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The Berbice Gazette

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Berbice, I8th December, I813.
REQUIRED for the use of this Department—
£0 Barrels Flour.
AO Quintals Salt Fish.
For which tenders in triplicate, for the whole or any
part thereof, marked, ‘Tender for Provisions, will
be received at this Ojfie, nntil Monday morning the
97th inst. at 10 o’cloch.—The provisions to be of the
first quality, and subject toa Board of Survey.
JCHN S. WILSON, Commissaria:.
View original Berbice, 18th December, 181e.
REQUIRED for the use of the Quarter- and Bar-
rach-Master General’s Departinent, subject to the ap-
proval of the Assistant Quarter Master General, and
deliveyable et his Stores in Fort St. Andrew,
12 Kegs white lead,
£00 Lbs. red ocre,
Sharrels tars
2 barrels lamp oil,
91! Gallons linseed oil,
5 Gallons spirits ferpentine,
12 Lbs. lamp black,
1 Dozen laree paint brushes,
6 small lo.
G6 White washing dov
1 Hoxshead lime.
For which tenders in “riplicate, for the whole or
any part thereof, mayhed Pender for Stores, will
be received at this Ollice, until Wednesday the 29th
inst. at 10 o’clock.
JOIN S. WILSON, Commissariat.
Berbice, 25th Dec. 1813.
REQUIRED for the Quarter- and Barrack Master
Ceneral’s-Departmment, subject to the approval ofthe
Assistant Quarter- and Barrack-Master-General, and
deliverable at Port St. Andiew.
72 Cubic feet hardwood for framing,
5200 feet Linch crab boards, to serve as baords
: or clipboards
+ BO Lbs. lOdy. naits,
100 Lbs. Silly do.
60 Tbs. Gdy. do.
2 Barrels Tar,
150 Lbs. red ochre,
A Paint brushes,
493 Days carpenter labor.
Por which Tenders in Triplicate, for the whole
or any part thereof, will be received at this Ollice,
marked, ‘Pender for Repairs, until Monday morn-
ing 3d January, 1814, at 10 o'clock.
JOHN S. WILSON, Commissariat.
_ ow ares Wem 6. Oe a ee ee ewe ee
View original ow” ares Some 6 eS ON oo ee ween > ewe ae a
THE Commissaries of the East coast Public Roads
give notice, that they are ready to engage the side
line road between No. 4 and 6, and Canal bridge,
for one year tv be kept in order, agreable to Law,
and the bridge filled up and made conveyient for pas-
sengers to the approbation of the said Commissaries,
—For which Tenders will be received at the Secre-
tary’s Office, until Monday the 10th January, ISI4,
when the lowest offer, if approved, will be accepted
of Jno. MECAMON, Q C ae
25 Dec. S. KENDALL, § —Ommissaries.
View original THI Creditors of Plantation Kendall's, are in-
formed, that 50 bales of Cotton will be ready on the
said plantation, on January the Sth, 1814, for pay-
ment of the debts, Tenders for which, in lots of five
bales, will be received by either of the subscribers,
in liquidation, and opened on that day, at 12 o'clock
on said plantation, when the highest offer will be ac-
cepted of.
Also 10 to 20 bales to the highest tenders, for cash
for current expences of said plantation.
25 Dec. Jno. TAPIN.
View original ee
FROM the Subscriber, a small round Punt: any
person who can give information of said Punt, will
be re warded. —9#9 Dec. J.-A. DEHNERT.
View original COTTON FOR SALE.
FROM 15 to 20 bales of good clean Cotton, from
Plantation T'yrish, for which Tenders will be receiv-
ed till the 12th of January ensuing, at the Store of
Messrs. Doucrias Reip & Co. and the highest offer
in cash, ifapproved, will be accepted.
Tenders tor Coffee
30,000 Pounds of first quality Coffee, the produce
of Plantation La Fraternity. Tenders for the above
quantify will be received at the house of the first un-
dersigned, until Friday the Sist inst., and the high-
est offer, ifapproved of, accepled—payment to be
made in cash. B. J. SCH WIERS and
95 Dec. Sequestrators.
View original NOTICE.
TITE undersigned having mutually agreed to dis-
continue their Copartnership, .under the Firm of
Matitews & Staat; hereby notify tothe Public,
that said copartnership will be dissolved on the Ist
of January, 1814.—The second undersigned being
uly authorised to arrange all outstanding Accounts,
&c. due to or by said Firm, and to deliver the Pa-
pers. —The pending cause s will still be conducted Dy
them toa final close. THIGOU MATHEWS
25 Dec. i STAAL.
View original NOTICH,
THE undersigned intending to continue the Law
busines, as formerly, informs the Public, that his
office is kept on lot No. 21, where he sollicits the
continuance of the public favor, and will attend from
six to cight, and ten to three every day.
Translations executed with dispatch and fidelity.
Tre next Mecticg of this Soc lely will be held on
Thursday the 6th January next, at Mr. Harris's,
No. 11, Corentine cost,
S. Mourant, Th. Corks J. GBC. de Nicuzoerherk.
— oe —
View original _ ———= © — + — ° — EE
—_—-- - ———- —_—

~ .
FROM 40 to 50 bales Cotton, from Plantation Ki/
morack, Venders, payable in cash, will be received
for (he same, (ill the Tlth of January next, by the
Sequestrators of said Estate, at Was Scortt’s, Esq.
New Amsterdain,, where the highest offer, if ap-
proved, will be accepted. 25 Dee.
View original FOR SALE.
TWENTY five bales of Cotton, from Plantation
Geanies, for cash on delivering,—'Fenders for which
will be received by the undersigned at Mr. Joun
Downer’s, until Monday the Sd January next. when
the highest offer, if approved, will be accepted.
. Wa. CORT. .
View original ——
THE fast sailing schooner Belleisle, 44 tons per
Register, has lately undergo a thorangh repair, and
is extremely well adopted for the lumber or any other
25 Dec. DOUGLAS REID & Co. —
to ye
THIR'LY-two bales of clean and one bale of yel-
low cotton.—Tenders for the above quantity, the
produce of plantation Hope, willbe received at the
house of Mr. H. Ly rHERS, on lot No. 43, until
Monday the 3d of January, 1814, and the highest
vfler accepled—payment to be made in cash.
JOC, SPANGENBERG, for self and
IS Dec. P, FAIRBAIRN, Sequestrators.
View original H. O. SEWARD
Will sell the following Articles, of late impor-
tations, at his usully low prices, for Cash, or
Berbice Money ; or tothe Purchasers of f 500,
payable on delivery, in best quality Sugar, Cot-
fee, and Cotton, Rum, Molasses, Timber,
Plank, Boards, Staves, Shingles, &c. &c.
Best Cumberland hams, Irish May butter in half
firkins, kegs pickled beef and pork, halfbarrels prime
mess beef, hung beef, prime mess pork in barrels,
Morton’s and Abbott’-London brown stout in hhds.
fine old Trish port and claret; Gordon, Duff, Inglis,
and Co.’s fine old Madeira wine in pipes, hhds. and
quarter casks, and per doz.; fine old Sercial and
Malmsey, per doz. do. old hock, fine oid Antigua
and Jamaica rum, mixed pickles, fish and meat
sauces, white wine pickling vinegar, soap and candles,
real Russia sheeting bleached ; do. do. andduck half
bleached ; do. do. canvas for boat sails, and brown
canvas for do. 5 to 6} inch eables, small tarred rope,
white baling rope, broad and narrow cotton bagging
and twilled coffee bagging, London-made gin cranks,
firmer and socket chissels, planes, plane irons, draw-
ing knives, Carpenters’ and Coopers’ braces and bits,
brass back tenon saws; hand, x-cut, lock, and com-
pass do. ; brass, iron, and stock locks, do. and iron
desk, chest, and drawer locks, best double and single
holted padlocks, brass and tron but hinges and serews,
hook and eye and uw hinges, window curtain pins,
drawer knobs, cloak and hat pins, door and window
bolis, window hooks and staples, bed screws, sailors’
clasp knives, negro combs, pocket and small tooth
ivory combs, garden rakes, iron tinned inside and
double block tin fish kettles, dripping pans with anc
without wells, collee Biggins and coffee pots, bottle
stands, bread baskets, knife trays, fish hooks, W hitc-
chapel needles in boxes, fine white pins in burdles,
brass bottleing and wine cocks, brass door rappers
and brass handles, caulking trons, ship and boat sera-
pers, helve hatchets, kitchen choppers, cambooses,
round and square shouldered capooses with steps of
the best bardened kind, masons’ trowels ; Ladies’
fine white and black silk stockings, large damask
shawls, and black and coloured silk handkerchiefs ;
Gentlemen’s fine black sitk stockings lamb’s wool and
gauze worsted do, and worsted half stockings; chil-
dren’s cotton stockings, Ladies’ fine white silk and
kid’ slippers, Children’s and Misses shoes, printed
and striped cottons fine cotton shirting, platillas, bri-
tannias and cotton lining, cheeks, handkerchiefs,
Irish table linen, diaper, huckaback, long lawns, fine
white dowlas, blue and white salempores; fine white
‘Indian nankeens long pieces; superfine black and
corbeau broad cloths; do black, blue, drab, buff,
and white mixed kerseymeres ; coats, coatees, round
robbins, and pantaloons, black and Uuffsuperfine ker-
seymere waistcoats, coloured Marseilles do. striped
nankeen trowsers, ‘Trademen’s & Negro hats jackets
and blankets, flaxen Osnaburghs, drab, and mixed
livery cloths and chaise lining, gilt and plated coat
buttons, flannel coatees and dressing gowns, boat
cloaks, silver stop watches with second hands, do.
table and tea spoons, butter Knives, best London plat-
ed fish knives, cruct frames, candlesticks with paint-
ed shades, bottle coasters, spurs, boot hooks, nut
crackers, tea spoons, snuffers and trays, extinguish-
ers, white hand bells, chaise and jockey whips, spare
bridles, reins, & head stalls, Morocco skins & basils,
boats ensigns and jacks, bunting, silk and cotton
umbrellas, foolscap and pot paper, wove and laid
thin and thick letter paper, quills, wafers, ink pow-
der, sealing wax, ink stands, Morocco leather pocket
books with clasps and straps, roundggulers, folio and
letter size writing cases, black lead pencils, slates and
pencils, bound books, blank bills of exchange and
bills of loading, hanging paper, and fine gold border-
Also,—A 10-inch stream cable, very little used,
and some fine new wallaba vats from 300 to 1000 gal-
lons each ; some of them with greenheart botlums ;
and one very large vat from 2000 to 2500 gallons, a
few dry yoods, rum puncheons, and some molasses
casks made with red oak staves.
And to close a Consignment—100 picecs of muslin
for mnsquilo nets, 10 yardslong cach, 14 wards w ide,
will be sold 10 picces for f sO. ,
Demerary, Nov. 24, 1813.
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View original NOW READY
And for Sale at this Office,
> he J ( : fs.
lmanac!l KS
lor the year IS814. for this Colony,
_—— «
» 7
View original SECRETAR Y's OFFICE.
Wordt geadverteerd, dat, This is to inform the Pu.
de volgende personen voor blic, that the following per-
meniens zyn ull deze Kolonie sons intend quilling this Co-
fe ver trekken. luny
J. R. Card by the first opportunity.
J.C. Poortermans in 6 weeks from Nov. 20.
John Davies with the January cenvoy.
Chs. Lawton in 6 weeks from [lth Dee.
Alex. Fraser in 6 weeks from 11th Dec.
Hueh Bethune in6 weeks from Dec. 25.
Th. Shepherd in 14 days from do. or with the Janua-
ry convoy.
Donald McQueen i in 7 weeks from do. for Demerary.
R. C. DOWNER, Scecy.
View original WORDT hicrmede bekend| NOTICE ishereby piven,
gomaakt, dat een maand na\that a month after date th
dato de volgende Transpor-\ follozing Transports ani
tenon Hipotheeken zullen| Mortgages will be passed.
verleden worden,
97 Noy. J. vanden Brock qq. A. Donzel, will trans-
port (o Geo, Muuro, Lot No. 4, west Coren-
tine const.
-~-—— James Iraser, in quality as Curator to the
Mstate of the late B.D. Fraser, will transport
to Simon Fraser, his undivided half of Plan-
tafion Brighton, Slaves, and other appurten-
ances thereto belonging.
Dec. 4. R. Warper, x. u. will Gransport to the free
George Thomas, 5 roods of land of lot No.
A, between the centre road and back dam.
——— J. vin den Broek gq. the Heirs of A. Don-
zel, will transport to Win. Munro and Geo.
Mlanro. the Corentine coast lot No. 4.
Win. Munro and Geo. will fransport to John
Praser the westhern half of said lot, and to
the }heirs of Js. Chesney, the eastern half.
-——— The Atomics of LL. Lowrie, will (ransport
15 Negro men slaves, fo Demerary, names to
be scen at the Seeretary’s Office.
Dec. I}. A. Kriever and G. Pauels qq. C.F. Meyen
and W.k. C. Meyen born van Staden, will
transport tol. vanden Broek, their riehtand
tile to asccond mort yazcon plantation Ruim-
Dec. 18. D. Micqneen will transport to Demerary,
the following Negrocs, Tope, Commodore,
Abouki, Sam, Skelton, Montrose, Fortune,
Georrs, ine. Lena, Charlotte, and four chil-
dren Preneis, S phias Sarah and Henry.
Dec. 25. WH. Staalwoh teosport to Henrietta: Ender-
mony the northe oe boek quart of lot No, 16,
In New Ainsferdam, ext nding from the new
centre road to che bach dam.
——— Wrin. and Geo. Mauro willl transport to Robt.
Douslis, lot No. 4, situate on the west coren-
tyu coal.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original eeeeeeeeFSsSseseaeee
ALL persous waving any claim or demand acainst
plantation RETRIEAT, situate on the west sea coast
of this colouy, are recuested to deliver ina note of
the same to the undersivncd, on or betore the 4h of
January next. Secrefary’s Oflice, Lith Dec.
Rh. GC. DOWNER, Sery.
WITEREANS the following person has addressed
himseli to the Hon Court of Policy, of this colony,
at their Sessions i the month October last, for a Let-
ter of Vannimission:
H. P. Badvxen, for the mulatto girl Francisca,
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whom it
may concern, and whomay wish to oppose the grant
of said Letter of Manumission, that they may addres
themselves in writing to the undersigned Secretary
of the colony, previous to the ensuing Sessions of
(he Ton. Court, when a final disposition willbe made
on (he aforesaid) Petition. Berbice, Nov. 27.
—— eee
View original VIENDUE's OFFICE.
On Friday the [4th January, 1814, will be sold hy
order of Joseph Hall & A. Krieger Esqrs. as Cura-
tors to the Estate of the late J. Sawyer, dee. By
Authority obtained from the Hon. Court of Civil
Justice, dated 29d Oct. 1813, (on the spol) one
third of Lot No. 71 Courrantyne river, with all the
Slaves and further Appurtenances, as will be seen on
the day of sale.—Inventory as weil as the terms of
sale, will be seen at the Vendue Ollice.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On We ! ( slay 9th Jan. will be s dat the Ven-
due oflice, by order of the Exccutors of the late Dr.
View original JeMery, dec.—houschold {US P’ aas addres c
ind harness, &e. of Bolt 2 UF this: co
On the same day, by ord 4 a A ry, Esquire,
houschold furniture, cattle, snd. negwroes, amongst
which are sawyers carpenters, and washer woren,
—the negroes will be sold at 3 and 6 months credit.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
a SD
View original FOR GLASGOW,
xy he coper'd brig Lord Blantyre
A. McLEA, Master:
Now on her first voyage, will be dispatched with the
January fleet. For freight or passage apply to
25 Dec. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
Who have imported in said vessel, a general as-
sortment of Plantation and other Stores.
gtk: The fine new brig TRADER,
Wa. Geuniier, Commander.
Is now ready to receive her cargo, and warranted to
sail with the first convoy.—Vor freight or passage ap-
ply to Capt. Gemmill, or to
View original
Loading at Demerary,
ree 2
wie The ship NERIUS,
Sam. Paterson, Commander,
Is now ready to receive her cargo, and warranted to
sail with the first convoy.—For freight or passrge,
NB. The DIANA, Capt. McGronrar, also.
Uh fine coppered Ship TWarmony, Joun Wor-
son, Master, will be dispatched with the convoy to
sail in January next, Apnly to
93 Oct. DOLGLAS REID & Co.
Who have reecived by the above ship, small boats
for colony craft.
View original FOR LIVERPOOL,
With convoy,
with The brig’ Ulyses,
Javwes Brinn, Master,
Will be ready to receive her cargo on board in 5 oy
GO days. For fleight or passage, apply to said Mas-
fer, or Joun Crorr. Dec. Is.
To Sail with the First Convoy.
The Fast Sa.ling Brig EGHAM.
Stand A. leat Lloyds,
coppered and copper-fastened, Joun Pavy, Master,
has excellent accommodation for passengers. For
freight or passage, applay to said Master, ou board,
SO Oct. or tod. VAN DEN BROLIN.
View original TT
To sail with the January Convoy,
Theship MULLETT, Tuo. Smiru, Maoter, for freight
OF passage, apply to said Master, or tu
16: Oct. W. DUNCAN.
ae” ©) + oe
We are happy tc hear, His Excellency Governor Ben-
tinck, may be expected in this Colony sh ll y—rwe are
given lo understand, he will assume the Ctcil Admini.
stration on Monday the 3d January.
the arrival of the Schooner Swirr, from Barba-
dog pluce she left on the 20th inst. we became in
possesstn of Barbados Papers tu the 20th of this month,
Ad that lime three packets were due in Barbados—a re.
port prevailing that the 2d October Mail had met with
the same fate as tts predecessor Jor the month, in being
caplured of the Island.
Independent of the convoy, no intelligence appears to
have reached the West Indies later than the 22d October.
Lhe tnformation to be expected by the Mails now due,
cannot but be of d@ momentous nature, as the natural re.
sult of the continued successes expericnced by the Allied
Armies in Germany, and our victorious troops in Spain,
View original Eee
LONDON, Ocrosrer 22,
Dispatches, of which the fo lowing are copics, have been
this day received from Licut.-Gen. the Hon. Sir Charles
Willia.u Stewart, KK. B. and from Edward Thornton,
Toplitz, Oct. 1, 1813.
My Lorp,—The affair I mentioned in my dispatch, of
View original the 29thull. near Altenburg, has turned out to be of more
importance than was at first: imazin dy, and the Jlcetman
Piaiow, with nis usual ability and gallantry, has accom.
plished a very brilliant CAploit against a consiécrable bo ly
of the enemy.
This corps was under the orders of Gen. Lezenre Dee
nouelte, and confisted of some French light cavalry, the
Polish uhlans of the guard, anda brigade of light dragoons,
under the orders of Gen, Pirot. Generals Keiseishi and
Krutecks were also in command.
The force consisted of eight thousand cavalry and seven
hundred infantry, one squadron of Mainclukes, anda small
party of Vartars of the guard, under the orders of Col.
Murot. The whole were attacked by Platow, and com-
pletely put to the route,
Gen. Keisciskt is reported by the prisoners to have been
killed. Fifteen hundred prisoners, five guns, and forty
ollicers (theee of the stati), are the fruits of this victory.
The army has broken up froi hence, and isin movement
to the left. ‘The corps of Gen. Count Wittyenstein was
yesterday at Kuommatau, and that of Gen. Kleist near
The Austrians are marching upon Chemni(z. There isa
repo tfrom theenemy that Napoleon, atteaded by the hing
of Saxony and family, set out for Leipsix upon the 28¢h
inst. the head-quarters are said to be removed there.
The Breach corps, under Marshal Auyereau. have
m* ched from Bamburg to Coburg, having left a couside.-
able force at Wa rizburg.
I have reason to be ieve the Russian and Prussian a rmy ¢x.
ceed cighty thousand nen, Which will now be assembled on
pQe Chemnitz and Frey by rg line ; to these may be adde! the
corps of Nlcineu of ten tugusaud me Ny togelher vy all
the Austrians,
Gen. Beuninzsen’s corps, which has been reviewed this
lay, isin ay Ty eflicient state as Coappearance: but Lhaye
na exact formation as to the numbers arci
A reisforcements of seveu thousand men of tne Prussian
corps of Gon. Wleist, is upon the coad from Prague.
Tohave the honour to | c,
Ie uteesut-General.
Viscount Castlerceach. &c. &c. &
rlst, Oct. A, B13.
My Lorp,— [have t’ onNOvE to acquaint your Lord-
Ship, that Goon. 2 ty di pt €O has received intellizence
from the head-quarters of the @euies in Bohemta, under
date of the Q]th ultimo, steting that the corps of Gen,
onvissen having joined the Grand Atmy, the Allied So-
Vereigus had come to the resvintion of making a moves
ment by their left from Bohemia and that this movement
should be exceuted on the Ist of the present .onth,
This intelligence determined the Prince Loyal to attemne
the passaze of the Eibe. The bridee at'Rasslaw had been
doready Completed, wale the works of the tele de pont on
Che del bank liad boon traced out, and were in a state of
PFOLZYUSS Deotachments of Swedish truops were ht posses.
sion of Dessau, and the (own of Atk ny, on the Jefe bank
4 lite lower down the river, was lorGivying, under the
ditvetiou of Count Worouzow, ino such a manner as (gy
reader tt a place of cons.derable strength, while prepara.
Hons Were acceclorated foe Coustructing a bridg: there.
fnothe wean time, the snemy, who appear to bave Tad
Noid aol the passage of the ibe, at Achen, sent strong
detachineots of tivo) s to occupy Dessau and the line of
(he Mulda, and employed themselves in throwing up w orks,
as Wel belure that town, as in frout of the tete de pout
(C Rossa, with munt to impede the passage there, and
to obstruct the moyonents of the army after the passage.
Phlis give occasion to skirmishes between the enemy aud
the swedish advanced guard, which was obliged to reline
quish Dossau, and to retire to the neighbourhood of the
(ele de pout at Russiau, and indeed to the right bank of
Under these circumstances, the Prince Royal received
intelligence from Gen. Blacher, on the st inst. informing
Ilis Royal Highness that he should, on that day, make
rinovement with his who ec army on his right towards
Hertzberg; that on the following d iy he should be at
Jessen; on the 3d at Elste r, and on the following day (tol
day) would cflcet the passage of the Elbe at Elster, pro.
ceeding upow Kemberg against the French corps stationed
The bridge at Acken had just been completed and yes.
lerday, to-day, or perhaps to-morrow, was each spoken
vf as the probable Gay for passing the river,
Gen. Blucher crossed the Elbe at Elster yesterday with
some Opposition, and attacked the entrenched village of
Waricuberg ov the opposite bank, which he carried, a“ter
an obstinate resistance, making himself master of sixteen
pieces of cannon, Lt is’ understood that this victor
which was carried against the corps commanded by Ber-
(rand, was not obtained without considerable los: parti.
cularly among the troops commanded by Gen. d’ Lork ;
but the particulars have not yet been received.
The Prince Royal received this iutelligence yesterday
evening, while he was at Rosslau, or immediately on his
return here, and took the resolution of crossing the whole
army to day over the Klbe, at Acken and at Rosslan, the
Russians at the former, and the Prussians and Swedes at
Rosslau, some what later or otherwise, according as it
should be understood whether the French would) make a
Stand at Dessau. ‘This however was not to be ex) ected,
when once the passage of the Russians was completed at
Acken, particularly under the position of Gen, Blucher’y
army, and in eliecC it was learnt this morning, that the
French bad retired from Dessau, where consequently, [
learn that the head-quarters of the Prince Royal will be
established this evening. Tis Royal Highness left this
place about nine o’cluck this morning.
View original - . = 4 ° , e ’
Yesterday evening Mr. AQiereconf{2z, a son of the Gen.
7 ‘ ; . ‘ . !
and aw Aide-de-Camp of th ince Royal, returned her.
from the Linperial head quarters, to which he had been seut
after the batt& of Douvewstz. Ile brings intelligence of
the actual pe.vement of the grand army, as was projected,
on the 1 stant and it was calculated that it would) be
advanced as far as Chemnitz, on yesterday, the Jd.
Lamas vet without delails of the atlair of Gen. Blacher;
but Baron de Wetterstedt has engaged me to detain this
messeny or unl Psholl reccive a dispatch from lim this
evening for My de Rehiusen, and be promised me, (for he
went to-day to Dessau) lo Gransmitto me at the same (ine
the same partic ularso if he should obtain them. | shall
keep this dispaten open for ticu,
We have indirect accounts of Cen, Czernitscheff hav.
ing taken possesstuit, with his corps of Cossacks, of the
uM hole city of Cas el, from which J rome Bonaparte had
fled. Put nothing has yet beon ree ived Crom himself.
have th homour fo be, AC.
(s:aucd) I. THORNTON.
P. S. Ten P.M. J have the honour of (ransmuitung to
your Lerdship in losed. a letter which LE have Just receiv.
ed from Baron de Weilerst dt.
(Signed) ie oi
Dessau, Oct. 4, 1813.
According to reports received from Gen, lucher, he
has been cngiged with the fourth & rench corps, Command.
ed by Gen. Beetrand.
The laiter was strongly intrenched in a village between
Wartenberg and Blecin,
Gen. d Yorck’s eorps dislodged and overthrew the ene-
my, takive above one thousand prison ‘irs: stAteen pic ECS
of cannon, ands venty tua beils, with Cheie train, were cap.
tured, A oodyof two thousand men threw them CIVES ble
tou Wittenbes +: the remainder of the enemy *s troops fell
back upon Kermbers. Gen. Bouse ber pursued them, aud
his head-cuarters wil be this eventing at the latter place.
His cavalry is at Daheo.
[sy five o'clock Chomoruing, the cnvemy’s troops. under
the orders of Marshal vy Wlich were in this ww Nn, ae
mounting to eichtcen thousand inen, had begun their re-
treat towards Lei zc.
Our advancwd ports had, in the course of this evening,
pushed on as fier as 1. feuliren I Jesnyz, and (o-morrow the
jonction with Cor, Binche’ will take place.
The vaneguard of Goo Roessiuwarmy, ander the orders of
Count Worcnzoall, occu iog OOoethen. Bernbourg ts garri-
soned by Jtussian ea) v. ‘To-morrow the two arnites of
the Princ Royal and of Gen, Blacher, will make a com.
bined movement in advauce, probably in the directton of
Leipzig. ‘They forin together a total of one hundred and
twenty-seven (housand or one hundred and thirty thousand
men. This Royal Highness will, without duubt, establish
his head-quarters at Keguhn,
I have the hocvour to be, &e.
(sigued) pe WETETERSTEDT.
— ————
NI ¢ > ‘ “HR A [,, (CA NADA) Oct. Los
His Excellency Licut.-<Gen, Sir Geo, Prevost, P wonet,
Gor 1 db /- i d A / J te / ‘ ) / @.é /° | < [ . < s dil
and ¢ ved €4f4¢ do (ilCo9s yy LaVie -anad ( 4 f° & l, fda.
Oe. AE. OC.
To rine INuanivants of Lower Canapa.
As the period is in all probabthty fost approaching,
when if is tu be finally decided whethe: lc arrogant exe
pectations of tle on My ate to be realised by bis) sucecss.
ful invasion of this Province, or whether he is to meet
with defeat and diserace in theattempt, Ps loxccllency the
‘ . “poe ° ‘ .
Governor in Chic! atid) Comimanc of the Forces conli-
dently app eals to Cig loyalty, courage, and patriotism of
Hlis Maj: V’sSubicets of all e asses init, for their prompt
and ch. itil cquisscenee ja whatever sacrifice the arduous
conflict in which (hey are now ongaced, may require ol
them. Preserved as this high favoured country has hither.
tu been from (he calamities of war. by the exertions hich
have been inade hor is protection, its inhabitants are hap-
pily iguorant of those miseries which would unavoidably
result from an invasion of their territor V5 aud which have
already been so sever ly felt in the sister P rovince.—T he
stern mandate of an insulding foe has not yet been heard
within our cottages, nor las his foot becn permitted to
pollute our soil ; our pleatcuus harvests have every where
been gathered in security, and the industrious peasant has,
in the midst of his family, tranquilly enjoyed the fruits of
his honest labours.
To secure a continutnce of blessings like these, and to
avert from yourselves and familics the evils which are in.
separable from an hostile invasion, you must be prepared
to manifest the most determined devotion in resisting it;
a ready submission to whatever hardships and privations
it may expose you, and a firm resolution on'y to yield,
with your latest breath, your country toa foreign ruler.
To cherish and encourage such sentiments, which are
alone \ worthy of a free people, His ie xcellency calls, in a
More particular manner, upon the Geutry of the Province,
to persevere in that noble ex xample they are now afiordivg,
by the sacrifice of their private ease to the public good,
and by standing forth amongst the foremost ranks to mest
and to repel the advance of the enemy. Such conduct
cannot but inspire confidence amongst those who look up
to and depend upon them, and will not fail, under the
blessing of Heaven, aided by the brave people whom they
command, and seconded by the valour and discipline of
His Majesty’s regular troops and embodied militia, to
Jead to a successful aud honourable termimation of the pre-
seat contest.
As a further incentive to your most strenuous cfforts,
View original
View original i order to produce so glorioas a result, His Excellency
would direct vour affenuog towards the momentous Con.
ict in which the M .1 Country has been so long en-
gaged, to the profusioa of bluod which she has sustained,
and to the important fraits of them—the emancipation of
kingdonrs from the iron grasp of a powerful and inveterate
cnemy.—ITfe would again voiut your view to her, whilst
thus straining qvery nerve for the independence of other
nations, still not uamindfal of her children and her sub.
jects in this distant though valuable part of her dominions ;
but amidst the great concerns with which she is surround.
ed, and the vast demands which are made upon her during
sucha contest, still manifesting her undiminished anxicty
for your welfare, and outstretching her pow erful arm for
your protection. Already are her fleets conveying fresh
reinforcements of troops upon your coasts, all of them
cager to share with their brethren in arms, the honour aud
glory of defending the Canadas.
With such support in your favour, and with such
strong incentives fora vigorous use of the means which
Vrovidence, in its mercy, has yvouchsafed to you for your
defence, will it not depend upon yourselves Ww hether you
are fo be conquered? The history of the wor!d abundant.
ly proves, that an united nation cannot easily be overcome.
if. therefore, vou are true to each other ;—if you are OU-
ly solicitons who shall Dest discharge his duty to his God
and to his King, by devoting himself to the defence of his
elicion and his Country :—if.with one heart and soul
you cheerfully aud pron tly unite for their preservation
—you need not fear what hosts may be opposed to you.
The breasts of such a people will raise the most formidable
as well as the most successful raniparts against the attempts
of any cnemy tp subdue them.
Civen under my hand aud seal at arms, at Montreal,
this 18th day of October in the year of our Lord,
boLos~ Gro. Prevost.
View original eeepc
BY His Excellency JAMES GRANT, Esquire,
Mayor in His Majesty’s 60th Regiment, Acting
Gozcrnor in and over the Colony Berhice ; And
the Honorable Courtof Policy and Criminal Jus-
lice of the said Colony.
TO ali to whom these presents may or shall come or
concern; be it kiioun:
\ \ ITEREAS Tis Majesty has been pleased to
direct in the event of the absence of the Governor
appointed for the Civil Administration of (he colony
Berbice, that the Government. thereof should de-
volye on the Officer Cowmancdine His Mayesty’s
Troops within the colony aforesaid, and His Exeel-
lency Major-General Murray having, on the oc-
casion of his Appointment (o the Government of the
Colonies Demerary and Lssequi bo, resigned this day
the Civil Administration of the colony Berbice: the
Government thereof has devolved on Major James
Grant, who has this day taken the Oath preserib-
ed dor Its Majesty's Governors, before the Honorable
Court of Policy. —Notice whereof is hereby eiven,
(hatall the Inhabitants of this colony may regulate
and eovern themselves accordingly,
Thus done at our Extraordinary Mecting of the
Court of Policy, licld this 6th day of December,
ISio.—Present, His Excellency Major Grant, and
the Honorable Members . C. dbbensets, Jno. LL?
Camon, Jas. lrasery and A. J. Glasius.
Court btouse, New Amsterdam, Gih Dec. 1813.
By Command of the Court.
R. C. DOWNER, Sccy.
Third time of publishing.
View original NOTIFICATION,
HIS Excellency Major James G2ant, has been
pleased to Appoint Mr. Tuomas C. Eurry, Go-
vernnfent Secretary, aud M. Bexsamin I’. Tuck-
niss, Assistant Government Secretar y of this colony.
King’s House, Berbice, 7th Dec. 1813.
By Command
Thos. C. EMERY, Gov. Sec’y.
eee EON Opies ROOT
View original NOVICE.
AJ.I, persons indebicd to N. VouKerrts, fo
Printing Ollice, up tothe SOtb of June, 18]
requested (o make payment to this Ollice, otherwise
will be sued for by (he next Courts. A Dee.
mt” — ES
View original ATaMEETING of the British Inhabitants of the
Colony of Surinam:
Resolved—That the general poverty and distress to
which this Colony has been reduced by different circum-
stances, and more particularly by the operation of the
Commission for taking charge of Absentee Alien Proper-
ties, render it highly expedient that some measure should
be taken to obtain redress.
‘That from the information conveyed to us, Mr. Bent,
the Receiver and Administrator General, appears to have
gone far beyond theintentions of His Majesty’s Ministers,
in (he appointment of the said commission.
That the measures he has thought proper to introduce,
View original have established an almost complete monopoly in hands cf
himself and friends, of the commerce of the Colony.
That several meritorious individuals have been thereby
driven to great loss, and deprived of the means of support-
ing themselves and families.
That confident this could not have been the intention of
His Majesty’s Government, it becomes expedient for us,
as British Subjects, to state our grievances in an humble
Petitionand Memorial.
That the purport of the said memorial be, to solicit the
recal of the commission; or that its powers and objects
may be defined, and a proper check and controul establish.
ed, and, at any rate, that the monopoly at present so in-
juriously erected, may be abolished.
That the petition now presented to us, be ned by us
all, and that the inhabitants and colonists at large be invit-
ed to come forward in its support
That the same be presented to Ilis Excellency the Go-
vernor, with a request to forward it, accompanied with
every information requisite; and a duplicate forwarded to
the Commitice of Merchants in Loudon, to be by them
presented to Lord Bathurst.
That these resolutions be sent for insertion to the Edi-
tors of the Newspapers in Surinam, Berbice, and Demera-
ry, and in Barbados.
Paramaribo, 20th Nov. 1813.
J. Prinsrp, Jon. J. J. Duncan,
enw. Conoury, R. O. ‘Verrar,
Wat. Leckie, R. Austin,
Geo. Crupen, War. Wibninson,
W. A. Carstairs, W. P. Muiccar.
— © 9 © 2®|/KD! OO Seo e—
OP ene Byeenkomst van de Britscho Jngezetenen der
K olonie Surinamen, zyn de volgende Resoludicn genomen,
te welch :—
Dat de algemene Armoede en Elende waarin deze Ko-
louie vervallen is door verscheidene omstandigheden, en
in het bizonder door de uitwerking der Kommissic tot het
Administreren der Kigendommen tocbehorende aan Vreome
delingen residcrende in ’?s vyand’s land, het ten hoogston
noodzaakly kK maken om middclen te beramen tot verkrys
ging van rcdres.
Dat volgcus informatien ons toegezonden, het schynt
dat den Ilcer Bent, Ontvanger en Administrateur Gene-
raal, het oogmetk van zyu’ Majesteit’s Ministers, in het
aanstellen van gemclde kommissic, verre is te buiten ge-
Dat de maatregelen dewelke hy heeft goedgevonden te
introduceren, cen byna gehecl monopool der koophandel
dezer kolonic, in handen van hemzelven en zyne vrienden
hebben geetabliscerd.
Dat verscheiden verdienstelyke Ingezetenen daar door
grote verliezen hebben geleden; en verstoken zyn van de
middelen tot onderhoud van hunzelven en familie.
Dat wel verzckerd zulks het oogmerk van zyne Majes-
tei’s Gouvernement nict kan gewepgst zyn; het voor ons
als LBritsche orderdanen, noodzaaklyk wordt om onze
klagten by ootmocdige Kequeste en Memorie voortedri.
Dat den inhoud van gemelde Memorie strekke, om te
verzocke de terugroeping van de kommissie, of dat de
mast inde oogmerken yan dien, worde beschreven en uit-
gedrukt, en ene behoorlyke beteugeling en bedwang moge
worden geetabliseerd, in yevolg dat het thans zoo schadee
lyk monopool mag worden vernietigd.
Dat de Memorie thans door ons te presenteren, door
ons allen worden ondertecekend, en dat de Ingezetenen en
Kolonisten in ’¢ algemeen, worden uitgenoodigd, zulks
met huone onderteekening te ondersteunen.
Dat gemelde Memoria worde gepresenteerd aan Zyne
Exellentie den Heer Gouverneur, met verzock, dezelve
naar England te verzeuden, vergezeld met adle nuodige i ine
ligting, en een duplikaat van dien worden gezonden naar
het Kommitté van Kooplieden, te Londen, om door hun
te worden gepresenteerd aan Lord Bathurst.
Dat dezo Resolutien ter insertie gezonden worden naar
de Editeuren der Niewspapieren yan Surirameu, Berbice,
Demerary, en Bar bados.
Paramaribo, 20 November, 1813.
(Was geteekend, als voren. )
View original La ee ee eee eee
DIED.) Last evening, in New Amsterdam, Barenp
Louman, Esq. an Inhabitant of 25 years
in this colony.
[In Barbados, on Sunday the 19th inst. Rt-
cHARD Hlarris, Esq. Planter and Inhabi-
tant of this colony.
View original
View original
View original The Subseribers have imported by the Ship
PLANTER, Capt. Nicnorson, from Lon-
don, the following general assortment of
Nlerehandise, which they will Sell at low
prices, for Cash, Preduce, best Crabwood
Board, and Staves :—
ROMA and Manchester Madras handkerchiefs,
Bine and white salempores, and w hite joan,
White, yellow, and striped nankeen,
Linen and cotton Grilannias, and Erish linen,
Bed sheeting, piatillias Royallis and printed calicocs,
Ginghains, dtiity, London and Carlisle checks,
Potent and plain colon shirting and fancy cambrics,
Mull mnsting, table cloths, and towels.
Ladies fashionible moraing and evening dresses,
Black- whites and coloured-sarcenets, and ribbans,
Velves, sattins, sewing sitks, twist and threads,
Ladies ambeic and fancy buttons, straw and beaver
boonetts, shoes, elove s, silk and cotton stockings,
Sup. fine broad cloths, launel, baze and green table
Gentlemen, military jockey and Tfessian boots, Plan-
fers strong aul dress stives,
Silk and beaver hots,
Nails from 4 to 40d., parlour door- warehouse-_ li-
quore bookcase. aud wiiting desk-locks, and hing-
Tea trays, waiters, patent cork screws, ivory handled
nnd comuon huives aud turks, scissars and pen
Gil€and plhuted spurs, candle sticks, snuffers, best
block ti dish covers,
Window Lhd and pump tacks, grid trons, frying
pans, sad ivons, hoes and shovels with rivets, naai-
chets and pruning Anives,
Carpenter adzes, axes, and whip saws,
Paints and patut oil, vcats flout do. for harness, pitch
amd far,
Wiite wine vinegar,
Shoes tables paint bair- and tooth-brushes, and
Gn rpowder and patent shot,
Worittae destis, dyces'ny cases, backgammon boxes and
chess boards with men,
Sash cord, window elas aud palfies,
Perlunery and statoomry,
Poosoy barley, almonds, taisins, currents, double re-
flac sao ysuu powder tea, black pepper,
Gicon gooseberries, apricoss, pears, cherries, green
wees ia biawacy, prescrved Damsou’s and raspber-
Pine apple, Gtonchester and Spilton cheese,
Smoaked and picktcod tongues, and tipe,
Pichted rerkins, tochovies, Capers. wa nuts, olives,
canlitfowers, cGuscuce of anchovics, hitchup, aud
musta t,
Prince Regent, macoub», and Scotcl’ snuff,
Mlezant painted vas: danvos, and lancborns,
Dinner and breaktiast serviers, and eliss ware,
Jewellry, corals, anta varity of laney beads,
3 “stern ts complete, pembroke tables, anc soplras,
Tin plite basuets, aud b. sects widh apertures tor bot-
Anassortment of Negro cloathing and blankets,
Ruan, bramly, Se.
A consignaeut of brown stout in barrels,
Prime mess beet aad pork in hall barrels, and butter
in fir kins.
beyit oS a dade
BEAUTE and white salempores, jean, PBritannias,
Trish linen, sheeting. eadicocs. furniture « hints, eime-
hams, dtauty, stripe and furniture checks, black and
White cumbrie muslin, table cloths, napkins, towels,
black velvet, thread, Bannel, green baize, green ta-
ble cloths, Phautors and dress shoes, silk and beavey
hats, ddv. to 40dy. mails, brads and pump tacks
locks and hin ses assorted, tea trays and wailers, scis
sars, prutent cork screws, ivory bandled and common
knives and forks, des: rlditto, carvers, gilt and pla-
ted spurs, candlesticks and snuffers, tin dish COVETS,
eric Irons, collee Sifs, frying pails, hoes, shovels,
culisses, proning knives, carpenters and cooper ad-
zes, axes, Whip- and haadsaw files, elegant. silver
plated dishes with covers, paint, tar, lamp. Florence
and paint oils, brushes, cunpowder, shot, towling pic.
ces, pistols, fishing and chalk lines, corks, blankets,
russ, Osnaburgs, pease, barley, sall, soap, candles,
pipes, spirivious liquors, Madetra- Port- sherry- and
claret wines, noyeau, lea, &c.
ALL persons that have claims on the Estate of the
late Dr. Frances Jerrery, are requested to render
a statementot the same to the undersigned, with as
little delay as possible.
‘Those persons that are indebted thereto, for the
years 1808 and 1812, are hereby Informed, that, un-
less payment is made previous to last December 1819
these accounts, noles, &c., will be placed in the
hands of a Lawyer, in order to entorce payment in
the most summary and legal manner,
18 Dec. W. KATZ, Executor.
View original Importe? and fo;
Tongues, (ip,
Beet, pork, butter, hans
Cheese, pilchards,
Herrings, pickles, sauces
Pruies, raisins, spices,
Pease, barley,
Vea, refined sugar,
Ling fish, potatocs,
Beer, porter,
Port wine, Sicily do.
Brandy, ruin,
Salt, oats,
Medicines, do. chests
Tar, cordage,
Pipes, tobacco,
Powder, shot,
Paints, oil, turpentine,
Suap, candles,
Gentlemen, ladies, and
"4 ‘ ’ tic ' T
s | lr i l. ‘ ole
bol. “ ereen cloth
Pbrread tapes & ribbons,
Sulecipoicss & mMusguito
Caltcoes & furn. ebintz,
Pullicat, Madras, Banda-
na, Balisore, & common
pocket hkfs.
Damask shawls,
Spotted, plain, & lapett
cambric muslins,
Striped, plain, tambour-
ed jaconett mustins,
Corded dimities, jeanct,
Wt. calicoes,
Cotton & linen checks, &
children hats,
Do. boots & shues, Platillas & Britannias,
Blacking, Table cloth, & napkins,
Mattrasses, canvas, Ginghams, quilting,
Negro blankets, jackets, Umbrellas & parasols,
trowsers, shirts, hats, Earthen- glass- tine and
Wrappers,& petticoats, — hardware,
Flannel, green table cloth Station. Vy
Sci & sewing twine, Hozery & sadlery,
Osaabr. & Rus. shecting Furniture & pertumery,
Collec & cotton bagging,
i Dee.
furniture do.,
By G@ Boge & Co. in addition to their ari’
cles on hand.
PRIME mess beefand pork in half barrels, dou-
ble rose Cork butter, hams, cheese, tripe, barley,
split pease in jugs, onions, pickles, assorled,, sago,
porter and beer, currants, raisins, in excellent order:
cratesot earthen ware, barrels of do. containing coi.
plete dinner services. Also a fresh assortiuecat of
dey goods : Madeira wine in bottles, 7 pipes fine old
Vlargzala wine, and London browi stout in luds.
Is Dee.
Just arrived, and for Sale by the Subscriber,
the tollowing Medicines, of the tir-t quali-
ty, and on reasonable terms, for cash oly,
Yellow bark, calomel, jalip, rhubarb rood and
powder, saltof nitre, cream of tartar, refined and
powdered liquorice, Cheltenham- Rochesl- I psoim-
end Glauber salts, incetcuhana, white- @reen- and
blue vitriol, red precipili te, corrosive subliunte, su-
garol dead, yellow and white wax sulpber, sulphuric
an linuriatie acids, gum quaiacum, Caniphor, asse-
foedity and myrrh quick silver, plain calcined and
Henry ’s macoesing Dover and antimonial powders,
Canthartdes strenethning adhesive and diachylum
plasters, snake root, santonicum seed and powder,
mania, isinelass, lecland moss, chamomile flowers.
senna leaves, opium, musk and castor, castor oil,
balsam capivi, aromatic vinegar, eau medicioal, Pur
linetom’s balsam, Andersows and dames’ viande plc
Mills, lavender- vose- honey- and orange flower wa-
fers, Pinces, surgeons pocket instruments, phials tow,
pewter, syringes assorted, sago aud pearl barley in
bottles. -—IS Dec. W. BB. Lior,
i, TT
View original NOTICE
THE Carpenters business hitherto conducted un-
dee the Firm of Ropentr Lowrit & Co. is this day
dissolved by mutual consent; all Persons having any
demands against the said Firm, are requested to rene
der them to the first undersiened for examination,
on, or before the Stst inst. as none will be attended
to after Chat period,
‘I Dec. R. Lowntr.
View original NOTICH
HE undersigned being appointed Sworn Book-
ry within this colony, recommands his services
in That capacity, to his Friends and the Public, pro-
misting secrecy, accuracy and dispatch.
View original BEKENDMAKING
DEN ondergeteckende aangesteld zynde als Ge-
zworen Boekhouder in deze kelonie, neemt de Vry-
heid zich als zoodanig by zyne Vrienden en het Pu
blick te recctnmandecren, belovende geheimhouding
nauwkeurighcid en spoed.
THE Subscriber has just received from Murope an
elegant assortment of Leather, of the best quality ;
as lie intends carrying on the Shoemakers business in
allits various branches, and hopes for the continu-
ance OF his Fricuds aml he Public in general.
View original if & se
ql. [ rc «OS yy As
> Erna . r : we > aT ry
Walls nv a ACC a * Mn.
BY virtue of an anpoi manent, eranted hy the Ho-
noradle Court of Cay tl Justtee. of hts colony. anon
‘ > 5, * ‘ ? !
a petition of fyvan & Viens. Mraser & Co. as 2? branch
ol Cainj belly Fraser & Co.. under date of 20th No-
vemocer, ISf3.
N ry
lice Is hereby given: That Tthe unde rstened,
Of this colony, will Seil
ta presence of two Councellors Com Msstries
their Seeretay yy by Public Execution Sale.
diary the Ist day of Pebruary, Isif, the ¢€
late cailed
Mirst Marshal or the ( Courts «
Ol Tues.
Cotton Lus-
x TY ¥ Ay
C! Lt | ON,
the property of Wueh B. Inglis, situated on the Co-
rentine coast, with all its cultin
mn, slaves, budlide
Ins, j ind tarthe Fappurler once
S thereto boloneins,
Whoever should this 1h lo pave any ri rhit, Interest
OF Claim sa the aforesaid Planta. ©7 fons vad wish-
es to eppose the sale thereol. let Such Porson or
p> rSONS ad ly ‘ss Lineruselyves loome the lirs{ irsh ul,
declaring their reasons for such pryosttioan im cue
(imme and form: as The reby give notice thac twill
receive Opp sition from eve ry one thereunto ouali-
od, apporl themaday to have his or her c yi
heard besore the Court, and further act. ther o:
the law directs.
The sale is to take place on the sj
lerbice, Mth December, "313.
KR. Fr iNncwrs, First Viaoshal.
sO ‘
srumamions by diet.
WHPERRIEAS Tthe unde ed have received from
[: po cata he cy spap Ts, Cod lliknney othe A 1Vi cll Ca
ment cally (hie 4 ‘oors ol the Surrendered
Estate « | “ bayior, Notice is hereby giv.
en to the Pi iI mi Creditor ;: by Virtue
of an Apy dby W. Leacinand W.
raseny ¢ wd d’state, uevder date of
2Dih November. i is uxcell ney the (ro
vernor, are hereby SUMMON LD, Poay ty betore
he or lirtol Civil darstic Cy ool this colony : i) monday
. for he
nur - oft ‘re rend heir ela Oran he
PrP pose of there render oe them « lis avatisl the
sald Surremtered state of Heywood & Taylor, and
turther to PPOCE (| accordime VU La WwW.
Berbice Sd Dee. IS1S,
iw PRANCHKEN, First Marshal,
(he Y4th January, ISb4. an lollowtay ity
View original — ——— ——__—
- —_______ oe
BY virie of authority granted by the fhonor vie
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date of
loth Nov. 1813, granted upon a Petition presented
by Robert Paiti and William Kewley, as appolnted
Curztors to the Estate of Richard Sarry, dec.
(he andersizned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request o+ aforesaid Curators,
Summon by Edict:
AM known and unkiown Creditors acainst the Ps.
late OF R. Barry, dec., Vo appear betore the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their Session which
will beh ia aathe month of July, ISI4, ior the pure
pose of there exhibiting theis demands against said
lastate, to verity the same, and it necessary, lo hear
objections made against such clams, and further to
proceed according to Law, under pain to those whe
remain in defiult of coming forward with their des
mands at the appointed period of being for ever de-
barred their right of claim.
This Stuiunmon by Edict made known to the Publie
is Customary. Berbice, 8th Nov. IS8f3.
K FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original FOR SALE,
>Y thesubscriber, an elegant assortment of Lone
don printed cambricks of 28 yards each, of superior
quality, consisting of blue, gold, pinck, black, yellow
and purple colours, fine Irish yard wide linen and
sheeting, London plated silver edged cruct stands
with giass cruils, suffers, trays, egg stand and cups,
fruit stands of cut glass, plated coffee, tea and milck
potts, liquor stands with cut glass bottles, brushes,
gold watch chains, seals, keys, ear rings, finger rings
luckets, broaches, breast pins, old rum, bitters, Rey.
nard’s cream of noyeau, of mint, of venille, sirup of
orgeal, capilaire, rose water, flowers of orange water
bay rum, veinegar, Spanish segars, gunpowder, tea,
polatoes, quills, paper, building lime, &e.
11 Dec. Lot No. 7, front dam.
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THE Lottery of A. Freury, will be Drawn on
the 17 of January, 1814, at the ‘Tavern of Larose
and MarrTin. 18 Dee.
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Published very Saturday at 4 o clock, p.m.
Rv WwW. SCHULZ & Co,
Privileged Government Printers

25 December 1813