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The Berbice Gazette

View original PROLAMATION.
BY ITis Tore. , ney Major-General Jonn Mu r-
RAY, Li utenant-Gozernor in and ocer the Colony
of Berbice and its Hep ndencles, Vice -Admirat,
aod President in all Courts and Colleges within
the samc, we. Ae. WC.
To all to whom these presents shall or may concern,
ei knowa:
’ Cocnt, Princip Ageat tor the Crown Pro-
perty in Berbice, bas thought proper to noniinate
end sppoint Mr. Wierntamn Brack, Assistant Agen’
and having exhibited his powers to me in clue form.
an! requested ny sanction thereto.
These are therefore to siernify, that IT have recciv-
ed the said Mr. William Block as Assistant) Agent
for the Crown Property in Berbice, and all the sub-
jeets of Chis Government are required to acknowledge
himointhateny city.
To prev Cnt doenorance (}) reol, this proclamation
Is Inserted tn the pubtie Gazette,
Gili mde m4 hla mand S ‘. al the King’s TT
this 22 day vf October, Isis.
By Tlic I’ cole news Ce ( i,
“OS, Cc. LM RY, Act Ceov. Sec y-
Tirst time of tbiesh,
The Hono trable ‘ourt of Cy vil. husfice having been
pl ased to oni ml clirect the following Resoluta
to be made publie, the same ts olliciatly notified tos

tne information of those whom it may concern.
rr f ofa ‘) Vinutes of the (ort of
Ci: Of, re Co! yf Berbice, Satu-
day -* 7
JEWE SOLVED, : ppears to the Court that
c Hts dostituted and « yoded) Dciore their dar, are
often lost thro’ the oc elreence ov Che Attormies tae.
curacy of the Dourwearders, Sworn Cl nd at!
Ahose professionat duty iis toy bec re ne ta an
accurate state of read at prey
and expence accmic to Mae 5 "
ee nl
the Court
Custom ry fo '
which the | ol a , was (OU trilvateddy seo
as fo enable the parts
from the person Cire wii ty wace Lic Cause bias
been lost.
That forthe future, Mere be taserled inany sen-
tence, @iv by
cause has b lostthyo’ tho me rence of Che Plaine
tiff’? or Deter | is Alt ‘oor thro’ Che poe \-
cv of the ‘va
cause or re iu yy N
is founded, ii orde® that the purty boosie his
may have recourse on the ! Us Ser r Oil S 0.
Court, thro’ whose Nes lect the said cause lias bees
Couformable 4 the aforesaid Minutes.
Quod Allestor. +
R. C. DOWNiLR, See
Second tins f pullishing. ~
vPir¢ | if
BY Mis Precthancy Joun Murray, Esquire,
Major-Genove', Leécutcenant-Gorzcernor ino an
orer lie ( ly) My PP. rhice and its De pe pele NCL \.
President inall Courts and Collcocs within th
SAIN, avd. ey. c C.
V \ HEREAS i s Majesty has been most graci-
ously pleased to adiuit, of Appeals boing made to His
foyal person nC oune i, from Scaterpces awarded in
the different Courts of Judicature within the colony
Berbice, under certain Restrictions and Olyervances.
In rier ftoafford the Sul byects ofthis Government
the Benefitsof His Majesty’s Royal intentions, | have
deemed it highly requisite to make known ty the Pu-
blic the Instructions LT have received on this head,
and the Reyulations that are to be opserved ins the
prosecution of oll such Appeals, and as the mode of
carry Ing on such proceedings is contrary to the prac-
tice and customs used and adopted by the Honorable
Courts within this colony, J hereby publicly notify
the following extract from my instructions, in wh: if
manner Ap pe ‘als will be allowed to be prosecuted to
His Majesty in Council; desiring it to be distinctly
understood, that after the publication of these pre:
scuts, the ancient mode of instituting and carrying
on Appeals to the Sovercign, will no longer be per-
mil(cd, or allowed, or will any Appeal be admitted
before His Majesty in Council, unless prosecuted in
conturmity to the present notification,
“Ttisour wilt and ple: asure that you allow \ppeals
fo us in our privy Council, from the de Cisionms of at
vl the »s orton Courts of the suid :
View original \“7JRBWECEF ©. CCLUILIUHT S<Jde
cases where the matter intitigation exceeds € 500 st.
provided that such Appeal be made within fourteen
days after sentence, and good security given by the
Appellant that he willefiectually prosecute the same
and answer the condemnation, and also to pay such
costs and damages as shall be awarded by us, in case
the sentence of any such superior Courts shall be af-
firned and provided nevertheless, where the matter
in question relates tv the taking or demanding any
duty payable to us for any tee of oflice, or annual
Rent, or other such like matter or thing, where the
rights in future may be bound; in all such cases you
are foadmitan Appeal to us in our Privy Council,
hough the immediate sum of value appealed tor, be
of less value.”
And itis our further will and pleasure, ‘That. in
all cases whereby your instructions you ace to admit
Appeals to usin our Privy Council, Execution be
suspended, tll the final termination of such Appeal,
unless good and suflicicat security be given, to Ui
appellee, lo make ample resutution of all that the
appellant shall have lost by meansof such judgment,
or decree, in casc upoa the (oimination of such ap-
peal, such decree or judgmens sliould be reversed
and restitution awarded to the appeilant.”
And in orice that n0 tanorance may be preteaded,
(h's.prochunation iy made hnown to the Pablic by
beatot drum, aad further published and dealt with
as Customary. @
Aing’s Llouse, Berbice, this Wh duy of Octo-
ber, Isle.
By Command.
Second time of publishing.
LY His Lacellincy Jown Murray, Esquire,
Major-General, Licutenant-Goveiuer wa au
over the Colony Tierbice and ile Vrepcndencics,
President nail (Courls and Cotes within (he
same, and Vicc-idnual therco), Oc. XC. OC.
Zo allto whom these proseals mey or shall conc,
Or CONC ay be bh hnown:
Circuusrances having arisen, requiring a
Yunlic Notification of Elis Majesty ’s Vicasnec, with
coscard lo the Sequestration ot Property within ibis
culoay, for the benefit of Alieas.
Pdiccur so reguistte to stzutty thro’ the Gazette of
Usts coleuy, the Commands of This Royal Higtiness
(ne Croce Wegent, on the sabject of Proceedings at
lau, for Mie becovery vf Mortgages due lo persons
iesmling in any country uncer the Coutroul of Erance
of tis Aweits.
* Ph attention of His Majesty’s Governimenst
* thas been called to the seeiuus micunvemence
Cowuich Chose Proprietors obs states, in the
buich Coloswttes are apse, vi liuse proper.
“ics Are Under MOrngace lo persons besming
‘Sun counifies uauder Ge amuacdudle Controul of
S ihe Laeriy.
* Phe payment othe anvual instalinents at
fo) Lreacut tinavorable scate of the exchange,
cannot but be productive Of the wreatest dtys-
“tress, ina Bribioh Lribaual, the Planters might
protect themselygs agatist the rigorous meas-
‘ures ot the Dutch Moitgasce, by Pleading in
bar against them, that the Prices Suing, are
6 Alien uncinics.
Phe conductof the Enemy towards British
** Subjects aud their plopcity would justaly more
*e severe measutes of relaliauon Cian Elis Koval
es ~
Highness the Prive -Regcat is disposed” to
** Isut itis the pleasure of His Royal High-
“ ness, that (he baccution of all P: vedings,
‘against the Lystatles of Proprictorsiat oe Dutch!
“ Colontes on the part ot Mortgage s residing in
* Holland and other countries under the iniue-
** diate controul of France or their Agents, shall
** for the present be stayed; that no payment of
annual instalments shall be insisted upon by
** Alien Enemies or their Agents, and that no
. Sequestration of Property shali take place in
** detault of such payment.”
And that ng ignorance may be. pretended, these
presents are iuade known to the Public, and printed
as Customary.
Amg’s House, Berbice, this 11th day of Octo-
ber, 1813.
By Command
R. C. DOWNER, See.
Second lime of publishing.
View original
View original ———S=— SS
from the Commissary Court to the Great Court, that
an Appeal shall be allowed in allcases where Judg-
ment is given for asum exceeding Two hundred gul-
The Hon. Court having thought proper to alter
and amend part of the aforesaid Article ; now Order
and Direct—That in future Appeals shall be allowed
from the Commissary Court to the Great Court, for
any sum whatever, and in consequence cance/ and
annul such part of the aforesad Artiele as militates
against the present amendment;—The manner and
form of entering and prosecuting the said=A ppeal, os
prescribed by said article, remaining however in full
force and practice.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
these presents shall be published as customary.
Done in Court of Civil Justice, of the Colony Ber-
bice, this @l Aug. 1813. By command.
R. C. DO WNER, Secy.
Third time of publishing. / .
ee 2 ee eee
View original ee 2) oe ee ee eee
eS ———————
FOR SALE twelve bales ‘of good clean cotton and
four bales of yellow cotio., peyable in cash on de.
live ry: ‘Tene de-s for (he ce will be reecived al Me.
Bonn’s, wotit the 4th Nevomber, wien they will
be ope aed and the highest offer ace pte.
W. LAWSON furr self, and
25 Oct. 7 VAN pew RROEK,.
Sequestratos of Pin. Goede liorp.
View original y
Di genen die ie’ .° pretenderen mogte hebben
insten de boedeL nu wylen den Heer J.C. FP. Hev-
NEwAN, offe deszelis nagelatene plintaadje Carel en
Willemshoop, geleve daarvan aangave te dven bin-
nen den tyd ven zes weken, na dato dezes, aan de on-
dergetechcnde Exeeuteuren, als na dic tvd gene pre-
tenticn tegens gemelde nalatenschap zullen worden
aangenomen. als zullende deze boedel na voorsz. da-
tun finaal worden gesloten.
Test. Uxecuteur n.
View original a
TIVE Subscribers offer for Sule the following goods
Just landed from the ship Harmony.
London porter, Bristol beer, hams, cheese, pota-
focs, pease, barley, vinegar, Port wine, Grenada rum
U1 pipes, soap, candles, cordage assorted, negro
clothing, Osnebrugs, Russia sheeting, salermpores,
counterpahes, caticues, linen hhdy., furniture chintz,
é, twen, damask table cloths, cotton shirting,
, bacco and popes, glass and Queen ware as
sua umbrellas, ladies & gentlemen’s hats,
chhuren caps, stationary in tin boxes, oats in punche
uns, sadlery, tin ware, planters & dress shoes, IHes-
la & jockef boots, nails from dy to SOy, spikes, iron
and wood hoops, cotton & coflve bageing, hoes, and
shovels, cutlasses, pruning knives, carpenter & coo-
per tools, new Castle grind stones, fresh garden secd,
Xce.—20 Oct. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
View original —- eee
For Post OLEARA, in Cotentyn River.
6 Pieces of salem pores.
A dozen knives.
I Do. falling axes.
J Do. cudlasses.
4 Do. razors.
4 Do. Combs.
100 Peunds of gunpowder,
150 Ciun flints.
2 Juys of Lampoil. .
2 Barrcls of Salt.
A Quires of fuolscap paper.
2 bunches ot quills. :
190 vallons of ruil, and
A bags oft shiot.
Tenders for the vhole, or any part of the above
articles, will be reecived by the subscriber, till te
o'clock on Mond»y morning the Ist Nov. when they
will be opened in presence of His Le xcellency the
Governor, aud the lowest oller, ifapproved, WAM be
accepted. — . Besbice, 9th Oce,
Wo. SCOTT, ¢ OMNIS ry,
View original ———
TPH subscciber os oblwed for the benoit of his Neatrl,
to leave the colouy wiih the tisst couvoy, or by the bac.
(16 Oct. . R. HARIS,
View original
View original
View original menus i ee eee
We have received this week, Barbados Papers, which
contain all the dispatches of Field-Marshal the Eari of
Wellington, from the 7th July to the 2d Aug. 1813.
Defeat of Marshal Soult !
by Field-Marshal the Marquis of Wellington, in a seri.
ous of actions that took place in the neighbourhood of the
Pyrenees, from the 25th July to the 2d of Aug, in atl
of which the enemy was defeated, and at length compel.
led to return into France, having lost 15,000 men, inclu-
ding 4000 prisoners.
London Gazelle Extraordinary.
Downing-street, August 16, 1813.
His Serene Highness the Hereditary Prince of Orange, has arrived
at this Office with dispatcues addressed to Parl Bathurst, by Field-
Marsial the Marquis of Wellington, of which toe following are co-
San Estevan, Aug. 1, 1813.
My Lornn—Two practicable breaches having been ef-
fected at San Sebastian on the 24th of July, orders were
given (hat they should be attacked on the morning of the
25th. Lam concerned to have to report, that (his attack
to obtain possession of the place failed, aud that our loss
Was very considerable,
Marsnal Soult had been appointed Liculenant de l' Em-
poreer and Commander iv Chicf of the French Armies in
S, ain and the Southern Provinces of France, by a Decree
Imperial on the 1st of July, and he joined nearly about
the same time by the corps which had been in Spata under
the command of General Clausel, and by other reinforce.
Meats, was cailed the Army of Spain, and re-formed into
nine divisions of Infantry, forming the right, ceutre, and
left, under the command vo! General Kelle, Comte de Krlon,
and Geueral Clausel, as Licut.-Geneias, and a reserve
vader General Viilatte; aud two divisions of dragoons
and one of licht cavalry, the (wo former under the com
mand of Gcnerals Treillard and ‘Tilly, and the latter under
the command of General Pierre Soult. ‘There was besides
allotted to the army a large proporton of arullery, aud
a considerable number of guns bad already joined,
Vhe alld army was posted, as 1 have already inform.
ed your Lotdsliap, in the Passes of the Mountains, Ma-
joreG vera! By ug’s brigade of Bittish infantry, and Ge.
neral Morillo’s division of Spanish infantry, were on the
right in the Pass of Koncevalles. Lieut.-<General S.r
Tho.was Pictun, with the third division, at Olaque ia re.
serve. Licur.-G ners! Sir Rowland Haul occupied the val-
Jy of Bastan with the mma:der or the second division, ana
the Portuguese division, under the Conde de Anaiante,
detaching Gen. Cam, bei’s Portuguese brigade to Los
A.duides, within the French termlory. ‘Tne hight and
seventh divisions occupicd the heights of Santa Barbara,
and the towe of Vera, end the Puerto de behalar, and
kept the communication with the valley of Bastan; and
the siath division hept toe communication between the
t. 20ps at Vera and those ander Licut.-<General Sir Tho-
mas Graham, aud wJarical del Compo Giron, on the great
roid. .
‘the Conde d | Abisbal blockaded Pampeluna.
On ihe 2fin, Maeshal Soult collected the right and left
wings of his army, vith ove division of lis centre andtwou
divisions of cawairy, et St. Jcan de Pwd de Port, and on
the 35th attached, with b tween thiety and forty thousand
men, General bByng’s post at Kionucevalles. Licut.-<Gene-
ral Sic Lowry Cole moved up to his support with the
foucth diviscon, aud these ollicers were enabled to main.
tain their post throughout the day. But theenemy quen-
ed itin the afternoon; aud Licut.-General Sir L. Cole
considered it to be necessary to withdraw in the night;
and marched to the newhbourhood of Zubiri.
In the actions which tovk place on this day, the 20th
regiment distinguished themselves.
Two divisions of the centre of theenemy’s army attack.
ed Sir R. [lill’s position in the Puerto de Maya, at the
head of the valiey of Bastan, in the afternoon of the same
day. The brunt of the action fell upon Major-Gen.
Pringle’s and Major-Gea. Walker’s brigades in the second
division, under the commaud of Lieut.-Gen. the Hon.
W itliain Stewart.
These troops were at first obliged to give way; but:
having been supported by Major-Gen. Barnes’s brigade
of the seventh division, they regained that part of their
post, which was the key of the whole, and would have
enabled them Co re-assume it, if circumstances had per-
mitted it. But Sir R. Hill having ben apprised of the
necessity that Sir L. Cole should retire, deemed it expe.
dicut to withdraw his troops likewise to ‘Trutrita; and
the enemy did not advance on the following day beyond
the Puerto de Maya.
Notwithstanding the enemy’s superiority of numbers,
they acquired but little advantage over these brave truops
during the seven hours they were engaged. All the re.
giments charged with the bayonet. ‘The conduct of the
82d regiment, hich moved up with Major-Gen. Barnes’s
brigade, is particularly reported.
Licut.-Gen. the Hon. William Stewart was sjightly
i was not apprized of these events till late in the night
View original of the 25th and 26th; «nd I adopted immediate measures
to concentrate the army to the right, still providing for
the siege of St. Scbastian, and for the blockade of Pam.
This would have been e{_cted early on the 27th, only
that Lieut.-Gen. Sir L. Cole, and Lieut.-Gen. Sir Tho-
mas Picton concurred in thinking their post at Zubiri not
tenable fur the time during which it would have been ne.
cessary to wait in it. ‘They therefore retired early on
the 27th, and took up a position to cover the blockade of
Pampeluna, having the right, consisting of the third di.
vision, in front of Huarte, and extending to the hills be-
yond Olaz, and the left, consisting of the fourth division,
Major-Gen, Byng’s, and Brig.-<Gen, Campbell’s Portu-
gucse brigade, on the heights in front of Villalba, having
their left at a chapel behind Sorausen, on the high road
from Ostiz to Pampeluna, and their right resting upon a
height which defended the high road from Zubiri and Ron.
cesvalles, General Morillo’s division of Spanish infantry,
and that part of the Conde del Abisbal’s corps not en-
gaged in the blockade were in reserve.-—From the latter
the regiment of Pravia, and that of El Principe, were de-
tached to occupy part of the hill on the right of the fourth
division, by which the road from Zubiri was defended.
The British cavairy under Lieut.-Gen. Sir Stapleton
Cotton were placed near Huarte on the right, being the
vauly ground on which it was possible to use the cavalry,
The river Lanz runs in the valley which was on the
left of the allied, and on the right of the French army,
along the road to Ostiz. Beyond this river there is ano-
(her range of mountains connecied with Ligassoand Mar-
calain, by which places it was now necessary to Commu.
wicate with the rest of the army.
1 jvined the third and fourto divisions just as they were
taking up their ground on the 27th, and shortly after.
wards the enemy formed their army on a mountain, the
trout of which extends from the high road (o Ostiz to the
high road tu Zubiri, and they placed one diviston ou their
lett of that road on a height, and in some villages in trove
of the third division, ‘Phey had here also a large body of
in ashort time after they had taken up their ground,
the enemy attacked the hill on the right of the fourth dic
vision, which was thei occupied by one battalion of the
4th Porcuguese regiment, and by the Spamsh regiment of
‘These troops defended their ground, and drove the ene-
my from it with the bayonet. Seeing the importance of
(his hill to our position, L reinforced it with the 40th ree
giment; and tius regiment with (he Spanish reginents of
til Principe and Peavia held it from this tine, notwith.
Standing the repeated cliorts of the enemy during the 27th
and 28th tu ebtain possession of it
Nearly at the same time that the enemy attacked this
height on the 27th, they took possession of the village of
Sorausen on the roed to Ostiz, by which they acquired the
communication by that road, and they kept up a fire ol
musgetry along the line Gil it was dark.
We were joined on the mormug of the 28th by the siath
division of infautry, aod | directed that the heights should
be occupied on the eft of the valley of the Lanz; and
that the sixth division should form across the valley in
the rear of the left of the fourth division, resting their
right on Oricain, aud their left upon the heights above
The sixth division had scarcely taken their position
when they were attacked by a very large force of the ene-
my, which had been assembled in the village of Soransen.
Their frout was, however, 90 well defeuded by the tire
of their own light troops from the heights on their left,
and by the fie from the aeights occupicd by the fourth
division and Brig.-Gen, Campbell's Portaguese brigade,
that tae enemy were soon diiven back with immeuse lussy
from a tire on their front, both auks, aud rear.
in order fo extricate Uieir (roops from the difficulty in
which they found themselves in their situation in the val.
ley of the Lauz, the enemy now attacked the height on
Which the left of the fourth division stood, which was oc.
Cupicd by the 7ia Cacadores, of which they obtained a
niomenulary possession, ‘Lhey were attacked, however,
again, by the 7th Cacadures, supported by Majur-Gen,
Koss, at the head of his brigade of the fourth division, aud
were priven duwn with great loss,
The battle now became general along the whole front
of the hGgSts occupied by the fourth division, and in every
part in our favour, excepting where one battalion of the
10th Portuguese regiment of Major-<Geu. Campbell’s bri-
gade was posted. ‘This battalion having been overpower.
ed, and having been obliged to give way immediately ou
the right of Major-Gen. Ross’s brigade, the enemy esta.
blished themselves on our line, and Major-General Ross
was obliged to withdraw from his post.
I however ordered the 27th and 48th regiments to charge,
first that body of the enemy which had first established
themselves on the heights aud next those on the left. Both
attacks succeeded, and the enemy were driven down with
immense loss, and the 6th division having moved forward
at the same time toa situation in the valley nearer to the
left of the 4th, the attack upon this front ceased entirely,
and was continued but faintly on other points of our line.
In the course of this contest, the gallant fourth divisi-
on, which has so frequently been distinguished in this ar.
my, surpassed their furmerguod tunduct. Every regiment
charged with the bayonet; and the 40th, the 7th, 20th,
and 23d, four dillerent times. ‘Their officers set them the
example, and Major-Gen. Ross had two horses shot under
him. The Portuguese trooops likewise behaved admira-
bly ; and I had every reason to be satisfied with the con.
duct of the Spanish regiments del Principe and Pravia.
4 had ordered Licut.-Gen. Sir Rowland ill to march
View original 4
by Lanz upon Lizasso, as soon as I found that Lieut.-Gen,
Sir Thomas Picton, and Sir Lowry Cole, had moved froin
Zubiri; and Licut.-<Gen. the Karlof Dalhousie, from San
lestevan, to the same place, where both arrived on the 28th,
and the 7th division came to Marcalain,
The enemy’s force which had been in front of Sir Row.
lind Hill, followed his march, and arrived at Ostiz on the
29th, Theenemy thus reinforced, and occupying a posi.
tion in the mountains, which appeared little liable to ate
tack, and finding that they could make no impression on
our front, determined to endeavour to turn our feft by ap
attack on Sir Rowland Hill’s corps.
They reinforced with one division the troops which had
been already opposed to him, still occupying the same
points in the mountain on which was formed their princi.
pal force, but they drew in to their left the troops which
occupied the heights opposite the third division, and they
had, during the night of the 29th and 30th, occupied in
strength the crest of the mountain on our left of the Lanz,
Oj posite to the 6th and 7th divisions; thus connecting
their right in their position with the divisions detached to
attack Lieut.-Gen. Sir Rowland Hill.
I, however, determined to attack their position, and
ordered Licut.-Gen. the Earl of Dalhousie to possess him.
self of the top of the mountain in his frout, by which the
enemy’s right would beturned, and Licut.-<Geu,. Sir Tho.
mas Picton to cross the heights on which the cnemy’s left
had stood, and to turn their left by the road to Ronceval.
les. All the arrangements were made to attack the front
of the enemy’s position, as soon as the effect of these
movements on their flank should begin to appear. Ma.
jor-Gen. the Hon, E. Pakenham, whom I had sent to take
the command of the 6th division, Major-Gen. Pack have
ing been wounded, turned the village of Surausen, as soon
as the Karl of Dalhousie had driven the enemy from tre
mountain, by which that tlaok was defended, and the 6th
division, and Major-Gen. Byng’s brigade, which had res
lieved the 4th division ou the left of our position on the
road to Ostiz, instantly attacked and carricd that village,
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Lowry Cole likewise attacked the front
of the encmy’s main position with the 7th Cacadures, sup.
ported by the ]1th Portuguese regiment, the 40th, and
the battalion under Col. Bingham, cunsistivg of the
Queen’s and 53d regiment. All these operations obliged
the enemy to abandon a position which is one of the strung.
est aud most ditliculé of access that I have yet seen occu.
pied by troops.
In their retreat from this position the enemy lost a great
number of prisoucrs,
J cannot suficiently applaud the conduct of all the gc.
neral ollicers, aud troops throughout these operations.
The attack made by Licut.-<Gen. the Earl of Dalhousie
was admirably conducted vy his Lordsbin, and executed
by Major-Gen, Lnglis and the troops composing his beis
gade; audthat by Major-Gen. the Hon. Edwaid Pakene
ham and Major-Gen, Byng, and that by Licut.-Gen.
sir Lowry Cole, and the movement made by Sir Thomae
Picton, merit my highest commendation.
The latter olficer co-opperated in the attack of the
mouatain by detaching troops to his left, in which the
llon, Licut.-Col French was wounded, but [ hope not
W hile these operations were going on, and in propore
tion Lobserved their success, 1 detached troops to the
support of Lieut.-<Gen, Sir Rowland Hill,
The enemy appeared in his front late in the morning,
aud immediately commenced an extended mancuvre upon
his lett flank, which obliged him to withdraw from the
height which he oceupicd behind the Lizasso to the next
range. He there, however, maintained himself, and | en.
close his re, orl of the conduct of the troops. .L continucd
the pursuit of the enemy after their retreat from the moune
tain to Olaque, where J was at sunset, imondiately inthe
rear of their attack upon Licut.-Gen, Sir R. Hill. They
withdrew from his front in the night, and yesterday took
up a strong position, with two divisions, to cover their
rear in the pass of Dona Maria.
Lient.-Gen, Sir RK. Hill, and the Earl of Dalhousie,
attacked and carried the pass notwithstanding the vigorous
resistance of the enemy aud strength of their position.
am concerned to add, that Lieut.Gen. the Hon. Williang
Stewart was wounded upon this occasion.
1 @close Licut.-Gen. Sir Rowland Hill’s report.
In the mean time I moved with Gen. Byng’s brigade,
and the 4th division uuder Licut.-Gen. Sir Lowry Cole,
by the pass of Velate upon Irurita, in.order to turn the
enemy’s position on Dona Maria. Gen. Byng took, in
Elizondo, a large convoy going to the enemy, and made
many prisoners.
We have this day continued the pursuit of the enemy
in the valley of the Bidassoa, and many prisoners and
much baggage have been taken. Gen. Byng has possess.
ed himself of the valley of Bastan, and of the position of
Puerto de Maya, and the army will be this night nearly
in the same positions which they occupied on the 25th
July. ,
1 trust that His Royal Highness the Prince Regent will
be satisfied with the conduct of the troops of his Majesty
and of his Allies on this occasion. ‘The enemy hayin
been considerably reinforced and re-equipped after their
late defeat, made a most formidable attempt to relieve the
blockade of Pamplona with the whole of their forces, ex.
cepting the reserve under General Villatte, which remaine
ed in front of our troops on the great road from Irun,
This attempt has been entirely frustrated by the operas
tions of a part only of the Allied Army, and the enem
have sustained a defeat and suffered a severe loss in both
officers and men.
The enemy’s expectations of success, beyond the poine
of raising the blockade of Pamplona, were certainly ver
sapguine. ‘They brought into Spain a large body of caval.
View original ="
ry, and a great number of guns, neither of which arms could
be used to any great extent by either party in the battle
which took place. They sent off the guns to St. Jean de
Pied de Port on the evening of the 28th which have. thus
returved to France in satety.
The detail of the operauons will shew your Lordship
how much reason | have to be satisfied with the conduct of
all the Genera: Officers, Officers, and troops. [tis impos.
sible to describe the cnthusiatic bravery of the 4th divi-
sion, and | was much indebted to Licut.-<Gen. Sir Low-
ry Cole, for the manner in which he directed their opera-
tions ; to Major-G n. Anson, Major-Gen. Ross, Major-.
Gen. Byng, and Brig.-Gen. Campbell, of the Portu-
guese service. All the officers commanding, and the of-
Jicers of regiments, were remarkable for their gallantry ;
but I particularly observed Liet.-Col, O Toole, of the
7th Cacadores, in the charge upon the enemy,on our left
on the 28th, and Capt. Jurdao, of the 11th Portuguese,
in the altuck of the mountuin on the 30th.
I beg to draw your Lordship’s attention likewise to the
valuable assistance | received, throughout those opcra-
tions, from Lieut.-Gen. Sir Kh. Mill, from Licut.-Gen.
the Eurl of Dalhousie, and Sir T’. Piclon, in those of
the 30th and 31st of July.
Lo the Conde det Abislal also Tam indebted for every
assistance it was in his power to give consistently with his
attention to the blockade.—1 have already mentioned the
conduct of the re iments of Prazvia and El Principe, be-
donging tv the army of reserve of Andalusia, in a most
trying stluation, and the whole corps appeared animated
by the same zealous spirit which pervaded all the troops
an that position. .
Marshal Sir William Beresford was with me through-
oul these opcrations, and Ll recetved Jrom him all the as-
ststance which his talents sv well qualify him to afford me.
The goud conduct of the Portuguese ajicers and troops,
tm alt the operations of the presént campaign, and the
spirit which they shew on every occasion, are not less ho-
nourable tu that nation, than they are to the military
character of the Officer, who, by his judicious measures,
has re-established discipline, and revived a military spi.
Til in the army.
I have again (0 draw yonr Lordship’s attention to the
valuable assistance received throughout these operations
Jrom the Quarter-Muster-General Murray, and the Adju-
dant-Gencral Majur-Gen, Pakenham, and the Oljicers
of those departments respectively ; and from Lieutenang-
Colonel Lord Fitzroy Somerset, Licutenant-Colonel
Campbell, and the ofpcers of our personal staff.
Although our wounded ave numerous, Lam happy to
bay that the cascs in general are slight, and I have great
pleasure inrcporling lo your Lordship, that the utmost
ailention has been paid to them by the Inspector of Los-
pelals, Dr. M’Grigor, and by the O fjicers of the depart.
ment under his direction.
Adverting to the crteut and nature of our opera-
tions, and the difficullics of our comniunications at
times, L have reason to be extremely well satisfied
with the zeal and excrtions of Sir Robert Kennely,
the Conanissary-Ceneraal, and the Officers of he
department, throughout the campaign, which, ‘wpon
the whole, have bi 7) More SHuCCE sjul in supplying
the troops than could have been ¢ rp cled, -
I transmit this dispatch to your Lordship by his
Serene lighness the Here ditary Paince of Orange,
who is perfictly acguainted with all that has passed,
and with the situation of the army; and will be able
fo injorm your Lordsh ip of many details relating to
this series of operations, for which a dispatch docs
not afforda scope. His Highness had a horse shot
auder him in the battle near Sorausen, on the 28th 0)
July.—I have the honor to be, &e.
I have omitted to inform your Lordship in the body of
thedlispatch, that the troops in the Puerto de Maya lost
their 4 Portuguese guns on the 25th of July. Maj..Geov.
Pringle, who commanded when the attack commenced, had
ordered them to retire towards Maya; and when Lieut...
Gen. Stewart came up, lie ordered that they might return
and retire by the mountain road to Elizondo. In the mean
time the enemy were in possession of the pass, and the
communication with that road wa lost, and they could not
reach it.
I enclose retnrs of the loss before San Sebastian, from
the 7th to the 27th of July ; and returns of the kilied,
wounded, and missing in the operations from the 25th ult.
@ the Ist inst.
July 31, 1813.
My Lorp—TI have the satisfaction to acquaint your
Lordship that, altho’ from the immense superiority of
furce which the enemy directed against the position en-
trusted to my charge, yesterday—it became, in my opin.
don imperiously necessary for me to retire from that ground:
the conduct of the officcers and troops, British and Por-
tuguese, was such as to entitle them to my entire appro.
bation, and [ could not have wished it to be better.
Major-Gen. Pringle, with Major-Gen. Walker’s bri-
gade, under Lieut-Col. Fitzgerald, of the 60th regt. sup-
“ported by the 34th, and 14th Portuguese regt. opposed
the ascent of the enemy to the ridge on the Jeft of the po-
sition, in a most ga!lant style, drove him repeatedly back,
and altho’ unable ultimately th prevent him from ascend-
ing the ridge, by a more distant movement, our troops
kept their ground firmly, and when ordered to retire,
performed it under Major-Gen. Pringle, with the great.
est regularity, and with small loss, covered by a battalion
of the 14th Portuguese, under Lt.-Col. McDonald, of the
couduct of which ofliccr, and the steadiness of his regi.
View original ment, the Major-Gen. speaks in terms of the greatest
Col. Answorth’s brigade, also attacked in his position,
by asuperior force, met the stack with the greatest
steadiness, and drove the enemy ¢efore him at the point of
the bayonet, and held his ground as long as I tho’ it pru-
dent fur him to do so; and a battalion of Brig-Gen. Cos.
ta’s brigade held the ridge on the right of the position to
the last, covering the formation of the troops oa the ground
they were directed to take up—the enemy attempted to
force the point, but were repulsed by Brig.-Gen. Costa,
and finally driven down the ridge at the point of the bay-
onet by that battalion, a part of Col. Ausworth’s brigade
and a small detachment of the 28th regt.
On the whole, [ can assure your Lordship that the en-
emy had nothing to boast of, nor was our loss severe,
considering the disparity of our forces,
I feel particularly indebted to Major-Gen,. Pringle for
his conduct on this occasion, as well as toCol.Answorth,
Col. o’Callaghan, and Lt.-Col. Fitzgerald, of the 60th
foot, commanding brigades under him, and also to Licut..
Gen. the Conde d’?Amarante, and Brig.-Gen, Costa, who
was wounded.—I have the honor to be, &c.
(Signed) Rowranp Hitt,
To Field-Marshal Marquis of Wellington, K.G.
P.S. I must not forget to mention the services of Col.
Pampluna and Lieut.- Col. Pyne, 18th regt., Licut.-Col.
Grant and Major Mitchell, commanding the 6th of the
line and 6th Portuguesein Col. Answorth’s brigade.
NB. The rest of the above dispatches, as also the
lists of the names of the Officers killed and wounded,
too late for inserting this day, will be given next
W ednesday, 4 o’clock afternoon, in the way of
SS A a Sa PP ee
View original Vendue Office.
Public Vendues.
On Wednesday the 27th Oct. will be sold at the
Store of W. Crott, Esq. lot No. 12, the cargo of the
brig Industry, Mackenzie, from ‘Nieuwfoundland,
consisting of codfish, m: ickrel, salmon and herrings.
Also at the same time and p lace. suk hats, ps tints and
oil, negro clothing, gentlemen’s jac kets, trowsers,
P: intaloons, Waistcuats, « glassware, stationary, jewel-
lery, &c.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original Op W oensdag 27 Oct. zal verkocht worden aan
het huis vanden licer W. Crott, op het rt No. 12,
het karga van de brig Industry, bestaande in New-
foundland visch, makreel, zalin, en haring. Ook zal
men tenzelven tyde aldaar verkoopen, zyde hoeden,
vert enolic, heeren gemaakte klederen, Neger kle-
deren, glaswerk, kantoor behoctsens, goudgced, &c.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.

Jn Thursday the 28th Oct. will be sold at the
Vendue Oflice, the following articles, just imported
—tbeel, pork, hams, cheese, peas, barley, butter,.
fongues, toal sugar, beer, porter, Leghorn and. silk
hats, sili urmbreilas, linen, dowlas, duck, real Russia
sheeting, diaper, towelling, glass & earthenware, ca-
licocs, hkts., &c.—4 pipes Madeira wine, at least 12.
inonths in this colony.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
(Fhith or without about 50 Negroes),
Being Lot No. 9 on the Vest Curentyncoast of Berbice,
anid knowy on the general Chart as } of Lots
Nv. 7,8, 0.
The healthy and very desirable situation of this pro.
perty, arewell known, vo lauds within the colony, being
better adapted for the growth of Cotton, besides adording
abundance of good Plantain Laud.
Its present cultivation consist of 318 Acres in fine bear-
ing Cotton, Plantains and Ground Provision: all in ex.
cellent order.—To an approved purchaser, liberal terms
wiil be given.
Should this property not be disposed of by private
Sale, before the lst July next 1813, it will be sold at Pu-
blic Sale.
Application to be made in the meantime, to Mr. Hugh
Rose, on the Estate, or to
Day of Sale fixed.
On Monday the Ist of November next, at the Vendue
Oflice’ by order of Messrs. Evan & Angus Fraser, as there-
into specially authorised, will be sold by Public Sale the
Plantation ROSE HALL, Courantine coast, Berbice,
situated and described as above, witn all its Slaves and
every thing attached, agreeably to an Inventory to be
seen at this Office.
Tems of Payment—For Land, Cultioation and
Buildings—on satisfactory security being given b
the Purchaser,—1 2 & 3 years by equal Annual In-
stalments, with Interest.
For the Negroes.
Approved Bills of Exchange, on delivery at 12, 18,
and 24 months sight,—or as an encouragement to a
Purchaser, who may be desirous of taking the whole
View original
View original of the Property, as it at present stands, say the land
and negroes together, the terms of payment’ will be
extended to 1, 2, and 3, yearson security being giv-
en to the satisfaction of Messrs. Evan & Angus Fra-
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
NB. The Sale will take place on the spot,
and not at the Vendue office as ment-
ioned before.
On Wednesday 11th Noy. will be sold at the Ven-
due office, payable in two months, by order of G.
Hobus, Esq. Executor to the estate of Anna Caritas,
a negro woman with her child an excellent washer
woman, tables, chairs, matresses, &c.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Mastr
View original Op Donderdag 11 Noy. zal verkocht worden aan
het Vendue kantoor, door den Heer G. Hobus, als
I-xecuteur ten boedel wylen de vrye Indiaaninne An-
na Caritas, een negerinne zynde een bekwamen
waschmeid met haar kind, tafels, stoclen, bureau,
cederhoute kisten, fraaije likeur kelder, katoene
hangmatten, paarde haire matrassen, een kogel bus,
&c. betaalbaar in 2 maanden.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original —_—"""==y
Wordt geudverteerd, dat; This is to inform the Pue
le volgende personen voor. blic, that the following per
nemens zyn uit deze Kolonie sons intend quilting this Co-
le vertrekken. lony
Andrew Black in 6, weeks from Sept. 25.
Miss Panay Collier and three Slaves, for Demerary.
J.B. Ward in 4 weeks from Oct. 23.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy. '
View original WOK DT hiermede bekends NOTICE is hereby given,
gemacht, dat een maand na\that a month after date the
datu de volgende Transpor-| following Transports and
ten en Hipothecken zullen| Mortgages will be passed.
verleden ccorden,
Sept. 18 J. A. Micken qq. the estate of A Schlipfer,
dec., will transport to the tree Negro woman,
Sara van Schlipfer, a quarter of lot No. 33,
and aquarter of lot No. 54, with the buildings
onthe last mentioned, both ext nding froin
the new centre road towards the front quarters
of the same lots.
Sept. 25. H. Staal will pass transports of the follow-
ing parts of the back half of lot No. 13, in
New Amst. viz.—To Claas Fransen & Adam
Rollets, IS roods ;—to Jos. Farrell, 6 ditto ;
to the free children Frederica & Jacob, 84 do.
and fo Antjs Cornelisse and her two mulatto
children, 241 roods.
Oct. 9 James Fraser will pass a mortgage on plant.
Tratalgar, west coast of the colony Berbice,
and on 150 slaves.
——._ J.B. Rule will transport to G. Bone and P.
Quin, the northern half of lot No.6 and build-
ings thereon, first empolder of this town.
——. J. G.F. Sciff will transport to the free ne-
gro woman Minerva, one eighth of Lot No.27
firstempolsler of this town.
Oct. 16. Simon [’raser will transport to Messrs. J. T.
and A. Douglas & Co. of Glasgow, plantation
Brighton, cum annexis, and 150 Negroes.
Oct. 23. A. Simpson will transport to Demerary 50
Negroes, names to be seen at this office.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
————————————— —” ———_—_————K—<——
View original FOR LONDON.
To sail with the January Convoy,
Theship MULLETT, Tuo. Smitn, Master, for freight
or passage, apply to said Master, or to
16 Oct. W. DUNCAN.
View original a:
THE fine coppered Ship Harmony, Jounw Wrt-
son, Master, will be dispatched with the convoy to
sail in January next. Apply to
23 Oct. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
Who have received by the above ship, small boats
for colony craft.
View original FOR Sale by B. Zieauer, in addition to his for-
mer advertisement, sundry articles, received by the
late arrivals, via Demcrary —Split peas, pearl and
Scott's barley, tripe, Cumberland hams, mess beet’ &
pork in } barrels, black pepper, raisins & currents,
bleached real Russia sheeting, cotton platillas, India
salempores, Carlisle checks, negro blankets, whip
saws complete, whip & hand saw files, shovels, hoes
and cutlasses, grid irons, &c. 23 Oct.
View original ¢
Commissariat Office
Berbice 16th October 1813.
WANTED for the use of this Garrison, One Hundred
Bushels of Oats, of a good quality, Tor which ‘Tenders in
triplicate, marked ¢* Tenders tor Oats.’ ©). the whole or
any part thereof, will be received at this o* ceuntil Mon.
day morning the 25th inst, at 12 o'clock, when they wall
be opened, and the olicr or ofves must advantageous for
Goveroament, wil be accepted. .
The Oats to be subject to a Board of Survey.
J. Bo BUIMOT, Dep. Assist. Com. Gen,
Re rhice, Is/ Octobe rs ISIS.
Scot persons as may be wish*ul to Contract for
one yearcertain, from the 25th December ensuing,
for the supply of the whol-, or any part, of the above
articles, of the best quality, in such quontities and
al such periogds, as unay Ibe apaeeG fom time to time,
are requested fo send in tender in triplicate, and on
bol sheers of fooleap oper, inarked **Penders for
Supplies,” until Mon. y morning the Ist Novem.
borventy af LO oclock, when they willbe opened
andthe offer, or offers, most advanttccous to Govern.
} f. i: approved. wilt be acerpte ir —_ he ‘Teaders
t . ENO porte ino sterlure, and fo emimne two
inh Pender, Cor the duc perlormance ol
“enter ee tet,
Chee Sugary Cotee. Rice. and Vineenr, fo be de-
Payal ‘doom . | { Siors, ‘| he Puel Wood,
OP }aml Wieck at (be QQuarter and Barrack
bore Sf. WEES, andtob sul) ct to Boards
veye th reg reed. — Phe Plantamus to be deliver-
bort st. Ales, every Saturday, alerenoon,
providtsto do clock te the afternoon Six Pioneers
wi be required for the Commissariat, and tous for
(he Quarter vel Vorreck Deparanent, tobeapp -+
ol by the Conmusots iN ME Nasisting Qhuarier 3
Barrack Master General, for the time bs ing.
‘The peckace: not to be returned to the Contractors
but conselered the p. perty lol CGaovermnaent.
} Vyit if M TL bee ga mac On tits Viib rv) ach nonth
(hic sun) phesa ealelivevcdl i
a 7 on rucuiary tay be bad by application to
AASMES BB. BOTOTS DP. Assisi Com. Gen.
. ,
i OH . ALT.
y foc Nu! yy if rs (rcles, 2
I, e tri ithe J WINS ‘rlicles, mmported ai
_& , ] >
7 ° ) ‘ MINALOEL a lctt shavule > J/ v~ln London,
boda / Weel ‘em
Nas d to aty. hoes, sb evedsy cutiassesy hand cross
. } . ‘ ° .
and w tsa ty >, w . ach, yellow, Pea, & green
patot XN ol amd pame Seosians, @ubemens Leghorn XN otae
ver hats, oys hy wee tio. hi rel *e jyich i X Orbhkets
eb san Iecteele lc? .#
che cks & Will Silad “4 ey ew tian S ate Dutt S ol Jil 7 each
Foondon made white A&A pie ou usory haved hk
iyvOsN) alla
forks wila d sicily & Carvers to ucaton, alow pairs su “noc
razors, Brittavua metal chamier caadh ticks. ‘| Mu eres
fined sugar iv stnall loaves, Ny eun cain Caniistes, Corks.
Colton & Cotee bay weg, Come bays. Russia encoun
India blue and wore sate: ules, Conjpamy white w yele
Jow nankecen 9 bicshy ltnen, CitllZ, gieghans, CaliCacs
p»' AX wdadicos Canaherchacls, yds & geovidomen
Catton stochkints, ban] con gloves, porter in bap Sy port
and sherry wine —- Phe avove gouds i@ving beer ladantos
( “ if tite i. Omlilo i ti ath ( a) tne Sluuoschs clr (rust Ciey
wil! be found particular yw” authy vs Holic 5; — lle has ais,
for sale of fofmer in rea gy railed yy hook a iad eve
’ .
aa a. Jules dou, 80), , & lads Ltdy Cuiice Midiailes, and
Madeica wine itt otoe.
16 Oct. CH. AYTE.
View original dhe vnders Ta chor for Nude the f Korsing nla tes
rorporicd ta the bier. VY y GHEE RAEN dicy ie tld dispose
Of reas nabs ~/ur Ca h.
Soap, candios.s tuatts, cutlery, ironmongery @oong which
are afew Da'ch ovans, curry Comb, & brushes, shoe bree
Shes, house brootas, saint brushes clothes & hair do.
crumb do. coflee bageing, Ownaburgs, sup rine black ana
Mise brow cioths, Gadesmen hats, Jackets, shir s) and
trowses, sulk & beever Lats, gentlemen dress X hall dress
shovs, planters strovg lace da. ladies & childrens do. Trish
Jinen, fine cetion shurting, hiaen britanmas, calico, ging.
hams, muslins, bine cround hondkerehichs, chee ks, dow.
Jas, fine Trish sheetinz, ladies edtton stockings, youthoanen
(lo. & sochs, tab e cloths of various sizes from 4 yards to
6-1, Joans, dimity, diaper, York stripe, corks, blank
books, foolscap & post papers, quills, walers & a variety
of other articks.
16 Oct. G: DONE & Co.
~ — << _ -
View original FOR SALE.
BY the subscriber, choice o'd Madeira wine jn pipes,
brown stout in hogshead and barrels, Osnabrugs aud In.
very bagging, imported per the hyham, from Loudon
and Madcira.
~ 16 Oct. J. van pen BROEK.
NB. Coffee or Cotton will be taken in payment, alarea.
sonable proe.
bce ead at ow ft ae
View original
View original
View original D.C. CAMERON & Co.
lave received per ship Harmony, from Glasgow, sundry
Merchanatze, among which are the following arti.
ceed, ud chech they well dispose of ch ap, for
Cush ot Produc 5 hy the package.
Beef in barrels & half baiicis, pork in half do. Bristol
(hyo it jars, barley in do. hams, cheese, black peppers
‘ual sugary suap, candles, Fort and sictey wine, buctled
Deer, porter, pale ale in baere % brown scoutin do. Gene
Cenmen pack & coloured CUAi>y © ees, & JacKels, flan.
Wel Jackets, sak acd quilliag waistcoats, geut omen silk &
Leghorn hats, childrons hats, buch shin & woudstoce
sloves, gentlemen & ladies cotton ard sith glover, do, «
do. Cotte and sik stockings, cotton socks Hessian ane
yellow. buots, planters shoes with buckles, dees
chi dreus s.oes, black silk Horeutine, Eris tinea, shoe
Russia duch, diaper & tow cliug, long lawns, fine we .
lane’, stalunary assorted, riudea ledge bs, journals, & day
books, an chant astortine it ol Prtuted Cancbries, furuie
Cure echintz, mourns gy prouts, black bombazette, an assorl.
ment of white thread, lapes, bobtines, cotton & linen
plattllas, pullicatsy & Madrass handkercha. sy Slehaans,
Sichouchess, Caubiie luashuy dtoites, Joan, cotton ang
amen Checks, suk parasoies A umbrellas. ladies Ss uilstiaw
Doutelss sowie sit. assort dy black aml colonscd silk
havuherchiis, savsnet mobyns, suver peueel Cases A&G
Unuibles, mahogaay dressing gases complete, vegetabic
s01)), iackhwoug'’s cacor Sth yey Cases, A paste Grose ¥
aha pucket CVn bs, Pasties ornamental Cor bs, soap JONGS
Willhsoap & beusies, silver wired tooth brush sy cloth,
wal, shoe and horse Urushes, Pouse brovtas with lung dane
dies, scoubling brushes, double dosiided roe XS tanovace
Walt, Colom & (weld Colice Daggiog. tan Leon | velo
4 inca spikes, a complete assortment of cut tured , tan
“lass ware, du. stone Walley GR ware assuortid, douute
bluck Ga durcens & dish eure rsy wine & portrcurhs. jos
Shovels, cutlasses, pruning huives, wine cocks wats 4 CVS,
wal og val Cocks wala do. Khia Irotis, frying pas,
plates, window bolts HL ‘Tb & hooks aod eye hrizesy stay
bars A Staples, brass & black ring Mfacber door tock

esky bon, & diguor case brass luc ks, paints Xj) aint on,
spin of Curpentine, teatstou oll, aw assuctmient of care
penters toa, waip X cut & band saw files, sadles & bose
lic: y CNET) Coinbs, brushes & wone combs with spunses,
spare Deidic roms, gieths & collars w ih oncahs, do oscue
bup reathers, aegio hats & Blanchkets. tradesinen’s hats A
stcts, lined & untined Javhets, cuter: assucted, white
dnd avery handiod kaives X forks an sctisy ladies & lave
lots scissacsy oddlos & pins, cod: lucudus > sink sew.
Me MWey Seordace asserted, toa tte 6 incp cables,
boubl S&S svete Qik», CANVAS, OCLaCES, Wali A Vaticty
of vilken articles, 16 Oct.
a - > - _ ~ =
BOUGHT inte custody, to the Towa Manager,
a * venue bull Calf: the owner may have it
ecm by piytng the enn mees, if Mets a ter being
Mice laces advertised, willbe sold at Public Ven-
le lodefiay expences, according to Law.
& Oet. C RCULACH, Town Manager.
THLE subscribers finding litle er no attention lias
been paul to their repeated application for payment
of the New ‘Town Tavern Accounts, &e. requests all
those indebted to the same by Note of hand, Open
account, or otherwise, since the 19th Fanuary last,
focome forward with immediate payment to cither
of the undersigned, as incase of default, they find
themselves obliged to resort to disagreable measures,
against which they hereby caution every person con-
cerned, without distinction,
9 Oct. — D. MARTIN,
ee ee -_
View original FOR SALE.
THE Lot No. 31, situated in the second empolder
of this town, lozether with the buildings thereon, at
present occupied by J. T. Mathews, Lsq..—To a
cash purchaser it will be sold very reasonable.
9 Oct. Apply to JOHN BERESFORD.

A five oar’d Corial, the edge painted ycllow—the
owner may have the same restored by paying the ex-
peuces.—Lnquire froin W. JANSEN, lot No.8.
View original Nee
Ter Subscriber offers for Sale, modcrate terns,
Jor dMuncdiate payment nN ocash or produce,
the following ecods, ii-.—
Planters prime mess beefin barrels & t do.
Pickled ox tongues & Cumberland hains.
Irish batter in firkins & Dutch do. in hegs.
Pine & both loaf cheese & pilchards in burrels.
Double refined loaf sugar & hyson -tca of superior
Durham mustard in t & 4 Ibs. bottles.
Ps ach olive oil,
Londen pickles, cafsup, & anchovis.
loom raisins & currents ia pots.
(sarlics—salt in barrels.
Vallow candles 4s. &-G6s. and soap.
London bored brown stout porter & fable heer.
Madeira wine in pipes, quarter cask & by the dozen
I sence “spruce & white wine Vinegar in jugs &
1. 2 Me
Printed calicus assorted & checks.
ca tnen, cotton shirting, & do. cambric.
. cn cotton stockings,
Ose wurgs & cdo. thread.
Prndice saat Mpores, nankeen, & silk handkerchiefs,
Sursuchirs & Russia sheeting
Madras & pullicate hankerchicfs.
White balisure, huchaback, towelling, & sewin
Ladiey slipp: rs.
Ce Comon tlessian boots, strong half dress &
ens shoes,
. lorocco Slip & childrens shoes.
ecatlomon fine beav. x white Leghorn hats.
Pradesimens hats,
irly & boys beaver & leather hats.
Mationary tssorted,
Strasbure & Curacas’ snulls.
Pasvender & honey water.
booth, nail, & shaving brushes & tooth powder
Gillers in pint & half pint bottles.
Volinch stare! NX Spanish
bogttobicoo & fir do.
! rilode crun po ne r, relts.
peegls Cupp cutine, .
Py Pechoehiro. ves ! rerees. & chauck.
Paints, parvo, & dow brushes assorted.
trehanee | Car.
Vitis assoriod from Ody. to 40 ly.
Coopers nails & puncheon revits.
Pusop tacks & © ity of all sizes.
bisund Cross cults > With iiles, yw! v , files, gine
blets otall suze eH carpenter TS sc ts AXCS, Tur ad
Cyeuo. ssoall Satches.
Dutch tind e boys. ;
Cooks! < irying pans,
Scltsof foc ivory tandled koives & forke.
fass Ao | ICKN, or cli bers, boxe Ks, &-
piinees Lil, I, heow & oe | si yo st
ples, yshiovely, & ( we.
Marpopters tirers assorted.
Ire , LC...
Ol. . B. ZIRGLER, Lot No. 2',
eon Savaice of Genuine Presh Medicines, wich
will be sul on very reasonable terms.
— — ——_—_ — — — «
—o = — - e
— —_
ABSENTED Ay ril 20d last, from the su! se ber,
Wi George boyny, Demerary, a Negro boy ned
Comment, but gives hinsch ditlerent’ names, he is 5
fect Zor S tiches high, trom Toto 18 years Oke ue,
with a partly ood free anda A)! id her mould gacn
higseht oo his top lyp the sicht side of his lace Ing
bhreeanadle with the nostal and mouth, the right fet
swelleda litle, an old cut on the crown of his hi de
he was advertised in the Royal Gaze‘te ot Denierry
Jth of May last, since the su cber has bon
aed that some of the newra Captains of col ay
wave pr tina frum.creck to creck on his @ay
berbice - where. Wohomsoever will detect and
detain his iorward him to the subscriber, ja
Ceeorge ‘Pow. , demetary, will receive all necessar
reward andexpences patd. All persons are forbid.
den to harbour or employhin, aad Masters of yes-
sels fo take him out of the colonies.
George Town, Demerary, 24th Sept,
we — ..<.
—_ »« —
- Marshal's Office.
NOTICE is hereby given to the Public, by ordey
of His Excellency Joun Murnay, Major-General,
and Jieutenant-Governor of the colony Berbice, &e.
&e. &c.—That the Meeting of Creditors, of D. Car?
negie, which was advertised to take place on the J}
October last, is postponed until Monday the Ist of
November next. Berbice, 15 Oct. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, Jirst Marshat.
2 Se oe eS eee
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23 October 1813