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The Berbice Gazette

View original Twelve dollars p. annuin.
View original NOTIFICATION.
The tonourable Court of Civil Justice having been
pleased to order and direct the following Resolution
to be made public, the same is officiaily notified for
the information of those whom it may concern,
Fivtract from the Miautes of the Court of
Civil Justice, of the Colony Berbice, Satur-
day 21 August, (s13.
Resorven, as it appears to the Court that
Suits instituted and defended before their Bar, are
often lost thro’ the negligence of the Attornies inac-
curacy of the Deurwaarders, Sworn Clerk and others,
whose professional duty it is to place the same in an
accurate state of readiness; whereby great prejudice
and expence accrue to the diflerent Suitors before
the Court; and thats it has not been heretofore
customary to insert iu the Scnteuce, the grounds to
which the loss of the action was to be attributed, so
as to enable the party avgrieved to obtain reparation
from the persou thro’ whose negligence the cause has
been lost.
That forthe future, there be inserted in any sen-
tence, givea by the Court in instances where the
cause has beer lost thro’ the negligence of the Plain-
tiff? or Defendant’s Attorney, or thro’ the inaccura-
cy of the Marshal, or oth r Officers of the Court, the
cause or reason upon which the decision of the Court
is founded, in onder that the party loosing his cause
may have recourse on the Lawyer or Olflicers of the
Court, thro’ whose neglect the said cause has been
Conformable to the aforesaid Minutes.
Quod Attestor.
4% ’ ra.
BY Iis PacdMeacy Jown Murray, Esquire,
Major-General, Liegtenant-Governor ino dic
ver the Colony Berbice and its Dependencies,
President in all Cows and Colleges within the
same, we. ac. Ac.
V\ PER LAS Uis Mogeety has been nmiost eracie
ously pleased Lo lett, co} Ay ps ais b me made to t{is
Royal persou ip loom cil, rows Socufeaees aw arded TT
the differest Courts of Judteature wethin (he col Ny
Berbice, woe) eercan bee st rel LOS and ( sc FValces.,
In order toadiord the Subjects of this Governinent
the Benefityof [lis Majestys Koyal intentions, | have
deemed it highty requisite to make known to the Pus)
blic the Jastructions PT bave received on thi, head,
and the Revalalions thatare to be opserved in’ the
prosecution of all such Appeals, and as the mode o:
carrying en such proceedings ts eoutiary toch pre.
tice and customs used and adopted by the {fonerabs.
Courts Within this colony, thereby publicly notity
the following extract fram my instructions, in whi
manner Appeals will be allowed to be prosecuted &
His Majesty in Council; desiring it to be distinetly
understovc, that aller the publication of these pre-
sents, theancient mode of instituting and carrying
on Appeals to the Sovereign, will no longer be per-
mitted, or allowed, or will any Appoal ve admitted
before His Majesty in Council, unless prosecuted in
oonturinity tv the present notification.
“Tis our will and pleasure that vou allow Appeals
to us in our privy Council, from the decisions of any
of the superior Courts of the said Settlements, in all
cases where the matter inlitigation exceeds s€ 500 st.
provided that such Appeal be made within fourteen
daysafter sentence, and good security given by the
Appellant that he will effectually prosecute the same.
and answer the condemnation, and also to pay such
costs and damages as shall be awarded by us, in case
the sentence of any such superior Courts shall be af-
firmed and provaded nevertheless, where the matter
in question relates to the taking or demanding any
duty payable to us for any fee of office, or annual
Rent, or other such like matter or thing, where the
rights ig future may be bound ; in all such cases you
are toadmit an Appeal to us in our Privy Council,
though the tmmediate sum of value she et fur, be
ef less Value.”
Aud it is our further will and pleasure, ‘*T’bat in
View original SATURDAY, October 16.
-_- eS
View original ee em Oe eT Se
all cases whereby your instructions you are to admit
Appeals to usin our Privy Couacil, Execution be
suspended, till the final termination of such Appeal,
unless good and sufficient security be given, to the
appellee, to make ample restitution of all that the
appellint shall have lost by meansof such judgment,
or decree, in caseupon the termination of such ap-
peal, such decree or judgment should be reversed
and restitution awarded to the appellant.”
And in onder that no ignorance may be pretended,
th*s proclamation is mack known to the Public by
beat of drum, and further published and dealt with
as Cusfomary.
hking’s House, Berbice, this th day of Octo-
ber, 1818.
By Command.
— =
BY fis Excellency Joun Mornay, Lsquire,
© Major-General, Lieutenant-Governor in aud
over the Colony Berbice and ‘its Dependencies,
President in all Courts cad Colleges within the
same, and J icc~-Admizal thereef{, Ne. &e. &e.
To all to whom these presenis may or skcll come,
or concern, be tt knoin:
C4 nous pvows having avisen, requiring a
Public NoMfication of His Majosty’s Pleasure, with
regard to the Seqnestration of Property within this
colony, for the benefit of Atiens.
Dadcom MH requisite to sigaeiy taco" the Gazette of
this colony, the Commands of His Moval Uiehness
the Prince Regent, on the sunjert of Provecdings at
Law, lor the TCOOVETS mM Sortrages Gue to POrsonms
residing in any country ander the cootvoul of Prance
or its Avents.
* The attention of His Mates'y’s Government
has been called to the eccmus inconvenience
to which Those Proprietors oi «states, in the
Dutch colonics are eXDowd, whose beyper-
. Ges areunder Mortgage to persons residing
mecountrics onder the tonucdiate Contfoul of
the nen °
cM payment of the annual trstalments at
the prosent uatavarsble state of the exchange,
cannot bul be prodoctive of the greatest dis-
(ress, ina British Vrbuaal, the Planters migh:
protect therrselyes against the rigorous inces.
“uresofthe Dutch Movtersee, by pleading in
Gar avainn thee, tbat ghe parties suing, are
* Alien Eneoute
The Comduct oo the P: emy towards British
* Subjecis and their prop rty would justily more
severc measures of cotefation than His Royal
Miehness the Prince ffezent is disposed to
vs dope,
at tf ts he cit asure oF Tis Royal Hirth.
Wess, That the Executton of all Proceedings
ayainst the batates af | roprietors in the Dutch
** Colonics on tie part ot Morgagces residing in
‘Holland and ether countries under the inme-
‘diate controus of Fiauec or theiy Ayents, shall
for the present be stayed: that no payment of
annual instalments. stall be insisted upon by
Alien Foetmies or theor A#ents, und that Wo
Sequestration of Property sluall take place in
* default of such payment.”
And that no ignorance may be pretended, these
presents are made known to the Public, and printed
as customary.
King’s House, Berbice, this 11th day af Octo-
ber, 1813.
By Command
BY Command of the Honorable Court of
Civil Justice, of the Colony Berbice.
The following Extract from their Minutes, respect-
ine the Alteration, made in the Tarif for the
Marshal's Office, is made public.
Representation having been made to the.
—— <—— ee e
View original [ Payable in advance.
View original Honorable Court, as to the excessive Fees, allowed
to be charged by the Exploicteurs and» Deurwaar-
ders, in the prosecution of Civil Processes. The
Court proceeded to take the Tarif established forthe
Marshal’s Office, under date of 18th July 1808, into
consideration, and in addition to the alteration made
by them on the 26th June ISIS, communicated to
the Marshal, and now in eflect. They have thought
proper to modify and amend the said ‘Tarif, in man-
ner as tollows :—
firstly,—Annulling and abolishing such parts of
any former ‘Tarif, Orders, or Practises, of the Court,
which in any wise militate against the present enact-
ment’ substituted in lieu thereof, ordering and en-
joining obedience thereunto from those concerned,
and directing independent of an ofticial Notification
to the Marshals, that these alterations be communis
cated to the Public thro’ the Berbice Gazette.
Alterations made under date of 26th June, 1813,
inthe Tarif establisbed tor the Marsbal’s Office, in
licu of the former rate of Fees.
For each Citation issued for the Great Court, inclu-
sive of Copy of Demand. .......2.-. --- f. fF.
for each Summation, inclusive of Copy of Sey-
VENCC.. ae Me cochbcesec eres eee ee odes o<«- S'S.
for each Renovation. .......2000-. apeocoeape f Wt
Kor each Citation, issued tor the Commissary Court,
inclusive of Copy of Account, as also of all Va-
cations to the Secretary's Office, or to the Sworn
Clerk to make copies, the wholes. ....... f WY.
For serving an tntimation, Notitication, or dnsinua-
tion, exclusive of copics. 22... Me 2 ste 7. fair
Alleration and Amendments, made under date of
Wth August, IstS-
When a Summons is broneht to the Marshal, afier
the stated times when Summonses ought to, be i
ven in, the Marshal, previous to the issuing of
such ettation, is alluwed to charge double Fees,
bul ne more.
lor writing, composing, and publishing any Edictal
Citation, Proclamation, vu! Sales by Execution,
tither ot moveable or unmoveeble, properly, samp
included, Ver Guilders and no more.
In case these citations, of proclamations, are to be
repeated at sundry periods, the Marshal shall be
allowed to charge ior each such repetition, Siz
G uil/ders. .
I case it is necessary to Insert these citations, or
proclamations also in the Euglish and Dutch News
Papers, it shall be legal tor the Marshals to charge
twenty two Gui/ders tor the trouble of Correspon-
dence, the European expence of Advertisement to
be charged as pant tor. :
The charge beretotore made fora Wax Candle, is
expunged and done away.
For rendering in at the Secretary’s Office all docu-
ments and paper coucerning the completion of an
kxeceution Sale, with the ne Cessary report, of pro-
ceedings of the Exploicteurs— Five Guilders.
The Disonce money established agreable to the ‘Ta-
ral of [s0s, at Phirty stivers for every 500 acres
isrecuccd tu Oore gudde r, Us. Cy. per 500 iy
Wiheucver it shalt be necessary in furtherance of a
writ of Kxcculien, to lake Cattle on an Estate,
undews xcculiun, should the same extend to more
than Wtec head, the Marshal igs enjuined not to
bring such cattle to ‘Town, but to take them in
Cusiudy of the Sovereign, aud Sell them on the
Estate. Where three or less number are taken in
Exceution, the Marshal will roceed agrvable to
the bustcuctiogs made tur the Marsbai’s Ollice un-
der date af iok July, [SUS.
Woben Prodace ts taken in lSxecution on Estates, the
sane shalbaat be brought to town, but sold on the
spol Where the levy is made.
W bevever Negrocy, belonging to Estates within this
culuouy, Vi wit watales, crcceding three Mn number,
are lahen ua dexecution, the Marshal is ordered nut
to remove such Negro. s irom the estate, but to
fake them in costady ob thé Sovereign on the
tale, and there Sell them.
W bere mule than one Citation, Execution, or ser-
vice of auy description, are served upon any Jae
habitaat of this colony, of Estate, during any One
day, or during tity one journey of the Marshal ;
thatis to say ou going out or on return tron the
coasts ors@ivers, that the Marshal, Sworn Clerk,
or Secrefary, sball not be alluwca to Charge tore
View original than once the expence of Disiance money or
The charge her tofore made ef £66. for walking in
the Fichls an delivery of an Estate over to Seques-
trators, ts hereby disallowed, the Wurshal being
allowed tocharge Tawerty thea Guilders for such
service, when performed aad not otherwise.
‘The Court are fucher pleased to Order and Direct,
that for the future, the Secretory or Sworn Clerk
shall be only allawedto chorge fot Vacation from
Town, imlepembent of the expence of servise ; et-
ther the Distance inoney, as per Taril formed for
the Marshal's Office, or the usual charge for horse
hire, in lien of the charges heretofore made of
distance money and horse hire.
Aud with respeet to the charge made by the Secre-
tary or Sworn Clerk, tor levying Executions with-
~ inthe Town New Amsterdam, where a Negro,
Horse, or property of any kind, be given in Exe-
Cution, excepting where an Lnventory dy requisite
to be Meat thereot, andthat the Goods or Ef-
fects surrendered in Exccation, excred in number
of articles twelve, that the charge be ‘reduced to
Ticdve Gailders, independent of the f 12. for
Vecation, inlicu of the charge herctofore, made
f 7 O.—
A true Extract from the aforesaid Minutes.
Quod Attestor.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
Fhird time of pobliching.
afl —elaeed a
BY the sMaaccatte Cont of Cail Justice, of the
Citony Leo ' ive. °
WHEEICE Us dy ¢ e Sth Acticle’ of the Rules-and
Revaulaions, mah by the Heaorable Court tor the
A Saeteteateer ot fae tec and meaner of proceeding
b tere them: ft stard, swith regard to Appeals
frown the Commissecy Court ty the Great Court, Chat
an Apperd shall b- slowed in alleases where Judg-
men! is given fora sum exceediag 4 wo huadred gul-
The Ton. Court having thought proper to alter
an lorwecm! pert oith atoresud Article; now Order
wo) Dircot—Thet te future Appeols shall be allowed
from the Coumissary Court to the Great Court, for
any sum whatever, ent in censeqnence cancel and
avan! such part ef the aforeyad Article as militates
against the present ameadment s— The manner and
form of cuteriag ant prosecuting the said Appeal, as
presenbe dl by stid article, remaining however in tull
force and prretiee.
And te onterth t no ignorance may he peetended,
these prescats shell be problisted as customary.
Done in Cove otf Civil Justice, of the Colony Ber-
bev, this 2t Aug. ISly. By commend.
ba .'# R. C. OWNER, dey.
BY Sis ire acy Mejor General Jonsy
+ MHL! le ste 6tal=-Cecernor im aud
over wae Comng Lerbue, President in
oi Corts cond © feces within the same,
ail Vie- touairal thereof, &e. &e. Ne.
To allio how hese presents may or shall
, 4
\ \ METIS DP peccentation has heen made to
ame, thet witw he mdiay the cxisting Ordinances
to the errs , f rt Schoen, are in the habit
of wrery : Mer lepce freon thes colony feo Demerary,
without preview Ty cles tig vat sock produce, in eon.
fereory (Vthe Nivigation Laws; by which means
th: Rewer is ds pauted, aed the Salutary Regu.
Jat lens mee \. tr fess behal’, hinatrate d.
Tes previatt the recurrence of such irregular, and
ineproper proces! ves Phave jadg d it necessary to
wraec this Pro cthinetiom, forbaute ng any colonial
Sloopor Scheer, whether loaden oc in bathast fram
beprerting (ht. river, wifbout being previagesly prov.
ki Adwitha Pass. And Lhereby Order aad Direct
all colon Bouts of every description, before ate
tern petrne too creat this Plarbour, to apply tora Pass at
the Secretary's Miice, of this colony, which wil) be
there Ptivercd Cirotis ;— And which pass must be
echibite! ta the Ceonnmanding Officer, of Fort Sc.
Avteew, as without this clearance no Boat willin
future be suffered to depart Gom this River.
Given wader my Hand, at the King’s House,
Berbice, this 24 day of October, 1813.
By Hie Facellency’s Command,
K. Cc. DOWNER, Sec.
Thi al time wf publishing.
View original a ‘ i '§ (J fr I IC E.
H ord? ecrd, dal This is to inform the Pu.
a ! sc, th 4f the f hiuwi ‘Zz pere
° yi deze Avlonic sons intend quitting this Ce.
V« i #6 « tony
, wk in 6 weeks from Sept. 25.
viies i anny Collier and three Slaves, for Demerary.
RK. C. bow bat, Secy.
View original ea ae
WOR DT heer uiene bekend NO PIC k. 3 Acreby Piece AN,
cemaakt, dat een muand nu thal «month ufler dade the
datu de volgende Transpor.| follozing Transports and
ten'en Wipothecken zullen| Mol guages will be passed.
Sept. IS J. A. Hicken qq. the estate of \ Schlipfer,
dlee., will transport to the tree Negro woman,
Sara van Schlit pfer, + quirter of lot No. 39,
anda qnarter ot lot No. 3b, with the buildings
onthe last mentioned, both ext oding from!
the new centre road tuwafds the front quarters
of the same lots.
Sept. 25. H. Staal will pass traneports of the follow.
ing parts of the back half of lot No. 13, in,
New Amst. viz.—'l'v Claas Fransen & Adam)
Rollets, IS roads ;—to Jos. Pare Ul, 6 ditto:
to the tree children Frederien & Jacob, 8} do.
an! to Antjs Cornelisse and her two mulatto,
children, 24} roods.
Oct. 9 James Fraser will pass a mortzage on plant.
Tratalgar, west cuoust of the colony Berbice,
aud on 150 slaves.
—— J.B. Rule will teineport toG. Bone and P.
_ Quin, the northern hali of lot No°6 and baild-
‘ings thereon, first enypolder of this town.
ee LG. FSF will transport to the free ne-
gro woman Vinerva, one eighth ot Lot No.27
firstem pot ler of this town.
Oct. 16. Simon Fraser will transport to Messrs. Don-
x! ms let! & Covet Gl wNLOW, plantation righ
ton and 150 Negtors.
k. C. DOWNER, Secy.
Marshal s Office. .
NOTICE is hereby wiven to the Public, by order
of His Excetlen y Joun Mornay. Maporelaseneril,
amd Liewtenant-(ov enor oot the « wlony bbe tlice, Ke.
Ke. &co.— That the Mecting of Creditors, of 2). ar-
newer, which was ulvertisn! to take | lice on the LT}
Odetobee bast, is postponed nol Mondey the isto
November neat. Be hice, 15 Ont. ISIS.
KR. FRANCKIN, Fasst Marsha’,
eae - lh
eee ae — — —_— | ——lC( rr
% o
Summons by Edict.
BY virtne of an appointment, granted by the
Mon. Contos Civil fustiee ot this colony, given
upon a Petition pres med by 7oAw La, field, the ate
forney of Fhan “ne Roni, ol { are ester, arn Proq: i °
torat plantition Pancaster, siturted in this colony
under a. of YI Aue. IS'S. .
I the aaxdertened Pipse Marshal of the Honorable
Courts within this colony, aad at the request of said
J. Layfield, qq. .
Summon by Edict ;
All known and unknown cleimints on plentation:
J ancaster, situate ov the west Cofentine cost of this
colony, or on the Slawes, ary | crt dyer appurtenan es
and dependencies ther to belonging, ar on Thomas
Rom, tor and on account of any book debt, bend,
mortwave, legacy, or anenity, arising frou out af
the willof the [ste Robert Wilson, dee. or other.
wise, to appear before the Court of Civil Justice, of
thiscolony, at their oduviry Sessions, which will
be hekl in the month October 1814, there to eahibi
and verily Cheié cliins, to see oppasition made ther
unto if need, and alter expiration of the fourth sum.
ious by edict, to withiox the Court's decision as to
the prelereat and concurreat right of claimants, and
further fo proceed! according to Law, on pain of be-
ine for ever debarred their rivht of clain.
‘This strmmon by edict made known to the Public
by beet of drunras customary—DBerbice, 13th Octo-
ber, IStu.
K. FRANCKEN, First Warshal.
— — ers
BY virtue of an esteict trom the minutes of the
proceedings of the Court ot Rell. of Civil Justice,
of this colony, oddee bite of Q7th Ss pt. ISIS, given
inthe cause entuled 7°. LairLainn, aq. interim Se.
questrater to the EXtate of Janes Lraser, tor self,
and in that espacity tor gil other Representatives of
that estate, Plaintitl by edict, versvs, all kuown and
unknown clitmants against the estate of the deccased
James Fraser, Defepcant.
[ the undersigued, First Marshal of the Courts
within this colony, and at the request of abovenamed
P. Fairbaira qq. and by vietue of said extract, for
the fourth time ex super abundanti,
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown claimants against the Estate
of the dec. Js. Frasers, to appear betore the Court of
Civil Justice of this colony, at their Session on Mon-
day the 18th October, 1813, and following days, in
order to render as yet their respective claims in due
woe after the expiration 2 the fourth sum-
mons, will be inst the pov-appearers
i according to Law. v _™
View original Tins Fourth Summon by Ediet, (ex siper abn.
danti), made known to the Publichy beat of dram,
from the Court house of this colony, anc further dealt
with accurding to Law. Berbice, 13 Oct. 1813.
K.FRANCK EN, Firet Warshal.
BY virtue ofan Extract of the Minutes of the
Proceedings of the Court of Rolls of Civil Justice, of
this colony, dated 27 Sept. ISIS. given in the cause
entitled K. C. Dowser and W. Luver, Curators to
the Estate of A. M. van ve Laxpe, dec. Defendant.
[the undersigned, First Marshal, at the request
of abuvenamed Curators, and by virtue of said ex-
tract, fo. the fourth time, ex enper abundanti,
Summon hy Filict:
All known and unkeown Creditors avainst the Es-
fate of A. M. vande Lande, dec. tu appear before
the Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, at their
Sesstons to he held on Mond wile TS October, Is!l3
and tollowing dive, inorder tu render as yet their
fespective absing tv due torn,
Whereas oftecthe expievtion of the fourth Sum-
mers, will lye Serce hed aguiast the non-A ppearers,
tcconling to Tow, .
Thiy Toe) -ammons by ediet, (ex super abune
danti,) poboust dbs boot otadeum, as Cusiomary.
Berbice, 1S Oct. ISt3.
KK. Feanckes, First Marshal.
—— — ——
By virtue of an Pautract of the Vieutes of the Court
of Rolls of Civil Justice of this colony, lated) the QY
Sept. ISIS, givenin the cause entitled B.C. Dow.
WHT, fog each ari ! df. Me, Ve steve JF. (C‘urntors tothe
Lintute of the Widow J/. 4. Pallher, Defendant.
f the undersigned, First Marshal, at the request of
caid Curators, Abd by virtue of saul extract, lor the
fourth time, ex saperabwncdanti,
Sammonhy hdict:
All known and unknown ercdlitors againet the Fs.
tate ot J.C Beiocheme hb \ tchow Hf. A. Bakker, fo
ipprene before the Court of Civil Justice of this colo.
ny, et th vesession, to be bh hlon Muy lay the ISth
(detobe-r, INTL, and following days, in order to rend-
‘case vel their respeetive clams i dae form.
Wher rte cohe CX] ational tie fourth Blictal
“wart, wel bo preweeded against (be non-ap care
nae ' | ;
; lp , on sereerrre Vow omic ', Cet euperabundan-
ti, dee me | ve uble, thy lb t of dru ity as
CUyfumiary. > ten BON S'S.
Aer AN NOUN, lérst Marshal,
Vo oviitve of ar I xtea of the Minutes of $
(Court of tholl-, ot this my, hte) BF Sept. ISly,
reewen TT ry ema ep ¢ ntitle ¢ fe m% ¢ (an rrTron Q«. | a
fra ‘Tl, }’ ? { Vv i fiat, Va Fras, I! hLinown and
HLL pee > arnd of) ’ nt the: Proce ifs of
the Eure v4 | Pluniation No. Lu, west
ceresf, wept) } \ ot wale,
I the nalersiened | Miaarshol, at the request of
sail F.. cron, aul by. virtue of said extract, jor
the fousda Guue, +s snp r sbumlanii,
‘ pe > hy lidict :
(lM known and anknown creditors, and claimants,
on the prove ods of the estate forming a part of Pin.
No. 22, west coast, sold by Exccution sale, 10 ap-
pear bo fore the Court of Civil Justice of this colony,
'! theig session, to be held on Momlay the 18 Oct.
S13, aml foliewing hiys, in order to sender as yet
their respective cliims tn due form, :
Whereas afierthe expiration of the fourth Sank
sree, will be proceed al against Lhe Hon-appearers,
woornding to Law.
This Fourt Summons hy edict, ex super abundan-
ti, made Known to the Pablic by beat of drum as
Customary. Borbier, 13-Oct. 1813.
KR. FRANCAEN, First Marshal,
On i et
RY virtue of anextrct of the minutes of the Court
of Rolle of Civil Justice of this colony, dated 97
Sept. ISIS, viven in the cause entitled JT. Jawsop
awl IV. Kewley, Curators in the Estate afthe 1@ :
CGiwyn Jones aml Aletia Jones, dec. Plaintiff by’
Falict, versus, all hnown and urknown (re sitors
against the Estate of Gwyn and Alcita Jones, De.
fendlants. :
I the undersigned, First Marshal, at the request of
abovenamed Plaintiff, and by virtue of said extract,
for the Fourth time, ex ~— r abundanti,
Summon by edict:
All known and unknown creditors of the estate of
Gwyn and Aletta Jones, toappear before the Coun,
ot Civil Justice of this colony, at their Session on,
Monday the 18 @ct, 1813, and following days, in
order tv render as yet their respective claims in due
W hereas after the expiration of the fourth Sum.
mons, will be proceeded against the nou-Appearers.
according to Law
This tourth Summons by edict, ex super abundan-
ti, published by beat of dram according to castum.
Berbice, 13 Oct. ISTS.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marsha,
View original Vendue Office.
Public Vendues.
On Wednesday the 20th Oct. will be sold al the
Veaudue Office, the totlowing articles, viz.——Real
Dutch vin, and cognine brandy, elaret in bottles,
stock fish, soap, candles, paints and oil, nails, salem-
pores, esticocs, beaver hats, negro jackets, blue nar-
heen, real Freneh cambric, corded dimity, buch
lass, loaf snger, pickles, mustacd, a variety of per-
Loweey, Ki tinsie oil, &e.
Db. C. CAMERON Dep. Veadae Master.
i 7 a -s nel _ ¢¢.ai
On Thursday the 21st instant, will be sold at the Veo.
duv Ollice, by order of A. A. de la Court, Esq.—a sete
of cream coloured cartheu ware for 24 people, an atsurt.
ment of glass warc du. of silver spoons & forks, do. of tin
wary Ac.
Also on account of these conceroed, ‘a parcel of ‘iron
vat hoops.
By the vendue master in commission, paints aud paint
@i!, canvas, paint brushes, slops & collec bagging, beer,
Porter, giv iv pipes of by the five gallons, Curdage asvort.
@t, afew Kegs herrings, dry goods, be frand pork, Alew
a choice collection uf Fugloh books, inventory of which,
Bay be -ocn at the veodue office.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master
’ ° ° fe
Comnussarial Office
Berbter (6th October 813.
WANTED for the use of this Garten, One Handred
Pashe!s of Oals, ol a qoud yua iy, for whith Tooders im
tr: lueate, marked °° DT. ach eco for Oars.” for the whole or
any part thereof, will be ceived at thts ofiee until Mon.
day thorning th. 25th tet. at 12 o'clock, abhen they ail!
b: vo. ‘meal, aud th. offer of offcrs Greost adv antageuus fur
Government, wilh be accepted.
7 “Th Oule to be nu bye ettoa Reard of Survey.
J. B. BEMOT, Diep. Avist. Com. Gen.

_—eoa-> ee, ee ee ee eee ee ee Oe
View original -_ ee ee en OO eee wc 1 aE
Berbice, loth October, IS13
CASTL wanted for the following Bills of Exchange
onthe Right Mow. the Payessters Gener, of Mis
Blajesty's Porees, London, at 50 days sight, viz.
‘ — £200. and & 100. Sterling.
For which Temlers in triplicate, marked “ Ton-
ders for Dilley’ willbe ceevived at this Office until
Thursday me xf, the Olst inst. at 12 acho kK, when
thes will be i Jy end the affer or off rs, min! ade
aatayeuus ty Croveraaent, if approvest, ae topted.
Dep. Assist, Com. Gen.
. Berhice, it October, W915
Erew persons as may be wish'ul to Contract for
one veareetiain, from the 9th December ensaing,
for the stip Ne atthe wheb-, on amy port, of the abow
articles, of the best qua iy, du stech qaatitities and
at such periods, US trey bye required boconie Cromnee ter frame ’
are requested be sem! in toaders in triplicate, aad on
frfehertsoOMtoolcap paper, mired * Poadlers tes
Supplies,” until Mouday morayig the Ist Noven.-
ber next, at 10 o'clock, when they will be epee a!
aud the offer, or offers, most as! Vailag os to Ceoworn-
ment, ifapproved, will be accepted —The Pemlers
tospecify the price in sterhag, aul to game two
Kernrties inthe Teader, for the due petfonnance of
their contract.
The Sugar, Coffee, Rice, and Vinegar, to be de.
Tivered at te Coren iriat Srares, The Pacl Wood,
Candles, Orland Wick at the Quarter and Barrack
Sirs, Port St. Andrews, and to be subject to IBenarea ts
ef Survey, if required. —The Plas.tains to be dcfiver-
elt Part St. Sadrews, evens Saturday, a'fterenoon,
previous tad oe leach tthe afierneon Six Pioneers
will be required forthe Commissariat, and four for!
the Qdurrter and Harrach Depourtment, lo ber op prove al
et by the Commissary apul Assisting Quarter aad
Barrack Master General, for the tune being.
The prchages not te be retucaed to the Contractors
But considescd the property of Government.
Payment will be hind oo the 24th of cach month
the supplies are delivered in.
Further particulary may be had by application to
This Office.
JAMES B. BUHOT, D. Assist. Com. Gen,
View original CE 4 wes ll ee oe Sate =. Fa =
Titik (*; gO ¢ th ’ a ‘ stry t. M. s .
onl Ne \ a : i mae 5
e } Wior i, co ' iP t oo
» 8 i quintal « iS. J are! 3 barrels, salmon ji
Bu: els & tierce > | tines a UO. dy.
. a — , 4
16 Oct Applyto W. CROFT
HE subscribe: lged for the benefit of his hea!
to leave the colo: y with the fret onvoy, ur by the Pac
16 Oci R. HARRIS
View original FOR LONDON. .
"To sail with che Junuary Convoy,
Vheship MULLETT, Tao. Sarru, Master, for freight
OF passage, apply tu said Master, or tu
16 Oct. W. DUNCAN.
———_ -— LL
View original Notice to Carpenters.
Requirep ‘to ve crected in front of Bin. Brighton, on
the west coast of Corcutyu, @ Beacon, 60 fect high, the
frst 30 feet to con-ist, of a solid piece of hardwood, 16
inches square, with a foundation framed of hardwood tim.
ber, 39 feet long by 15 iches square, to support it in a
perpendicular position, and the upper 30 feet to consist
of another picce, at least 12 inches square at foot, and not
less than 6 inches square at top, with a square of laths at
the top, to make it visible at a distance.
Tenders for the above, macked, *“fender for a Bea-
con,” Will be reccived by the subseriber, till monday the
Ist of November next, a¢ 10 o'clock in the morning, when
they well be opeacd in yreseace of His Eacetlency the
(rovernor, and the lowest tender, if approved of, will be
A plan of the above can be seen, and every infurmati-
on sespecting it yiven by the subscriber,
Berbice 16h Oct. 1813.
W. SCOTT, Com.
BY the subserit.s, chovee old Madeira wine in pipes, .
brown stout wo hogeh ad ond barrets, Osnabrogs and In.
venry bagging, mmpurted per the Pgham, from Iuudun
and Sad ira.
16 Oct. J. van pew BROEK.
Nii. Coffee or Cotton will be taken im pay went, ata rea.
sunable price.
rr ee
Oe eS
‘N ‘ ’ Ty x
lave received per ship Harmony, Jrvm (asgow, sund: ;
Merchaadize, among which are the jooowing arte
chs, and sho they will dispose of chap, for
Cash ot Produce, by ihe poduge.
Bool ia barrels & half barrets, pur® in dat do. Bristol
Pipe in jars, barley in du. laos, cheese, black pepyee,
lal sugary 904), Caudhs, Purt and sherry ein, burtled
Ower, ,urter, pale ale im barre >, brown stout om de. Gen.
fhhmen back & coloured cuats, cuawés, A jackow, Naa.
Wet Javbyioy sulk dod quilitug warteuate, gentiewen silk &
laguorn hats, chiidrous hate, Dyck skin & woud stuck
Sito, getticmen & ladies cottun aod suk gloves, du. &
vo. cottum and sek stuck.ucs, coliom sucks Mysssan eau
yellow top bouts, planiors shucs wath bucblie, drew &
cb deens shove, Viewk sth Uorewmtune, Irish Laca, showtiug ,
Muspia duck, diaper A luacling, long iawus, Aue weler
Haiie 5 efateoiely doourted, Fuird od lors, Juusmals, A (lay
orks, aah gait anurtmest ul psinid cauwbries, furan
bee CHUN 2, Moat iOg pails, Diack vombazetty, an adv0t.
ett of Wiete Lotved, la, ar, bob! wes, evtiva & Hucw
platteian, pullicat> \ rad. ass hattdh rcRiels, gimgnaimes,
so hess, Caudle Meare, Cesitioow, jeaas, Cultluo and
Men chcehs, stth | avesules & umbreias, lads dp lil stsaw
beetts, oe whit A atsugied, piack aud culed@sed silt
HavGh.sclw lo, saeonet MULUUS, MTEs pencel Carer XN du.
The mdb », i abrngaddy Ufvsmug cases CuMiplele, tegeteba
Ub, Ublagh wuss FasL Bhidjey Carers & parte Vim tg
H0d pathol CO. Us, sades Ormamwutel cum Us, sHap buses
wih eudy & Lfushes, miter withd tovta brerhes, chuth,
ed 5 poe sud huts beuriws, house brooms #68 long han
y subbing brutes, duavic dotilkd roe & lavcuder
edect, Crituon & tael’d Culme begxetog, mails iouni idy. tu
buech s oh », 4 Cota pleteassor ment of cul “ule j been
a o> Bate, dw, stove ware, tn ware Gssurted, dueble
block Ga Grpects Qedish Cuter, wtue & poct-ecurks, hues
shovels, Cutlasser, preting Keives, wine cocks with Keys,
water val cocks with do. Atrd stutee, ley itrg pans, Caseta
patos, winwuw Lyle BLD & houks acd eye binges, stay
bars & staples, biars & black sun, cha ber dour luck,
al. ~k, bos, & lnquer Case brass ix Lo, pasut> & pant vii,
spirit of turpeatiag, uvatsivul wil, an gsortuent of care
penters tuuls, whip X cut & havd saw files, sadies & brie
les, ous ry Combs, brushes & mou combs with sputiges,
spare Diidic reins, girths & cv lary with buckles, do stir.
rup leathers, oegryu hats & blanchkets, teadesmen’s hats &
sharts, lied & unlined jackets, cutkry assocted, white:
and ivory Raadled Kiaves & fosks in setts, ladies & lay.
luis scissars, ncddles & pins, coffin fucuiture, sein & sews.
Mg twine, Cordage assorted, from 1 to 6 inch Cables,
double & single blucks, canvas, scrapers, with a Varwly
of other astictes. 16 Oct.
View original The undersigned offer for Sele the following articles
imported an the Mu; mony, und mhich they will dispose
of reusvnahle, for Cash.
Svap, candles wails, cutlery, ironmongery, among which
are 4 few Dutch ovars, curry comb, & Vrushes, shoe bru-
shes, house brovms, paint brushes clothes & hair do.
crumb du. coticee bagging, O-naburgs, superfine black and
blue brow cloths, trgdesmen hats, jackets, shir 8, and
trowses, silk & beaver hats, gentlemen dress & half dress
shues, planters strong lace do. ladies & childrens do. Irish
linen, fine cefton shirting, linen britannias, calicee, ging.
hams, muslins, blue ground handkerchiefs, checks, dow.
las, hae Irish sheeting, lads cottun stockings, geutlemen
do. & socks, tab e cloths of various sizes from 4 yards to
6-4, jeans, dimity, dtaper, York stripe, corks, blank
buuks, fuolscap & post papers, quills, wafers & a variety
of other artighes
16 Oct G. BONE & Co.
View original
View original FOR SALE.. ,
By the Subschiber, the following Articles, imported mm
the Ship Usoaunrap Captun Moore, fiom Loniton,
Via Demerary.— ,
Nails 4 to SUdy. hoes, shovel+, cutdasses, hand cross
and whipsaw files, white, black, yellow, red, & green
paint & orl and paint brushes, gentiemens Leghorn & bea.
ver hats, buys beaver do. avgre hats, jackets & blawk ts,
checks & white shirts, soap & candles ww buxcs uf 281%. ach
London made white & green wory handikd koives end
forks with deserts & cavvers tumatch, afew pairs superior
razors, Brittannia metal chamber candlesticks, double re-
fined sugar in small loaves, hysun teain cavtusters, corks,
cotton & coffee bagging, cofive bags, Russia sheeting,
(ndia bluc and white salumpures, Company white & ye!.
low. nankeens, Irish linen, -chintz, ginghams, calicous,
pullicat & Madrass handkerchicfs, ladws & gentler n
cotton stockings, nankeen gloves, porter in hampers, } ort
and sherry wine.—The above goods having been laud! in for
Cash, in the London market, the subscriber trust they
will be found particularly worthy of autice ;—He hays also
for sale of former importativas, stationary, hak and cye
hinges and HL do. socket chissels, cuilee mauarivs, aod
Madcira » ine ia | ipes.
16 Oct. CH. KYTE.
-_s-l coer oc —
View original WANTED
For Post OLEARA, in Corentyn River.
6 Pieces of salem pores.
4 dozen knives.
1 Do. stalling axes.
1 Deo. cutlasses.
4 Do. razors.
4 Do. scivsare,
4 Io. Combs.
100 Pounds of ganpowder
1) Gun flints.
2 Jugs of Lampoil.
2 Barrels of Salt.
4 Quaires of favlsca r.
2dounches of quills. oo
_190 gallons of rum, and
4 bags of shot.
Tenders for the whole, or any part of the above
articles, wil! be received by the subse tiber, til tea
o'clock on Mandy morning the 18th inet. when they
will be opened in presence of His Excelh ney the
Governor, aud the lowest oiler, if approved, will be
accepted. tert ree, Oth Oct.
Ww u. S( Oy r, (‘crmmmans i ne v.
—-—_—— —
View original —_—_—_————— ee
BROUGHT into custody, at the Town Mana
a ced young bull Calf: the owner may bros ,
beck by paying the expeners, if n ', ater being
three tines advertionl, will be sold ap Public Veu-
‘ne todfray expences, aceortiog to Law.
9 (ict. C RULACH, Lown Moandyver
TITLE Lot No. 31, situated in the second empoller
of this town, together with the buildings these on. at
present occupmed by J. ‘PL Math Ws, bag. To a
sh purchaser it will be soll very reason alle.
TIO subscriber requests a Meeting of the’ Sub.
scribers to bis Kooms, on the 19th west. at bod ck
to proceed to the Election of a Commi ler,
blooh euch Regulativis as to them seem meet.
Oct. 9. J. LINNING.
THE subscribess finding little or no attention has
been paid to therr re prate al application for payment
of the New ‘Tewn ‘Tavern Acecvuuts, &c. requests all
thase imlebted to the same by Nite o hand,
account, or othoewise, since the 19th January last,
tocane forward with imunedian peyment to either
of the undersigned, as in case of letault, they find
themselves obliged to resort to disagreable measuics,
against which they hereby caution every
cerned, withuul distinctiun.
lu «stae

“TsO Cuili-
9 Oct. 1D). MARTIN.
An excellent Chaise Muise, tur Cash or Produce. Ap-
j ly tu this Uthce. 16 Oct.
——EE®? © -)(- © ae
The ships that arrived here last Saturday evening are the
Harmony, from Glasgow; Egham, Loudon’; Mullete,
Surenam , and Iudustry, New fuendiand.—
‘The above vessels brought us no leter intelligence than
we were already in possession uf .—
We andertand there is a Barbados Paper in ‘Pow n,
contaming ofcial dispatches foom Fuld Marshal W elling.
tun, of the action of the 38, 2%, sad 30th of July. His
Lordships advices detailsug the euccwss of the
to the 4th of August
Aliws, going
View original HAMBOURGH, sux> 25, sis.
Head-quarters at Dresden, Jugc 18, 1813.
Napoleon, Emperor of the French, King of [taly, Pro-
tector of the Confederation of the Rhine, Mediator of the
Confederation of Switzerianud, &c.
Title 1.—Formation of a list of absentces.
Art. 1. There shall be formed a List of A bsentees in the
32d Military -Divisiun.
Art, 2. This List shall comprehend :—
1, All the individuals, who, exrercimg public functions,
Shall have abscuted themoe.ves from the country, at the
Dement ol re-cutry of the French army.
2. Uhe Senators of Hamburgh and d.ubeck who shall
have resumed their functions alter the evacuation of the
Freuch army.
3. All proprietors who shall have absented themselves
since the Ist of March, and shall not have returned with-
in 15 daysafterthe publication of the preseut decree,
4. All the individuals who may have aceepted the rank
of officer in the levies for the enemy ;—all the individuals
who served in the Hanseatic Ligion, or tovk part in the
Magirtracies created by the chemy. .
6. All the individeals Known to have armed part of the
armed assemblag:s, and to have eacited the people torcevolt.
5. Albthe individuals huowe to vein the service of Ray.
land, whether civil or tshitary 5 all those known to be in
the secetce of Russia and of Prussia, whether civil or mi.
7. In fine, all the individua s whe shall have left their
homes since the Pst. 0 Maret of this year, and who shai
Not have returned witha 15 days alter the publication of
the present decree.
sirt, 3. The list of all such indisiduals shall be formed
without delay, ander the orders of the Prince of Rekuuhl,
by Uj atti at, district, cautou, and manietya iy s for this
Purpose, &@ Coumeeston shall be appointed by the Prefects
In vvery diste.ctand town. ‘The lists shad be renewed
eviry fortnigh’, and shall be transmitted to the Minister
of Co inral Pohce, ang to toe Dircetor-G eneralof Domains
aud it ygistration,
Lite W.—OP the effects of Absence.
Art, 4. Sequestration shall Be im cdiately placed ou the
Dtoperty, movableard real, of all the individuals entered
oa the list of absentee inthe 22d Military Division, Our
Board uf Douasices and Registvations shall immediately
take possession of the sane, and a statement of the value
of all the property Ghoo scacd, shall be transmitted tu the
Director-Genc ral, ‘
Art, 4. Whis ary incividualis onthe list of absentees,
he can wo dom icr potusm any cool ace. The debts which
are due to them. th Property uw lich they shall inherit,
shall be sequsteatod and couoctoy toe the betetit of our
duu, “Phe poodlace of the said property, shali be paid
into the Registration Chest,
Art. 6. budivid als have uv been once entered on the list
of absentees, and thes ; SUL ctty ih possession of the Board
of Doumains, the eotsure of there Hames from the said bet.
avd the repoval of th s questrations from their property
can no conger take plac. , but in comsequence of u decree
froin us.
trt, 7. Que Nini: or of Franee, of Treasure of Wat,
and of Poi, ave cher uw te the exetudaon of this” Dew
Cree, Whicd steal be uisertidoan the Balletin of the Laws,
anid CUMIN Ice ¢ th Mojo. weral, to the Durceton
of tee Adhutitetrar oa of the Army, and to the Prince of
(Signed) NAPOLEON,
~ Bs ord. of the hip eror,
The Moivrts os reerolary of State Count Dane
Hiaswennen, Juns 30.
Orrick woh GLNIRAL POLICE, .
Such of the inh Ditanis of Haumburzh as choose to ree
Side am the COUNUY , are witoemecal that a deelarehon to the
elflect most be delivoceaiu wo che Disectoe of the Genera:
Police, at has othca. _.
Suc 4 -clarads: mnst cumain,—
}. ‘Lie name ann suteame of the father of the family,
or houscholdet, his eg > and oecupation,
2. ‘Phe maoe, suticm-, age, and vecupation of each of
his cludren, Cotmeoctious, of Trends resident with lum,
3. Phe ame, suroame, age, anc birtheplace uo! each of
his dowmestivs.
‘The situation of the country .bouse, as wellas the time
daring which he means fo coctinue Chese, must also be set
forth. .
The want of sach declaration as above described may
otoduce an wiser hon unt the list of absentees,
Phese absentees, as declared in a former proclamation,
have had the whole of their property cunfiscated. }
From the Journal of the department of the mouths of the
Llbe of 25th Jaly.
Marshal Prince of Eckmuti, Governor General of the
$20 Military Division, Commander in Chief of the 13th
corps, considering the orders of his Majesty the Emperor
and King, dated the 16th Ju.y, decrees che follow ing dis.
positions :—
art. 1. Pardon is granted for the acts of rebellion, in.
Surrection, and deseition, comuitted up to this day, iu the
32d military division.
Art. 2. Arecxcepted from this amnesty, for the rea.
Sons determined by article 3, the individuals whose names
follow :—Grivs, Ha-syndic, Ex-Secretary Geoeral of the
Mouths of the Elbe, at Hamborgh—Coth, Ex-Senator of
Aubeck, at Lubeckh—Pruckeuberg, Ex.Mayor of Lune-
View original vare, atSineburg—De Lonthe, Be -Proodoaregit = vee
demy of Nobles at Luneburg—De Meding, Ex-!.. gislator
and Membey of the Commission 12) Liquidation at Lone.
burg—De Marschalk, Ex-Mayorct the (rondissement of
Stadt—De Zestertleth, Ex-Counsellor at the Imperial
Court of Hamburgh—De Decken, son, Ex-Counsellor in
Hanover, and Proprictor at Stadt—Vou Hess, Doctor, at
Hamburgh—De Gastrow, Ex-Inspector of Forests at
Harburgh—De Kiclmannsigge. Proprietor, near Lauen-
burg—Mettletkamp, plumber, at. Namburgh—Haunitt,
masier butcher, at Hamburgh—De Graben, Sub-Pretect
at Bremerlehe—De Decken, father, Fa-Minister of the
Mlector of Hanover—Langrehe Ea-Municipal Receiver at
Luncburge—Tesdo pff, Ex-Supe ior Officer in the Service
of England, at Barmstedt—De Zesterileth, Fa-substitute
ofthe Imperial Procurer, at Bremerleho—d' Issendortf,
bx-Judye at Bremerlehe— De Witasch, Ex-Substitute of
the Imperial Procurer at Bremen—De Decken, Fa-Sub-
stitute of the Imperial Procurer at Stadt— De Witzeudortl,
ditto, at Lubeck—De Jode, ditto at jsamburgh—F red.
Perthes, Librarian, at Hamburgh—De Hanft, Ex-Law yer
to the Imperial Court at Hamburgh—Ziomermann, Ex-
Lawyer at Hamburgh—Khrenstein Ex-Co-pruprictor of
the Correspondent, at Hamburgh—Meyer, Ex-sheriff, at
Hamburgh. ./
Art, 3. These individuals are declared enemies to the
State, and banished for ever from the French empire. Their
property is confiycated. Such of the said property as is at
this moment destined to the public service shall be appro.
prated to its present intended use, the rest fall to the ex-
traordinary domains.
Art, 4. All persons belonging to the 32d military divi.
sion, who have not absented themselves, since the Ist of
March, 1813, and have returned at the time of this pre
sent resolution being published, others, such as are speci.
hed in the preeveding second artiele, are allowed the ex.
treme of the term to the 5th of August to return to their
place of habitation or usual residence. They must cause
their retucn to be certilied by ‘a verbal process of the May-
vr. Phe May or has to send a Copy of this verbal process
tu the Prefect of the Department, who shal! give informa.
lun ty the Minister of the General Police on the one part,
amd to the Governor General on the other.—The original
verbal process Shall be deposited in the archives of the
Art. 5. Such individuals as huve wot returned by the
time proscribed, shall be considi red in dike wanuer with
the persous specified in the second arucles of this ppecseut
resulution, and be lable ty the same punish ats.
Art. 6. The lathers, mothers, aud Kuurdisus, of such
dividuals as areunderage, of Who du notenjoy ther pri
viluges, are responsible tur such of their children or pupeads
who bear arms against France, or who shall wot rotnen
within the term preserved.
Vhey shall according!y, withthe space of amonth, yay
‘a penalty Mmmuney, ajrecaule tua last du be drawn out by
the Pevtee t, amuuntibg to four times aS Duch @» Weir ane
nua ground elects aud personal taxes.
Art. 7. This present anumesty is nut to extend to acts
vf vinlenew, attochs, avd jadividual mucders; nor in the
bke manner to the piunderts, Urells, aud olhter cacessus,
ewe if these acts onginated in the msurrection and rebel.
eo alteration will be made by this amnesty in the pro.
ViSury suspeniaiunys ol Majstemal persous, public omcers,
ue sents, Munch had been publicty declared previous fo
toe pubieation uf this pieosent Cosvlulion, nuorip ay other
ovasure dlupted by the Guteriment of toe Cluel Volice.
471. 3%. The grvatest pubsictly suull be piven tu bie
present rovlution., Phe Obret of the Creneral Statl shali
ifausnit Coptes of it tu tae bicutcosmteGeneral of Justice,
the Vereleets, and to the director Giengeat of the Supers
Geen inthe Government Palace at Hainburgh, the2 4h
July, '8i.8%. .
(Si gitet) Lhe Marshal Duke of Averstapy,
Prince of Mekmunt,
bhe Geoceal Chict of tne General
plait of (he Sth Corps,
( @5AR DE LA Vil.
(A correct Copy.)
Phe Protect of ane Dey arun ut of the Mouths of
the b.lbe, Bereta.
His Excellency Count Vou Hogeudrop, Governor of
Hawburgh, has issucd a reguiston on the 23d jost. con-
cerning the work un the forulcations, which is published
by placards, according whereto 4200 lab. urers are to be
required every week at Hamburgh, who are to commence
eat week on the fortress works. bach canton is to fur.
nish 700 men fos this purpuse, which are to be divided in.
tu seven Companies, each Conspung of 100 men, and every
company to be placed under the command of a captain,
who is to be chosen from among the principal inhabitants
of the city. The captains are authorised to employ three
women iu the place of two men, and 20 boys, from 15 to
i8 years of age, inthe place of tenmen, &c. Those can.
tains who are called upon to work must do it*in persun ;
hired labourers or substitutes are not permitted to be em-
The following proclamation has been issyed from the
Mayoralty :—
‘*As the service of the hgspitals requires such a very
considerable quantity of old linen, for bandages and lint,
that a sufficiency is not to be obtained ; all the inhabitants
of Hamburgh are herewith requested to bring as much of
every thing serviceable to such uses as is in their possession,
and deliver it immediately into the Mayoralty ; and they
certainly will not be slow in seizing this opportunity of
View original Petceting 2sustanec to theur native sick aud wounded ware
(Signed) ““Phe Mayor, Rupe.
‘-Tamburgh, July 24.”
Leipsick, Junc 22.
The following proclamation has this day appeared: —
**Tn pursuance of orders from his Excellency the Duke
of Padua, communicated by General Bertrand, the city of
Leipsick is declared in a state of siege.
‘*Phe police in the city and suburbs shall be military,
and withvat the concurrence of the Magistrates, who can
only execute such orders of police as ace communicated to
them by the Military Commandants.
‘The Civil Authorities shall in future have under their
care the quartering of troops, supply of provisions, of
forage, and the hospitals.
‘+The requisitions made by his Excellency the Duke of
Padua, shall be eaccuted ina military manner under? the
care of the Magistrates, to prevent al! abuses.”
Our ‘Town Council has also issued the following notis
fication :—
**By command of the Duke of Padua, all merchants and
inhabitants of this city, who are possessed of, or have
the care of colonial merchandize, must give intu us, b
to-morro® furenoun, an exact siatement, signed with their
own names, of the amvunt and kind of such merchandise,
that it may be transmitted tu his Excellency.
*SAll colonial produce, of which a statement is not thue
given in, will be seized and confiscated,
*SAll merchants and inhabitants are aleo hereby inform.
ed, that antill the 23d of June, no merchandiee of any
kind must be removed from one. place to another, either
within the city orsuburbs ; aud that no one must dare to
act iv contravention hereof,
It is said that the fainous Cossack Commander, Platoff,
has expressed his ‘diyapprobation of the advance of the
Russian troops, and has retired from his command.
Fhe Duke of Cumbrrlind passed through Berlia on the
18th of July, under the travelling tide of Count of Ar-
magh, 4
Some conferences are mentioned between Count Nare
bonne, one of the French VPleniputentiarices, and Couat
Metternich, Minister fromthe Court of Austia. Al! the
Ambassadors not having agrived, the Congress had not
been aoencd at the date of the latest advices from Prague,
whieh are dated the 2ith of July. No less than fourteen
couriers, French, Austrian, aud Prussian, passed through
that city on the 16th, 17¢h,.and 18th of that month. Count
Bernstoett is said to be anpointed to represent the hing of
Denmark iv the projected Congress.
Bonanarte arrived at Mayence on the 27th Julv, ace,
compaffied by Herthier. Lis visit to his Kimpress was
very short; he appears to have set out on his return on
the 29th, taking the route of W urtzburgh; and the Em.
press about the same time took her departure for Paris,
where, according to an article dated the 3d Aug. she was
shortly evoveted to arrive.
ANY person haviog claims against the Estate of
Win. Hagar dec. will please to render in the same
properly attested, to either of the undersigned.
Pleh Bis UP
A five oars Cortal, the edge painted yellow—the
owner may have the same restored by paying the ex.
pences.— Enquire to W. JANSEN, lot No.8.
BOOKS and LOOSE PAPERS bound to any pat-
tern, Old Books and Recoids re-bound, &e. &e.
Apply at this Printing Office.—Sepr. 4,
- yy 1 ‘ ‘
By the Subscriber, at the house of Mr. Dia Roser,
Jront dam, a variety of Goods, amongst
which ere the following articles.
Best claret in bottles, stockfish, soap, candles,
paints and gil, nails, salempores, succatoons, yellow
and blue India nankeens, beaver and tradesmen hats,
Negro jackets, wax shins, bazils, real French cam.
bric, Neurenburger glasses, luaf Sugar, pickles, shoe
blacking, mustard.
Also a variety of Perfumery, tis.
Lavender and honey water, essences, esperits and
huils asggyted, Russia vil, eau de cologne, bloom of
rost8, shaving powder, sult of lemons, Russia yheet-
ing, &c. =
2 October. S. DAVSON,
ALL persons having Demands against Mr. A. A,
DE LA Count, are requested to render thein to the
Subscriber for payment—none will be attended to
that are not rendered within one week from date.
2d October, Wau. SCOTT, Com.
Published eoery, Saturday at 4 o'clock, v. m,
Br W. SCHULZ & Cv».

16 October 1813