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The Berbice Gazette

View original ABSENTED himself from the Subscriber, a month
aco, a Negro man named Carel; any person who
can give information or lodge him in the barracks,
or sending him up to plantation Kortberaad, to Mr.
Gemon, will be good rewarded besides all expences.
View original WANTED TO HIRE.
TEN or ‘Twelve good Ficld Negrocs, for which a
liberal price will be given, and punctually patd.——
For particulars apply to the subserib’r,
4 Dec. S. TATET, Pln. Supply, Canje.
View original TITLE Public are respectfully informed, that the
Brie U/ysses, is daily expected in this River to load
for Liverpool, and tosail with January convoy. The
Subscriber wilh receive produce on freight for said
vessel, and find store room in town until her arrival.
4 Dee. © Wa. CROFT.
View original eee
T HE Subscriber intending to quit this colony by
the January convey, requests all those having De-
minds against him to reader (hem in for payment ;
and all those ind. bted to either him or Mr. Joun
Crort, to come forward with immediate pryment.
4 Dec. Wa. CROFT.
NB. A few tierees Salmon, and herrings in barrels,
alsoneyvrocloathing, which will be sold cheap
to close siles,
Ralice, 26th Noveniber, 1813.
WANTED forthe u-e of this Departinent.
OM Rorrels Hour,
HW) Rarrols Beef and
100) Bushels Oats.
Any person wishing to suoply the whale or any
part thereof, are desired to scud tn Renders, in trie
licate, marketl, “Tenders for Provisions,” until
fonday morning the 6th Dec. next, al 40 o'clock
when they will he: fopene “dl, and th ‘agior ov offers most
advantagcous to Goverment, will, if approved, be
acceple “l.
JOHN S. WILSON, Commissariat.
— —. $$ —$— —_ — - ———_— —————
ae | a
—<2 DICE? Qe OB 64 wwe
Bernice AGRicvuinUuRAL
THe nex! Meeting of this § octety will be held on
Wednesday the gth Dec cember, at Me. Harniy’s,
No. Il.
F; Cort,—H. B. Ixcirc, —M. Danas.
Berbice, Noy. 27
View original NOTICE,
IS hereby given, that all Accounts due to the
Winkel Department, for the vear 1812, which are
not paid by the 15th of December next, will be sued
for in the January Courts, without respect fo persons.
A. A. pe na COURT,
Principal Agent for the Crown Property
in South America,
View original FOR SALE.
PART of Lot No. 3, first empolder, with all the
buildings thereupon, at present occupied by the Sub-
seriber. Who also oflers for Sale, a Chaise and Har-
mass, and an exccllent chaise Horse.
27 Nov. Kk. FRANCKEN.
—_—_—_——_ ees‘
View original PERSONS indebted for the years 1810, 1811, and
1812, to the Estate ofthe late Dr. Francis Jerre-
_ Ry, are carnestly requested to settle their accounts,
&c., previous to the Ist day of January 1814, as
further indulgence cannot possible be granted.
W. KATZ, for self and
20 Nov. Mrs. T. JEFFERY.
View original ge
—— SS es
DEN ondergeteekende geelt hiermede ke nnisse ;
aan die het mogte aangaan, dat hy den Heer E.
Hantze gemastied heett (ot het inkasseren van zy) ne
uifsteande penningen, waar voor hy quitantien kan
27 Nov. ~ J. MUNO,
passcren °
View original nr
Regulation for the Meetings of the respective Courts
in the Colony Berbice, for the year 1814.
Court of Policy and Criminal Justice.
Monday, January 10.
———— April 4.
July 4.
October 3.
Court of Civil Justice.
Monday January 24.
April J8.
July 18.
October 17.
Commissary Court.
Monday, February 7.
May 9.
Aucust 8.
November 14.
Court of Rolls.
Monday, January 17.
—— March 7.
Wednesday, April 13.
Monday, May 93.
July IL.
October 10.
———— November 21.
—— —
By Commaid.
R.C. DOWNER, ace.
— - +
4.2 [eee
View original SS Sy So a eae
TO an approve shaser, at 3,6, 9 & 12months
credit, 1S roods ar wet Dand, ot Toi No. 22, be-
tween the centre an@ backdam, ant the burtdings
thereon, Also 20 reods land of Lot No. 4, towards
the backdam. If not sold on or before the ith De-
cember next, the same willbe disposed of at public
Vendue. (Good quality Coffee will be taken in’ pay-
ment, at cash price.—Ffor particulars, apply to this
Office. 27 Nov.
View original he Friends of Messrs. CampBrenLys Fraser and
Co. are resp rect fully informed, that the Diana, Capt.
VMcGeonce, ise zpee ted in this river, in ime to load
for Glaszow by the anunary Convoy.
View original THEE undersigned intending to quit this colony for
murope, inthe month of February next, requests all
those who have any claims against him, either by
open accounts or notes of hand, to render them in at
his residence at plantation Palmyra; And allindebt-
cd to him are particularly solicite? to come forward
with payment, before the 15th Dec. ensuing; as all
accounts not then paid will be put into the hands of
his Attorney at Law, to sue for.
He also offers for Sale a faimnily of cight: negroes,
viz,—'l'wo men, excellent sawyers, and two very fine
lield women, their wives, and their three Children,
all girls; an oid man, an excellent gardner; also three
or four very fine young men, amongst whom there is
aman boy a very good house servant, a good groom,
“anda carpenter; and a very fine strong healthy was-
her woman with ber three children; a good strong
and new chaise with a moveable oil case bead with
curtains at the sides that runs up and down on brass
rollers, with two setts of new harness attach’d a shaft
and tandom ; a sett of very handsome mahagony dine-
ing tables with D ends, a bed stead & mattresses with
mosquito netting compleate, a patent sopha bed, a
handsome mahogany Escrutoire with private draw-
ers, silver spoons, chairs, a handsome sctt of china
warse &c.—And lastly, his red roan or flea bitten
grey horse and his mule, both of which are (ou well
known to need any comment.
The negroes will be sold moderate for produce at
cash price, or approved bills of exchange at 3 and 6
months sight, cattle, &c.
13th Nov. B. JEFFERY.
View original FOR SALE—At this Office—Blank Bills of Ex-
change, Bills of Lading, and the Manner of Procee-
dings, before the Court of Civil Justice of this Co-
lony, Foolscap Paper, and blank books of an y size.
View original POST OFFICE.
Letters remaining in the Post Office, which if not
forthwith called for, will be returned to Europe
by the next Packet.
Balfour J.4) Bennett J.2) Bisphane J.1) Mary Blair, Miss. 2)
Brumont Th. 1)
Cully J. jun. 1) Corsis F.L. 1) Chambon Miss M.C.1) Cuche A.D. 1.
, Dunlop J. 1) Dodson R.1) Daugherty J. 1) Dove S. 1) Dodgon W.1.
Ebora! Ch. 1) Egan W.1) Ellacot R. W. 1) Esdaile Mr. R. 1) Elli-
ott Mr. Jos. 2.
Flushman Mr. D.1) Fleischman Mr. G.S.1) Fraser A.1) Findlater
Mr. D. 3) Floyd Dr. 1.
Georgy J.H.1) Game Miss J. S.1) Gardner Miss M. 1) Gomens L. 1)
Graval H. M. 1) Gallie J. 2) Grant H.2) Gordon G. 1.
Hall J. 4) Harris J. 1) Huggan W.1) Houston A. 1) Hart G. 1)
Hausler E, 1) Harris W. 2) Harris N. 2) Heywood & Tayler 1)
Hlall Miss C. 1) Herlin & Bender 7.
Jones Capt. 1) Johan J.1) JonesJ.1.
KerrC. 2) Koster Mr. W.1) King Mr.W.C.1) Kummer J. F. 1)
Krieger A. 2.
Leisner J. A. 1) Linde J. F.1) Lobbau Mr. W. 1) Luff & Bender 2)
Lawrence Miss H.1) Laurence W.1) Lewis Manor Attorney of 1.
McIndoe J.1) Munro R.1) Munro W. 1) McKenzie R. 1) Mustard
Mr. D. 1) MeQuistan Mr. J.1) McDonald J. 1) McLennan J. 1)
McKengie F. H.1) McGregor J. $. ¥) Milligan J. 1) Mc Kengie
Mr. 1) MeKimmie A. 3) McKengie K, 1) Maria & Agnes te
Administrator of 1) Mabler D. B.1) Morris Capt. 1.
Nicolson M, 1.
Overeem J. 1,
Pollet Capt. J.C. A.V.
Reeborst P_ 1) Rose A. 1) Rolderer P.1) Reuss J. M. 1) Robinson
S.1) Reach A.1) Ricket’s $.1) Robertson G. 1.
Sampson Miss M. 1) Smith Mr.T.1) Sinclair J. 2) Stockkel Mrs. 1)
Suctle Vir. R21) Sharpe Miss bk. 1) Shaw Mr. A, 1) Stewart Mr. J,
1) Stobie Log. 1) Schwartz Mr, G. 1) Shanks Mr. A. 1) Swall &
Threlfail 1.
Tuit Capt. 4.1) Threlfall Mr. Hf. 1) Threlfall E. 1) Tyndall H. 2)
Tayler ‘V.1) Towler R. 1.
Westerveld G. 2) White Mr. G.1) Weir Mise J. 1) Watt A.2) Wade
T.S.1) White Mr. T. 1.
Zadelhof’ Mr. G. van 1.
Berbice, 27th Nov.
Wa. SCOTT, Dep. Postmr. Gen.
View original ET
A Negro woman named Eliza, belonging to Miss
Sally Postlethwaite, Demerary, she is supposed to
be on the Corent ne coast.—Any person harbouring
her, willbe prosecuted against according to Law.—
And those who will apprehend her and sending her
(o the house of Mr. B. Z1e@uer, will handsomely be
rewarded. ‘20 Nov.
LLL CC I a tt tt ay, ct, ste se eet,
Colony salted fish in barrels, well cured.
Do. lamp oil, clear and fluid and equal to sper-
maceti oil.
Tobacco, tar, white soap, &ce.
ee sesnaaseeasepetesustipatifiat
View original stn esas
ALL persons having any Claim or Demand against
the Ship Specu/ator, of London, or on the Cargo of
the said vessel, lately Condemned and Sold, are de-
sired torender their accounts to the Agent for the
Committee at Lloyds, within six weeks from this
date, and after the elapse of that period, the balance
of the proceeds of the ship Speculator and Carga,
will be remitted to England, and no further colonial
claims against that vessel or cargo, be allowed.
Secretary’s Office, Oct. 26.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
View original ee
THE undersigned requests, the Planters will pay
their respective Accounts for Weigh-money, &c.,
up to Ist July, as it is impossible to pay the demands
against the Ollice ; those unpaid will be Shortly given
to the Deurwaarder, and several preceding accounts
are in forwardness for Execution.
Gerbice, Ist Nov. 1813.
A. THORNBORROW, Dep. Ree. Gen.
—— sas sn
View original NOSICE.
ALL persons indebied to N. Voukerts, for his
Printing Office, up to the 30th of June, 1812, are
requested (0 make payment to this Otlice, otherwise
will be sued for by the next Courts. A Dee.
View original
Cr Mine ry
Wordt geadvertcerd, dati This ts to inform the Pu.
de vole mide personen voor. blic, that the following per-
MCMENS TYN uwttl dex Kolonte sons triend gu ilddiig (his Co-
fe vertrekken. fony
J. R. Card by the first opportunity.
J.C. Poortermans in 6 weeks from Noy. 20.
RoC. DOWNER, Secy.
View original WORDT hiermede bekend\ NOTICE ishereby given,
gemaakt, dat een maand na\ihata month after date the
diutu de volgende Trauspor-, folluxing Transports and
ten en Hipothecken zullen| Mortgages will be passed.
Noy. 13. John Davies will transport to the free ne-
gro woman Susanna Green, the northern back
quarter of lot No. 27, in New Aust.
97 Nov. J. vanden Broek qa. A. Donzel, willtrans-
port to Geo, Munro, Lot No. 4, west Coren-
tine coast.
James Fraser, in quality as Curator to the
Fstate of the late E. D. Fraser, will transport
to Simon Fras ry bis undivided halfof Plan-
tation Brizhton, Slaves, and other appurten-
ances thereto beionsing.
Dec. 4. R. Harper, x. re. will transport to the free
George Thomas, 5 roods of tand of lot No.
4, between the cendte road and back dam.
JL van den Brock aq. the Heirs of A. Don-
zh, will transeort to Wim. Munro and Geo.
Munro. the Corentine coast lot No. 4.
——— Win. Munro and Geo. will transport to John
Praser the westhern halt of said fot, and: to
the Heirs of sts. Chesney, the eastern half.
——_—— Phe Athornics of f.. Lowrte, will (ransport
15 Negro meu slaves, fo Pemerary, names lo
bes cna the Scerctury’s Olice,
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
- ee
View original WERE AS the followings person tas addressed
himsechi to the No Conrtof Poheyv, of this colony,
at their Sessions ta (he mouth October last, for a Let-
ter of Afanuniission :
H. P. Bedcwen, for themalatto girl Francisca,
Notice whereof ts hereby given to those whom i
may concern, and whoariy wes h to oppose the er nt
of said Letter of Manurission, that they may addres
themselves in wrifine to the undersigned Secretary
of the colony. pirovions to the ensting Sessions of
the Hon. Court, when a finaldispestuon willbe made
on the aforesaid Poti on. Berbice, Nov. oT.”
View original VENDU E's OF BRICR.
a annie
THE Subscriber re pectully Inform the Puablre,
that the Vendae Oiice ts renioved trom lor No. S$ to
lot No. 5, New Aust. Vth Noy.
)). Cc, CASTE RON De |). y “hhatie Master,
Yn Teesdry the Tris inet. wilh be sold at the Ven-
due owee, by order of the Hon. Board of Orphan
Chamber, the a etsa the Inte FP. von Waldhirch,
Consisting In wert wa parel, furniinre, &e,.
By order of AL! Ehornmbortow, Lsq. a sow pipes
and hhds. of old Madetia wine.
By the Vendueir. in connnission, coffee bagging,
negro clothing, huts, peas, birley » 150 dozen best
London porter, dey goods, provisions, cin, brandy,
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original _—
On Thursday 9th Dec. at the store of Messrs. Dou-
glas Red & Co., the following articles,—beaver and
sik hats, calico, colton slirtine, brish linen, sadlery,
cotton & colice bagging, glass & carthenware, boots
and shoes, becr & porter, stationary, loaf sugar, vi-
. . ; . { . . r . e ’ «
nevar, negro clothing & pipes, ginghams, paint and
D. 0. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Saturday T)th Dee. will be sold, on plantation
Retreat, west coist, by the Venduemr. in commis-
sion, from Yo to LO head of cattle, wmongst which
‘are some fine fat oxen,
By order of (he Executors of the late G. Graham,
9 head of cattle.
By the Sequesters of plo. Hope, about SO head of
cattle, of which Td fat oxen.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original SS

Notice 1 to Wo Ov de utters.
AI.L persons holding Licences to cut ‘Timber, on
ungranted Lands in this colony, are desired to attend
and exhibit them at Gove rine nt Secrefary’s Office,
within six wecks froin the date of this Notification.
Aig’ 3 Llouse, Berbice, loth Nov. Isl3
By Command.
s.C. EMLRY, Act. Goy. Sec.
—_——_-—- — _ = — —
View original \ n
BY G. BONE & Co. Fresh Cumberlind hams a
95 stivers per lb. or in any quantify a 2Y stiv. cash.
4A Dec.
—_ = eS > +r — + -
a © )- oe
No fresh news this time to lay before our Readers, but
having collected a few extracts from some lute papers.
See *§ BO SOO @ ee
Horse Guards, \0th Sept. 1813.
The Commander in Chicfis persuaded, that the late Tria!
of Ensign Kdward M’Guire, 6th West India Regiment ;
usin James Colchrist, 6th West Lodia Regiment; Licu-
tenant Anthony Dilion, 1OLst Regimeut; Kusign Dame
O'brien, LOIst Regiment, for the heinous crime of murda ry
has excited the liveliest iatccest and anxiety throughout
the Army. ILis Royal Highness has theretore Doew pleas.
ed to direct, that tic following Letter, which he has. re-
ceived from the Lord Viscount Sidinouth, one of his Ma-
Jesty’s Princij al Sceretasics of State, shall be published in
General Orders.
Vi hitehal!, Sepi. 8, 1813.
**In obedience to the commands of the i isice Regent, 1
have the honour of acquaintiog your Roy ar Uigiuess, thas
‘Cis his Royal Tightigss’s graciuas tatenGon net lo ordi
the seutence upon the tour olucers of the army, wiiog were
capilally couvicted at the last Assizes ato Winchester, of
(he murder of Lieutenant Blundell, of the LOLst a iment
of Foot, to be carried into’eaccutiou 3 Duc to grant tiem
the ftoyal Pardon,
‘sD tuk i€imcumbent upon meat the same time, to lay
before your Roya’ lightness a Copy ol Lhe eviuence adduce
cd upon the trial of tuose Ollicers 3 trom which at appears,
that the origial disagreement between Licut. Biundeu
and Eusign wi?Guirc, arose from a trivial Cause; that io
a(tempt was made ty recoucle the paris, but on tir
covtrary, that, instead of those efforts, waied, if proper.
ly and seasonably exerted, might Rave sed the happy ef.
lect of preventing the Mestiiy. which Jed (o the facal ree
sult, grcat pains were most unwarrantably (aken to a.
SUszalic aid proaoete kw. Piis obseryatiun bam vound to
pant Dillons who,
sianding i the ate
muy, Was peculiarly called won ty excicise bis ritlucnce
and authority fora purpose very dinerent from that to
Which they were a pired.?
“E deemitmy indispensible duty, to subst this repre.
sentation bo you) Royal dissness, aod b dose, iu the dul
Persuasion, lilil yOu coy dal taiguness will be pleased vo
vattse Such steps (oy be lake upon Chis painful occasion,
av the Ci Cntisianees OF the Case shall, upou Consideration,
be louhd ty require.
(Signed) “SIDMOUTH.”
While the aw fal seutence of the law was peuding, the
Comingnd. rin Chict abstained from expressing ally OU; Ie
MO Ou Chis most distressing vccastuu. — Lits itoy al Hig
Ness Now feels iO ipcumbent on him to teke that part,
whicw @ duc regard to (he discipline and the character of
the Asuiy demands,
The Couunander in Chief is sineercly rejoiced, that the
clemency of his Royal Highness thesPrince iLegeut, acting
va Che wame and on behalfof his Majesty, has been graci-
ously extended ty these Ofiicers, apd has prevented thei
sWilerine an igvonintous death,
siete, Polors Giore ¢ ypecially tO 4
froww ais raok in the reswucnt, aa
Phe oucnce of which they have been guilty, cannot,
however, im a nulitary point of view, rea unnoticed.
Oa duc consideration of all the curcuuistavccé attend.
ing (his trausaction, the Cominander in Chict as induced to
hink, that of all the pacties coucerncd, the unlurtunats
Oihicer who lost his life, and the yelinore unfortunate one,
by whose hand his comrade fell, are the least culpable ;
they appear not to have been actuated by any personal
animosity, but to have been instigated avd governed by
the advice of others,
The Commander in Chief is greatly concerned to observe,
that no such palliation can be adduced in the cases of
Lieutenant Dillon, Ensigu Gilchria, and Ensign O'Brien.
Theie interference was equally uncalled for, and unne.
cessary, and tended, not as might have been expected, to
settle the trivial ditle:euce which existed between their
brother Officers, but to magnify its importance, and to
instigate them to the measure which has led to so fatal a
The Commander in Chief therefore has it in command to
convey Co all these Officers the highest displeasure of the
Prince Regent, for conduct so unmilitary and disgraceful ;
and to noufy to them, that they are no longer Officers in
his Majesty’s service,, but his Roya! Highness being dis.
posed in this decision to attend to the distinction which
appears in their conduct, and observing that Lieutenant
Dillon, who, from his rank and standing in the army,
ought to have set adifferent example has throughout taken
the most prominent part in these outrageous proceedings,
and greatly influenced the conduct of Ensigns Gilchrist
aud O’Brien, is pleased to limit the declaration of being
incapable of ever serving his Majesty in any Military ca.
pacily, to Anthony Dillon, late Licutenant in the 10Jst
View original The Commander in Chi: f diroets, that this ofder vhall
e entered mm itbe Order'y Locks, and read at the head of
every regiment aud cor sia the service, tte hopes it will
prove an sseful and impressive lossoucy he young Ojiicers
of the Ariny, and ao wark nme to tion of the fatal couse.
quences of allowing Gheusetyes to be misled by erroneous
notions, and false pracioles of bonour; whieh, when
mMahtly understood, aud leading to is lepatimate object. is
(he brightest gemoan the character of a soidier.
Vy Ins Royal Hegoness the Commander in Chiefs com.
HARRY CALVERT, Adjutant-General.
View original SS
Accounts had reached Barbodos from Jamaica, which
State the arrival there of some Captain$ and Fassenscers
Who had been captured by the United States’ ship of wae
Esser, Capt. Porter, that has been cruising for Sone (nie
in the South Seas. The Esse ry up to the 28th of chit) .
had ca, tured five British vesscls, one of which Calot. bore
ter fitted out as a vessel of war, mounting 16 eguas, acd
gave the command of her to Lieut. Downs (first of the
Kiss x), when she shortly after captured three others, ail
of which were cacricd into Voinbes, when Capt. Porter
requested permission from the S,anish Governor to diss
pose of his prizes, but was refused. The British frigate
Phadve has gone round Cape IMorn in search of the Hose
O Tree ef lhe New pore Mer mri .
Suiday evening , api, 206, 38.3.
This morning arrived in this harbour the U.S.) fricate
Preside wt, Comurgdore Led crs, from a cruise of five
inontas, We nave Lb CA Tavus d with the following ace
count of her Cruise:
Na) S lb, lal. Jd, lJ, loug. 7 iF SC] arated trom the
Qih June. lat, 32. 129. lone, 29. O7 . captured (hae Drig
Nitty, fiom XQewlou oe aad ive ALeant, with a cargo of
sti, ocde «ft CFbor Fev (4 a! ne)
loth June, ca vieved che Britian dacket Duke of Mon.
(rose, feo I iy pouth bo Hlalitanr,
Llili June. captured che dortish brig Marfa, letter-ofe
’ | = 3
marque, from Newloundla od. bound bo Spel with & care
sO Of lish; oidoret hor for France, and dispatelcd the
Quke of Moctio eto Mugland asa cartel, with the crews
of the Captured yooscls om parole, bem, 78 tno osimber,
Jane 1, Capt ‘dothoe Berash sch. bale pI, froin Newe
onudtand, bocud to Sy a ty with acarso ol eh: OMGcle
ed her for [rauce.
June 27, arrived a’ Borg » ine Norway, the distressed
‘Heaton of which yroventcd our getting any supples; cre
cept water, and sailed from thence Qa July.
July 13, captured ofl North Cape, Wh.te sea, Priish
brig Jane & Non, from N, Snields, for Archausel, io bate
last. aud dostruycd her,
July 19, was chascd from one ernising ground, off N,
Care, by ale of battle shin and a frigate. From the
lighters of the wind. and sovoral shiftings of i in) theie
favor, the chase was protong-d to 86 hours.
July 24, captured the briush whale ship Eliza Swan,
refurning fromm Creeentand. with a cargo of fish and blub.
b r—- ransomed her, and pat on board the crews of the
captured vessels, which, €ogether with her own crew, were
pereuted ty pracced to Eugland ow parole, being 76 in
July 29, offthe Ferro Islands, captyred the British brig
Alert, fiom A changel bound to Lug gland, wiih a cargo
of pitch and tary and destroyed her.
Avg. 2, between the Perro Islands and the coast of Tree
land, capytired the isreish barque Lyon, returning from
a whaling voyage, with a cargo of fishanud blubbers; ran.
somed her, and sent the erew of the Alert, tosgether with
licr own, being 62, to England on parole.
Aug. 39, lat. 47 17, long. 46 42, captured the berma-
phrodite brig Shannon, from Antigua for London, with a
cargo of rum and sugar—ordercd her to the first A fmeric
can port.
Sept. 9, lat. 43, long. 50 26, captured brig Fly, from
Jamaica for London, with a cargo of collee ; ordered her
for the first Aiferican port.
Sept, 23, off Nautucket shoals, HW. B. M. sch Iighfly.
er, furmerly of Baltimore, commanded by Lt. Hutchiu.
son, 5 guns and 39 mens ordered her in.
The President was bound to Boston, but on obtaining
information by the Highilyer, that the Majestic and a fri-
gate were in Bostou Bay, Com. R. then stvod for this
Com. Rodgers obtained information of the loss of the
American signals, from vessels which he spoke in the North
Sea, which tock him for an Kuglishman.
The President kept the sea, until her provisions were
nearly exhausted. She has seen no encmy’s cruisers, ex.
cept the squadron and schooner mentioned above.
The President and her prize the Highilier procecded
this evening, up Providence river. Com. Rodgers has
sent 216 prisoners to Mngland on parole; aud has on board
54, including 5 officers.
Lieut. Hutchinson, of the Highflier, supposing the Pre.
sident to be a British frigate, came on board, and inform.
cd Com. Rodgers, that he was louvking for the President,
and as soon as he should obtaiu information of her, he
should inform the commanders of the squad. on in the > sound,
and in Boston bay. He gave to Com. Rodgers the pri
vate signals of the British Navy, and Admiral Warren’s
Capture of his Britannic Majesty's Brig Boxer.
Copy of a letter from Captain William Bainbridge te
View original the Seerctary of the Navy, dated Boston, Sept. 7,—The
enclosed letters will give you the information of a brilliant
victory, gained by the U.S. brig Enteprise, over his Bri-
tannic Majesty’ ‘brig Boxer, of considerable superiority
of force. Nothing | could say would add to the lustre
of this gallant action, wlich so decidedly speaks for itself.
Bat LT cannot restraca niy deep regret foe the loss of so
valuable an Ollicer, as the brave Lieit. Burrows.
[have the honour to be, Sie, with great respect, your
ebcdicat servant.
W. BAinBrinvce.
HIonorable Willian Sones,
Secretary of the Nacy, Washington City.
Copy of aletler from Sam. Storer, Esq. Navy Agent,
“Portland, to Caot. Pfu ly transmitting to Commodore
» ° © - ' hy . T).. ‘ . »
Bainbridge, aad vy tii to the Wavy Department,
Portland, Sept. 6, 1813,
3 o'clock, P.M.
Sir—T have the hapviness to inform you, that another
glorious achievement has becu added to tie list ol those
alr aily acguired by our navy ; Lut the pleasure a id Satis.
faction with which be should give you the following ac.
count is greatly lessened by the death of the brave Capt.
On Friday last, the U.S. brig Buterprise, William Bue.
rows, commander, left this port on a cruise, and, y ester.
day afternoon fellin with Hh. i. MM. brig Boxer, J. Bly th,
commander, mounting 16 16ib. carronides, and 2 long
nine pounders, between Cape Blwzabeth aud sequin Is-
Jands, off this harbour, when a severe action took place,
which ended after a covllict of 15 nitnutes by Che capture
of the Goser.— the loss on board (he botory rise is her
brave and lamented commander and two anen Killed, and
s-ven wounded 3 and on board ine Boxer, the Commander
killed and between turty and tithy olicers aud men killed
and wounded. “Vhe Eutery) rise ard her cize are now al
anchor under the guns of fort Pecble. ‘loe fresh wind
fron N. N. W. has preventod thar getting up to the town ;
but Chey will get op this evening on the turn of the Uide,—
Sevecal stnall vesce s and boats went off this morning, as
soon as the two vessclsappearcdin sight, in which several
surveons from (his town went to oer their professional
assistanee, as froin the appearance of the sails snd masts
of both vessel. it scemed they must Lave had a severe ace
One of the Poats which went down has just come uj
fiom the Enter, rise, from whieh [Thavereccived the fure-
gecpg particuders 5 but we must wait afew hours four
more corecet detail. which shall be forwarded to you as
soon as they are cecuived. tu the moaw tine Lam pro.
1 ot
viding the necessary aud comfortable accommudatious for
the wounded of bo li vessels: and shall dispatch this to
you by express; with a cocorest that, if (here are any pare
ticular directions winch Vou would wishto give Fes pect.
fing the interment of the boay of the brave captain Bure
le Boxer, you
would be so good us to tebe hoow, and they shall be
rows, as well as the late comer der of ¢
properly attended ta, ‘Virore will uadoubtiloy be every
mark of respect tad honour paid coche font by the ¢
tizens of this y lace, whieh the unig wel pertuatool, bate at
would be desirable tu baye your wie hoown on this
subject—the funeral will wot Cake place ani. WVeduesday
the Sth inst
With great respeet. Phave Gis honour to be, Sir, your
most oledient survant,
Sunecn Srornes, Navy A
Tsaac Hull, Fsq. comimindr, ue.
[dn addition to the above, is is stated in the public
prints, that the buterprise rates U4. bucmounts 16 guns,
viz. fuurteen 18-,pound carionmdces. and two long nines:
and had on board, when she saded irom Portsmouth, 102
persons, includimy officers, seamen, and marines. The
Boxer is stated to De nearly a thiid heavier tonnase than
the Enterprise.
The dispatch from Com. Tul}, stated, that the officers
who fell on board the Keuterpiise and Boxer were to be
horied with martial honours, in Portiand; and requested
that all naval and other ofticers, who couid couveulently,
would attend the funeral. }
DEMERARY, Nov. 27.
His Excellency our Acting Governor, Colonel Copp,
we regret to state, is about to retire from the Administra-
tion of the Civil Government. — His Iixcellency we un-
derstand, is to be succeeded by Major-General Murra Y,
from Berbice. ft uevertheless aflords us much gratifica-
tion in giving publicity to the following highly tiattering
and spirited Address of the Inhabitants, presented to His
Execllency on Monday last, and His Exccllency’s answer
thereto; which we have no doubt, will tend to promote
the future welfare and prosperity of the Colony.
Demerary, 22d November.
41n,—In handing to your Excellency the inclosed Ad-
dress, from so numerous and respectable a body of our
fellow colonists, we cannot but fee! highly gratified by
the opportunity thus afforded us, of assuring your Ex-
eellency how warmly we participate in the sentiments it
Gonveys, and with how much esteem and regard, we have
the honor to be, your Excellency’s
Most obedt. humble servants,
Tuos. Mewonurn.
Wwm. Munro.
To His Excellency Colone! Conn,
Acting Governor, &c. &c. &.
View original “.
(af —. .
Demé , King’s Mouse, Nov. 22.
GentTLemMen,—I have the honor to thank you for the
handsome inanner in which you have conveyed to me the
approbation and good wisites of the Iniabitants of this va.
luable Colony, in their Address, prescutcd to me this day ;
dnd to which the inclosed is my auswer,
I have the honor tv be, Gentlemen, your most obedt.
humble servant,
Enw. Coon, Colonel 60th,
Administering the Goverment Demierary.
(Ton. Tu. Mewsurn.
Wa. Munro, Esq.
Ancus Fraser, Esq.
Siu—Tlaving reason to believe that your Eaccllency is
about to retire from the discharge of the duties of the Cie
vil Administration, we bey leave thus publicly to express
our thanks and unfeigned gratitude for your unremituny
solicitude and attention to the general interests and wel.
fare of the Colonies.
The strong disposition you have evinced to promote
ha. mony and hap; incess—ihe polite and ready rece, ton
(hat every individual has experiguced from you, as an O/-
feor and a Gentionan—combined with the prompt acd
impartial performance of your important duties as Chict
Magistrate—and your carnestness to forward every ob.
Ject of Colonial advantage, during the shurt period you
have presided over us, are convincing proofs that we should
have enjoyed under your xcellency’s mild aad paternal
administration, that (rayguility and cordiality, no less es.
sential to the comfort and well being of societyy than to
our internal security and prosperity.
May the Ministers of an culighteucd Government duly
appreciate those talents which you have so beacticially
exercised here, and whic have made on our minds, alast-
ing linpression of esteem and respect. —And may your Ex.
cellency, wherever called by the duties of your honorable
profession, not only leap those laurels so peculiarly graa
tifying tothe mind of a suldicr 3; but, in every situation,
enjoy that happiness, which your anarvus desire of im.
parting if to others, su ewinently entities you to.
With sentiinents of sincere regard, we have the honor
tou be, your Bacel eucy’s very oledt. humble. serves.
(Here follozs a list of Subscribers.)
Demerary, King’s House, Nov. 22.
Gixtriemen—I have the honour to return you my best
thanks loc the indulgent magrertawiacl you have view cd
hy endeavours to discharze the duties of tue Civil Adie
Histralion of these Colonies, duriag the short period f have
acted ay Governor. As these deaes have been bot easy
and agreeable to me, ‘rouiie cordiztity Which bas existca
amongse us, I can ciaiin WO Merit, havi s omy tartatly
obeyed the iusicuctions of His Royal dighticss die Friice
L derive real pleasure in observing, thatnry conduct has
been approved by the must respectavle inhabitants of tne
diiierent nations which conspose our population, since,
with a due regard to all, it has been my most edtucst aud
Juxious wish, by an impartial administralion, Co recou.
ncnd the Government of our Most Grac.ous Sovcieiga to
dose individuals placed under his powerful protecaun by
the fortune of war.
boc the kind wishes which you conclude your address
De pleascd to accept ny shicere (haiths.
You ] UsSUSS, Geathunen, a Cowl vy Hida td y favoured by
Nature, with a most fertile suit, and ea y Means Of brats.
Dare, That these advautay >s ay vead ive the happiness
aid mdependonce, which y ou. ingusGyy and enterprise se
cminen dy deserve, wall ever Us try Worl carnest wish.
I resigning (he Goverumut of these Colowi.s, L cone
Sratuiate you on the appotntinent of iny auccessor, whois
a Gentleman, Known to jus all, as boise weil qualificd to
discharge tue duties, whicn tls Royal Highness tbe Prince
Regent has been gracivus'y pleascd tu confide to bin,
L have the honor to be, Gentiemen, your most obedient
humble servant,
Eow. Conn, Colonel 60th,
Administeriog the Government of Demerary,
Hon, Tu. Mewsern,
Wa. Munro, Fsq.
Ancus FRrasrr, Esq.
-_— ~~ Ci
List of Ships composing the Enemy s Fleet in Toulon,
vblained Jrom Deserters therefrom, July 6, 1813.
No. 1. PImperialte. (*¥)........ 2...
2. Ie Commerce du Paris. (+)...
3. Wagram. 2... 0.0.0... e eee et rat
4. Majesteux 2... ....00..0.0... > th , deck.
5. Montebello... ccc cece ee eeee Jee OUCKeHS.
6. Austerlitz,....... 0.00... 008.
7. V Heurreux. SOOM Mee aed then ee J
8. Le Donnawert............... re
9. Le Sceptre.... 20.0... 0.00008, a
2 Le Ville de Marseilles—Genois—
=, | Breslau—Magnanime— A jax—Da-
P | nube—Ulm— A gamemnon——Bo- 74's.
I re—Romulus—T rident—Souvreign\
v° | —Robust—Hannibal............
< La Penelope—Paulina—-Driade—
i | Galate—Medie— Emelic—-Incor- Fri
i? | ruptible—Melpomenc— Proserpine rigates.
Sr —Adrian. .. ee ee eee
34. Victorieuse..................... | Corvette.
(*) Flag of Vice-Admiral Emrrean, Commander in Chief.
(+) Flag of Rear-Admiral Violette, Second in Command.
View original
View original To tHE Epitor or tue Bersice GAZriie.
From the various opinions which seem to be ene
ferained of the late Schedule of Taralion, intended to he
levied from the Town uf New Amsterdam, as well as of
what has been considered by some the rather obhjection-
able proposed mode, and expence, of collection—and ap-
prehending that, however desireable, a perfect unanimé.
fy, is seldom tf ever to be expected, on occasions of vot.
ing money for public purposes or public improvements,
particularly when there may happen to be so many and
such various interests, as wcll as tempers and disposé-
fions to consalt.—If you think the following sugecstions,
by ioay of remedy, to the evil complained of, werth your
msertion, they may at least serve one guvd purpose, that
of probably drawing the attention of sume others more
competent thanmaself lo do justice to a subject, cmi.s-
sedly of someimputance, and on which the Inhealiianés
may soon again be called upon to give their canded opii-
ton, and finally to decide.
1st.—That the collection and disposal of the Town
Funds, be in future placed under the entire charge of the
Recetzer General of the colony, for the time being, in
the same manner as the other rece*pts and ery niiture of
the colony, no other than the usual and esta! ished Conre
musston of his office, being to be puid ly the Torn, bx
the lots and buildings of every description within one l:co
empulders, to be always Val le and crccataile for what
ever assessment tt indy from lime ts time be found necese
sary and erpediend tu en cl inthe same manicr asail the
Sfales or plantations i thin the Govwriamené, all under
suh regulations, &c. as Wis Baxcellnucy the Woccrnor
and the Hou, Vourt of Policy may decom proper.
2.— Thar as Plihieve it hay bh ci heretofore custi mde
ry for the Down tihabitants, to pay the Tare or licaude
moncy ontiacir dumestics and other slaves, tothe Ro ccise
cr Gen as Ojice, itis presumed no good reuson can
aorw he urged, why their other taxes (and whether aris.
org on buildings or unoccupied luts) shoald not also le
paid to the same ojfice, at the sume time, half yearly, or
al other stated periods lo be fired upon, some regilue
‘ions of this hénd, tt és hoped, may greatly tend, not une
fy (0 pul an end to any Individual or party differences
(should unfortunately any crist) amongslthe proprietors
themsclees, but also give a much greater degree of confi
deuce, (hun could otherwise probably be experled, inthe
proper execution and payment of any contracts, or time
provements occastonally going forward, besides perhars
proving inthe end, the most effectual and least burihcne
some mode of collection that could well be sugeg ste.
Sd.—T hat, whatever the mode of collection to be Sine
aly determed upon, under the sanciion of the Mon. Court
may be, some regard may be had to the ci CUNSTANCES,
and ability of Individuals, none being to be called upon,
for more, than a correct estimation to be formed of the
rcal value of his building or lot, may rcasundbly warrant
—T'wo, or more, competent members of the community,
to be numed by the Hon. the Court of Policy, as swern
appratssers, (Uf necessary), aml whose duty it would be,
annually to appraise, according to the best of teir judge.
ment, cach particular lot, buildings, &c., the result of all
which to be as regularly laid before the Llon. Court, to.
gether with an estimate of the probable Town expenditure
Jor the ensuing year, to enable them to make due and ad.
equate provision for the sume, by a percentage ou the toe
tal appraisement, all would then in proportion be paced
ona more equal fooling, and pay only to their propery
or means. AN INuaBiranr,
When coward got in fighting humour,
The fit did not last long,
Philosophy then talk’d in stammer,
Antagonist’s too strong.
To quibble them for aid he runs,
And says, in quaking fright,
This fray could surely get some turns,
Might parry of the right.
Quibble in his usual strain,
Lent a hand in quirking,
For fee he labour’d not in yain,
Payment was horsewhipping.
View original MARSUAL's OFFICE.
—"] a
Sales by Fixecution.
WHEREAS T the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from the Hon. Court ot Civil Justice, of this
colony, upon a petition of H.C. THintzen, ander
date of 2Ist Aug. 1813, versus, the proprietor or pro-
prictors, representative or representatives of planta-
tion La Fraternieé.
Have caused to be taken in Execution, and put
under Sequestration, the coffee Estate called
Situate in the lower division of this river, with all ifs
cultivation, buildings, slaves, and further ap- and
dependencies thereto belonging.
Be it therefore known, that 1 the undersigned in-
tend to Sell, after the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the Gth October, 81S, the abovemen-
tioned coffee Plantation La Fraterndé, with all its
cultivation, buildings, slaves ,&e. thereto belonging,
and specified inthe Inventory laying at the Marshal's
Office for (he nspeetion of those whom it may con-
cern, in order to recover from the procecds of said
Sale such stim of moacy as wherefore the abovemen-
tioned Estate has been taken in Execution.
All conforvabl: the Reoultions of the Hon, Court
of Civil Justice. benwiing date dst January, ISIO.
This 4th Proclamation published by beat of dram
as customary. Berbice, 28 Nov. ISto.
K. PRANCHK ON, Pirsé Marshal.
WHEEREAS Uthe andersigned, by authority ob-
tained fron the Eloa. Court of Civil fustice, ot this
colony, upon a petition of TE. C. Hintzen, versus,
the Estace of D. P. Morthier, under dato of 6 March
Have caused fo be taken in Exceution and Seques-
tration, the collee t,| mafotion entled
sittite tn Canteviver, with all its cultivation, build-
inves, Steves, and farther ap- and dependencies there-
to belovetisyibe pieperty of said DL P. Morthier.
Re dt (heretoce Koown, that) the undersigned in-
tend) to Sell, alter che expiration of one year and six
weeks. fron tie vob July, S18, the abovenamed
caflee planiatie peated Goad Land, with all its cul-
fivation. Saves. butidiwes, and farther appurtenan-
ces thereto beloneine, speedicd in the Inventory
formed thereol, lrytns at the Marshals Othee, for
(he inspection of Coss \ tom ifimay concer, in or-
der to recover fron the proce eds of said Sale, such
SUL, aS wherctore the sae Ihas been talen in fxe-
AML con orm le fo the Regulations of the Court
of Civil Jastics, beanie date fst Janmiry 1S10.
This 4th proehunmatien | ublished hy beat of drum
as cusluary. berbice, 17 Oet. 1813.
K Firancacn, First iviarshal.
—— ———————— — —__- +--+
WIPRICIAS [the uadersigned, by authority ob-
tained trom the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, Upon a pettbon of d. bakherand J.C. Span-
genberg, as the Attormics of J. M. van Vioten, ver-
SUS, (hie proprietor or proprietors, representauve or
representatives of >| milation “foed Land.
Have caused to be taken in execution and Segues-
tration, the coilee Ustate called
situate ia Ca sje vivery wits albits cul€ivation, build.
ines, slaves, and furlecs ape and dependencies there-
Be it therefore known, that Ifthe undersigned in-
fend to Sell, allerthe ex piratton of One year and Six
weeks, from the 20h July ISt3, the abovenamed
coffee Estate colledl Gacd Land, with all ils cultiva-
tion, buildings, slives, and further appurtenances
thereto belongiig, as specified in an Inventory form-
ed thereof, which tays at the Marshals Office for the
inspection of those whom il may concern, inorder to
recover (yom the proceeds of said sale, such sum of
money as wherefore the said Lstate has been taken
in Execution.
All contonmable tothe Reeulations of the Court of
Civil Justice of this colony, dated Ist January, 1810.
‘This 4th proc amation published by beat of drum
as customiry. Berbice, 17 Oct. ISIS.
I. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
WHEREAS | the understened, by authori(yv ob-
tained from the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, pon ct petition of J. A. Leisner, underdate
Gth March ISIS, versus the Executor or Executrix,
representative or represculatives of the Estate of D.
P. Morthier, dec.
Have caused to be taken in Execution and Seques-
tration the coffee Estate called
View original GOED 37RD,
sitnate in Canje river, with ail its cultivation, elaves.
building, and farther appurtenances thereto beloug-
lite .
be it therefore known that [ the undersizned in-
tend tosell, atter the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 29th July, ISIS, the abovenan ed
coflce Estate Goed Land, with all its cultivation,
buildings, slaves, andfurther ap- and dependencies
thereto belonging, all conformable to an liventory
forined thereofand now lying at the Marshal’s Otlice
for the inspection of those whom it may concern, in
order to recover from the proceeds of said Sale, such
suit, as wherefore the same has been taken in exccu-
All conformable to the Regulations of the Court of
Justice, bearing date Ist January, 1810.
This 4th Poclamation made known to the public
as customary. Berbice, 17 Oct. IS13.
K. FRANCKEN, J#irst Marshal.
_——_-——- + Or Or SS
Summons by Edict.
WHEREAS I the undersigned have received from
Kogland the Newspapers, containing the Advertise-
ment calling upo: the Creditors of the Surrendered
state of Heywood & Taylor, Notice is hereby giv-
en to the Public, that the said) Creditors, by virtue
ofan Appointment obtained by W. Leacn and W.
Praser, Curators to aforesaid Estate, under date of
YSth November, ISIS, froin Tis Excellency the Go-
vernor, are hereby SUMMONED, ‘To appear before
the Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, on Monday
the 24th January, IS14, and following days, for the
purpose of there rendering their claims against: the
said Surrendered [state of Eley wood & Taylor, and
further to proceed according to Law.
Berbice 3d Dec. ISi3.
hk. FRANCKEN, First VWarshal.
View original _—_ CO CS
BY virtue of ai appointment from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date ot
2st Aug. ISIS, upon a petilion presented by Jas.
Morison, Win. Fraser, F. Graham, and Th, Kenny.
Executors to the Will of Gustavus Graham, dec.
I the undersigned, First Marshal of the Homorable
Courts within this colony, and at the regu st vi wore
suid Executors.
Summon by Edict :
All known and unknown creditors of the estate of
Gustavus Graham, to appea® belore the ac of the
Court of Civil Just ce, of this colony, at their or-
inary Sessions to be held ia the mouth of October,
Idl4, there to exhibit and verity their claims, to
sce opposition made thereon, if need, aud atler the
expiration of the fourth summons by edict, to wit-
ness the Court’s decision as tothe preferent and con-
current rightol claimants against the said estate, and
further to proceed according to Law, on pain ol being
lor ever dcebarred thetr right of claim.
This Summon by Hdict made known to the Public
by beat of drum, aus Customary.
HDerbice, i2th Nov. ISIS.
Ke. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original a
BY virtue ol an appointment granted by the Efon-
orable Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under
date of 2Ist Aug. ISEB, given upon a pelition, pre-
sented by tf. Staan and fh. eriunrrs, appotiated
Curators to the insolvent Estate of Ce. Fog kinG, dec,
I the understened, First’ Marshal of the Courts
within Chis colony, and at the request of abuvciamed
Summon by Edict:
All known and unkaown creditors against the Es-
tate of C. Focking, dec. to appear betore the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at (heir ordinary ses-
sion, to be held in the month of October, 1814, say
in the year one thousand eight hundred and tourteen,
there toexbibit and verily their claims, to see Oppo-
sition made thereunto, if necd, and after the eX pira-
tion of the fourth summons by edict, to witness the
Court’s decision as to the preterent and concurrent
right of claimants, and further (o proceed according
to law, on pain of being fot ever debarred their right
of claim.
This Edictal Summons published, posted up, and
further dealt with as the law directs.
Berbice, lst November, 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, Ist Marshal.
View original BY virtue of an appointment, granted by the
Hon. Court of Civil Justice of this colony, given
upon a Petition presented by John Layfield, the At-
torney of Thomas Bond, of Lancaster, and Proqrie-
tor of plantation Lancaster, situated in this colony,
under date of 21 Aug. 1813.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Honorable
Courts within this colony, and at the request of said
J. Layfield, qq
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown claimants on plantation’
Lancaster, situate on the west Corentine cuast of this
colony, or on the Slaves, and other appurtenances
View original and dependencies thereto belo -ine, or on Thotras
Bond, tor and on account et any book debt, bend,
Morteage, legacy, or annuity, arising from out ot
the willof the date Robert Wilson, dee. or ocher-
wise, fo appear before the Court of Civil Justice, of
(his colony, at their ordinary Sessions, which wilt
be held in the month October ISt4, there to exhibit
and verify their claims, to see opposition made there
unto if need, and after expiration of the fourth sum-
mons by edict, to witness the Court’s decision as to
the preferent and concurrent right: of claimants, and
further to proceed aécording to Law, on pat of be-
ing for ever debarred their right of claim.
This summon by edict made known to the Pablic
by beat of drum as customary—B8erbice, 13th Octo-
ber, 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, First Varsha?
- ————a
View original BY virtue of authority granted by the Honoiapte
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date of
loth Nov. 1813, granted upon a Petition presented
by Robert Taitt and William Kewley, as appointed
Curators to the Estate of Richard Barry, dee.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request of aforesaid Curators,
Summon by Edict :
All known and unknown Creditors against the Es-
fate of R. Barry, dec., ‘To appear before the Court
ot Civil Justice of this colony, at their Session which
will be held in the month of July, 1814, for the par-
ose of there exhibiting their demands against said
bs state, lo verify the same, and I necessary, to hear
objections made against such claims, and turther to
proceed according to Law, wader pain to those who
remain indefiuit of coming forward with their de
mands at the appotnted period of being for ever de-
barred their right of clam,
This Summon by Lidict made known to the Public
as Customary’. Berbice, ISin Nov. 1843.
KO FRANCKEN, First VWarshal,

View original FOR GLASGOW.
TITLE firie coppered Ship Harmony, Joun~ Worr-
SON, Master, will be dispatched with the convoy to
sailin January next. Apoly to
93 Oct. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
Who have received by the above ship, small boats
for colony craft.
View original sat
To Sail with the First Convair.
The Fast Sailing Brig EGHAM.
Stand A. 1. at Lloyds,
coppered and copper-sastened, Joun Pavy, Master,
has excellent accommodation for pessengers, Jor
right or passage, ap; lay to said Master, on beard,
30 Ovt. or tod. VAN pen BROEK.
View original = ———— —
To sail with the Sunuary Convoy,
Theship MULLETT, Tuo. Smitn, Master, for freight
Or passage, apply to said Master, or to
16 Oct. W. DUNCAN,
View original ed
LOST or mislaid, an underwritten Account of J.
B. Ruvr, Esq. for work done for the American
Schooner President. Should any Gentlomin have it
in their possession, the Subscriber will be obliged by
its being returned, payment being stopt, it can be of
use fo none but himselt.—4 Dec. RK. BARNLS.
List of Run-a-way Negroes, in the Colony Stocks of
Beruice, on the 3d Dec. 1813,
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Proprietors, By whom brought.
higenaren, Aanbrengers.
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Rosa Pin. Ouverwagt |Dehnert
Hercules Do. McCamon
Cupido Vo. de Vocster Schwiers
Kdward Jo. W assendam iLeuss
Murphy Jo. Yo.
G lasius Pln. Bellevue W hite
Sunday unknown licken
Boedman Do. \dami
Marsh Do. Do.
Robert Beresford Dr. Beresford
Captain Bartrum * |Joues
Sunday Pin. Graubunder.|Dehnert
Malfel Pin. Herstelling |Fiscaal
Primo shanks (Dem.) [(Costenbade;
Robert Grant Frauendorf
Nero Farley Negro Moses
Adonis Dodson Fiscaal
J. A. DEHNERT, Under Sheriff,
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Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock, p. a.

4 December 1813