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The Berbice Gazette

FOR the Civil Commissary Department, viz:
9 Kees Ad. Nails.
Do, 6. Do.
Do, Sf. Do,
My, 10d. Do.
Any of) . 1) ».
Do, SOV, Do.
Por which Tenders will be rece’ved by the <1)! a
ecriber until Pucsdiy (he Ooh instant, at 19 0% loch
in the mornin "s wh 1) (hhiovw will bye Ope ned aT Pree
sence of Wis bec lleney the Gowvermory, and the low-
es! approved of, acce pled, 92 Oct,
i]? ),
FOR the use of the Civil Commissary Departinent,
3209 feet (hineh) crabwooT Tar ber
25 i’s. crabwood Scantling TS ot. toc, Sines by 8,
1) Po. Do- Do. Of. Po. Do. De.
Por which Tenders will be reeetyed | ve the suseri-
ber, ontil Tucsday the 25h tistant, at !O0" doe! tn
the morning, when they will be opcacd in presence
of His Pxectlency the Govern ry and the lowe ‘st, if
approved of, acec pte 1.3 Oe ft.
R SIcCKENZIV, Acting Com,
NB. The nore Dumber to be dclicerca at Goteri-
. ype
gmeeonl Sle re,
met ee ew ee NS)
TE an dersienod findin : Cat vory Le atte nfion
has bh: n paid fr is former Achyvortys memes aon s O-
icity (hose ty tebted to Dim. to cone forward with
prveent bore the fPne expires for suctie at the

Mexf Comer cary Court, as | recombi ts - nounprid
wil! Pye mnt into the Vee Sol lis Atiorn vs foostic lor,
MWe aho mores the pible, teat forthe fature, he
wille Vovcg ys veeounts Vi rclf, CONSCONMEY ly oO
Peeeiywof Genjuia Yours will not be valid after
Clits Tate,
9.2 Yet. PR. EERE mM Y.
View original ry ’ . .
{ ( f ] cf é ' ! QO i!)
1} ’ 4 {
é ys< ) is yi \ X )
«>e) J 4 mA?
« ‘
i. ,
Six WING Der crt, Vy ro ooyeno e lM frtes
wn ler the Serr yo .
person cin bout ' fap ati ; — ’
employ renGon app lcaien fo (.. | Da
Ze { cf. J. \ ° ° ' \
[ ! } ‘ ' ‘
AW Ii,
> . ) .
Fe \@) Ca, Hy f i xt ) rfc f ) j an ‘ ry
7 ’ . .
Cod-4 dey parle Pe Carew. Cie ad a7. Caree
trom vt | yurcaclband.
929 Oct. (‘Tfs. iN , CI
G:. Horus and J. oy rsa thodr vesneectiv
gualitics, pedo to obkes vey at Poole \ tl
Inthe snouth December casuores andoonm Civerabh
te;ms ant co. di tous of ory Vy ioScllto the hreh
est bicders, ~Coitee |p, Coolie ane Wh AN-
KER Ss iCuated in Inve Derbice betweeu the aban.
doned Crlole JUL Dut: vnc | Lav ation Zon > and
Viyt; cont i OED teres of Lond, wy Ut ]) (U,0CO0
cotter Gees aie prosv son folds, with all the bette.
Joes th reu bed yythr, ,) (ine ina cottee logic,
Cleans House, wi boa brick cistere, and deogery,
out ofc ~» til Mor nerro th fs) anal othe
Buidldty ss, with all cleat may beconsutercdias fixtury,
Phe same may be scen every Tuesdsy and Irie
day tu (he monthot Novem! Orn xt, (tbe pr cues ats
e! sale willbe Gincly Wa le
. . iO) VV 4 ivy ihe Cr ctf
on which day withalse be «
Js tur sale sundry
'. ; : . . 7
piantatiou tools, | ia coflee stamping mills, sundry
eurpeonter tools ane materials, amcogs which will be
found several blocks bulleitu
p' fe drame tori uildiny,
Any person inciined to purchase the wWoresaid) Py.
talog builddics, Cools, wad materials, by private sale
en favorable ferns, may address limsell at the ¢
ting house of J. bakhker, int New
’ ’ ‘ , | ’ ,
Phe sawl Ge Hobs and J.P Kher, ta the same
quality, Intend lurthes to CX] '. ter the sale
bhe estate, ether by private or ptblte sale, 102 Ne.
. ’ Ybp sy | "? 7. ."
Gros, men, women a Pehddreny (he day ol sale al-
@v to be made hnown by the Gazcotte,
d'or furtuer pariculais apply ay above.
_ i . {. }
e wood, and aa income
1 [y=
Vins erdaan, lot 25.
8 Oct.
View original —_—— SS eeese=e a
CG. Hosus en J. Pevaker, in hunne respective
Hrlitedion, zy van mening om in de maand Deocem-
beragmyfvande, thopenbre Vy liage te hoop aantes
neden, cn aamade meestorcdk nde op tivoribele tere
mvaew van betrhavete versopers de Colhy Plintagie
Seon OP LCE AN AQGRS ec legen binnen deze
ivier, tusschea de onde vecuteneroid dobanenbury
en de preiiacie Zorg en \ Hy ts—sroct QU60 ahhers
lind, beplrat mee FOOCO Ee [T -bomen on Vverdere
k istrrond Ny nie lire FOEDOU NE ls 1) Stade an CCH
lrocery of colly loots, comcolly wa ch iGots, mel oon
nds erond comets |e co iy ddroose, lanhkier; zyde
ecboowen, finer foots, ne cy en verdere goboue
weny met alles wat and en nrwelvast iss zoo aly
ele Ivealles te zien 2b zyn ee Cuccade de maand
November, des Dingsdass on Viycdussy zullende de
prectese die der verhopiug uedor on ia tyds in de
aaizetle worden Doheud comoahktoils wannecr ook ten
eelve dige, ter hoop val worden aitiacebod neenig
(aicerecdychappony tyecco y bree! -inolens, eenige
Cirtterl ener cdyct per cen oamalorbeleny wearonder
entice DBlokhen bor yw bout, en cen ineoupleet
Lalas VaIOK Cely POeHOW LL Ne.
' ‘
4a. hal
Incline mle de voorz ide planturie, ge-
bouwo a, veresdschay pea en materialen uit} de dnc
Op dave cedete condimén te kopeny adressercn zie)
cor hrotore van. Bakker, ter Stele Nieuw Amster-
Gaus bet No. 25.
I$ rvengemelde G. Mobus en J. Bakker, In zelve
quitliteit, zyn Nog van inceaing openbaar, alte wel
wife bandain desctye maand December, iu de vere
koop der vemelde plantacic, te Ver.opens 102 soul,
Nevers, inans, wyven cu kinderen, ziilende mede de
preetose dag dezer verRopingee, wader in de Gozette
worden bokhend gemaakt, denand biervan mader ine
luimatie begercude, adiesseren 2ich als boven.
S$ Oct.
ee ees Ss Se
View original CUSTOM hOUSE,
e Borbhice ) &//) October, ISI4.
WHEREAS it having been represented to thos
Oilice, Sat colony and oder boats have been, and
are constintly emia toyed, in elaaidestinely Convey tiny
w\vay the provuce oO. this e HOUV, ts abso Pyrtuveriiys
Cun aed all kind) oF none buimerated Goods. with-
ont Calder) ated cor Clearing, in direct Violation
of the Revenge hiss and Customs, provided and es
bGshed tor the protection ot Vrade in Wis Waj sty’s
Axpay the Law requires the Master of every bos
or vosscl, bem of To tons burthen, to report at the
CUNOdry weHelher mn ballast, or af Otherwise, Coming
domatotier Port the particular desertphon of her
Podin cy vik bo coustyied to, under certain Ponal-
Ges darected inthe sai Act, which penalties will be
daly cotorced in deteull thereots and likewise. thet
Ho vessel ol Chis description ean in future b@ allowed
lo renmuin at aachor in’ or about the ealrance of the
cam leading fiom the cast coast or Canje creck,
without iaetig, willin 2k hours, aller such aicival,
the usual repor, required by law, atthis Otlice.
Vils. CHAPMAN, Collector.
Berbice, loth Oct. ISH,
TIE pressing demandsagainst this Office, requires
Imurecdote payment of the ‘Taxes, now duc, tor
Weigh Moa y aud old Arrears.—The undess ied
theresore gtves notice, Chat it will not be in his Power
(o grantany audalycnce ater the Pst of next month,
bANIGLALLT, Dep. Ree. Gen,
_— —_——__ -—_
View original _ ——
DA thousand pounds lrst quality cote, the pro-
fuce of Pin. Coe land, will be received at the house
of the secor ic under berhed, Gill Mion (hi avy (he olst ine
stunt, and tl approved ol, accepted—payment to be
made in cash, 2 G. Po. van HOLST,

. , 8 NT Op ,
fl. Ss. BENN i A.
AA N dle ¢ vangelische Luthersche Gemeente dezer
Kolonic, wordt by dezen bekend vemaakt, als dat in-
cevolve bet Arctisel van het Reelement » ©P Dingsday
A! ‘ )
den dsten EES ELE Qooyr de | Cori nten man dle |? NAY \
layie ctugshure, de J wlykscbe sekening en verant-
woordiag zal worden gedaan ten huize van de vre Ne
Luci iy te Nk UW “ipaterdaan.
1d Oct. C.D, FOE, Scriba. !
View original -~———
This ts to inform the Public, hat the following pcre
isons intend yuliing his Colony.
Donald M?’Leod in 6 weeks from Oct. 99,
O. W. Lantsbeer in 6 weeks from Oct. 22.
Wm. S. Owens, for Barbe ‘as.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original NOTICE is herby gecen, (hac ad month ajler wate the
f losing Transports and Mortgages wiil be passed.
lL Oct. W. Lawson will transport to Maria ‘Vhrele
fall, seven roods of land of Jot No. 5, in Neve
Oct. 8. Re Barnes will (ransport to Polly Hill, a part
of lot No.7, New Amst. adjoining the ccutre
Oct. 92. F. Bakkerand © C. Swaving qq. H.Steens
bereen, will pss amorfeage in favor ol bbw.
vor iforthals, London, on Phinatution Eloor and
Noor th bind, with all the Nevroc s, Lutkdings,
and further appurteminces ther oor,
R.C. DOWNER, Secy.
hereby given fo oll whou it may cencern, that
SDWARD Fitcovatnp, ov this Poon of sew Ni istere
Cnty as daly er powered by a. bl Sean ania wT,
esq. For amd da tas meoe to trassnet, sod , vel
Ww yust all his co.cerus ta this Colony, Demesary, and
Lussc qs I)».
Berbice, Sta October, 1814.
R.C. DOWNER, Sery,
The following Letters, if not forthwith claimed, will
be returacd tu europe by the firt Packets—
Sartrum (BR,
Baicunm UY. D,
aj ifMVdrcud (1.
Bie cl. Lewis anor (the Attorney of
elit ls. wuratll COC,
cr id. Ntviang sui.
bition (sary Ane,
Kunaper (F.
a S hte
owiln (CU.
. allie vs »! ib.
Bud (vv . vhachkinide): \ChS.e a
Canlmers (J. WW bLeod (ase 4
& Jat plead (al. VW. wa b iver ON,
UC atele (CY oug. whucdoaald (J.
Case (J. Mouchuar (CC. Se :
Curse \F.L. Maler (D.
Coli ve k (J. LUTON (De }
Drou(W. tinae kt, !
Dedson (Kh, junroy WW.
Duno (4, Noi bounce (Capt ]
Ll burale \C. rd J. ’
L oulis\J. ‘oecuy (D.
I io) d (Dr. vollatone Lb. P. ‘
Arasec(L. oO dale :
braseriJd. . vei. J
Pocming (C. is Leri:on (EF,
Felderuot. (. Young (PB. {
Fark yilf.
Fodeiugiaiu (WwW.
Cab-on (G,
(rame (J.
Gravel GI. M,
shanks (A.
[stewart (Jas.
Saudwon (J. .
suith (Mr. M. Te
Smell (1.
Sul (J.
jiall (J. i all aod itollingsworth,
hope R, luomsub (Reus.
flahic. Ab WwW. ?
Heaale Lieut, Wray (Je
vansou (J. C, Weds id.
ce amsou (J.
Irvane It,
Ke. pron (J.
Riattua Cc,
cooing (MIB.
Nric pos (AL
weet (dlr.
Witsua(( eo.
Woe Alex.
Vollard | Aur.
Wide luis.
While (Geo.
NV uiceball,
‘yade \vr.
&. _.
Merbice, 15th October, 1814,
Ket HENZIV, Act. Dep. Post Mas‘er Ges.
A Mail will be made up at this Office, and fore
warded to Demerary by the sloop ddéenture, oa
every Monday morning in future.
Berbice, Ist Oct. IS]4.
KR. Michi NZI, Act. Dep. Post Master Gen.
a oo
BY the subscriber, brown stout, poorter pr. dozen
and pre puachoon, Madeira wine in pipes, quarter
casks, and pr. dozen, Dutch sweet milk cheese, Hye
son tea, renacd leat sugar, beet in barrels. soap and
candles, &c.—also aiew puncheons new run,
19 et, B. ZUGLER,
— —— _
View original
View original a
> ae

View original eo ...._~ nn OO e—OSA—————
IVovirtve ofan aprotigovent trom Us Execllency
\ a v DONTINGN PSM Lioutenant-Governor
bibs colony Berbice a meds i Yon nedes. &c. &e. &e.
Given a, ov petition pre a cd by BLE. Mosset,
versus, PLA. Rodenbrock, said appointment be “acing
Cate Oth Sate. IS 4,
Notice os tioceby given to the Public, that T the
wolersiic. Ginfen CoS Ty at Public Excention Sate,
inthe presence or ConneeHors Conpndssartes and
i" reir Secretary, OF Wodnesday he Oth of Now. IS14,
tthe Court hia mse Ol ats colony ) al Ilo "clock in
1 i@ fore woon ol that d :
Ar Acceptance oF A, T. Tischer, dvted Ist Sept.
Ilr, for 1 o000., with abet toon that sun fro
ths dst Sept. IS)S, o te H—AESO an bits tloeuto.
T- Senfenee, in favor re . to lenbr TON, Vers as,
edt Letsner, a sovating ring niyit tl to y JQCO—
Quite | he "Orly \". wy iS; ( Sst ! Cl CHE rf Pyogry )
erremlered bre eens at by oC Schall yvanger,
foran din the name of said Te A. Roderbroek.
Wooewer should hock to have any riebt, action,
er Foteresc on the vw oresaid Seceptance ands tence,
aelwisttes fouppos the dxceution Sab hereof, les
ean pernsoror po rsous addzcss themsclves to the toe
Corigacd, deelariur thoirreison for such an O} pos
Beion in ue time aad sormyas | hereby give Ber
thor twiulreeeiveon POSHOM TroMvey ry bfernie: hin ie
ersou, eno vat them adey, ifneed, to bave his or
fi. eliina herd before the Court, and further act
Cocreand as ie Kaa ieee Te
Phis Frest Prockunation published as customary.
Berdice, 16h Oe, Isis,
KR. PR ANCK EN. Pioret VWarchal,
View original ae ee _-——
re ) Basia Ly loi l 1 iON,
BY virtue ot as AP OUEMeal from His Reeelen.
ev J. Meaiyy Miuyor-Geoaaal, Dieutenant-Gover-
rooryl tty CO.uity wpeibice and tts Dependencies, ro
hye aponda pelition presented by Edward Theo-
halt, versus, J.C. Schullevanger, dated 25th Oc-
foe, ISIE.
Notice is hereby given to the public, that T the
wo forspenmed palo te Sethe: ut Public Pigeenution Sal,
g> Ore se rice ol io Cotnse) ves ‘OMIM Nar
-* °° ’ ; “9
Uh ie Secon We fee on VMoedaesdiyv the Myatt Over oh rT.
y .
IS' het the Court Pomse of thos colory, at leven
elo ta ' We forenoom oO Clitelyyy he Poth tre frp
hola 8, ‘hho prop er ()] sie HC LSe! ofl, Vrerery viz
A peat ithe, Guct! CLAY © bys oe here: 1, | Ce
Caircs, a lookin gts, - able with Doon: yiwridie
deskyusifebour’, al nie a P for Verses woth sone
atee! Sorksy ach sy " Ussy aechvts thors sy a seal!
table, G plaoed ernd? Swill sletdes, Ustiades. 9
Gitto to lyre aeavinsl he wall asinil table, a sey
and Hanor ence,
Who vershou'd (ink tobive any neht, yetion,
or inter st, an the atorementioned arieles of barisie
tire. ary isl sfaceppese (he Execution Sale here.
Ov lebsaeh porso.s adress themscly sto toe andere
pened, declaring Chetr reasons tor so Gotae im ane
time anion, as Dh reby give notice, thut b will re.
celve opposition fromeevcry infermed) te DCTSON, ap
port theasras doy to have lisorhor elim hoard bee
Jore the Court, and further act tiereont as the Dew
gir. cls,
his Yad proc Yamation patined as cusfomary.
Berbice y loth Oecte be ry PSE.
K. PRANCKEN, Virst Marsha’.
RY virtue of anappoutment from His Excell ney
IT. W. Bextixcr, eg. Licttenant-Governoz of the
colory Berbice, and its Dependencies, &e. &e. &e.
Din Letst Se pt. S14, viven upon i petition pre-
panted by Lewis Cameron and Ty Fraser, as together
wiithe now absent John Came ‘ron, Aftlornies for
W'. Fraser, of Culbockie ¢ County of Inverness, North
Brtaing and part proprietor of Plautation Unie,
West co'tst, zo. suey the Mxecutor or Exce tfors, Re-
resentative or Representatives, of the f'state of Re
Gorton, of Plantation Lorlam and ef Draktes, in
Notice is hereby civen to the Public, that I the
uadersigned intend to Sell, at Public e@ x eution Sale,
1) the presence of two Councellors Conuniss aries and
Their Scerctary, in the month of Novem ry IS[5
Cb) precise day allerwareg uo.ilicd Uaco’ the Giazetle
@i Us Gulu) J.

View original The Cotton Petate ented BORLUAN,
siftate on the Bast seu cost of this colouy, and there
Known under Now &7. woth all its cultivation, build
ings, slivesy and further appurtenances Chereto bee
lounging, nd of which an Tnveatory is to be seen at
(he Viarshabs Offee de ring tho hours of duty. Sat
listvfe bein + the properly of the dsstate of ik. Crore
don oforesog t.
Whoevershontt think fo have any richt, action,
or tnferest ow the avorenmed Plantation Porlum,
cin amen s, nd wishes to oppose the Execution
Sale thereo’y tet snch person address htuseclY to the
Macshal’s Oilice, deeliring their reason for so doing
tnddue time aid forery as I hereby give nofiee, that
will receive Oppoestiion trom any ilenmed ite person,
tppoint Ghemaday tohave his or ber chats beard
bevore the Court, and further act Ghercon as the Lay
Duis Srd proclamation published as custoniary.
Berbice, loth October, Is tt.
KK. ERANOCKUN, First Varsha.
BY virtue ofan appointinent from Elis Execllen-
cy Hl. W. Brnrincn, Bsanire, Licutenant-Crover-
nor ol (he colory oerbice aud its Dependencies, &e.
ac. Xe.
Underdite of Qtst Sept. TSEL, upon a petition of
VOU. La. Vaieenorecher, as tie AUoracy or Rouge.
poeta earcends,
Nobee ts hereby given ta the Publie, that Toth
ur tersicuwd) tori to Seth, at Pabkie bxceution Sate,
1) fae | ressice of two Coguueetlors Coramriss yy es aie!
(het So oretiteyy, itl imedch of Nowenbery ESd5. yt
prects: doy horetrer lo be aotlicd through the Gate
rete on UNS cote.
dhe cotee stare led VREEN ES CE & Po situnte
Mrithe middle rivera. thas col yy With alt its cullvae
Mom, buildtags, shaves an fustucr a purleaances
Mieco belonsings,, and ot which an daventory is to
De seem at this Oniee s saad Pluutatea beme cle pro-
perty of Greorze Panels.
Whoever shoukt thiak to hove any rivhtyactt
srinferestorabowe leiate Virion beh cocaine wish fo
OP Pose the Execention Sale th realy fet such yous
rddress Cremsclves to Che underdgneds an wrth,
and in 'ne time and forms as b das rely ive notes,
fhat}wille CCTVE ON DOSHIOU LO every toternicadia
person, tpporit the aadsy to have his or her ela,
heard before the Gout, and further act dio reo as
the Taw slirects.
Dhis doh pecebim tion poblished as customary,
Beruiec, Lot Oer ES eb.
We bth NCHEN, First Markals.
a> wo ws ee ae = 2
—_—_-:. ae @- le -=s oa
View original PUBLIC V ENDU ks.
On Nurs tay the vith iastant, wall be sold by or-
Lory endatthe Store of Messrs. Dough s Reid & Co.
Mie folowing voods, viv :—Cotton and linenehecks,
poi der eors, colton shirting, brishdinen, platilias,
Mere rey et dy eitndas, wittsteaats paclerns, an
oss tinentot tapes, threads, and bobbing, fine Weleh
Hoel, etostrams, diaperand towelling, woodstoca
Siow sy sda uinbrelits, Oznaburgs, eottan ba rir,
cor aad porter, stitioatry assorted, sad theory, ears
cemters opcb coo: ers tools—also to close sales, a fev
coses wentlemea’s best ailh hats, wueba few halt barrels
polk, XC. .
D.C. CAMERON, Dep, Vendte Master.
Oi Vondity ORth Nov, Will be coll, hy or loro!
the Latentor of the dete Mr. ‘Phos. Mhormbarn. at
te Veadue Otiec, > prime carpenter NETLOCS,
of pistols, carpenter (ools, Womb apparel, a writig
desi, OL.
athe same day by the Vendue Master, in cam.
Mission, an stssorunent of dry coors, provistans, Xe,
D.C. CAMERON Deon. Vendnue Mates.
—_—_—_———_____ —$——— __
On Thurs hay Ot Nov. will be sold at the Vendne
“heo, by order of Ge. Robertsan, Psq. Executor to
the pstate of the late Moha Robins Mly VIZ, Wearing
appar d, a writing dosh, trunks, rings, a rod watch,
by order of. IT. ta. Maurenbrecher, Esq. Plin-
tation Christiaa’s Lusty situated opposite: Pla. Lust
tol fcust, cast bank of the river Berbice.
Ou the same day will be sol, without reserve, an
assortment of dry woods, tin ware, saddles, bridles,
muslin, Osnuury’s, sugar in barrels, salt in ditto,
Deel, pork, &e.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendae Master.
By the Subscriber,
> Puneheons Rum,
25 Provi—to 7 bills per vallon,
29 (et, Jno. WOULPFF.
View original ' :
i | rr : - : )
: ; yy) ’ .
‘ i ' j | f ‘ j . — fy
} °
" 1) f er .
i} ‘ ( Q) , . ( .
i i; aN 8 !
at Wail lid ~ pa (0
tocs Ucl,
View original aT aT.
LS Se eet ee —- me
View original se ——— —_— —— =~ ee ee ee _-_ TS CS
ocTonrnr, Sl DAYS,
:—_--. — ———_ - — - —— —_—_ — —
View original —- —— a — tl
20th Suiadaiy aféer Trt nedy.— uu cuters Seorypto.
Jing Geo, Tlf. Acc. 1760. —Cris. in,
Ning Geo proc,
2.) 1st. Simon and St. Jude.—Foll Moon & Il. 91 M.
, | (iovening —S_ ring Vides.
fa The Railings of all Public Bridzes thronshout the
Cotony are to be painted aver with white in the
course of the present month,
eee Se. We © Cw Ee
View original a)
—E™ © -)( - 0 Ga ——
Surcenvay, Ocrorer 22, 1814,

Ps the arvival of the schooner Paronrrz, tn Demee
Pay. JIM Lariudosy we hace recctied accounts of the
her I’CLOMS Ce of the Pritish Arms an America. Hl ae.
hinsiony the Milicy oles of that country, has ben burul
Cy re Deviscon uncer hord Wier. Our leaders will
Wad Stet aceucls of dhere J dewedecgs in on. of our coe
Weooulso learn from Demerarn, that a Bush. E tpedia
Ue tliat (COM MMe wb hg de 8 coos, wader Order
uh Me. Lace 5 ie numlers of N vroes taken, killed,
dad cotad «a, aneunt lo 30, aidih. wie le CJ their Vung
id I Uc bdEOM a! vitals enlercd, d. stroyed,
View original ————“—-“(Q5307©8827F7° . ———.
“plu® de, berg UY AU alrivd. LiQua Martiniguc,
Wh fed vesed thud dacwoved bt @ passage of only twelve
GUty deote tetany th tthe Aimencan Army in Canada
Hed ee 1 Comp delely Gelcaded, with the loss of two thowe
Md melt Gy wed ton thousaid | cleoncess wod that the
Hrd wed possesonof Sachets daarueur, wath all
be dea, eee ea Cudide Bw Merce ry.
“anh, Ser t, S—Propare! Peopare ‘—Countrye
Mas Catia bate Amorncun Reoubae bas Deca
Why evry aid tae Metrajo as of Ge United States
lsol thee Uy a | us, tue scat of
Le ele se tee Stee — tie place allowed by the naing
ortbed Cote abl
vf Wasdiets ly that ee i rubal eab wy baat stey » Yo] l3ice
({is.a om, Ftlaly ie! eebe Yo dee Loup tre sacred 3, OF Wilere®
Fest the cosd LC wdAlites of (are lathes Ol OUl Covatry.
Cir fal CGaed! Willa adlaeedc oes i. ofhad ss Ol fHlled wilh ile
Gig sallhotn ain horroe ul Chet boll iit > dhe STU CAN Nese
Ver De eilaccd—ic antst be gotitorited iw Beatish blood,
Whett Was tie Govutwent abut? Wucre was theie
torehsie 2? SN Nedvy ves on ibsiity restSsomewlire. ‘hig
melee GOugally De accounted for.
Washes ion burnt !—Wath bitter and indi nant feel.
bias, We doae Up the pou to recur the trigmphs of the
Clon ys ddivy Dave saceecded, Coutrary to all CX Pectae
Mon, va | cnctrating to Wasangsou City 3 and on Wede
Bosday alletuuoa, at tour O'Cluch, tie Capital of the Ac
Nicweai Menubise Was Viuwn Up, and Che Metropolis of
the Gaited States conligned to the Games ‘——Fatal, fatal
Pe atliy le ouotegus wedoucal te thect YW uy would nog
wo monean Goverbincct cover thoie Capital with Bt ihe
Gen’ Gchouces “Paere was au action uf about 15 minutes
wedearas Dat the vtelatia, Ibastily drawn together, igN0re
ane of tle elem lary pracivtes of military niovement,
were rodted by the severe shock they eapericuced, aud
daiveman (uosalt from the field.
by a CGeullemaa who ariaved in this mornings Stare,
Ind wo had lefe W tsmiog on after the British had reache
od the Cas itol, we deard, thalin the short conflict which
levk place, tae Bastiuore troo:s hobiy distinguished
themyelves, but au vain—after sullering severcly, they
Were GUL d te rolire before the numbers and discipline of
The eneay. Me. Madison, Mr. Mooroe, &c. were in the
actou. faord lily im persua, commanded the enemy.
every thing isirectstevably lostat W ishingtons;—all! alle
de st.ay cd shail we not take w arn, and Instantly, by
the fate ot Washington 2} Us, Corlatnly, our entire popue
lation must tur oul and mike a desperate stand, in dee
teuce Of all that is sacced and dear te the human heart.
New-York, dug. 30.—Vhe Editors of the Gazette have
recetyed Che luc owing Buldimore Medcral Gazette Exe
(raordinary, dated the 27th August.
“Geen. Wauder arecived here Chis morning.— We have
heard anumber of verbal relations of the late iranfactions
dland uecar the city of Washington, but none direct]
from avy persou wo was in the city atthe time the enes
Wy took pessession ol at. Such account as we can give,
can therefore only be cousideied as an abridgement of
part of (he re oris of the day.
The whole torce under Gen. Winder is estimated a€
about S000, but we do wot state this as Deiug trom any
sotlice which we can aay is correct. ‘These (roops were
judiciously disposed betweea Blanden burg (where the
cnciy must necessarily pass) and the Capitol, so as te
give the most effectual eppesition and annoyance to the
wuemy iu thwirappioach, Daw Balumere Asillery were
View original 80 stationed as to bear upon the bridge over the Eastern
Branch at Blandensbury; and the chemy, marching tn
column, suflered severcly from their gailiog tie, wasen
was kept up with great spirituodil the dear apy iuech of
the column made itwecessary for the arulliery te rtrd,
Which they diulia good order, taking with Ciem their can.
non, exce) it one piece—the carriage uf which being res.
dered unserviceable, they spaked the gun and leit it on ti
The 5th reciment of Baltimore Volunteer Lifantry, con-
Bisting of about 500, Tike the bDiave Artillerists, tata
ed their greourd wath great gallautry, uetil tic enemy,
with very supedor wumbers, bad outelfausted aud toa
@urround:d them; nor did (hey then shew Jiy Cts porta na
to retreat, waGl cominasgcd ta dvse by the vineces. Nol
sothe Malia under Goa. Stansbury 3 a partof Chem cave
Way af tie first fice. and the Genesal’s cacctions to bail)
them Prove Pun successful. Oi thec yoduct of aie (Wo vee
giments of regulars, we live mol heard avy pareusars—
they were stationed bebweon the Baltinore oops atid thy
Corps under Conmeodore Taracy, which wes staGuued
Bearest the city, onthe sround near tae Ca, itol,
The Troops under Cowmeaore barney, anounting to
about OC Jy were those which Latery anid Uo lottita 5
they had with them the gius fromy tar vessels mounted,
and foucht witha degree of bravery boverencel cd. “Plica
vapid and well directed fic pioved Wery destiucave tu tac
enemy, but (hey were overpower DD Avast i, ehOFhy oF
numbers. Their vallant Com modure recived (WO WoUbas,
ene of them severe but uot dangerous, ‘and Was Cala pete
poner, Weunderstand he received very polity atteotion
fiom Admiral Cockburn, who complimcated aii ligely on
the gallant behaviour of wiswscii and tia mien,
‘Phe contest with Gre troops uader Coumodore Barney
was cluse to the city of Waslungtou, and terminated: tue
Opposition which the enemy Wiel with Ghore approach ty
the Capitol, Of the loss on criher side durive tae action
and retreat of our troops, we cannot §, cam WILT ACCURACY.
On our side it was cor }paralively Suall 5 very Low Weoec
Killed, the number of Wounded Was greacer, but none ol
them are considered dangerous. Geo. Stansbury was uot
wounded 48 was repos. — A bout SU Were taken prisoaces
and parolled. ‘Vine loss of the cdeny ds roy ov ted ty have
been very sreat Wire Com AEC Wed OUTS > We do enol
MenAtion the number vo, vited, do lbs decva its are probaly
itis tollerably well asceriained, that the whole force
wider Gen. \\ Bde WADd Ch MCPD wad Hee (Oink
BWeleTaM TPOOPS Wale a osc siear Sod Wet a as CO de
dered that his mei hidneves Oecd valle bo lovee cu Gieal
his loss in killed and washed was Cag wc Cat aru
with the enem) "s, wena ge i dee. co Congtacultte ous
fe'lowecitUizens on Che resudl ot Cho acount,
‘Pie British army Wa (a. A olw tare pdaitd Near tie (4
pitol; Gen, [Lossy DNGalebeat Gow UPd U sO. )
Ollicers, wiih avout oO tacts Catered tae cis ( .
Bing a horse wear Che Cap dtoly bo Wave oie Gs a
Dier y resided, d2SJu i fi ois d Wd pw, SA. ) y fred a
Frenad barber, kibicd (ac nuese on witch Gao Ross rode.
Tose In prad Mo acl C.uscu ihe dostrucdomof Cigha sean
aljoining bus dings, racy preceeded vo dd
pitol, the Presidents house, an
ingy; exceptifc house coaaving the Para Gabe. db hey
also destroyed the canon wouteciy 5 bas Navy bd, wita
the new vessel Drriluuirs Gauche, basen boo provi cee dese
troyed by ourown Groups, the pecos aad paetting aie.
Fials of the Omics of Che wvatio dl hatclligencce wore talon
apartof them destroyed 3 (eve ty inclodiag ie proses, it
is sa d, thay pto, Ove bo ath oe Doavd the eet. macepl
iu the above bisia betsy UNO er solbs a Ml cu) 1iy of th:
Clid ens we.e not biuisted, Biv salice bDelig upwards of
two yeare aftwar, su tis, pocia ve aware Uoow our Rulecs
of the Len -ve Mofo Coebdedbiitead to thie Cu ‘5 (lata
emal| fo.ce of GO Ud cth obed ee baa tae ron hore, ial bth
enue short WW cek tuken JrWs CoNdorst Ga Cl » UO Croveraneul
of the U siteu Slates ’ Ues Yoder gs Fare & » VO. tO weiCh VUE
Juiz slature Nad Just Vern tuvegea vase y, - oallia Ol.
ficers in which th: Pode bee wm tes Ganbackd the ove
piness of the Navon; aig bie very tony ta wana che
Chicf Magistrats had the day Goure declared such au al.
fack from thoi ini pacucanle
Aug. 27.—The ene ns wii teow from Washington sud.
@enly and quictiy on Luursday teyit casty atten beiag in
posses» lon of Uh chy AO IUO GD) waite. bac Peosidene is
at Washington with three of us scceel ricsy anh Soeretas
Ky ol Wat Was tu be tice tits uu,. Phe Maat aas tosue
med its usual roule betw con the General Post Outice and
this city.
The following was indorsed on the Mail received to-day
Srom George-town srr Alevanorit tits capitulated to one
Bcivooter, and all the troue aod wouacco ure to be “woven
Bp as aS a ransom lor Like low id—we eapecta Visit from
@iem here ”’
A gentlemen just arrived in town states, that the whok
of thie enemy?’ s lurce Was al’ No ie ay yesterday ullere
Boon, and were wot Cinua hing, there bois
b receive them; they are ba, my ehipley cd iu shippimas oh
Bie tobacco from that place.
Wilmington (Delewure) August 29.—"xtract of a lete
@er from the vicinity of Baltiwore, tea gentleman tn this
town :—Jacob Baikey of New York, Madison's tricnd,
w) getliug ou with the Loan, Was iatc Wa Mug oly WW lem it
was taken, A gentleman wiv bos seen tian stuce, wriles
Saat he handed Mrs. Madisun into hoe coaca, by order o
@he President: that in a few minutes the Presid at follow.
ed, leaving the Palace to the care ol his friend Barker, tei
Bing him to save some of the pictures and plate, fhe could
—but little was saved, asthe Prosideots Houuse and Cani.
tol were soon after in tlames. ‘he Navy Yardand Stoves
Were were bucut by order of We secretary of Wari
NO bra 1S] oil

View original the public office’ were removed some days previons to the
' | TI . te “or ir 12 A ral ‘ y
Let dck. tC GIUiel C Secretarics Were al svbontoomery
' ; . : ; .
ourct House on | it Way to brcderick ‘Town. [t is tue
i MiOhh OF CIS Ca DI \ ; rlilie is, a' the PT iSil W
' - ‘
llul Yo lO alll Ul OY iathu,. Loaica bas (ought Of los
‘ j } © .
iC ol UInYy OF Vol res 5 and aisv jor ! l AOCH resje
Ct) i i i be fie iby luciil aud abisliiy rolrealcd tu
rif yi thay dlid LDe Dik TCS Were Chea VUlew li i je
Zot! 1@ ¥ .
> Hing i be C3
Teople ait red >
Crdcr ne € ved 5
Cr 1b i he do l3
Cn ali he iain would graspy
> .
’ aa >
foliuiayg au all BO We
Born the human race to scourge,
Epon ta Listiaus peaccf i soit;
CN happy uations bent to ulce,
Yo oder clatus Uni tivee of spoil,
p- I? ius n yay ‘ i py a & ha o>»
S uh tO] l Jaa ( a Ul e ba(tle's bent 3
- Albeo lj, buoWw ls y >) i) U LS,
} } } }
ew al e i fal my ) Yolil 4c i le ae lt
Pia | i Aa i is 4 a( ,
(] ’ Old fl hs { ( (e i" j aii + ’ y
Wile fOr we e it) i \ i i ) i pile
les hi 1 WOsl ity «, ‘ ») UO) oat i eu
: dil ) ¥. fo D Jali ghosedldQly Ol Na@en AA
i hid (| ibVe'da bod; [is Wail
anid $1 Ol) \ » SO MadCai AU Most ;
Pas}y ' ° Jlh ae Cla Co. ral reece ) CX l i.
ed bit a ih i biCudda #0 ) (oC dull »Jih OF FT 4
WHO! ( . bn a cw { 5s tak Cuiore, ti) hue
Didi mand tans aa d | 5 ( Soul 7
di) v Nou neal Hi yt ¢ ti
! Cou ror py, oi ‘ 5 UV a
So ra 1 af ( \ \ bilbe
} Cal ' j i . « - o
a a } i @ ‘ . y a A Ii
> UJ i) wehaa ‘ Ld | a | Wrenn i
Tat f Y yee. BU
} a ‘ i ‘ e ill
i i ( ) \ Culil 4 , al
. é ( al 4 l os ae re Ok
) ibs TU! avd il) Pde C vy
Vel l > pl) Orters {! the Jaw ; Mla WR alae
t that the 157 Members who voted fur ity ci )
(it iviclion thats ibsOlutely necessary lo-
erving the present revived Monaichy, and even
ranees ‘hey did uot dwell mnuch upon
qiodyer | wi hthe Miouarc ny may now be men CCU
yuld have beck unwise to Make @ PULHC evowa!
mseach ; Nsions; but that was unquestionably the
* 1) “oo 3 -
i I 1} ( ive ‘ r Lil’ dec 6. [ Lilcy gave. rng avi. Ge a lo -
iow advanced an argument in favour of the ta
mC LA)DCAI tous U ns\ ravlie, Iu O der Co Shewwhy
ie practice of Eugland vught not to be followedin Fratce,
Ne ol) ry.d mest (ruiyv. that the ibs tae ha Groverinient
vas the strongest of any in the world, ard that on that
very account the liberty of the press, withouta previe
ile CCOo ] 31). VW bece sal ») Dadlallece aud Co) hit le
Se pomrer ol that CGrorern veut: but that the Goveramen
f iia: be i 1 ap Tlie 1) me, PC ped | (
chekeck, and if by a tious I rain
fo prey fl » {i ) (it , loc i
eta rel i Ole aa 5s ° \ lL. thie } - Whielh Ci (
rf a ee | \ ‘re. i 1) i ’ Si t » Jbl ) rit
a Vdincids, Que erl lug ily of the Cem.
rehiyn to works wien {1 v4 ol tiirty T
the 9 ; | i 1 » lI Ol the Session,
f. rt) mi Ol Ll 0 lel teil y preposed revi Wel al (hi
Cll f I Ce \ i e
) ' .
l ie de ds 60 usin thee: of an enligh.
ned public, that proof demo istrauvely convinces us,
\ PME ) BMetithous \ js uted to Pare
Mamenf rye y () ly One bad ) @' pret INe—IlIrou
b.1ver | IY SS (han 2] hs
i ( Bat i state on bili} ( f ia ty if we may
CIVC AF aS at) at \ yn ol f pro chi £ (cr; QO! j
lemont ol the Orange dominions Dinant, acity on the
inf ly. tA of the “Uae, HAS be 0 cupled bs fhe Prin e
dV reign’s JOS, mc feus @cn tO COnhiilrn) (ire r pO {
’ ‘ . . 4 : ’ ! . . ?
vat Che froutier of his State wou i, Ol) THe CaStern Sie
’ ‘ . ‘ - . Y° .
meey enh ltu the Rodtine ¥ tne & Olgress al \ mhna, : ICN
larrangemeoot would add avery tmportant accession of
terrviory, power, aud wealth to the Family on the Ehron
of Holland. between the Meuseand Rhine, to the north
of diinaut (whichis 16 miles up the former river from
Namur), is included he valuable possessions of Julicrs and
cue! Ires, 1 dc ,crcat part ol CU} ‘ves and Cologne, aod
ly of Proves also Cis pnmenecly strong in fore
(ressesy aud overfiowing with an industrious, iutelligent,
ul active popu ‘1
Letlers received from Smirna, give a melancholy pic-
Care of the calamities suslered there by the | eople, from
the plague, One of these states, that the deaths < ully
OO daily, and at tl ) bad continued at that ber
lor ls Ud) S prececulll,,
View original The body of Prince Poniatowski, which had been ¢emz
Miticd tu a temporary grave at Leipsicy has been taken up
and dispatched with miltfary honours, attended by anunie
ber of Polish Ouicers, at an escoct of suidvers oF tuat nae
Hoa, foe dual doy oct With the remains of his aaces cS.
Plus dvia Princes, at may be redy Was drowned,
by plunging oa horsebacn into the river, when bis uufects
mle Codumanider, Botaparle, vrdcred the bride at Let, 4:8
lu be Wowh up,
Vac Caraceus Gazelle of the @tst of May anocuncs @
Couiplele Vielory Ouvakned over Gace Sprist Arihy, Cole
manded by Cagizal and Cevallas pear Valcvcu. ‘Ve dise
~palcn of Geo. Luabar states as fuilows:
“ihe spanish trovps aave been caticely destroy ed, with
very attle loss ou our side. ‘A Ney leftiu the tield all their
a:Uitevy, aliunidon, aod baggage, adceadfull number of
Of histea, Upwards of ZUOU horses and every Ching belonse
bg CO bLCO, Clu ding colours, dri INS, lorges, and muskets.
lhe lew soidicas who escaped, ded to the w voids, and ure
ronowed up on all sides, Searceiy 70 or 80 of the cavalry
escaped, tugetheor aloug with Cevatlos, who are all hotly
Persucd by vur squadrons, Many of the cneniy’s ofl.cers
ol rank tiave becu Auicd, and others of the same class ire
, risoners. Cagieal and Salomon, who ave wandiin. about
(ne neignbouruy lails, are alsu persued = Ina word, (ie
victory Nie Leen ihe most gratifying and Cour lete.
Pucie iy a woman of the name of Jchuuna 8. uthcolé,
atiy seventy years of age, of whose imposiures, of
laulicy, some Of our roaders may have hoard. Scme cl ae
Pela Se. dreorge’s bields as acquired Considerable [oe
pularty by the acter dauce of dhs pour wretch. She hes
hafely 2vyou oul Chat sae ls Progiant wich tus teu veges hy
Hh Expects ty ticeiman a dow weeks. Ttis a fect, Coal &
Cwl OFC adle, vl WOstenpecusive and Wag weet tad Chialsy
, ‘ e f ae °
bivis Doen 0) SPUne b, a asd ly cf MObtutle, lu. wrs. SUS se
COLE S$ UccuUuckomMeul, And winch Was Decuw for some Gays
CN tial if dal the ov . ho Mes ef amen 4 cil caba Mole An ly
Ny Alder ga cestroet, Thandeed of geateel rersons, of
Doth song ) Nave been lu see this Ci idles i) which the ol Jussi be'iewe the (sue Alessiah 1S to be
Howing has Leow gaveuw tu us as @ Cure
reee de Criptio boo. the chadie s-— ON elit ls crib. 3 inet O
brehes by 2 det; of satu wood, with brass ticllis; sida
and fuotuuand; turhed feet, carved and gilt, on Castors $
tswing cot, tistde caged, toswing on centres atcach ead
wCtnouidings, top and bolttum for go'd letters sa canopy
Cover, wita blue silky Covered and Jilt, underit; a gould
Gail aad dove, and olive branch: green stars at cach core
Mery ghé; blue sulk furniture; au embroidered celestial
chowarg with IP Giew characters; gold letters; a lamb’se
woul ipattrass. with white fustian down bed, down pile
low yittnl two SU 106 cine blanckets.”
Jost Soudhcvic.—the Keeuch Editors have taken
NOUS Of Lac mulse Watca this im pOstor makes in Ensocland,
aud tave copied the description which our Papers have
publisned of the cradle aatended for the yong Messiah.
A jarragtaph in the Jewrnal de Paris ov the subjoce
Dogs s— Ss pace bogtisa ruts (/es fuubevemouches Ans
recwoned ! hale lo
S/ases) Dave thar attentou takwnty by a yong May, siaty
VX years old, Who provonds to be prgaant, dud promises
to bitag forth che true Mbessinhe’?
Tite Menace Reyeat bas been pleased to confer the high
honor ow Sar gulu Wleicester’s ae Regiment, of Yeomine
ry ; (hat waseo paruicalacly serviccabtein the late unfore
funite disturoauces ta the North, of al owing it to be ene
Gtled, **hlis uyal tiighucss tae Proce Regenvs,
Accounts were teccived frou Ostend, that the Jehn
-lidamy lies sarod from thence for Aterica for fresh ine
structions, (ie American Negociaturs finding themselves
Cencioud te thei powers lo cet the actual state of ailairs
in burope. .
A lettce from Buenos Ayres, dated June 9, broughe
by the George Canacng, bay s—**N) outcviden is etpeeted
tu fail every day, waco will make a wonderful change in
Cusiuess for the Deol ; ib Casc it does, of w hich there is
scarcely avy doubt, the troops now before Montevideo
wil! be sent up to Peru, and elear the country of the Lis
tit (hoops, aud we shal: Lave trade with both sides of the
—__ =
Louis, by the Grace of Gad, King of France and Nae
Varre, wishing (o give the Princes of our Blood a mak of
uur attachinert. aad the armies a proof of our Salislacliou g
we have ordered, and do order as follow :—
e Our wellebeluved brother Monsicur, Count @ Artois
shall resume the title of Coloucl General of the Swiss.
Our Consin the Prince of Conde shall resume the title
of Colonel Geocral of the Infantry o: the Line.
Our Nephew the Duke of Anzouleme is invested with
the ude of Colonel General of Cuirassicrs and Dia-oons,
Our Nephew the Duke of Berri shall take the vitle of
Colonel Cecneral of Chassewrs and Light Horse Lancers,
Our Cousin the Duke of Orleaus shall take the Gide ef
Colonel General of llessars.
Our Cousin the Duke of Bourbon shall take the title
of Colonel of Light Lufautry.
The Generals whom the preceeding Government had
named to the functions of Colonel Geucrals shall have the
Gtle of First Inspectors General of their respeciive corps
uader the orders of the Princes whom we bave named
Colonels General, and shall preserve the Pay, hovours
and prerogauives which they now enjoy.
Given at Paris, May 15,1504. (signed) LOUIS,
Ertraordinary Longeviy.—Two persons lately dicd
in Kussiay one at the azeof 180, and avother between GOO
and 205, the latter being neatly forcy years older thea
@ur damuus Jeubius, who dicd at 109,
View original Bo Wits Evcdtleney Wreene Wrreray
Pevrprxek, Leguire, Licut-Goverio
ot Che colony Borbice and its Depeadei-
Cie’, vc NC. we,
Ad the Honorable the Court off Policy

ab Crivindd Justice of the said colory.
7) tgrhow Crese nreseruts mca@y or silde
( DIK , OF oli Cbd ! Lee il Allow .
\ A yA eA ano ok.
Vv Ro awe chy the late unh Ippy preme-
Jitated disturbances on the West and Mist Sea Coast
of this eolo Vy places us vider the i Cessity Coeall
voon the Colonists ander this Government, to bear
toour proportioutte quota of the expences HECESsitTts
Vy incurred tn crushiag a plot which cudansered the
gitety of the col ne
And whereas the procecdines tast'tufed by us for
the detection and poniswaent or shel offenders as
Wore proven fo be concerned in the sod) premeditny.
t.! Cisturbacnees. have eccastoned severe and heavy
exponees.-— Sad as by oar Ordinance or the Plu ot
Januar. doll, Weare Dotnd to amdemady and uae
roviy | tothe Pron: Clots or the Sitves so capitletly plul-
nished by viene of our Seatenec, (he value thereat s
Woefhive ty arder to vt wiche dor the payment ol thre,
gril just and necoss vy eX potters, Cons. red it most
ex odtent and equitille, Chat all the Luhabitunts of
th- cola ly SNUSSI r ~| LVS, shonld contribute ta
prop ntron to {lke uti noer ob Shaves possessed I)
th instovardsth orepayeneat wi Lhasc CN pellscs which
Lie coloiy tri by ot We Oe
SYP ES; the two divve ennefod, as we do hereby
acto het eee aodevery Piovaboinat stadl conti
‘ ,
By der dees ae ery tothe belurn wr othe Capiiae
b toe ual pry Wi be recover Geacrabor he ce
ran , ' , - f ° ‘ :
ton Pax, mioce to tie Reever Goencvabs ¢iitee du-
ring the moucl ot dandery, PSEA, thet qauotaor pro-
) Whiow towards The po oyurent ob the tig. cinentioncd
expenses after the rite of Gsco Curdors pec hcad, tor
each and eVeLy rive PrOssesse | ny Clacive oe Chaat (liane,
liable to the Ordinary Uead-aioney of eapiition ben,
AND we do turber by Uhese prescuts, quality and
authorize the fecciver Crmoral of Cits colony, alter
the eX puratiog ot the tine appomnred, Mimery Cie Jl
Pecenmoer, ISU4, to comyet wud enforce Ppiy ment ot
ie eid Citation Vata, FbOd) alt Getaudte Is, Dy inte
mary Lreculien, ad wi NOUL JAM PFuccas 0;
Andina order Chat no ignorance may be pretended,
Crise pic scents shall be | ubtished, { riiled, i usted Ups
ani ceotrowad aoe toy as usual,
Pousecccto sao onr Cyslinary Assembly, held in
the lai pers blows .N ow SS bosterien Cembice, this oth
day of Octane, id d.— Present, ttts wxcelensy ti.
Wo Bon ky Boge Jo cutenodt-Coveror; and the
Honorible Mio ee on Papin, das. Praser, Peter
Vouirbora sad (hoo. Noire s—-Demptis, the Jtom ole
Memb es dolia 0 0 Cas on md A Gaastas.
Ant published cathe i October follawing, in
prsssuce orcas | oe toes tie Licutenant-Gover-
hur, and due ale csi Aton ton.
LPvcommerd of the Conrl,
PLC. DOWN. 2?) See.
a—-———————oorr — i
View original o-oo —--_ ——,-
Boe blis necccebouenw dLexnaeyv Weenray
Pentiver, bs tre, Lieut.-Governor
oer thc coccny Leiocce cud is Depou-
denucies, Xe, Re. .
vAnd the ITuonorable Court of Polley and
Criminal Justice of the sid coloiiy.
To all whont these peescits nay or siall
come, Greeti. I Be ithuown:
Ay MOry»aA.s ;
V Vv s3E)1 We S Representation has heen
madetous, thal dve atlention is not paid to our Or-
divanre of the t4e/ Novemher, LS!O. isherchy Slazes
are forbidden to be worked by ther Musters ona
Jn order therefire fo cnsure Lelter ohscreavce of
, : y a . .
the be © | Matyay) ( nat POOL GPP OT) ( () esaiil Prac lite
giatio Wy os Lorie 5 aller such oom Nios A hatve
dee si / 100 Ys Cl cod lhe sat Jif DADO lo he
geapuiliched for ceucral mformalor, strictly vequi-
rire Ghedic ice dheiceulo ji om Oll bie Lahabidants uo}
bhis co vif.
DY Wis Lrecleney Major Ceneral Sawrerr
Pavey ure, Neline Governor y and the bioe
poralle Comlof Policy aid Criminal Justice
of the Colony B rbicc.
Tioallia whan thes prescnt may or shite Comes
Crewe! Ped hnoiwi:
Waurrneas we have deemed itto® the hichest ne-
Cessity for the wellbore of (he Colony, and tts Inhabi-
tonts. cod betne desivous of making such essential
XK url lons, as will promote the Weltare of Negro
Slives, and the Prunquility oc the Colony; as also
to comoly with the washes ofa ercat lia jority olf the
eeuwuuily, Who have made repicocitalion lv ue en
View original he principle af the inadequacy of the existiay Taw
for Hose purposes; fa revise and recanstler the b:
and Ord mances of ‘the Colony nt mresemfoaa fo
a ’ ‘
hav ner bec Loytyes hy (os, Wethe Governor
bad Court) of Polley iy Conneid assembled, ortke
Kuown Chose our Now Vader J Revuliitorn, Order-
Ingound enjoining all the Laleubitvars of chs Colon,
dobey them, and cause them tobe obeyed + for tia
Mr pose revoking all former Taws acd (egwulrtiarns
node by Us. that ina iy" i se mitlifate or ean be eo
stracd Co militate agatist Gsese ort present Ordiaen.
Coss amd Jers tly ss th reread to the pumistanent Oi
NG , LOS, OY other Shive Se Nrain.
’ es
“ ¢ toe l.
mr . .
Phatno Owner, P iprictor, Atfornsy, orany other
? . . . ,
AQ’ seript.on or el of persons havigg coatroul over
: !
Negroes or other Shives, sith. trader anv pretence,
Whotsorversan One Day orat One Pane. Punish ony
Shaivein vay ore severe primer hain by Thirty= Nine
Lashe ty will wll hing whit) Punishinent: shutl nes
be aidhiete onary ott | , oft thanen the forcecn of
the SItve, so prentuds dy Pes! J) reas who exceed
(his our Orlirrnce egy se ct to the penalty ()
lhice hadnt r¢ (/ C wv) fa . | is aprhe Psy a)! vy bse +)
penalty ts to be anmade as hercaiter stalk be resolved
on by k Ss
Vol aware th: “4 cire nistances cramot frail of ari-
stn ry “vf { hye 8 VN I! 1] moray S 1} I rf a more xt \ ‘Tc!
and publie prashinento and tho’ de sitous of treatin,
The slaves, Vi) wooly Ty nepstwe Cet [Love aad wol
boar ' () THC, Vso Frys hor Ne reson © mahal
° ' a) ) °
fo their Veasters., Welereby Codey, that wires
1 Slave ¢ : “on ¢
restaAVe ConMiis a Cine ora eopdl vodliccdae dtes Ne.
ler thinks desereiyroafscy. rer Poorstonenttivay baa
tyonine Joa t s, {/ ‘mycin py oat ease to Haves steed
slave brought before the De. her Capris or ie tes

' ° , . . ’ !
Grier Oona tae f infraict, o) 1) yy ()y-
j . : . . 1
oe tan Clo cl VC rps “s Poa. ) Coot dbl © X-
cecd| le (), , J f rt lg c. r,t’ bee . { | hi >
. f ’
presen a \) . ' my oo) ‘ se
Cretpony fo Pui cel Nestocs a aio Pron ht be
hore Wa as dee ae thy yet res roti. yoo ov elsedaa Ula
btinitedt dlddaa el ul dir / ‘ Cue Lido ee
Alf. Toast / rey Own re. or { irers af Stives, are here-
ly strict Vel | ied), Wo) Mm Ve gb atv SK Ee tts COlLe
roitted! any Csybenee whoel caw be so ar booked ujyyou
asa’: i me. WN | (hereuy fo offeu | prey isd ihe lors of
the Jos 1. to couse suede stove to be brotaoat i. bore
the Duro her Captadtottie Distret, or mo xt Schvot
Burrer Obie Ty (har the Crime dard to the NO ron
charge, \ Wily | Cob nee t for, conn! if (iat of Cai lh ie
lure, SO as to descr Severer Prasristaas i daca wWthal
Ne tle Burehes Cicer feast an dis po. er LO dike l,

fo Catse tae ere POP SV se plomain . lo be son
lorthwith tothe Viseal of tic Colony ytuue Geil vail
accoiding tu Law.
All persons, Phinfers, Julinbitante, and others,
Whosoever he sewne im: v bo sare dicraby stv ily al.
iotaed, under no opr fence whatever, to bulet, or
cause fo be pafliered. any puowhmcnt, of any hun,
onthe Negroor Slave of ano ber voi. or ow Staves
nef lotr own \’ OPT V, OF ¢ Vol whiedl hey have Dot
lieonsed) controul, or veodg fries seve aed except
“dine / } 7 Oy hit Ny spe \’ 1a ny 6 LION od (OO CLVe boa
New ro oor ~| Vee, Yy / " ertpidi yo os i. | CeOOF unp Ty
Mieonee dn spetstre orreplyiae to a white or tree
porseny tader penotty of foneitines lor every ollenes
the stan ol Onc dhovsay, / Wels VS
Worley ofthe Patients of this Colo y are
hor by state | lered and Griomed, under a P nia}.
tyob dive Miu dred Cul tos wottoscnd ororder Cheis
negroacs tawobs inthe Fields, or to co other plantis
Sunday or Tolidiy, except where the
mediate preservettou of the festate requires it.
such oasby 2
Mol work ov 7
mnbretkine, fo ver giving AW, OF
other Leeidents, which for the. fety and preserva-
fionoof (he property reanires Hnmediute assistance.
The Bureher Olbcers of the District or either of them
being positively enjoined on ts comme to their knows
ledlee, that Necroes are made to work on any bestates
mn Sundays, to report the same to the Fiseal. And
iis further Ordered, Chat the Bureher Ofticers ot!
the District shall listen to, and attend to all Com-
plitnts of Slaves om this herd af the same, Go not
Wppear to hia five ous; vd todo them justice.
No Negro orofther Shivey shill be punished by
fhe Wohep, without being previously bud) flaton th.
cromm ls his hands and feets Gied sublicien tly to pre-
vont his vital parts being injured, under a penalty
from any one causing punis bment to be inflicted in
adilterent manner of Dive dindred guilders lor cach
We hereby strictly prohibit all and ever y person,
OF persons, whafsoeve rofrom caustig any “Negroe ‘
or other Shives , to be b ied, wlio lave died sui le oe
ly, or who Te We died in consequence of punishment,
Oo! or who have hung, or otherwise wade away
wi eoasclyes, Willuul previously giving notice
— — ee a
View original ¢ ~s a weer, @ e e
Py AM A Migy mr% var nf ih ricf, OT if mn forws
ycly ‘ har { ¢ | t' | "s] my o¢ rs a Cortte
. ‘ ' .
fet ! re ( mao (hye | fitfe VO hid lile
‘ / | ’ > ¢ ir } . v gs ’ re
moored 5 frre onatuce of Che Tec >
} l, !
(°¢ r if Tv I r \ I } Ve « Js dix ‘*y tlle
(| at peta Oo! (), C ( ) if - Cd. (ke Se
4 \v" ] a od ) , . ¢ ve »
} ly ) roe if ity kin 8 1 y - “yf ig
' / a . * :
mcd by Us, for Peampomaices wie those our
‘ : ' }
- i x . . | T 4
)) lor . \( ily reothoird fy Mb ° 2NiOsia Ty and
} } ! “) th) . }? a ol th ( ve
. . 1
Vadbin order nat LO UrNOrINee tay ye pretended
. 2
Sour present Procbtuay | foun
I ’
: ‘ . ’ . !
\ \ ) . lvl ( { Cibiated 1O©LF dlbe jal Qy.lLeatlloOauad Qi iid ’ Novi
Choy Co rid. .
Paus It Ive! Pavct | \ | Puli } ] i) ourexe
tor limary Sit f yt bhain New iste dl ity beewre
bice, | If WLAN cial r. Is]; Pres lal, h > 1.X%e
‘ / ; ; I
rOY ii MS Vt (i'c
|| CY \} MI) fx her Re] ry | halrym) / 5 Let r
; ae
meyer vic’ 1) mM i) !,. \ . ‘ jo
bye S (x, J Tapin, Ss. hy ‘.t | ull, i’. ai yiiin, and Se
eraser. AbDacuat, the ilua. A. of, Cili IS.
i i | (° of
t. oF ) j V Nit, Cee.
AnTinorder that no tenorerme may he peetend l,

s’p sents stpadl dre sour round to cach do late, and
plodandan | yn [ } Ustiel Vr’ nn .
Phas enieted trour Ordimiry Sessions of she Court
HCY thy | (° iti) | J {oc ( $1 ty Cet. [Ss {.
senty dts Eoxcetlency the Governor, aod the Plea.
» * 4
Ciehors J ‘| prldy of. Cama 5 TS. EAST, Pet r
Par. Or.) titrays— lemptisy A. de Giasias.
d ‘ too he 5 1 ¢ cf bor { th ow . in
.4 ) i ‘ Ke ee: (i Lau \ : Ty hldud Lue
MooCoudlad AL,d)). wide
Dy 1 - n fv ‘he i rrle
Re. CL DM) va '8 Sec.
, ’
> LOTrern amernest
4 s t | [ ik a e
Y~ V7-. Nn J ) mre »
“ s1/S f[ ( (“Uy fd. yr. MLUNTINCK, C4.
“ > f 7 y .
l é } j- ( ¢ 4 ‘,) ot l, ( ( ) / f & ) Ve g
. ' ’
( é \ ( l > / ( f . < & i§
) C CS TV ¢ d 6 6 lé i@, QC, oy Cc vs C.
. e . . ’ ~ - ’ . £ -
’ is faze Mc wd l - & ‘ / - l Al «4 ‘@
‘ (4 ‘ f i / ff rs ( . < th ( fi ré
é é l/s § I) ‘ /° ~ i ab. * d is
el / 5 ShIcn p cw
‘ Cf ‘ ( LOM uUtnande —e
, :
i ,° / rf jt [ e j é . ly ania VCE -
‘ , ! .
Pets lh, (ily, 0 beclare, and do hereby
yyy } 4 ‘ “U/ i $lé r J Misi { tlh il 7 ¥ i WY ¥
“ : ' , } . v
Lore one / relhon.ded and Lodved inthe Cue
ay biel A farther deat with according to bere.
VD tial dag said Licencos nery be da ly anid r. gularlg
L 4 d 9 (he. Ppleca i/s jor lhe sume shall be ol ‘igcd
Gorlely an inding that the lUuckster is ethir «a free
Nie or the ive belongings lo dn eslublished Resta
And Lastly, th this Order may be st éctly obserced,
[] s lian rthe bkisca es ¢ NJ med tu dupes nthe d 4diuse
ssersas ajorescid, and pursue them for such Itae
nl Cc Mk ctl ts by fhe Louw is estable. Aed,
° W! Mh. OV.
° ,.
Geeen under my Uand aid Sea at Arms, al the K: "g'@
hiuuse, berbice, this 13h day of Octoler, isl le
Dy Command,
ae Se a SA ED
View original Qseeese= “same «c= mee =m a
The Minn rs of Proc cuimes hs ore { hic Court of Civil
Hustice, ia dor dishan td Dateh.
The Charter of the colo ¥ Berbice, in English.
The new Dutch Coosteution, in Datel.
Vitew Aboimchs, Cofee Certificates, Bills of Exe
Chinve, Billy ot baling
AM Kindo Books, blink and rate 7, Quills, Pencils,
Writing Paper, lay Powder, ard Waters.
View original SS
hatol of Runea- cay Neerocs, in the Coluny Stocks of
Ii clor
rey ¢ lols,
Darnton, On the 2lyst Oot, USt4.
By whour brougia,
——_———— ne ee
Sle ae
Plo. le estcin Fiscal
lin, Ourveiwagt
eur Mara
tiss Juaurants
Pin. Ul srotelling
i’. 1. Schimide
id Nl.
lL lom.
Loeoe (Surimaca)
(lo. Herstclder.
it cmp
J. Gouvernear
A damg
ldem, ,
PosiheperW, Rase
hy eu.p
J. A. DEUNERT. Onder Sherepp.
a ee:—i—‘“ $$
View original ert 0 3 a : ” sees
_ +. =D
, ] > }
@ WVseoed CVC) J@LUAU a sk 2 U Civvae Ae M, “@ he BiLMLL Ss & Co,

22 October 1814