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The Berbice Gazette

View original BERBICE.
King’s House, 2st Jan. 1814.
ORDERED, that the Commanding Oflicers of
Histricts, do forthwith report to the Lieutenant Go-
vernor the names of the Officers belonging to their
respective companies, together with the dates of their
Commissions, as also the names of the Non-Commis-
sioned Officers, and the number of Drummers, and
Rank and File, in each company.
By command.
I. WwW HP v i, Gov, Sec.
ee ow
At the instance of Mr. A. A. pe La Court.
By THis Evcellency Henry VWicrtram Brn-
TiINcK, squire, Lieutenant-Govzernor, and
Commander in Chief in and over the Settlement
of Berbice with its Dependencies, and Presi-
dent in all Courts aud Colleges within the same,
Sc. Oe. ae;
To all to whom these presents shad come, Greeting !
Court, bas exhibited to mea certain Power of At-
torney, dated QIst July, [S12 to him as Assisteut
Agent, excercising proviston: ly the Office of Prin-
cipal Agent of the Crown Property in this Colony,
from the Compussioners appointed to Adurinister the
same, empoweriay himoin his aforesaid cripacity, to
appoint any fitand proper person within this Colo-
ny, toactas Assistant Seont for the said Crown Pro-
perty under htm the said A. A. de fa Court, during
such (ime as he should continue to excercise the said
Othce of Prinetpal “vent, as ty more fully setiorth in
the said Power, this day exhibited tome,
Ano wiereas the satd ALY. de le Court, has
further produced ty ric a Sabstitution or Appoint-
ment froin hin in his aloresuid crvprciiy, slated the
10th of Januery instant, coustiieting Jouwan Pirnc-
DERIC Osenuutner, late of Lieonerary, now oF
Berbice, fo be Acting Assistant Aventioe Cie said
Property, as in the said Deed of Substitution is more
pirticularly expressed,
BEIT THEM EPORE KNOWN, that the said J. Uk.
Obermuller betes so appointed as alorcsaid, is cone
sidered and recognised! by meto be the Acting As-
sistant Avent of the said Crown Property, and all
persons whom this doth shall or may concern, are
enjoined to observe Uie same, and conduct them-
selves accordingly.
Given at Giovernment Tonse, Berbice, under my
Iland and Seal at Atius, this bch di ay of January,
(Signed) H.W. BENTINCK,
By Conemand,
(Signed) Ff. WILLTPE, Gov. See.
View original TO BE SOLD,
PranvatioNn Wevywoutny,
Sifuate on the West coast of Corentine river, an}
known on (he oeneral chart of this colony by Fotos.
containing 500 acres of land, with 35) Nesroes, 150
acres in fine bearing cotton trees an! 26 vweres in
plantains and grouad provision: Sdoywelling house and
logic, gin house, Negroe houses, and other out-
buildings, and S gins with cranks.— (Iso St head of
cattle, none above O years old, and 150 head) of
sheep ola sapertor breed.—Vhe buildings are. situ-
ate on the most healthy spot in the colony, within
50 yards of the sea, which affords an abundance of
fish for the supply of the plant ction. —It not dispo-
sed of hy private contract) before thes last day of
March 18]4, it will be sold by public sale, on the
said estate, in the month of April next, (timely no-
tice of which will be gfven) on the following terms :
viz-—The land, buildings, and cultivation, payable
1g equal annual instalments of 1, 2,3, & 4° years.
The negroes to be sold in’ families, payable in ap-
proved bills of exchange, in equal sums, at 9, 1Y,
and 24 months sight, Cattle sheep, plantation
stores, punts, &c. and whatever may be offer’d for
sale, will be payable in3and 6 months, in cash or
produce, at cash price.—The plantation, negroes,
cattle, &c. may be seen by applying to Mr. J. Ben,
the Manager, and for further particulars apply to
H. Smiruson, L’sq. Berbice. 22 Jan.
View original
View original FOR SALF,
_ AT moderate prices, for cash, by C. RULACH,
In Commission—green peas in kegs, grey peas, (ca-
puciner) indo. pearl barley in do., raisins, currents,
almonds, French plums, sago, mustard, Florent oi),
spices, brown stout in casks and bottles, candles, soap,
and an assortment of dry goods, as, ready made
crentlemen cloaths, shoes, ladies do. and a variety of
ladies work baskets and do. boxes with instruments,
patent needles, scissats, perfuineries, &e 22 Jan.
View original CAUTION.
Tur undersigned having been appointed by Tis
Ixeellency Governor TH. W. Bentines, as Cura-
tor Ad Lites for Mercy Asuuy, wile of RALPARPER
hearing date T1th Jan. IS8}4—hereby warns all whom
itamay concern, that any payinen€ made to aforesaid
Rt. Harper, will not be considered as valid,
View original NOTICE.
Tite Creditors of Plantation No. £5, west coast of
Corentine, are requested to Mect at the house o!
Messrs. Ev an & Angus raser, in New Aisterdam,
on Saturday next the 29th instant, at IL o'clock in
(he forenoon. 22 Jan.
A Schooner Poat, 25 feet keel, decked, and will
carry about 70 bags coffee, has only been in use a
lew months asa passave boat, with sails and neeing
complete, will be sold reason: rable for prompt pay mnt.
99 Jan. apply to J. CLAPEL AM,
- —_———.
View original Amported by the Arua, Cupl. Bravn, end for
sile by the Subscribers at their Stove on Lot
No. 16—for Cash or Produce.
PRIME mess beefand tongues in half barrels, sides
of bath bacons, Cumberland hans, Gouda and Edam
cheese, Dutch herrings and butter, snoked fongues,
London brown stout in bottles and hhds., noyeau,
Hyson tea, musclel raisins in boxes, Currants and
prumes in jars, Tfoffimans preserved apricots and
ereen gages in brandy, nutmecs, mace, black pep-
per, French snuff, spermaceti and inould candles,
yellow and mottled soap, Durham mustard, French
olives, mixed pickles; white, black, blue and green
paint and paint olf in Qf e@allon jugs, gendemen’s
shoes, boots, coats Contecs, Vests and trowsers, printed
cassunere and superfine broad cloth,’ ereen printed
fabic cloths from 2 to 12 fect long, printed cloth for
carpeting, green baize, flannel, whice and coloured
calicoes and) prints, black bomibazette, ging hams
fapes, Chread, Hnen cheebs and stripes, Rassia duck,
Ossabrugs, coffee and cotton bayzing, hanging paper
aml bordering, white and green canvas for window
blinds, hair seating, brass nails, ivory handed knives
and forks with deserts and carvers, combs, scissars,
penkuives, fruit do. corkscrews, snuflers, steel, ra-
cors and strops—post and foolscap paper, quills, sad-
lerv, iels from 4dy a20dy, &c,.
YI Jan, J.T. KIP& Co.
_.- - $$
Juct recciicd by th. trie Ann, Capt. BRAND,
from ordon, and for sale by th. Subscriber.
Sareweoncs, tinen check, printed calicees, loaf
sir. tea, gentlemenm’s Hessian boots, tob do. ladies’
mdochidren’s do. dress shoes, planters strong do.
wit buckl-s—tladies’ and children’s shoes, children’s
ashioneble Teatber eaps, ladies’ rashionable straw
ponacts, shalls, pets, caps, ribbands and dresses of
hind : Knives and forks, perfumery, hair brooms,
shoe brushes, boot jacks, &c. .
BERBICE, Government Mouse, lath Jan.
THE Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to
make the following Appointments :
Hubert de Salve,
R. C. Downer, and Esquires.
Francis White.
tobe His Excellency’s Aid-de-Camps, with the Co-
lonial rank of Lieutenant-Colonels.
By Command,
F, WHITE. Gov. sec.
hans ter dezer Drukkery te bekomen, voor kassa,
Prvs f3.
Ken Plak-Almanak,
Berekend your deze Kolonie, voor den jare 1814.
View original Ttas with sentiments of the most agreable nature,
that we present our Readers witha copy of the spon-
laneous acknowledgement from the Inhabitants of
this colony, of the high opinion entertained by them
of their lale worthy Acting Governor, Maj. Grant.
TO Janes Grant, Esquire, Major in his Majes-
ty’s OO0ih Regt. commanding his Majesty’s troops
ut Fort St. Andrew, and late Acting Governor of
WE the undersigned Inhabitants of
this colony, having uniformly experienced your
mild, firm and polite conduct while adininistering
the various duties of the Civil Government, beg leave
lo testify our most ungualificd approbation, and to
return you our sincere and gr atful thanks. In thus
publicly addressing you, we Are persuaded we speak
the sentiments of the whole of this community ; and
asa more lasting proof of our esteem and regard,
Vermitus toofler you a Sworp of the value of One
Fiundiod Guincas, which we sincerely hope the per-
rect re-est’ biishment of your health may long enable
you ty wear Berbice, Ath Jan. sth.
A. Tictudbonew, We Rewley, Wm. Scott, Colin Douglas, tf, Westie
Jovau dou Boek, G. Pauel » ALN. de la Court. RC. Downer
Bi. Cla jyu. uw. W. Dunean, We Uraser. 0 Teva atin ws,d.dlob Mau-
benbrecher, sy cCrofi, Ce Whyte, JS. Downer, G. Bone, We. Be Liet, J.
Wulff, Po batthaorn, W. Waiz. B. Tuckniss, ff. Staal’. McCammon
J. Taping W. Lew.on, +. Nuno, A. Fraser, J. Broderick, FP. Brit-
ebank. J. Davies, 5. Mourant, L. C. Abbensets, O.C. Cameron, A,
Cameron, W. Munro, J. oss, W.Jefer;, M.S. Bennett, A. Me
Sain, B. Jeflery, J.C. spangenbery, J. IL. Setlarhosst, HH. Luthers
bk. Whitheld. J. Beresford, B. Ziceler, B.S. Schwiers, J.J. vander
Stoop, Js. Fraser, Ml. Rader, 8S. Nendall, A.J. Goasius, J. Came-
ron, J. Fraser, RK. Taitt, Js Bethune, Jos. Macdonald, W. Cort, W.
(ordun, W. Innes, Henery & Taylor, R. Lisle, G. Bagot, J. Chal-
ners, T.C. bmery, R. Doaoyglas, L. Cameron, D. Wade, D. Carneé-
gie, P. Grant, J. Panlaun, tf. Bethune, S$. Fraser, (Kiluiorack) M,
Dallas, Wy Dodgsun, J.G C. de Nieuwerkerk, W. Ross, (Tarl wie
bh, Mraser, 1. C.diantze, A. Sunpsun, A. McPherson, W. Schulz.
Tort St. Andrew, 20th Jan. 1814.
[thank you for the honor you have
done me, in handing the Address, conveying the
sentiments of the Inhabitants of this colony, but Tans
particularly gratified by the kind and handsome iman-
ner you have been pleased to present it; and I request
you withacceptiny best thanks ; enclosed is my reply.
J have the honour to be,
Gentlemen, .
Your most obedient humble seryant
A. rg
Win. scott, Lsquires.
Colin Douglas.
Tort St. Andrew, 20th Jan. 1814.
lam much flattered by the Address
which I had the honor of receiving this day, convey-
ing to me your approbation of my conduct during tlie
short time | administred the Civil Government; The
vood opinion which is so kindly expressed by so
many respectable Gentlemen, is highly honorab e
and truly gratifying to me, and I shall always be
proud to merita continuance ofit; I beg leave to re-
turn you my warmest acknowledgements.
The sword which you do me the
honor to offer, | accept with pride and pleausure,
and will ever consider itas a valuable mark of your
! have the honor to be with the createst respect.
Your much obliged and obedieut hum-
ble servant.
Major 60th Ryt.
A. Thornborrow.
W. Scott. Esquires.
Colin Douglas.
View original Ren
MNordt geadverteerd, dat This ts to inform the Pu.
de volyende personen voor- blic, that the following per
nemens zyn ulldeze Nolonie sons intend quidling this Co
le vertrekken. luny
Chs. Lawton in 6 weeks from I1th Dec
Alex. Fraser in 6 weeks from Llth Dee.
Hugh Bethane in weeks from Dee. 25,
Donald McQueen in 6 weeks from do. fur Demerary
Jobn titer will quit the Colony Berbice by the first
R. C. DOWNER, Sceey.
View original WORDT hiermede bekendy NOTICE is herehy given.
gemaakt, dat cen maand ne\lhata month after date the
dato de volecnde Trauspoc-| following Transports and
ten en WMipothecken sallcn| Mortgages All be passed.
corleden worden. {
Dec. 25. FE. Staal will traneport to Henrietta Ender-
man, (he northern back quart of lot No. [6,
In New Amsterdam, extending from the new
centre road to the back dam.
Win. and Geo. Munro will transport to Robt.
Douglas, lot No. 4, situate on the west coren-
(vn coast.
Jan. 1. E. ‘Theobald qq. Fayle Read, will transport
to F.C. Emery, 20 roods ot land, more or
less, with the buildings thereon, s:taated on
the southern quarter of lol No. 10, New Am-
sterbun, extending from the middle road to-
wards the back dam.
Jan. 92. Geo. Munro cq. the trustees of A. W. So-,
marsall, will fraasnort to Gordon and Mur-
phy, one third of lots A & By, at Abary.
—_ ©. 0. Swaving and H. Staal qq. the Execu-
tor to the will of the late J. J. Swnving, de-
ceascd, will {ransport to C. C. Swaving the
coffe plantation de Liefde, situat on the wes!
bank of this river, with the buddings, culti-
vation, negroes, and every thing appertaining
thereto, aud said C. CC. Swaving will pass a
norlgrve in tavor of said Execcucors of the will
of said. J. Swaving, deceased, for the un-
pud purchase money, R.C. DOWNER.
a eT ee SS EL A AL La A ad
View original .
BY Wis Picelleacy Uixiny Wiettan BeENrincr,
Fisquire, Licutendul-Govericr and Commander in
Chief in and veer the Settlement of V erbice with its
Devendenvies, and President in all Courts and
Colleses within the same, &c. Sc. &e.
WHTEREYS ve y litle attention has been paid to
the Notice to Woodcutters’” given on the Poth of
November, ISIS, by command of Wis Excellency
Mvror-Cconeral Mernay, and as various complaints
are existing (hat those who have been fivored with
Jiicences to cnt wood in his Majesty's lands, do not
comply with the terms of the grants made to them ;
} have hought fit, and do hereby declare the follow.
Ing regulagions for Woodentters in the said lands:
SAL Licences fo cut wood shall be exbebited at
the Government Secretary's Oflice, within two months
from the date of Ghese proscnt, or in delault thereof,
the same shall be considered void, and the neglect-
ful puaish sl according to the exigency of the case.
‘Aad further tent Jicences to cut wood, be con-
silered as granted for ove year only, during which
term the sud) WVeodeutters shall ioake half yearly
return of the quantity avd gratity of wood they may
respectively have eutcu.tag the halt year, (he truth
of whieh rotorn sed! be sworn to before me, and at-
tersards Celvere.’ to the Civil ¢ onduissary to che
end. Nata due col chon may be made ol lis Mayes-
(\ *. pordion ol (hie satd wood so ent,’
GARentniceiny and and Scatat Arms, this 2} st
dynam. (hdd. avandia the Sdth) year of
lits Mayes) > Lar 5
By command,
—— ———
- a
BY virtue uf un app tutment’ from Mis Eveellency
DAV. Penvincn, bacutenant Governor of lhe colony of
Berhbie and as PEMMCHEECS, UPON U petition of die first
Marshal Wh. Braxcarn, for and in behalf of Wihine
dnd Panuk Brensanin, Ccrulors to the Estate of ¥.
Bysor, decd. wnder dole of ‘8th January 1814.—No-
fico ish veby een lo the public, hat ihe undersigned,
will sell inche proseice ¢f tico Counsellors Commissaries
and their Scvelary, at Lullic baccution Sale, by the
going oul of a wu candle, on Monday fhe 2st day of
Lebsuary, \8V4, he Mstute calicd Best Bower, situated
én the bastevast canal, wth aldas slaves, Huilungs, Se.
the property of the bListate of Jacoe Liwis, decd,
Whoever should think to have any right, action-or in-
terest on the adbovenamed Estate Best Bower, and
ccishes lo oppose the sule thereof, let such person address
themselves tou me first Marsha, declaring their reasons
for so doing, as f hereby give notice that 1 will receive
opposition from cocry one thereon lo qualified, appoints
them aday to hace his or her claim heard before the Court,
and further to procced according lo luw.
Lhe aforesaid sale ts to take place on the spot.
berbice, "he 16th January 1814.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original All persons having Claims, of any description,
against (lie late FKirm ot J2. A/a) ling Co. are here-
by for the last tine requested, to render iv the same
properly attested tothe undersigned within the space
of one moath from date of this advertisment. for set-
thement; and those indebted to the aforesaid Firm, to
make speedy payment, as the undersigned must pro-
ceed to harsh and clfectual measures on those, in or-
der to ineet the first mentioned claims.
For the late Firm of D. Martin & Co.
Sth, Jan. D. MARTIN.
View original sea ET i re oe aaa Ea —_
— —$—_ — ——
—_—_=—="—E— « so ————-
No arrivals this week, laying a few more extracts of the
late papers received, before our Readers.
- OO ee tt
View original = rr Oe ee
At length the Runaway vas escaped toa place of com.
parative safety. Bonaparte, who promised to carey
900,000 men to the Oder, and even to the V istula, now
boasts, that he his brought back 1U0,000 to the Rhine!
How are the mighty faiten! This is mitts rol. oast. Pais
is Co recompence (ne people of France for all tieir sacri.
fices. | ‘Trad, their Commerce 4S rured, their territory Is
invaded, their Mnances are bankrupt, thelr pupulation xn
hausted : Dae las fin oeral and doy a] Majesty, the son of
the Notary of Ajuccwu, is safe cl se porte amerveilie.
They are descrtea Dy their friends, scorucd by ther ene.
nies, hated by aii mayac.ds; but the (ipecor as) well,
Phe carcasses of their ch alure fatten all the prass va both
sides of the Eloe; but the Mure crer as at Mentz. And
ut this glorious news the Frouca tunds vise tu 52, to 53,
(9 95 per cent. Such is the resuit to he cotlectcd frou,
the Paris papers, which have pacucd us to the 7ch ust.
The following are coy ies of the letters from: the Jui:
ror ol iuussia to Lord Catheartand Sir C. Stewae oy oa
accompanied the basignia of the tlonuurs confer.
them by his Imyenai Majesty, and waich veilces susie,
Not less on the Suovercign who Coster. dscres Cha a On bac
conduct of these Mainistces, w ho, with (he perhussiouat uf
the Prince Regent, Lave received (hens :—
**Licut -General Stewart— 1 have witnessed, in comme
mon with the wholearmny, tae indefarcabie cea whieli you
have displayed thivou zhout fuse cu page, during tne
course of which, always present ty cho field of wonour,
you have, in the most exs, cd sifuato ry Ocen rebrarhked
for your cou!hess anil for your Cons: icwo 's valour.
cei ls my a “ly todo boeour bo suc Ly Waatiarel quallities ;
and f consider that | give cy a | rool of tus estinnatiotl tu
which LT huld the ‘ny Wicte dD send you Che Oudce of Sl.
George of the 4th ciass.
“wy ou know tral dis distruction belones alone to mili.
tary merit. Lt willrecailto your recoliceou che mene
rable day of Culm, whore you bed te tae cuuses and all
the brave men wio there sought wail iepoive tO See you
the bearer of a decorations, whieh ws to re Wd that) vi
were atonce the partaker ol Golds igi 2 hos tac glo y.
Accept, with (iese |i Cial CestatGliaes o1 my colecn.
the assusance of my regard.
( signed) ALYNANDER,’?
“SMr. AmbassaJor, Vos. out Cathcart——}) .uding you
(heinsignia of the order of St. Audiow end tause of at.
Grcorge of che 4th class, f discharge a debe winch db opave
ever telC a pleasure in acksowledcing, Having you al.
ways at ty saleio the field of honour: se cling you always
animated with the most a dent zeal for the cause whicy
we supports TL have daily wished to render justice to tie
clevated and pure senuments of the negocraior—io the
coolness and brilitant valour of the (rene ral ¢ aud Poco je
ceive that I cannot give you a more dist: iguis.icd ) rout © of
Iny estecm and consideration, than by joining to Ge Ord.
of the Empive the Muotary Order of St. Coo re Yon
will accept at the same time the assurances of wy ‘unalter.
able sentiments,
(Signed) ALEXANDER.”
Washington City, Dec. 7.—This day, at 12 o'clock,
the resticnt of the Us. States transmitted) the following
Message of both Houses of Congress, by Mr. Cole his
Wellow-Cilizens of the Senate, and of the Mouse of
In meeting you at the present interesting conjuncture,
it would have been highly satisfactory if L could have
communicated a favorable result to. the Mission charged
with negociations for restoring peace. It was a just ex-
pectation from the respect due to the distinguished Sove-
reign who had invited them by his offer of Mediation ;
from the readiness with which the invitation was accepted
on the part of the U. States, and from the pledge to be
found inan act of their Legisiature for the liberality which
their Plenipotentiares would carry into the negociations,
that no time would be lost by the British Government. in
embracing the experiment fur hastening astop to the effu-
sion of blood. A prompt and cordial acceptance of the
Meditation on that side was the less to be dvubted, as is
was of a nature nol to subail rights or pretensions on ei-
ther side to the decision of an umpire, but to afford merc-
ly an oppoitunity honorable aud desirable to both, for
discussing, aud, if possible, adjusting them for the interest
of beth.
View original Pho Biitish Cabinet, cither mi dking cur destre of neace
foe a dread of British power, Orinisld by of hor farlacous
calculations, has diseppome belis season able wati ina. don.
No communication fem ouc Envoys halting reached ;
no information on the subject bas been reecived from that
source. Butitis known that the ned.ation was declined iu
the first instance; and there is nocvidence, notwithsatand.
Ing ine lapse of time, that a change of disposition ta the
British Counci!s has taken place, or ts to be expected.
Under such circum: tan: > aration, protd of als 1 ghts,
and cunscious of its Suacwethy tts no choice but aa exer.
(ion of the one qa support of the other.
yy - ' 4 . . .
Io { Ms Golermthaiioul the bye sf encourarcment ls deriv ed
from the success with which it has piea-ed the Almighty to
bless Our arms, both on the ded aud ou the water.
Whil r_ | Sloen ee. Cone af the ere: ]
yhuis€ proofs ave booncu Cnucd of the enterpiize and
t? . ; . °
sktl of Oey ‘roifors, | i lie tid Privale, on the oc i. and
awew treo y catned in ihe catture of a British by an
American vesse! of wary after an acto. ceiving celibrity to
the name of the victorious eoriniandor: the great injJand
waters, ou which the er easy were also to be em ountercd,
Nave presse roPaciuieecwm as of our naval arms, as brilliant
Me fhe arecter ts tusy have been important in their con.
/ ‘ ’ '*
nd aoe Fete, the squadron under the command of Capt.
‘ > ies 5 . s .
ber cng iaet Che Biiuish squadron, of superior force,
' 2 teary conthiet ended in the capture of the whole.
CO duct of that oficer, adroit as it was daring. and
Whiel was so well seconded 'y his comrades. justly entle
floes f .
into the atouration and vratitude of their conntiy
and wil fil an carly page in its naval anouls, with a vice
Cory never su passed ia lustre, however much it may have
becn in mag tae,
On Lake € ntario, the caution of the British comman-
der, favoured by confing nocs, Frustrated the eflorts of
the Ain oricaa commander to bring on a decisive act.on.
Capt, Chanucey was able, however, to esiabli han ascene
dancy on that ink octarttheatce: aud to prove, by the
manacrinwhich be ethected eve ly thing possible that 0".
porvualics OH y Were w auted, fora more shinin displa
of bis own talouis, and of the ga.lantry of those under his
The success on the Late Frie having ovencd a passage to
the terrilory of the enemy, the officer commanding the
North. Western army (ransforicd the war thither; and ra.
play pursuing the hostiic troops sleeping with their sae
vage associites, foreod a gencral action, which quickly
term tard in fac capture of the British, and dispersion of
Tics resul€as sigually honorable to Major-Gen. Harri-
My by Whose tmihtary talents it was prepared; to Col.
Jolinson ane his mounted volunteers, whose impetuous
ouset gave a decisive biow to the ranks of the enemy ;
and to the spin of the voluntecremilitia, equally brave
and patriotic, who bore an integesting part in the scene;
more espe lally to the chief Magistrat of Kentucky at the
head of them, whose hervism, sigualized in the war which
established the independence of his country, sought at an
advanced age, a share in hardships and battles, for main-
taining its rights and its safe'y.
The effect of these successes has been to rescue the inha-
bitants of Michigan from their oppressions, aggravated by
gross infractions of the capitulation, which subjected them
to a foreign power: to alienate the savaves of numerous
tribes from the enemy, by whom they were disappointed
and abandoned ; and to relieve an extensive region of
country from amerc.less warfare, which desolated its
frontiers, and imposed on its citizens the most harrassing
In consequence of our naval supcriority on Lake Onta-
rig, and the opportunity afforded by it for concentrating
our planned, were set on foot against the possessions of
the euemy on the St. Lawrence. Such, however, was the
delay, produced in the frst instance, by adverse weather
of unusua! violence and continuance, aod such the cir-
cums(ances attending the final movements of the arniy’,
that the prospect at one time so favourable, was not rea
The cruelty of the enemy, in enlisting the savages into
a war with a nation desirous of mutual emulation in witi-
gating its calamitics, has not been confined to any one
quarter.— Wherever they could be turned against us, no
exertious toetlect it have been spared. On our South
' Western border, the Creck tribes, who, ycildiog to our
View original presevering cndeayors, were gradually acquiring more ci-
vilized habits, became the unfortunate victims of scducti-
on. A we in that quarter has been the consequence, in-
furtated by a bleody fanaticism recently propagated a-
mone them.
It was necessary to crush such awar before it could
spread among the contiguous tribes, and Ecfore it could
favor enterprizes of theenemy into that vicinity. With
this view a force was called into the service of the United
States, from the States of Georgia and Tennessee, which,
with the nearest regular (roops, and other corps from. the
Mississippi territory, might not omy chastise the savaces
luto present peace, but make a lasting impression ou their
fea rs.
The progress of theexprdition, so farasit is yet known,
corresponds with the martial zeal wilh which itis espous-
ed; and the best hopes of a satisfactory issue, are antho-
rised by the complete success with which a well planned
enterorize was executed against a body of hostile savages,
by adetacinment of the volunteer militia of Tennessec
under the gaileat command of Gen, Coite, and by a still
more important victory over a larger body of them, gaiu-
ed under the immediate command of Major-Gen, Jackson ;
an oaiccr equally distinguished for his patriotism and his
mi itary Calents.
‘Suis systematic perseverance of the enemy in courting
the ud of the savagesio all quarters, had the na@ural elicet
of Kisaling their ordinary propenlity to war into a passion,
wouch, even among those best disposed towards the United
States, was ready ifnot employed on our side, to be turn.
ed agaist us, A departure from our protracted foricar-
ance to weceptihe services tendered by them, bas thus becn
forced upoo us, But, in yetidiag to it, the relation lias
been mitizated as nuch as possible, both tu its extent and
in its character, stopping far short of theesample cf tu
cacmy, who owe the advantages they have occasional;
gained in battle, chicily to the number of thor savage ase
suciifes, and who have not controlled ticar either trou,
their usual practice of tadiscaiminate massacre on dere nee
less tuhabsta. ts
5 O} [ Jil SCEHNeS ol Carhart v5 itheo vf al Jol ie
- 8 * '
Jel, on prisoners Co the British armns, guarded by ali tic
Jaws of humenity and honourable war.
For (hese enorim.ties, the enoory are equally resvonsib'e
whether, wilh the power to prevent thea they wane the
will, or, wih the huostbege of a wantof power, they
stil avcil themoevlyves of such sos remients,
Ju other respects the cnway wepnrsubes acours which
threatens consequences most sil cuss to vada i
A standing faw of Grrest writtid wrurvizes as t. well
known, allallens, comolyicg wit condi teas dite db be
perivd than those required by the Unit Lag:
a snorter perlod (hal Chose rogarred ayy hy ICCC S Gabees §
and naturalatized subjects, are in war, emplo,ecd by her
, . _: . : '
Government iv common with native subjeets. baa con.
tiguous British Province, regulations promulgs ocd sinee
the commencement of the war, compel chizens of the U,
States, being there under certain circumstanecs, to bea
arms: whilst of the native emigrants from the U. Slate
2 )
who compose much of the population of the Province, a
nowber have actually borne arms against the Uaitcd states
within their linits :
sume of whom after hiving done so,
have become prisoners of war, and are now in our posses-
sion. The British conmander of that Province, neverthe-
less, with the sanction, as appears, of his Government,
hought proper to select from Amer-can prisoners of war,
and send to Great Britain for (rial as criminals, a number
of individuals, who had enigeated from the British Domin-
ions long prior tothe state of war between the two nations,
who had incorporated themsetves into our political society,
in the modes recognised by the law and practice of Great
Britain, and who were made prisoners of war, under the
banners of their adopted country, fighting for its rights é
its safety ;
The protection due to these citizens requiring an effect.
val interposition in their behalf, a like number of British
prisoners of war were put into confinement, with a noti-
fication that they would experience whatever violence
might be committed on the American prisoners of war
sent to Great Britain,
I was hoped that this necessary consequence of the step
unadvisedly taken on the part of Great Britain, would
have led her Gaoverument to reflect on the inconsistencies
of its conduct, aud that a sympatly with the British, if
not with the American suficrers, would have arrested the
c:ucl carcer op ened by its caample,
View original
View original This was unhappily not the case. I violation both of
consistency and of humanity, American officers avi! none
commissioned officers, in double the anmbee of (he British
soldiers confined here, were ordered inte clos" couduement,
with formal notice, that in the eveat of a relation for the
death whica might be inflicted on the prisoners of war sent
to Great Britain for trial, the officers so cominced would be
put to death also. It was notified at t1- same time that
the commanders of the British flects avd arwies on our
coasts are instructed, in the same event, to proceed witha
destructive severity against our towns aud inhabitants.
That no doubt might be left with the enemy of our adhe-
rence to the retaliating resort imposed on us, a correspon.
Jont number of British officers, prisoners of war into our
hands were immediately put inty close con inement, to abie
the fate of those e+e nancd by the encm , ana the Ratiisu
Governmeut has been aporized of che dctermivation of this
Government, (o retaliate ary viher orocecding against us,
contrary to the legitimate modes of ,aci ec.
It is as fortunate for the Uc tied States es they haved
in their power to meet the chem: ia thi ds torable con.
test, as if is honorable to thom, that they @) not jor sn
iC but under (ie wiost Hn; eriows obligations, acd wita ‘he
humane ourpose of cheetuaudng a recurn to the ef auiisuce
uses of war.
Toe views of (he French Government ov the sutj cts
which have been se lone committed to mescelitiois have
received Qu el. .cadou since the Close Of vour lat mn,
Phe Minister Pleusotentainy of the Ueitca stac sat Paris
had wot Leen cha ten, be pro. ¢ opportunities, to press
Wie ovjects of his uiissios, as paescrvcd by his ine
The militia being always to be r girded as the great bul-
wath of defence and sece vty vor free States, and the con.
sutution aaving wiscie Conmutted fo Cie national autio.ity
ause of wnat force, as tie best provision agoryst an unsale
military estadlishtaent, as well as a refource peculicrly
adepted to a country havi ¢ Cie extent ana the exposus:
of the Uniied States. To reconmend to ¢ VIZECSS 2 Trevis
sion of tac militia hiws for the purpose of securing, inore
eflectually, the servicers of all detachiccuis called into ¢' ¢
ci ployment ard placed under the Government of ta:
United States.
lt wili deserve the con ideration of Congress alsoy whee
(her aimous other cmprovcineats ta the miada laws, pusiice
docs not reyutre ar galation, under due precautions, fur
defra, iy (ee exper ce inedoet to Gi first assembling a
wellas to the subsegueat nos cments of detachments Called
bito Ge national serviee.
To sive to our vess as of war, public and private, the
requisite adv. tag ogi Cheir Crusses, it is of much impor.
tance that Urey stew G.ave, voth tor themselves and their
ces, the use of the pore of friendly powers, With
oS vioWy frecommend toCo gress the expediency of such
load ps uvisws as may supply the defects, or yverove the
doaets ot Ue cavcdar. duaority, toatiow to the cradsers
of colce powcoes, al wae with enemies of the U. States,
suchouse of the American ports aud inarkets as n ay cor.
respoud witha the priviieges alowed by such powers. to
Atioricaal Cruisers,
Durig the year ending on the 20th of Sept. last, the
recelts tato tue Preasury have exceeded thirty-seven mil.
lions and a haif of doltars, of which near twentvefour
uillious were the produce of loans. After meeting all the
demands for the public service, there remained in. the
Treasury on that day, near seven millions of dollars. Un.
der the authorty contained in the act of the 2d of Aug,
last, fur borrowing seven millions and a half of dollars,
(hatsum has been obtained on terms more favorable to the
United States than those of the preceding loan made dur-
ing the present year. Further sums (o a Considerable a-
roune will be uecessary to be obtained in the same way
during the ensuing year, and from the increase capital of
the country, from the fidelity with which the public en.
gagements have been kept, and the public credit main.
caluicd, it may be ex;ected on good grounds that the ne.
Cessary pecumaiy supplies will not be wanting,
The expences of the current year, from the multiplied
operations falling within it, have necessarily been exten.
sive. Lut ona just estimate of the campaign, in which
the mass of them ha: been incurred, the cost will not. be
found dispro, ortionate to the advantages which have been
gained. ‘The cainpaign has indeed, in its latter stages in
one quarter, been less favourable than was expected, but
View original
View original in-ad. Vion to the im:
prozress of Cue geam - oi.
hichty honorable to the Avncricas
The attacks of the enemy on Craney
Nieigs, on Sackett’s Hhabor, and on Sandu:
vigorously and successfully repnl8ed, nor kaye
case succede! on cither fronticr, excepting when *
against the peaceable dwelling of individuals, ov
unprepared or undefended.
— On the other biad, the movements of the Americ so
my have been followed by the redaction of York, and
Furts George, Fric aud Malden; by the recovery of DB
tro'*, and the eatinction of the dndia® war in the VWosi,
an. by the occupancy or command of a large portion ot
Upper Canada. Batties hace also been fought a1 te.
borders of St. Lawrence, which, though not accuns } -b-
ing their entire objects, er ‘lect honor on the discip sine and
nrowess Of ox s Md ayy the bestauguries Cfevartus! vies
tury. J) the same scaic aie bo be placed the leie succes.
-vs ia the South, over ove of the woot powerfal, which
had become one of the most nost.le also, of tue Ludiaa
It world beimproper tuc'oseth’scommounrtent@ou, wi
vat exnressing aihankfuiiess, awl cholo. ob teu
cue ils nemeroue Diessings with which oue bo oo A
my, coufianes to be fasuured, for the ae. Tine
sverspreads Cur and, and he prevalans bea
habitants, for the preservtuou Of our Infess.
ys and the stabli:y of free is tiiutions, and abuve at
ae hight of Divine ‘Pruth, and the protection of os
maws sconscieace ta Che enjoyment of it. aAcd aithougi
amoug our blessines, we ceunot number aa exemption
from the evils of war, yet these will nover be regarded as
the greatest o« evils, by the friends of libuity a.d of the
rights ofnacions. Ourcountry has befuce pie’eesed them
tu the degrading condition which ws tae alieroatoecy, vy aen
the sword was dra a iu the cause whice gave bicth ty our
National tndencucsace, and none wag conten plate rue
wagoitude, aud feel we vaine of that Slurrious evoar, will
shriek froma struggle to maintain the high avi happy
ground ouwhich it pleced the American poupl.
Wath ail Your Citas Us, (hh J isGes avo mecessitve of res
sting Whottys a dus: pains wo .onger (os be ber, will
subtciently outweigh the privations sid saceilices, tose. oe
/ ‘
ralic trum a Stale of war. IHsutit is a renecis yoty WN 7%
over, pocudely CONSOIM ; thas whist wars cee oon. cy y
"2 S
A sPavatea by tac cancial Gitects GaGa dete ech wn orovees
Huts, Qed permanout prosperity et tl eanoneie daa
them, such is the favored sitnation of ihe Conca = af )
that the caiamities of the contest into whic. Chey wun. ao
compelled (o enter, are mitigated by aiproven cai. ped
advantages, of which the coutest ilscil is die sca. ce.
If the war has iucreased the tatetiapteous uf our Come
merce, tt has at the same time cherished dud maid oltcd vce
manulactures, soas Co make us inaepcndcut ol at oper
countries for Ute more essential branciucs, fur Wuiea we
ougit to be dependent on none 5 and is evea ray,
them an extent which will create addiuonal scapes
future intercourse with furcign markets.
If much treasure has been expended, no incons derasts
portion of it has been applticd to objects durable im Urear
lue, and necessary tu‘our permancat safely.
If the war has exposed as to mcreascd spuliations on
ocean, and to predatory incursions on the land, it lhasacree
loped the national meaus of retaliating the funmers and of
providing protection against the latter ; demoustrauug to
all, that every Dlovy aimed at our maritune Independence, is
aninpulse, accelerating the growth of our maritime power,
By diffusing through the mass of the nation the clemeuts
vl military discipline and Instruction, by augiwentinog and
distributing warike preparations, applcab.e to future US,
by evincing Che zealand vavor with which they wali pe eme
ployed, aud the cheerfulness with which ey. ry
V vC.A
‘lh OUT
burden will be borne, a greater respect for our rivats, aad
; “Sy
a longer duration of our future peace are Protuscd than
could beexpected without these prouls of ti
racter and resources.
he war has proved, moreover, that our free Govern.
ment, like other free Governments though slow in its e
ly movements, acquires in its progress. a force
vued to its freedom, aud that the union of thes
guardian of the freedom and safety of all and
strengthened by every occasion that puis it to
Tufine, the war, with all its Vicissiludes, is iWustratiag
the capacity aud the destiny of the United State ,
great, a tlourishing, and powerful nations worthy of the
fricodsnip which itis desposell to cu tivate with ats others -
aud authorized by its own example, Co require from al an
observance of the laws of justice and recip. UCily . Be one
these, their claims have never exteuded ; anil, in Concenuang
for these, we behold a subjece for our ;
vullgratulatious, aa
the daily testa oles of CPeasiily ha MOU) Caroupuourd tie
Nation, and may humbly repose vue trast ia tae snctles uf
Heaven on so righteous a cause.
© National cha.
e States, the
of cach, is
the test,
to bea
View original
View original Revenue and Expenditu
Dr. Year
(813. To paper-money for public prope
ty, on interest, a loau of... 2... f 39160
To bills of exchange, ...... a 1813513} 3
To ordinary head-inoney... 22... 608051
To plantationsimoney soc... eee. 13462} 3/14
Toextfa head-imoney oe... ee eee. A2Q1OlL 6
To churchemoney...........0.. 657u| J} 1
To weighemoncy ... ce ee. 60137 13
To road-money.......... ee eaee 231 i} Els
To tastage on vessels... ....00.., 689
To hospital-movey..... Cee 610 .
To winkel department......0... TAAL G6) 6
To venducetax W. ‘Threlfall..... 1840
To. ditty (; Bone...... Lae 1544/16] 4
To ditto DD. C. Cameron... 21641! &| 6
To Civil Governinent received on
account colouy schooner from
Demerary Se ee iawn eee 50 5¢
To sales of ruuaw ays received fr.
Kingstom. ... 00... 2. ee. oc 3831 5|16
To ditto 2000, balance reteived
from Jamics Frasere... e000. 1183] 2
To traussent tax rec. on his acct. ASUII7
To Gen. Murray's deposit this sum
his emolument ow the manumis.
SION slaves, ee ee ee ee] 150
J 289524- 2.13
Dec. 31. To balance in hands this day... f IP s.12L Gg
2 meee eT fr.
SS (2 Gees SEE 20088) oS We
——_____. ——$____ +
BY the uncersigned, reasonable, for cash, the
followtng artiel sy imported in the nn, Capt.
Bravo, from London,
Rounds of spiccd beet, pickled (ripe in kegs and
jars, OX lon rucs in firkits, cheese, pickled oysters
an muscles iN pots, vine Lar in jugs, French Olives,
old Port wine, refined strgar, brown stout, gentlemen
dress, holf dress, and walking shoes, planters strong
do., Hessiun boots, gentlemen best patent silk hats,
ladies & gentlemen's fine cotton stocking, Stallonary
assorted, mottled scap, mould candles, wun powder,
Also on hun@ from former importalioos :
Rest Lash mess beefand pork in 4 barrels, batter in
Whole and $ fickins, pearl barley, split pease, pickles
assorted, ready made and fiower of mustard, sago,
raisins in boxes, small setts of earthenware in barrels
an crates of ditto, fine ola Madeira in bottles, brown
stout in bhds. S:e.—1)5 Jan. G. BONE & Co.

View original '
BY the Suseriber, on Lot No. 21, for immediate
payment in-cash or produce, ata vecy rede ced price
— Vew Cod Psh,inS quintaleashs & by 5ODs., po-
tatoos, neat tonrues in kees, and Archangel tar,
8 Jan.
View original BY the Subseriber, New Wadeira Cod fish, im-
ported via Demerary, in the ship Buns, from New
founcdiand, inf, 6, and S Guintal casks, and by the
hundeed weight, tor iumediate payment,
S Jan. Cu. KAYTE.
Berbice, 13th Jan.
ANY person holding Demands, either against (his
Department, or Leputy Assistant Cominissary Gen,
Bonor, are desirod to send in a statement thereof to
the subseriber, on or before the Ist February ensuing
afler which day no further notice can be taken ot
View original ee
THe Subseciber, in addition to Medicines receiv.
ed per the Lord blaytyre, is now landing from on
board the dun, Capt. Birasp, trom London, the fol-
JoWing articles, warranted tresh and genuine.—Pale
and yellow bark powder, concentrated essence bark,
new England castor, baiscm toly: oxymel of squills,
blue galls, Paythertus’s tnproved Chaltenham salt,
powder cascarillt, olf ofamber rict: arsenic, salt of
‘hartar, verdegris, Hoffman's anod liq: seveis, Spirits
mitre, ather, chamomile flowers in Ib. bottles, blist-
ering, gum & mer: plaisters, vuneper bornis, gum
tragacanth, rhabarb, jalap powder, pewler bed pans,
wide moath botiles with elass stoppers from 1 Ib. te
A once, aud best blaching, &c.
15 Jan. W. GB. LIOT.
— ~~
View original eo ei
Lo Woodcutters and Carpenters.
W AN T LE) a house frame of bullytree wood, 94
fect long by 18 leet wide, two stories high, viz. — the
first 12 teet, and the se cond 9 feet, with a gallery of
10 fect, all ‘roontl the lower story —also the shingles,
materials, and workmanship, required for finishing
the same as a dwelling house.—Any person willing
to contract for thé same on very reasonable terns,
may obfain further information and see the plan, by
applying rtothis Printing Ollice. 15th Jaai.
View original € of the Colony Benrsicr,
1813. vr
By this sum overpaid, being balance of cash as per
statement 3ist Dec. IS12, rendered into Court. ... Sf 7.9 (
By expenditure of the Colony Berbice
yeat 1313, as per vouchers No.t-18% | /166323/16)
by this sum paid hire of 56 Negroes,
aud I lost on the service, as per vou-
chers No. LAS... I8lGe| +} 8
oy casual payments this sum paid, as
per vouchers No. l-95........0..,. 99290| 7} 4| ®
-|—|— | 23878<} 9} 7
By bills of exchange paid away. .... ISI3S|I5} 3
By protested bills paid for.......... 92o| d
by paper-money paid into Court in
Oct. 1813, taken from circulalion,.| 25000
———|—'!— | 4406z} 1} 3
By the Receiver General's commission on the receipt
of £23%,230-9-10. (bills of exchange and paper-
money not included) two and a half per cent... .. 9805\15] S$
By balanee .. 0.2... ee ee ee sw BEG Esse | l24)iv) 9
f 89521- 2-13
THE Planters and Inhabitants are required, fo give
Info this Office, a return of all White, free coluured
Persons, and Slaves. —And the Planters are to make
a Return, on Oath, of all Produce Sold, Shipped,
and delivered from Estates, coumencing Ist vuly
and ending 3Ist December, LS13, in the course. of
the present month ; defaulters will be reported to th.
Fiscal.—All Accounts due this Office, will be given
over to the Deurwaarder, as the Receiver finds it in-
possible t6 pay the Demands on the Ollice.
Berbice, Ist January, IS! 4.
A. THORNBORROW, Dop. Roc. Gon,
$$ $$$

View original BERBICE.,
King’s House, VAth Jan Sih.
THE Licutenant-Governor will attend at the
Nine’s House, New Amsterdam, for the Dispatch of
Public Business, from Ten o'clock in the mornine,
until Two o'clock in the afternoon, onthe Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, of every
week: At which Gime of Attendance, a Plag will be
hoisted over the portico of the House.
By Mis Lacelle ney’ command.
PP. WHEE TE, Gov. See.
FOR. Plantation Jlugsburg, 125 Negro jickets,
125 do. hats, [barrel tar, bdo. pitch, | do. barley
and Tdo. brown srgar.—Tenders for the above arti-
cles. or any part thereof, willbe received by the sub-
scriver GE Monday the 24h inst. at 1G o’clock in the
morning, when they will be opened, and the lowest
offer, for cash, if approved of, accepted
15.Jan. JOM. OC. REUSS, qq.
A model of the jackets and bats is required by the
gett The brig’ Ulysses,
James Brirs, Master, -
Is now taking on board her’ homeward cargo, the
Subscriber will be obliged to the shippers in this
vessel, to forward their produce as carly as possible,
29 Dec. | JOUN CROVET.
View original With the first convoy.
wets The brig Westbury,
J. SINC LAIR. Master,
Has yet room for about 1CO Packages. For Fre ‘thie
or Passare apply to tse Captain on board, or to
January, ISI4. Juno. Mc AMON.
View original FOR GLASGOW
test he coper'd brig Lord Blantyre
A. McLEA, Master;
Now on her first voyage, will be dispatched with the
January fleet. For freight or passage apply to
25 Dee. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
W ho have imported in said vessel, a general as-
sortment of Plantation and other Stores.
View original git: The fine new brig TRADER,
Wa. Gemini, Commander.
[s now ready to receive her cargo, and warrantcd to
sail with the first convoy.—For freight or passage ap-
ply to Capt. Gemmill, or to
View original TENDUE OFFICE.
On Wednestay the 8Cth inst. will bes (1, by or-
der of J. J. van der Stoop, Esqr. q. qd. al the gouds
belonging to the Estate of the late N. yon Hattem,
consisting ina chest with drawers, a matrass with
pillows, a dressing case, a silver watch, trunks, a
clock, a double barrel gun, wearing apparel, &c.
On the same day at the Vendue Office, the follow-
ing arficites—prime mess beef, and pork in half bar-
rels, a few firkins of butter, hains, piys (O1@aies in
kegs, salt in barrels, bottled ale, beer and porter, vin
and a variety of drey goods, which will be sold with
out reserve—also 17 head of fine: breading sheep; a
collection of books, superior Madeira wine in pipes
aud hhds. &e.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Mastr
— —
View original OO
- On Saturday the 29th inst. will be sold at the Ber-
bice Ferry, by authority obtained from the Tlon.
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, by P. Fairbairn
and J. C. Spangenberg, Esqrs. as Sequestrators of
Pin. Hope, west coast—from 30 to 40 head of cattle,
consisting of milk cows wilt their calves, young hei-
fers and 12 a 14 full grown oxen :—terins of sile,
those purchasing six hundered guilders or upwarls,
payable in three and six months, under that sum, in
three months.
DP. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original eee aa
WITEREAS F the undersigned have received
from Enaland the Newspapers containing the adver-
lisement calling upon the Creditors of the Estate of
Henry Crorr, dee.—Notice is hereby given, that
the said Creditors are hereby called, to appear be-
fore the Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at their
Session on Monday the 24th January, ISl4, tor the
purpose of there rendering their claims, and further
to proceed according to Law.
Berbice, 31st December, 1813.
KK. PRANCKEN, First’ Marshal,
View original WHIEERIEEAS T the undersigned have received from
England the Newspapers, containing the Advertise-
ment calling upon the Creditors ef the Surrendered
Estate of Heywood & ‘Taylor, Notice is hereby give
cn to the Pablic, that the said) Creditors, by virtne
Olan Appotntment obtained by W. Leacn and W.
Fraser, Curators to aforesaid Estate, under date of
29th November, ISi3y from THis Excellency the Go-
vernor, are her by SUMMONED, To appear before
the Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, on Monday
the 24th January, ISt4, and following days, for the
purpose of there rendering their clatms avaiast the
suid Surreadered Estate otf Heywood & Taylor, and
turther to proceed according to Law.
Berbice Sd Dec. ISLS.
K.P RANCKEN, First Marshal.
BY virtue of an appointment, granted by the io-
norable Court of Civil Justice, of this colouy, upon
a petition of ivan & Angus Fraser & Co. as a branch
of Campbells Fraser & Co.; under date ot 20th No-
vember, ISfo.
Notice is hereby given: That I the undersigned,
First Marshal ot the Courts of this colony, will Sell
In presence of two Counucellors Commissaries and
thei Scorn tary, by Public Execution Sale, on Tues-
day the Ist day of February, 1814, the Cotton Es
fate called
the property of Hugh B. Inglis, situated on the Co-
ren ine Coast, with all its cultivation, slaves, build-
ings, and further appurtenances thereto belonging.
Whoever should think to have any rigcht, interest
or Claim on the aforesaid Plantn. Clifton, and wishs
es to eppose the sale thereof, let such person or
persons address theimselves to ine the first Marshal,
declaring their reasons for such opposition in due
time and form; as Thereby give notice that T will
receive opposition trom every one thereunto quali-
fied, appoint them a day to have his or her claim
heard betore the Court, and further act thereon 2s
the law directs.
The sale is to take place on the spot.
Berbice, 4th December, 1813.
K. Francken, First Marshal.
THE Subscriber offers for Sale a few casks
Newfoundland Fish,
from the latest arrivals. °
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22 January 1814