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The Berbice Gazette

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Tweirve dollars p. annum.
——S— re ee
View original NEW AMSTERDAM,
View original SaTunosy, Aucusr iY, 815.
By our Dispatch Boat, trom Demerary, Thursday
fast, Barbados Papers to 1 Aug. and London Papers
to the 23 of June, are received here. Butas we are
deprived for a time of our papers, we eould not lay
sooner before our readers the [lappy News of
by the Allicd Troops on the 1Sth of June.
ef ae .
THE Juron frigate, 22 days from Portsmouth, ar-
rived this aflerneon, with dispatches for their Excel-
lencies the Coinnrenders in Chief of Lis Majesty’.
Forces on this Station, aad has brought intelligence of
the suceess which bas attended the arms of the Ablics
In aimost sanguigarycambai withthe (roopsot France.
—We publish the Dake of Wellington's detail ofthe
action; and there had been a subsequent dispatch
from bim, dated Reusseds, June 19th, that stited the.
arrival of 5000 prisonerson that morning, 2000 wore
ex prot) on thetetowine day, and the whole amoun.-
ed to many thov-ands more. Gen. Lobau who qui
reanded one ol the Preach divisions, was aioougst the
A telegrap hich dispatch on the 27th June, ‘an-
moniced in Lorton, thaton the 2@tth, the Dake ot
Weliineton was at La Fre re, W hich he had reached
withoul opposer, and was dirceting histimareh upen
Compcigue, where he ex peeted wae that night,
and which is Quly 52 Veglish mil-s Troi Paris.
Lhe Priv stans under Prince Blacher; had ocenpied
Foan, and were advancing apon Paris by ioced
marches. | ° .
The "habitants had uniformly teceived (he Allies
with great joy, ond supplied them With provisions)
It issaid too, that Bono partetiad tendered the m-
siguation of the ‘Throne of France for his son; but
this had been rcj@cted by the Allies, and some of th.
Jeading persons tn Paris had becn summoned to con-
sult upon what measures shoul be resorted to.
Banspavdos, Ang. I.
By a London Paner of the 99 of Mune, affoals us
the means of go sjredily following the Britisi ace
count of the vioseriius career of the Allicd Afins,
with that whiel was tronemitted to his Govermment
by Field Mearsbal Prince Blycher. The Prussians,
as we were filly infermned by the Duke of Welling.
fon’s dispatch, hada very conspicuous share in these
great exploits, and their veleran Conimander (tu-
cher) had &@ very narrow eseape of bis tite, having
been thrown from his hone, which, in conseguénee
of a shot that it had received, galloped furiously un-
til it (el dead on the ground, an@ covered the Fich!
Blorshal with its Body. The enemy had twice pas-
sed Prince Blather whilst in this situation, from
which he was happily extricated by his own troops.
It has been stated, that the Junon frigate, which
lately arrived here was telegraphed Dy his Majesty's
ship Vengeur, inthe bay of Biscay, ** that Paris
had been burnt.”
—_ &——
Downing-Street, June 22, 1815.
» Major the Honorable H. Perey, arrived ‘late Laat
night with a ew from Fiekl-Marshal the Duke
of Wellington, K.G. to Earl Bathurst, His Majesty’s
Principal Secretary of State for the War Department,
of which the follow ing is a copy :—
My Lorn, Waterloo, June 19, 1815.
Bonaparte having collecte:! the 1, 2, 3, 1, and 6
cofp. of the French army and the Imperial Gaards,
and nearly all the cavalry on theSambre, and between
that river and the Meuse, between the 10 aud [4 of
the month, ad vaneed og the 15 and attached the Pras.
sian posts at ‘Thuin and Lobez, on the Sambie, ut
daylight in the morning.
hdid: ear of these events fill the evening of the
15, and mediately ordered the troops to prepare
to march; end afterwards to march to their lelt, as
svon as | had jniclligence trom other quartersto prove
that the enemy’s movement upon Charleroy was the
real atiack.
‘The cnemy drove the Prussian post from the Sam-
bre on that day ; and Gen. Zicten, who eommanded
tlie corps which had been at Charleioy, retired upon
Fleurus; and Marshal Prince Blucher concentrated
the Prussian army upon Sombret, holding the villages
& front of Lis pesition of St, Aimwad aud Ligny.
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The enemy continued his march along the road
from Charleroy towards Biurelles, aad oh the sane
evening, the 15, alfacked a brigade o: the army of the
Netherlanls, uncer the Prince de Weimar, posted at
Frasne, and forced it back to the farmhouse on the
same road, celled Les Quatre Bras.
The Prince of Oranze immediately reinforced this
brigade with another ofthe same division, auder Gen.
Perponch-r, and in the morning carly regained part
of the ereund whieh hid been test, s0 as tu have the
comevind of the comumn ication teadins from Nivelles
amt Bruxelles, with Marshal Blicher’s position.
In the mean time | had direcicd the wholearmy to
march upon Tas Qyatre Bras, and the Sth division
uacder Lieutenant-General Sit Thomas Picion, arrived
wf about halt past two in the day, tullowed by the
corps of troops under the Dake of Brunswick, aiter-
wards by the contingent ot Nassau.
At this (ime the enemy con:uceeed an allack upon
Prince Ulucher with the whole force, excepting the
am! 2 corps; and a corps ofeavalry under General
Kellerman, with which he atwekcd our post at Les
Ouatre ras.
The Prassioa arory miintained their position with
their usual walleiry aml preserverance, against a
Creat disparity ot nim hers, as the 4th corps of their
anny, under Gensral Datow, bed not joud, and
vas not able to assy! thea as [ wished, as 1 was at-
lacked myself, and the temas, the cavalry in ‘parti.
cular, which bad a lueg cisance to march, bud not
irtived, e
We mpiatoined our position also, and completely
defeated aid re pulse gil the enen y's attempts ly vel
Possession of ue “Pie encmy repeatedty attached us
With a large Bb <'y of infantry aml cavalry, sappurtes
hy a vEMeCons owl pur we cul aritilery > ie Hide sr.
verilehorees with the cavalry upon our tality, but
al! were repttsed in the steciest manner. Tu tly ae
fair. Wis Royal Hidzhness the Prince of Orange, the
Duke of Beteswiek, and Lieutcvant-General Sir Ths,
Pickton, and MojoeGeneral Sir James Kempt, and
Sic Destis Pack, who wore eng. from the commen-
eoment ol the en mys mlihes, Lrigela!y distinguished
themselves, aswell as Liv utienanteGenetal Charles
Varon Alten, Najor-G: neral Sie C. Halact, Licut.-
Creacral Cooke, aral Major-General Maitland and
Byny, as they ape atived. The truops of
the 5 division asd Phas: of the Brunswick corps were
sere tons snd sever ly enfased, aud conduétca them-
selves wiih thy ule! oaflantey. 1 must particularly
mention the wi, 4¥, 79. and G2 tegimeuts, and the
battalionef Pavoverians. :
Ot los was creat, as your Lordship will preceive
by the inclesed tetur, aad i have porticalaly to ree
vret Dis Serene Higheess ibe Deke of Brunswien,
Whe tell, ellantly fi, btimg at the bead of lis troops.
Althouch Marshat Mlocter hed qwaintained his po-
sition st Sambref, he sti ound Sinse’f much weaken-
ed by the sev rity Gi the cantest inawhich he head bee
engaged, and as the 4th cops bad vot arrived, he
determmed tu fail beck, and Gonceatiaic his eimy
upon Wavre; and he naiched in the night afterth
action was ever.
This movement of the Marshal's rendered neces.
Sary a corresponding onc op my part; and | retired
from the farm of Quatre Bras upen Genappe, and
thenee upon Waterloo the next mnoming, wt 1Oo'clock.
Pheenemy made no effort to pursue Marshal Blu-
cher. On the contrary a patrol which I seat to Sar-
bret in the morning, fownd all quti, and the enemy's
vicdettes fell back ay the patrole advaneed. Neither
did he attempt to molest onr maach to the rear, a)-
though mace the mudte of the day, excepting by fol-
lowing, witha tiree body of cavalry, brought from
his right, the cavalry under the Earl of Uxbridee,
‘his gave Lord Uxbridge an opportunity of charg.
ing them with the J Lite Guard, apon their deeouche
from the village of Genappe, vpon which coeasion
his Lordship has declared himsclf tbe well satis@ed
with that regiment.
The position which T took up in front of Waterloo
Crossed the high read trea Charleroy aad Nivel,
wnd had its right thrown back Coaravinenear Merke
Braine, which was occupied, vad its left extended to
a hichtabovethe hamlet ‘Ter lo 4 lasey which was inxe-
wise occupied. In frontof thetic bi centre and pear
the Nivelle road, we oceupied the hoaseand arden of
Hougonmont, which covered the returnof that fleuk -
andin the front otthe left centre, we occupied Che farm
of La Haye Sainte. Dy cur lett®se communiceted
with Marshal Prince Blacher, at Wayre throngh O-
hain; and the Marshal had promised me, that ih
case we should be atlacked, he would support me
With one or mere Col ps, as ight be necessary
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[Payetbie in advances
— ee
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The enemy collceted his arinyy With thee. ception
of the third corps, which had been seng to observe
Marshal Blucher, ona range ehts in our front,
ta the course of the night of the 17, and ‘yesterday
momimg; and, at about 10 o'clock fe coramenced
a furions ftack upon our post at Heusoumont.
had oecupied that post with a detachment from Gen.
Byng's brigade Guards, whieh position in its
tears and it was for some time under the cominanl
of Licutenant-Colopel Macdonc!, an) aflerwar!s of
Col. Home; and Pam happy to add, that it .was
inaintainced throughout the day with the greatest gal-
lantry by these bravetroops, wot wit nding the te-
peatedse forts of large bodicsef te enemy tu obtain
possession of it.
This attack upon the right of our centre was aca
companied by a hcavy cannonade upon our v hele line
whieh was destined (osu pport the repealed attcks of
cavalry and infantry oceasionatly mixed, but some.
times scparate, which were madewpon ite In Ome of
these the enemy carried the farm honseof ba liave
~sintes as the detachment of the tig@htiattalior of Che
legion which occupied it had expusded all thseani-
MuMition, aud the enemy occupied thé ealy coi ate
Nieafion there was with then.
Theevemy repeatedly chirged our iafentry wiih
his cavalry, but these aftrcks were un [’ rie enc
cessful, and they afforded opportunities (o our civale
ry to charge,/in one of which Lord Bb Somerset's
brigade, consisting af the Life Gudtds, as did that of
Major-Gen, Ponsonby, which took Maw prisoners
amd an eagle. Aficr a severe conicst, the én my was
defeated, and having observed thatthe trodfisne:in d
‘rom this attack in @reat confiision, ands that the
ma ch of Gen. Bulow’s carps by kuschermon voor
Planchenorte, and La Betle Alliance, had bes wa to
like effect, and as Leoul) perceive the fire of his crn
hon, aud as Marshal Prince Blueher lad joi: din
‘person with a corps of his army to the left of Car Tine
by Ohain, [determined to attack Ure enca: 5, tnd ine
mediately aslvaneed the whale Tine of infoatry, Stj)-
ported by the cavalry aiid artiMery.—TNe aitick suce
ceeded in every point: the cnoimy was fereed
from his position on the hights, and fied in the
utmost confusion, leaving belind tim, as gucas fF
could judge, 150 pieeés of cannon, with theif ane-
munition, which feil imtooarhands. [coiitinned the
prrsuit GU long aftercark, and then discontinued i¢
only on acoount of (he fusie ue of our trobps, «he had
heen engagep during twelve hours, ant beeause £
toond mysclton the same road withghfa. te! Laeets r,
who assured me of bis intention to Follow {heyeneny
thronghout the wtght; Be hassen! ne word this ror.
ing that he had taken 60 pieces of cannon belonging
fo the Imperial Guard, and several corriazes, Dag -
guge, &e. belonging to Bomparte in Gouappe.t
L propose to move, this morning, upon Nivelles,
and not to discontinue my operations. —
Yoor hontship w ifobserve, thatsnel « lespetate
tction could not be fonght, and such” acdvaeimees
could not he gained, withoutygreat loss Pancdebeans
verry toadd, that eurshas been imrecnrse.9 Jn Clent,.
General Sir Thamas Pickton, His Miajestye hes sie.
fatned the loss ofan Ofticer who has troouen iv Vie
Vingnished hsmseli in his serviee, and hl Telocions.
ly leading bis division to a charge Woiub Ley nets, by
Which one of thesmost seriois aitac s meh ly the
eucmy on Our position, was defeated. "PMe hart of
Uxbrilge, after having suCcessfully got turétiely tire
ardnous day, received a wound by ehabet the I s¢
shot fired, which willy Pat afail, deprive MiSs Ma-
jesy for some time of his serviee.
His Royal [lizhness tne mof Orange distin.
guished himself by his galintry and conduct tif he
received 2 would from @ masket ball throayhetie
shoniter, which obliged Rialto quit the fielt.
It wives me the grealest salipiaction {O assu-e FORe
Lorilship, that the arty Wewer, Gpen any eccrsion,
conducted itself better, ‘Uhe division of gurrds, une
der Licut.<Gen. Cooke, who is severely woonded :
Major-Gén, Maitead and Major-Gen. Byne, set exe
apple which was followed by all; anmF there is no
OiReer, nor description of troops, that did no# bes
hare avell, ,
od nasty however, porticularlyanention, for His Ros
yaldliz cness’s approbaten, Licut.aG ont Sis Ti. Cline
ton, Niajor-Gen. Adam, Ligut.-Ge Chart s Baron
Alten, severely Woody Majfatien. Sic Colin
Malkety seVorgly wounded iol. Ome@te:a, Coloucl
Mitchel pcomrniand item brigade of the 4h division .
Major-Ca. Sic dimes Wem pt and Sir Denis Pack,
Majortsen, Lambert, MajoreGon. Lord 0. Somers. t,
Major-Gen, Sir We Ponsonby, Major-Ger. Sir C.
Grant, and Major-Gen. Sir M1. Vivian; MMajor-Gems
View original ~y
Sal, Vandelenr; Major-Gen. Count Dornbdere. Tt
perk isa | usttenlirly tndebted.te General Lord Till
for bis assistance and cumluet upen all former occa-
The Anillery and Enginecr Departments were con-
ducted much tony sulistaction by Col. Ste Go Wood,
mb Col. Singth; and |b hed every reason to be satis-
. } a . . : c . a . .
tes WHS (he eondact ofthe Adjudint-Generst Ma jor-
laster-Geoeral, Col..Delany, who was killed By a
Gen. Barnes, who was wounded, and of the Quarter-
cs . ‘ . ’ a ’ j r s q sy’ : .
Conhone-siavem (ie middle of the mCiaiuUil. Chis oficer
. > o ‘ ‘ ’ a >" he ’ .
} ’ hous a “S UO) fis Vi; pes y as S°TV ad ancl to li}
Ot lupe inomeceat. [was tikewtse much indebted to
4° ’ '. ‘ é : i» .
qgke® «tss ince cf Lient.-Ce e bts? ldafzroy Somerset.
. } a | P
P Wiss vee ‘| em NY COURS * vl tiie’ ICC In Cte
. . . ' es . . , ' ! -
2 iT ryd 5 pets Me-al i . ' a Stil rec “4 a0 » ) l
. . e . , . Pe
t Mion rs arty e1)f- | tine : | nm. , .
4 ’ ’ } ; ;
‘ Tove 3 i} ’ bets WOOL Tn _ =
3 }? fT OCCT. Blu 1 oi US fuss to
2 aa Py ict.
. c . . °
ru 1 service Wacwts > de
, °
( ’ ' ‘ ' ’ r] ? ’ $ 1 fic) as ‘ ‘
i) , a i)’ idle of en \ i!
1 « ‘ ’ ;
\ 78 eo") ’ ’ | ij ~° \at | ti) eal Ol
: ' '
; . & "Lieve
r , ,
' tii ’ rr q°T)} i> revey P f (:en.
> ‘ ,
, i ° Fr '» e re ‘re Tile
’ om.
‘ a 4 med o! ! ' ° ‘ ‘ peu
} ¢ ’ C sof ' ; ( i ’ | ; {
’ , a 7 :
a YU.L VU i rece V4 a CoOlr\e-
? ; , nS tt Ts or ‘oO ‘hare
s° "iC i -Priusitn.. rmy., tt | chil not le
. .. “a ' ' )
[ i rts al atic ' Cici . fc> | it
abil Geiety ossistance | reeeived trom them.
. a | * pnt = sho, a
' Pid 5 ‘ ‘ ell. pth i (>t) Ti ( »y SS
bear's @an emrvcone: andeven itl lel not
: , . . :
i i '% at PORE Cl ii ( MCC)
; . . | }
’ i 2 l ; { ‘ ri aa | v< ' ‘
' j oe af }
, » Fev eT yipicd Ty Maied, ane
: ,
ss ; ’ " af ime ir ii} sf tt .é iy! >of
! ’ r *. , . }
; '') Sat le} Li i) uiintels irV¥e SIC : 4,
; ; [4) | 16 ly \ >< ’ Sy le *) ’
. °
» i “tte Wil il ' } : $, sf ' .€
: ' ‘ . ; ' . . , (2 rv ; ij} ) \
, . .
‘ . ’ 5 .
¥ ' , ‘
ec. ’ biel.) ifs ‘
’ eal » Bhave recelvet
’ .
é Oh Vi iliivm Pons oby is
; i 4 ( mm) \ tii
bys lithe ca ston ob liwarte
7 ‘ ’ I, ‘ lie y | il
if ivi >, ind Wis a!) Ol-
. 4 } ’
‘ T ¢ ha «6Gee lt «6FCLOTHS of . }
} i. :
Ri , i nwo alist of Othcers | il
’ i tw 4 ¥ Me ' ra ) \ } { i
; rik eretu ’ rh( tics VOU sous
. '
. t. ‘ és ‘ li »! \.( : ‘ ta
) ce ‘ ald ; mf rlhain .
ia 4 af j dd | OPACENS.
K ")
a , rs c i
: rn ". Sor ‘Thoma
‘ '
' ‘ Js } . L Olde
‘ , 1 ’ . ‘ ? * sv ubptel ie
oe ‘ ‘ . %a i}
WO >) oF
~ : + ’ , . =
vss the Princo of Oranae,
" we
’ 7 Tew . } | .
> : ' ‘ awl ‘ °C, Tl: ‘ iN ss ai
é ,
i “
~) . a
, | > ‘Tit’s ep Se\ Cy -—°
‘ ; Oe ; { ih ati falter °
: '
, ? Tete | ,
é ‘ i Ze | Be SCVCITCHY.
, . 7
} i. - “ynp!. sliaghbify.
: Pas ; . : '
, OTF F Hlil@ : Alt! SONCTOELY:
' ’
’ ‘ i } 7 s' Ve ; "> a
. . ’ ’ ' be ’
‘ 7 >, @te vy. | a? ; \ SCV rely,—o { I ras
! ‘ ; . ’ ‘ , % - §
5s si ite & Vi : - b> ss |} ( tl we4ill 2 E4t Se
ae 0 Bee
r: ) ' > »? ; ————
( is / rine Bloc he) S accounls oO; Citi
7 ‘ (col ~ 7 ; F
i 5 d+ j ( Jt i and (Sth Janel pb.
‘ 2? ¢- c } ; -
It > OF th O71 this month that Napoleon.
alter Wins Ce teal « i Hh, five corps ot his ar-
1) everal @orps of the guards between
re) aumont, commeneed hostilities.
The poitls ‘voncenmt(ration of the four Prussian
corns were [denrus, Namur, Cincw)s ant Hannut, the
vation of yp bicnmade it possible te mile the army
O' x Of fThese potnts in ot le rs.
On the bo, Napoleon adyanced by Thuin, upon
fhe t) yinks of the Sambre, ecainst Charlerot —
Cier. Zicthen had collected the iirst corps near Fleu-
yUS, Mi le that diay avery Warm action with
nv, Why atter h#ving taken Charleroi, di-
" is ru bopon Pleurms Gen. Ziethen main-
i iiomsel tui }? ; tion near the jot ee.
cc Mbarsteel Bil Ty, IntenCing to fighta great
britile withe cirem v its oon as possible, the three other
ecipe of Ihe Prussian anny Were cons: quent lpidirec-
feu pod Somdiici, @ league aud a half trow Pleu-
View original rus, whore the second and third corps were to arrive
ofa] 1¢ 15, and the 4th corps on the [6.
Loul Wellingion had united bis army befveen
Ath and Nivelles, which enabled him to assist’ Mea
Aliand Nivelles, which enabled him to assist Mays
shal Bucher in case the battle should be foughs on
the 15.—
Datfe of Lieny.
The Prussian army was posded on the heights be-
(ween Drie and Sombret, and beyond the last place,
ambeceupied witha laces force the villas res of St. A-
mand ant ign *, situated in Iris front. ean
only Circe corps of tacarniy had jomed; the fourth
Which was siattoned between Lieg and Haunat, hac
aceon delayed in its march by several citcumstances,
witwais uot yet come op. Nevertheb ss, Field Var-
Sill Blacher vésolwed to vive battle, Lord VV cllinge
Have roads pul li smoeiion to suppo: Min, a
Strons diviston of bis army, as wellas bis whole re-
Pinthe environs of Brussels, and the
fourm corps of the Prassian army being iso on the
Leiba acrevin
secoved svatpoun
= ©
’ 4 «op
Phe baffle beyan at 3 p.m. Bhe enemy brought
up above 150, O00 mene The Prussi2n army was
0,000 strong. ‘Phe village of St. Amand wes tie
first point attacked by the ene my?who carried it al-
lor a Vigorous resistance. He then directed his ef-
forts tgaintt Lign ys it ts a lay: ge village » solidly
built, situate ‘d ona rivulet of the same Panel It is
(here * a contest begs in Which may be considered
us one of the most obstinate recorded in history. Vil-
lnvros have often been taken and retaken, but here
the battle continucd f lor 3 hours inthe villages them-
selves, an| the movements forwards and backwards
were corfined to a very narroW space.
On boli sides fresh troops coutinually came up.—
acu army mad y btn the art oF the villa mre which
infantry, which main
mined the compat, and were continually rene ved by
: .
Meooccupiel, Oreat niasacs af
scinforcemecals wit u if y reevived trom: their
rear, as woll as fromthe heigits on (he rie bet aed feft
A ei JU canned were direeted from both
5 . 5 —_ . ‘
yer fist Tie villa, wl. Wpia ly Was Ol) fITE bi seve©al pit-
i oye taene te time the combat Cxfendedalangz the
Vi nie ttn enemy haviud nis > directed! 1\ Op
agotastthe Od cotps, however the main combat wa
against f.: "Ny
ITs Sa wbto 1 ke a favoy he forn ff r th
Preeste th Su pertol the villace of St, Amand
havin ) ikem trop. the Prench by a bitlation
inalldad the Py hal in person + in ¢
SeGuENCE OF Whe Bh advan ve We hacl rer hoe do the
feted) wich | rer ty nleeed alter the lass ‘ol
St. Senand, Verio ocless, fhe battle coetimned aben
Ligny with theo | instie secined ode.
1) tah oy me onert *+ : 1; (roaps, or on heey!
ithe 4} OTs)» {} iu Waeisw ss it fact, tina
lo Uhris fast divi Qn) 4 i ® ive afforded the
pach! Aba alte my ‘Ans Of: hin fF imimedsate! >» will
bericht wine, anattach from which wre COS
orht wexpected. Buatiews arrived that the Pn-
eliotn division, destined to supportus, was vichent!
aitaeked by a corpsotthe French anny. and that at
Wis wilh erent diffi ulfy it lad gaintained its: 1 in
is position at Quate Bas. The th corps of the ar-
my did not appear, so that we were forecd to maine
Malone the contest, with an exeny greatly sune-
Pheevensy sas already mueh advaneed. and the
Combab aoout dye Contitucad with the same fury
and ihe seine eapaity of sucerss; we invoked but
wain the aeriyel of these succours which were so ne-
Ccossary: the danger beeame every hour more and
ef ] » i : , . ,
more uncemt; albthe divisions were envaged, or had
bers, ainl (here was not an ‘orps at band
wn, * rf I nly a division i ‘he
> » SUPP {
rit Ae Wieh by & rf 1s an
euemy > tality, 4. inten aver ol the ment has
mace aciurcuitvennd the villawe without being ob-
served, at the same thine that some reviments of cni-
rassier, hod furced the vassage on the other sicle,
° ie I on Otel oa. (& . ~ a ; —
OOn In the rear the main body of our amay, which
: ° rr
Ws post behind (he thouses. i! surprise om the
part ol the encuvy was decisive, especially at the moc
\ d | .
‘ | ; » ae com erent war 1) ek ° ’
Ment Wien our cavalry, atso \) sted ona heteht ler.
hin 5 (he \ Nive, was repatsed by thic cChemy’s Ca-
vals I calcd attack
Oar iafantry. posted behind Ligny, thouch forced
(o retrhat, did not si! ler ielfio be discouraged Ci-
ther by being supprised by the enemy in darkness, a
circumstance which exaggerates in the mind ‘of man
the dangers te which he find himself exposed, a by
the idea of seeing itself surrounded onall sides. Por-
med in masses, it coolly a «I allthe aitachs of
the cavalry, and retreated in good order upen the
hetehts, whence ttcontinue x redregrate movement
npon Pilly. In consequence of the sudden e ruption
of {he enemy’s cavalry, several of our cannons, in
their precipitate retreat, had lal en directions whieh
led them to de hies, i mi which they necessarily fell in-
to disorder; in this manner 15 piece s tell into the
hands of the «¢ newly Al rhe dia: ince ofa quarter of
a league from the “field of battle the anny formed
Lhe cuemy did nut venture to pursue it. The yil-
View original —ad
lage of Rrie reraasned in our passéésion dnrire the
night, as well asSombref, where Gen. ‘I'hielsriaa had
fougtit with the Sd corps, ahd wheiree he, at dave
break, slowly bexap to retreat toward Genblouxs
where the Jth corps under Gen. Bulow had at ler gth
arrived during the night. "The Istand 2d Corps pros
ceeded in theemorniing behind thevlefile of Mount St.
Gutbert. Our loss in killed and wounded was erent;
the enemy, however, took from us no prisoners, Cx-
cepla part of eur wounded,
The battle was lost, but not our honor. Oar sols
diers had fought with a bravery which equalled
every expeciation ; their fortitude remained unshiare
ken, becaasc every one retained the confidence in
his @wn strength. On this day Ficld Marshal Bin-
cher had cacountred the greatest danvers. A charge
ol cavalry, hed on by himself, had tiiled, while that
Ol the chevy, was Virorously pursning, a musket
shot strnck the Field Marshat’s horse. ‘Phe amma,
‘av trom being stopped ut his gareer by the wonud,
began to vallop more lurtousiv, till if dropped dow nt
dead. Vhe Freld Marshal. sturrning by the violent
fall, fay entangled ender the horse, Phe enemy’s
Cutrasster following up their advaitages, advanced 3
our last horsemen had already passed by the Iield
Marstial, an Adj. Gen. alone remained with hin,
and had just alighted, resuived to share his fate. Yhe
danger wits great, but Heaven watched over us. The.
enciy pursutur th iv charge, passed-rapidly by the
bicld Marshal, without seems hon: the next mos
ment, t second chairgeot our cavalry having repul-
sed them, they again passcdeby bm with the same
precipilation, vor paecetviag hun any more than they
had dere the Bist time. Lhea, Lut not without dii-
ficultw, the Picid Marshal was disengaged from une
derthe dead hoise, aud) be mediatcly mounted #
(Uravoon forse.
On the 17 utthe evening, the Prussian army cone
cemtrated itsel) ia the environs of Warvre. Naveleor
pat hinseli ta motion against Lord Wellington, upe
on the event road leading from Cherleroito Brussels.
An Rncthsh dtvision umamtaincd on the sume J LV»
near Qutire as, a very severe contest with (he enee
my Lod Wellk Neto had taken a pesition on the
road to Deawels, having és reht wing leanins upe
on Bruerte la Leu, the centre near Mount Ss. Jean,
and the lett wing against [0 tlaye Sainte.—Lord
W chineton wrote to the Pick! Ma) shal, thai he was
resolved to nccept ioe battle ro this Dositt nN, st the
Pick! Abrrsbal would support Dim with tWocerps ot
misarmys “The field warshal promised fo come ap
with his whole arurye. the ever promised, in case
Nepoteon should pot attack, that the Abhes them-
selves, with thetr whole umted force, should attack
leu tae bextal Ly.
Luttle of the Dizhteenth,
Athrenk of dav, the Prussian army again began
lomove, “The dtrand 2d corpse marehed by Saint
Lambert, were they took a position, covered by the
Oes!, near }riehemont, (o tae the enemy in the
retr, when the mosnent saculd appear favorable. The
[st corps was to Operate by Ghaju, onthe right dank
olihbe cyomy. ‘The 2d corps. was to follow shortly,
in order to aif-rd sifttcours invease of need. Phe bats
Ue pewan about 10 a.m. The English army occu-
picd the heighis of St. Jean, that ofthe French was
on the hemhts before Vlanchenoil 5 the former was
whoutSO,000 strong; the enemy had 150,000. Ina
stort time the bathe hecame general along the whole
fines it sccms that Nipoleen had the des:en to tbrow
the lst wing upon the centre, and thus te cect the
scope ation of the English army from the Prussian,
which be believed to be retreating upen Maestricht.
for this purpose he had placed the greatest pir of
hisseserve inthe centre against his right wine, and
upon this point he attacked with fury. The English
araiy fought with a valour which if is impossible to
surpass. The repeated charges of the old cnard
were baMed by the intrepidily of the Sentch regie
ments, wulat every charge the French cavalry was
overtinowa by the English cavalry. But the supe.
riority in numbers of the ¢ nemy wis tvo great, Nae
poleon continually brought forward considerable
misses, and with whatever firinnes the Engtisb tro ps
maintained (hemselyes in their postion, it was not
possihic but that such hervic exertions must hae 3
It was half past four o'clock, the excessive diMfie
culties of (ae passave. by the defile of St. J.ambert,
hac considerably retarded the march of the Prussian
cols, so that neariy two brigades of the 4th corps
had arrived at the covered position which “was ase
signed them. The decisive moment wa ec; there
was net amoment to be lost; the Generals did not
suffer ito escape. They resolved immediately, to
begin the alfack with the troops which they lad at
hand. Gen. Bulow, therefore, with two brigades
anda corps el cavalry, advanced rapidly alone the
rear of the enemy's right. ‘The enemy did not lose
his presenee of mind, he instantly tarned his reserve
agaist us, and a murderous conflict began on that
‘eke combat waslong uncertain, while the battle
View original
With the English army still continucd with the same
Towards six p.m. we feceived the news that Gen.
Thielman, with the Sd corps, was atlacket near Wa-
vre by a very considerable eneuly’s Corps, aud th !
they were already disputing the possession ul tlie
town. The Picld Marshal, however, did not suff:
himself tobe distarbed by this news; It was on the
spot where he was, and no where else, that the afiats
was to be decided. A conttict contuuually support-
edi with the sane obstinacy, and kept up by fresh
troops, could alone insure the victory ; and if it
was obtained here, any reverse sustained near \Wa-
wre was of litte consequence. ‘The coluniis, there-
fore, continucd their movements.
it was hall past seven, and the tsste of thie battle
was still uncertain. ‘The whole ot the four eOrps,-
and a part of the 2d under Gen. Pesci, had succes.
sively come up. The Vrenel troops fought with,
desperate fury, however, some uncertainly was per-
ceived in their movements, and it was observed that
some pieces of cannon were retrealngs, — At this mo-
ment the first column of the corps of Gen. Zicthen
arrived onthe paints of allack, near the villasze oi
Smouben, on the eneny’s right flank, ancl Lnstasily
charged ‘This movement decided the defeat of thx
enemy. ‘The right wing was broken in Uiree places ;
he abandoned his positions., Our troops rushed for-
ward at the pes de charge, and attacked him on all
sides, while at the same lime the w hole English line
‘addvanced. 3
Circumstances were entirely favourable to the at-
tack formed by the Penssian army; the ground rose
jaan amiphithcatre, co that our artiliery could freely
open its fire, from the summit of a ereatmany heights
which rose gradually above each other, and tn the
intervals of which the troops descended into the plain,
formed into brigades, and in the greatest order, while
whilo fresh corps continually uatolded themsclves,
issing from the forest on the hights behind us. ‘The
enemy, hawever, stillprescrved means to reireat, ti!
the village of Planchenoil, which he had in his rear,
and which was defended by the euard, was, alter
several bloo ly attacks, earricd by storm.
hwom that time the retreat became a route, which
spread through the French army, w hiel in ifs dread.
tul confusion, hurrying away every that at-
tempted Co stop it, soon assnmed the appearance of
the fligit.ofin army of barbarians.” [twas hall-past
nine. ‘Lhe Piekd Marshal assembied all the superior
Otticers, and gave orders to-send te Jast horse and the
Hist man in pursnit of the enemy. ‘Che van of the
army aecelerated its march. ©The Frenels army,
parsnadced without intemmission, was absolutely dis-
organised. The causeway presented the appearance
of av immense shipwaeck—it was covered with anin-
mimerabie quantity of cannon, caissons, cirriages,
baggare, arms, and wrecks of every Kind. ‘Fliose
of the enemy who hadattempted lo repose fora time,
and had not expeeted to be so quickly pursued, were
Griven from more than ninabivouges. [i some vil-
lages they altemplemptcd to maintain themselves ;
but as svon as they heard the beating OF our drums,
or the sound of the trampet, they either fled or threw
themselves into the houses, where (hey were cul down
or made mrisoners. It was moonlight, which yr-atly
favoured the pursuit, for the whole march was but a
continued chase, either im fhe cern ficlds or tire
At Genappe the enemy had entrenche:! himself
wilh cannon, and overturned cartiages at our ap-
proach. We suddenly heard in the towa a great
noise and a motion of carriages. At the entrance we
were exposed toa brisk fire of musketry. We re-
plied by some cannon shot, followed by an‘ Hurah !”
and an instant after the town was ours.
It was here that, among many other equipages, the
carriages of Napoleon was taken; he had just left it
to mount on horsebaok, and in his hurry lad forgot-
ten in it his sword and hat. Thus the affair con-
tinucd till break of day. About 40,000 men, in the
most complete disorder, the remains of the whole ar-
my, have saved themselves, retreating tbrough Char-
Jeroi, partly without arms, and carrying with them
only 27 piecesg! their numerous artillery.
The enemy in his flight has passed all his fortres-
ses, the only defence of our fronticrs, which are now
passed by ourarmies, .
At 30’clock Napoleon had dispatched from the
ficld of battle a couricr to Paris, with the news that
Victory was no long?¢ doubtful; a few hours after
he had no leit wing.
We have not yet any exact account of the enemy’s
loss—it G~ enough to know that two thirds of the
whole army are killed, wounded, or prisoners,
Among the latter are, General Duhesme and Campson.
Upto this time; about three hundred cannon, and
above five hundred eaissons, are in our hands.
Few victories have been so complete, and there is
ecrtainly no example that an army, two days after
lusing abatile, angaged in such anaction, and so glo-
riously maintained it. Honour be the troops capable
of so much firmnesand valour! In the middle of the
position occupied by the Miench amy, and exactly
View original upon the heights is 7 farm, called ¢ ReMe Allionce:
‘Lhe march of al] the Prussian coltinns directed
towards this farm: which was visible from every side,
lt was there that Napoleon was during the battle, 11
was thence that he gave his orders, that he flattered
himself with the hopes of vietory, and it was there
that his ruin was decided,
‘There too it was, that, by a happy change, Field-
Marshal Blucher and Lord Wellington met tn thie
lark, and snutually salufted cach other as Victors. .¢
In commemoration of the alliance now subsisting
between the English and Prussian nations, of the
inion of the two armies, and their reciprocal confi-
dence, the Picld-Marshal desired, that this battle
should bear the name of a Be:le Alliance.
By the Order of the Picld-Marshal Blucher,
————_ et OO Or OS ' OC @- es
London, June 23.— Periy Papers to the 19th inst.
‘arrived yesterday, the foliowing are their principal
conteuts :—
Charleroi, June 15.
On the I4th, the army was placed in the foliowing
‘The Jmperia! head-quarters at Beaumont.
The Ist corps, commandcd by Gen. d’Erlon, was
at Soire on the Sambre. ,
Phe 2d corps, by Gen. Rerlle, at Ham-sur-TTeure.
‘The $d by Gen. yan Damme, on the right os Be-
ihe 4th by Gen. Gerard, bad arrived at Philip-.
On the 15ih, at 3 in the morring, Gen. Reille at-
tacked ihe enemy, and marched upon Marchieunes<
wusPont. Phere were various engagements in which
lis cavalry clarged a Prussian batialion, and made
JU ptisuness.
Atone im the morning, the Empcror was at Jamig-
Cien. Dav ovnt’s division of ligkt cavalry, sabred
‘two Prusstan battalions and wade 4U0 prisoners,
Gen. Mage enter.d Charlerot at mid-day. The
sappers ant mtaons of the guards were with the ad-
Vaiice for pair tl. Dracies, th y W.fe the first to pe-
netrafe iniv the towa as saarp-shooters. :
Gen. Chui, withthe [st hassars advanced upon
Gosselics on the vrtisocis road, and Gen. Pajol upon
Guily on the Nemut toad,
Atthree in tae averscon Gen, van Damme de-
benched with his curbs ua Giely,
Marhal Grouchy atrived wal Che cavalry of Ge-
nerals Excclinaiis.
‘Lhe cneiny occupied the left of the position of
Fleurs, at San the witernoon the Emperor ordered
anatlach. ‘Phe poution wes tamed and cared.
Pour squcdroits ov ihe Guard, commanded by Gen.
Leturt, the Emyator’s aideedcecamp, broke threc
squares; the 20, 27, and 28 Prussian regune nis were
ronted. Our squadron sabred from 4 lv 300 ncn,
aad took 159 prisoners.
During this time Gen. Reille passed the Sambre,
inorder to advance upon Goselles with the divisions
of Prince Jcrome ana Gen. Bachilu, attacked the
coemy, took trom him 250 prisoners, aud pursued
Wim ou the road to isrussels.
We thus beeame masters of the whole position of
At» m the evening the Emperor re-entered his
head-quariers ai Charferot.
Thiy diay cost (he e cmy 5 pieces of cannen and
2000 sien, of whow GUY are pryofeis. Cur loss ts
lO amen aithed aud sO wouwded.. Our loss though
trifle inamount dasboca senudly ve by the Empe-
ror, from (he sea ere woud secctycd by Gen. Letort,
his Aikleed ‘Clip.
We have found some magazines at Charkerot. The
joy of the Belgians it went ve impossible to describe
—there were some villages watch, on the sight ol
their deliverers, sorued | ances.
Liguy, Junc |\0.— 1 he imperor has just obtained
acomplcte victory ovet the (russian and English ar-
mies under tue orders ut Lord Wellington and Mar-.
shal Bluchker.
Paris, Junel8.
Fleurns, June 17.—The battie of yesterday lasted
till 10 vo’ cluck inthe evening. Ve are still in pur-
suitol the encmy, who has experienced a tertible
overthvow—we have 8,000 prisoners, 20 ps,
of cannon, several standarnts, many oflicers ot rank,
among others Count Lutzow. We expect at day-
break to collcet a great number m the villages of St.
Amand, and others who who were cut off by the
movement which the Emperor caused bis Guard to
make. ‘The grenadiers and chasseurs of the old
yuard, massacred either masses aid beve lost very
few man.
It appears that it was a charge of the bayonet of
the Imperial fout guard which decided the battle.
The enemy must have been extremely numerous.
The colunns which marched to battle, the wound-
ed who returned {rom being dressed, ugver Ceased to
‘ex¢laim—'* Live the Lusperai.”
View original Cop of a Letter from the Vajor-Cene-al lo the
Wear Minitter.
Fleurus, June \7, 1815.
Monsiuer Ma RSHA ty—lLaon punced ye stera ly (rota
the field of bitte of Ligny, t » his Imypc rial Hic hiess
Prince Joseph, the signal victory which the Pimper C
has wained. | | returned here wilh bis NM ijostyoa TT
o'clock in the evening, atid it was nece esazy to pinss
the night in attending tothe wounded. ‘The Einyes
ror has remounted his horse to follow the guecess of
the battle of Ligny. It was fought with fury: and
the vceatest enthusiasm on the the patt of the tro« ] s.
At 8 o’clock in the evening, the in pe ror ifmeeche:!
with his cuards: sis battolivous of the old yuaed, tlie
dragoons, and horse grenadiers, and the cuir: ysiers of
Gen. Delort, debouched by Ligny, ul executed
charge which separated the enemy’s tines Wi ty
con and Blucher saved themselves wit diMent: vy; the
effect was theatrical. In an instance: the Gri: I Crane
ed, and the enemy was routed in all direet ms We
have already sev: ralthousand prisoners, ih) pices
ofcannon. ‘TheOth and Ist corps were net enzaczet,
bhe let wing fought against the Euglish am, , ank
(cox from it cannon and standard.
Atnight I will give you further details for every
instant prisoners are aennownaces. Our toss docs ut
appcar enormous ¢ since . without screening if, I dy
not reckon it at more then SOCO inen.
(Sig.) Marshal MajoreGen. Duke of Datwaria,
(A Copy) Marshal, Min.of War 2. of Lex .uce.
On Monday ghe 14th of August, will be sold, by
order and at the house of A. A. nde la Court, sq. i
whole of his household furniture; most of which hos
lately arrived from London, chicfly consts:ing of
new anc elegant silver cases, wailers a unl roti Tsilt. cr
ware, g galroon silver edged plated arfictes, Viz, a
a complete sett of large and sinall dishes and cove +,
candle sticks and chandelers with spare gbatdes, ted
and hand waiters, liquor & craet stint , pater cu,
atea urn, &c. mahogany bodsteads and furniture «
patent dining table, for 24 cavers, side board, .s ;
card & pembroke tables, Geectan chairs, Mays, ia
med pictures, lamps, looking ghisges, worl pop
chest of drawers, washhand stands, a muuber of bur,
iew table cloths, napkins, 4 conuple fe Blue ivbve ser-
vice tor 24 people, 2 tashiewable tea services, i
French warer pots, new sadlery amonest wu his oo
oat igeer’s harness complete, euffery, Cine Didsse eon
and wlass-ware, some very old aud choice liquors,
Madeira wine in bottles, &c.
Also a negro man und woman, tlie former a cook,
the latter a house servant, at 3 moutas credit.
And without reserve, a few pipes Miadeira wine
and claret, hock, champaign, Constantiay and tions
thenac Juncl wines by the dodent,
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue 1 ter,
View original On Thursday 17 aug. will dese accie don ne
Office, 4 cuses negro pipes; bagging, paints and oil,
SO barrels beef & pork, Yorkshire & mutton Mamsy
beer, Madeira, antd Irish tiren—to close sales. Two
cases medicines, calicocs, shecting,; dow las, shittiig,
long lawns, counterpanes, pickles, and Florence oil,
Port & sherry wine, rasplaary & clterry bramly, &
ficld negroes, &e.
On the same day by order of the Orphar Cham-
‘ber, a fine youg woman aud her child,
Also a negio man the property of a gontheman who
will leave this colony.—50 barrels pilchafds 1 good
order, a few gations gia & brandy. :
D. C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Mas'ce
_ P
View original LOR SALL,
Mess beef and pork in barrels,
Do. in half barrels,
Superfine American Floar im barreis,
Vine and rock sait in barrels,
Leaf ‘Fobacco, Sugar, erabwood Tuber, &e.
‘12 Aug. FE. THEOBALD.
NOTICE .—Al!t these who are indelhted ta,
or have any demands on the undersignod, will please
to call with their accovnts for scttlement, as also to
make payment in favo months from this date, inorder
lo prevent difliculties, as the undessig: ied date hls
quilting this colony for Demerary. lic offers for
Sale his negro man Joe, a complete bread baker, aad
further 22 barrels superfine American flower, a la
if net sold out of band, will be disposed or ae puvhic
12 Ang: | A. KER SCINE Rt.
y FOR LONDON, ‘the § Stauneh Bui ts
AnteLopr, W. E tis, Mastc r, lands .
at Lb loydl fo sail in A month or six weeks, if allow d
lorun, or by the Octobér convoy,—ior freight oF
passage, (having & greater par(ol her eargo engae
ged), apply tv the Master on baard, or to
» JB Avy. GLOhKGE BONE & Co.
View original x UG ’ AWA
; ., , “ j ' v y on »
a. S can s ¥ ’ + a
\s Lr ‘. rf | 7 ; =
r i ‘Ommmnander in Chis 7
4 : ‘ ° :
, & $s ) 2 LQ 1} ‘ ol ivy ¢ > 1
a 1) st } : i * (it ‘
; o
i. A! > «lil 4 oll -t ' si™
bil Ling f ic, At. We. Bt
-— 7 3. ' Te. . eat e -£
y bil » onthe 4th Day of January
. - ; ; . ;
A” , 4 Citi * Ti ; ) {lre ' wstru (rons I h rc [Ce
4 ; — . ' , )
eodvod fron | yest y sovermncnt., teat Esho
Necven Ml te] rti ye the c
at ¢ : hi a ‘ 1 ‘ ‘ ’
' url Sanit » i 1 i] ble:
’ }
’ : | a'tt al Liab ’ cil »>tinc
q ‘> 7
tf ent acl reaso;
» it pf
° ' ’ f arty
3| ’ “ee
View original ry "Ce 7 ~
vwne ' on y yy . 5
r\ ’ "9 \e !
Oi pt ) ia’ Lil j QI
' > AL 2,
~ o
, } ~y . nn -
4 7 ;
. . . C
2 . - % v. ; C.
og Ss -~_ aA Pex ‘ = =__— ar -f rr
y aT’y
~ uy LiIN x :
Oe OE ee
View original . MARSA L's Ol FICE.
BY virtue of awrit of Saute Garde, granted yy
edits Laxcelleney “1. W. Beatiack, iosq. fieulinant
Governor of the Colony Bertice and its Depcnden-
cies, Se. &e. We. under dale of Vith Luly, \815.
J the undersigned do kerehy make public, thdt
the said writ.of Sauve Garde tw granicd for the
person of A. As dela Court, an Inkaouani of this
colony, and further that the person oy the sad d. A.
de la Court, ts put wider the Protection cnd Saupe
Garde of the Sovereign, hereby Ordering and Cdu-
tioning ia naneof the Sovercie ny
and al! ethers whomsoever, NOT (0 injurc or cause
Lo be injured, in person er property, invany manner
or dewrée whulerer, either directly or indirectty, the
aloren trtioned ALA. de la Court, or his property,
mpon of for peltere of Tifeand Property, wih ine
smeiion 10 add ‘faz rsa ales, t) fice TS, ard Nfinisters
wl Tuctice, as edso all Inhalttents and Subjects of
ert aforesard Sovereien, (hat they Le aiding and as-
Gling me the waderipned in the crecution of Vis
peep Cand the mutter thercafj under pain of So-
coronene diepleasure aud the penalty tacreby ovtcu-
io” ¢.
Thes*netice made public hy beat of dium from the
Court Ievee of this colong, Grd farther dealt wyh
ACL OPAIWE LS Crstorn, :
her bite, 29th July, YBIS. ,
kk. te JIANTZ EY Marshal.
Ry indispesitadn of tre first Marsal,
_—_ ~~ =
BY vietue of Authority from His Excellen-
wy WOW. an tines, Esquire, lacutenant-Gsow thor
wi the colony senbice and ity De pemleneics, Le. dee
We. given upoaa Peturon presented tor that put pose
Dy ibe Cyrators of the btite and kffeces of W itiiam
Lirveball, deceased, undcr Mate ored Aug. (S15. 7
the undersigned, alibe request ef afercsaid Cura-
loss, do hereby Sammon by Paats: All known and
unknown Creditors of he Late of William Thiel-
fail, ieceased, both ta his private capercity amd as
having Teen Deputy Vendue Master inthis colony,
to appear Leforethe Court of Otvil Justice, uf the
colony, at their Session which will be beld. in the
month of January, IS1G, there t remler in thea
cheims and pretentions ayains aforestid state, to ye-
ety the same, axt tasiher t6 bear, alter the Fourth
L-ietal Suunnons, the Court's decision as lo the pre-
hementan!d concuusent aight! of clatimants, on pain of
perpetual silenée to those whom remain in deiaule of
r oa nis thete clits.
Thi, Semiv.onsby Palict made known to the public
hy Peel fran tom the Court [Pomke of t's colv-
yy amet “aither deolt with according to custom.
Ue, t dueust, (Sh. '
>» * KK. Fk Rkaxcaen, First Marshal.
View original BEL oio bk AGRICULTURAL
Thencxt Mectinguoftiis Society will be bed
ot No. 11, Co. ren yi coast; oothe 17th ot Auaeust.
bS13. e F.OCORT, See.
_o_ ——_— oo
View original -_—_— O_o
aoe =
POR SALE or ULK E,tne Dwelling Louse
and t) COS Out-bathiuines, lekumer tugs to ihe Sul-
scribes, si uted ot Lew NowldS, cuitre rowi—it is
nota yeargimee th vid Dacidinus are creeted. For
vither particuly §entq@ine @t tots Oiliec ior to the
Sub-ertan cr —5 Age. " W. KLOU WENS.
tL KROGP of te HUUR, bet Woouhuisen
Lenamligde zvdc gebouwon, staande op cul vedeclte
van feet Bal No. 15 tucbehworende aan den oncerce-
teckende, gclegen aan den mi ikicnweg, zynde nog
ceen jaar gelcvden gemekle gebouwen opgeact. Te
be vragen ter deazer Drukkery, of by cica ondergetee-
Bende.—o Aug. : W. ALOUWENS.
_—__ -
View original FOR HIRE, Seven young healthy Negrocs,
ainongst er i | 00d house boy and Heder wah
raan—accustomed also to work in (Me ficild. For ture
ther informa thon apply te to this Ofiice. 5 Aug.
————- _o—_ — — ——- ---———
LOST er misiaid 7600 a good ofl Messrs.
Shavicrs & Downer, in favor of A.M’ Nap, and en-
Cored hy ‘TP. Thompson to R. Barnes. Any person
who may have fo: ind, or ean give information tor the
reeovery of the samey ‘will be rewarded. Payment on
above good will not be made to any person than to
it. Burnes, or tobe subscriber,
July. kL. F. HANTZE, qq.
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View original ATA Ts Tr ’ ‘
INA j I — | ; ‘ ¢ . * g r ha ~ } “salar
4 . ’ ’ pv
. ‘
Sliiou oT ere Ol ie ‘ ; ie : ‘TS y! Lite 1 rt
Vil Justice, the orcimary July & ms of the
Court are fi Cr posipuned until Monday the 14 of
ol Ly ISO. 5 lug.
7) 5 fon ,
¥ Cc srxu 8
pis he a7 \ ‘ e Sec,
," 7 ‘ ' ‘ P+. > »
Wilh, > Loplication, Dy Fetifion, has be ‘A
: ; ' . a : . 1 oe °
i ete (he Ppa bic. Court « POMC rl ( riminal
: ° ' > -_° . . . .
JU ce of the coluny rDice, attheirs lous Vl tne
' } ‘ ; .
of ty Vy is15,. lor Letter O1 We: un (Ol 3
‘y}° } ; e tf 7 | 7 ~ *
stehard Clare Downer for the Negro Peter, hig
repert ut lately haviog appertained tothe Ese
; a
(Ate ol tie V\Viudow Ii. Jd. Buse.
Notice whercof is hcreby civen to those whom i¢
con ud who may wish to oppose the grant
7 Peter ron iss n,toat they may aa ircss
imselves ia writing lothe uadersigncd Secretary of
colony, | to the ensning Sessions of the
Hom. Court, whoa fiaal disposition will be made on
the aforesard Petition.
DLC! hary > VR, iv CO, 29th J ly, 1815.
KK. C. DOM NEI, Sec,
/ ‘ i sil f ( fi}.
y } . ' ' '
; } , r 5 Week Aa ult,
1 1)) iv) : , | ae
‘ i ' cid). 0) { °
. , y ]
iri) fy \ (°¢ 2 7 t} ,
; i
i 7? ‘ r Bsr Ast? ' rr
Tad ; sii¢ ‘ , + U ;.
4 . 7s 4
‘ Ss Ol f» { ’ . Ane
: bald iy -
>” ( Biakd er © SUEALSS Ile DD We
i. . “ 7 , - > Ge
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Notice ss hea why given, lhetamonth after aale lie
fol owing Transporrsaad Mo, tgazes tall be passed
Aug. 5. Alexander Braser willtranspor! to Demerae
ry DO Steves, names Co be secn at tins Osbce.
Lug. }2. Ue xarder Fraser, wall transport to Lewis
Cain ‘ton, 1S Negrocs, part.oi the gang o! plane
lation Scufiela, west CUisl, names when ol may
be scen at this vilice. ‘
R. C. DOWNBR, Sec.
Es ee ee! Sa eRe 9 TTR eh
View original a CLVAL GOV ERNMEN'T:
REQUMED for the Civil Commissary De-
pertinent, 2 Mester Carpenter, well instruct in hig
pref ssivny and who een prodace recominandstions
‘TO sore sed ba ot good comd:ct. Tenders
ei ble received by fie S: " meriber until Pee sday the
D5tlpteatent, at JOO Nh ek, acm. when fley willbe
pened in presence ont i <Tetency tie Cov ermor,
and the lowest, ti a (te gl, fel, oe 5 Auge
View original are rei ~ we maaweieomyv ess 5 -.4 Bhiost 2 rE
FOR SALE, by Cwaries Ruvacn, inom.
inission,—Hemines in fares barrety at f 40.—long
feat Pohe-co at f 2. per pound, by tiking not less
then 89 Ios. — yellow Soap at 1Gstivers per Ib. by the
vox, — bho waatto lise a good house boy.
5 wens,
View original eee,
CORN, di superive quality, fr Sale on Pi'n,
Merville, cast cvart, at f 10. per th ousend.
5 Aug.
-— — we el ee Oe ae
— CC re er mee ee ~-
» FOR LLY ERPOOL, the Ship Betute
yeue. Venus Tedd, Master, to ra:i from
hence iv all Oateber; tor fe sieht or passtge apply
lu the Masic® va bupid, or te
WHO have reevived by the above vessel, the fole
lowing articles, whith they ofr for Sale on their
isnalterms, vir :—flordon De of Ings : Comp" Se
London purt*wisr Medcira cine in popes, hhids. and
quarter casks; a Uigtt dashes pruble Gam” zencralagse
sorfment ot Pian eteen Stores, also 56 bhes. coals,
which wil) be; a. taken trom alongside.
5 Auga@t.
View original NOTICE that the undgsignred intends of
leaviog the colony early in the moth of November
next--who vefcrs all those concerned, to his former
advertisemens.—29 July. LD. et
FOR SARL at this Office. —The Manner of Proe
ceedines before the Court of Civil Justiee, of Bere
bice, at £5-10.—The Charter of Berbice at f3.—
Bills of Lxehange and Lading, Books, &c.
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—s> oe ll —
Published ecery Saturday ct 4 o'clock P.M,
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Privileged Goonnment Pr
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12 August 1815