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The Berbice Gazette

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Twelve dollars p. annum.
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By Wis Excellency Henry Witrrau
PRentrinex, Esquire, Lieut.-Governor
over the colony Berbice and its Depen-
dencies, Sc. Ke. &C
And the Honorable Court of Policy and
Criminal Justice of the said colony.
To all whoin these presents may or shail
come, Greeting ! Be it known :
WIPEREAS several Proprietors of Lands, situate
onthe East sea coast canal, have addressed) the m-
selves by petition to this Court, praying the presen
ablic road might be abandoned, and that the cast
coast canal dam might be substimited tn its room.—
And having heard the report of the Commiissaries
Biessrs. Jno. Tapin and J. W. Heytmeyer, in whose
hands the said petition was placed for that purpose,
and it having thereby appeared that the proposed
improvement could with facility be effected, without
detriment to the said canal dam.—So it is that we
have thought proper to sanction the said) alteration
being corricd into execution, in conformity lo the te-
nor of the said report: and we in consequence dode-
clare the present public road, running through the
Jands conswonly known by the east coast canal lots,
to be henceforth abandoned, and no longer consider-
eda public read, substituting in lieu of the same
the cast const canal dam running along the aforesaid
Jots.— And in order that the svid) canal data may be
complet ly appropriated tor the purpose of a public
corriage road; We have ordercd and directed, as
we co order and direct by these presents : “Phateach
and every proprictor or representative of lots of Lind
in the aforesaid district, shall immediately atler the
publieition of these presents, cause the said canal
dam alone his or their lots, commencing from the
western tine of plantation Prospect, and earried on
to the egstern Line of lot No. 24, 0 be made eighteen
feet wide asa proper carriage roid, with good and
suficient bridees of four .ood Lutiet tree beams at
least c'eht inches square, ten feet wide, covered with
two inch plank, and fixed ima direct: Ime over all
draining trenches feadine into the caneis strictly
prohibiting the substitution of hokers in eu of bria-
ges, and the placing of bridges over uncultivated
And we do lastly order and dircet, that) the said
canal road and bridges be mace end eomypte ted in
manner above stated, onor betore the first day of
October ensuing, on pain of Che satd work beine im-
mediately completed alter the expiration ob tlie
above limited period, by order of the Commissirtes,
at the expence of the estate, Which shall remain in
delault, aud tor whieh expence the sai lot shall be
made Hable,—And that ro ignorance may be pre-
tended, these presents shall be printed and proclaim-
ed according to custom.
Thus resolved and enacted ty our ordinary Ses-
sions of the Court of Policy andl ('rinmatial Justice,
held at the Kine’. House of the colony Berbice, on
the 7th July, [Ss4: present, His Excellency Lieut.
Governor Bentixcw, and the Honorible Siembers
Jobn MeCamon, Js. Fraser, P. Poivboairn aad Geo,
Munro— demptis, 1.0. Abbensets and A. dG asi-
us.—And published en the 9th Aneust, IST4, a
presence ot Lites Excellency the Licutenant-Gover-
By command of the Court,
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
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BY His Excellency H. W. Benxrinex,
Lieutenant-Governor and Cominander-in
Chicf in and over the Settlement of Ber-
bice and its Dependencies, President in
all Courts and Colleges, &e. &e. &c.
Whereas, notwithstanding the va-
vions salutary Regulations that have been made to
prevent improper persons entering this colony, and
also to check Illicit Trathc, it ts still to be appre-
hended that the same in many instances are evaded.
J nave therefore deemed it expedient, in further-
ance of the former orders abovementioned, to direct,
AND DO HEREBY ornDER, that in future no vessel of
any description shall be allowed to enter into, or go
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View original out of the leeward channel of ths tiver, except as
hereafter mentioned; And inease ay cto ft should
be made for that purpose, ti tthe ves hou be
brought to and detammed until ties an i bi
been duly reported ton yd Ce Perea,
NEVERTHELESS, aay arestercr 4 Ahad
Cestrous of enterire Qo asta Cares are!
channel of thes river, abe webb
or the Fort such lives ai vtion,
wtth hin on styne for thotoon
he satd cata (ura to
combbed with) tay st det
Aradtmor coe that uo wai us
rhe Wit Wes pret to colon. ce
Dalssi he er Dy Vded tn s"G aet 4 -Cl-
iVely dasphtyy, of ois teres ae hee Nasi
Mmoersteg@ivead ory lancttior pups yy wath
in lis (rovers. ¢ t, tia Met de testa Duals are
cniployed tn arerchidiginsy Or os ite oY dit ree
turning from ary other porta roy at stead ree
quisifes tuuist ve Gleoibentry or ch orecce be coin tied
Given under my Th vd and Sealar Aris, this 19th
day of August, ibid, Adeg’s frou.
he Wo pu NTINCS.
By Conma..d,
F. Witi lb, Gov. See.
BY command of the Honorable ( ourt of Civil dus-
tice, of the colony Verbier, Nohce ty hor by gayous:
That the resumed Sittiiss a. the Court of civil ets.
tice will be held on Wednesday the cdl Sepi. isda.
toe oe LOW NGI KS SeCy-
Justice of the colony Kerbice.
Notice is hereby given unto all those whom it
doth or may concern.
THAT whereas by the said Hon. Court's proc!a-
mation of (he 6th ol July IStS, it was ordered, that
the Assessment ov Lots, or ports of Pets, in the town
of New Aimsterdata, shoutd be paid previous to the
latter end of the monthot November then filowing,
into the hands cf (wo of the members of the Town
Committee.—And whereas the said Ton. Court, by
a Resolve under date of 24th Jan last, bas thonehi
proper to order and direct, that from and aiter that
date, the Receiver General of the colony shall be the
person to collect the Assessment, already fixed or in
future to be made, on Lots within the Town of New
Amsterdam : and that the Court has granted to the
suid Ikeceiver General, the same commission for re-
ceiving and paying, as istnow granted and allowed
him tor all other public mongs, of which public in-
formation is given, that none may plead ignorance
Court House, New Amsterdam, Berbice, August
Sth IS14.
By Command of the Court.
k.C DOWNER, Sec.
- — ee
Berbice, 200th August, 1814.
NOTICE. The Accounts of Taxes for the last
“ix months, ending SO June, are now ready tor de-
livery at this Othee.
D. ALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen.
Berbice, 25th Aug. 1814.
REQUIRED for the Quarter-Master General’s
Departinen(—A Small Boat with four Oars.—Any
person or persons desirous of furnishing the same,
will be pleased to send Tenders in ‘Priplicate, to this
Oflice, on or before Friday next tbe 2d Sept. at Ten
o'clock in the morning.
H. HENDY, Dep. Assist. Com. Gen.
View original SECRETARY 's OFFICE.
WHEREAS the following persons have addressed
themselves tothe Flan. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice, at their Sessions of the
4 July, 1814, tor Levers of Wanumission :
View original (No. 518.
Ul Payable an vin aiden + RP,
View original J. J. UsnKen, forthe Niulatto boy named A/aas
J. van pry Broek. ond A. AL pe ra Cover,
In quailty os bxocutcis to helast Wilbottie So dow
bbe J. Boosey for the Sootutoman Lane, the Nevroe
mm enohs, Vor for, J reaith, ‘he Mustce wor an
NO er rer / a
/ ee wt SCL POC WO LU COU, Nh sirjle
oor a at iS hereby etyen to these whom it
cv oeencern, and who ludy wish to Appose fhe wrant
mS he ‘tlevs OF Miarapussioy iy hat toey may a leéres
sorselves in werting ly the anc. tigned Seer etary of
the colony, previous to the ensuing Sessions of he
Hon. Court, when a final disposition will be nade on
ihe aforesaid Petition. Rerbice, July 4.
R. C. DOWNER, “ery.
“NOTICE i is hereby e tven, thuta month after dude the
Vollozceng Transports aad Mortgages will be passed.
—/ ane. Jno. G. Jones w Ub transport to Uliza Jones,
the southern halt of Lot No. 41, second cimpol-
der Ne w Anis.
‘Lhe tree La Rese will transport to A... Schott
the nertheria front part of lot No. 27, withia the
first en polder of this town.
‘Ta ————EEEEa Se TS sa
Pos hic VENDUES.
the Slstinstaal, will be sold atthe
_——_ —-——
cuses and Le order or €ecorge Bone & Co. the fuls
hy or ceo vie — Vase butterin firkins, drosh (laure
. : .,,/ ‘ . . : .
hE Fs Dd Vy Perse, Sal, Gil. Vine rir, saving
tol y kta port, ron pots, boilers, beaver, sky aod
Holi huts, grt lirons, nails, comon stac kines, onl
: ., ’ : '3 :
-uChs, Boots, sHocs, ntsting, Passa and bed shee i ry
Hine n, stationary, Chamber's eydupadia corn b ces
rma, brengy, & gin. per gallon, wine iY Pipes and
bottles, dry goods, &C-
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendve Master.
View original ——— —_
Gu ‘Phurday the [st of September next, will be
sold by order ofS. Davson—Irish Enen and sheeting,
—ttow and French cambrics, salempores, chess,
calicoes, India silk hkts., Rusia shectine, platillas,
slationary, threads, tay cs, beeds, perfumery, cutlery,
ladies necklaces, ear rings and ear drops, an assorte
ment of gentlemen clothing, a pipe excellent Vite
deira wine, and a quantily of old rum, either ly
(he puocheon or in quantities, not lesss than 5 e {-
lons, &e.
On the same day by order of his Wonor M.S. Beas
nef, req. Pascal of this colony, the following pae-
kages of Rum, viz,—3 bhds., 2 quarter casks ant l
puncheon ; confiscated by him, the same bei: les
gally import-d ia th's colony, by Win. Roynolis.
D.C. CAMBROW Dep. Venduc Mist e,
—_— -—_— ———
On Thursday the 8th September, will be sold athe
Vendue Office the following goods, viz. —Coiton and
coffee baggings, sein and sewing twine, soa aad
candles tn small boxes, nails assorted, corde assort-
ed, muslin assorted, calicoes, printed cottons; Quna.
burgs, platillas, britannias, locks, hinges, two pur-
cheons old rum and a pipe gia, draught porter in
On the same day four fine stout young field negrovs,
also an excellent tailor, payable in three and six
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendtie Master.
rrr ee ee ee
View original ce es a
A White Carpenter Wanted to Superiniend
a Gang of Carpenter Necroes, on the East) coast,
fora few months; liberal payment will be given to
an approved purchaser.—A pply to Messrs. Hen: ry
and ‘laylor, New Amst. 97 Aus.
A few days ago, from alongside the Schooner
Swift, a small four oar’d bout, painted blue, newley
repaired.— Whoever has foand the same, please res.
fore him to J. HE. Schlarhorst, sq. or to the uinder-
sisned.—The usual reward wil! be viven.
a an
Frow the siclling of the subseribersa six oar’
rial, painted green: who can restor: the same, w.ti
receive the customary reward.
<7 Aug. W TiLNE
¢ 4
TIVE Roads betne uucer Repatr,—the Public is
hereby totorn st thereot, and reterred tothe 7th ar-
ticl: of the ffon. Court of Poltcy’s Revrulations, dia-
ted 10:h August, T8062, viz.
Whenever any of the said roads is about to be
“repaired, ishall be stopped off with spars, and
fCoOntiiue SO teritil (he whole 1S finished and the
“road sufficiently settled to be fitagain for passage
‘Tt shall nol be permitted for any person lo pass
“a road, so stopped, with eiher borses, assess or
“carriag sy orto drive any cattl: over the same, ;
fand it tsalso fo bitden to pull out any spars so
Clooryin r ty SLOP Pp ot road, orin any manner I-
“lure such barnier or fenees on pain of tneurring a
“Pine oo Five and twenty euilders, or of arb tri.
‘ery puiris hient, ccoritny lo the extzeney ol th
Sous, —any donmagve that nay be done to the road
Sor such lenec, to be moreover 1 patved andinade
Srmood at the expence of the persuls avis
5S Uccad-
Ssioned the svine,—
New aAiast. Nae. Qh, IS.
Py order of the Torn Committee.
——__._ ee . _
View original Notice to Debtors and Creditors of the fate
Misia of wetoger avd Scehlarhorst.
WHEREAS by a contract bearing cate the 16th
Julyoof th prescat year, the whole of the outstand.
Ine covecrps of Ce date bari ol wvierer and Sehtai-
hornst sero transierred to A. Wriee ry who by (he said
act b Cuene (he sole ' mroprte lor of thre Lene | a ‘bis,
oblicitions, and other spectatites oF that concern,
And whereas the sad A. Weiger has lest special and
positive instructions with the auders: ened as tis Ate
torntes to obtain a recovery of the lowe outstam bite
accounts and oblteations, due the date Pinan of Kre.
gor and Schlarhorst.— Notice thereof ods hereby
given, that noite may coniplain of coercive aensures
Deine used against them, and the undersigned wail
thank: lly ae hiowledye the atlention of Chase who
Will pev therraccounts and save them the tiuslilica-
bonol ing twine lis proceedines.
New Amst. Berbice, iseh \ugust, IST 4.
PAC GS, Gq. for sell,
Tol PL VAN pen ihOdN,
one -
$$ —_— ——— ——
Notice to Cice tors acu Debtors of tie late
Poca el JI-& J oa] ilas,
ALI, pessons Loving any densa ls agaist the late
Pirmna J, Xd Sap orty y Ol (orden, AFC Teg esto ad
toremborth sine lor prybont fol. CL Sv avine
Pesq., duly constituecd) as etoorney ta the Pxcen-
tors of fhe bute staviving partrer, ae o le seowho
areindcbt d tothe Piru cp de &. So potedsy irs
prrtieuta Tv entveated: to settle their aecouats Mi he
ouliurGier delay. New Mivst. E7th Aue,
te .s bb) vy Wilk
By the nerdersiti Claley Sihins Butte ‘rT, Onions,
fresh Plover, Se. by the last arrivals.
ON Nie, Gi. BONE & Co.
~~ -- —-—-_-—-_—_—-_ ---- oe
y CY.
— eee + - —
View original ——
A wiitte or free eo toured Soamustress, well calea-
hited to suporintend a Sey ie School, and beine ble
to procare an unquestionable character, ny apply
for further particialais concerning a SHOUSON,
oO \ue lo ALAS pena COURT.
Avs. those wre live way demands, or are iodebt-
edtothe Pte fr oC. d. van Berzei, dees, are re-
guested lo render Chet accounts for payment to the
wilerstyned, and those indebted to pay to J.C.
Spanvenberg, isc. or to
20 Aue. HH. SPAATS Executor,
=_—_—_— —~
—— —__——_—_—_— ——
View original =——_-_ lO
‘| ota bubias toa he BD rc TP WN Lo. ly. allt iossolveed
on the Istot th’s inowbs those indebted to thate.
cern, re requested ta make poymentioeuter ol ihe
underste ned. EP. Sead.
AB) Ato. eo. l.. ii BP.
PICKED up olf No. ©, West coast, by the punt
people, a sme boat with a red moulding = whoever
can prove property, canhave i by puying for Chis
advertiscmentand rewarding the negioes
20 Aus. PL QUIN,
9 —— nc eS eee
View original I ct eC ~- CO -_
THOSE gentlemen in Berbice who are sfill in-
debted to ih: sey Yale eaaeclle Oilice, Demeras Vy, aie
Fequested lo mane payiment at the Printing Otliee,
Berbice, to Mr. W. Schulz, who is duly authorized
there.ore :
920 Aug PE. J. WENERY.,
MAND zic " eenegen bevindende, om als Tuin-
baas zich veplaats te zic nop eene aanzienlyke kolly
plantage in deze rvier, eclieven hem te adresseren
1c n luize van den [Leer dG. tk, Seif, aan de stad
N, Aust. 20 Aug.
View original ? .
al ry . .
Rine’s Fouee. 15th Arrouet, 1814.
A Dispatch of whieh the foliowin is a COpV, tas
been received by dhs Lieutenant Govern ry fre
Hie Ur- {dmirnl P. | Durliain, cl id is publ slic (| { i
vencral mftormation.
Ry Coon MN.
EP. WIPE, Gov. Sec.
M, nmerable, Larbad gs 1LOCh J TOP Ist
“Sin—] have ty Cg bib yu
the Merehan aiid Picci Cs, (hola Couvoy lor hivcla i
WHT Sadi Prout. Pion vib (he Slst Octoters teat ani
lial the Prac Wb oe CodVoyed frour tho Gdiaecene | 1iias
‘ ! ‘ | .
d id Co thes LO Nt. £ bars te Lie Lites lice Ghlbacire diel.
tioned 2 —
avr = . <2 ™ = =| a. - “aS aT a 2 = 8 _ aw
View original CEE: . SS” Serres es ce 3D ee) +e
Ls “ands, £evelos th llr gcay heme lo saad.
lee i
' ' | . ~
boa NAaGaos escseuwees Gel, u AV shop " ee@ewsis Oct. =
Scag coo e reece ee re (an ods 2 C er fF ee od
yo bhi —or a) to teeriat so... a
Lb rThIce . ,-
SOO te CL ad \. Vou oer ee OP ee @ 29
Domorary :
[ User cv. YA Vir eee e ee se eo e 20
‘| obago eoeeeg eeee Ol. . - S e Nate cee ew ee @ 20
SI, Viocent ee e©ree a. C, NM hn’ s *“e@eere C
Corenada oer er eee ee 2 | Tt. fou lataus eereeve 20
Toimdad .. 00.0... 2. |bortula occ cee eee 3
‘ / «
Nt. Loucea eee we we ow @ 3 (. \ POU oo ee ee ee wt)
Martinique so. oe. Qoast. Thomas, Lae ol
fA Convoy tor Bermuae arg below Watl Saal from Ss
Thona- gate (ue st Nagase HWeNt ys ard toto wall be oa oe
pomted tu sail ou tue 1Oth Gctover fobs
Nave the honor to bey ay your most ouedenly bute
ble S.ivant,
SEP. SO. Deaavy,
Rear- Adintral by Commander é/t 1S }, Cf.
6 Ty Me. Rae [’ y
Ii. }} . Lk
Tro hod ge 4 “ee,
_& é LS Sr 8 a oe > Sc 0 =e
phe Md oseriler Cyc fir Sac on ww Cerise (he
Plc hae CVO ) ci> 2
1 . . .
Psi tinea aaa shou, Peach and coffon cre
Dress s UCN POres, Cacee, Ca eK yp teal dadta tds...
HLUSsit Saeeciny
5 boi yourad jlacilas, cl COniditaa ie issOorle
Meu Ob ala!
LAV cl PEL. yy Ol liavcadds aod larpesy
real Salieils, COL ‘| ml ty, ( Nave C hig iC (ays, bere
2lisses, |?! rronnery pe othe ob Dost doubh Gaistitled
Laverne ruil POse vy clr dae [obiai Dollhes, Nhiisds ys SSCS,
swecl SOUPS, COOH poPretels FOUL S USO a Vaiioly 0
cutlery, Cousisthe os Very Mae pei and sauii vox
ANIVES, pocael poaavos wile tasirud Clits, PAczors, ted
Varroc shavine Gases Wil hus true €
sly and heysy brooches, stlyes
picks, patent corkscre Sy ill Povastsy baoaes necn-
HCO sy CAINS, CUrdEOy 8, Mi Dles, s
SCissittsy ved itnd Etich i oehkorb
Isy Watch ¢ WiLvTIN,
pencil « NES, Outs
' .
Cebbe de Dd aK
OraSOo) stl size Sy Cicie.
; . ; . / | ey
4 (NUS, } aal | Creda be St id aids co Iss NC vi a ds “5 Nt.
' ‘
Qe wW be ey ee de Gass jrtie HOON. ve dts Cua bined
Stla I be: 5 ol Al woN (, i . o' 4 ie Itsy il | (* at vat isa
a a
PWAUES Ta yn da by ic pitiahe ny a dow 1GU
=. La VSON,
-J Lu. Av che hause of db. 0. dude, LN.
bo hose who bave ary Gourmds agatust Phinty.
Hin weaves NO. SO, or west dati of No. Lb,
eotentias Coust, stice die sane have been under Sc-
GQ lesaauion or sau €5 ci aeainst PlintiGious orivh-
rom aha ove wily row ts: se stom ber last, ave desired
OCH ON ue subsciives Gea daned it payne nt,
be pidbahiolAN
20 Aug. Ala. bicvershau,
View original POR SATE
Tire Southern quarter of Lot No. 26, New Amst,
With a Loris 100 feet tous Dy YO fleck wide, a storie
duu hak wish, hardwood inune, covercd wich watla-
Vl scibsics, and a kitchen adjoin.
Maso ad voli daisted House Mrame, 26 feet by 29,
eerie Will Do iid & sy tO an tp proved purchaser ;
Por tution divotdatlon apply to
AM those having clatmys against the estate of Win.
Ker, aod Henmy aheellal, deceasad. are reques(od
ly Pei the saimes properly attested, to the sub-
sCuibet, on peilation Scaficld, west coast sand Chose
INGED COLO Le pata esiales, (oO mike payment: with-
Oul delay.
View original TAnk NOY]
Such persons as are still indebtcd to the I'state
1. van der Hoy ls wWwhoin tis dile (
the Berbsee Peory, aud such for th.
hy t€CCounls, are guce more requested to make pay
PUscan (here Qi ads SOOT as p ssib Cy tS Lib Case Of dd Paul
(hey will be possidvely sucd Jor belure the cCusuiny
Courts o Justice.
Application to the same effect is made to such r-
son, Who stand indebted tu Ll’. and W. dk flery, or
JCUCTY, dee,
G viug. A. li. CALMER, qq.
View original ol LY
_-_ as —_—_
, 4
d ] wt AAU yi f.
iy. ‘ = ti 's 146,
">= ee . ow ee Wr @e © ww + wees hl
View original -e-————— —
—_— ——__ _. -
Oe Ke ©
Surenviy, Acces, ~1, sS14,
ee ee
In consequence of te Ca iyeed Wclisposition of
the Rev. Me Wate ito dying &
9 ‘ 4 | yy Ce
rill nol Be
4 Or ‘ «yf ¢° : ae
po rlosmed at the J ml Chureh toe ALOLLOW,
View original The Diderendoues CVC
wCaraccas aml TL 1-Guyra on
tise: dsl) oe J! si \
9 OF Picador wore Grivou ONE ly aor gy®
MIITOUNS (yOu Ys COMSis tn Coit ily of 7 Vos uy lh slo dle ned
Heo Fttbod aad arhiods Che “COU Was ales 1 >—y} iat
3 am) —
VY OG Ua ns Wee tes peed ta the aiuase
Peed Vaadlan Te hk mere dh ) boo er you soy ‘le ti WD
L: ' iy) ‘4 bs low vty MMotpdeug ow io Wis i biyaines Chere at
Gray bo avd Severay Lundeed og, PHOS MOE i
ot! hectrtod Oreu to st. Thowas. Pulvory wien
beer akells of bias somal Wey. bas redieed to sc. Ire,
Nove he owed Sus Ely Dee oat Cached: aod Petters tao an
Led blitdoud state Ad the Letiies of ithe fr . rear a. uaa
SHC a very bad Condon, tat Chey tre mes Co tne of
dl 1) eieclual resis (alice ds sal Fis the Sy} anis i Coumiatecr,
ne ee
View original J | ban we baVedd aa a ) ) ! i pry I . v1 i-@
s ‘ a O (id ( c Vv | a} ! :t
i i ‘oa Pot ab wee \ ‘ j i | id) ‘
° . t,
\ bd (lu, (|
‘ Jat 4 4 t A li * ‘dl
Vu U ‘ dy) a AEA it i ° ) \ ’
° .
- / il = ( \) | \ = il ) {!) .
ei f ‘ (\ i ( : J ( } ( au ‘ '»
clilaa Gadd ) tisdty ls . ] “\ )
° ,
‘ ce A i a4 ey i ar
‘ Vuw» Pe awa gd) | | \ 7 “4
sta tie 4 i di \\ ede ill i j } v
° 9 »
iii ! Able Cad 4 \\ « ‘ ’ (
i ei i ) t 4 \ i 2
i ' ‘ ® Od] at ’ | ’ j ( J
ste ew qe WV 6 LA COchebain day ClarbD ain ' Qi) { } i ' 4
’ aaa dd Job ah SO) C Was oe \ Cle! \ (iad ‘ viis dst J
dal — A i al | Phaboatia ne cay sig it fo) li
ol | s i 4 . Vo \ ( e | ! copy ug ( @
Vali is. j Cait bond his mm Ovotl hi Jsscru >
i ~~
. !
a i d bib Lat « wo 1 ¢ ) eu al i ) Csilo f 1) 11 al. bY « ‘
, » isda
bebe Cl Lod a SAS OF Ped Esta. yy Mare to ve
) . f
\ i ‘ ‘ ‘ i « Pere FEO W INCE CK.
wilbbis wad i) web alo lavas hed the [ta Cc ) sc ports
Ode bal Vb ys C Ui SLU. Mp SHee seabeCrsCatil ace hane Slilpre
j , ood , 4a | } ]
Jitlte VS,—We have at dengrh the satisfac on ta ane
NGueCe tae sale aerival of Che boke Of Wolinston onthe
~ ba alte dt Madi. Ate article gu the oo, leur of the
JU staat sl rtes darts PACl, WikCilas a suthouent ec
Gow Ob tac bate bepOIl Gl Lbs Crvace’s aes Isrihation. ile
Wats PeCoived wituuhe douours due to his rah, ard
WCC ds a Grandes of Spain to Kiss the Kaagts ly id. fe
fs satdy Glad tie Sytihoi Suvcrogu and nation retain the
SEPOtU 4 SEIISE Ui hha SCEVICES | but Uilortuna tely, the
Sdine Papcr Ww NgCle diaaes Chas asseitl MN, also it floras us
Midt Ge mudiber ob trastois relurtin. fron lerance to Snain

A cd tS Cie ly. Plicle Ghal VOICI vail, lhils are Classed une
der tae wuld dosietation of 2 Sly ccs, Wituw liom did licy
seck rm luge? Wath (ile PCbllawous deso! alor of | ir COURS
ty. Wud from who cid they tly ? From thei loyal
Cuuiltr, Qiell, Whois tu Che tasolenece of (heir focuner $1, Co
cess, Chey had Uirearcned with the s verest punishment toe
Wig (UG addere lo thon Halive Sover. ln. The Gusetle
Prdnecy a paper waich we have before a ydced as undee
(ie Couttol of sume ot these wretches, has the modesty ty
la.nK OL Choir borne entitled to the graiuile of Ss) ain for
recep places uuder the Corsican Pretender! Surely all
scvse of moral dig ‘ly Woe be crad.ted from amind which
Cuil sO PrOssly Mstit the Culntuun sense of Wauhind., We
euler Hot ow ibto the Comparative merits of the COVEINS
Incnt established by the Cortes, and of that: promi ed Ly
tue Wang; but Spain, under any form of govornmen ,
Must deserve the Coutempt of the world, if she does nog
devote to cud ess eaccragion the names of these trailors.
We sas Magislnen, have a right to iosist that. th 'Y if
hot be pardoned. dicey are e ily Ol the deaths ol (louse
dnids of our soldi ry, Who Tell bravely fightuse for the dic
So a
beration of Spat, while these uanaatural monsters wcre
tearmug out the bowels of thor own co undry. ‘Lhe horsrie
bls wickedness of the Spauiol mvasrow scares ly ay pears
tu bid been duly leltany where else but in) Britain, It
tdamentable thing Sy Wien great Crimes are oo dosed Over,
and yteat Criminals are suflered to dife their) unblush; ug
forcuvads a society. Jb alill mere datal lo public imex
View original 4
9 ° . Len - . ? on
rals, if this takes places at a tin hen tt who have
exhibited proots of pp Miriotism are Created wtta agratituds,
and subjects ] to persecution,
June 47.--The trench papers, \ Nich have arrived to
the Lith. states Chat the King’s coroivationds Uxcd for the
26th of August, Sf. ouis’s Day bts © pected Chal of
Chat occasiou 46 new Wlenibers will De % ‘id totl CL hat
ber of Peers, to complete the whole of 200. We hope
these will be wholly taken
1” ) ' ' { ’ ve ot
Who ave SO Very MmMacqgua Civ renresechlea Ubladel iit pore t (
arraneement. Out of the 154 ahi ly omutidaled., LOZ ar
N Oobles of Bona aite.s creation, Phe UNION OF aia baons
l a rdy Ald | (1) \ dothay States to the oh pal) GOS
: . ony ier I
cinse of the iberation of kurope,s tay blo smed cacl
others biood about some coi | ctl ispules On os
of the articles of there new Cor bull
och inst. An article dated Covcenhbaven, the Slst ul
Which appears in the -Joniteur, after nuuicimiyg acoustics.
vi} sWeaehn OTF Celli !ecowmdi ys AWOL (ese Cu ile.
«€ U > ] aK CC ( Co]
Wo \ th Wing ol Swed l. al Pthe HNONSKCILIdNCe OF thre
Su ish (rooys wmlo ovo yp alla the a bibllas cba tsOlb OF
d. Chal hese Cone
ditions will most probably be reyeled by Swede
1) 4
that the present differences will terminate by the acc
to the King. Phe Duke dAuvouleme.s to his char
of Grrand Admiral of rane has dott baeis, Co rs uect
tee port of Brest. The Mmperor of Nusctta was to
a sulatoer storm. (}) role face O18 (he pry
sent cia1ceimnstan U decatens a rekiudling
O| the Had i War, i o , [ VOUS. TIhUCWIsSe
as from "he fir \ Ol a ( Is [ Pmuecar reason
to apprehend th Ni Ishbrerrors and that havi
the jr fomiance of a , S 1
hims lf a plan (yt S | A 7 ( ‘ be \
mot unwisely resoly d rev t \ VO
fat of Lin, ho (7) med ) ;
Ore ettect of the Continvital Svat yy
‘ ? ® .} ? ve .
ol »ymMuCN rood (o the Nuatto . tiie yyy
}\ il ¢ e Veni 4 1, il SC boCad | C oi, it ‘ oi
aud our Constitution. to | 1 MN ‘
Hi LF OW 4
’ a) |
ro him s—the others who
Gustavus. the father of t Backing of Swed
ed fits SUA Omect Upon lh portant iiiaire mid then SUT.
, : - i] ' ‘ ) !
Founding thes House with artillery. cop led then te
- ‘
Burrenuder f re aAnCicht Po rivireyes, and to receive ahew
C; Overtime I Dls OWD Lormation. ‘J heevenf of this TO.
eecding Is well KNOWN, A deep i Men nar 1) bof cu itself
Nto the minds of the youne Ny lity sand Ant
veneed their cause by the assassination of hi
‘rsfrom re.
; SOV In,
ft must( not, however, be concealed. that the several
plans of Constitution which have
been thus formed by the
\E rnre , ’ *() le ’ :
people of Europ » leit to Msc.vesy have vot that reseme
blance to the | Ag lish system w hich ¢] iramers of ¢ hem
t ° t vs
proiess, and which. perhaps, they fully intended. Le is
not a matter of m
diflerent | arts of ¢
re cursory survey to understind the
} , ‘ '° ' f . . : 5 .
i. | ‘ on LW Olstitae 1), If 4s 1Olt a
question of mere numbers or weight, and of the equality
os ‘a. ‘ ~
@f cith r. h
a bit Repres itta Vy s in ( ar ( bsbbiitwUtlos I Ve
other qualities besides that of being
Countics, Our P
peers, Moreover, are at oucese, arate and
Cress roscte OY the
it Jn the | Wor [| Ouse,
land, and union on the other,
ry" . ct ' - ’
Ihese points are not to be exyp}o MN books, and there.
fore are aot to be understood by foreigners
eonnected in interests aud view
Hlence controy| on the one
View original ly, their imitations are comnaratively naked: ¢! ey con.
tent chansclwes. for tie me bo, Wath the nicre menbers,
W Li, uf {| I { a . ) | ota l pC adlb by , aoe » bile
(' . . se ft
Lisi Olsthouthou,— A tiotlter Ca 1S t dtu rom
(hese planus Of Constitution disstmiilar to tacat professed
YJlilillal, bi tie | siasa Co bluthow are tiree Gistinct
bit Costs abil Pou > fi Cli ( } | re a
tive 5 ondly, that of t! ait iota
Clade of the Comm yIVS, N Ww. bth al ( Ci JUiS Vi
I,ULTOPeE Which bave r Clif y | We ad 4 Michts ded
( selva , il ya hts bec ce Uliiy LU, ihe JCU-
‘'y Il Was haturaily t \ | Lhe big
peinerpally consult themse!s and ti Deu ai ce
bul Ol Drovidu lL tii bi hou scl d
] eC Gf thou ho lib , thhath Tou bilee
yr dl ul \ i cw hwo i i
QIditt , ila ) ( Paes } (i C4 i ti)
( jo! Oi (he Wo I by be ba | -
C. All pri ) \ i Vere. i i ( Ol th i i i
Ist I . m4
i\ iil A MCli NOON ti '
() | , ol See , t hye I y !
\ | l | ‘ i \ ‘ bu { is SQ)
1) \ ’ ie
bial Cir ih) th . 1)
igre We pW ‘ \ i
ba ‘ kOli O Cc | l i t
Kite bron
lo had se al ‘ ’
bOrcal ly.- (
\ | cl Coa
I | ri \
youl l
I Ol Fi) )
l v dy, dd suct
AX! U lis
> ddhare ti) j
( hire ‘ } i
i i i
) i
i i (] s\ i i ‘ i.
I ) {ou 1, \ ) -
i ‘ i 7 i ‘ “~
& hu i i "
bul Lu bu Ves. ail \
i I ) i »O1 Ql ‘
i \ | ) ¢* « \ i cf i
)') ) (il wee ‘
bit} bic uu i \ i \
‘ i ~ VU \ C4 ) i \
‘ yal ° i i ail t i i .
OUuC the l dik oo msive i
iO Gi! my». Ol iil . 4
Giiok Is a ,uitder ties
»y TDI |. >» b \ cl i ‘ ‘
LOUD its lL. it W 4, lO ( ‘
Lidl Cal w U ) \ \ \ .)
s! ') d meel ( ) \ ati ‘
lo troy C1 te
\ S ti trust 1 NOt pad
Li : ere bias ( ( i { Mi
i i id UT rw | ; ( } (
RE the; pond | ( Kd ({
Livdh aia Oy e\i \ { \
} 1. ! i ( ; i S Wa hci \ if
»Q . l Vln i Li) i ‘
) tOr Ulla » Wi blidl ' Pt. | \
\ » YQ . i aeoiil. Ht sil e'
’ ( A i d| iy i sas ball i scl i baa
\ \N i
\ \ { Is hu tah vl 1)
cl W 14 | | (
( \ rl
} }
i - ‘ ; A le
} iC 5 A , A c 1} 4 of r 1 .
iC is w orthy of o! \ n. thaf im r {| ive Mer
vrs Of th Py islOlal 4 ( { i Va Ohne boca
iileye \\ Ol reve Liven) wb
i ade ti i bs jot l Lue i dlid piv Ss
> Neratin tae list to Talleyrand.
SOF an anchont Jalaily da kaauces yct at the Commence.
nen f the kevo lUN, bis Dicockh of Chat fanuly was so
( ely poor, bat hh 1 ¢ Lal tt odd iVd s Ve as
huot Soldier. het he had at one time floured ith (
Circves of Paris. liavi if been the Cumpaiion and associat
of Barias and Iburaguiy d'ddillicrs, the one \ COUNT a!
he other a peldd geulichomme, under the old re wme—We
kKinow not Chat he was Weucit bia) roved either in Character
Or murals Dy such conmectious 5 but thereis no doubt thay
he might have dspired to a worlhier rank and socit Ty, as
(he ancient stock aft
bot mon Wvilie, or Dot HOuville dl il
>is: rae ' , , } a }
babCachbtuiy Wibtccil TiasS eiyell NU ess Lildl)
twelve or thirteen nol)
seetns to be Ait
idlodlics t ae ‘ance.—At the ClOSC
ol the 16th century, Guy de bournonville was Governor
Ol AvDevilie, and having piasdet lady of the family o!
> : . . : .
Rauchicourt, she. as he so, Drousitl hin several landed
: an teaecadlog
estates, which were all er d inio a domaing wiih the
(ile Of Gown aunened, in favour of their son Ouvard in
ro” 1 7 ‘.’
A/79. Alexander, sou of Oduard. hac | tit ‘Te.
vated to apruichpalty, of the yood Ning Tienry the bthi,
Ou [ Chat branch Jl th Hees i de i A | ( d
Century, however. there 1 remain S¢ Lf
branche » Ve Ol Whom, as J,o d Oo Sars, Was Pal cd t
‘ ‘ ) : . ‘ . ( ‘ . . . -
1 AD ‘ \y il fal¢ it 1 ¢ > — I llts \ | st @) ilS Was I) YT) il} we A
me pewer in krance, being Governor of De sermond,
' ) } .
aud Stadhouldcr of davinvouty, ui the carly part of the last
View original century, leaving many sons behind him, one ofichom w-
a Geandee of Span, aud a Kuient ot tac foe
. & .
li to tais we add, that the fa Ny Of Bore. oive
ricd up Dy genearasets os tint as LO7L. and then ‘d to
have spe We broue (he old CGorits ot Geant Mois ca acs
Nut surprnsang thee the Present Cocoecd.: If }]
WIELD soe Pemembr ance Of bie past] reaaates of is fat, ,
should HAVE beet ae ALOUD fo rel Sah PCy ) y
sMeps, aud to restore to th: targa. basa be
source Of aneh ut nowsls y» and hovor VS | ot 12'@
bretrospect of the Cmmiuctl of the Count ye ’
beevoludon sy vias ede wa to COMING OL, Chatania ce y
VOI O Class oo v AChaty mace hon st OCCUPAtions
Pe taule, tf cannot be woodcered at that younser aif
Our Deanches of youtili'y suguid have iad frequent ree
Course tu ide Gunitgetaviey hoc for amusement and sup.
pyete During the evo don, Bournonvacle though le
juiced tat, wid wot mate a y extraordinary figure ; ie
Wd We ts repeesented by a modern Diographor, asa dill,
Wodvyy slupidiman., Les, holwithstamidbog tis he sy for
bo ep Utycu lbeasci as Co cise to the nilitacy rank of (
lb tai ot Division, WU Wii Sela

OU lic is stated never ty
Uave had Ge Oo) orlunily of pluudcring, or ho would pure
Hays Rave Been au auteur he many others, —Lu the
Popect Weosbudl hue peeeud toy dics bat we trust that
to aostineace from pluuder was as nucle an luomced
V.fluaits 1. Olives as by want of Ports vit sidicwary
as his recent conduct has certain y vehown
1 al aud peeedsOUcs CVE Wy this! pry riy delen thon to his
Owil biitbove ro NO Chalet mler Cia : Vv4Ai lO) ©,
YU) tobe b me
av ) cata
Ji ile
Co tec tapokl purple, Geo Beurnonvice was at)
God wtousroer ob the Souates ia dp Olaf neat which to de
piace om Gio Pla a taviese, OF NG y car 12 soonelter waich
dO. Ue Gdo dst hou of bk oueur. . ly
ty abd ( ci Ut ( , 1 bo Lae yyy ity ( } ! hs
Wake al UNG yey cde Like ae Lbo wor — Ng eodo a £
ot) ScOla g uit be boit vuanl ad Oca dI l le, ) | . =
delil ae lo eb db. Qadesse eit OF the bss pet | ‘(._—
macabol he i TUCS Was Cato ca watt a ne
wed ow Ci dt daa rave due of 29.000 fares, O
out Ob tue patonal dovrias Pac sitestiog Was f
cet fut bites aud the hutdes of caed otlice oblized tua. 2
Cow otas Wek ey year at the plaew of ais misecoe.
pec Guéy was to full such extraocdinary sery, C8
-'t be directed to them by Napole N, ty whonr th y
eee CO cudleess CAadselves dircesly, without intervention
’ | - ed
(1 Cie Ol if a | ul CT . ; and (| Cc 7 CTC Causes by a a Us
l-onm hamsctt out of lists of them. each Presented to tia
y foe Senite tor that purpose.—he Count de Bourbons
vile was the Senator oe Limozes and its district >; audia
Cede sdueios he romaine) vacn the lace events Drousit
Hi biog fertney notices. He as vow Wppotuted one ol tha
Suutoiiol siatey an arrdie aneut wineh tovk pivee after
ne wid ts Coileagues gave up the Provisio vith Adis
(ratlos Of brace to Zloa leary ao LicubeGoucial bor hes
Brower aed Wing.
The Count de Ja (comrt, though elevated to thet rq k
by Naputeon, has also some cleims ty rach with the od
Nuoulesse of Prance—-Thes Origa, descent of his fanny
lust Inde din tac sbscurity vl tac t ach coun iy 3 batae
is known that (hey tuo their name froma Lore
Cham agie, near to Bape ur-Aube, a lowa so fee ys
(he SCelle of Napoleaws late CA DIOLS,
however lots to the
j 1a
Fhis Mstate wag
family as carly as the year Loo7, wien
Josu de Saucon ty the then PUSs sour, Suid tt to |?
laardy of ianess then Duke of Burs
lords of Jaucourt tiust have b
Mik. (NES
windy. dee Lie
vel | Olentuoblessy is Coar
Prout the estate ot their Castle, which in the old books of
Mrouch Chivalny is deserivcd a: Veit surrounded by a oo
Moats faced with stone, tilled by the river Au! eC, aid tie
Caste itself flanked by mine large towers, with other. <
eos. — Ta the Church, too, were moi Gothic ¢ mbs of
hinuly, wig Dult that sacred cCuiflice
> Dut these were a
destroyed in the p Hosopatc time of the revoludin.— | 8
Various brauches of the Panily 5 CVer si
Ce the year 120
- : vy } . : } . 1 . :
appear to have beea in the service of diltlerent Mona:
of Prance, and wo have taken PurCin many of the mos€
remarkab ¢ tramseccuns of past aces
Peis not ove 4
tention, however, to follow the family through ¢
for, in fact, the genealogy
hese CCE >
@oue occupies no less than
twelve quarlo pages ina krouch genealogical work,—
some of the brancues of the lamily were also in the service
Mf the Prussian Princes, whilst only Electors of Brandon
Jursh; and one of them, who receiy ed several wocnds at
‘lie bacdle of Nerwinde in 1685, was particularly nouced
tid protected by William of Nassaa, Prince of Odes
and afterwards King of Macliod.—The )
Tesent Count de
Joucourt, to which he was created by Napolcon, wa not
very prominently engaged in the eourse of the Revolation .
Dity being considcied vy Napoleon as aman fit for office,
Was called to the Senate on the 6th Broiaaire, in the ycar
(2, when he took up his aboce in the Rue Pocimere at
Paris, No. $1, aad was svon afterwards appointel Cross
and Commenudant of the Legionof Honor.— As a Member
of the State, he was chosea one of the Co-adjutors in the
Senatorial Commission of the Press: but we have not h il
“uy Opportunity of Knowing what his conduct was in that
‘uadioa. Since the resignanon of the Provisional Govern.
ment, he has beea chusea a Member of the Council of
The Duke of Dahlberg is, we kate reason to believe,
a native of Germany, bog born inthe Vicinity of Montz.
Iudecd he was stint so far connected with Cerny any as to
be Grand Cross of the Order of idclity of Boden, to
which Napoleon added the Cross of the
— After the incorporation of all the Chereva Commertes oi
the left bank of the Rhine with £ bauee, today Nations of
that part of the country repaired to tie Preseh Capital as
the legitimate scene for their polite
scZle RB of llouore
oexdetions, and Md.
Dablberg so far acquired the Culnddence of Napoleous ag
Ss 4 )
View original to be appointed a Counscllor of State, though not a
Member of Senaie.—Iu his otheial capacity his residence
was at No. 7, Rue de Ja Concordes, and he received the
Department fur Foreign Atlairs ; an office whieh we be.
lieve he held at the very time when the late Revolution
took place; thus affording a; roof to tyranny, if proof
vere wanting, that no confidence cau safely be placed by
acral vusurperin the gratitude or adherence, even of those
0: whom he may bave showered favours, in order ty in-
duce them to asssist him in enslaving others,
Of Monsicur de Montesquieu, who was an ancient
Member of the Constituent Assembly in the early days of
the Revolution, and afterwards quitted the busy and the
dangerous stage of politics in order to sink quietly into
retirement, we can have but little to say. Tt is a curious
fact, however, that more Members of the Montesquicu
family field offices and hovors under the Napoleon system,
than of any one other family in Frauce.—As long as the
S6Scirit of the Loews’? shall remain in existence, so long
bhal the name of Abontesquicu be admired in England anu
indeed in all countries; nor indeed is it lihely that the
naine itself will ever be in disuse, as there arc traiay biane
ches of the family now in existenceu—We sist not era.
nine info the propriety of the Members of suc) anavcieni
stuck of nokili y, bowing at the feet «i Coustean
Usurper; but the factis, that many of taem ocy I, by
thus bending to the stu.m, sume of the Dest places o vui
the Consular and Imrerial Court, particalary the ot
branch of the fawily, who has revived tne old tthe ©
Fezensacu, and voder that name has for some years her.
tie office ef Giand Chamberlain, whilst his wife was Go.
vy iness of **Les Exnfans de Irance.’—That day, how-
ever, is how past; but there was, perhaps, sound policy
in a Montesquicu taking a hading part in the recent Re-
yujution and Restoration ; and indecd as some kind ut
proof of it, we already see an Abbe Montesquieu elected
@ Member of the new Royal Council of State.

Sucar (raw) .......» 20 livres, 150 per Quntal.
Dito (clayed) ....... 35 ditto, 200 di to.
Collee ........ +... 30 diffo. 200 ditto,
Peprer........ 02... 55 ditto, Q0 dittu.
Cocoa ...e...- eee ees SO Gitto. 250 ~~ ditto.
Tea ccc cccseeees sees SO ditto. 1000 ditto.
Cotton (lune) ......6 12 ditto. JOO ditto.
Ditto (short) ........ 12 Mitlo. 309 difto.
Bndigo 2 pp ID. 6 p. Ib.
The Chamberlain of the City of London delivered, a
Guildhall, with the usual formalities, to Lords Gerestous
and Hill, the swords voted to those those galant oticers,
for their lung and meritorious services, which he accom.
panied with an appriate speech. — Lord Beresturd made a
short bnt handsome reply, declaring it to be the pioudes:
day of bis life, when he received this hovorable distuction
from the citizens of this great metropolis, and prufessin
his readiness to employ the sword (hus bestowed on fins
by thar liberality, wile lever he should recetve his Sove.
reiv’s comma’ ds to resume his miliary duties for the
defence and honor of his country. Lord Hill spoke near-
ly to the sane ctivct. It is not vasy to express the enthu.
siasin which the appea.ance of those veterans produced,
They were greeted on all sides with the loudest cheering.
The Parasian Miut is at present engaged in preparing a
new silver coinage of five francs value: on one side is the
head of the King; with the words **Louis XVII. King
of France ;’’ the reverse bears the arms of France, with
the motto *‘Domine salvum fac Kegen.’? A new gold
evinage is tu fuilow.
Some advices from Rio de Janciro state, that the Prince
Regent was expected soon to take his departure, to re-gs-
tablish the seat of Government at Lisbon.
When their Majesties the Emperor and King visited the
British Museum, after going over the superb collection of
buoks and manuscripts, Alexander observed, that though
very grand, it was not so rich in valuable curiosities as
the Museam of Paris.
The French papers mention that Count Vaugirard had
been appointed Governor of Martinique, and Admiral Li-
nois of Guadeloupe.
Mr. Pitt’s Speech iu 1800 is so worthy of the attention
ef eur readers, that we saumet refrain from selecting one
View original passage, in which his vicws scem to hare been particularly
directed to the present period, and are prophetic of it _—
**But, Sir, there are some Gentlemen in the [Louse who
seem to consider it already certain, that (he ultimate suc.
cess to which [am looking is unattainable: They sup.
pose us only contending for the restoration of the French
Monarch, which they believe to be impracticable, and de-
ny to be de-irable for the country. —We have been asked
in the course of this debate, do you think you can impose
Mowarchy upon France, against tie will of the nation?
{ never thought it—I never hoved it-—J never wished at.
[have thought, T have hoped, [have wished, that thy
time might come when the effect of the anus of che Ali:
might so far ovserpower the miliary force wiih keens
France in bonwige, as to give veut and seo,.c toe.
thoughts and actions of ils inhubituris.—liow accurate
has been the accomplishment !
A circular from the Governor of Paris, noticing tha!
many of the A‘licd Troops still remain at Paris, either
upon business, or because they are ill, states, that if any
eviledisposed persons dare, under Freach usaiform, to in.
sult them, they shall be taken up and severely pumohed.
The Russian ship General Si-carrof iow at Ports-
mouth, tsabout to proceed. on wiht > v appear a most
extraordinary voues.e,>eing hone o(ier than Che com.
mefanoftwaciiery an bocommerciilestablishments
ai the west eoustor North America. The Rassivn
Govern rent have, for neirly tev years past, bad a
fort, with v few pteees of ordnance, mounted on the
I:land of Rodink, in Lat. 55 N. and Long. “69, W.
being the nearest point of (he American Contin. nt (6
their establishment at Nam? chatkha. Within these
four years, they have bezun to form another este
blishinent on the neck of land called Calio nia, and
(his ship takes ont ordinance and slures of every ces-
cription, to give to it an apnpeirance of military
strength. The trade the Russians carry on thither,
which is very great, is whe lly tn furs, for which ar-
ticle they find a luerative anarket in China, from
whence they briag to Nurepe the prodace and ma-
nufactures of that country, and are enabled, tron
their competition with each other, to afford it to th:
Piropean Cctinent ata cheaper rate than this coun-
iry. The General Sucarrogf will also endeavour,
inche hoghtofnext simaer, to discover a passage
Myo ga Terriag’s Strate, and ina Norih-westerly
Nreowtiony to Ar baneele A] Gentleman who is on
Derra her techiros, that ona tormer voyage o” dis-
overy he sas more thin hale way throueh the Nor-
Yern Seas of Cape Nor h to Archaneel, when the
“np was stooped by the ice; ils adventure lett ou-
ly about 409 miles unexplore’, to complete the cir-

CHILO! fe Wolk.
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Berbice, With Aug. 184.
LITTLF attention being paid to the Advertise-
ment froin ihis Ciice of the 9th ult. respecting Tax-
cs duce by the ‘own Lots.—Notice is hereby given,
hatevery unpaid Lot on the 12th of Seplember, will
be sued.
DANIEL ALLT, Dep. Ree. Gen.
The Manner of Proceedings before the Court of Civil
Justice, in Mustiso and Dateb.
The Charter of the colony Besbice, in English,
The new Dutch Constiudon, tn Duteh.
AN few Almanachs, Coffee Certificates, Bills of Ex-
Chance. oitls of Loading.
All kind of Boos Sy blank and ruled, Muills, Pencils,
Wong Paper, luk Powder, and Waters.
View original TO OVERSEERS.,
A Proclamation of the Governor and Court of Po-
licy of this colony, dated Sd of June, having been
published the 4th of Jury last, regulating the num-
ber of whites (o be kept on every plantation within.
the jurisdiction of the same ; This is to inform such
young men as are able to procure a good character,
that there are several openings upon His Mayesty’s
Estates, and Ubat dt subjects will be liberally deit
@ aug. A. a. pa LA COURT.
View original MARSHAL's OFFICE.
BY virtue oo an Se ointment frou the Honorable
Court ov iid Mastice of this colony, bearing date
the Yd Sealy ISI4, eravted Woon a petition present.
Hy Wey schoound Win. Piase ry as appointed Cu-
rators to he Vi stad eof Joly Stobie , ilec.
the undersigned, at the reque sto! aforesaid Cus
Summon by Edi tex Suneraban lat:
UH khoown ond ush > own erediters er claima ite om
the [states of the dite Joli Stobie. dee. to eae in
1. ee , -P | LA, . | ’ ee), ’ . e
Dera or by Proxy Beiore the Bar of the Court of
Civil dustiee of wits col enyy at Chet session to be
heldin the mouth of danuacw. ISt3, there to rence
tn (Meir clainis, ta ove rity the same, and if need, tw
hear oitcetions made thereunto, and. fuciher to pro-
coed according to lan, on pai of beg debacred
their richt of clanoa.
'ThisSummon by ECict »(exsup rabandanti) mate
kyo, m fe che p ublie by beat of dran from the Court
fLouse OF its colony, onl further deait with aecord-
lier to ess om,
Berbice, 2od Sueust, IS14.
KO OFAANCKEN, First Warsah@
<= «/§$_ ——— —
View original ST padN uy EDIT
BY viene of an ay pointnent fron the Tlonorable
Court of Civ | dostice of this colony. baring Cate C3
July ISi4, eravet apona Peision presented by a.
van den Bro! hi nd Cr. Paucls, as the Atfornics to the
Widow Pecding che is the Exceutriv er the Dstate
of her late Eiasbo df. CG. We Plort a.
Pthe undoisigned, at the request of aforcsaid Ate
Summon by Fdict:
AM claimants on the Pst te of JC. WW. Torlin
dee., Po appear in person of hy pros, Wefore ihe
Bar of the Court of ¢ ‘wil fuintce of Us eo. my, ut
iaecte wren wineh will be held inthe 2 cai of
April 815, there to reader in their claims, tcc
the sune, and if neea, to hear the obyocticas nv ce
(hereunto, and turth « to proceed ace ording tates,
on pain, of beiag for ever debarred (heir righ. of
This Summon by Edict made known and piblished
Woeu fomary.
Berbic , 5d August, 1S14
RK. PFRANUNEN, First Marshal.
View original SUMMON by EDICT.
OV vitae af an extract from the Minutes of the
Procce tiers of the Court af Rolls, dated 28th of
Pusey EStL, siven inche cause, entitled W. Leack
ond AW. Fraser, Curators to the Abondaned Estate.
at Tleywood & “Paylor, Plinti ts by edict, versus, af
known ind unknown creditors against (be said “state,
Dd. fendsots.
Pthe undersiened, First Marshal of the Courts
withia this colony, and at the request of aforcsaid
Summon by Kdict, Exsuperabundan's:
All known aml unknown ereditors against the abe
andoncd Estate of Heywood & Taylor, to appear be-
fore the Court of Rolls, which will be held on Mon-
day the 10h October, ISTA, their to render in their
claims, to verify the same, and hea objections mae
thereunto, ifneed, and further to proceed as the Law
This Summon by Edict, made known to the publie
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colony,
aad further dealt: with according to custom.
Berbice, 25d Aug. 1814.
K. Francken, First Marshal.
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List of Run-a-way Negroes, in the Colony Stocks ef
Bersice, on the 26th August 1814.
——— a ; = oe .
Names. | Proprietors. | By whom bronglt.
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Namen, | Ligenaren, | Aanbrengets,
Rosa \Pin. Onverwagt |Dehnert

Hercules Idem \lcCamon
[arose Pin. Mara J. Gouversear
Murphy Pin. Herstelling — |Fiscal
Mars Miss laurants Adami
Glasiue Bellevue White
Primo KF. L. Schmidt Idem.
April Idem. idem.
Adonus Idem. idem.
Joe Allen “raucndorf
J. A. DEHNERT, Under Sheriff.
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! By W. SCHULZ & Cv.
Privileged Government Printers

27 August 1814