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The Berbice Gazette

View original 1814.)
View original ee ee eee ee =
Teelve dollars p- annun?,
View original a
By His Excellency Henny rirras'
Bentinck, Esquire, Licut.-Governo:
of the culony Berbice and its Dependen-
cies, &e. &e. Kc.
And the Honorable the Court of Policy
and Criminal Justice of the said colony.
To all towhom these presents may or shal!
Come, Greeting! Bet known:
WHEREAS Representation has been made to us,
that notwithstanding the severs penalties contained
in our Proclamation o the ts: Coto a IS10, respect.
Inv the nub rao Mate “30 °) Ss cyrel ere (| to be kept
on Estates in prope tion fo the number of Negroes.
thereon; thrtincny Plo tations, ether from thet juno
yance or ryener etapthe Proprietors there ‘Ol; are very
deficserty im ihis particule: + ord having taken under
our sericns Corsidera ten che coms quences likely to
be attendant the want of observance of our aforesaid
We have deemed proper for reey uoush for more,
general informeatien, the atecesaid Prockimation of
the Ist October, |s!O, and foorder, as we da hereby
ordet + authori; ize, he DOWET the Pascal f tints Cu-
Jong, ip sixonouths after the Puolic tionet this our
Picasure shell hove becu notified to the ben ice thre’?
the Rerbice Gaze (te, to precee d thro’ ench yy Inion
of the colony Berbice and its dependencies, with the
Senior Bure her Oficer in loca of each respective Cis-
trict or division, and inspeet each and every Plin-
tition wifhin the jurisdiction of thos Governmen
i order to ascertain whether due obedience ts paid
ty our aforesaid ordinance.
And should after this salutary warninte. any Mstate
within the colony be foond detietent ino the number
of white servants prescribed by law to be thereon,
the Fiscal is ordered and en ye Th do withant del: te
enforce the pena: ies comfalaedd in our aforemn uti ned
Proclamation of the t<6 October, ISIJO. against of:
feaders, and Ghat without respeet to Persons.
And inoiter hat noe igacemee may be preftented,
these presents shi be published and sent ronnd to
each especie fosfite vi ittn (Le colony Berbice,
"Ls resolved aud enacte tin our Extraordinary
mbly of (ie Court of Policy and Criminal us.
wheldin the Town of Now Amsterdane on thy
d June, 1814. Present Dis Uxecehency Licut.-Go-
ernor #/. IE. Bentincy, Vrestdeut: and the Plon.
fembers John WeCamon, Peler Larrbatin, A. JS.
Glasius and Creorge soem res deni ftts, the PPongrable
Members 7... ©. dhlcnscts, aod James biaser.
And Publish dow tic 4 hh Cay off eluly, IS14, in
presence of Lis bacelloncy the Lidit.-Covernor.
by connnend if the Corr,
View original By fis Excellency ihe Go.erior and the
Honorable Cowit of Pol cy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice, &e. &c. &e.
To all to whom chese presents may or shall
come; Grecting ! Beit known:
WHEREAS We fit d a cousitlerable Yecrense in
the nuinber of white Inhabitants, residing on Planta-
tions within this colony, a circumstance which threa-
tens to invelve its tranquility and safety. In order
therefore fo remedy the same, we bave thought pro
ver Coesfablish the present Reculations, enacting, as
we do hercby cnact as follows :
Thatin future every Plantation in this Colony,
possessing from | lo 79 Negroes, shall have at least.
one white Person resident upon the same, capeble of
doing Burgher Militia Duty when requered, and thu
all Estates in this colony Poss ssine trom SO to 99
Slaves, shall have Two or more white Persons—from
900 to StS, Three w hites,—O20 {0 450 Four Whites,
59 and wuowards Five whites. Such plantations as
sre found not to possess the number of whites above
stated, being subject toa penalty of (560° tor each
offence, and further or f 100. per month for every
ewhite Person net restoing upon the estate, in pros
portion to the number af Negroes. ‘The circum.
stance of the number of whites oa each property be-
ing to be determined by the report of the Burgher
Ollicer of the district, and to be regulated by the re-
turn of Negroes given up tothe Receiver General, as
being on thie estate.
Two Burgher Oilicers in each district are hereby
ordered after the Firtt of dune next ensuing, to in-
gpect the Lostates in their respective divisious, in or-
View original K,
View original SATURDAY, JULY 23.
View original — EE EE A EE aE
der to ascertain and report, how far these our Regu-,
lations have been complied with.
We nevertheless requ ce it’ so to be understood,
th at in the event of the do cease of any white person
upon any plantation within this colony, that Six
months time shall be givea to the P rope for or At-.
looney, ty provide another white Substitute in: his,
lieu; and that until (he expiration of such 6 months, ,
the pk intation shall net incur or be liable for the fine
as before stated; excepting always Mstates which only
require by Law one white Person, as on the demise
of such white Person, or on his quitting the Proper-
ty, another shall be placed in his room, within one
month alter his decease or departure, on pain of in
curring the fine as before stated.
Lastly we deeree, that the Fines and Penalties im-
posed by us to be levied from those who disobey
(hese our Orders, shall be devidced as follows : Onc
third tor the Fiscal, One third tor the In ormer, sun
Que third fur the Poor of the Returmed Churca o:
the colony.
And thet no ignorance may be pretended of this
our Ortinance, the same shall be published, afixed,
and send round for ecneral information,
Thus resolved ant enrveted in our general Assem.-
bly, held in the town of New Anisterdam, in the co-
lony afBerbice, on the Ist of October TS 10, P esent,
Is Excellency Slajor Gen. Sam | Dalit mple, Pr -
srients and the Hon oe ‘rs fL. | o aeels, J.
Pop ny S. Kendall, ~ batrhaivn, oa 1... Gla-
8] And publi a On the 3.f of the same mo oth.
by NTA?) flhe ( old,
Re. CLL) Oe Naty tee.
By His Brcll ney Ther ey vourtrin
Benriscsx, Loygaic, Lieu - 3
over the colony Berbice ant iis an,
d ICL y &r. dc. c
And ithe Honorable Court ot Polley wiac
Criminal Justice of the said coluny.
To all whom these presents nity or sha'l
come, Greeting! Be it hnow
WHEREAS It has been reported to us by the dif-
ferent: Burgher Olficers of this Government, and
others, that Negroes belonging to the respective
estates within the purisdietion of this colony, are t
constant practice and) habit of walking during the
night (rom ene plantation to another, and there ase
seinbling, indirect violation of the positive orders
and ordinances made and provided by us against
such transgressions ; and whereas we have lately seen
the ill eflect which arose from such irrecular and
ceprehensible conduct, and being fully impressed
with theurgent necessity which exists ‘ora rigid ob-
ervance of our ancient Saluntary Regulations, wath
regard to the conduct of Slaves 5 as also thant by Ce
exertion of due vigilance, the recurrence of similar
evils may be prevented, and astop puttothe frequent
complaints made to us on the subject of the Negroes
vppertaining to this Government; we do now hereby
issue our Orders and Directions to all Owners, Pro-
prietors or Administrators of bstates and Nerroes, nS
well as tothe ditterent Burgher Odicers ofthe colony;
that no Negroes under any pretext sivdh be allowed
'o proceed tram one Estate toavother, or Cepart Irom
(he Estate, Property, or Place to wheel be, or they
Ie Tong, OF rena itt conor preceed from the Tor oT
New Amsterdam to. best Me s without the precincts ot
the ‘Town New Amsterdam, without beta provided
with a writfen pass trom thete Masters or Porsous
havine charge of (hem; which pass shall sp. city the
name of the Negroc, of his Owner, whither going,
and the date when permitted to abscat himsell fron
the Estate and when to return.—Aind should not-
withstanding this our Order, any Negroc or Negroes
be found on the public roads or from off the Hstates
to which they belong, unprovided witha proper pass
from their Masters, all the Subjects of this Gove Tn
ment are required to aid and assist in: seccoring sie!
Offender or Offenders, and carrying them forthwith fo
the Burgher Captain of the Division, and in his ab-
sence to the next Senior Officer in loco, ia order that
such Negroe or Negroes found straytez without a
proper piss, may he punished at the discretion of the
Burgher Captain or Senior Officer in loco, by Cie ine
fliction of any number of lashes, nof exevedin: thir
(y nine:and we in consequence ie clare as abbrovaicd
and made yoid by these presents, all such parts of
any of our former Prdtlamations, wheicby Slaves
View original (No. 513.
View original (Paya able an ade nee.
View original srrested without a pass were required forthwith tobe
{livered to bis Honor the Fiseal.
And we do hereby warnand cuttion all Masters of
Slaves, Proprictors, mand Adininistrate is ol Pstates to
pry proper affeniion and guard against any tresprss
of this our Proclimation, the penalty whereof we
positively order to be fully enforced, without cors:-
deration of Persons to whom the Offenders mo
And in order the better ensure due obedicnee to
this our Ord. vr, the Burgher Captem ofeach orict
shall be furnished with printed copies of Cris Paltt-
cation, that the same may be generally Cistiibuted
throughout the colony.
And whereas we are informod that tn
. .
is be leo
of the existing orders expeted to che cootrary, Pio.
orietors of Nesrocs, still ocr t the sod N Hh
when passing upand down the Rivers ard Crecasot
his colony, to sing shout of express Uice selw os to
ther Negroes on dilkercut estat. s, ar eertari’ s ols
fondine fo inflame and produce improves! i
their moness an! wherers such pricese Ismet abyoe
contiary toy bay, bat ts. eo on ties Peiyer at
misebiet’. Wwe tlhe Tele A‘ . iter I. 0 1 _ 4 earl?
forbid ony Owner Proj rictors. Vooutustr oss oF
oder Persons baving charce aN roving dtr
ing thei own Neerocs, or stich as thoy tive es ar
Of, trom sire neysdonting, ore ira ore i eats,
witl i) (he iViver rc Cre fh yONG } - Cole, Ys Hel rc
penalty of One tundre deuce, wien the, Prose i
hoy Vcdavst 1’ Y S.Palory es Per O.b Tava Soh, ’ Of sal
Negooer. shall pay to lis Honor the Pisest.
Awt ete od any Saves while wn any tied of
sccompanied by any white Person tire to
Shout, or ose onfery ta tanner as aforess!
roe eT Negro s shalt be yeni ed with
nodashes not excee ling One buod
bisesl, Corcher C vplarn, rosé
coll h trary! ) Inflich upeomrhe Ca
lersen ocing broneht boiore bin or tt
And wedo hereby order and Covcct
Ne colony andathoth r Subs Ctsot this
wor stilt 1 to cassis atid vil boos Stine il
Negroes whoomay be tound singing in be
foo darthber Order such of the fidbebeants
colony as may witness such misconduct lore por
sume to his Flonor the Fiscal, who is strely ene
ced to proceed ainst the Offen ler or O loners.
Pastly we Ovder and Oireet, thatthe pecuniary
i w to be i: posed on the tra scorpeanurs Of this our
Yrde y be divi ledas tolows; namely: one third to
the Pascal, on third to the Poor land ol the Re orm
cd Ch @®@ch of this colony, and the remaining one third
to the Esformer.
Thus resolved and ena ted in our ordinary Ascseme .
bly ob the Courto: Polley and Criminal es othe
col ny Lo Perb.ceon the Orb ay of du ly Ist4. Present,
Mhis bexcellene y Vaid .-(iovernor /!. i » hentincl
Prosivloiats adthe Ponoable Meabers John UeCoe
mon, James lioser, Peter Loivbairn, Goo. Munro;
dempo the Honoratle Member 4.0. Glas®s.
And published on the san.e day, present Fis Pye
celleney the Dicut.<Govyernor, aud the atoresaid
lonuraule Mciubers.
Py comma: rd of the Court,
Re ( . DON NE Qe SC.
Ry the Tonorable Court of Px
Criminal Justice of the colon, , *
NOTICE is hereby given that the Honoral
of Policy bas been pleased to fix the rates of
m which the Colonial Duty of 26 percent
paid to the Receiver General, tor the Gmouhs,
mencing Ist January, and ending Oib Junie s:
is tullows:
Cotlon,. ccc cceee eee ITE StiV. pr. poutic
Coffee wholes co. ee. 98 do. do.
Collee broken or black, Of do. do.
Cocoa. ecese ee eee eee 9 clo. do,
Sugirjccseeee eee eee GC do. do.
Win. ee eee ee eee eee OO Co. pre ation.
NT lasses; 2 cle ee eee I Grvil'er pr. do.
Secrct ry s Opyice, Lerbices 12¢/ July IST 4.
Bu Commard,
R. C. bs) VV Nilt, Sccy.
BVthe Honerable Coutor Polk i ond C,iminal
Justice, af dheco'aay Lerhwe, Taal! to wham
these presents way or Skill con cy Greeine! Le
it known:
WHEREAS a vacancy has occurred in the
View original Fonorable Court of Poliey and Criminal Justice, of
th» colony Berbice, by the resignatian of the Honor-
able Member Lb. ©. Abbensets, anda nomination
baving been made by the Honorable Members of the
Court to His Excell-ncy the Governor—His Excel-
hooey has been ple ised Co elect John Tapin, Esquire,
tu be a Member of the said Court. —Notice whereof
is hereby given to the Public, that all and every one
concerned may respect that gentleman in his afore-
men ioned capacity.
Virus done in ouc ordinary Sessions of the Court
of Policy and Criminal Justice. of the colony Ber-
Kinz’s House, Berbice, 7th July, 1814.
By Command of the Court.

By the Honorable Court of Policy and Crimina’
Justice of the colony Berbice.
INFORMATION Is hereby given to the Public,
thatthe undermentioned Gentlemen are appointed
Commisstries in the different districts, where vacan-
cies have been occasioned by the resignation or de-
parnre of the Gentlemen nominated by our Procia-
miacion of the 4th January, ISI4.
Commissary for the west sea coast, Berbiee.
Peter Fairbairn, Esquire, in the room of John
Cancion, Esquire, who has qiitted the colony.
Commissary for the lower decision, Correntyn Coust.
Wo. Lawson, Psquire, in the room of George Bagot,
Usquire, who his quttted the colony.
Commissary for the casi bank of the riccr Berbice.
C. (. swaving, Psqatre, in the Room of L. C. Ab-
bemsets, Usquire, who has resigned.
Court House, N. Amst. Berbice, 6 July TSt4.
Py conmand of the Court,
RK. C. DOWNER, Secy.
——— —__ - -—-—
View original -
TD being observed that contrary to the existing re-
alations, ssveral persons, untiecased, suffer their
forses cad Cattle to stray about the colony Town.
Notice is hereby siven, that the horses aad catil:,
bo donsving te perseos unlicensed, and in future found
tres ossmng within the colony Town, will be seized.
anu im ounded.
atinz’s House, 16th July, 1814.
By Command,
F. WHITE, Goy. Sec.
-_——_ a iti
WHEREAS the following persons have addressed
themselves tothe Hon. Court of Poliey and Criminal
J ostice or (he colony Berbice, at their Sessions of the
A Juty, ISD t, toe Letters of Maawnission :
JJ. iliuaen, forthe Mulatto boy named A/aas
' van pon Broek, and A. A. peta Cover,
siilityas Oxccaters to the last Willof the Widow
JJ. Buszy jor the Mulatto man Lauzw, the Nexroe
ain J1706, Dore Fan, Fredr’!, the Mustice woman
Anna Teisman, the Negroe woman Turiva, and A-
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whom i
may concera, and who may wish to oppose ye grint
of said Letters of Manuniusston, bat they may addres
themselves in writing to the undersigned Secretary of
the coloay, previous to the ensuing Sessions of the
bfon. Court, whena final disposition will be made on
the aforesaid Petition. erbice, July 4.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
This is to injorm the Public, that the following per-
sons anitenit quitting this Colony.
J. L. Tapin and two servants, Harlequin and Wil-
loin, in 6 weeks from 18 June.
Win. Gordon, M.D. will quit the colony Berbice
by the first Packet, for Kogland, 23 July. ,
Rk. C. DOWNER, Secy.
e- - ———_ —
—_—— -—- ————
View original NOTICE ts nereby given, thata month after date the
following Transports and Mortgages will be passed.
July 16. W. Katz, as thereunto specially authorized
by J. P. Jennings, will pass a mortgage in favor
ot Jas. Morrison on plantation No, 27, east sea
coast, slaves and other appurtenances and de-
pendencies, as also upon 23 negroe slaves, pur-
chased from said Jas. Morrison.
eS ee ee es er een eee
— ————e—-
View original NOTICE is hereby given to the Public, that the
Fxecution Sale in the cause of the free Negroe woman
Daphne, versus J. © Schollevanger, advertized to
take place on the 27th instant, is postponed until the
30th of Jaly next, on account of the sale of plantation
Viede & Vriendschap.
Marshal’s Otlice, Y2d July, 1814.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original TO BE SOLD,
TO the Creditors of Davin Carneate, on plan-
tation Fast Luchian, on Monday loth August 1814,
forty to fitty bead of Cattle, and a flock of Sheep.—
23 July.
View original BERRICH.
Of the Honorable the Court of Civil Justice.
Sequestration of Plantation Tope.
Lewis Manor.
Curatorship of Ross & Sincratr and Pln. Nraa.
WHEREAS the fHonorable the Court of Civil
Justice, by Order bearing date the Qist day of duly
instant, having referred the Accounts of J. C. Span-
oe nbere and Wm. Threlfall, Sequesters of Planta-
tion Hone.—J. C. Spangenberg and R. C. Powner,
Sequesters of Plantation Gy auhunderfand.—— Wr»,
Leach and Geo. Walrond, Sequesters of Phantati ion
Lewis Manor.—Geo. Bavot and J. Layfield,
questers of Plantation /Zogsty.—Ths. F. “Lay fi fic td
and Robt. Douglas, Curators to Poss & Sinclairand
Plantation Nige. tous as Sworn Accountants of the:
said Court) toreport thereon.
NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons Interested
therein, that atiendance will be vive at the Ac-
countant’ s Otlice, held at the house of the second
undersigned, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Pri-
days, from noon until 3 o'clock in the etlernoon, for
the space of one month from the date hereof, in or-
ler to enable such persons lo inspect such accounts,
and state their objections or observations in writing,
a the expiration of which Gime, the required repor
wit be made in the abovermentioned matters, a id of
which Cf required) the purties mey obtatn an offic:
copy of theirown expences tn order if they may
deem it-expedient to attend the Toa. the Conrt of
Civil Justice onthe d 'y lo be appow nted, for heare
ting the said report, aud to contest the confirmation
thereof. berbicey 25d July, INT4.
(First time of publishing.)
Proprietor of the Cavje Ferry.
Reqursts all those who have open Accounts,
Goods, &c. for Ferriage, to make payment tor the
same; those who pry no attention to this advertisse-
ment, wil be again recalled by their uames a the
Grazette, ina forthnight after dale, and otherwise be
sued for, without regard to person.——iHe takes cotton
it iu payment, iInarket-price.—25 duly.
THE undersigned Offer for Sale, 22 PRIME
MULLS, being the remainder of the Cargo ot the
schooner Swi/t, from Oronoque, and will take pro-
duce, at casb-price, or tat ut cattle, or shee Dy ata fair
valuation, rw .
Cs duly. B. JEPFER Y.
On Thoesday the 281 Jtly, will be sold at the
vendue Oftee, by order or the Weeskawer of this
colony, the one third part of Lots No. Tl end [2.
toon the west sca coast, with the negroes there.
rob loagine, the propery of the date BL Smith.
Oo the sume day by order of Messrs. A. Stuart &
co.—=a negromen an excelicnt taylor.
By the Ventuc Master in comuiission—dry goods
beer, porter, silk hnts., black & colourcel sith sarse
helin gown patterns, vhiss and carthea ware, coffee
and cotton b: rreing, shocs, boots, hats, saddles, brie
les, London brown stout in barrels, nails, hoes, sho-
vels. and cutlasses.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Monday the Ist August, will be sold on plan.
tation No. J). correntyo, by order of W. Lawsou.
Esq. qq-—00 bead of cattle a parcel of houschold
furniture, &c.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master,
View original ——
— eet
On Saturday the 13th Angust, will be sold at the
Vendue oflice, by order of Dr. \WWm. Gordon. A
handsome bay horse not 6 yearsold, thoroughly broke
for any dratt and for the saddie—an elegant chesnut
horse under 9 years, with the same qualifications, —
a strong bay bolt, about 4 years of age, trained also
to draught or sadille ; all three horses have been ac-
customed to the plough and cart, and the two first
are as excellent gig horses as can be met with any
where, they are warranted to be pertectly sound wind
and linb, were purchased in Scotland in October
last, and are now seasoncd to this climate,—also 3
Scotch ploughs, a double mould ditto, a weeding do.
and a pair harrows.
At the saine time an assortment of plantation stores,
grindstones, dry goods, soup, candles, porter in bar-
rels, beei, pork, cordage, casks blue painted China
ware, each containing a dinner service tor 24 persons,
pease, barley, &c.
b. U. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Masety.
View original ~=~—__
~~ - a
View original geet
24/80 7/h Sunday after Trinity.—First Quarter 3h. 11 a.
Q5IM ist. James. (moruing.—Neap tides.
26\T |st. Anne.
98) T
(<a Returns to be made in thls mosth, under tender of Math, of a¥
Produce delivered (rom every IV state, from the lat Jan. i8l4,(e
the 3ist July, to the Receiver General's Office 3 in order (0 ascer-
tain and collect the amount of the duty of two anda half per
cent, (Waa ¢-gehl) upon the exported Produce rot then patd —
(lank Pore for the above Returns may be had glalis atthe
said Wilice.)
Returo to he made ander tender of Oath of Wine, Spirits, ang
Malt Liquors, received from Lurepe or elsewher , Gorny che
forezoing sit months of the present year, to the Receiver of
Si.all Duties (Madieke Lasten); ia oréérto cellect the imp va
Chase ai ticles.
—— a _—=- —
View original a mr
——w & - {(- * ae
Sarurpay, Jury 23, 1814.
Extracts from tRe late Hinglish and Rarbados Panera,
oe ef OO
View original ee eee Oo -C—
Louis, by the grace of Gud, King of Franec and Nao
We have decreed as follows :—
Art. 1. The Ministry of the Ceoneral Poliee and of the
Profecture of the Police of Paris are united udder the
title of the General Direction of the Police of the King.
2. In consequence, the Director General shall possess
the powers and exercise the functions hitherto bdon sing
tu the Ministers of Police add Prefect of Police of the Cie
ty of Paris,
3. Unril orders shall be given to the contrary, the Pree
fects and Subsvrefects shall exerci@ the duties of Dicere
tors of Police, and for that purpose shall be solely under
the orders of the Director-General of the Police of the
4. Phe Director-General of Police shall poseese near
our person, and in our Palaces the honors belonging ta
Ministers s and shall take rank imorediate ly among thom,
5. Our Ministers are charged, as far aseach is conccrue
ed, with the execution of our preseat decree.
Given at the Palaoe of the Thuillesics, on the 16th
of Slay, 1S14.
(Sisned) LOcIS,
Tonis, by the Grace of God, King &e.
On the roportol our Minister of War, we have oidered
as folluws:—
Art. 1. The Generals of Brigade shall cake (|
mination of Marschure de Comp ; the Generals o
Ou sual Cake that of Licuteuaur Generals.
8, No aliceation shall be made in the uniform of
ral Ofticers, ot Olicers of the Stall of our urry.
3. Our Minister secretary of state and Was is charg
with the execution of the pecsent Ordiuance.
Given at J aris, May 16.
(Signed) LOUIS.
A leading character of Talleyrand during the French ree
volition and reign of Bonaparte, and now frst waite
nister of that country.
d ‘NOs
There is perhaps no subject in Europe or in the world,
Who possesses more numerous titles or decorations, than
Charles Manrice Talleyrand de Perizerd, formerly Bise
hop of Antun, now Prince of Benevento, and lately se.
nior mewber of the provisional government of Frances
an office, however, which he has laid down whilst Gus mee
oir was writing.—Uuder the Napoleon regime, he was
t Grand Dignitary of the empire, vice Grand Flector,
Presidcwt of the Electoral College of the Department of
Dyle; a member of the Senate er ofiicioy and member of
ihe National Tustieute ; to which if we add that he wag
also Grand Cross of the Legion of honor, ard bears the
Insignia of the various orders of the Crown in Saxony,
Grand Cross of the Order of Fidelity of Baden. Grand
Cross of St. Joseph of Warsburg, Grand Cross of the
Order of St. Leopold of Austra. of the Back Fazle of
Prussia, of St. Andrew in Russia, and also of the Sun in
Persia, it wil be admitted that our introductory reiuask
is Correct.—It is said that the family, of which he is the
younger Eranch (one of the elder being actually Archbise
hop of Rheims, and the confidential frend of Loves IR/h),
is one of the most ancient in France, being descended from
the Sovercigns of Perigord, and related by marriage ¢
to the House of BouPbou.—In his youth, the army and
the church were the owly roads to fortune for the younge
er branches of noblesse; but his person rendering him ty
tally unfit for the former profession, the latter was cho-Ma
by, his father, and so great was the family interest, that
at the early ago of tw enty he was in possession of several
rich abhics, and at thirty was elevated to the lawn slecy. Sy
as Bishop of Autun; an elevation however to which. it ig
said, that Louis very unwillingly gave his consent.-—When
the Revolution broke out, or rather when the first: stevs
towards reform were undertaken, ‘Talleyrand and the
weile-known dramatic Beaumarchais pwece in disgrace at
View original Court ; however, the Clergy chose him ag a Deputy to the
Siates Geavralof France, Notw {hstand ig this, (tis said
titt he had such a pique agauist tice Clergy as to be in.
fluenced by 1Cin his motion In t8 9, befure the Constita.
tional Assembly, for the cundvcation of all Chucch pro.
‘Vous measure gained him great popularity at Paris, tho’
it was productive of deep disiress im the departments, aod
in MJay of the following year he was chosen oi. of tie
memberss of that Diplowatic Coumittee, which, under
the pdtucnce of Mirabeau, presented tae famors decree,
thai Prance renoiaced for ever all conquests—a deere
cheerfully soactio cd by the ill-fated Louis, who also
Joined willing'y iv that superb National Coafederition,
which took place iv the champ ds Mars on the byth Jaly,
1790. On this occasion, ‘Pailey cand made lus appearance
du the procession at the head of QU0 priests, allin costuiie
of white lincn, decorated with tue Chreesculoured mibbon,
for the purpose of conseciating the standards and colours
of the departments, under the anpellatiof of the sacred
banners of liberties. Atthe very opening of the cere.
Dy, 4 circumstance tovok place which suine cousdered as
ominous, for jJnst as wass Was Commencing a Violoulstorn
of wind and rain cane on, which, however, dil not pre.
vent the National Bishop from fiuishtns: his cosscereton,
at this pesud, the Clergy of France codcayourcd fo rend.
der themseives independent of the F Qoe., denying ats ile
power of consecrauing the Bisvops, vad claims at fo.
tacir metropulitans, on which occasion ibis guerady bos
Krevod that rothing bute “Valley rana’s theiinessy somo su
Bitrigaes, could bave carried tic meds se fargugh esa.
yosition which itmet wi h.—db he was dispour domo sis
rae endcuce to the cl rly, feds alsu secused or bos 5 the
a thor of (Lat imvolitie decree Wace peed dt th nase
tiic tons af stioanoan. | Wb war pe buen f Ol’ te
ovt Prance—a decree whoda roa boter Ce ovale Dut
V Cy iQ ajo ne i (wii wl Crd se toot oe
¢ hoe be pers fel tor Rothe power fo do SOo.— 1
17 Ly WACDONE dv Oe ey CMe | rie. es owlncho he SU
pert “l, We tallow that Le ch piety cd OP tat abt ios oan
bes reports ov the subject of Puolie Loastiec wan, whe.
ViCre | rinted hy Ovach Ol Ete Asscorbl: 5 PL ASS Owe
ever, those were too fanciful, Gul they cectamiy hod mot
afurt.iel, owing io Che unbapy y events wlneh tock plae
8) soon allerwords 5 and iu che same year uc was pari
cularly notte dina famous monitury from tac Papua Cou.
clave, in which he was styled an iijprous wr ich fer im.
position of sacrilegious hands upon the vew Coustiiyiiane!
Eishop of Versailles, hein fact being the onl Bistup tea:
offered to perform that ceremony.—Accomd.g to a very
il! judged decree of the Nativnal Assen ly a tae Col
occupy any public employment for some soars who aa
been a member of the first Assembly. Weneed noi deta.
the fatal consequenccs ol} his decree, Wich thus bro
meninto power who otherwise would not hiave poss s
ity but who were the fatal instruments of all the biood,
sc nes of the Revolution, aided by ates of the aur
itis sulheicnt to sey tuat it prevented Tatteyrand fro. oc.
cu! Ing § any pub re situation, thongh by rnewns ai a oub.
terfuge he actual! y camiec % niassadoy 1 | , whl
Chauvetin in niinally held thatoffiee, hituatses uations ln is
accused of thavine Doon eater uicls host toa berisa tb egy
--a fieliue wh ob ove teust thas co loncece a place aah
breast; botit would Dee dies: to tote aly ob CUNO
acainst har peat thc Chur e hed GeO tae fecuel past .
TAB sciyes, we 05 Nofuhouas ae chotem spraney frown
2 ne baly y puy hiv a P Waolbout ex ihadie. toe
mo bts tag ives, ata Sudbeb ut toosay taae oo.
Dlerre | TOC red an act ol aitliw 1\ ryhil bamyow lay
‘was residcntioy iooglaads and as oor Grover Ge us
eNO Cunse tow binit dim to stur lo wee Mere, bo foviiaa
Heees Ary i I7U9 to proces dita Nut rica. l sad Nol
howcver, legve Mastand ai dae ste ooeo wath Canaaveba.
having vroduecd some dacuiments (add actiaiiy proved hin
to Ne all acento! fav In, a4 brads eld ) ‘| Cial Y } o DUG,
Vi was in cons Quoeuce ob tis tetvcas ta dao iS, WallCu Were
Biter pted, iliai the QUFia % ry Wiad pra, aune d AVANT
haces but, in l795, this decree was reversed’: soon aft
voich he returncd to iurope, arciving at Hamborgh in
1796, where he stopped for some tine before he ventured
to Paris, on his return to which capital it is said that he
was very much courted, and that Macaine de Stael, in
particular, intruduced him every where; tor having beeo
a yreat traveller daring dis temporary banishineat, and be.
Ing the only man of note who of late years had eoturned
to that capifal of curiosity, his conversation was very
moch admired, and his opinions on foreign aiiairs were
cousiicred as oracles. —He was, svon after this, chosen a
Member of the Institute, and appointed one of their Ss.
erctaries, in which situation he miaed politics with scienes.
having read a memoir at one of theiec sittings in 765, 41
which he attempted to shew the necessity of a now Com.
inceeial Treaty with’ America, his argninents being stat dl
i be the result of his personal observations in that coun.
try.— Whenin June, 1797, he was appointed, on the re-
Signation of Jia Droix, to be Seerelary for Forcign Af.
fairs, itis said that this took place thro: igh his iuterest
with Barras and Reveilliere, but that Rewbell, the otuer
Director, was Very averse to it On this UCCarion, the
Paris new spa) persy hich never neglected the opportumty
o! raising a laugh evea in the most horrible times, gave a
detail of a curious scene soon after his app ointment, iN)
which **the Bishop of Antua with his blue national nis
form and sabre, presented to bis masters, one morning,
he Envoy of the Pope, and the Ambassador of the Grand
Signor.”? ~—Of his diplomatic and political exertions at this
period, we may Observe that it is generally believed that
Talleyrand was the person who, in order (o allay the jea-
lousy of the Directory, and also to gratify the ambition
of Napoleon, perhaps also to give it wholesome employe
Bmcnt, c= brought. forward, in the aulumn of 31797, the
View original plan for the invasion of Egypt, whilst the emissarics
whom he had dispatched to Malta prepared the way for
the ery casy conquest of that Island by Bonaparte.
The destruction ev the Krench feet at Aboukir | n 1798,
nroce ile d great ctamour against Valley cand, wio thea be-
caine very unpopular with Che Jacuvin faction, a party
who wereso powerfull, and s0 displeased with bis conduct
at the ‘Tieaty, or Congress of Rastad, that he was forced
to resign, nominally at least, for it ds conudoutly asserted
his in ile ice with the directory was still so yreal as to en.
abic him to appoint Rhetnhacd for his successors, who
ostonsibly performed that duty whist Palley rand exercised
all the power of the offices —OF the Revolution
which svou after took place, te and Sivy es are said tu have
been the principal projectors; and uc was afterwards pare
(cilariy useful to Napoleou in the trangualizing of Ta
Vendee, in which service, however, he is accused of having
iscd such meaas as Were nellher reputebie to him as aman
nor aya Minster. Irom that period he was constantly
cuployed inthe various displomauc arrange nts at bane.
vilicy and Ratisbou, and also tméenss tay, we all may
reoncuber his famous vegoci2ztions with America, by which
X.Y. and Z. made suca a capttad woure! Nothwith.
Saviing off this, he was generily suposed to have been
av tal co the rcea’ of he Bourbous, b-fore Napoleon as.
ocd the paeoles Dud-ed it bas been asserted, that the
"Xe ineerue not only deccived Great Brita and other
Poser, tut also Palleviand himself, into a belief that the
resfor tion ob Cua Hauielly was actudily hisown infentigu,
inal the Tmperal Coronation proved what the Usurper’s
pif Was wore,
Tal srisd was now elevated fo the highest dignitics
with Napufoor could confer upou him; and it is said
that bho even prooosd to make lim a Ca dinal, in hupble
luituliow of Cigse of the houdses, whose Ministers, Rica.
PO, etazaring aul Flury, bad al beld that rank. Tho
ASD ofhop wesychowever, tuwiling €o return into th
boss moof the chocch, wisaing rather to revo. * aw tat ol
Stadisye le Grav 3 and as he intend to give a more
cohemy com vet to bis uniow with chat Lidy, than had
booaerto existed betwecn Chea, weoare inforiocd that he ob.
served to Nas oleon. Chat tucse Cardiotlh were all Prince
Meintters, bat thas the Gerero dreary had ao Cardinals for
a Miniter, only a fevoudin ats Jvimestee Sully: a compli.
ment wiseh iaiedtatcly promod foe bia the Tmy crial
peecnusston too moke Macuae le Grand, what peuple iu
nytamtrviy cally ‘fan honest woman,’ —hat whom, we
ers. tae Pole has aivcita refused to ackiow ledge as
nv abe,
oc vithstand ing all the obligation which Talleyrand
0) rod fry \ {? Mage. i i & V(re cly ive yh) itt » (in Ne {? ih
peobeiahey ) trop at he bod taken iis advice wiih
r Wig am fat (ats moi nt iave beens debted lu
Po for Che parescu oosston of Wis thatom s for we have
°, +; ' : ' / 7
“PMG CARTE E bt roned, (ii34c he ste nuaously UO ve
oscd Ab Navoloows inessures towards tuat allefated bat
ow ande endent Country. It ts indeed statcd, that he
save his o inton publiely on the subject, and that one id)
ata pudlie ievce, whew Bonaparte had the inypudence to
mk him afi an latimnacy had not once subssstcd bets cen
Sladanse Talicov cand and the Prince of Astorias, he boldly
answerot—'*We must mot alk of the Sounish Princes.
hatsalject will notadd either to yout Naajesly "sgl ry Ol
vont And is has been assert. d on the anthority of
MV witnesses. that the Fam eror nevie looked so Sy in
Wishfoashe dd coonthatre tly 5 but de had uot then ene
Lhe Phili aston) Ut has been said, that this a lice,
Mars) cot to SN an, was absolutely the cause of Valley.
ebd’s tem jor ry disgrace with ms oapertaus Master, who
Cluelty gave dita Chosaperoatendaace of partorthe Scan.
mh Royal Poms, whil Cpeooncesin France, asa kind of
Srertsintomt 3s aod (iis we arsnacsarotscd at, ifit be true
Cand poco recount facts secu to conhem we) that at all
times “Pall yrand would much ertiuer have served Bourboo
wana ie cable, aithousy he so frequently took tae oath
i hate ds to Rovale » ad inade socoub ican NSpoeches.
ple Contig ny Waele, Or Clu “Lito be written. om Ny repue
bleca any lets. yeraow (heinfortrch a3 om raphe r asserts
hat ve was far fiom ootng a Re oublicans that Napoleon
We hota hited and drordoas that there was not oa oman in
bono ig could bate or des: tse the U weper more thai)
he (idk > ail Carat Na, vleou Khow i i—Cane MSH, how.
Vet, mrtucea Nay gleam stall to hee jp ad pave tel y ON Lood
with him, as his cormon exprossiod vespceting higy was
—that man kuoaws tuo much.’—Lt has woe said, Chat
the system (Fis) tomace, estadlished by va leycand in
Beance, and even all ovee Europe, ¢ rial only De surpas.
sed by that founded by Napoleon himesl’ Tt was this
System, and the extensive huowledge resulting from at,
vhien we are tuld was owe of the Prominent canses of his
Gicat Imtinonee with the whole of Napolcou'’s Cabinet, as
well as with former ones; forit is said, that he was iv the
habit of xiving to the Goverument as hés opinion, that
whien be well know to be a fuct, in consequence of his
int lisence boing muchecartice than (bat which was reeciv.
dat he bureaux of the Ministry : so that when the see
coudary information arrived, the Vice Grand Elector was
considered ay a krod of po itical Porphet.—tt would seem,
indeed, as if Na oleon was joaloas of bis talents in this
way, and of thor successsas he actually forbid Talley rand
to send out any Agents whatever without bis knowledge,
on pato of betng disgraced. Yet for years Napoleon dared
uot exccute that threat—if he las dene if since, he now
must feel that i was perhaps one of the most injudicious
acts of his life. —iiven to the very last, Palleyrand has
borne the pablic character of one of his advisers; and it
has been asserted, (hat Navoleon's obstinacy ia refusing to
agree to the terms oltered to bin by tue Continantal
Powers on their ent ance into France, wus absolutely ow.
ing tu his advice, as Talleyrand well knew that it was the
only mode to eneure bis dow ini We do not pledge ours
View original Selves for the fact; but ifitis correct, it certainly gives the
Prince of Bewevonio an additional claun upon the gratit do
of France, tozviher wich his conduct as one of the Proc
visiona! Governinent, in which he so ably planned and
executed the greatest Revolution which cao be reco. ded in
the page of History. — With respect to Talley rand’s cone
duct on the unhappy evems 101793, we have forborue to
mike any remarks. ‘he best poacy both for France and
nglaud may porhaps be to forget all these regicidal acts.
If Valleyrand really preferred a Bowrbon toa Republic.
Let us hope that the revolutionary terrors of that time
may have tnipelled him and may others to consent to atroe
c tics which, tinder hap pice ciecumsianc.s, thy would have
shrank from. Lndecd, it would appear frou some ace
counts that we have seen of him, that he was actually im
Mouvland at the (me ofr the trial and murder of the Ute
py Louis. —We may add, that be jomed to his other off
lees, dlready coumerated, that of Vice Archit Chane Mor
of state, and that lus political iicuie, under the Napoe
leonic regime, Amvunted to oul oli Of theres !

The new Constitutional Chater of Prarce under Louts
Al El,
We have received a printed copy of this tinportant do.
cument——-—the copy as surmuomted by the old anny of
erance —Every one will Be struck wath (ve clo C Fes hie
blance there is in the ain prmciples and teoturcs of tie
new Cou titution to the Bitoash Coase tu tiouw.—
Phe montrcby to be heredity a se ae bee a Move
if Lrords—cthe deauity of Senatoe heredst vy frow wae
V son—the prosoul “men Vets Co Toms waecabers ob tive
Yonste—the Legislative bouy, Blected by tue, De wae
Menes for 5s years, with power to the Nive ta adtowe>
dissolve at. Bocit muse be reselected ia three ine
ierwards, and atinust be ooveok -d ananally — frees
Senators wand Legistaters frou arecstey ex ort be aa
rity of tae body to waien the boty boise p tiny of
Impusts. Land farvon y lor th “yur No anavnaloud a
‘Taxes to originats in tho Losi agave bo) She iideoee.
Jevce of the judicial judy ves for ity oa ies MOVea wle—
responsibility of Ministers. “Pho kevg can donowere gy =
freedom of worship and consci-acs, and the lib rty of tue
press. Such are the poiuts of rersiobline: to our co wtie
tution—the old nobility are to resome their citless the
new to preserve theies. ‘Pae legiou of honor is also to be
May 5.—The Vienna Gazette furnishes us witha moe
particular account of the convention between the A. ef
Courts and Bousooartes; whica convention Me. Whitbread
Uluded to yesterdsy, puttag certain questions te the
ChanecHor of the Exchequer, who did not doom it proper
lo rep'y to them. By this conve niiod, to woieh the pros
visional Governmen: of Feance-acccded, Nipoleon, as our
beadcas know, made a forwal ro owncietion of the crowns
Of brance and Pray. recavinzinexchanze the Isle of Ele
ba and a peusva te hia andthe mem) rs of bis fanuly.
The Doeles of Paro I, Prac wytia, ond Gueastalla ure to
he coded i fuil Soversicuty to che Arend cut ‘$4 OF as
sheds calhd ia che Viewna Gareide, the Em eess Maria
Lousa, who transmits (hou to der soa, the cad. vant wing
of Rome, who is imncuiately to lake the atie of Prince
of Paccna and Placenta.
The privcipa'ity of Osnworag bas becn restored to the
Ning of Great Britain,
The Einoress Maria Louisa and her son, has setoff for
[taly—it is supposed that ste will inukea erin to Elba,
Manrstricht, Voolo, and other places, thar belonged to
Holland, acs to be deiivered up to the Datch Gowers.
ment by the Cd of May.
All the Kussian prisoners in France are to be im.
diate y released —The Emperor of Russia had nrvion- 7
ordered the rlease of all the Freoch prison: cs in ties a
—the French peisoners op paro'e mw Kaglacd testy ooscat
back without loss of time, and are to embark on boad
cartels at Dover.
Upwards of 3000 persons have bon di charg | within
a shoit time from the Royal Arscuat ateW ooh aich,.
Government has human y ordered eve y Brees | risoaor
returning home to receive 1é. oa bis landiag ow British
The Epervier brig of war, which was cantured (as it
now appears) by the United States’? brig Peacock, has
safely areged at Savanuaah, and stated to have had 120,000
dotlars on boaed— the former is said tu have 5) men kile
led and wounded in the action.
Jamaica.— We are sorry te announce that Capt. St:cks
poole, of the Stalira Pricate, uf 38 suus, fell Oi boos.
day morning in a ducl wath a Lieutenant of the Royal
Navy at MosqutrosPoint. A Coroner’s Inquest was hoid
Shortly afterwards ou the body, whea a verdict was ree
turned that the deccased came to his death by a ball fire
‘d from a masket or pistol by some person or persons une
eee 82 ee - -
View original oe 8. = - a thunder storm at Mantua on the20th March,
a tiash of fightning penetrated the theatre, 400 peuple
were in the house, 2 of whom were killed, and 10 were
struck senseless, but afterwards recovered. She clectric
Hoid melted the brasswire, a!so several gold and com: 0.
Sition earsrings and watch-keys, without hurting (he wea.
rers, and split the diamonds vl two fades of rank. Many
femates were carried out of the theatre, and, it was supe
poscd, woud never wholly recover the shock they had
A small island ic the Archipelago, called by the Turks
Qolomon'’s Island.’ atl w hich was SG miles in diameter
—disappearcd in the vilatof the 23h January. be was
remarked by (he adjitocnt islandese, Uiet the night wa
remarkaoly calor, and cl atsearceiy a broath of wiad blew.
Three Greek fubalcs, rae vuly suhautants, Wweie Swept
View original MARSH AL's OFFICE.
BY virtue of an appointment from His Excellency
the Governor, given upon a petition of H. Staal, as
the generaal mitt spec iaal Atlorney of A. CG. Boote,
of Demerary, said appointment bearing date 21th
June, ISI4.
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that the [x-
ecution and Sequestration of the undivided half of
Plantation Onverwaet. situate on the west sea coast
of this colony, the property of the late L. H. Busc,
is this day cancelled and t: iken of.
Berbice, the 2d Juiv, 1814.
K. ke R ANCKEN, Firsé Marshal.
View original SALE sy HWAKCULION.
BY virtne ofan appointment trom Ais Honor Jas.
Grant, Major, Acting Governor of the colony ier-
hice and its Dependcucies, &e. &c. &e.
Granted upon a petition presented by the free Ne-
gro woman Daphne, versus, J. C. Schollevanger,
wander date of loth Dec. 1813.
I the undersigned intend to sell, at Public Execution
Sale, in the presence of two Councellors Commissaries
and their Secretary, on Wednesday the 27th of July
1814, at the Court House of this colony, at LL o'clock
in the forenoon of that day.
A Definitive Sentence of the Hon. Court of Civil
Justice, of this colony, given inthe ciuse entitled
F. A. Rodenbrock, Pliintiftf, versus, James Sinclair,
dated 19th Nov. IS12, fora capital sum of £ 100.
tozether with 209 per cent damage, pruiest, charges,
and interest, as also with costs of suit Said Sentence
Deing surrendered to me as his own and sole property.
Whoever should think to bave any right, action
or interest on abovenamed Sentence, and wishes to
oppose the Execution Sole thereof, let such persons
address thensclves to the Marshals Othee of Chis
colony, declining their reasons toc so dome tn due
tine aud form, as Thereby give novice, that bP wall re-
Celve Opposition fromevery one thereunto qualificd,
appoint then a day to have his or her claun beard
betore the Court, and farther act thereon asthe Law
This 2nd proclamation published as customary.
Berbice, 17th, July TRI4.
K.PRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original SUMMON BY EDICT’.
BY virtue of an extract from the Minutes of the
Proceedings of the Court of Rolls, dated 7ih June,
1814, given in the cause of Edward Theobald, Cu-
rator to the Estate of Henry Croft, dec. Plaintifty—
versus, all known and unknown creditors against the
Estate of 1. Crott, dec.
IT the undersivned, First Marshal of the Courts
within this colons, ead at the request of aloresaid
Summon, forthe third line, by Fdict:
All known an! unknown creditors of the Estate of
Henry Croft, dec. to appear atthe Court of Rolls,
on Monday the 10th October, tsdt, (heir to rend.
in their claims, to verity the same, and heas objec.
(ions made thereunto, it weed, and further to proceed
as the law directs.
This Sd Summon by Edict published as custo:a-
ry.— erbice, 27th June, IS] 4.
K.FRANCAEN, First Marhals.
er ct ct
View original SOMMON vy EDICT.
BY virtue of an appotninent from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colons, erauied upoua
Petition presented by J. G. C. de Nieuwerkerk, qy.
the Estate of the late A.J. van finbyze van Batea-
burg, deceased, said appointinent bearing date tie
loth day of May, 1814.
{ the undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
within (his colony, and at the request of aforesaid J.
G. C. de Nieuwerkerk, qq.
Sunmon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors or claimants on
the Estate of A. J. van Imbyze van Batenbure, to
exhibit their claims before the Hon. Court of Civil
Justice of this colony, at their session in the month
of January, 1815, to verify the same, witnesss ob-
jections thereunto, if need, and further to procecd
according to Law, on pain of being for ever debar-:
red their right of claim.
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of drum trom the Court House of this colony,
send tv Holland aad England, and further dealt with
according to custom.
Berbice, the 10th June, iST4.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
OC 2
View original SUMMON ey EE DICT.
BY virtue of an appointment trom the Tonorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, eranted upon a
Petition presented by J. G.C. de Nieuw rkerk, as
qq both to the Estate of the lat MARIANNA Au-
GUSTINA VAN IMByzu VAN BAaTenburay as well as
to that of the late Susanna JEANNETTE Pe 1A ie
DINA VAN IMBYZE VAN BATENR®) RG, said appoint. bearing date the loth day of Mity, 1314,
View original Ythe undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
withia this colony, and at the request of aluresaid J.
G. CU. de Nicuwerkerk, qq.
Summon by Edicle
All known and unknown creditors or claimants on
(he (states of the late M. A. van Linbyze van Biten-
mrg,and the late S.J. B. van Imbyze van Baten-
burg, to exhibit their claims before the Hon. Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their session in
the month of January, 1815, to verify the same,
witness objections tbercunto, if need, and further to
procced according to liw, on pain ot being for ever
debarred of their rtebt of clatin,.
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of dram irom the Court Worse of thes colony,
send to Holland and ingland, and further dealt with
according to custom.
Berbice, the 10th June, IS!4.
NKOoFRANCAEN, First Marsahl,
=aqQgyyy (Ce see’ @ + ees 8S et ee ae Ame, a es eae aaa
— _— Ep ———
View original SEE
POS a Ok aL [c is.
Letters addressed to the following persons, are now
inthe Post Office, und will, if nt forthwith claun-
cd, be returacd to Lugland by the prst Packet.
Ansell ( Phomas) Kummer (J. .)
Bad (Geuze) meter (Carsuiuc)
iaitd (tl, J.) cer (D.)
Daatuster (itiza) lawrcoce (Tfarrict)
barey (Gev.) iaav rence CW.)
Bissct (Atexaoder) lag wer (ide licer)
Black ( Ww.) tual (V.)
viackinan (P.) lacwtn (Charles)
slain (Mary) viactin (D.)
blair (J. J.) McAlpiu (virs.)
Baim (Sanuel) VWchay (v.)
isumbeld (Jou) wicethic CW.)
woairet (Captain) McRae (k.)
buchanan (J.) Macelpine(G. B.)
jurtun (Mary Ann) Jilligan (J.)
Cursis (EF. L.) olcludoe (J.)
Costeavader (a1, F.) Macquisian (J.)
Catkle (Gang) vlacquisian (Js.)
Cumtags (Jotun) wteLeod (th)
Cvleman (Laeut.) Menincwsn (c.)
Dawson (James) wlcChoatush (&.)
Dove (Samucl) bCWad (J )
Dodson (Robert) Heda CS.)
Dunv ¢ Waller) pene? ay
Inauvers (P ) sicesch db. Wo) tne Exrs, of
tiboural (v.)
Waswond (Catharine)
NOrDutrhe (CU ty bdaid ane)
Owe is ( ‘Vy. S.)
bdmonstone (Charnes) ‘Oid (J.)
ioidechout (Ue bicet) Oakey Lue il. S.)
fuoyu (Dr. Jou) pede , Cu.)
keow tas ( Jatiico) Rs lds te crate)
aeustidlban (erricn) » (ide)
b’rases ( butts) ee Lerwoul Chu.)
barter (Jul ) jo kusy a)
Grraval (al. vi.) ‘culech (ee)
Crildcsusiave (& arles) J idac kelts (s )
Grivsv. (Caeurge) Houle rie (Dou Heor)
Giutard «J. We) jaCubison (- Nace)
Ciartns Cay Je) alttson CS.)
Crane (ta 8.) \traciau (J.)
Cirani (diss Sarah) shat & bheel/all
Juucs (susuina Green) Shuoks (ae)
(ruidou (Jaines) wart (J)
Humbouit (i Guatcur) Saath (v8 cs. M. T.)
idclnias CJ.) satiuer (J. P.)
hinvize (J. ©.) Pat & Hollingsworth
liobus & Bakker bowler (at. )
itacris (Win.) shorutou (Mary)
fdarris ( samucl) i cade CT.)
dewalt (John) Witte ( i.)
blali (Catharine) White (Geo.)
Hall (J vsept) Wisierveld (G.)
Hawkswo:th ( Win.) se vllison (J.)
Ij usg. ote JS Weir (J.)
Haute J.) ‘wade (Dr.)
jlarvic ‘ cies) vad (P.)
Jevinle (ie) Watt (A.)
Jausou (J. ©.) Wilscn (Geo. )
Alouwens (\).) Wischrupp Bisabeth
Berbice, 1éch July, 18.4.
R. McKENZIE, Act. Dep. Post Master Gen.
Ln es eee, Se
—— — —— — _ ——— — ~ — —_
View original _ =o V——— ee —_—- —— —— ——— —_—~
Berbice, 9h July, sta.
PURSUANT to an Order of the tlonorable Court
of Policy, directing the Reeciver General to collect
the Assessed Taacs on Lots in the ‘Town of New Am-
sterdam.—Notice is hereby given, that Mr... PF.
Obermuller, Gookkeeper, hath lodged in this Onice
a certified copy of the sumsdue by each lot, agreable
to the account rendered by him, aad which sums be-
ing due, are to be paid without loss of time.
All persons concerned, are requested to pay due
DANIEL ALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen.
— -_—
View original Sanne
Circumstances having occurred to render it ne«
cessary to extend the time limited for the recs ipt of
Lenders, for the making up and bricking the front.
dam, as per former ad WErlisement, (til the 270b ia.
View original siant.—Jencers, either fe
whole rk or past ( Ot,
day, af | rode ef t (
President, and (ne towest of
Will be accep te
: ‘
Berbice, New Amsterd
= /
> norformance of the
be received til thag
Vi . ) }]) Croft, E Q,.
ier or Ofiers, if approved,
im, 1&8 July, 1814.
€ Torn Committee.
MULLER, Scecy.
—- lt
View original rn lh
Nu gered en te behomen ter dezer Druhkerg
Exemplaren van de
Voor de Verceniede Nederlandcn,
In de HoVandsche Vaal.
Tegen gerede betaling van f6.—
Ook zyn dezelve te bekomen, in Demcrary, ter
Drukkery van de Heeren Autcet & Stevenson,
also prys f 6.
View original Now re dy for delive rv, af this Oflice, ia the Dutch
Language only, Copies of the
For the Ih rethertands,
Price £6.—Cash.
Also ta the had, in Pemerars, at the Printing Of.
fice of Vessrs Aire? & STLVENSON.—price 6.
Till: ( Harter er the (ots av Poul te cy, Stanners of
the Proceediegs, io the Coults of Cive lstice, both
inthe Bae'iich and Datel Paoewwtess. Ulam Bills of
Exchange aed Ladinag, Coltee Feet . a few
Sheet Alimanacus for tho present yoary price f Sy
several Kinds of Paper, Quitlh, Wavers, &¢.
THE Exceutors to the Ps ite of the Ite Mrs. A
J. Buse, wilbon the totter cand ef September, or ta
the beginniag of October next, Scll,
Lust TOTN EST) ™ the
Coty Phiatations ; rof
And the Cotton Plinterion : EEZICUY, on the west
coast of Berbtiee.
Poegether with about 699 Slives, to be sold in lots of
frauthies. “Phe conditions of Sale, tovether with the
T ventorics, are visible at Mir. LAL de la Conr’s
MQice.—The day of Sale will be noliicd by fol owe
meeracdverlsement, Oo July.
View original a ey
cil Domiciiium, citi et ececulond., of the
subseriber, both in prive aad as 7. the lieirs and bs
ralees of Robertaad bos oh Ca, dow ased, sat the
house of Messrs. G. Bone & Co. Nove Anostecdan,
Plantains for “ate.
Praxtatrys to the amount of One lJ undred Dume
ches can be delivered, thany on mntify im Powns af
hich Stivers per Booch, eth ron the Sat irdey, Of
thre Sunday in cach week, ali he year round, to be
settled for every three a. onths.—testais can alo ree
ee ee
‘celve occasion: bsuppies s at Nine Stivers per dunck
sending for them ; application to be made to Messrs.
G. Bone & “o.—10th July.
Ulta HAND Ta ager,
Dit Plantagie Vergenoccen, cen echeele diepte—
met de daaropstamide gebouwen, bestaande in een
woorhtis, maistorie, con gemawbuisye, en ver hok,
excellent geschikt voor temand @eaccen zy le (ok
eene vectecld 5 voor nadere ntformatic ad cro ssceren
men zich by den ondergetekende, op lot No. 31. We
polder, Nicuw Amsterdain,
Alle de genen die tets te: pretenderen hebben yon
de Gronden Jacobs- Rust, Abrahamshurz, Concore
fa, (boven) en Remon Const, alle velegen in boven
Canje.—Also dezelve aan de Heer L. F. Gallez, zule
len worden getvausporteerd.
16 July. T. BRUMONT.
View original Jewann venegen zymte zich als Puinn au te enerve
ceeren op de plantasie Lust tot Kust in deze rivier,
gelieve zicu met behourlyke eetuigschsriften fe yoore
zien, te addresseren by den Directeur van die plane
tagic.—2 July. W.KLOUWENS,
The front quarter of the whole breadtoflot No. $$,
New Ainsterdam, with all the buildings thereon, viz.
adwelling house, lately put tarepar, and outhuilds
proved purchaser.—Apply for particulars to
2 July. J.J. VAN Dik STOOP,
-_———_———_— -
View original Oo. ear © waa, = oes 2 . -
—_ * =
/ T/i "> ‘) ’ ’ »- / j
UbisS f ( ‘ f ( C / ‘ 4 , v
7 4 ‘ (
‘. 4 ‘>

23 July 1814