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The Berbice Gazette

View original BERBRICE. AING’s HOUS&,
lsih february, 1815.
THE Licutenant-Govyernor has been pleased
to Apporat Roderick M?’WKenzie to be Civil Commis-
sury, vice, W. Scott resigned. By Command,
IF. WHITE, Gov. Sce.
View original POST OFFICE.
THE Subscriber finds it impossible to conti-
nue giving cre fifat this ONiec, for Letters, se there.
fore requests ©) ercatlemen as are in uirrears for
Postages, ty come forward with tininediate payment;
and none need apply tor Letters (alter this notice)
without (he ineans of paying furthem. Post Once
hours are Hom 9 oW’cloch in the Morning am S o'cloc!
In the affernoon, which willbe regulurly attended,
(Sundays ¢ vcepte I) and no Letters or Newspapers
shall be delivercad before, oraficr the above stated
tine. —- 18 P'cb.
R RICKIENZ SE, Act. Postinr.
Oe ee ee ee ee SS
View original SES a ee . ae
TENDERS fora lhoethead of building Lime
will be received by the Subscriber, until 10 o'clock
inthe moracie, on Jucsday the 2bst inst. woen they
will be @poned ia peescnce of This Exc ctlenex the
Govescor, and the best, it ppresed, accepted,
JR. MACAENZIR, Commissary.
NiO. The tine to be delivered at the Coimintssa:y’s
Oiicoe. Is Feb.
ere @f © ° 83°33 0.0 SE —nwrwwwwaeS. Geme 222s
View original erw fF 8° ©32°333590° °° Sn www ewer eS Gee 2 see
7 p> psypre , } r Cop Safle an lity l ah
it ©. b¢ ( ) POP Sates (tn AGALON [OW ral
they haveoun ha lb prow other importations) the

Jollocta choice arniieks, unported from fondan,
por Larows ty wea Dimerary, which they will
dispose of, cheap, jor tarmediat payurenl, v2 —
LONDON brow. steut ip bottles, old Port
wine, Hloffivrs ras poenry aud cherry brandy, dart
fine beench olives tao dial purl hota Sy Te al Cownine
brandy and Hollins ea per piece, Northwilslaire
and pote Cheeses, dloubie cose bition tn firhtus., ows.
ters pulp daa superior murder, plotntes, soll peas
and barley, vincgae ta igs, roan sacar, conten ’s
faslionsble Clothiar, erist dee eocovts, binek sh,
CASHEL J Sth Stel, . 4 Lie avd Mer Watsfcaats,
Wooethoctoms overs. oui ponted Morretiia dressing
CO. so dae bb iit hans Ot t- l OSSta 2% ral Welling tou.
boots. did dvess- balldoce aad Phenters slione shoes
with b less! mye k umbroedias aad lidses
pot Us Is, i eee nie i Stionable wall am suichs, ele-
gant bo\V ne | ee wid ¢ | Pettis Aled COeee I holes
flUished tn Che tien ost style, pocket aud other pis-
tol:, elegant ( mwCOIS SWOL with belts and WPOLS,
ri in Slla sitsales AltG i i ( tUhicts, 2u Owe y WG
shot, bows bound writing Gesas and dressin es citsus
couplele, gentlemen's mahogany tool cae ts co u-
p! tely turuphed with (he very best material, clivis
harnessess, Jockey saddles and bridles, an essarniiens
of whips, pbited spurs withand withontsitlver chains,
Mahou Vy SOV
& gbisses, clegant vase lanips with
slracl S all L rass tae ming compte {c,. veoutlerne ncn
lidiees bhicn and white sili stockiny, Cotton. dea ‘.
shine and other oly Sy ou ntloien’s superior beaver
hats, super Nae blick- blue- greene and mixed broad
clots, white Vicreala walsteerting, searlet- blue. and
precu- table covers, fine large ex unterpanes, India
Jean, masguito ne(ung, colton and linen checks, pla-
tillas colfoa and linea, LOW L pratt: rss wuslins, an
assortineat of cutlery amon which are some clewant
setts oFivory bandied kiites and forks, silver ferreld
and fluted pouknives, razors, &c. a coniplete assort-
maentot brass aad hardware consisting of all hinds o}
locks and hinges, side boards, hat and drawere knobs
and handles, window pullies, door bolts, &c., large
and small steclyards, Denaerary hoes, shovels, and
cutlasseg, cleavers, ship scropers, taljiag axes, sauce
and stew pans, @riceirons, tea kettles, cut- pil- and
saw files, stattouary assorted, bouks of bills of ex-
change and lowing neaQy bound, one and two quire
books, paints and oil, soap and candles in small box-
es, neatsiooFoil, Day and Martia’s blacking, an as-
sorimeut of brushes consisting of lones and hand-
brooms, haire cloih- tables furniture, sloe-tooth-and
nail brushes, salt in barrels aud Gerces, an assortment
of cul glassware, Osnaburgs and thread, a large as-
sorument of necro clothing of the best quality, blan-
kets, &c. GLO. BONE & Co.
NB. No new accounts opened uulil the old ones are
settled. 1S Feb.
View original THE undersigned being wishful to leave this
colony within six weeks from date, for Demerary,
where he intends continuing to re pair Watches,
Clocks, &c. Assures his Pric ‘nds (who will favor him
with their orders) of accuracy, dispatch and moderate
charges. Those who are indebted to him, please to
come forward with paynient, to enable bin of set-
(line with those to whorn he is indebted. Several
Watches which be has repaired, remain ancalled
for: he inforus (heir owners that he intends selling
(hem at Vendue to recover his charges for repairing
them, if not called for within one pol after date.
bildilen A. PLEURY.
————$— —
FOR S SALE, Cw Excellent healthy Slaves,
one avery wool Washer wonen, a good Cook, ars
house sorvant—th the ‘rao lov, whos also a good
Cook and house Scrvant; bot heal€hy and strony.
Payable ineash or produce to satisfiction, and toa
solid purchaser, a short cro@it willbe viven.
Por perticulars enguire ai Uils Ollice.-—-18 Feb.
ALLE de cenen die icts te vorderen bebben,
ofte verschuldicd zyn, aan den ond -rzeteckende,
gclieve betaling te doen aan den fleere Chs. Ralach,
die zyn quittutie 2b valideren, en ook direkte beta-
in zal doen,—18 Feb. J.d. HILKEN.
—_ — — — —— —— — —
—_— ——_- —
THOSE havin ie Claus, or are indebted to
the undersiened, 1.ty call fi iT py ric to Chs. Ra-
lnch, Esq. and make payment ty him, as his receipt
will be eck: luwledsed in full.
— ee a, _
stik, FOR AXIS TER] [. the brie Ger-
stitial Jacola | a ‘ -) ines Fohainisser,
Faster, will sail the Couh oe Woarctenent, tor Br. ieelit
app ty to CG. PAL LES aad
View original Ewa eee ee ss ene eee ee
aw ate
Noticers herely eizen, tictamorth after date the
folloiing Tiarsporrsarnd Mort saces wul be passed.
Jan. 98. Colin Douglas will (rousport fo tecmerary
6.3 Negroes, names to be secu at this Clee,
Feb. 18. Win. Lawson will {ransport to Demerary
This is to tnforin the Pau! Mey that ihe follosing
Persons intend qutthnie 1 is colony.
John Dowand his ehild iamed Jolin August, in six
weens fom 4+ bel,
VG. Tout aq. wee irenenort to Dererary, 3 Ne-
Toes, Vi med Lrtstel Cloucester and Lancaster.
AW’, Brodericd in 6 weeks frown 4 Feb,
David Dwarre in 6 weeks drom 10 Beb.
leury m O weeks from |S Hobruary,
1), C, Schedeies ls do
Ren Settle and ehihtoa da,
The Iree black WO ol. dat 7 hire all (lo.
David Miller in’ Go. from do.
_— — - —_—__ --— oe ee 1 ——-— we ee ee 8ENSE
View original ——— - — -_— oe ee ee ———— ee — a a
WHEREAS Application, by Petition, has been
made to the Tfon ble. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Derbice, at (heir Sessions of the
[lth January IS15, tor Letters of MWarvunission:
The Nesro woman Cuscha, assisted by ALG. Cal-
mer, for herselband her three children, LUsabcth,
Liauces, and Suseiak,.
Notice wheree! is hereby given to those vhom_ it
may concern, and whom cy Wish to oppose Che crant
ofsaid Letters of Manumission,that they may address
theinsclves in writing to Che undersizned Sccretary of
the colony, previous to the ensuing Sessions of the
llon, Court, when a final dispositign will be made on
(he aforesaid Petition.
Secretary’s Ollice, Berbice, 2Sth January IST.
R. C. DOWNER, See.
View original - ~ —_—_————— eC — _ ——
ROR SALE, by the Subseriber. at reduced
priccs: Barrels of mackrel {66. half barrels do. [26
barrels salmon f 88. boxes of fish 120 tbs. cach at
bf stuiver p. 13. y long leaf tobacco (2 - 10. per lb.
Irish mess beefin tierces f (54. barrels mess pork at
J 132. halfdo. (70. assorted pickles in boxes con-
taining 9 large botiles at f 44. per box, fist sauses
at f 4. per bottle, coffee and cotton baccine at f 1.
per yard, hagas, bung beet, ling fish, che "est ,&e.
d beb, J VOULEE
View original PUBLIC VENDUES.
On Thursday the 25d instant, will be sold at the
house, and by orderof J.J. vander Sivop, Esq. the
whole of his houschold furniture, amongst which are
asett of elegant malfogany dining tables, ditto side
board, pembroke tablea, beds and bedsteyds, chairs,
sopbas, ward robe, an assortment of plate and
earthen ware—also a collection of books, in the
English, Dutch and French languages, an elegant
horse anda good riding mule.
D.C.Camenon, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Manday the 27th instant, willbe sold at the
Vendue Office, by order of W. Broderick, Esq. an
extensive assortment of Nie g@o clothing, blankets,
rugs, halts, aml coffee bags, which will be suld
Without reserve.
Ry order of Joh® Wyslop, Esq. from 12 a 90 head
af fine young cows and oxen.
Oa the sime day, beer and porter in barrels, soap
and candies in small boxes, huns, cheese, potatoes,
bec’, pork, Madeira wine in bottles and bhds hoes,
shovels, prunning knives, cutfisses, nails assorted,
coffee biweing, Trish and Dutch linen, Pulligat and
Madrass hts. two trunks of printed cmobrics, &e.
).C. Cameron, Dep. Vindue Master,
——_- - —-_ ee -_ = ——__
On Mouday the 6th of March, next, and following
days, will be sold tothe highest bidders, by order of
he Eexecutors of the late Virs. Hh. I. Buse, the cofe
fee Phaiftations LESE TORT RUST and PROVI-
DioON Tyan the river Berbice: and the cotton Plane
fotin ZELZIGV, on the west sea coast of Berbice.
fog ther with about GOO Slaves, also cattle, furniture
cod what further may appear. Por terms of sale and
other particulars, application may be made to A. A.
de ta Court, Esq. or to
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
B. Phe sate will take place on the respective Es-
tates, aad commence at Ll @cluck precisely at
plaitation Lust dot Rust.
oan OS ees wee ee
_- —_-_- — SS
——— SF ET
I'y lezcen voor onze Lezers, eene Lirtrakt uit de
Amsterdamsche Courant van den lodon July, It.
Frankfort, den 6den JSuly.—Wet artikel in de
Arauer Courant, betrekkelyk den Graal yan St Leu,
begzint met deze Verhlaring :
De Heer de St. Lea, sedert zyn Troons-afstand in
IS19O een bloot ambteloos persoon geworden, als zoos
Canig levende, en ann allen anderen toestand 4 reemd,
heeft alle hein gedane aanbiccingen yan de hand gee
wezen, Zoo gedurende drie jaren, in welke hy de Sta
fen van Z. M.den Keizer van Duitschland bewoond
heeft, als tydens het verblyf dat hy omstreechs het
cinde des vorigen jaars in “Zwitserland heeft gchou-
den, ook te Parys in de drie eerste maanden yan dit
star, toon de Jongste gebeurtenissen in Holland, hem
van zyoe verpligtingen jevens hetzelve, door de te
rug ruepies des Prinse van Oranje ontbindende, hem
(oclieten ia het land te rag te keeren, onder welks
Wetlen hy gcboren ‘sy en cmdelyk te Lausanne, al-
waar hy sedert den loden April zyn verblyfhoud, en
wasr geruchten van bedingen, gelyk aan dat het welk
Inde de Courant van die Stad) vermeld Is, hem gee
noopt hebber, om in dea loop der laatst voorgaande
maand alle de noodige stappen (e verrizten om reeds
voor nitafstand te doen yan al het geen hem daar in
betrefvn mowt,
De Iteer dest. Len protesteerd tezen hot Senatuse
Consult vam den Oden December L810, by hetwelk
nen hemecn Apanare gat rondom zyn Lindgoed van
St. Len, ter sc hadevergoeding voor Holland. ecne
AKC te Gratz in Stiermarken, alwaar liv zich des-
(vas bewoud, dooraniddel van den Moniteur vai den
lodendier zclide mand ter zyner hennisse gekomen.
Naauwelyks was hy daarvan ouderrigt, of in zyn
eCreeE Vou ecetroften door eene besehihking, die met
zyne crondbevinsclen streed, baaste hy zich om dane
war het Dehuurde zva protest en stellice welgenne
inte zenden, gelyh bly kt un de dric navolcende
l. Pris f xezonden ann din Senaat,aanden Priv.
Saris hranselier des tovks one. aanden Minister
Schrctarts tan Staut der Netzerlyie J amnilie,
(por Triplicaat.)
Lovewyl Nepolcor, can den Dehocd nie
Senaaldes Lranscnen Ryle,
Senateurs.on het oowenblih ontvang tk don “lonj.
Ccur wan den fudens ilk was verve yan deo duudely ba
’ (
View original
View original "v
= 6-X-¢ ee
We lyy before our Readers a few Dxztracts fiom
the late London Papers.
———— isi wre +
View original —_——— rrr Ss T+
[FRow THE RurNrsie MERCURY. | -
Creat ereceyness is shewn by the Prenen to make
the binalish more and more obnoxtons to toe nations
ofthe Contineaty and to More Chomp wot mittrast a}
the turextendcd: phins of Chis titel cent wall aetive
peoples “Pets Germans in pruticular, the veal with
iW nine VOICE, {o frie th lye Th yy { V onl \Vorur
fo mane Chomsclves masters of Che ito us of lt tre
rivers, alter the example of Napoleon, cad far the
sve rowon, fo be oiasters of (hots Gamo ree. sad to
secure. their resourees Co thos ly 3. [ PNAC
scl ils suspleten de spread or er cy yore. f
noha desree, Ghaiteven tn Co pepety oe of es
taost hamace and benefiei bl bat ues, their ible
Vesociation, Which ts datubepeoy looted without
any secondary views, soly to Spc Chirasc: "ee
frrients Hoon 2 sorerom tt IM sis J TO PD tite to
escape 1 trust, ‘hohe pods VC veis ty ~ CO); haa
Ditletbey of the wrzratitua af fore Soggy Oey
hove armed by them ones ti ; T WM Te pe
esta Isery and thre moant hy Jw ¢ ba ferce “OI )
now, in retin tor thet Garisy Jaden tye] ur to
thuyact them inmevery yoy. dtsy Cor ciciey @ ioe
poor thre to look scrious!y ul the tree Couche ab
tween the Pusalber Maps Sand the ¢ fiv@sfy en Mae
constder what Ga nl or evil they mie Love toh

Or iéir fiom ecch other.
. . . . , >
As the foutese al (he FIVETS Is a for "7 v] DC LOTeE
homed Ly the Gteection of the mount. , 80 \
SLY oat) Pnahand’s prescnt Power « “doafs fy storied
LN proviance have boon | sedes ined on bores dbrluc
mtatal form or the Ol World. No con, rV f1C@5 80)
well piatectod as thos scaefene il CTOUD® of j rtads:
lorere enauell to cant vibe ve Pinye VV. babe ) CAN repel
. ( '
Wibeetae yf Pah Woh soe bonsive bent stp @vouwttaed
Pye C ivicte i Wilda oe! “ydb SNOW!
9 é
vectly thy ; CON ptt ib'y well situated to Couperce
wih oVery Ganitiy 5 aud, finally, inhubsied by a
' } | ) ° >. .
peortein whom (ie Gaels bl aad asso! Py ly mixed
/ - :
ub lic a rinitay ys bo Proaace an PWIUS, CCE Pdi 7
. 7 / .
ur. li’ ely tal pec © | Mid) 5 CR. ) {) a Wi ) sth hi
sty ba 4 bauldl Cy wn » ? bee j Vy Jus iy alle
ol van i On bo the esoy
a) ae
Gi the sen. Jn tore
mer thes il sour lit 1) extend its donas On on (he
‘ont Mt, but il sean perceived that it coald not ef.
bectmuch wecdist (he worthe race hat inhabits ir.
fnamodcra times, therefore, when the southern and
westarm worlds were opened, it quickly directed
(hither ifs whore atten Ol, aud das stuck Info (ic
sround in didnt Colomies the roots ot the power

Which blosomsinthoibod fhe moceraartofthe
navigation aiathilates cis aneesa id the rcrotest pos-
sessions He tia harrow cirele round (he seat of viN-
pirc, brow cht nearior is once, but far b ‘youd the
reach of the COCIY, Wao mt clyt covet them. since
that time Lngland, sufucicnt to itself, has withdrawa
trom the proper sphere of the politics of the Conti-
Heut. Lt has aninterest in preserving iia equilibsium
of power, and to prevent (he arising of any overcrown
Powers; because in the hitter case alone it: must be
inevitably involved in the fate ot the Coatin ont, but
lathe former freely risesabove it. It is call d upon
(o be the Gurrdtan of the repose of the Gontincnt,
maintaining by its interlerence by word and deed, the
duration of the ancient once established order of
(hings. ¥ts ouly care is to hinder any Clossus from
arising, Which, setting one foot on the shores af the
Continent, inay place the other upon the happy Is
land; in other repects it may leave to every one the
free developement. of its powers. The minds of a
people, which, with persevering activity, struggling
with the wildest elements, is constapily craising m
all qnuarlers of the globo, sure obalways finding aeain,
atbowe, liberty aad plenty, cud not made for nassow
View original . ‘ ’
a s

‘ ’
° >

’ -
. 4

- 4FaW7bs
+ y
sd A
Lidl a ~~’ © L»>
View original
View original ——— —-ae ee ——
We are reques'cd fo tnscrt the fovowing haes ;
2 Oe
T ero 1 New Tovrr anlits Merchants vo brawler,
Wee ft the vreperval VWeelin ¢ —_—-—-—/.
Toeascirres shitet, bul vithovt erplanaion,
A X/ vray, Charecs to prove their vraction.
Some Vevchuarts there ts, who aretruly respectable,
re, cing an's"ase cays are aleai's de'cctable;
Dovotiasltccoylersile numbers so darly increases,
Jeti voce t Lihic yz live andmeetthem who pleases,
Toot all ber inceliaeg and noddles sa shalen,
Lois fomedt the pseaerly ell eave ther bacon,
On wrarots iipter hol, they oe crcumber shoot,
Coll cold ul he neal od ue cound al tie roul,
Lhe lillofiatarivy, the 7 lone tireaten toring,
And close all (hetr lias nea cock of a conch,
WV See oe « SeSeam_tre = = = amp =e © 8 6 Se 0 fF ee Ee oe ee
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View original
View original
View original BY wrtue of an Extract from the Court of
Civil Justice, of this colony, dated J7th January,
IS135, etven tn the cause entitled Phs. PLT vleld,
one of the Execulois to the Estate of the late ! hert
Wilson, and Attorney of Thomas Bonds anothe of
the Executors and one of the tletrs ol said I, M i{.
son, and of H. Staal appotated in the place of W,
ot Xv” Ivson during r lis absence from the colony Vy [’|- Line
1S by Edict, versus, all Cliimants on the proceeds
ot Plantation Hermitage, cum annexts, Metend ints
by Edict. I the undersigned do hese by Sunmian by
Mdict: AW Claimants on the proceeds of | a ntation
Hennitage, cum annexis, {0 ay ppear berore the Court
of Rolls, on Monday the Oth ot March, 1815, and
following days, at the Court House of this colony ;
there fo render in thyir chiims, to verily the sane,
and further to procecd j iecordine x to Saas,
‘Lhis Summons by Edict publish Led ays « ustomary.
Berbice, Ist January, Psi5.
AR.. Francnen, first Marshal.
BY virtue of an Extract from the Minutes
of the Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, dated
the 16th January IS15, given in the canse entitled
Hf. Staal and Hl. Luthers, appointed Curators to the
Insolvent Estate of C. Foching, dec ased, Phaintiils
by Edict, versus, all known and unlnown eri nS,
aevaiast the Lstate of Cornelis Pockine. dee. Jeflen-
dants by Edict. Pthe undersicned do hereby Sura.
mon by Edict: Ab known and uaknown creditors
avilist tne Estate of C. Fockinz, dec. to appear bee
fore the Court of lolls, on Monday the ook NI rch,
‘1, and tollowing days, at the Court tlouse of this
colony ; there Corcndcrin their cliims, to verily the
sume, and tuither (o proceed gecordine (o Lay
Lhis Summons by dict made kuown to the Pas
blie by beat of dtuin from Che Court
culony.— Berbice, Olst danuasy, Isto.
WK. Francnwin, a irst Aars’ al.
bivuse ol luis
View original eee,
DW virtue of aa ixtract from the Minar
of the Tonorable Court of Civil Jusitce, dated YU la
Qectooor IS14, civen in the canse entitled: J. Tapa
id op. bairbowun, in capacity as Sequestrators to
Vlantation Yrover, the late property of Dudley
Wade, Plaintulrby Edict. versus, all Claimants on
the progecds of Plantation Yeovil, ermuarnexis, sold
af Lxcention dale, Detondants, by Pdtet. fle un.
dorsened dv hereby Summon by Edict: AI Choime
ants on the proceeds of Phrafation Yeovil, @um ane
nexis, soldat Lxecution Sale. Toa ippicas lye fre the
Courtor tolls, on Monday th 6. bb Mareh Jo locand
ollow ne days, at the Court Hon eo ob iin ¢ oN NY 5,
(here to render in their claiuss 2 fis suid bstate, aud
further to proceed according to Law, -
This Stuamon by idiet made hoown to the public
by beatot drum from the Court ff ous ortinys Coluny,
and farther dealt a accordiag lo Cuello,
Berbice, tae 27th January, IS! 5.
K. FRANCKE Ny, Perst Varshel
View original —_—_— Ces
LY virtue of an Order trom diis bvccleiey
Hicutenant-Governor IEW. Benxtinen, given ups
ona Petition ot Joha Leryficldgg. Jno. Dodson & Co.
of Great Lrifain, datcad tie January 1815. Nos
Giceis hereby given ie the Public: ‘That the Debt
tor which Plantation No. 21, West Corentine coast
was placed under Sequestratian, having been dnl
pail by George Munro, as Proprietor ot said Estate,
to John Lay beld qq. Jobn Dodson & Co. The said
Plantation No. 21,- West Corentine coast, hes been
(his day Released from isveeution aad Sequestration.
Berbice, 27th January, IS15. .
K. PRANCNKEN, Iirst Marshal.
View original
View original
View original - ore" & TS 63 2D ES ee eee eee
DN PORTI,D inl ¢ beara vy pron Loudon, rv
fur Sole hy the Swbscribers, ot reasonahle torus
Bee ty an choice acorlinent of ihe
fo me Alcs, selected by ticmselics con the
« 7 , - -% _
PIS )) Tiecas gad sheetins, Freneh pallicat and cam-
Nee re ord rod de tlerehic&, mosquite Lawoa. tae
qoidimetyy, tell od cunbrie prtuts, blue and
pie hace sy aston vurtiiers, super
miecn stey ts
five and potent sos ory jicenet meckeloths, coun
ferpanes, stoutoalocssnawee bleached Russia sheet.
vnc and do. biowneliel sy men’s brown and white
cotton whole and bli bose, brown cotton lombs wool
anelos and beet, clastic cotton and wors! d jackets,
silk and cotton balt bose, single cotton caps, women’s
plein and sandaton’ rodered eutton bose, silk and
colton hose, ine cs wile cad Llrek silk lose & white
silk tdi hoe vores white and black stlk hose,
Jidies and wontiemens Insts, ladies shaw, Tustre an!
platted Lown ‘ts, funey Howe: sand wre nile, ji als
picees, yewellery , be rdsy watches, Hessian and Wd
finetom boots! : ems “Fone Shon Sy ot] Loot chow ;
sidl ry, periane by, boberdashery, oars, combs,
Jalics writs and dressing eases, wearing apparel,
necro hats and clotlines cuthe ry. dapannd ant pla-
ted wares. nich blick suk pieces, blues and colon
chee heal Sita hfs. TH! nals ama SOW I sulk, pre 4 (
boots, colton bro ring. binding ecwing wud sein Oy ine
and sailacedtos, Glick varnish, ercen, red, fine blue
and velpw oparats, peat and neate footoil, ivery
fans, daticorme tin paintin frking, butter in firkine,
piec apple aad toil cheeses, Woes haviansand Yorke
shire hass, piokled tongues in hea, prime Leaden-
Roh beefin Grhise, rounds of beef in tubs ys tripe, bar-
ley and solit peas an hers, hoes » Shovels, curpenters
wid coonc s tools, a ee ners! assortment of lrommon-
very, cuclles, + Ps 21,2, & Ob inch rope, stationa.
\ : - -
ry, cold epantets ead revubition sashes, pile ale in
Vartle, broen stout in bottles and in barre Is, Port and
Vitoria wins da bottles—z bandsome gig with har-
hes Comndote, ;
Lot No. 17, New Amsterdam.
— ——_—_—_. $$
— — —_ = —— — — > 7
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View original My of Phases of the Moon, Holidays, I i. W,
Me W. Phenomena, &c. WI. M.
View original 1) Wt Last Quarter, Th. lOm. morning.
9) Th} Purifof B.). Mary. Neap ‘Lides.
S| F
51 Su | Qninquagesima Sunday. Agatha.
6 Comuuissary Court.
4 —
Ath Wednesday.
New Moon, ah. J9m. morning.
Spring ‘Tides.
— i -
= <
Su | First Sunday in Lent.
' -“n
s ~™? AU
7); P| First Quarter, Oh. 59m, morning.
INtS Neap ‘Tides.
19 | Su | 2d Sunday in Lent. Sun Enters Pis-
AV) M [ ces,
YO ‘)
0 | °
25) Th | Full Moon, 4h. 84m. eventne.
91k St. Mathias. D. of Camb. b. 1774.
YTS [Spring Dides.
99} Su | od Sunday in Lent.
cS] bu
~~, ”
— - ~
— ——
— =
-_-_—_ —-—
7€9 NM
) 3
View original a re cee 8 elm
bh KOOP by den ondergeicecngic, ep het
Rut No. 7,—fdammer kaasjes a. Pio. aude | batie
dito a JO tb., Ceidsche homyne ditva LOL ib... to
Im kleine vaatjes, beste @cpeide gore in do. haste
' ° ry yao Ff | > f *)) cy
In (low, nvase Vrouwe- Cil rroal dale lo N oe lig a (
Vieesch en viech.—Tevems relomnariicdee sd aout oe
dorveteekende zich tot het waarncnien va Jo 6-
sta z00 hier alsin liolhund, als ncoooende daernioe de
Fiunsitzste vele renieid, verzeherende cone prone pre
encivice bohargetng der beluneens van de aaa bee.
loevertrouwde zaken.
“3°s FOR LONDO§, the fst satiing brig
mmm PttaMy, Jot Pov, Master, shinds A. be at
Ployds, Copper mnie eopecr iastamd, will postivels
sal wih (he April eonvoy—lor Geehtspoly fo tie
Master on board or (Gr. Pleawbes.
Capt. Pay, hos excellent accommo datcon for
senocets, aod oliers fur Sale a conetenmeat of ehoic
provisious and dry goods. bl te
Wolo dies for Sale a fine lone boat, which pulls re-
Indracury bist abd catrics well.
- —_——$
''*. FOR AMSTERDAM, the new brig
ait. ane DERBICIAAN, Corn fame Pea 3 M aster, Wis
suil the-Sth ot March is xty——lorfreiah: . pply lo
l} ke’. Ga. PAU Noor HEC. ING ZA,
x . 7 ! ' - :
vid \ a4 Is A t Ltd Y | 1\ ys tact v a: f,. Be
: 4 - . , ' - - '] : | | . 7 \ .
Ve Ze ds powell ots COderh all (he teu's due to
be Bocdelot tbe bute Joluw plorrison, bic k Sinith,
ind give receipts fur the stmes all persons indebted
lo sad boedel, are requco ted ta come sorward yi!
payment, without delay 5 allccounts uapaid on ihe
iit st Apitl Next, wiil De : aed fo: wie layout respect to
peisous.—t | ] eb. J) . iA Y,
We CON iis.
A.D.CUCHE and RO BARNES, as well
Moprive vs tacomp, iiouns all (aose whom it my
may concer, that they have passa full power ot Ale
lorney on Sire be Be lbhaatze, fo colleet all outstanding
dobis, giving rececipts therelore, &e. hl Feb,
BROQUGIILTE into custody to the Subseriber,
ablack Horse, spoted white on all four his lees,—
wri hoalier three tlimes advertising, rot Claimed,
will besoll at Voaduc, to defray the expences,
It Peb. JA. DEUNER'T, Sheriff,
OF — —_—— ee
NOTICE ts hereby given by the undersign-
ed, that Mr. 2. Barnes holds a Note of His, whieh is
how mallinvelids its beiag ¢iven fora horse which
he warranted fo be souml; the horse provine to the
contrary, has been returned within: the limited tine
specified in (he note, which he refuses giving up
as the note was drawn to Order, this is to caution
persons taking itin payment.
Ji kcb. Jno. QUARLISS.
TENDERS for 25,000 Lbs. best quality,
and 4000 Lbs. good broken Coffee, the growth ot
Plantation Ja y, alermité, will be received by the
Subscribers, (ill (be Cth of this month, at the house
ol Dr. J. Beresford, Lot No. 1, New Amsterdam,
8 Feb. Scequestrators.
Payment fo be made in colomy currency.
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View original .
Dis onaereteekenden in Connaeaic. unica
aan hed Publick bekend, dat 79 voorneny
de Kleremakery te excereeren Got hetina ven vain ale
lerley mans Kledercen, beloven le cen prowty ‘es on et
vile bodicning, verzoeke ean ieders unst en recome
mnvsintatie. Do venen die hua eclHeven te} rastie
eon, verveere zich op bet erf Now, aia de acter.
Jain, ten hue van de eersle on derecteckend oy.
4 Feb. A. JUNG. and
sae ee
RO NDER?D otf Berbiee Liver, on SJon-
Iny mivht beet the SA: oft Janus » adcuoe@iucr, li-
deaowallt 77 bates ot coflon, vivj—~
Cl Square bales roarked TEC,
(2) Ronad do. morked PR W,
S Do. do. marked PM.
35 Do. do. marked [2 Tf,
Should any of the above bales be, infor-
Vvtion thereof is requested tu be gtvcu tod. Wal
xq. New Amel. RB beh,
—— ———
ee a
The undersigned inte nr to qual the codu-
ny IN Oweeks or Soanaiths trou date, ECM sty ad
Perous avg any Cooaads te tinst btn to ren dor
Nie sttne; and those tol bred ts cone forwrd with
prymeit. bHeoller for Sale, cheap, his premiscs on
Wt No. 1A, Comprising 2 read tind, witha dwelling
hous: 22uy 10s act and out-louses, -Asc.
PAVORYTL Oiathe Ship Siinun Cock, Capt,
I. Warren, toi London, aud for Sale by the Subs
scrloer s—fouldon particular Madelra wine In bbs,
Chuupreac, chiuret, Port wine, ewdar, soda water,
reneh beaady, dotlard’s & 1, UotPoau’s cherry and
mispberry brwudy, pres rved jruits, confeetion ITV,
bauisy Checeacy potatoes, berrin rs ha barrels, lia r fi 1
sourceoul, hoot and pork am thevees and half barrels,
mustard, Vo ucger. spices, black pepper, prunes, rais
suits, Curcants, tedacd styvary gu powder hyson (ta,
cotion and colce bigxing, lussta shirtine, brown
Hlolaid’e, cheeks, Osa tbury’s, India white and yole
IoW Wtnheenss sale. pores, ttads.y Tndia book, jecos
he's cambric, math, sp.imeed, spotted and sitin siripe
edomilins, fies linens. long hewns, French Cainbric,
Chai-.sblack CLADE, boaazeen, sarcenct, Rare
Colona shoovas and hkts., sap. fine ladies black, blue
Mid ree? cloths ned REDS VY AIOre, Manchester str )e
ed niakeens, cinshaims, thread, tape, needles, ladics
Strcww and whiie Leaver boanets, fashionable (rim'd
clitdren dow, bidiss dresses, Lappels Ukfs., coliors,
thread lace, Cte. sand footing, children robes and
caps, sic aad cotton stochiags, gentlemen's silk and
beaver bats, loves, boots, shoes, shirts, pantaloons,
wasstepals, Hols des chualre, ladies shoes, cloves
pearl aii cainil drop CALL es, ) acelets and beads,
yooths bats aud shoes, mabogany w riting desks, and
dressing cises, lavender, rose and honey water, haibe
antiqui, SVindsor soap, Packwooid’s razor straps and
shaving brushes, sulk umbrellas and parasols, wax
and speruicett candies, pitch, lar, dryed red ochre,
patent aud Common paints, sperm. neat foot & paint
nis, ruapowder. shotand ints, sasb pullies & cond
Cshing lines, sewing & sein twine, vat hoops, rivets,
sleet lead, batiding & temper line, Roman cement,
nails 41. to 40 -1., boat nails 2 to S inch, clasphead.
ed do., bovt coains, hand and whip saws, borein
braces and bitts, adze, axes jack, smoothing and
beading places with spare Irons, hianers gsimblets,
compasses, flys, hoes, shovels, ivory handled and
common Kiives Wwilhor without forks, wine and vat
cocks, trying pans, grid trons, fea kettles, bras, plate
and banbury locks, hinges, screws, shop scales and
weights, plantatioa do. with Datch 50 Los. de » Wae
ler sealy A to Z, portable billierd tables, si. ging
cradles, heir matrasses, toilet glasses, stalionary, and
glassware, Necro and tradesinea’s jackets, wrappers
and hats, neatleatier trumks, bird cases, corks, &e,
4 Feb. VM. HENERY,
Se ee eee ee eee
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18 February 1815