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The Berbice Gazette

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elve dollars p. annum.
Ecrhice, Gazetle-O fire, 6 May, 1815.|
‘esterday we received the following im-
rant Intelligence :—
From I:tba. into France!
—a® © 3 (+ ©) ee
: ‘© Rarbados, April, 27.
This Morning Ps Mejesty’s Packet brig Lord
MP inoton. arrive in Carlisle Bay, in 40 days from
mouth, with thet March Mail.
Mt appears thar’ Gen. Campbell who had the
ive of Bons parte, being ona visit to a neighbour-
‘Island, Nepoleon contrived to make his eseap ,
hour voy containing 1160 men of his guarcs
lohad wone™, Biba with him, and 4 pieces of can-
oy He bil laid an embargo on the 20th eb. un-
-prefence of detecting an extensive scheme for
:coline, and Chis suceeded si welbthat he was en-
led to carry his plan into execution, and under co-
rof the night satled on the 24th or 23th Feb.—
hded the next day on the French coast. An Bi
& frigate was in sight of him when leving Elba
(bein becalmed, could not come up with his simall
et. I is impossible to say accurately what have
ea his operations in France. The French Papers
very reserved on this score, but they are evidently
iccessful, as he had advanced to very near Lyous,
ie present head-quarters of the Royal Army, having
fi his artillery behind him. Lyons is about 200
des from where he Jancwd. It is rumoured that
ssena, the Governor of Toulon, has given up that
vito him, and joined him with 25900 men, but on
Socher hand it is stated, that this General has
arched avainst him. Several inflammatory addres-
sto the people Franee, had appeared a few days he-
wehelanded An ordinance has been issucd by the
rench Goverament, declaring him a traitor.”
——SE eee
View original ———— ee
* Donden, March 14.
‘The public were not prepared for the important
Hellivence which arrived late yesterday, am! wiica
e communictted in the greater part of our tio pres.
on. The Voniteur of the 10th had described Bo-
apirte as Maki nee ipressiot upen the Country—
he inhabitonm’s Myiny frouehim. bis own torce dwind-
ingaway, maccoing by Siwliceet crouked patits,’
voiding the «reat rods and) principal towns, and
ble only to oceupy som viillroees on lis route.
What was our surprise to fia iathe very next AZo-
iteur atelegraphic dispatch of his having arrived
yithin twenty-four wites of Lyons, and of its being
robable he would enter J yous the next day (atur-
lay last).
“Had we received this inteRicence in any other
hape than in that of amofic tat comm tateation in the
ficial paper of the French Government, we should
have given no credit to it. Vhe Mamteer vives no
Uetails—nothine but the bere tremendous tact; ad-
ding, however, that no intetligence had reached Pa-
sis of GAVhoble being in his possession. Bat as Gre-
noble was on the line of march (rom Sisteron Chrous!
Gap to Bourgoigne, where he wes on the Oh, tom
pots south of ] yous, we perstine thot Grenoble must
have fallen, Lyons is above 200 miles trom Cannes
By what méans, with what foree did he make so re-
pid a march as to justify the French Goverument in
the belief that he would be able to occupy Lyons by
the 11th?) Some persons suppose no serious oppos:-
tion could have been given to his small band, if in
the course of eight days he could penetrate so far.—
Certainly not: but it ts dredible that he remained on
the 10th in the same situation in which he was in
puint of numerical sfrenght on the Ist?) Besides, it
is to be remembered that the previous Preach Papers
inf®@ned us of * General Marchand having as-
sembled af Grenuble an imposing force with which
he could €ct according to circumstances.” This force
was in the very line of Bontparte’s march. If it were
an imposinggone, it would at least be competent toact
against eleven hundred men. Of this force, how-
ever, we hear xo more in the Moniteur of the I1th.'
Did it retreat from before Bonaparte, or dit it join!
him ?2—Letters (fom Grenoble in the French Papers:
state, ‘that the most perfect tranquility prevailed in
that city, and that the result of the military disposi-
tions of General Marchand were awaited with confi-
dence. He has marched, with his troops, in ques:
of Bouaparts.’ Did be Gud lam, and did his loice
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View original SA'TURDAY, MAY 6.
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refuse to act against him 2) ‘These are questions which
every one will ask, and many will perhaps be inclin-
ed to think that it joined hin?) Where is Massena’
army, which might have got from Toulon to Di-n
as soon as Bonaparte? Massena tad br teen 26
and 30,000 men at Toulon: Bat he marched troops
to Aix—* A dispatch,’ says the AJonitcyr, * trom te
Marshal Prince of Essting, announces that he has di-
rected on Aix a corps tader the orders of General
Miollis, to cut the route which the expedition fol-
lowed.’ Upon Aixt Why this, as we san yester-
lay, wos marching troops to the West tu oppose a
force which was marching East.
Whatdothey inthe North, _
her they should serve (heir Sovercign in the West ?
Massena, for any thing we know, my be perfectly
faithful to the King; but the movement upon Aix
seems to have been a strange one. Tf the intention
were good, the cflect was certainty to afford Bona-
parte more elbow room. Gea, Miotls, we believe,
was the General employ: a by Bonaparte “vf Rome, to
arrest the Pope. Wohere ts all the foree of Mas-
sena’ss Pas it declered for Bonaparte: ur is ii
narchig¢ after him: These questions will be asked
by every person ¢ but os yet no one cop give a stis-
factory answer. The Pretect othe Mar time Alps,
however, publishes a Proclamation of fearimbin port.
He would excite the people to rise acainst the Ty rani
but he confess that their exertions have not been se
great as was to hive ban expeeted from theis
patriotism and lavolty. And this he imputes to their
having been taken by sury rise, We trust this is the
fact, though it isto be bamesteod that th. y were not
all impressed with the necessity of immedtate and vie
yoruus action, But Bonaparte bas got wehina shor!
distance of Leons, and ifhe has act met with postive
support, he has at least not heen opposed by the in-
habitants of the Departments ofthe Var, the Lower,
Cpoer and Maritume Alps, amd tn fsece. Tle has
marched two bumiccd males tite France, and ws
mbout, Phesucceee dim possessing bimsch of Lyons,
La get the counmiand of the Riiore and Savne.
“ Monsiourand the Duce wr Qauleans a rived at
Lyons ow the 8th, haviog been preced@i-by Count
Rogerde Damas. ‘His Res 1 Bighness,’ ssid che
Voniteur of the 10th, * found the troops and the Tn-
habitants in one common sentiment of attachment and
Blchty, of which) Mensiont rerived the nfost sigaa!
procly.’—And the next day's 3fonileur prepares us
(ur the entrance ef Bonyparte inte the city $ Monsi-
cnr and the Dulce of Orteans of course withdrew.—
But the (roops! could wot have romain d-iaithral, os
they were unable tocontoudagaiost the tree brought
arsinstthem. Oneamong the hundred reports in
circelation is, thet Bonaparte catered) Lyons with
90,000 men, and that the King’s oops collected
there refused to fizht aginst him.
6 Having thus ctaunnaicated and commented up-
onall that ts given in the A/onileur, we proceed to
notice the inteiligence received by other channgls,
and the reperts ty circalation,
© Onthe +0 there are said to have been some se-
fjtieusatesrp's against (he Government at Paris, but
they were casil, defeated. This shews that Bona-
oarte’s project hed extensive ramifications, and that
one partof it was fo excite cammotions in the capi-
tal mmuediately atter his landing. The news of his
linding would reach his partiaans in Paris hy the 5th.
Onthe Lith, another effort is sitid to have been made
init is reported that the person who brought the
Monitear of Saturday, says, bgfore hé left Paris on
Saturday afternoon, the troops had risen and pu
Ney, Soult, and Marmont to death. We do not cre-
Jit this report ourselves, though we have thought it
our duty fo mention it.
© The Pays de Vand, and other parts of Switzer-
land, are understood to be in a state of ferment, and
to be in favor of Bonaparte. “This is most strange.
Switzerland, over which he excreised so despotic a.
‘sway! Swilzerland so happy and so free betore the
‘French revolution! But is this more strange than
that France should bear again for a moment the hoof:
this remorseles tyrant. One should have thought
‘that the very day that saw him land would witness
his final extirpation—that men, and even women and
children, throwing patience to the dogs and giving
the reins to all their vengeance, would have exterm-
inated him at once. It is said, that in his Proclama-
tiou be declares that Le is not come tu dethrone the
View original
View original A «
[ Pqyable am advanc é.
View original — ——
King, or fodisturl the civil relations of France——
No, no; he islike Bolingbroke,
Fen at his feet to lay my arms and power,
Provided that my banishment repealed
And lands restored again, be freely granted +
If not—
Te levies war forsooth within the reabo in qualicy of
Tneut.-General of His Majesty the King of Row !
‘Te comes to cause justice to be done to that much.
injured Monarch, as well as te enforce payment of
is own stipend, ant those of his most respectable
inother, and sisters, and brothers!
‘© By all accounts from Paris, Wwe learn that the
King conduets bimself inthis crisis with the oreatest
firmness and courage. All bis measures bear the
stamp of wisdom and of vigonr—and if they are pros
perly seconded by his subjects, ifthey prefer a legis
‘imate Sovereign to an Usurper, the tronquility of
peace to the froubles of war, prosperity to wretched.
ness, consfilutional measures to the horrible Cone
scription—in short, if they preter a good hingtoa
sunguiniry fyraot, this effort of Bonaparte’s will tere
avnate in his after downfal and destruction,
But what effect will this news have npon the
Congress, and the A lied Sovercigns? Bonaparte
svid, when he Tinded at Cannes, * Voila le Congres
Fiscont '— There isan end of the Coneress! aspeech
which, toa certain extent, is tene. Por allbhe is put
down it were itle abnost to tath of the arranger enty
ofthe Coneress. All other matters are of compara.
tively trifling Ue portance when put ino comp tition
with this evil, the nivfure of which, like soue horri-
ble contagion, ty fo spread, unless the remedicsy aye
plied a e strong, decisive, and speedy : but speedy !
but speedy!”
There is s id to be little denbt of Murat havire
marched against Austria, and of hs having madea
Meaty with Bonaparte, which eracecds toon the bre
sis of erecting Italy iantoa Kio glom, indepen lent of
other Powers. The fine of Murat’, ware’) ig enifieo
hye pon Florence, Insurrectiogs have broken out
ia several places.” be’
/. Paris, March 11.
« The Telegraph of this d-y annonees that Boor
parte was at. Bourgoigye, four pasts southof yong
—and that it was sttptiosed he might be able to ence
(¢ auroit du entrer) Lyons this day (the 11th.)
** No intelligence has reached Paris of Grenub'e
being in bis posyession.”—Afontleur.
The Mowniteur contains a Proclamation of the P-c-
fect of the Department of the Maritime Alps, stating
that the excrtions of the p-ople had not b-cn so great
as was to have been expected fiom their patriotisin
and loyalty, on account of having been taken so much
by surprise.
Extract of a letter from Paris, dated the 9 Mirch,
— The Proclamation of Bonaparte is ia the hands
of Government. It disavows any intention of de.
throning the King, or disturbing the civil) relations
of France, The Corsican styles himselt Liew enint-
General of the Ning of Rome ; and in that capacity,
as wellas in that of his natural tutor and guardian,
ne entered France to cause justice to be done him,as
also to claim the fulflvent of certain Articles of the
Lrealy of Fontainblean, which he says have born
é . .
shamefally violated by the French Government An
attempt was made on the 5th, to rrise the popalace
of thiscapital, but it failed. Tae King declares, that
happen what may, he willneverqut his post. There
is some uneasiness about Dinphigny, and nore pate
ticular Greaoble ; and also soae jealousy about
Se rr ee ce ees eee
View original ee ee ee a
NOTICE is hereby giyen, to the S..bsc. ibog
tothe Guiana Chronicle, that in future, theie P s
will be delivered at the Office of J. PL OSeruni.
Esq. New Amsterdain, every Monday and Tharsd vy;
where any communications for the Puinfeér ean bs
left. 6 May.
View original NOTIFICATION.
THE ordinary Sittings of the Court of Civil Jnee
lice, of the colony Berbice, which were to have boo
held on Monday the 24 April, are postponed till
Monday the $ May, 1815.
By Command,
R.v. DUWNER, Sec.
View original - Bensiee.
TE Lienfeniit-Governor observing, that nol-
withsfioding the NatiSeation made onthe l6ch July
Test and the repewve ta lmonitions since given, sever-
al persens dost Po snffer their Horses and Cattle
fray about the Goverament or Colony ‘Town, to the:
re rent dang of the Roads and Draining Trenches.
Notice is hevehy g ven ® That this Excetleney, 1
consequence al the ie tention to the Rerulations ti
trotrespeet. bay thoneht fit, to direct the Under-
Sherif vnl i sniaes, fo seiz2 aa f impound all Hor-
ses, Catth-, fou nd upon the rows ov trespasstire
Wituin thes ‘le Mony Toon.
Kuare’s il vUsty ~ Dh Mays IQ",
~ Py Comman!
View original i
ae etter ALION. | _
Bilis S<cetleucvy EW. Bentinck, Es7.,
Tieutenaat-Gove uae ofthe Colony Berbice,
Presideat ia all Coasts aad Colleges within
gie sine. *And the Houorable Court of
Policy anl Criminal Justice of the said co-
loav. ‘Moall'to who these presents shall
or may come; Greeting! be it kuowi:
Wherete by the esi cantion art departare of th
Tlon. John Popias fren this cohany, a wtoney he
sy ointeken mace ia the Hen. Couct of Poliew anv!
Crininel dastice of the colony Berbice: Ant bis
Evect) nev (he Govecnor having been pleased) fran
oitofa Novation, made by the Cou yt dect W.
Kotz, Phew tobe Member af the sid Comt., Ne»
trois hy veby given fo (Neer Part tic 9 that all py Prete
vohin thts Govers vent may aclnowledge wid res.
pice! for soi! Gentlerin ta his siiel Crp dy ny.
Done in ‘ouet of Poticy and Criminal Justice o
th. cotony SRechiee.
Nina's thouse, New Vastertem, TS pril, (815.
iy comoomand of thee © aet,
'e oo ’ vwwnur. Cc c
isn pba te a CAIN,
Bethe Gonorthl: Cou.t of Poliey and Cri-,
: * , ° ,
ronal Justi e of the Coloav Berbice —To alt
to ‘vheen there rresents stall oe may come !
tar ‘ ‘ . ' ' ’ 4 P ’
VIPER ES vie Floaeebte the Coat on Pokey
a: ) Givin tastier beve deem doi expedient te
Domi te, ol bis Peer Bea ¥ te (rovernor ta ter
gee ften. P. Peioweant the Thon. Alf.
N\Te > re oftre C“voenrt et P licy ’ I> Moewh mx. 0
¥ ~ "loner stat : Coat if (“as if ya ic 5 ia the }! we
an = Po ° oul 8 ttl .! ‘ 1 . 4
of S-non Frases an bp F ine 8 SE UE are, cae pitos.
Novice whereof is ctw tot Pablie, Miitall per
aoas within this Choveea ett, ty fesproet the wores
. . . on 2.9% Pp ‘ = —
pal. Gent) men ia thoie eapitity acer langly._-
. > 4 e 4 © =
Scereta y's Oftice, Berbiec, 2 \ Seal, 115:
MST omen
OY Tis k Homey bienky Wobrtan
Tewrtsek. Liestenam-Goversor acd Coun
reese saa Chie? a ang aver the Settienent
ef Bevtheee eat te Dependomers, Po es aeut
inat! Cousts asd Calleges within U.e same,
Ge ae. . &e.
WHE CEASE lrive heed duly foSomed, that Che
Coownistoners, appoiwe bby the ig t Pave rol
be bogtls Commissioners of tis Mortesty *s “Prerse
weve for the dircction wd managemcnt of iss Ma-
Jovian’ Ustates and Phtitions in this colony ag T the
Stives thereunta a pertaming avd also al other
Slaves bulonevines to the Crown, in Berbice, live ree
moved (AL debe fourt fom the Otfiee or employ-
ment of their Principal VcAt, aid appoin od James
Walker os their sai t Peincipil Agent or Manages,
ail William Scott #s Assistants morener, that thy
act of revocation ant reaoval was duly fade kaown
to the svid A. A. de la Court on the Gh day of Pe.
bruary last, and oa that day his said Otheedetermin-
Notize is hereby given, that the said James \Wa'-
ker as such Principal Agent or Manager, and Wr.
Scottas Assistant, have been, are and on cit fo be du-
Ivy acknowledzed and respegied in th ir severil coe
) Mitioweri orementioned, tr ofthe 9h diy oo Febru-
ary - ~*
©Civelund.rimy Hand and Seal at Arms, this 24h
April, IS 15s
Ry Command
FP. WOPPE, Gav. See.
View original AA A TT
i HUUR, cen Huis staande op het Ent
celevenawn de mi 'denweg, voorzien van de
an‘lere gebouwen daraan beheorend>, alle:
ler, en zeer geschikt voor cen famali..
N te 1D
BT ieee
> de beste or
fe heves yen ler Jezer Drukhe ry, of by
6 May. W , KLOU WENS.
View original 2% DIO RENT a Diwelliag *Touse on Io
215, trontiag theamdd Ye road, With the neeo ANNs
vinte biti liars, allan ood order, and very proper
fora farnily. . or ptcticulars engrire at this Oflice.
weonsntid lot No. 13 to
J. JOTIAN, reeynmandeerd zich-zelve bv
lezen aanhet Pulilick, for het repareren van Horlo-
rier) , Kil rhe “rh. a >, VeTzZe ke rf ee’? S90C ti J CH ¢° ivile
sali ming—woonlop het rt No. ot. 6 Mov.
J JOHAN hereby give nofice to the Pi-
Mic, that he hes aadataken to repair watehes, clock.
ve. recopmendias himself in above eapic ity ane
promise 9 civil and speedy service. —Lot Nu. 24.
May 6.
View original FOR SALF, a Negro woman with her chile
a caad house servant, wll be sold very cheap for
tee tinte payment. “Apply to this Office.
M Py G. .
— tits
View original tess
Oaelaimed Leler-.
onan von) AG) Atami 8) temsteone 7 3)
‘arteorn bh) Bronoat, Pop aacchs y ions Lis.)
Banks Geo.) Birton Che.) @eril s Ube.) Bisho
W.) Baechoenin le) Blrekoraa P ; Benact! Ors
Arcs) Wore sea C.) Puatline Mrs. A.) Bae
Mia MY.
Hips Gea) “aoe TY) Cowsen 2) Coal
tar W. y Cruse Te) Costentbader Me. Ply Can-
mings >) Cuaaing eo bea Toolies Feeut.
Vawenn x ) Doldgsw.t WV.) Deanen P.) Duara W.,
Pinna “iss.
ymin Gen,
Peiser hs ) Pelle og, de n er) ra vil Mr. and
irs.) Fiaseer Darncany Pek Rep Visk C awit.)
cribson Geo.) Gom.s M.) G vilez L. by) Graan.
Heidecker Mr.) Tlope Wies Reheres ) Worker A.
lfarvie Jas.) Hues “ A Ha bX Keyer MMescrs
Haveoul Poand Mes. 1. A,
lnecob S. oT.) dehns ton Mice Ponnyv) Jones J.C.)
foohs Sum.) Irvine R.) Johaanisea dens
“ing W.) Kerehenk A.
muthors tt.) taryton DL) Lowman RB,
Munro Won Drew oth) MP Arthur Toho) * fees
A lex ) \Tarrey (yy. ) Nbaprvy : ie F ) ef ont ‘ Liye ‘
Y ; . .
'. «) J ) { int é@, 4-J > <4 rc J had he
Noy: | Sue
- ;
= vere ” Xf ¥e 7 ) 7 ot ' ?
Pe wae WW" } Sef J } Py 1 ronnie of, (".)
tel ws ese J tay vlene, >) Rodvertsor doy tone
° ?.) wabertsum ca. ) eeuueeS byAZ ) Meade oy! J oe-
if Loh,
stattimen §.) Show TT.) Santer 8,9) Sand Ver;
Sondisend.) “ners Blial) Sinith fos y Sandets 4.)
Vevlor VW.) ‘shousoa Ro) ‘LTomminca ih.) Tol.
vor) ‘
Voorst P. von
Wi sterveld G. )WelT J.C.) Wall N.. 1.) Wee-
man P,
Tf not farthseh cleimcd, to be returiied to Eu-
rope hy the first Paclet.
Jd rhice, Giht Niny 85.
R.MKENZIR, Dep. Pot Master.
cw Bet SE 6 Se wees 425. 1 vt os a
heepuly Assistaal Conmissary Genera’: Offce
Berbice, Goh Maw, I8'5.
RECUIRED fe Uy Quarter-and Barsack
Deoissacats— Diet blas Negro dacacts,
Mite check Shuts,
Noa yards Citra).
Ph teen pans Osaiburgs, ond
Po iecen yrds crime Lin na.
Tend sre. in Teipticate, statérg the prices ia wards al
lenght, ar the spy ly of the same, will be received
this OFfce, tl Mosdoy the Lath justint, at ten
“cloch in the morning.
——$<$—— — «+ _ COC
Dep. Assist. Com. General's Office.
Berbice, 6th May, 1813.
CASH wanted for Government Bills—Ten-
lers in-Triplieate, stoting the amount required and
rate of exchang:, will be received at this Office ull
ten o'clock on Monday mornine the 15th inst.
_—— + _— —— — Eee
THOSE indebted {o this Prinfing O Mice.
since 1819, are requested to make immediate pay-
nent. “Phoss who not have pridl their arrears frou
Yattime Gil ultimo ISI4, neath ntion can be paod in
cutre, iy any ducumenat of Uiew aut ia for insertion,
Sc. 6 Mey.
View original SECRETARY’s OFFICE,: ===:
This is ty inform the Public, that: the fo d
Persons inlend quitliag this colony.
Tohin Cheyney will leave this colony for Demi
Thomas Wiavle and funily in 6 weeks from L ,
imon Pras (Ciluortch) will quit this colon
PoC. MS Leod in 6 weeks tram April 15.
Povwaeler Seheo Ben fe nity m do. from do.
ve So he Woof in elo. fron de, We ar
Mo OWohenthiml tla. tron do.
rev See . pers Lo (
the PPoo. J. VM ren ta one month from 13 Te
Walk rScotoin 6 weeks from May 6. slings pe
DG. ved Oostraons ie de. from dae was entle
\. A. de da Coult in de. from ce Great
s The ha
Nib yore thata nonth after dedst Apri
follo%. wed } s} () al A 01 q@yrees wll he }
te rs oe -_-__——___.-
e - = ? - ~& ly rT .
pril 1S. vr rSchrocff wil ansport to
Set tiagl os | Tond
j ) \ orld ~ Wines tor toe SCC) «
5 ‘ a c
Co lipo. AUP ey horst gl pass A mor
6 oWilhoan addition of JQ praneirs
Bees alseto bs seen at this Office. BEC Sé
rel P20 CLL Swavd ver and VW. Fo Co feonbad »pioned
We tri and Puolast Syndics, veg (ransppresend
the Misor Tis of the Tite J9heaena yp??? prea
Westrk, la ih \“" - f Mhaardes are ivy pParecee
dee, SIE in the wiited eaffee Pianta’ ore -
esscindra Bad Sans Souci, with slaves andi 88
Pertpyret weneces, ne ced
—— fh: mXce tors ol the Estate of the Wiad pp iatets
fe tba , will tea Isport to the Representative p prance


} ’ . "4 . . . - ¥ sbar
Wie Es ate or WC. Geantes, Lot 47, second™ises
F poblerofthes tawa, rave
5 % ‘ ‘ ‘ 7 ' .) i’
-——_— iy. "| od ’ { youl Snort in J. +4. Schlirhors'!' l,l
lower qua Phat No. 16, stluate on the hier
middle ra bgt: baekdai,. erry

<P Seta borst will transport fo OC, R. Heol 8
mever aboal OY goods of the whole facade rez
saccl te ; iv e’
Fr owe , zz° . ait
beach GO. oh lon will transnort fo Demet “
SY wv Stuy te pee dist at this Office. “i
Re. DOWNER, Ses. ric
i 5 \>. li
= P
Yn Monwloy the Sth Mavoat the Vendue Oro.
‘yortonr of Dratel \ Ue I: q Np. Reo'r GenérHon
in See . ,
w Sclrwoer fharciof Wl egho tho wreels ber masts. adhe
(efits Nig ts yee cpew peys at Che Stelling of 9
ban. bb roser. : | fy
Onile sane dey, by orderand at the Stordgrsn
lessrs. G. Bone & oo. —Grenada ram in punched!
randy and giata quintities not .ess than 5 gall Bon
didemoond Portowere ia b ttles, raspberry & c¥@
y brandy, oysters, olives, pease, barley, porlér ame
tachs.y prrte aad ai's, cindies, negro cloathing agel
yimves,cultlery, iron monzery, and brass-ware, toy 1
aves VO beboib res, steelyards (Dutch weight), stibt:
Gouary assorted, Uussiasheeting, salempores, ou 7
CMS, MINTS, i musquite nefling, COUMLCTPANes ABE,
orted insizes, zontlemen’s coats and waistcoats, wri ,
or desks and wtressing cases, cleeant mahogany lov
Cc ests coniptete, vlass-ware assorted, vase limps, ands
tViriecly of other artteles, I
By the tlowil. Jota Ab’Camon, 10 pipes and J ,
thos. Maaleica wine.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
Cn Priday 42 Mey will be sold at the Vendue OF3"
Gee, without reserve, by order of W. Kew, Esq.”
> pipes ant 5 horsheads Madeira wine, upwards of!
‘wo years in this cateny, 20 ps. Osnaburgs, cotton
yigeving, brown dowlas, Marseille waitscoating, ca!
simere, long lawn, cotton shirting, calicoes, diaper,
raask, cotton and linen checks, twill’ florentine,
Nish linen, real India salempores, ladies silk gloves,
rovlomens silk slucniags, knives, furks, nails assort-
ed, &c. !
By the Yendue Master in commission, a variety of
ley voouls and provisiots, ging rum, brandy, beer &
oorter in bollels, Madeira in do.
sy orler of Capt. SVillemms,—Paints and oil, her-
rinews, beef, cheese, pipes, terras and cement, green
and grey pease, exccilent elaret in cases, Duich li-
eps, an assorimen of ‘Iry goods, cordage, @#.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Venducamtaster.
a eee ees SCO — —-s§ ———_
On Thursday the 18 just. by Mr. R. RP Kenzic,
appointed Ag. nt for tae Sale of H. M. Slenp Cygnet
lately stranded off this coast.—Her hulPas it now
lays with all the coy, per bolts, &c. 2 boats, a lot of
iron hoops, a lot of staves, 110 large, 150 half, and
ICO quarter pigs of iron. e
Also Madeira, claret, beer, porter, hbecf, pork, but-
fer, cheese; herrings, soap, cendles, dry goods, cane
dl ya case with excellent pistols, gentlemen's clooth-
ing, stationary, Demerary hoes and shovels, cutlas-
ses, knives, nails, boots, shoes, &c.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
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View original ee
aE, O) -){. 0 SE
mn sarunpay, m1y 6, ISIS.

Sr ee
We are put this week: in possession of London pa-
grits to the Sth of arch—they contain some inter-
esting paragraphs of the Congress at Vienna, which
was ended lagi he salixsfaclion of Europe and all the,
Great Powers.
The Snake Packet was to leave England aboutthe
MNst April, with the Muils for these Colonics.
ae Vondon, March 7.—Lowd Castlereagh yesterday
yetelatned to ggpyPeloomentary duties. A loud checr
pan rout the Plouse wv hen he entered, and his pre-
sence seemed to inspire ceacral satisfaction. Ques-
lapioned by Mr. Whitbread, be said ** he could not at
pPpresen le thatany cocamubication would shertls
yPrumade from the Prince Regent, onthe subject of the
pPefeccediags at Vienna. ‘Though the proceedings
riere sat Clased, We stated much to have been done,
bed ada wasdaee he asserted fohave been done with
he concurrence ofall Che great Powers. All the creat
points Which peculiarly couceraed buglaind, had been
pyotpustedan Che seat ef peace, They had been ar-
raaged Co his etlietection, and he trosied they woul!
prove safisinelery fo the Tfeuse.” ‘this statemens,
rolebberavtely fhace by the Ministers, cantat bat tend
» to fanquilize (he whole country, and tiwill be bata
cosmall drinwhak en thea pleastre to know, that if did
ynot meet with the entire approbation of Mr. Whit-
feresd, who cave notice Unt he would shortly move
for some inforeamtion on the sabject of the Noble
plo ss ESSE,
Vienne, 175. 19.—Loerd Castlereavh has been in
Ses. tidus confercace vor somedays with (le Hanoverian
meiiinister Count Yanster, an the followine subject :—
The Princess Chive lote ef Woales, dauchter of the
Pence Reeont, wilh one day he heiress of the three
HE rowns of Puctand, and the Princes of the Royal
QrHonse may tose ta another order of things, 1 pret o!
’ —— a
eOheic ipPuenes. The Clinton of Hanover will ree
Mies pn abwauys the same. .
¢ Tae wre:.{ Seass of Crerinany emnol descend (o wo-
Gen. Vher shoukd ther progs be ihe meomment ip
CQ h Fora dened ty sre pI. ‘ul te Heane (the most sade
Bip! opis Nitheddoen, and to
Lem vick | V! fron the risk of HeOraen. Plre Dive 0
Werors issasons ray Chisk, omach taterested in this
miler. ,
7 } It Is hy Need on os eepiey, ‘tie! vr) 1g. Daueene wiil
MM iaiaaMovertiraty in itaby,
‘to j7
Maseous MT THLeents tor f
jenna. 7*, V).—-ab appears decoited that the
SPoiperceo: Vesinawilboedeciared Hereditary Coiet
"OP the Germs donpice. Preokforton the Sf4in wil!
OF thesvtt ofa stpreme trebunal, where afb cante sted
Mbhatiers between the fingvertal Princes will be dec? ded.
he Gernmic Contitnjon eludes 28 articles, oi
Qiich the greater part ace pow definitively settied,
Flanover, Jib. 18.--On th Sch inst. sentence WrRs
ised upon Lieut.-Cofonel vou Schenck, who had
chised a reriioentol lancers, consisting of Lianovers
ms, fogifie Drench. Tle las been tor some months
off lie prison, His sentence IS as Polls » a
- 6 'Thathe sh illnot he punished with death: Dut lis
a-{bole property aud estates are confiveated, hiy mobili.
r, | plhaleck, renal he ts cond ‘mined foOImMpriw) unent (ay)
fey urtless the Prince Regeut should please to miti-
‘ pile the sentenee.”’
te Brussels, Leh. 21.—The following is an extract
f dletter from bis Royal Highnes the Prince So-
of kreign, dated Feb. 88, 1515, addressed to bis Ex.
&e Mlency Count de Phannes de Lognbiee, Commis-
t ior Gon ralofénstice, performing the functions of
ve beretary of State s—
n | **Sirn—The dispatch which IT receive! yesterday
ening from Vienna, inform me, that the great inte.
whic&have long employed the Congress have
ron reculagd to the general satistaction, and that by
- Ge unania fF Austria, Russia, England,
s consent af
9» Rance, and Prussia, all those partsef Belgium, which
f firmerty br: loged to the first of those powers, have
Y ben placed under my Soverei sufy, excepting some
f portions of the territory of Lemburg and Luxemburg,
#9! under some modifications in respect to their two
Deaichics. We ret8in on the right bank of tae Meuse
* aslip of territory, only sufficient to insure to us the
» tire enjoyment, and the free mwvigation of thet ri-
* Ver; and the ancient Bishopric of Liege is among the
Countries which will compose the new Monarchy ot
the Low Countries. You will readily appreciate the
happy effect which those arrangements will haye
View original upon the happiness of the People, whom Providence
has called ine to govern, and whom, what L have al-
ready been abie to do for them, under less favourable
circumstances, must serve as a pledge of fry constant
solicitude for their true interests.’
Lord Cochrane has escaped from Newgate »rison
and had gone to France.
Paris, March, 2.—Private letlers (rot Vienna,
of a very antlien@ic description, state, that the affairs
of King Murat wear a very sloomy a pearance, and
that in “all probability he will be obliged to abe Wiéead
the crown of Naples. It is said he ili be indemni-
fied elsewhere.
Extract of an Autentic Letter, dated Vienna,
February 1S, i815.
“Tf the health of bis Imperial Majesty wiiladmil of
» the Heralds shall, on the days from the iGth tothe
Bub. at nine in the eer ing, proolaim the -Peace to
he People. ia. all-the-ereat KaMires of our ¢ apital,
From ten to eleven, all the artillery shall fire salutes,
mad allthe both hall be runes) Ateleven his In peri r
Majesty with the whole Cong ress, an ! the chief no-
bility will go in eran pr ‘cession fo the grand Me-
tropolitan church of St. St: ‘mhensfoattend Te Derm.
When this is over-the art eae Will be again disehur-
eu. Tn dle evening Ae roe will be a grand ball, anti
iree enn foall the Cheatres.
A veneralillunsination will take place in ra.
Ae : sul has. Which the Aneost Soy -reien will 4
‘Our frontiers are extended to the hich. Nh.
UehdnGlen Mara Denier will have her w'sfes
rramled, snadshewesicdes at Selybure: she cives Ny
lor this Porimay Piacenza and Guastalla: sheds tob
CWracaccees ’ ,e P ® = . 7 Ds
resved Queen of | tly; ‘Tharo is to bea ecily,
onder the prot. ciion of Russias Doaziennder fhato!
Prussians and Cracow under thatof Austria; Austria.
* , ° ; a
bugtand, and Pronee, lave concluded a treafy, to
7 > ° ‘
which Russia w.l! immediately acevede
SS — ere SSP Pee C—O
View original Serer Re
A work pudilished recently ef Berlin, contains anec-
dotes, and many letfers of tie fate Qucen of Prussia,
tddressed to the Aathorces, a lady, of bigh rank, in
whom the Queen repo ied ruck contidences One let.
tor, penned short cue beicie berdeath, contains the
tollowins pussies tt Assuradly,. pasterity will not
plaice my rene wnonge those of celebrated females 3
but in learning the calisitics of fhe present period, it
Wit savy * Sie bas surcdouach.? Bot £ wislt alse
tha posterity may be nble tuadd: “Ske has brought
into the work! some culldren who were whotly ot a
better fate: lave seucht to render (his epoch more
yoppys aid who stceceted ta their catesprise,” — It
way be scen trom Ue preceeding passage, that the
dacen who had sailed inuech. must have recarded
he epoch of Gie deliverance of her country as nat
very remote, Sie dicd in J8i0. "bhe neble Aus
ihoress ielates Ghatsome Ladies having admired, a
short time b fore der death, the pearts her Majesty
wore, she remarked, with that touching melancholy
Shich wes Gicn so visible in ber countenance and
words, Te is suid that pearis are the symbol o
fears, and T have shed too masy. LT have no more
jewels telt! TP offurcdethem all apon tie altar of, my)
ny COnmsry.”?
Phe Persiin Ainbassactor of the Court of St. Peters-
borgh, arrived on tie Yéth alOetober, at Georijewsk,
whore he was received with all the honours due to his
rank. ‘Phe next day bis Excell ney dined with the
vivil Governor, when the pealths ofthe Emperor and
ie King of Peria were drank. “Phe Ambassador has
Ureacy resided in England, and even speaks Eegtisn
ehOte. Ee is wellacquainted with the situation of
wurope, antalso with oer manners, and displays no
tsiulic pup. Ilis, however; numerous, and he re-
qiures 150 borses to continue has journy. He arrived
on the 10th of November at No wolscherkask.
~ Letters from Rome state, that the King of Spain
has written a letter to (he Sovereign Montill, recalliny
the Spanish Jesuits who had been exiled, and whom
his Holiness had assembled in the professed louse of
Jesus. Ferdisiand has, at the same time, given d=
rections lo fake Siargquis de Vargas, his Minister at
Rome, to provide, at his Majesiv’s expence, every
thing necessary for their equipraent and conveyance
toSpain. The hing of Sardiaia has likewise recal-
led the Jesuits into his States, . They are to have a
novictate and a college at Turin.
A letter froma Sicly of a recent date, alludes to the
immense estates possessed by ceclesiastical corpora-
lions in that island, and which, by diminishing the
number af proprietors, was extremely hurtful, to agri-
culture. The Parlianent, inconsequence of petitions,
taken this subject inty consideration, and in a recent
sitting, proposed the plan of a law, obliging the ti-
tulars to-grant perpetual lease, upon condition of re-
——_——< ”rttsti(itsts—C—F—/'
View original
View original eciving an annual rent, regulated by the existing
Letters from Upper Haly state, that Piedmont is
Mi infested by bands of robbers; but that lithe dan-
ver is apprehended from then, compared with the
bands which infest (hal part of Savey beloaging to the
Cieg of Sturdinia. Some of these bands havine re-
centty united and formed a body of 960 wen, they at-
temp ed tosurprise a spell fortiess near Dorin. at the
tootof Mount Cenis. In the conflict, about 20 were
killed! aud more wounded. An Stalian Joursstimene
Hons, that in December, some of them stopped an
English getleman, a Mr. St. Aubyn, on the red to
Turin, and after robbing, dischargecde nistobat hin,
He was found by some travelers, insensible and wel-
tering in bis blood, who conveyed hin to the nearest
place ; and he was expected tu recover. ‘The King
of Sardinia has ordered inilitary commissions to be
instituted, which procecd againnst the robbers taken
with salutary rigour.
Hostililies seem to be confomplated by Austria, in
conjunction with the maritime powers, against the
Barbary States; as the Governor of Trieste has pub-
lished a circular, adre:sed to ali the Austrians Con-
suly in the ports of the Mediferranean, enjoining them
fo counsel captains of vessels returiag to Prieste, or
Fiume, toaceclerate (heir departure, so as to retarn
by the Ist of Mareh, as antl that petiol hostilities
will not be committed against then by the Lbarbary
The ftir held at Leipsic, in commemoration of the
new Year, Was Bot nipuerously attended. ‘Phere were:
many setleyrs, bat few purchasers, Very few Polis’:
Jewe were preseat. ‘We Greck Verchants who at-
iwndoa “ad not make many putchises. A Persiaa
Merchant who had a quantity of precious stones, sold
loan Austrian Agent, diamonds, pearls, and topazes,
lo the Aimounter 10,0002, sterling. The English (lise
posed of but few goods. ‘Lhe unsettled state of the
Coatinent was consi.tered by allas untavourable to
commercial speculations.
A letter from Constuatinople of the 26th of Novem.
ber, notices an assassination (hat hal occured in that
cily, which displays Powerlully the influence of re-
renge upon an, upetuous mind. On the 2h, the
Pacha Ali Murzouk, Lite Governor of Anatolia, had
erauted an interview to an Unknown Arab. mean!y
clad. Scarcely bad the slave @uifled th» routin, thei
the Arab drewa dagger trum his griddle, and notwith-
slandias the resistance of the Pacha, busied it in his
Bossom. After committing (his deed tre mele anante
fempt toescape. — When taken before the ¢
revdily assigued his motives. The Pacha
azo, had been scut to aspect {he Turkish garrison om
the coasts ef the Red Sea; anghaving beheld tbe
daughter of the Arab, he carci her of. Jie was
shortly aflerwards recatied ; sent first on a mission to
the Sheriff ot Mecca, and afterwards to the Court of
Persia. Ja the meanwhile the Arab, influenced by
revenge for the abducation of Iris only child, sold alt
‘he properly he possessed to furnish him with the
means of following and puntshing his oppressor.
From the coast of the Red Sea he traced his steps to
Constantinople; but the Pacha had departed a week
before on bis journy to Mecca. Ihe vindictive Arab
Laced his route to Jeddas bat falling itt was obliged
(0 remain there some months. Ori his recovery, his
money being nearly expended, he hired himselt as an
altcndant upon one of the caravans. Af Mecca, he
unable to gain admission to the Pacha’s presence.
Shorily after, lic proceeded en bis mi: sion to Persia:
aint lacs resureed to Constantinople ently tere months,
when he fell by the hand'of his enemy. ‘fhe Arab
Was impaled alive. | "
A @ording ta tellers from Milan. the Pm peror Fran-
cis is expected to make progress throngh his Ualiar:
provinces, as sobu as thie Jepatture of the Sovereigns
trom Vienna shall leave him master of his movements:
His Majesty was expected at Milan in February. -
The State of Tunis has never been on so respect-
vble a footing as it was in the time of the late Side-
liamuda Pacha, who reigncd 32 years peaceably and
“loriously, and died in September last. Ue POSSCS=
sed a very penetrating mind, and great activity on
business. fle could, if occasion required, bring
40,000 wen into the ficld. {Lis maritiine foree eo.
sisted of nine schebees, iL built. and badly armed,
some old galltes, and about fifteen gun-boats: buthe
had neither able officers nor good sailors. tle em-
ployed about thirty merchant Vessel in the maritime
commerec, and a great nunsber of small vessels, cale
led sandals, in the coasting trade. The suceessors of
Hamucda is Sidi Oltoman, his brother, who has two
sons, and who living with him in ihe vreetest inti-
macy, had always resided in his place, ,
Cadi, he
, four years
DIED, in Demerary, De. W.B. ‘Lio, of
lony. :
a ereenemsseees sibel
_* ——————
this cu-
View original ees -
—, yr. , ' mae ‘ih os / 7
U~ Vert VM edn Jay IO ent an PP i
fo this Paner. voll]
~,- Ff r : °
f i‘ s/4 d iff } ; ( hf) wf j
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View original it ARSHA L's OFFICE.
BY virtue of an Appointment from His Ex-
cellency H. W. Benvixck, Esquire, Lieutenant-
Governor of the coiony Berbice, and its Dependen-
cies, &c. &e. &c. Given upon a Petition present-
ed by R. C. Downer, in his quatity as Re presenta-
tive of W. King and P. Benjamin, in their capacity
as Curators to the Estate of Francis Bynoe, deceased
said appointinent bearing date 95a March, 1815.—
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that I the un-
dersiencd, First Marshal of the Courts within this
colony, intend to Sell, at [xecution Sale, tu the pre-
sence of two Counsellors Commissaries, and their Se-
crclary, by the going out of a burning wax-candle,
on Wednesday the 7ih June 1815.
The Cotton Estate called Lewis Manon, situate
an the East coast of this colony, with all ils
Slaves, Buildings, and further Appurtenances
thevelo belonging.
Whoever should think himself entitled to oppose the
Execution Sale of said Plantation Lewis Manor, let
such person or persons address theinsclyves to the
Marshal’s Olice of this colony, declaring their reas-
ons for sy duine in due time and form, as | hereby
vive notice, that 1 will receive opposition from every
intermediate person, appoint them aday to have
bis or her Claim heard betore the Court, and further
act therein as the Law directs
Berbice; 23 March, 1819.
K. Francken, First Marshal.
View original ee
PY virtue of an Extract from the Minutes
ol the Proceedings of the Court of Civil Justice, of
this colony, dated 20 January 1815; Given in the
cause entided Wm. linis, in quality, as appointed
Curyator to the Estate of Joha Donaldson, deceased,
Plaiatitf by Edict, versus, all knowa and unknown
creditors nyainst the Estate of John Donaldson, dec,
Defendant by Edict. I the undersigned, at the re-
quest of aforesaid Curators, Summon hy Edict :—
All known aad unknowa crecdifors against the tUstate
of John Donaldson, dec. to appear before the Court
ef Rolly, on Monday the 22 May, S15, thetr fo ren-
der in their claims, to verity dhe sume and further to
proceed according to Taw.
This Sammons by Edict made known tothe Public
by beat of drum trom the Court House of this colony,
ond further dealt with iccording to custom.
Berbice, 27 Agpril, 1815.
Kk. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
ee — LawO Oe
View original TLL Oe
BY virtue of an Appointment from His Ex-
celiency H. W. Bexvinck, Esquire, Licufenant-
Governor of the Colony Berbice and its Dependen-
cies, &c. &c. &c. given upona pelition presented by
J.C. Spangenberg aud P. B. Bender, Curators to
the Estate of d. AL Desch@r, dec. under date of 15
April, 1815. 1 the uadomigned, First Marshal of
the Courts within (his colony, and at the request of
a-vresaid Curators, do hereby Suaimon by Edict s—
All known and unknown ercditors teainst the alores
said Estate of J. A. Duscher, dec. to appear Detore
the Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, at their
Session to be held in tyemomh of January, 1516,
fur the purpose of there renderiigg in heir clainis,
to verity the same, and tufther to piuceed according
to Law.
This Summons by Edict made known to the Pu-
blic by beat of drum from the Court Mouse ot litts
colony, and further dealt with according to custui.
Berbice, 20 April, [Sto.
K. Krancken, First Marshal.
View original ae
BY virtue of an Extract from the Minutes
of the proceedings of the Court of Civil Justice, o
this colony, dated the 16th November Sid, given
in the cause entitled R. ‘Taitt and W. Kewley, as
appointed Curators to the Estate of Riehard carry,
deceased, Plaintiff by Edict, versus, all known and
unknown creditors against the Estate of R. Barry,
dec. Defendants. I the undersigned First Marshal
of the Courts within this colony, and at the request
of afuresaid Curators, do hereby Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors against the Estate
of R. Barry, dec. ‘To appear defore the Court of
Rolls, on Monday the 22d May 1815, there to render
in their claims, to verify the same, and further to,
procced according to Law.
This Summon by Edict made known to the Public
by beat of drinn from the Court House of this colony
and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, 1Sth April, 1515. .
K. FRANCKEN, Fires Marshal.
View original BY virtue of an Appointment from His Ex-|
ecllency H. W. Bentinck, Esquire, Lieutenant.
Governor of the colony Berbice and its Dependen-
cies, &c. &c. &c. dated the 25th March 1815, gi-
ven upon a Petition presented for that purpose by J.
W. Heytmeyer. I the undersigned, First Marshal
of the Courts within this colony, and at the request
of said J. W. Heytmeyer, do hereby Summon by
Edict: All known and unknown creditors of the
said J. W. Heytmeyer, to appear*before the Hon.
Commissaries of the Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, at the Court House, on Thursday the 18th
May 1815, at ll y’clock in the forenoon of that day,
for the purpose of there hearing and accede Co such
proposals and terms for extension of time fo pay of
his respective debts, as he the said J. W. Heytincs-
er then and there shall propose, in order to enable
the Hon. Commissaries to report the result of said
Meeting to the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, at their
Session which will be held in the month of July next
and further to proceed according to Law.
This Summons by Edict made known to the Public
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colo-
ny, and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, 13th April, [8t5.
K. RFANCKEN, First Marshal.
— a
View original MAY natu 31 DAYS. *
Phases of the Moon.
Last Quarter, Ist Day, at Sh. 25m. Morning.
New wvivon, 9th Day, at 25. Qin. Morning.
First Quarter, 15th Day, at 10h. S5m. Morning.
Full Moon, 28d Day. at Lh. Sm. Morning.
Last Quarter, Slst Day, at 2h. 12.m Morning.
View original D. of ll. W.
MM. W. Holidays, Pnenomena, &c. H. M.
in LL
View original ne
© 2 06 IO
=I Di ei —-ODrN


. hh
Spring ‘Tides.
St. Phillip & St. das. Coa. Court.
Neap ‘Tides.
Invention of ihe Cross,
Ascension Day. Hoty Tuursday.
Sund. afler Ascen. Dav. Duchess
(ot York born 4767
White Monday.
Whit-Tuesday. Neap Tidese
Princes of Wales buin Ivo.
Queen Chail. born Lyd.
Trinity Sunday.
ov ilizabeth b. 1770. Ct. of Rolls
Sun Enters Cremint.
Spring ‘Tides.
Ist Sunday after Trinity.
hing e Charles il. restored.
- "
_— —,
DNAS wr c= Bel
Sore eC
View original I a ee
ee or
TE iGOP negen roeden land van het erf
No. 7, de breedte van een halferf, met cen daarop
staande woonhiis, lang 41 by 17 voeten, staande op
blokken en ged. kt met schaaitjes.
Een do. 24 by 10 voetcn, zydegebouw.
Len do. 22 by 10 voeten, do.
Ken do. 17 by 9 vocten, do.
Ken gemak hutsje met schaaltjes gedekt.
Now $3 voeten land ven het erd No. 7, lezgende ten
zuiden van No. 8, gehecl ingekraald. Voor verdere
wrichten vervoege men zich by La Rose, of by
29 April. C. BALTER.
—_—_———_ -—_— -_- —--- =
— = - —
KOR SALE, nine roods of land of Lot No.
8, the breadth of a halflot, with a house thereupon,
{1 fectloug by 17 wide, shingled and standing on
Atdo. 24 feet by 10, @ side building.
A do. 22 feet by 10, do.
A do. 17 feet by 9, do.
A privy, covered with shingles.
Also $5 tect from Lot No. 7, south side of No. &, all
railed in. For further particulars, epply to Mr. La
Rose, or to the subscriber
29 April. C. BALTER.
View original FOR SALE by the subscriber a variety of
Books, amongst whiclrare the English Encyclopedia,
10 volumes, and about 500 volumes of Novels, just!
received from Demerary. 22 April. W.SCOY.
View original TAKEN from off the desk of the undersigned
i locket with hair, scttin gold, such person who may
have by mistake, (or othe: rwise) laken the same, are
requested (o retura it, it being a present froma triend.
29 Apri GEO. BONE.
View original NOTICE is hereby given to the Creditors of
Plantation Clifton and 1. B. Inglis, that 30 bales of
Cotion will be put up forsale amongst them, on Mon-
day the 8th of May nex!, at the Store ol Messrs.
Roberts & Bethune, in New Amsterdam.
» May 29.
View original NOTICE.—The Scubsertber having char-
ged himself to collect (he Subscriptions @r PL Al.
lée’s passage to Europe, begs the Subscribers to send
him their Liberal Gills as soou as pessibie, ino order
that he may be able to pay the expences for the
wbove purpose.
29 April. J.G.F. SPIENSMA.
'O HIRE, Eight or Ten exccUent Field
Negroes. Enquie at this Office. 29 April.
— - —>— - ——> — ————— a
NOTIC E—The Creditors of Plantation No.
35, corentyn coast, are requested to meet Ug Trus-
tees, on monday the Sth proximo, in the forenoon,
af the rooms of Mr. Binning’s, when the surplus pro-
ceeds of the crop wild he disposed of amongst them.
92 April. Trustees.
DRIFTED or Stolen, from Plantation Vry-
heid, a flat bottomed Punt, 25 feet long by 7 feet
broad, has lately had a piece of new plank put on
one side about 5 feet long. Any person giving in‘or-
mation that willlead toa discovery, will be rewarded.
‘THE Subseriber takes this opportunity to give no-
fice, that all Negroes found on the Vryheid Estate,
with or without a pass, (except on the public road),
will Le taken up and further dewlt with according to
Law, as the depredation committed by them, under
the pretence of cutting grass, is incridible, and con-
sequently ne longer to be submitted to.
22 April. W. KATZ.
TE KOOP—De volgende oulangs gelosie
soederen, met het schip Ceres, Capt. J. Willems—
Beste Westphaalsche hammen, meger tabak opge-
maakt in 2 ponds pakjes, do. korte pypen, Duinker-
ker suuil, groene en zwarte thee in 4 ponds bossen,
Spanngch crocn, kruis hengzels en krammen, hecren
cit dames schryt hisjes, extra goede yroene brillena
inet zilver omzet, do. steutel ringen, fyne Hngelsche
scheermessen cn diverse andere kleinighedens meer,
22 April. J.G. F. THIENSMA,
NOTICE is hereby given—That on account
of the Sale of Plantation Geanies, and other ctrcum-
stances, the opening of the Tenders, and Cie Sate of
the cotton of Plantation Goed Hope, corenlyn coast, ,
is postponed until Monday the Sth May next.
For F.BRITTLEBANK and self
32 April J.C. SPANGENBERG, Scq’rs.
“ita ge
ACARPENTER inclined to superintend the
framing, ereeting, and finishing a Coffee Lozic, on
an Estate in this river, can apply for further infor-
mation to cither of the undersigned.
‘ G. PAUELS, qq.
92 April. VW. LUTHIERS, qq.
View original ee
THIS Subscribers offers for Sale the fgllow-
ing goods, cheap, for immediate payment :—Gen-
ilemens superfiue black- blue- olive- and grey mixcd
coats and coaties, white and printed quilting vests
tuilenette, kKersymere aud black florentine do., fine
linen and cotton shirts with frills, flannel shirts with
long and short sleeves, plain and striped jean trow-
sers, tw ecled cotton, jackets and trowsers, kersymere
pantaloons, gentlemens black and drab London bea-
ver bats, silk and willow do., boys black and drab
hats, ladies and girls bonnetts, ladies hoze, gentle-
mens lambs wool anckle socks, boots & shoes, cotton
hammocks, an assortment of negro clothing, bluc-
whites and red- spotted frocks fur sailors, striped
cotton shirts and trowsers for servants, blue flannel
shirts fd sailors, negro blankets, superfine blue agy
vreen cloths, red table covers, thread froze 10. 1Ov
29. stationary assorted, tea, pickles, pygyrves and
lish sauces, shoe byushes, house brooms, suvap & cans
dles in boxes of 56 Ibs. each, smoakegeberrings ing
kegs, bologne sausages, Dutch beef imcalf barrels,
flour in do., potatoes in hampers, wine per dluzen,
brockery-ware assorted, &c.
15 April. ALLAN STEWART & Co.
Lot No. 20, New Amst
— a
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock P @,
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Privileged Government Printers

6 May 1815