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The Berbice Gazette

~ Berbice, 9th July, W814.
PURSUANT to an Order of the Honorable Court
af Policy, directing the Receiver General to collect
the Assessed Taxes on Lots in the Town of New Am-
sterdam.—Notice is hercby eiven, that Mr. J. F.
Obermuller, Bookkeeper, hath lodged in this Office
a certified copy of the sums due by each bot, azreable
to the account rendered by him, and which sums be-
Ing due, are to be paid w ithont loss of time.
Ail persons concerned, are requested to pay due
DANIDGL ALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen.
a ——$$
Berbice, 2d July, ISL 4.
Prank Returns for Preduce, for the six months.
Srom ist January to ist Joh gare ready tor delivery at
this Olice, which Returns are to be rade in all this
monily under Teuder of Oath,
D. ALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen.
ThE Excentors to the Ponte ef the lote Mrs, J.
J. tise, will OT) the healt. pen | of Septen ber, or i)
the beginning of October next, S !
Coffy Planilations an - Niver of
And ihe Cotton Plantation ZERZTCIEL, on the west
coust of Berbice.
Tocether with about 600 Slaves, fo be sald iq Tats af
fimilies. The conditions of Sale, Cat woth) ie
Joventories, are visible at) Me. AL 8. de da Con:
Oflice. —The diy of Sale will bt notified by folly
ing adverlisenie nat, Oth Ju! Wy,
THES: quostrators nF plantation Nie o ofter for
sale Thirty bateeef be pat lor ncash:
Tenmlers for wheoh wit be reccived at thre house of
Niecsrs. Fenery & 7 avior, until the Sth inst. on
Which day said tenders will be opened at L20’cloce\,
andl the highest oder. Wa pproved, will be ac cepted,
She cotton will be deli worer fron: (he abovenamed
store, | OD July
View original TUE Domicdinm, eiandi et erecrtonci, of the
subscriber. both inp iveand as qg. ihe heirs and to
eatees of 2 bertand Joseph Clty deceased, sat the
house of Messrs. G. Bone & Co. New Atusterdam,
-— —— ——____ —_. $$ —
View original Nu vereed en te behomen ter dezcr Drukkery
Exemplaren van de
Voor de Vereonis de Nederlanden,
In de Holtlends he Taet.
Teren verede be vale wvan f6,—
Ook zy dezelve te be! komen, an rerary, ter
Drukkery van de Leeren Avian & S STLVENSON,.
also prys f 6.
View original —-
Now ready for delivery, at Uiis Oflice, inthe Dutch
Lancuage on Jie Copies of the
For the Netherlands,
Price f6.—Cash.
Also to be had, in Demer my at the Printine OF-
fice of Messrs. Av LERT & STevVeENSON.—price 6.
TeMAND ewenegen zyn ic zich al ‘ Z lan te enga-
gecren op de plantazie Lust tot Rust in deze rivier,
geliewe zich met behoor!vke @etuieschriften t ie wer:
zien, te addresseren by den Directeur von die plan-
1: cicw—9 July. W.KLOUWENS.
—— ——$$_$_<—_—__...__—
The front quarter of the whole break ot No. 34.
N } ith all the buj! Hire o
ew Amsferdain, with ; (he sildin: Thereon, viz,
a dwelling house, lately putin repair, and outbuild-
ing s entirely new, terms will be made ex y to any ap-
proved purchaser.—Apply for particulars to
2 July. J.J. vAN Der STOOP.
a ee — —_—
Crabwood Lumber.
95 June. ALLAN STEWART & Co.
View original
King’s Wouse, 7th July, \l4
TIVE Licutenant-Governor has been pleased ta
appoint C. ©. Swaving, to be Captain of the Sth
comp. Ist batt. Burgher Militia.
By Command,
Rr. Welelvepg. Cov. See.
ee nen aE
ANY person willing to contract for the immediate
Cleaning and Bricking of the frontdiin, Diceing ou!
the Main Trenches, &c. ty the first enip id or of this
Town New Atusterndam, according Sa puticulars to
be sceniat the President of sud) Covsoittee J.
Crorr, Esq. will lease across foas try Hy ender,
on oor before the USty ineooty at PL oelock in the
morning, when sd Pep ! mopencd, and the
lowest offer, if approved oly co ted. — The Cone
' '
tractor is to e lve SCCUTIEY toy lyse Meg erformence of
the SPork, which will by atall Gunes aider the in-
spection of the ‘Town Mianae a.
Berbice, New A\nisterdiory | Judy, IS'4,
by oidoref the Tora Commiltec.
Hor. OoeRVeLERK, SeCY.
From Bengaulen Eststey aineteen bales anda poc-
Ket good clean, and one bole yetlow cotton, tor east
on delivery, in the Pown of New Amsterdem.— Pen.
ders for which willbe received at the house of Mr.
ldward Pheobald, until Duc sday the twebrth (igiby
of July next.
Jevaynes ROK, qq.
2 July, A. Witt. Ry eg

View original ee
Tue Subseribcrs have viven oy refo “Tr ALC,
Car MER, tor coilcetion and Livy nat ns hs eos
ay iT notes: of hand, due, to tie he A moooay
and Wainrra. Jcureny. forte y cas S13,
This ts therclore {O tect Glyos ca (bre
sid Iustate, Ctra ‘tr. A. Ma. Cater | 2tsed
basta foal, not Groive fh her! wed 1
son or persons whatsoever.
Yo June. Won it TZ,
MV. PiRy.
N.B. The first wndoriened, lis also given the ace
counts, &e. Gue towne tstucorthe hue Dr.
Ar ery, to Air. AN. Ge. Cate r, lor collection,
Of Hits chreuny tance Chose indebted are reGucot-
ed to tate no re
and ciipowered, to etve eequitcr had ne ts
‘ VU ANY pci-
_ —_---- ee,
View original StbRAY Gb OR SLOLEN
From Pinntation Poet yroy tom three weeks toa
MONT snes, Maaroe bliek Cx, poor, and an Ox a-
Hout CQunonmiasohd. ofa ree! eal Ut, wtih very wide
sproaatee horns, sone white ia his £ faeco and about
Nis flinks.— 1h Sayed , ve Foe more than the custo-
mary reward with be civen for their recovery 3. and
fatol ny asmm oi dy ity Jocs, to any person, who
will Convict the Thiik l; or THIEN Is,
Atso drifted from said pl. ttation, on Monday last,
tlorse Punt, painted on its outside with red ocre
anal tary for the recove ry of which a liberal reward
will be given by
95 June. B. JEFFERY.
View original FOR SALE
From One hundred to two hundred bunches Plan-
tains per weeh—alsoa Task Gane is wanted lo putida
a plantain walh, apply on Pln. Scotland,
99) June. JLOMcKAY.
View original ee
‘Ten to twelve prime Negroe men, they have been
accustomed to work in a Task Gang, are all ood
shovelers, and some are sinners, they are recom-
mended to the attention of Woodcuttess, as they un-
derstand to square and saw wood ; if not sold by pri-
vate sale in the course of a month will be putat Public
Sale, apply to the Printer. —925th June.
View original _—$——

“ey 7
Bunlding’s on]

arti Or
vy iV Jo
apply (Oo
23th June A.G. CALMER.
View original $$ _ —
fF , *) . eT
arth The brig STAR,
Wa. Wanrninn, AVaster,
will sail with first convoy—tor freight or passage,
apply to the said Master or
95 June. W.TWENERY.
View original FOR GLASGOW,
vurts The brig SPecuLaTion,
Capt. Feraarson,
warranted to sail with the first convoy,—for freight
or passage apply to the capt. on hoard, or to
IMPORTED and for Sale by the Subseriber, the
cargo of the Schooner Szsifft, trom Oronoqu., con-
sisting of
S Lforses, & 51 prime Mules,
amonest which are sevcral excellent saddle mutes.
91 June. D.C. SCHELDENS,
——S 22s ee lee
=[_ (8 9 =... ©
— —_ -——_— ee
This ts to diform the a lice hal the follozwtne pcre
rons Fotend ovtons this Colon.
V. Ariczer with the Jane or Jule convoy.
C) Molenrver in 6 weeks from 25 Vay.
J.C. Schollevanger for Barbalos by the first opport-
J.0. Tapin and two servants, Harlequin and Wile
lem, in 6 weeks from IS June.
Kk. C. DOWNER, Secy.
NO LICE isherevy given, thata month after dite the
follaosine Transports and Mortgases izili bi passed,
June TS. 0. ven den Brock, as the Attorney of the
Hotrs of Aimé Donzel, dec. will transport to de,
Fraser, the lots No. 5 and 6. situate in Can’:
June 23.G. EF. Berkely,will transnort to the free blac
woman Daphne, 5 roods of avd in depth et ihe
northern half of lot No. 5. and to Wo. Ashby,
the adjoining five rocds in dephtof (he southern
halfof said lot, both fronting the new center
road, New Amst.
R.C. DOWNER?) Soe.
View original —_ = — -— ——_— __ +
BY Command of the Honorulle Court of Pricey
and Criminal Justice of the Colony Wor!
WHEREAS by an Oder of the Hororihle Conn
of Policy Ot thes Colony, bearing date 2 dof yy
. 3
Std, a eencral Mcectine ef Oye Proprietors of bots
within the ‘Town New Anusterdam, was held at ithe
Court House of the colony, on Wednesday the Va¢
dune, ISi4, for the purpose of Choosing a Preside it
andtso Members for the Committee having Elise
and superintendanee ef the ‘Powr New Amsterdar .
These are therefore by comma xl of the Hono at.
Court (o votity to Gie Pablic that the tollowi & Gree
Wemen have been elected by a majority of vor
and are accordingly constituted by the Court of Poe
ley President and two of the Meimbers of the Cue
mittee for the future cure of the hhoads, Bridges, Ko-
kers, and generally the Affairs of the-'Lovwn Nev
Joun Crort, President.
Wo. F\ser, Members
Cus. Kyte, vests:
Notice whereof is hereby given that each and every
one interested may govern themselyes accordingly.
New Ainsterdam, Be rbicc, 22d June, IS14.
iy command,
RoC. Dy \y NEP, Sere.
View original
View original Extract from the Register of the Minutes of
the Court of Civil Justice, cf the Colony Ber-
Wednesday, 15th June, 1814.
AND it was accordingly Ordered, that all persons
acting under the appointment of the Court, either as
Trustees for Creditors, Curators to Insolvent Estates,
Scequestrato’s, Guardians, Administrators, and other
Acconnting Parties, under the orders of the Court,
dorender and give in their Accounts, within one
month from the date of the Publication of tiris Order
in the Berbice Gazette, and in future annually in the
first week of the month of January in every year, to
the Sccretary of the Court, and on no pretence what-
ever to omit the same without a special order for fur-
ther time being previously obtained on Petition,
shewne good cause; And the more effectually to
ensure the duc observance of this Order, it is hereby
further directed: That the Secretary of the Court do
on the first day of every ordinary Sesston, Iry on lie
table of this Court a List of the names and caprer
ties of the several Accounting parties, fogeiher with
the dates of their respective Appointments, and the
thne up to which tie said) Accounts have alresdy
been givenin, or readered to the Court for conform
ation or approval, such lists fo speeify particularly
Where the sevesak vouchers and Documents therety
belowsins, ave deposited aad under whose auchority
Ora der.
AN in the said List is alsa to be inserted the
N- “5 OF alt Persous who Rive taken out Acts ol
fo hinera ao , foociuer with the dates thereol, anc
Pe toa ss heatie sume have been renewed or pro-
Pooley no ether to cont on che nanes of the seve
cothacta occa ao st which the clatus of ie respect-
We Cie itvts ba e veen already Gleu aad exinbited
tev th d-ctstua of (ue Courton the Pra and coueur-
Tease Hereot, logetoer will the dates when the satd
ituns were filed, end also when the seycral P.ocla-
motious and Advertisements relating Chercto, wore
«} botiain the colonial and torciga G wettes.
Vie Court prohib.e and fortid thar Sworn
lo Colisy, Laanune and Repurl
vroury reco ts oF tie parties avoresaid, ist
bit OW TeGuest, OF fo rece Ve Fel payers ror sucis
aarposc, Withe@ut tue same fieviwg Deen RGU LA KEY
ReFeR Lo TO TEE b, the Court,and the several
porttes interested therein, regulary summon ad by
Advertisoment in the pubiic Papers, and das Nice
givenmot at least one calander mouth, (oa appear be-
fore tham, ud tostate theiy Objections, previous
to their making up their report thercon,
AND the Scortary ofthe Court, is ereby sfric ly
forbid, ta future to receive any Documents or vou-
Clirss tio aa. Of the Vecounting Parties aforesaid,
woahoal wrestdac daventory Giereof ts at he same
tine renuered ia hint wy tie sald pate , duty stone
edand dated bo them; and he ts atrectcd, oa tes
Colving sect baveatory, 40 compare the sans will
thc vOueters, cod Coy tae accurtey thereos, ane
farther to. neve de fo Chemie the sitd practices One Copy
Orsucl baveinory ss acd ind aitested by lita vriaas,
Sitcrt becve. Gewese amr NCeounts to be Care ly pore -
sive Dy toed Deb tos Othe » prop ly foe deel and
Gr oe, a. CL et vor lat ae cu Mea Or Lived s nl of the
iovy ONG “pl la We Cases Of pre and concur a,
r plOsuNciaddon OL Lue sentence im Uitose Cases,
yi douean ex, ress Order of tuc Court or Govern,
A tuc extract, publishcad tor general davoriaadon,
by order of the Lionorabie Court of Civil Justice.
Quod Altestor.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
es re ee we wt *.
View original rn eee ar er ne ee
: * b ry, u > ' ZY yw Y
MNDEL Hy, Obherith.
On Thus ity Ute 2st July will be sold at the
Veudu (Dir .—Cotlon and coflec bageing, bee!
menahs porter, beet aud po. k Ai ball barrels, sali in tler-
ds. &Cc
D. CU. CAMERON, Dep, Vendue Maser.
View original On Thursday the 28th Jaly, will be sold at the
ier of this
colony, the oue Uhrd part of Jets No. Lt! and 12.
situate on the west sea coast. with the necroes there-
unto belonging, the property of the late FL Smith.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
r : \ ,Y : , r .
Vendue Mihce, Uv ofuer of the Wioeesken
On Monday the Ist August, will be sold on plan-
falion No. Tl. correntyn, by order of W. Lawson,
lisq. qq.—O0 head of cattle a parcel of household
furniture, &e.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
_—_——SSESE ee ee
Pl otlo NOPICK is hereby gt
Copmtncsh p between the Subseribers, under the
Pionof “GEN eERY & Payror,”’ will be dissulved
yy nivel thal consent-on the YQist pioxtmo.
All persons tndebt dl fo the said birm, are request-
(i fon Copre \ meot foettherof the Ss bsertbers, and
miven: ‘That the
hose who have any cletms against icine, will please
render thom withbout delay.
Berbice, Win. HENE?Y,
Dsti: luae, DST. Jos. PAY LL.
ee HN - ——_—
View original ONE JO RoWAIRO.
Lost, Misteid, or Stolen, on \“eduesday morning
lastyadaol wWatehy ber clish aeede, with a ortbban
and he ymsictitd the safe be ( Hered lor sale, it Is
requ, sted that al tiay be stopp d.
IS June. . ds. BURNETT.
—~—s o 66 aeee* On 2. OO tee fe “CEE TS. SSSerwe SS 1. eet ss
= +. —— —_———
Wi ww hy ALAL AS LCN,
—_—_——— - —_—_ — . —- —__ 2
IOS. SA Sunday after Lrindy,— Last quarter Li h. 2m,
bil ~uUfrl Vi avuile. (tugelues.— Spring tudes.
Lu! vi
rod fowadhin.
uw oceturns to be made jn this month, under tender of Oath, of atl
dicvadet achvyerou tO... Cvehy a Coes cee CC Ose et ecaee HO bay eV
LC Sto ce ye LE CCH GEO s Cte? 5 ab OFORK CW asc el=
Le tad oe Ge COO Cue eel or tae ulily ol ty 0 attu a fr the vw
Coals (regen caa, © OM bac © syne lOu Foduce Noe tatu ie tht —
(dre ce 8 Obes lor qac @udve WOcdiae may Le sau glacie wal. us
Seas ad \ con ve)
New co oe Made Vos Pichuct of Cate or ine, Spirits, ahi
Nhs oy Ide ig eo Cty «t swsew bee PG pe O1 «lec V mere, wub lide dui
dure. phe Sew tebe SD De ares p-* ake year, to we Neves ef ol
Mee ted (aU dee mace) 3 ul vedei tu collect tie impoot Ou
too. »lCles.
- meee ws A SS er ee 3
a U =,) 20 O es o—
Sarurviy, Juiy 9, 1814.
os ‘ 7 ” ’ y P 4 as ee .
Nowurrtvals—No rxeizs.—Nal lesy than 15 American
rieadedrs have Gouin crseled our coasts, and taken lhe
’ , ’ ’ ) 7 ‘
S MuUUNes Juha bpkhlean ard Aa “uy SICNCEM. — d. 4S VC
wteca here by Geverhment, mide ne codony boas m 'y [ji
lhe harbour.
Rxemplary Punishinent of bonaparte, and the Grea
Mutuc Mid Pultiecal Lesson wt Affords.—Logelher
WO A Abe Vee J the Lricuch GConseelultun.
It is suv seltuat Guat any Tiasiory, sacecd or profane,
piesemes de sploudal Cadi. de ot the , refect punssiitient ol
yids. g umal Une age a Wasa Wl occurs iad a Just claim
O ve CUdcbuctod as dueetay and the atiendion of mankind
ho SAP Ot AO Ty as cording ai Ounce a sa.

siecuon toy boa paametple gs jesttce which is invate ia
“Vor Dac en ’ bs & Lit, Sebeses (ita, a Ori Ain, reSsive
(FOO, JUG Gadostalbo se ol lhe PupomutenGcuce of dt revi.
Xa Ne CC 4ay A Geib oat cdth ca cbhetna De raxdei ples of this k. id, lilt ce
lute, Gow Uoleo toa pena Ie, avid tu Niinds of Que fechials,
afe al once Cou atalory atl awiets Chey comfort indiyis
dudgip atu daidtubs oO nivale aancultues and national cala-
bess Fy echt dieu thas ine world, aud all (hac oc-
Cubesatl ty ave ullucd ihe avvertulicil vl Oe who heyer
Sha Uys ; Will i: (000 ys Oliv, atid selictdh another, do vo ;
dud Who vavily welecd, parucuiarly since the revelations
of Chtwsttuniy, tual the word should exist in a certain
degece vl vider and hay tvess, alsways preserves itan that
degree, Of recais wt Lick toit, by his examplary Visitas
Gou vt atroctuus wachedness. Now, in Kings and Go-
veruors, this wickedness is hut of two kinds ;—in the first
place tyranny, and in the second ambition ; by the first
of wiuch they oppress theirown people, and by the latter,
arc the scoucges aud desulaturs of the world.
A¢ bas Ween suggested, however, by some of the daily
View original writers, and very errorncous'y, that this example still wants
something of its completeness by the subject ef it being
suffered to live; that it was the duty of the APlied Sovers
cigns to consizn Bonaparte to the punishmeygt which he
merits, and that his cscape with life, and particular'y with
a provision for his comfort and independence, is so much
detracted from the just rule and measure of his punishes
ment, and therein so much waning to the prefectnecs of
the example.
It is sufficient answer to this object, toconsider the nae
ture of punishment, Now punishment, as exercised by
one human being over another, has but two ends,;—name-
ly, the removal of the evil or the cause of evil, and the
stisfactiou to the injured laws of right of society by the
cvatiarlole whieh goes forth in the punthmene erigsinals—
even or the tnfliettun goes forth of pain for pain withe
> 9
oul loons further, has uo place in human rizi.te-—This
kind of veng canes belonging omy to tae Goverwor of all
. . , ’ } ; . : . °
of us. Phumran tribunals have vo tuedeer ri ata punish.
went but Chat ef the removal of caeevil. che corcection of
flreo conden, bid the eta pile lo ¢ thers, Now Are dol al]
Nese aitercsts niost suficiontiy sacsded ip Gke oc resent ine
tance 2 “Tacev. fis removed,— and whatexampte is more
’ ) .
frewooddeas than that of one who has fallen from such a
} { ) , ¢ ' ° ° °
rorcat. aod wiao doe suck into such ain abyss Wound woe
' } , ¢ ar ’ ’ } ra Ye P} h 7 a ey ; !
deca be a relbef bret ch sulerines? he now ¢: dvus
oul oof Dionysius of Svractiee. of Bajazots—iho one of
Whom, aficr haviag been the tyrant of bis thie ni "ig
Jays as a schuo master, aid the other, after hariaz becn
aconjqucroar, was carricd about by Tamerlaue in an jron
case, am) exhibited from town to town, and from vill ge
‘o veagey Wilh the inscription—klere you may behold a
1 rau,
Nor do wee see, indecd, in what mode Bonoverte, one
parcell.d as have been his crimes, conld baye hess thas
capital’y panished without wounding muck creater micre
ests than such punishment could sade fy —ITf cond mucd to
death, i¢ must either have been by the Alites, or hy the
Preven ped le. Butit would cave been coutrary to all
acknowledged rights of war, and of (he most dangerous
eX ple in fofure tines, if SOWCPEIZOUS (!or at that ne
was a Sovercigy) had assuined aright to sjtin judcem
over caca other, and after having conquered each:
ars ular war. bo recone J id@s inva forme] (eal
Sooras thew iy were ont of his bands. oh
PA .. sat he was (yo be tried hy the !
} ’ .
whowes moot ys
try cl
(i) ® a \ icy bs "’ Cik 4 i
Pascdd f nee Mie sae eae conduety if cauvot »
cealed or denwd that trey were Chomee’ res Cre iastenm ngs
Mf hisanabiroay tae park es of ma 1y Ub tas Cries, aud
neatly ae ty ay ony f,
Lt toere bere, oG. wer, ta doo tenuatod, as their pre.
SECU Colca iae Sta Saovatpon Ol ther Ju ry.
Our own oo iuion is, toat Geis is the mos. eudoubted and
me bess praise of this Revolution that it has been so tram.
moy efoewa, and that, excepung the biood shed in Date
vooween th contending armics, not a life has beeu Jost
the asost complete Revolution on modern record. A
basen: bas been conveyedaway from one Dynasty to anoe
ther, with as much case and as Jittle formality as a private
states; aud the one Sovereign departs and the other ar.
tives, as atin legal succ ssion or civil proprietorship. We
do not romomber iv all Wistory, indeed, such an example
as the Ci‘) of Paris now prescots,—Ab hostile and invad.
ing army ‘rohlusr CO and Chil ynooh the gates all Il streets, wrilst
all the Coutrils of the Country, the Senate, the Legisla.
tive, aud the Adwinsteative Bodies execute their functions
as trauguilly as in the most protuand Peace. The con.
duct of the Cittzens ot saris. indecd, isas eatraordt ary,
and in this point of vaew is as comuindable, as that of the
Allied Sovereigns ; for never was performed so importante
a Drama with so little of maliguity,
With respect to the New Coustitution of France, it
resembles, inacreat degiev, our own happy system, which
all the Peonch writers, and, still more particularly, all her
c hal

Statestucn who have resided in England, bave alyy ce
re the por bec tion of political Wisdom.—wout as the | are
ties now in Fiance, the‘eand Legislative Body, have
(heir own particulac interest to provide for, and could oa.
ly accomplish their own sccurity by reserving to them,
» t 7 ail :
selves a great degree of controuling power, il will be seer
that bus Aristeucracy, ex Senate, ig much woe powerful
View original iban, the Ylouse of Rords, amongst us, with whose fune-
tions it corresponds.—The limits to its number tend to
give a perpetual guajority to the party now composing it.
—The present Sywate in numberis 130; and is not{o ex-
-”* re ° .
ceed 200; so that the King can only add a minority of
70; andas the Princes of the Blood, and the great Peers
ol France, must necessarily have a seat, he is almost en-
tirely precluded (rom iew creations,
There is a double disadvantage, therefore, in this jimt-
tation.-—In the first place, the Monarch has not that au-
thority and influence which he should havein the Senate ;
and secondly, the Legislative Body, and the people them-
selves, Are precluded from one of the great objects of pub-
lic ambition, and, thercin, of one of the greatest incite.
ments tu public service.
It lias a Uurd (lisadvantage perhaps equally grceat,—A
limited Aristociaey Is necessarily ab nly by itslf : it has
no sympathy with cae people; it bas therefore that into-
Jerable pride which rendersit a subject of more invidious.
ness than the power of the Monarch himself.—It becomes
eithcr too powerful for the Soverciga, im which case it
checks himan the exercise of his salutary authority; o7
Tike the Dove. and Senate, in the ancicat Constitution of
Voniee, it assimitates, and becomes one with him, and
bo heoncurring tog ther render the people nothing.
The Legislative Body Las a nearer correspondence witt
our Enelish Tfonse of Commons, except in two points.—
frstund most important difference is, that the Men.
oe, ty be chosen by Plectoral Colleges; the sees
ny qos tie wodlas the Senate, Is to ossei thle on
1 ow vcar on ine tse. of October.—This is evideney
ovata: Poyal authority Be the prorolstive
see Oooo tied by (he iuftluence whlcu it wall
c 2 So asa the ‘stectoral Co'leacs
Poue cos og the Senate ermd Deeilanive Poty ar
coor, iy the present sieve and representation
GC gi auee. Wel. re pe COUN Genilemen are bot tincie
; .
ently nunerees, and sulleiently rich, to bear the PX PENCe
. ' ; . * 9 . _— ,. ~ We ° a 7 A 1, Len a) . —_ .
ofa Ong rerdueMee TT) tee dpbaty, ana Walere tie miStilue
t)evi felt, from its bovel€y. Wan's (hat houou: Wyte splen-
dows vw bih renders i}an obyoet of ambition, as amongst
oselves in Unwuud. <-"Pie Veial by Jury, and tie ine
dep.onucnee of ine Jaodues ar | rovided for—W hat ni ay be
called tho locatiiy of acuous, thatis to say, that no one
con be ponoved tram his natural Judges, is an eacellent
S Couity agaist any unfair dcalingeby a Minster,
he bomination of three persons, upon the vacancy of
a Judicial oiice, out of which the Monarch ts to clecton ,
jean uawise ivfring wont of what ought ta be the Roya:
Prerovative.—lt renders the Judges independant of the
King; but does it not equaly render (hem subservient to
18 people 2Z—A popular, orfactions Judye, ts amore rea}
danzer than a courtly one.
Yoeesecuuve, with the exception of the diminutions
2love m-ntioncd, which are very serious ones, and soa
of veocb are he. Cacculated to preserve the public peace,
has the usualy rerozatives of the vther European Sovereigns
We must not, however, upon the whol. biidly com.
plinent this Constitution of France, [tis rather Aristo-
cratie than popular, aid more popular than Monaarchical
The Crown wants a good deal of that splendour which is
n.ocessacy to render iLawful in the sight of the people ;
ald there are too many points in which the Senate and Le-
gislative Body are protruded forth independent of it
In our own Constitution, the Royal authority is held
forth to the people as supreme andthe King is not so nmucl
prevented from doing any thing, as heis afterwards made
resoonsib'le ip the persons of his Ministers for doy
wrong. Butinth: Pronca Constitution, the spirit of de-
mocratic independ uce, and a licenttons liberty, are che.
rished and called forth in the peoule, by baviag repeated
Instances Wefore their eyes ofa power superior to the King
Toisas a tout defect, as well ag it lessens the salutary ine
fluccave of the Royal authority u,onthe vulgar, and gains
nothing but what might equally have been gained, by the
preservation of the full prerogative, controuled in its ex.
ercise by the responsivility of Ministers.
We trust, as the spirit of the times becomes more tran.
quil, that, for the happiness of France, their Constitution
will be improved into a nearer resemblance with that of.
Great Britaing which, by a due mixture of popular Liber-
ty and Royal Authority, has held an egual and straight,
forward course, for so many centurics and has brought us
Bafe wut of so long aud sq many calamities.
View original ' WEST INDIA CONVOY.
(From the Greenock Advertiser of the 4th of April,1814.)
To the surprize and diappointment of every person con.
nected with the Wese Lud.a colonies, it has been announ-
ced (official y, we areiuformed) that it is net expected
iny convoy will be appoiited tu sail from thence before
the month of May. ‘This unaccountable neglect of the
best interests of the couniry may be attended with the
Mos serious consequences. At the colonics of Surinam,
Berbice, aid Demerary alone, there were upwards of 50
sail of vessels fully loaded on the Ist of February, besides
thout the same wumber in the windward Islands; and, at;
that time it was daily expected that a ship of war would.
appear to give them protectivn to the usual place of rene
dezvous; where, it was suposed, they would immediate.
ly get couvoy for tie passage home; but what must have.
been the feelings of those concer: ed, when, shortly after,
the mortifying inrellizence was communicated, that no
convoy would be granted them until the month ef May?
What has become of our micaty vary, when a single ship
canuot be spaced forthe protection of che yaluabe West
[India trade between tac mouths of Goober and May.
can it besupposed that halfea-dozeu American frigates are
be cause of all this wischiet ?
Lotween the Geard of Custom and the Board of Ad-
mirilsy, people connected with shipping are placed in a
* Kwurd pred.cament; the former have boon pleased to
rte orders, derectivg that four moutas provisions ony
“tail be allowed to the crew of a sa ving ona West In.
hovovage > while, according to the icasures vd ted by
bre at willrequive fully nine months to perfor this
voy slaps whbeve atluded to haying mostly Icft this
Coit t moat of October, and some of them at an
wb Y r.e colonies provisions cannot
Neo vs osttps (a be supplied
irhac tho > road?
Butsuroy coe. ‘nwity—remon.
Strances wonid ae , amd unless the
Admiral can sivaw s¢1 pots otherwise, he
would certaithy Lows cd lo aloe aus poatt, and fix a|
uch cartier day for tie departure of he cunroy.
Paris Papers of ata'e date contain a pointed Proclama.
tion from Marshal Augeresy to his orn y,in which he (reats
Bonaparte with galling severity, a!
Varmnee to submit to the fs. : vi the Bourbons.
it is a carious fact, tice ri!) not excife the astonish.
nent Of judicious ob >, that those persons who were
most Submissive t vararte, while vested with supreme
mthonty,snos cak of him with most harshness. Among
he acts of |. late Ty cant enumerated by Augereau, as
roving ‘um wuworthy of empire, he mentions bis conduct
-bsequent to his deposiiion, which the Marshal brands as
‘re eflect of cowardice, saying that he had not the cour.
rge to dis ke a soldicr.—The brave General Lecourbe,
he intimate friend of Moreay, has been recalled from the
state of retirement and inaction, to which the jealousy of
the Corsican had condemned him, and has been restored
vy Monsicur to his former rank.
The Allics have required from France a contribution of
1,500 miilion of France (ipwards of 62 millions sterling) ;
that as a guarantee forthe payment of that contribution,
fifteen French fortrcsses are to be placed in the lands
the Allies; and that a fortress isto be returned to Fi anc
for every 100 million paid off so that the whol) shall be
paid Gibin Giteon years, Weapprehend that the distribute
ine of this sum wil be amergsuch of the Allics as have
been ek polled fo contributions bewied by Be naparte,
————— ee *eQuee ee ___--
View original ORIGINAL VOETRY.
Do Idreaw! or do Ll wake!
Il. ihe Son of Storms no mere ?
Hle who bade the wide world shake,
Is his reign of terror o’er?
I dream !—and o’er my startl’d soul
Wild delusion still has sw ay,
Splendid visions o’er it ro I,
In the blaze of noun-tide day.
What but adccam! that he whose rod
Kept o’er the earth despotic sway,
Who breath’d defiance tu his God,
Should like a shade have pass’d away !
What but a dream—that he is now
Bencath the carth-worm, crawling vile,
Who rais’d to Heav’n his darkling brow,
Aud vicw’d its terrors with a smile,
View original What but a dream—that he is sons
Not as the mighty pass away,
But, like a wreteh to nothing burn,
Nor destin’d tu one glorions day !
What but a dream—that he has play’d
With crowns and sceptres at his will,
Now slave and robber turn’d—afraid
fis recreant heart’s blase bluud tu spill!
Besct by those he laugh’d to scorn,
Borne from his conque.’d realms away,
Goade by slaves iguobly born,
By Cossack’s spikes—his route to sway,
He who led armies, now is driven !
And is ¢his thea ne mockury—
N veoLeon woo with Fate hath strivea
fel cévcs—with power to die!
Aid can it be that g.aat inight
On carth now grov'lins lis;
That son of glory fiercely bright
Huth sunk no more to cise ;
Saran thrown down from Heav’en’s height,
Ne'er sunk so low as thee,
Stull proud in Uell—in fallen might
Aud sullen Majesty.
Where is thy Roman virtue now ?
Thy stern contempt of death—
Thou fear'st ta see thy life-bloud low—
Thou fear’st to yield thy breath!
Where is (ny vaunted firmness ilod 2
Ou, where! thou abject man!
Seco dark dishonor round thy head,
$o heard hic’s Gwindled span !
M chought dt least thou would’st have died
The death that heroes dic!
That if noch ind woud pierce they side
Thine vores would wot deny.
Methouch? L saw the: macdey rush
On thousand sear, upborue,
Disdainful view thy tdeebioud ynsh,
Aod die with smile of scora.
*T was ow'dl to an insulted world
Thy ;-roper part to know ;
From such aa height stupendous hurl’d
Never to bave sunk so low,
Yet, since thou art so base, so frail,
Greedy of life’s last sgh,
Tay a ject choice tha. nat avail—
A coward's death is nigh!
Thy guards are Cussacks—are they not
Tyrant—thou’rt now forlorn!
"Tis scarce a hove they have forgot
Thy former bitter scorn !
If they have nut—how sharp their spears!
liow swiftly rous’d their rage !
If they have not—let thy base fears
Thy shameful end presage!
A word—a look, thay rdge provoke,
Then vengeance forth will burst !
Haste then—with womui’s tears mvokey,
eforcy!—thou worm accurst,
Metnuks I sce thy shuddering blood
Crvep to pumber’d streaus,
Not roshing in a generous flood—
sut pate v ita coward dreams !
Methints } see them widdly pour
Around that salien stream,
Laver to din in Tyrants gore
Vheirsabre’s *parkiing gloam 3
Methink unaided, and uniuourn’d,
{ see thee ' tt to die,
Thy corse d.stigur’d, hated, scorn’d,
On cart... unburied lie !
And was it to a worm like thee,
When clad in kingly power!
That trembling Nations bent the knee,
Thou upstart of an hour!
They name shal! be a taunt of shame,
The future coward’s sting
E’en babes shall mocking lisp that name,
NaroLeon—was a King!
Methought that men would sever know
Thesecret of thy fate,
That fire from Heav’n would lay thee low,
Or change thy earthly state; .
Or, that it fail’d the lightning’s flash,
‘Thyself would guard thy name,
Unseen, beneath the wild wave dash,
An vanish—ioto fame !
But no—no comet ! thou !—no star!
A scourge in Heaw’n’s hand—
Fore-doom’d to pour forth plague and war
O’er Furope’s sinful land!
Thy task is done—Atmictity Gop!
Now casts thee far away,
A wretched despis’d worthless rod,
To moulder and decay.
eer oC OO
View original (<r Notice is hereby given, that the Execution Sle
of Plantation Kilmorack, advertised to take place
on Wednesday the 13th inst. is postponed on ac-
count of an opposition has been entered against the
sale of said estate.
Marshal's Office, 9th Jnly, 1814.
Kh. FRANCKEN, Pirst Marshal.
View original
View original a eee
BY vir neooanay, otetnent fron biis Pxecleney
the Governor, riven toon ao: Gton of it. Staal, as
theronermaboardspec ib Atioriey oo ALC. Ruode,
or Domeriry, Sul snparaissfinosit beari ne dale Q4th
June TSE.
Notice is dy rehy civen fo the Public, that the dex.
ecu oan Sequestration of the undivieled: by
Plearilion Ones icaele sttuate on the west Ce)
of this colo: Ivy | Ne properly of the late da. tJ
Is this day cone Wed ond taken of,
Be ‘rbice, tie Qd aly. PS td.
KR. bre ANCK EN, Dirst Varela
. bolts’.
ee ee eee
View original fi
View original
View original
View original es
View original SUMMON py EDICE'
BY virtue ofan appointment from the Honorable
Courtot Civil Justice of this colony, graa'ed upora
Pelton presented by WG. Ce de Nicuwerkerk, qq.
the 'ustate ot the late ALJ. van linbyze van Bateas
burg, deceased, said appointment beartag date the
tov tay or May. ISTE,
Pothe andersicned, Pirst Marshal of the Courts
Whi Gats colony. and at the request Of aforesaid J.
Te or (de Nicu VOY UCT
> 4
Ny, 07 by BE cc?
All Known and unlrown ercdliors or cCletmants on
the Bstate of 2 bo van Pmbyze van Patenh irr, (o
Crxibit thor clus before the thon. (oart of Civil
Justtee of is ¢ Monvy at their session ia (he month
Of January, Told, to verity the sune, witness obs
ecllous thereu ite, I need, wrt baer fo porcine cd
teeondiys to Lav, on pain of boing dor ever deLare
red their reer! Ob cht in
This Stuamon by t2diet, made known to the punle
by beat ot rum tran the Uo Ire dyarse Of Chis col Vy
seidto Holland aad Sacland, and furherdealt with
ECO to estou,
beibic y the loth June, IST].
Ke FRA NOAEN, First March xl,
—-_-eeoroeo eee ————E— ae
View original = Ne ee reesei
Slow WIN BY CDi Ll’.
DY virtnre efiay ~apporatinent’ om the Honomble
“ourbol Cietl dastice of is ec leony, eranted upona
Pelton preoented by er. Ce de Nicae bhesk, as
qq. voth to the Pstate of the late Mapeasews AUe
GUSTINV Vas Pusoyvzs VAN DatTENBUR 1s as well ag
lo thatof the lave Sesayna Jeanscrie Bernuare
DINA VAN Eu nby ce van RATENBURG, said ay polnote
ment beanie date the foth day of May, IS14,
Pthe ound rsigaved, First Marshal of the Courte
withia this cofoiy, anda the requcot of aloresaid J.
CG. Nteuserserh, qq.
Sumas by Edict:
All known and uskuown eredifors or claimants oR
the fastotes ofthe Late VEO AS wan tin yao van 3.*en.

Durr, awd the late ts. J. 0. yea da yzeovan a atene
burs, to oxhibit thei claims belore toe tfan. (‘ourt
OF Civch distiee of this Colony, al (het se ston in
(he month ot January, Isto, to Veriy the sce,
wdiness obyoetions thereuato, i ae dyad turther te
proceed accordins to buy, eu pain at bemg tor cyer
deburred of Gueis tieht ot claim,
This Summon by Livict, made known to the ru tie
by beat of drum trom the Court Fouce oi this colo vy
send to Hoihiud and Pog land, and sustier dealt with,
acemdine to Custom,
Beroice, (ie LUC June, IST 4.
HK. RANCAEN, First Varcghtf
STW SO Fa a kk ws, ru le
—_—_—-_-—--——— - - - —_—— eee
TU a treater of the Colony Berbice, inners of
the Proceeds, tethe Courts of Civil dustic ey boths
(ihe Qaiestisn and Qateh Laneurees, Blink tills of
Pschanee and Lading, Cotive CertifiEdtes, a tev
Sheet Atmmanachs for the present: year, piice f 3,
several btuds oF Paper, Cluills, Wavers, &c.
~~. eee ew es ew 9 ™N cesems - 3 a en = ame ew
Listof Rondswcuy Negroes, in the Colony Stocks of
Briere, oa dhe 8th July, 1814.
Nore: | Propiictois. |) By whom brougnae”
- Na uch, : { Lycuuen. ~ Aaabrengons.
[yosa Pin. Onverwi gt (Dehnert
ihercules bd oon \teCamon
Laroe iu. Nara 1), Guuverorug
brimo iat (Dem.) Josten bancr
‘burphy Pia. SPeorstclling — [biscval
Mare iss Liacrants \daint
Saitia Plo. W clactegen |yancca Brock
rlasius cllenue Wise
tho wes Moos. Beresford ior tineyes .
lrancig im. Sincivc (Dew. )prtuce
‘Prono vw. LL. Schmide Dechert.
April lider. don,
Adonus vifem. Ltons,
Joe Viton [err en toae
Woatiiaw ur(on Kituasl
Kees. Pi. Dagoraai, Covflontuacer
J. A, DL NIAT, Cndor Sr ri,
eas Ow’, ER © ° «x ©. & && S222 eR + ° Soo Swe: . m=
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9 July 1814