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The Berbice Gazette

View original PERSONS indebted for the years 1810, 1811, and
1812, to the Estate of the late Dr. Francis Jerre-
RY, are carnestly requested to settle their accounts,
&c., previous (o the Ist day of January 1814, as
further indulgence cannot possible be granted.
W. KATZ, for selfand
90 Nov. Mrs. T. JEFFERY.
View original .
Tenders for Coffee
TWENTY five to Thirty thousand Pounds of
First quality Coffee,—Tenders for the above quanti-
ty, the -produce of plantation Rurmsigt & Dank-
baarheid, willbe received at the house of the second
undersigned, until Saturday the 27th inst., and ifap-
proved of accepted.— Payment to be made in cash,
20 Nov. B. J. SCHWIERS,
—_-. — _ —
TWENTY to 25,000 pounds of Coffee ate offer-
ed for Sale from plantation hortberaad, returned to
the said Estate by virtue of Sentence of the Honor-
able Court of Civil Justice.
Samples whereofare to be seen at the Store of JEL.
12 to 15,000 pounds prime quality Coffec, from
the same Estates—Tenders for the whole, or any
art thereo’, will be reccived by the undersigned,
until Monday the “Oth Nov. when the highest offer,
1f approved will be accepted,
Jovan pes BROER.
90th Nov. G. PAUELS, Seq.
—_——_—— OO - —* — —
View original RUN A WAY
A Negro woman named Eliza, belonging to Miss
Sally Postlethwaite, Demerary, she is stpposed to
be on the Corentine coast. —Any person harbouring
her, willbe prosecuted against. according to Law.—
And those who will apprehend ter and sending her
to the house of Mi. 3B. Zivencn, will handsomely be
rewarded. 90 Noy.
ALL persons having any Clai or Demand against
the Ship Speculator, of London, or on Che Cargo of
the said vessel, lately Condemued aud Sold, are de-
sired to render theiraccounts to Wie Avent tor dhe
Committee at Lloyds, within six weeks from this
date, and after the elapse of that period, the balance
of the proceeds of the ship Speculator and Carga,
will be remitted to Eneland, and no further colonial
elaims against that vessel or cargo, be allowed.
Secretary's Ofjice, Oct. 26.
R. C. DOWNER, See.
View original Word geaudverteerd, dal, This is lo inform the bu.
de volgende personen voor- bitc, that the following per-
nemens zyn uitdeze Aolonte sons tntend quitting this Co-
te vertrekken. fony
J.B. Ward in 4 weeks from Oct. 23.
Richard Harris by the first opportunity.
J. R. Card by the first opportunity.
J.C. Poorterimans in 6 weeks from Nov. 20.
Rh. C. DOWNER, Secy.
WORDT hiermede bekendy NOTICE is hereby given,
gemaakt, dut een maand na\that a month after date the
dato de volgende Transpor-| following Transports and
fen en Hipotheeken zullen| Mortgages will be passed.
verleden worden,
Oct. 23. A. Simpson will transport to Demerary 50
Negroes, names to be seen at this office.
Oct. 30. J. E. Tieboel will transport to the Widow
H. J. Buse, the lot No. 49, in the 2d empol-
der, with the buildings thereon.
Noy. 13. John Davies will transport to the free ne-
gro woman Susanna Green, the northern back
quarter of lut No. 27, in New Amst.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
—_—_—_—— OOO
View original i —
Notice to Woodcutters.
ALL persons holding Licences to cut ‘Timber, on
angranted lands in this colony, are desired to attend
View original SSS
and exhibit them at Government Secretary’s Office,
within six weeks from the date of this Notification.
King’s House, Berbice, 13th Nov. 1813.
By Command.
Tus. CO. EMERY, Act. Gov. Sec.
View original ge
Aan de Evangelische Lu-
thersche Gemeente
Het volgende ‘s een Extract uit de Resolutién van
den Edele Hove van Politic en Kriminele Justitie de-
zer Kolonie, genomen in Hoogstderzelver Vergade-
riag, gelionden op Maanday den 13de October 1813,
—uit het Engelsch in het ollandsch overgebragt :
», Tot bereiking van dit tsatste, en ten cinde, om
55 200 wel aan de Assessoren als aan de Gemeente
», genoegen te geven, Zoo ORDONNEERD en
5 GELAST het Hof, dat de Luthersche Ingeze-
5, fenen der Kolonie Berbice, door het tegenwoor-
», dig Kollegie van Assessoren onverwyld by pu-
y> blicke Advertentie zullen byéengervepen wor-
5 den; ter zaak, om uit gezegde Luthersche In-
55 gezetenen, ZES Personen te kiez n, on Gemag-
,»» tigd te worden als Assessors over de Luthersehe
» Eigendommen binnen deze Kolonie; zullende
5, dit zestal by meerderbeid van stemmen, door de
5) Luthersche Ingezetenen gecligeerd worden, en
» aan dewelke de tegenwoordige Assessoren, de
»> Plantaadje AuGspunG, cam annexvis, overten-
»» komstig de Inyentaris, hebben overtezeven,—
y5 &C.—”’
HET is ingevolge yan dicen, en ten cinde om aan
de bovenstaande Order van den Edele Hove van Po-
litie te voldoen, dat de overgeblevene Jicdea van het
Kollegie van Assessoren, by deze alle de Ledematen
der Evaneclische Luthersche Gemeente, binnen de-
ze Kolonie woonende, oOpreepen, Om te willen by-
éenkomen op Maandag den 29ste dezer maand No-
vember, aan de Stede Nicuy Amsterdait, op het
Ert No. 21, ten buize van den Heer Advokaat Ma-
THEWS, des voormiddags ten twaalf uren precies, ten
cinde om aan de beveelen van de Hooge Overigheid,
roo als dezelye hiervoren zyn uitgedrubt, (en stipsten
te voldoen
De overgeblevene Leden van het
Kollegie van Assessoren der Lu-
thersche Gemeente, in Berbic .
J. BAKKER, voor zich en
Berbice, 15th November, I812.
ee -
YT 4s X -
Notice te Carpenters.
Rreeuinep to be erected in front of Pin. Brighton, on
thy west cuast of Corentyu, a Beacon, GO feet hich, the
Hist JO feet to consist of a volid: piece of hardwood, 16
inches square, with a foundation framed of buraw ood time
ber, 39 feet Tung by i5 inches square, to support it ina
perpendicular position, and the upper 20 feet to consist
of another picce, at least 12 inches square at foot, and not
less than 6 inches square at top, with a square ol lathes at
the top, to make it visible at a distance,
Fenders for the above, marked, **‘Tender fora Beae
con,”’ will be received by the subscriber, till Wednesday
Ist of December, next, at 10 o'clock in the morning, When
they will be opened in presence cf JLis Excellency the
Governor, and the lowest tender, if approved of, will be
A plan of the ahove can be seen, and c¥ery informati-
(On respecting it given by the subscriber.
Berbice 16th Oct. 1813.
W. SCOTT, Com.
720 Ibs. of Salt Beet.
720 Ibs. of Flour.
208 lbs. of Rice.
58 lbs. of Sugar.
32 Ibs. of Coffee.
120 Gallons of Rum.
Tenders for the above articles, will be received
by the Subscriber, till Wednesday the Ist of Dec.
next, at 10 o’glock in the morning, when they will be
— —_—__
View original nn
opened in presence of His Excellency the Governor,
and the lowest offer, if appsoved of, accepted.
Berbice, 13th Nov. 1813:
Wx. SCOTT, Commissary.
View original VENDUE’s OFFICE.
—— a
THE Subscriber respectfully inform the. Public,
that the Vendue Office is removed from lot No. 8 to
lot No. 5, New Amst. 20th Nov.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
On Thursday the 25th inst. will be sold at the
Vendue Office by order of the Hon. Board of Orphan
Chainber, the effvets of the late Harras, A. Fraser,
J. Munro, and G. Adamson dec. consisting of wear-
ingz*apparel and a negro man, &c.
Also by order of the Hon. J. McCamon and S.
Kendall, as commissaries, the materials of the East
Coast canal old Bridge, as it lays between No. 19,
and 21 side line.
dy the Vendue Master in commissio +a variety of
dry goods and provisions, gin, rum, and brandy, also
two negroes a horse, chaiscand harness complete and
in good order.
D.C. CAMERON Tep. Vendue Master.
View original ht :
On Friday 26th Nov. will be sold at the Vendue
oflice, by order of the Sequestrators of Pin. ? Espe-
rance, and by the desire of J. W. Heytmeyer, Esq.
anassortment of honschold furniture, consisting of
cane bottom chairs with cushions, a pair of clegaat
sophas, dining tables with D ends, a liquor case, a
purr of elegant mirrors, 2 convex do. a choice assort-
ment otengravings with gilt frames,—to be seen a
week before the day of sale on application at the
Vendue office.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
— =
t*. fara s . - _
View original On Thursday the 2d Dec. by order and at the
Store of B. Ziegler Esq. the following consignments,
consisting of tin ware, iron-mongery, earthen and
lass ware, paint & oil, soap, candles, tobacco, pease,
birley, silk hats, cotton stockings, white jeans, jea-
netleMndia salamporis, checks, Osnaburgs, shads in
barrels, tar in do. beef, ox tongues, bottled claret,
Madeira wine, &c.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original _—.
On Saturday 4th Dec. will be sold, on plantation
Retreat, from 25 to 30 fine fat oxen & milck cows
with calves, and a few sheep.
D., C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original ee
8 O86 ee
The September Packet having arrived here this week,
bringing English Newspapers to the 25th of that month,
of which we present our Readers with the following in.
leresting, extracts,
We have also received this week, by the arrival of our
Government Boat, from Barbados, Papers from that Is«
lund, giving us three days latvr news (40 the 28th Sept.)
than the Packet,
We are happy to state that produce of all kind are ri.
sing al home every diy,—Surinam, Demerary, and Ber-
bice Coffve was tu 105»s.—Colton from 23 to 25d.—Su.
gar from 91 to 93.
The following vessels, from Demerary, are all safe ar-
rived at different Brilish Ports, from the Ath to the 28th
of Sept.—Sophia,— Adventure,—Find|
Cornwallis,—Eliza A Wn, — Quaker,—Friendship,— Pilot
—Thomas,—Samuel [Sraddick ,General Murray ,—Dia-
na,— Nercus,—Belleisle,— Diana, and—Camilla,
Ae the different accounts, recetved by the dbovement.
toned papers, of the operations of the war in Germany,
are loo extensive to be given all this day, we will continue
the siime ina BER BICE GAZE TL, on Wednesday
nexl the 24th inst. at 4 o’cock, Pp. ;
ay ,—G ranger, —
View original
View original stronz, sustained, in theanean why
neroic, Che repeated effo Ol tf
V, supported by two lint
(roggle was unequal mE ,
HOWOVCr,. we rol ci IC oel
li se e bh al Lous w t . ‘ it a
i nad Ww} hh they i Aga al ‘ 1) (ire
pose of recoccut ! \ s is
pas Ing S enty battalions |} al an is. bon
(housaud horse of both uati : Ilred ancl nifty
pieces ‘of artillery advanced in colun Of attach OVEN
intermediate spaces for deployil ur thou douse
sitn and Swedish cavalry had advanced in ful L to
support some points whither the enemy principally dis
cd his attacks. ‘Their appearance began to check hi
and the appearance of the columns did th
of the battle was instantly decided.—The e \°
beat a retreat, the cay: Ir charged ¢ L)
mbling ft ry, and carried disorder into their co!
h ret atcd with ¢ ( precipitation upon route
cn y's force was c IM pos dof four
CO! swial hal Duke of Revgio, of Cre nera Bertr. l
Nd iivgaier, and of that of the Duke of Padua. and o
fv lot rthousan ] Pi li h troops, foot and horse
\ iCl | COM rand Ol the Marshal Prince Ol
aw 6 Oo De result of U battle, which was fougle
( | J of JU’ \ i) [ } yf which
called. ov ri morning, § five
S ( yaad } (] (\s \
( ( dred
; .
i ] { 9 it! cl os
1 yy \
i "4 ! ( 1 is
. \ : )
J i ! A (
CO \ ) .
( r. Wi j i | f(y ! LwWiih | -
ad wen from | iu . Dahon , doin
vid. iil ( \ ! (hh)
’ \ ; )

‘ a ?
. N
~ iu
( ( ‘ )
Oy \
1) i { ( Ȣ f \
\ tii
j ! '
( by ( tee
Olt ) | 1 | tol (
( { (
‘ psf
_ ’ '
i s
. ,
{ i
. Cl lo
pal. i
‘ eT rid | i i
- rt «of [? ' ‘
} b | ‘ (| LO Fr,0O.
thi iUrMed 4 f
OLY \ | || » v4 \
() ( the ce le
, ' / ’ (he ’
rat ii) ( ! j (1) 1 i i
Q)iy tl ( { t ( | le
if ) I e \ [ Li.
ten 1 v the lett of th lot-naimed
or t \\ », on the right. | UVioN
f. I | QO cs hind tw he on tn altucke
y with ti ita f of Por that
Past (] i! 4
j ( °% cd cl S | Olu 1 Nn ed | f
tO Col i i Perlal . i y
) rt ¢ tat, 2d at Zub ;
Scida Phe 2 {th they were mov tv Ret (adl, ov
The 25th, ; Chir in f iter vp, tlre Tye fall
C lu ny) ) ! behind (| } | ee yhich SUTrFOUNG Dressy
On ti » le th nl Ol t| be) . ‘The out- StS Wore driven
iM. and the defence econnoitred
he city as evidently out of reac] of bein r carried
a coup-de-main without ich loss, and as there was no
o!| ( fo commit s¢ reat a} rific it was de termined hot
(vo altempt i nd the army encamped.
On the 26th, the enomy, under cover of their batteries.
endc L| ourcd to rcgai i (heir JUL- POS \ hic ] Occas! oed a
3S A )

View original cannonade aud firing wi Wa’ted all the cave: towarde
CVE lng (he ‘A ustrian: | “ahs | ud | ( oubl Al d »pihed the
ordnance, and suing attacks were made with a view tou
Prove ke tae eo ny, and it of portunity {a4 oured, to ful-
low faim inte thre | .
On om 27th, the weather, which had for soveral datys
Deen extrem, Ty wet aod cold, bereame uncommonly thick
amd bad, and it ratucd without interuussion for p ore than
~b hours, with many heavy showers, The ens y shewed
himselt tn much greater force, several large masses of ine
fantry appeared upon his right, supported by artillery,
and by attacks from the cevtres, which was procccted by
the woils,.
This menace ow the Austrian left b ‘yond Plauen, to-
wards the vale of Vharaud. was not furmidable, and was
opposed by a sufficient nnmber of Austrian roops; but
; \ oy ’ . '
OAC My Idle of the (ily rey Oels UrVely Tt Mat geean W.ilS bee
yccupied in force, and that Gen. Dlucher. who had been
engaged five Gimes in six daes, to of which were gcnera
actions, one ta presence of Bonaparte on the Bober, aud
one in which he had taken Narshal Macdonald's bag sare,
had fallen back to Jauer. At thes ene time bi re columirs
moved out of the town, and form. ¢ (y attack tl
right, as if to turn it, and to cover a mo- lo Liehire
behiud the Elbe. ‘This had « , or of the cium
declining the combat on the ici, r tuifart roads, an
moving tu his left to gata (he Bo! | 4 and Mh Was
resowwed to make a flank marel i ' '’, in five coe
lumns, by the right, to reach (i 1 Jassces im tiut
direc'ion before him, and to « ea acla of battle in
Bohemia, tusteid ol ove tow as yi ind of Lurzen,
(o which it was not certain?! he w | advance.
This day ito bal rt} actions, in
hich tho eh nay h i | \ ly le | Sisoners
In Charges Of cara . Co cuss ft both sicdcs
yo tae Cou 1 | i] kt .
Phe grounds which is ad Hy Mo moiny places, b
SO Veoctl (h ' { CAN s ¢ wld may iti.
rye ChE a aiid oi na all Carria ’ unk to
Uhre bay ELT WA a] ne the froat of (he line
COM drs Coe reehe ow watceck was ordered, and had
Vl “hlor ug Chto Pie tThaven wtfofsome (se
bin bat alioas, ona gronod witdin reach cf te cross fire
Ol two fy bo Grou. SMoreaug who wes
speakiow to uiicl ¢ -to hiiny wis
Oitratcf } { ( () tail } j . ] Wen meonens
blu) ' () I i < » Lal (oe Li Cll,
‘Nas ¢ ) ) } 6} iJ t) iti le
berady! j 4 { foe. Li is me ivie lo show nove
bOPOLC reorotainty and nposure than the Gen. has dice
hayvedoen every chee mice of this dreadful wound. aod
t bee me goal ify, there Js reason ¢ phope
~ |, Is ben veil. Pleh: removed on inen’s
novel wean: SDboaind the Payer. ‘bhe Emperor tee
ta do by de ne fell till 1! doupor se ,
y! O2$.¢! Nd Ce ) ( (
! On Went 4 1 iy Li te fce him, ani
putd him es y yo sible aclentios
Head-quaiters were thet night at Reichstadt, near Di; -
rod wade. Phe sch head. juaiters were at Altenbers,
Mlont Othat Doch
On the 26 ( he eae roa force's und cr
(; We. Vall Dag , bd TCT WAL LO Hlollendarf auc
Lun, dealem (| tO atlack Cit byct (ee a bt OFCY4) (
noving Co Poplitz, by roads which wuite aear tut
hoe !, wan fuot ! Loe ytd on the precedia Cay
Ciiadyassace lt tohiecied ple cs of fisld) ord janice.
Hof Cac ol which was Jos’. st a (his attack, and, sup.
ported by some Part of die Russian Toerial cavalry
Sua Tun Culvassiers, kept the en my ja check the whole
Ol tac Cayy while the columns of baggage and artill LY pus.
cd ta thar rour. In the evening th ‘y were reinforced by
some battalions of Russian eit nadiers, and a considexzable
force WaS assemOkd at $6 litz. Orders were sent to
Gon. Klowt, wiose column of Prussian troops was incant
(Ome tae niche by Apriwalde upon Hollendorf. so as
(0 be ready trativck Gen, via Dusme in the rcar, when
the other teoops should attack in front.
On the SOP, the Nustrian livisions Coloredo and
Bianchi dale tae (roups above named, and the
command was given to Gen. ayelay de Tolly: the Em.
peroc and the Kone were on the height near the ficld, and
Maisnal Prace uwaxzeuberg was also a spectator.
The enviny was posted wear Culm, a scat of the Thum fa.
mily, and in the woods; ths attack was made about ten
with great spirit, avd the cucmy had a early lost ground,
When Gen. Klee aopeared. ‘Vie turned asainst the Prut.


‘tans and attconted to cuta passage with great Iimpetuo.
sity, but the attacks of the Allies were carried on with so
much vizour, that the er my was complet tcely beat on all
points, and driven tato the woods. Gen. van Damme and
(lirce other Generals, one of whoin ts ws ", Ackso, their
best engineer, were taken in the evening - another was
4 )
colours were ta} n, with from forty fo ifty pieces of cane
non, and sume thousand prisoners. ‘lwo other Gencrals
and some thousand troops, who had got into the moun.
tains, surrendered this worn near Peterswalde. The
Russian guards and cavalry « engaged the preceding day,
had ano pportunily of being again distinguished,
[lead <n: irters were at‘ Split on the 30th, and conti.
nuecd there this day.
Gen. W ittgenstcin was attacked bey cond Altenburg on
(he 20th, and drove back theenemy. Thisday, it seer ms,
the french have entire lv left the mountains,
‘The defeat of the enemy by the Crown Prince of Swe.
den and by Gen. Blacher, of which accounts were re ceive
cd last night, will probably influence the futare move.
ments of all the armies
found Killed either on that or the viceadline day ; some
Sir Charles Stewart, who has been in every action With.
View original Ee
in his reach, was unfortunately’ wounded yesterday, by
the splinter of a shell, above the Kneey the bone is not
injured, and il is hoped he will not long be confined.
Upon the whole. tue gallant exploits of the 29th and
30th, near Toplitz. though they were performed by asmall
part of the army, fave had every consequence of decisive
Te Denm was sung this morning at the head of the Rus.
sian guards. ‘The three Sovereigns were present, and the
guards marched past. them in review, tn as complete order
as if they had been in acamp of instruction, tastcad of hav.
ing been employed in making forced marches, or engaging
the enemy, for eighteen days without iatermissian.
have the honour to be, &c.
(Signed) . CATHCART.
Toplitz, Sept. 1.
My Lonpj—lt is with the crestest :.tisfaction T have
the honour to dequaint your Lord-hip, diat at the mo.
ment of thedepartire of the messenger Jisherfor Eogtand,
a dispatch wes received froin Gen. Blacher, dated Hol.
stein, in Silesia, the 20thoul& whitch ioformys Tats Prossian
Majesty Chat he attacked Che cnemy again an the 20th ia
a position behave. | Chor river, amd completely defeat.
ed them, and (ovk f-0. Puttow, aud the greatest part of
Marshal Macdonall »s Stall, prisoners 5 also two caglys,
and twenty-two pieces of Canon were taken,
‘From the @6th to the Quth, the corps of Gen. Blucher
has faken 15,0600 priconeis, aod tear one handred pieces
of cannon,
Wacrthe OMcer, the bearer of Gus dispatch, left) Gen,
Placner’s healig eters, on Che oothy a reportwas receiy.
cdoof Gor. Thorn daving entercd Uuatzlauon tuat day,
Fy oct desertion bod taken place in the French army,
andine , asantry of Silesia began to tale an active pactin
colivethg the proowrs after che dimercut actions
Tvcutyetvo pieces ofcannon have Been colicct ‘d, 10
adericc to the staty alluded Co, as having been taken in
the ection of Che Doth, ucar Culin, aud sevesal more am.
DN Was sols.
. a ee
ulractaofalhilr from Lieut.-Gen. Sir To G atm y co
dhe Warquts of Veckiighon, duled Ernuant, Scpt. 9
UL have the saisfaction to report to your Lordship,
that the Castle of Saw Sobastan has surrendered; and 1]
have (he bonor fo tia mit the capitation, which, under
all Ge ciiciascanecs of the case, T trust your Lordship
will think Tdidaisieto sre toa garrison which cot.
andy made avers 2 unt doince. Mver since the assault
of the SJstult. ch woeful sire of Che mortars, &¢e. of the
right aleack sas occasionally hep my agatuse the castle,
occasioning ®VE, sevete taas to tp enemy 3 and yestere
day morniuy yg battery of 17 2hzpoumders in the horn
work, another of three 1B.) onnders stsll more on he left
having been completed by the exirgordinary exerGions of
the officers of artitlers awd cu ineers, aided by (he inde!s-
tigable 20a) of all tug troops; Che whole of the ordnance,
amounting lo Sb pivces, docludiog two 2 f-pounders, and
ane howitzcron the istand, opened at WO aL aie egadiint the
Castle, aud wath such ef ct, Chat Defowe ome pom. a theg
of troce was hott at the stuatorbactors, by the enctay .
ail after compe dis cussion, th bere Gb due ee vetdar Were
agreed on. Thos owas ; ic doth Wy Od reat re.
sult of the camyporgiy ti tne acquisition to tbe abicd ar.
mics of this taro (tare Weest Ga the coat. and tocar the
frontier. Ca, t, Cowal. oof the ay ths Need -Camyp
to Major-Gen. boy, wae so sreely distin cishcd amself
during the siege, is unfuiducately aiiong the killed, siace
the last: ¢urm.
Be Che arrizcal in Parbados af the Nielftive Pychos, 35
davy fron BFalinouth, with the sceo id Sept. Naats, “an
parars to the 28th of that month, cuables us to acyitaine
the seader of the Cconttoucd successes of the Milies tn Clore
many, whuse caicer of victory ty manifested by every nia.
ment of the respective armies in that theatre of warluce.
There had been several ‘severe eneagements, and as one
that strikes us as being pacticulacly brilliant and) Ceeisive
against the enemy, we cemark the battle of Dennevitz,
which took place abont the 701 Sept —this action was
obstinatily contested on both sides, the French force was
commanded by Mar hal Ney, voder whose orders were
the corps of the Dukes of Kezzio and Padua, and Gen,
Regnier, amounding in the whole to 70,000 wens; which
nuniber was opposed by an interior force of Russians,
Prussians and Sweodos ; teverthless they remained masters
of the field of combat, aod occasioncd the enemy a loss of
13,000 men, 50 piceces of cannon, and JOO) ammunition
waggon. The cily of Dresden, is ieported to have been
evacuated by Bonaparte, and there was every reason to
expect the speedy fall of Hamburgh, Dantzic is so hard
pressed that hopes are enterlained of its carly sucrender,
Letters from Gen. Sir Robert Wilson, who is with the
Allied armics in Bohemia, state Sir Robert was on horse
back, beside the Emperor of Russia, at ihe moment Gen,
Moreau received his mortal wound. The latter had just
galloped up to make a communication to the Emperor,
and the horses’ heads touched when the ball executed its
fatal commission. Sir Robert describes the retreat of the
Allies from before Dresden as being masterly in the ex-
treme, and as eflected without much loss,
By the arrival of a messenger from Gottenburgh, we
are sorry tu state, that a great part of that town was in
flames ; froin 150 to 200 houses had been destroyed, and
the fire was still raging.
General Moreau dicd, on the 4th Sept of the wounds
teceived before Dresden. ,
It was oDserved that Morean, during his residence in
America, was particularly’ cautious iv avuiding all con.
REE a —
View original versation which had a recurrence to the former evcals of
his life; and that his mind was by no means satisfied with
his situation in the new world.
The Niemen frigate, with transports and other vessels
undes convoy, sailed from Falmouth for the West Iiidics,
on the 29th Sept.
A letter from Cork states, that a man of war was about
to be appointed to take charge of any vesscls that should
be at that port on the 14th Oct. followii ¢, for the West
I[ndics. ,
‘he Hon. Admiral Curzon, tt is said, has been appoint-
ed to relieye Sir F. Laforey of his command in these seas,
and he will hoist his flag on board his Majesty’s ship Rod-
Sept. 25.—It is believed that Ministers have had acom-
munication from the Emperor of Austria, as to his senti-
ments of the length to which, in the evont of succiss, he
is disposed to co-operate with the Allies against Boua-
parte. Ife distinctly stated his terms in the proposal made
to the French Emperor before the termination of the Ar-
mistice; and even now, or at amy time, if Napoleon
should fect it his interest to acquiesce in those terms, the
Court of Vicuna will persevere in them Those therefore
sho indulge the speculation of seeing Bonaparte driven
from the throne of france, o¢ cven of secing the French
dominion restéred to ifs former linuts, calculate without
their host. Weown, shat we. so anxious for the res-
toration of peace to the afllicted world, that we should be
conteut, as we have uniformly said, (0 see it accomplish.
ed on the condition of presersine the actual independence
of Qose powers which’ are now nominally so; and to
bring the Destsecurities that are practicable for its perma-
nancy. ‘bhose persons have not prohted from. the expe-
ricace of the last 20 years, who encourage the hope of
restoring the Jlouse of Bourbon, beeadse Bonaparte has
net with a reverse of fortune, or because he may be ulti.
midately overpowered. If ho were extinct, our Allics
would not fight for the Dourvons.
Sept, 28.—Thereis ro arrival from Germany this morn.
ing, and thercfore we have no meaus of asccriaining whe-
ther Che Holigolaud account of the evacuation of Deesden
ou the 16th, be true or false, Military mew say that it is
(o beegpected rather Chan tobe wield. lor at Bouapar-
te commits Che fault with which he reproactied Mack, of
shutting himselfup ina large city, be will cut hiimset ot
at once trom his resources, aud from (he khine, and sup.
plics will be obtiined with (Che greatest difivcudt..— Wi
capect Cherefore, that tne neat ariivals will brug as ac.
counts of his having quitted Dresden and Che line of Che
bibe. And the necessity of ds duing $0 Sethe d tobe jae
mediate, the Crowit Peoice ireateaing be throw tinsel
ti hisvear. Nay, the folluwiag Helis. saad letter would
persuade us that tis Royal Pagliness had actualy got to
Leipsic, and joined the AusGians:—
“Heligolénd, Sept, 23.—We hive very reeent advices
from the adjacent Continent, aid tlseciis that (he projec
of the Crown Priuce to forw a junction with ac Aust.
ans at Leipzic, has beet sealised. By this expedient the
supplies of the Grand Army of Napoleon will be cut offs
Mt fils Conuuunication with France intercepted.—Tie
Cruwu Prince Ids crossed Uie Kibe at Wittenburg ia per-
oN, and Count Walhwodes «at Domiiz—van Deuime is
travellane towards Siberia,
Seve ral Ol the Vooluarce Cr rps
' , . . '
Ml asecahacs fur che
' ’
y weunderstan td. have
j tel per coal cousideris . lie Peery dee ry
ol oblong ther services (ogo geriison duty, in the room
of such Cotes ats Ceoyernmegt may Chink a1 eapcedicul to
al, patch (wo thi Concern.
[fy om Vie Berlin Gasctte of duty 31
We Frederick Wi tian, by the Grace ul God, King of
Prussia, Ae.
enolding with satic fiction the perseverames and distine
guished Dravery with which our ary Nas sustained until
(he present momentits struggle for out coultry, as well
as the numerous chorts and sacrifices by which our faith.
ful subjects have with the greatest cauiadion contributed
ln cvery Manner bo its defence, wud to obtain the yreat re.
sults for which this struggle has been wnaderta hens we
have firm contidence, that this public spirit, which has
been manifested by all with so much glory, will never cool;
and we baild upou it priacipally our hope of success in
our just cause, and of the Yeormamentand solid cstadlish.
ment of all States, particularly that of Prussia.
We also perceive with pleasure the promptitude and zeal
with which the Landwehr has been organised, and the
Levy-en-mass carricd into execution; and behold with
gratitude the attachments to our person, and to our coun.
try, by which the Prussian nation is particularly distine
guished. In doing justice to these sentiments, we believe
it to be our duty not to demand more efforts and sacrifices
tha necessity may exact, iu order that business may suf.
fer the least possible interruption, as upon that depends
so essentially the welfare of our faithful subjects. We
command them, in respect to the Levy-en-mass, enjoined
by the edict of the 2ist April of the present year, as fol-
lows -—
Art 1. The Levy-eu-Btass shall continue and be enforc-
ed as aircady orgercd: as the patriotism, however, which
has been generally manifested induces us to think that
every citizen capable of serving is filled with an anxious
desire to defend the country in case of danger, and will
cheerfully obey the first summons to take up arms, if in.
firmities and old age do not prove obstacles to fulfilling so
honourable a duty, we have mado the following modilica.
tions :—
View original 2. There shall be forincd out of the Levy-en-Mass a
Reseryce, which being kept constantly at its full comple.
ment, may be sufficient to complete promptly the Land-
wehr. A particular ordinance will regulate the organi-
zation of this Reserve.
3. Moreover, in the country and in the towns which
shall not contain 300 men fit for theservice of the Levys
en-Mass, one-third of this number shall hold themselves
ready, alternately, during ove week, to enter in case of
need on immediate service in mounting guard, and in ful-
filling all the military aud police functions that the Ma-
gistrates may require.
4. In the large cities where business is Iless compatible
with the military service, andin which they may find more
than 300 inen fit for the service of the Levy-cn-Mass,
there shall be formed of the one third which shall remain
when the men engaged for the Landwehr shall be deducted,
some permancnt companies or battalions of citizens, who
will make part of the Landwehr, but whose duty will be
confined to the defence of the city. In those places where
guards of citizens already exist, they will enter into those
companies or battalions.
The Levy-en-Mass, as well as the companies and
battalions of arquebussiers and of burgess guard, will re-
Inain under the immediate orders of (vir respective coin-
manders; but they will lik wise be under the control of the
magistrates of the police of the place or district,
8. ‘Fle Ministers of Justice, without exception, as well
as the Functionaries of the Police and of the Commanes,
with the exception of Provisional Councillors, will remain
in the country on the approach of the enemy; but it is
forbidden them to fake any oath to obey him. All the
other superior authorities, particularly all the administra-
(ive authorities, will retire: itis expected, however, that
they will nol withdraw undil the last moment.
9. The Levy-cn-Mass will be exercised and trained every
Suaday aud Holiday y and they will mect Girce ev culnes in
cach week fora like purpose.
10. ‘Phe evacuation of a place, aud the devastation of x
district, shall not be c arricd info cvccution without pari.
culas orders from tie Military Goveraments in ca-o those
measures shall be padsed necessary. Tn conclusion, it is
uoderstoud that itis the Gufy of every individual to de-
prive the eneiny as much as possible of al) meang of sub-
Wepertic:laily rocoinmend to our faithful subje@ts the
observance of the aos earticl ve, aud to heep in mind, tltat
zeal when notroculated by discicGun, is prejudicial to the
Canve itis tnt ‘ouded ie Serve.
Ceiven aC Berlia the 27th July, 1813.
(signed) lrepcrick Wittian.
View original “s\ UR ‘ riv ‘
WANTED for Cie building of a Brick SInice, on
Lot No. 32, 1n the second empolder of New vinustere
dain, the fol owing materials. —
75,000 Bricks.
45 Hhds of Building Lirae.
Jo ‘Tierces Dutch ‘Verrace, or 1100 bushels
Roman Cemont.
Any person willing to contract for the delivery of
(he above articles, on or before the 3 Ist of July 18/4,
a (he aforesaid Lot No. 32, New Amsterdam, will
please to send in tenders, «dressed to the Town
Comioitice, on or before Monday the 29th Novem-
ber, IS13, when Ghe said tenders will be opened,and
the lowest offer, if approved of, accepted. -—The
Cricksand Time tobe subject to the approbation of
the Pown Connnittee, and the Contractor to enter
nto bond tor the due delivery of the articles engaged
fo be furnished.
ANY person willing to contract for the immediate
cleaning and weeding of the main trenches and the
drainages, between or separating cach whole lot from
the front towards the backdam, in the 'Town of New
Amsterdam, from all Grass, Filth, and other Ob-
structions, and to keep the same in that condition,
as also to keep the Public Roads, Dams, and Brid-
ges, inthe said ‘Town, in constant repair, for and
during the term of one year. to be computed from
the tst of December next. wit! be pleased to address
himself by tender, to the said Committee, on or before
the 29th November, ISI3, when said tenders will be
opened, and the lowest offer, when approved of, ac-
cepted.—The contractor to vive seeurily, ant the
work at all times to be under the inspection of the
Lown Manager.
TWO Comniissaries and the Secretary will meet
for the collection of the assessment, from Monday the
22d November until Tucsday the 30th November,
(the Sunday excepted), from 11 o'clock in the fore-
noon until 2 o’clock in the afternoon, at Mr. Bry-
NING’s Subscription Rooms.
By command of the Committee,
Berbice, Gth Novenber.
$A =n
View original ~~ Se - — —
ee ——__
ANY person wishful of employing a black man.
of a good character, for Mill- or Wheel-right. or
for any Ffouse business, will address themselyes {
Mr. S. Tairt, in Canie 6G Noy.
View original MARSHAL's OFFICE.
Sales by Execution.
WIHITEREAS I the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, upon a_ petition of H. C. Hintzen, under
date of 2lst Aug. 1813, versus, the proprietor or pro-
prictors, representative or representatives of planta--
tion La Fraternité.
Have caused to be taken in Execution, and put
under Sequestration, the coffee Estate called
Sitiiate in the lower division of this river, with all its
cultivation, buildings, slaves, and further ap- and
dependencies thereto belonging.
Be it therefore known, that 1 the undersigned in-
tend to Scll, after the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 6th October, 1813, the abovemen-
tioned coffee Plantation La Fraternité, with all its
cultivation, buildings, slaves ,&c. thercto belonging,
and specified inthe Inventory laying atthe Marshal’s
Office for the nspection of those whom it may con-
cern, In order to recover from the proceeds of said
Site such sum of money as wherefore the abovemen-
tioned Mstate bas been taken in Execution.
All conformable the Rewulations of the Hon. Court
of Civil Justice, beaasing date Ist January, 1810.
This 2nd Proclamation published by beat of drum
as Customary. Berbice, 14 Nov. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
_— —_—__ _— —
WHILEREAS Tithe undersigned, by authority ob-
fatned from the thon. Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, upon a pelition of Th. C. THintzen, versus,
the Estate of D. P. Morthter, under dato of 6 March
Have caused fo be taken in Execution and Seques-
tr.tion, the coffee plantation called
situate fa Cange river, with all its cultivation, build-
ins, slaves, and further ap- and dependencies there-
tu belonging, the propoity of said D. P. Morthier.
He ittherefore huown, that l the undersigned in-
fend toSell, after the expiyation of one year and six
weeks, from the 29h duly, i813, the abovenamed
coffee plintatton culled Gocd Land, with all its cul-
tivation, slaves, buildings, and further appurtenan-
ces thereto belonging, specified in the laventory
formed thereof, laying at the Marshal's Ollice, ior
the inspection of those whom it may concern, in. or-
der to recover from the proeceds of said Sale, such
sum, as wherefore the same has been taken in Exe-
All conformable to the Regulations of the Court
of Civil Justice, hearing date Ist January [810.
This 2nd proclamation published by beat of drum
as Customary’. Berbice, 5 Oct. ISIS.
K. Fraweken, First Marshal,
WITEIRIAS T the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from the Tflon. Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, Upon a petition of J. Bakker and. OC. Span-
genberg, as the Attoraics of Wf). M. van Viloten, ver-
suis, the proprietor or proprictors, represeniative or
representatives of plantation Goed Land.
Have caused to be taken in Execution and Seques-
tration, the colice Estate called
siluate in Caaje river, with all ifs cultivation, bnild-
ings, slaves, and further ap- and dependencies there-
Be it therefore bnawu, that T the undersigned in-
tend to Sell, atierthe expiration of One year and Six
weeks, from the 29th July IS13, the abovenamed
cotfee Estate cotled Gocd Land, witlrall its cultiva-
tion, buildings, slaves, and further Appurtenances
thereto belonging, as specitied toa an Inventory form-
ed thereof, which lays at the Marshal’s Office for the
inspection of those whom it may concern, inorder to
recover frum the proceeds of said sale, such sum of
ynoney as Wherefore the said Estate has been taken
in Execution.
All conformable to the Regulations of the Conrt of
Civil Justice of this colony, dated Ist January, 1810.
This 2nd proc.amation published by beat of drum
as customary. Berbice, 3 Oct. 1813.
K. Francken, First Marshal.
WHEREAS I the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from the Hon. Ceurt of Civil Justice, of this
colony, upon a petition of J. A. Leisner, under date
6th March 1813, versus the Executor or Executrix,
representative or representatives of the Estate of D.
P. Morthier, dec.
View original Have caused to be taken in Execution and Seques-
tration the coffee Estate called
situate in Canje rives- with all its cultivation, slaves,
building, and furficr appurtenances thereto belong-
Be it therefure known that T the undersigned in-
tend to sell, after the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 29th July, 1813, the aboyenamed
coffee Estate Goed Land, with all its cultivation,
buildings, slaves, andfurther ap- and dependencies
thereto belonging, all conformable to an Inventory
forme) (hereof and now lying at the Marshal’s Office
for the inspection of those whom it may concern, in
order to recover from the proceeds of said Sale, sich
sum, as wherefore the same has been taken in execu-
All conformable to the Regulations of the Court of
Justice, bearing date Ist January, 1810.
This 2nd Proclamation made known to the public
as cuslomary. Berbice, 3 Oct. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
_—_ - oo
WHEREAS it has pleased the Hon. Court of Ci-
vil Justice, of this colony, at their Session of the
21st October last, to admit J. A. Dennent, Under-
sheriff, to go on with his proceedings in Execution,
against the Proprictor or Proprietors, Representa-
live or Representatives, of Plantation Pakhnyra.
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that the Ex-
ecution Sale of the by former Gazettes already adver-
tized Negro boy Chatham, and Four bales of Colton
the property of Plantation Palmyra aforesaid, will
now take place on Wednesday the 24th November,
IS13, at the Court House of this colony, with re-
gard of the boy Chatham,—and on Thursday the
25th Noy. at Plantation Palinyra, with respect to the
sale of the four bales of cotton.—All conformable the
Hon. Court of Civil Justice’s Regulation; bearing
date 21st August, I81S.
Berbice, 11th November, I81S.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original eee
BY virtue of a Writ of Execution, granted by
His Honor, James Grawr, Major, and Acting Go-
vernor of the colony Berbice, upon a petition pre-
sented by Ronery DovGias, as the Attorney for the
now absent Thomas Fryer Layfield, versus, Rieu.
Harris, said writ bearing date i71b July, IS13.
1 the undersigned first Marshal of the Courts of thie
colony, shall expose and sell, at public Execution
Sale, on Wednesday the Ist December, 1813.
The Cotton Estate called HASWELI,
being the eastern third of No. 11, and western third
of No. 12, containing 333 and 2-Sds. acres, more or
less, situated on the Corcutine coast, with all its cul-
tivation, but without Slaves, the property of said R.
Whoever s' ould (hink to have any right, interest
or Claim onthe aforesid Plantn. Haswell, and wish-
es ty eppose the sale thereof, Tet such person. or
persons address themselves to me the first) Marshal,
deciaring their reasons for such opposition in due
time and form; as | hereby give notice that I will
receive opposition from every one Chercunto quali-
fied, appoint then a day to have his or ber claim
heard before the Court, and further act thercon as
the law directs.
Phis Sed Proclamation made known to the public
by beatofdrun:as customary.
Berbice, 14 Nov. [813.
K. FRANCK EN, First Marshal.
ne ee ee ee ee,
Summons by Edict.
BY virtue ofan appointment from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date of
2Ist Aug. 1813, upon a petition presented by Jas.
Morison, Win. Fraser, F. Grahain, and Th. Kenny.
Execcutors to the Will of Gustavus Graham, dec.
I the undersigned, First Marshal of the Honorable
Courts within this colony, and at the request of afore
said Executors.
Summon by Edict :
All known and unknown creditors of the estate of
Gustavus Graham, to appear before the Bar of the
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, at their or-
dinary Sessions to be held in the month of October,
IS14, there to exhibit and verify their claims, to
see opposition made thereon, if need, and after the
expiration of the fourth summons by edict, to wit-
ness the Court’s decision as tothe preferent and con-
current right of claimants against the said estate, and
further to proceed according to Law, on pain of being
for ever debarred their right of claim.
This Summon by Edict made known to the Public
by beat of drum, as customary.
Berbice, 12th Nov. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, Firlt Marshal.
View original BY virtue ofan Extract of the Minutes of the
Proceedings of the Court of Rolls of Civil Justice, of
this colony, dated 20th July, I8i3.
I tne undersigned First Marshal of both the Hon.
Courts of this colony, in the name and behalf of A.
J. Glasius and B. J. Schwiers, Sequestrators over
Plantation Vrede & Vriendschap, Nooit Gedagt, and
half of the Goudmyn, do hereby, tor the second time
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown claimants on the procecds
of Plantation Noovit Gedagt, sold by Execution sale,
fo appear before the Court of Civil Justice of this co-
lony, at their session of the ordinary Court of Rolls,
to be held on Monday the 22d November, 1813, and
following days, in order to render their respective
Claims in due form.
Whereas after the expiration of the fourth Sum-
mons, willbe proceeded against the non-appearers,
according to Law.
This stinmons by edict made known tothe Public
by beat of dram, from the Court house of this colony,
and further dealt with conformable to custoin.
Berbice, 5th November, 18!3.
K. FrRANCKEN, First Marshal.
Se a = ~
View original ——__ —_ ——_.
—_______— a
BY virtue of an appointinent granted by the Hone
orable Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under
date of QIst Aus. IS12, given upon a petition, pres
sented by i. Staan and H. Lurners, appointed
Curators to tiie insolvent Estate of C. Pockine, dec.
I the undersizncd, First: Marshal of the Courts
within this colony, and at the request of abovenamed
Summon hy Edict:
All !nown and unknown creditors against the Ese
fate ol °. be esing, dee. to appear before the Court
of Civil Faste of this colony, at their ordinary ses-
sion, to beh bt in the mouth of October, 1814, say
in (ae year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen,
there toexh bit and veri‘y their claims, to see oppo-
sition made Ghereunto, if need, and after the expira-
tion or (he fourth summons by ediét, to witness the
Courts decision as to the preferent and concurrent
rivht of claimants, and further to proceed according
to law, on pain of being for ever debarred their right
of claim,
Chis Edictal Summons published, posted up, and
further dealt with as the law directs.
Berbice, Ist November, 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, Ist Marshal.
View original i
BY virtue of au appointment, granted by the
Hon. Court of Civil Justice of this colony, given
upon a Petition prescited by John Layfield, the At-
forney Of Yieias Lond, or Lancaster, and Progrie-
tor of plaut.iion Laneaster, situated in this colony,
under date of 21 Aug. IS13.
T the undersigned First Marshal of the Honorable
Courts within this culony, and at the request of said
J. Layfield, qq.
Summon Ly Edict:
All know and unknown claimants on plantation
Lancaster, situate on the west Corentine coast of this
colony, or on the Slaves, and other appurtenances
and dependencies thereto belonging, or on Thoinas
Bond, for and on account of any book debt, bond,
mortgage, legacy, or anduily, arising from out of
the villof the late Robert Wilson, dec. or other-
Wise, (o appear before the Court of Civil Justice, of
this colony, at their orCinary Sessions, which will
be held in the month October 1814, there to exhibit
and verily their claims, to see opposition made there
unto if need, and alter expiration of the fourth sum-
mons by edict, to witness the Court’s decision as to
the preferent and concurrent Fight of claimants, and
further to procecd according to Law, on pain of be-
ing for ever debarred their right of claim,
‘This summon by cdict made known to the Public
by beat of drum as customary—Berbice, 13th Octo-
ber, IS81u.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.

View original ee
THE undersigned requests, the Planters will pay
their respective Accounts for Weigh-money, &c:
up to Ist July, as it is impossible to pay the demands
against the Othce ; those unpaid will be shortly given
to the Deurwaarder, and several preceding accounts
are in forwardness for, Execution.
Berbice, Ist Nov. 1813.
A. THORNBORROW, Dep. Rec. Gen.
——————O——— ss
FOR SALE—At this Office—Blank Bills of Ex-
change, Bills of Lading, and the Manner of Procee-
dings, before the Court of Ctvtl Justice of this Co.
lony, Foolscap Paper, and blank books of any size.
——_—— a eS So oe
View original Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock, p. x.
By W. SCHULZ & Cov.

20 November 1813