanna, essence bark & peppermint,
Anderson’s pills, carraway secds, anise do., volatile
salt of MIMO, Feshers’s herb stramontunr, stron
mere: ointment. sissa Fras, sasse purella, guaricuns
inizereon root, bitter almonds, carraway seeds & oly
antimonial powder, tartac emetic, tinet: of degetalisy
sp: turpentine, stinglas, strong netrous aceds, verdes
vris, phinls assorted, and eurks; rose. and honeys
waters, vromalic vinegar, &c. Xe.
12 NY. W. b. biO he
View original
View original REGULATIONS
Bor the Meetings of the respective Courts, of the Colony
Berbice, fur the year 1815.
-— oe
View original -— So a
Monday Pd January,—Court of Policy and Criminal Justice.
Slonday 9tn Janu. iry,—Court of Rolls.
Blonday 16th January ,—Courtof Civil Justice.
Monday’ 6th February,—Commiss: ary Court.
Blionday Gth March— Court of Rolls.
Blonday 3d April—Court of Policy and Criminal Justice.
Slontay Lota April—Court of Rolls,
Monday ith April—Court of Civil Justice.
Bionday Ist May —Commis- ry Court,
Bionday 22d Via, —Court of Rolls.
Blonday 3d July.—Court of Policy and Criminal Justice.
Bloudry 10th July,—Court of Rolls.
Bonday W7th uly —Court of Civil suctice,
Bionday Teh August,—Comruiss. iry Coart,
Bion lay 2d Oc faher »>— Court of Policy and Criminal] Justice.
Bou ay 9th October,—Courtof Rolls.
Bionday 1ita October,—Court of Civil Justice.
Bloaday 60) November »—Cominissary Court,
Blordsy 20tu Noveinbur —Court of Rolls.
Rerbice, Sa November, 181 4.
By Command, K. FRANCKEN, )
R.C.DOWNER Sec. ) ( Tint Marshal.
View original POST OFFICE.
T'TE Sabseriber most) respectfully informs the
Pulic, that the above Office will be kept at his
hous’, immedciat: ly behind the colonial Secretary's
Office, until “urther notice. —12 Nov.
Ro dich ONZIE, Act. Dep. Post Macter Gen.
PS. Gentlemen who are in arrears for posfazes, are
requested to pry Che same, on or before the 24th
oe eee eee
View original eee
Frow the Si tice of the subscribers, on the night
of th 2 instactya Punt, 25 fect lone by about 10
feetbr oad, with the Litters WJ. painted ino white
onthe end: andatthe time partly Jorded with sand.
Any person erving such Information Is may lead to
the recovery of said Punt, shall be rewarded by ap-
plying to—DOUGLAS REID & &o. 12 Nov.
———_ ie ee —<.— =
eES The well known Ship Belisle,
Tuomas Toop, Master,
To sail with the January convoy. For freight of a
few prc \ages, or passage, apply to the Masteron
J2 Nov. board or DOUGLAS REID & Co.
The Manners of Proceedings beforet he Court of Cie!
Justice, in hashish and Datch.
The Charter of the colony Berbice, in English.
The new Uuteh Constitution, in Dutch.
A few Alininicks, Coflee Certificates, Bills of Ex-
Checee, ills of Tading,
All Sin ef Qooks, blink and ruled, Quills, Pencils,
\V ett Powder. and Wafers.
rn ee eens Cee" ©
. >»
y ro a
View original eee. OS EI SESS Oe ©
Dievonssc tov te sant, at Phintation Lien Content
J.P. Sanven, Psor.

Op Jen Tlten cover ne and is Overlede nN, Op Plan-
tae Bien Content. den Weel-Edel Heer J. P, San-
per, iadenoodertom van Sb jaren.
W [., I, I LY A AY A NACK.
NOVtiMPteR 3O DAyYs.
0 niet
Qe Oe nee ee
eae —_—_-_ - TS
View original ~
. ae
Shihan y afler Lrintly.—birst quarter th. din.
aiuttool Kolls, (Morning. —Neap ‘Tides.
beers Stgitarus.—Cecclia,
yt, Cleincat,
19 9D 0D 1 05 Og
a ee a a EE
— ¢ -X- 0 ee
@4TURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1814,
Yesterday we received our Second September Mail, per
the Diana Pack: t, after a passage of etght weeks ——
Brings not 60 lute news us we have already received be.
Jere, by our Matl Bout from Barbados,
Lhe Mail for Europe, will be closed on Saturday the
26(h instant, ul 6 o'clock in the morning,
ee 055 6 Oe
LONDON, Sept. 28, 1814.
At 12 o’clock the roar of the Park and Tower guns
and the pealing bells of this mctropolis, proclaimed
the decisive and unequalled victories to its inhabi-
ube, of (he eapture aud destruction ef the sity of
View original Warhingtorn, onthe $tth ult. afler a severe action
at Bladensburg ; and the following letter from Lord
Melville to the Lord VWayor, and Bulletin, were
posted at the Mansion-House :
Letter to the Lord ‘favor.
Admiralty-O jjice, Sept. 27.
My Lord—I have the satisfaction to acquaint your
Lordship, that Capt. Wainwright, of his Majesty’s shiy
Tonnant, arrived at this OMae this morning, with dis.
patches from Vice-Admiral Sir A. Cochrane, announcin:
the capture and destruction, by his Majes‘y’s forcos, of
the City of Wasiivgton, on the 21th ult. after a severe
but decisive action at PBladomsburg, in advance of Was.
hington, in which avery superior number of the enemy
were driven feom a strong position, and fotally routed,
with the loss of all their canaon, Commodore Barney’s
flo‘illa, a frigate of the largest class on the sfocks, the
dock-yard, arsenals, and a'l pub ic | roperty and build.
mzs, have been destroyed. | Tt is with great pleasure Lean
add, that the Qcitish loss is small in comparison with that
of the enemy, and in consitcration of the services perfor-
med,—T have ah honor to be Ce. MeEvibie.
Te the Lord Mayor ———— (A true copy.)
Wor. Department, neve. oT.
Capt. Smith, Assistant Adjutant-General to the troops
under the command of Major-General Ross, arrived this
morning with disvatches from that officer.
The trooss landed on the 19th August on the right
bank of the Patuxent, and proceeded to Mariborough: ia
co-operation with Admiral Cockburn, in an attack upon
the American flot.Ha of guneboate, whic having been
Wholly taken or destroyed. Geo. Ross determined to pro-
ceedto Washington, Outre 2Qtth, about five mtles from
that citv, at Bladensbera, the Anicrican army, of abort
9000 men, was found strovg!y pasted, bot was attacked
and completely defeated with the loss of 10+ feces of artil.
lery. The British force thou marched witho ot fort ner on.
position to Washivgton, where all the public buidings,
magazines, aresvals, and d cheyard, were destroyed, vith
a frisate nearly ready tu launch, and sloop of war.
The troons, aft-c this service, marched vack and reeem-
ba:k-d on the SOth August.
The British loss in the action of the 21% exclusive of
officers, was 50 rank and filekilled, and 155 wounded,
Beturn of Ordnance, Ammunition, and Ordnance Stores,
taken from the Enemy by the Army onder the command
of Major-General Ross, between the 19th and:25ih of
August, IS! 4.
Lolal comonnt—206 yirces of cannon, 500 harrels of pow.
der. tOO.COU rounds of musket Dall eartri Ives, 40 bare
rels of fine grained powder, a large quantity of ammuni-
tion of diferent natures, madsup.
The remains of near 20000 stand of arms were discovercd,
which had been deatroved hy the enemy.
Princess of Wales's Departure.
Worthing, A (2. 9O.—A ercat crowd assembled here on
the Stein, at four o'clock, fo witness the departure of the
Princess of Wales, in the Jason frigate, which lay ofl
Worthing since Suturday. Slre arr.ved at Stcin Hotel at
valfepast four, when the Hon. Capt. King not being
reddy to receive her on her arrival, she drove off with Lady
Charlotte Lindsay, ano‘her Lady and the prof gee boy,
to South Lancing, which is about two miles from Worth.
ing, apparently wishing to embark. After she had esi
Worthing, Capt. King appearcd on the beach, got into a
‘mall boat, and about half way Isetween the shore an} the
Jason was met by his own barge, whieh proceeded to
Lancing for the Princess: her femate domesticke were le
ken on board from Worthing.
It is rather singular, and, indeed, occasioned much sur.
prise here, that the heads of the Bow-street Office were at
the Stein Ifutcl on the occasion, The Princess had one
conspicuous article among her bengge, viz, a large tin ease
on which was painted, in white letters, “//er Royal Migh.
ness the Princess of Wales—to Le alicays with her,”
ler Royal Highness had ona dark eloth pelisse, with large
gold, claps, a cap of violet and green satin, of the Pras.
sian hussar costume, with a green feather. She and her
suite were conveyed to the barge in a small party cet,
driven by her own coachmen. All the ca rriages and horse
mep which had been on the beach, at Whorting, and as
many pedestrians as could, followed her Royal Highness
to Whorthing. When eu beard the barge, sue kissed ber
Rand fo the females,
View original Ten guineas were gives at Loyd’s, to return owe hue.
dred, if Preliminaries of Peace should be signed with the
Americans, by the Commisioners at Ghent, on or before
the Ist Sept. next. This gave rise to strong sus; icions
“shat the money was given by persous in the secret, frou
(he largeness of premium for so shcg a period of time.
It appears from one of the minor French papers, that
when General Desfourneausx read that par@of his Reporte
which re¢omends the sending out of au arma nent against
the Negroes of St. Domingo, a burst of honest indigvaticm
vatked the feeliegs of the humane and liberal part of the
Assembly. “The Court Censors of the Poers, nut conten
with suppressing the fact in the leading papers, have since
coinmanded tee insertion of a mouse incridible and ridicule
ous explanation of it, ascribing the sensation toan opiniom
that the General was improperly interfering in that passage
of his Report, with the y rerogative of the Crowa,
Aduniral Bere ford is expeeted to sail in a few days, to
convey the Prince Regcut ol Portugal from the Brazi!s te
Phe marriige between the Archduke Charles and the
Duchess oi O d aburgh, is resarded as certain. The nupe
tial cereniony will take place at Vienna,
The peace, it is catcalated, wil finaly throw out of om.
ploymen( 25,000 naval andu itary oflicers; 2000 governs
ment chiks, and 28,600 wonecommissioncd officers and
Mancver, Set, 12.—Tt is certain that we sha'l retain
the Woke of Cambridze, We ho, « that the Kectorate of
Hanover will obtain some azgrandssscment at the Cougs 18,
Itis afliemcd, that 72 French Olfccrs are gonetyu Ative
rca, to vlier Greil services to (he President.
Antwerp is said now lo be entirely dismantled, occorde
Inztothe Treaty. Al its proud fortifications, by thelclp
four enzineers, are now a licap of stone on'y.
Duke of Wellfyaton.—I{t is in contemplation of the
Ladies who are now subseviling for a Monument comme.
inecative of the [ero, tu erect one in Ireland as well as
Muctand. The amount of subscciptions hitherto received
for these purpose is upwards of 27004,
fialy.—Vhe excavations of Pompcii are pursued with
foc rn ost unrem.tting zeal by the Neapolitan G overument
bie ost recent discoveries have been three new magnifie
cent dutmbs edorned with sculpture, anda hall which is
supposed to have been the Court of Justice, and which i
decorated with a triple row ef columns,
Hague, Avg. $1.—Our Marine now reckons, besidce
Hicuteuant..\dmiral Kinsbergen,—s8 > Wice-Admirals,—S
Commanders, =-41 Captains,— and 5432 Licatenants of
different classes.
France and Russia will necessarily hnve great induence
over the Congress at Vienna, It is difficult to forese what
will result from the ehock of so many intercste.
Ss Re
Some of our readers, perhans, may reco'lect our mews
toning that a very sumotuou barge (expressly fitted out
for and used by the late Emperor of Fraace, when he vie
sited Bordeaux some time since,) had been captured in the
Gironde by the British squadron. Vice Admiral Penrose
and the squadron having determined to present it to his
Royal Hishaese the Prince Regent, the Exmond conveyed
it home, and it was to have received some repairs in the
doce-yard before being sent of fur the river; but, in cons
femplation, we suppose, of the intended naval review a€
Portsmouth, it had been taken thceither by the belle
Pode. It is most beautifully eonstructed, and adorned
with every tasteful dcevide that could be thought of. An
imperial cazle, standing on a dolphin, both exquisitely
carved and gilded, from its head. Ou each bow, there is
a bronze Cupid. Its quarter pieces bear the figures of
Mars and Bellona. The state cabin is mayuificently
carved and gilded; with eight windows, over cach of which
appears a letter of the word Napoleon, in ascroll. Oa
either side of the cabin doors stand two bronze Egy ptiaa
figures. The stern is peculiarly Superb, and displays a
emblematical figures in bronze and gilding, whicn create
altugether a most unique and splendid spectacle. Theexa
(reme lenght is 69 fect, and the breadth 113 and it is aaid
to have cost £ 4000, Seon after its being captured, 14Q
men, rowed by 18 oars, were landed from it at Bordcaux,
when it proved equally buoyant as @ jollyboat. This
barge fovsibly reminds ws of (Le eve im whieh Cleopatra
View original descended the r'ver Cydous, thus described by eur mor-
tal Shakspea-e:—
“‘The barge she sat in, like a burnish’d throne,
Burnt on the water; the poop was beaten gold;
Purple the sails, and so perfum’d, that
The winds ere loveesich with’om; the ears were silver,
Which towhe tune of flutes kept stroke, and made
The water, which they beat to follow faster,
As am’rous of their strokes.”’
‘6on each side her,
Stood pretty dimpled boys, like smiling cupids,
With divers colourd’ faus.’’
‘Cat the he!m
A seeming mermatl streets.”
This barge has been sent back to France, the Prince
Regent declining to accept if.
Riot at Cherbourg, in France.
~ —
Varions accounts having arrived of the late riots at
Cherbourgh, a Gentleman who was present has favoured
ws with the following particulars :—The inhabitants had
for along time been impressed with an idea that great ship.
mont of corn was about to take place for England, and in
Accust first, the number of English vessels having increase,
ed, they became very turbulent. After assniting the
Foglish in the sirvets, they proceeded oo board the English
@esscls, maiming the crow and throwimg every thing over.
board—pigs, sheeps, poultry, Ke. —Thy also got on board
some smvgilers, many of whose kegs they threw into the
waiter, ad the rest they got on shore, which, with what
Jive stock reached he shoce, thoy took up the coun'ry ;
they then attached the Mngtish Hotel, kept by Mr. Ro-
bins, the whole of whose windows they demolished, *tnd
proceeded tu destroy the house, at which time a guard of
$U0 men soldiers arriving, they coutented themselves with
assulting every ouv who had the least appearance of being
Enelsh. ‘Phe Gentleman who favour dus with the par.
ficulars was repeated!y spitat, aid larzestones were (thrown
at him—-two English Ladies, in particular, he observed
gevercly maltreated, the better part of thor clothes being
torn from thcie bodies—vw hich our countrymen could not
sesent, the popular fury boing so heigh.—The next day
(Suediy) dhe riot was at is heicht, which was excited by
two more Ergtish vebsels arriving from Weymouth, Upo.
their fiest approach, the people armed Chemsetves with
Barge stonesy@ad when the vesses cater d the mouth of
the harbour, which is so narrow that iton'y adits of une
at a time, they lined the steep shor-s on cach sido, and
gommenced a violent attack with Che stoucs, hy w lich th.
erews received some very violent contusions, “Phe symp.
tums now became so alacmisg thatall the Koglish on shore
were obliged to shelter (hemselves in such liauscs as were
guarded by the military, and the whole of the Eoglish in
the hocbour got under weigh, with an tntention of pro.
eceding t) sea; but a strong guard arcivingy order was
sestored, efter apprehecadng about 200 of the mob. The
game Gentleman took a opportunity of visiting the Nava,
Yard at Cherbourgh ; ov the stocks were one L20 gunship,
two 74's, and two frigates, inan apoarently forward state,
But at preset few arlisantare at w ork,
—_—< a Jp
MADRID. seetT. 1, 1819.
The following are the principal Articles of the
Do finitive Treaty of Peace and Amity; conctaded
between the King our Sovercizn and his most Cliris-
fian Majesty, signed at Paris, the 20th July, ISl4
Art. 1. From this diy there shall be perpetual peace
end amity, between his Majesty the King of Spain and the
Indies, his Majesty the King of France dud Navarre, their
beirs and successors, and boeween their respective states
end subjects. ‘The heigh contracting powers will dircet
all their attention to mantain not only among themselves,
Dut as far as shall lic in their power, among all the States
& Europe, that good harmony su necessary for common
2. ‘The kigdom of France shall preserve the integrity of
fs limits, such as they were at the period of the Ist of
January 1792, with the augmentation comprised in the
Bone of demarcation fixed by the following Articles.
3. This Article repeats the limits contained ia the Treaty
Gpnobuded at Paris with the Allied Powers,
View original The suceecding Articles, fram the 4th to the 15th
inclusive, are literally the same as those conditioned
inthe quadruple treaty of Paris, relitive to Geneva,
S\itzerland, the navigation of the Rhine, Holland,
“he German States, Italy, the Tslaid of Malta, the
Colonies, Vessels, &c.
_ Articles 16 and 17, declire that no individual of
I\hatever rank, shall be molested oa account of his
political eonduct or opinion s and thatin all countries
Souvereigns, the inhabitants shall be granted a term
(of six years, to dispose of their proper'y, with the
liberty of retiring to what country they please,
18. The Aliicd Powers wholly renounce the sums of
money, which their Goucrmments may have the right ol
claiming from France in wetus of contracts, advances,
or furnishing made ty Prance, in tue successive wars
‘since 1792.
The King of France, on h's part, renoueces all
clam which he mey have itin bis power to produce
against the Athied Powers, foc the same reasons.
19. The French Goverument becomes bound to see paid
the guns remaining due it countries out of the bouudary
of France for contracts, &e. to individuals
29. This article provides fur the exccativoa of the pre-
cecding one.
91. Private debta mortgaged in their orgin on countries
which cease to France, of contracted by Choir iaterior
Admiiistratioa, remain charged on those countries.
92, The French Govermucut responsible for the reime
bursement of the sams whieh, under the ttle of Sceucties,
Deposits, or Consignments, have been iavested ia kreuch
Treasuries by subjcets of the above mentioned Countries.
fu the same mauner Fecnch subjects who have deposited
cums in the Treasuries of the said Countries sliall be faith.
fully repaid.
23. ‘his and the two fulluwing Articles relate to mud.s
of reimbursement, Mc.
26. After the l-tof January, 1814, the @esnch Govern.
Meat pays no peusion, caval, Liuiiary, OF ecclesiastical, o¢
allowance ty any individual who cease te bea lronchinan,
27. National domaias acquired under onerous tides, by
. > . . .
Frevchmen, in Departments not pow belonging to France,
are securcd to the acquiring.
98. Theabvlution of the Droit d' Etrangerie is confirmed.
99, The Freveh Goveromecut obliges itself to restore
the bouds ov other decds taken by the armies and French
Adwinistrations ia the counties winch they occupied, and
iu the case of more restitution, bic said deeds are declared
of po value,
30. The sums remaining duc for works of public utility
vot yet terminated on the Riwae, or im departineats Dow
separated from Feasce, remam at (he charge of the future
pussessors of tie teimiiuey in which the works have been
31. Provides farther cestoration of all charts, plans,
and allsorts of documents Belonging to the ceded Countries,
$2. Within the space of two montas all the Powers who
have been engiged iy the war shall send their Plenipoten.
liarics to Viewua to regulate iv a General Congress the
dispotism necessary to complete the present treaty.
33. This treaty shall be ratificd, and the ratification ex.!
changed within 20 days, or suoner, if possible. ;
Art. 1. Thepreperty possessed by Spaniards in France,
or by Frenchme. in Spain, shall be restored in’ the state
iv which it was at the time of sequestration or confiscation.
Phe removal of segyestration shal be common to all pro.
perty, which we was subject to that measure, whatever
nay be the period at which it was adopted. The discus-
sion of the peculary interests now existing, or which may —
hencefurth arise among the subjects of both nations, whe-
ther anterior or posterior to the war, shall be regulated by
a mixed Committee, and if the interests belong exclusively
to the tribunals, those of each country shall be recom.
mended to administers due and prompt juStiee.
2. A Treaty of Commerce shall be concluded as soon as
possible between the two powers; and, in the meantime,
the commercial relations shall be establiskcd on the save
footing as in 1792,
These articles shall have the same force and value as
those inserted in the Treaty of this day, and their ratifica.
ied shall beexehunged at the same time. Lu faith of which
View original
View original the Plonipotentiartes have signed this Treaty, and seated
it with the seal of their arms.
Done at Paris, July 20, the year of Grace, 1811.
Pevro Gomiz LABRADOR.
The Prince of WENEVENTO.
Paris, Sept. 8.—The ceremony of the distribution and
benediction of the colours of the National Guards of
Paris took place yesterday inthe Champ de Mars. A fter
the benediction the King addressed himself as followss tu
the Chicfs of the Legion and the Officers: of the Nativnal
(; uard :—
6 Gentlemen,—This is a delightful day to me; if is a
new tie which | contract with my brave National Guard,
What may not be expected from the French when one sect
such (roops whom zeal alone has formed? = Let the enemy
come when he will; but le will not come; we have none
but fiiends.”’
At the conclusion of this speech, a thousand voices ree
veated Vive le Ret, Vive Monsieur, Vive Madame ; Mute
sieur turning towards the hing, ex, resscd a wish (uo speak
to him :—
sire,” said the Prince, the National Guard is deers
ly sensible of the great honor your Majesty has donen oy
presenting it with the colours y ours If, ] camassure yu g
Sire, thet itis worthy of it. AU are prepared Co dic i &
the person of your Majesty, and amuny to may fuscntoll
subjects tuere is no eve mor devold than ther Colut cle
Gen -ral.’”’
All hands were now raised: yes, we swoar it, Jace la
softened hy these sentiments of affe.tion, the King held
out his arms ty Monsicur, who tlew into thom with trans.
port. This Majesty pressed him to lus heart, and case
lowed from every eye.
The benediction was given by M. de Talleyrand, Arche
bishoy of Rheims. The Duke of Wellington, and a great
aumuer of Maghish, were presen,
ene Oe ee
View original |
orm OO eee
A'l Warrant OMeers, whose ships have keen sod op
broken up, are ty be appointed as Superuumerary Oilicere
un voard of ships of the line tu ordinary.
The number of troops which areto continusin Belpium
till che dissolution of the Congress at Vienna, is serthed —
Those of Hanover ace to consist of 30 ba‘talions of infan.
try, a QuMe,ous Carps of artillers , und iwo reguie rs of
hussars. The garii-on of Beussels will consist of tau
ing ish regiments of guards, and a corps of Wugtish cavale
ry. ‘Ten regiments of infantry, and a numerous body of
cavalry, all English, will garrison the strong jlaccs; all
these troops are on the war fuvoting, The Dateh troops
willuecepy a great portion of the banks of the Sambre aid
Meuse. The Belgic Legion, composed of four rezimente
of the linie, two of chasscurs, and a regiment of dragoons,
to which is added a considerable body of artillery, will
yarrison the French fronticrs, It is belicved that the
English troops will be cpynsidcrably augmented,
Brussel, Sept. 12.—General van Damme, (who hae
hang himself in Russia), is, with 30 Officcrs of his Stati,
safe arrived iu france on the Q@d instant.
Evtraordinary Phenomenon.
Quebec, July 12.—On the 2d inst. (being off Cane
Chat) the sun assumed avery high bluod coloir; and, a@
half past two, a total darknmecs ensued. This conuiued
unti! about sunesct; when the horizon somewhat clearcds
but at nine o'clock it became su dark that it was impose
sible to observe any object, however near, without the
help of tanthorns. The ship laid too until two, A. Me
when the obscurity disappeared,
It was a singular, and at (he same time, novel sight, ta
notice the sailors and soldiers,, having recourse
to lanthorns tu distinguish their pudditgs, and meat ou€
of the cabouse; and not less so for Otlicers to be seated
at their early dinner, by candle-light.
It is difiesit to account for this phenomenon, as it was
not observed beyond 15 leagues vn either side of the spot
where the ship stood. For threa days previously sume
ashes and smoke had been observed; but on the 2ud na
symptoms of burnt wood were felt. It may be presum.d
that some volcanic eruption has taken place in a south
easterly direction, which caused a total darkness ina
breadth of sbout 15 leagues from wach side of Cap Chat.
View original
View original Description of TRushinetow.
Tri > .ee e . ’ . .
Phis beautiful city, which has at length been visited by
JosUy ard tacisted isittish vewseanece, is in the territory
OF Columbia, and Ts situated at the junction of the rivers
DPuruwnmuc and the Eastercu Branch, extending about four
Niles up eacrs ascot carcely (to be exceeded in point of
Beubrity aed beaary by any iv the world, The lane wa:
‘ 6 c
ceased by the states of Virginta and Maryland to the Unie
teas! ey and bY Cliem establish das the seat of throu Yuve
’ \ erty . ‘,
Verhunent, aller Me yea: 1600, Theplau of the city com.
Dares every thing crand and beautiful: for althoweh the
' ! 5
Jand vie general appears level, yet by gentle and gradual
Biwetigs, a vacety of clecant prospect is produced, aud
As: fiiceont ac eC ror foe carry ing off the rain. Th
Cl yds Oth doiniw $ prdrey, oF prod GIVISIONS, bv streets
roumias dae ovonre nd Sonth, aud Mast and West. but
fins the Carp itoty the Proesidoat’s house and some of the
ii meuteeroes of faeenty run i diazonal streets. fron
Oo it | * di i WiC lo. 1Cs CT, \\V baca not oily | roduce «f
Vv. it \ it brie poe GS . “Ny it oOo life t VOUS! 1c Suhiecucss
¢ i i 9
ws ; ; ‘ r 1 ’ | ’ , VI
‘ sf i ; C,cl all Ss oral ul Vie vd4ol Io. ic
y ' ‘ _! | . ’ ’ ot ! lie ,
bk eiicl ‘ see «La «ala i VU feel Wid q bibs tid Ine a
' ' ’
] | { ‘ . ‘Ci Vda Ol 30 bevel, lida
toa yp Wet tevve SO feet Of paved
Sicwet Loe Cassatyos, oa tn (Ur tac biiveds are mm yeneral
] ; oan . ) y ¢ fect "T’dyge mir r
‘ . e « i ’ ‘ ‘ elie > J Cece s a SY aFes )i
GivisONs Gl ta yak it ty L149, rhe rectangular
Bpidres J bed Collait beau Puve acres, and are
Goavidody » ) OFWOVts GCG. Trudi vO » vy leet in frouty, thei
des ht re Coos ai MoLiO to SCO teet, accords to the
Beco the square Tasco is nota single house in the city
Lb Viefhul is rit cat col ornck or Stone 5 so thatits aj -
}: tee as tae mt bouutifal Chiat can be conceived. Phe
» bfor lic Cai thor Scuate Tf USE, is eu the most ele.
Valo Leavedes Gt the city, abouta mite from the astern
Branch, avd uct m i tore fiom the Votow Inac, com.
miso a full view of (he city, as well as the surround.
i ! Cc Pile sy. ] ’ Ga \ i a} dite West from tlic Cay itul,
and fue co ' fromthe beesident’s louse, run two wreal
pi asure parks, or « als, which iutersect and Cerminate
on (he bauks of (he Potowmae, amd are ornamented at the
Bis { dover. . oleleriut manstons. kaltecu of the best
of tis. , as (he prmcyal s reets cross cech
‘ Coa, cf dutevent States Comrust g the
( : MN VW. 1e@ 60 have staltcs Or CO UNS
t mweome. Yooh Ceretd bate ie or most enivent men.—
O . , al selock l Jur G@ Sfilue o
Jin s P ae ¢ | tran statue of Wasninros
Wwio¢ t lo stoce ds fher. “The eastern brane!
of the | oluwmn isonweoef td o safest and most commodi-
O:! ' 1 teins suthes nt ly deep for the
Jas ships about tows niles above its Jonetion with the
} reo 5 oN ihe channel Tes close alo ‘ the edge ol
thecity, and isa 2. tly caracous. Phe city b ing sie
trated on the great post rowd, exaccly equidastant fom the
Wowetheay \ Mbera exfron eds of the Uw on. and veare
Jy so from the ACeube to the Ohtuy was deemed he most
clizable situation fur the Coneress; and the rapidi ® Wilii
woich it has been belltis owing to the excellentand inere
houetible grarries of fece stone afew miles below it, on
the Mank-of Gio d ctowmae. The pefroen ticular hetichtol
the giound enwhich tue capitol stands is 75 feet above the
Jevel of the ide in Tiber Creek 3 the water of the Viber is
therefore conveyed to it. Wheothe city was first plan.
ned the cxpence of cteating if was estimated al 225 C007,
storling; but vere than double that sum has alresay been
expend d ouit. Qoe important edvantage tt assesses ts,
thatcrxtcnsive coal mings have Dec asceriaiucd to exist
i >» Tht ib marhood,
The destraction of such a superb city, however greatly
the arrogant people deserve such a Calamity, would have
becna subject of universal regret. But it was spared by
British nag aninity 3 for it appea.s, by the official dis.
patches, that nothing more than the Government edifices
and property have been destroy ed Ivy the vic! yrs, such as
the dock-yard, arsenal, shijs,and stores. Itdoes nuteven
appear (hat @ single private building co che city has been
Ti is reported that a ducl lately took placein Paris, be.
tween Marshal N—y and Lord C—ysf—rt; the latter is
said to have reccived a ball in his arm. ‘The quarrel is
paid to have originated in the censure pronounced by the
Noble Lord on the measures of the King, and w hich the
Bow loyalty of the Jdarpkal gould wot bieek,
View original MARS? A I's OFFICE.
BY an Order from Uis E<eclleney the Cover nor,
dire ected to me the urdersianed, dated the | Pity inst,
Notice ts hereby given to the Public: That the
execution Sate or the Furnicares &e. che property
MI. Cy Schollevan: rer, which das been advertised
lo take place on the 26, h October last, ur fi vOF of fa.
Pheoabald, but was then postponed by order of His
Pexecthene y the “ overnor s— Will oan tal. @ place on
W cdnesd: ry the S. ddd Ps: int, at cleven o'clock in th
forenoun of that day, at the iz ort afouse of this co-
lony.— Be ibice, bith Nov. IRE,
We RAIA NOK EN, Perse Marshal.
———_ ——_—— ee a —s ee est
OY virtne of ae Opyeor from Pes Bove Homey th
Cavernor, Gated Soh (en | " ISE4, given upona
mecmortil presencd Ly Wan. Go rdon, M.D. bilan
ferand Lahabutent of his Colo iv. .
Notice ts her by civen to (he Pubes That the
Site ora deatation ae Meee ceo, Cum acnenisy situate
ra Canye erie hy Which was advertised to take ple
VWedauesdy the Yl Novemb ron Xt) is Post pouuece
unl Cire Sth ot FP vera
Leibicc, Jaca Oe:
\ f ‘ ) Stun,
‘yy INT4
‘int Wt MEN, Firat nA it
MY virtue of an ar int Mca Oosg the Tfose
able Court or Civil! eel tats cot levy mabe ly
Of loth ume St Ive mompona Petitie a prescit a
by the First Marstai aw. basnekens for cecira ney
OE PL Quin aq. Gordon and Surely, as oho
noe OF NS AL de ha Court, as Pera tpat Secul lo the
‘Troyn Estates we Hin tits colony.
Notice Is hetehy 3 eiven tea iene aubtie, that Poche
undersigned, or the Storshal atthe Gime bossy in
(end to Selby al Public xccuboa Sales in the pre.
sence of two Coancellors Com cnissabics ane Chet Se.
eretary, inthe month of Decenwoer, IST,
day here: aiter to ber otthcd (heouel Tle @ ace le Or
this Calon, ihe Cool do dustate called Pred, i 7, Si-
(uate on the Westeer contol this col hy s thie pro-
perly ofaboveramot Cendeowond Morpho. with all
Us cultivation, buoldvaesy shoves, ead) fureier ay pure
tonne CSCC Sbie foowii dave! COTY Bae le Uhereot! 5
ana lovin at tho Slarshais Gluce ior the Its! ecloll
of those Gone reed.
Whoever sould his ve any right, action
erdntorestonmorcsand Pittston Pretit, cumauienis
Mad wishes lOmpp ose the DX CCUUCM Sitle (ha@meot, let
such persons address themselves to the MM
(t) paceise
Oitce of this colo '\, he babaite thelr reasam forse
uOll'g, as Lhereoy give nouce Gath will recetve op-
postGon ira cvesy tytormed bate person, yp potatalic an
aday, it need, to have hos or hier clatee teand betore.
the Court, and vuriheract hereonasthe Law directs.
‘Dhois dit precleam: on pubbshed as customary.
Le: Wiel, both Nove tly ls J 4.
Ir. | ANG Kot N, Lirsl snarnaes,
—_——— eo —_—
BY virtue of an Qrder from Tis Pyeelle ney (es
Sovernor, diated ire 29th Oetober, IST, civea up.
pa Porton pacscnt! do fw “Pbs. Preyer bay Sela, one
ot the vixecutors to the bstate ob the late lecbt. Wale
cong cud Attorney of “Phomas ond ;—Another o°
Mea vecufors aaton: of the Ploirs of said) Robert
Wilson, andool Ti. saab appointed in the place ot
Vwan. Drodesou daring bis absence from the colony.
Pthe and ssicneey at the request of aioresaid bex-
ecufars, Co bercow Summon by idicts
AL chaaentsouthe proeeeds of Plantation 7/er-
miiaec, Clim wnnenxis, to render in their claims before
(heoout of Civil dustiee, of this colony, at thetr
ndinary S = mon Monday the toth day of Janu: ary
Isic ry i and te'lowing a ys, and carter te procecd ac-
eordiae to Law. pang affer the fourth Edictal
Sunt UBS o! seine debareed thot rieht of clainn.
tos Svimmien by dediet made hnown to the ou
by be of drao trom the Court THbouse of this colony
nd tucthor deals with accerdive to custom,
Deibice, 9th Novemb ry tST4.
K FRAN CNUN, First Varsahl.
View original ——— ee
BY virtue oran, appointment t from His xcelleney
the (sovernor, dated 2sth Se pl. ISI4, given upon a
pelition presented b y the Orphan Ly hi imber, of the
colony Berbice, th capacity as bi AVL charge Ol uns
f\ eq stat Se
vo bryatany
Pthe tndersizeed, at the request of aforesaid Or-
han Chamoer, do here by
Summon by Edict:
All hnown and unknown Credirors of the under-
mentioncd buedels, Viz,
Jolin Jones. George Adamson.
Joscph Elliot. B. Tohman.
Vlhomas Vraser. P. Thompson.
Richard Collier. _ Vadder.
J. G. Swavine. Joln Broderick,
Rrauy vou \) aldbireh. ©. dL. Suesi.
View original his eolony, ac eleewhere.— Fo anpese
before the Hon. Conrt at ( ‘ivil Fustice of this ect Ve
HM their se Yoamihe month of Jal IS15, there ty
render tn the ie chibus avaiast the abovenanse .*
fefes, fo verily the same. to bear Objections niocge
erento, tf need, i Mf fo witness the ¢ ourl's lect.
stonon the preferent and ecaneurr (rit of claime
nis, and further to proceed according e> Law. on
pam of being for evee debarred their right of elvin.
’ ,' * . . .
Phis Suauon by Rdiet. made known to the publie
. 1 ‘ I
Ly: beateof od trom tae Court flow eof this colony,
' . , . .
Anh 6 U) I} i (| val Will accor bayer to Cuslua.
».° '
Borbice, Ist @etober, INVA.
ly [ ; \ , » IN. Vy, { Way y il.
~~ oo - 8 oe = =
View original BERBICE,
Ofthe Henorable the Court of Civil Justice,
SEQUESTRATION of Pin. Seale ld.
vy ia of — N pyr,
Tdewy of — Peta via.
Jdem of — de Vicar.
Tiear of = Oprverzous ly Chel f).
Jbom of — Adlmorack.
Pier of — Ceaqnice.
Jicey of — Lortheraad
AP™INISTRATION forthe Ueirs of the Wiloe
M.A. PI. Beilte, decease 4.
Pleny PB utyte of Part deve Nou.
Poem Pstoeteof oA. Tet.
CURVETOUSEEP Pstete of the lite J. Stobic, Cee.
Pom dsttte of Py flaw ms, deceased.
Wiarrrrashyvan On lerof dys Exe: Heney TT
Pevtow'y Licvteanat-Governer, bearing date the
Lb Oetol, to iy Che Neca nts of (he > is
Hore Cop anareds driving Deon referred fo Us, VIZ.
Alo i vil Ir. r, fo! f iTantityen Se fR 4,
J. ta tS "| A sel \ Gets OF Cla coeli. N ae
nr in i \ Dol) » Ov Sunt. Britta. .
t.. | ) | 3 ( ‘ Sat otent. Ye | i 4,
\\ . > { i I q ( Occ i. he rf ‘In. Oave gt.
WW) q (), be ") Peclod vi Pl. til wu! ae
Wino. ‘Seen . { vl Vite - il ebem See) vs of Plu. G. Pl tes
(.. Panel vs ‘ww bus. Sega sser fr. ele. Work yoraad.
Bho. Pint ceu fh ace Or fur tne bicite ol wie Wades kr ALU
lb ithe,
I). J Cedrus Ce. II Wl e Ad laisirators oO f (he Ist l eof Dani \ tore
b mow, reco V,
Ovbre oa tei tloons forthe Minor Proderick Le-atee, of the late
at \. [ey es da. ( d.
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Berbicc, 29th October, Isid.
F. WHitr,
(Fourth time of publishing.
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List of Run-a-wcay Negroes, in the Lolury Stocks of
Bernice, on the 4th November 1814.

Nnines. | Prope’ ClOrs, Byw hom browshe.
— ——— eer 2
Namen, { Liigsedioocu, Aaubreugers.
— “3 —*
Divo, Plo. Berestcin Fiscal
Rosa Plu. Qaverw agt Dochnert
Ihercules bdem \icCamos
arose Plu. Mara J. Gouvernewt
Nicola @
-_-—— —
Belles we
Nliss Laurants Adam3
Plo. Ue rstclling i“iscal
bleu Idem.
I’. LL. Schmidt Ocehnert
Idem. Idem.
Idem. Idem.
Allen lraucndorf
peer Fiscal
Ioepe (Surimaca) PostkeperW. Rese
Liot iRReuss.
Pio. Herstelder. |[M’Milae
Shauks ( Dem.) Dehnert
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19 November 1814