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The Berbice Gazette

View original PROCLAMATION.
BY His Eevccllency Uexny Wittram Bentinck, Es-
quire, Licutenant-Governor over the Colony of Ber-
hice; And the Honorable Court of Policy of the said
70 all to whom these presents may or shall come; Be it
WILERTAS Representation has heen made to us
of the excessive hardship sustained by many indtvi-
duals, within this Government who are deprived of
thet e vices of their slives, on their being surrender-
ed to dustice and capifally punished for their crimes,
not only by the loss of such slaves without any re-
muneration, but from being obliged to defray the
expences of their prosecution and conviction ; and
whereas we have taken into our consideration, that it
is both ecuitable and conducive to the public evod
(hat some compensation should in future be afforded
to such Fababitants of this colony, asimay be deprived
of the service’s of any slaves, tn conscquence of the
Jaiter betng sentenced to death, bantshment or con-
finement for life, on the pubic works or (his colony.
We eave therefore thoueht fit to enact, and it ts
hereby enacted accordingly: That from and after
the day of the date of these presents, every Planter
or other Inhabitant, who may in future be deprived
of any of his or her slaves, from their being sentenc-
ed by us to capifal punishment, banishment for life,
on the public works of this colony » shall be entitled
to recetve from the colental funds, as a compensation
for such loss, a sum equal to the value, to be put on
such slave or shaves, by appraisers to be ap patted
by us, provided always, thatsuch appraisement shall
inno instance exceed the sum of twelve hundred euil-
ders fora ficld working neeree, and fifteen hundred
fora driver or head neeroe or tradesman,
And lastly we do enact as itts hereby enacted, that
the expences of prosecution and conviction be deft: Vy- the cost of the colony, and not af that of the
individual :—which conpon ou aad costs of pro-
secution shall nevertheless not be made hy the colony,
should it the course of the trial of such
sJave or slives, that UL treatment or neglect on the
part of their masters have had any share, in feadtng
them to (he commission ofthe echnes, for which they
have been sentenced to suffers as tall such cases
shall in no wise be entith d to clatia or recetve any
compensation for the toss cf such slave or slaves so
Thus enacted tn oar or cinery sessions ef the Court
of Policy and Criminal Justice of the colony Berbice,
his Lith day of January [Sl-4.—Present biis Exce \-
Jency Licutenant Governor HE. We. ex vino, and
the Honorable Members TL. CC. Abbensets, ulin
McCamon, James Fraser, Peter Vairbairn,
Glasius and George Munro,
And published on th: 20h January foilowine,
resent His Lxcellency Licatenant Governor H.W.
Bent INCRK, and ihe wore vote Honorable Membeus.
By command of the Courl.
R. 70. D« OW NER ny Secy.
Pirst time of publishing,
oho ad.
View original RERCLICE.
BY [is Feeellency Venrny Wirrsim Benrincn, Fs-
quire, Licutenant-Governor and Commander in Chéc)
anand over the Setilement of Rerbice and tis D ‘pel.
deneics, President in all Courts and Courts and Col.
leges within the same, SC. Sc SC.
WHERIAS very little observance has been paid
to the Proclamation of the Honorable the Court of
Policy, bearing dafe the 2d April 1810, requiring’
periodical returns of the run away slaves from their
proprictors in this colony, as therein is specifically
‘Beated. And whereas Lam desirous of ascertaining
the exact number of slaves now missing, J do order
and direct, that alland every person shall within four-
teen days from the Publication hereof, deliver unto
the nearest Burgher Officer, a list of the names, num-
ber and marks of all the slaves from them respect-
ively deserted ; also the time of such desertion, the
said lists to be collected by the Burgher Officers,
Commanding Divisions, and forthwith transmitted to
me, and in case of neglect or default in making the
said returns at present required,and in future the re-
turns as stated periods in conformity with the atore-
said Ordonance of the Honorable the Court of Policy;
View original His Honor the Fiscal, is directed to prosecute the
defaullers agreable to Law.
Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, at the
King’s House, New Amsterdam, this 18th day of
February, IS[4.
By Command,
WwW Hith, (ov. Grn,
irs? time of publishing.
View original BY Wis Excellency itenua hicri4am Buntincn, Es-
quire, Lieuterant-Governor and Commander in Chics
wand over the Settlement of Berbice and tts Depen-
denctes, President tn all Courts and Coll ges within
the same, &c. Sc. NC.
WHEREAS Ihave receivid from the Right Hon.
the Barl of Bathurst, his Majesty Principal Secretary of
State for the War and Colonial Devartneat, a Dispatch
bearing date 2tst December, 1813. transmittng tome two
Orders of Jiis Royal Tlighness the Prince Regent in Coun-
cil, bearing date respectively the Loth of December 1813,
and of which the following are copies. —1 have thought i
expedient, and do hereby publish the same for the intor-
mation and guidance of all those concerned:
13th of Decembi r, 181s.
Ilis Royal Highness the Prince Recent in Council.
WHEREAS it appears by the latest adviecs from
the Coast of the Adriatic, that the port of ‘Trieste, and
the other ports and places between Tries(e and the southero
extremity of Dalmatia, are, for che most part, no longer
in the possession or under the controul of Krauce: Lis
Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in tie tame and on the
behalf of His Majesty, and by and with the advice of Mis
Majesty’s Privy Council, is pleased to order. and declare,
aud itis hereby ordered and declared, that the blockade
of ‘Pricste, and the ports and places aforesaid inclusively,
(save and except such as are still occupied by the encmy)
and all restrictions imposed thercon, by any Order in
Council relating thereto, shall forthwith cease and be dis-
Aad the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners of
His Majesty’s Treasury, His Majesty’s Principal Secreta.
ries of State, the Lords Commissioners of the Aduiiralty,
the Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, and the Judge:
of the Courts of Vice-Admiralty, areto take the necessa-
ry micasures herein, as to them may respectively appertain,
WSth of Decemder, 1Sis3.
His Royal Wiechness ..2 Pence Recuye in Council.
VIPER AS the ancient relations oF oe and
Amity between His Majesty, aud the United Provinces ot
(he Netherlands, have been happily re-established®:—His
Noval Highness the Prince Regent is pleased, in the name
aed on the behalf of [fis Majesty, and by aud with the
advice of Tis Majesty’s Privy Council to order and de.
clare, aud itis hereby ordercd and declared :
Mirstly. Thatall hostilities against the United Provinces
of the Netherlands (save and except such ports or places
asinay be stiilin the possession or under the controul of
brance) ou the part of His Majesty shall immediately
secondy. That the blockade of all the ports and places
of ele said United Provinces (save and except such ports
and places as before excepted) and all other restrictions
thereon imposed by any Order in Council relating there
to, shall forthwith cease and be discontinued,
Plirdly. That all ships and vessels belonging to the said
United Provinces (save and except vessels coming from,
or proceeding to, any ports or places in the possession
or under the coutroul of France) shall have free admis-
sion into His Majesty’s ports, aud be permitted to care
ry on any trade now lawfully carried on ityphe ships of
States in amity with his Majesty.
And the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioncrs of
his Majesty’s l'reasury, his Majesty’s Principal Secreta.
ries of State, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty,
the Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, and the Jud-
ges of the Courts of Vice-Admiralty, are to take neces-
sary measures hercin, as to them may respectively apper-
Given under my hand and seal at arms, at the King’s
Itouso, New Amsterdam, this 17th day of Feb. 1814.
7 command.
IF. WHITE, Gov. Sec.
First time of publishing
View original NOTIFICATION.
Treg resumed Sittings of the Hon. Court of Civil
Justice, is adjourned till Monday the 28th of feb.
S14, By Command.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
View original THE Subscriber has imported by the ship NI P-
TUNE, Capt. Simpson, the following goods, which
he will dispose of by the package, or otherwise for
immediate payment only :—
London bottled porter in puncheons, pale ate in
tierces of 7 dozen cach, port wine, Wiltshire checse,
prime mess beef & pork in 1 barrels, kegs tongues,
tubs containing rounds of becf, Cork rose butter in 4
firkins, flour in + barrels, kegs split pease, paert
barley, potatoes in hampers, Durham mustard, eat.
ing oil, refined sugar, candles in boxes of 28 ths. ds.
and Os., soap in ditto, Inverness cotton & coffee bag-
ving ; an assortment of saddlery consisting of hunting
saddles with plated stirrups, &ce., double & snafile
bridles, plated bits, &c., setts Weymonth spare
heads & ruins with plated buchles, spare snaffle do.,
spared girths & martingales, a sett neat vig harness,
curry combs & brushes, mane combs with spuages,
Mall collars, horse nets, spar: stirrup leathers, chaise
Jockey & huntiug whips, and plited spurs; glass
ware, plain & cut wines, do. pint & half pint tum-
blors, do. pint & quart decanters, do. finger hasons,
butter dishes with covers, sangaree glasses, India
shades, plated bottle stands, small crates containing
iu complete sett each neat table service, cloth, crumb
and shoe brushes, ladies, dress & walking shoes, do.
lacing boots, gentlemen Spanish & waxed leather
boots, military do. Wellington half do- dress, half
dress & shooting shoes, childrens shoes, wearing ap-
parel, superfine black, blne & fashionable coloured
long coats, do. coatees, round robbins, thin cassamere
breeches, ditto pantaloons, tashionable colours for
dress, stript jean trowsers, black silk waistcoats, fans
cy coloured cassamere, Marsedes ditto, white ditto,
small trunks printed calicoes, do. printed muslins,
fancy & plain austin for ladies dresses, plain & hair
cord jaconct for neckhkfs., Romal, Madras, flughed
and tweel'd hhts., Musilipatam & India do, silk hKfs.
black & fashionable patterns, 4-4 [trish linens, long
lawns, linen diaper tor table cloths & napkins, Rus-
sta shecting, brown Hollands, linen isritannias, pla-
tillias, cotton & linen checks, furniture do. furniture
chintz, cotton shirting, cotton callico for lining, India
jeans & d mitics, York stripe, green gauze, bed-tick,
stripe, & siersucker, ginghams, an assortment of
threads, tapes, & shirt buttons, cotton stripe shirts
and (rowsers, Guernsey trocks, gentlemen & ladies
silk & beaver hats, willow hats, planters broad rimed
(lo. tradesmens do. childrens do. negroe blankets, an
assortment of stationary, perfumery, ladics & gentle-
men silk & cotton hose, mens silk & cotton socks,
children cotton stockings, kegs nails 4dy to 30cy
frying pans, grid irons, sod irons, gun powder in
cannisters, shot in bags No. 346, large brass vat
cocks, wine ditto, setts white ivory handled table
knives & forks with deseats & carvers, Buck horn
handled do,, cork screws, tea trays, Japan’d waitcrs,
hook & eye and T hinges, large & small sizes, hand
saws, hand saw files, augers, nest gimblets, chisels,
carpenters adges, squaring axes, felling do. carpen-
(crs hammers, small hatches, tenneni saws, screw
nails asserted, buck knives, clasp do. horse scissars,
fishing hooks, cases rasors, stock locks, double & sin-
ele bolted padlocks, chamber door locks, (runk do.
plated candlesticks with snuffers & stands, brass and
Japancd do., brads. Cus. MACKINTOSH.
At Messrs. D. C. Cameron, & Co’s. store.
Berbice, 19th Fcb
View original —- CC Rh OO OO OS OSS
THE undersigned haveing been ap pointed by the
Honorable Court of Civil Justice of this colony, Ad
ministrators to the Estate and Eflects of the late Pho-
mas Robson, dec., requests all those that have any
demands against the same Estate, to render them to
the first undersiencd, at his house in New Anmster-
dam, and those that are indebted to the state, are
reque ‘sted to make payment.
19 i eb. (). \W., LAN PSHEER, for self \ a
G. MUNRO, app. Adininistrators.
Hunderd bales cotton, payable in cash or bills on
delivering. —19 Feb B. ZIEGLLA
View original WARS fhes OFFICR
SUI L f flo.
B } y/ O} adi / I
7 UE Biuxrixnen. L tl Governor of the
ry rl a, ( 7 pr bad pr ion f t} Rise
Vay sf) s/f A . f: -4N ALN | rmeand ti ( it /j )) Ji f v
and Pann Brenasaurzrn, Curators to the Esta of F.
Bynor,. decd. under a of I8th Ja “ary IRI. Vu-
fice ws | ven to t/ public, that I the und rstened,
‘ lt sell Ni I / . CC of fzoo { 'O LNSCLLOVS Comm s Sard 4
and ther Secr ry, AL Public Execution Sa 'e. by th
. : yy ) j
OU , “ di / Gl wa Ca (ifc. O7l Monday Thre Oo] yf day Of
4 J v / 1D) > "4 ;
I DP 7, ISI a ID foul Ca el ICS [ Dower. St6idadled
/ I iS CO d nial, 2 ttle ¢ lf ss ccs, Hier lines. WC,
tii , Chliy of Ch LU SlC of J fCOLB / RUwUIs. decd,
Whoever shou lo have any vieht, action or ine
’ , ) .
TE res4 Ol ile av Lhe / KE slat best BR aC, and
] J . ;
SiicS | »})? ‘ / dl / COT. let ich pP TS naddress
j , j j
th AMS CoS FO frst Marsh iL. declare iY fherr VeCasOoNs
j . ; ,, , ‘ - ef ° . =e
/ OO GO ~ fl [ hi reoy Ye JUV i é/ l [ zill 7 ECCCLE
: gs .
ODYPo / P/O CUCU On fhercou to fit tlified, appoints
i ‘ed
/ / ? ) : J } » ff : ;
al l fl (“ilo Ale Chts os | 4 Clb ReAVd OCTO) Lhe ( Ourl,
j /
Qili / Ci fv Di 4 ( , OU LAM.
v1 . fy 4
i ({]}O7 “iil § “S £0 |¢ . / CC Ul EE S )
> 4 !
($e) Ce. t/ 16 / J / | >
View original SALE BY EXECUTION,
BY virtue ofan eppointment from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, given upon a
petition presented by We Layfield, and the Attorney
of Thomas Gudzcon of Stoke Newington, near Lon-
don, under date of 26ch January, ISLA,
IL the understgned intend to sell, at public Execu-
tion Sale, in the presence of two Councellors Com-
mnissarics and their Secretary, on Monday the 14th
March, ISU. .
Plantation Kinvorack, situate on the correntine
coast of this colony, the property of Simon Fraser,
Msquire, with all its enlttvation, slaves, buildings,
and other appurfennnces thereto belonging.
Whoever should think to haveany right, action or
Interest, on abovenamed plantation Kilmorack, or
its dependencies, and wishes to oppose the Execu-
tion Sale thereof, let such person address themselves
to the Marshat’s Office, declaring their reason for so
doing in dre time and term, asd hereby give notice,
that Iwill receive opposition trom every one thereunto
qualified by law, appoint them a day to have his or
her claim heard betore the Court, and further act
therein as the law directs.
This 2a0 proclimation published as customary.—
Berbice tic 13th February, ISl4.
KK. PRANCKIEN, Dirst Marshal.
BY virtte ofan appointment from the Honorable
Courtot Civil Justice of this colony, granted upona
petifon, preseated by the Goard tor Orphans and
unprovided Estates, bearing date the 16th Novem-
ber StS. Pith undersiened, at the request of atore-
sail Porrd, do herby Summon by Edict :-—All per-
sons fiavin sor pretending to have any claim or right
on the fsiate of Cas tate Robert Mitchell, to appear
before the Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at
thetr session in the month of July, (in the year one
thousand eight hundred and fourteen,) say ISL, for
the purpose of there delivering in theie claims, see
the same objected to, should it be necessary, and to
Witness, aiter the tourth ddictal Sammon. the
— Cours deg pee cp pealpet ting preterit concurrent
right of claimants, on pain to such as remain in de-
jault of being for everdebarred their rigbt of claim.
This Sammon by diet, made known to the public
by beat of dram from the Court (louse of this coluiy,
and further cealé with according to custom.
Berbice, the loth Pebruary, IST4.
WK. PRANCKEN, First Marshal.
—$—$_— ___— a —<————
View original SUMMON sy EDICT.
BY virtue ofan appointment from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice of Chis colony, granted upona
petition, presented by the Board tor Orphans and
unprovided Instates, bearing date the 16th Novem-
ber ISIS. dT the undersigned, at the request of afore-
sald Board, do hercby Summon by Edict :—All per-
sons having, or pretending to have any claim or right
on the Estate of Alexander Houston and Hugh Hous-
ton or plantation Mary’sburg, negroes and other ap-
purtcnances, to appear belore the Court of Civil Jus-
tice of this colony, at their session in the month of
July, (in Che year one thousand cight hundred and
fourtecn,) say IS14, for the purpose of there deliver-
Ing in their claims, see the same objected to, should
it be necessary, and to witness, after the fourth
fdictale Summon, the Court’s decision as to the pre-
ferent and concurrent right of claimants, on pain to
such as remain in default, of being tor ever debarred
their right of claim.
This Signmon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colony,
apd further dealt with according to custom. :
Berbice, the 15th lebruary, 1814.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original SOMM* py ED]
BY virtue of an ap: ous from the Ponorable
Court of Civil Justices of (id a. iy, ranted upon a
petition of William Pnines. yn‘ed Curator to (he
state of John Domiudson. c., dated 26th Janu.
ary ISj L. I the underst red, at the request Of atore-
said Curator, do hereby Same by hdict:—All
known and unknown creditors of the Estate of the late
Jolin Donaldson. dec., to appear before the Bar of
the Court of Civil Justice ef this colony, at their
session Which will be held in the month October of
the present year IS14, there to verify their claims and
witness the Court’s decision as to the preferent and
concurrent right of claimants. and further to proceed
according to Law, on pain of being for ever debarred
(heir right ofclaim.
This Summon by dict, made known tothe public
by beat of dram from the Court House of this colony,
ant further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, the 15th February. 1814.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original —_— a
BY virtue ofan appointment from the Honorable
Court ef Civil Justice of this colony, granted upon a
petition, presented by “Thomas Fryer Layfield and
Robert Douglas, as Curators to the Bstate of John
Ross, dec., and of James Sinclair, as Curator to. the
[state of John Sinclair, dee., under date of 29th JJa-
nuary ISt4. 7 the undersigned, at the request o!
aforesaid Curator, do hereby Sumoion by [diet :—
for the fourth time ex superabundant, all erccditors
or claimants on the late firm of Ross and Sinclair, or
plantation Nige, situate within this colony, or on
the separate Estates of Jolin Ross and James Sinclair,
to give in theirclaims in person, or by proxy, belore
the Bar of the Court of Civil Justice, at Gheir session
which will be held in the month of July 1814, there
to hear the objection made thereto, if necessary, and
further to proceed according to Law, on pain to all
such who remain in default, of being for ever debar-
red their right of claim.
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court Uouse of this colony,
and further dealf with according to custum.
Berbice, the 16th February, IS} 4.
NK. FRANCKEN, First Varsha.
View original a SeSeSeeeeSeSeSSSSSS ee
BY virtue of an appointment from the Tlonorable
Court of Civil Justice of (his colony, granted upon a
petition, presented by James Sinelair, as appointed
Curator to the Estate and Effects of the late John
Sinclair, dec., under date of 26th January, IS]4,
I the undersiened, at the request of aforesaid Curator,
do hereby Surnmon by ldtet, ad varves curia :—A1l
creditors or claimants on the Estate of the late John
Sinclair, to appear in person, or by proxcy, before
the Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at their
session which will be held in the month of January,
(in the year one thousand ei@ht hundred and four-
feen,) sav, ISP4, there (o render in (heir claims, to
Verify (he same, and further to proceed accordine to
Law, on pain of being for ever debarred their right of
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colou
and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, the 16th February stl.
ot RANCKEN, First Marshal.
—————————_ ———_——
«a the request of Colin Douglas, Msquire, in his
quality as substiluted Attorney to Alexander Simpson,
the general and special Attorney of the Mercantile
House of Inglish bllice & Co. of London, notice is
hereby given to all whom it may concern, that the
colton Estate called Ease Lothian, situate on the
ist sea coast of this colony, being the property of
David Carnegie, Esquire, has been released from
execution and Sequestration, in form of aboyenamed
concern, im consequence ot an arrangment between
pardics having taken place.
Berbice, the 14th February, 1814.
K.FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original -—_eeoeoo eee
On Thursday the 24th instant, will be sold at the
Vendure Oflice, by order of Charles McIntosh, [sqr.
(he following articles, just imported inthe Neptune,
Capt. Simpson, from Glasgow, viz.—New rose but.
terin half¥irkins, Wiltshire cheese, mess beef and
pork in half barrels, tongues in firkins, rounds of
beef in tubs, flour in half barrels, barley, and split
pease In kegs, potatoes in hampers, soap, candles,
pale ale in tierces of 7 doz. each, London porter in
puncheons, also a varicty of dry goods, &c.
By the Vendue Master in commission, herrings in
kegs, mutton hams, stock fish, &c.
On Thursday the 24th inst. will be sold at the Ven-
due Office, for account of those concerned ; a pun-
cheon of hams, and a parcel of ladies straw bonnets,
imported in the brig Anna, caplain Brand, from
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master,
View original 4
, On Wedantday the OJ March, will be sold at the
Vendue Otheoe, by order of J. van den Broek and
A. Krieger, Msqrs.-in their capacity as Curators to
the Estate of the late M.S. ain
rf. —An excellent
vold watehya larze assortinent of fering apparel and
books, &c.,
Also on the sine day, cotton and collee bagging,
dry goods, provisions, &c,
D. C. CAM ALON, Dep. Vendue Mastr
On Mongy the 2ist March, will be sold, on the
premises, the Estate Ex pecrarion,. or No. 9. West
coast of this colony, containing 500 acres of land, of
Which 120 acres are jn bearing plantains, about 90
acres of new land empoldered, ready for planting
plantains; the fropt of this Mstate is excellent. for
pasttrage, there are two logics of hard wood 54 ly
94 fect, covered with wallaba shingles, water viils,
punts, corials, carpenters tools, &c.—also 40 head
of fine cattle, 12 milk cows and other fine young imn-
proving cattle their encrease, 100 head of sheep. a
a horse, &c. In order to suit PURGhair the land
Will be put up in two lots, with the builttnos. each
lof containing the same number of acres. buildings
and cultivation ; the whole payable insix, nine, and
twelve anonths, with the exception of purcl@ rs
wader a thousand cuilders, payable in three months,
For further particulars apply to A, Lhornborrow ,
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master
—— = —_-:nRkT }\}}[[]_- SS
View original NOTICH
I, hereby civen to the Subseribers for the Quarter-
'y Balls, (hat the next Ball will fake place at ‘the late
Vir. Pavris’ sy No. 11, courantine coast, on ‘Tuesday
th Sehoof VE tre h next —19 Feb.
View original = . :
This és to inform the Public, that the Jollowing per.
sons dntend quilting this Colony.
Jos. Barnes in 6 weeks froin 22 Jan.
YD. Campbell in 6 weeks from 29 Jan.
James Mefndoe, in 3 weeks from 5 Feb.
A. ‘Phornborrow, will quit) the colony by the April
flect, or G weeks from keb. 19,
R. C. DOWNER, Scey.
——_ _
NOTICE is hereby given, thata month after date the
following Veansports and Mortgages will be passed,
Jan. 29. Mary Lindner will transport to James Bure
nett, 9 roods im depth of the half lot Land No.
1), edjoming to the 7 roods purchased by him
of her bevore,
Won. aad Geo, Munro will transport to Robt.
Pouelas, lot No. 3, situate on the west coren-
tv coast.
Robt. Douglas will at the same time execute
a mortage tor the balance due (he said Wim.
and Creo, Munro, for original purchase mo-
ney of the above lot.No. 9.
Rh. C. DOWNER, Sec.
View original BERBICE
Msn Ules baccdleney Henny Wairti4am Bs NTINCK,
Lisquire, Licutenant-Governor and Commander in
Ch jef in ard over the Setilement of Verh ice wctth ite
Dependencies, and President in all Courts and Col.
ber s within the sa Ne, Ac. “Cc. AC.
WHIEREAS it has been duly represented to me, thata
considerable number of the coloured ead black Population
of this colony, claiming exemption from Slavery, have clan.
destinely introduced themselves as Free, which aot onl]
tends to the gencral discredit of the respectable part of
that class; but as several of them have no apparent means
of subsistance, it is to be feared they have recourse to
secret illicit practices for a livelihood, which if not time.
ly restrained, may in the end be subversive of good order,
{tts thercfore, that £ have decmed it expedient to make,
and do herchy declare, the following Provisions :
SSA Tl and every one of the colored or black Inhabitants
within this Settlement, claiming exemption from Slavery,
shall, without delay, and at the farthest, within one
month, from the date hereof, exhibit or cause to be dul
exhibited unto liis Ilonor the Fiscal, such proof of their
Frecdom as they may respectively be in possesion of able
to procure, or refer to.
**And further, in case any one of the aforesaid coloured
or black Imhabiants, remain in default, or omit to comply
with the aforesaid Order, Ilis Honor the Fiscal is directed
to cause him, her or them to be apprehended and lodged int
the colony Gaol, there to remain until my further Order,
with respect to them, as the exigency of their respective
characters or cases may seem to require.”’ e
And in order that no plea, or excuse of ignorance
may be pretended of these presents, the same to ‘be pub.
lished as customary.
Given under my Hand and Scal at Arms, at the King’s
House, New Amsterdam, this 19th day of February,
1814. .
By Command,
F,. WHITE, Goy. Sec.
(lirst Gime of publishing.
View original tN custody, atthe Town Manager, a white and a
red Cow; which will be exposed at pub ne sale to
defray the expences, after the usual time of publica-
tion, if not re leased within that time, conformable to
the Court’s Resulations.
Feb. 19, C. RULACH, Town Manager.
IyurntaTeny, to take charge ofa stock farm, up
the river Berbice ; a person of a good character, a
liberal salary in dependent of the keeping of a pro-
portion of cattle. will be allowed him: also wanted a
punt. 90 feet by 7 or there about, and a four var “cl
bout. —Inquire at this Ollice.—19 Feb.
—_ — 2 —
View original LOR GLASGOTT,
aff » Tie copper’d Ship NEPTUNE,
Prren Simpson, Master.
Is now ready to receive her cargo, and will positive-
Jy sail with the first or Aprif convoy, for freight ap-
ply to William Duiecan, or to
——_ eee
View original NOTICE.
Art those that have any claims against, orare tn-
debted to the Estate of the late Widow H. J. BUSE,
are requested to come forword with their statements,
in order to forward the liquidation.
Lo Feb. J. van pen BROER,
A.A. pena COURT,
NB. Information is also given, that Mrs. Buse’s fur-
nitare is publicly to be disposed of, in the course
of the ensuing week, the day to be fixed in the
next Gazette.
View original WANTED,
To hire, two boys, accustomed fopull ina boat:
they will be hired by the year or by the quarter,
apply at the Printing Oflice. Feb. 19.
—_—_— $$ —$—_——— ——$$<—__ $$
Tir next Meeting of this Society, will be held on
Friday the 4th of March next, at Plantation Bolie-
mia. STL ARDS:
D. Carnegie—ITt. W. Heytineijav—S. Kendall.
Frow a schooner on her way to Nickerie, a cedar
built Boat, steped for tyo masts, white bottom and
black bends, with a circular space on the stern for
the name of the owner; Any person having picked
up the same, wi lb reesive a handsome reward by re-
turning it to the understened,
19 Teb. Cr. BOND & Co.
NB, ‘The above boat is supposed fo have got on
shore to windward of the Devils Creek.
From Fort St. Andrew, on the evening ef the [lth
February, private, ALEXANDER Orw axore, of the
2nd Batt., COth Reesiment, a Rusians about 37 years
old, 5 fect 7 inches hich, dark complexion, sparks
French, Spanish, German, and a litte Enelish, was
dressed in a check shirt. Russia sheeting pantaloons
and eaiters.—This deserter is a notorious offender.
who had deserted lately from the Battalion of Deme-
rary, and had been appreheneed in this colony, end
had been pardoned, but 8 days before he deserted,
all persons are desired not to harbour the above de-
serter buf to secure him, ans! fo @ive notice thereot
to the Act. Adjmant, at the Port St. Andrew, when
the usual reward of one cuinea will be paid, by i})-
plying to Caytain Koen, 2nd Batt., 60th Resiment :
this offender has been seen a few days alter he lef,
the Port, at) plantation Industry, Foanrobin, and
the Warren, on the East coast, and it is supposed,
that he will (ry to pass the Corentine River, to go
to Surinam. 19 Feb.
$=) 6) 23°. © aa
Sarurbay, Pirrvary 19, I8t4.
By the arrival of the Duke of Montrose Packet, with
the December Mail, we come in possession of London
Papors to the \st Jan.—Eetracts from which, as Jar as
time has allowed us, we present vur Readers.—From the
‘ueral feature of those papers, Peace, which we so ar-|
dently hailed and expected, appears by no means so near
as the successess of the Allies, of our armies in Spain,
endkthe emancipation of Holland, led us lo belicve.
We obscrce that overtures have been made by the Al.
bies to the French, but we have in vuin sought for the ac-
quiescence of the British Cabinet in these preliminarics.
rom a Morning Paper of the \si San, we have extract.
ed what are slated to be the Propositions of the Allies—
@hich, we are weld assured, will never be acceded to by
England, who would thereby not allone sa rifice the cause
ef the Dutch People, in which she so energetically em-
barked, but by allowing the Napoleon Jamily to remain
an possession of Holland and Maly, deprive us of all se-
eurity from the insatiable designs of an intriguing and
reval power,
ew . 8 eee
View original The Mail will be forsarded to England by the Duk
of Montrose Packet, now in Deme rary, will be made u
al the Post Ojjice here at 8 o'clock on Tuesday mornin
the Srenst.— NB. Vor every letter recetved after tha
hour, a fl. will be charged.
Jiae ————————__ —_——
—_— ~ —— a
— - a
ee a —
—R a1.’ I hh and | Ja
ble Members TP. ©. ABOCHS yO Ne thereon
rable Sk ' ~ Peter baiubairn, ia | to, shal
Jams: y rascCi, s | or
ny ol ied
) hired
+ eee J ro. ’ ne bila? i
nd Crcorg’ un ce 1) January followin ,| : U au dl
ublished on | sa ‘ (* ve yr HW. * |
° ] <e Ved CY iacufenal oe . \] ) i) or pro
‘Ss LUX . ° Tlcvrve rable PemMVees | or \
hing’s House, New Amst. 19th Fed. 1814.
ITis Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor has just re.
ceived the Letter of which the following is a copy, and
has directed the same to be published for the information
of all concerned. by command,
I. WHITE, Goy. See.
Drouroary, Carlisle Bay,
Barbados, \st keh, St 4.
I have the honor to acquaint you, for the information
of the Planters anu M rchants of the colony under your
Excellency *s Crovernment, that the Convoys for the pre-
sent years will bearranged, to sail from berbice about thy
Full Moon in the months of April, June and July, and
that a vessel of War will call off the Kiver of Berbice, on
the days of the Full Moon in these months, for the pur-
pose of protecting the ships while compleating their lading
and taking them to Grenada, from whence they are to
proceed with the trade ofthat Estland for the place of gene-
ral rendezvous,
Iimaking this communication, will your TI:xcellency be
pleased also to acquaint the Planters and Merchants of
Berbice, that in consequence of arrangements for the pro-
teclion of the homeward bound Fleets fron: the Leeward
Islands, it will be out of my power to defer the periods
established for their departure from thence, and that the
extent of force appropriated for the protecuon of cach,
will prevent the possibility of my granting any extra con.
VOy. Ll have the honor to Oe, Sits
Your Eacellency’s most ob. hnible serve,
To ITis Excetloucy kraxcis Laronrcy.,
HH. VV. Bentinck, By. Ac. &C & C, Ber Dice,
$$$ eee 9
View original $$$ eee
Jun. 1.—To this hour it is not ascertained to which of
(he terms olicred ty Povaparte, the answer, about which
there has been so much cont.oversy, applies. We believe
the public have not been distinctly appiiscd, that on the
17th ult. the Atlies Jid, on issuing the declaration so wee
morable for its moderate and pacilic tende icy, offer him,
for the second time, positive teems. Kumour says that
these tories were ollereds wathout consultation with the
British Government; and indeed, if what is reported be
truc, they would bear internal evidence of boing offered
without reference to our cabinet, for the eccount is,
That they offered the Rhine as the boundary of France ;
That the United States of Holland should be erected in
fo an independent kingdom, of which Louis Bouaparte
should be Sovereign 5
Phat Murat should give up Naples and be indemnified
by a Government composed of the aucient Dishopricks on
the Rhine ;
That Ltaly should be portioned out into various dis-
tricts for Nusene Beauhartois, the Archduke Ierancis, Xe.
and that the Pope and the King of Naples should reine
stated—Spain to be restored too Ferdinand—ard Joseph
to have au indenmity, &e.
This is the outhne of the proposal said to be made to
Donaparte from Mrankfort, tw odaysafter the first sy mp.
toms of the Revorution had manifested themselves in fol.
land, and actually after the cry of Orange Boven was
heardin the streets of Amsterdam. Are these the terms to
which Gonaparte says he has adhered? Are these the
terms to a Congress for the execution of which, he Says,
some difficulttes have occurred 2—Therc is at least a degree
of probability m the supposition (hat there is trath in this
report, for it would reconcile all the occurrences. These
are terms to which, no doubt, Bonaparte would gladly
adhere, but they are not terms that the Allies can now
execute, since the Dutch have spoken out and chosen for
themselves. ‘This would also account for the Journey of
Lord Castlereagh, as it is obviously the desire of our Ca.
binet to second the wishes of the Dutch people for the res-
oration of the House of Orange, though it would not, in
our minds, be true policy to continue the war for such an
The Ist of December was an interesting and important
day to the Masonic World; for on that day it was: form.
ally announced in the two Grand Ledges, by the Duke of
Kent, Grand Master of the Free Masons of England ac.
cording to the old institutions, and by the Duke of Sussex,
Grand Master of the Free Masons, under the Constitution
of England, that Articles of Union between the two Fra-
ternities had been signed and scaled at Kensington Palace,
on Thursday the 25th Novy. last, after the two Societies
had beeu separated for acentury. On the retirement, up-
on account of old age, of Sir Christopher Wren, who had
olliciated for many years as Grand Master, Masonry for
a time fell into disuse; and when, in 1717, a Grand
Lodge was revived, some slight variation took place, which
occasioned a degree of disscusion, and which afterwards
was fomented by violent and cxaspelating Cxpressions, as
— =
View original °} well as by the insidious misrepresentations of designin;
men, who perverted the Institution into a gainful trade
Notwithstanding the separation, the two Grand Lodge
Hourished, and spread their contributory Lodges over al
the carth ; and for some years past, a conciliatory dispo.
— sition has manifested itself, which by the fraternal exertion,
a Condescension, and example of the two il'ustrious Princes
How at the head of the respective bodies, has happily res.
{fored perfect unity to the Craft.
. We stated, that some time ago his Grace the Duke of
' Athol, who had been Grand Master of the Ancient’ Ma-
sons for 23 years, resigned the situation in favour cf the
Duke of Kent. Since bis appointment as Grand Master,
a negotiation for an union has gone on, in which, assisted
by three Commissioners, Tis Royal Highness has had se.
veral conferences with his Royal Brother, who was also
assisted hy three Commissioners on the part of the other
Mraternity ~ The result of which was the formal signature
of Articles of Unon, on Thursday se’nnight; in) which
(he principles, traditions, and practice of the Ancient
Craft, as well as the rights and privileges of every Mem.
ber of both Communities are completely preserved.— It
was further agreed, that two Grand Lodges should be held
on one and the same day, to confirm and ratify the same ;
Which accordingly took place on Wednesday last.
Pc viously tothe promulgation of the measure of Union,
the Grand Lodge of Masons, according to the old institu.
tions, was held at the Crown and Auchor Tavern, as we
stated yesterday, for the installation of the Duke of Kent
as their Grand Master. he ceremony was conduct.d
with all the rites and solemnities which have been handed
down to Masons from the earliest ages, and of which we
can render no account. His Roval Highness the Duke
of Sussex, accompanied by the Grand Oflicers of bis Pra-
ternity who had assisted at the conferences, and several
other distinguished Members, took the degree of Master
Mason, according f the ancient fortis. ina private Lodge,
as an example, which is to be rceiprocal, for the sake of
perfect equality, to all the Members of both the Lodyes.
The Procession then took place towarcs the Grand
Lodge, in the following order :—
Grand Pursuivant with his Staff.
His Royal Higliness’s Band of Music, being Masons,
The Regalia of the mm.
a Grand Master Plect “ve
” . the waste 1e€C oe
Cirand Stewards a : Grand Stewards
7 ona velvet cushion, é
with with
to be borne by a _
theirstaves, . ot thei slaves
Grand Steward
Nine Excellent Masters, three and three, bearIng the Implements of
The fir-t three with those of the Entered Apprentice.
Tne second three witi those of the Fellow Cruli.
The Jastthree with those of the Master Masvu.
Banner or toe H ‘ry Rovac Arcu.
Grand Prineipal of tue Holy Arch,
The Deputy Grand Secretary, bearing the Book of Constitutions
The Grand Se¢ reCary, bearing the Great seal.
The Grand Treasurer, with his Kev.
Grand Wardens of otacy Lodges, visitors.
The Pillar of tae Junior Grand Warden on a pedestal, borne by a
Master Nason.
The Junior Grand Warden, with his Gavel.
Past Tee STANCARD o1 Past
Grand Wardens, ANCIENT MASONRY. Grand Wardens.
The Pilar of ihe Senior Grand W arden, borne as before.
The Senior Cranad Warden, with his (iavel.
The Deputy Grand Chaplain, in his cassock, bearing the Holy Bible,
square, and compass, ona velvet cushion,
The Grand Chaplain, iv his robes.
Deputy Grand \iesters of other Lodges, visitors.
Past Deputy Graud Masters, two and two.
Past Grand Masters of other Lodges, visitors,
Deputy Grand Master of Lngland.
THE BANNER OF THE Gravy Master Luper.
Grand Sword Bearer
H.R. EH. the Duke of Ken,
Sopported by IL. R. i. the Duke of Sussex.
Grand Master of the other Fraternity of Luglish Masons.
Two Grand Stewards,
Grand Ty ter.
After the ceremonics in the Lodge, which can neither
be wriften or described.
The Grand Chaplain proclaimed the Installation, after sound of
frumpet, with an audible voice, in these words, thrice repeated ;—
Hear ye—The Most orshipful JLis Royal Highuess
Mdward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, Karl of Dulin,
K night Com; anion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter,
and of the Most I!lustrious Order of St. Patrick, Fielde
Marshal of His Majesty’s Forces, Governor of Cribralter,
Colonel of the First or Royal Scots Rect. of Foot, Grand
Master of Masons in Canada, &ce &c. &c.. is installed
Grand Master of the Free and A ccepted Masons of Kng-
land, according tothe Old Institutions. Whom may God
long preserve !—T'o which the whole Fraternity said
amen 1”
The Grand Chaplain then offered up aprayer to the
Divine Architect of the Univers ..
SS —_—vo SL le
From Plantation Kintere a black bull, with seme
white about the face, a red belly, and about two
year old; any person who can give such Information,
as will lead to the discovery of the said bull, will re-
ceive one joe reward.
19 Feb.
rEeirweyw oe = -=
View original THE Subscriber intends } leaving the e olony in six
WeCKS, request the favor of those indebted to him to
come forward with immediate payment to enable him
to liquidate the demands aveainst (him, previons to his
leaving the colony
He offers tor Sale, his Premises on lot No. 8. front.
ing the middle dam. che ap for cash: also an clegant
assortment of leathe ‘roof the first quality lately im.
ported, from London; and also alé his hocniakers
tools. —19 Feb KR. SEETLE
View original ¢ ’ LNA
, CAT "4
LNT or tis NI
or PRODUC?!.
ieclurned to the Receiver’s General Otlice,
for the year ISIS.
NAWES oO! unis
ESTATES, Casfer.
7 ———_—_ — _
forg en IToop | HC9S5
Cilvica | & Qa
Ciclderland | Sy 70)
Sclrumaiochers lust | 2 VG
Joa [ rite | SE ~
Yucsbur QIOTS
Cruimbus SOM, 7
Sind { id r1LSO
1 O0
yp biog an Beter V4)
Ni Acl > \ lverel ) i
J ive »| C1 SUD
Vtle J rtyle ( U
‘\ Nn tO 'B) 5
} ndigherd | S04 51
) tuimzicht | 0272
Vrouy Olan DE | 7S
Q)\ \ VOSS
\ oop ‘ 0)
7 ( 1d (U8
! [ts OT YS
J Lust . 49
7 ist C50
{ n-fem S657 1
oordholland) 2203
y orvyenoeven bQo9
Cin wn z§ 0
Ouce Virelanti ‘
Voor tarass Lust J 3
\' i \ ( po)
{ vrehl YOO
( | ‘4 ‘VY Op (,.)9
Mhenriclla oA
i )) Qagg
Overy trong ) oO
{ ‘\ ete
Cc" Uyce e
lerstelder 63023
rcbroeders LOv377
nRoriberaad | 61247
VDeuttehem 17
De Nhioderen | 4
Muses Lust 1127938
Plechtanker I
Jews en Vivt SOVO
tu Souci & LEssendaim 112566
vicuwe Virclaniie
y eleclegen
(arauw bunderland
’ ry very
ye | se ~INnee
WeihkZau (1 il
3] ie idboth
4 ' ;
Aci ¢ mpi
ood Bain nen I
’ onl ud
\ ! “A Rust
la Prodevee
|} Losoo
O23 ws )
wand 8800
Sutchelors Adventure , 0D
New Forrest 650
vood-teu | 970
yroue & Vriendschap 9100
Py id JUSldes
fandyuoort | POR
Dole pomdal Talo
Na (leinentia GOO
lative Ipliia 1037 Ur
( Coily Land 9568
lanters | isl Q51Y
e¢ Va ich 00
n= (arden Qu 3s
te | 2000
i duard IS FU
View original Roundy
Lia. ry
bers D&T
yrs Piace
wiebts Mamor
Ur ula
Read ais
Dun Rubin
No. ZT
Blurry ‘barg
Ii Lip stare \
Willis arg
, Tf ’ —_
fo.e Via iant
2 — od toi No. il & \°
Ke OuIrce
Achy ue
Liv crstone
div cslve
Newland Ifall
9 9
<67 60
lt. U7
ve 9
ya U0
“sm | te
i. og
iv b
1, G08
) NAMES OF Poundy
Geanies 10610
Carlogie Qloid
No. 55 3899
tal No. 56 3530
tetrhiton Lhere
Uiniiearn LOU7
leversham {1500
Qerewall 4150
pro GO000
lJ Veb 3531
Venval 9330
ood Hoop 4445
olspie 216
iSilvectleece 2793
Mary » flope liso
No, 30 | <0
|, Unie a O751
No. 62 {096
f Iwo Friends S223
Veredehurg 1552
' Zee Zit | 3431
iddorioSa 3100
Bel tr Sit!
Pnvei ness poli
: Wpock iien MuGD
Prionds Retpeat 3998
Yoo: Jands 4007
i evo kriends, se ol
No. | } «A 12 | 4 :
(7 — | of ditto lias
Niwlersouy | {iso
cctreat F502
slope & PXpirement Tlaues
tla \ Niasvetes teid *5 33000
Molattioe bu “0
i Gd T236
') 3d of No. £3 & 9 | lose
ohlen Cirove & Love
ly Vass 1151
uverwagt Goo
Yo. 28 20970
Pratulyar beusey
( nion ‘OG
rempe Nursery <65
Kk lac ster 150P7
Yeovil Place HOF
iLass Ose
oraban lUst2
K ingely she
hie nix L123
\ acoba Wethelmina loi
aitcoheld BLT
No. OW 41 ve
-caufield 207%
Washington oro"
'Wweldaad L0F?
‘oldenlicece SOLYO
Kintatl 122
Lory dis LOIS:
Profit ) s6v51
\delohi 3'!838
‘Oldstone Hall 195,60
Mary's Hope 36s
/ Mion Tree (182897
i ————
View original RU oI
Ifersteliing 7063 \detphi SADA
Dageraad lle Oldstone Hall 11700
Dankbaarheid oad oltion Pree 907
Supply 1361
WUMONG soos e535 han ws ison os dem nacuuuseusic
Berbice, \th Mebruary, ISV4.
A. THORNBORROW, Dep. Rec. Gen.
View original -
‘ ‘}
1 aes a
e&7. @2 "SS «2 =e a+ =_ ==
wy dae Write toleva
) }
() | ’ OUIGd
C Or Wor Lc] ue pl
adi ( LY A 3
aca to
View original BrRRICE.
Bh dlis Excellency Wrsvry Woerros Bexirxeer,
Esquire, Lieutennat-Governor and Co anni Ve?
Chicf cnoond over the Settlement Of Berbice s: a
Dependencies, and President in all Courts: end
j 9 ~oNey
a an ght a? — : . a "
eomemssarics We Court of Civil pe to appear befor
i. , . . / Ji S > , . .
eile, by the | Session Which will] be held 4 af this colo
“1st day of the present year JS14 ; Cin the month
er, séduated | wi (Jar ISTA, there to Verify the}
- 2, S€Udled | Witness the Court’s decic; ily (he;
dings, &c, S CECIsion
Concurrent ru! as to the yp;
decd rent richt of Claimants, a l fur
eds According to Law, on paj [| Cine (ete
(TLON Or 2 . . om iE § ain o y : .
their right of claim P 2e1ng tor ey
’, and This @. 9 uum wurope, or any
of the Islands or Colonies in the Woest-Indies, or
America, are not to be allowed to pass the Fort,
without my Licence.
That for the purpose of obtaining such Licence,
(he Captain of the ship or vessel, must report his
arrival at Government House, as also the number and
description of Passenycrs he may have on®oard.
Theton such report being made, the Captain (if
no objection appears) will receive a Permit for his
ship or vessel to pass the Fort and proceed to the
Town, and such of the Passengers as 1 may deem fit
subjects to stay, tarry, or reside, ia this colony, will
receive such a Licence from meas their character and
covduct may seem to require. And any person
found within this colony, without Licence, will be
subject (o prosecution as the Law directs.
Haatifthe Master ofany shipor vessel so arriving,
be desirous chcoming to an entry, the following re-
qiisites amast’ be strictly observed, in addition to
Lose pointed out by the Laws of the Customs.
A Manifest of the general careo on board) such
ship or vessel, as also a list of the Passengers and
Crew, duly signed by the Captain, must be exhibit-
“tto the following mentioned Colonial Otucers aud
by them subscribed or indorsed,—yiz.
Turn Piscean,
Receiver or Perry Durirs,
CoLoniaL Secnevary.
And on its appearing to me that the said Manifest
has been daly passed, the said Master wiil receive a
Certificate to the Olficers of his Majesty’s Custamy,
that all Colonial requisites have been observed.
And with respect to the Master ofany slip or ves-
scl intending to sail for any other Port, he inest in
the like manner prepare a Manifest of (he cargo on
board his said ship or vessel, as also a list of the
Passenvers and Crew, and exhibit the same to the
luregoing Ollicers, to be by them subsciib*d or in-
dorsed as aforesaid, and on ifs appcariie tome that
(he same has been duly passed, as also on product-
lon or the eencral clearance from the.-Custom Louse.
the saidh Miaster will receive a Pass for his vessci to
depart, from this Colony,
Gaven under my [land and Seal at Arms, (his 10th
gay of bebruary, 1S) 4.
fiing’s Lhouse, Berbice, 10th Fehr. WS14,
Ry command,
Pe Woda, OV. SCC.
(Secund lime of publishing. )
Biv blis Sircclkncy Henny Wrrerr44 Drr-
TINCR / ey Piteal Nant=-Hoverin ry and
Conmander in | poamand acer the Setileinent
of Lerbice with its Dependencics, and Lrcsi-
dont inall Courts aud Colleees within the SaMC,
ac. ac. Oc.
WHITEREAS tt has been duly represented to me,
that the Noevievation of the Colonial Craft, belo * rine
fo Estat
ably impeded vy the existing Reealations, r quiring
a Pass in writing before they can be allowed to quit
‘he River; [have deemed it expedicnt, in order that
all unnescessary delays and obstructions may be
avoided to amend the present existing Reculations,
accordingly rescinding all former Ordinances made
wd Persons i this settlement, is cousider-
wilh respect to the Navigation of the Colonial Craft
invas farasthey regard Boats coming from the Eas
or West coast of this settlement, exceptas hereafter
haves (ionec, and in thie place of all such former reou-
lations, | do orderand Cirect, that the observance of
a certain Proclamation of Ifis IMxcellency Governor
VAN Batennune, of the ldth Vebruary and 19th
March, 1505, be strictly complied with aud enforced,
hamely :
Phat all Owners or Representatives of Colonial
Poats, do within fourteen days from the Publication
hereof, dcliver into the Government Secretary’s
Otlice, the name and description of all such Boats or
Craft as they may respectively be possessed of, in
order that a number may be assigned them as a sig-
nal, by which they may be recognized. -
‘Phat cach and every of the aforesaid Boats, shall
be in future provided with a white flag, in which
shall be distinctly marked in dark biue or black their
respective numbers, independent ofa large B. which
flag is to be exhibited froin the tnain topmast head,
Whenever any of the aforesaid Boats shall pass the
Town or Fort St. Andrew.
‘Phat vessels so provided with a numercial signal,

View original
View original CE
A Carpenter Negroe, named Jack, formerly the
property of cantain Warren; the Neeroe is well
known in tewn, he was sold at Vendue on the 6th,
and absented on the idth ullino, any person who can
arrest him, and send him to the subscriber, or lodee
him in the colony goal, shall reecive a joe reward—
all persans are cautioned not to harbour him, the law
shall be put in force against such offender,
5 Feb. J. UYSLOP.
Tite Subscriber have received per brig Cossack,
from) London, via Demerary :—India salempores,
red and) flowered berdunas, yellow and white nan-
keen company’s pieces, Congonand Eysoutea, &e.
Per Diana, trom Madeira, Gordon Dutk) Inglis &
Co. London particular Madcira wine ia pipes, hhds,
and quarter cashs.
12 Peb, DOUGLAS REID & Co.
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From the indiscrininate practice of neighbouring
states, supplying themsclyes with tard) wood on
olinfation Profit, the subseriber finds that article so
scaree, that Chere ts vaerely suflicient to supply the
warts of Chat estate, he is therefore under (he pain.
ful necessity of cautioning all persons, who have been
in the habit of so doing, to desist in future. or other-
wise he will be obliged to use harsh measures with
(hose who persist. Po preserve what is yet left; he
now requests, that no persons will scud Negroes to
cut either hard or soft wood.
Y) Jan, P. QUIN.
ND This Notice ts intended generally.
Praxvation Wrymouti,
Situate on the Woest coast of Corentine river, and
hnowmon the ecneral chart of this colony by Lot63,
comtamung SCO acres of land, with 5d Neveroes, 150
acres ia fine bearing cotton trees and SO acres inp
plantains and ground provision; dwelling bouseand
lomie, gin house, Neeroc houses, and other ont-
buildings, and S vins with cranis.— Also SL head of
cattle, none above 6 years old, and 1oO head of
sheep of a superior breed.—The buildings are situ.
ate on the most healthy spot in the colony, within
50 yards of the sea, which affords an abundance of
fish for the supply of the plantation. —It not dispo-
sed of by private contract’ before the last day of
March 1814, it will be sold by public sale, on the
said estate, in the month of April noxt, {timely no-
lice of which will be given) on the following terms :
viz-— The land, buildings. and cullivation, pay rble
in equal annual instalments of 1, 2,3, & 4 years.
The negroes to be sold in families, payable in ap-
proved bills of exchange, in equal sums, at 9, 12,
and 24 months sight. Cattle sheep, plantation
stores, punts, &c. and whatever may be oflerd for
sale, wall be payable in3and 6 months, in cash or
produce, at cash price.—The plantation, negroes,
cattle, &c. may be seen by to Mr.J. Beer,
the Manager, and for further particulars apply to
Hl. Swiruson. Hsq. Berbice. 22 Jan.
WILEREAS the following persons have addressed
themselves to the Hon. Cowit of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berb.ce, attheir Sessions of the
1! January, IS14, for Letters of Aanumission :
J. G. Jones, for the Negroe woman Alida, thee
Negroe woman Louisa, assisted by Evizasetic
Bennett, for herself.
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whom #
may concern, and who may wish to oppose the grant
of said Letter of Manumission, that they may addres
themselves in writing to the undersigned Secretary of
the colony, previous to the ensuing Sessions of the
Hon. Court, when a final disposition will be made on
the aforesaid Petition. Berbice, Jan. 11.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
Ce SS Ee OD hee eee ee
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19 February 1814