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The Berbice Gazette

View original By Wis Excellency THenry VWaitraw'
Bentiner, Esquire, Lieut.-Governor
of the colony Berbice and its Dependcu-
cies, &e. &e. Nc.
And the Honorable the Court of Policy
and Criminal Justice of the said colony.
Tv all towhoim these presents may or shalt
Come, Grecting! Lett hnown:
WHERE “AS tepresentation has been made to us,
that notviihstanding the severe penalties coatatped
ia vur Proclamation ofthe Ist October ISTO, respect-
ing the nunber of white persons ordered to be hept
on FP states in proportion to the number of Negroes
thereon; thet meny Plantations, either from the tyno-
rinee orrecicet - tthe Proprie lors thereof; are ve ry
Ccofcienty in Uhis perticuliars; and having takenonder
Our serigds consitle ‘ration the consegrences likely te
be attendant the want of obscrvance ot our aforesaid
We have dcemed if proper to republish for more
encraliniormation, the aforesaid) Proclamation. of
the Ist October, N10, and to order, os wedo hereby
order, authorize, ond empower the Piscal of this ec-
Tony, insixomonths after the Publicotton of this our
ploastuce shati bave been notified to the public, thre’
the Boilocoe Gas ite, fo proeeed thro? cach division
of (he colony Bersice and its dependencies, with the
Senior Bureher Oiticer tn leco of cach respective dis-
trictor division, and tnsveetcach and every Plin-
tition witean the jarishettion of this Governmens,
In order to ascerkan whether duc obedience is paid
to our afore said ordine nce.
And shoullacer (iis culutiry warning, any Fistate
within the colony be tema l deticicnt im the number
of white servinnis prescribed by law to be thereon,
the Piscal is ordered and onjowi db without delay, te
iforce the poouallies coutiiaed im our tforementioned
Prochimation of tue fst October, ES1O, against of-
fenders, and hat without respeet to Persons.
And inordcecthw ny ignoriwee may be pretended,
tk se presents shalt be publish dand sent round to
each respective lstate witht the colony Deibice.
‘bnus rose lve hi Ul « deters bas our Eextraoirdincrsy
dest mbly of (ie Courtot Policy and Criminal
y edd in he Town of New Arosterdam oa the
ot Jane, IStt. Peesent Tis Pxecth ney Lacut.-Cro-
vernor Sf, We Pentiach, Presidents and ihe Ton.
Meindors John WeCamon, Polor Larbairn, Av.
Glosius aad Ceoree Vira, demptes, the Honorable
Members TZ. CO. crbdenscls, andl Janes Lraser.
And Pubeoh don the 4th dsy of euly, Pst,
presetice Ol hails Lexccll CY the bai til.-(,0Verhor.
i COLIN 84. of the Court
Re. ¢ MHOWNER, See
View original if ]
View original der to ascertain and report, bow far these our Regu-,
lations have been complicd with.
We nevertheless require it so to be understood,
that in the event of the decease of any white person
upon any plantation within this colony, that Six
months time shall be given to the Proprietor or At-
torney, to provide another white Substitute in his
lies and that antl the expiration of such 6 moaths,
the plantation sholl not inenr or be lable tor the fine
as bi fore stated; exceptingalways Estates which only
require by Law one white Porson, as oa the demise
of such white Person, or on his quitting the Proper-
ty, another shall be pliced ta hts room, within ove
month ater his decease or departure, on pain of in
curring the fine as before stad.
Lastly we decree, Chat Cre Pines and Penalties im-
posed by us to be levied frou (hose who disobey
these our Orders, shall be devided as follows 2 One
third tor the Fiscal, Qne third for the latormer, and
One third for the Poor of the Reformed Churca ol
the colony.
And that no chart’ may be pret. Te of this
our Ordinance, the same sleull be published, alixed,
and send round for general ta ornation,
Thas resolved and enected in our ceneral Assem-
bly, tebltin the town of New Anastorduin, inthe coe
loony of Derhice, on the Ist ot October ISI0. pteSen,
His P@Blleacy Major Gen. Sam. Dalryaple, Pre-
ident: and the Ton. Members TL. OC. ctthonsets, J.
Teping S. Kendal’, P. Valrhain, aad ALS. Gla-
sius. And published on the Sth of the stave vouth,
By command o A he Court,
R.C. DOW NER, See.
— ere
View original
View original a
a eeeeeses—=stsi‘“_N _——
arrested without a pass were required forthwith tobe
delivered to his Honor the Fiscal.
And we do hereby warn and cvution all Masters of
Slaves, Proprietors, and Administrators of Estates to
Pay proper attention and guard against any trespass
of this our Proclamation, the penalty whereof we
positiely order to be fully enforeed, without consi«
deration of Persons to whom the Otkaders may
And in order the better to ensure due obedience to
(his our Order, the Burgher Captain of each district
shail be furnished with printed coptes of this Publi-
cation, that the same may be gencrally distributed
throughout the colony.
And whereas we are informed that in disobedience
of the existing orders cuactet to the contrary, Pros
pretors of Newrocs, still permit the said Nevroes,
shen passing up and down the Rivers and Creeks of
(his colony, lo sing shout or express Chemselves to
other Nesroes on diffvreat lstates, in certain songs
tending to inflame aad produces invproper effect an
their mind’s; and whereas such practtse is not alone
contrary lo Daw, Pit In Oech tines productive of
miischiely wo theretore absovately aod peremptorily
forbid any OQwacr, Proprictors, \Cniinistrators, or
other Persons having charre of Negroes, tron allowe
ine their own Nevroes, or such as they have chirce
of, rom stuginy shouting, or making outcry in boats,
within the River and Creeks of Chis colony, under a
penalty of Que buadvred guilders, which the Proprie-
for, Adininistrator, or Person having charge of such
Negroes, shall piv to his Honor the Fiseal.
And should any Slaves while in any bind of boat
unaccompanied by any white Person dare to sine,
shout, or mise oulery in manner as aforesaid, such
Negzroe er Negroes stall be punished with any num
bey of lashes not exceeding One hundred, which the
Viscal, Burgher Captain, or Senior Officer in loco,
shall acbitrarily infiiet upon the Offender or Offen.
ders on being brought before him for this purpose.
And we do hereby order and direct the Fiseal of
ihe colony andjall other Subjects of this Government,
toarreslaimh gO assist and aid in arresting any and all
Negroes ¥ moy be found siesing in boats, and we
do furth rder such of the Inbebitants of this
colony ¥ y witness such misconduct to report the
same lo hisd4lonor th: biscal, who is strictly enjoure
cd to proceed aginst the Oi ader or Ollonders,
Lastly we Oider and Direct, that the pecumary
fine to be imposed on the (rauseressors of this oue
Grider, be divided as follows; namely: one third to
he Fiscal, one thied to the Poor fund of the Relorme
ed Church of Gis colony, and the remaining one third
to (he dutormer.
Thus resolved and enacted in our ordinary Asseme
bly of the Court or Pc ley and Criminal ustice of the
colony Berbicec on the Oth day of duly 1814, Present,
liis Excellency Licut.-Governoe I7. VN, Bentinck,
President; and the [Mnorable Members John McCa-
no, James Lrascr, Peter Fairbeirn, Geo, Munro;
deniplo the Eonoratle Member 4. J. Glasius.
And published on the same day, present His Ex-
cellency the Lient.-<Gouvermor, and the aforessid
tlonorable Members.
By command of the Court.
R.C. DOWNER, Seey,
4, By lhe Bopocehle Court of Policy and
Sf Criminal Juctice of the coloay Babice.
NOTICE ts hereby given that the HonorableCourt
of Policy has been pleased to fix the rates of pratnce
on Which the Colonial Daty of 2} percent is to be
paid to the Recetver General, for the 6 inanths, come
mencing Ist January, and ending COG June ISt4,
as follows :
Colfon,. .- .2. 171 Stiv. pr. pound.
Cofive whole, sl... ~ 9 do, do,
Coffee broken or black, Of do. clo.
Cocors ec. e ee eee ee - 9 do, do.
Rui ee eee eee eee O clo, do.
Ruim,..-...---see0- 00 do. pr. gallon.
Molasses, ee eee eeeee | Guilder pr. do.
Secrelary’s Office, Levbice, 12th July 1814.
By Command,
R. C. DOWNER, Secy
View original ae | PROCLAMATION. 7
I3 thc TToneore while Com af P olic yy uw Or7) ral
Just ice, O} “the co ony Pe rhe. T, al lo [ / } 2
aa ‘Us
these prescits weay-our Shall cone ; Gieeting I pe
il kno; cn:
WHILREAS a vacancy bas occurred in the
View original Honorable Court of Policy and Criminal Justice, of
the colony Berbice, by the resignatian of the TLonor-
able Member L. C. Abbensets, and a nomination
having been made by the Honorable Members of the
Court to iis Excellency the Governor—tlis [Excel-
Jency has been pleased to clect John Papin, “squire,
to be a Member of the said Court.—Notice whereof
is hereby given to the Public, that all and every one
concerned may respect that gentleman in his afore-.
mentioned capacity. .
Thus done in our ordinary Sessions of the Court,
of Policy and Criminal Justice, of the colouy Ber-
King’s House, Berbice, 7th July, 1814.
By Command of the Couvt.
eee a
View original NOTIFICATION.
By the Honorable Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice.
INFORMATION its hereby given to the Public,
that the undermentioned Gentlemen are appointed
Commiissaries in the different districts, where vacan-
cies have been occasioned by the resienation or de-
parture of the Gentlemen nominated by our Procla-
mation of the J4th January, IS14.
Commissary for the west sea coast, Berbiee.
Peter Fairbairn, Esquire, in the room of John
Cameron, Esquire, who has guitted the colony.
Commissary for the lower division, Correntyn Coast.
W. Lawson, Esquire, in the room of George Bagot,
Esquire, who has quittcd the colony.
Commissary for the cast bank of the river Lerbice.
C.C. Swiving, Esquire, in the Room of L. C. Ab-
bensets, Esquire, who has resigned.
Court tlouse, N. Amst. Berbice, 6 July IS14.
By command of the Cou rt,
Rh. C. DOWNER, Secy.
aa eae sll eee
View original SECRETAR Y's OFFICE.
WITEREAS the following persons haveaddressed
themselves to ie Hlou. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of (he colony Rerbice, at their Sessions of the
4 July, isl, tor Letters of Manunisston :
Jot. Hinkey, forthe Mulatto boy named Klaas
J. vannrn Brork,and A. A. ne ta Covrt,
In quality as EP xeentors to the last Wilbofthe Widow
Wi. J. Bese, for the Mulatto man Laue, the Negroe
man Jacol, Dove Jan, Lredrik, the Mustice woman
Anna Tersmen, he Negioe woman Turiba, and An-
Notice wks reol is herehy riven to those whom i
May coacera, au I who may wish to oppose the grant
of said Letters of Manumiussion,ihat the ry imay addres
themselves in writing to the undersie ned Sec rclary of
the colony, prey tous to the ensning Sessions of the
Hion. Court, when a final Uisposition will be made on
thie aforesaid Petition. Berbice, duly A.
R. C. DOWNER, See.
View original OO Se
This ts to tuform the Public, that the following per.
sons intend qutlicng this Colony.
J. L. Tapin and two servants, Harlequin and Wil-
lem, in 6 weeks from 18 June.
R. C. DOWN ER, Secy.
— —— ee
NOTICE ishcreby given, thata month after date the
foliozirg Transporis and Mortgages will be passed,
dune 23.G. Fh. Berkely will transport to the free black
woman Daphne, 3 reods of lard in depth ot the
northern half ot lot No. 5. and to Wim. Ashby.
the adjoining five roods in depht of the south «mn
halt ot std lot, both fronting the new center
road, New Amst.
July 16. W. Katz, as thereunto specially aN Worized
by J. P. Jennings, will pass a mortevee in favor
of Jas. Morrison on plantation No. 27, east sea
coast, slaves and other appurtenances and de-
pendencies, as also upon 23 negroc slaves, pur-
chased from said Jas. Morrison.
R. C. DOWNER, See.
Berbice, 9th July, (814.
PURSUANT to an Order of the Honorable Court
of Policy, directing the Receiver Gencral to collect
the Assessed Taxes on Lots in the Town of New Am-
sterdam.—Notice is hereby given, that Mr. J. F.
Obermuller, Bookkeeper, hath lod: wed In his Office
a ceruilied copy of the suins due by each lot, agreable
to the account rendered by him, and whi cl | be-
ing due, are to be paid without luss of time.
Ail persons concerned, are requested to pay duc
DANIEL ALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen,
View original Rerbice, 02 July, 1Si4.,
Braxx Returns for Produce, for the six months,
from Ist Sunsary to ist Juljyare ready for delivery at
this Office, which Returns are to be made in all this
month, under ‘Pender of Oath,
D. ALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen,
On Thursilay the 2Ist July will be sold at the
Vendue Othice.—Cotton and coffee barving, beer
and porter, beef and pork in half barrels, salt i tier-
cee, dry goods, &c.
D.C. C AME RON, D Dp. Wendue Maecir.
— ee _—_— — tC tiC—CSCSC
View original ————<<$<$<<$<$
On Thursday the 98th July, will be sold at the
Vendue Othice, by order ot the Weeskamer of this
colony, the one third part of Lots No. Tt and tz.
situate on the west sea coast, with the megroes there-
uuly belonging, the property of the late BL Smith,
DP. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
— a ee
View original ——- ——_———_
Qa Wonday the fst August, will be sold on plan-
tation No. Tf. corentyn, by order ot W. Lawson,
Psq. Gq-—O) bead ot cattle a parcel of household
furniiure, &e.
D.C. CAMERON Dop. Vendue Master.
—— —
View original a ee
Letlers addressed to the following persons, are now
inthe Post Office, and will, if noi forthe ith clariit-
cd, be returiedto Lugland by the yirst Pacnes.
Ansell (Thomas)
Baied (treoige)
aiid (IE. J.)
Banrletes (biza)
barey (Geo. )
boissee (Alexander)
slack ( W.)
Blackman (P.)
bsiair (Mary)
Blair (J. J.)
Bain (Sumuei)
Bam@eld (Jobs)
Barret (Captain)
Buchanan (J.)
Burton (Mary Aun)
Corsis (it. Le)
~Costenbader (M. F.)
~Carkte (Gang)
Cuminys (Jona)
Coleman (Lieut. )
Dawson (James)
owe (Saniuel)
Dudsun (iobert)
Dunn (Walter)
boewers (cP )
bboval (i)
Haswond (Catharine)
fdrronstoue (Chiaries)
beiderhoii (De bees)
Filoyd (Di. John)
Fowltis (Juanies)
lushinasn (Merinck)
fiaser (Taomas)
Miascr (John)
Creaval (iI. Ai.)
(ritdordoisave (Charies)
Givson (George)
Gseulard (J. PR.)
Ginsius CA. J.)
(rrant (Miss Sarah)
Juoes (Susana Green)
Crowdon (J auies)
liumbere (.\lonsieur)
HWeimers (J.)
ifintze (Js U3
Hobus & baker
Harris (Wun. )
liarris (samuel)
Hewat (Join)
(fall (Catharine)
lial! (Joseph)
llawksworth ( Win.)
(luggan (Wim.)
Iantze CE. J.)
Harvie (J smes)
Ervine Cat.)
Janson (J. C.)
Jong (Jolin)
Niouweus (W.)
Kummer (J. FL)
Netter (Carolin: )
econ (W.)
Lawicace (dlarriet)
Lawrence (W.)
Leisoer (De Heer)
Luth W.)
Lewin (Charles)
‘lartin (D.)
McAlpin (Mrs. )
Mchay (W.)
MeNeillie CW.)
Mchlwe CF.)
Macalpine (G. B.)
Milligaa (J.)
Sicliudoe (J.)
swlacquistaa (J.)
‘tacyuistan ( Js.)
\le Leod (d1.)
Sichintosh CE.)
Mchutosh (C.)
tchid (J.)
MM Cilscan (J .)
Nivcdsch Ji, Woo) the m.
Norbourne (Captatm db.)
Owens OW. 3.)
ad (J -)
akey (J. HLS.)
Peacily (D.)
sccmmiers (Ar. )
Iiuse (A.)
itoberisou (EL)
itcid Eegr.)
Rualach (C.)
Ricketts (8. )
Koiderer (Den Icer)
wobinson (.Arabeila)
‘andison (J.)
vtrachan (J. )
vuall & Vheelfall
shanks (A.)
Stewart (J)
Stith (More. M. T.)
sauder (J. P.)
Pat & Holliaysworth
Vowler (RR. )
Vhoraton (Mary)
(rade (T.)
White Cf.)
White (Gco.)
Wisterveld (G.)
\lollison (J.)
Weir (J.)
Wade ( Dr.)
Wade (P.)
Watt (A.)
Wilsou (Geo. )
Wischropp Elizabeth
Berbice, 16th July, 1814.
R. MchENZLi, Act. Dep. Post Master Gen.
View original Plantains for Sale.
PLANTAINS to the amount of One Hundred Bin-
ches can be delivereal, ina ty quantity in ‘Town; at
hight Stivers per Bunch, either on the Satur lay, or
the Sunday in cach week, all the year round, to be
settled for every three months.—Estates can
celve occasional! supplies ; at Nine
scnding for them :
also rCe
Stivers per Bunch
application to ke amade to Megsrs.
Ci. bons ~ Co.—l¢ih July ,
View original UIT DE WAND TE KGOP,
DY Plantagie Vere noegen, een geleele diepte—
met de daaropstaande gebouwen, bestaande in cen
woorhnis, morslozie, een gemak buisje, en yee hok,
exccHlent geschikt yoor icmand genegen zynde tot
ecne veelecid ; voor nadere imformatie addressecren
men zicn by den ondergetekende, op ot No. 51. Qde
polder, Nicuw Amsterdam,
Alle de genen dic icts te prelenderen hebben vam
de Gronden Jacobs- Rust, Abrahkamsture, Concore
dra, (boven) en Remon Courl, alle eolegen in boven
Canje.—Also dezelve aan de Heer L. F. G illez, zule
len worden getranspocteerd,
— $$.
Axy person willing to contract for the immediate
Cleaning and Brickine of the frontdam, Divrgine out
the Main Prenches, &c. in the first empolder of thie
Vown New Amsterdam, according to particulars to
be scen at the President. of said Committee J.
Ty, Esq. will please address himcely, by ‘Tender,
OW before the USih instant, at 11 o’elock in the
morning, when said ‘Peaders will be ¢ pened, and the
lowest offer, if approved. of, accepted.—The Cone
tractor is to give sceurily for the due performence of
the Work, which will be at all inves under the ine
spection of (he Town Manacer.
Berbice, New Amsterdam, | Fuly, 1814.
by order of the Vozen Conmittees
View original PUBLIC VENDUE,
THE Peecators to the state of the late Mrs. If.
J. Buse, witllon the latter end of Se ‘plemiber, or ip
(he beginning of October neat, Scll,
gous! TOT RUST Tn the
and River of
And the Cotton Phuatarion ZULZICHT, on the wes
coast of Berbice.
Together with abort 601 ) Slaves, to be sold in lots of
families. The conditions of Sales | use (ler with the
inventories, are visible at Mr. A. A. dela Court's
Onice.—The da y of Sale will be Mie by totlowe
Ine adve Ttisement, Oth uly.
a Ea
Coffy Plastations
View original THE Sequestrators of plantation Nive oftcr for
sale Thirty bales ef colton, to be paid for in cash ;
Tenders for which will be received at the house of
Messrs. Henery & Taylor, until the I8th jest, on
which day said tenders will be opened at 120’clock,
vnd the highest offer, ifapproved, will be ace
7 cepted.
Pie cotton will be delivered froar the aLovVenamed
D July.
Tew to twelve prime Neeroe men, they he
accustomed to work ina Task Gane,
shovelers, and some are inners, (hey are recome
mended to the attention of Woodculters, is they une
derstand to square and saw wood + if not sold by pris
vate rade in Che conrse ofa month will be putal Publig
Sale, apply to the Printer. —25th June.
ve beer
are all good
eh Se —
View original _————— eo wee O00 Oe

: me oa.
Sala Lhe brig Srar,
~ . . 3
Wau. Wa RDiLL, Master,
Will sail with first convoy—for treig
apply to the said Master or
25 June, W. HENERY,
ht or passa
vie «Phe brig Specu.ation,
Capt. Ferauson,
warranted to sail with the first convoy ,—for freighé
or passage apply to the capt. on board, or to
SS aa
JULY, Sl DA\a.
eG AVA Gh ohn HI
17 Su hdh Sunday after Lrinity.—N cw Moon? h, 34m,
18) MjCourt of Civil Justice, — (moruing.—s) cis tides,
an) WY] Margarct,
Q2\ KF
25|5 [Magdalen. Sun enters Leo.
(=~ Returns to be made in this mouth, under tender of Oath, of ak
Produce delivered from every lstale, from wie Let don. 1Sl4.t@
the Slsi July, to the Kecciver General's Onc C3 In ovde- lu uscera
taiw@ aud colicel (be aruut of fue duty Olewo anda half per
cent, (Waay-seld) upon the « tpeosted Produce uot Wey naid —.
(Blank bourwe for the abeve alcturze ay Le Lad 2 4\is atibe
baid Uilice,)
Ketorp to be made under tender of Oath af Wi: e, Spirits, apd
Malt Liquors, recensed trom J urope or elsewhere, ing the
foicguins eX mouuiba of Me present year, to the L? CCiver of
ainatl Dutics (Medieke Lesieilys iB obec Lu cedect buc Hap ea) eg
baves ASlaglee,
View original ma
~~ ——_
A Proclamation.
By tis Excellency Wenry Winrtiam
Bentinck, Esquire, Licut.-Gover-
nor of the Colony Berbice and its
Dependencies, &c, &e. Ke.
To all whoin these presents shall come—
WHEREAS [have received the Commands
of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in
the Name and Behalf of His Majesty, to give
Publicity of the following Proclamation:
In oLedience therefore, tothe Orders T have
been Honored with.—Ofticial Notification ts
hereby made to the Inhabitants of this Govern-
ment, of the Suspension of Liostilities between
Great Britain and Irance.
fine House, Berbice, 16th July, IST4.
By Conunand,
F. WHITE, Gov. Sce.
By Wis Royal HWighaucss Tne Princror Watrs, Rrorw
ef the United ftingdom of Great Britain and Ircland,
in the Name and on the Behalf of Tits Masvoty.
Declaring the Cessation of Arms, as well by Sea as anid,
azrecd upon between His Majesty and [is Most Christi.
an Majesty, and enjoining the Observance thereof,
WHEREAS a Convention for the Suspension of IHos-
tilitics between His Majesty and the Kingdom of France,
was sicned at Purdy on the 23d day of Aprél last, by the
Plenipotentiary of His Majesty and the Plenij otentiary
of His Rova! Highness Monsieur, Brother of the Most
Christian King, Lieutenant General of the Kingdom of
France: And whereas for the putting an End to the Ca-
Jamitics of War, as soon and as far as miy be possible;
It hath been ayroed between His Majesty and His Most
Christian Majesty, as fotlows ; that is (o say, that as soon
as the Convention shall be signed and ratilied, Friendship
should be established between I]'s Maj sty and the King.
dom of France by Sca and Land in all Parts of the World:
And in order (o prevent all Causes of Complaint and Dis.
pute which might arise with respect to Prizes that might
be made at Scaafter the Signature of the said Convention =
It has aleo been reciprocally avTe d, That tlic Vi Seely and
Effects which might be taken in the English Channel and
in the North Scas, after the Space of Twelve Days, to be
reckoned from the Evehanye of the Ratifications of the
gaid Conveation, should be restored on both Sides s That
the Term should be Oue Month within the Bretish Chan-
nmeland North Seas to the Canary islands and to the
Fquator, and Five Months in every other Part of the
World, without any Exception or other particular Dis.
tinction of Time or of Places Aud whereas the Ratifica.
tions of the said Couvention were exchanged by the ree-
pective Plevipotentiarics above mentioned on the 3d day
of this instante May. from which day the several Terms
above mentioned, of Twelve days, of One Month, and
Five Months, are to be computed: Now, in order that
the several Epochs fixed as aforcsaid between His Majesty
and His Most Christian Majesty should be generally
known and observed, We have thought fit, in the Name
andon the Behalf of His Majesty’s and by and with the
Advice of His Majesty’s Privy Council, to notify the
same to His Majesty's loving Subjects ; And We do here-
by, in the Name and on the Behalf of His Majesty, strict.
ly charge and command all His Majesty’s Olficers, both
at Se@®and Land, and all other Mis Majesty’s Subjects
whatsoever, thatthcy forbear all Acts of Hostility, either
by Sea or Land, against the Kingdom of I’rance, cr Al-
Mes, Her Vassals, or Subjects, under the Penalty ef in.
eurring His Majesty’s highest Displeasure.
Given at the Court at Carlton Mouse, the 6th day of
May, in the 54th Year of Iis Majesty’s Reign, and in
the Year of our Lord Once thousand cight huodred and
View original | NOTIFICATION
' IT being observed that contrary to the existing re-
gulations, several persons, unlicensed, sufler their
-Tlorses and Cattle to stray about the colony Town.
Notice is hereby given, that the horses and cattle,
belonging to persons unlicensed, and in future found
trespassing within the colony ‘Town, will be seized
and impounded,
King’s House, 16th July, 1814.
By Command,
IF. WHITE, Gov. Sec.
——— @ =). © ee
Saturvay, Jury 16, 1814.
The Pilot Boat which arrived this morning from Sure
nam, brought our Mail for the month May, with intelli.
cenee to the 25th of this mouth. Vhe lateness of the hour
at which we caine in possession of the papers prevent our
making any selection this day, but we propose tssuing a
Supplement on Wednesday next, with the moet interest.
ing points which the Lendon papers contain, The Pre-
liminarics of Peace were not signed on the 25th May.
The privateers have dove much mischicf en the coast o!
Demerary, reported tu have Caken 7 and burnt 1 wessele,
in face of the furt. The privateer off Stuimam cussed «
vessel info that river. There is a report that two sluoys
of Wapebad sailed from Barbados fur Suiinam,
ThE Blail to be forwarded to Europe, by the Queen
Charlotte Pucket, wil. be made up at the Post Ollice here
preciscly at 2 o'clock on Friday the 22d lust, after which
hour no letters will be received.
Weare happy to learn that our Dispatch Boat is save
arrived in Demerary—so that we soon lay expect her
—_———-- — Rees =
View original —_———-— Ree ee
Extract of a Letter, sent express from Washington, to
News bork, dated April 7, in the Evening.
“FT send an express to New-York, with thie Ietter,
that it may be in season to go by the Chauncey,
‘The House of Representatives have Chis day, by a
very great majority, passed a Dill repealing the kmbargo
and Nou-luportation Laws, which Bill will pase the
Senate in a day or two, by an unanimous vote, or vearly
20. The free importation of British manufactured goods
will, after this weck, be al owed iato al the ports of the
Wasted States, in neutral ships, on accounts of persons
residing in neutral countries.”
The President’s Message bear ample testimony of the
humbled tone and demeanour of the servile adherent of the
lately tyrant of france; and as these were so strikingly
manifested before the Despoat’s overthrow was effected,
or at least before any advice of that event could have
reached America, we may reasonably expect that a due
knowledge of it will produce unqualified submission on
the partof Mr. Madison, as the only means of saving
him from the effects of our provoked rengeance, ifnotalso
those of the resentnent of the people of the United States,
whose confidence he has so much abused, and whose in.
terests he has sacrificed to his own prefidious purposes,
Paris, May 19.—Tbe peace is signed: such at least is
the universal assertion; and every one pretends to have
received his information from an authentic source. Jt has
not yet been published, it is added, because the ratificati-
on of the Prince Regent of England is waited for. The
following, occording to report, are the principal conditi-
ons of a treaty which must constitute the happiness of na.
tions :—Guadaloupe, Martinique, and St. Domingo, to
be restored to France, who will also recover the Isle of
Irance, and have two factorics on the Malabar and Coro.
mandel coasts; one half of the ships and artillery in for.
(resscs now occupied by the allicd armies, to be restored
to her; a part of Be'gium to remain her’s, together with
; ° oa: .
all (he districts eucloscd within her territory, such as
View original Mulhausen, the Contat, &c. There shall be no talk,
either of contributions, war expences, or any other extras
ordinary imposition: no picture, nor any monument ef
the aris, will be removed.
Madrid, May 6.—Most of the Grandecs have follows
ed the example of the Duke del Infantadu, and King Fers
dinand is surrounded with the principal chiefs of the noe
bility. Many prelates also repair to that youg monarch,
The Cortes appear determiued to persevercin their sy3e
tem of rigorously giving the law, and hold up their cons
stilutional eharter philosophically decreed in the Isla,
which was sheltered from all the dangers of war.
Gen. Lacy, of Irish origin, has been placed at the head
of the troops which the liberal party has cullected to supe
purtifs cause.
However, the arrival of the King is announced for the
14th inst.; so that the struggleapproaches its close. Fere
dinand has the most beneficent intentions; but opposi-s
Nov, inetead of weakening, only inflaimes the pretensions
of cach party.
Hanover, May 6.—Nis Royal Tighness the Duke of
Canbidse wall depart in a few days for Holland, whence
he will return with the Hered. Prince of Orange into Enge
land, fur (he marciage of her Royal Highwess the Princess
Charlotte of Wales. It is not known whether that Prince
wil aticrwaids go to Paris as it has beeu announced.
The Duke of Clarence has struck his flag on board the
Imprognadle, in the Downs, and returned to town, advice
having been received that the Hmyeror of Russia aud the
ning of Peussia did nut propose leaving Paris before the
sth of June.
de Allied armicsare on theirmarch home; and the dea
parture of the Crowned Meads from Paris fur Loudon has
been delaycd only by the temporary obstacles that occure
red to the signature of the Treaty of Peace, but which by
this time have becn happily removed. The Emperor of
Russia lately visited Prince Eugene at the Castle of Sainte
feu, at Montmorency, where he dined with him, his moe
ther and sister, This is the first notice of Jusephine and
the céadevant Queen of Holland, that we have read in the
Paris Papers. —The Emperor of Austria is now styled
Emperor of Germany. This is as it ougt to be—the
Emperor Francis is, by all means, entitled to resume his
foriuer rank and influence in Germany, the Empire of
which will be restored under the powertull suspices of that
Mtonarch.—There is no further mention of Bona; ate.
Poe French Government is assembling a great niilitary
force at Lisle, and apparently they do not wish to let trae
vel ers pass through Flanders. Three English Gentlemen
returning from Paris to England, by Brussels, last weck,
though provided with passports, countersigned by Lord
Castlercagh, were stopped by General St. Cyr, and not
suffered to proceed. They were obliged to retura and
take their journey by the direct route to Calais.
By some of the Prenth papers it is again assorted that
Peace is signed, and that the publication of the Treaty one
ly waits the ratification of the Prince Regent of England.
By it, we are told, Guadaloupe, Martinique, St. Domingo,
and the Isle of France are to be restored to France, who
is also to be allowed two factorics on the coasts of Mae
labar and Coromandel; she is to have a part of Belgium ¢
no monument ef the ar(s is to be taken away, &c.—From
the nature of the terms, we may conclude that th.s is but
another premeture report, and that these rumours ex} ress
only the wishes of the writers. Such terms are eqvally
inconsistent with policy and with justice.
Lord Walpole arrived at Hanover, he is to go to Pe
tersburgh in quality as Ambassador from England.
A corps of !400 laucers is to be raised at Hanorer.
—=- a —_
Popniation of the World.—From Le Sage’s Atlas,
1814 :—
Europe............+-++ 170,000,000 of Inhabi-e
ASIA... eee ee eee eee 380,000,000 [tants
Africa,........... eeeee 9V,000,0C0
America, North......... 30,000,000
Suuth ..... 2... 20,000,000
The Oceanic Islands,.... 20,000,000
Total population of the Globe 710,000,008
View original ‘ er. A
i (° ‘
t alata

‘ y
-) j
t .
4 ac XN 4@
wn wnsewrnrl fen;
' ] CLS ( ifOt)
} e:
i the cadverfise-
' 4 j
t C ¢ ite Ol PVA
, ' e 1
. i i} < lV } | »>iLIe
» f > >
\ ) HNCal OC) I
eiJbly ) Leram :
is . } ~ [ {| pure
LlbdS ag UL (hbeatore-
U, UcC., and further
v, First Marshal.
View original SS
BY virine ofan appointn rent from His Excellency
the Governor, given upon a petition of Tl. Staal, as
the generaal and speciaal Attorney of ALC. Boode,
of Demerary, said appointment bearing date 24th
June, 1s! t.
Notice ts hereby civen to the Public, that the Px.
ecufion and Scquestration of the undivided half of
Plantation Onvoricaurt, situate on the west sea coast
of this cotoay, the property of the late I. Hi. Buse,
is (hie day eancetled and taken of,
Berbi CC, (he Yd July, iS} +.
KE RANCKEN, Perst Marshal,

View original SALb ey ENECULION.
RY virfve ofan appointment from His Wonor Jas.
Grant, Muor, Ac ine Governor of the colony Ver-
] rce an | L's [Depo HU CHCLCS, Ke, CCC. KC.
Cranuted upon # pelilcouw presented by the free Ne-
wo woman Daphne, versus, J. C. Schollevanczer,
wider date of doth Pec. ISTS.
Tube undersizned tatend to sell, at Public Execution
Sale, in the presence of two Couacellors Comaniss erties
and their Seerclary, on Wednesday the 27th of duly
Il f,at ihe Court House ot this colony, at Ll clock
in the forcroon of that day.
AD. finitive Sentence of the Hon. Court of Civil
Justice, of this colony, given in the cause entided
Foi. Rodenbrock, Plaintiff, versus, James Sine! tir,
Gated loth Neve isl’, tora capital sun of a 100.
together with 25 per cent damage, protest, charzes,
and interest, as also with Costs of suit. Said Sentence
bone surrendered to meas his own and sole propertly.
Wohoever should? think to have any rieht.action
or tifterestow ebovernamed Scrtence, and wishes to
oppose Cre Excention Sale thereof, let such Persons
address themnsclves to the Marshal’s OMee of this
colony, doclaring their rensons for so doing in due
time and fora, as P herchy give notice, that] will re.
ccolye opposiGon flomevery one therernto qualified,
appotit thous a cay to have his or her claim heard
bewre the Court, aud further act thercon asthe Lavy
clit els.
This fist proclamation published as Customary.
Beibice, lush, Haly IST-4.
Ik. BRAN CILEN, Tiret Vorsha?.
View original SLE cy LALCULION,
BY virtue of a Volautury Surrender in Exeentior.
made by Thomas Pry er Dias eld, as one or the ty fe
ners of the ltée Firm of Duncan MeWenzie & Co...
order to comply with (he tenor of a Sentence of the
Honorable Courter Civil Pustice, in the cause. enti-
ted Douglas Red ee Co. as eins a brinch of the
house of commerce in Glasgow, enrricd on uedey
the Firm of J.P. & A. Douglas & can, Phintitis.
verstis, (ho Rep esentative or ep resentutives of (
Jate Pina oe dauncan MeNenzie & co.x—said sentence
Dearie date che 20th May, ISd4.
(theo undersiencd Ftrst’ Morshatl of the Court
willica this colony, will selbat Publie Lixceution Sale
QO Wed WOMCLY’ tlic 20th of July Is] 1, in presence Ol
two Councellors Comumisurtes and their Secretar Vy ill
the Court House of this colony, at EL o’clock i the
forcnoon of that day, the following Open Accounts,
due to the late Firm ot Duncan Melkenzic & co,
An Accountagatust Jno. Ross, fo plo. 8-7
Do. Belair Lstate No.2? west sea coast= 25. 16. 0
Do. the Estate of Duncan McKenzie -— 21 f-]s-Jo
Do. Hach B. Inelis, pla. Clifton - CUUU- U- 0
(under deduction)
Do. Niggestate Koss & Sinclair - ©99.9.9
Do. pla, Hogstve, A. Shanks — 504-19. 0
Do. the estate of Ths. Robson —~ 10H. 2 0
Jdo. Donald Alacvae tor lot No. 2 - As- 0-0
Jo, plu. Brighton, S. Fraser —- A37- 0- 0
J‘. Jolin Hlewith, Nikirie —- §7-%. 9
Do. J.C. Spangenberg - 7Y-10- 0
Co 4 .
And of which accounts the particulars may be seen
al the Marshals Oiliee during the hours of duty.
Whoever should think to have any reht, action,
or interest, on the aforementioned open Accounts,
and wishes to oppose the sale thereof, let such
persons addicss Gicmselves to the Marshal’s Oflice.
} 6 ua * we . . e .
declprins Lic ir reasons for so doing in due time and
fori, as I hereby give notice, that 1 will receive op-
pesos iri every ous thereunto qualided, appoiat
View original
View original SALE: B } I VEC LION,
BY virtve of an appolmonent from the Tonor-
able Court of Civil Justice of this colon yy under dite
of 2ist May, ISIS, given upon a Petition presented
by K. Francken, Piast Marshal of (he Comiis within
this colony, for and in name of Ve Crlactus cad
IB. J. Schwiers, Scquestrators over Pl infadion Vrede
en Vriendschap, and hall of Plaatation Goudaiya,
(he former siduated in Canje creek, and the latter up
the river,
Nofice is hereby eiven, that Tithe undersigned.
intend to Scllat Public Exceution &: ates in presence
of two Councellors Coummissarics and their Secret: ITY,
on Wednesday the o7th ot Joly. ISi4, the code
state called Vreve & Vriens hap, (the (erms of
whic h,as also eC laventory, are (o be seen at the
Marshals OU ce during the bours of dy ly,
And oa Wee Caesdiy the Sd of Muens fs, IST4, the
anlivh led half of the cofve Estate calle d Cioudnutys,
(ike terms © ‘ Whael, as also the lovent rv, ore lying
atthe Marshals Onice dor the inspection Of Uhose
Who it a COUCCY
The Sales are fo Crxe plece on the re spective spot
Whoever st onl iia to havea ‘Vv re lit, Melis,
or tnlerest on the atorenamed tf scites, and wi
oppese the Laceution Sve the reaty dot sach p rset
address bimsclf to the \oarshabs Olhee, ( Casgy

sion da
. . ', . . .
(here reason for so Coin ia cdue time ag vd jor as
hereby VIVE TOLCE, Patt sil receive opp osiilen
any inte “mediate a mony ppoted (hete a d Vv tw leave
theie chateaus heard berore the Court f, aud further act
thereon as the Pow directs.
Phos te fm Starpitos | ul sted as ct stoi: .—
Berbice tJ [.-, !~
a) Sy e ‘
IK. Hey. oC
IN, Ltrst Warshal.
S' ma Lon io) LDECL.
BY virtue of ar evtact fom the Minutes of the
Proceccings of the Court of 2 Nyy lated 7th June,
Inia, givenin the evuse of Ldward Pheobild, Cu-
rator to the Petate of rv Wott, dec, Phaintis —
versus, oll Loown aud uckiowa creditors eratist Che
bestate of Ta. Crotty lec.
Tithe understencd, Jisst) Marshal of the Corurts
Within is culouy, und at the request of aforesaid
Summon, for ile third Urie, by Le ict:
All hnown aad tuwsown eredifors of the Extate of
tfonry (roti, dec. to nyrpe ar atthe Court of Rolls,
om Mord the loth Jtober, lsit, thetr to render
I their cl. Wins, fo Very the ene, wid hear obloc-
Hons male Qerennto, i uecd, and tutiher to proceed
as fhe Liw careets,
This od Suminen by Pdtet cablished as custo:na-
ry eerbice, 27 ney | Ut.
In, | bal. ON, Ti: ‘of Vearh ts,
—__—_ a
DY virtne ofan appolrtment frou the Honorable
Courtot Civil duotice Clty is colo x. ei fed upon a
Poition pres nted by ho. Code Vcore rk, qq.
(he lostate ofthe aie wo. van Tim! vee van Bateo-
burg, deceted, sud appotsuuent bearing date the
16th day of Slay. fe 1f,
Pothe under-trned, First Marshal of the Gourts
within this colons, and atch * fet onest Of alorcesid ..
Gi. Code Niewwer ork, qq.
Norman fy Edvcts
All hnewn and uohnown eveditors er claimants on
the Pistate of A. J. van Tindyze van Bate nbure, to
exhibit their claims before the Ton. Court of Cryi!
Justice of Chis colony, at) heist session in the mnie
of Janus, PSs, to verify the same, witnesss ol.
qeetions thereunto, dneed, and furthe 'r to proceed
accor ling to Livy, On ’ win of betag for ever debar-
red their right of elit
This Surnon by Lief, made Enown to the public
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colony,
send to Pfotland id Leushand, and turtherdcealt with
accordine to cue fom,
Berbice, the loth June, IST4.
NK. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
—— _ —
View original SUMMON spy EDICT.
BY virtue ofan appaintinent trom the Honoralte
Court of Civil Justice of ut c Olo ny, granted upona
Petition preseated by J. G.C. de Nicuwerkerk, as
~ both to the [estate of the “itn MaAniANNA Ave
it TINA VAN Iupyze VAN Batennurc, as well as
to thatef the late Susanva Jeanvnetre Beruan-
ment bearing date the 16th da tv of May, IST.
Pile undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
within this coloay, andat the request of aforesaid J.
G. C. de Nieuwerkerk, qq.
Sum non by patets
All known and unhrown creditors or claimants on
(he Lalates of the late MoA. van Imbyze van Batcu-.
View original a
~~ ECP
View original Inwany genegen zvide zich heb i toe
eceren op de phantagie Lust tot Rustin deze rivier
eelieve zich met behoorly kee luteschrifien te von
“zeny te addresserena by den Mireete ur van die ply
bat rie — July. W. ALOU WENS.
ho i.
LOS, ;
The front quarter ol they) bres fof it Voy, 24,
New Amsterdam, wit! "1 alla! AL meldines Theoret. wigs
adweiling house, lotely me tins piury and outiuil®
tices cnfaely new, Cernis vill be madeensy 4
proved pruchacer.— Ap yor pudiculais ta
2 elhiv. @/. J
oo ‘fy’ 7
SO ee — _
va eereed en te behaen ter dezer Diallo
bAcuWY loren veu de
saw ¥ pr prr,erghyp Oy Dan wD oa
y OO? QC d C) fli GC CoC Jal ACN,
Jude | | ‘ela I) - acl.
V roy rerede Uadtie van (6.—
Ook zyndesclve te bel ainen, Me Demncrary, tee
Mruakery van de Heercn Acvert & Srey LNIWUNg»
( > \ ‘ fo,
7 yy ready bore che livery. wt thi: Oluce, inthe | uch
Paovanse only, Copics ef the
rthe Nethcrlands,
Price fOG.—Uosh,
Also to be had, in Menncr ar Ys atthe Printine Off
fice of Messrs. Aubert & Sruvenson i pitice fb.
View original THE, Domicilium, ean et ereeutunci, of the
subscriber, both in prive and as qq. the heirs and tee
vatces of Kebortand Joseph Clit) deceased, sat che
house of Messrs. G. Bouc & Co. New Anisterdany.
9 daly. OWLN JONLS,.
Tur Subscribers have given over to Mr. A. G,
Cansrn, forcollection and liquidations all accounts
and notes of handy due, to Che bite Pinwscisdeerene
wil Wanrraw J)erreny, forche ycurs ISI Isis.
This ts therefore (o jiilorm (hose ji debted to the
sald dosvate, that Mro de Gi. Coduaeris luliy auclorised
and cuipowered, to zive acquitlances, aad tas “a
Instrnetod, not lowtve turther Maui reouce ly at y fe
SO OF PCesOas Whalsuever.
WaT TL wi
wet. Che first undersigned, has also vive tbe vee
Coiilsy Xe. due to (he bstale of the lace De.
Jenoryy do Mr. ALG. Catner, tor collections
Scucumstance Chose indebted are Peg Uucayh
@l foto. notice.
= eeeeeSSSsSSSsSe
Tiil, Charter of the Colony Derbice, Manners of
he Preece dings, inthe Courts of Civil Justice, both
inthe avowheh aod Datch Lancuaves, Blank bulls of
ixehan co and Lading, Cotlee Certilicates, a teow
Sheet Abianichs for the present year, price f 3,
several kinds or Paper, Quills, Wavers, &c.
=a §©§ © LLLP LLL ee

View original SID ows oe 2
hist of Liineaccay Novree s, in the Colony Stocks of
issicuici, of (he 16.4 July, IBLI.
a $a
- A
Neve. | Propre (ors. Isy WhOwd ol vice os
O<V11™—_———— ON Sa rr
View original oe a sea aes — -—-—- -
Newt | S.ig . arn. Aanbrengaus,
Kos Pio. Ouverwest (Dehnert
Ilerculcs ldem |\IcCamon
Larose boa. Mara I. Geouverncer
Primo “(2k (Dem.) Cestenbadea
Nlurphy Via. HMerstelling — jt'tscaal
Mars Miss Juanrants Adami
Santye Pin. Welselegen fvanden Drok
Goasins bellevue WV hite
Thoras Mis. Beresford fey {nicy ce
Prancis GB. Sinclair (Dem. )iitute
Pring i’, LL. Schuude Dchnert.
April Idem, fdew.
Adonus ldew. (dem.
Joe Allen Kraucnd oof ‘
Woalliam hom 4 scoal
Kees. %. Dageraad, Costeuuader
J. A. DEHNERT, Onder Sherif.
View original

16 July 1814