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The Berbice Gazette

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View original ———————_— eee
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i i a en eee
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Covmreaantre of the Tonortyte the Court
of Civil Justice, willsitton Stoudey Che [40h tistaae,
The roerened Session of vie Wonorebte the Court of
Civ Ja tice, tobe Loltenat the King’s House, on
Turs ay the Pochinstant,
New Amsterdain, 411 November, 1814.
Wy Command,
rs EL ST =" =
THE cyeveccovent enters | intfa between the sub.
ecribers, or the co. Mroiar of business Dbetore the
Courts, bine Vssoleo ds they ro aest payrent io.
r | secotmts tae fa ") ", tio or books betoy iy ile
Neatsott’s fist cay cribbor Cor eoleetion,s ond who
Derby feetiees (hae he tb not avppeer in (Tryna t fey
guy fv livila twho shall renacr in dotall ofp yi
Wow le lho due.
\V. WORSaesy, Wiyrany “{ ] WY.
19 Nov. (), Vi. LAN Psy dia. i
—— ee 7 ————— me ~_—-
View original Whe enboerhber has Litelw reecived) sty ley a el s
frou Deeps aba Se hihieys' he rcs scsy stad
bonets cle itly immed, eveb te prbats, pinstocs,
f rouebh hon y Nite aod black sie heii ren et ‘
aosnee tye haf finey coloured diffoy wil an
gssor ifocon hee serio (| oramen Ss fo wt the
ee —Alsoa bas tod. sc oF the i! viae, VIiZ.—
Cn ai 1) ta ty vty Thad trviie by el
d- Pond Solo. om anny a her ooo ts,
¥ 7 | eof torecash.s ater reason ble
ay wo oa, Al. TINT Ninik.
View original NVM, Whim
RO : it I

Toess spe Cc, my.

bier rive, | sylyor
c! ov ft ) | x, *
wid balos si oa
’ ( 1° / .
Bie (| ry oh
and sh eta re dybne
ence carnhs,
Cc ee? c, ) . ‘
Cc) "rey ; ) ni
yp" or ’ ]
. | -
. yoe,y th, TOP ARN, tra)?
’ oe >) poo
rN J »>O1k 2 LE wlste ~ia Le-
,/ é
? . YY Tt
bars s piel tes. Myson ans
: ’
movin ce et wend bet
Pawn yes Yo orrparieot
; (
the cw Dov tylte sleep ors
. j ®
} ] a} ¢
) ’ . i. .
l > \ ’
! / el
yerus \ » ty { e : . ”
‘ g .
V 7 \ t’ a) iS, ‘
e a”
wi bocuwer trots /
’ —
{ , | ,
( sea »> CON i! : e ‘ ' i¢
’ . ; . . )
hla, even Aare 1%
’ ’
he Tae ye re. rts sen
~?! . ' f, )
, ede porns ree
' ' . Y Mf
1) 4« | < —[r ' . (
’ .
‘ | tory yd. : 7

: | N : 6 . 21 ¢
' . : :
, , 4 , ) ‘
: \' } .C a!
! .
s ) ~ ’ i \-
‘\e . i PN eS,
a a MS \ I i Vv ‘) .
’ ’ '
i ( . a) 1) | noe
/ ! ‘ ! }
( | ( Rodda we yy tial
' ; ' .
4 . } ‘. AY . Ae a
' \ ‘ v, ‘
¢ a’ . a>! vis a ( ».
View original give cisorfinent ef teh oc Vedi oe, Nase cely cf
per Petey Contain Dott rh Gale aetet s,
Which Peas usnal, warrants fresloand ceuwoey viz:
Gu von] " 1", asta’ chin, aovlfye Woburn yg gryerig
amma acy taboos Chebhoda 2 tsa 2 Poochaedb .
and br derescdts: Powder vartertrn root) were es sun ¢
poof, senamvandivanesay essere bark S mer pe rity
en ’ “1 ’ ; : )?
Antersavs iiss ere wary seeds, aise dos, vol ti!
galt of anoimen, Feshorss berh sre oe um, strony
mere: olotinent, sesstfrasy saesn purely wetecer
mizercon root, Diiter aber ants yeu oayv seods crol,
ailiinonial powder, tartare etre, tinct: af degemls,
@)): (urpe) Pinner efpr | Ss, Scone ehrous aces Vere.
g's, plaints assorted, nal corlss POs@e ANG Hote):
Water, Vromate Vinegar, &c. &c.
12 Nov. WLR. LOT,
o——— nnd —n—n 2S ess 2.00080 2. —_e
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[ ) ‘
Ose | Meadtlo ( ersyuy , Up fo
Aneust, ISU .are requested toon speedy oper
Bent before the [st ¢ y onext, ot! re
accoun's &c. unr:
ul, willbe giyca up tn N We
Baa wel sd Uei, at. 444r4h4N Po
— ©
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View original BAEC Gti
View original a as SS ae SO ae a ™
«‘gmmrq}r mon . oo 7
~-a2 abi. YO! ’ Ccreuser jon tl
—_~ 7=_————
Tre arrivalof hes Mig in Oronte , fa the e%
fernoon of Sarda y Moly fat eid. Usdin "aus
Readers suoine rocenl Pon. ae) We Shee 1 4
chith, however, were hots Fe ble be
9 /; : ae : ,,°
avery discourd gi rge (ones — bee det | i
fous receéved are ef Cre With unidl VF Nae
cere Oblacid grum th, Barbudas drag yy ace wut.
aplared a css bl wsith pours from Soc doe bs
Me. bar holomei, bul se desler idk beve anes bo
cha azod t ithe [so rce Soe Lb S.
loon te fo the stalenicule ss. ft ear’ tn {i &o 74.
rere lie Crh anay Nad Coot car ce pe fb.
eomor ~<ANT Nee OP Ea Be
some GEshon 2, a hein pve iets Se tad toe bse bane
ferro ted dy ihe whe fat bond dro, 8 ed Wad Fee.
: : ,. /
lac. us Cob Sco le ib Ol (sel .c 7S Pe ee "ee l. /
- ‘
! . ; ' ’ ? , ; — /
d 4 radss lic “ban “i | Cie j Melia : le el ) ( ee
: : oe
meaisef Gor snur) estsaliisy In yy fst ee. dita ve
ye yO. 7? i) : ae . ‘ },
anny ' (Vo. rool. dae ey oi l G ~ Cie 7 ‘ / ; f
with which he TGS FCCOM,? dl re . 1. an ‘ a rr Ce
e : ’ ,? . . . . . - f
COE LN Cal a / vt 7 JU Mii v 5) a7 «6 / ol atll Pr
‘« . 7? > oe - a ) oa ,’ ’ .
} C Ni dl iy ( ) rv th , alal oe f d o8 dad 4d oe ) ‘ / /
eh eh, nn | ! J. ys . / oe
ie Ce Cale baie 6M) THe (rr. Vv ocy fl ‘ ‘ ‘ -
? ‘ . r : ;
» , a ’ . ar ( ; (
geercil oven dad Cong Cedi aa etdruany. . ie eel
‘Lov this df « of Fue qmce- fer) Pars) . eo rye : : 7 .
led, thuboirars pin bio aie og, oa |. te
aras ta Canada bald ome Ce ee
pd tta” rete Mri Lee fre. Sor ae oT OE 4
af I, 2 mod th. boy Poet eras . oF fd. ‘1 /
Soon bel ceor ’ 4 J regs de » /[ Yd
vil wT dir, a ey Cy / " egh mn /
108 Liem rie (ilOue, Cue a (cb elecae © uf ticocl 6a wee 6
C CIliee usu oi dy
——_ ee ree
View original —EE
y Y y 7 . ‘ ry) yoo
U. a 4 « e ‘J hee & as ‘e
Now Yorn, Set uy, iSite
Wohave thy siaeficion of cavouncing fe onp readore,
Ptoe guemy has boon ren! Dv bbs athoue ( oponm ts
‘ re CTY Ol la Vit. ¢ . ' boboesy an alas Crees \ i
Posse the Pattie Coun ri reP KR ls; a do that
I 13. breve aes ,Cy || 1 tuo retreat Jrond bee
ef oateomch with gear los. inetuding his baged
Gara lecyv. U oy the boartec Lb. “hlgehce oo
- i eg tls) of a Las) arows foe wl Phas prestun
my oPoi Ohl SACP ] : ) Ny accursed tee id, \
some eatubyo (he Pe acy trast tial dt wail trove an
anes¢ of wis Gobo at am costinetren, should trnoacaan dase
Lita OUT TUALLY). Prue edtfisry! eee pucrotea
“Tocmeo. Austertioz, avd J na.’ are conqeec de ‘The
lrurels are torn frou their brows by wAierican Nialitia,
Cory fa Letter from Eft ton, dated Sept. V5,
Crr.— Nr. Neath Collet. of Phitadel hia. las) t cum
\ {rom Mayor i" (tie NV val Vd LU hieh [eft edadl labia
mo otclook yesterday aftermoon, and states, thatthe eno.
Wy embaracod | yore (twelve o'clock Ve MOEN, aud
moved Gown toe river about mine nabs boos rer oct
by prisonces and deserters, that Gon. Rose was lkillcd
shiist recomnoitring, We have loat very few men. |] ie)
° . ‘
bad bi Usud - lo G:..UU,.
“Dallimore, Sept. T3—! past 19, pom
CPoar Sir,—The British hove a large tieet boinbardiny
our forts—they have been throwing sills sinee 7 oelock
his morning s—thyw arinny as on the Piadel) hia road at
Murcay’s, and extending ina oN. W. direction, ———M \
ihings are all in three wiggous, standing UD ussle Ly
huusey ready to Start at a minute’s nolice,
DP feat of the Pritihat Plattsbureh.
Gentlemen who arrived in the Jast evening northern
stage, abd wiho lel Guilingiou eu donday mortiud, sale
View original ——---—. -
View original (iP LY ttle anadeanre
View original thattya Mer. Tytee anda Mr. Ransom (both respeeta! le
Wid ooe Pee eee ea i), who lott Poattsb: 1Y Vth NU ve
youtohel, in. oom trom was coculved of th dofoat of tie
tos ICuey uitder Sue Geo. Prevost, m thor auttack oa
poifsauiyy alr a severe a dk longecon ested achony
sith tae tases of Detween Jarl COO men hh. worn fod
ay FIs ts. Phe actlon cui neo d wa lind ot the 41h @
moeosith caatoonmitas heko Pine bas ishy at the cuae
heohrent of bl, fore a tle Sdran (C, alid d.ove our try "$
Oot free tabess Wale luc) Woods fiat A, tae \ Plc

Dota Who Gan. fo the aid ool te te oe lar aoe aris,
MO wilh fort Whoo ba decade Co ea pilus ol nomoe’
bach Wee VEG Clb Oo dg . 1, "iN ia) ada lig
sae.) Ol i & for das coun ry ’ if ly, a ot
. eSadaet Vou ) Webs is i ‘ ) - (ig catcd
pre PU (UO af chy dts Cooce be abl Ut Ose Cae sa, diled.
Frtrucé fa Liu rusted Albany, Sept. 18.
6. % \ (| If N.6 cane og WO Coe. Soin 1! golf our ve! | "8
md’, tod cane roe yud abo e (Fas desired se y “tit
woe eo any as Peoo ht by Avajor buttem, whe
porta Seem ay 6th root, aba arated bere vat
Mi tae Is $——, si tl “oF Ss. biidy there Was Nou pre
pig by Ty al cave ad bao ob fob bores and Cantona, is
—{/ eo VIS We ‘ae! dts ohaoiis and ite met sg
-— sDL ade tee Me “wo Staak Geece iv Adi id Ve
mie bee | DSi ‘ p—rthat Gaon pioer brs t
Poatoutd O foatite ce oat, real he wort ad a ind
Cho We Oe bebe bt bed VP) wet) G—tnaton ti e@roie ia
ef ty . (— ’ mys) \ ip) deco ta 12
reo at fs a brie Lirns Plol. Gov SED LARS
“a oaoot io | | rool 4 Aah ew ttuaate { it
Ce oe OR a bivay and bod trot roe
tee atte Gee kbd add wound lite Dy Dinas wad oe de
) ta @oa th JOO,
. _f ’ ; =
LO uate all Che jy acl culire as fara Liave heen ul'y
(oy teaca ther. bis © clamion ww owe avo mo Callse 12
we | Peecuigd ab NOtecrh becurs oy by ua i) ° Cray), of 4a i
Postal Whee eae eu Co boty bb Oryouwy
bthesortu, You bave na fo rot roc ede cree, , uy
Cpood buesilay coer. We have nol ber ow. ont
rt, »} - lisa | ye c, would ly so Coad to Cc 7 f Ul.d the
\ “Ys \—4 ost Coe YY reCw il ial | hay if Tuo,
if avy thing otfcaal ts eho p bay A oa.ail pire yuu ihe
(host ado hitcnee then aie’?

? -_
‘ v .
Comefa Lider fomaG xntlovenal Berlinston, lo
liic Foiicec su! é i’ af ‘ 7 | oo ‘4 Sead ™ /. Ld.
sé yey, a dU wil, Cie lai > ia ey ben a) pris. d of (he
Lyvasiolt of ‘ 6 Moi feloaa liv bels ) a anal Sab si Ce CVU e
sb Udbadeee Oy ( OVGaetre &@ FOOD g Meteo th (hate UCCU SOQ. wa ,%
CEG Fb bee Mad ldroh dw pads ek Fall Qhigy Wale wie
be cadeetb ANE LEO LY OCR Id Ge sual pail, ata ben
stroca (ia ‘ ~.VoF O My wed bdos cbeu . bubs Vie micy of
il Db booed l ny) We Wee, Ny a ¥4 toe dowel “ation Of ambOove UCCLes
mee gta oO) Geld .t Ouctaae niisy Dts debe. Cu pores Calnig
bear WEE MY atid bcan oi Y VOM sive Oila vse ace
vounl, woaeec ct O69 Mast y Loaiodler of ae atom ft is ecm
O'le vu CCl U (hal Vibe aceebdod borehole lO Ueclsd ee oO C
mos at bios routes, aoa tae th ) WOWlLA COL be
Porc, CUlb, chotit to tac PILE, Ger Ft of Foaterour
lilly, Qld COM aNd gk bebe da h ‘Sa wt mr! Of Cur
eee sr Dore. ,y I)» Vad bid Qe tue peered pa ht 6 lad
westwaitl, lb ts [ ued Geir al > WCC eS flies a? Coy di img
Ve Wilk Weibull Cho albealey lb le bCur ued? Cc MET Y Wits liWe
da VY door], LUZ A Ab iC was but ty byl ud ly th t
ot lie ‘ died @itatry ye wld e wiadlioed al Clie SMe tina . al d
al “id | bus / t and yell aliatoh uy, gu our Mas y aud arn y
ra ba gag mut dere ew aod primer pad “tty bas, 5
~bYUUEL Geek a dlls Ueiuw lee Hallo, ddd seth tied (oele Sued
Udy) (. af obit babotty Gi coucerled, Mi vO bbe .sUley tne
PPO Clow Cae mg att a rod Oporluiity for OUP CL ilite
Vege FOV FT eee TES bE’ bj hal CO Wes abie COU Made Ss
baer cess a AUG Clibcradbedy (hel th ‘y date Cuaiele t to
( t tbh) t! TOs: Cs ot! itlial let preset aesailione furcc.—
Creo. Maco, en Ene at Gane, bad reotescutd to ove
(, VECTMOL tl >US>, seid iy, and ry juooted S$Qiue aid fromthe
sabi 1 ol Yevu (. CU 2 \ ( voli ae hasnot thought } TO60e
TOs Fey ne out on Uns occasion, buchas eecoume
Wa doa lu Cue C aod BING Ts of urs duw
> AC. baal vue as
should be iach vou teer, sould OF orsanised, avd
wparclhod fo did tebu fag and wtb a yeitbeation ty tiit'y
gid perhaps bot Cas cess sy ioe bin miexpoctdy that che
Wibita Lave Cerca gut wed am eet y Ad soit uk
(vu there hhotars aud wie does Mota cae to be comin
(0 this vicinity, butei voor bee goon Gia thiares from te
eabreme prety a. OF Slate levers Ci.occhou. As to tie
aCCuubls ob a suilar spit ta dae neighbour parts of
your Stitey We live Veet led lo aadalee hapes lnaty by
prooer dace of Gis Fou cvy bus ehony Wisyht be Conde
pelled to reure, C0 lis snaine,
6 TP con-sgcrat unfortoma @ thet our Commodoredid n: &
MV adl edo dd be Salbdelosie Ud Lue ellcuiy Souip bu Rich,
View original
View original es it was probably dismanticd of ils armament to lighten
i‘, A0qd might rebably have Deen assailed to advantage ;
but, however Osis might be, she has been got off and come
Into our waler, and il appears, from av incessant cannon.
ade since day holt wud Gis GineT2, afternuon) aod fiom
Buch obserradivns ve we coud make hee, that the fleet:
have been cng iged ia Plattsourgh Bay, and probably an
Black upon tic Dalleries at the same tone,
Sic o’cluck.—We have uot yet learnt the result of the
engagement to-day —the cannonade has continued through
the day ; but has appareatty ceased on the water for sume
hours. Ditherent: reports and conclusions are made as to
the result, but ail is yet uccerteing Tf any thing decisive
his taken place between tuc tleets, [am tlathercd frou cire
Cuirstances, that tl ts wore favorable than - antict ated.
(P.S.)—S pte VWSth, V2 Celok at nichti—We ave yust
Pearned ve result of the co ‘Cot ths Gay al Miattsbure,
Bt has terminated in the destrucuon of the Briush tutitla
—their principalshio and ung and two sloups, are taken
—ther Commodore was killed— sue Commodore bas suste
Aled the loss of all lits VIICOTe, aud not obtained a wound
bins If,
Phe Grittth land force has, at the same tir iw, been re.
pulsed, in av atten (o cross the siver emed altuck ous
Works, wiih greal slaughter.

Burlineton, Sunday Evening, Scpt. 11.
By soveral persons whe wi newsed the naval engagement
On i,tke Chain plain this da VY. tf dis thide ibtedly rile, (tial
four of the larcest Britush vessels have been captured by
Our leet. ltrs stated by miny wig weretu cull view,
thatevery Daitish vessel tas beemw capturcd exc pt tarce
bilevs, ‘Phe British Conmausodure was halled the tirst shot.
Commodore M'Dononzh hoe e ea ood unhurt, al€avogh
eve Ofecr wtt bowed che ny waseieher kali d os wounded
Thee eee it Commenccd at alle: Sf Qt A. Me. Uti
Corlinecd for two] iss aod Hlleen viieraales.
A attack vy Head (the sane time oy Landon Platts.
beech. Wehaveon'y learot thatthe en ‘ay Was repulsed
al ¢chatth oon { oyu ial Tass Wets wlOst ypaullamtly.
Wat rerd tn Lr | i iL . | PL Were Kay dd, The
Gr wl f ul ( hy ive ail ') ata A i) ht ( Kon—Onur lo S
On bored Cie Cou ioe sy Sib | QO Kilicu—wouided bol
a LryP ' rn ’ , ’ thee
&:) pV al, i, . 1 oly as Li Ud). Choesenicnul, UCU
Bevery ie i ) \ i tail A rv l.
~ Tr 7 . on 1” . % .
44 , . .
hts Célys iu $PUIE MI ity lids les
“SM ad. [ : ar —_— thie Isr) ‘ ee y Ut) ler Sir Creo.
a NiajorGenes Cy ecalig Cores aud squadio
@f drazguuns, wo 4 mouibe Cea of aed IUCr) so iaveded
US [OF sia diy 9 UNTING vw! Cua rho Ol troupes I") Sti all
parties skirmisset with thot, aiid took prisoners and hile
dad many. Yesterday they opened their batteries on us
with bombe, sounds, howifeers, and rockets, bul we
@ilenced the wioie J ,an the even,
‘*Thetr leet attacke ours at dhe same tine, and after
anengavement of two notursy thetr Lowe vessels a lstruck
to our gallant Cuosriodere, ‘Tae gilleys ran otf The
British Cosimo cas sham, andthe ailed and wounded
are enormous, Our loss jsoue Lieut. aod tS men kil dy
aud ois tout. Wd SOamen wounded, bae | ( Parly
raieod Sicee list norat, or rather this tiorimeie al bw.
o'clock. and au mow rt full retreaty leaving gue tare toi
ther wounded and si ke Sir ( yr Has aprested wie to
tr at (Neni wah } fva hoavadn Ss. Ouas Wibuir JOTCH
Goes notexcred oO ete cues.
SP have sontthe nite and my Volt tooos in pursuit
hey are Corstantly tab peescuces and BoAding as
Meserielrs, Ie; lia ( Poa roving af teask at bor
the British ¢ ry ds ama perfect h he Ny tion o
@re the remnant of Gen, 6/2.d rl Vy Pyvalides atid Cure
Valesecu Sy caceplauuue COU luc. Fd dua, in neste, Xe,
Ou. Macouu.”?
Newburyport, Sort. 7, (6. m.)—**Our Navy bas low
@ve Of Us Driwahot vruanients-—the eailsng Nborus a8 tie
wore! Pas enemy, with an overwh MM FO.ce,
proached Hampton on Sou lay mihi, Capt, Me. diodima.
that it woud be useless tu Wake reuustaner, cave erder fur
his crew to leave the slap, and retreated to the shure
but himself, be set fre tothe train which bed to tue diay ve
Zine, and tlie J ITLL] { Over) rat d—atid Wc bust se, ly
was swimming dor the shore, Che cts imoediatery
bew up with a tremendous eXplusivgg. biaiioden was on

} SSI nof thee VCIs) .
Before the Addams was blown un, a batt!
e was foughe
) { ; '’ ‘ae ) : ; .
which lasted half a hour. Bae greatest alorm provitils at
Porcil md, & UO tiavtdtl were to Wiiti ny there this (la\.
The Public Mail te not alowed Dy the cuewy (0 pass over
the Pewobscutt.
. repre . . ' ‘
Burlinzton (Virvinia)y Scpt. 6.—The last week has
been nethiuig Gut a scone of anaicty aud confusion im Cu
Qtiarter, owing to the numerous reports imcirculation that
the British woremetrchiog towarde Piattsburgh. Yhe doa
being ascertain, 1, that they are advancing, | sit down to
give you a hasty ketch of the particulars, which came
within ni know lode.
Gen, Izard (as reported) by an order from the Scere.
tary of War, hav been directod, and eectually marched with
the principal part of his force, Co the west, to join Gens,
Gaines or brown's army, and has left M’Comb’s brigade,
with afew wilitia, at Plettburgh. ‘Vhe whole force: on
@ac side wall net crewed 206) wen, vow at (hatpluee; that

View original
View original of the enemy, from 4044 men, now at that pase: that of
(heeneay, toon the best accounts | can o Jiaiv, amounts
(@ O00U, actually on Chis side of tne lines, under the com.
nand of Gen. GBrishane., aud a very large vumber (verbal
acCOUIS say GOO) at Odletoway beaded by Sir
Prevost. An attack on Plattshur hismomeutartly e
cd, The tohabilants of that villazeare in the
sternation, and are moving their families and etlects
Qur flece have lett (heir moorings near the bbedeS. ANG
have arrived ou Platésburg., ‘Phey have beeu reinforced
by the new bris lately baile at Vergennes. Should hey
ve allacked byt lu Gromy, this beheved they wil
youd account of theuselyves, to theie country.
y ’
MV al
A Gentleman in the staze arrived at Bosion. frow Bure
ington, reports, (halen, | cVost commis i vcd the emery *s
rees; (hat hehad from lO tol OOO wen: that tact -
MmICAN Forces dig VOL eYeevd 2 ), but (he aailitea wereeom.
Wi indaily 5 that Wie greatest evufusion prevalcd al Platis
etlrac? of a letler from Commodore Chan Y, fo th
SS (I ( ii , ‘ / cf f l odlried ( : ( 1b « £lu
d S/U)) » ip i Od ~SEUN, ANS. LU, i 4.
TT have been daly honored with sour letters of the
Polib athe LVbdh Gapiy,
"*f do assure you, Sir, that T have never been usdes
(Wy ple@se to meet tion. Drown, at che tiead of the Lake;
YuCe@n he Contrary, Wher we parted at Sacktv’s df ievvdr,
Aeluid Mind distavet yy, (hat Lb should not wis t the aead of
(he daikey unioss the encory’s fleet did.
“") Cau ascribe tne i itimelion of Gren, Bri Wit, (hat he
expectcd ¢ We CoeODeF tO Of Che tleel ty Oo ether Mative,
(hab a cautious atlcinot to provide an asoaogy for ta
jf mC. asyailisl tilly’ Coll gel Ulsaster CO W hich said aii
dig |) WX, ysec{
eeu Ir, 1h ANY One will take the ible to eva
(it ) fa yoobede pemasu U( ti mw Ol the ( ecadas
\ () -) he will di cover tiat liegGl CUllia Ye VU )
Hol SefFvyice ty (; tl. LDrOW] Or his ai ys bisa) IL Cowl
tu av army in Penne .
“Gen. Drown tas never becu able to veietrite nearer
tu Lak WJNtaiio C1 pW yAN d ) 7
ISOCSSHIO OF dol Tl { ( ) | Ou
ic ch con) Vola the i ‘5 rad ( UO) A Ci. Cul ‘
(udcte ol FO or $ s
eA iv Cee. Brown ¢ Id dave tuvested) Fort
( () I ( j Lv ¢ dj l Uuoli \ !
(, ( ( SibplicS Ob Ch Cn \
vil \ ’ . dict | » bor thi Ve i ) -
low, « \ is Could wot. FOdch wi Ml «wu
‘.h4 ()] (1) Wool
“Cron, Il ther fore two a lagtiy sulficient
PCa-on For not. ya line {he -O)) i ol ' . al
\ iV pro MSc ” | — i ! PAS CIiwderiCal | {
- \ bacd det » oii aly '3 D \ » ser) 4
v ely tli I Nail t cite ] { a i | al
, . CO ( w/a ha iY 1 AI P for not nie a
Have Sool vuns Ot Snore Prous Co rtor, lo roduce het
ary nei number to an ¢ wahty 1 tiie ds culCe :
~ vilded tae advantage of their O08-pound, Ss. ‘Lhe
Het mounts Wo znius les au the lie Crarl Me
Hid the Montreal ang Nagard are equal (o General Pb
rnd décaddisun, TL have detached, on ‘arate service, all
tue bigs s and biockacimig tis four shios, wath ows
Od Siiljdy di Giese DM Upes buat (Uis May wpwce wid LU CU
‘ +)
" ¢ | ’ ¢ >
F scl of a teller from | sscl, Sept. 4, 1814.
\ part heer ve ved red teat
Men ') sod of the place
1g ha ‘ a4 »1) i vil C ¢ f di ~4alil »[ oF | at a\ i
ror > | l LV ist Olt Pine

‘ & ( ee | \ { | ’ t ¢ |) ) () l }
9 i bs Bai) wh ‘ / )troonaeain th \ (

A 4 lal Ue | Le Ww ‘ ) 1) i PO. @O.02 VU icl dildCm,
7 @ y
4 i RO \ s 4 I 9
y vy ’ ’ ” >
I » i! if = \ ) | ith 4 yoosu i roo Cy ihe B
\ , it) wv dy ()] | ly ISri 4001) i } ty’
1: rot ~ y roa ‘¥ (| (rt) l. “@ R life
.- » ; '
a ‘ ai ti a’ il ‘4 WouiTn Mh i : cf “tl ydrou Ol
f s ‘ = . .
bhin ly y SMU NOW arrived in the @enobscote,
- ° ,
7 - a . ’ > . . , ,
Wautervs itis t mointeution of the British Commander
(O Tane posseessign of the Countcy lying between the
‘ hOSCO CE Aken al j Saat tquoddy i ‘\ —t(hi | LCC.
dio dg | i lis O} CNA W.*trict are hi Pebyt i yrmed, (hat
i) ey i bud Gy ells al ! leit respective hor ieS.oa cl Carry
Clothe Gisthdl Ov bLadihous, CVeEry protec yo wall be alford.
Gd (heal so cOuy as (hey comply with euch reg ilations as
WV be estabiebed for (heir conduct and guidance by the
duthorty of Che britiso Commanders. All persons taken
amis, Or cid loyed in conveying intelligence to the cn.
ly, Or su assisting hans ain any way, Shall be treated ac.
Coldinely.—such of the [uhabitants as may wish to avail
Meusetyes Of the terms ollered in the preceeding part of
H, PP, ~] ts } ' ' \
(ne Frociawation, wil be required to give up their arms,
and te cemean themselves ina quiet and peaceable manner:
and those who may be willing tu the British forces
wilh provisions, &c. will be regularly paid for the articles
furtiehed; and shall reecive every eusouragement and
prot CUloh IN su doing,
T. EF. Appisoy, Mil. Sec
; | -t. Annison, Wel. Sec.
by Command,
C. Marr yr, Naval See.
Fy InN the N (a \” l J f cevence r of Sepl. 75 18] },
General John Armstrong has resigned the office of
decrelary of war,
fi the Ballimore papers of Monday evening, we find a
luiter exkibsug Gow. Asmatrele’s views ef recumt events
View original which we shall do him the Justice to publish in onr Bert,
We greall, regret the occasion of this restouation s and can
Ouly wish that a succesor Inay be found equally weld
quaiided for his otlice. On this subject, we have now o; ly
gue romerk to o'ler, Tits is uo time for de uciation, or
myen recrounination., dt isa Woke requiring all true
fricsds io the c¢ ubtry to support > constituted authy -
‘ifi/s lathe evccadou of their duty, and vot to employ
(aetisclves ta fomenting dissensivns, and w cakeulng the
cuoifidence of the peuple ia those whom they have set over
Lhe Battles beloze.—F rom several of our galant ofcere
todo Perter and our other nara! hergcs, w !
'O Were Stae
‘ousd at the White House, a fow miles letow Moune
Vernon, on the \ Weeki side, Weilesrl, (Nata Very Severe
Mog sacateunmenced between the cueay’s armed vessels,
amdolts Baliery sCadgned in the for ner plice, about twe
Vac battle lasted for sume
: ' : | a]
Puts a do@rica int 1@ loss o, about twelve ki! J and
"yon wounded on one pide, pei ipally
O'CLOCK O's Nheouaday CVellliy,
SailUrs 5—s
wot C the naniber, how CvCr, uf (he Killed and wo inded,
Pe by Ge Cece gharines, and iwo oe thir ‘of the rie
Coys al Cali. diaaphreys from Jederson, Virg.niay wlio
Lithia el Vb ub tabli ce e relallery,
Pees aca dothry ashe themselvs by their ucual ine
We de ro ctiess, ath Re militia stood cher ero 7
. > '
Wioit tire. Duila ous. 20 sstittsd Must nave «au
eid “eo
Vero J oreons cy cv Calon, bat Chere very superior furce
a4 ast pow ee of Gisdoung Our Siuall Da sry, avd
via did ta pass Ur Wilte bhouse in co \pardilve Bde
Pele. Alb es odin allows zines bud g ie,
Ad Loran Ob WO Mity evenings the test come
Hhoavcow oo tw con Chearend the bag Ty Weder (he coinmand
a ee ee sid, al ie Alleiban bead, OQ) (he ‘haryland
‘SOW (| per lig WI ih was KR Wy will “real VigOer
Perth Gaebe al do was remo wed at diy cdrobe yesterdcoy mourn.
f. Mme dave mar seuaearnt Now Gt ters ialed, bul thee
od doaot Dut Merry was severely widuld the cuemy, aid
Wot Ne Wee, Chat haw veseds have been su siver
Wail NobiasG'y ventare ap this river azaiu.
the tevor bolorcuact Wick so warma ieGepGon in any of
Has tira cig parties,
Croml cnich Wi © ‘fe Present at and vesr Commodore
Porter's batt iy, Destaw the highest Lralse on the cond ic8
MIS Ty Ge OF Mave WHO Were drsuciated with them.
Coimdiontoee aud iors, whe las been enyawged in the Mose
! filo ce Cited ona rOr fon ‘day > pasf. and who wus atar d
Wag Cie seo ol ecuony returned cary ye rday mornings
wood Ca vais db oster and Urcizhtou arrived abuul the Diide
dle ul tacilay.
A ihicesiap was sent @own on Monday afternoon by
Cosmnodore Ro igersy which jad very Hearly encountercd
one of tae fiieates of the ehouy, but was geappled and
owed ou of the way by his barges — A lorpedy was sen€
duwioy Mondiy eveung. after the British Heet pass d
Porter's baticry, aad explod d about aine at wigil, witly
wie ehect as wod yol Ktvowar,
Weshalt possibly hear from Perry's battery at Indiae
Head before the paperis puto press 5 and, ifwedo, shall
Hor Pall commuticate the result to our reades. We have
ye€teceived vo ofhenal accounis of these auirs.
It is stated, we preecive, in some of the northern Prints,
that the cannon attae Navyeyacd were all deefroyed. Thie
tyadiuistahke., ‘Phe cuemy was in so great a hurry to ree
Irace lis stens, that au ouly spiked (we brass pieces, not
yrontag severay hundred irom pieces, which lay in the
dard, dt is also stated, Chit the Arseaal, nearthe Navye
yard, Was destroyed. ‘The eneny did wot take lime, crc
ot d ‘Stley thal vasuable av} Ot. e
boysi Sd Sundiy afler Lrenity,
Li] M
OULU y Cuurt.
loj' |Nbachutws.—Court of Kells,
Le.) MN
—~ ——
— 5 © 6
— 8.1.7 =
By the arrival of our Berbice Matt Boat, this week,
from Barbados, where the second September Mail wag
arrived, we have received our English Journals to the
23th of that month. The European intelligence is of ne
emportunce. No official conformation respecting the late
reports of these colonces, (fo remain British) are to be
found tn those papers. ddl must be decided by the Creag
Congress ub Vienna, | .
EE eo
View original EE Ee oe
Barbados, Oct. 11. - By the sloop Lune, from Martie
“nique itis learnt that a Erench s! ip of war had arrived at
that Islunda few d iys ago, with Commissioners, &c. whe
had been appointed to make preparations for the reception
of the Governor and other Public Functienaries that were
shortly te leave.) ee te take upon thea (be exerepe as
View original their respective Anthoritics In that Colony.—Azreeably te
the Definitive Treaty, he period has elapsed, in which that
and the Island of Guadcloupe were to be restored to tic
Sovereignty of Lowis NVIEL; but, we have becu inform.
ed, thatat no vom remote dete, the British C iptataeGen.
of Martinique ho 7 wot received any dastractous feo tas
Government, tu resign (he possession of thatCulovy.
Oct. 18.—TVhe schooicr ddveniure cla in as Noon,
with disnatches from Alartinggas, addeessed ty thy S.nios
Officer in Commandot the Navy at this port, By thisop.
portunity we ‘earn, thatthe tive of baitle ship La L,
aida frigate which we formerly stated Co have ativew «
that island, bid consoyed thither obour LOGO kaene.
troops, who have beer sullered to liad, aud are for te
present lodged in the tiosvitals 3 for su late as the 13
gust. the Governor had not been authored fo give up baa
Colony. —Ou the ariival, however. of this fore ya vers
had been dis: atehed to His Everlioncy sie Saios ath
and, as orders toe reli ! i hing (hat piace Wo rid va be
first instances be transmitted to his Hacetleney . wo sh.
shortly, inall jrobaiih yy be acquamted weed ba dn te
tions of our Government, as toey ec gard (re cod de teretn
Islands, whether or not they are to be rete d berate b
@ccaugemenis va the Coatincnt shad be fia y scced.
Pa'ace « a) él, Sine 10, 1s] hy 1}0% l’-a af Inc’ p i) my
Sip—Yout (lis, cues ofthe Q!stul Mlacch. 5 nul AT Ty
Jast, and thar duvlcates, rere dae wy the bia ashe bai
Vigilant, Capt. Koaana aay whe edtered te per o
Cane Hearv on the TOta ol Siay. and by tie re reka ee
Capt. Stuckeasd, ands Sore loniske Cant. Jowseyy uli
entered yesterday, brig. rg me your Aunbicds Gubiclhes
and other pavers, Xe.
I have laid these dsortehes before the Ning, who heir’
@hem read with a! Cofem pom wien ti oy ou te,
Thedetaile wii Nya vee ts ofthe poatevorts eat as
taken place in Vuroo..a od oarticular mao reies, love
forded the Aine ac satishieiiom, Tne | (ey Whos A
altontively auscrv J re tram of ewoots which took olae
aftcr the retreat ob ova Gloon from Viascow, and stcees-
give y thoee of Geruanys bad coneled do that Napule oe
Without (he entice enc p fre re rte bey by a ley
@” MUSSC, could ib ‘CAYO oad ae ae VIN. DI ele
emics, whe were so tanch the mine for dtoley bocaince
they were instrneted by experbuces boc me I alio 2
atioding quare Is to revenge s bears: ssafity and Me
henors of throne were at stakes bocris. tie. felt tacne.
cossity of omitting, te form a mass of suv. buss watcd Boe
thing could withstacd. bias ol jesty, Cdisa atey Cie te
INense losses wstained Dy Cie breve, vr TW SIC Le
GScee which if would have b ca necessary tocie.e. Forest
that Napol v1 was bois comled by tas jco, les he wou!
Bnevitably wuk. Ths SPep sry thou ity boetds. thac a
Napolcon fell, he wouldoor tal to bury have af nad er th
ruins; but his Majoely cord never hove divind that h
would Rave closed his cen cr iy amano se tit de wort)
of asoldicr. Uhis Via sty ts py rogno tics Pave Deo pare.
ly werificd in the eubia ca ion of the tinj lacaele eneaiy oa
the worlds tut tho re oseot the world wi lucver besecus
while Napo eon ls
[n the ¢.turns to plilanthrooie princi des which t)
Government of Caro: Jopede a ‘arats vl aduplinty bas
Rl jesty PerCobves HOW ods OL x Cues y of tas ko gy lo: le
Udis Majesty, howewer, siace the ex tsiom ol tie sta tellibes
of Napolous frod bit sat ol ab ty tl, hie hAS MEV Coasee
preparing hinussesl for ow iv, ana bor the s.ost 4u- Lina
Feoiptance, in the eveuloof svtavasioua O his his gdow. 2
prepriations Wyve dows ul sue tose au zmcnted . y (neces -
Prete orga isviow of wns teow s. che pravisivatag of hi
fortressis, acd other menus of defence whica ware Deco
Fecently taken spice the Gast ovesturcs for peace: botween
Napoleon and Bighand though the mediaow of Austria.
which weleartcd here fron toe Newsnaceirs; abd espec:-
aly IN CaIsequence Of the varlous NOTES akd valorble in.
baformanon whica you fave sive us, and wich liave ee
@bled his May sty to tok: ail suatable mocsace,
If, aw the ove hasd, (he poucy of iis VI 1) Sty has Jed
Bim to measures of pridcucerequircd By his safety, he has
Bol,” ou the other, megiected focrase cobuyvattow to oresh,
@s you will be convinced by the eltosmons qu. ntity Of Coe
lonial vroduce which issucs fom the perts of tus hing.
You must have seen from various acts of Tis Majesty?s
Government, since mis accession to the th one, thar hes
Ba) sty bos never couroaaded the French peo de with the
G overtven > wihidh oo pressed them. ‘Lhe peecvable mer.
@hants te has always offered scourity, protection, and
@ommerce, at the sane tine that he was determined to re.
pel every hind of chemy wav should attempt to reduce us
|e) slave ry.
You insy deel ra, Sir, as you are nuw authorised to do
@rat his \iajescy. will with pleasure receive the vessels of
French meccuants which shall be legatly cloarcd out for
@he ports of che Play ti, they shall be Urotecied cud trate
ed like sub) cts of other fir ndly powers. hu trade peace.
ably will ai iy Uy provided they punctual y conform to the
kingdom. Yon may give ths assurance to the French
Berchaats, ardeven publish it ta yuur journals.
A new order of things arises; his Majesty embraces the
@onioling ho, ce of finding a jest and phil mthroy IC Zoverne
Bent, which, coasinced that farce is poweeless to reduce
Be to subjection, wid not forget among our claims that of combated its met implacable cucn)) fivw ihe Cum.
View original menromen! of hte resten to his fall, and never having listen.
ed to any of those proposals which has aseats from al!
countries have made us. tis Majesty flatters himself tha
he will ind luman scutimcuts laa Sovereign anstrucled by
bn one state of uncertainty a6 tothe measures of the new
Sovec igi of Francs, with regard te us, we cannot tuke
Iny daroct Course or step, as you invited us, uctil we ace
yositively tuformed as to bis imtentions, li is for you,
iry who. with usvbounded attachment and {id lity, have
usoinily defended the interest ol the tog long unlorlunate
oniccn who vou serves itis for you, who are much
acy dto cathe ol Kang leary, and wba possesses ane
Milvl O1 respecthig ints country » fo repare the chanval
Ny Whieh tac two Powcors may come to an underecanding
tor thoi mutual interest, and the ben. (it of their respec.
troosubzeets., Waen this is done, you nved not doubt
rit his hojgosty wil listen ta such past and reasong hc
poiusals at may De made to him, and will hasten to ao.
point anacerstited pee semiatbey sp ulate for his ite.
Usly dla bigs of i Ss kingzdou.
8 Purledder rinve, Jug. 1814
FOTN ry poeent is to iN ve yon sotue idea of oar situate
Ad ros ce’ x ance tne date @rcat @leng: of allies ou th
Ue tont. Proay annier afte wath doolings Ol wotron sf
Nes af Oloodshod and unas geese that most take yp aes
his i Aid vaetlys cw ctr of foe wi Ca at a ‘ool. bia
vo bel is aslacd, ace Mbt to thot pee dt be ath,
mild mot Lote waite patience hy fa frou ee de
roomsistont with perreds cthofinde oma ce. bb bas
seu ingate ters wi Piesdest foto vor yee, aoa
20 AaSSUF VON anor: Virttous ard a Ds yd lb teen
Weg, Td ots they ilo! of he peaid 5 aed Gi be coma
Waban is mao sod de butcven Re would ao foo eats
ower Were de su oposcd ca, able of a wisi fo trash. i
otonsy fo ranes, Our infor nation feeds usloexpeetan
Mack acai’ Doeember, Tthas been officially notified by
roverminvity thitiom the flest avpeacanes of the enemy,
eM be commeratcatea Co atl the buidings pa tre cilbes,
red cwcey thang estroyed, Wah Ciisie formation we have
he canso tyg promise, hit whenever Che enemy is driven
mit, and toe fivaaces put im orde7y, we shall be paid our
D'S ard bosses,
Stray inde dy a sight that makes humanity shudder, to
ve (he preparations making for ine destruction of tne cis
essandevery thinria thea aw Cportavbe fo the mountains.
noaesonats are tiled wich Corscaes ready to be lighted.
fas goestion ty wal pered at the Govcrament house,
ji Goung the policy, the reply is, look at Moscow ;
tlt) that had) Moscow uot beea destioy cd, Napeeun
he despot of urope.
* ) coufess the reasonine appears so d For Iny own
part, Fhope Psnait so far close my atiacrsy (hate shail nor
galbey witness to tragical scoaes thar wast take place
tre. The two parties, those of Potton and © vtistoy ie
cri boing intu tie eld upwards of GOO fights £ mens 4
Deoevontoha ke vc rivasion s
‘u facigue aud danger. da truth, [have wetneosscd aa ok.
hate siege Of tlas Ging dels of Oravery of Woe goutuenis
bal Would do bower (othe dinest tre srs de tet a Ad
yours Still remain t
and the soldicrs arc. red
for(sand stroag plress tathe mo atiaos ae Olling
vite cured prouciytens Ch tne country, and aintianidos,
vucu ds he resent stute oe Ta, ty ana such the prepara.
Tos dtking Gor hua ace teveiod, and al onder tue ade
woo (rate F an chy ttemerd virtuous man, My soul eitihe
6 ete Wow T contemplieit. Pheindigenous part oi
fio po, thats calculated aC 320,000 souls; the idea of
Siroydng somacy humao beings Sas neither cbantabl
Vi Cu icepiuony, tor is it uncasy an execution’? AD few
nolis wall decide, wh ther the Gnest country im the
WY ostora world is lo Lecuine o dreary desert, or @ Horish.
In Sidive
9 FO Oe —
We hiveextracted the two subsequent articleefrom Trish
Papess—one from the Cock Paper of the 22d, tac other
fron the Dubie kveniig ost :—
Cove of Cork, Sept. 20.
6 Yesterday evening the Sybille frigate made ber number
to one of the beads on the coast, and at Cie same time coin.
mnicated by Pelegraph ** Peace with Anerica.? She
was stecmug trem the Westward, and she has been on the
Ainerican station some time back. [tis conjuctured she
is the bearer ef dispatches of importance.”
‘Cork, Sept. 99.
‘The reinforcement of the veterans of the Peninsula must
aive a dessive (urnto the afiairs of America, and rendcis
inore probable the account of the Captain of the Urgent,
that she met at Sea the Sybille, which she was infermecd
bad on board an AMericau Mesecager with pacilic over.
~—- <a & —
The Proclamation of Martial Law is in the Isle of Leon,
by Count Villavicencio, has been matter of Just surprise.
Tae fuilowing letter eaplaius tue cause s—
Calis, Aug. 30.
‘On the 26th a report was propagated here that Fer.
dinand had received dispatches trom his Royal Father, in
which the latter declared his dete: mination to return to
Spain to reeascend the Vhrone; and it was addcd, that
Ferdinand was willing to abdicate, uuless he was advised
vtherwise by his Ministers,
‘Phe Mardrid post of the 27th was in consequence
looked for wirhauxious haste, All the streets and squares
Wels Chuwded wild people, Lrery que auticr dled goy dud
View original
View original intelligence. AtIcnght the posteametn. A rumour Sms
Wediatcly got tute circulation, taut the news was youd,
sueoruy after it was said, that Villavicescro bad recewed
urd ec irou Kecdmand to the follos Wiz Citect ¢
*ePue hing, my Father counmend., 1 communicate tha
same lo you ior caccoution, that autairs sour d oe reste cf
to the sane lootio gg on which they stood whom i enters f
Spains dad Lnolu your Meecheucy respaasiole for your
lead for any edlaston of miood.
‘Phe patriotic inhabitants, on ispie ious of any devpe
‘ion, gave full expression ty thetic veel, Tue ain ue
eohocd with shouts of *SLoos live C ate nl “Loog live
ne Cortes)? Perth the in tua s of des ootisan.
“SA Nuititude svon proceeded to the staivw ol the
troops, exhortg them todeciace tor Nia Cluartes 3 uiners
besieged the Govertar, Villavieine.s, calliag upon to obey
the nianuale of his Severcign, Nor Was tuis error correcte
cd avd the tumult quelled without the utmost difticalty.
he Governinent hawitie thas bo come acquaiivt-d with the
scuthmeuts of the mass of the peo ole, and their attachmeae
to the principles of freedom, and discuvering at the same
hue Full eatcutofits own unpopularity, bad determined oa
(da Ung Che riggeous measure of ; roclaiming martial law.
Mies hid vec fullawed by prosciiptions, arrests, aud
i iy earwiboicdee?
— iP
A Pa cer of he Mth iwt. ceccived vesterday (Sept 26)
o Does Luh, ‘dbs the duliowen. artic —_
“Uo, (ho as eet tl in bles city of Capt. Aller, Master of
t Us, CPAs song ee Meusfre enabl d YC whi bicte sang
- . . Lf
seat Lito af foane Qu "py Vidieos Sal (hi Weir ASjJe
Lob poekreebo ow ds GO) byaaect de iV “as, daa it Riou FP ON Jtea
CUE Wa db bed LA doe SD bovvag J ob CA LOE d
Usb cea cade Est Give Olebiony bb oat. 17. 10 ard louie e
we. ov le VU ase Thoin ls beatae to Veuolwae > » tid
veiiatce Sturos., da stale thatthe @ boo Ou ele ec
bic Qeuk OF the same oeveniil. and dast d sil cn
WOOK, ae mea posiud the doom was tiasiok ug slate,
wher Ce Cedsecblde a ycar dl ; the .) GSP Waly Pre pari igt»o
ateack the Caodilian when she discover -d another vesse: ia
View, atid was, in Conse jnence, tadaced todssist and ioake
of, Ou the dob Capt. Atlon says they fein with the
Swedish brig bolus, in dat. 43. §8 loig 16. 40. when
Capt. wlakery, Cowanandor of the Wasp, ordercd all the
hen wlish prisquesrs on b yar, Cstist ‘hag uf 26 persons, ta
be put ov Doard the Ko lus, whowere landed at Valentia,
onthe tS daost, Woen the Bolus parted from the Wasn,
sae was eicoring tu tie 3. W. 5 her tgunage, guns, aad
luen Were as tusuaerly stated”?
—_—" > -—™
The Court of Vianne wil reccive th: Porelin Monarche
We Cae peeatest pomp and mega iiecuce, Pweaty thove
sod Choscm credadteos wall Gea the yaccisoa, Pine nobts
tivgactin Guards tas been ramtorced by young geullee
loi) OF Cae er tC dates,
bias pros byey dot dy nan artice from Vienna of
the bot S ple tit the Corgiers Ward be Opotkd en the
bin ol Oclk on wasch ofcaston tae fs aperor Fevicis with
be prockwand Laapese of Germaty and King of the
Loin urch, Ang, 15,—01 Saturday last, on an cmie
Neue Wear ey Garza AbBbcy, Common y cilled (ie Rurvke
Styne bill, Of wwe Wanatnsy was dandy by che Cou tess of
Ducal, (oe soOdddation stove Of a Mommie dl to tue ive
wory Of the brave Sur bheedtam Ihadluce of El ervlie, @
Colossal statue ob ws lhom, ‘24 ; i terghty is iuw ty rocpess
by tne band of Jeun sua of Daraich, giles auc is tu be
erecladia ce wi a statable pedootary on tas 222 of Septe
VeoAC, wanich ts the dinversdai’) of the here's victory at
Surling bedye, as well as of the Bard of Mduam. tna
glass vessel, property setled, wis deposited 4 tracseriye
vf George Baciaran’s eulosy of W altaice Wo Uis hoeray
vf Scotland Clruohk 8. sce.29.) A colossal uta, with aa
tuscfiplon, is pro vosod tobe placed adjuising (ou chestaes
tus, Ou the suoimit of tie Gassalie suek, Beatad winet
(he statue is to be erecied.
—_— ee
By private letters from London, we learn the dee
mise of Ldward van Harthals, bsg.
Go eee whee Le ee ©. eee Ee eee
View original eee whe Le eT a ©. eee ee eee
Frow the Stelling of the subscribers, on the sight
of the Qtinstant, a Punt, 35 fect lone by Hout 10
feet broad, with the letters Wo. painted in white
onthe ends and at the time portly loaded with saod.
Any person giving such information as may lead to
the recovery of s. viel Pant, sholl be rewarded be Ape
plying to—DOUGLAS RELD & &». 12 Nov.
eee ee — —— ———q- —— —- —
_-_— —-
View original FOR GLASGOW,
wie The well known Ship Belisle,
Tnowas ‘Toon, Master,
To sail with the January convoy. lor freizht of a
lew pachaves, or passige, apply to the Moasteron
12 Nov. bowd or DOUGLAS REID & Co.
View original eo et
TIE Subseriber most respecttall y informs the
Public, that the above OMce will be kept at
house, immediately behind the colonial Secreta: y’s
Ollce, untibvurther notice. —12 Nov. :
BR MCAENZIL, Act. Dep. Post Master Gan,
View original
View original
View original PY virtne ef oer epeoentuent fron the Plovaore
elle Court or Civil. Sean hol this colorye uy ler “4
OF sth Fane IS 't, ven upon Petheron presont d
by: the Pacs€ Varsialac. Paci men, for ard iano:
oh. Ouia qq. Gowdon and Sourpiyy as alo bathe
none ohh. Adel: Court, as Principal Ageat to the
Crown states wicin (hos calor y.
Seomee is herby wiven ta the Pobtlc, that T the
mn erste \, or the Moychel at the time being, ine
tend to scil, at Publ Hie es oention Sale, by the Pres
avec ottywo Comarcetlors Comimiss res anc thei Se-
eretiry, in the mow of December, tS15, Che preeise
dey Hherewlter to by: it tifed throuch te dyazvette ry!
this colony, the Cotton isiate extled PNOLTT,
tuveo. tie Westsea eoast of this colar Vy tle fi ex
perv of ooovenumed Gordon and Sfurpliy, wen cai
Moc iwerion, budda esy stoves, rnd furcher appur-
foinoces. neeorditte tooaa Pay biory made therea.,
alley) oab the otarshal’s Onfiece tor the basDeCuO.
of those Concer se |,
Wooever shoal! thok to hive any richt, setion
erin) soon dor te Pie ation Peo fy chm annexds
aioe ra ree toe Excenttoa Sale Mhereot, Be
a won teow teensctyves fo the Adarstal’s
( me aos C | 4 (| ebrecu rr their PeASOTY for SO)
Gor rast dea lis evocce (ath wilh a cetweror-
pr rPyevery pote att fe persen,ye pp hineny
a2 °°. boo db Gq Te ote Oo eo ely eal dy ore
Qh Cite. a te actthercon: tie daw direets,
Dos dou etlon mabe tho was chstovsury.
Beru.c., 0 i Merve) her, IM a4.
ee CAN CIS Sy DD sl Varhale,
SoU vaNEC Nc rS bY EDI mee
Ry virtue of an Oy | ‘y from Ttis Veeeloncy the
Governor, dued the 2°th Oetober, IST cis tps
Ol) a Devic | pre semfad by dos. bryer Loy fell, ove
ofthe Escentors to the Ee _ ofthe date Poli, Woe
$i, ind Atlomey of A.One’ teased s— A Oe. fOr Oo
the Pxecutots a one of the boars of sad Rebert
Wiisorw ard of TH. Stub appointed tate glee oo:
Win. D a s()T) C chilly lias wosenes fiom te va! wy,
Pe nodeestened, at the rea ost el aeorcsitid des -
v Sammon | y haonets

(Hoistenentsan he proce od. of Plavtation ser.
ecnfor cole
. : : . t . . oe '
Miliary ECUMY ANeeN sy fO rencepr Li tach Chats Oe bore
the Coot oo Civil distice, of tas ecloryy at chedr
_ 1. . ! 7 Saag!
O° ' yoy) \ yoy bang etd & ‘ioe Mua Fy
- } : y .
Js'5, al ‘4 fl y. an "VS ani chen ' ce «] “i ~
eo 1 Ir «J | beoe ON polity flfor the lreta!
TE Los bli se I). “otha iil
{] \) i} e . @) J at ag (.0) Arse (j Co) ¢ i ‘ - bi 4 ( AN Ve
, ’ . « ve .
Pies mea by baletisids boo wd. the pnd e
hy beat ol oian trom the Court the use oy tatscoluuy,
wack durther dealt with accordion. to custou,.
Berboce, Sth November, bold.
KOR AN KIN, eee! Larsahl
———$ qc —_ _- $$$.
View original 4
' J
Y bs ce i (
f rec
LG bbcie i
. ,
? }
r Tr) ¢
) ‘ i
‘ .
l ©) °s,
bid,)? h i i
4 i rit e
. .
wo v

I+, Von t
i | re.
( ) (
- a
‘ v Oo! al iL oc
y* fe
J Oi lle U
Ble ‘ ys | i@T,
y } ' . ’
oe) | é Pye fe Ci,
&. a veel,
View original
View original -_" —_ sa EEE ———
Of the Honorable tle Court of Civil Justice.
SCQURSTRATION of Pin. Secfi 'd,
Iden of Ni»,
Idem of
Joem of
Ider: of
Jdein of
Tdem of
Tem of
ADMINISTRATION forthe plein of tie Wo!
Pra dd dd
( T) ' .
F. ‘ . ! wl. Lias’y lu. ©. 4 ‘ é
7 J nN e , » t
IWiem Petate of Daniel Cocbouw.
TY. ' : - ’ ’
Jiu ) a feo) a) sae Ne
TTP yrs | ar ’ vr. 1 , ‘ v ~ [ nd
cA ro! 1? j state of ( ace’ oe : rN, CC.
Joem be tate of Po Paccusy deceased
Wire atopy a Oideref lis i vecthency 2 OE
‘ ( ‘ .
[ eyed ar | eh erat (; Wer or, Ly; ili Tr ct .
Ndr bay I) ro) i, tl . Ve ‘ ol Cine’ }'s ~O CS
} '
eh TMM ET ted pu vee bea cored tot > VI’.
Aloe Si pon and. fiaserseaieerr ne nel
), pila | Jo On, 4 oi rye Mo 4 . .
r. bo obal e yoy j pri) oor ba ! .
oe | » 2.9 vw i’ al i t. 00 4 d
¥, co OJ net ( ' - ws
‘hia “yy 6 OL 5 \ A oe d? NV)
Vo biserd.e ot cue & hi (uns ue! V? (
, nd J we) VbLbot an Se QU Lt t ‘ 4
[ ' ' . : .
ii. C.] bibise da aA deedthlacVacub Lui sue tdcibe uL ~ \ ee oe | Alt.
Loe tyie
Di lecn aid Go Sus Alminiaritore of toe. etateol Devicl ve-
dep diay ’ a ( aie {.
D.Le t «aii 6 JIG fo t @ ..i0 rricdcorice l.- yblee Rie "ela
: e. Ce
Dveekia ee Cireloreaci i.eolacweulftie lute J JI
Gelloun relPoatot cca, Curaceias of i.e Lecace of the hate 1”.
din Do, Uo eG.
Notice is hereby given fey 51 Tsong GNeor
4e } . “| ) ;
th) Me ethut atenedarce will oe y reat tae Voc ne
4 ~~” . } ’
\ ! ( ae Cy i} ly ‘ vile 1) ye Ole ee eccors! ‘Priva Te
\ ° ee \] ) « \ : ‘ °
el Cay OV Wo '\ yd, ‘ ) i hive.
‘ o'? ¢ y 1 . ’ ,
(Gli) Tl Y UY DO) ' 1 | me asd Crider, Voy it
{ i (, ¢ c rye } {rc 1) l! C Aa ! ‘ No. ‘ Cer [ls
, he SUOH rot) flava ct os » 4 tse!
Na ‘ i ( Cf (a0 S ()T 0! rv is ) ’ e dl
. :
hae ¢°? clo) an NN Yow, € pied oe
ye’ "V4 } { ee Vv - ’ | i of PN, 4 | of
. \ Vy
ble i ( ) ey i. % Vo | a
, “I it yt
‘ , Vy elt { oa () ( =. 1.2 (oi 0] } (J ‘ ' ’
. . , ’ ' 1
if (*X ( 8 ) ea he a! 4 Cisat niyif
) 7 , . °2e | / 1 ( : ¢ ; | - dy . : +, :
' i\ | 7 Cl "i cea Vs title Bass
Opty oe Gates ‘mruation thereot.
AJ bs. y ~Yial (deto. Ty isl4.
® .
’ 4
(20 More of nobliking.)
. a
ik au La i ssNe
eer bie Sleelincs if the ria cctive Courts, of the Colony
Lerowe, J Ir dlac J sy lol,
YE (+l hl
View original —--—- we. -———— —
Mondey 68 |". niars —Cotrt ot Poley aod Criminal Justice.
~ - ’ .
Moa ’ aby jm { .
b N @ DUAN bo 4 iv.) it tice,
diviwu! »bebsu po a Cuurl.
db uda 6h \ —' our 8.
yd Ay — of 1 y urd Criminal Justice.
iy Cu aitithe ry @ ourt,
) ; .
bel Teh he mooof Cavil Justice,
set , ‘.@a ‘fan, ~ ( vil I rity,
b. « Aa Jd J ‘ = \ you ul { | oud @riwigal Justice.
Brow ae, POCO Jul) —Court of ‘1 @
Bicuday dTuh dul, s—e ourt ul Casta bustice.
Rhowoey ctu a: (yu me Coun,
biontasy vd Oho »—tourtor Woioy and Criminas Jaetice.
bis lay 1000) » Ty—eU lO acCla,
bo 4) Va Clune ——O wert i Civat.’Uetice,
Divot Cth Nover very --C vai s.r) Court,
Devnday <Ula sroveuber— Court of Rolls.
Herbic, Sd November, 1811.
(A W. Lan cack.)
( By Com=an’, ) ( K. FRANCKXEN, )
%.( ec.
DOWN?. Fint Marsal,
me eee ee 8 eee eee eee eer

View original ae @@ti
View original
View original «7
——— a ey,
Oho ay etre a, Phin U1'er date the
/ : ry ; 7
.- r ’ id , if es oc 066 Oe / (aS “ad,
’ . .
et. CO FL aera deo oes tVinye
. 1, i SN PCNe
l : ree , \\ i | PoyNSs a nrc! ry ree it | \ real idw.
Vea tharthet.. Lor too) on Plant tien toorn and
, ) ly y, dl, ith mod he Ne OCS, Dui tines,
coc further Veparhoneces Qhereet,
Vo¢, eto da Sc clot 7 tre asm to ll €, Tue
i? ‘Ts 5 ) bere ! lay I ot Lol No. ly, N. Aust.
tae ‘teense poe fy
Now. dO. Woe bewley en AT homborrow, will trange
prort ta eantan Tau Nn, the west fran t Quarter of
bai Wo. S'O, Now Aaa ferdaary with the buudings
“Ty hn Wolk will eanced 4 (ringport crrones
yorussed by hire fo a corew Ash! ve now wife
or re Wo] orper. ef ajar oblot Now 4, New
; Mr at, fronting the centre road, and will
Nidan es oorh tle sane land to t Q ailorney
( ‘ ‘ry yl _— qd.
Nov. bo. Poe! er fives of Me Putate of he
be Ct Oe ger Ly a sort ol the
vis A | ya . or, iiwell or hig
-2 red fo receive
t.. fle yo yy | my. » Ser cl!, ov
ot ate Ng, Seip ltd,
‘I pies te Stal : yey
ty . Tyros Oo
atc flv - a.NVUL IO,
yn NI, wloy the Prt ov November nexv{. will he
aa One te On the Cu tosol phiitition Nrg, AO
be OO Tere OF horned catthes wa fag 2 Of about SQ
a Qe Phe Sole istotikhe rd e¢ On thy ot.
DC. OAM ORON Deon. Vendae vl astep,
), Tha ‘Voli’ 7 ] l | (anit, \\ 1! | ‘s )| it the
Vue frie (, Ce lyy arly r Oo \ \ { '
e she. . de o (di) » Ksq,
yee ON GE SCM CTIOL London particulier facleira’ wih °
ee Sar Cae potutocs tn hau pers, ay Gane
sume ria barrels, Wetel Hilinnell, 5 cosks blue
Nt kr och eontatu ra Cl niplite Guiaer sere
Cha 8 perso us, dey woudts, Nuils, Wine in bottles
© whee
D.C. CAMPRON, Dep. V rise Master.
oe - Se os
()) \% io ! Oy, Wt i Le soli Hi by order of
th. ( Loe ~ Moe. ‘Thos. ‘Lheray N, at
tore vende ee Vee yo ener nler “OS, A C18®@
Mp ten corp ited oly weaving apparel, writing
via ; e 7
Cenatesr es Soy Dy fh Vondue Master in come
bie 10d to, Voroogs, Hrovisions, &e,
ts oer id, mar § Pipes ol purticte
lar Df . wlare ap winds of 1S
mo. ia trix « +e } ) y the Vo Cue ‘caster
Inoconmni stor, Om oroe men, ficle prooplc, anda
WISE Wome) varrated aound.
yonder ol VU 6. Rocenbach , 9 or6 prime nee
Bro meOay Weodekti 4 saw yers.
D.C. CAML OLON Dep. Vendue Master,
ea r w= Ehir 9 es “Sieg
a — eens eee oe
View original SS @=—er -—— — wee’ nk
o -
= > SEE
\ os, da the Colony Stocks of
o be t, MIs
Pla. Bercstein
Pla. O1 IVoiwagt
Pin. Mara
\ltss Laurants
In. Herstelling
LL. Schmidt
Hucpe (Surimaca)
lie Hes toliler.
rank: )
‘ \! .
ith No cubes
-_————_ ore
iy Wow browne,
. ; Aaobreugere,
l)hnert ©
I PostkeperW, Rep
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View original

12 November 1814