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The Berbice Gazette

View original Twelve dollars p. annwn.
View original Marshal's Office.
NOTICE is hereby given, that by virtue of an
Extract of the Minutes of (he Proecedings of the To-
norable Court of Civil Justice of this colony, beartig
date 25th June ISIS, given in the cause entitled 4.
MacKintosh, Plaintiff, in cise of opposition, versus,
La Rose, (respecting the Sale by Execution of the
Negro Primo) Defendant. 1 the undersigned shall
expose anid Sell, at public Execution Sale, on Wed-
nesday the 2th July [S15, at the Court House of
this colony, at HT o'clock in the forenoon of that day,
and inthe presence of (wo Coauccllors Commiss2-
ries, and their Secretary,
The abovenemed Negro Prino.
Berbice, loth July, iSts.
K. Fravexen, First Marshal.
Birst Proclamation.
WUEREAS | the undersigned, by authority ob-
fained from [is Excellency R. Gordon, Governor
General of the colony Berbice, and its Dependen-
cles, &e. Ko. ke, .
Upon a Petition of Joha Beresford, under date of
95th April isl2, versus, ff. Cort qq. Benficld’s ls-
tate, as thus having siened the Billot lexchange for
which this action is instituted. .
Have caused to be taken dn Execution and put an-
der Sequestration:
Whe undivided balfof Phintation 7 PSOURCT,,
being the [vastern one Chrirc! of Lots No’s. 11 and bY,
situate on the western coast of Corentyn with all tt
Slaves, Buildings, Cultivation, &c. Ute property oe!
BF. Cort aforesaid.
Be it therefore known, that Ptee undersigned t-
tead to Sell, atlerth = ex piiation of Oue year ana
week, from the YL Bebouay PSlo, dhe above.
med undivided hufot Phi. Resource, as above spe
cified, with clbats eaillmvatvon. bourtledaos, shaves hades
further ap- subiad Gepenel mWeues thereto bret Woibly cble
conformable tocn hiventory termed heecot smi
lying at the Marshal’s. OQiice for the inspection o
those whom it muy Concern. U1 ordertoe recoyed trai
the proceeds of said ixcention Sate, seth Gaga
sui, titerest, We. as wherefore Che sie thes Gor
taken mpexccutton, C7 EL pPCuces.
his first Proclamation made hgiown to the publi
by beat of druamas customary.
Berbice, Is dulv, PSts.
K. FRANCHKEN, Piest Wao sho’
—- -- -
Second Proclamalen
WIEEREAS tthe undersigned, by authority ob-
taraed from this lexecilency Louwrier (iownon, Go-
vernor General in, and over the colony of Berbice
and its Dependencies, Viee-Adiiral, and President
in all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c.
Upona Petition of James Fraser, under date of
99ih March ISIS, versus, the Attorney or Attoriates
or such person or persons as are qualified to act for
Alexander Lrascr
Have caused tobe taken in Execution and Seques-
tration, the Cotton Estate
situate on the West sea coast of this colony, with ali
its cultivation, buildings, aad slaves, the property ot
A. Fraser.
Be it therefore known, that L the undersigned in-
tend to Sell, after the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 25th of June 1513, the abovemen-
tioned Cotton Plantation Scafield No. AQ,with all its
Cultivation, Buildings, Slaves, and further appurt-
enances and dependencicsthereto belonging, and spe-
cified inthe lnventory laying at the Marshal’s Office
for the inspectign of those whom it may concern, in
order to recover from the proceeds of said Mxecution
Sale such capital sum, interest and expences, as
wherefore the Estate abovementioned, has been ta-
ken in Execution.
This 2nd Proclamation published by beat of drum
as Custumary. Berbice, 18 July, TIS.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshed.
View original
View original SALE BY EXECUTION.
Second Proclamation.
WHEREAS | the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from His Excellency Ropert Gorvon, Go-
vernor General of the colony Berbiae and its De-
pendencies, Viee-Admiral, and President in all
Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c
Granted upon a petition presented tor that purpose
by Janes Fraser, ander date of 89th March 1813,
versus (he Executor or Iexecutors of the Estate of
Patrick Small. As also versus the Executor or Lx-
ecutors ol the state of the late Wm. Threlfall, dec.
Ifave causcd to be taken in execution, aud put
under Sequestration, the undivided moicty of the cot-
ton Plantation No. 40 and 41, situate on the West
sea coast of this colony, with all the Cultivation,
Buildings, Slaves, and jurther Appurtenances and
Dependencies thereto belonging, agreeable to an In-
ventory formed thereof, and which lays at tie Mar-
shal’s Olkce for the tispection of these whoin tt may
concer, /
Being the property of the Estates of Patrick Smali
and Wan. Phreliall, dec.
Be it theretore known, that | the uaders?gned in-
tend to Sell, after the expiration of oue year and stn
weeks, from the Goth June IS13, dhe saat undivided
mviety of plantation No. 40 ana dd, with all ils Cul-,
tivation, Slaves, Buudines, and further Appurten-
wnecs ther to belonging, i order to recover trom the
proceeds of said Sate, such capital sum, interest, &c.
as wherefore Cac same bas been taken i execution,
This 2nd Proclamation published by beat oi drum
coording to custum. Berbice, Is duly, Isls.
: K. FRANCKEN, Wiest Miarshus.
—_— -— —_— -
Second Proce amation,
PY virtue of anappotatment, given by lis tfonor
faves GORANI 5 Acting Governor of the Colony bocl-
biew, and its Bependcuctes, Xe. KO. &e.
( pora petition of Thomas di yer Lagfield veisus
Gilbert Robertson, under date ot both duly, Esty.
leche undersigned First Marshal of tie cours ot
‘| comnts of this colony, shiail UX PJsC and Sc li, al
Quoc Exceution Sale, ia prescuce of (wo Councel-
tory Comanissuics and thei Secretary,son Weducs-
gow the Pl Sagust StS, atthe Court touse of this
culony, at bi o’ctoek inthe forenoon ot that day.
Ve halpof Lot No. 79, situate in: Corentine vi-
tory AM AMS frutidisises and Callecalion, us
also Beco Newracs therclo dc longmy, th pru-
poly of sad OG. Robcrtson.
Whoover should think fo have any right, tmterest
of chau on the atoresaid Land ana 2 NELLOCS, cuit
wishts Ca uppose the sale thereas, let such person or
persons adeteoss Litmischl lo toe the lirst Marshal, de-
ehucnl tas cehsen tor such oppostiton, mm due Cone
tdci. ats Lhoreby give nodee, that bE will receive
Gppostlion front every oae, thereunto qualiticd, up-
pail (hema day Co have fis or her elu lead be-
wore the Court, aad durther wet therein according to
style and law.
This Yad Proclamation made kreown to the public
aus Customary. Berbice, IS duly, ists.
2 KR. FRANCK GN, beret darshad.
Second Prociawalion,
BY virtue of authority obtained trom His
Execllency Rosere Gouvon, Governor Gevcral in
aud over the colony Berbice and its dependencies,
Vice-Adimiral, and President in all Courts and Col-
leges within the same, &e. &C. XC,
Upon a petition presented by his Honor J/7. 8.
Bennett, Fiscal, R. O. versus, the Proprietor or Pro-
prictors, Representative or Representatives, of the
upper halfor Lot No. 35, situated in the second em-
polder of the Town New Amsterdam.
I the undersigned first Marshal of the Courts of this
colony, shallexpose and sell, at public Execution
Sale, in presence of two Councellors Commissaries
and their Secretary, on Wednesday the 11th August
IS13, at the Court House of this colony, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon of that day,
The abovenamed half Lot No. 35.
W hoever should think tohave any right, interest,
or claim, on the aforementioned Lot No. 35, 21 em-
polder N.Amst. and wishes to oppose the sale thereof,
View original
View original let such person address himself to me the First Mar-
shal, declaring his reason for such opposition, in due
(ime and form, as I hereby give notice that | will
receive opposition from every one thereunto quali-
fied, appoint thema day to have his or ber claim
heard before the Court, and further act therein ac-
cording to stile and law.
This 2nd proclamation published by beat of drum
as customary. Berbice, 18 July, 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, first Marshal.
a ee ee eee ——
Second Proclamiution,
BY virtue of a Writs of Execution, granted
by His Excellyncy Ronert Gorvoon, Governor
General in and over the Colony of Berbice and its
dependencies, Vice- Admiral, and) President of all
Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c.
(‘pon a petition presented by his Honor A7. 8.
Penuclt, Visca RO} versus, the Proprictor or Pro-
prictors, Representative or Representatives ofa part
ol Lot No. 13, situated in the first empolder of the
Town of ew Amsterdam, between the house of A.
bY. Visclfa&nd that of Mictje van W intz.
J the wiQyrsigned First: Marshél of the Honorable
Courts of this§olony, shall expose and ay ublic
CXC ee hs presence of tw Councellur tom?
me Gi cir Secretary, attife Court house of
this color’, on Wednesday ‘the [th Aug. ISIS, at
LL o’clocek in the forenoon of that day :
The abovenamed part of Lot No. 13.
Whoever should think to have any right, interest
or claim on the abovementioned Land and wish-
es to eppose the sale thereof, let such person or
persons address themselves to me the first Marshal,
declaring their reasons for such opposition in due
time and form; as Phereby give notice that I will
receive Opposi(ion from every one thereunto quali-
lied, appott them acday to bave his or her claim
heard before the Court, and further to proceed ac-
cording to law.
This 2nd Proclamation made known to the Public
by beat of drum as customary.
Beibice, 18 July, 1813.
KK. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
Second Proclamation.
BY virtue ofan appointment granted by His Ex-
cellency R. Gorpon, Governor-General in and over
the colony Berbice, and its dependencies, Vice-Ad-
miral, and President in all courts and volleges with-
lu the same, &e. &e. &c.
Granted upon a petition presented by his Honor,
M.S. Bennett, Viseal R. O. versus, the Propriotor
or Proprietors, Representative or Representatives, of
apart ol Lot No. 7, situated in the first empolder of
(he ‘Town of New Amsterdam, between the lots of La
ose’s and that of W. W. hing, towards the back
I the undersigned, Marshal of both the Honorable
Courts of this Colony, shall expose and sell, at pu-
blic Execution sale, in presence of two Councellors
Commissaries and thetr Secretary, on Wednesda
the 1} August, 1813, at the Court-house of this colo-
ny, al fl o'clock in the forenoon of that day :
The abovenamed part of Lot No. 7.
Whoever should think to bave any right, interest
or claim, on the abovementioned part) of Land
wishesto oppose the sare thereof, let such person ade
dress himselfto me the Marshal, declaring bis reason
forsuch opposition, in due tune and form, as [ here-
by give notice, that T will receive opposition from
every one thereunto quatified, appoint them a day
(o have his or her claim heard before the Court, and
turther to proceed according to law in such case.
This 2nd Proclamation made known to the public
by beat of drum, as customary.
Berbice, 18 July, IS13.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
~—-_-e-_-_—$—————_ ———
View original —_———___ —_—_
—_ ee lg
ALL those indebted to the Estate of the late Ay-
gus Macdonald, dec. are requested to come torward
with payment, and persons having demands avainst
said estate, (o render in their claims to either of the
undersigned, Jos. MACDONALD.
94 July. I’xecutors.
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View original SALE sy EXECUTION.
First’ Proclamation.
BY virtue of authority eranted by the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date of
Ist May 1813, upon a Petition of A. J. Glasius and
B. J. Schwiers, Sequestrators over Plantation Vrede
en Vriendschap, and half Goudmyn.
Notice is hereby given, that I] the undersigned,
First Marshal of the Courts of this colony, will sell
by public Execution Sale, in the month of July,
1814, (the precise day hereafier to be notified thro’
the Gazette of this colony.)
The Plantation VREDE en VRIENDSCITPAP, and
half of Plantation GOUDVMYN, with all its culti-
vation, buildings, slaves, and other appurtenances,
and dependencies thereto belonging.
Whoever should think to have any right, action,
or interest on the abovementioned plantations, and
its dependencies, and wishes to oppose this sale by
Execution, let him or them address themselves to me
the undersigned, declaring their reason for so doing
ina legal manner in writing, as I hereby give notice
that I will receive opposition from all intermediate
person or persons, appoint then a day to have their
claims heard before the Court, and further act there-
on according to law.
This first proclamation published by beat of drum
gs Customary. Berbice, IS July IST.
: KR. ERANCKEN, Ist Marshal.
View original BY the Honorable Conrtof Poticy and Cri-
minal Justice of the colony Berbice.
Notice ts hereby oiven, that the Plonorable Court
of Policy his been pleased. to fix the Rates of Pro-
duce on which the coloni:| duty of QT percent is to
be paid to the Reeciver General, for the six months
commencing Ist January, and ending 80th June,
1813, as follows ;
Cotton, IA stivers per pourd, be
g Colle, do. do. o
Sugar, 5 do. do.
4% 5. Coco, cdo. do. 3
‘’ Pee, SS do, per gallon. Oo
Secretary's Offer, Ath July. / r+
Ry command.
kh. C. DOWNER, Secy.
Secrelarys Office.
Wo Kn DT hicrmede hekeouwd VOT ICE is hereby 7ITCN,
gemaakt, dal cen maaad «4 atl la nonth Gfler dale the
dato de volgende Vraayjor ed felloring Tvansporls and
fen en Wipoth chen sull n| Vf MLAS ve ld Li Pars d,
verleden <order,
June 26. He Sinithson aq. the Testate of Susannah
Adye, will Mrattsport to itty Plall 29 roods of
the northern boos. quart of lol No. 44 frout the
new centre tau,
——— John Cameron ca. Walves, will transport
to St. Vineent vo Negro Slaves, names to be
secnnat Chis Cilhee,
am —— J. vanden Vrock qq. the Heirs of AL Donzel
will trac port to We Adves, and to the \ssig
nies of Cr. Balle, lot No. 5, in Canye.
Jo vaniden Broeh qq. the Heirs of A. Donzecl
Will transport tod. Fraser Lot No. 6 in Came,
——— John Papin will fransporl to James Irascr.
the Lot of lind No. 14, situate in the cast sea
coast canal
~—— John Tapin will transport) to We. Alves and
the Assivauees of G. Baillie, Lot No. }4, on
the east sea coust canal.
July 3. ALB. Pischer will poss a mortgage in favor
of Thos. Co Emery, vested on the southern
quart of lot No. 13, with the building thereon
first Cy poe lder fronting (hie anicldle road,
—~— W. hewtey will transport to Hl. Welch, all
his rtelt aed title ane interest: in plantation
Liverpool, or two thirds of lot 19 West coren-
tvn coast.
~-——— Henry Welch will pass a mortgage in favor
of W. hewley for the purchase money of PI.
Liverpool vested on the said estate and on AO
Negrocs (uames whercof are to be seen at this
Henry Welch will transport to W. Kewley
all his right, tithe, aud interest on lot No. 10,
East sea coast canal.
July 17. James Praser will (ransport to W. Alves
and the Assignees of the istate of G. Baillie,
Lot No. 11, east sea coast canal.
——— The Representatives of the Estate of the
late Jas, Fraser, will transport to the Repre-
sentatives of the Estate of Harbourne Barn-
well, the westeru half of loUNo. 4, in Canje.
—— J.B. Rule will Gansport to 8. Bain 21 roods
of land of lot No. 19, New Amst. south side
next the back dam, and 97 roods on the north
side of No. 19 next the back dam.
S. Bain will transport to Harrict Parkinson,
21 roods of land of lot Ne. 19 N. Amst. south
side, back dam.
View original ——— S. Bain will trahs:
roods of land of lot N
24 July. Ths. Frankland, qq. will transport to De-
merary, 100 Negrocs, being the Gang of Pin.
Union; west corentyn, names to be seen at this
——— Dr. ©. Schwiers will transport to J. Vowt
Lots 55, 56, & 57, second empolder.
——— Simon Fraser will transport to the Repre-
sentatives of R. Dodson, Pin. Litchfield, on
the west sea coast of this cotony, withall the
slaves and other appurtenances to the same
W. Katz will transport to J. A. Frauendorf
77; acres land, part of Pln. Cumberland, in
Mlizabe(y )
vi , Adil if i
19. north side. bac!
View original NOTICE.
ALTE persons having any Claim or Demand against
His Excellency Governor Gordon, are requested to
render the same in without delay to
—__— °
View original Vendue Office.
Public Vendues.
On Wednesday the 28th inst. will be sold at the
Vendue oflice, dry goods, provisions, glassware,
carthenware, old rum, shrub, and afew bhds. excel-
lent Madeira wine.
G. BONE, Act. Dap. Venduc Master.
On Wednesday 4th Aug. at the Vendue oflice, by
order of Jas. Metndoe, the north front quarter of Lot
No. 39, New Ast. with all the buildings thereon,
consisting of a framed and shingled house, 60 tt. by
29, fitted up to letas two seperate dwellings, each
having a seperate out house, the ove 60 ft. lone ny
20, and the other 43 by 20— Ternus of payment, 6
12, IS, & Zt mouths.
By the Vendue Master, dry goods, provisions, and
By the Sequestrators of Pl hdward, a new boat
Withadech, a ferry punt, and & fi
tel Dbotlome boats,
laying infront of the ouse of G. Reuss, tsq.
G. BONE, Act. Vendue Master.
On Thursday Sth Aug. will be sold by the Vendu-
Master in commission, a% a place made known be-
fore the day of Sale—trom 35 to 40 head of cattle, of
an execllent: breed——sor particulars enquire at the
Vendue Office.
G. BONE, Act. Dep. Vondue Masétr
—" ——
View original $e
— —_—_—__——.
On Wednesdey the 18 August, will be sold, yy
order of the Curators of the late W. Vhretrall, the
premises on lot No. 7, known as the Vendue Ojice,
Negroes, furniture, and what further may appear on
the day ov sale,
G. BON, Act. Dep. Venduemr.
View original On Thursday 26th Aneust next, will be sold. on
(he spot, by order ofthe Honwote, Orphan Chamber,
Plantation Mary’ shure, situate on the east sea coast
of this colony, with the Negroes and all other ps
purtenances, Cherennto belonetnu—teams a: \de ny 1)
be hnownhon application (othe Vendi: Master.
G. BONE, ALD. Vend. Mr.
f ! e , ; ° QO ore
Commissariat Office
I. rhice , 12th July.
CASH wanted for Pwo Bills of Uxchanve of £ 150
each, drawn on the Payimasters General of his Ma-
Jesty Forces, at SO days sight.
For which ‘Penders will be received at this Onfice,
until 12 o'clock on Tuesday the 27ch inst. where y
JAMES B. BUHOT, D. Assist. Com. Gen.
will be opened, and if approved, accepted,
ANY person desirous to undertake the railing in
of the Land around the Seeretary’s Otlice, with crab-
wood Slabs, (the extend of the land about 500 fect),
is requested to give in a ‘Tender at this Otlice, stating
the lowest the work will be performed for. ‘I'he said
tender or tenders are required to be given in on or
before Wednesday the 28th July, when the lowest
offer will be accepted of.
New Amst. 22d July, 1813.
By command of the Court of Policy.
View original FOR SALE OR TO LET.
THE House and Out-buildings, situate on lot No.
8, at present occupied by the Subscriber. ‘Terms of
payment will be made easy. For further information
apply to
View original . ~ - °
Tenders for Coffee
FROM 10 to 12.000 ponnds wood qualify Coffee,
from Plantation Aorthaaad. Tenders for the whole
or part thereof, will be received al the Sect ‘(ary’s
Ollice until Monday the 2d Aue. when the ighegt
olter will be accepted of, payment tobe made in cash.
Je van pr~ BROEK,
Qt July. G. PAUELS.,
Segu ‘sfrators.
» ‘ »
Tenders for Coffee.
A quantity of 12,000 pounds good quality Coffee,
(more or less) in parcels of 3,000 each, will be dise
posed of to the highest bidder, amongst the Credi-
fors of Plantation d’ Eduard, on Mon lay the 2d Aug.
inst. at the house of WW. Fraser, Usq. New Amst.
Also a quantity of broken Coffee of divers qualities,
samples will be exhibited on the day of sale.
L. C. ABBENSETS for self and
M. RADER, Sequestrators.
24 July.
View original FOR SALE.
TITE whole or any part or parts of the Lots No’s.
land 2, situated in the Town of New \msterdam, a
Chart thereof is to be seen at Mrs. Puses’s, or at
Mr. F. Nicolay’s, at whose house on loi No. 3, fur-
ther particulars may be known. 24 July.
ee a ——-( -—- —
~ LS) G > 7
SMObi Gos
NEW AMSTERDAM, July 2th 1813.
— i
We are this week favored with Barbados Papers.—
The First June Packet had vouched that Island, and
brings London News to the ist of that month, of which
the Jolloisin’ ave the most inleresting catracts.
July \.—Kxtract of a Letter from Dover, May 31.
Yesterday some heavy firing was heard here at times in
tiv courseol Gic day, bud the weather being calm, it was
waccrdatn whether iC arose from ships of war exercising
(ious puns, or jsom the Prenchshore. fn the evening, af.
(er pest, a acutfat vessel arrived from Ostend, bringing
French Papers, it is said to the 28th inst, which were
forwarded by express to Government: it is reported they
conGun news of a battle having beeu fought on the 20th,
Inwhich the Prouch claim a great victory: this iy stated
mothe Bicach Papers of the 27th, but yet no details are
sivenin thatoe the Paper of the 28th.—The battle is sta.
tel to have been extremely sansuinary. No further arrie
vals has taken place, nochas any tring been heard to-day
—the firing, 2 understand, was heard much plainer at
Folkstone than at Dover, and is yenerally supposed to
have takou place at Boulogne. Rumours state, that the
battle contiaucd nearly two days, 20th and 21st inst. that
(he loss ts stated at JO,000 inen—that alice the batde was
every Bonaparte poopused an armistice, which was reject.
ed. Wehavenot been avie to trace these rumours to any
autheade source.
Halratofa L ter from Deal, on the same sulject:
Phave thus moment heasd from a person who was informe.
cd by an Oiticer of one of our cruises ~, that yesterday af.
ternvon he had boarded a rence fishing buat eff Boulog.
Ne, belonging (uy Wat town, aid was informed that the
cause of the Neng was a rejoicing for a great victory ob.
latued by the roach over the allies on the 20th and 21st
iustant. ‘Dhe intelligence reached Boulogne on Sanday,
Dy the telegraphic dispatch. Vhe battle is said to have
lasted 36 hours! Ow the first part it appeared in favor of
(he allies, but Napoleon having in the night of the 20th,
brought up a fresh furce, which outflanked their Oppo.
nents, the battle was renewed the following morning, and
terminated in the total overthrow of tde allies.
London, May 18.—A Dispatch, of which the follow.
ing is a copy, was this morning received by Earl Bath.
urst, from Licut.-Gen. Sir John Murray.
Castalla, April 14,
My Lord —I have the honor to inclose to your Lord.
ship a copy of a dispatch addressed this day to Gen. the
Marquis of Welliugton: aud [am happy it is in my po.
wer lo lay before your Lordship so convincing a proof of
the gallantry and spirit which pervades this army. I haye
indeed, but faintly described the exertions of the officers
and suldicrs who have been engaged, but I still venture to
hope that they will appear sufliciently meritorious to ate
tract the notice and obtain the approbation of His Royal
Highness the Prince Regent.
I have the honor to be, &c.
J. MURRAY, Lieut. Gen.
The Earl Bathurst, &c. &c. &c.
Head-quarters, Castalla, April 14, 1813,
My Lord—I have the satisfaction to inform your Lord.
ship, that the allied army under my command defeated the
enemy on the 13th inst. commanded by Marshal Suchet in
It appears that the French General had, for the pure
pose of attacking this army, for some time been employed
in collecting his whole disposable force. His arrangementg
were completed on the 10th, and in the morning of the
11M he attacked aud dislodged, with seme loss, a Spanish
View original c/a EE NII
corps, posted by Gon. Elio, at Yecla, which threatened
it, whilst it su pported our left flank. In the even.
ing he advanced in considerable force to Villena, and Lam
sorry to say, that he captured, on the morning of the 12th
anisy garrison, which had been thrown into the Cas.
the Spanish General, for its defence.
Onlthe 12th, about noon, Marshal Suchet began his
ou the advance of this army posted at Biar, under
mmandof Col. Adam.
~ Adam's oiders were to fall back upon Castalla, but
to dispute the passage with the enemy 5 hich he did with
the utmost gallantry and skill, for five hours, though at.
tacked by aforce infinitely superior to that which he com-
manided. The enemy’s advance vccupicd the pass that
evening, and Col. Adan tuvk up the gruund in our po.
sition which had been allotted to him,
On the }3th at noon, the enemy’s columns of attack
nposed of three divisions of infantry, a
corps of cavalry of about 1600 men, and a formidable
train of artillery. ‘The position of dhe allid army was
extensive. ‘The left was posted on astrong range ol hills,
occupied by Major-General W hittingham’s division ol
and the advance of the allicd army under
his rig!
were formed, cul
Spanish troups,
Col. Adam
This range of hills terminates at Caltalla, which, and
the ground to the right, was oceupted by Major-General
Mackenzie's division, aud the 58th regiment, from that
of Licutenant General Clinton, ‘The remainder of the
position was coy ered by a strong rayine, behind which
Lieutenant-General Clinton was stationed, supported ly
three battalions of Gen. Roche’s division, as a column of
reserve. A few. batterics had been constructed in this
part of the line, and in front of the Caste of Castalla
The eMeny necessarily ady ance a on the lelt of the posiu-
on. ‘The frst movement he made was to pass a strong
body of cavalry along the line, Cheeatening our right,
which was refused. Of this movement no notice was
takeu: the ground to which he was pointing, ts unfavour.
able to cavalry, and as this movement was fureseen the
necessi.ry j recautions had been taken: when thts Dowdy ol
cavalry had passed nearly the half of our dine of infantry,
Marshal Sochet advanced his columns to the foot of tie
bills, and certainly his troops, with adegree of gallantry
that entitles them to the highest praise, stormed the whole
line, which is not less than (wo miles and a half in’ extent,
But gallantly as the attack was made, the defence ol Ui
heights wasno less brifhant; at every point the enemy
was repulsed, at many with the bayonet,
He suffered avery severe loss 3 our gallant troops pur.
gued him for some distance, and drove him, after asevere
Stroyvle. with preekputaton ov his battalrous of resceve
upon the plam. ‘Phe cavalry, hich had slow]y adsvanecd
along our richt, gradially fell back to the tituntry. At
present his superior’ y ia Chat aim cnabled hin to vouture
this movement, which otherwise he would have severely
repented. Having united bis shattered batiahous wit
those uM hyve h he he 2 TE TESEPVES, M ursditl Suchet took. Lb).
a position iv the vattory 2 but which at would woo have
been creditable to allow him fo retam Poh refoie deeido
on quitting mine: sally however, retains the heights,
aid formed the allied army inhis front, covering my rgit
flank wilh the cavalry. w hilst the dole rested on the ill,
The aris advanced intwo dines €o attack hein a cousiulers
able distance, but unfortunatery Marshal Suchet: dad uae
choose tu rick a second actions with tue Gelek tu tis tear,
The line ofthe allies was scarechs Formed when te de lan
his retreat and we could effect botlane tote Cliath Grivathye
the French into the pass with defeat, which they haa tr.
ultingly passer in the Mornay. Pe aco Conan ato atl
dusk, with a distant but heavy canmouace., Fame sorry
to say that } have no trophies to boast ob. dh eneury
took no guns to the heights, and te yoUrod) (ou ox pode
ously to enable me to reach ham, “Phose whack te usca
inthe latter part of the day e were posted ay thee Surge Oo!
the defile, and it would have cost us the lives Of iany Drave
men to take them. Fo the dusk, theallicd army retornce
to its position at Castalla, afler thegnemy had retired
Biar. From thence he continued his retreat at: midis tis
to Villena, which he quittced again Chis moruiag in ercat
haste, directing his march upon ducnte de Ja Tieguera aud
But although T have taken no cannon from the enemy,
in point of numbers hisarmy is very Considerably erippied,
and the defeat of a French army which had boasted it lad
never known a check, cannot tail, L should hape, in pro.
ducing a most favourable efleetin this part of the Penin.
snta. As ] before mentioned to your Lordship, Marsha!
Suchet commanded in person. ‘The Generals —barispe,
Habert, and Robert, commanded their respective divisions,
I hear from all quarters that General Narispe is killed ;
and I belicve, from every account that I can collect, the
loss of the gnemy amounts fully to three thousand men ;
and he admits two thousand five hundred. Upwards of
80U have already been buried in front of only one part of
our line; and we know that he has carried off with him,
an immense namber of wounded. We had no opportunity
ef making prisoners, except such as were wounded ; the
humbers of which have not yet reached me. Iam sure
your Lordship will hear with much satisfaction, that this
action has not cost us the lives of many of our comrades,
Deeply must be felt the loss, however trifling, of such
brave and gallant soldiers ; but we know it is inevitable,
and I can with truth aflirm, that there was not an officer
or soldicr engaged who did not court the glorious termi-
nation of an honourable life, in the discharge of his duty
to his King and Country.
(Signed) J. MURRAY, Licut.-Gen.
P. S. Ihave omitted to mention, that in retiring from
Biar, two of the mountain guns fell into the hands of the
enemy ; they were disabled, and Col. Adam very judicj.
View original 4
ously directed Captain AMPS, who then commanded the
brigade, to fight them to the Jast, and then to leave them
to their fate. Capt. Arabin obeyed his ordes, and fought
them till it was impossible to get them olf, had such been
Colonel Adam’s desire,
(Signed) J. M.
Cardinal Maury’s Order for asolemn Te Deum at Paris.
‘*My Dear Bretheren,—At the moment when the Em-
peror on his Throne received the last Address of the Legis-
lative Body, his Majesty spoke to his people these remar-
kable words—l1 am shortly going to put myselfat the head
of my troops, and to confound the fallacious promises our
enemies have made themselves.
‘*The campaign is scarccly opened, and we already see
the oracle fulfilled. °
‘*The first days of hostilities have discharged this impo-
sing engagement of a great genius, supported by the often
proved protection of Heaven, and animated by the noble
feelings of his strength ; our august Monaich then laid be
fore the nation his hopes, supported by the guarantee of
20 years of triumph, the eclat of which etiaces all the re.
putations of history.
**Our enemies, emboldened by the defection of the most
versatile of our Allies, who already ewpiates for the blind.
tess of his folly, entertained no doubt of the full success
of their new coalition against France. ‘Thus whilst their
frozen climate suspended the course of our victorics, the
Russians forgetting all their defeats last year, which they
celebrated by so many public thauksgivings, considered
the fugitive protection of the elements as a periodical and
lasting triumph, ‘They belicved, when they put them.
selves in the pay of Englaud, that the Emperor would
Never return ty reorganize his auuy. It was in this fool.
ish belict of our military degradation, that they made dur-
Ing the winter a campaign of ideal buvasions and conquest.
‘*Phey flattered themselves to drive us outol Germany,
and even to carry the seat of war into our ancient territo-
livsy should we refuse to submit lo such laws as ther ace
rugance should please to dictate to us froin the banks ot
the Rhine, nor did they awaken from thisdrcoaui of glory,
(ill the moment of heir dissenchaitwent ov the plains of
‘The severity ofan carly winter alone (riumphed over
OUr army, aiWeys victurbous, in Chuse ditstancand horiable
Clupates. but proud of a calamity, whereol they, like
us, had part takea the rigonis, the Russians considered
Our projects as mere dreatus, our preparauious as fabulous
storics, aud GUL Tesources as Clitictas.
‘your mouths of prodigics on the one sides and illusic
Ons on the other, have suficied Co cnabte bauer to meet
them, by shewing herself to astonished Gorinany moire
powerla: Ghawever. he winter's rest has a pushed every
Mnog. A nodle emulation of devotion sha vouwutary sae
chicos Nas relieved the tinanees, Chie great resource of war,
beota abl ais Gelicictieies, ivy Tenewing out aetnyy Walhous
Hels beCessaly LO Lepunre ay iicredoe Of aN vols OE Ci
Hato, Winout roaneins Us lo bake Gee Of aly Puangus
CA PCGieil > alk NO svoker Was Gur Diildry preparations
eolaplished, than, at the return of sprig, the wewmcd coa-
ition prescated itseil, fo receive that Chastisement winch
bas prepared tor itby our brave warriors, God, wiio
itoys the presutmplon and temerity of mortals: Good,
decd fo Che caprcesion of the Prophet, blew ou thes
Ui vinotols Chameras, aud ils siohe dtniicaiately
Ve ed. sce then now, hunmthated and already vanquish
(U3 Cuese Mecuiaty Congucrors, Who so lignhtiy rechoucd
UN oul Gislonous!
"ede usive oF ede Mew and Nloncishing its | ecl presental
tO O Fb aia sy iA Cae clorious vielury lor wihieh We are tas
day wale ba mae. to the NU Powerfol the most solomn
dees ob t: hk Yiu do anwoutees Criatmiphs more decisive
Mgue favour tothe eyes vi the wise, who can judge of
the Future by Me prescat, aud read beforcehand in these
stealeovent, dil ine giomous pages which they promise
tur history. bvcey day will develope the result to us.
We shadtdeve these Lartars buck to ther frightful cle
Malos, Which Can Wo louver save them,
‘Fin fact, the campatza which commences under such
Drillant auspices, apparently ought to manifest to us the
designs Of }aovidenece an tue mavnifeent destiny of Ghia
miperor in chor full exteut.— Powers who are euemics
lo Kranee, yo had wumbered out legious—y e¢ had calculat.
ed of how inany aris they are composcd—but ye had for.
cot (he same Uuie to appreciate the extraordinary
geniderol chois Chiefy whose sublime combinations knows
how ty balance their acttons, to concert the whole, to
supply their means, and double their force. — You suppose
vur soldiers to be without experience, and you dare to
despise their youthful courage, which had aot yetseen the
dreadful fire of battles. But ye did not dream that the
renown of the great man who commands (hem would rene
der them heroes wheu before you. You still believe him
tu be far from his army, whilst his history, as wellas your
dreams, should have taught you, that in his marches his
post is always at the head of his victorious phalanxes. You
could, at least, not hesitate in recognizing the presence of
the first of Captains, both for the manauvres and enthu-
siasm of his troops, and by the ravages of the thunder
which has destroyed the choicest of your—Did you
not know on the faith of your preceding defeats, that to
odlige him to defend himself was to call him to victory ?
Ah, such a Sovereign is never a simple spectator of the
battles he has resolved on giving; always enlightened by
his inspiration, by his experience, by that habit of great
and sudden designs which raise him in every way above
other men ; he has discovered to you his whole ascendency
with that promptitude and certainty of judgment, which
knows at first sight (o form aplan of battle, for which
the most profound meditation of the most illustrieus Ge-
View original nerals will always have to ‘him. You have hastencd by
three days the moment of a triumph which he had secretty
prepircd in his mind; but by cluding his combinations,
you have made no alterations in his disposition, excepting
solely of the manner to conquer; you came on then to
provoke and accelerate the combat.
**The half of hisarmy, stil at adistance from his camp,
had nothing tu regret, but its having been for a few hours
deprived of partaking of his laurels.
‘Phe inferiority of our cavalry, which the Emperor
wished to spare, and for which he gave as a supplement
his thundering artillery, shewed at once his intentions, by
one of those sudden illuminations of which Boy sart speaks,
‘‘it is an Egyptian battle,” said he to his troops, ‘¢a good
infantry supported by artillery, ought to be sufficient of
itself ;”? history will perceive this memorable result of a
combination suggested by military genius, and which alone
could insure the victory.
**Qne stands transport with admiration before the extra-
ordinary man who has raised our empire to such a prodi-
gious degree of power and glury. Ilis fate and his offici-
ous enemies incessantly place him in the most proper si-
tuations, to discover to us the whole extent of his genius.
Ile is the soul of his Generals, as well as of his Army.
One cannot conceive how a mortal can possibly surmouut
sy many diflicultics, be sufficient for the performance of
so many duties, unite so much activity to so much fore.
sight, such wisdom to such impetuosity, such vast extent
vf conception to so much vigilance in the details, and that
every part of his immense adininistration is always watch.
ed by the perspicuiiy of his view, as if he had no other
solicitude on the throne,
‘*It is religion only, which, by joining all the interests
of the Sovereign with the subject, of the rich with the
poor, which insures the true pomp of national annals,
gives an expression to the common joy, both august and
sacred, and which the universal cuthusiasm renders still
more touching and magnificent; without her nothing is
soemn, nothing is truly popular, nought unites the mul.
titude into one single family.
The world has its amusements, but Christianity alone
has real feasts, Men are never in a perfect communion of
scntinents and interests, but in the temple. tis in pros.
trating themselve’ before God that prigces teach the Gpco-
ple to Yespect them as his living imagesy. It is in) asseme
bling before the altars, that we feel ourselves happy in be-
ing Christians, and proud of being Frenchmen; and that
every one believes himse!f associated in the glory of the
army, by celebrating it with equal celebrity and majesty
in our sanctuaries. Cod being here in the midst of us,
ts actually felt to be near us, according to the expression
of the Apostle St Paul, likewiseappears to declare for us.
“Pheimmage of thesSov creiznis there braced in es ery heart
The acclamations of an entive people respect his beloved
fame with the unanimous sentiments of gratitude; but bis
laine has so accustomed us to prodigies, that there can ne.
ver appeir any thing more of our surprize for our admi-
ration —Oh! how would his great soul enjoy with delights
vur love, could be at this moment Le awitness of all the
sentiments he inspires,
**But what regrets have we to express, will not our
Monarch, iu thought, be present at this sacred solemnity
toenjoy the universal benedictions which are coming to
envicon his dear company, at the moment when a grand religions solemnity, comes to olfer him, for
the first time during his government, and in the most mage
nificent pomp of the throne, the homage of the nation. The
feast which assembles us together in the first of our temples,
ll resplendent with his beucfactions and his victories, ac.
quires a sGtl greater interest and a greater lustre by the
presence of the Angust Sovercign who comes to preside at
this pious ceremony in shewing herselfapparelled in all the
glory of her consort,
“SAH! what a touching sight to view in our sanctuar
the revered spouse of our Sovereign, the mother of the heir
(vy the throne, the Regent of the Empire, rendering solemn
thanks to God for the glory of the great man, whose trie
umph she is come to proclaim, in declaring to the French
that his preservation is as necessary, to the happiness of
the Impire, as to the welfare of Europe, and to the reli.
gion which he has again raised, which he is called {o
strengthen aud re-establish, and of which he is the most
sincere protector,
‘*Whata sight! to coutemplate a soul so pure prostrat-
ing herself before our altars, imploring the All- powerful
in favour of the hero who is the continual object of her
thoughts, whose tenderness follows all his steps, and
whom she never ceases to keep in the midst of her heart
with the most lively emotion. God will consent to these
prayers, these vows, these acts of thanksgiving which he
has inspired, and the felicity of our Sovereign will be aug.
mented by the public readiness, of which she will be the
happy interpreter to hii whom she represents with equal
grace and dignity.
‘*Wecan openly declare, on the faith of higher persons
called to his Councils, that the Government which is con.
fided to her, devloepes in her every day amind full of
sweetness and Kinduess; a character of high wisdom, Are
parent both in her actions and discourse; a taste for ap.
plication, a love of order, an habitude of attention and
interest, a correctness of memory, ana consequently the
same in business; an equality of mind, amaturity of jude.
ment, a solidity of reliection, which, in conciliating all
sullrages towards her, guarantees to her that approbation
most precious to her heart. All these brilliant qualities
are sill more embellished under the diadem, by a piety
equally exemplary as moderate, and by the attraction of
those milder virtues, which are so much the more propce
for causing her religious principles Co be esteemed, because
they invile us to Mmitate them without forcing us te hv je
View original S.ommons by Edict:
BY virtue of authority, granted by the TTonorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, dated 25 June,
1818, given upon a Petition of James Fraser, and
Simon Fraser, in capacity as the only within thts
colony residing Executors of the Last Will and Tes-
tament of Mean Duncan Fraser.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request: of beforenamed Jas.
Fraser and S. Fraser, in capacity as Curators to the
said Estate of E. D. Iraser, and by virtue of above-
named appointinent.
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors against the es-
tate of Evan Duncan Fraser, to appear before the
Court of Civil Justice; of this colony,at their Session
which willbe held in the month of July, ISI, (say
Eighteen hundred and fourteen), there to exhibit
and verify their claims, to see opposition made there-
unto, if need, and after expiration of the Fourth
Edictal Summons, to witness the Court’s decision on
the preferent and concurrent rigbt of claimants, and
further to proceed according to law, on pain to all
those who remain in default, of being fur ever de-
barred their right of claim.
This summon by edict made know nto the Public
by beat of drum as customary—Berbice, 14 July.
K.FRANCKEN, Furst ALlarshal.
. V4:
Summons by Edict.
BY virtue ol an Apporriive oranted by the Tfon-
orable Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, muider
date of 28th Aug. ISI2, upon a petition presented
by Win. dnnes, incapacity as Curator over the Is-
tate of John Donaldson, dec.
the undersigned First Marshal of both the Hon.
Courts of this colony, and at the request of atoresaid
Win. lunes, in capacity aforesaid,
Saninon by hidicl:
All known and wuknown claimants against the Estate
of Joba Donaldson, Gee. to appear before the Court
of temil Justice a this colony, at their session, to be
beld in (he mouth of October, ISIS, say Kighteen
hundred and thitcen, here to give in their claims
against sud estele, aud further to proceed according
to Liaw.
This suinimons by edict made known tothe Public
by beat of drnin, from the Court house ot (nis colony,
and further dealt wtth coutormable to custom.
Berbice, 2d July. Sto.
KoodieaNenen, First Marshal,
eee ee ES ll — —$—
— ie
View original ——-e — —————— —_ —- —
Suummons by edict.
BY virtue of an appointment, granted by the
Hon. Courtoi Civil ouster of this colony, under
date of Bsth April, apouwae petition of Charles Mc-
Tntosh, WW eapreey as ep petuted Executor to the
Jast Wilh sod Pestanvent of (heres Gordon, Cec.
J the unde stoned boast Alarshal of the Courts of
this colony, seb ot Chee re qpucst of satel Ch. MelJutosh,
in liis Cape by woev ou Mtioned.
Sinan by Lidicl:
All Known and unkoaown creditors against the es-
tate of Ch. Grordon, dee. to appear before the Gourt
of Civil Justice or Gus colony, at their session to be
held inthe aonth of daly in the year one thou-
sandcizhthandtved and fouricen, (say ISE4), there
to render Cheir clattus against said estate, to verily
the same , and firther to proceed according to law.
on pain of being tor ever debarred their right ol
claim in Case of default,
This Sammon by tidretimade known to tie public
by beat of dium from the Court house of this coluiy,
and further dealt vith according lu Custom
Berbice, 2t.inty. ISI3.
We. ObANCKEN, Virst Marshal.
——— oe
Sunanwons by Edict.
BY virtue ofan Appointment, given by the Court
Civil Justice, nuder date of Ysth April 1S13, granted
upon a pelifion of Charles McIntosh, in capacily us
appointed Executor ty the last Will and ‘Testament
et Donald Cancron, dec.
I the uncdersienced, First Marshat of both Courts
of this colony, and at the request of aforesaid Chs.
McIntosh, in his capacity aforesaid,
Sumnon by Edict:
All known and unknown Creditors against the be-
forementioned estate of Donald Cameron, dec. to ap-
pear before the Ilon. Court of Civil Justice of this
colony, at their session which will be held in the
month of duly S14, (say One thousand eight hun-
dred and fourteen), there to deliver in their claims,
to verify the same, and further to proceed accord-
ing to Law, on pain of being tor ever debarred their
right of claim.
Phis summons by edict is published by beat of
drum, as customary. Berbice, 2d July, 1813.
KK. FRANCKEN, First Marshal
=_s Ff -«
—WT eee ee se
View original = ——_ ——_—
A good house boy—apply to this oflice.3 July
View original POST @RICE.
Berbio , 3d July, UBS
NOTICE is hereby given to the Public, that a
Mail for Surinam will be made upat the Post Ofiice
in Berbice, to be dispatched overland, on the First
and ‘Third Wednesday of each month, at 12 o’chouk.
The First Mail will be made up on the third Wed-
nesday (2Ist) of the present month.
A Mail for Demerary will also in future, De aade
up at the Post Ollice every Thursday morning at §
o’clock, as well as on Sunday morning.
Wa. SCOTT, Dep. Postmr. Gen.
View original hec’. Gen”. Office.
Berbice, July Isf 1813.
BLANK Returns for Produce, for the Six months
from Ist January to Ist July, are ready at this Office
gratis, and which returns are to be made in all the
month of July, under tender of Oath.
A. THORNBORROW, Dep. Rec. Gen.
View original FOR SALE.
FOR f 350. Casit, a new six oar’d Sloop, paint-
ed, long 24, by 41 feet wide, with rudder, &c. com-
plete, all krabwood and mora knees. For further in-
lormatton apply to
17 July. C. J. van LERSEL.
———_— -——~_—____ . --—_
By C. Rutacnu,
In Commissie, te bekomen.
Grown stout in valen, houdende 24 douzyn, af 120
Kurken a {4 - 10. het eos.
Spykers, AC. 17 July.
oo . So
BY the Crew of the Schooner Belleisle, of Co-
reptine river, a Punt, about 24 feet heel—the owner
of which can have it restored on paying the ex pence
of this advertisement and a gratuity to the negroes.
17 July. Apply to DOLGELAS RETD & Co.
‘Venders for Coffee.
THE Subseribers will dispose of Tow chowsand Ths.
first quality Cojfce, trom Plantations Ruimriet and
Dankbaarheid, and recewve Tenders for the same at
the house of the second undersigned, in Now Am-
sterdaim, undil Monday the 26(h instaat, when the
highest offer or offers wilh be accepted of—-teriis ot
payment, colony bills. ~ M.A RADION, and
17 July. $.. SCLW TLRs.
eS +
View original ————$ eT
» .
Tenders for Cotkce.
THT: Subscribers will dispose of Ten thousand
pounds fast qualdy Coffee, trom: Plantation ? /spe-
rance, and receive Lenders for the same at (he louse
of the second undersigned, in New Amsterdam, tu-
Ui Monwgay the YOth inst. when che highest oiler, or
Oilers wail be accepted ol—terms ot payincnt, colony
bills. Jot. MAC RENRIKECIL aK.
I7 July. B. J. SCHWiOUEKS.
THe Subscriber ollers for Sale at his Store, bess
Brown Stont in hhads. at f 132 each, ditto in barrels
at f~sSeach., ble also oilers Store Room for ally
hast of produce (comsidertug bunself answerable toi
damages cocurcing aller ceceiving (he same into his
Store), at the weekly rate of Yi slivers per bag ot)
coffee, 10 stvers per bale of cotton, and all other
pachases tua propurtion.
3 duly. Jno. WULFE.
_—_—__--—_—_ - —-— oO Oi
View original DRIFVTED on SLOLEN.
FROM Plantation La braternité, a 6 car'dlbent
Boat, marked P. L. F. any person whe can give in-
formation or restoring the sanie at this Oflice, will be
handsomely rewarded.
3 July. H. C. HINTZEN,
AIL persons holding Demands against the Plan-
tations Buzeslust and Onverwagt, for debts contract-
ed from the month of September, 1809, to date, are
requested to render them within fourteen days from
this date to either of the undersigned.
3 July. J. van DEN BROEK, qq.
J. G. CLoor pe Niruwerkerk, qq.
— ee —_—$—$$— a ——— ——

View original ALLE de genen welke aan de (thans gedissolveer-
de) Firma van Costenbader & Co. mogten verschul-
digd zyn, worden vriendelyk verzogt betaling te
doen ten huize van den ondergeteekende, op het erf
No. 17, als zynde tot de liquidatie van gemelde Fir-
na gevolmachtigd.
10 July. H. LUTHERS.
View original THE undersigned being duly empowered to close
the late ¢gncern ot Costenbader 8 Co.—requests al!
View original those indebted to come forward with pryment, at his
house on lot No. 17, New Ainsterdam.
lOduty. Hi. LUTHERS.
—— — a
——— ——
TITOSE having claims against’ plantation Litch-
fied, onthe West coast of this colony, previous to
‘Us having been placed under Sequestration in August
last, are requested to reader the same to the unders
signed on or before the Ist proxo.
COLIN DOUGLAS, qq. the Assignees of
lO July. Robert Dodson.
View original Just landed and for Sale.
A few hogsheads of Superior Bordeaux, (Claret)
on reasonable terms for immediate payment, apply at
the Store of J. ZL. Schlarhorst, Vsy. or to
10 July. JOUN P. HICKS.
Also on hand, temper lime, lamp o'l, flour, rice in
bags, salt, rum, &c.
—=— ~~...
View original Y persons having, or pretendiig to have any
claims against the Estate No. 2, on the Corenty a
coast, contracted by any of the former Proprietors
for account of the said Estate, are requested to rend.
er the same, or give information thereof (o the pre-
sent Proprictor John McCamon, Vsq. within three
weeks from this date, as the present Proprictor will
not consider himself bound or liable for any demand
that the claimant may neglect to notify tothe under-
signed, within the (ine specified.
Sccretary’s Office, 17 July.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
ee eee + ee
View original

ANY clrims or demands against plantation Lan-
caster, while the property and in the possession of
Webbe Tobson, are required (o be rendered to this
Oluce within fourteen days trom the date hereof,
Secrelary O site, Oth July.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
—_— — -coe
ATT, persons having demands against plantation
Dunrobin, situate on the Bast sea coast of the colony
Berbice, are requested to render in a specific acco rn!
al their claims, to Lewis Cameron, Vsq. at the house
of Messis. D.C. Cameron & Co. New Amsterdam.
Secretary’s Office, \Oth July, 1818.
R. ©. DOWNER, Secy.
View original A. PFLEURY’s LOTVER Y.,
Plan of a Lottery.
To be dracn with Permission of His Excellency
Governor J. GRAN 7.
Consisting of the Northern front quarter of Lot
No 37, tn the second empolder of the ‘Town of New
Ainsterdum, with the Buildings thereon, and Ap-
pratsed by Me. Ia. Grant, Carpenter, at J 4,708.
Phere will be 107 Tickets, at p 4b. each,
The Winner invy take possession (he very mo-
menfattier the drawing,
Phe costs of Uransport are to be paid by the win-
The day of drawing of this Lottery will be made
known Chro’ this Gazcite.
TICKETS to be had at A. FLeuny’s, this
Oljice, and La Rosr’s Tavern.
Berbice, 2th July.
View original ray ’ ' . ® © gt
TULLE Subscrive:s ofjirs for Sal , at thetr Store
on Lot No. 10, the Jolivaing articles, on reas-
vndile terms, Jor cash.
24 July.
Bottled porter in hampers
A few half barrels Jew's beef
Sallad oil, nustard, butter, & barley
Welch flannel & nil? d vreen clothe
Printing cloth for c: ipeting
Gireen printed table cloths
Vine black, blue, & green cloth,
White & green canvas
Striped & finen checks
Kussia duck & Irish sheeting
Negro cloathing & check shirts
Gentlemen’s & Tady? s stockings
Gent. socks—colfee bagging
Nails from 4 to 20 penny
And a few reams post paper.
J. L. KLIP & Co.
———_———————————————— eS Lal LES we
View original FOR HIRE
SIX able House Servants—apply to the under-
signed, or cither of them. J. VAN vEN BROEK.
24 July. G. PAUELS.
View original FOR SALE—At this Office—Blank Bills of Fx.
change, Bills of Lading, and the 4/anner of Procece
dings, before the Court of Civil Justice of this Ce-
ates owe
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock, p.m.
By W. SCHULZ & Go.

24 July 1813