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The Berbice Gazette

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View original Twelve dollars p. anim. 2.
ee ——
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By His Excellency Henry Worrr1a4aM
BentTinek, esquire, Licut.-Governor
of the colony Berbice and its Depeiden-
* cies, &e Xe. NC.
And the Honorable the Court of Poltesy
of the said colony.
To all towhom these prevents may or shail
Cone, Grecling ! Be il known: °
q HAT we have thoneht proper to reculite the
Contributions, forthe finat Payment of tie Entre of
the Negroe Slaves furnished by « ver i} Planters, for
the Repair of the Portifications, in this ¢ ‘olonyy for
the year 1819, and part ofthe year ISit fon (he same
footing, and in the same mueiuer, as ts expresed in
our Publication of the Sdrand Tsth Aucust, [Ss0s,
and to ordain and enact. as We do hereby Ordain
and Enact by these preacils.
That each lohal itant of this colony. agrevble fo
the Return made by him to tee Cap tation Pax for
the year J813, at the Receiver General's Oflice, sha
pay previous (0 (he firstol iay, ISTO, his Qeeota or
Proportion, toy ards ea ur tient ienne final hire ot
the Negrocsso furnished for (ie repairof(hebortifica-
tions in (its colouy, duc for ‘| e year ISO, and part
_ecf the year oo lL and (o miahe “coud the Receives
General’s Commission, of 5 percent for receiving and
prying the whole chorece incurred, which anounts
on repartetion to ihicty Stuivers per Head.
For the receipt of which quotas or proportton, and
afterwards for payinent of the aforesaid hire, the
“Receiver Geneial is licreby eyecare and further
authorised to Com bancken loré eC pi vyinent of the said
conutribotions, fron ell Pefauliers. after expiration of
the aforesaid toaame, chs: suimmiary Lxecution, aud
without furt! ‘yr? OCS OF ! TUN
4 1 yrcl - ¢ \¢ ‘ my ’ a) ayaa | yrele? Ved)
on In oO; l tii i ) rf ys uA Ivy ye pre CHaeE
these presents 1) be published, printed and’ posted
upascu fomary.
Thus eneted ia our Oi1dinary Session of the Court
of Poliey on the f2 h January. PR) d 2 present: his
Lixcellenc rf Ibi.-' overmor dh. Woot VINCN, A ic
the Horable Movabers: James Praser, Peter lair.
bairi, J. A.-Glasius ‘ ‘ (ceo. ‘ yoy 4 e
[3 ( ; mo Totthe Court
And publ’ sticdon the OFin, | 8
his Excellency vine (he alorcsttd Jhoa. embers.
- pres ‘aCe ¢
By His Lacelleicy Hrney Wrrrras
Breatincr, £sgaulre, Licut.-Governor
ever tic colony Berbice and its depen-
dencics,. Ve, Nc. NC.
And the Tororable Court of Policy of
the said colony.
To all whom these presents may or shall
comc, Greciing ! Beit hnown:
I HAT the number of Shives on Estates subjcet to
the payment of Phiot vtion- \onew, consisted on the
Slat December ISTO, tn 22,004 Heads, and that oon
a repartiGion, the Phint ation- Money for the Pre sent
year, is hy these presents fixed ‘and regulated at
Ticelce Stivers per Tread. :
AL) persons possessines any [states or who may have
the Adminis(riiion of thom, are hereby enjotned and
directed to vey svinent for the atoresaid Planta-
tione Money, acresble to the sud) Repariition, at the
Ollice of he Re cejver General, or on before the First
of May nexf ens.
-And in order). no ignorance may be pretended,
these presents dll he publish dy aloxed, and toge-
ther with the histo Shaves, printed: and sent: round
to the different kat tes within (he colony, as is cus-
Thus e macted in one Or linary Session of the Court
of Polhcy, onthe [ooo oF vuary P15: Present, His
Exeellaucy Lioaters + sovernor Bentinck, and
. . . ’
the Honorable Me nivr fas. Fraser, P. Fairbairn,
A.J. Glasius, and ©. Yiunro,
Joy (Cor . nand of the Court,
OF 1 »yW Nie R, Sec.
“And published on)! Osh following, present, His
Exce He nCYy the Gove L.i0F cnc the Plo: rorable Alem-
ers alorcsaids bh presnee of
Rk. C: DOWNER, See.
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— $$» ——— ————
View original NOTIFICATION.
Dy the Lonorahble Court of Policy and Cri--
minal Justiceof the Colony Berbice.
To cll to xhom these presciuts may or shall
come; Greeling ! Bett hnown: Z
\ \ HERE SS a Vacancy has again occurred in
the Honore ble Court ot Civil Tastice, of the colony
Berbice. bo ths resi tnation of San anel Kendall, Esq.
Anda Now i itioa having been made by the Ionor-
ole Coart of Poltey to supply his place. This ex-
cellency the Gov ernor has been pleased to select St-
tox bavcen, Poq. of Plantation Kilmorack, to be
Vieoborot tie Court of Civil Justice.
Notice whercof is hereby given, that the Tnhabi-
(aris of his colomy may re spect (1; ut geaticman in his
id capaci v.
Scerelary’s Office, Berbice, 21 Jan. IS15.
By command,
I. C. DOW? Ns It, “cc.
— a ee
By Command of the Honorable Court of
Policy and Criminal Justice of the Colony
Bi rbice.
The following F tplanator v Extract from the
Minutes ofthe s: aid Court, ts published tor Ge-
neral Tnforinmation:
VV tiene AS it has been represented to the
Course, that many Proprictors . estates are Impres-
sed with an idea, (hatin the Annual Retarns to be
given in by them to the Reeciver Gen nal isu.
necessary to include invalided Shives; Us oy being
considered ¢ xempt fiom the Cap‘ tation vax.
Andasthis i impress! ion is perteetiy crioncous and
indirect contradictionlo the Ordinances of the Court
of Policy, whereby, under a heavy fac, to be paid
by Detiulters, Slaves of every desc ripti mare PequUirs
ced to be ineluded in the list giveninby tho ir Owners,
to the Receiver General, and are equity liable to
Paxation, as all other Negroes; this Notification of
ihe Court’s pleasure, is desired to be be pubushed to
obviate the error many way otherwise tall into, and
to prevent those who have been in error, from being
ined tor undue Roournas,
And the Court desire it to be further notified,
that the Slaves who have been absent from thetr
asters or the respective Estates to which they
bel Mey MOTE than twelve months, ate nut subjcet
Le: <aliant,
C aforaable fo the aforesaid Minutes,
By Command of the Court,

View original ee
*TIonorable Courtof Policy and Cri-
“nin hal Justice of the Colony Berdice.
N OTICE is herchy civen: That the [fonorable
Courtol Polieyw has bo cu pleased to fix the Rates of
Produce on which the Colonial Duty of 24 per cent
isto be pais to the Receiver General, for the Six
months, commencing the lst of duly IS] $, and end-
ing the Slst day of December of the same year, af
Cotton—I16 stivers per pound.
Coffeo—s stivers por nound.
Sucar—o etivers per pound.
Cocoa—7 sivers per pound.
Rum— SO slivers per eallon,
Molasses—one cuilde r per gallon.
Secretary’s Office, Berbice, 24th Jan. IS].
By Command,
R.C. DOWNE Rt, ‘See,
View original NOTIFICATION, GY
By the TTonoralle Court of Policy and Cri
minal Justice of the Colony Berbice.
L N OTICE is hereby given tothe Public: that the
the undermentioned GenUemen are appointed Com-
missaries for the year 1$15, on the different Districts
of this colony.
Commissaries for the Fast Sea Coast, Berlice.
Samuct Kendall, Q 75.
David Carnegic, § ~~
View original a
LH Vr" ay
Li i.
(N yw
No. 340.
View original [ Payable an advan: Ce
View original Cominissartes of the West Sca Coast, Berbice.
Peter Fairbairn, Q
John Ross, 5
Commissaries for the lower Dizision of the West
Correntyn Coast.
Robert Douglas,
Thomas Wade,
Commissaries for the upper Correntyn Ditision.
J’. Brittlebank, 2
John Bethune, §
Commissaries for Cane Rizcr.
Henry Smithson a
Isa: OT, lev. ? squires.
saac harley, 5
Commissaries for the Fast Sea Coast Canal,
Samucl Kendall,
David Carnegie, - Esquircs.
Henry Smithson,
Cominissaries for the East Bank of the Riecr Berbice
J. 01.0. Maurenbrecher, Q Psquir
‘ \ Yee? : CS.
C. C. Swaving, 5
King’s ITouse, N. Amst. 25th January, 1815.
By Command,
View original WHEREAS Application, by Petition, has been
made to the Hfowble. Court of) Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice, at their Sessions of the
lou January IS15, for Le(ers of MWaniwmission :
Lhe Negro woman Cuma, assisted by A. G. Cal-
mer, for herself and her three children, Elizabeth,
Lrances, and Susannah.
Notice whereof is hereby given fo those whom it
may concern, and who may wish to oppose the erant
ofsaid Letters of Manumission sthat they may address
(hemselves in writing to the unders! encd See relury of
the colony, previous fo the ensuing Sessions of the
Hon. C ourt, when a final disposition will be made on
the aforesaid Petition.
Secretary’s Ollice, Berbice, 28th January ISi
R. ©. DOWNER, Seo
S S688] 2 8S aR
View original — — —————__——— -___
REQUIRED for the Postholder, in Coren-
tine River, the following Articles, viz.—
182° Lbs. Floutr,
1S?! Tbs. Beef,
208 Lhs. Rice,
58 Lbs. Snear,
52 Lbs. Cottce,
] Barrel Salt, and
30 Gallons old Rum.
Vor which ‘Fenders will be reccived by the Subseri-
ber until Tuesday the 7th February, at 10 6’clock in
the morning, when thoy will be opened in presence
of His Excellency the Governor, and the lowest, if
approved of, accepted. 98 Jan.
R. MACKENZIPF, Acting Com.
NB. The whole of the above Articles to be delive
ered at the Civil Commissary’s Othice.
a en
REQUIRED for the Indians, thc following
Articles, viz,—
6 Pieces Salempores,
4 Dozen Knives,
i Do. Falling Axes,
] Do. Cutlasses,
4 Do. Razors,
A Do. Scissars,
$ Do. Combs,
100 Tbs. Gun-powder,
100 Gun-flints,
2 Jugs Lamp-oil,
2 Barrels Salt,
4 Quire Poolscap-pa per,
200 Quills,
! Baes Shof,
79 Gallons new Rum, and
An assortment of Medicines.
For which Tenders will be received by the Subseri-
ber until Puesday the 7th February, at 10 o'clock in
the morning, when thy will be opened. in presence
ol His Eexcclleney the Governor, and the lowest, if
approved of, accepted. OG Jan,
R. McKENZIE, Acting Come
SS SE ee —?
View original
Berbice, 28th January, tos.
CASH wanted for the following Bulls, drawn
by the Commissary General, viz,—
No. 50, £ 150.
No. JT, 150.
No. 52, — 100.
No. 719 — 120. Stenline.
For which Tenders will be received at this Office,
until ‘Tue sday next the Slst inst. at 10 o’clock in tbe
H. HENDY, Dep. Act. Com. Gen.
View original DE ————————————
—— —— EE ee ee ee eee eo —eeEeeeeeES=Saae— SS oS eee eee ea eee
NOTIC E,—3800 bunches good Plantains are
weekly required for PlanUn J/erstefling, tor which
Tenders will be received at Mr. Hey wood’s, New
Amsterdam, until Thursday next the 8d) proximo,
when the lewest offer, tf approved, will be accepted
NB. The Plantains to be delivered on the Estate.
Jan. 28.
RUNAWAY from the Subscriber a Negro
women named Simirc, formerly belonging to Miss.
Ik. Bannister; whoever will apprehend the said wo-
men and lodge her in the barracks, will receive a Joe
reward. Masters of vessels are forbidden to take her
from tis colony, on punishment as the Law directs.
From who also is strayed, afew days ago, a young
Ox and a heifer, a reasonable reward will be given
to any person who deliver them up to the above sub-
View original THE undersigned as the o'dest Attorney of
Thomas Gudgeon, John Dodson and Joshua Hinde,
of Great Britain, takes the liberty to inform their
Friends, that they will please apply to him on their
business as usual,
THE undersigned haying appointed K.Franc-
ken, Esq. as lis general Attorney, requests all those
that are indebted to him, to make payment to said
gentleman.2s Jan, J. C.ScHOLLEVANGER.
View original LENDERS for 11000 pounds good quality
Coffee, tu two seperate parcels of 5000 and 6000 Ibs.
the produce of Pon. VEsperance, will be received at
the bouse of the first undersigned, in New Aunster-
dam, until Pharsday the Sd February instant, when
the highest offer, approved of, wall be aece pted—
payment to be made in cash.
J... Maurexeeaeener for self and
22 Jan. b. J. SCtLWIERS, Sequestrators.
o—_—— a
View original oe
AN ORDER drawn by Messrs. M’Intosh
Cameron & Co. on D.C. Cameron, Esq. favor of
Robertson and Ross, for Nine hundred guilders, has
been lost or mislaidl ; Notice is bereby given that the
payment of the same has been stopt.
View original C. L. BRANDES—Herceby respectfully in-
forms his Friends and tbe Public, that he designs to
establish himselfas a Preceptor of Music, under
which determination he flatter himself to accede the
encouragement of a liberal Consmunity—the Instru-
ments for that purpose are the tollowine,—Ist Cla-
renetle,—2d. Flute,—Sd. Fife,—4:h. Bughel horn,
His residence ison Lot No. 3, middle road, where
he can be seen any hour in the day. Gentlemen that
may fee} pleased to bestow on their servants lictures,
on either or every of the above Instruments, will
meet with very agreable terms. 98 Jan.
———_——————— ee,
ONE JOE REWARD willbe given to any
erson who may have found a red leather Pocket
Pook, containing a bill of exchange for < 25, three
one joe papers, three half joe papers, a 6 bitts paper,
a dollar, and f 2. piece, together with a letter and
other papers which bave his name on. As the adver-
tiser will sustain the loss more severely as the pro-
perty ts not his own, he hopes any one meeting wilh
the above papers will restore them.
NB. The bill is drawn by J. I. Stapel, Esq. for
J. Lopkins.—28 Jan. J. HOPKINS.
Pin. Lust tot Rust,
CAUTION— Deserted fromthe Brig Fuiry
on the might of the 24th inst. JOHN FINK, a native
of Germauy, but speaks Enelish tolerable well,—
Whoever conceals or employs the said John Fink,
after this notice, will be prosecuted accordiwe to
View original — TT ————
Al SCON DED from the Subseriber, a Ne-
gro boy named flarry, about 14 years of age; he
has been in the habit of trave ling with the Sabscri-
ber to Demerary ; et! Masters and Owners of ves-
sels are requteste d not to harbour or take said Negro
from the coloay, as tae Law will be enforced against
such offending.
dan. 21. G. SCHWARTZ.
View original SECRETARY’s OFFICE.
This ts to inform the Public, that the following per-
cons intend quitting this Colony.
H. Beekman and Servants, in 6 weeks from Dec. 24.
J. H. Tilkemcyer, in 6 weeks from do.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original ——e- eee eee
NOTICE ts hereby given, thata month after date the
Ys ’
. ‘7. .
following Transports and Mlortgages will be passed.
Jan. 7. J. A. Wicken, qq. the Estate of H. C. Bran-
des, will transport to K. Francken, the Lots No.
40 & 47, second empolder, with all the buildings
having belenged thereto on the day of purciiase.
— K. Fiancken will transport to O. W. Lants-
heer, the front half of Lot No. 46, second em-
polder, with all the buildings thereupor.
Jan, 21. James Fraser will transport to Alex. Fraser
Lot No. 42 West coast, commonly called Sea-
fleld, with 47 slaves.
Alexander Fraser will mortgage to Jas. Fraser,
halt of said Lot with one half ofall Slaves now
attached thereto, in security of the balance due
fo Jas. Fraser of the purchase of the whole of
said Lot with 47 slaves.
—— Alex. Fraser will transport to Alex. Simpson
the other half of said Lot No. 42, with half of
all slaves, stock, boat, appurtenances and de-
Jan. 28. Colin Douglas will transport to Demerary
63 Negroes, names to be seen at this Office.
On Monday the {Oth inst. will be sold at the Ven-
due Office, by order of John Beresford, Esq. in qua-
lity as Attorney to the Administratrix of the Estate of
the late S. Beresford, Esq.—The half of lot No. £0,
situafed in the cast coast cannal, with a dwelling
house of colony wood, 40 feet long, and 22 feet wide,
one and a half story high, 9 neevroes, viz, Betty, a
washer woman, with her 2 children; Bessy, a field
woman, with her child; Adela, a ficld woman; $
men, Robert, Primo, and Pill, the former is a good
groom, the two latter field people ; also about 20 head
ol cattle, a horse, liquor case, bedstead, mattrasses,
&c. &c.—Verms: the land payable in 12 months,
negrocs in 3, 6, and 9 months, other articles in 3
On the same day by order of J. B. Rule, Esquire,
American flour, double rose butter, a pipe and two
hhds. Madeira wine, dry goods, fies, &c.
D.C.Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master. —
On the Oth February, at the Vendue Oflice, by or-
der of JG. FB. Thiensma, Esq. Dutch potatoes, do.
herrings, do. sweet milk cheese, do. white wine vi-
negar, &c.
Also beer, porter, tobacco, soap, candles, dry
goods, hardwarc, cotton & cofive bagging, a pipe ot
brandy, &c.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Monday the 6thof March, next, and following)
days, will be sold to the highest bidders, by ordero
the Executors of the late Mrs. H. J. Buse, the cof--
fee Plantations LUST POT RUST and PROVI-
DENCE, in the river Berbice: and the cotton Plan-
tation ZELZIGT, on the west sea coast of Berbice.
together with about GOO slaves, also cattle, furniture
end what further may appear. For terms of sale and
other particulars, application may be made to A. A.
de la Court, Ie’sq. or to
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original FOR SALE—Plantation GOLSPIE, being
the Eastern half of Lot No. 44, Corentyn coast, 85 1
Roods facade, and empoldered about 900 Rocds
deep; having a Canstextending the full depth from
front to back, and the whole perfectly secnred by
proper Dams, ‘Trenches, &c. with a cultivation of
120 acres of Cotton and CO acres of Plantains; also
large Fields of old cotton which has been tor some
(ime under salt water; and 50 acres of excellent
Plantain Land ready to plant.
There is a confortable Dwelling House 44 feet by
20, lately built of best materials, a large hardwood
cotton Logie and other necessary Buildings ; in every
respect, requisite for a colton property ; and the rea-
ripg of Cate for which the situation is inferior to
none inthe colonies. It being the intention of the
Advertiser to quit the colony. A great sacrifise will
bgpiace (oan approved Purchaser, with or without
about 30 very valuable Slaves, (18 of which are prime
men. Hnoadred bead of avery superior breed of
horned Cattle, and 200 fine Sheep ; and if required,
long credit will be given, on good security, fora
considerable part of the purchase-money. For fur-
(her particulars apply to the undersigned on the pre-
2) Jan. ROBT. GRANT.
NB. Should the above property not be solu by pri-
vate bargain previous to the Ist of May next, it
will then be sold at public sale, without reserve.
View original =
Berbice, 2st January, i815.
TUE pressing Demands evainst this Office, makes
it necessary to collect in the Taxes, (many of which
are long due )—Vlre undersigned gives notice, that
he positively will (without respect lo persons) hand
over to the Marshal, on the Ist February next, evcry
outstanding Account to be sued for.
The Accounts are now ready for Ordinary and Ex.
traordinary Head-money, Individuals, year 1814,
and must be paid in all this month.
DANIEL ALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen.
View original —_-—_—
BY PRIVATE SALE to be Disposed of,
the following prime Negroes, (the whole together in
one Lot) on very reasonabble Terms, toan approved
Purchaser, viz,—8 Carpenter Negroes, 5 House hoye,
a capable man Cook, a Washer woman with 2 chil-
dren, one ditto with I ohild, and 3 capable House
ot one of whom has a child.
Ifthe whole is not sold before the 15th of next
month, they will be putat public Vendue. For furs
ther particulars apply tothe Subscriber on Plant.
Crutsburg, where the Negroes are to be seen,
21 January. J. A. HICKEN.
NOTICE, such persons as have any demands
against the late Phoenix Saw Mill Co. Nikirie, are
requested to send the same in for examination, to the
undersigned, and those indebted to come forward
with immediate payment.
Ol Jan. GLO. BONE & Co.
FOR SALE, abandsome dark Bay saddle
and draft Horse, warranted sound and free of vice.—
Apply to the Printing ORiec.—21 Jan.
——————— ee
NOTICE,—The undersigned begs leave to
informs (he Public, that Mr. G. Schwartz, is fully
authorised to collect my outstanding Accounts, as
well as Notes of lland, aud his receipt will be of full
_2i Jan. J. P. BROER,
View original FOR SALE by the Subscriber,—Port. sher-
ry and Madcira wines in bottles and casks, brown
stout, flour, tripe in jars, potatoes, boxes soap and
candles from SO to 35 Ibs., hams, real Russia sheet-
ing, therapeutick bitlers, &c.
hs id Sl lh dopalondianll
9! Jan.
View original ee
EOR SALE,~#25 bales of Cotton, from Pl.
Onverwogt. ‘Tenders for the same will be received
at tbe house of L. van Rossum, New Amsterdam.
IL. van ROSSUM, qq. for self and
21 Jan. W.KATZ, qq.
By the subscriber the following fresn Dutch
provisions, lately imported, for cash :—
New herring in kegs,
Butter in ditto,
Sweet milk cheese in boxes,
Edammer ditto,
Potatoes in large hampers.
W hite wine Vinegar in jugs,
Choice Rhine-wine in boxes containg 94 bottles,
Sinoke ‘Tobacco in small cases,
Very good green tea, &c.
14 Jan. J.G.F. THIENSMA.
— EEE estes
~——~—---—< ———
View original TE KOOP
By den ondergeteekende de volgende onlangs
aangebrachte versche Hollandsche provisieuy
VYOor Cassa :—
Nicuwe haring in vaatjes,
Boter in dito,
Zoete melksche kaas in kisjes,
Kdammer dito,
Zeeuwsche en Vricsche aardappeler
In groote manden,
Zeer coede witte wynazyn in pullen,
Beste Khynsche wyn in kisten van 24 bottels,
Iextra gocde gekorvene rook Tabak in Kisjes,
En zeer goede groene thee
14 Jan. J.G.F.'THIENSMA.
View original FOR SALE by the undersigned, new Cod
fish in 6 and 8 quintal casks, fine salt in tierces and
barrels, crabwood lumber, &c.
14 Jan. G. BONE & Cao.
View original ORT ARTA pe
NO'TICK.—The undersigned requests bis
Friends and the different Shippers, who have engas
ved Room in the Brig Fairy, to send their Psodace
alongside with as little delay as possible, in order
that no doubt may be entertained of ber being able
tu leave here with the first convoy,
14 Jan. Jno. SINCLAIR.
DE ondergeteekenden, zoo wel in privé als voor
de Firma van Dehnert and Zimmerman, authoriseerd
en volmagtigd by dezen, den heer P. de Goeje, ong
alle uitstaande pretentien intevorderen en daarvoog
quitantic te passeren, zutlende zulks beschouwd wore
den alsdoor bemzelve geschied.
J. A. DEHNERT, privé, en qq:
7 Jan. Dehuert & Zimmerman.
View original BERBICE.
Tue Licufenant-Governor having been honored
with the Lettes from His Excellency Sir Jas. Leith,
and ifs inclosures, has desired us to insert them for
the information of the Ladies of Berbice.
On perusal of these papers, His Excellency expe-
riences his inability to add any remarks that can pos-
sibly conduce to the proposed Honorable underta-
king ; and he therefore felicitates inthe consciousness
that the Ladies of Berbice will not suffer his solici-
tations for their aid in the furtherance of the propo-
sed Noble Undertaking, to be unavailing.
Lieutenant-Coloncl Allt has kindly undertaken to
be the Receiver of the Subscriptions of our Fair, to
the monument of British valor and talent.
—=? 04-6
. ANTIGUA, 15th December, 1814.
I HAVE the honor to transmit herewith, an
Extract of a Letter which ] have received from the
Countess Spencer, one of the Ladies Directresses,
who have associated themsclves for the purpose of
erecting by Subscription of the Ladies of the British
Monarchy, a Monument tocomiemorate tlic Services
of the Duke of Wellington.
[ beg leave to Solicit your Aid in applying to
the Ladies of Berbice, in Order to turward the pro-
posed Plan.
A Cause, of which the Merils are so universally
known, and now brought forward under such Aspices,
does not require that [ should make any further Re-
marks, I therefore take the Liberty of enclosing the
Prospectus, with a Subscription Paper for the Signa-
tures of sach Ladies as may be pleased to forward a
Plan equally calculated to prove a lasting and dis-
tinguished Memorial of the bo rvices ofan Illustrious
Man, as of the Pnblic Spirit, Generosity and Taste of
the Women ofthe British Empire.
I would beg being honored by an Answer as
soon as may be convenient, and to have the Subscrip-
tion Paper returned to me, with a Specification of the
Manner in which such Sums as may be put down, are
to be remitted to Europe.—] have the honor to be,
Sir, Your most Obedient, Humble Servant.
Jo Lieutenant Governor Bawtinck,
&c. &c. &c. Berbice.
7 38 KK OK A A OK 2k OF
Extract of a Letter from the Countess Spencr,
one of the Ladies Directresses, to Lieut.-
General Sir James Leith.
“OTHE Ladies of Great Brituin and Ireland are
very desirous of perpetuating their Sense of what they
Owe to the Valour and Tallents of the DUKE OF
W ELLINGTON, by a Monument of a more lasting
kind than a Dinner, a Masquerade, or a Fete, 2nd
they have accordingly determined, to arise one, which
does credit to their Gratitude and good taste. The
Subscription to this end is rapidly filling, and altho’
the expence of so noble an undertaking will be large,
yet we think the means will be adequate to the de-
mands. But for this purpose we hope to be assisted
by every one who feels as we do a strong desire of
testifying in a splendid and beautiful shape, the warm
Gratitude which the Duke of Wellington and_ his
brave Companions in Arms have excited inour Minds.
And it is to obtain the assistance and co-operation of
the Ladies in your part of the World that I address
mysclf to you during the absence of Lady Augusta
‘*Will you have the goodness to persuade some of
the principal Women within your reach to become
active Supporters of this interesting Memorial ? The
eager manner with which it has been reccived in this
Country givesme the hest hopes that its Success will
be equally certain in every quarter of the World,
where English- Women are established, and where
English feclings are participated by them.
‘The Alto Relievos round the pedestal of the Group
which isto form this Monument are to represent four
of the principal Victories of the DUKE OF WEL-
LINGTON during the Peninsula War, and his Por-
trait and those of his Principal Generals are to be
introduced. It is to be placed in a conspicious sitn-
ation in the upper part of Green Park, or in Hyde
Park, and the whole of it will be abuut 50 feet high,
the figures in relievo six fcet.
‘¢We receive any Subscription from one Guinea to
Gity. Sothat we include every class of Females.”
A PLAN is under consideration, to erect an
appropriate Monument, to Commemorate the sense
which the Women of Great Britain, and Ire-
LAND entertain of the Services rendered to their
Country by the Duke oF WELLINGTON.
it is placed under the Patronage of Her Royal,
View original VWiehness the Duciuess or York, the Wife of the
CoMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, who has’ gractously been
pleased to adopt and promote if.
Should this Plan be supported by general
Subscription, it is proposed to erect in Bronze an
exact Copy of the celebratod Group, by Phidias, 0
Monte Cavallo at Rome, usually but erroneously tal:
led Alexander and Bucephalus (being a most beauti-
ful exemplification of the T.iumplh of Skill and
Valour over Force,) with appropriate Bronze Deco-
rations and Inscriptions, best calculated to illustrate
the object in question,
The Bronze of which this Monument is fo be
com pose ‘d of the Cannon taken by the Duke of WEL-
LINGTON’s Army in Spain and in France.
It this Project should meet yourapprobation,
you are requested to put your Name down as a Snb-
scriber to this interesting Testimony of Female Gra-
fitude and Respect, to such amount as you may
please to contribute; and you are also requested to
use your Influence amon your Female Friends, to
induce them to follow your example.
We hope you will have the goodness to affix
your Name and amount of your Subscription to this
Paper, and to return it to George Watson, Esq.
No $, Savill -Row, or at the Board of excise, Lon-'
don, Gif by Letter from the Country,) as itis very de-
strable that your concurrence in this Honorable Un-
dertaking should be circulated as soon as possible,
for the encouragement of others.
Subscription Books are opened at the Banking
House of Messrs. Drummonc, Coutts, Hoare, and
Herries,, Farquhar & Co.
Charlotte Duchess of Richmond,
Anne Marchioness of Buckingham,
Leuisa Marchioness of Lansdowne,
France Marchioness Camden,
Lavinia Countess Spencer,
Augusta Countess ef Lonsdale,
www SS ea — ee
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—._.. ___
— »
— — —
1815. High Water at Fore Moon's
January. St. Andrew. Age.
Sun. i Sexag. Sunday. 4! past 7.M
M. K.Ubs. 1. Martyr. 32—— 8&.M
T. si. iF ai 9.M
Feb. 35 10. \..] Last Qr. at lh. 10m, Mern
Vu. - ?.of B.V.Mary. 36 — 11. M.
F, 3. (Neap Tides, 41 — 0.1L.
S. 4. 241—— 1.1.
View original COMMISSARY COURT, Fes. 6.
¢a A New Paper has been established in Deme-
rary, entitled, §*Tie Guiana CuronicLe AND
GeorGe Town Gazette,” by Mr. A. Stevenson.
~The First Number was issued on the 2d instant. It
is published every Monday and Friday, afiernoon—
Subscriptions to the above Paper, will be received at
this Office, as also for the Esseguebo & Demerary,
and Royal Garelles.
—_———— a ee eee SEE
View original ee eeEeEEEeE————
= 6 \- 9§ aa
We have this week received some Barbados pa-
pers, but they contain nothing of importance.
View original ——— ee ———__
Bridge- Town, January 7, 1815.
AT noon yesterday, His Majesty’s ship Barossa
arrived from Antigua ; and if was soon in circulation,
that she was the bearer of the highly gratifying intel-
ligence that the British forces under the command of
Lieut.-General Drummond had compelled the enemy
to surrender Sacket’s Harbour, some time about the.
24th November, and, by a simultaneous attack, our.
squadron had been equally successful, Sir James Yeo
having taken the whole of that Flotilla ; and also that
Commadore Chauncy, who defended his vessels with
great gallantry, was killed during the action. These
accounts, it was said, had been derived fron an Ame-:
rican paper of the 7th December, which was taken
from on board the Gallant Hull, one of two schooners
that were chased by the Barossaand Barbados brig,
but the other got into St. Bertholomew. They had
been but twelve days from Baltimore when the for-
mer was captured, and sent to St. Thomas. It is to
be regretted, that this paper was inadvertently des-
troyed on board tne Barossa; because, from what
we have since heard, some doubts have arisen with
respect to the accuracy of this information.
View original Yt fs, however; satisfactory, that we are thus ace
quainted with the recent capture of the American ship
of war Wasp, by the Casti/ian British brig of 18 guns,
which, if is reported, fellin with the enemy whilst
cruising off Madeira, and took possession of the Wasp
by boarding.
Through this channal, too, it is learnt, the United
States are in the greatest commotion in consequence
of the Conscription Bill, which has been passed by
Congress, and authorises the arming of 80,000 men,
fo complete which each State to furnish its quota.
This has been objected to by the Northern States, and
they do not hesitate to declare, that they will not come
ply with the requisition ; so that, connecting this with
those Resolution which are likely to be adopted by
the New-England Convention, a disunion may, in all
probability, be the result of this measure on the part
of that Government.
On the 24th December, in the night, the Barossa
fell in with a Spanish vessel of war, which mistaking
her for an armed ship belonging to the Insurgents on
tte Main, fired ‘nto the Barossa, and, we are sorry
to add, killed two men, and did some injury to the
ship. Upon receiving a few shots from our frigate,
the Spaniard discovered bis error, and will no doubt
in future be more cautious.
A private letter recently received from Halifax,
states, as a rumour, that the American line-of-battle
ship Independence, with acompletement of 1000 men;
and the frigate Constitution, had sailed in company
from one of the ports of the United States.
A letter from St. ‘Thomas, recently received here,
‘states, th: t the American ship of war Independence,
was seen Cruising in the neighboorhood of St. Du
Pori-Rovayu (MARTINIQUE), Ist Dec. 1814.
The Meduse frigate, commanded by Captain de
Chesfontaines, arrived at this port yesterday evening,
having on board M. du Buc. About the 9th of last
month, she parted from the 2d division, which is ex
pected every moment.
Sr. Pierre, 3d Dec. 1814.
Ceremony of taking possion of the Town of St.
Pierre and its Jurisdictions.
At day-light yesterday morning, the French frigate
Frigone, with troops on board from Fort-Royal, ap-
peared offthe harbour. Between nine and (cno’clok,
she anchored, and fired a saiute to the ba(teries, which
was returned.—About one o’clock, the British 74
_gun ship Venerable also appered, having on board
Rear-Admiral, Naval Commander on this Station;
Sir James Leith, Commander in Chief of the Land
Forces; Major-General Lindsey, Governor of th's
Island and several other officers of rank. Whilst une
der sail, she fired a salute, which was returned by the
batteries; and she came to anchor about half-past
‘three. M.du Buc, M. le Baron de Labarthe, and
.M. de Perinelle, had previous arrived from Forte
Royal. The change of Flag was announced by a
general and brisk firing, both from the batleries and
the frigate, which began a little before five, and was
continued till near sun sect. The French troops,
whose march was interrupted by an immense crowd
of people, moved to occupy the post of the battery
D’Esnotz, amidst repeated shouts of * Vive le Roi!’’
from the spectators.—In the mcan time, Sir James
Leith, surrounded by the General Officers and the
respective Authorities of the two Nations, arrived at
the battery, wishing to deliver up the post himself.
The restoration was made with great pomp and so-
lemnity, accompanied on both sides with all that ur-
banity, attention, and frank cordiality, which the
Governments of States in amity reciprocally owe to
each other—Afler this striking ceremony, His Exccl-
lency the Commander in Chief repaired to Govern-
ment House, where he gave a most splendid enters
tainment to his Suite, and a large party of guests ine
viled on the occasivn,
View original 2!
View original 2S, Fe
Extract from the Rewriter of the Vipoiurtes of
the Court o: Cis Sues. vi tic Colony
Wiodnesday 15th June, W81k.
l \ wp iF wreaccordinaly Ootere 1. fhat all persons
acting under tee ap patntinet ot he Court, either as
Trustees for Creditors. Curators ta Tasolwent Listates, :
»° 4
Sequestrators, Goran ios, Adenuntstrevors, and other
Accounting Paes. der the orders of (he Court,
doy render and cise ia their Secounts, wathtn one
Mm) yn' ty Pry N\ thre wh 1.’ O41 Myo ‘ Pal lie adn Yin of thi iS OVicher
metho bree Cyecze , * da fufaspe cou 0 in the
fist week chthe res loo oscousry every vear. to
the Secreforv of tue Court, nao NO Peis ydiat-
everloon tite. BOOM TE OULD Spree forder ror (ies
foer tine b poewvousty abr tad on Po ation.
Noting wo locos os a de tee awore effeetuctty to
ecveure {' a NN cect iy mat "sy il ly hh te iy
fairer ec ore PU Coeretirw on the ¢ ‘oOurtdo
on thea i Ch Ove rds tous, det onthe
table of o, hone (lhe onmanies ar ee pict.
ties of tio sere Seco, fie erties, te rcther with
thedateyaob tic or pecive Sopunminents, and the
fime up tow oh the oth Sceourts: bave already
been given ing or nade d to tho Comet for confor.
mattomoraprcor dy sooh los to pecity p artcularly
where the seve oT Vecrehers gad a ocumie ats thereto
belonziys, are deposiigd wd uncer y, hose authority
or order
AN!) in the sat? Tit is alio to be inserted the
Names eC a bersci, nha boy tofen out Acts of
Dyctioorotin ny oe mow ty Che Cates Chereo.y and
. ’ . 1
(hetimes vterteces ae hove boca rene wea or pro-
PonvedS cad er ie eort trite names of the seve
eral tat > 1" mre Vt eh [ Chi ns of the rosnyect-
We Creditor vove be omaleatly fied and: exhioited
for the dects: oon Conrtou the Pra ond coneue-
yentia ¢lroor: eof ope th the dates ov beu the said
claims wert. ole Pe bho when the several e@rochie
mations voi Ivers ments nr tiie thotetoy were
weeued Does oe ccd I md fore. 7 ti...
i Ni) tt WIN Pode . aiid fod arr COON
Acco! atta Ce thy, Bianinw aut Pe it to
theny on. tyiof the rarities afor. suid,
tnetrownr Jeo fo reecive thet mergers for such
purpos, Ww! sycehuvine boeocu rmeaunarny
WOPPEPEO Myotes Court, and the several
parties infested ot oscing rernbuly summoned by
Advertiser: bleu pul ie Papers, and due Notee
giverofet le tone lanter mo, (h, fo appear be-
fore tics, “dl fa forty ip Coye LON, prevac asly
todh rr open Crear rev out thereon,
NO tie crefary cf toe Court, is herchy stitetly
forbid ta Sere Mer ce ve ony Docroents or Vou-
chers fro hore Neo G tine Potties aforesaid.
witty toa ge an ae Lory ia Is af the say.
finer rds ob ov by the sand varies, dudy stone
elanid tN v Jd he is dire “coed, On Te-
Coiycn st ea rhe ites y brcom ppive (he sarae with
the Vor see og) Leeruite the vecure cy thereof, ‘and
further Oy chiver to Chom the said perties one copy
oO. clur d | ‘oy i odarsd attested by Nien. org; Its,
sic { Vote oes fey -3 LO be crrefully pre-
wervech lo. bs Or eoey property Tabetled and
parsp) Pore tice dy ey urd or vivenout ot the
(thoes exe pt resco of pooendcovcurrentia, after
precinct! The ontonce thoahose cases, without
unenxpress Coc rofthe Cow t or covernor,
A trucesstt pba bod for weueril information,
by order of (he Hon oucole Conré of Civil Justice.
— ——— ee
View original
View original
View original 2 ew En rw Se ee CCG een
BY virtue of an Order from Vis Exe: Honey
Lientenant-Governor HE AW. Bes rine, eiven ape
oma PeGttonof toha Tay field gq. dino, Dodson & Co,
of Gyeat Britain, dated the January ISto. No-
heeds here hy civen fo the Public: Phat the Debt
ior which Phintation Ne, Pl, West Corentine cost
was placed under Sequestration, haying been daly
pid by George Munro. as Proprictor of said Ustato,
to Jola Day lield qq. Folin Dodson & Co. The said
Hhratation No. Ol, West Corentines coast, bas beet,
dials dey Released trom Execution and Seguestration,
Lobice, oich dennary, IS15.
NK. PRANCKEN, First Marske’.
Py virfus of en appotnfment fram the Honors)yte
Cocri ol Civil dusdee a toi colony. dated I7th Dee
Comber Ts tf: civey Moon a petition presented by
Jon Liaytiel!, os \ooney of thomas Gudgeon, of
stoke Nowinetag, ear Condon,
Notice ts hereby etvanrtothe Public, that Lhe un-
. ; a a a
Jeri dintead ta Selly at Public txecetion Sale, tn
presenee Of (00 Connectors Comnisstrtes and
Ir ~ceretory, ci the est coming Olosd, y in the
aihor May, ISIS, the Cotton Estate called KIL-
KORACK, sttuncdon the Corn N{Fh coast Of this
covonyy WHC atl tes callivation, buildines, slaves, and
lirtherappurteninces thereto belonging, all of wich
an diventory as atso toe Perms of Sale, are to be seer
atthe Morsil’s Otnce during the hours of duty 3 said
[state being the property of Simon Praser.
Whoever should think himself entitled to Oppose
the Exccution Sale of above Estate Kilmoraci, let
such persons address themselves at the Marshal's Of-
fice, declaring their reasons for so doing, induc tine
and form, as | hereby give notice, that F the under-
styned will receive opposiion from) every person
thereunto qualified by law, appoint then a day to
have his or her claim heard before the Court, and
further act therein as the law directs.
Lhis Srd Proclamation published as customary.
Berbice, the 92d January, 1815.
K. Francxen, First Marshal.
“OS. The above named Sale is to take place on
the spot,
BY virtne ofan Appointment froin the Flonorable
“ourt of Civil Jus stice, of this colony, dated the 17th
1, given upon a Petiuon pre sented by
Pranchen, as First Marshal, for and in name. of
We. Gordon, as togethe: with E : an Fraser ‘and Ancus
er, the surviving Attornics jointly aud severally
vy Donald MM? Les dy of Geanics, in the County of
ISSy North Britain,
\.. Cy
V/CCO uber. | i
View original
View original ——_—_—
a ee
BY virtue of an EF ctract from the Minutes
of the Hlorerable Court of (iyi Jaretic ated 80: hy
Pctober [s! Fy TiVo intieecsy eertithds Tanin
and P. J \sir! yy ta Co te ty as Scqnestintars tg
Plontati mMoYrosin, the bite pre poriy ob Ducdiey
Wade, Platary SE Net, versus, all Claimants oy
the procests of Lasatation Yeos Hy curvannenis, seld
wut Pixceut pale, Py fen ints, by FP lict. I the to
dersteaced do heresy Susnm mies Pdtet: AM Chitoe-
antsog the proc els or Plritation Yeovil. CUM one
NEXIS soldat Lecention Sale. Poapnesr hb. foreuhe
Combot Rolly on Vow Ly Che oth Mereln IS Poy ane
Ollonvied reall the Court UH, Cot fins re
facte tog, me eirelatass testsatd dX al ys .d
suither ty yy | moray baw.
ThisSaur aoa ty fet r ehnovnita Nop re
hy: byes Of Cys ver hao foot Poouse of thi, CUie tay
ane farther ds alt wai ’ to Custuin. ~ :
Lerbice, Chaat ahs J nuary, IS15.
RK. PRANONE SS) Perse Marshal,
7 G. PAY LES prescnteerd te hoo, con
Weity Order, tiiconde alduy;—"De Directeur veg
Plavacie [ Pevsty achieve afteloveren aan dea
Hear G. Po! Sot Order, Vier dui end ponitian hol
fys7vinte ures? fatic van Neht duizend poten door
creda Pleoy Ponels veleend aan de Plantacl>s Bue
Sb te open Ordon van dato 15 December IslL,
yu bode prys der hofvy thins 200 veel hover, Wiute.
i dys Or : sede ds geste ld.
ber bicn ) LS Auerustu ; IS} 4.
(retec send) I. vax ROSSUM..
errr pou don Lothy s00.
NOLL ts hereby given to all those who
may b@inel cd to purchase frou G-orce Panels the
Conve Order tor £900 pounds; chet the same was
mec and viven by the undersigned lo the said Geo.
Panels, bona fide, and in supposition that his Ace
counts as Curator tothe Boedol Puss were corrects
thaton cacehelly Examiatayg the odd Geo. Panelds’s
Accounts, the undersigned fonnd several hrrors,
and Omissions, AL Statement whereof, he the Une
dersigned, has already submitted to and is now bee
tore the flonorable the Coart of Civil Justice for des
cision. “Phat itis to be hoped that no person will
vield G. Pauels any facility in negociating the un.
Corsigned’s Order, obtained as aforesaid, as atter
tinis public Hottee, the undersigned: shall) consider
binselfe, 9 1) and in duty bound to contest the va.
laity of (he sad Order for the want of LOO CONsis—
deration.—1]4 Jan. L. van ROSSUA, qq.
View original NOTICE
Is hereby given, that Mr. A. Kerschner hae past his
general power of A{torney on the Subscriber,to cole
lect all outstanding debts as Goods and Open Ac-
counts for delivered Dread and biscuit, therefore the
Subscriber tafurms to all who it may concern, to come
forwards with payinent, being otherwise in the ne-
cessity to sue for the same; and further Jre Informs
that Mr. Kerschner not cain give longer credit: fur
bread, &c. as tobe paid eyciy month.
}4 Jaa. FF. B. ADER, aq.
View original Tilk Subscriber informs the Public, he shal]
take such steps as the Lew allows him, against all
Horses, Gosts, Oxen, &c. he finds straying in hig
premiees. Wim. WOODGATE,
Of Jan. Lt. Col. Commandant,
= de
View original

28 January 1815