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The Berbice Gazette

View original 1814.)
View original NS —————_—__
Loeelve dollars p. annion.
View original BERBICE.
Kine’s House, 3\st Aug. 1814.
The Lientenant-Governor having received from
the Right Won ble the Earl Bathurst, the Dispatch,
whereot the following isa copy, whieh to rether W ith
its inclosure, his Ie certl: ICY ly is directed to be pu-
blished for genezal i information.
Py coma,
Yr. W HITE, Goy. Sec.
—_—_s TP—
Downingsslhreet, iGih July, 1814.
T transmit fo vou for your Information and
TV dance, the copy ofan Net of Parlinmens, pissed
onthe With ultimo, for persiding » “Prade between
the United Provinces and certain Colonics, now in
His M: ye sty? s pes CSSTON.
Jhave the honor to De, Sir,
Your most obedient himbte servant
Governer Bertiuck.
——F_— —
-—~——"«<Se ap 20° 6 eer
An Act for permit ‘nea Trade between The United
Provinces ane cert: ‘ia Colonics now in Elis VWa-
yes’ y ‘s Poss cetON. [17th Sune 1S] 1.
WHEREAS it has been deemed proper in the presen!
Circumstances to permit the Subjects of Ghe Curled Pro-
wees to carry on Vrade wita tae Colomiecs of Sureiane
Deomerary, Essiquibo, Berbice, Curacua, Sunk bt
dia, Suba, aud Sant Marting in Amerted and the Tics!
Indies, which formerly belonged to the Coovernincent ol
Tne United States, bot have beow surrendered to tis Mae
jesty’s Arms and are now in dis Majesty s Possession :
be it therefore enacted by the Wing's most bevectloat Ma.
jesly, by and with the Advice ang Conscat of the Lords
Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, ino this) presen
Parliament assembled, and by the Vathority of the same,
That from and after the passiig of tats Act it: shall anu
may be lawful for any Subject of Lhe Onited Provinces
and resident there, in any Shin or Vosoel bur cin the Per.
ritory of Tae United droves, and owned by Subjects
of The United Provinces, anduavicied by a Nlaster and
Threeefourths of the Siariners, Ser qeets of Cie said) Pro.
winces, orinany Hrevhk-buile Ship or Vessel owned anc
Havigated according to Law, to iinportinto the said Colo.
nics from Dhe Oneled Mrevinees, and to orxport trou oh
said Colontes to Dre United Proviice a and mot curectls
toany other Place, all such Goods, Wares, and Merchan-
G@izc, astiay vow by Law be tiaportcd sto the sid Coto.
nisirom Great friaain, ormay vow by Law be export.
ed from the said Colomes to Great Lbradven, but no other
Goods, *Yares, or Merchandize whatever, upon Pay ment
bu all Cases of the same Duties as are payable by Lsra/cs/
Subj -cisin the said Psiend or Colonics, aud upon entering
Into the seme Bonds and complying with tae same Condi.
fioos and Regulations as in the Case of such Importation
fiom and Exportation to Great Privat; any Vbing in
an Aety passed in the Pucltth Year of the Reign of fh
Najesty Kinz Char/es the Second, intituled Aa et jos
the encouraging and ineroacdng of Srtoping and NG@vicue
dio”, orin any other Act, to the contrary notwithsiand.
If. Provided always, and he it further enacted, Thar
the Master or Commander of every serch Saip or Vesse
shall produce Co the proper Officer of the Customs at the
Port of [mportation ‘and Exvortadon, a : iconce from thy
British Minister resident in The Tutted | TOCtiCeS, Aue
thorizing the Ship or Vessel to proceed an 7 said Voy-
ave for such Importation and WMxportation respectively,
under Pain of the Forfeiture and Penalty provided in. the
said Act, or ii any other Act, for Breach of the Law. ol
Shipping and Navigation in His Majesty’s Colonics,
e eS wr Se ee ee
View original EE SS es TP es «
EE Pee "= - rs . =:
wf : »
° m2. 1 ae
THE fast satiing Sk
modated for par Neer
agement is given
D ADVENTURE, well accom-
Will, af sufficrenthy enecorr
,run between this colony and Pe-
merary asa Packet, fo leave here every Monday
3 Sept. Ay ly tod. (‘TA fea AY N lO
A mTwree) Trt] > ma le | it!
NF oil Ryd)!
One @ “IC J prt ys M1idh
View original THE
View original -—_- ——_—-
View original DERBICE.
Of the Ilonorable the Court of Civil Justice.
Sequestration of Pln. Rurmziar & DANKRAAR-
JiEI)). !
Curalorship of the Estate of the late Jno. Sarven
Idem, of the Inte Dr. TOG. Scmeonrar, acccased.
Idem, of DIL, Mever, decoosed.
Nidem,y of Dr. Be AL Borriann, deceased,
fdem, of MOS. fluaeersr, decoaced,
file My or P/, MACKECUN r, deceased.
fucin, of daw I. busn, deceased.
Whereas tae Honorable the Court of Civil Jus-
fice, by Order bearings date 28d July last, having
relerted the Accounts of
M. Rader and B. J. Schwiers, Scquestrators o!
Pla. Ruimzist © Dankbourheul.
M.S. Bennett and G. P. van iolst, Sequestrators
of Pla. Cooedland,
dos. Halland A. Krieger, as Curators of the Es-
late of the late Jobin Sawyer, dec.
G. Pauels, J. van den Broek, and A. [irieger, as
Curators of the Estate of Dr. J. G. Schubert, dec.
The late D. Leen, dec. and A. Krieger, as ixceus
forss ancl atterwards Curators of the Estate o, OD. tt.
Meyer, dee.
NH. D. Wiersch and J.C. Schmidt, as deliberating
Fxeentors; and AO Krieger and J. 0. Sehiidt, as
(Curators of the Listate os the late Dr. BL A. Bovager,
J.vanden Brock and A. Krieger, as deliberating
PXeCUl syand attends as Cu:
vi the fate MOS. Pharebert. dee,
Johns. Wakson addon siciley, as Curators of
(he dete lugh Mechechnie.
Ih. C. Aboensets and Vie S. Pury rt, Curators o!
the tustale of the late I, I. rslise, I C. dinons vy hich
ure tube found the Accounts of \diiuinistaton ot
J. Bokher, J. van den Brock, and P. iguers, Exec:
lors ; and of the lollow ing Curators ; Caplain van
Baienbure, A.J. Glastus, J. A. ca
biuubyze van Katenbure aq. Widow Ht. Buse;
Mitier the Accounts of 1. C. Abb onsets and Eb. C.
(lintzen; J. van den Broek, J. G. C. de Nicuwer-
kera, and G. Pauels, Carators of said Estate.
Notice is hereby given to all persons interested
(herein, that attendance will be vivenat die Aecount-
ants Otlice, held at the house of the second under-
slaned, on Mondays, WVedaesdays ani Priecys, irom
huon uaa 2
3 ul labe scslale
mis Coad. van
O'clock tn (heatternoon, for the space
ol one morch form the date hercot, inorder to enaale
such peron todnspeet Cae sud accounts and state
their obvcetions or observations iW rifttuy, atthe ox-
piration of which time the required repo will be
made in (he abovementioncd Inatters, and of whieh
(i reqnired) the partics may Oblarr aa OlLee copys,
ad their owmexpence, ti orcer at they may deemed
expedient, taattend the ton. the Court ot Civil fas.
fice on the day to be appointed for hearing the said
report, and to contest the Cconfitmation tacreul.
bervice, 30th Aug. Isl
CFirst line of publichin:. )
Ee ee eee
View original se
Berbice, 27th Aug. 1834
LITTLE attention being pud to the Advertise-
ment from this Office of the 9th ult. respecting Tax-
es duc by the Yown Lots.—Notice is hereby given,
(hat every unpaid Lot on the 12th of September, will
be sued,
DANTE ALUT, Dep. Rec. Gen.
Lerbice, 20th August, I814.
NOTICE. The Accounts of Taxes for the last
six monihs, ending SO June, are now ready tur de-
D. ALLT, Dep. Rice. Cen.
livery at this Olice.
View original (No. 519.
— 2° — zee & wa eo ererw Vee ST eee Ss ew
View original Payable in advance.
View original REQUIRED
FOR the Civil Commissary Department, viz-
Paint and Paint Oil.
94 Kegs white paint, each 28 Ths.
8 Do. rd dow —-
3 Do. black do. = ————
© Pots green do. each 4 lbs. and
50 Gallons paint oil,
For which, Tenders will be received by the sub-
ccriber until 10 o’clock inthe morning on Tuesday
he (3th instant; when they will be opened in pre-
s nce of Tis Pxcelloney the Governor, and the
lov west, if approved of, eccepted.,
3 Repl. R MchiENZIF, Acting Com.
New 8 a ee
View original ~ VENDUE OFFICE.
On Tharsdiay the & hs September, willbe sold at the
Vendne Office the following goo. Is, viz.—Cotton and
coffee bieeines, sein and sewing twine, sorp and
candles in small boxes, nails assor ed, cordage assorte
ed, muslin assorted, calicoes, printed cottons, Ovni
burgs, platillas, biitannias, locks, hinges, two pune
cheons old rus and a pipe ein, dra wht porter in
On the same day four fine stont young field negrovs,
also an excellent tailor, payzble in tree and six
On the same day, just iniported, prime mess pork
‘in whole aud half barrels, prime mess beef in kitts,
tripe, double rose butter, porter and beer
D. C. CAM“RON Dep. Venue Master.
— SS
View original a
On Monday [9th inst. wilh be sold) at) plintation
Scath ld, west coast of this colony, by order of Alex.
Simpson, as Executor of the late Wo. Kerr, consis‘
mzol l2negro men, 2 womenand 2 children, mae
hogany tibles with D ends, a ste board, pembroke
tables, Windsor and hair bottom ehats, a hanor
casey ahass and carthen ware, silver spoons, knives,
and forks, spy glass, a bhd. wine, old rams 2 salle
horses, 6 young ereol cattle, encyclopaedia parthens
sts, a colle ‘chon of other books, beds and matresses,
wearing apparel, &e.
On (he sane day and place, the eficcts of the Inte
Henry Phrelfall, consisting of 2 negro men, some sil
ver ‘ble and ies spoons, XC.
Lasily—on the same day and place, by order A.
Sunpsony in Commission, a negio man named Larry,
[6 tread of catte.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
On ‘Tuesday the 7th instant will be sold by order
ofS. Kendall, at planiadon Ive ndalls, from SO to 90
head Very fine cattle; paveble in 3 and 6 months,
for the half of the above cattle, demands against said
plantation or S. Kendall, will be taken in payment.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
eee ee oe > een Se -- e e
View original ee
PERSONS wilting tocontract for building a House
40 fect long, 16 tect wide, one story high, with one
floor, avd divided into four apartinents, i tended ag
a Dwelling tor the Dienaars of Justice, and to be
erected near the Jail, are requested fo sendin Tenders
lo the undersigned Piscal, until Monday the 19th
instant: the contractor to tarnish all materials, shine
gles excepted, for further particulars enquire of
5 Sept. M.S. BENNIOET, ¥ seal,
Four or 30.0 bunches can be delivered weekly for
3or 6 months, ia New amsterdam, apply by letter
to James Fraser, at Messis. G. Bone & Co.
Sept. 3.
View original FO! tT SALE,
A Punt, six months old, long a fect, ten fect wide
and 3 fect 9 tuches deep, made from colony hard
3 Sept. lH. SNEPED.
View original rN ‘ . 1.
WAV s \ iu Sy
ON moderate ferms, at S inmonths credit, from 25
tao SOOOO crab wood staves, 3 feet crab wood rathing
ditto, butlet tree posts, square Ginber, &e.—By ap-
plication tod. Wali, Esq
o : mreyvyyry - mo
View original
View original THE Domiethaa Cifand: et Executandt, of the:
Subscriber, is at the house of A. Ge Calmer, Esq.
_— —$—————
Sue LT. rR Y's OFKICE.
This te to inform the Putlic, that the following per-
sons intend qilting tis Colony,
Jolno Crosthiy rite 116 weeks from Sert. 2.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original NO a fh Mas ode 4 te teh. Mill aot neh dfeer date the
follorsing Tidaiuspoerss dad Morsages will be passed.
27 Aue. Jno. Ge. Tones wl transport to EE za Jones,
the South bnohaliol Lot No. 41, second empol-
der New Nonst.
ie free Ta Rese yl] frinsrort 2 ALT. Schott
the morthera float part ot lot No. os within the
first cuipo derol this tows,
Re C, DOWNER, See.
BY command of th: Honorble Cone of Civil Juse
tice, of the colony Porbiec, Notice is hercby given:
_—_— —— -——.__..__..
That the resumed Sittines of the ot ot (avi bus.
tice will be held oa Wedies iy Woh Sept. S14.
Re. i OW Nast. Secy.
PY © wees
View original ewe ww ~~ ~~ = ae
AT the request of M osses. Evan & Anens Fraser,
for selves and partners Campbelly Fraser & Co,——
Notice ts hereby given to all whom itn 'y concen .
DVhacthe cotton distate called KEL REALN, on the
Corentive eort, the property of G. Rober rlsouy is
this day releas sd trom) Exceution and Sequestration,
In-consguenes ff an arrangement between parties
iavine take) | hice,
berbice, 2d Sept. IST4.
KOLA AS CKEN, First Marshal.
ene nD nnn EE
View original S wu bot UN LY bbl, 1’.
BY virtue of an Ypportiment trom the Honorable
Cour OL Civ dw ustice ) bearing date
the Qt July Pty oa fede pom a petifton present
by Waa. Le oi dg Soa. Prrsery as appointed Cu-
rio csta Toon tat. ri’ Lordy, dec.
Poaeuaders cy atthe recu. st of aforesaid Cu-
Neoronly Bl tex Sueralundanti ¢
cook this colo ov
AWN ow van) aaa ower ditors or elrimante on
the ost ces ae tie fate ota St bres dee. to appear i
pore! ) l) pet .\ Lye (arr foe oloatr «of tlie ( Nrl ©
Civil Paste ob cies ec tov. at ther session to be
heltbin the mou oa. Fata, PSdS. there to render
Inihetrebtoas ty voy the sume, and i need, t
heey objections side thercaate, ad further to pros
c ros vecordins Co lig on pata of being debarred
their rt ht oc clam,
Pins siamo ow dadict. Cex stuo rabundanti) made
Knows tothe pobie by beat or drag: frou: the Corus
Jlouse ot this. OG yy Whe Erle dealt with uccoru-
Ing 1) foun,
Li. Dice, Cod Na rust, IS 74.
Wb NN ON TEN, Perst Varsahl.
es ee
View original SU UMIN by bOlCL.
BY virtue of an appointment from the Tonorable
Const ol Civil Mustice of this col Ny, boaniag date 23
July IST4, gruved upon a Pelton prese sted by J,
vin den Grock and Gr. Panels, as the Attornies to the
Widow Herlin who is the Executrix of the state
oO! her late Haband J.C. WW. Elertin.
th: undcrsigned, at the request of aforesaid .\t-
Summon by Edict:
All claimants on the Estate of J.C. W. THe rlin,
dec., “Voappear ia person or by proxy, belore the
Bar of the Court of Cival ftrsthes of this colony, a
their session which will be held) in the month oo
April le fo, there to render in Cheir clatiisy to ve rily
Hie same, an lat need, toh ar the objections made
thereunto, and further to proceed according to Liaw,
on pala, of bei: is forever debarred their right “i
This Summon by Udict made known and published
as Customary.
berbic:, zed Aveust, IS14.
be bieKNOCKEN, Ferst Marshal.
View original ¥
—~@ Ui Awd ‘ asi Vuli 7 aia UU A.
View original jand WW. Fracer, Curators to the Abandoned Tstate
of Heywood & ‘Payltor, Plaintitls by cdiet, versus, a!
Known and unknown creditors avainst the said lstate,
Detendants. .
[the understened, First \arshal of the Courts
vithin his colony, and at the request of aforesaid
Summon by Edict, Evsuperabundant::
All known and unknown creditors nevinst the ab-
andoncd Estate of Hey woo! & Taylor, toarpear be-
ore the Court of Rollsy which with be hel _ -
live the lOth October, IS) fo their to render da Codr
chins, fo verify the same. and hear: o (rors macy
(her UntO, ib need, abn fiuitt Cr CO |] CCuas tue Law
This Sammon ire Polit. sale reeern fs Pie eas)
by boat or cdruo tro lee ( (dfous “(| s coluny,
aud tertherdeal): with ‘ording fo custom.
Berbice, 20d Auer. IS.
K RINCKEN, Furst Marshal
View original TOWN COMMILPEEE,
TIT Roads hetne under Repair,—the Public is
hereby informed! ther r.Qi,y ana referred tothe Tih are
Gicle ol the Hon. Court of Policy's Resulations, da-
tel [Oth August, [s62, viz.
AV enover any of (he said oie lois about to be
“repaired, if all b> stop, doo oawith spars, and
Socontinue so until the whole is fis cheat a d bie
road suliiciently settled to be fit acrain for Poussrle
Tt shall not be periifled for any persou to pass
road, so stoppe l, with cither horses, assess or
‘carriages, or Coarive any cattle over the same, :
Sand itis abso forbidden to pullout any suas,
te 7 rstonpoia road, or in anv actin i.
Sure sue moe ror fence, om pai bareusi. ot
coy leo. Fe and tyen v iil Cis, OF © rly tte
yo pun Sti nt, cccordbal fo the exo repey ol th
erses—any dom ge thatiney be aoce tote res
“or such fence, to be mavee rh rice Fontan acs
ee ood at the expenee of the po rsv.s having vcca-
‘stoned the stiie.—
New Aimst. Aug. 24, ISI4.
By orcer of the Tex Commitice.
JPL Own Me LEER, Socy.
View original —<--
yy . fn — ¥ . . ’ (C’ . .
A White Carpoutor VW aited to Cuncrintead
a Gang of Carpenter Necroes, on the [ast coast,
foradewoimonthss; bderod payment will be eiven to
an approved Person—=\ py ly to Messis. Henery
and Paylory New Aimest. 27 Aug.
OC +... rn — CS
View original a - — ee eee
A few days vo, trom alonesde the Schooner
Swit, a small ionroud: boat, paintd blic, newley
repaired, — WW ho vor bos tound the same, Pas bese
(ore dam to. Ph soo burhorssy Psa. or to the uades-
sisted. — the usuil reward will be eiven.
a Atle. | ; , SSCEHEREPOLUS.
_ a
View original — a
WeoliawhLY ALS ANAC A,
SerPit Bi ty Jb bAaS.
_—_—-—<-—— $ - - ———_— 1,
—-_~>_----—— _—
\ Loch uated J ujeed Liintly.
‘unrchus——Joist Quarter 1 oh, 42 m. Evening. —
¢ ‘ avail. be Y. avdail yo (Vcd) lauca.
Ga du the course of the present month, the Town Lots
Divot be all weed. a Clcau,
View original a a2 sr = Ca aes - =_ - = 7 - a ores am +
~~ —- CO = -
Pu @
ee @ a
— Oi 4.
By the arrival of the Sloop Avvantrone, Cave. Clap.
ham. from Surtnamy, wz. / j fecdcur J ily Peuhhet,
furnishing us English Journa s to icie VOd Uf Chal meni!
— TT’) é Cu FHSS Cf panna: § /0 meee Pali Ls/ A
—ly in At uf Parlia (6b (SCO OMT Lf sf) (Ce ) [sacl
mthe W7h June lat, a Pere Travk ty now opencd
(rosa vorsa) belo en the Unticd Netherlands and all her
Ibesé Ladta CGuloné. s.
. .
now en posscsston of Les liritaunue
Lv ij t= aC MW I Y 4 C)ie ud é/l jew aecUrnd SOWE Dutch
UESSCxrd til fhe Ibest-1 bile 5.
Oficial Dispatches ave recetced from Gen. Prevost.
of (he tolul d feat of the Americans, at Ovzee wu—lu0 et
fenseve Jor dhis day's pay er, lo be given Ly the first Op-
porluntiy.—Vie Mail will be made up here en Vhursday
Uvat allerneun, 4 o'clock,
View original LONDON, ory. fo 16.
- 1H .7 : ' P ,
it yi mess tae | e Rovene ha pleased,
i ‘ l ) (1) ‘ ! 2 uve €
WS vi CPA in ~ fol is
4 ( ) ' i) ) I as ‘ j ' WV
‘ ri ihe ‘ sf \ J -~’ ¥ li.
iI \ i wha .
v) Cc (o fy | | ’ } (*} i 0 f i €
MCP Pebudlie lo ce irlton I! sey ti { if SL (.£
CU [ lod fur Aor post con ely ud. alas y od C «fe
bocts ¢ OX tu resale l oY alee adic v re
eM winch tukocu place between tor ko ai tii 3
i bee abu bois 2 cht. ‘v1 Coo | ( .
i (¢ mCiulON oO 4 sday vol y, over Ww ) c
Vol 4 to cast a \ for es ry we have bit Jit.Jle we
( tO Whidl WE StaAECU Yosk 5 td taat | {* { iW
se ) C4 Oo} rs | Lil t \ ‘ bodies » ¢*) } } A y
‘ Al a5 gb (rue boat tl >C 1 Qiation of { 7
vt COy al dbl "Ss 4 | (ube at .
boul is 4 wi) Cs \ Mes i! R
. i i 4 L i ‘ \ - I ) 4 (A
{ ( «\ ! “Ww Uds ) ved i ie = { ‘ Cap
) v1 ' i bos Docu ubdvce ly ai ? .
bid ‘ . i | y ) bids Pslte . ) 1
i \ Od r
’ ( | l :
ee oe
u >

ordel ‘ 1) Li 1 a A
a ch ¢ ( cbotl qe fat i i ‘> i yt WV i . >

} Ss \ I, () . fiat I On LS ( -
pou 4 , ti i loan bie] [ ‘ a if . -
l » df) cll i tis Wa id Yy Were dl Woars i . .
’ }” a { “ . ,
v y lo.—tecrdinand, Wits oF Nain, conte ; .
’ Vide culaevo boalisth i (labiy s With i .
blab TOT ¢ i if l iS meh bic li i (i (
Gireces { covery pcan bor a ca ] 2
a ee | old lat be adil CN it jf } SY Ol itd 1} ;*— .
‘ - «
Condahlts of th ‘tote st pleDcpitts Wid tas licel I boa
al Noli i. i j i j i i trotba, ( AVEIVO Q Lo) [Se pec =
slo { ’ >
vices Os bacit i ti padiciils tty Cale bicidiU's UO vf
. i.
Butit is evident, notwithstanding the stence of the
kreech acd bat Juuri als, Geat al oX);.us0d Of some
} Goof otthel 3 PC Paring aan oll. hb /1V ate C4] bom
Nigdvidd dsscerte. Gial tao foorriy O1
oO! aan SON ‘| | aa li Dib i rud tChli. f il rt OvVadll ! a) i) le
' bs ¢ ; ?
Hick "9 fLhraAVe l) bool owed | ) al { pia stay naibou Ol Uilisi S§
WQeall pasts OF Spada abd Coal Havens ao Bene ste Sy
tid g Crdstla diy iW the isudl Cusle I). fd 3S HNeCcSSacy O
/ ‘ » | va ‘ . hee o
al \ bob tal bo aad ved an ©) re CQOQIUEESS o! UGTA Ni Vy a d
dablice tu AUCUT due bd ligud Vs Jguusde) AUS the Leal ul tue
View original day. The crnee of these distressing inconveniencics is the
state of poOu .Cdlayilauun ito whe the couutsy has been
: aid tiie Cortes,
thrown, isieides th parties of the AI
there is a thoad DAL oy whic ope veaucd searee.y have
thought it possilie should exist, manmie!y —Hthat of tae ola
traito;ous addcreats lo bond, arte.
July 14.—Vo-dty we have received Paris Papers of
Sand Wy ANU Whonday. Phe Woailews of shoudiy coutaie
at length the now Swiss Cocsaticons tas boroded tran
the primecipoles of dndependonce and lecety, for waren the
Swiss Repubacs were formerly su Celebrated vi Cie atiials
©) ii lOn ye
Hiis Meajesty?s ship Barhain,
Downs with the Jaicaica flee yids brou
tances lor bu Hac tChanhis Co the a@boount of & fs
which came convov to th
Colsityig Of ote tae ion Ol doivalsy | Pou, Ur oat
goliand silvery i vars, coud Gast, AC. Wold g toler
upwards of Jt lois. whic tats boon loud doat Dedaioau
broad-ew hy | dl Vee Md, «YU be selil CO as wid db uiuadci al
lion? CesColl.
’ TY - °
July 1}.— Ata late nour. pus as sour bP ener was got
to PEessy WE weedy cil (he bea Is J pitteds Ca Gare biti das ;
Woe hasten to oxtracet their permey ah eon ts. —a4lasn Ute
derstood tual Panes Christian (1 po of . ) als le
ubiial, ma the event ot pol. des an mya Lie c—
ae Lu}e } FON, dol, ( —tTii« i u writ ( Midoe O
fl. iv ‘ meen ten Cire’ bb! ho (,| io , UELS Wali
] : to. alll thal Cle Natl a il yt) Ce Ol that
Cu tit Woidd bs ' hi rw le Col | , t bully
ae | Gol tie pad bp AlLOMS bor Walia coptreued with
much LIV ify fhe iowh ] ) ).! ( }d al C
jue iy Ol grworiwMay Wila Sweden A d lid loa, iy.
di geus cricd th t beaintonds tomake ae deseen i C hlirvs.
tana wiih TE C00 mors, white o her corps wall divade on
thc Gibilprflers oi Sal esa al d lPpronthal i),
keh ore dis no longer any doubt (aac a corps Gf .tassian
Buri liey {roops wall act against NOLWay, Coltlu. webly
to the Dicaty of Avo.
eine y,—iy 1 latest accaunts weare aceorced that
Prince Cua stan anlcuds iol Shotly de rod a S1Outd dee
Ciadre avan muti)
At Anstordear has been published y oe ear RMnaglish
Govern Cmts oc, Ia. 7. bit (Face bee
t: eob the { Ih cal JD gFeta ¢ vu "hy Vow dl)
He resecsspon + bs rs fron
3 Cc vt Tomsptpacy Of tie
: (ou ucg all the whitos,
Lb ‘ i , s
A boas 1 morning, Jt eontains no
I be 4 “yd yoance, base opemnus of the
( . ‘ “ Vi ‘ ne IS Sal, \ : ‘Co DOE the
bo liu yg \ - Mueperos Of Hussid was ea.
yok , el terotor sabvout tae Wc of Jay
"1 \ awdi @ 4 i vib d aly Cine Cau Du! c of Louw )
I poso ite. Cd waGrrona Review ofa the bey ist
t ‘ bof J soon the oth idstant. ‘The Congreve
hk ae On ee erected 9reat admiration.
Paris. Ju/, 7.—Vhe Moniteur of this day contains as
Q@laross 0 dhe (ote Kiog, dated Whow. bb ods
frome Gr eorat oan Sand (he other Creaerals of the lee
Cor sy wal hogiaecd the garrison of WDantazic,
Phe Mont ve corluns au ordonnauce foc renlaema, th
Dy PANICHS Ob Fhe fron sous oO! | rane ‘5 \) iCbace foie (io)
are toy be exe doth Dire mildly than wile under bo.
Di; arte’s CON. OU le
Paies, Jv’, £.--TVhe Royal Army of the South is dis.
SO V6 Oy OLS of the Kune, All the COrps which Cone
Jord ih are ou tveir march for gaerisou and other destnia.
tions, by letfers pattent of the 22d ule his Majest
has on; eunt.d Marchal Suchet, Deke ot Albulera, Gover.
Der of (he Penth itary Division.
LL tis bona 4s bea FOO mecd all cleim to the allow.
ance oi 2UO.Ct fyanes a youl (avout # SOOO sterhne),
secur d ta oi by the covvendon entered taty between thy
Al.ied Sovercigus and tion poarle.
Paris, July 0.—The Sarsuals of France are cither
gone, or are ou the potat of setti
G overtincuts,
6 Narehal Morticr, Duke of Treviso, is anpointed Go-
vernor of the 16 b miliary diviswony the Rhcad-quarters of
which are at Jisle.
COA orand dinwer is mentioned as about to be given by
the garrison of Paris to the ata of the Body Guard and
8 olf for their Fespective
the National Guard ot bari if is to consist ob 5G,
eovers, and fo be tuollowed by a magnificent fete int.
gr lenf of Tivol.
OM. de Rayaevaly sod of the former first Cammis-
sioner of Forcign Viiatrs, is sd ty be a, utated Consul.
Goneral of France vn (oclacd,
i aris,
tesubriand Awbassador of brance to the Cuurt of Stock.
‘dhe Monitour of this date contains an order from. the
Blinisterat Wary, stados, that the Wing having observed
thata wereat number of General and other Ollicers
’ ‘ '- . '
(ly O.— The aioe hasanpoint:d M. de Cha.
» who
water, had acvived in France, and
had been prisoners ©
fateofercat GQeostal luion, his Mie
were many of them in ast
jesty thrrct re ordered, that, dating from their assival,
hey shonid be momediat J placed on full Pav, avd that
in the formation of the now regiments a certain nupiber of
commis-ivas should be reserved for them,
Vienna, June 26 —Our KMmperor has sent the Prince
Regent of England the Goulden Bieeces requesting him to
wear it as a pledge of his consideration and friendship.
Hlis Majesty, at the sume time, as Grand Master of the
Order, dispensed with the usual oath, which can only be
taken by Catholic Knights. When Prince Mettermuich
aud Conut ddcerfyldt presented to the Prince egent the
View original decoritions of the Order, they also dctivered to him an
autograph letter from the Ismocror.
His Majesty has at the same time appointed the Prince
Regent chief and commandant of a regiment of hussars,
which will bear the name of the Prince Legent of Isngland,
like those which bear the names of Prisces of the Louse
of Austria.
One hundred horses of the greatest beauty, coming from
cngland, and destined for the Emperor of Austria, passed
throvel Basle on the 27th of June. It is not certainly
Loowo whether they were purchased by (hat monarch;
hut some people say they are a present sent to him by the
ence Regent of Kngland and the Minycror of Russia,
Vhe Vienna Court Gazeite asain calls the Km, erotr
rancis the Scco id, as Kmjperorot Ausicia, he was stiled
francis the First. the hi wy of Bavaria ds expected at
probaly heave little more to
Vicona, ‘Phe Congscss wa l
do than confiem th-acvvegements already made.
Brussclay June 21.—S overal Poglish regiments are on
(heir march to ocenty Ostend, Newport, Furness and
Noemur is also to have an Voglish garrison.
: TULeS,
Charleroy, Noons, ‘Tournay, Courtrav, and Ypres, are
yarrisoned by Belgian troops, Te seems Chat General Vine
cont isto be Austriag Ambassador at S'. Petersburgh,
Brussels, June 25.—TVhe first column of the garrison
of Hamburgh is arrived here; great preparations are
making at the Hagne to receive the Emperor of Russia
and the King of Prussia.
Aniserp, June 25.—The Mayoz has given notice that
(he inhabitants are to be ready to illuminate their houses
ov the arrival of the Empevor of Nussiaand King of Prus-
We have received the following Ictters from onr cores-
pondent at Cad.z3 where tae measures of hing Perd.nand

are very UN, Quid t—
6 Cud's, June 21.—There ta, and has been all along,
much Uispa i fac orn tne in! ayity S of Cadiz at thio
measurcs of the present Govern et. est Pyoontl
resiva ef tle Laquete n°: he ego! ()" LNCS. Tau &® v lias
levi d a contribution « hroe wlio s of Moves tO pay
tye frogs, andbes ord red toc Gav [ ( ev th
ymeut. Too merchants are an oroat a ct Sie
creased by theimex oectation of 104 ate Sue
Wer rlhin the Gevoa 7 Cv vith: . baat th
yd hing of Spain, Charl st isdevarl NT be
cover aus fo be reeseated on the th, Same pire
al contalns the following ) ba 1: . Vooatever
Ilyonch Gracettes ¢ AV SAV, I I purr revo's very mucl
throywhoutoll Switverlin dl, that (oe » Prine of Nee
forowill abdicate his vights tu favours of the son of Gus.
tavus LY ”
, P ree . . 4
July l5.2The int conce fi rm Gorn anvand the north of
> vas Pn wilanast i hs Tealeie | eel
Suronve is of a ‘as! rod scr . ) i 1>« CIs COVEEl

stchemerchantiacn, av) the Conveot with wagsuns, con.
on ; ' .¢
yveving merchividiz* toa from the out-) orts,
) a) . A, .
Noricay, June 2).—YVbhe vorts of Norway are now
Nlockadcd by four Rassian, forr “Sashish, and four Swe.
dish frigates. —The Noewesirn army, according to the lists,
consists of 32,0°0 infentry and 1G) 0 horse, of which on.
ly 5UCO ars now inactive s rvices but all the mhabitants
of the valleys are insce hed as velonteers.
The Swedish army, by the decision of the Diet in 1812,
comets of COCO mony botthers is sGll all appearance of
Lia AIC pus "ia Ae
Porto ber, Juae 10.—Nanpoleon has taken pos.
session of Several uniohabited plands, aad concluded trea.
ies of core cerce with the ofher neighbouring istands, and
vith the siates of Barbary. The new coinage put in cir-
culation by him) contains on one side the efligy of Bona-
arte, andoon the other the following Inscription, which
would appear to have been dictaced by the spirit of de.
rision:—** Napoleon [. [Imperator Ataque Rex—U bicum.
jac Pelix—Isola d’ Elba, 18102."(Corricre Milanese.’’)
Ronanarte scems to be actively employed in the Isle of
Mlba. He has already taken possession of several Isles
dependent upon Elba, and concluded treaties of commerce
with other Isles and with the Ba. bary Powers. It is cu.
rious to find him now so anxious about commerce, who
inay attiibute his fall chiefly to his hatered of all com.
merce. ‘The latest intellizenee is contained in the follow -
ing article, copied by the Jourual de Paris from the
Milan. se Courter :—The pretension to unvaricd success,
ubicumque felic, is certainly rather all timed at present,
aud therelure a fit subject of derisiou,
View original Hague, July 6.—Wis Majesty the Emperor of Russia;
arrived here on the 2d. At Harlem his Majesty examine
ed the carlicst speciments of printing, by Laurons Janse
zoon Koster, and visited the Toll rsan Jiuscum, The
visit of his Majesty to Sand¢m on the 3d way interesting.
The house which Peter the Geeat firstentored on hits arrie
val August 18th, 1607, was prey ar d for the reception f
his Majesty and the family of our Prince who a Com, an ed
him. The house was fified up with Dutch ncatuess. Ta
the parlour was a fine portrait of Peter the Great in are
mour, On the great sluice was a thrivmptal arch wih
the picture of peace at the to, inscribed to (tie Binperos )
Alexander the Great, the Joy ful Sandom 3 and on the sides,
from Peter the Great honour; from Alexander the Diese
sed Joy. The Emperor and the Prince were received by
16 daughters of the Mazistrates, in tho dress of Sandan.
The illustrions visitors testificd their satisfaction at their
reception, and then went to the house of the Czar Perer,
which was decorated with flowers and with inscriptions ia
Latin, Russian, and Dateh, As we had not yet secn one
Prince, the opportunity was now cubracal to introduce
several dasciiptions te his hovour, as well as that of
Alesandor and Peter, ‘The house itself tid sitaoly tae
inseription. 8 Po the great man. nothing rs too letle.’?
Phe Emperor having visited thedock where Peter en aged
hinsclfas a workman, Came to the horse. ov Priic. led
hinin, aud one could humediate y scoihe um. ression ws hica
the Immense contracts Of the sunple dwelling with tha
power and splendoue of its forticr imhab.tant, and so
many other reco!loctions wou duct fail to inspire. The
Prince requested the Emperor to leave a memoasial of tiis
rematkable visit, and all having been prpared, the ime
veror, with a silver trowel, fixed in the culmiiey a square
of white marble, on which is inscribed ia golden letters
—* Petro Magna,’—“* Alexander.”
Another stone with suilable Inscription, is to be placed
near it. Mr. Schcllema had the honour to be presented
by the Prince to give the !mpcror all the information he
wished, and then presented to his Majesty a finely bound
copy of his work. *Peter the Great at Sandan.”
J. A. Bu'sing, the owner of the house, who bas done
ch to Keep i( tn rey air gave an account of ity ad his
denohter obcred the illustrious visito s a glass of Willey
wich they graciously acee; ted. ‘The com;any then wene
to the Dam, when Ses. Keizer presented the Pooypccor
Wao avery pretty model of the house, and Mors. Woome
hadotlerch’y dressed in the costume ef the women of
Nandan in i600, The bit ce Lhewise expressed bis sae
isractton at this respeetful athention, Phe sorverchons afe
terwaccds went on board the Prince's boattifu Sloop. A
yp rocigions number of vessels, adem do wath f go ad
crowded with people, susrounccd st. Nodisoid ro treue
bled the general Joy, and the remembrance of this day wall
be long am cessed on the hearts of the s, ectators.
A letter from Poston, dated June 2, says—Cantain
Newson, from Laguria, informs thatthe Patriots were vee
ry successfulio their warfare against the Royalists, whom
they had almost annihi ated—that while he was at Lagu ria,
700 Royalists were killed, and then burnt.”
Boston, June 16.—A large number of citizens of the
State of Massachusetts, courened at Boston, for the pure
pose ofexpressing, ina solemn manner, theie thanks to
Almighty God, for his late gracious and wonderful interes
position, in delivering Rurope from that most fearful d se
potising under which a greed portion of the nations were
actually suffering, and which the rest had just reason ta
apprehend; and for the further purpose of manif sting
tiucir sy mpa hy and participation inthe general joy of ove
hundecd millions of the Christian world, and their de ‘Lazhe
at the prospect of a speedy and durable tranquillity to
sutlering and distracted nations.—-'he following Resolutie
ons having been duly matured, were introduced:
From these Resolutions we select the fullowing :
Resolved—That they have always witnessed with deep
emotion, and watched with constant anxiety, thestrugale
of the Spauish and Portozuese vations for their Indepene
dence: and it thercfore gives sincere deught to find this
independence fully confemed; and nothing but the wre
happy situation which heir country is placed ta relatée
onto one of the Af/ics, prevents their (hae ae ajuse
sense of the virtues and talents of chat Chiefy to w hom,
uuder God, whole nations are su gre ‘atly indebted,
Monsicur Serrurier, the French Minister resident in the
United States, has marticd the daughter of Me, Patterson,
of Baltimore, late wale of Jerume Bonaparte, for rmecly
King of West, halia,
View original — y . J horn 3) at alla AWJAA MDLAIC F UVs
View original ae
View original
View original
View original Awissthbliio
View original oT

—y aw
View original C08 ST a aT a ee
Iydccads, Line do sacl jbolauds. dime io yuik,
——— —_—__ __ — - =- +
Barbados ........ Oct. 2.|Dominigne ......6 Oud.
SUTINGI Soc ee eee Isl onadelocuve
> \ 9
le hi—or a Nl ovtscrrat
BR ee renee
ne) te
1 lee ee
soo” affer oi Nationa
POnthe, INowES cook oe eee “5
Pobary i... 2... Oe. Q ii Rites ooo 25
Nt Vireent ccc... Code, Martiw’s oo... 24
(lromoda ooo ooo, Qf 4. USS HNS Cee : 3
Poinided oo... .., . a 0 :
St. Lucia we... 2. fet Crow ec... 9
Marine soo... mitts | tee ee... fue .
“eA Convos for Permroa vida, mix will socl from Sg
Phomos on tee por Yee ys estooculbanofoer wall oe éj
Pponted te cntonr the (oth October felao- a
L hoeve che hoor tc Dey oie, your wost obeccut, ix.
bie Servaut,
“SP. C. Deruax,
Pear. Adciires § Comaanuder in Chiefs
Ty TW) eo Bree’). y) y
[J], Uo peasy
View original = _« —_— <= AS Se ey
° “? / a : : zy
Lic tn (CRE Ge SO ON Low bevissy We
J MON dl vy Ube
Pris ile anand shecting, Prenes and cotlan sien
ries, SALI pOres, CHEEKS, calicoes, real India hk
musstt sueelnry brown plot ]:
sya complete asso
NEN OL statrouss ao ity! rilyrend 4 we
1a vy qa Yaoi threads ay trpyer,
ane ¢ . dily 4
7 arnatts, corms and bee sy children toys, boex
Korsses, porthinery, consisting of best dob! ‘dist
Pay caderaed rose wator an pint bottles, | ibs oss07 ;
ssveet sags. fy PpOsncvy Prree s Also a ;airiets fF
cutlery, ¢ sist Soot vesy fee pon aod srufpbor
amvesy pecker Laivos wl) dasir ie pees rod
Vierioc ost: wie CASON Veh EIS PE e: wal Ch clings. ®
Ss as ai.d Koy, Dy ) 14h, sthyvet
ie I, cal Cres “5 no a
picks, patent covssereys., wilt Purses, btdlies deene
Ioces, IFUL GS, Coy Vy ys Loh, tes, Suc jeer l, ites,
scissars, cand bach poebety ou y ab sizesyt ! ria A
CASES. plat do caurcle stig! sy we sy SCL til s. Kc.
abow ready oade cent, pp LOO yg ats Come icatg
Sti. Weaesy t a “Ss Gall Sa Te by. . }
sos yp as ais ire
‘ I. 5 Gul Silty Ca eal by WG pPLiucue Jily et aU iva
ms lee Duss AC.

. ’
3) AUS. Atthe * mse of, is! ah 9 5q.
~~ ees eee
FOR Sern
v,- “yr _,Y i yg a . o ~ 7 .
Py Me uandersisvedy ce tes th na Leiter, Oniors,
NT Tosvery by (he lear vats,
SO) Ane, (
(10, LONE& Co.
—_--—-_---—--- —— —~._._ __
View original ————- =
—-+-— — oO
Pili dor orb Wa es OO being Gissclad
an the tstof this and S tho oe indebted iO that cone
Cerny, are requested lo inais poyeeeno lo citherotthe
un orsened, My, . q* \ Via.
ON Nyy, , is
’. Lik ao
—_-———-— ee”
—_— — a
View original PICKED up off Nooo wot ene. te ‘Ihe
people, asmatboeorwt oh oy red ond
yur ) ev . l.. yy : - .. . -
can pr ve properly, ea av i by ) Yi ror thig
ACV oriseneat ad reat dia Che bee oo
2 Nie
—_—_—_——_— ore es ee
View original — ee ee ee
Nay a ‘de
TITOSE eontlemen ing Perlice who are stl] ine
. . .
em (4 ty (a, aya wedi Lae, LCTETATY.« aie
Teal CeO bee iat poy le nt at che J yarns ir Otfice,
Is rhicey tu Mr. We. Schiusz, who as duly authorized
Lene a.
vT ON -
Oo") A = Base J. His wiv k °
~y rN . . ® a
PEAY: \™ ac 5 cenewny Dyer ced ‘OMG, Tine
bras zich ae Vets fe goetop se nehelliny Ke A Le
lyaatace dade ergy Vy VO deni FO Gat ossecen
(On Narre wan lea Heer J. G. PL Scie) ain de std
Ne Jel ue
- —— —>——> Tg,
roeD . Wg vy XT
ry 1)
i Lat «4 @eaucn
\ =
. -
Prove the selhng ef the suyseri erga St Od Core
rial, patmtod wren, who can arestoce ce Siiney Wild
rece ye che Cusluuary roy aid,
View original

3 September 1814