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The Berbice Gazette

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Twerve doliars p. annun.
FO? the use of the Civil Government, 12
hundret bunches of Plantains, weekly, to be ki inded
at Governinent stelling : For which Te ay ley ‘s will be
received by the Subse riber usdil Monday the SOth
instant, whon they wi be enpened in presence of THis
Excellenc vy the Governor, wind ‘he lowest, Papprov-
ed, acceptes 1 oNwy Sinsterdaor, Otst Mi.
ht. M. LCN ENZIE!D cling “om.
GALE « or CO’ TOD \.
Frererey bales of good clean ectton will be sold
among the creditors of plu nfation Delle hevey, to
the highe st bitders—the sale to tvke place at the
store er VTessrs. Douglas Reid & Co, on the tathot
June, it ic c’clock. Wing LAWSON.
9] May. Trustees.
S dest oF COTTEN.
Tainzy bales c rs sod clean cotton will be sold to
the highs: ! bidder a:nong the cr Tito ‘sof pl ie (tier
Bloon fic lt, at the More at Doughis Reid & Co., on
W ednesdu Jy the loch ou. * June next, at J20° doe ;
21 May. C. DOUGLAS,
~ Gti). LACY,
Offers. fer Sale, the followire articles, at his Store
as font of the Mew Town's Vaveri , on modei=
ate | FOr Sy FO en nec Veep aevenent,
PRIM iness oe Clad hall barrels, Yorkshire hams
pine, double, aut I shingts Gloster cheese, spht peas,
pearl barley in jues, Lristol trip’, Ish potatoes in
hampers, salide oil, draft porter in hhds., Port, Mi
Geira, au delirct per pope and Lud., old run incusks,
rose and Liven ler water ia pint bottles, priv ated cali-
cores, retluren dices, hallde., and buckled stoces,
ladies fancy do. da., boys, ehh, aud children do. do,
raspber, ov vinegar, seuttera: waussortod, tiped & plan
concorded futes, knives and forls wih carvers, best
plited table and fer sovons, fish wcitles, stu ae
with covers, scls 9. Cis) Cove Ty, MAG et OU sy ste
pans, dapaniod tuebl ws, cre cons ts, tolile bets.
sumar boxes, sailors pets, bora rl elass banchorus.
ink stands, lave Duco ovens, Tties scissors, chs
and cupberrd locks en} Sinvecs, 8 Lite thane necdTes
and Qiin:bl sy steel putin neeceoss, pen and pocket
knives, round bolts, Backs Peek
Inge bruh sp erates 0) Ore iy woekes te ser dy to tl
brushes, bod sat Porlites, vorsdle co Mos dyporeeue,
cotton bare ing arb ootfee Tees, oO} Alay.

. '
View original ALL those who have any Cerin. veainet, Fe ate
gndebted tothe late FE. Prego, tesq. ee. ape
reguesfed (yo reader (heir elains, aod fone pi.
mentto Mr. U1. Sraar, New A fcrgan.
Q1 May. Doelibcrating Executrix.
Ficty-two dales good chan cotton, the produec
of plantation Totearn—Venders for which, or any
quantity not tess than 10 bales, wit! be reccived at
the Vendue Office until Saturde: the 4th of June,
when (he sume will be opened and the hiohert efter
accepted,—pryment to he made in cash on delivery.
D.C. CAMENON, for self and
21 May. JOUN ROSS, Scouestrators.
-_—_—------ erxrr—w OO Se
View original —— Or"
s ‘ e ’ ‘ ‘ 4 PY ‘7; ‘yy
Cu bd bl d. 4 VF ot, (JE RIGS,
/ Poin Poy Tear FQ]
j re. . -t/ j .- is 1.
CASH wanted for tliree Government Pilly, of £200
each, 2! SOdavs sieht.
Ponders tae ripleate, n ieee ‘Teaders for hill
for the whole or any of the will be peer iii aul this
Oftice >) until 1Q U { aU o3 Olli Monlay 2 LOrning the O°d
JOUN S. WILSO* N, Commissariat.
THE undersigne “db a “2 bout to leave the colony,
begs leave, by desire of several of the Subscribers to
~ aN iy mt) “aden § “
the Quarfeity Balls, to requ
Meeting of Sub-
scribers, at Me. Binsine’s ‘Favera,on the 5th of
June next, for the PUTP vse of entering into aTTANGe.
ments for continuing thy same, and of A ppointin fa
Treasurer in his roum. Gi. BAGOT
14 May ‘kreasurcr.
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View original sy yt
i ba
, -)
= . I meee
' oo ower = aes” ao EE a= ee ee 2 Se ee
View original SATURDAY, MAY @l.
View original VENDUE OFFICE.
NB. The medicines advertised to be sold, by or-
der of Dr. van Merzel, is postpone tT till further notice
D. C. CAMERON, Den. Vote Mastr
View original ————— "COC cer
On Wedresday the 2oih dst. will be sold, by or-
derofthe Wees caer, the Elects ot the late Suesty
de Vedter, and PL Dion cory consisting ta wearing
apparel furniture, and carpenters to rts.
By order of JG. BP. Vhéicrssia, in commission,
a lew head of cattle, Li wood oiler.
On the same day, dry goots, provisions, beer,
porler, oh

D. CG. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
On Banradiy the 83 tnst. wilh be solid without re-
serve, atthe bousecand by order ofA. Nacsa, bq.
his whole tock of coods consoling of Vladedra aun
Vidondy wires ta enshs and botdes, Port wine in but-
Mes, Londen brown stout in ! ids. and barrels, di. p.
dozen, a complete assortment of stone and @lassware,
Irish Hnenysheetin s, Russiado. and duck, linen, cot-
fon, furniture, cheess, pricted cottons, ganghanss,
white tread, Britanuias, platillas, jeans, fiocn, denper,
Welch thiamel, superuine broad cloth, white and co-
loured nankeens, blue and wliile sthanpetes, India
silk and cotton hkfe. umbrellas and parasoles, fea in
canisters, ROYCAU 1:1 Cases, pale and paintou, biush-
es, hair brooms, soap, candles, glanber suits ta hess
of 53 and 112 th. fHardam’s smut! i eanisters, and to
close consigamenis, beaver and silk Date, ladies sices
assorted, gentlemen shocs, miliary au LEfesstin boots,
fancy colomed and Dhlrek silk wilsicards. superti ic
cloth coats 5 ploted candbestichs aad Ceca aor sfanus,
ladies work and dressing boxes, wencloea Cressing
CASCS, elegant (ca CuuIsters, Sonne Jews Lynas aoe
cored sein acd sewors twine, Xe.
Also ovaoecount ol those concerned a bhd. of to-
Nyeco and a bale of naukcens coudetuned by a Boaid
ul survey.
D.C. CAMURON, Den. Vendue Master.
NB. Thefale vil commence at ]} o'clock precisely.
BC oe _ — ao ee
On Satnrdav the Sst inst. will be sold, on plan-
fntion Paderte be erdor of the Weeseames, (he
i ef ot thee baie J lin Prodertek, Is:y. Cons tstine
ot Ty head ce icy OT Cat wether sheep, 100 ewes
pid dambe, aberse, and S negroes, Bugleuw boobs,
Madechrasviag, UV juors, a fowline piece, Cc.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Veadue Master.
ews en ree eo } ow 68 wrasse were
View original et ess TSE ea - 2° r oo S25 --°S 2 Sew oew rer e's ~— ~~
¥ \ 14 7 ‘ry 4 YD ’ ° a , q\ Hp gy’ ry
s arsed £o20ba0 2 SV AU4Fa A £ WAdse
, ) Sf; 4 a -
this ty lo Vel Pu hal Che J C ig pcre
. ‘4 . . - - j
ls @hbc ria q eibile’ fil’ UO
Wilson ivlot with the next convoy.
A. byriccees with the dunc or Judy convoy.
° . °
it. t. DON. eviuary OeCcy.
wee . ee ? a . il Lf . loaf , ,
NOD ICRisherebyeorwven. tiala morth after dace the
fol or NS Lrans pe role ana i on F es wlll Ge passed,
98 Apr. G. Gordon, will transport to Demerary six
negroe slaves, named Bachus, Mentor, Ld-
mond, L0i Ou, Wars 9 an nf Samba.
—— Henery and ‘Paylor will Gausport to L. B.
MeRic, 20 rods of land, more or less, of the
eastern balfof lot No. 18, commcucing from the
new road, north sice.
May 7. The Execcutors tothe Willof Robt, Wade,
dec. will transport fo Susan Mintos, 7 reods of
land of lot No. G, with (he buildings thereon.
May 14, David Carnegie will transport to Geo. Ba-
: got, the western balf of tot No. 2u, west Coren-
(yn coast, known there as Plantadion Nurney.
Geo. Bavot will transport to ‘bh. Wade, ihe
western half of lot No. 26, west Corentine coast
known there as Pln. Nurncy.
—Vhomas Wade will pass a morfzage for the pur-
chase money of Pin. Nurney, of wespern half
of lot No. 26, west Corentine coast, to be vest-
ed on the said estate Nurney, as ais» on 8 Ne-
grocs, named Change, Prince, Adam, Jolin,
Howe, Cato, Little Prince, Liutle Present, and
further asccond Mortzave in favor of Ceo. La
got, to be vested on $2 Negrocs, names to be
sccm at this OLice.
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View original a0 £.
—~S ewes 1 = =e CU 6 ewe eee eee a ee it cen
View original FOR LONDON.
ihe The Ship EOISABE TH,
sn) Tuos. Lanaerick, Master,
ly ready to reccive her cargo, and will sail with
(he first convoy, tor freight apply to
\pril. ALA. nena COURT.
Ite, Tue Orig MI NERV A.
ers Is ready is ftke in her cargo, and will posi
lively sat with he fizst convoy, for ire ight apply to
95 April. AL AL pe na COL Ry,
IL _—_
View original TORK GLASGOTl,
ath Tins Prig ALPHA.
D. SloConrnstex, Master.
To sail with the Jimie convoy; for ficight or passage
apply to
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View original [ Payable an advance.
View original ee ee ee eee
Pease & barley, luc & white salemporcs,
Refined sugar, Printed calicoes,
‘farseilla wine, Furniture cbintz,
Salt, Ginghams,
Windsor chairs, Vusquitto lawn,
Bark, rhubarb & Epsom Pullicate, Bandana, Mae
salls, dras, Balesore, and poce
Mustard, ket handkerchiefs,
Tobacco, Plain, spotted, strip: d, la-
Corks, pet, & tamboured muse
Paints & oil, lins,
{boone & revets, Jeans & corded dimity.
oD & aii Mos, White cotfons,
atlemen’s & ladies hats| Blue, , ycllow, & white nane
“hs ts & shoe S, keeus,
Biachiug, liguid for boot Platillas & checks,
(ops, Britannia & cotton shirting
Negro prekets & lapsy Table cloths & naphiasy
ffreen table covers, urseliles,
Sewing twine, Glass, tin, & hardware,
Csnaburzs, Statio SarVy
Irish sheeting & linen, = |Hozcry,
Fable & brow a lhnon, Sadlery,
Thread & fape, Perfumery, &c.
Coffee & colton basins,
4 May. - JOUN CROFT.
View original COKN FOR SALF,
A'T the rate of ten cuilders per thousand ears, or
at eight wailders per thousand by taking a quantity
of 10,000.—A pply to G. PAUELS,
1! May. or at Pln. Ma Retraite.
View original FOR SALE
Tue fast sailing Pilot Sloop, copper bottom’d and
in cood order.—1{ not scld by the drst June, will be
put up at Vendue.
View original FOR SALE OW HIRE.
A Negro man, who auideestands in perfect order
the Raking proicsstun.—enguire at Unis emEes
Tov 14,
View original a ed
TEN bales of good clean cotton, from plantation
Fyrisu, for cash orapproved bills of exchange on
delivery, to pay currentexpences; ‘Tenders for the
tie will be received at the residence of the Sube
scriber on lot No. 20, until the Ist of June next.
Tis. Fk. LAYFIESLD, for hinselfand
7 May. Jno. FRASER, Sequestrators
View original NOTICE:
THe creditors of plantation Clifton, and of Iluer
B. luaguis, are hereby informed, that there will be
20 a 25 bales cotton to be sold amongst them, at 12
o’clock on ‘Shursday the 96th inst. at the louse of
Mr. McBean, at the late Vendue office.
May 7.
View original v
VAHL Subscriber requests those who have any
claims against the Estate of the late Wu. Duncan,
I’sq., to render them in to Mr. Cus. KyT&; to whom
all indebted, are requested tomake payment without
delay, he being authorised to give receipts for the
7 May. A. SIMPSON, Del. Excentor.,
View original NOTIFICATION
By Order of the Court of Civil Justice,
of the Colony LPerbice.
The Fronorable Jonn Fraser, hazing resiened
his Trust as one of the Scequestrators or Trustecs to
the Estate of Rornent Doucras, now undcr Vo-
luxtary Seqitestration, in bchalf of his Creditors.
The Creditors of the said Robert Douglas are, in
conformity to the stipulations under which the Trus-
teeship has becn entered inlo, now required to nomi-
mate a proper person to supply the place of Mr. J.
Fraser ;—for this purpose a Mectine of his Credi-
tors is convened at the Secreiary’s Office, of this co-
lony, on Wednesday the 23th instant, at 12 0’clock,
for the purpose of such nomination and election.
Court Louse, Lerbice, ist May, 181A.
By Command,
ee te
View original —_—~— =
-_-—_—_—— — -————
BY virtve of an appointment from His Exectloney
H.W. Bextinxck, squire, Lientenant-Governor
of the colony Berbice and its Dependencies, &c. &c.
Upona petition of R. C. Downer, as the Attorney of
Win. King, together with P. Be ‘nyuin, appointed
Curators to the Estate of F. Bynoc, dec., versus, the
Plantation Lewis Manor.
Notice ts hereby given, that IT the undersigned,
First Marshal of the Courts of this c Tony, will S I.
at Pubhie Exec ution Sale, | in the inonth ot June S15,
te precise day hereafter to be notided through the
Gazette of this col Ony.
Lhe Colton Plantation Teizis Manor, situate oy
the Teast sea coast of this colony, with all ils
cullicacion, slaves, buiidines, Oc.
Whoever should think to haveany right, action or
Interest, on abovenamed plantation Lewis) Manor,
Wishes to oppose the Execution Sale thereof, let such
persons address themselves to the Marshal's ‘Obie eo!
tl; is cole HV, dec Lora i= (ein re: ASONS for so doing | it)
due tise end tormy, as Phereby give notice, that] Will
reectve Op position lrom every one thereunto quali-
fied, appount themaday to lave his or her claim
hendboore th: Court, and further act therein as
(hc law directs.
This 3rd pine laination published as customary.—
Berbice, Lath “toy ISA.
K.FRANCKEN, First Varshal.
View original Sih vy LAECUTION.
EY virtue of an apy ointment from This FExcellen-
-W.Bostinck, Esquire, Licutenant-Gover-
nor of the colony iterbice and its Dependencies, &c.
Ke. QC.
Upon a petition of John MeCamon, versns, Plir-
tution Lewis Munor, said appuintinent bearing dats
15th Feb. 1814.
Notice Is herchy given, that IT the wn tersiened
First Varshal of the € ourts af this col myy whl Sel!
wt Public E> cecution § ale,inthe monthoo Suse, IS 15,
the precise day hereafter to be notifed throuch the
Gazette of this colony.
Lhe Cotton I: stale Lewrs Ma 20", eluate on lire
rast coast of hiscalonay, with ull us cultizvaticn,
slaves, buildings, Xe.
Whoever should think to have any right, action,
or interest, on alos satd plantation Lewis M: anor, andl
Wishes to appose (he Execution Silo th reof, let sueh
Persons address themselves to the Marshal’ s Ofiice,
of Uhis colony, declaring their reasons tor so deine
In due Gore and lorm, as | he eby cive no ice, that
Twill receive opposition trom ey ryoone thereunte
qualified by law, appoint them ad, WY to havelits or
hier claim beard before the Court, and further act
thereon as the law directs.
This first prochunation published as customary,
Berbice, loth May, ISi4.
K. FRANCKEN, Firs¢ Marshal.
View original SUMMON by EDICL
BY virtuc of an appointnent from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, granted Upon a
petition, presented by Jolin Lapin and Peter Fair-
bairn, in their capacity as Sequestrators for Planta-
tion YEOVIL, the late properly of Dudley Wade,
said appointment bearing date 26th January, ISI4,
J the undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
within this colony, and at the instance of afureaid Se-
Qucstratours, ,
Summon by Edict:
All claimants on the proceeds of plantation Yeovil,
cum anuexis, sold at execution Sale.
View original
View original To appear before the Conrt of Civil Justice of this
colony, at their session which will he held in the
month of July T&tt, there to exhibit and verify
their clainis, sec the sane objected to, ifneed, and
further to proces d according to Law.
Whereas atter the fourth Summon by Udret, th
Court will proceed (O decide Oli the pr ter nf ancl
concurrent right of claimants, on pain toall such as
remainin default (o < met their clatns, of beine for
ever debarred of their ei eh of clam,
This Sam non by | Wi , made known to the public
by beat of druin from he Court shots of this colony,
and further dealt With ac ordine ty Custom,
Berbice, 20th May, IS/4.
Ke BR ANY KEN, First Marshal.
ee OS
View original SUMMON By lst d.
BY vir've of an appointment from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, granted upon a
petition of Poter Pairbairn, as appoimled Interin Se-
questrator fo the Estate of dames Fraser, dec., dated
20th January, IST4.
Tithe undersigned, First: Marshal of the Courts
within Chis colony, aud at the request of aturcsaid P.
Mairbuirn, qq.
Summon by Edict:
(Por the fourth time ex super abundant!.)
All creditors or claimants on the Estate of James
Fraser, dec., to give ia their respective claims, in
person or by proxy, before the Bar of the Court of
Civil Justice of this colony, at their session which
will be held in the mont! of Juiy, ]S724, to hear ob-
jections made thereunto, iftieed, and further to pro-
ceed according to Law, on pain toall such who. re-
mainin detanti, of being for ever debarred their right
This Summon by Edict, (ex sup rabundanti) mad.
known tothe public by beat of dram trom the Cour!
House of this colony, ant farther dealt with accord.
ing to Custom.
Berbice, the 16ih of Muy, IS 14.
K.FRANCK EN, First Marshal.
—— ——
BY voters ofaa appomlincut aon the PTonorable
Courbol Caviar ottee of thes co! MY, Sranced upon it
tition, prescuicd by te fsanca sor Oiplians and
unprovided fsvales, bo wine dite the lot Novem-
lye V IS Je | 1). Wrictoas 2th si ab Uh regu: | ofalore-
situ feard, Cy tercby Saaiuon by Edict :—All per-
sons ev ae or pretcudine to lave ary clave orvicht
on the aistate of tie aie overt Azitchcll, to appear
befure the Court of Civil lustiec of tins Colony, at
ther session in the moih ol July, (in the year one
thousand eight hundied and fowstcen,) suy ISLd, tor
(he purpose of there ch liverinee ia Choir claims, see
the same objected to, should it be Necessary, and to
witness, atter the fourth Iédicsal Suimiion, the
Cours decision as to the preforent and concurrent
neh ob Claimants, on pain fo such as remain in de-
laul€ of being for everdebarred their reehtor clam,
This Summon by edict, made known to the public
by beat or drum from the Court House o: this colully,
and turther dealt with eccordhig to custom,
Berbice, the loth February, ISI -4.
KR. FRANCKIUN, Perse Marshal
BY virtue ofan appointient tron the TLonorabl.
Court ol Civil Justice of this cole Js Seaneed upon s
peliion, presented by Liousas § tyee ity ficta ana
Mobert Dou sas, as Curators to the estate of Joba
oss, dec, wid ol James Stucl uty aus Curator to the
Gstate ofelaia sunciairy dec., under dace of 29th Jae
HUaey IS.4. 1 the Nndersiened, at the request of
aloresvid Curator, do hereby Suniunon by Edict -—
ior The fourth tune ex sup. rabundant, all creditors
or Claimants on the late fir of Ross and Sinclair, o1
pluitatoa Nige, situate within this colony, or ou
the separate hstates of John Ross and James Sinclair,
(o give in their claims in person, or by pri xy, betore
the Bar of the Court of Civil Justice, at (heir session
Which will be held in the month of July, 1814, there
to hear the objection made thereto, if wecessary, and
urther to proceed according to Law, on pain to all
such who remain in default, of being tor ever debar-
red their right of claim.
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of drum trom the Court House of this colony,
aud inether dealt with according to custum.
Berbice, the 16th February, 1814,
We PRANCKEN, First Marsahl.

View original SUMMON by EDICT"
BY virtue of an appointment from the Honorable
Court ot Civil Ji stice of tlris colony, oranted upona
peaion, presented by the Board toy Orphans and
ae | 4 Iran et Vig, 7] AT .
Un} rovided BuSLATCS, bearimy (ial Chae Oth INOVECH)-
ber ISIS. l the andersivy ed, at Che request of afore.
said Board, do hereby Summon Dy kdict
sons having, or pretendine to have
on the kstate of Alexande;
wa per-
any claimor right
yuUSTON anc Hus I Lious-
(on or plantation Mary ig, negroes and other ap-
4 ¢ ' ' *)
Pure LICE Jappcar velore ( OlUuLl Ol Uly]i Jus
View original / 7 7 ! a4 ve) ha vy ¢ )
i tl l Monty
ae } .
if a | i ' i Un t \ | ‘ } ah (
hourteen,) .. 4 3 ! OSC OF th * 4) '
: '
i U . (| ne ObTected fo. s
Z ; a SS, el i)
’ ' °
cuidid | ras to thre
iC iy (and Cc biimdrap O Vir)
ICT) 4 bi, Ol na vw CVer Gdebarre
1 } '
bi i ' yi cI
rt ; ‘ I, ’ . ’ , ,
tas Sui ry i ‘ fi yi 1 >| @ 1)1) hie
| ’ ' '
OY Dealt ot Grr: | We 4 (Se (1) CK LOY,
oe } ; ~
eid Pert oI < (4 a4 ‘ l LOY
B Nice he (? vr -) . {
SCTOICC, Uh i. i) if read U4 id °
’ 4 r
' ‘ a e I J inl
View original ~~ ~~ se
~ — —
ie —
Mn SWVALEEY hees leace toinform hie &uhees [-
bers, and the Gentics.en anil Ladies, hoth of
Be ruice anil ¢ Orel (casts, that his
ri AND
1 jl ' :
mM tele placeen VWouday Dreninet e Vth cf June,
[StL at Soe ah ne pees on which occas) n, he
MRS et pare dismast) peciahle CUMORCE,
the NOs celehyps : . Vy Sl Qe ( '/ Meesrs, Brae
MWAwy, Tyre SOON hoy VO Gf :
8 49 JLE
Cais or Jiove on the Vonmains,—awith a Recitative
wad Air. (cauposed by Lrahan.)
y ye . (Kk:
~<) a-LKVUET,
The Thoraj,—as sung by Incledon in his entertains
ment, called Vane'y. (composed by Shittelah.)
Phe Death of Lord Visconnt Nelson,—LEne land ex.
pectevery Maa todo his Duty.
Stud, a Senile to a ‘Pear, —as sung and composed by
To conclude the Gest port, aad by particular desire,
the Comic Song as sume Ly Mei weet, called,
Lobsky and his t ely Wife, or ishing ia ‘Lroubled
No More shall Sorrow Chace My Uleart,— Polacre,
(composed by Bratau.y
Comic Sou yy calcd
Phe Farm Yard, or Piss <qeenine, Wheels ereaki Mr,
Cariwaips craenias, Caries woobiae. Cari 13
squabliac, Rooks co Miter, i’| UENO 7 rio,
Horses nerhing, Oonsies br IVIL, CuChs Crioye
: | (| : ) . ¢ vt oepy y ale
hier, (sxe) Olea Wid, CJ'S Jarhe! 4 Noaty Ss Lhivy
as sua by Str. Paweet, ta thie Popular Barce
of Love tauerbs at hocnw Smiths.
lar Par at Sea or Tossed on the Luitows,—Sung by
Iiclewoa, isi, Nelly, &e.
Sprics of Shull luhj—An Trish Song, sung by Mr,
folusony at Drury Lane bbears > With unboundbe
ed applause, inthe Operaot Pamuly Quarrels.
tloney and) Musfardj,— Or Inatrimony with Sweets
aud Sours,
To couche, by pordickber desire of several Gene
(Gicinen, wiut tie Soug, caked.
Vvhacs a Woman Like.
Admittance f wo
Zea, Coffee, Chocolate, Lemonatdes, Sangries, Sand-
wiches, yc. will be served up.
Mr. Suarcey will feel himself highly honored, if
the (icutienicn and Ladics, who intend wisiliys
the Concert, will subscribe their names and the
number of Tickets wanting.
(ae Tickets lo be had of Mr. Smanrery, on Plantae
lion Liverpool; and at the Gazeltc Office, New
N23. If the weather should not permit on that Even.
inv, it will be postponed until the followin
Berbice, May 2], 1834,
LS a a Sy
—_———_—_— — TT
View original ee oe ee ee ee owe eee ee ewes ..- 7)
——_> @ <6 ea
SaTurbay, Wty 21, 1814
<a @
|) ee.
We present our Readers witha few extracts frem 1)
and German papers, I.o1 [Wheres SYON’S Oblicial
of the defeat of Souttr, and his entrance into B red
aso came us to hand, the oflcial details of Gey
Sir PHoomas Granamy (in Hodland) of an attack p
that gallant General on Bergeneop-Zoom. in \
f ’
jailed. ‘
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a :
Loudon Gazctte
i xtraordinary.
Migjor Freer antle has arrived at tlus otliece, bringing
d sa Hes irom : wha is of \\ ‘tlington, dda sed ©)
J: cal .( isl, Ol WalbCal Cide following are Copies —_—
St. Sever, March 1.
My Lord—fT returned to Garris on the 2tst, and or-
Jes 1 6th Pycht divisions to break up from th
) »of Bayonue, and General Don Manuel Prey
Cc CU re CouNtonnients of his COrPS towards feun
Prac be pre, ard (o move when tae left of the arm.
‘ s dou
nontvons collected at Garris, and they wei
moved { rel » f foliowing days to aad across ti
Cis . Mr Ot, ANd Che (FOULS OL the Centre ol the are
D i
‘On the 24th, Lieut.-<General Sir Rowland Till, passed
{} ( ' ia 1 Valo uate, ita jinht, 2d, aud
Putin. sons, under tie command of Major.Gene.
Ta bles yatou uN ) (.-42en. Sir Wiaiilhani stewart,
Qld ob dris chal dys ath » PIO | lorie kk Lecor: i
L uf reo, Sir dben i Scud Wi he Oth divi
gion between Montto.t and bas, aud bieut.-<Gen. Sat
Thomas Pict nade d is. with th Sd davis.
On, Oo} pinfculg~ou to ( { Wed , OsitlOH al the
I lo ( auvccerre, W bathdaced th eNeily LO Vw
farischal de Campo Don Pablo Murillo drove i: ¢
€ ls Neal N mVerrens, ae | ck AC thal | 1¢
v) tl (sir Voiliam 2 ford likewise, wlio,
Q eri l il Row ae Hill Ol" (he hd i Lda
) Lowatli {th and 7th d lols) and
( Diao. Wh. OW vation on the Lower $1.
: my on the 20d in their fortiGed
Wy cigave, on the left of the Gave
Je] , you lew lu retire withia the tete-despout
a ' J
ui ily arier Che passage of the Gave d’Olcron was
e2\.icC "LOW G faill Qua Sur tj Wn) Uhintohn moved
towards OQerlies, ANG ChE Lical broad Icadiny from Sauve.e
tres to Gia towians at be cue. y Peured an the night
11 } Clcrre AaCloss the Cray ( Adal and assembled
t r 6.6 QrtGes oa the Loui, diaving destroyed alt
Clie ( ( ver.
i nent ur ful the centre of th ri) ) assen bled
O ~O,.I s fs2utseCreu. Sos Sha i ( », with
aitllice ) ‘ yr oN A roe fol YrPaACT,
and Co’. Vivia : lc Juncuon Of tlic

G i\ a Pad WV C al J
, , : ' 8 7 ’ a or
A ‘ , ( \?8 \ bn i o ril
Ct) 9 ride HC C U e Aa Cue J ( ue oi
Ol lie Crave d’ Der ( | Gib Ol The wolli,
| »
lh \ 4 G J iy ( C ‘t A i ‘ 3S t val
\ ,
¢ C q ‘ ene c Ll 7 { | | ‘ il Li, i.) ft -
rr i). : ir, f js (fa) Lt lb Cl Gi Wated ( eC Cal ys 2nd
Licut oti l) bi i] ds I * Wi { pA ier
Del ) Coe i] LC Gl i i 4 aa UD y’ O i i igual
Gilt i) 3 {o t Sl c raid i Aut sitee “ir i Wiaghd
Jini Ci} ed tl. tv il Rakile ) bi:Gh Laud Lisa
Boal jeadiue to Saur,
Ne Cte od ’ LoS Crosse on { m0 7
4 -
dl & rol A } « hoa ‘ X 4 4 ‘ ) : dt
) bhaich ty, A hia by ( hele rae ad
iU.l () ] ‘ e —/ \ in Vu > bd vs «
@ilc i> | t ‘i ‘ i ' ‘ \ ‘ ‘ \ i CO vil, a 4
O : T Ti ¢ Peo oi 1’ | ifoan Piill.
CO ) I Gilw, 4 a , lid ! lq (;
ni : be | “oa ‘ toa al > t(oaey ’ mo Sti is
QO] ti {oO PAVe ei ed ‘ ‘ aval be two tii Lalla
j . : ,
i Gel d « wis @.%a Yy . 4 ‘ AU LOU lui, 1G a@llickK
th yy eCuy i} iC Wael il sii lav ardvdtd al ial l bs. uUl.e(:.cCh
D) Lowry © ole. Aud th Z(t) GdivastObl UNG WlhajoreGerd,
I - * . } 4 . ! e .
nT. and \ Ol, vy iS badbbl S Deiva Ul Cay li \ : Whlblie
7 | ‘ ( a ! . , .
Lc en. Sir kaiom Mictou should Mmouve alviy the
p} “UT road } j tog {roti yY J mol ide ( Orth Se aidlatlack
} ! ) ; ’ f ]
rl ) bie On whic! che Cul my Cceoulre aud helt S(00d,
with {Ne NG OTA CivistOuUs, BUYpPOrl d by Sla, betor
1 * .
of{ton with Lord Ed. Somersets brigade otf cava ry.
~~ ‘ ‘ ? | . .
Miayor-Gen, Charles bb movkdleny withthe ight division,
Kepl uy) the COMMtUMcCaidours att l was in reserve between
? | : ‘ ) ‘
these two altar kos. Puikewtse desucd [pic ut.-<Gon, ii
Rowland Till to cross the Gave, and to turn, and to are
tack the enoiny’s left,
Niarshal Sir W. bseresford carried the village of St. Bows
the 4th dsvidoun, under the command of Laeut.eGen.,
Sir Lowry (— , al criatll olastioate resistance by the cnec
my : tvoit ho grou (i Was So taPeowW (iat the (ruops could
not de}
peated attempts of MajyoreGeou, Ross and Bricgadior-Gen,
Vasconcello’ Portuguese biigade 3; and it was impossib!
to turn the enemy by Chere rigit, without an excessive ene
tension of our line.
I therefore so far altcred the plan of the action as to
loy toa fack ihe Ie Pits Wolwillistandins the ree
order the immediite advenece of the 3d ard 6th divisions,
and I moved forward Col. Barnard’s brigade of the licht
division, to aliat k the left Ol the height ov which the cue.
my’s right stood.
This attack, kd by the 52d regiment, under Licut.-Col.
Colborne, and sayy orted on their right by Muajor-Gen.
Lan , ] . ’ . ) :
Brishane’s and Col. Keau’s brigades of the 3d division.
ind by simultaneous attacks ou the leit by Miajor-Gen.
9 a ’ » } ° ’
Auson’s brigade of the 4th division, and on the rizht = by
e ‘ : 1’
Lieut.-Gen, Sir dQOmMuas
ICLON, with the remainder of
View original the 3d division, and the 6th division under [Licut.-Gen.
Sir H. Clinton, dislodged the enemy from the heigh s, aud
Save us the victury.
In the mean tine Lieut.-Gen. Sir Rowland [Hill had force.
ed the passage of the Gave above Ortiies, ana seeing tie
state of the action, he moved immediately wath the sccund
division of infantry under Lient.-<Gen. Sir Woaiiaa Stee
wart, and Major-Gen. Fane’s brigade of cavalry, direct
for (he great road from Orthes tuSt. Sever, thus keeping
upon the enemy’s left.
The cuciny relired at first in admirable order, taking
very advantage of the vumerous good positions which the
country afforded. Pan losses, however, which they had
sastaipcdan the contimucd adlacks of our troops, and the
a igor with which (hey were Citea ened by Licut.-Gen.
vic beow lana Lli Psinvvemenut , SO0N accelerated ther MOVC.
ments, and oie Petrea€ al bea sity became a Hight, and their
(road's were an fae Ubiaost Cor Fuston,
Licul..Grea. sip Stapleton Cotton took advantage of the
nr y OPPorlunity Waichoallore ilo Cnarze w itn Major-G ‘iW,
Locd Bdward Somerset’s Deizade ta the neighbourhood o,
sanlt de Nauvathless where the ea ‘my had been driven frou,
thehivh roadby bicut.e-Geu. Ser Rowland foil. = The 7th
hussars distinenisned thetusclves Upull (Mis OCcasIoN, and
inade Many pelsorers
We continued fhe je ursuat GU) it was dusk. and T halicd
(he army In thenowabvatwood of Saat de Navailles
I Cannot estimate the extent of the eMeiniy’s loss: we
have Gaken six oieees of Cannon. aud a great many pre
Fomers: the wambers bd cannot at present recor TF
whole country is covered by thote dead fhorarmy was
in the utuioet confusion ween I : Siw it parsing
hts near Sault de Navaitlos, and ma y Idievs hag
DVI GWay (Cb dr arias. h he d 4 | st) ats silce been
(! :
VV. lo ;owed 1 \ Vy ft ‘ r to (his 4 - ana
wee GAs itp yd route ou VW ibcresford
Wits fhre deltid Guava », og wv bv tty Diddle, ul!
ont de i's eo Woe bet lhe taka he ad Vv. ) baile Wie te
zine ol CO ss S,

Licut elLreclh. SIP avON lathe i.) Nas moved Wwpon Aire,
and tli ad nce | Usts fine C ule ate al Casares.
The ene Ny hs l} di clei i Cab dtdy pon Yeon. aud lave
loft Opel Cis CLIFF Cl cCUdd iUNde Us JPoOtts aur,
Woiuise the gocitaisvis of Woucl bk tave above given thy
report were carry. var die ugzhtol tac aruy, Licut.-Gea,
Sir Jolin Ii ype, OP CUNO HO Wardha wre Adu thal Aeitose,
. ; 1 , eo . . 4
aVal) d flbises (| ol Ail U purlaiiily ve stacal Ksyaacea Al wil Chic a& wii
of february. LO CFOSS ile ch UOUP teCcrow bb 1, Ullal tad oly
take PUssesston Of DOLN VaiilkkKs Of Lic vavech at als oan
rt —_ ;
A he vessels GeslaQed Co lotus tite t pbaze CO iid bboy ecb dil
) K a} . .
till tne ae te : Whom all (iatisic.l , «fl tal « dal S l di ij
' ' oe
y Car, GUigeFous vpei etiJth Ol Oil -e te fa pe db Ae si Clea
wits a doyvee of wallamery aia spe sclwoui ota
' : ' ‘
{cit u -* all. %) J nh , al ‘ ' ‘ ' +
> , .
J Tr. i) lag . ol : ‘ 7 . * @dolo tbl.
WwW 4 tti { tal | a . i ! 4 é 5
ob 4 i ibsy y) A ‘ a ‘ i i . 4 AL al-
ah hiol sel 4 LOse idee bal 4 A 4 \ bust Ulli
' ?
i) ‘ alii Os bhlits pedi, b do, Lint winch the
2 Coby ibkieda Sit J oa.ti ba © bes Cuba his it iIMloO exe

phe enemy, Concating that the mean. of cr¢ ssing the
river, WAC laent.eGaen. sur Jobim Hone lad at bis Come
dual, viz. rakis made of pontoous, had not cuabled hia
vu Cross a lurge force ia the Courseol GaeYod. altacked the
Corps Which he bad seul over ou that cveming., ‘Phis
Corps consisted of GCO men ol the Lat brigade ol guards,
nder (he commaud of Majyore-Geou. coe dhon, Ldward Slop.
cord, Who repulsed the ovy daieedatay. ‘bhe rocket
lc Was oF vreat use Uy Ol ChIS GeCasivli,
Pisee of the ene y's Sure DOLD Wete destroyed this
lay, and a frigate Jying inthe Agour roceived Cuusidere
be Gamase trop ine give Of a Datery OF VO-pounders,
aud WAasodbd led to s yhiavher Up the £.vel LV Chie Moiglboure.
) i ‘ I j se
LicuteGen. x. John Hopeiavested the citadel of Ba.
yorue oO. the Qala) aad Li tere. dou bane Frey re
inaved forward wich pOuUrEA atbesth at ‘yy IV COlSse.
Guenc Of GAbeCUONS Wariche i ad ol POG tall), Oi thie
e7th the Gridye having been completed, LicuG.-Gen. Say
Joon lt ye Geenicad it C& ‘dieu (OQ bavest the Citadel of
bayoune wore close: an he lad doue belores and he
attacked tue villa: Post. Ptreuce, winch he carried, hav.
7 }
iilg taken « elJtQN all | SOTTC risoucfPea ifO 1} the Cnecwy
agic how wWilillia OVO Vai {s ol tale OULW orks of
: aud
Phe result of the operations which IT have detailed ty
your Lordship is, (hat Bayoune, St. Jcan Picd de Port.
ind Navarrens, are invested
the Adour, are in possession of all the great communics
and the army having passed
(ions across the river, after having beaten the enemy and
(.Keu their magazines,
your Lordship will have observed with satisfaction the
able assistance which I have received in these operations
iron avarsbal Sir W. Beresford, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Row.
land bali, sav Jobo Tope, and sir Stapleton Cotten, and
rom all tue gencra. oflicers, and troops acting under their
Ofdere Pos| ecu ‘ty.
[tis imposstole for me sufficiently to express my sense
of ther mrecit , Or ot Che d reeta which the country iS ine
debted to Giaeit zeal and abi ity tor the situation in) which
the ; rMy NOW Whos its
Ail the tigo,s. Port y sc as weH as British, distin.
wuished theinselves: the Joh divisions under Lieut.-<Gen.
sic Low ty Cole, in the attack oi st. Boes, and the subse.
quent endcavour: to carry Che sight of tue heights. The
Sd, Guy and Hohe divisions, under the coumand of Licut.-
Cron. Ste Phomas Picton, Sie Tt. Claton. Siajor-Gen,
Cnarles Baron Alten, int ack Of the emouiy’s positic
on on the heiyhes 5 ANU Chese aud Che 7li Giyissou under
View original Major-Gen. Walker, in the various overations and alte
during the en wy ’s relroat,
Poe charge mage by the 7th hussars under Lord ld
ward Souwrset was highly meritorious.
Ihe conduct of the artillery throughout the dey d serv.
cd my entire aperubation, bam likewise much mdcbted
to the QuartersMaster-Gen, Sir George Murray, and (he
Adjutant-Gen Sir Edward Pakenham, for the assictance
[ have received from them, and to Lord Fi ZrOy Suimerset
and th: oftcers of my personal Stall, and to the Marischal
de Camno Don Migiel Ntava,
The tas: acca nis wines | nave received from Catalonia
are Of tacQ0ti. Paes rs coen © amainders of the gariisons
OF Tacciday Meoqaen gay and Macazony had boon induced
Co vdleudic ties, rdcesy Oy vidas sent them by the Baron
Wicre Cus bt Wa ao did Suh Co's C) Valery ul wlach he I :d goe
Phe Goa) s compotng these garrisons having joined,
Were al etwa as suerouu ain re piss Of Marctoitl, on
their dares fas bane be ae Pron tier, ly adetichiiente
leot the Anglos uci Cocpsy at mode beam the first Spas
mS) ary. da teeren. CO) ors a dow. dinem to capitne
dlc, OTL dtd Ho YeO Peceivid ceo tia 'y veport on
Chis suiy oot, worded ye Know whore che result.
It Wascapeetcd in Cataloma thot Marsaal Suchet ould
itinedately evac rate tiie provinces and baicar hece that
beooas to | wu Miasshal Soule.
b hive not yet the detailed repor's of the ca]
culahou of Jaca,
[ iuetore returns of the killed and wounded d: rng the
late Operations,
isend tlis dispatch by my Aidesde-Camp, Major Freee
mane, Who Dbog leave to recommend to your Lourdsnip’s
protecuon, JL have the honour to be, &e.
(sisned) WELLINGTON.
Tela Brici hh L so fr un the \ {/h Lo the 27 Lh Icbruary,
il L£4¢.
lL oinvior, S ciotius. Soi ui ante, J stall, loensign, 24
SE ge teu ete SOS tank aw’ le. Thorse, kill.
CUS asda stung Zoo teculem is 8 majors, 38 cane
Hades si db cleat a dob Stacy Pbeasizns and J Stall,
bogqucroe raster. Bl screens, 15 drummers, 1372
FAOK amd tac Toons. we amedcods Lb captains 1 Hhette,
Soscijedaley b deuce, 58 rank aud dle, 1 hurse, misse
St, Sever, March 4.
My Lord.—Tho rain which fol in tne afternoon of the
Us€ swiolled tue wau ity ada the mvulets filling into that
MiVCLs 90 COIs Choly, ds atleriuy ty imo cdeour farther
VMS ress, a to aide ine Che next diy to nalt the army
Ql a could repdaie the bridges, allo. which the encms had
destioyoud, “Pie naan coninued til last Night, and the rie
Verisso tapid, thatthe pontoons caunot be laid upoa it
dhe euciy wad Collected a Corps at Aire, prodabiy to
Protect the evacuation of a maxzazine which they had at
(hat place, Si it. Hall attacked this corps on the 2d, aid
drove tuem from their post with coustdcrable loss, and
louk possession of toe town and wacavine,
Pam sorry tultuve to re. ort tuat we lost the Hon. Lt.
Col. flood on teas oGcuswon. an clicce Of great morit and
PrOUlioe, La Ollics es, LES OU LOSS Was not SCVCTEe,
Ticchosesie it. bhar sc yebis whic aiords another ine
Statice of Che Codd. er ait Saeettry uf the troops under
his counmand.—1 war
‘‘Dbhe Larl ssutuurst.
Ayre, March 3,
My Lord,—I pursuance of your Lordstiiy’s INstructe
tons, | yesterday advane do with the trogps udermy come
Maud Upon tae wad laua g bv this place on the left bank
vf tie Adour.
Upon the arrival of the advanced guard within 2 miles
of the town, the chemy Was discovered occupying a strong
ridge of hills, having his right Hank upon the Adour, and
(hus covertig the road tu this place.
Notwithstanding the strenght of his position, T ordered
the attack, which was executed by the Qd division under
Lt. Gen. the Hon. Sir W. Stewart (which advanced on the
ruad leading to this place, and thus gained possession of
the chemy’s extreme rignt, and by one brigade of the Pore
Suese diviston under Bitsadier-Geu. La Costa, which ase
coended the heights occupicd by the enemy at about the
center of Ais | usition.
Phe Portuguese bri ade succeeded in gaining possession
of the ridges, but were thrown invo such confussion by the
ressistance made by the cncwy, as would have been of the
Must serlous Cons quence, had it not been for the timely
Uppore given by the 2d division under Lieut.c<Gen, Sip
W. Stewart, who having previously beaten back the ene
emy directly opposed to him, aud seeing them turning to
fo charge the Portuguese brigade, ordered forward the ist
brigade of the 2d division, which, led by Major-Gen,
barnes, charged the enemy in the most ygaliant Style, and
beat them back, thoowing their coilum into the greatest
The coemy made various attempts to regain the ground,
but Licut.<Gen. the Hon. Sir We. Stew arty having now
been Joined by Major-Gen. Byog’s brigade, was enabled
to drive (hem fiou all their positions, and finally from
the town,
By ali acconuts of prisoners, and from my own obeser.
vations, at least (wo divisions of tha ene Inv were engaved,
The loss in killed and wounded has been very great, and
we have above one hundred prisoners. ‘Phe cheiy’s line
of retreat seems to have been by the retzht bank of the
Adour, with exception Of some part of their force, which
being cut off from the river by our ractd advance to this
(own, retired in the greatest confussion in the direction ef
Pau. These troops bave left theie arms iin ¢ very direction,
A canuot omjt this oppurtunity of ext rosin ly yous
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View original t ] .
i i * 4 bi ‘ Ui < i

> ,
1 4 C & j Ch tN (,f ! } ( ;
4 : ' ) bag :
a ) ) i di | 7)
qs ! } .
c a ‘ i ' , Ch } ) h } be
yu > Wilacil - [ we Sent JuULuCd ti
+ >
ei } :
’ . } | — . iG .
4 Mit! « < ‘ O 4 ww 4. ACs)
View original Rotterdam, March 23.—The esnnonade heard hore
yesterday was occasioned by an actack, made by a Ireneh
ity of the tine, assisted by a number of yuneboats, on
Mort Frederick Uenry, situated on the Scheldt: hut the
Fort prevented their passage, and the french ag sin sailed
up the Scheidt.
Dorkrecht, March 23.—The flotilla consisting of 17
sail, which had served against Gorcum, and which has
been lying fast in the iceat Hardinwveld, arrived this day
olf this place, and is partly destined for Rotterdam.
Arnhein, March 23.—The Commandant of Wesscl lias
turned 500 persons out of the city. They are most of
them come here on their way to Holland, wheae they lave
relations. It is said that a great many mareare do be scur
away, There is a great morality in the place, especially
in the garrison, so that, as these people Sav, scarcely 700
men are ablo to do duty, Want of provisions begins to
be felt among the citizens.
Brussels, March 7.—Ahout 12 or 1,500 men, who
weee cantoned in Chis neigbourhood, marched aw ly Wiis
mrornins Co steenghten the corps laying before Antwerp.
Weare avsured this fortress will agin be closely tavested,
The division of the Peassian Geacral Thichnan, having
orthe 23th of February moved against La lerre, made
Uself master of that fortress, after a canonada, which was
vf very short duration. —Exchuive of 400 prisoners, a
Most considerable magazine has fallen into the hands of che
Conquerors, viz.
Ist Upwards of 109 pieces of brocs artillory, some with
and without carriages.
2. Pontoons of copper and woud, suMficicnt lo mak.
two bridges cf hosts,
fia. A magozine of 10CO waecone, with new tired
wheels, with other articies, enuamerafcd onder 17 head:
all which sforcs are estimated by our Newspapers at
20,000,000 francs,
A corps of troops, consisting of from 35 to 19.90u
infantry, and 12.0GO horse, are to pass through Namen
between the 2d aud Jith of Saaich, to join the grand
army in France.
Brusscls, Maro .—An oticer who left the head-
quarters Of Marshal Glicher ow the 17 instint. as courier
with dispatches forthe Crown Prince of Sv betty Tas this
Gay pass | throws here ow his w av bo Lacie. dbs state,
thaton the lita, ba. aod Voth, the Allies did Gsken uy their
former positions, and even Sol possessten af the baperial
palace of Cunpvigne. Meanwhile iarcurfaat events were
expected to take place on the P7ihy and tho more so as it
Was learnt, that the main ay dy, unaer Prince Schwartzen.
berx, had advanced, for O), purpose @. Procesding i its
Operations in cunjuaciion will Macsiel blacher, [tape
pears Corlaia thal tae whole aginy of the Crown Prince of
‘siveden is destined te Chas paluc,
Genera Vhichaan, with his corps, 6000 strong, is arrive
ed at Pournay 3 this and seme other rciafureeaeats ace
do .tined to juin the great nilitary Operwions on our bore
ders. Gen. Maison is cnfovd iv watching tue ures
mets of these troops. They scily made by Cre warrison oi
Antwerp on the 17th proved Very destructive (u ils the,
luct wowards of 500 privoiers,
Whe flesh Atlies have nominated Cen. uflurray to be
Command. cia Chiclof the Belgian truoys.
Brussels, slarch 22.— Yesterday 3000 French prisoners
ariived lie, comming from Sens 5 among chom was a
peasant, wpe whom were found tetters ef the hishest
isportance, and wuo has been arrested as a sy'Y.
Vianna, March 2.—It is said that the Kio of Nantes
is to have the enief command of the Austen Ceoops be.
yond the Alps. Itis knowo here coat Hol! tad is to bee
come @ possession of ths second sine of the English Royal
Family, and thot it iy | roposed to unite to Holland thy
former Austrian Netherlands.
Porney, riburr, and S youre, still refiise to tale their
places in the Dict of the mtoctecn Centons on tie Qhysdinst,
still demandiog thata Diet of th: Ghirteen old Cantons chal
Db called Co datermine aud ua (he 4
isals and existeuce of
thenew one.
. ’ ’ - ’
Prantvfort, March 7.—-After the advantages over Blue
cher, and the Prince of Wirtemberg, Napoli
On wrote to
bis fathereinelaw,
Wadhong proposals fur peace, in which
the following expressions :
“Lhe Russian army is annihilated, the Prussian army
sityorgantbed: Usore rematas on 'y yours to make war
Gainey bu why 2 lotus make pouce, Ne.”
The Maperor Francis communicated this letter to his
MMlies, aud three Genera!s were Cispatehed with a verbal
answer. bor ty Frenehmen are expected here toedayy, who
have boon arrested, because they are accused of having
potsoved Llussians,
Luusane, March 5.—T ravelters from Geneva, says that
the loss of the Preach ia ceverlal bloody battles near that
(owas about L200 men. On the side of Savoy the French
had approached within cannon shot of that city, At
Meysia, on the road to Lyons, the French were also, and
the inhabitants had taken up arms; but the Austrians ad-
vanced to the ploce after aslight resistance. They requir.
ed that the guilty should be given up to them, threatening
to burn the wiole town of Meysin; however only two of
them were shot, and their houses burnt ; butsome are car.
ried of Geveva. It is uot known how strong the French
ace; they show themselves in the whole mountanious
Country froin Gex to St. Corgne, but have neither cayal.
ry nor artillery, while General Bubne daily reccives rein.
, . .
The following French frigates have been cantured with-
In these few mouths: the Trave, Wieser, Iphigenic, Alc.
meucy Cloinde, Sullane, Etuile, Perpsichore, and Sirius.
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J alhanim
. cS ’
U1) I

View original = ee Se ee
TE tea half Lots No’s 83 and £4, Second Foie
raters an ercellant siuation for breeding cattle.—
Lagvire lo this O fce, 21 Maz.
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dD. M.
Full Voon....4....6....37. -..morning.
Hast Qvart,. 12...410....49... .morning,
Nee Muon... 19... »-5!....aflernoon.
Pirsé (cart. .26....3....89... . morning.
yon, ewe
S| dSunday after Easter. St. Philip & St. Jas.
3 I |Tnvention of the Cross.
- ’ ° ry\: -
4)\V |Spring Tides.
7)8 |Dutches of York born, 1767.
&|Sulidh Sunday after Easter.
9) \T |Commissary Court.
11 \W
12)" |Neap Tides.
15/Su 5c Sunday after Easter. Rog. Sunday.
161 M | Court of Civil Justice.
17| f | Princess of Wales born. 1768.
roi W
1a" |Queen Charlotte born, 1744. Ascen. Day.
o0IF (Spring Tides.
O[}S [Sun enters Gemini.
62 Su|Sunday after Ascen. Day. Princess Elizab’
95| Vt |Court of Rolls, (born, 1770
O4; T
95] W ‘
96) [' |Neap Tides.
29)Su | TPRit-Sunday. King Charles I]. restored
30) M |W hit-Monday.
Jl'D TWhit-Tuesdiy.
: 3 Sere er www ee er > NS eee
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21 May 1814