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The Berbice Gazette

View original DBereice.
Cowmissantns of the TWonornble the Court
of Civil Justice, will sit on Monday the 14th instant.
A nil
The resumed Session of the Honorable the Court of
Civil Justice, tobe holden at the King’s House, on
Tuesday the 15th instant.
New Austerdam, 4th November, 1814.
By Command,
R.€. DOWNER, See.
View original ALGULATIONS
For the Mectings cf the reepective Courts, of the Colony
Berlice, for the your 1815.
View original eee TT UlUlUO
Vonday od Janrar. ,~—Coure of Policy and Criminal Justice.
Dionua, Ytu January — Court of Polls,
Monday 160. Sanu or, —Courcof Civil Justice,
Bividay 6h Februar, —Convssary Cour.
Mouday Otu Marenj—Ce wrt of Rolls.
Blonday sd Ape —Cou.c of Policy and Crininal Justice.
Mouday 1Och A pril—Cu meat tolls.
Biooday W7eu Aprus—Cou t of Cavil ousiice,
Biouday dst Ma Coe tsar. Coart,
blonday v d Ma —Courcet Rolls.
Monday 3d Jul, —Court of Policy and Criminal Justice.
Monday Or duly —Courtet Rolls.
Monday, 17g Jul, —Court of Civil tustice.
Divnday Tin Auyrety—Comiuissary Court.
R.vntay 2d Octobei,—Court of Volicy and Criminal Justice.
Monday 9tu October,—Corrtof Rolle.
Biovcay 16th Octob -1—Courtof civil Justice,
Stoadcy Oth Nove.dor,—Cowmmissiry Court.
Bivuvay Lota Novewber,—Co rt of Roils. ‘
Lerbice, 3 November, 1814.
By Comman4, K. FRANCKEN,
R.C.DOW Seite) ( Pirst Marsal. )
Gp O46 we, fH 8 ne Se Oe ow ee ss 8 esi ee Ses
View original nee oa ke OU oe owe Gs 8 eer i ow eee
WILT be received at the Residence of the un-
Sersigned, for, fran 80 to Q5.P°9 pounds, (of the
first caaliftyy) ontil Puosday the Sthinst. at | o@clock,
when the high: ‘st oS for the whole ora quantity
ct less than 50G y rans, will, at MP Prove tof ly
. Katz, Meas Soe W) od the sanic to Le pata
. in colony mon a aid! to be delivered to the ptr
chaser, on pantalious elec’ cor und Aaieouk.
5 Nov. PEP Y WOOD.
a Pa Rey . r» wv. mm
bsovat AR S S,ail iu.
This isto inform the Piblicy hae ihe jolloxsing per-
eons intend quittires his Colouy,
Doowld PV Leod 116 weeks troy yO Of.
OW. Lantsheer in 6 weeks (roo. Cer, 22.
Wm. 8S. Owens, for Barbados,
TIon. John AVPCavon with quit this colory hy t*s0
first apy rortnmity, Oct. 29, .
Bais. Aw Coviine om Mrs. A. Tleceyy with 4 sere
vants, will quit the coloay Gerbice by the fstop-
P. Grant in 6 weeks from 5 November,
Ro DOWNER, Seey,
View original -

NOTICE isherel yorcen, thabam uh uiter date the
folloxing Leas al $ anil Marla v cclld be passoad,
Oct. 22. J. Bakkerand C C.Swaving eq. TSteen-
. reer. will JhIss Qamorloiee br tiverofl Edw.
cin Porthals, London, on Plinteion Pfoorn and
Noor Vaoll. ind, with all the No roes, buildings,
and farther ap prurfenanees thereot,
Oct. 29.1. HH. Scllachorst will transport to TT. C. Lue
thers S!5 fect of land, of lot No. 1g. N. Amst.
facing the middle ro:
Nov. 5. W. Kewlev qq. A.Thoraborrow, will (rans-
portto John Tapia, the west) cront quarter ol
lot No. 20, New Amst erdam, with the buildings
Nov. 5. John Wulff will cancel a tr: insport errone-
ously passed by him to Mercy Ashby, now wile:
of Richard Harper, of a part of lot No. 4, New
Amsterdam, fronting the centre road, and will
NOW transport the same land to tive Allorney
of Peter Sytholl, Esq.
R.C. DOWNER, Sery.
— a rer we ee Oe eee
View original — & © Peaca
: TH ts Domicilium Citaudi ct Executandi, of the
@abscriber, is at the houscol A. Stewart & Co.
View original BERBICE.
Of the Honorable the Court of Civil] Justice.
SEQUESTRATION of Pin. Sraf, ’d.
Tdem of Nice.
Jdem of Britania.
Vd mm of de Rdiweord,
Tlem of Or-rricaet, (ha'f).
Plein of "ihnovrack,
Plein of Grn TA?
Idem of ordboraad,
YDMINISTRATION “Mr ve Meirsoafthe Willow
PR. AL Ph. Bolle, deceased.
T’em Fstate of Dank : Rov houw.
Idem Estate of J. A. Balt.
CURATORSYWIP Reatete of the late J. Stobic, dec
Idem Estate of PL agence, deceased,
Wren raehy an Orderof Wis PeectHheney 7. TF
Rentinct » Licufenont-Governor, bearing date the
28th October instant, the Ace sents of (he persons
hereafter named, having been referred to us, viz.
Pld idl
Alex. Simpson and Js, Fraser, Seqnestratorns of Phintation Seafield,
J. Tipinand J, MCamen, Seq cstritors of Plintatioa Nico.
P. Fairbairn and Win, lunes Soquestratar, of Piant., Bottan a.
“ Cc Abbenset- and Me. Rader Sequestrators of 2hant. de dd ard.
~Katzand J Downer Se austraturs of Walvof Pde. cu ver vage.
Ys m Gordon for scif and others seqiesiratorn of Vin. Wiinoface,
Wm, “Sordon for s If aud Alew. Hlousion Seq of Vin, feantes,
G. Pauelsand J.vandsn Broe' Sqirsircer of le, Ronb racd.
H.C. Hintzen Administrator for tue wleirs of tbe Wilew £ AL eh.
D. Leenand G. Wobus Administrators of the state of Dani | Boe-
bonw, decensed,
D.Leen and |:. ¢! is fur the Minor Frederick Legater, of the late
J. A, B. lk, {ecPus 1.
W.leiveh and ry, Fraser Curntors of the )stite of the lite J. Siobie,
G.Hobws forselfantothers, Curators of the }s.ate of wie late BP.
H.gen-, deccitse d.
Novicr is hereby eiven to all porsons interested
therein, thot attendance will be given at the Acconne
tants Office, held at the ouse of the second under-
signed, on) Mon? IVS, Wednesdays, and) Fridays,
irom noon und) Ooelock in the atte rnoon, forthe
termvofone month from the date hereof, in order to
enable such person to inspeet said) Acconnts, and
state their objections or observations in writing, at
Neoxstcation of which time, the required report
will be made in the abovementioned matters, and of
which Gifrequired), the parties may obfain an office
copy, oft their own expence, in order should they
decm itexpedien!, fo attend the Tan*ble the Court
of Civil Justice on th» day iprointed for hearing said
report, and conftest the confnr ation thereof,
Berbice, 29: October, ‘181 {,
(Second time of publiching. )
View original NOTICE.
Tire Creditors of /toss and Sinclair, and of Plan-
tation Nera, are requested to atfend a Meeting, to
be held on Wednesday the Oth of November next,
at the house of the first undersigned, tn order to con-
sider and adopt, jotaily with the Curators, such mea-
surcs, aS may be most conducive to the final Hguida-
tion of eatd concern... HW. LUTUERS for setfand
99 Oct. Jas. SINCLAIR.
View original Those indebted to the undersigned, up to ultimo
Anzust, ISI4, are requested to make speedy pay-
ment before the Ist of January next, otherwise all
accounts &e. unpaid, willbe given up to the Dour-
pwaarder.—29 Oct. R. BARNES.
View original THis undersiened finding that very little attention
has been paid to his former Advertisement, again so-
licits those indebted to him, to come forward with
payment belore the time expires for sucing at the
next Commissary Court, as all accounts then unp:id
will be put into the hands of his Atforney, to sue for.
He also informs the public, that for the future, he
will collect his accounts himself, consequenily the
receipt of Benjamin Young will not) be valid after
this date.-—22 Oct. B.JEVFERY.
View original i ee
On Thursday 10th Nov. will be sold at the Vene
due Office, beer and porter in barrels, hampers pos
latucs, 2 pipes Madcira wine, imported p. Pellets’ y
Capt. Podd, soap, candles, cotton and coffee bi, e
vine, nvils assorted, sugar in barcels, stotionary, ase
orted, Loesy shovles, cuthisse sy pruning Knives. 1a
cranhs, dry goods, pork in barrels and ticrees, &e.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendse Muslcr.
On Monday the 14th of November next. will be
sold by order of the Curators of plantation Nigg, 49
ty 50 head of horned cattle, anda Huch of about SO
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original eSce_x50422 kL
On Monday 28th Nav. will be sould, by order of
the Pxecntors of the Inte Mr. thos. Thornburn, at
the Vendue Office, 5 prime carpenter regrocs, a cose
of pistols, carpenter tuols, wearing apparcl, wriung
deck, &e.
Onthe same doy hy the Vendue faster in come
mission, an assortinent of dry goods, provisions, &ce
Pv order of Dre Win. Gordon, & pipes of parcicre
lar Madeira wine, 2 of which are npwards of [3
months in thts colony.— (ho by the Vendue Master
in comatsstony 6 negroe men, fi-ld people, anda
washer woruon warranted sound,
By order of Mr. Wy. Rotenbtch, 5 or 6 urime nee
gro ten, woodcutfers and sawyers.
I. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master
Se er e- ——_—. — i —————
A short time after the restocation of the French Roy it
ee eo
Family, Caulaincourt, who till that period had quitcly sag
down under the honors and the reputed guilt ofthe Duke
d'hnghien’s murder, attempted to virdicate himself in tho
public prints from a charge which wa3 then beginning te
threaten inconrenicnt consequences. The defence was ree
plied to: and we to day present our readers with some
extracts from the only pamphlet on the subject which we
believe has hitherto reached this country ‘The work come
mences by noticing iv terms of stron? contempt the folly
of Canlaincourt in supposing it possible to blind the cyes
of Europe to his manifest criminality ; it then gives the
more material parts of the defence, which we have detailed
in fermee publication, and which consist in throwing the
‘aAlire execution ef the arrest mpon a General Ordener,
lead some years since, and concludes with saue ancedu. es
of the Duked’Enghien’s last hours.
The weight of the answer rests in the following letter,
published in the Leydn Gazelle of April, 1804, aud suue
sequently uncontradicted :—
“Letter from the Ninister of Forcizn Affairs to the
Baron d’ Edelshcim, Minister of State at Carlsruhe,
“Panis, March 11, ISOS,
“Sir,—T sent yon a nate demanding the arrest of the Coinmittee of
French emigrants stung at Ollenburg, at dhe time when the Fine
Consul, by the scizure of the successive Drigands sent into France by
the English covernment,as wellas by the processes fulluwed up bere,
had obtained intelligence of the full share which tne Engl) agents
at Ollenburg had in the terrible plots against his person and we
safety of France, Ile has a!so Jearned that the Dikeds pedic OD aad
(:eweral Dumouriez were at Ittenheims and as it is iva. o ). '
they could be in that towa without the permission of his Plector ?
thighness, the First Consul cannot obeerve without the deepest tone
cern, thata Prince whom hehas been anxious to make the friendsh:p
of France of the highest service can give an asylum to his invecerate
enemies, and sulerthem at their ease to form the most monstrow cone
spiracies. Under these ctiraordinary circumstances the First Cone
sul has found ithis duty lo order twosmall detachments do march upon
OWeuburg and L.ttenbeta, tu seize tne Inelivat rsofa Cline, which
by its nature, puts the cuilly out of the Law of Nations. dt>s General
Caulaincunid two, etl (iy view, iy chaged wit th orders of the Fi: st
Conseil, You will not douht, teat tu executing them he will respect
all the relations watch his Lleetoral Highness can desue. He will
have the hooor tu hand to your Excelleucy the letter which | am dee
sired tu wiile bo Mita,
“Receive the assurance, Ac.
It is dificult to imagine how this public document can
be answered by aman who has expressly declarcd that he
had no share whatever in the transaction, and re cat d the
declaration still oivre particularly iu his letter to the bu.
View original
View original peror of Russia, statin the report to have orginated in his
going to Strasburg, at the same period, and upen a mis.
dion totally distinct from that of the offieers sent to Etten-
heim and Ofienburg. The ‘*anecdotes” are taken from a
work published in 1801, and suppressed on its first ap-
pearance, with severe punishments to the parties,
**Phe Duke d’Kughien had lived three years at Etten-
heim, at the period of his seizure; he lived on an estat
which he had purchased, and his residence had been sanc-
tioned by the Elector of Baden, and even by Buonaparte,
to whom acommunication on tho subject had been made.
**On the 15th of March, 1804, at two in the morning.
without any previous requisition, a detachment of troops
$ent by Bonaparte, and conducted by M. de Caulaincourt,
(a Gentleman loaded from his birth with the fanours of the
house of Conde) passed the Rhine, surrounded the house
of the young Prince, seized him in his bed, and carried hin
to the citadel of Strasburg, On the 18th he was dispatch.
ed for Paris, The jorency was continued night and day,
without stoyping for the slightest refreshment. ‘The escort
arrived at the barries St. Marling on the20th, at halfenast
four in the evering; it was met there by a courier, with
orders to pass along by the city walls, aud carry the
prisoner te Vincennes. Tt ariived at five. The Prince,
worn out vith huoger and fatigue, took with diffieulty a
Wieht repast, ble tacn threw himself on a bed laid down
atthe moment nan adjoinig chamber, and instantly fell
juto a profound sleep, Te was suddenly awakened about
eleven, and led into a chamber, facing the wood, He there
found eight officers, Guitore, Bazancourt, Ravier, Bar.
rois, Rabbe; dAutancourt, judge advocate; Molin,
scceredary 5 TTulin, president. The trial was hurried
through. The opinion of the Court was given at four
o'clock, and at halfepast four the victim was murdered in
onc of the ditches of the castle. All this singular expedi-
tion had the double object of burying the act in the dark
ness of tie nicht, and of overpowering the spirit of the
Woastrious sufferer, To the latter point, at last, it failed.
Jfisdceportment was throughont lofty and dignified. When
be was qve-tione] as to carrying arms against his country,
ke answered, EC took up arms with my fainily for the in.
heritanceofiay forcfathers. When peace was established,
Tlail them down, and acknowledged that there were no
Jonser Kiogs tt Puroce? "Phis high aad prinecly heart
astonished tie Judges, and they possibly felt seme coin.
miseration for the ouly Quality of itwhich they could share
e—its courage, ‘Vie. stopped the process, and dispatched
a meceage fo Duos arte forhis final resolution: but they
had to do with ainan who never felt for human nohleness
orbumaveaifcring, “The paper was returned immediately
with these theee vords at the bottom, ‘Condemned te
Death.’ Vats-yvi. a? y appeared to have becn impressed
on more thaa the iia diate judges. Ina Piivy Council
which sit on the soufeace, Cambaceres ventured to sug.
gost thac he incght be pardoned. Buonaparte turned
round apon him with the fierce sneer that the history o:
the Revolution so fully authorised in the leading villain to
his accomplices: ‘‘Ilow long since, is it,” said he, that
you have become sv sparing of the blood of (he Bour-
bons???) Cambaceres had voted fur (he death of Louis
XVI. The goittof the tribunal, too, is nothing less thay
that of murder. As soldiers they might have though= it
obedience and duty, As Judzes theirs duty was justice.
Tt had been said that the Duke @Enhgbien was put to
death by fureigs troops: eren this dishonor is nut saved
to France,—he wus Shut hy the Gendarmerie d?liteé
Dhe pecalair circumstances of this dark traosaction which
have been preserved are not many, but the few arestrich.
ang. When the scutence of the Court was read to him,
the Prince requested the assistance of a Minister of reli.
given, ‘Phe whole assenbly burst into aninsuliing laugh,
exclaimiug, ‘*S hat! do you want to go out of the world
ikea Capucin? You want a Priest: pol! they are al
in bed at this hour.” ‘The Prince, indignant, dit nuc ute
ter a word, threw himself on his hnee, prayed internally,
and after a moment of recovery, starled up, and said,
*fcome on.”
“An Officer of the Gendarmerie d’ Elité was ordered in
the night to take charge of a detachment for Vincennes.
Tie bad beeu reared in the house of the Condé family, and
had still some recollection of its benefits. ‘he Prince re-
eognised him at once, and expressed his gladness at the
meeting. The oflicer bowed his head, aud wept. The Way
from the Gastle 40 she ditch was by a warten aud winding
View original as. ie i Be.
stair. The Prinec suddenly turned round to the Ofer
and asked, “*Am J, then, to be plundged alive into a duo.
goon? Am I to perish in the Ovhlrcttes 2? “No, ni)
the Oltcer replied. **Be tranquil’? A little
farvher on they came to the place of the murder. The
Lord, no,
Prince saw the preparations, avd cricd out, *“Vhanks to
God, T shall die the death ofa eoldicr 1
“A\Turat, the brother-einelaw,. and S wary. the
camp of Buonaoarte, were both present. On gain to
death, the Duke requested fo send a lock of his hair, a
letter, and a ring, (o a persen extremely dear to him,
A soldier undertook the commistion: Savary observed it.
ind scized the trifles, with the exclam sion, §*No one here
should perform the conimission of a traitor.”
“Atthe moment when the mick <s were pointed at his
breast, the Dake standing upricht, and with an air of the
most perfect intrepidity satd to the soldiers. “Nov
) 2 NN
reins 1%) &* You have no friends here? was uttered bye
ferocious voice, Tt was Murat’s. Plo wacdosuar (hy shot
The spot of the murder was iv the caster diesiva of th
Castle dite), at the entrance of the little garden.
*'The soldiers throw themselves upon him, tossed him
about, and took his two watches, of which Pbucin egio-
plained, pretending that they ought to have becn given to
the poor. They then throw him, dressed as he was, into
a french dug for him at cizht o'clock the evening before.
while he was at supper, (and (hus before he wus tried: )
the showel and pick-ave had becu borrowed from one of
the forest watchman.
“The morning after the execution, Hulin, the presiden
of the military, was at the house of Cambaceres, to give an
account of what had just occured, After adinitting thar
the Prince had dicd with great eourags, he said **ni
answers were tory > umifingutsod : but it was luckly for ns
(hat he admitted his name, wiliont Chat we ehould hay
been toreibly embarrassed, This was sud in the prosenc
Of 35 pe sons, Tie acknowledgment thus escaping from
Mat wrotcn Tulin is the wore pecuair and (he more trae.
as thore was wot astoy' evideones. a ingh raper found
eile rin the Dal ws house, nor with a, vo f Ose PCrsas
Who had boourer @ door the other side of the Rhine the
week Lofore tae moot rel bens ne Vhs setzure of th
1 yt
Baroness Reich, a OQvenburg, had alretdy ep) ris
unfortunate emigrants of their danger, and majority: ha
ted. The Duke, anobleminded many had disdained to
take any percaution which looked like fears ou Coe fatal
evening a spy Of Caulamcourts had been discevercd at
Petenherm, and breuglt befere hin; he eeverously order.
edits liberation, Tle was the victim of the natural secu.
lity of a cailantmind, [lis memory was honored not in
isngland a’one. A ceno gr ho has boem erceted to bins da
Petersburgh, recording wis virtoce,”
we 2S tes Gweaeset=s S| em 8S «& -— ose oe LS es 6+ &S
—— __
— re ee...
—_— —_— _ —
‘> 22d Sunday ajier £ realy,
7| 4]
‘ : . : . ! ; .
t . | FlaCLss Aug. JOpuis Lorn, 17¢8.
je ff
View original Come ee Re a ee owe gh oo 6) Sr ee
= 8 € 8 me
S4TURDAY, NOVruLeER 5, 1814.
—— ae
By the arrival of the lect, this week, the stip Benrr-
Iseky Cad. Lodd, (the only vessel for this colony) came
tn here; brings, of course, no news; she mets a Dutch
bree al “Madeira, desltv ed for Bartholomew. Ten Dutch
vessels cere expected to sail from the Texel on the \st of
October, for the West Indics. Between \§ and 20 ves.
sels of the Fleet, are arrived in Demerary. Ihe every
moment are looking out for the Packet. The English
Papers ut present on hand, gone to the 10th of Sepl.—
he undoubtedly may expect Ly the Packet the oficial re-
sults of these Colonics.
a — ———__——
View original Saw ee
His Royal Highness the Hereditary Prince of Orance,
has been apy inted LicutenanteGeneral ino the english
service, and has set off tu assume the Chicfecummand of
all the Allied treope iu Le gium,
View original @ENERAL ORDERS
Of Lord Lynedoct, upon Resiznine the Command of the
Army in the Low Countries.
Tlead-quartere, Brussele, Ang. 16,1814,
The Commander of the Forees having received his Royad
Highness the Prince Regent's perniissign to resiga the come
mand of this army, cannot quit his situation without ree
cording in General Orders his sense of the merit and cone
duct of the officers and soldiers composing the British
corps eutrusted fo his direction, A witness of their gale
lantry in the field, he wou'd ever have had imeticit confle
dence in their conduct before an enemy, had the cireume
stances of the service called for a continuance of thei
exertions; bat there is scarcely leas merit in having bee
naved with such exemplary discipline, ard withsuch kind
a’entton fo (he inhabitants of the countries: which they
live had to d-fend and rotect. We will be bold to 62Vy
hat ts conduct of these troops was never surpassed by
that of any army whatever so circumstanced,
it vil be his pleasing task se to revort of them to their
oval fHirhoess the Prince Regant and the Commander ia
Chief, with feclives of satiefaction in the Ciseharge of the
duties of the situation which he has held. The Commane
der of (ic Forees cannot but wish to assure the diilerent
eor;s composing the army, that he wil! ever cherish with
gratefal scutiments, (he reeotection of his hay ing had them
ander his command. T[eishappy tothink that this arn,
Iwwellagall th: other trogos serving in the Blzic Pros
vinces are placsd iu the hands of Geucral the J] ‘roditary
Prince of Orange. Tt would be unnec ssary and improe
per to say mare of hts Roval Hozhaess than thar, inherits
tig the military talents «f lis great ancestors, he hae been
Neo under the i lustrious Chicf. who has in the celmae
fron of Hurope cerried the renown of the British arms still
Nicher than atoevor was aft any former period In the
comres of that career of victory, his Royal Hichness has
mdearcd hinsel€ to the whole isritish army. Cader such
a Commander. the frooos will, cither peace or wir, upe
hold the hizh name of British soldiers. The Commandep
of iN oress hay no dowbt of the Allied troons under hie
command inthe Belgic Provinces emu ating the British ia
scbotine and good conduct, Tle regrets that circume
stances have rendered if impossible for him to see those
corps. Tle has heard wiih much pleasure the orderly bee
hiviour of the Dateh raccison at Namur, under Majoe
ren ral Statfman. Tio treats that the [anoverian corps
Now oentertug Biothant wall follow the cramole of that
mescngiished cavalry, which, with their countryien, the
nfautry af tae Le. bony havecnxalted the name of the Ning’
Crerman Legion to the greatest pitch of alory. He cane
lof doubt of the B 21 levies; these frog)'s when fostere
doby the care of a paternal government, will fuim, with
focir brethoro in arns belonging to the Cnited Provinces
iW (he Netherliwds, au invicible bacner for the defence of
their own country, so fos lunately rescued from the iroa
rod of oppression by the wonderful achicvements of the
Allies, “They wil ciral its discipline and military prawse
those chosen Lauds dvawu fiom the Low Countrics which
formed a pilin of strenght to the Austrian empire, and
which never went into tae field but to be admired. The
Commander of the forces cannot conclude this farewell
address without cceturning lis sincere thanks to all offitere
and soldters of the army, aud assuring them that he will
ever feel decply iuteraatcd in their welfare and honor,
Ile wishes an particular manner to express his entire ape
probation of Major-General Cook and the other Officers
from whoin he has ever received such cordial support ia
the execution of the service; as also of Colonel Graham
aud the other Officers of his personal Stall; of Deputy
Quarter Master General Lord Greenoch, Deputy Adju.
taut General Licut.-Colonel M’Donald, of Colonel Sir
George Wood, and Licut.-Coloncl Swyth, of the two
branches of the Ordnance Department, of Inspector of
Hospitals, of Acting Conmisary-General Dunmore, and
Deputy Coimmissary-Geueral ef Accounts Bayly, aud
Deputy Paymaster-General Sury, All of these officers,
at the head of their respective dvpartments, with the officers
attached to them, have by their diligence and uility,
rendered the most cordial assistance, which the Commane
der of the Forces ocknow ledscs with greateful satisfaction,
Ile is not less indebted to Captain Hill, of the Royal
Navy, forthe cordial co-operation and support which he
has on all occasions experienced from him.
General the Hereditary Prince of Orange will please te
assume the Cenimmand this day.
BE. BALN ES, M, and Adjt.-Generals
alk NORW GOlAnNs.
Norwegians!—When upon the dissolution of your
BNien with Denmark, we took upou oursclf tae direction
of the allairs of Noucway, it Was io prevent your beloved
country from bemgtoen to pieces by cul war and facuns,
Your wishes calle us to the throne { Nurwey. Wi
obeyed the call, Your coafidence aid yout good caus
demanded var participation, We resolved fo make erery
persoual sacrifice in order to sccure to you those beneits.
It is true we were aware of (ne dangers which Uireatene.
your hopes wad ous’sin such au unequal contest, but we
evuld not possibly conceive that the most powerful states
of Europe would combine to op; ress ano dle aud tinocent
people, whose reasunab'e wichwas ltberty, and wiiose only
desire was independence. Meanwhile Sweden's powerful
@liics informed us by their envoys, that tue vulva of Nor.
way with Sweden was irrevocal ly determiued on. Lo as
kiown to yo) that we were Walk to sucriuCce our Pele
Sonalhenpy situation, if the great assembly of the nation
should Gad it conductive to the hapless ot the counts) .
but you likewise know that the co dition upou witch «i
Aue stice Was at that (in oflercd, Were such shal We Coulu
Botaccede to thems till fo riune of wac hid becw tics, bee
CQuse they wore Contrary tu the Paudawena! laws. We
@aw wilhrece t that our since ended Ours lu deo 4 Wa,
ba the wos lh were frttioss.
The catcusse: fronticns ad sea coast of Norway made
ft necessary to divide tae Croops, Swede mace cea
@\orbory bo arm dibercat) oats, and dn Cie uncestaa ty on
What partof the kingdom the attack out be ex pec.ed,
froin aloe’ we could cover (ho interior oravinees of tire
hing lo, ang a’ thesoni: fre Pastem Cao the ass starce of
@uch POINES as wis fr atened or etlack.- dj—in all these
Fespecis G am no seomecd to orescnt the most advantay
On weing if dol (ie enetwy’s Eitasion by Le,
Siettwa, and Swan pid. we bheastetied oO col cet 32 SOF 8 at
Rackestadt, daord roby anattak from that suas to st );
the furth ei rogress of the encry 3 but the unerp. led
succcndor oF Froaectchkstadt obfliz.d us to take a pos. ian
othe Glomon, the encny bavns vlan d a secure pase
gags, su that (he roid to Christiana wigat be forced,
1 he enemy being sepperior at sea, bad afta his power
by frequent landszs to turn our right flank. A long
b' ockends by the fnglivh aid Swedish naval fovee had
hindered us from furnishing our mayazins io saiticlont
Maonor:s (acy were aeacly exhausted, and wantol the fh. 94
Mecessarics threaten to break that coursge watch the
Su) ‘thos force of the en my could tot bend, ae Deu.
ties from the Dict wore nut received by tae Uu2tisa mine
Bech an dthes forer turned withoutany hope ofassistanse
era relaxion of the iniaical measures of that kinzdona.
Under thes’ circuinstances, Swweden prooescd an argestice,
O/ the es O fortresses, the occupattuy of whicn Dy eM cdisn
teonys had been rebuscd oy Che bego cations that were bru.
hen oti) one was ocedy an Grem bands, and the orher cut
of from all rchef acg bombarded. ‘Voe fortauve of war iad
Geclaced egacostus, and the co Gnoation of the contest
wouldanosac’y ciccametances have lod only (oO Goe tote
rein of Our Couutry. ‘hou |v rene his, dod (2 ctv Chie
Nafiow ay ov coria a of learniyy the cou dition of th.
kingdom "ya mn rofl tie adiots We reported our oSe
Of volunberdy eotinias Feoia Chat Lappy tfaanon to which
Our YOUEL cor dees dad ea lod
Thearmestic andcoiwentionef the t4th inst. were signe
@d sand in cons qe ce thereol, we have by o1f cecciy
@f this dav. div cted (9 (as Curcl magistrates, Caused oul
Rivtrasedivacy Delo ve sunbed Co wee al CC idaladia.
e0 Mealy, (he 7.9 Octo ct, Gals year.
j.-! Tal i NCO eot Noe ‘ tys Gy To Crigus nears i y=
this yor caunot (lool —coitd have i cdots tu take a
etep which your altacnmeat tous ponies dou ly paintal.
Our desice was to descrve your tawe— OF Cool roas the
@oueiction of y yur Sellthacats avd tide Co. Chotpsibess Gae
your wellics was the obj cCof ail our acu vt.
Given at Moss, Aug. 16, 18143 wader my hendend
@al ol dic hkingdou. CHPRESTEAN Fie oO lacoun.
(i. 5) Vu. . MOLTEN,
CG iflomen, ~ Wien first undertook the office of ad.
dross Wwto yor after § Ul Letters On Che buaportant dies.
tion of Ko foring fcould have no idia that a Case wou
90 soon be laid before the public, Ulustratiag (he bittere.s.
vices of the prescul System, and enforerg the imperions
necessity of ara deal change. Vhis case, however, is vue
of such vastin cost, of such vitalimpo tanee to the right
and libertios of our fllow.scountry men, heb stall nia ce
Bo apology for doviauiog from thy tum diate discussion
which f had in view. i. order to fix your attention more
strougly and wore pormancotly upon it, Bor this pur.
pose, PE need ouly recal to your uotce the printed Report,
as published an all the dai! y Papers, of the Speceh wien
was mad: vu Monday last in the Louse of Peers by Lord
Btanhove, and of the Petition with which it was accom.
panied by his Lordship. fa this Pefiriva, ard ins this:
Bpeech, will be found detailed ous of the mast glaring and
Bost abominable systeow of legal dyranny that was ever
@xpesed to the scorn and ab hai cence of a free people!
The Petition states, thie the Petidioner had beeu origi.
Bally arrerted fue the smali sum of 144. odd, fur waich te
bad given bail; but not being afterwards able to discharge
the debt, he has surrendered his person to save his bail,
and had become a prisoner inthe Flect. Lu this miserable
gituation he had remained upwards of 12 months, and du.
ring that period, aftcr having suflceed all the extremitics of
Revger aud want, had at last Dees compelled bo god che
View original bed from under him, in order to ralse food enough to save
hin from absolute starvation! Amaug other instances of
hardship which he had observed during his confinement,
he states, that (wo of the prisoners (debtors, be it re.
membered, not fedous) had been compelled lo subst for
‘hree days upon six potatocs! tle furtuh ¢ states, thas
ove Of Liem, gradually falling victins to tue want of
fordand cloathing, hid did wethin the walis ef the pri.
ty wider Crecuinstances of Che most ago ivalod wereoich.
cdness ! And that oliiers, from the Saue causes, havi Wy
Juring there coavfinement contracted incurable Ciscases,
had at last ol(ained their Creedous. only lo use dh the wurk-
house, bistead of slarcing in the oul!
Let it be remember dy that these men had broken no
deine SUMING LUMEL MH, Now peli “Lo4 Vs Moltil lie. ‘| ley
Were NEhiCK Mice os Nor Uh Poa Sh y ouete oiluesr
peenlating Placemen. wor fravdadout Couradors. Vhey
Were spay ly d bters. Vhey tad covtracted aebes with tte
honest watention of discharging teem, bat wach uulores
seen Creumstancees had woavonanty po rovented them fron
houng. Wall aayman say, (nat the mere contaaction ofa
cols acrane 2 if soy whois dunvcend 7 laa coumerc.
hand trading couuty, ihe one owt tue best political
Writers haseagroed thar ercdéc isnot ovly useful, but dos
sulutely necessary. “the loss of individual credit WidV de
fie from ten thousand etuses, over whick industry tas
No cosroul, aad against whee prudowce canual aways
guard. Duiing the late disastrous conditiva of O gf woe
westic (rade and manutactures, thousands have Deen ree
luced ima single month trem veath aud esjoymeont te
wintand Lbegzaryl Must we add dvsvdt to mes ry, avd
treat such debtors as af they were so taty cris ia. 2
oven where some d wree of ink redence may bive beea
display cd an the cortraciion of debts, mist vu CSUDT CL EM.
discretion to one of tuc hoivios¢ Pe aics + fo vied ie
But ihe OPpr esivi of lie Case becvies sti 1i07Te aa
rig, When we fiid,y moto y Ciat anim viet au wo
blo the pains os to, rooviment tora dope hg ily pa re
aginst ting bul a'so tna, (suppose Geer et bry yediite.
'y procure subichent bus) eos Lhaode fo be tacown bate
plan aba to cis Nabeey om dre sre yb Or.
eh oath of un disectica Fo oN yby alle 8 Cantaiuu
ubtousuges Ad sii hiiuctys of fe. ie ery, such
tperson may Dekel © bl Cotdoe nen fo vary a White
ycar, b: fore he cane ab eis be Pose i. 6U 5 rove hus
devéana Court of Jas cota. s Crosaey Gat oorg
Migtssil, \ eal BD UASO evd as 4 i ") Pt Flae 16 tice
Ob Jushete do besigk , Mad tygeunableane
Strum: ol Bac ue revenge vivit suck a sewer
Corivirl J! ahal d bloke OS. Cullis hb VO We al Ctety he Mcp
ALES BIC By ee’ MIL Cried to, Sal Wurpe-
Soy CAC Clg ative fre uit ren Poss ( biese cdyy
eo bel dé 0 J vduge i reo & dy ohn due CDE ON Tit, /
Ned WMbarlhel sy HC de ce et ‘ ) de hiucal Cag
‘} Mey ore re bob toolt acted J! : Vf ik be YY ane:
ihe LM eu ce of ev, vedle oD ob al Wore dae gy rede !
¢ tag d mld an) ee
vl bi a avs Ke ba :
of bul Mi gal tua MU AVE GOO Ca Nera hid Jac lar
tbe wuchel, and vur fs .osulls lat » 4a co/ lees, Y tt isos
ace ol sending amit ig Jat, on Cic dasnp) orted oath o
a0 dtoividualy ond there Les meg liu toe mouths, without
(rial, avid withhold Judowicut, a saiercd to existan a coun.
ry, Weare ladgut, tran vir ediliest tmiancy, tor gard
as Chie mative laud Of Cece Ligerty! Wow ma 'yY volumes
htve Deon published Ili praase Ua Haz 14 Charta!l ow
may pages have Veea ghed with enlo guns va the Bed
J det§itod Yot hore we see, that by the Law of the
Lind, a itnow siatde, aa oglishiaen is liable to be im.
prisuned for Upwards ol liath a ) cary y ct not Oly zosthoul
Cré:ne$y but possibly even without cause! Lord Stanhope,
mae tve Course Of Mis CACC LIES Coch ua bids smoject, mene
tuned the case of ao poditdial wiv bad actually saiered
Mbibis very mandaer! Aaounpiucohkus rindeers du ordes
to clude au action of deot uron it aust himself, had
Main fo a debtas due lron tas pessccatue to a large a.
slonot tha be could cota UGS (a Ddio ds Os pour ere.
MeOryg OD Tas GUS VoGaled vil uf lis ow | sutor,y War b ie
ued at dy Loew wt oO Pi ssGli—— tt there WC ato, have Jue
Cashed, furany reliet tae daw cold, €or six ano this, af.
ord bins ate ab list, whew che case came Uofore the
COIrf, bh was provcd teat Coe devt tue which he had becn
arpestcd was a doing at fiction! Cuder such circum.
Sauces, tue lin yers wo ld Gaudtiess Cuusole his 5 that he
vag ht Wave Choe ato ovesssae Salishactson of Liiuging an
achhou fot Sides Vii doy phe, Sith o's su padiciment for
PO VY, didbost was peo ctle prosecutor, Kut in the
Wad aides Whatleyal power cold prevent such a scoun.
Ir ddeom quid taghand, amd gouty to practise his arts
oP deceptive upon tag Honest dnd aasuspecting inhabitants
uf some Oue vi vty Mesty’s Colonies abroad? The old
law of the lard required bail for prosccu(iun of au action
of dobatas well as for iis delouce—sy solicitous were our
ancostows Gaat tie liberly of the subject should be guards d
by every possible security, avd that the sacred rights of
a Moghshwan not be Hable Go ve made the sport ot fraud
or malice! Leis hardly necessary to add tu the deserved
detestation which the coutnuance of such legal unjuslice
must caciic, by astatement of (he fact, corroburated by the
tesimony of che Keeper of the Plect Prison, that out of
5U00 cans of imprisoned debtors not more than $00 (or
in 10) had ever been able to discharge the debts fur which
they were arrested. So here we find were upwards ot
JOVU individuals condemned to sutter all the waut and
wretcheduess of a jail—their families deserted—their busi-
ness suspended—and their health, ifaot their morals, most
probably injured—and tor what purpose? For aune but
that of gralilving the passions of their unmerciful creditors,
and filling the pockets of the destable hurpics of the lazy !
Well, tudecd, might Lord Stanhope call this the Esquisa
SUAVE Leave: dis. Wilberforce, L ubserve, made a long
View original Speech ‘he other day, rerommending an anplicatlon te
foreign Powers to render the abolition of the Ass écan Slave
Trade complate But the Slave Trade of Africa, frhte
fulas ft audoubtedly is, falls on beings who have never the
blessings of freedom: whereas one nalish Jad Trade
exercises its abominable crauclties upon mea, who boats of
thar Magna Charta and theie Ball of Rizhts, and who,
notwithstanding the devouring strides of corruption, still
live Quder the forme of the must free Cons itution in the
vorld! Ffere, then, is asvstem requiring nut a mock oe
a moderate, us a radical Reform. Let us see, wiietoee
(he Lovistaturc, as at present coustituded, will renove tis
dissraccfulesil, Ii not, the infercuce is obvious, and the
Pein dy cCasy.
The following curious particulars concerning Napoloong
are authentic:
When the late Emperor of the French approached the
Island of Elba, the inhabitants of the Is and conceiwi g
that avenemy anprorcied, prepared immediately to suce
render, and for that pur ose, seatof an offer to Captaia
Osher, wponwhich Bonaparte Jacularly cells be washid
Captain Usher joy of his conquest.
On one occasion, Canbsair Usher pressed him to know
whether he ever intend do toduwade Io gland, to which ie
replied, (oat be certain didg but with wo olucr hoves thaa
etreing gecat confusion, as he koeew the ii spirit of
Voglao) was not to be subdusd. thorgh even thes cas al
worctankoa, firescect ty Prelanud. Lo sover, by had every
bye or wot omy cuaqgucmng it, but uf separatag at Lieu
bon arte’s manner is deseribed as being sti TP that of the
last dijoined, and perfectly Chat of the Emperor. 1.8
mode of secceh is described as boing peculiarly carid. de
horcies otf from every subject, te sminating every Couvere
sadon with the quick word S*ddlons I?
onanarts haviog asked Cay tain Usher, if he liked thg
Mine of t tba, and the latter having asewerelin the aNce
mative, Gic next day two thousand bottles of wine w re
ent as a present from the late Emperor cf France to
Captain Cher.
When he carne on board the Undiuntod, the crew ime
mediately surroucded bing but at which he expres @i ng
k.nd ofalarm., Qhe of the crew rather annused him, Whom
calting outiya provincitl Trish dialect, in reply to his ade
dieess tothe crew, ** hong live fo your honor, dud ay ey cy
Vanpines attend your honur.”
Bovina te is described as having a constitution of iro,
[Pi up every morning at thece o'clock, and most indre
fatwile dic has already mode servral alterations in the
nahiaey dopartment ofthe Pland, and tefe the organisatioa
fhe Lazaretioes o1 Hos: i.als to Ca. (ain Usher, were he
iiined to favour him with his assistance in that resr ete
We coms now to a more impertant parr of the itfore
inttion coaveyed in this ledter, which information is gui
lew, and as we couceive, truly interesting. Wealludeto
Capt. Usho's having gone to Leghorn, thence to conv y
the Eanpress Maria Louisa to her husband, in order that
both may reap the immu tities and privileges of E ba!—
rf the enjoyment of which weare persuad.d no Europcaa
subjects will envy them. Bonaparte seemed intimately
acquainted with all the minufaw relative to a mad of war,
anid the chart of ths Channel. Ile dirceted some of the
rocks of Kluato be blown up, in order to present Capt.
Usher with the most curious specimens of each,
Bonaparte appeared delighted with the excellent system
vf well organised disci, tine observa e on beard the Une
daunted, aod said, ‘*This is what I have often wished, Lug
in vain, to have accomplished by my people.”
A project of a plan preparcd by Bonaparte at Mose
cow, and which his reverses obly prevented bi from sube
mitting to the Emperor of Russia, has obtained eirculae
tion in France. ‘Phe following is the substance: —The
Minperor Aleaander to be designated Emperor of the
North; Bonaparte of the Hast and West. ‘The rrorek
to have possession of three ports in the Black Sea, of
which Oczakow to be one, with a naval establisment in
the Crimea, and free passage through (he Black Sea for a
lrench fleet iuto (he Mediterrancan, to scour its shores
of the Moushsh. The Preach to furnish to furnish an auxie
liary army, to act in conjunction with the Russians, vs
expeling the Purks out of Europe; also for the puryjosy
of dictating terms to the Persians, and compelling the
lying tu allow a free passage for a French army to iline
dustan, Tastly, as mankind were divided into two fais
lies, Astitic aud Chiistians, he majority of the formee
worshipping (he Graid Lama, and the latter, from the dee
cline of the Pope's tallucnee, being left without a Chics,
Bonaparte tu be placed at (heir head, with the ttle, aud
be addressed S$) uire Precidence,” your Provileuce.
We Ce LE OO od er
View original 7 ee ae ee a . - we écets
- ae oicll ° ’ ame SOP at
wae et ees Zi
DIED Ta New él isterdam, Mr. Zl. A. Rodcndr 2
View original
View original M. {RSHAL 5 OF a‘ ICE.
BY virtue ofan Order from Tis Excellency the
Governor, dated 2oth October, IST4, given upon e
Memorial presented by Win. Gordon, M.D. Plan-
ter nd Inhabitant of this colony.
Notice ts hereby given tothe Pabies That) th
Sale of Plantation de Voedster, cum annexis, situate
in Carje creeck, STC Nas kei wertises Wo Tike Pulte
on Wednesday the ‘ 2d November next, Is postponed
unlit the oth of Jann: ry Heat ensuing.
Be rbice, O7 th () clobe T, IS/4.
h. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original BY virtue ofan Order trom His Iexcelleney the
Governor, given upon a Petition presented by UH.
Jinthers, tor setf and Re Douglas, Curators to the
Bstate of John Ross deceased, and James Sinclair,
Cnrator the Estate of Jolin Sinclar, deceased, said
Order bearing date the !Orh Octcber, ISU.
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that Planta-
lion Vee, the property of the lace Firmot Joss and
Stnelair, Was been this day released trom lexecution
and Sequestration. —Verbice, 19th October, IST Ft.
K. FRANCKEN, frst Marshal.
——— —S| ————__ ————— —
View original SALE ry E VECUT ION.
PY virtue ot a 1) jipeintnent from the Tlonor-
phts Conte! Civit Pastec of this colony, under date
of 15th Hine [S| 7 eiven upoma Petition presented
by the First Marstal it. Praneken, for and in name
of PL Q Quin qq. and Murphy, as also inthe
name of A, A. de da Courts as Principal Agent to the
Croyn Estates withia this coli,
Notice is herely ive ‘nota the Public, that T the
undersigned, or the MV ve atthe time being, in-
tend to Sell, at Public Ixeeution Sale, ine the pre-
sence of two Councellors Commissartes and (herr Se-
cretary, inthe month of December, S15, the precise
dey hereafter to be notified through the Gazette ot
this colony, the Cotton Estate called PROFTT, si-
tuate on the West sea coast of this colony, the pros
perty ol ‘abovenamed Gordon and Murphy, with all
iis cultivation, buildings, slaves, and further appur-
tenanees, according to an Inve ‘ntory made thereof,
ait tavingat the Marshal’, Olfice tor the inspection
of those concerned.
Whoever should think to have any right, action
@risterestoumoresaid Plantation Profit, camannex is
an! wishes taoppose the Execution Sale thereof, let
sich persons address themselves to the Marshal's
O Eee of this colony, declaring their reason for so
doirg, as | here) ve notice that Twill receive op-
position fro reve y intermediate person,appotnt chen
adayy it nee 1 fo lave his or he: chaim heard before
the Coortoound Sather aes hore nosthe Law directs.
Tiris Qod porch ties published as customary.
Beriiew, CO OT. IStd.
Poh aANCKEN, Ferst VWarhals.
we _
BY virfueooappomtiment trom Elis Excellency
H.W. Uuxrivex, Psquire, Dientenant-Governor
of the colony 2 or Cec and its De pen cles, &eo&e. Ke.
Civen tons Y tition presented by Py J. Mosset,
versus, PLA. Re denbrock, said apy ointment beariny
date Oth July, Lod.
Notice is hereby civen to the Public, that T the
tidersigned miendtoS. ty at Publie eeccution Sale,
in the presence of two Councellors Commiissaries and
their Seer tary. on Wi dn: suay the9ih ot Nov. IS{4,
atthe Conrt thouse of this colony, at) PL o'clock in
the forenoon of chat diy :
An Acceptance of A. F. Fischer, dated Ist Sept.
TS1Y, for £3000., with interest on that sum from
mee Lat Se ‘pt. ISbe, ull rr LSO an Interlocuto-
ry Sentence, in fag rot F. A. Rodenbroek, versus,
Godfricd Leisner, amounting in capital to f 1000—
dated the 19th May, 18]4.—Said documents being
surrendered in kaxccudon by J.C Scholles vanger,
for and in the name of said PF. A. Rodenbrock.
Whoever should think tohave any right, action,
or inferest on the aforesaid Acceptance and Sentence,
and wishes to oppose the Execution Sale thereo!, Tet
gach pers nor persous address themselves to the un-
de rsigned, Geclaring their reason tor such an Oppo-
ition in due time and (orm, as [here by vive notice,
that L will receive opposition fromevery intermediate
yorson, appoint Chem a day, need, to have his or
Pen claim heard before the Court, and further act
thereon as the law direets.
This 2nd Proclamation published as customary.
Berbice, 22rd Oct. ISi4.
AK. FRANCAEN, Firvsd Marshal,
Arr ee
View original SALE BL EXECUTION,
BY virtue of an appointincat from His Excellency
H.W. Bentinck, Esq. Lieutenant-Governor of the
evlony Berbice, and its Dependencies, &c. &c. &e.
Dated 21st Sept. IS14, given upon a petition pre-
gented by Lewis Cameron and Ty. Fraser, as together
\Ua Mee Row wloous Jol Cameron, Alsornivs Lox
View original W.. Fraser, of Culbockie County of Inverness, North:
Britain, and part proprietor of Plantation Union,
West coast, versus, the Executor or Uxecutors, Re-
prescnlative or Representatives, of the Pstate of WR.
Crordon, of Plantation Borla and of Dratics, in
Notice is hereby eiven to the rac that YT the
undersizued intend to Sell, at Public Execution Sale,
nm the presence of two Coane lors ( ONNISSATICS aml
their Secretary, in the month of November, S15,
(the precise day afterwards notified thre’ the Gazelle
ef this colony).
The Cotton Estate called PORLUM,
situate on the East sen coast of this col my, al id there
known under No. O7, with ali its culdivation, build
Ines, slaves, and further appurles ances ther: to be-
longing, anil of white : an Inventory is to be scenat
the Marshal’s Odice during the | hours ol dutw. Said
estate being the property of the katate of R. Gor-
don aforesaid.
Whoever should tbink to have ary richl, aetion,
or interest on the aforenamed Plantation Porlen,
cum annexis, and wishes to oppose the Ixceution
Sale thereof, let such porson address himself to the
Marshal’s Otfice, declaring their reason for so doine
inewe time and form, as | here! bv give notice, thal
will receiveo pposition from any inte nuediate person,
app vint (hein a day to have his or her claims heare
belore the Court, and further act thereon a» the Law
This 4th proclamation pu lished as customary.
Berbice, 9d October, Ps | 1
IK. | I VN “hi LN, First Marsha’.
Oe =
— oo
——$ ———
View original SUMMONSES py EDICT.
BY virtue ofanappointnent four Lis Pxecllenes
the Governor, dated 2aih Sept. IST, given upeaa
petition presented by the Orphan Chamber, of the
colony Beibice, inenp witty as living charge of wu-
acdininistered states.
Pihe undersicnet, atthe request of aforesaid Or-
phan Chamber, do hereby
Samnon by Edict:
All known acd unknown Creditors of the uncer-
mentioncd bocdelsy Tit,
John Jones, Cheor re? Ad WusoNn,.
Joseph bulliof. . da hina.
Thomas Fraser. Poi bompson,
Richard Collier. bode Vadder.
J. G. Swavine. 1 tohn Ioroderick.
Fians von Waidkireh. (’. ML. Soest.
All, well in this colony, as clewhere.—To appear
belore the Hon. Court ot Civite ustice of (his colony.
at their session in the month of duly, (S15, there to
render in thetr clitms agatist the abovenumed Bs-
tates, fo verify the same, to hear objections mack
thereunto, ifneed, and fo witness the Court's deer.
sion on the prelerentand concurrent riht ol! clain-
alts, and further to proceed aceording to Law, on
pain of being tor ever debarred their meht of clas.
This Summon by edict, made hnowa to the pubic
by beatofdium trom the Court House or tia cok ny,
aud turther dealt with according tu custui.
Berbice, Ist October, IN} 4.
Ne bl ANCAUEN, Fécot Marshal.
ti ee ee
G. Hoses end. Gar ken, in hunne respective
qualtfeiten, oya van mento on in de inaand Decem-
ber aansiaande, in openoure Vy linge te Koop aante-
bieden, en aan de meestvicdende op favorabele ter-
mynea vaa botaltiee te verkopeus de Coffy Plantagic
genamd CPLECIP ANK ER, gelegen binnen deze
nivicr, tusschen de onde verlatcn erond Julianenbure
en de plantagie Zorg en Viyt:—eroot 2000 akhers
land, beptaut met TOCQO cofiy-bomen en verdere
hostsroncen, met hare gobouwea, bestaande in een
drogery of colly loots, een colly wasch loots, met een
inde grond vemetzelte coliy droog-plankier ; zy de
gebouwen, Gimmer loots, nesery en verdere gebou-
wen, met alles wat aard en navelvast is; zoo als
betzelve alles te zien zal zyn ecdurende de mann
November, des Dingsdass en Viydags, zutlende de
preciese dae der verkoping nader en in tyds in de
Gazelle worden bekend comaakt, als wanneer ook ten
zelve dage, ter koop zal worden aangeboden cenige
(uingereedschappen, twee colfy breck-molens, eenige
timmerverecdschappen en materialen, waaronder
eenige blokaen beerewy hout, en eca incompleet
lraam) voor een eebouw, &c.
Jemand inclinercnde de voorzeide plantagie, ge-
bouwen, gereedschappen en materialen uit de hand
op favorabele conditica te hopen, adresseren zich
fen hantore van J. Bakker, ter Stede Nicuw Amster-
dam, Erf No. 85.
Bovengemelde G. Hobus en J. Bakker, in zelve
qualiteit, zyn nog van meening opcabaar, offe wel
mit de hand in dezelve maand December, na de ver-
hoop der vemelde plantagic, te verkopen: 102 stuks
Negers, mans, wyven en kinderen, zullende mede de
preciese dag dezer verkopinge, nader in de Gazette
worden bekend gemaalkt, iemand hiervan nader in-
forualiv begcreude, adreseercn zich aly boven.
& Oct.
View original PUBL IC SALE.
G. Wonrs and J. saken, in their respective
qualities, infend to offer rior S alc , at Public Vendue,
inthe month December cueniog, and o} favorable
ternis and conditions of payn eat, to Setlto the highe
est bidders, the Coflee Pstate ci liet PLECHT ANe
KER, situated inthe river Berlsice Wetweeu the abane
doned estate Julinnenh iy and woitation Zorg and
Viyt; comaining 8 Oacies of land, with 70,000
coffee trees and proveston fields, with all the batld-
ings thereunto belonet vy consisting una collce lagie,
Cleaning house, with a brick elstern, and drogery,
outofices, carpenter lose, negro huts, and othee
buildines, with all that may be considercdas fixtury.
The sane may be scen every “Puesdiy and brie
day inthe mouth of Noyomber nest. - precie, day
of sale willbe Cimely made kiewa Ly the Graazetle),
orwhich day wilbalso be offered tor sate sundry
plantation luuls, two coffee sia iplace nalts, sundry
carpenter tools and materials, eaiongs which will be
found several blocks bulleitree wood, aud aa ticome
plete frame fora ned ae
Any person Inclined to purchase the aforesaid Ese
fate, burliies, Cools, msl | mvitertils, by private sale
on favorable te rns; may address liinseli at Che compe
ling house of J. Iba Kea , i New Amsterdam, lot 29.
‘The suid Gi Plobus and J. Bakker, in thes same
quality, intend lintttier to expose, after the sole of
the estate, either by p.ivate or public sale, 102 Nes
groves, Wen, Worne and ehtllren, the day of sale ale
x0 tO bo duade huewa by the Gizette.
Por further particulars apply as above.
S Oct.
POR SALE by the subseriber, a few casks of dry
Cod-feh, part of Cie cargo ot the Llibernia, direc
liom Newfoundlaad,
get. Cis. KYTE.
Six wife persons, as Overscers on codce Ustatesy
Whder the Alorneyship of the undersigned. 7 ny
person otialified to fll suelo situation, may obtain
eipployoieat on applheaton to Gr, PAU EES and
OI Oct, J.v.epo. BROER,
LL I rt:
View original FOR SALE,
By the Subscriber,
~ Y ’ , 9D .
}> Puneheons ium,
25 Proot—to 7 bitts per gallon.
22 Oct. Jno. WULPE.
es —— ~
_—_—_ rr,
View original POR SALE,
Ol and new Run, )
Hollands Giasana & per pipe or 3 gallons.
Cognive randy, §
29 Oct. Win. TENERY,
Madcira wine iu pipes or per dozen,
———_———————— —
View original —__—$
—E a
Those indebted, in this colo. Vv, tothe Pemting Ofs
fee of Mr i. I. dence, Deimeorory, are ecquested
foumahespccdy paymcnt to this Ofice.—And those
tidebted (o the Pyinting Office of Messrs. AuLiR®
Vid StEVEssoN, Deiuerary, wil make payment to
Mreo dy. brancken, 22 Oct.
The Manners of Proceedines bevoret Le Court of Civil
Justices da Enelish and Duteh.
Uhe Charter of tie colony Berbice, in English,
Che new Duteh Constitution, in Duteh,
A dew Almanacks, Cote Certificates, Bills of Exe
clange, Bills of Lading.
AN Kind of Books, blank and ruled, Quills, Pencils,
Writing Paper, luk Powder, and Wafers.
ll ——_—_—_—_ ees
Hast of Munt-d-tcay Ne sroes, in the Colony Stocks of
Beneice, on tic tlh November 1814.
— ——_ - see 7 - - —- — —@™
Names. Prop etors, By whoon brought.
—_— A a ——__"_p
Nac, Ligenaren, Aanbrengers.,
Divou. Pla. Berestein kiscal
Rusa Pla. Quverw agt |Dchnert
iheccules Idem \lcCamon
Larose Pin. Mara J. Gouveragear
[joratius Bellevue White
Mars, Miss Laurants Adami
Mandar Plo. Merstelling — |Piscal
Nicolaas [dem {dein.
Primo t’. L. Schmidt Dchnert
Ajoril Idem. tdem.
Adonué® idem. Idem.
Joe Allen lrauendorf,
Ilector Sloor Fiscal
Philip Lovpe (Surimaca) IPosikeperW. Rose
David slot Rtcuss.
Jouathan Plo. Herstelder. | M?Milag
Prime Shank (em. ) VDehuert
J. A.DEHNERT, Onder Sheriff,
ee em enn ee
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——E ee —_ = — —
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock, p. me
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Priviliged Government Printers

5 November 1814