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The Berbice Gazette

View original A PROCLAMATION.
BY His E.vcellency the Governor, and
the FTonorable Court of Policy and
Criminal Justice of the Colony Berbice.
To all to whom these presents may or
shall come; Greeling! be it known:
\ \ HEREAS we have taken under consideration,
that altho’ the right of Szanmary Execution has been
granted by us tothe Vendue Master, for the time
being, of the Colony Berbice, (for the recovery of
Debts contracted at Public Sale), in order that the
Sellers of Goods at Public Vendue, may meet with
no delay {roan the Vendue Office at the expiration of
the credit stipulated by them. Yet that the object
of this authority tothe Vendue Master granted for
the advantage of the Public, has been in many in-
stances frustrated; several of our Inhabitants who
have sould goods at Public Sale, having’sustained se-
rious inconverfence in their payments betng procras-
tinated by the Vendue Master, beyond the Jimita
tion of the Credit engaged to be allowed by them.
We have therefore thought it expedient to make
further disposition on this head, by enacting and
vranting, as we do hereby Enact and Grant, from
and after the day of the date of the Publication of
- these presents, to the Sellers of Goods, at_ Public
Sale, within the Colony Berbice, the same Right of
Summary Tvecuticn, for the recovery of the amount
of the proceeds gf such Sales at Vendue as has been
heretofore granted by usto the Vendue Master, for
the time being, against all) Purchasers of Goods at
Public Veodue, with this reserve however ;
That the enforcement of Payment by the Scilers,
against the Vendie Maoter, shall only take place Six
weeks after the expiration of the credil, stipulated
af the day of Sale. and ander which the goods are
soli, ana after payinent of the net proceeds of the
goods so sold shall have been legally demanded trom
the Veudue Master.
And should a‘ter the expiration of the credit un-
der which goods are ex; osed by the Seller, as also
alter the further atlowaace of six weeks for collec-
tion, the Vendue Master still remain in default Por-
ty cig in hours after a leonl demand for payment shall
have been made; the Seller in order to profit of this
present enactinent in their favor may proceed to pre-
sent a Petition to the Honorable Court of Civil dus-
tice, or by their non-sessions to His Excellency the
Goveraor as President of the said Court, in order to
elleet a recovery of what is due him or them, by
Summary Execution; and on his Excellency the
Governor, or the Hon, Court granting the Prayer ot
the Petition, the Petitioner may proceed to the en-
foreement of the fiat, thro’ the Deurwaarder, aticr
due Sommation and Renovation.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
these presents shall be published, printed and posted
up as Customary,
hus enacted in our Assembly, held at the Court
House, New Amsterdam, Berbice, this 15th day of
April, 181°3.—Present, His Excellency R. Gornon,
Governor General, President ; and the Honorable
Members L. C. Anpensets, J. McCamon, A. J.°
Guastus, and G, Munro.
And published on the 16th August following,——
Present, His Honor James Grant, Act. Governor.
J. GRANT, Act. Gov.
By command of the Court.
——== —_ -
View original $e ee CO
BY the Honorable Court of Policy and Cri-'
minal Justice of the Colony Berbice and
tis Dependencies, &c. SC. SC.
Be it known:
HEREAS the Committee,
appointed for the Gene-
xal Superintendance of the Public Works of this.
"Fown New Amsterdam, have addressed themselves
unto us by memorial representing. ‘That an ancient
Ordinance of this Court, respecting the Strayiug on_
the Public Roads and Dams of Horses, Mules, Cattle
Sheep, Goats, and Logs, is so little attended to, that
View original the same daily occurs to the great detriment and in-
jury of the Roads of the said: Town; praying that
the Court would be pleased to provide therein.
We have therefore thought proper, to order and
direct, as we do by these presents :
That Fourteen days after the day of the date of
the Publication hereof, it shall be lawful for any
person, to take up all Horses, Mules, Asses, Caitle,
and Sheep, which at any time may be found stray-
ing onthe Public Roads or Danis of the Town of
New Amsterdam, and place them in custody of the
‘Town Manager, and that such Horses, Mules, Asses,
Cattle, and Sheep, shall be detained by the said Ma-
nager, until the owner or owners shall have paid, af-
ter the following rate, for their release, namely :
lor a Horse, Mule, Ass, Bull, Steer, Ox, Cow, Calf,
or Heifer, each f 6.—And for Sheep, each f 1.—
W hich said fine shall be Collected by the Manager,
and be divided ; namely :—One halt to the person
who Arrests the Horse, Mule, Ass, Cattle, Sheep, or
Annimals so Straying, and the other halfto the ‘Town
Manager, who will be further entitled to a charge of
a guilder per day, for Pood, should such Animal re-
tnain in his custody longer than 12 hours; And
should the owner or owners of such Tlorse, Mule,
Ass, Bull, Steer, Ox, Cow, Calf, Heiter, or Sheep,
entirely omit to release the same from the custody ot
the Manager, the same shall be sold at Public Vendue
(after having been three times Advectised in the Ber-
bice News-paper), to detray the fine attendant their
being taken in custody, Food and Adverusement, and
the surplus be paid over to (he owner eu his appli-
That it shall further be lawful for any person with-
in the Town of New Amsterdain, Fourteen days alter
the Publication of these presents, to Kill (butnot with
fire arms), any Goat or Llog, found on his Premises,
oron the Public Roads, or Dams, of the Town New
Amsterdam; And should any Damage be done to any
Lotsor parts of a Lot withing the stid ‘own by
Hiorses, Mules, Asses, or other di scription of Cattle,
committing the said Damage, and tlre owner of such
Horse, Mule, Ass, or Cattle, retuse to pay the ex-
pence of the Damage so committed, after the sane
shall Have been fairly appraised, or to mabe good
sich Damage as has been incurred ; Ut Shall be law-
fal for the Committic to expose such Horse, Mule,
Ass, or other Wind of Cattle, at Public Vendue after
the same shail have been three tim’s Notified in the
Berbice Gazette, and from the proceed of the Sale,
defray the expence of the reparation of the Damage
committed: And should after the payment of the
said expence any overplus remain, such -overphus
shall be paid te the Proprietor of the Horse, Mule,
(ss, or Cattle, so sold.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
these presents shall be Pablished, Printed, and posted.
up as Customary,
Thus enached in our Assembly, held at the Court
[fouse in New Amsterdam, Berbice, this 6th day of
July, 1S13.—Present, His Honor, James Grant,
Lsq. Acting Governor ; and the Honorable Members
LC. Ansensets, J. McCamon, P. Farrearren,
A.J. Guasius, and G. Munro; demptis, S. Fra-
And Pablished on the 16th August following, in
presence of }iis Houor J. Grant, Acting Governor.
By command of the Court of Policy.
View original A PROCLAMATION,
BY the Honorable Court of Policy and Cri-
minal Justice of the Colony Berbice and
tis Dependencies, &c. SC. &c.
Be it known:
HEREAS the Committee
q appointed forthe Gene-.
ral Superintendance of the Public Works of this’
Town of New Amsterdam, have addressed them-.
selves unto us by Memorial, representing the neces-
sity of establishing a fund by Annual Contribution,
from each and every Proprietor of Land, within the
said ‘Town, in proportion to the quantity of Land pos-
sessed by him, her, or them, for the purpose of im-
proying the Public Dams, Roads, Bridges, and Drain-
View original age, Ol the said ‘Lown, at present in a total state ot
Neglect and Decay, as also for the future preserva-
tion of the Town by maintaining and keeping up the
said Dams, Roads, Bridges, and Drainage, in con
stant order and repair, and further to defray both,
the charge of future necessary improvements, as well
as the expence of the establishment for the Town
Management. And the said Committee having sub-
mitted unto usa Plan, on which, according to their
opinion, this Contribution could be best carried into
effect ; and praying that the Honourable Court would
be pleased to take the aforesaid proposal under cone
sideration, and, if approved of, to Sanction the same,
or, to make such ameliorations as the Court should
judge most expedient.
We therefore, after having attentively examined
the plan submitied by the said Committee, and hav-
ing maturely considered the proposal for an Ass: ss-
ment, have thought proper and resolved fully to ap-
prove thereol.—Accordingly ordering and directing,
as we do Order and Direct by these presents :
That each and every Proprietor, or Proprietors,
of a whole Lotor part of a Lot inthe First and Second
Eimpolders, of the Town New Amsterdam, shall an-
nually Contribute, into the hands of the Commitice,
chosen by the Proprietors of the ‘Town Lots, and. re-
lified and confirmed as a Committee by this Court,
and by them generally constituted for the Manage-
ment of the ‘Town, their Quota of contribution (con-
formable to the repartition list here inserted, which
we have approved of and aflixed for the next coming
year) forthe Lot or part of Lot which he, she, or
they possess, cither by Contract of Purchase or Trans-
port, and conformable to his, her or their return made
io the sail Committee ; for improving and keeping
Up in constant Repair the Roads, Bridges, Drainage,
and Koker, of the said Empolders, aud for other use-
ful and necessary purposes.
1s¢ Emp. | 2d Emp. _
A whole Lot ................ J 400-— | J SLU
A half Lot fronting the River... ,, 300-—— | ,;220-—_
A quart do. do....9, 200 >» |176—~
An vighth do. do....5, 175—— | ,,132—__—
A sixtecnth — do. do....5, 132—— | 35 88—
A smaller part do. do...-5, 88——!,, 44——_
A half Lot fronting the Cent. R.,, 200—— | ,,176——
A quart do. do....,, 176—— 9) 152———.
An eighth do. do....5, 132—— | 33 S3——
A sixteenth ~— do. 1 GO...+5, 88——]/,, 4¢——
A smaller part do. do...+5,) 44——],, 2Qe——-
A quar’ Lot front’ the Backd’..,, 132—— | ,, 8&——
An cighth do. do...+5, 88——1/,, 41——
A sixteenth — do. do....5, 44——] ,, 22——
A smaller part do. do...-5) 32——] ,, 1Z——
Theinner parts between front and
centre road :—whole breadth, .10 st. p- ft. 8 st. p. ft.
Idem .......... half... ...... 5 ditlo | 4 = ditto
Idem .......... quarter,..... 2t ditto |2 ditto
Idem between centre and back roud
whole breadth ............... 8 ditto 6 ditto
Idem half................. .- 4 ditto 3 ditto
Idem quarter............. .-- 2 ditto 14 ditto
Cross paths considered included in the breadth.
To the amount of the respective proportions, tobe ade
ded 19 pCt. for divided, and 5 pCt. for whole Lots, and
to be charged in every Account. The said percentages
being allowed to the Secretary of the Committee, in con.
sideration fur his keeping the Books, Accounts, &c, and
rendering Accuunts iu proper order.
And it is hereby further ordered and directed :—
That the payment of this Contribution shall be made
previous to the last day of November, next ensuing,
and annually for the future, one half of the present
quota of contribution, which quota after the account
specifying the same, shall have been one month pres,
viously sent to the Proprictor or Representative of
the Lots and parts of Lots shall also be paid previous
to the latter end of the month of November, and that
‘in the hands of two of the Members of the aforesaid
Committee, who will attend for the purpose of re-
ceiving the said contributions at such time and place
as shall hereafter be made known by Advertisement
from the said Committee in the Gazette of this colo«
ny, and should payment not punctually be made at
the afore specified period of the amount of Assess«
ment, the same shall be recoverable by and on behalf
of the said Committee onthe Land and further pro-
perty afthe delaulters, by Summary Execution.
And it is further ordered and dirceted, that each
View original ' ‘Proprieter or Proprictors of Land in the First or Se-
‘cond Empolders of this Town, who may have sold
or otherwise disposed of their Lots or parts of Lots
since the last Return made to the Committee, do
within fourteen days afier the Publication of these
presents, and in future within the like space of time
after any subsequent Sales or Alienations of Lots or
parts of Lots, give in a Statement thereof in writing,
addressed to the Secretary of the Committee, speci-
fically stating the admeasurement and boundaries of
the Land so sold or otherwise alienated, on pain to
those who shall be found deficient immaking the said
return within the above limited time, of forfeiting
for the benefit of the Town Fund, the sum of f 5-10.
per diem for every day that shall elapse after the ex-
piration of the aforesaid specified time, and be ne-
vertheless bound to make the said Return, which fine
shall in like manner as the collection of the yearly
Assessment, be recovered from the Land and other
property of the proprietor remaining in default, (if
need) by Summary Execution.
And whereas the said Committee hath further re-
presented to us :— That notwithstanding their repeat-
ed Advertisements, requiring Proprietors of Lots to
render in a statement to the Committee of the Land
they possess; yet, that a few persons appear to have
remained in default of rendering in such a statement,
and the owners of such Land being unknown: ‘The
said Committee prayed that we should provide there-
We have consequently thought proper to order
and direct, as we do ly these presents :
That it shall be Lawful to the Committee, to sell,
at Public Sale, such Lots or parts of Lots in the Town
of New Amsterdam, whereof no return appears to
have been made to the Committee, and whereof the
proprietor or proprictors remain unknown ; provided
that such Sale be previously advertised three times in
the Berbice and Denerary Ga®etes, and that the pro-
ceeds thercof remain depesifed in the hands of the
Comniittee ad opus jus hahentium.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
these presents shall be Published, Printed, and Post-
ed up as customary.
Thus enacted) in our Assembly, held at the Court
Tfouse, in New \insterdam, Berbice, this 6th day
of July, 1S13,—Present, His Honor J. Gr ANT, Esq
Acting Governor: and the Howble Members I. €.
Anpernsets, d. MeCauon, PL Parr KAIRN, A. J.
Grasivs, G. Muy o,—den ptis, S. FRASER.
Aud published on the Toth August following, in
presence of His Honor 2. Corant, Act. Governor.
- J. GRANT, Act. Gor.
By command of th Court,
R. C. DOWNER. Sey.
L Y flis bereellemn y JS4 wis GRAN Ts, Major Ph
His Majesty’s COth Regiment of boot, Act-
we Governor of the Coluny of Berbice and
is Dependencies, Viec-Admiral, and Presi-
dent of all Coats and College s atthin the
save A C. NC. ANC.
Toall td) whom these presents shall or may come
Greeting ! be tiluowns
IWHERE AS the tendue Master, appointed by His
Blaje hy’s dectlers Patent, for the Culony of Berbice,
has thought) proper, on the demise of his late Deputy
William Phrelfal, do nominale and appoint Donald Chat.
les Cameron, aad Lewis Cameron. lsquires, to be joint.
ly and severally his Deputies ; and those Gentlemen has.
ing exhivwed tome their Powegs in due form, and taken
the customary Oath for the performance of the duticsy of
their Ovice, L have received them in that cupacity,
Nolice whereof is given to the Public, that they may
recvize and acknow!ledze these Gentlemen as Deputy Ven.
due Masfers, of the Colony Berbice, and further govern
themselves cccordinely.
And that no 7 Pade may be pretended, this Nolifi-
cafion is made pullic through the customary channel,
Givenunder my Uand und Seal, at the King’s Louse
in New Amsterdam, Lerbice, this [6th day of Au.
gust, \8i3.
I. GRANT, Acting Governor.
By his Ercellency’s command,
THuos. C. EMERY Gov. Sec.
BY a Gentleman living in the country, a good
House Boy, of about 14 years of age, for which a
liberal price (cash) will be given—appl to
21 Aug. tr, BONE.
View original NOTICE,
THE undersigned in his capacity as qq. the Ex-.
ecutrix of the late C. Stuveng, requests all those in-
debted to hin, either by note of hand, open accounts
or otherwise, fo come forward with immediate pay-
ment.—2I Aug. G. BONE.
View original PICKED. UP
AT sea, iu front of this estate, a Punt, 18 feet in
Jength and 4£ feet beam. he owner may have it
restored by paying the expence of this advertise.
ment and rewarding the Negroes who picked it up.
No, 19, west coast, 21 Aug,
View original — Secrelary’s Office.
Wordt geadverteerd, dat, This és to inform the Pu.
de volgende personen voor-blic, that the following per-
nemens =yn uit dese Kolonic sons intend quilting this Co-
te verirekken, tony.
A. A. de la Court in 6 weeks from Aug. 14.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
WORDT hiermede bekend) NOTICE is hereby given,
gemaakt, dat een maand na\that a month after date the
dato de volgende Transpor-| following Transports and
ten en Hipotheeken zullen| Mortgages will be passed.
verleden worden.
24 July. Ths. Frankland, qq. will transport to De-
merary, L100 Negroes, being the Gang of Pln.
Union, west corentyn, names to be seen at this
———. Dr. C. Schwiers will transport to J. Vost,
Lots 55, 56, & 57, second empolder.
Simon Fraser will transport to the Repre-
sentatives of R. Dodson, Pln. Litchfield, on
the west sea coast of this cotony, with all the
slaves and other appurtenances to the same
——— W. Katz will transport to J. A. Frauendorf
77} acres land, part of Pin. Cumberland, in
Aug. 1. J. Zimmerman will transport to the free ne-
gro woman May, 29 roods trom the aorthern
halfot Lot No. 19, New Amst. adjoining the
new centre road,
-——— Mrs. C. Klonek, widow and Relict of I]. J.
Busey dec. will transport to John Beresford,
N.U. apartot the lot No. 1, first empolder in.
New Amst. with the building thereon, ad join-
ing the new centre road.
A. Thornborrow will transport to Demerary
51 Negroes, names to be seen at this office.
——_W. Munro (Corentyn) will pass a mortgage
in favor of Campbells Fraser & Co. vested on
Pin. Dingwall, or half No. 40, Corcutyn, cum
Win Munro (Corentyn) will transport to
Taitt and Hollingsworth, the half of Lot No.
40 Corentyn, known under the name of pe
som.—Taitt and Hollingsworth will Dass a
mortgaye on Pin. Epson, or the balt of Lot
No. 40, Corentyn, as also on 20 Negroes, in
favor of W. Nunro, (Corentyn).
Aug. 14. J. Quarles will fransport to W. Kewley,
his part of lot No. S, in New Amst. with the
building thereon, adjoining West to Mary
Blair, and east toll. W. HWackmann.
——— Wn. kewlevy will fransport to Th. ©. Jones
and John Quarles, the lot of land called Ta-
pin sburch, situated in the East coast canal.
Vho are to pass a mortyage on sitid land,
with 30 head of cattle and. their encrease, in
favor of said W. Kewley.
21 Aug. B. Lohman will traasport to Peter Mathews
(he sonth back’ quarter of Jot No. AY, New
—— Lb. Lohman vill transport to John Croft, 400
feet of land, from the north back quarter of
lot No. 42, New Amst, adjoining the new cen-
(re road.
——— Thomas Fraser will fransport) to Douglas
Reid & Co plantation Kingeley, situated on
the west sea coast of this colony, with Fifty
ight Slaves, and all its appurtenances.
Rh. C. DOWNER, Secy.
— tee — eee
— > ee
WHEREAS the followine persons have addressed
themselves to the Hon. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice, of the colony Berbice, at their Sessions of
the 26th July, IS13, for Letters of Manumission.
The mulatto woman Molly Hagar, assisted by A.
F. Fischer, tor herself.
HM. Luthers for the Sambo woman Massy.
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whom it
may concern, and who may wish fooppose the grant
of said Letters of Manumrission, that they may ad-
dress themselves in writing (o the undetsigned Secre-
lary of the Colony, previous to the ensuing Sessions
of the Ion. Court, when a final disposition will be
made on the aforesaid Petitions.
Berbice, 27th July. R.C. DOWNER, Sec.
View original NOTICE.
THE undersigned, Curators to the Estate of the
late Deputy Vendue Master Wm. Threlfall, hereby
give Notice, that all Vendue Accounts, due said es-
tate, remaining unpaid after the 31st: instant, will be
put into the hands of a Lawyer, to recover by Sum-
mary Process, J. DOWNER.
2] Aug. D. C. CAMERON,
View original a
FOR SALE—At this Office—Blank Bills of Ex.
change, Bills of Lading, and the Manner of Procee-
dings, before the Court of Civil Justice of this Co-
View original Vendue Office.
Public Vendues.
On Wednesday the Ist Sept.. and follawing days,
will be sold by orler of Robt. Taitt, and Wm. Kew-
ley, Esqrs. in their capacity as Curators to the Es-
fate of the late Richard Barry, dec.—The western
half of Plantation Newlandhal/, beiug one-third of
Lot No. 23, Corentyn coast.
NB. The Sale will take place on the spot,——and
Terms of payment, those purchasing under f 1000.
payable in 3 montbs, and above that sum in 6 9& 12
The southern half of Plantation /Yarriet, being half
Lot No. 76 Correntyn, together with buildings, and
slaves, stock and all and every thing thereunto be-
longing—Inventories of which to be seen at the Ven-
due office.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On the 2d Sept. will be sold at Plu. Hogsty, by order
of the curators of the late R. Merchant dec. jlousehold
furniture House Servants, and some field negroes—and by
order of W. Fraser Esq. 10 Cows and 50 Sheep.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original ary a a” ae -
On Tuesday 7th Sept. by order of James Bennett,
Esq. on No: 12 West coast, frou 30 to 40 head fine
cattle. —3 and 6 months credit,
On the same day and place, by order of Ths. Fra-
ser, from 20 to 30 head of cattle in excellent order.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Thursday 9th Sept. will be sofd at the Vendue
ofice—beef and pork in tierces, barrels and 4 ditto,
Madeira wine in whole and 4 hhds., gin and brandy
per 5 gallons, soap, candles, Irish linen, cotton and
linen checks, cotton socks, white jean, cotton & cof-
fee bagging, coffée bags, nails assorted, &c.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
, ae ———$$____.
On Wednesday 15th Sept. by order of A. A. ce
la Court, esq. the whole of his household furniture,
an elegant blue table service for 24 persons, a horse
aud chaise, 2 sets of harness, saddles and bridles, &c.
On the sane day, by order of the Curators of the
state of the late W. Threlfall, dee. —The premises
on lot No. 7, well Known as the Vendue Office for
sume years, two water vats, &c.
‘ By the Vendue: Master in commission, dry goods,
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Mastr.
(/hith or without aLout 50 Negrovs),
Being Lot Nu. 9 on the West Coreatyn coust of Berbice,
anid known on the general Chart us } of Lote
No. 7,8, 9.
The healthy and very desirable situation of this pro.
perty, arewell kKaown, no lands within the colony, being
better adapted for the srowth of Cotton, besides affording
abundance of good Plantain Land. ,
Its present cultivation consists of 318 Acres in fine beare
ing Cotton, Plantains and Ground Provision; all in ex.
celleat order. —To an approved purchaser, liberal terms
will be given,
Should this property not be disposed of by Private Sale,
before the Ist July next 1813, it will be sold at Public
Application to be made in the meantime, to Mr. Hugh
Rose, on the Lstate, or to
August 28. SNGUS FRASER.
Day of Sale fired.
On Monday the first of November next at the Vendue
Oliice, by order of Messrs, Evan & Angus Fraser, as there-
into specially authorised, will be sold by Public Sale the
Plantation ROSE HALL, Courantine coast, Berbice,
situated and described as above, with all its Slaves, and
every thing attached, agreeably to an Inventory to be
secn at this Office.
Terms of Payment—For Land, Cultivation and Build.
ings—on salisfactory security being given by the Pur.
chaser,—1 2 & 3 years by equal Armual Tustalments, with
For the Negroes.
Approved Bills of Exchange, on delivery at 192, 18,
and 24 months sight,—or as an encouragement to a Par.
chasery who may be desirous of taking the whole of the ‘
Property, as it at present stands, say the land and negroes
to gether, the terms of payment will be extended to 1, 2,
and 3, years on security being given to the satisfaction of
Messrs. Evan & Angus Fraser.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original RUNAWAY.
FROM the subscriber, a Negro man named Dick,
of the Congo Nation, and is well known in this co-
lony, has a remarkable rising on his right wrist——
any person taking him up, or lodging him in the
barracks, shall baye a reasonable reward.
View original NOTICE.
THE resumed Sittings of the Court of Civil Jus-
ce, is fixed for Monday the 20th Sept. 1813.
Court House, Berbice, 24th Aug.
_ R. C. DOWNER, Sec
C ssarvat O
ommissariat Office
Berbice, 26th Aug.
Required forthe use ofthis Garrison, One Hundred
Bushels of good Oats.—Tenders for the whole, or
part thereof, will be received at this Office until Wed-
nesday the Sth September at 10°’clock in the morn-
ing, when they will be opened, and the offer, or of-
fers, most advantageous to Government if approved,
will be accepted. ‘
The Oats subject to survey, and payment made on
passing the Board.
JAMES B. BULLOT, D. Assist. Com. Gen.
rr ee ee ee ee
Presentecrd uit de band te Koop, tot civile prysen
voor kassa of produkten, zyn Lot No. 26 en zyn part
in No. 8, met gebouwen, in een of gedeellens, kom-
piete bocrewy Framen, en geschaaft vierkant boere-
wy ffout en planken in soorten. Diverse winkel wa-
ren als yzer, tin, koper, blik, aarde, linnen, wollen,
an katucn-waren, oude rum in puneheons, water va-
ten, Frausche waterpotten, en buishoudings goede-
ren. 28 Aug.
ee lS itl tt att ED,
View original ». oS ———-
LIST of Letters remaining in the Post-O ffice,
which if not called for, will be forthwith return-
cd lo Europe.
Brown, Mrs.) Bridgewater Miss I.) Bisphane, Mr.
3.) Bacues, Mr. J.) Bryant, Me. J.) Balfour, Dr. J.
° Cc
Corsis, I°. L. de heer.) CArter J. Wickman.) Chap-
man, Rich. lsq.) Collier, Mr"Rich.)
, D
Douglas, Edmond A.) Domings, Chs.) Dunlop, Jas.
Dodgson, Robt.) Dioigold, Miss Mary.) Dove, Mr.
Samucl. )
Eboral, Mr. Charles.) Elliot, Mr. Jos.
Findlater, Mr. David.
Gallez, L. F. de heer.) Guyot, Monsr. J.) Goring,
Dr. J.
Harvie, Mr. .fas.) Herlin & Bender) Tagburne, Miss
Carsenia.) Plath, Mur. Jes.) Hall, Miss Catharine.)
Hhinde, \{r. "Phomas.) Heyteyer, J. W.) Hewitt,
J. bsg. Nichirie.) Hengry, Mr. John.
Jones, Capt.) Johan, Jacob.) Jackson, Jas Vsq.
Kerr, Oatharine.) Kine, Mr. Wm.) Kerr, Mr. Win.
Kenne:'y, Mr.
Long, ‘Ths. C.) Luthers, if.) Lighton, Me. Thos.
Lewis Mano. qq. of.)
Milligan, Jas. Esq.) McKinmice, Alex.) MeDonald
J. Esq.) Morris, Capt.) MeDowal, Capt. Robert.
McKenzie, Mr.) Munceker, J. J. sy.) Melutosh,
Mr. Alex.) MeKenzie, Capt.) Meredith, Robert)
McKenzic, Mr. Rodk.) Mosset, Watchmaker.
Pissimirken, Miss. B.) Philips, Nath. Esq.) Pollet,
Jacob Carel.
Rawlins, Mrs.) Ricketts, Sam. Esq.) Reynolds, Mr.
W.) Roberts, Mr. John.) Rose, Mr. W. Inverness.
¢Kimmer, Oliver.
Sheppard, Ths. Esq.) Stewart, Mr. Allan.) Shaw,
Mr. Alex.) Shanks, Mr. Jam.) Sander, J. P. Esq.)
Shanks, [°. sq.) Stewart, Mr. Jam.) Shutter, Mr.
Campbell.) Sowerby, Mr. John) Sinith, Mrs. M. PF.
@chwartz, Mr. G.
Tuit, Jas. Capt.) Thompson, Robt.) Taitt, I. Esq.)
Watt, Alex. Esq.) Wade, Thos. Esq.) Wade, Rt.
Esq.) Wade, Isaac L’sq.) White, Mr. Geo.) Wal-
Ker, Dr. Geo. -
Young, Mr. William. :
, Post-O ffice, 2\st Aug. 1813
Wu. SCOTT, Dep. Postmr. Gen.
ee -
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A good house boy— ply to this office. 3 July.
fn upper Berbice, Mr. F. von Watpkiacu.
View original = SSR:
NEW AMSTERDAM, 28 dug. 1813.
—_ © ——
We have the pleasure to announc: to the Public,
the arrival of His Excellency Majo: General Mur-
“RAY.—ILis Excellency, by virtue of His Majesty's
appointment, will receive over the Civil Administra-
tion of the Colony Berbice and assume the Functions
of Governor, on Monday next.
A Mail for Barbados will be made up at the Post Office here, on
Tuesday the 31st inst. at 10 o'clock, Pp. »#. to he forwarded to Bar-
bados by the Dispatch Boat IMarriet Elizabeth.
From the late t nglish Papers.
An order has lately been issued bythe War Office. per-
mitting the Fife Militia now at Chatham, and all the other
regimeuts of Scotch Militia, to volunteer into the 49th
regiments of the linc, now serving in Canada; on conditi-
on, as is to be stated in their attestations, that each vo-
lunteer shall be discharged at the expiration of six months
aficr a general peace, and be allotted a certain quantity
of land inproportion to his rank.
On the Ist of June, the Officers and men, quartered at
Radipole Barracks, were gratified in seeing a brother
soldier rewarded. Serjeant William Butler, of the 12th
Light Dragoons.—AIl the Non Commissioned Officers of
that Regiment were ordered (o attend the Mess-room, after
their Officers’ dinner, when Capt. Cole, of the Regiment,
in the presence of the Field Officers and men belonging to
the garrison, presented unto Serjeant Wm. Butler a silver
cup, which the Officers had voted to him as atoken of
their regard for bis goud services, as a man and a soldier,
for 48 years in that Regiment. Capt. Cole’s address in
presenting the same, was such as to animate the young
soldier, and to inspire those of more mature age to follow
the example of the old veteran whom he was about to
reward; the same was received with every dezree of dix-
nity and respect becoming the soldicr., When the old
Warrior received the emblem of houour, his feelings may
be better imagined than described. ‘The Band struck up
‘Britons strike home,’ and they marched to the old veter-
au’s room in military order, waore the enp was filled with
Claret, and the evening spent with the gteatest: order and
conviviality, atthe expence of the Officers of the garrison,
during which the old soldive dauced several burupipes, in
the 74th year of his age.
In her late passage from the Cape of Good Hope, the
Union discovered a shoal and seef Lithertu unknown, of
considerable caAtent, and ua uently Gahsctolls tu vessels
passing from thence to the Fieach isiands, asit lies in the
Girect (ract; the account we heve been politely favoured
with, states, that the Union was becamed for thece hours
within three miles of a small rock, the length of which was
computed to be 12 yards, and the elevation above the wa.
(er about six fect) trom which areef extends nearly six
miles. The weather had been very favourable, and the
Commander of the Union having a good Chronometer, it
Ss Delteved that the position of this reef aud shoal has been
icurately ascertained: ‘The longitude agreed very near.
ly) witha recent lunar observation. We cannot, of conrse,
vuuch for the accuracy of a verbal communication, but
the latitude is stated to be 35, and a dew min. S. and the
longitude 52, $0, E. Itis thoughe to be the shoal laid
down in some charts by the Dutch, and nawed Slut van
An Trish estate has recently been advertised in a Cork
Hewspaper, with temptations to a purchaser of no ordinary
Kirsl—il Consists of Owo villages, the futnre prospects of
which are set torth by stating, that one of them is lot for
nue hundeed years, and the other ou a lease for ever! on
the expiration of which terms, both the said villages will
be capable of great improvement.
New York, June 21.—We understand that an express
to General bzard reached here last evening from New
Londou, bringing intelligence that the British squadron
off that port had been resuforced by a ship of the line,
three frigates, aud a brig; and that it was apprehended an
immediate attack would be wade upon the town. ‘This
news has been subsequently corroborated by the arrival of
a smack down the Souud.—the Captain of which states,
that he saw the above-described force off New London
yesterday afternoou, aud that they suflered htm to pass
The United States’ brig Argus sailed from this port for
France on Saturday, with a fair wind, having on board
vur Ambassador, Mr. Crawford, and suite.
By letters received here from Washington, it appears
that the nomination of Gallatin, as Minister to Russia,
has been rejected by the Senate by a-majority of six. It
is considered necessary that the ollice of Secretary to the
Treasury should be declared yacaut before the above ap-
pointment could’be confirmed.
Kinston, June 7th,
General Order.—His Excellency the Commander of
the Forces has great satisfaction in ordering the following
General Order, issued by Major-General De Rottenburgh,
to be published, and to add his approbation of the judge-
ment and gallantry displayed upon the occasion by Major
Taylor of the 100th regiment, and the officers and inen
employed in the attack of the enemy’s armed vessels.
By His Excellency’s command,
Epward Baynes dd..Gen
View original Montreal, June Ath,
General Order.—The Major-General Commanding ha¥
received a report from Major Taylor of the 100th regiment,
giving an account of a gallant aitair which took place yes-
terday between the gun-buats and detachments from the
garrison of Isle aux Noix, and the enemy’s armed vessels
Growler and Eagle, from Lake Champlain; having each
1] guns, with four officers and 45 men on board, and which
ended in the capture of both these vessels, after a well con.
tested action of three hours and ahalf Major Tayjor speaks
in high terms of the gallantry of all the officers and soldiers
employed on this occasion, particularly of Lieut. Lowe
of the marine department, Ensigns Dawson, Gibbon, and
Humphries, and Acting Quartermaster Pilkington of the
100th regiment, with their crews, and reports the material
assistance he received from Capt. Gordon of the Royal
Artillery, Lieut. Williams of the 100th regiment, with the
parties on shore, who contributed greatly to the capture
of the enemy.—The garrison had three men wounded ; the
enemy one man killed, and eight severely wounded.—The
Major-General Commanding wi! have much satisfaction
in reporting to His Mxcellency the Commander of the
Forces, this action, which dues bigh credit to the arrange.
ments of Major Taylor, aud to the conduct and bravery
of all concerned.
By command, J. Rowan, D, 4. 4.G.
————_——————_ - —_
Precept for a Lady’s Dress.
If you would rise a wash of white,
Let chastity be chose’,
Aud fasinating modesty,
Your blooin that tidts the rose;
Your eye brow’s dress with chearfuluess,
Sincerity your lip,
And let instruction ever be,
Your ears peruvian dip;
Your mantle than let innocenee,
With happy mildnees place,
Of plac’¢ virtue chese a robe,
With resolutions bra-e.
Take confideace in him you love,
The partner of your life,
The best of ornaments that can
Distinguish (he best wife ;
Phe’ fragment zypher of your breath,
Let truth aloue improve,
Use this precept, nor even death -
Nor age sald lessen love. OQ.
— + eee
When 4 portion of Cream they had shiuiw’d on the Sca,
lor a mode to preserve it they seek ;
Asan emblem of Vicvry at length they agree,
On erecting a great Cheesy-Peuk !!
sut the Lads of the Saannow they brandish’d the Oak,
And levell'd the trophy in Style;
Aud e’en tho! their toughest Shillelah was Broke,
Triumphant they ruin’d the Pile.—
New Anist. 24th Augt. PADDY WIIACK.
View original ———————
Plan of a Lottery.
To be drawn with Permission of Ilis Lucellency
Gozcrnor J. GRANT.
Consisting of the Northern front quarter of Lot
No. 37, in the second empolder of the ‘Town of New
Amsterdam, with the Buildings thereon, and Ap«
praised by Mr. J¥m. Grant, Carpenter, at f 4,708
There will be 107 Tickets, at f44. each.
The Winner may take possession the very, mo-
ment after the drawuae:.
‘The costs of ‘Transport are to be paid by the win-'
The day of drawing of this Lottery will be made
known thro’ this Gazette.
TICKETS to be had at A. Freury’s, this
Office, and La Rose’s Tavern.
Berbice, 24th July.
Fourth Proclamation
BY virtue of authority granted by the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date of
Ist May IS13, upon a Petition of A. J. Glasius and
b. J. Schwiers, Sequestrators over Plantation Vrede
en Vriendschap, and half Goudmyn.
Notice is hereby given, that I the undersigned,
First Marshal of the Courts of this colony, will sell
by public Execution Sale, in the month of July,
IS14, (the precise day hereafter to be notified thro’
the Gazette of this colony.)
The Plantation VREDE en VRIENDSCHTA P, and:
halfof Plantation GOUDMYN, with all its culti-
vation, buildings, slaves, and other appurtenances,
and depe-dencies thereto belonging
W hoever should think to have any right, action,
or interest on the abovementioned plantations, and
its dependencies, and wishes tooppose this sale by
execution, let him or them address'themselves to re
the undersigned, declaring their reason tor so doing
ina legal manner in writing, as Thereby give notice
that ] will receive opposition trom all intermediate
person or persons, appoint them a day to have their
claims heard before the Court, and further act therc-
on according to law.
This 4th proclamation published by beat of drum
as Custemary’, Berbice, 8 Aug IS12.
: _K. FRANCKEN, [st Marsha?
View original Marshal's Office.
First Proclamation.
WHEREAS | the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from His Excellency R. Gorvon, Governor
General of the colony Berbice, and its Dependen-
cies, &c. &c. &e.
Upon a Petition of Wm. Gordon, as together with
Eoan Fraser and Angus Fraser, the Surviving At-
tornies, jointly and severally, for Donald McLeod,
of Geanies, in the county of Ross, North Britain,
versus, James Craufurd, MeLeod, wid John Be-
thune, under date of 17th April 1813, has on the
29th April and 16th Aug. 1813, taken in Execution
and put under Sequestration, the Cotton Estate
situate on the Corentyn coast of this colony, with all
its Slaves, Buil lings, Cultivation, &¢.—As also the
Lower half of Lot No. 80, Corentine river, the pro-
perty of abovenamed J. Craufurd, McLeod, and J.
Bethune, alo! which properties an Inventory is to
be seen at the Marshal’s Office.
Be it therefore knowu, that [ the undersigned in-
tend to Sell, aflerthe expiration of One year and Six
week, from the 16th August, 1813, the abovenamed
cotton Estate Geanies, and the Lower half of Lot
No. 80, cum annerts.
Whoever should think to have any right, action
or interest on the abovementioned Estates,, and wish-
es tooppose the Sale thereot, let such) person address
themselves to the Marshal's office, declaring their
reason for such opposition in duc time and lorm, as
Thereby give notice that [ will receive opposilion
from every one thereunto qualifica, appoint them a
day to have his or her claims heard betore the Court,
end further act thereon according to Law.
This first Proclemation made known to the public
by beat of drum as customary. Berbice 22 Aug. gis.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
—~ - — — ———————(—C ~~ rr
View original SALE vy EAECUTION.
Second Proclamation.
BY virtue of a Writ of Execution, granted
by His Excellency James Grant, Acting Governor
of the Colony Berbice anc its Dependencies, &c.
&e. &e.
Upon a petition presented by J. J. van der Stoop,
under date of 22 Judy ESio, versus, fd. Rodca-
broek for w Wand for J.C. Schollevanger.
I the undersivned, Marshal of both the Honorable
Courts of this Colony, shall expose and sell, at pu.
blic Execution sale, i presence of two Councellors
Commissarics and their Secretary, on Wednesday
the Sh September, Isle, at the Court House of thus
colony, at Ht o'clock tn the forenoon of that day:
A Necro mon, ing a house servant, named Joe,
the property of I. A, Rodenbrock.
Whoever should think to have any right, interest
or chim, on the abovementioned Negro man Joe,
wishes fo oppose Che sale thereot, let such person ad-
dress bimseltto me the Marshal, declaring his reason
for such opposition, in duc tine and form, as T here=
hy give notier, that T will receive opposition trom
every one thersuato qualified, appoint them a day
to have his or hey claim heard berore the Court, and
further fo proeced according to law in such case.
This 2nd proc amation published by beat of drum
as Customary. Iserbice, 22 Aug. ISIS.
K: FRANCKEN, Lirst Marshal.

View original -_———— ——— > a ,
’ ' . ’ ric ip yyy ,
Second Proc amation,
RY virtue ofa Writ ol ixecution, ¢ranted for a4
second Levy, by His Hionor James Granr, Acting
Governor of ie colony Berbice, and its Dependen-
cies, XC. WC. &C.
Upon a Petition presented by FE. S. Bannister,
under date of 22d July 1813, versus, IZ. S. Bennett
and Larose.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Honorable
Courts of this colony, shall expose and Sell, at
public Execution Sale, in presence of two Councel-
lors Commissaries and their Secretary, on Wednes-
day the 15th Sept. [812, at the Court House of this
colony, at [1 o'clock in the forenoon of that day.
Part of L.and of lot No. 7, with all the buildings
thereon, say adwelling fouse and other requi-
site oul-buildings, the property of the free Larose.
W hocyver should think to have any righ:, interest
or claiin on the atoresatd Land and Buildings, and
wishes to oppose the sale thereof, let such person or
persons address hinselfto me the first Marshal, de-
claring his reason for suéh opposition, in due time
and form, ay | hereby give notice, that | will receive
opposition from every one, Ciercunto qualified, ap-
point (hem a day to have his or her claim heard be-
fore the Court,‘and further act thercin according to
style aud law.
This 2nd proclamation published by beat of drum
according to custom. Berbice, 22 A ug. 1819.
Ix. FRaNCKEN, First Marsbal.
View original S4LE BY EXECUTION.
Third ProclanNeion,
BY virtue of a Writ of Execution, granted by
His Excellency J. Murray, Brigadier General,
and Acting Governor of the colony Berbice and its
Dependencies, &c. &e. &e.
Upon a petition of Jro. Douwglasand Gilbert Ro-
bertson, Executors to the Jast Will and ‘Testament
of Jos. Cliff, dec.—versus, Peter Fairbairn, the At-
torney for Jas. Maxwell, of the Island Barbados.
Be it therefore known, that I the undersigned have
caused to be taken in Execution, at the instance of
said J. Douglas and G. Robertson, in their aforesaid
capacity, the Cotton Fstate
situate on the West sea coast of this colony, the pro-
perty of the Estate of Jas. Maxwell, dec. with all its
cultivation, buildings, slaves, &c. contorinable to an
Inventory formed thereuf, and lying at (he, Marshal's
Oflice for the inspection of those whom it may con-
cern. .
Which said cotton Estate Britannia, cum annexis,
I the undersigned intend to sell, after the expira-
tion of one year and six weeks, from the 6th August,
1813, conformable to the Regulations of the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, dated Ist January,
ISO, respecting the Sale of Estates by Execution
in this colony, in order to recover from the pro-
ceeds of said sale such sum of money as wherefore
the said plantation Britannia, has been taken in Exe-
This Srd Proclamation published by beat of dram
as Customary. Berbice, 22 Aug. ISIS.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marsha.
View original SALE py EAECUTION.
Third Proclamation,
BY virtue ofa Writ of Execution, granted by [His
Excellency Jonn Murray, Brigadier General, and
Acting Governor in and over the colony of Berbice
and its dependencies, Vice Admiral, aud. President
in all Courts and Colleges within the same,
&e. XC. . &e.
Upon a Petition of John, Layfield qq. John Dod-
son § Co. of Lancaster, versus, George Munro, une
der date o 26th January, 1813. .
Be it theretore known, that the undersigned have
caused to be taken in Lexecution, af the instance of
said J. Layticld qq. J. Dodson & Co, of Lancaster,
~The Cotton Estate No. 2h.
situate on the Corentine coast, the property of said
G. Munro, with all its Caltivation, isuildings, Slaves
and further Appurtenans es, and Dependencies tiere-
to belonging, and specified in the laventory thereol,
lying at the Marshal’s Office tor the inspection of
those whom it may concern,
Which said Cotton Estate No. YT, cum annexis,
[the undersigned intend to Sell, aitor Che exptra-
tion of one year cand six weeks, from the 2d August,
IS81S, coniormable to the Regulations of the Court
ot Civil Justice, dated Ist January i8!0, respecting
the Sale of Estates by Execution in this coluny, in
order to recover from the proceeds of said sale, such
sum of money as wherefore the said Estate No. 21
have been taken in execution.
‘This 3rd Proclamation published by beat of drum
according to custuin. Berbice, 22 Aug. ISIS.
K. FRANCKEN. borst Marshal.
—_—_ ll
View original ——_ __ —__ +s — -—-— — _ —_____ _»~—
BY virtue ofan Extract of the Minutes of the
Procecdings of the Court ot Justice, of this colony,
dated 24th June ISIS, given in the cause entitled
‘Phe Cruardians of the minor sian Cameron, Plain-
(iff in case of opposition, respecting the Sale of Plan-
tation #/ogstyc, versus, 2. Sythoff qq. Rich. Bar-
ry, or the Curators of said Estaté, the persons in
Whose faver said planfation Hogstye was to be sold.
Notice is hereby given to the Public, ¢bat the sale
of Pin. lloystye, with all its Cultivation, Buildings,
Slaves, &c. thereto belonging, will now take place
on ‘Thursday the 2d Septemberr 1813, on the spot.
Whoever should think to have any right, Mterest
or claim on the aforesid Plantn. Hogstye, and wish--
es to eppose the sale thereof, let such person or
persons address themselves to me the first Marshal,
declaring their reasons for such opposition in due
time and form; as I hereby give notice that I will
receive opposition from every one thereunto quali-
fied, appoint them a day to have his or her claim
heard betore the Court, and further to proceed ac-
cording to law.
This 2ud Proclamation made known to the Public
by beat of drum as customary. Berbice 22 Aug. 1813.
K. Francken, First Marshal.
_— — — ce ee ee eee
Summons by Edict.
BY virtue of authority, granted by the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, dated 25 June,
‘1813, given upon a Petition of James Fraser, and
Simon Fraser, in capacity as the only within this
colony residing Executors of the Last Will and Tes-
tament of Evan Duncan Fraser.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request of befurenamed Jas,
View original Fraser and 8S. Fraser, in capacity as Curators to the
said Mstate of ke. D. Fraser, and by virtue of above
named appointment.
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors against the ese
tate of Evan Duncan Fraser, to appear before the
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony,at their Session
which willbe held in (be month of July, 1S14, (say
Lighteen hundred and fourteen), there to exhibit
and verify their claims, to see opposition made theres
unto, if need, and after expiration of the Fourth
idictal Sammons, to witness the Court’s decision on
the preferent and concurrent right of claimants, and
further to proceed according to law, on pain to all
those who remain in default, of being for ever de-
barced their right of claim.
This summon by edict made known to the Public
by beat of drum as customary—Berbice, 14 July.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original — et
Summons by Edict.
BY virtue of an appointment granted by the Hon.
orable Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, nnler
date of 28th Aug. 1812, upon a petition presented
by Wim. Innes, incapacity as Curator over the Es-
tate of Jchn Donaldson, dec.
[ ine undersigned First Marshal of both the Ton.
Courts of this colony, and at the request of aforesaid
-Wm. Innes, in capacity aforesaid,
Summon by Ldict:
All known and unknown claimants against the Estate
of John Donaklson, dec. to appear before the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their session, to be
held in the month of October, 1813, say Eighteen
hundred and thirteen, there to give in their claims
against said estate, and further to proceed according
to Law.
This summons by edict made known to the Public
by beat of dram, from the Court house of this colony,
and further dealt with conformable to custom.
Berbice, 2d July, 1813.
K Franxcwxen, First Marshal,
View original al
Simmons by Edict.
BY virtue of an appointment, granted by the
Hon. Court of Civil Justice of this ‘colony, under
date of 28th April, upon a petition of Charles Me-
Intosh, in capacity as appointed Executor to the
last Will aud ‘Testament of Charves Gordon, dec.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request of said Ch. McIntosh,
in his capacity abovementioned.
Summon by hLdict:
All known and unknown creditors against the ege
tate of Ch. Gordon, dec. to appear before the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their session to be
hald inthe month of July in the year one thou-
sandcig¢ht hundred and fourteen, (svy 1814), there
fo reuder their claims against said estate, to verify
the same , and further to proceed according to law,
on pain of being for ever debarred their right, of
claim in case of default,
This Summon by Mdict made known to the public
by beat of drum froin (he Court house of this colony,
and further dealt with according to custom
Berbice, 2d July, 1813.
k. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original — —————
Summons by Edict.
BY virtue ofan Appointment, given by the Court
Civil Justice, under date of 28th April 1813, granted
upon a petition of Charles McIntosh, in capacity as
appointed L:xecutor to the last Will and ‘Testament
ot Donald Cameron, dec.
I the undersigned, First Marshal of beth Courts
of this colony, and at the request of aforesaid Chs,
Meclntosh, in his capacity aforesaid.
Summon bf Edict : -
All known and unknown Creditors against the be-
forementioned estate of Donald Cameron, dec. to ape
pear betore the Hon. Court of Civil Justice of this
colony, at their session which will be held in the
month of July 1814, (say One thousand eight hun-
dred and fourteen), there to deliver in their claims,
to verify the same, and further to proceed accord-
ing to Lai on pain of being for ever debarred their
right of claim.
‘Thisgsummons by edict is published by beat of
drum, as customary. Berbice, 2d July, 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
. a eens -
View original —— rr.
DRIETED from the water side of the Subscriber,
a Punt, about 27 feet long by !0 broad, with a flat
bottom and square ends. ~—Also Strayed or Stolen,
from Plantation Seawel/, a large black Ox with
spreading horns. Any'person giving such informa.
tion that they may be recovered, will be rewarded,
and all reasonable expences paid.
Published every Saturday at 4 o’clocl:, p. am.
by W. SCHULZ & Ca

28 August 1813