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The Berbice Gazette

View original a Gee «Fe
ANY person willing to contract for twelve ensning
months, to keep in repre the Koker and Public
Bridees, and to keep the several Trenches within
this Town cloan of Ce - Filth, and other Obstruct-
tons, Whichinay iayud ¢! Drain awe, plorse address
themselves with onder. on or be fore Ne 10th of
October next, at noon, at the honse of Joha Crolt,
Eyq. New Ainst. Q¢ili Sept, IS¢4.
By order of the Torn Con one

View original oo
TIS TD Assessors of the Tutherian Congregation,
In this colony, will receive “Penders fram aay \aster
Carp ater or otheraqnolifis| person, for th: erection
ofa Bailling on Lot No.9 in the Town of New Am-
sferdam, taserveas a Church, to heereeved agree hte
toa Plan anbapon Conditions, which are to be scen
atthe house of Me. 0G. . Thitensina, on Let No.
7. fo whom Sofed "Penders nay be sent on or before
the dsthoof Octobor next ensnin sy, when the sume will
be opened by the sul Assessors. at the Tlouse of the
free neeroe wonven Tucia, on Got No. t4, and the
lowest ‘Pender, ifapproved, accepted of.
They vse inform those who itmay cancer, that
© la , ornye } - . .
bir, J. G. FEF. Chiens yy, (Dy procoraty m) IS em-
powered to collect all outstandine debts fron Plan.
tation wlecshurc.—New Minot, Qt Sent. T&T,
» DV. i IPT, Seriba,
—_——_— —-— — —— —__—
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View original —_ en
BY the Subscriber, on reasonable terms, Excel-
lent milk cows, calves, and oxen.
24 Sept. C.C. SWAVING,
View original Th KOOP.
OP voordelive conditien, by den ondergeteckent le
—PFxcllente mel. khocion, halweon, en essen,
2h Sept. C.C. oy AN ING,
Frowthe Subscribers, a Necrohoy nomed WILT.
formerly the property of J.B. Rute lesa. he is of
the Convo Nationa, and is well kno . hot, in Ber-
bice and Demerary : Ove Joe I oT owall be ey.
ven fo any person who will aporenead and lode
sud Nevro boy in the barracks.— Vis Intention is to
procecd to De ‘rarv—Captriis of vessels ire (heres
fore strictly forbid tiuking said Nevro from the eolo-
nv, asthe Paw will be rigidly cniureed against all
such offe ders.
2b Sept. HW. RURTON & Co.
——— ——— —_—
TUE next Mfectiosz of the J his! Club will be held
on Churaday the 29th instant.—
New “Aimct. 2] Sept,
View original Sars <a“ Gar ee = B®
—_— —————_ — eee ee eek! ———— 7
This is to inform the Pil! - that the Soltosing prr-
sons fiutciudl quitting this Colony,
John Crosthwaile in 6 wees from Ser nt. o.
‘Mary Ulate in 14 days fron So . 10,
I. - DOUNOR, Sery.
—_— eS
View original « _---e-_e - -- + ”-m—”_=_'r Eee
} ' ’ - a ! , / fa
NO Pt Ci iy hore't sheen, ae amenth ater wale Oh
yy ° ‘[ 7 - : f \?; : / “7
folloidn x , (! Pe yds 76s anc atl )) fenses aa /6 by passed,
Sept. 10. G. Manaroand OLW). Pontsheer, as there-
uo soceinlly 4 Uborised by the How. Court of
Civil Fuster, sill trensooit to the Roepresenic-
tives of Btn Ctoutoyy a pareel of Lot Now 19,
WoiClilh this fowl, yy odyy ci tie ie hile rou hid
the promises b flonsing to J. Clapuam, late the
property of Th. Robson,
Sept. 17. Gr. Hobus wii trinsnort fo Robt. Tatlt his
riehbtand title to ono third ortot No. 7b, and to
the whole of lot No, iY, on the Corentine coast.
— The tree Dlick woo Vay will transport tod,
A. Leisnor, 15 rocds of the southern baek part
of lof No. 19 in Now Amsterdiny with the buil-
dings thereon, adjoining he publie ecnter-road.
Re. DOWNER, Sccy,

View original eee Serer Or owrn evr ocr
WHITECUEAS the ¢ Howine persons naive addressed
Mermwely stothe flow. Cour of Polley and Criminal
Posmee ol ths colory Corhcee, at their Sessions of the
wdtly, ISEL. for Le thers of Varemiisstons
Vo. Hinkeon, forthe siulaite boy named Jilaas
aa llictdde
Jo vannen Peorevant A. A. ne ona Corner,
rramalily es Pexecentors to coehist Wialbofthe Widow
Wed. oosny tor the Madvtto man Lares, the Necroe
man Jacol, Deve Jeon, Jredris, the Mustice woman
reat Tesmar, tae Negroe woman Turiba, and alae
dad Ws
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whom it
may concern, andovho nery wish to oppose the @rant
oPsaid Letters of Vanumissionthat they may addres
hemselves in writing tothe idersigned Secretary ot
the coloiy, previons tothe ensuing Sessions of the
Hon. Court, when a final disposition will be made on
(he afuresaid Petition. Berbice, July 4.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
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View original PUBLIC VENDUES.
On Tuesdoy the 27th instant will be sold at plane
ation Kendalls, 40 head of fine eatde, and 50 head of
sheepy at Sand 6 months eredit, the property of Mrs.
Purvett.— Also 20 a 10 head cattle, by order of Sam.
Rendall, for which detmandsacainst him oz the plane
tation, wall be taken in payouent
D.C. CAMMAON Dep. Vendue Master.
SNe ee
Ou Wednesday the O8th instant, will be soldat the
Ventne Office—50 cr hs erxcellont Newfoundland
cod fish, incashks of $6, 4, and 3 qnintuls, a lew fire
hips ox toncucs, Wali bonets beef and pork.
Stoon the suse ates bhds. Midcira wine, hoes,
Hovely Ove bores, cotfon amd eoffec hb ieging, rounds
UI Cy Gry wo yy caloundbytrrels, &e.
DO. CL OAMEN ON, Dep. Vendue Master.
Voatoy the 2) October, will be sold by ordee
of the Han. Mourd of Wees! amierol thine Nonny, the
{Teets of the Tyre ichard Towler, Hf Villu, and
Salle yj—eonsisGowe br wearing aprarcl, tuoature,
ve varicty ef earpente.s tools, a harse and cherise, toa
Orime neeroes, terms of scl: tor the nceroes 3 and 6
mitts. other articles ivable in 6 weeks,
. (@y the sume day a parcel of dry goods, provie
lons, &e.
Dp. C, CACTERON, D pe Vendus Master.
Qn Pucsday the tth October next, will be sold at
pletotion Sinithson’s P’ace, or No. 8 in the eanal
by order of Flenry Smithson, 50 head of cattle, fine
laCoxen, milk cows and young heifers amonast ther,
red TO head of sheep: 20 Negroes, chiefly remove
ed from plantation Weymouth,—to accommodate
purchasers—ahko a baling machi ey in Complete ors
herysoue honschold furniture, &e.—The n-vroes ta
beosokdat Gmenths credit, catth and other arUchks
a Somonths eres t
NU. Retrestimes’s vill be provide dat the rhieeofsile
D.C. CANE LLON Dep. Vo undue Master.
IT Sept, Applyto |W. LORI 28
a — — —_ —— __
View original — 5 le
PICKED) upat Port Meyers, by the Sincbanay
t PlototSs blocks. The owner may have the same
restored by paying this advertisoment, &e. Apoly
10 Sept. to P. SCHMIDT Z,
Serjeant 2d Patt. 60th Regt,
TH Firm of A.D. Cocurn & Co. being dissolved
onthe First of this month: those indebted to that
Concern, are requested to make paywent to cither of
the unclersigned, ALD. CUCHR,
10 Sept. J. GUHLERKE.
View original FOR SALE.
Atthe New Town Tazcrn, old Tobago nim, im-
ported via Demerary, in large and small quantities,
Madeira wine, porter and Vinegar in do. do., alsu
a parcel empty puncheons, hhds., casks, and grt. do.
weil calculated for sugar ertales—produce will be
(aken in pavnicat. D. MARTIN.
JO Sept.
View original TENDERS ror COTTON
Wir be received by the Seqnestrators of Tlantas
tion J’yrish for trom 20 to 25 bales of eog] cle Incote
(on, at the store of Mr. Charles Wyte, till \ione vy
the bath of October neat, the highest off Ty If ape
prove c of, will be nece pled, | avinent tobe made in
cash or ay p proved bills of ¢ cel inge on delivery,
I7 Ss ‘pt
View original ———
View original
View original —@o 6 0 en ee eee
SipTEMBER, 30 DAyYs.
25 Sit 6th Sunday after Trinity.
20) io Cy priaa.
2 {i St. Michel.—Queen of Wirt. b.1766.—First Quarter
SU} Nt. Jerome, (811. 1M. Morning.—High ‘Tides.
1}. |Octoner.—Remigius.
67 In the course of the present month, the Town Lots
must be all weeded clean.
Oct. The Railings of all Public Bridges thronghout the
Colony are to be painted over with white in the
course of the present month,
—— -_— nS —=— te
View original Oe —-
ee 8 OO eee
Sarunvay, SEPTEMBER 24, 1814.
a a _
By the arrival yesterday, from Demerary, of tro
@chooners, bringing fish and other previstuns, we lean
that Barbados Pupers have been reccéized, containing
London Neizs to the Ath of August.—Parliament was
prolongued (lt further notice ; and it appears from the
same Papers, thal diés Royal Hivhness the Prince Regent
#s determined to carvy on the War with America, with
the uimost rigour.x—Cciton was 3 shillings.
—,_ 2
It is with the most hearttclt satisfaction, that we
Jay before our Readers, the following description
froin the Demerary Gazette of the 17th ult. of the
truly spl-ndid entertainment, given by the inhabitants
of that Coloay, in commemoration of the Anmrversary
of the Prince Sourereign of the Netherlands’ Birth-
day :—
‘On Thursday evening last, a Society of Dutch Gentle.
men gave 2 Bad and Supper in honor of the day, to a
numerous Company, at the Union Cotice- House, composed
ofall the rank and beauty of Demerary and the neighbour.
fng Colonies. The House ou this occtsion was splendidly
iluminated ; over the gate, at the grand entrance, were
the Jetters We. PL V. QO. in iamps. ‘The Coopany Began
to assennbie at nine o’clock, at ten Plis Eacellency and
guile arrived, when the band struck up *God save the
King.’ The dancing commenced Shortly after, which
lasted till une clock. Sup); er was then annouuced ; aud
upwards of 200 persons sat duwn to a most elegant and
Buinptueus enfertunment, at which Major AN Wenn and
Baron von Grovessiein, presided, when many luyal and
appropriate toasts were diank with rapturous applause.
After supper dancing was reuewed, aud coatinued till

His Majesty’s brig usplegle arrived on the 99d ult.
at Barbados, fiom the sails, where she left) Admiral!
Dacha in the Veneraéle 74, with the Ister, and Palma,
frigates; Crane, Sulcdlac, beigs 5 aud byte fsh tender.
These were toucr sailieg ord ey the Warossa@ bad proceed.
ed ona cruise; and some of the squad on were at that
time employed .nr nioving vidnance aud otber stores from
Martinique and Guadcloupe, pre} atory tothe giving up of
those Islands tothe Freoch Authorities. 0 ho, ayiecably to
the stipulations of the ‘Sreaty of Peace, we may expect
that this Islands are already been given up in the begin.
jug of this present month,
By the brig Portsea, which arrived at Barbados on the
91th ult. from Raw Janeiion we learn that the Achille, 74.
was lying there, for the purpose of conveying lo Lisbuou
the Prince Resi ne of Portugal, So soon as she sheuld be
Joined by four other lin ‘ole batile ships (lat were to critise
in a cerfaca latitude votil the period that would allow of
their reaching Janciro in the ead of August. There were
also three Portuguese ships of warat that anchorage, which
were tu sail in company with ours, Suthat His Royal High.
ness will be escorted to the capital ef bis dominions by a
squadron of eivht sail.
The Chief Justice of Quebec, we understand, has been
Sent to kogland uoder charge of treasonable practices
against the British Government in Canada.
ae ©) OS f- D Gg
HOUSE OF COMMONS, July 1, 1814,
At about a quarter befure five o'clock, the Speaker be.
ing dressed in his official robes, and the House being
crowded with Members, sume of them in naval and milita.
Ty uoifurms, aud a great number is the Court dresses in
which they had attended the Speaker to Carltou-House.
Lord Castlereagh ruse to state, that in consepucnce of
the intimation to the Iluuse, his Grace the Duke of Wel-
dington wasin atconlance—(l!ear, hear, hear MD)
The Speaker—Ts it the pleasure of the Mlouse that his
Grace be called in?”
A loud and universal “Aye!”
The buzzas in the lobby announced his Grace’s ap-
proach. On his entrance, dressed in his Ficid-Marshal’s
uniform, profusely decorated with Military Orders, and
bowing repeatedly and respectfully to the House, all the
Members uncovered, rose, and euthusiaatically cheered
The Speaker—‘‘My Lord, the House bag erdered a
Mais te he placed Lor you te Tepose en,”
View original The Duke seated himself in the chatr, which was placed
a few feet within the bar, and putius waton, ‘Phe sieime
bers of the Llouse then seating themselves, bis Giace in.
stantly rose, took olf his hat aid addeessed the Speaker
to the following etiect :—
“Mr. Speaker—I was anxious tu be permitted to attend
this House, in order to return my thanks in person tor Ui
honour done me iv deputing a Committee of the Llouse to
congratulate me on my returo lo this Country 5 alter the
louse had animated wy exertions by their applause ou
every occasion that appeared to them to mere their ap-
probation; aud after they had recently been so liberai an
the Bill by which they tollowcd up the gracious favor of
his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in coufermiag upou
me the noblest gift asubject ever received. —1 hope d shall
not be thought presumptuous af d take this opportunity
of expressing my adwiration of the great eurls maue by
this House, avd by the Couniry, at amowenl of vuerane
pled pressuce aud diiheully , in order te SUPpPOFL, On a
“recat scale, Cruse operativis by Ww hich the contest iu which
We Were cigazed lids bDech Orought to su furtasale a Cube
clusion. By the wise policy of Parliament, Governmens
were enabled tou give the ucce ssary SUP;ourl ly Lhe Opera.
tions Carricd on under ny direction, ‘hue conadcnce re.
posed in me by this Majesty ’s Miauisters and Wy the Cow.
mander in Chief, the getcious favours conferred on ie by
iio Koy al Highness the drince tegent, aud the reliance
f had on tie support ol wy galiant trends the Genera,
Ollicers, and tae biavery ov tue Olticers and troops oi
the Arwy, encouraged ine lo Carry Oa the Operativns i
which L was cogaged in such a manuer as to araw tron
this Hhouse tnuse repeated marks of theie ap, rovation for
Which Loow return them try sincere thaakes, Sir, tlas iui
possible fur me so exprsss (he gratitude which & fect.
can guly assure the duusey that LE shall aiways bet au)
to serve my Wing anu Country ia any capacity in whica
my services Way be considercd as Useful of Nceersary.”?
Loud cheers foliowed this Spe ily ALTA COreiision of
which the Speaker rose, Cook olf his bat, and addressed tie
Duke of Wellingtua as tuliows :—
“My Lord—siuce bast biaa the honor of addressing
you frou Gis place, a series of Cventiul years has eia, seu ;
Dut howe without sume tark ang tote of your rising gy
(¥.— Phe malitary Giuiiplis wliea your volode las acute
ed upou the baaks of tue Douro and the Pagus, of tac
libro and the Garoutic, have Called jor the Spuutaueous
Suouts of adiming Natious., ‘bhose tindiapis it is
less on this day tu recount. Thor names have been write
Cen Dy your conque lig swordin the wuaals of urope,
and we shall basd them down with exultavun too ons
childrows childrcu—ikt is nol, however, the gsandeur ol
Inlitary success Which lids alone fixed our adittdilob, of
Coumanded our applause; ids bee thal generous aug
lofty spire wrich iispired your troops with unboundea
conudence, ud taught thea to Kucw that the day ol Val.
tie was always aay of victory 5 (hat woral CUOUdaZe alta
enduring foratude, wiich ta peritous tines, whea g ou
and dvubt had beset ord.iory minds, stood uevertiieless
Udshaken ; avd that ascendancy of Character waich, unite
Ing the che gies of Zealuus and rival Nations, euab.ed you
tu wield at will the late and fortunes of wnigaty buapircs,
—For the repeated thauks and grants bestuwed upon you
by this Huuse, in gratitude for your many and emincie
services, you have (nought fit this day to over us y uur ac.
knuwledgmenis; bat this Nation well kuows that at is
argely your. debtor. It owes to you tle ; FUUC Salidsidce
liu, that amidst the constellation of dilustrisas Wario
Who have recendly vied eur country, we Could prescat
(o them a Leader of our OWL, tu Who a l, ly Colhbuivd
acehimatiotny Concedd the pvescmbicuces aud waen tne
Wiliuf Ilcaven, and the conimon costiuias of our uature
shall have swepfawey the present goucration, you wins
have lefc your great name ait imperishab.e wionuincnut, exe
citing others ty like decusot glory, aud serving at once tu
aduriy dilend, and perpetuate the eaistence of tits Country
adioupst (he ruling atius of the eacth—IJt now reuiacos
vily thal we colipratulate your Grace upon the high anu
Impor(aat mission on which you are about to proceed ;
and we doubt vot, that the same splendid talents, so cou.
spicuous in war, will maincau with equal authorily, firm.
bess, and ‘temper, our national heavr and interests in
During the Speaker’s Address, the cheers were loud and
frequeut ; and at the close of it there was a geteral aud
luiij-continucd ery of ff ar, hear, hear!
doe Duke of We ling(on then tovk his leave, bowing
repedtediy as heretited ; and all the Members, as at ais
eulvance, uncovered, rose, and warmly cheered him,
Taus ended the most dig utficd, and at the same time the
Ost ailecung proceeding, that we ever witnessed in Par-
Lieut.Generals Sir W. Stewart, Sir Thomas Picton,
and Sir H. Clinton; and Major-Gen. Pringle appearing
all together iu the louse, dvessed iu their military une
Uhe Speaker rose tu return them the Thanks of the
Ilouse. Addressing hunself to Sir W. Stew art, he spoke
lu this eltect :—
*‘Lieut.-Gen. Sir W. Stewart—I have to thank ryou
in the pame of your couulry, for a series of sigaal and
splendid services which you have rendered to it, during
your military career. Lu the first place, at the battle of
Vittoria,—when the Usurper of the Spanish ‘Throne.
**put his fortune to the last hazard.’ i¢ was the gallant
second division of the British Ariny, under your ablecom.
mand, that begau the battle, and mainly coutributed to
Mab mignal wiciory tu dle Allisd Arms, whiek led te the
View original expulsion of the invaders from the territories of Spates
by your services on Chal ieemorable day, yuu haveenrolled
your hanie amunyst Chose who have obtained the Thanke
vf this louse. And J now, in the nome of the House of
Commos, celurn you thasks for your services at the
battle of Vittoria, where tae enemy was routed, with the
loss of his avtulery, stores, aud baggage.’—( Loud cheere
sic W. Stewart rose to express his acknowledgement,
bul spoke in a tone su very Juw, as to be quite inaudii le
ia the Ballery. Tle sat dowu amidst loud cheers {rum
every partol che House.
Phe speaker rose again, aud spoke to this effct :—
**bLicuteGeu. sir W. Stew ari, aud Nlajor-Gon. Pringle,
it is ay daty new to deliver to you the ‘Luanks of this
House, tur your vailant and ineritocious services in those.
deus witch Completed tie ibeiauou of Spain, by the exe
pulstoa of her vader. The imaabstants of tae Pyrenuees
wile lous point out those passes where the Britisa (FOO )S,
Waders oul commands, ropuloed Cucir invaders from ncig hs
fu Mail, avd at dast pourng dow upow ther broken
Pak, COpeicd Uiom to seek Cheiter within. their owa
lebriicurt s pac y ail SucW ou Sput Where a St. wart made
4 stand againsd Cae cbomiess anc wh ce the noblest blood
of ScuUldid Was secd dor there liberation ;—and they will
a) oo (ell Gad your ius are Che most COllspicuous amongst
(use Who recov d tae Painks of that Oiicer, whose
Wale Sldods tavhest at Cae dist of vur piitary Ilerucs.—
prow rec you tac 2 aoks of ais dlouse, for your
C ibliClbl SoViecs bb ves tie 25th of Saly aid the Zlost of
August idoty bi thooe Acuo soy wine the Allied Ariy
Was Gaily eased Ga bie kk vuntiers of I’ rance.?’—
(looud choca iu.)
Seo We Ste y art again expressed his sense of the honour
Cenlerred ol tims but was quitemaudivic in the Gallery.
fhe Was a ain dondly cheered.
Siajor-Geu. Pring e, said, that he considered the ape
probation of the Hlouse as the hishest reward that could
be bestowed on a soldier. Any services which it might
have beow his fortune to perfoeu, were more than suflicie
ehily rewarded, by thelist hover now coufe:red on him,
avd by the satisfaction be felt on this vccasion.—( Loud
cheers. )
The speaker then addressed the gallant Officers collcce
Civ, ly lu Clic lQiluWitye chlivccl:—
**Licut-Gen. Si froma: Picton, Lieut.-<Gen. Sir Wile
ham Stewart, LieviseGeu, Sir theury Cimton, and Majore
Gea. Punsle, You now stand before us to seceive oup
thanks fur your share inthe signal viecorics obtained by
Che betel asus, in the plaius of France. Descending
from Che acioats of the Pyecuuecs, passing over aditiicult
aha epy ioterfeeuwu Coubery, Ghussing that rapid torrene€
the Gave de btu, you cate up wath th vuemy strongly
pusted on the acgiis of Oidies. In ins position he was
allacked aud defcatce ; the defeat caused him to retreat,
and that retreat sco became a flight. Crossing the
Adour, you sccurcd cue strony holds from which he had
Neen de ven, Crs (voc ring the liberation ef Bourdeaux,
aNd totes tue way to the lamented but Mrious day of
Poulsuse Lt was your fortane to rea} the last laurele
viwae wae, aud having led your arms from the Tagus to
tac Adour, you there witnessed the downfall of that ty-
ranay, (ic overthrow of which your eilort: mainly eflecte
ed. ‘This House lost no time in giving you its thanks for
these great sereices ; and it is my greatest pleasure to have
delivered chem iu person. In the name of the Commons
of Great Britain and Ireland, I now return you their
thanks for your share in those operations which led to the
valtle of Orches: and the signal victory obtained at that
place, by waich was eflect_d the liberation of Gourdcaux,
and other movements leading to further successful Operde
(ions by the Allicd Army.’’—f[ Loud cheering. ]
Sir Thomas Pictou, sir We Stew art, Sir Il. Clinton,
and Gen. Pringle, then beverally expressed ina very few
woids the hig scuse they entertained of the honor cone
ferred upou thea, amidst loud cheers frum every part of
the thouse,
Lord Castlereagh, Gratifying as it was to the House
and the country, to witness the Thanks of the House ree
turned (o the gallant Officers who had just sat down, he
could ouly say thatthe pleasure was increased by hearing
them delivered from the Chair with so much elegance and
dignity. (tear, hear, hear.) He therefore moved, that
the words in which the Speaker had returned the Thanks
of the House to those Officers, and also the worde in
which they had expressed their acknowledgements, sheal@
be entered on the Journals of the House.
The motiou was agreed to,
Oe |r ee!
View original 2 EF OD Oe —
The last Treaty of Peace made easy to the meanest eg
The High Allicd Powers, who have only made war upe
00 France for her own happiness, and to procure for her
the blessings ofa solid and glorious peace, wishing te Drove
their disinterestedness to his Majesty Jouis XVIII. and
to treat with him more favou rably thao they would with
Bonaparte, have agreed upon the following terms :—
I. [bere shall be an eternal allianee between France
and the Allicd Powers, except war shall become necessary
fur the happiness and convenience of ove of them.
2. he Hinpire of Frauce preserves the title of King.
3. In consequence of the declaration of Frankfort, of
the 7th of January, that agrcat nation ought not to lose
its rank, the Allied Powers, desirous of giving the French
armics a high maik of their esteem, only take from them
the conquests made since 1792,
4. Belgium is given to Holland, to recompence the
Prince ef Ocangs fog the active part which Ae has takop
View original in the war, and for the sacrifiees which he has made to
recover its States.
5. Ln exchange for Belgium, and in conformity to the
declaration of Frankfort,, bearing that Frauce shall be
greater (han under any offher Kings, his Majesty Louis
X VEL. acquires the sub-prefecture of Aunec’, to which
his right is irrevocably fixed, till some new order,
6. The King of France will not be repaid the millions
Spent upon the port of Antwerp, but he shall be loaded
With—blessings ; and in consideration of this sacrifice,
the King of Sardivia shall not demand any war contributi-
ou of his Majesty.
7. The Kivg of Sardiniais to retain his titles of King
ef Cyprus and of Jerusalem, and may also unite with
thew, if he pleases, that of Marquis of the Ottoman Em.
8. The Pope recovers his Roman States, &c. ; abolishes
the civil government ; and cominands all his subjects, born
and dead since 1802, te come and make a declaration of it
before the ecclesiastical authorities
9. England restores to France all her colonics, except
Tobago, St. Lucia, the Mauritius, &c. as for the rest, the
French must conquer them.
10. England gives Norway to Sweden, and Sweden
@cdes Guadeluupe to Frauce ; his Britannic Majesty a-
bandons all his Jus) rights upon Norway and Guadeloupe.
11. Wogland con-cnts to keep the flect of Antwerp, on
@ondition that she may maintain a laud army ou the coo.
@ncntar the expence of Holland.
12, VPheroyal navy of l’rance shall be composed of thir.
teen vesscis. Live frigates, thiee corvettes, and five packets ;
of which lalf only shall be armed as ships of war at one
time. Asto naval ofliccre, the King shall be free to in.
erevse (heir noimber fo as many as he pleases,
13. Her Majesty the Empress and Queen, Maria Louisa,
shall Leraised to the dignity of Duchess of Paina and Pia-
e@entia, by the care of her august Father, the Ewperor oi
1}, Asareward for his frank, noble, and loyal con.
dict, Prince Bugene Napoleon shall cease to be Viceroy
ef lialy, and the throne of Naples shal! remain in the pos.
yessiun of King Joachim Napoleon, one of the soverenus
the most faitful to Bonaparte, to the Pope, to Franc., aud
to che Allicd Powers,
15. ingland consents that the French navigation of the
Blarne, the Soane, the Dordogne, the Ise e, and part of
the Gironde, shall be free. Manstacturcs and commerce
shall resume their splendour, rod French merchants shal!
be a'lowed to soll nothing bat leuslisa wares,
16. The Allicd troops shall quit r rance as soon as pos.
able, taking care not to return throulh the comatrics b)
which they advanecd, lest (hey die o1 hunger,
17. All former treaties, as weilas the sums expended
wpon the fortifications of Dantzic, Fiavklort, May cuce,
Cassel, Mous. Luxembourg, Antwerp, and the blood of
$6 intl ions of Frenchuen sled for the glory and honor of
Fravce, are doclared null and void.
18. Pending che excention of this treaty, and to prove
the union subsistit® between all the Earopein Powers.
Ze Dem shall be sung in all languages; immediately af
ter which, instructions shall be given to forufy places and
Becruit armies.
Whe late Treaty of Peace made easy to the Meancst Ca-
By an Englishman, in answer lo that from the French
The high Allied Powers, having been each of them most
Bnjustly attacked in then turn, Cheir territories lnvaded,
and their independence sought (o be overthrown by Bo.
Maparte, are sll unwilling, after they have pursued tha!
wnpeocipled tyrant into the very heart of France, and
deposed him there, to vist his sins upon the heads of the
French people, who have now recurred to the legitimate
rule of their ancient sovercigns, and have therefore agreed
bo the followin, teruis s—
1. ‘There shall be a perpetual alliance between France
and the Ailied Powers, if the former will return to habits
of peaceful indust:y, and suffer her neaghbours to be at
2. France, instead of forming an Yimpire for a Corsican,
@hall become the realm of a Frenchman, a Bourbon.
3. In consequence of the Fraukfort declaration, that a
great nation should not lose its rank, &c. the ageressions
ef France apon other countrics shall be forgotten, her
perfidious invasion of Spain, her unprovoked annexation
ef Jlolland. The Allied Powers, in possession of her very
@apilal, wi'l even cave it unhurt, and give her more ter.
Bitories than she possessed before her system of plunder
4. The Belgic Provinces will revert to their lawful]
ewners, the [Louses of Orangeand Austria, witha greater
share to the former, in cousideration of the heavier suf.
ferings of that family, and the server wroags indicted on
Ge coury,.
5. In exchange for Belginm, and in conformity to the
@eclaration of Frankfort, the Irench fronticr towards
Biander is rounded and ‘rectified,’ every where to the
advantage of france acquires a territory towards Savoy,
which the victorious arms of Louis XIV. were not able to
@cure to her.
6. The money spent in improving the port of Antwerp
will, of course, turn to the advantege of those whom the
port of Antwerp of mght belong: he who removes his
Beighbour’s landmark, loses, together with the land which
be has gained by this fraud, the cultivations also which he
bas bestowed upon it, whenever the rightful owner recovers
bis property. But the King of Sardinia, whom France
mpaed by various acts ef plunder, dows not apply te
View original Frauce for the indcemniti¢s which she would in justice be
bound to afford him.
7. The best reply to this article is the fact, that Victor
Emanuel, King of Sardinia, catered Furia on the 30th of
May last, amidst the joy ous acclamation of Ins subjects.
8. ‘Phe Pope re-entered bis duminions also on the 2d of
April, when the depariment of Rome and the Phransimene
ceased toexist. Thedeclarations of artists, living or dead,
if they could be obtained, would not be very honorable to
the plunderers of their works, France, however, would
not bave been suffered to retata these, if (he arch-plunderer
himself had remained at the head of that kigdou.
9. England restores to the French several of their colo.
nics and settlements, as Martinique, Pondicherry, the Isle
de Bourbon, Caycnue, &c. bone of which the French could
ever otherwise have recovered: butatts apprehended, that
the crueltiey practised by Bonaparte in St. Domingo, and,
above all, his obscure murder of ‘Voussaint POuverture,
will make it dificult for the Freuch to recover their au.
Clent possessions in that Island.
10. Norway being already ceded to Sweden by Den.
mack, its lawfal owner, intuetreaty of Kicl, Magtand has
nothing todo with that transfer; but the Niag of Sweden
agrees to give Guadeloupe to Fianes, and the hing o!
england, who took Guadeloupe fiom the Freuca, at his
Own expense, cCousents that it shall now be restoced tu
them: so that Guadeloupe may in etlect be reckoned
amoung the [slands ceded by England to brance.
11. The flect of Autweep is to be devided between th,
Dutch and French, ia proportions favourable to the latter.
Kugland is tou powerful by sea, and too liberal, to view
the maritime strenght of tie other naidons wath Joaiousy
12. Referred (o the last arte'e.
13. As Maria Loutsa, though degraded by her anion
with Bona aries ts stil the daughter of a sionarch, tis
Juchies of Ptita,. Placentia, and Guasta la, are assignee
asa liberal provivon for terol and ler chud, whica as
Innocent of the ccumes of its father.
14. There botrg nu long ra kingdem of Italy attached
to Fianee. there can no Jonger be a Vice Kings but he
has beew otheewise houerably | coved tor by his law fal
Yoverciga, bis anliuwful oe having abdicated and deft hia:
aghtiny, And i odivand PV. having vo great merit wih
the Allies, is left in pussessiva of Siciy, aud may recoves
Naples it he can,
15. England gives France the free navization of the
oceans ina woed, she restores bo France haf the cicated
world: Engtand gives Freasce colomes, unrestrained ac.
cesses to them, the enjoyment ef their production—sugar
instead of extract of beet-rvot,
16. ‘The Allied troops shall leave France as soon as pos-
sible, and it is hoped they will find a more commodious
route trim by which the krench quitted Moscow.
17. All former (reatics, by which France had endea-
voured to guarantee to herself her ualawful acquisitions,
are null and void. As to the blood of five millions of
lrenchmen, shed in unprovoked aggression upon all na.
tions, far and near from Syria and tyypt to the shores of
the Baltic and the heart of Mluscovy, that blood must be
required at the hands of hin who shed it.
18. A general amnesty is proclaimed, and thanks to
Almighty God are returned for the blessings of peace ;
whic) itis (rusted that France is at last sincercly disposed
tu sudier harrassed Europe to eujoy.
—— SOS ee
View original —-—— DS ee
Nothing has given the public more general regret than
the breaking off the iuteoded iarciage with the Prince of
Orange.—lle has shewa great gallantry in battle; he has
great amiaulcagss of dis, véitivn, aud has **wou goldea
opinions from all sorts of people.”
Pic tmperor Alexander, wlien in this Country, paid
a visit to Madame Morean, the widow of the unfortunats
General: he remained with ber near one hour and a half,
aud, when retiring, said (ober, that he has granted to her
L00,0U0 roubles, tu be paid on her receipt on his bank.
10,000 ditto a year, the rank of Dame du Portrait, the
Order of St. Catherine; also 6000 roubles to her daugh.
ter, and the tile of Demoiselle d'Tlonneur tothe Empress.
The Depatics from the Hanse-Towns have notified, that
the Emperors of Russia and Austria and the King of
Prussia have expressed Civir determination to maintain the
independence of the Lanse-Towus both in their constitu.
tion and trade,
‘* Paris. —The King of Prussia’s return to this City is
known to have in view some arrangements previous to the
assembling of the Congress at Vienna. His Majesty is be.
lieved to act in strict concert with the Emperor of Russia,
and there is little doubt that some understanding will be
established between Russia, Prussia, and France. Aus.
(ria is said to have exeited sume jealousy, and it has been
remarked that the French prisoners who return from. the
Austrian territories are by no means so well disposed to-
wards the Bourbons as the prisoners from Russia and
Prussia. Many who have come from Vienna say that the
little King of Rome is shewn to every detachment of
Fiench prisoners that passes through that City on its re.
turn to France.”
King Ferdinand of Spain issued a Decree on the 4th of
June for punishing those Officers who had served the
Freuch cause under the intrusive King Joseph. By this
Decree, all Military Officers down to the rank of Captain
are banished for life, with their wives and families; the
wife during the lifetime of her husband, but childrea under
21 years of age, are not included. ‘The same rule applies
to such Captains as are supposed to have acted under the
authority of their Chiefs, All Civil Autorities, from the’
Counsellor of State down to the Commissaries of War,
partake of the same fate, with their families, as Military
Ollicers holding rank above that of a Captain. And all
wiher Civil Oticers who received salary uuders the Goverme
View original ment of King Joseph are declared unworthly of holding
any situation aader the Crowu, The Slinister of toe
lndtes has issucd orders to the Deputies from South Amce
rica, not to quit Europe until further orders, as a General
Seecting of the Cortes uewly constituted was about to be
A Chapter of the Order of the Bath, it is said, will be
forthwith held, for the puryose of considering the pro, tiety
of removing Lord Cochrane from the society of the oighu
Kosciusco, a name dear to every lover of real freed M,
appears again upon the scene, and ina way that i:duces
the Paris Papers to believe that Polaud is destined to ree
cover, atleast in part, hee existence. He returns to Pos
land with the Polish troops.
It is rumoured that anew Convention has been conclude
ed between the Allicd Powers. by which there will bea
scneral dislocativa among the allted troops.—The vrovite
ces between the North Sca and the Meuse will be | rovie
lonally occupied by British and Dutch troops—the pro.
vinces between the Meuse and the Moselle by Peassian
(roops—and between the Mossscile and the Rhine», Bae
variuns and A 8 rns,
The following hos been sent to us as an outline of the
principal arrangements relative to Ge raty, proposed to
bs submitted to the Congress at Vienou.—The |: m-eror
of Austria to resuié tis Gde of Emperor of Grermany, and
ao receive the Tyrol, Salsburg (which have been actua!]
ceded to hii), the Brivgau, and the Ortenau.—The King
Oi brussias imaduition to all his fermer territo tes, to have
considerasle partof Saxouy, including Wittenberg and
La upsic. Nloutz, it is said, is to be ceded to His M posty 5
A Ustria k pin Spiris.—S gedish Pumcratia wil, be givca
10 to Prussit.imBavaiia gets Wurtzburg and Aschaitcae
bury, with some accesston of tercitory from the Ming of
Wittem erg.—lainover besides her ancient possess:ous,
extends her tecritories to (he Lipps. ‘Tie Dake of Bruns.
sick wall be considerably cnvtailsd, avg the Ning of
S4nony, returning to iis old tithsy vay be permitied to
have Dresden, with ¢he territory that is between Lis sic
and the Boheinian froutiee.—Lhe Elector of esse Cassel
heeps his old possessions.
The Britsh Ministee at Paris has aunaunced to the
Prince of Bereventum, the bluckade of the ports and coasts
of the United States, frum the place called Black Point,
fo the northern and eastern limits of New Brunswick,
irench mecchants should wot lose sight of the limits and
extent of the blockade in their commercial speculations,
vein the relations which they may fourm with the United
A Brussels article would have us bclieve, that the nezoe
Clation between this country aud America will be cactried
on under the mediation of Russia,
There appears to have boon a serious disturbance at
Madrid. The King suddculy left the Capital in the mide
dle of the night, and the stone upon which the coastite.
tional inseription bad been cugraved was torn from isa
pace, and two other inscriptions substitnted. Then g
Jay the stature of Feidinand was placed upon the sace
spot, and we infer that it yave rise to an insurrection on
(he part of those favourable to the Constitution. Howe
ever, they are said to have been put duwa, aud the most
mutinous arrested. The King seems to have been i! ade
vised since his return,
Ie is said, that a unmber of patriotic Ladies, who are
resolved that they will not left) behind in the race of vrae
titude to the Duke of Wellington, have agrecd upon sub.
scribing for a public Stature, to be erected in honor of
this Nobleman, Lady Speneer is reported to be he
foundress of this plan, which does credit to thesex. The
place mentioned at present is the top of the Green Pa tk,
Near the Basin.
Nxtract from a letter dated Minorca, 29th of May,
1814 :—**Bonaparte is at Etba, and is very attentive to
all our Captains, I hope to see him before I go home.
Captain Usher, Captain Tower, and some others, dine
with him continyally, and he talks of late events with ureat
familiarity, and does not at all despond. He says he
Knows the Bourbons can never reign long, and expects to
be ealled back to the ‘Throne of France.”
A very magnificent sword was shown, belonging to Ficld
Marshal Barcley de ‘Tolley; the hilt is of gold enriched
with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, representing brane
ches of laurel—it was a present from the Emperor, aud is
sald to have cost no less a sum than £ 50,0U0.
Private letters from Paris mention, that severt] Mecte
ings have lately been discovered in that City, the object
of which was the restoration of Bonaparte. Ad acive
Correspoudeuce is also said to have been kept up for some
time between Joseph Bonaparte and sume persons at Paris,
ft would not in the least astonish usto bear of Bonaparte
having quilted the Isle of Elba,
‘*Copenhagen.—A proof of the good understanding be-
tween us and [ngland is, that the prisoners of war have
now received permission to return home.”
Letters received yesterday (7th July) from the British
ariny encamped near Bordeaux, state, that the last brigade
had embarked and sailed for Americe; but some corps
orginally intended for the expedition, were countermand.
ed. “Phe troops coutinucd to leave the ground for nu and
aud Ireland as vessels arrive to receive them = Reporis ree
ladive to gisunderstandings between Austria and France
were prevalent at Bordeaux,
View original FOR SALT
BY the Subscriber, Dutch Sweet Milk Cheese.
°4 Sept. ALLAN STEWART & Co.
‘DUED) The child of J. B. Schwiers, Esq.
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View original nm? -
= P a G
& Ss
. } >
+ ? )
View original a =
A'T the request of Messrs. Evan & Anaus Fraser
for selves and prrtners Campbells Fraser & Co.
Notice is hereby given toall whom it may concern :
That the cotton Pstate called KILTEARN, on the
Corentine coast, the property of G. Robertson, is
this day released from) Execution and Sequestration,
In Conscquerce of an arrangement between parties
having taken vy] Ce,
Berbice, 2d Sept. TSTb.
he. FRANCKEN, First Marsha’,
View original SALE cy EXECOLION,
RNY virtue ofan avpottinent from Wit Execllency
the Governor, dated loth September, TSld, give:
upon a Petition present ed by Ke branche N, as hi ir:
Narshoal, for ind in nate of TD. Natt, Receiver of the
Church Fund, weshin thts colony.
Notice is ercbs given, that f the undersigned in-
tend to Sell, at Public Cx. cution Sale, im the pre-
sence of two Courecllors Compoissaries ead their Se-
Cre ftry, on Vednesday Che Yad of Nov. SEL, th
Catee Pstate estted Din VOLEATER, sttuate ir
Caine Creech, (the & ros of whieh as also the Tnven-
tory are Go be scen at the Maishal’s Ollice, duckie
the hoursof duty.
The Sibeisto inke plice on the spot.
Whoever shoild think to have any right, action,
Or hilerest, an fares ! Plantation de Voodster, cur,
annex s, and wisties fo oppose the Execution Sal
thereo yleo sua persous address themselves to the
M ies} ~ Othee of (hits col NV, decliring thetr reas.
ons for so doing in due tine and form, as Thereby
give notes, that | will receive op position homevers
Intermed: ite perso Vp] ojnt Chenra diy to have his
or hercliim heard is dare (he Court, and iurther ac
thereon os the low directs.
Dbis Past? ocebunarion published as customary.
Berbice, sth Sopr Sit.
Ke ERANCHKEN, Ferst Marshal.
View original SUMMONS BY EDICT.
Tn firth rance of an Appointment from Tflis Ex.
cellenaey HE. We. Prntincr, Lo quive, Lieutentuit.
Governorotl the colony Bergice and its Dependen-
cies, Ke. Ke. Kew Given upona petition, present.
elby his Honor 0.8. Bexxevtr, Viseal of this co-
Jony, ROO. dated che 18th Sept. IST.
Ptvecunterten dy burst Marshal of the Court.
wilhiathis eofous) nthe mawe and belial: of M.S.
Bexsert, iescatit. O.
semiman by Ldicl:
LV A 4 ey. Fury
Revi . Tante 0! ()) : calo y De: rhe r'ry.
PERSONAL EY to appear before he ponaem I:
Conunseors Commerse ries of the Court of Policy ent
Criminal Jastce of thos colons "yon Mondey ee on
of October, T3!4, and following days, i need, for
the IIT POS» Of thero herrn i, oe ' yc mrocece
to such conclusion and demand as bis Plonor the Pye
cal hk. Ow th anand there shudlexlibit, and further
to racecd according to Law.
‘isStenmon by Udict, made khnownt > the publ'c
by beat of drum fromthe € ourt House of this ¢ Very,
posted uo, and furcher dealt with as the Law directs.
Berbice, l4ith Sept. ISt4.
K. FRANCHKEN, [rst Marshal.
——— ea ee
View original —> OE - —o -
s. ”’ AvdaA be isaN, 4 b/ 66 GT Olde
View original
View original Portico Wh Sern UBUA.
IT is Dievido d ond Einavcted hy
(he Statute of the OO Yearoltho deetrn of fis pre-
scat Mayety Georce the Third, Chap. €0, "bheot
Produce or CHrCUaAL,
J <te
Ze, Of ay desceriotion, eanact
be carncd frou oe Port or Plice te another, but in
sueloualified vessels as are directed by thesud ter,
oo a
bovine a Deekoard pot bel mousse Chen 49 ‘Too. bur
' ! ry - ‘> °
Preog sich vessclsnotduly Qegistercd at seme Grit-
ish Porl, agrowble Co the Provisions of the atocesaic
Yet, whrea stall be found or proved to bave clan-
destinely SE Cyoresctrted Pro luce from this ea-
lory without divest bovias obtained the proper Corti.
floes, will be Tianble to borliture with) oreo tine
Uh vane th root oon cousietion Axper presen as
fio hovine b ermine tots Olice, that) netwiih-
Sint the sev re penis opoe dine avatise such
cloncestrie prictces, asalse that sach abuses ARG
ob Vets b coothoues at was found n ‘Cosse ry Co state
Cie stime tothe Thon orible Commissioners of Elis Mae
ystv’s Customs, Ton lon, Who have been plo ased
to Ordorihe Oneer of this Porlto enforce a da
observenrce of the | evenme Tews as Cranssritt Cosrey
thoirvevernnent, an doubtless as maz y tastances
way tive artsen throwch ervor or Misa; plioation, it
Is trope tomo fitace coup bunts will Appears proper
measteoes b ing adopted to obtain proots thereof, as
every 2oat beloa ans to the ferent Colton Estates
Wilh be reauired to Rewister their Name and Baaili,
Hoarbove 1oy Vous barthens Likewise dhe most partie
enfirattention wy lbbe given to facilitate the conve.
ue ot cleaiae foats whose situation may be nes
(he bounmderics of [) moerary.
SS eee
View original CS rr ee
Tur front cuorter of of Lot No, ff, second em-
meoldor New Niest. : atso oa very good house Prame,
10 teet long by 14 feet wides—PTerms will be mad
easy loan approved pureliis tT—apply to
GY the srbscribers a few Cashs Salt Fish, which
Will be retake din quantity not less than 5O tbs,
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View original
View original ag ©
C. - 4
— 4
€ , wT
» e ”
) - > — oH
' co -
_ .
te >
_ o ’ <
~ & 7 -
= . 7
—_ a — ~ at

- i
-4 - > >
° ~ ~ 5 >,
View original v? GS mOicnr Ww
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24 September 1814