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The Berbice Gazette

View original —— Pe a = — SD an = a & ~ - ~~ Ber BB 2
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PEN YeuRS aol pe ECO p TPS EM
ee ee ry no€¢ Peng yr gelnrcs vt) lye)
1 Pranl lar hic vA de rece d at the Trane.
© ‘he mnderstencdy ta New fae edi an sa Pa
Gey FOU Varehs whem thew wid be ered acd thre
biguestofer, it A praved ol, baceey ted,
MOST, ae tin Geek balat tL:
C.C.SWAVING ¢ os i

J boive | Lat,

uestritors off the
-——_ eo
OT ICL.— Te CGiecias of by Cariegi
n . SL Lantation Pat Tothins, we louis infor oc,
. ’ / ’ a '
vf trom JO to SO bites ot cood eho cotten with bos
- ' 4 j = 6 !
sleoamene Chom, to he bhi: bis iy i, {he stor
. ') . .
. Rees, Pov. Ini. be. tal N Le... ib aNwvy Aivstoudsin
en (he 20h proxi.
95 vey Cc. Ie] “SDATT OD. ; a
ao WstCiabe Moi. OGhsS y i fustces.
NOUTU ES le Ciuecitors of Burd wh
~ 7 } : "Nb ron f (ve, i / he oh reyecey rea.
! it ON Te aL: mgs sh os tr Vea Lee gelel cus qT
shy Pa eb st bt dt bers or the Slay MerTONVOS al
y bya’ on . \. | lis reed I Nyt co, —— Neel teens
~ Ii ty ye choscum on biG sahle diay’, vba enm ol
\ Towson
Vo ih CL OOU TETAS, Trustee.
- a ee Se Sw ee we
Le J meet "i mel ty | wos te eo 0 cle Yh) (- 1:
Mey be od ocone the Croton. ot ve,
Dadenat boa forbes ita ‘ fy on the Of
} Vor Saye ) \ oP odin Peete \ i.
~--\ me cteotebow tne stune a vy cba
cq) vial VI
Oy Man, CLOUT E Pate,
bas yut “wed! te ciyc.! apd couse ef
Vv ; ; '. ‘ ’ ' / 1° ; ’
( Tso Wlt > pa S 1. | i; ee ee ee ee | Jrvall-
s , / ! / - ’ - | -
Patera fo per Starais tae Poh proniane,
m4 , iy hes f r\ wl ty ! cory, Mave pooved.
’ ’ . , : . /
. r . ti A Vv: I vob! \ 4 es ‘
‘ , . ' - (iy cays
4 ‘
I, | \ ( en) 3 ! ] 1) lb ,5
\: , ?
3 (_T \ . | 4 A 4
' r Vi 4 \ rte (4 ' rity) So!
4 ‘ ' . ’
{ : ' my ! vf mir g
a ' .
( ' | \ ) ‘ _ ' ) ‘ | ‘
ee ‘ '
qe. . 4 ij Leo Ndi J. lor tot Si
aed boas Vv. ey ‘oar I,
® ’ Y - .
ai dy . , | : ve ‘. ’ t¢ ov 0) 4 ' : "«
' ‘ !
7 ‘ t i ‘ \ } (*( (2 \ ‘ ". fs 0)
{ | ’ . -
pty ao) th toy ter dye boo on ce
’ , }
(' ' . | .) ' Ss ‘LY i? su to ba.- tf ' PCy
ee ee we eee eee —_——
XN ¢ "sy 4 ‘ ‘ ' - iV. ’ . ‘
o Lyon actor 2lerers one...
‘ hoy a
€ vids * : [. 4 west Go isin 4 al Vs alle MOL Ary Ca Cl; 4
a ‘ Py fo ape chaser.
Sie he PP rire ohn BUN,
——— Tk
View original id OO — ee lk
—_—_ ~- -- —--—O
- = I -. ' Cc ’ ’ . ’
oa] a ntthe dou CFOit evrecerrione€.
Lec ) |. ") trtrecurdar | i i wun ; 11) ! | - \, rye .
Vorb ’ . Tevwllt«’ Ih bul’ <4 i ley | 5 !, Ung C Ie t.
Mba oot rabde. (ore ibde postr. Constant
\Voormamib bowttoate bind, all atrcduced ELCES, i!
Oboe late Cheese Commissions,
or fire; a very tage ature ander the house
c Ivy
~2 ae A.A, nr ra COURT,
ho —filthe - vkohave a v climes
a Vet ae bs abs of .. io e. iru (ry (Ee,, Ov ey Wo
‘ : v fodic ge ¢tb. oy 0.7? TeCjitesle Vee pie.
roles f! rye ty thi dro cute Beton 20 rious the
2 sikh oa close. A. aA. 1, IA Od LCi,
' ’
qq. bd i] 1 138 -
Gi Von. Cr.0. PACH GY
eee oe = Oe
t.G a Cas is hereby giv, ntothe Public, (pat
the ni feisins do dexeetiturs te ihe fotate ot the hevta
Relrs. Loose, bave teseived pon acting ech } 1) ly Nn
Cx. Vodacasure adoptcd, avant fimt all Ree SPUN ie
Vite ean beau lin, eto the sos Pst: Ife, MUse be S1y ned
by oth in order -O be valid.
gq. Beoedel Buse,
ae eee + i
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View original — — _ — — ° —— _— =
——> = ES SS AP A ae Gem 2 ee
A Getlonvan who have borrowed acy of the
‘ohowpsr volumes of (he Anne Reet rn ton daly
ratainers Pos. will auc hi oo the Sabie bar hy
svi them toe himy ce the tose op site Vrs,
Wry Lindner, vi revue, 5,67) 10 Ll, to, 17,
a pO, aan ul OS.
oo Storch, WALTER SCOT.
PiD a Nurvccry- datd, frem 12 to 14
quis oloneey tora staalh Danulys— ryt ot the
roading Ohiiice. ~ > \bane hh.
—_ ° _- —_ Sa
This isto inform (le ?. i! nti. that the following
pP () 86 ns Mu: ley it ddl, Ul / pi tis ly C. I i
Pleury in 6 weeks front dS Pebiucry, .
. (\. Ch idtus ia dy,
Rem Sete and eltdia Co,
The free black woman Zephive in de
Movid Millerin do. four co,
Cr. Vickharnd tao weehs dro 25 Cob.
HP Stopel in ha
Won. foudt mn cs
Water Keine 'y iN) ho,
PlAN. Pitehken and family ta de. or Fmonthe
Plorsivello anda uttos rvact bree. op le
Joba Peascer (et Lakes oot the Aoi convey.
roy 8 Proser way ao, .
dle free mulatto wonan Piilio: ina in G weebs from
bib. 25.
Joba Cheyney will leave this ¢ lomy for Ss nerary,
a se a ee
Valitse hereon y GOD tA Vedi ster Give tl
fel vrcinse Trams) orrseind Aetitias ce wal! be passed.
Mare’ 4.08. Parper widmortico ce unto he. Gr bones,
PPoiads ol lady aorfot No. 92. woth the deal.
Wits thereon, starthd da tae dst esp oltre,
Now Sonster em,
{ t Y 7) '
—— ie bouwnt gure. wl pes avinertsare on Phlire
from Potreatisn to on a2 Sloueoesy ue haved of
,? ! : ' es : | .
tour,t ii doa {ati i (te y OF biverpool.
earch Pb. ties Undies wall passa niorfasee, tn
i. real A. | oily ‘das® Cony (yi Cf us-
- ' 4 oe an a)
r* 4 s {i sO \. re | oi) \ i ye tlhlosh edb cbbeddd. ) vias
—~ ferevsb ow ilisisportio Demerary 9 negroes,
botuely livasty \V vy rT, Jartane, Srahausy
Oey NM, Seay Cobar des cg asta.
—— Wallies Sot wall t mispertto Oomerary 2 ue-
“rane, “abn ie) thai Ab bien \.
). Vou 2 Covi beats at! to Win. Cort,
Pboicatioy Neh Namsourso. $i Lats No.
Shia a VV col kL Uae wh Vite
ik. CL POWNER, Seey,
. -
View original nl pp es
bean fy Cons tek Sctre? Wey lesew (lorie,
"CL CO. Swovine ori. S called. SVeste hk Bool en
vrs verse a Tee ceeben welke mow iets te
Vordo roa twoste Webber ven eb ee gece ds eed VG
Ce yi \ wo Late aa ne Prey J TOUCH ect dk
\ exe satist eZ I tv Loi : ‘id roNAAN oy) oveode doe
con het Seay CMY Go gee akoionics Clune cen maand
vn dvs cezs,
bubs, don 2S Mrut, 1815.
RoC. Do
TE Saree wT TY |} ww Se Fs me ote ee oT ee
WINTER. Scerelaris.
View original ts
7 WY ALe
View original ' — ee
TEN DERS for Is or 4 0) ly kk Ss of cooe c! :
ONON LEON | lantation Le Ie Manor, willlesr a ‘
Wil Monday the Sdocf April, at the bers ot.
s coud undenigued, poyable tncash on deta c,
1S Mareh. an} cell \{. GC RIVA, : 2
View original
NO PLC Eto Cab OPPORS .—Onw Coursey
the Oth of April, willbe sold amonast the Cre ties
If. Be Inglis and plintition Clifton, “A betes oe
cle an Cotton, af the house of Messrs. Dow bis Recd xg
Co., New Ainsterdam. [XS Moe h,
TENDERS for from 50 to 40 bales « t. ood
clean Cotton from, Plantation Palimyrey will ty vee
ceived at the house of Doctor Jeffery in Now Vos. s
fam, until Saturday the toth \prtl, Whontlres i
re sueneth, and the highest offor, ifapy roved oy eck
B.OIPTFERY, tS ae eiriin
, 4.
THis uncess gu edd meré ge to quit this Co-
mony for Wurope, sherty, mostecnm sb. rou sts all
hese amdebted to bij or G. moe Xa. tor bast
yCATN AE COUltsy, (QO Cline Loi dice chat roe dbare
yvevnie nif.
IS Mareh. CC BON.
—— a ee ee eee —
i, Lnnip Ja tua l A ’ 1) Lordi () - °
a i a cy : sear '
vores, \lasicr, at the fp ore at *4 JF .
Uhree Pomehooos. marked Wo! Tote fo the -
SE Cy Ou povine the exnnences annie sy Me :
keostne DV apply ire wl the sag bstore. IS \]
were ee
View original . >
j ,
° ‘
. e
i ') I
Se ee eee ee -
e (
ee ee eee —_—_ ——— _— —- — >
‘ (
e ;
‘ \ :

> o ° 2 .
> ‘
7 7
. 7
4 A ‘ ij
i T ¢
-_ gee ene e wwe —0 0 ee —— oo -
> a »
~ a
( ‘ } \ i i i ‘ i ‘
i ( \ (
‘ 1S y
/ ? ’
A i 4 ‘ a
. ,
( iy ‘
; ‘8 '

- ’
7_—— — - —_—_ SS .
~ To eee —_—_— ee el lh — oe
~ = , t
7 }
. ie
; ,
" ). XN] v

EL a ct ttt acl — =
> ]
i : :
. > -
4 .
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View original Ben bics.
Riinsy’s fLousc, 23th March, 1815.
THE Licutenant-Governor hes been pleased
toappoint Willian Sutherland, tobe Acting Waiter
and Serrchber of His Moayesty’s Customs at this Port,
in stead of ‘Thoumas Travis, deceased.
Py Command,
PP. WHTTE, Gov. See.
—— — - ~~ ee ee ee =e oe =
Tov Of. Battalion 's to Assemble on the Pa-
rade cronadoon Saturday the Sthof Aprif, at Ten
melock in the morntoys, ty Cniform, and properly
Equipped with the NewAros and Accoutrements,
ersous Conddcring themselves exe pt from Milita-
ry Duty. cither fren iafiemity, or iteconse ynence of
having ho dl ecertain sifuntions, are requied, by the
exovess direetfons of the Governor, fo exdibit their
Cori Goatees, or Comniissions to the Major, previors
tothe dst Sprd, det they may be lant before His
Deectocacy, for coosider fions and eve ry person li.
able to serve, and] not aoncari te oe Parade, will be
dealt with eeeoriime to the Milbay Reculations.
By Comiuand of Mejor Schwiers,
° Captamand Adjulant,
ewes. 2 =: 8390 - s.r wee aD
View original oe 6 Fe =P 8390 - see ees seep
ADVE TIS OWEN E.—A Sloon will sail
4 eo)?
frouthe Post Cilice, Borbice, every Monday, and
deliver yettors snd Cassacers in Pemerary. She will
asain sul from Donemry on every Phursdav., a-
guirtes for Passe 25. &o. ta be made at either Post
Nifice, or to Moee oon Strathie, Robb’s Stelling,
(eorce Town. & 95 March.
REQUIRED fo- the Civil Commissary De-
partment, yor hers Gd Natlh—I ditto & ditto,-—
I ditta 10 dittoy--f 'itte 20 ditto. Far which Ten-
dors ayill be rece ived by the Subseriber, until Tues-
dav th: @Sthinst. woca they will be opened | in pres
Bc of fis Pxo-dhey ney the Governor, and the? lo-
wes!) approved of, receepted, 25 March.
it. Me A lo. ZL, Commniseary,
WORD DE by dozen bek ond eomitkt,—Dat
de Tnladers van le ISeik Creravida Jucobe Louisa, “ig
celieven fe adresseron by KRapl. J. Jofmaunisen, en
nietomecr aan dev ffeer G. Pauels. 9) Meuaurt.
“FOR 8 SAL B, an excellent saddle and draft
horse, sbout 5 yens ol, warranted sound, and free
from fice. —Vacuire at this Onice,. 25 Maren.
DeEscuieeclON of a Seaman, Deserted
fom " M. eeariey been ticlair, Berbice, sa March,
I8!5.—James Migeonel!, (Seaman) aged 23 years, of
a brown complexion, lias lust his riel| eye, bate
brown, his visage lonu, eyes hollow, is 5 feet 8 inch-
es iijuli, and thin made, is said tobe a native off Bris-
fol, had on whea he lft the boata blue jachet, white
ino wae rs andastiaw lat.
25 March. Jno. TITOMSON, Captain.
Se — — _
?~ iMNDERRS willbe receiyed by the under-
siened, for 20 to 25,000 pounds goods and 4 to.3000
pounds broken coffee, the produce of plantation Aord-
heraad, uni Massel v the Sra Aprils When the
hichest offer, approved, will be accepted.
95 March. (7... PAUL LS, Sequestrator.
$$ ——
View original
View original
View original On Monday Srd April, will be sold at the Vendue
Ofice, by order of Charles Nwte, Esq. Executor to
the f) te of the late Jiios. Travis.x—The whole of
(he deceased’s Effee sy consisting of we Artic apparcl,
vo! d and metal waeches, a valuable collection of books
amonye which wre the Dneyel opedia Britannica,
Shakespears works, elegant extracts in 4 volumes, a
Chest of @rawers, desk, and lastly a negro boy, an
exceeding good domestic. —Also by order of Charles
Nyte, Esq. qq. a negro man, sold) for no faull, dhe
property of a gentleman Jett tie colony.
On the same day, sorp and candles ig small boxes,
hams, cheese, best taess beefin halfbarrels, beer ond
perter, stro ns ale in barrels, flour in Gerees and bar-
rels, fen-cashs of ferras, a fe we casks of lime and coals,
dry yoods assorted, a parce lof new pruneheons, &e,
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Mester
View original On Suturday the Odi May SI , will be sola by Or-
derot the Execnutors of John Robin ON dee. acd she
Bowrd of Orphan Chamber, representing he [estate
oFof Finkvy Smikh, dee. and in vedue of due autho-
rity obtained from the Honorable Court of Civil dase
ttee, for Chat purposo, Plintation Chester, on the
Westcoast, wulr all the bnriblings and coltivetion
thereon, towether with 62 Shives, aud Hirther appur-
fenances, being (he joint peop ty ool BL Smith and
J. Robliaen.-—Te ins of Sale—Slaves at Sarwl aix
months; dands, at 6. 19, andl. IS months evcdit.
D.C Canweron, Dev. Vendue Alaster.
View original Por saleatihe Vendue Office, the following wines,
Y constunment recerwved bv the brig Nerina, frem
London, which wilh be sold on reasonable terms tor
mumedtte payinent:—Best London particnlar Nia-
detra wiee in pipes, firs quality, Bourdeaux, claret
hacases of & dozen each, old hock in cases of 3 dozen
“veh, cich malinsey in cases of 2 dozens ach, Cham-
pigiue incaces of one dozen cach— Pht March,
D.C. Caucnon, Dep. Vendue Werter,
a tS -
Door A. G. Calmer en G. P. yan Holst.
Op Donderdag den 2Osten Maare ($15, za! in Wova-
iteide als Delibereerende Execcu‘curen ten Pocedel en
Nalvensehap van ow woelen den Fleer J. 4. Geisner.
ap deszclis plantadie, eemmund Werk en Rust. ia Rio
muiye celocen, aan de meesthiotonde worden verkoat
de Th Laat 1 eoeder ty: best2 ticle in) cvoud C]) qilvere
werk, goude en ailvere zik-horlocien, Chet goude een
lime keeper.) goude snuifdoos, ygenriakte klederen,
huisraad, aard- en elas-werk, TL slaven, waarouder
vier zeer bekwame Cimimermans en molenimakers, huis-
yongen, waschimeid, tunmerzereedschap, reade bast
encoffy woatmulen, ronde pond en nicuwe coriyaal
voor zes nemen, 120 ps. boerewy hout van diverse
fengtens, Da Gduim breed, bocrewy en krapplanken,
het hout list gedeetlely k aan de waterkant, voor op
het Lief No. 19, in deze Stad ; alwaar zulks is te zien.
lea laatstelyk de bovengeinelde plantagie Werk ea
Cust, met desaclfs gebouwen en beplantingen ; Inven-
(aris Waacvan ds (e zien, ten huize van een der boven-
gemelde Lxecuteuren.,
De Verkooping zal beginnen des voordemiddags
le Li uuren.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
= [OS oot
—_——__——_——- ——$$$_—
a © &- Cs
—=—.< —€ =
By the arrival of the Berbice Mail-Boat from Dar-
bados, we have received London Journals to the | 9th
Jamay. There iy nothing particular important
In the contents of these papers ; lor they are as vague
as usual upon thos + iateresting points which are. to
be discussed and adjusted in the Congress of vicuna;
ete eee eee
View original
View original
View original et a
The rmmours which have been so oten repeated! of
vreal diflercuecs at the Congress, hive evidently bt
too much probability, when the variety of pirrine to.
(erests Wheeh are to be reconciled is caasidered. It is
commonly believed that Russia end Poassia have de -
clued their resolutions to support yotathy cbt latins,
by anappel fo arms; a rumour even added, that
Lord Castlereagh wasabout ly return to this cou try,
cousiderims dis farther stay at Vienna ay uscl ss,
This, no dobat, is are, ration of the shave ils,
Phe probulihty is, tube uliimately allie Sverci ns,
fo further theirown views, will consent to the destrns
Ob their neiehbours, and joinin dividive the booty.
[tis rather strange that Austria should proceed so
success laliy tn het plans of aggrandisscment, which
arcatleastes extravagant as (hose of the other P -
Wers. Ptance must view with great satisfietion, wil
Hie shomes of aabition which are brove .cd, ant
chuckle et che dissentiows they cause, and if is not
boprobabte that she will finally ground on hom sone
clin tor the increase of hee lerritoria! doninion.
The onty State whose resources ought to b» increase
Cds Prussia, for otherwise that kingdom will not re-
reinmeven tts futmer rank. and will totally incompe-
fent to perform the duties imposed upoa it by ats
Situation, aud will contribute to overthrow instead
of presery ing the balance of power, by becoming sue
yect to the influence of either Ruseia or Austria.
Woithont (ie aver mdissement of Prussia, all that lias
been dane for Poland is uscless, and no secure b r-
Hier Is opposed fa the ambition of race. Peussta
would naturidly be the best protector for Tenover,
and weare too far involved in Contiaeutal aflairs to
view theee points with indifference.
This morning (Jan. !8,) we received Brussels Pre
pers tu the loth, and Vranklort to the Pld) dnstant,
The expectition of the annexation of Saxony to Pits.
sins suid to have caused a great rise in (ue vilue of
(he papersmoney ctroulating in that country. A torus.
sels Paper Coatains the following extract trom a pris
vate detler of the 2d) instant, froin Vio nna :— Phe
plans and Connexions of the malcontents at Milan,
which have been discovere! by arrest of Goeneval
Beceltand two other Generals, wlo had conspired,
were very daagerous, notonly for Italy, but for all
[urope, by the extent of thete rawifications. ltis
suid, (hatercht persons, chicfs of the conspiracy, are
condemned to death, On the other hiad, General
Koller is going to iba. ‘Phere isa talk of convey.
ing Buonrparte to Scotland, where an estate will 5e
assivncd tor his residece, and the sameannnal sum to
be paid him as ts fixed by the Treaty of Vontaine
——— Sr —
We learn from Ghent, that a great reformation has
taken place qu the Belzinm Regiment quartered in
(hat place, and we have reasoa to believe that the
same has been acted upon throughout the whole mili-
tary force of the country.— All the Officers who served
under the lite French Government have been dismis-
sed the service. ‘This is not confined to Frenchinen
only, but extewds to all foreigners, and it is expected
will produce a very beneficial effect.
All persons holding official situations, employés in
(he Prefectures, Collectors and Receivers of Contri-
butions, &c. have also b&en removed to make room
lor native occupants.
There isa report of some differences havine arisen
between the Lritish and Hanoverian troops at Ant-
yerp, but it led to no serious consequences.
Phe intelligence from Spain is of the same gloomy
and sickenius character with Chat ef all (he other ac-
counts which have been received respecting that
country for several months past. The system of ri-
gout i6 not soitencd, as people hoped it would be.
Hundreds of families are sufleriag under perpetual
alarin from sccret and public accusations. The best
Spantards are fying from their country, and others
seek for saiely tu concealnent. Yet, amides this sys-
View original
View original tem of horvible tyranny, the Government is so poor
that the expeditions intended for Amerter cannot saul;
and although the pious Ferdinand devotes his chil
altention to the aggrandisement ol ie clergy, fone of
the patriotic donitions which were expected from the
ecclesiastics have as vet come tanto the Proasury.
Hintsare given in the article from Slardrid, that very
unfavoursble intellizence has been eceeived frome tac
South Aimericm provinces. We nvost anxiously hope
and pray (hat King Perdivaad may never rule over
one of them.
The Dutch navalarnameut, which left the Texc
a few weeks aro, bound to Che Medittecranean, mye
with dreadful wealherin tie Pasush Channel, and
the ships which composed uf have been obriced ty put
info various ports to redit. Yhe Aoolane, the Dase-
raad, the Pysel, and the Hasiky five jut tito iy -
mouth, where they willuntercoac pneicle bey de.
The Rotterdain, belonging to the SUS ihe vt, ts pout
into Falmouth, but is expected rou | (oO Pivasauthi
} te. . (..y
forthe sume piercpase. potve Ba oancde ite (he onfe ree
Malin stity, QO tibe COMVONV, Wats Ghoafecd $0 Dhawe fo
Brest. ‘Che destination of this eet bas becn vatiouy-
ly reported - oye ea Wow sfc roo cote fpowat yy (oat
ly trader Oracrs to pe ceed ty the Ab itera,

pay a visitefecrenenuy toae PBeyot wbsters. tat
al TG al V i ry if } ‘| 0.) Deorvecd, Ve Fe bisa baval.
fir hos toeohpessy ard those do motogp e Voth ait oate
fuily S 1 ,F | { e;¢ ) Voyeny i‘ \ * 4) ley of v4 rb rdla! ,
il J p Cy as : & ii Coby ’ \ ‘. ‘ i
fs ‘ . '¢4 ell,
Bevaciate rs. Oa ecw te US GIO sayy Udall Caeot
STi taess gadertand, (he butoh wea ar
- ’ ' : ele. .
ofa Teeou qc il bes ess dna Gc new Gree
aa t ‘ _
vornmanent of Folk Ob dive Geu minced to try (his e

porimegt seh | wf. chutes, oO ‘Pouere, av Leeward tan
. ' 7 ' . . '
Jisten tor aon ds tae shatpe Of SUCH Sew s iW we Uiscy
are pleased to cued Weld
Itixs now set!) Chet Lok Castlereagh ts COMmInY
home bra (he fist week oda bet Piss 5 awed toere are
’ ‘
rumour hothe ds tobe burst Ind ol tas aiedsaiy
é ? ‘ . . . “4 2 - .
alivs LU} CLEC ELOY Oa babe UN bie acer.
———srg@> B 7? <r -——
Captain G. Downie, who fellin the Tite engeze-
menton eke Chum: fotos was the go. otw rm spel s
Ble Cletevarna in the eonsty of foc At an enrls
yeriod at hits youth, be en cred into che Novyons a
Midsh p.rae, aid serverbouwboos. ft he Coree rate,
ia the memotable Sutle of Cal cyerdoawa. fe aeted
In Che stme erp cil y, (or soe tice. ta the Welw.
pes, andalters irds im Che 4p Mo liieate ta the \Woest
Tnilies forseverat years, bathos stato tis ca fora
goo cowdtuet amd striebatfention fo ls datyy receive
edocheanest (hvuterings anpro dation ob bro cto ations.
.)> } eye .t Foal ly a) . ' th uo '
a al recs Vd Td ed yiowy tO vlee® 7 i 4 L.vF {i ce q){
! ‘ ‘ ° . .
Adina \tontacae, the Comarca! t's Doce eians
Sfation, whi pyre ed bya ty tire » dbenten eet,
Oo his return to Enelind. for the cocae ay of ff.
health, whieh bad been noice tap aod) 7 proms.
for wiscanfirmcd Sy the Nebavtoaiey : adie bsdd,
lrPewasaopolate d by Lrabst. Viec alto te Seahorse
frizate, ob 26 anos, thea coumin ted by Cae Tfoutet:
Crot. dod. — thts wis the eon rer aentoof Let.
Dowrue’s career as adistineuished Oiicer. Ea MPoy
P05, in asix-oucd cniter, mevaied from Che Ceo.
Mors she poertora do adnost taporfigt seuvice ta th
Mo latecrencaa. by the eapture of vabnadte Sprath
Couvoy, dadem wi @ oaval aink or ticnee sto Wy the’
wi ler ne por lth Ot at lat rv. armed eClOn CTs,
and several mortar and wee drniehes. Phis avtlhen
achiever eatwes eGected wich infinite judgment, ine
trepality and spuity by becateniat Downe and he
biave comrades, of waich a niost honorable repord
wis urtde by Capt. Boyle, ia his public dispatch to
the Admiuitalty.
Capt. Boyle was suceceded ia his command hy
the late mues brmented Caotain dh. Stewart, Weiwecn
whom and Afr. Downies wits vcs Chon First Lieate-
nent, hemost confidential mtecconrse subststed. “Phie
admirable discipline, orter and rerubuity of the
ship's comoiay of fe Seahorse attracted: tie notice
of Lord Collins wood, (he Couamander ia Chief, whro
to that bigot stare of discipline, combi wed with the
shill aad gallantry of the Octicers, mauindy attributed
the spiend L victory obtained by Uys single fiirvte
in the altack and defeat of a squadron of Parkish
ships in the Archipiligo, inthe nteht af theo tuly,
1805.) ‘Vhis was one of the most celebrated: actions
fought by a single ship during the waragauita force
so creally superior. After a severe and singuinary
ensament of 4 hours, it terminated in Che capture of
the Bedare Zatler, of 59 guns and 500 men, Another
frigate was sunk, ant a corvette escaped. In this
brilliant affair, which reflects so much hustre on the
‘British flag, Lieutenant Downie bore a conspicuous
share. Such was the (remmendous fire of the Seahorse,
and such the obstinate bravery of the enemy, that
165 men were killed and 190 wounded in the ‘Fur-
kish ship before her colours were atruck! Licuten’:
Downie was immediately put in command of the
captured trigate, which he carricd to Maltha, and
soonatter Le was promoted to the yank of master and
View original commander, histonmmission being dated from the day
of the action. Ja the year 1810, Capt. Downie wi
appoint dby Mr. Yorke to the commandofthe Roy-
alist sloop of war inthe Downs. In this most usetul
(hough unprofitable service, Gapl. Dowie, by Nis
unceasing activity, Viailance and perseverance, in
all weathers captured or destroyed so uieny of th
‘nenay’s privateers in the ehaunel, that on the [st ol
Iannary ISE3; he received from Lord Melville the
creat obpectot his ambition, the rank of a Post-Cap-
fain in the British Navy.
Capt. Downie, though a strict disciplinarian, yet
always concilp tod the attachmeut of his shtp’s Gom-
pany, by the tomper aut tinpartiality wita which he
noticed anv nech etofduty. Po preserve fhe health
of (hemen was bis Girstobyeet, and this he attuned
Inv @reat degree, by rhygtdly enforcing ag ‘nepal ob-
servanice of temperauce and cleamituiess.
Th s enterprising spitlamd zealin the prompt avin)
Vizoigts discharge OF every pubic duty, no aoubt,
12 ypaidedt lato oott! anole Obie is, Ss iil erat ly ( aiditi
forthe ardous segvice on ile Canadian bakes. dn
Kpert | ist re sathed wi tb th "ON cdutton trom Vorts-
nouh, ty jota the fection Eve Outarto, as second
ib Comhaiht fo Sie dams Yeo, where be remaines
tibthe end of Anaasts wir noe was dectiched by
that ONeer to trke deco nard of the flotilla o.
Lake © Wisobitn, for (the purpese of CO-Upeballe yg
wil tbe @piny inader Sie Grea. bievosl.
Onis lith Septembes virile gaflanily Teadias his
sitti, (he Comte, fo settack Sle American Cone
mu tore, he was warataaatcly titted, al the com-
MCNCCINGD. O (hho actien, Capt. Downte was lhowore
sdowith Chesden! bin af nemy ‘fistinzutshed officers
ol hash rank oan (| "TEEN ICE, by wihom lhe wats much
estecied. fia private life, tis rainy amiable estima.
ble qualities cadeared him tucvumerous and respec-
table circle ot Iriemdsy who sincerely brvarye aad his un-
timely fell. fadeody the dewh of an cotheer « Pesach
acknowledged t Lats in his prolcssien, and ol such
hich pruingse, tasty Juctly be regudvad as a p ibhe
_———- Sears ere TF TFS Qt sew. TUR IS O me< + ™=2* => =
BY the Honorable Court of Policy and Cri-
minal Justice of the Cotouy Beevice. ‘Lo
all to whom these p.escuts Mary of shill
couc; Grecting! Be it Knowl:
WHEREAS a Vaeaney has again occurred ain thre
Honorable Couctof Civil dustiog of the Colony ber-
bice, by the cesigavitionol (he Hon. W. Lasysouaud J,
weover. Andoa Nominwdon biuvies Geen made by
he Jfouorable Court of Policy, to supply theie pla-
cos, Elis Pixneetleney the Governor has been pleased
Nos dect Mloxander br tser, Esquire, of Phintation
seafi ily aad Braneis Boiitebank, Bsq. to be Mem-
eos ar tn mou mrt ool (‘rival Ut (*. a OTC
shoreotis Sereby wiven, Chat the Eahabitaars ot this
COVEY TEN Fes pocl cdrose GenUdemen in Choire afore.
$ March, IS15.
OMce, Borlice,
By Conard,
RoC. OWNER, See.
a7 Te i) . : . / ; .
INCUsSLOvV: of the undersigned, a red
Tow owitle white spots: (he owner nics dive the sine
restored, on eallis ctor the sane aud pivting the tie,
. . . ‘
exp onees. advoatistus, &e. and th mot ened for, the
- 1] : ’ it ; ’ wv | . ’ oo . a '
Seve Wall lh aehen Davee Deen Chree thes aa
mo ,
vert! ed ac roth des Chie prochesmac mol tae Court ol
} <ae ‘4 } ee | | spe CTF ye
Policy, df Lee Cl J July oO) Le aA. } . il . PE dead,
a! ily authorised.
————— ee
View original VO all whow it inay concest: ! “Phe Subseri-
ber lhe ‘Ve DV wives Nolte Cy Lbbite Le ) <, (oor Very urgent
reasons, restened, atthe Sceretacy’s | a wf this co-
lony, the Powers of AQoriey of N. Vollerd aut bE.
J. Portier, as far ae rey irde dur lune. a
11) March. ~RULACH.
—_—_— --—
DEN oadergeteckerde aaverteerd aan alle
I, Linehebbeatie, ydathy van de Procntatic van N.
Yolnents en EB. J. Povier, om zeer druscende rede-
nen, ter Secretary deze: kolovic, beell weronuiciéert,
voor za verre Lem zulhs aangaat.
1 Maul. C. RULACHI.
View original NOW, landing trom the brig ‘Traber, trom
Glasgow, and tor sale by the subscribers, pale beer
and porter, cotton and coffee bageine, port wine,
polatucs in hampers, herring in firhings, pork in
barrels, oats in puncheons, nads and cordage assorted,
also a general supply of plantation stores, and a few
cases chetce old claret.
11 March. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
View original sive The
sf SS pr
= sale 1)
alt | arrel f 2%
¢ i fo-
bDtctra! {
a are
] ee
AJA ft
View original
View original a
THE undersigned having returned to tats Co-
lony, request all persons who are indebted to htin, to
come forward with payment, of their now so loug
open accounts; healso informs those whom it may
concern, thal he has empowered A.G, CALMER, Esq.
(to receive and wive discharges for all pryments made
to him, said ALG. Carmen, Esq. being also directed
Ly the undersigned, in case of non ce mipliance, to sue
all defaulters for the ensuing Court.
1) March. P. A. BRAUN.
View original TE KOOP, de yolgence versche (via De-
merary aangebragt) Hollandsche uiteezochte Prov’-
ien, alh——Rolpens in vaatjes, paling in dite, zutc-
wool, bloembool, rode kovol en gepekelde worst in
litu’s, mote galm in dito, saucysen de Boulogn’y
peper- snipper- scere arise eng confy!en- oeken in
ronnmels, banket cn be iliomaker in dito, gerookte
ziinotn blik, werookle osse Loner, inge legde ancho-
VICS= avrurkic s- charlotte- en svlade by vont Jes Instoops
viessen, pruimens rosynen- en corenfen in dite, sus
rellene brambozen- abrikozen- porzekes en pi oe
a brandewyn, eau de coulogne, diverse comf'uren
in potjes, grauwe en grocec erwlen, Kaapsche boont-
jes, Lepe ‘lde varst- wierst- en gorte in pullen, Zwit
zersche haas, osse nbben en pate r stukken, s Izer
en Fachner waters, zeor goede Rynsche en Moezel
wynen, gebrade osse cn halfschyven in blik, fyne
lance pypen en tabak, stops viessen qiet witte en
braine candy, ble ‘ine We s(phaalsche bummen, labs
berdaan in vaatjes, fyn olie, Jenever, beter, aardap-
pelen, a&c.
View original ne
PELE Seaucestiators of Plantation Kendall's
heveby eive Notice, that they will expose to Salo 50
srnace betes of Cotton, tothe highest offer, amongst
iit ‘yeditors of said Petate, at the house ot Mr. Jola
roft, New Amsterdanayy vt 19 Velock on Thursday the
h of \pril, ensuing. A fill \teendar ce of the Cree
ditors ts reque ‘ste CALE (ly: » as mnallers of consider
vble inmportince will bs propused tor their approba-
tion. —Herbice, 2t February.
View original me a A TL A
—-s —
BY virtue a an Appointment from His Ex-
collency H.W. Bexvinen, Esquire, Lieutenaat-
(. overnor of the Colony Berbice and its Dependgn-
cies; giverpupon a P.titton presented by the First
Viarstal kX. Francken, for and in mime of Douglas
Reid & Co., asa Branch of the House of Conmerce
in (rlasgow, cacried on under the Figg and s’yle of
IPL & A. Douchis & Co., dated ISP Mirch IST5.
Notice is hereby given to the Pubhe: That the Debt
for which the Cotton fMstate called Lichfield, cum
annexis, situate on the West Sea coast, was place d
wader Ex cution and Sequestration, having been ar-
ringed, the said Plantation Litchfield, is hereby ree
teased trom aforesaid Execution and Sequestration.
Berbice, 25d March, 1815.
i. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original — — —»—_ _ —— -— —
BY virtue of an Appointment from His Ex-
iency H. W. Bentinck, Esquire, Liculenant-
vernor of the colony Berbice, and its Dependen.
cies, KC &c. &c. Given upon a Petition present.
cd by R. C. Downer, in his quality as Representa-
tive of W. King and P. Benjamin, in their capacity
’ rise y » . » . e
Curators to the Estate of Trancts Bynoe, le ceased
lappointment bear xr date 25d) Mareh, !st5.—
P ‘ . | ™ _ rh, . .
rice Ws hereby WIV CO th ub ti y LUat ! the un-
Cersigned, First Marshal of the Courts within this
. ’ ? 4 ; . v .
colouyv. intend to Selly at Pexecutton Sale, in the pre-
ice of two Counsellors Commitssaries, and their Se-
crelary. by the going oul of a burning wax-candle,
Ol) \W ednesday tHe ; thy June ISI).
The Cotton [state calcd Lewis Manon, situate
onthe Kast coast of this colony, wrth all its
Slaves, Buildings, and further Appurtenances
thereto belo Wail
W ho -yvcr should tiiak himself entitled to oppose the
[exect tor Sale ( f said Plantation Lewis Manor, let
such person or persons address themselves to the
farshil’s Office of this c lony, declaring their reas-
OUS for SO ¢ OMe tn sue {ime and form, ai | hereby
vive notice, that | will receive opposition trom ey. 1y
intermediate pereon,, appoint them aday (o have
his or her claim heared before (ae Court, and turther
act therein as the Law directs
Berbicc, 23 March, 181.
i. Francwken, First Marshal.
View original > ee ee

View original _ oe ii oe —" a = i



4 ;
—— —_— - _
= .
ad ~ ~~ 42 . é ‘ - >w “3 . wsé
View original
View original eee
IfV¥ virtue of an Latecact from ti Minutes
ul the Courlot Kolisy Gated [sul Mauch, ISIS, eiven
in the cattse Cntitlet dros be. bay dictiy one od the
execulors lo the bofate of the lve dlobert VW Liscn,
and Atoriey of Phounis Bond, anoidn ro: the txece
Ulors inl Gouge of the bless of Nand deolced SWalson,
Wibod. Sluad, appoited ia the pleceol \W. Dode-
SO, dutiag Nas wbscace arom the COLUMN, Platadils,
Versus, ali chitingals oa de preocecds of Phaatation
fFcramitogsc, Ua aioeris, Dotondants. Dtbe ander.
sigited, altho i questol a ciesand bus. b. Lava id,
aad bas Sival, qq. Do hereby dsuieion OV dels
Che (ied (hin yg Mul Chaiuaals od ue POCO CS OF Bia,
Uetuintacoy Cu a dane sis. bo Up jpeead Ge bore Ga oireg
MEN toy od sdou lay ch FOG a Ape, Sha. at tia
Loust (house of (his colons, iste to reader ta ies
Chdvatss FO VorEy bie scam yy Ge id ovarthor to eC
WeCOmuIe lO daw. ethices Cod Mavetr PS...
1.” , 7 re
mm. { ‘ ‘ ‘ Le ‘we a 69 ’ :
cn i o
View original —_——_-_..
BA vistue of an devtccet Lourcbe Minutes of
fie Court ot Rolls, dated tue dschoot ALeel Peto,
sivena tie cause entitled is dward baeoual ty Cui.
or tu tie astaleul then ay Wrail, dee. | (ibataily Vode,
SLINy tli kuowna and aunhkaowna Usidiion: A adiyl tha
toate of tieny Croily Deion lant. 1 tue under.
Sse, Pars starshat or the Courts wither tis
teoavayy ida tie request of aloresaid Cucator, do
Roy Saniaoa by Ldiet: (or tae fourda tine,
wave Goel uno dow Citdilors, wainst the bstate
Moaatily wali, Gee. to APPeEr wore (he Court oy
CuVie ed carte’ wa buds Colo Wy .t Mond \ the dita Aytal
rody, and jotlowtoy Coys, there to vender ui (acti
Cutlisy fo ditty (he ste, Gad furtuer io poe’
aceOGuakis lo low.
beiu.ce,y Shih Marc!
Yirst Marshel.
View original y r | t ¢ j . .
Bi Vlirtie Oi ai Atviact groin S #421. Ul
U eA weil Ob cay ‘ aPC Ow Las C1 ly, Uiilcd A
vid ) ¢ ) bil mo Cel it ) Sb de
€ i chta J es a | re 9 ti) & l ae | \ a: ‘ tl atc? S tO Ubbe
4 .
i ©) 3. slo. i ost Lia oe, 2 al Ay ah lcl,—
; ’
& ¢ € ¢ 9 abil pass ot ' aaa ‘ ov da a i | ‘ C L607 2! Li i ( Cane
‘ . 2 ;
Od, au iil ua ( i i i b« ~g 4 & > d. l 1 ; llile
. | : ee er
Ltoo4 j i { > 4 bisl wachi Jocsed OQ tae L othits Whiitill thsi
‘ . a a. ,
(le hoo iVy alas A al \ ew 4 me { >} Hloresaid A Uratots, Clo)
- . L tie al .
bie . ‘ hace tbat y e } Cl, \ y fi lhe SO COMG bine) :—
Wokuovan ted dado wd Cas dators ae tatisl Che destale
i>] 1,V<t)) PAU A.) 4 SCly ok rent sed. —'L'y pry sth i) =
bor the Combat, avotls Ga Momley the our a: hs
ISO, elo bab bate eda y bo werity wie
elblbe yg lubed bed ‘| C4 CoGbedbie to tay.
Lin ey GE ils ‘ ( IMC NTIO.,. I ) \ Pralyt;
Dy b atoll diver ers vt mrl Pious os ths Colve
_ sy (YU Clustuil)., LO i chy ISTto.
olead y...
BY virtuc of au Appointment from His Ex-
cell ney HL. W. Bextisck, Esquire, Jicutenant-
Governor of the Colony Berbice and its Dependen-
cles, Ke. We. KCL given upon a petition presented by
James briscr, toy hiascli and othes Sequestrators oF
plantations No.4 & 41, west const of the colony
Berbice, the properly of Messrs. Small and Threltall,
sleceascd : said Ap Oilitiacul bearine Gate the Oth of
March IS).
P the undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
within this colony, and at the request of aforesaid
Sequestratois.—bo hereby Swnimon by bdicé: all
known and unknown Clainiants, as well in Chis Colony
asinthe Unie d Colontes of Deu ‘rary and Essequcbo,
va the proceeds oi the sale of plantations 40 & Al,
View original
View original —/~
wesf canst of this eatons, the late proncrly of P.
Someband We Throliitly dee. to aAPoearhy porson or
by proxy, atthe Bur of the Comis of Civil dastice of
(his coloay, on Mon liy the 17ch da: ot Apollh ists,
wn following days, there, torenderio Cretrelatins, to
maintain the sane, and €o witness, a'ter the fourth
Eidictil Sammons, the Courls deeission, on the bic-
ferent and concurrent tight o! dhe chainicais, on pain
of perpefiik lence,
This Sammans by Edict, mate known to the Py
blie by beatofdran frou the Court House of this
Colony, and vurther dealt with aceor moe to Lay.
Beibice, this 10h day of March (S15.
° NW. Pronexen, First Marshal
LY virtue ofan Appointment feom Liis bx.
cellepcy EE. AWW. Bentinck, Esenire, Toentouante
Covernor of the Colo: y Berbice and its Dey end one
clesy Ro. &. Xe. given epon a petition prescat cl
ne Orphan Chau her of Is co! er, ad pa tn
pact v having charee of the tuadniniste red bi
said ae potatment beutog date th Sthof VWarcl, 1s
Phe underst@aed Pirst Marshalot the Cours:
In this col my, and at the requ st of aboveuuncc
Orphan Chau ber —Po hereby Summon by Mogi
wl , Cv pe . 7) oar '
Ut hnown aad unkuown Criditors Wg austthe Gaul.
Mentioned Estates, viz s:—
M. fea 0a", I. ovay Pal, (* I, | ve "ys
Ws). j) Wd, t/. CAN, "ad I. l mr, fh, Vicars r,?
a 9
’ mo , > 7 . s° ‘ ’
J. C', /. f ‘lr ‘ ° Vox, . ‘ cher, fi . we OT *
Pr) yl rx to 7 0% ; r,t uo ’ . ’ ‘/, . / ;
. / , -~f4 e slid ae / y d e@ #6 9, (0,5 oJ . A LHC Te >
and Fo wrliilse. .
, : , Pf .? r 1 °
to yy eve Dofere tee Ror Hy Corr of C) {
Jascce of th’s ct Avy Weteu Wi be beld dats
toonth of Jacairy LS16, (hoestovenderiatherg rs
pochive ebiuies, ta verify the sams, to liar ely:
mitde thes tits, i necesstry, and to wits,
Monorad'o Courts deecission, an the Proerent oa
Concerto rh htot Chiomantssuadfa ther top. oc
Hcconding to Leavy, on pia ol bein for evee ad bice
roa ther ce lobtelyu WS.
PhS Stumtous by Bifet, mado knawrda (4.
mie by boat of dcumn teow the Court Ways o void
vo tad father dealt with acecorndiae to dy.
Oauce, Cais TO you March, P85.
WK. Peavcnny, ftest Uae th)
—tl te -™
- 7 ’ ‘ e .
RX LT Viaecile o ta Appoi burs. € trout vais lua
eobeney ob. VW. ison gine sy decade. talon. -
‘ ; ’ ‘ j 7 » ; | 4
VOVCR Or Ere Colapy bab oboe oat is pees -
CieS, Qe. ¢ rPVoY tho Pe Pol tier py yf
- ‘>? ‘ a a Py we ’ om * ‘ e 7 ~
My tee GW. Jew deny tn er cety as Atos of Wy
Kine and Bly Mh Phd Ome torso bi aus ate of
yo | \c f loc ‘ '» 1) +) ’
PST AICIS we H bey eC. aed Foe a rites Md oy lho e fay Cc
daboavteetian Sale of plaataiow owt clos ry oa
woe <isy Was cade tuche mront of boy lity, i' hy
sarfiappooidar at beerine dat tas So. thoch bso.
Phe wadersprac boot Vagshialor ie Courts wit ae
in thus colony, midiat the Petbest of Roo. Do Vor,
Mis abavemeano ed capreaty.—_Do fea by Sune
mow by Judtoos allanown tad oatovowroliunes da
(he proceeds oF plintitoa Zest Bowe eacviamn x: ,
OR pear betoce the Bar of ae Courtoi Civil base
Ho fuss Colony, on Poa! iy the l7th d yoo Vit,
ISIS, andtollawine diya, shore, Co render dire.
Chicas, Comaniiain the sane aad to wit Sy TO
loureb Te ticial Saomnors, the Court's decissig: on wi
rfetcntrightoi tas clavuant-, ou pauol pers otc
ail nee, ~ a
DhisSammon by Ect male Laown ta te:
by beatot dram Gom the Court plouse octuis cul,
and tarther dealt with oeeor iii toeastom.
Bebice, this (Oh a v ol I ich, Iso.
KW. EAN SAUN, First Varsha’.
wee ee
BY virtueofan Order tron His Execelleaes
MH. W. Bexrivenk, Esquire, Licuteaint-Govecn op
of the colony Berbice rad its Dependencies, Ge. &e.
under Cate the Qa tnst., given upon a Petition pres
seeped ee TEC. Hintzen.” Note is hereby given
fo (re Pabie, that the Debt for which Plintation La
Prateraité, situate tathis River, the property ot Che
Ueirsof the late Widow Sporon born vaa Deinse,
Was pressed tn ler Sequestration, avin boon arcane
wed, the said plantation Ta Fraternisé is hereby ree
leased trou ANecution and Si qucstration,
Berbice, Sd March, 1S!5.
Kx. PHAN CICEEN, Lirst Marshal,
Se ey
~ 0
View original eae eS EE
Che Vanners of Proceedings before (ue Court of Ciyi)
Justiac, in Unelish and Dutch.
The Charter of the colony Berbice, in Mactlish
The new Dutch Constitution, in Duteh.
Cotfee Certificates, Bills of xchange anBLadine,
All kind of Books, blank and ruled, Quills, Pencils,
Realy made Ink in Bottles, &e.
The History of Barbados, froin the first dise avery of
the Island in the year 1605, till the Ascession of
Lord Seaford, ISO].
ea ee SE
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock p wy
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Privileged Government P rullersg
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25 March 1815