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The Berbice Gazette

View original 1813.)
View original —_ = Se ee
Twelve dollars p. annum.
——S I
View original _—_- a
BY His E.vcellency the Governor, and
the Honorable Court of Policy and
Criminal Justice of the Colony Berbice.
To all to whom these presents may or
shall come; Greeting! be it known:
\ \ TWEREAS we have taken under consideration,
that altho’ the right of Swmmary Execution has been
eranted by us tothe Vendue Master, for the time
being, of the Colony Berbice, (for the recovery of
Delis contracted at Public Sale), in order that the
Sellers of Goods at Public Venduc, may meet with
no delay trom the Vendue Office at the expiration of
the credit s(ipulated by them. Yet that the object
of this authorily tothe Vendae Master granted for
the advantige of the Public, has been in many m-
stances frustrated; several of our Luhabitants who
have sold goods at Public Sale, having sustained se-
rious inconvenience in their payments being procras-
tinated by the Vendue Master, beyond the limita
tion of the Credit engaged to be allowed by them.
We have therefore thought it expedient to make
further disposition on this head, by enacting and
granting, as we do hereby Enact and Grant, from
and afterthe day of the date of the Publication of
these presents, to the Sellers of Goods, at Public
Sale. within the Colony Berbice, the same 2i¢ht of
Summary Fvecution, tor the recovery of the amount
of the procceds of such Sales at Vendue as has been
heretofore ranted by usto the Verdue Master, tor
the time being, against all) Purchasers of Goods at
Public Vemlue, with this reserve however ;
Maat the enforcement of Payment by the Sellers,
avainst the Venduc Master, shall ouly take place Six
weeks after (he expiration of the credit, stipulated
at the day of Sale, aud under which the goods are
sold, and atter payment of the net proceeds ot the
coos $0 sold shall have been legally demanded from
the Vendue Master.
And should after ihe expiration of the credit un-
der which woods are exposed by the Seller, as also
aller the Paci dae Y wlowance Of six weeks for colicee-
tion, (he Vendue Master stil remain ia default Por-
ty cieht fours alter a legal demand for payment slinll
bave been made; the Seiler in order to profit of iis
present ennetment in their favor imay proceed to pre-e
sent a Petition to the Honorable Court of Civil Fus-
tice, or by thetrnon-sessious to His Excellency the
Governor as President of the said) Court, in order lo
eflecta recovery of what is due him or them, by
Summary Pixecution; and on his Eeaxcellency the
Governor, or the Hon. Court granting (he Prayer ot
the Petiion, the Petitioner may proceed to the en-
forcement of the fiat, thro? the Deurwaaider, alter
due Sommation and Renovation.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
these presents shall be published, printed and posted
up as customary.
Thus enacted in our Assembly, held at the Court
House, New Amsterdam, Berbice, this 15th day ot
April, [813.—Present, His Excellency Rt. Gorpon,
Governor General, President; and the Honorable
Members L. C. Aupensets, J. McCamon, A. J.
Grasius, and G@. Munro.
(nd published on the 16th August following,
Present, His Honor James Grant, Act. Governor.
J. GRANT, Act. Gov.
By command of the Court.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
a —E
eee eee
BY the Honorable Court of Policy and Cri-
minal Justice of the Colony Berbice and
its Dependencies, &c. &c. SC.
Bett known:
HEREAS the Committee,
appointed for the Gene-
ral Superintendance of the Public Works of this
Town New Amsterdam, have addressed themselves
unto us by memorial representing. That an ancient
Ordinance of this Court, respecting the Strayiug on
the Public Roads and Dams of llorses, Mules, Cattle
Shcep, Goats, and Hogs, is so little attended to, that
View original THE
View original en
SATURDAY, the 2Iist of Augu:
View original the same daily occurs to the great detriment and in-
jury of the Roads of the said Town; praying that
the Court would be pleased to provide therein.
We have therefore thought proper, to order and
direct, as we do by these presents :
That Fourteen days after the day of the date of
the Publication hereof, it sball be lawful for any
person, to take upall Ilorses, Mules, Asses, Cattle,
and Sheep, which at any time may be found stray-
ing onthe Public Roads or Dams of the Town of
New Amsterdam, and place them in custody of the
Town Manager, and that such ITorses, Mules, Asses,
Cattle, and Sheep, shall be detained by the said Ma-
nager, until the owner or owners shall have paid, af-
fer the following rate, for their release, namely :
For a Worse, Mule, Ass, Bull, Steer, Ox, Cow, Calf,
or HTeifer, each f 6.—And for Sheep, each f 1.—
W hich said fine shall be Collected by the Manager,
and be divided ; namely :—One half to the person
who Arrests the Horse, Mule, Ass, Cattle, Sheep, or
Annimals so Straying, and the other halfto the Town
Manager, who will be further entitled to a charge of
a guilder per day, for Food, should such Animal re-
main in his custofy longer than 12 hours; And
shouk! (he owner or owners of such Horse, Mute,
Ass, Bull, Steer, Ox, Cow, Calf, Heifer, or Sheep,
entirely omit to release the same from the enstody ot
the Manager, the same shall be sold at Public Vendue
(after having been three times Advertised in the Ber-
bice News-paper), to defray the fine attendant (heir
being taken in custody, Food and Advertisement, and
the surplus be paid over to the owner on his appli
That it shall further be lawfal for any person with-
in the Town of New Amsterdam, Pourtcen days after
the Publication of these presents, to Will (but not with
fice arms), any Goat or Woz. found on lis) Prenitses,
or onthe Public Roads, or Dans, of the Town New
Amsterdam; And should any Damage be done fo any
Lotsor parts of a Lot withing the said ‘Town by
Horses, Mules, Asses, or other description of Cattle,
committing the said Damage, and the owner of such
Horse, Mule, Ass, or Cattle, refuse to pay the ex-
pence of the Damage so committed, after the same
shail have been fairly appraised, or to make good
such Damage as has been incurred ; It Shall be law-
fy! jor the Committic to expose such Tlorse, Mute,
Ass. or other Kind of Cattle, at Public Vendue alter
the same shall have been three times Notified in’ the
Berbice Gazette, and from the proceed of the Sale,
defiay the expence of the reparation of the Damage
connuitted : And should after the payment of the
stud) ex pence any overplus remain, such overplus
shall be part te the Proprictor of the Horse, Mule,
Ass, or Cattle, so sold.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
(hese presents shall be Published, Printed, and posted
ap as Customary,
Thus enached in our Assembly, held at the Court
House in New Amsterdam, Berbice, this 6th day of
July, IStS.—Present, Tis Honor, James Grant,
hsq. Acting Governor; and the Honorable Members
I, C. Annensets, J. McCamon, P. Farr paren,
A.J. Goastus, aud G. Muxno; demptis, S. ra-
And Published on the 16th August following, in
presence of Ihis Honor J. Grant, Acting Governor.
By command of the Court of Policy.
Rk. C. DOWNER, Sec.
BY the Honorable Court of Policy and Cri-
minal Justice of the Colony Berbice and
uls Dependencies, SC. SC. SC.
Be tt known:
HEREAS the Committee
appointed forthe Gene-
ral Superintendance of the Public Works of this
Town of New Amsterdam, have addressed them-
selves unto us by Memorial, representing the neces-
sity of establishing a fund by Annual Contribution,
from each and every Proprictor of Land, within the
said Town, in proportion to the quantity of Land pos-
sessed by him, her, or them, for the purpose of im-
proving the Public Dams, Roads, Bridges, and Drain-
View original ETTE.
View original [ Payable in advance.
View original age, of the said Town, at present in a total state of
Neglect and Decay, as also for the future preservas
tion of the Town by maintaining and keeping up the
said Dams, Roads, Bridges, and Drainage, in con-
stant order and repair, and further to defray both,
the charge of future necessary improvements, as well
as the expence of the establishment for the Town
Management. And the said Committee having sub-
mitted unto us a Plan, on which, according to their
opinion, this Contribution could be best carried into
effect ; and praying that the Hlonourable Court would
be pleased to take the aforesaid proposal under con-
sideration, and, if approved of, to Sanction the same,
or, to make such ameliorations as the Court should
judge most expedient.
We therefore, after having attentively examined
(he plan submitted by the said Committec, and hav-
ing maturely considered the proposal for an Asscss-
ment, have thought proper and resolved fully to ap-
prove thereof.—Accordingly ordering and directing,
as we do Order-and Direct by these presents :
That each and every Proprictor, or Proprictors,
of a whole Lotor part ofa Lot inthe First and Second
Mmpolders, of the Town New Amsterdam, shall an-
nually Contribute, into the hands of the Committee,
chosen by the Proprietors of the ‘Town Lots, and ra-
(ified and confirmed as a Committee by this Court,
and by them generally constituted for the Manage-
ment of the Town, their Quota of contribution (con-
formable to the repartition list here inserted, which
we have approved of and affixed for the next coming
year) forthe Lot or part of Lot which he, she, o:
(hey possess, either by Contract of Purchase or ‘frans-
port, and conformable to his, her or their return made
to the said Committee ; for improving and keeping
up in constant Repair the Roads, Bridges, Drainage,
and Koker, of the said Empolders, and for other use -
ful and necessary purposes.
1st Emp,
od inp.
A whoie Lot ............. wee f 400— | f 300—
A half Lot fronting the River...,, 800—— | ,,220-—_
A quart do. do....5, 200— | ,,176——
An cighth do. do,...,, 175—— | ,,13¢—sy
A sixteenth — do. do....,, 162——1,, 88——
A smaller part do. do....,, 88——],, 44——
A hatf Lot fronting the Cent. R.,, Q00—— | ,, 176—~~»
A quart do. dO....5, 176— | ,, 13g!
An eighth (lo. dO.s.e9, 1S2—— 1 4, 88——
A sixteenth do. do, 77°99 s8—_—
A smaller part do. du...e5, 44-—],,
A quart’ Lot front the Bachd’..,, 132—— | ,, 88——
An eighth do. dow... ‘ = 39 44———
99 41-——.
A sixteenth — do. du....55 44—— 22
A smaller part do. GU. 5 s<55 ° 12——
Lheinner parts between front and
centre road :—whole breadth. .10 st. p- ft.
Idem oo... eee halfo........ 5 ditto
ldem .......... quarter,.,.... 24 ditto
fdem between centre and back rood
8 st. p. ft.
4 ditto
whole breadth ............... 8 dilto 6 ditto
ldem halfs....... 022.004. ... 4. dilto 3. ditto
idem quarter............4... 2 dilto | 11 ditto
Cross paths considered included in the breadth.
To the amount of the respective proportions, tobe ad-
ded 19 pCt. for divided, and 5 pCt. for whole Lots, and
(o be charged in every Account. ‘The said percentages
being allowed to the Secretary of the Committee, in con.
sideration for his keeping the Books, Accounts, &c. and
rendering Accounts in proper order.
And it is hereby further ordered and directed :—~
That the payment of this Contribution shall be made
previous to the last day of November, nextensuing,
and annually for the future, one half of the present
quota of contribution, which quota after the account
specifying the same, shall have been one month pre-
viously sent to the Proprictor or Representative of
the Lots and parts of Lots shall also be paid previous
to the latter end of the mouth of November, and that
in the hands of two of the Members of the aforesaid
Committee, who will attend for the purpose of re-
ceiving the said contributions at such time and place
as shall hereatter be made known by Advertisement
from the said Committee in the Gazette of this colo-
ny, and should payment not punctually be made af
the afore specified period of the amount of Assess-
ment, the same shall be recoverable by and on behalt
of the said Committee onthe Land and further pro-
perty af the defaulters, by Summary Execution,
And it is further erdered and directed, that each
View original Proprictor or Proprietors of Land in the First or Se-
cond Empolders of this Town, who may have sold
or otherwise disposed of their Lots or parts of Lots
since the last Return made to -the Committee, do
within fourteen days after the Publication of these
presents, and in future within the like space of time
after any subsequent Sales or Alienations of Lots or
parts of Lots, give ina Statement thereof in writing,
addressed to the Secretary of the Committee, speci-
fically stating the admeasurement and boundaries of
the Land so sold or otherwise alienated, on pain to
those who shall be found deficient in making the said
return within the above limited time, of forfeiting
for the benefit of the Town Fund, the sun of f 5-10.
per dicm for every day that shall clapse after the ex-
piration of the aforesaid specified time, and be ne-
vertheless bound to make the said Return, which fine
shall in like manneras the collection of the yearly
Assessment, be recovered from the Land and other
property of the proprictor remaining in default, (if
need) by Summary Execution.
And whereas the said Committee hath further re-
presented to us :- That notwithstanding their repeat’
ed Advertisements, requiring Proprietors of Lots to
render in a statement to the Committee of the Land
they possess; yet, that a few persons appear to have
remained in default of rendering in such a statement,
and the owners of such Land being unknown; The
stid Cominittee prayed that we should provide there-
We have consequently thought proper to order
and direct, as we do by these presents :
That it shall be Lawful to the Committee, to sell,
at Public Sale, such Lots or parts of Lots in the ‘Town
of New Amsterdam, whereof no return appears to
have been made to the Committee, and whercof the
proprietor or proprietors remain unknown ; provided
that sueh Sale be previously advertised three times in
the Berbice and Demerary Gazettes, and that the pro-
cceds thereof remain deposited in the hands of the
Comnittee ad opus jus habenlium.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
these presents shall be Published, Printed, and Post-
ed upas customary.
Plus enacted in our Assembly, held at the Court
House, in New Amsterdam, Berbice, this 6th day
of July, ISt2,—Present, His Honor J. Grant, Esq
Acting Governor: and the Howble Members L. C.
Annensets, J. McCauon, P. Farrnarry, A. J.
Guastus, G. Mexrow—demptis, S. Fraser.
Aud published on the 6th August following, in
presence of Tis Hlonor Jd. Grant, Act. Governor.
J. GRANT, Act. Gov.
By command fbb Conrt,
RN. C. DOWNER, Srey.
_— <<
View original \
ee rt™~—sCSCS
BY lis Baccihnucy James Graxt, Major in
This Mayors s 00th Regiment of Foot, Act-
ne Covoniur of the Colony of Berbice ant
its Depomlencaes, Viec-Admiral, and Presi-
detoj oe" Courts and Colleges within the
SUC Me. ae. Oe.
Lo all to veiom these presents shall or may come
Greetiic ! betihnown:
PEER EAS Cre Vendue Master, appointed by Mis
Miojostys Ltiecs Patent, for the Colony of Berbice,
has thought propor, on the demise of his late Deputy
Willian burciad, do meminate and appoint Douald Chace
Jes Cameron, aad Lewis Cameron, Esquires, lo be jornle
ly and secerally hes Deputies; and those Gentlemen have
tng exhibited lo me their Powers in due form, and taken
the customary Oath for the performance of the dutics of
their Oyce, Lihue vecedved them in that capacity.
Notice whereofiis given to the Public, that they may
reecioe and ackuowledec these Gentlemen as Deputy Ven.
due Masters, of the Colony Berbice, and further govern
themselve S ACCC ridinely,
And that nora vance may be pretended, this Notiyi-
catton is made p Lhe through the customary channel,
Given under iny [land and Seal, at the King’s Louse,
in New Amsterdam, Berbice, this 16th day of Au.
gust, Isls.
J. GRANT, Acting Governor.
Ry his Evcelloncy's command.
‘hiaos. GC. EMERY Gov. See.
View original Secrelary’s Office.
Wordt ceadserteerd, dat, This ts to inform the Pu.
de volgende personen voor. blic, that the following per-
nemens zyn wl deze Kolonic sons intend quitting this Co.
fe vertrekkeun. lony.
A. A. dela Court in 6 weeks from Aug. 14.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original - —- -—_--e— eee
WORDT hiermede bekenuy NOTICE és hereby given,
gemaakt, dat con muand nu\that a month after date the
dato de volgende Transpor-) following Transports and
fen en Hipoth Wa)! cullen Morlgages well be passed,
werleden worden.
July 17. James Fraser will transport to W. Alves
and the Assignees of the Estate of G. Baillie,
Lot No. 14, east sea coast canal.
The Representatives of the Estate of tbe
View original late Jus, Fraser, will transport (o the Repre-
sentatives of Cie Tistate of Plarbourne Barn-
well, the western half effet No. 4, in Canje.
J.B. Rule will Ganspushto 8. Bain 2) roods
of land of lot No. 19, New Amst. south side
next the back dam, and 27 roods on the norih
side of No. 12 next the back dam.
S. Bain will transport to Harriet Parkinson,
21 roods of land of lot No. 19 N. Amst. south
side, back dam.
——— S. Bain will transport to Elizabeth Fraser 13
roods of land of lot No. 19, north side, back
24 July. Ths. Frankland, qq. will transport to De-
merary, 100 Negroes, being the Gang of Plo.
Union, west corentyn, names to be seen at (hs
Dr. C. Schwiers will transport to J. Vogt,
Lots 55, 56, & 57, second cinpolder.
Simon Fraser will transport to the Repre-
sentatives of R. Dodson, Pln. Litchfield, on
the west sea coast of this cotony, with all the
slaves and other appurtenances to the same
W. Katz will transport to J. A. Franendorf
774 acres land, part of Pla. Cumberland, in
Aug. 1. J. Zimmerman will transport to the free ne-
gro woman May, 29 roods trom the northern
half of Lot No. 19, New Amst. adjoining the
new centre road.
Mrs. C. Klonck, widow and Relict of Tf. JJ.
Buse, dec. will transport to Johu Berestord,
N.u. apartot the lot No. 1, firstempolder an
New Amst. with the building thercou, adyoin-
ing the new centre road.
——— A. Thornborrow will transport to Demerarys
51 Negroes, names to be scen at this oflice.
W. Munro (Corentyn) will pass a mortgave
In favor of Cam beils fraser & Co. vested on
Pln. Dingwall, or hatt No. 40, Coscutyn, cum
Wi Munro (Corentyn) will transport to
Taitt and Hollingsworth, the half of Lot No.
AON Corentyn, known under the name of kp-
som.—Tiatt and Uollingsworth wall puss a
morieage on Pla. epson, or the halt of Lor
No. 40, Corentyn, as also on 20) Negroes, in
favor of W. Nunro, (Corentyn).
Aug. 14. J. Quarles will transport to We Rewley,
his part of lot No. Soon New Amst. with the
building thereon, adjotmtug west to Mary
Blair, and cast toll. Wo. thachmann.
Win. hewley will Gransport to Ph. C. Jones
and Jolin Quarles, the loi of land called Ta-
pinsburgh, situated in the East coast canal.
Who are lo pass ® moriyage on sad tod,
with SO head of cattle and: their encrease, in
favor of saad We. kewley.
KR. co. DOWNER. See
WHEREAS the follow ine persons have addressed
themselycs to the Hlon. Courts Poliey and Critaiaia
Justice, of the colony Berbice, at theizs Sessiois of
the 26th July, ISIS, lor Letters of Warmmissioi.
Phe mulatto woman Wodl/y é/agary assisted vy 1.
I’. hischer, tor hherselt.
Wl. Luthers for the Sambo woman Massy.
Notice whereot 1s hereby giver to Chose whom it
may concern, and who may wish taoppose the erant
of sald Jetters ob Mantimission, that they may ad-
dress themselves in writing to the undersigned Scere-
lary of the Coloay, previous to. the ensuing Sessions
of the Hon. Court, when a final disposition will be
made on the aforesaid PetiGions.
Berbice, 21th July. R.C. DOWNER, Sec.
A Brick Sluice being wanted in the front part of
lot No. 52, New Ampterdam, of sutlicient dimens-
tons, to drain the sad town, Sealed proposals for
the building of said Slutce and the furnishing of all
the materials thereto required, accompanied with a
Han ot the work, marked, (Tender for a Brick
Stuice), will be received by the undersigned until
the 25th August, when the said ‘Tenders will be op-
ened by the Committee, and the lowest offer, if ap-
proved of, accepted. Security will be required from
the Contractor for the performance of his agreement.
Berbice, 31 July.
By order of the Committee.
——____. .
DRI TED from the water side of the Subscriber,
a Punt, about 27 feet long by 10 broad, with a flat
bottom and square ends. ~—Also Strayed or Stolen,
from Plantation Seawell, a large black Ox with
spreading horus. Any person giving such informa-
tion that they may be recovered, will be rewarded,
and all reasonable expences paid.
View original —_—_——
SIX able House Servants—apply to the under-
signed, or cither of them. J. VAN DEN BROEK.
24 July. G. PAUELS.
View original Vendue Office.
Public Vendues.
On Wednesday the 25th August will be sofd at thd
Vendue Otfice, by order of Capt. Clapham, a Schooner
with masts, Sails, Rigging and auchor.
By order of J. FE. Mathews, Esq. a Ships vinnance
coppered, with mast sails Xe,
By, the Vendue master in Commission, paint and paint
oil cotton socks, Trish linen platillas stationiry assorted
afew Casks Salt fish &c.
D.C. CAMERON Den. Vendue Master.
On Thursday 26th August next, will be sold, on
the spot, by order ofthe Hon'ble. Orphan Chamber,
Plantation Vary’shburg, situate on the east sea coast
of this colony, with the Negroes and all other ap-
purtenances, thereunto belonging—terms of Sale ma
be known on application to the Vendue Master,
The Vendue Master, on above place, will sell iu
commission, [4 fine fat Oxen.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Ve:.due Master.
On Wednesday the Ist Sept. and following days,
will be sold by orlerof Robt. Tait, and Wm. NKew-
icy, Esqrs. tu their capacity as Curators to the Ps-
fate of the late: Richard Barry, dee.—The western
hathol Plantation Neslandhal/, being one-thiid of
Lot No. 2), Corentyn coast.
NU. Phe Sale will take place on the spo!,——and
Perms of payment, Chose purchasing under f 1000.
wable in Gmontbs, and above that sum inG 9& 12
ihe southern Walf of Plantation [Zarricl, being half
Lot No. 76 Correctyn, together with buildings, and
Slaves, stock and atland every thing thereunto bee
longing—Inventories of which to be seen at the Vene
duce office.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Venduc Master.
On the 2d Sept. will be sold at Pin. Hog-ty, by order
of the curators of the date Ro Merchant dec. lLouschold
furniduce House Servants, and some field negroes—and by
yoder of W. Fraser sq. tO Cows and 50 Sheep.
D. C, CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Vass r.

. a _
On Tuesday 7th Sept. by order of Janes Bennett,
hq. on No, 12 West coast, frou SO to 10 head fine
C itile.—3 and 0 months credit,
D. CG. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original ee
On Wednesday [5th Sept. by order of A. A. de
la Court, Esq. the whole of his household furciture,
an elegant blue table service for 24 persons. 2 horse
and chaise, 2 sets of harness, saddles and bres, &ee
D.C. CAMERON, Dey. benduc Mastr.
—— —______
FROM Pin. Good Hope, Corenty nu. between the
afternoon of the 96th and the mornine of the 27th ult.
A new Pant, silver bally planked, 26 feet long by 7
wide, without any far, except a littl: run over the
scAams—any person picking tup, will be rewarded,
by applying to JF. Lawson, Esq. or on the estate to
the Manager.
7 Aug. G. GORDON.
View original FOR SALE.
BY the Subscriber, on Lot No. 11,—Trish linen,
long Iayvn, cotton shirting, cotton & coffee bagving,
Negro hats, stationary, soap & candles, sadlery and
chaise harness, [PL & hook and eye hinges, from 6
fo Of inches,, cotton pruning knives, American fal-
ling axes, socket chissels, all sizes & stay bars & sta-
ples, nails, coflee menaries, and London particular
Madcira wine, in pipes, hhds, & qrt. casks, and a
qhantity of crabwood lumber inch and inch & half.
7 Aug. CH. KYTE.
TIDE subscriber (supported by a Gentlemen on
the coast) will Nill, on Sunday the Ist Aug. at the
house of Janes Burnett, middle dam, a Fat Ox,
which he pledyves himself to continue weekly, provi-
ded he meets that encouragement his attention ma
merit: and as it may not be convenient at all times
to send cash, he request a Good to amount of beef
required, at fifteen slivers per pound, which Goods
he proposes collecting every two or three months, or
sooner, circumstances would require, so that he
may be enabled to support the concern with first
quality Beef,
Good Mutton every Tuesday and Friday, to be
bespoken over night.
31 July. B. YOUNG.
View original RUNAWAY.
FROM the subscriber, a Negro man named Dick,
of the Congo Nation, and is well hnown in this co-
lony, has a remarkable rising on his right wrist
any person taking him up, or lodging him in the
barracks, shall bave a reasonable reward.
14 Aug. MARY W. DAWS
View original POST OFFICE.
LIST of Letters remaining in the Post-O ffice,
which if not called for, will be forthwith return-
ed4o Europe.
Brown, Mrs.) Bridgewater “Miss F. ) Bisphane, Mr.
J.) Barnes, Mr. J.) Bryant, Mr. J.) Balfour, Dr. J.
Corsis, F’. I. de heer.) Carter, J. Wickman.) Chap-
man, Rich. Esq.) Collier, Mr. Rich.)
Douglas, Edmond A.) Domings, Chs.) Dunlop, Jas.
Dodgson, Robt.) Dromgold, Miss Mary.) Dove, Mr.
Eboral, Mr. Charles.) Elliot, Mr. Jos.
Findlater, Mr. David.
Gallez, L. F. de heer.) Guyot, Monsr. J.) Goring,
Dr. J. 7
, ]
Harvie, Mr. Jas.) Herlin & Bender) Wagburne, Miss
Carsenia.) EL: all, Mr. Jos.) Hall, Miss Catharine.)
Hinde, Mr. Thomas.) He ytmeye r, J. W.) Hewitt,
J. Lsq. Nickirie.) Henery, Mr. John.
Jones, Capt.) Johan, Jacob.) Jackson, Jas [sq.
Kerr, Catharine.) King, Mr. Wain.) Kerr, Mr. Wm.
Kennedy, Mr.
Tong, Ths. C.) Luthers, Hf.) Lighton, Mr. Thos.
Jiewis Manor qq. of.)
Milligan, Jas. Esq.) Mekinmice, Alex.) McDonald
J. Esq.) Morris, Capt.) McDowal, Capt. Robert.
Mckenzie, Mr.) Muncher, J. J. Fisq. ) Melntosh,
Mr. Alex.) Melenzic, ©: pt. ) Meredith, Robert.)
Mckenzic, Mr. Rodk.) Mosset, Watchmaker.
Pissinirken, Miss. B.) Philips, Nath. Esg.) Pollet,
Jacob Carel.
Rawlins, Mrs.) Ricketts, Sam. Esq.) Reynolds, Mr.
W .) Roberts, Mr... ivhn. ) Rose, Mr. W. Inverness.
(Rimmer, Oliver.
Sheppard, ‘Ths. sq.) Stewart, Mr. Allin.) Shaw,
Mr. Alex.) Shanks, Mr. i ) pander, . P. Tisq.)
Shanks, Ee. fsq.) Stewart, Mr. Jam.) 2, iter, Mer,
Campbell.) Sowerby, Mir. Johan Smith, Mis. Mok,
(Schwartz, Mr. G.
Tuit, Jas. Capt.) Thompson, bt.) Taitt, I. Esq.)
Watt, Alex. Peg.) Wade, Phos. Esq.) Wade,
sq.) WW le, lyase | su.) v\ ee Mr. (aco ) Vy ale
ker, Dr. dico.
Young, Mr. William.
Post- Office, 2st Aue. ISIS
Wu. S| On De }). Postsr. (len.
— <—..____ ee
TH E Subscribers off rs for Sal. at ther Siove
on Lot No. 16, the fuluoicinge articles, on reas-
onahle lorues . tur caste,
Bottled porter iu hampers
A few half barrels Jew's beef
Sallad oil, mustard, butter, & barley
Welch flannel & milPd green cloth.
Printine@aloth for carpeting
Green printed table cloths
Fine black, blue, & greert cloth.
White & green canvas
Striped & linen checks
Russia duck & Irish sheeting
Negro cloathing r& check shirts
Gentleme n’s & ady’s stockings
Gent. socks—coflee bagging
Nails from 4 to 20 penny
Anda few reams post paper
"4 July. J. L. KIP & Co.
View original NOTICE.
ALL persons indebted to ?. 4. Braun, ever since
the years 1809, 1810, 1811, & IS12, are once more
requested to render payment of their accounts, either
to the undersigned or 4. G. Calmer, Isq. as being
thereunto duly authorized; in default of which the
undersigned will be in the necessity to enforce pay-
ment by law proceedings.
31 July. H.C. HWINTZEN. qq.
THE whole or any part or parts of the Lots No’s.
1 and Q, situated in the Town of New Amsterdam, a
_ Chart thereof is to be seen at Mrs. Buses’s, or at
Mr. F. Nicolay’s, at whose house ou lot No. 3, fur-
ther particulars may be known. 24 July.
View original eC —™
—_<—— CC "42. _ —_
FE Beier
Owing to the Number and lateness of Proclamations
when received for insertion, we have not becu alle to pu-
blish many of the advertisements, purlicularly ‘husefrom
the Marshal's Ojjice, but will have them ready in a
on Monday next, at 2 o’cloch, P.M.
View original From the late knglish Papers.
Bloomfield, Canada, June 15.
**It will be remembered that the American forces, sup-
posed to consist of 6 and 7000 men, under Gen. Dearbion,
made alandingeat Newark Ou Thursday morning, the 27th
May: the Britishafter a short contest, retreated to Forty,
Mile Creek about 55 iiles distant from Fort George, and
the nextday Col. Preston, with a small body of men, enter.
ed Fort Eric without resistance. ‘The British hid destroyed
or removed ail the public property at that post, aud on
their whole Jine on the river—eacept a small quantity vu:
flour, which fellinto our hands near Quecustown, and
were destroyed by a party of British, unace Col. Phomas
Clack thesame night. —Onu the 3lstol May, our fleet sailed
from Newark to Secket’s Ilarbour, a> it was understood,
to protect that place.s—On Puesday the dst of June, Gen.
Winder with 2000 Amenican troops, lit kort George, aud
moved tuwards the Forty Mule Creck, where it was now
ascertained the Biidish had posted thoniselves, in formida.
ble intrenchments. Ou Friday morning, Ith June, ano-
ther body of American trvops, stated at 2000 men, under
command of Gen, Chandler, marched to reiuforce Gen.
Winder, in the meditated attack ou the British at koity-
Mile Cree. The baggage of the army was sent on by
water, in boats. On the approach of the American army
under Gen, Winder, the Isritish felt there post at the
Forty-Mile Creek, and retired about 20 wiles, where they
threw up intrenchments on a ring ground.—Phe Amer.
can forceadvanccd beyond the Forty-Mile Ceeok bl tniles,
and encamped on Saturdsy cveuing, the St.— lwo hours
before day-light on the morning of the Ooh, the isritist
advanced guard, composed cuucely of regulars. and cou
sisting of avout S00 men, cunmanded by Goa. Vineene
broke into the Atnenican eneampimcnt. Phas was efocted
with great success un their part. Loy some micas th enciis
had obtained our Coumtersigu sit thas Deo Conpoetured,
by the desertion of some of the inhabaconats, who had Jones
(ho American army in its advance, Phe Nine tea packet
guard who were within one-lourth of anielo of the mara
body, were cntirly cut off; Gre seotimels surprised and
taken prisoners, and no alacm given until Che enemy set
up in the midst of the camp the dudian war wheoo. | Vata
this cry they rushed into the Auierican eneampmealy, any
took possession of a number vl canon, which they fataly
turned @eainst our troops, “The contusion became Goa, was taken prisoner, by mistaking a body of the
cnen.y whe were directing ie eanon,—Chandier was also
Captuecd atter Naving his horse shot under him, aud tom.
self stightly woundcd—vajor Vanderverter is ainong Ue
slain this day with about 200 of our men. ‘The nusiber
Of Kallod is stated to be GUO on the Amenean side aud GO
motoe British, among whouw ds Major Clark, supposed of
(hoe 0th regitweutss—Phie sane day, Sunday the Goby oan
We dorenoua, Che Amemecead lorce retired in ceca disorder,
Uoddod Conoutd OF Coucl thurs of the deaggons, lear.
To take ded om the toed. bin Chetry retreat they were
Jouned by Uo remmorcement wich lett Newark ond aiday
» viodss Under Commatd of Gen, Ciosndler. Phe news
fH otuis diswscor poached Newark by express on Sunday
ifat. Geenerals Lewis and Boyd, stone o'ctok on Mou.
U4y moening, belt that place to tuke command of our re.
lang fore.s, aud Joined thens the same day.—On VPuesday
Wome g at anearly hour Ue Britto leet made their ap.
pearouce Oh the Forty-Mal Creck, where the Aiwertcan
arty Creu dank, and demanded by a tlag its immediate sure
pender. Gea. Lewis reccived and treated this demand
Wilh wodignation, Anattack was then made upon the
American boats all of whic escaped excepting nine, con.
taining baggage of the Oilicers, Mc the rescue of which
was prevented by the British landiog a force to protect
them. After the rencounter, the residue of the American
army effected aretreat to Fort Gcorge—having lost in the
different engagements L000 men; in killed, wounded, and
prisoners. ‘They reached Fort George ou ‘Thursday last.
We are further mformed, that on Saturday evening pre.
parations were making for a retreat from Newark, boats
being stationed along the east bank of the river.—Great
consternation prevaded at that place. Colonel Proctor
and furces had joined Gen, Vincent, and were on Friday,
it is said, within 20 miles of Fort George. Our flect is
in Sacket’s harbour, waiting the out-tit of the new frigate.
—Gen. Dearbon, being quite ill, was to have leit Neward
on Sundag the 18th, for Albany.
A private letter from Lord Wellingtow’s army, menti-
ons, that ‘‘there was a gallant atiair between the 1Oth
hussars, supported by part of the 18th, and a brigade of
French cavalry, under Gen, Dijon, on the 2d of June, at
a village near ‘Toro.—Lieut. Cotton was killed, and Capt.
Lloyd made prisoner. ‘The 10th and 18th took 207 pri.
soners, and butfor the French having much artillery, the
whole brigade would bave been destroyed. Gen. Dijon
View original ran away at the first onset. ‘The Life Guards arte with the
light brigade.”
Heligoland, June 10.—The French, for the purpose of
punishing the citizens of Jlamburgh, have demanded acon.
tribution of 84 millions of frances, to be paid within four
weeks from the 12th instant, the one half in cash, the re-
mainder in bills payable at Paris. ‘Those who have been
most liberal in their subscriptions for the liberty of Gere
many are to pay the greater part of it. - Fight of the most
respectable inhabitants of Hamburgh, among whom are
Messrs. Godeliry, S. Schrader, and F. de Chapeaurouge,
have becn formed into a Commission to regulate the sums
to be individually paid.
It appears by an article from Altona, that all the pro-
visions which the Danish Government wished to send to
Norway have been seized by the English and Swides, and
collected in magazines close to the Swedish frontiess, in
revenge for which the Danes affect to mcnace Sweden with
an immediate invasion from Norway. This silly threat
was held out before the conclusion of the armistice in
Silesia, and was doubtless intended to deter the Crown
Prince from proceeding to co-operate with the allies.
We have no doubt that measures have already been (a-
ken for holding a Congress for the adjustment of the affairs
of the Continent, at which we still hope the Emperor of
Austria will act a part becoming. the high station he now
holds, His Imperial Majesty, we find, had set out from
Vienna for Bohemia, and was immediately to be followed
by his Minister for Foreign Affairs, Count Metternich,
a circumstance of itself sufficient to shew that negociation
is the object of his present journey.
View original Stunmons by Edict.
BY virtue ofan Appointment, given by the Court
Civil Justice, under date of Wth April ISIS, granted
upon a petition of Charles McIntosh, teapacily as
appotuted Pseenwor to the Kast Will and ‘Pestament
OL Dona (aneron, dec.
J the undersigned, Virst Marshal of both Courts
of this colony, and at the request of atoresaid Chs.
Melatosh, in lis capacity aforesaid,
Sumnonby Pict:
All known and unknown Crecitors against the be-
forementioned estate of Donald Cameron, dec. to ap-
per ‘before the Hun. Court of Civil Justice of this
colony, at their session which will be held in the
month of July 1814, (say One thousand cight hun-
dred and fourteen), there to deliver in their claims,
to verify Che same, and further to proceed accord.
Ine to Law, on painot heing for ever debarred their
richt of claim, .
This summons by edict is published by beat of
drum, as cusiomary. Berbice, 2d July, 18b3.
K. FRANCKEN, Frrst Marshul,
View original BY virtue of an appointinent, granted by the
Hon. Court of Civil) Justice of this colony, under
date of 28th April, upon a petition of Charles AIc-
Tritosh, WW capacity as appointed Executor to the
last Woillawd Testament of Charves Gordon, dec.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and atthe request of said Ch. McIntosh,
tin lis capacity abovementioned.
Summon by Edict:
AN known and unknown creditors against the es-
fate of Ch. Gordon, dee. to appear before the Court
of Civil Justice of this colouy, at theic session to be
held inthe month of duly in the year one thous
sand cight hundred and fourteen, (say 1814), there
lo render their claims against said estate, to verif
the same , and further to procecd according to law,
on pain of being for ever debarred their right of
claim in case of default,
This Sammon by iedtet made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court house of this colony,
aud further dealt with according to custom
Berbice, 2d July, ISIS.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original BY virtue of authority, granted by the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, dated 25 June,
ISIS, given upon a Petition of Janes Fraser, and
Simon Fraser, in capacity as the only within. this
colony residing Executors of the Last Will and Tes-
tament of van Duncan Fraser.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request: of beforenamed Jas.
Fraser and Ss, Praser, in capacity as Curators to the
said Estate of LE. D. Fraser, and by virtue of above-
named appointment.
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors aevinst the es-
tate of Evan Duncan Fraser, to appear before the
Court of Civil Justice, of this their Session
which willbe held in the month of July, 1814, (say
Lighteen hundred and fourteen), there to exhibit
and verify their claims, to see opposition made there-
unto, if necd, and alter expiraviou of the Fourth
Edictal Summons, to witness the Court’s decision on
the preferent and concurrent right of claimants, and
further to) proceed ac cording to law, on pain to all
those who remain in detault, of being for ever de-
barred their rig lit ol claim.
This summon by ediet made known to. the Public
by beat of drum as customary—Berbice,14 Jaly,
Kk. PRANCKEN, Lirst Marsha.
View original SALE BY EXECUTION.
Second Proclwnation.
BY virtue of a Writ of Execution, granted by
His Excellency J. Murray, Brigadier General,
and Acting Governor of the colony Berbice and its
Dependencies, &ce. &c. &e.
Upon a petition of Jno. Douglasand Gilbert Ro-
berlson, Executors to the last Will and Testament
of Jos. Cliff, dec.—versus, Peter Fairbairn, te Al-
torney for Jas. Maxwell, of the Island Barbados.
Be it therefore known, that I the undersigned have
caused to be taken in Execution, at the instance ot
said J. Douglas and G. Robertson, in their aforesaid
capacity, the Cotton [state
situate on the West sea coast of this colony, the pro-
perty of the Estate of Jas. Maxwell, dec. with all its.
cultivation, buildings, slaves, &c. conformable to an
Inventory formed thereof, and lying at the Marshal’s
Office for the inspection of those whom it may con-
Which said cotton Estate Britannia, cum annexis,.
I the undersigned intend to sell, after the expira-
tion of one year and six wecks, from the 6th August,
1813, conformable to the Regulations of the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, dated Ist January,
1810, respecting the Sale of Estates by [Execution
in this colony, in order to recover from the pro-
ceeds of said sale such sum of money as wheretore
the said plantation Britannia, has been taken in Lxe-
This 2nd Proclamation published by beat of drum
as customary. Berbice, 15> Aug. ISIS.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original SALE ey EXECUTION,
Secund Proclamafion.
BY virtue ofa Writ of Execution, granted by Iis
Excellency Joun Murnay, Brigadier General, and
Acting Governor in and over the colony of Berbice
and its dependencies, Vice Admiral, and President
in all Courts and Colleges within the same, :
&c. &ec. Src.
Upon a Petition of John Layficld qq. John Dod-
son X Co. of Lancas'er, versus, George Munro, un-
der date of 26th Jonuary, IStS.
Be it theretore known, that [the undersigned have
caused te be taken in iexecution, at the instance of.
said J. Layiicl! qu. J. Dod-on & Cv. of Lancaster,
The Colton Estate No. 2t.
situate on the Corcatine coast, the property of said
G. Manro, with allits Cultivation, Buildings, Slaves.
and further \ppurtenances, and Dependencies there-
tu belonging, amd speciied tn the Inventory thereof,
lying at Che Marshe’s: Otfice tor the inspection of
those whoin tt nay concern,
Which samt Cotton dstate No. 21, enm annexis,
T the understgned intend) to Sell, after the CX pira-
tion of one year and six weeks, from the 2d August,
ISIS, conlormedle to the Reeulations of the Court
of Civil Justice, dited Ist Funuary 1810, respecting
the Sale of estates by ixecution ino this colony, TT
ordef to recover trom the proceeds of said sale, such
sum of money as wherefore the said Estate No. 2]
have been taken in bxeecution.
This 2ad Proclamation published by beat of dram
according to cust. Berbice, 15 Aug. IS13.
Rh. ERA NCK LN. lirst Marshal,
-_ —- <--—

View original ——EE —~
iY virtue of an txtract of the Minutes of the
Proceedings of the Court of Justice, of this colony,
dated 2ith Jane ISI, given in the cause entitled
“The Guardians of the minor Ana Cam: ron, Plain-
tiff in case of Opposition, respecting the Sale of Plan-
tation /fogstyc, versus, P. Sythoff qq. Rich. Bar-
ry, or the Curators of said Estate, the persons in
whose favor said) dontation Hogstye’was to be sold.
Notice is hereby viven to the Public, éhat the sale
of Pln. Hogsive, with all its Cultivation, Buildings,
Slaves, &c. thereto belonging, will now take place
on Thursday the 2d Sepiemberr 1813, on the spot.
Whoever should thik to have any right, interest
or claim on the atoresid Plant’n. Hogstye, and wish-
es to @ppose the sale thereof, let’ such person or
persons address themselyes to me the first Marshal,
declaring their reasons for such Opposition in due
time and form: as l hereby give notice that [ will
receive opposifion from every one thereunto quali-
fied, appotut thema day to have his or her claim
heard before the Court, and further to proceed ac-
cording to law.
‘his first Proclamation made known to the Public
by beat o! drum as customary, Berbice 8 Aug. 1813
It. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
Fourth Proclamation
BY virtue of authorily erauted by the ITonorable
Court of Civil Justice, ot this colony, under date of
Ist May 1815, upon a Petition of A. J. Glasius and
B. J. Schwiers, Sequestrators over Plantation Vrede
en Vriendschap, and half Goudmyn.
Notice is hereby given, that I the undersigned,
First Marshal of the Courts of this colony, will sell
View original —_ rep “EE «wee mu Rn s. 282
by public Execution Sale, ia the saenth of duty,
1814, (the precise day hereatter to be notified cite’
the Gazette of (his colony.) '
The Plantation VREDE en Viti NDSCIIAP, and
halfof Plantation GOUDMYN, with all ifs culti-
vation, buildings, slaves, and other appurtenances,
and dependencies thereto belonging
Whoever should think to have any right, action,
or interest on the abovementioned plantations, and
its dependencies, and wishes to oppose this sale by
!’xecution, let him or them address themselves to me
the undersigned, declaring their reason for so doing
ina legal manner in writing, as | hereby give notice
that I will receive opposition from all intermediate
person or persons, appoint them a day to have their
claims heard before the Court, and further act there-
on according to law.
This 4th proclamation published by beat of drum
as Customary. Berbice, 8 Aug. J815.
K. FRANCKEN, lst Marsha.
View original SALE sy EXECUTION.
Fourth Proclamation.
WHEREAS I the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from His Excellency R. Gorvon, Governor
General of the colony Berbice, and its Dependen-
cies, &c. &e. &e.
Upon a Petition of Joha Beresford, wider date of
25th April 1812, versus, J. Cort qq. Benficld’s Es-
fate, as thus having signed the Bill of Exchange for
Which this action is instituted.
Have caused to be taken in Execution and put un-
der Sequestration :
Phe undivided half of Plantation RESOURCE,
being the Eastern one third of Lots No’s. Lb anid 12,
situate on the western cuast of Corentyn with all its
Slaves, Buildings, Cultivation, &c. the property of
I’. Cort aturesaid.
Be it therefore Knowu, that I tee undersigned in-
tend to Sell, afierthe expiration of One year and Six
week, from the 22d February 1813, the aboveia-
med undivided hawt of Pla. Resource, as above spe-
cified, with allits cullivatéon, buildings, slaves, and
further ap- and dependencies thereto belonginz, all
conformable to aa Inventory formed thereot aad aos
lying at the Marshal’s Ollice tor the Inspechion of
those whuin it may Concern, in order to recover frou
the proceeds of said Execution Sale, such capital
sun, interest, &c. as wherefore the same lias been
laken in execution, cum er porccs.
This 4th Proclamation made known to the public
by beat of drumas customary. Berbice S Aug. ISIS.
KK. PRANCKEN, foot Marshal.
fourth Proclumation
WHEREAS [the undersigned, by authovity ob-
tained from His Excellency Rosieny Gorvoyx, Go-
vernor General in and over the colony of Berbice
and its Dependencies, Vice-Admiral, and President
in all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &e.
&c. .
Upona Petition of James Fraser, under date of
29th March 1813, versus, the Attorney or Attornics
or such person or persons as are qualified to act for
Alecander Iraser
Have caused to be taken in Execution and Seques-
(ration, the Cotton Estate
situate on the West sca coast of this colony, with all
its collivation, buildings, and slaves, the properly of
A. Fraser.
. Be it therefore known, that 1 the undersigned in-
(end to Sell, after the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 25th of June IS13, the abovemen-
ftoned Colton Plintation Seaficld No. 42,with all its
Cullivation, Buildings, Slaves, and further appurt-
enances and dependenciesthereto belonging, and spe-
ciied inthe faventory laying at the Marshal's Oftice
fur the inspection of those whom it may concern, in.
order to recover from the proceeds of said Execution
Sale such capital sum, interest and expences, as
wherefore the Estate abovementioned, has been ta-
ken in Execution.
This 4th Proclamation made known to the public
as customary. Berbice, | Aug. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original SALE spy EXECUTION.
Fourth Proclamation.
WHEREAS I the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from His Excellency Ropert Gornoy, Go-
vernor General of the colony Berbice and its De-
pendencies, Vice-Admiral, and President in all
Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c¢
Granted upon a petition presented tor that purpose
by James Fraser, under date of 29th March 1813,
versus the Executor or Executors of the Estate of
Patrick Small. As also versus the Executor or Ex-
ecutors of the Estate of the late Wm. Threlfail, dec.
Have caused to be taken in Execution, and put
under Sequestration, the undivided moiety of the cot-
ton Plantation No. 40 and 41, situate on the West
seacoast of this colony, with all the Cultivation,
View original Guildifivs, Slaves, and further Appurtenances and
Dependencies thereto belonging, vgreeable to an Ine
ventory formed thereof, and which lays at the Mare
shal’s Oilice for the inspection of those whom i may
Being the property of the Estates of Patric); Small
and Wi. Threlfall, dec.
Be it therefore known, that I the undersigned ine
tend to Sell, after the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 25th June ISIS. the said undivided
moiety of plantation No. 40 and 41, with all its Cule
tivation, Slaves, Buildings, and further Appurtene
ances thereto belonging, in order to recover from the
procecds of said Sale, such capital sum, interest, &c.
as wherefore the same has been taken in execution,
This 4th Proclamation made known to the publie
by beat of drum, as customary. Berbice 1 Aug. 1813
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
FF ss
View original Summons by Edict.
BY virtue of an extract from the minutes of the
proceedings of the Court of Rolls of Ciyil Justice,
held at the Court House on the 261) April 1813, gi-
ven in the cause, entitled— 7/5. Layfield, Robt.
Douglas and Jas. Sinclair, in. capacity as Curators
for Plantation Nica, belonging to ihe bordel of Ross
§ Sinclair, Plaintiffs by Edict, versus, all known
and unknown Creditors, as well of the Estate John
Ross as of John Sinclair, in their life time partners
inthe House of Commerce trading under the Firm
of Ross & Sinclair, and in that capacity Proprietors
of the Cotton Estate Nigg, Detendants,
I the undersigned first Marshal of both) the Hono-
rable Courts of this colony, and at the reguest of
aloresatd Plaintiffs.
Summon by Edict for the Third Time «
All known and unknown Creditors as wellof the
state Jolin Ross as of John Sinclair, in their life
(une Partaers in the House of Commerce trading un-
der the Firm of Ross & Sinclair, and in that capaci-
ty Proprietors of the cotton Estate Nise. ‘To appear
before the Hlon. Court of Justice, at Lhe sessions of
the ordinary Court of Rolls, on Monday the 2d A ug.
ISIS, in order torender their claims in due form,
Whereas after the expiration of the Courth Edictal
Suimmions, will be proceeded against the non-appear-
ers according to day.
This third summons by edict being made known
tothe public, by beat ofdram, as customary.
Berbice, 26th July, 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, Ist Erpl.
View original ——— ee
Summons by Edict.
BY virtue of anappointment granted by the Hone
orable Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under
date of 23th Aug. 1812, upon a petition presented
by Win. Innes, incapacity as Curator over the Es-
tate of Jcha Donaldson, dec.
J tne undersigned First Marshal of both the Ton.
Courts of this colony, and at the request of atoresaid
Win. Innes, in capacity aforesaid,
Sununon hy dicts;
AM known and unknown claimants against the Estate
of John Donaldson, dee. to appear before the Court
of © ivil Justice ot this colony, at their session, to be
held in the month of October, ISI, say LViehteen
hundred and thirteen, there to give in their claims
avalast said estate, and further lo proceed according
to Law.
This summons by edict made known tothe Public
by beat of drum, from the Court louse of this colony,
and further deatt with conformable to custom.
Berbice, 2d July, (S13.
Kb ranexeg,,. First Marshal.
View original A. FLEURY’s LOTTERY.
Plan of a Lottery.
To be drawn with Permission of His Lxcellency
Governor J. GRANT.
Consisting of the Northern front quarter of Lot
No. 37, in the second empolder of the Town of New
Amsterdam, with the Buildings thereon, and Ape
praised by Mr. JI. Grant, Carpenter, at J 4,708.
There will be 107 Tickets, at 44. cach,
The Winner may take possession the very moe
ment after the drawing.
The costs of Transport are to be paid by the wine
The day of drawing of this Lottery will be made
known thro’ this Gazette.
TICKETS to be had at A. FLeury’s, this
Office, and La Rose’s Tavern.
Berbice, 24th July,
A good house boy—apply to this oflice. 3 July.
FOR SALE—At this Otfice—Blank Bills of Exe
change, Bills of Lading, and the AZanner of Procees
dings, before the Court of Civil Justice of this Cae
Published ecory Saturday at 4 o'clock, p. ms,
By W. SCHULZ & Co. ’

21 August 1813