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The Berbice Gazette

View original Subscription Rooms.
Under the Patronage of His Excellency Governor
Gorpon, and a numberof Respectable In-
habitants of this Culony.
Will open the above on the 10th inst., at the house
lately occupied by J. B. Rene, Esq. and begs to
inform the gubscribers, that altho’ his Papers are not
yet arrived, he has bcen assisted by several kind of-
fers from many of his Subscribers, to supply him in
the mean time with European Papers. 1 May.
View original BE RERERH RE RLE
Tur next Meeting of this Society willbe held at
Plantation Bohemia, on Friday the “With of May next,
Wo Kat:—D. Carnegic—S. Kendall,
Berbice, lsd May.
st —— —
Commissariat Office
Berbice, ¥st Muy, 18138.
THE Contractor for Pice having failed in deliyer-
jng the quantity required.
4,500 weight. .
is wanted immediately, for which cash will be paid
on delivery.
JAMES B. BUHOT, D. Assist’*Com. Gen.
\ Be rbice, St we
CASIL wanted fora Bill of Exchwge of, & 100
Sterling, drawn on the Right Hon, the Pa yinsdstes
General, at 30 di ays sight.
Por which Ponders will be reqrived at this Office
until Monday the Sd insty at 10 oclogk.inahe morn-
ing, when they will be opened, and the highest of-
er, if approved, accepte .
Pre erence will be given fo colonia! paper not ex-
ceeding / 66. }
JAMES B. BLILOT, Dep. hapists Com. Gen
Sa ee se ee ee
Ts in Cominissie tebelomen':
Vaatjes Hollandsche rolpens.
Trommeds Hollandse ba banket.
Brown aly in oxhoofden.
. Spykers.
oe Naaygare n.
Elegante dames strooije hoeden, «
Enandere Meinigheden meer.
——_lOC SE
I May. aan '
Imported in the Srmon Cocr, from Eondon, and
Jor Sale by the Subscriber :
. Beer, porter, & old Port wine.
. Gentlemen's silk, heaver, & leghorn hats.
Negro hats, jackets, & blankets.
Pennistons. ;
Osnabrug’s & checks.
Gentlemen's jackets, waistcoats, trowsers, pan,
taloons, coats, & coatecs.
Damask & di iaper table cloths.
Cotton shirting.—and an assortment of jewel-
lery of the latest fashion.—The above arti-.
cles will be — Cheap by the package.
a@May. — Wm. CROFT.
View original NOVICE.
ALL peréons having any demands against the late
Joun Baptist, dec,, are requested to render in the’
same to the second subscriber.
1 May. __ G, SCH WARIS.
View original SATURDAY, the Ist of May
View original ee
ALL those who have demands against plantation
Hope, situated on the west coast, since the Seques-
tration, are requested to render them in as soon as
possible, and certified by the Manager, to Mr. H.
Lutuers an lot No. 17, or on plantation Overyssel
1 May. Surviving Sequestrator,
View original LEN ieder die iets te pretenderen heett van de ka-
foen plate Hoop, gelegen aan de west kust, ze-
dert den tyd dat dezelven onder Sequestratie is, ge-
lieven daarvan ten spoedigsten hunne rekeningen in-
televeren, pe oa gecertificeerd door den Direk-
feur, aan den Heer H. Luturrs, op het Ert No. 17,
of op plantagie Overyssel aan
! Mey. _ Overgeblevene Scquester.
BY a gentleman leaving up the river, two Negro
women, the one capable of understanding cooking,
and the other washing, for which /5. per mouth
each will be given.
24 April. Apply to this Office.
FS tesssliessssseenstieseestin
AN excellent full toned SANO FORTE
Apply t2 R. C. DOWNER.
2t April
View original To be disposed of
Lither by Private or Public Sale, and innnediate
possession with ‘Transport given—those extensive
and very valuable: Premises, on lot No. 3, in the towu
of New Amsterdam, consisting of an excellent Dwel-
ling House, Out-Buildiugs, and Stores, all lately put
in complete repair, at a considerable expence. — ‘Ihe
eligibility of the situdion, for either a store, ship-
ping, or public establishment, can be exceeded by
none; and no Building could be better calculated to:
# commodious and good Hotel, with Stabling, &c.
so much wanted in this colony. ‘Terms will be made
easy to an approved purchaser, Apply to Witui-
Am Duncan, or
Should the buildings not be sold by private bar-
gain, betwixt and the COth yey vuext, they will then
be disposed of by public sale, in such lots as pure,
chasers may ineline. Produce will be take: in pay-
eet te
View original ee ee eee
THE undersigned is bappy to inform the Public,
that the Shoemakers profession is how re-established
by him, at the house of Mr. A. dD, pogue & Co.,,
which once was very successful kept tip tu the credit
of those gentlemen, in allits various branches. Begs
those whoin formerly used to eive their cusfoin, will
now do the same, and being but oa @arly beginner,
will work on the most reasonable terms, namely ,—— }
Planters shoes f13.—dress ditto, J 1t.—calashing
and soleing boots J 16-10.—calashing alone JS-5..
will both warrant the leather and work to beas dura.
ble as any*customer minty require. With thaaks begs
this advertisement to be adhered to
17 April. : Wm. WELCH.
{ “ LLL
View original NOTICE
Pilot and Harbour Master.
INFORMS the Masters of Vessels in the River,
that he keeps his Office atthe house next the Ven-
due Oflice, where they are requested to call and pay
(heir Fees, previous to leaving the river.—3 April,
aa a a Tee
View original FOR SALE.
A piece of Land wf lot No. Li, containing 14.
roods, situate at the south side of the backdam—ap-
ply to this Office. 17 April.
EIGHT prime Field Negroes— apply to the sub-
scriber, who will take in payment cash, produce,
or approved bills of Exchange.
24 April. Wa. INNES, aq,
View original | Payable in advance.
View original anna
THE Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr.
Benyamin ‘Tuckniss, Assistent Government Sccie-
lary, of this colony.
King’s House, Berbice, 1st Apri’, 1813.
By Command.
Tuos. C. EMERY, Gov. Sec’y.
View original o e & °
Militia Brigade Orders.
AS the new Arms and Accoutrements for the Mili-
fia, are now daily expected. Lieutenant Colonel
Fraser requests, that the East, West, and Coren-
(yn coast Companies, will assemble for Drill, in such
divisions asthe Captains may appoint. in order to
prepare (hemselves fora general Muster, on the 4th
Juue, on the Parade in New Amsterdam, to fire a
Feu de Joie, in honor of {lis Maiesty’s Birth Day.
By command.
Berbice, 10th April, 1813.
View original ecrelary’s Offic
Secrelary s Office.
. . a !
Word geadverteerd, dat) ‘Lhis is toinform the Pue-
le volgende personen voor. blic, thut the following pere
nemens zyn uid deze Aolonic sons intend quitling this Coe
le vertrekken, tony.
John Forsyth in 6 weeks from April 10.
Isaac Farley in 6 weeks from 24 April
R. ©. DOWNER, Sery.
View original WOK hewrmede bekceudhh NOL Cho here Ly ively
gemaakt, dat cen maand na\thal @ month after waic the
lddu de volgende Avdanspor-| jollasing Transporis and
cn en Slipothecken zullen| Mortgages well be pussed,
Jerleden worden,
Marci 20. John Barnwell will transport to Demera-
ry JI Slaves, from plantation Perseverance,
names to be seen at tis office.
——— L.C. Abbeusets will pass a mortgage on 10
Slives, iu favor of J. A ficken qq. the boe-
dle Wohlers, names to be seen at this office.
|+e——- Chs. McIntosh will pass a Deed donatis ine
ter vicos, to Mary Greenand herchildren wth
remainder, as is to be seen in the Secretary’s
: ollice, of the southern half of lot No. 29 aud
the buildings thereon.
——— H.S aal will transport to A. F. Ficher qq.
10 roods of land of Lot No. 13 first empolder,
adjoining the new centre road.
———. bizabeth Lyall will piss a morigage in fae
vor of Chs. Whyte, vested on the southern qrt,
of lot No. and buildings thereon, appertains
ing unto her.
March 27. Wan. Croft will passa mortg:
grocs, names tu be seen at this offi
of John Croitt.
April 10. A. Fleury will {ransport to Susannah Gee
orge, 146 Jeet of the northern front quarter of
Lot 22, 2d empolder of this tow n, also 50 feets
ol Jand on the north side of the same lot ad-
Joining the aforementioned 146 fect, the width
of the quarter of said lot 29,
Susannah George will transport to A. Fleu.
ry, the quarter lot and buildings thereon pos-
sessed by her, being a part of lot 37, in the
2d empulder of this town.
—— Widowll. J. Buse will transport to Thomas
Robson, part of lot No. 1. first empolder,
Th. Robson will transport to J. Broderick,
part of said lot No. f.
May 1. The Attorney of Elisabeth Sharp, will trans-
to D.C. Cameron, 6 roods of land of lot No.
6, in New Amst. with the buildings thergon,
adjvining the premises of J. B. Rule.
ALL those who have any demands against the Es.
tate of the late Andreas S¢ (lapfer, or his plantation
Te Vreden, in Canjc, or are indebted thereunto, are
requested to render in their accounts, and make pays
ment, at the farthest within 6 weeks, tohis Executor
J. A. Hickes, on Pla. Stand vastigheid, orto J. G.
I. Tasensma, in New amsterdam.—97 March.
RK, C. DOWNER, Seey.
ize on 6 ne-
Ce, in flavor
View original
View original Vendue Office.
Public Vendues.
THF. Sale of the remaining produce of the con-
demncd ship Speculator, will take place on Wednes-
day the 5th of May eusuing.
G. BONE, dct. Dep. Vendue Mastr.
View original On Saturday the 8th May will be sold at the Ven-
due office, by order of John Broderick, Esq, the fol-
lowing articles, just imported from London, in the
ship Elisabeth,—Prime mess beef in tierces, barrels,
and I do., pork in 4 do., herrings in barrels, London
porter in tierces of G4 dozen each, crates of earthen
ware, Inverness cotton bagging, and a few thousand
coffee bags.
On the same day by the Act. Dep. Veridue Master
in commission.—
Dry goods, &c.
G. BONE, Act. Dap. Venduec Master.
View original i aT
On Wednesday tthe 12th May, by order of Simon
Fraser, Esq.—1 fine full grown oxen, a few heifers,
an excellent chaise and harness complete, a saddle
By order of H. Sneepel, Esq. a house, sifuate near
es ack dam of ldt No. 8, late the property of. .-.
The Vendue Master in commission, dry goods.
G. BONE, Act. Dep. Venduemr.
View original On Wednesday the Ist Sept. and following days,
will be sold by or ler of Robt. Taitt, and Wm. Kew-
Jey, Esqrs. in their capacity as Curators to the Es-
tate of the late Richard Barry, dec.—The western
hali of Plantation New/aadhall, being one-third of
Lot No. 20, Corent yn coast.
The southern half of Plantation 7/arriet, being half
Lot No. 76 Correntynu, together with buildings, and
slaves, stock and al! and every thing thereunto be-
longing—Inyentories of which to be seen at the Ven
due otlice.
G. BONP, Act. Dep, Vendue Master.
- ——{—$— = _
View original FOR SALE—At this Otice—Blank Bills of Lx-
change, Bills of Lading, and the Janner of Procce-
dings, before the Court of Cit! Justice of this Co-
a eess——se —_—_ —- —__—__—_ —_ —— — ——
a ee | ~ Cie
Cet <- ,
(er Ee pbucecey
a oe
Since the arrivals mentioned last week of the S/-
mon Coc! and J/enrictla, arrived this week the ship
Elisabeth, belonging to the same convoy, but brings’
no further news.
Not having bad a further possession of the payers
brought by these vessels, we are only able to give
our Readers some turther extracts from some late pa.
pers received. Lord Catheart’s dispatch, given in
our last, goes tothe 20th of Jan., we now continue
the same to the 2th of that month.
London, March 4.—Dispatches have been received fron
Lord Wellington of the idth, and frou Alicant of th
Tthuit&. Phearnay an dic last meationed quaster amounted,
with all its retalorcements of Ltalians, Calabrese, Sicilians,
&e. tv 26,000 men, of which number 9,000 were Kuglish
and Germans. The total of the sorces ¢hat had arrivea
from Sicily was 16,000. Suchet had about 20,000 elivc.
tives to oppose them, and it was reported that Soult lad
deviched 8,000 more to join him. Lord Wellington was
jn excellent health at the date of thé last advices.
Some accounts by the last Cadiz mail speak of disputes
between the Cortes and the Regency, which it was supposed
would termivate in the retirement of the latter.
LONDON, March 16.
A lispatch, of which the following is a copy, has been
received by Viscount Castlereagh, his Majesty's Prin.
cipal Secretary of State for Fureign Affurs, Jrom his
Excellency General viscount Cathcart, K. 7. his Ma-
jesty’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentia.
ry to the Court of Russta, dated
My Lorp, St. Petersburgh, Feb. 6.
By the continuation of the journal of military opera.
tions from the 20th to the 28th of Jan. it appears that on
the 20th of Jan. Prince Schwartzcuberg’s head-quar ters
were at Puitusk, and his advanced posts, which has been
drawn in irom Suy aciotf and Novegrodeg, were established
in Ostiolenka.
I have ne details of the movements of General Sachen’s
View original column on the left, but I hat@husow to believe that it
advanced near the line of the BT~Pupon Warsaw, observ.
ing Regnier’s corps on the left bank of that river, which.
corps, in a tormer report, was stated to have formed a
support to the right of the Austrian auxiliary force.
General Milleradowitch’s column has coutinued to move
from Augustoft by Radziloff and Little Plozk, in the di-
rection of Hudck, a small village west of Novugrodek,
mecting near Lomsa, with General Vassizchikoff’s corps,
which had continued to follow the Austrian advanced posts, ,
and this movement obliged the latter in retire to Ostru:
lenka. ‘
The Field-Marshal’s column, with Which the Emperor
was present in person, moved from Ligue to Johanisbery,
and from thenée to Willenbourg, combining its movemcats,
so as to reach the last named place by the time General
Milloradowitch’s corps could arrive near Pyatnitz on the
27th January.
General Wintzingerode, with astrong corps of light
troops, formed an advanced guard to both these coiumns,
marching by Muschinitz upon Corchel!, and covering the
colintry round that place. ‘These movements have driven
in the advanced posts of the Austrians.
As the Russian drmy was expected again to move on
the 30th apparently in the direction of the Vistula, it
seems probable that the Austrian corps will continue its
inarch and puss tat river.
General Regnier was, on the 19th, at Okunieff, to the
eastward of Warsaw.
The French head.quarters being established at Posen,
it is possible that Regnier, since that dale, may have
marched down the Vistula in that direction, passing behind
(ne rear of the Austriau: but if he should have united
with Prince Schw artzenberg, the reinforcement would not
place their united force in a situation to resist the troops
opposed to them,
Meaww hile the advanced corps on the right, which drove
the enemy from Marienbourg, Elbing, and Durschau, have
coulinued their operations, aud have invested Da .zic.
General Count Platoil’s head-quarters bemg within alew
English miles of that city, in a westeru direction. General
Vount Wittgensteiu has resumed the command of the right
column; and as part, at least, of the orduance intended
fur the siege of Kiga has been secured, it iy probab.e his
usual success may attend him in reduring Dautzic.
Count Michael Woronzow has succeed sd in taking pos.
Session vf Broinberg, with its valuable magazines on the
left bank of the Vistula, betweer Thorn and Graudentz,
and Adipival Pchichagolt is moving in that direction, with
the sema.nder of the lurce under his command,
The garrison of Graudentz is exclusively Prussian, and
it appears by these reports, that, npon the next moveucut
of the head-qyuasters, every thing on the right bauk of the
Vistula wall be in the occupation of the Russian forces,
except the garrisons of Grauden.z and Thorn, no mention
Deing wade of any garrison leit by Uieenemy on any other
post on the Vistula,
{ have the honour to be, &c.
(Signed) CATHCARY.

London, March 19.—‘*Not only are Berlin, War.
saw, Dresden, and Hamburga, freed fromthe yoke of the
Mrencu, but what is of much more importance tu the ge.
etal ibterests of Europe, the possession of these places
have beeu given up to the cegulaf Constituted Authorities
of the country, General D’ York, the Prassian patriot,
commands at Berlin, The Polish National Guards are
permitted to retaan possession of Warsaw, and the old
regime has been restored at [lamburgh, From the latter
piace, indeed, there have Been already numerous arrivals
at Heligscand, wath the view of commencing a trade; in
the mean me the french inhabitamts bave secured as much
juoperty as they could on board of flat-bottonied boats
aud saticd down the ibe. The military under Lauriston
wud St. Cyr hive marched fur Magdeburgh, where it is
supposed ihey wil inthe 4 aad stand, in conjunction
With Gac smali eouch any now there, Commauded, we
Believe, Dy Lugescau,”’
Extract of @ letter, dated Liverpool, March 18.
‘fam happy to wform you that a buat has just come
on store fone the Adventure, Gosip, trom Gibraltar,
arcived Us moment in our river, the Captain of which
brings the news of the capture of the American frigate,
Mascay Capt, W. I. Porter, by une of our ships of superior
force, “The bssex had arrived at Gibraltar as a prize,
before the Adventure sailed. ‘The Captain had forgotten
the name of the British man of war; but ou several bemg
mentioned to him, and among others the Poictiers, said
that he thought that was the name.
‘Phe French in Spain were preparing for the ensuing
campaign before the Adventure sailed, and had already
sent out advanced guards te our piguets, which had some
smart skirmishes with them.”’
Hamburgh is evacuated by the French. The insurrection
there is contirmed. Ansurrections prevail in many parts
of Germany aud Holland.”
A byc-boat has arrived from Heligoland, and brought
Hamburgh letters of the 9th.
The Russians entered Berlin with their main force on
the 5th.
General D’York was pushing‘on to Dresden.
It is said that a strong flect is to be stationed in the
Downs for the purpose of keeping in the Flushing fleet,
which ts expected to attempt putting to sea, in order to
get into a more secure harbour.
Our Portsmouth Jetter of this morning states, that the
Loire, which arrived yasterday from off Cherburgh, spoke
View original a vessel from Guerntey, which informed her, thata Hey olus
tion had broken out in France.
Since General Hope's return from his successful mission
to Sweden, the greater pait df the trausports that were at
Portsmouth, have been ordered to proceed to Yarmouth,
from whence they will sail for the Baltic, to convoy, we
take it for granted, the Swedish force te Pomerania.
' EE
Para, Feb. 26.
Exposé of the situation of the E@pire, presented tu the
Legisletive Body, in the sitting of the 25th of Feb.
by his Excellency Count de Montulivét, Minister o f
the Intertor.
Gentlemen,—Ilis Majesty has ordered me to inform
you of the situation of the Empire in the years 1811) and
(512. You will see with satisfaction, that notwithstand.
ing the great armies, which the state of the maritime and
coutineatal war obliges us to keep on foot, the popula.
tion Continues to increase; that our industry has made
new progress; that the lands have been better cultivated,
nor the manufacturies more tlourishing ; that never ai uny
epoch of our history, have riches been more spread among
the ditierent classes of society.
The simple cultivator @t that time knows enjoyments to
which he was formerly a stranger ; he purchases at a high.
er price such lands as suit him best; his clothing is better,
‘4S foot is more substantial; he rebuilds his houses and
iakes tuem more substantial,
New inventions in’ agriculture. industry, and in the
useful arts, are not rejected, merely because of their be.
ug new. kvery where triais ave made, and such as ex.
perience proves to be prefavabic, are usefully substituted
for the old routines, ‘The ariilicial Sheep-wa'ks are mul.
fiplted, the sysiem of fallowing is discontinuch, iaclosures
jess eatensive, and new cultivations augment ‘he produce
uf our lands; the cattle multip'y, aad their breed is ame.
liorated 5 the lowest farmers have acquired the means of
obtaining, at high prices, the rams of the Spanish breed,
aud the stallions of our best kinds uf horses. Become eu.
lightened to thcir future interest, they do not hesitate ma.
king these useful purchases; thus the wants of our ma-
nufactures, Our agriculturc, aud ourarmics, become every
day more ascured of relief. This degree of prosperity is
owing tu the liberal laws by which this great empire is Oe
verucd, to the swpprssion of the Feudal System, the tithes
the Wains-mort.s, the Monastic Orders, a suppression
which has con-tituted or rendered free, that great number
Of private estairs nuw become the free patrimony of a
multitude of fassiles hitherto of the towest class ; il isowe
ing to the equality of partitions, tu the clearness and sim.
plicity of the laws on property, and on securities 5 tu che
promptitude with which law-suits, which are every day
ivercaying, are decided; it is to these same causes, end tu
th: influence of vaccination, that the increase of the po-
pulation should be attributed. And why should we nut
ackuowledge tu ourselves, that cveu the conscription it.
seif, which every year causes the choice of our youth to
range themselves under its banners, has contributed to
the encrease, by multiplying the number of marriages in
favouring them, by for ever fixing the fate of young
Frenchmen, who have once obeyed the jaw.
(Here follows a loug detailed account of the state of
populalion, agriculiure, commerce, public works
interior adminisiration, and Marine, occupying
nearly the whole of the Moniteur, and ticv supple.
mentary sheets, of which the following is an ad.
struct :—
Population.—The population of France was, in 1789,
26,000,000 individuals ; (sume persens computes it only
25,000,000, The present population of the Empire is
42,000,000, of which 28,000,000 are contained iv the
Departinents of Old France. This estimate is net found.
ced on mere conjecture, but on an accurate census. It ig
an augmentation of 2,500,000, of nearly oncetenth with.
in 24 years,
Agriculture.—The value of the agricultural produce of
France in corn, wine, and oil, cattle, mineral substances,
&c. is stated at 5,031 ,000,000 livres.
Manufactures.—The value of manufactures of silk,
wool, metal, glass, porcelain, &c. is stated at 1,300,000,
000,. Besides these, it is observed under the head,
New Industry.—That a most importaot revolution is
preparing, which must change all the commercial regula.
tions existing since the discovery of the Indies; these are
manufactures to supply the place of sugar, indigo, and co.
chineal, the value yf which products is stated at 65,000,
000, making in the whole 6,396,000,000. But these sub.
stances are not all yet manufactured so as to be fit for
use; the corn is not made into bread; stuffs are not ma.
nufactured into clothing, by which the difinitive value of
all their values will be augmented at least one tenth, or
639,690,000, and their total value will become 7,035,600
Commerce.—The exportations of France in 1812, are
stated to have amonnted to 383,000,000, The importa.
tion, not including 90,000,000 of specie, to 257,000,000,
The excess of the exportation was 126,000,000. This bas
lance in 1788, the most favorable ancient period, was
oely 75,000,000,
England has, by her Orders in Council, denationalized
all fags. From that time there were no longer neutrals,
no longer regular maritime regulations. ‘This pcriod might
have been critical; England relied upon it; but the vigi.
View original lenee, the ability, the energy of oir government, have
made it an epoch of amilioration; and it is since 1806,
that our industry has made the greatest progress. But it
will attain the highest degree of prosperity, when, under
a government such as ours, with all the richest of svil,
all the activity of our manufactures, we shall ourselves
enjoy that peace which is called for by the wishes of the,
world; that honorable and secure psace which shall res.’
tore to human industry all its developement,
It is to our territorial situation that we owe the state of '
our finances, the enjoyment of the best money syetem in,
Europe, the absence of all paper money ; a debt teduced
to what it ought to be, to supply the wadts of all capita.
lists. It is this satisfaction, Gentlemen; which enables us
to support at once, a maritime wary dnd two continental
wars, tohave 900,000 men constantly under arms; to
maintain 100,000 sailors, to keep 100 ships of the line,
and as many frigates, complete or building, and to expect
every year, from 120 to 150 millions in public works,
Pnolic Works. —Undeer this head are evumerated the
sums expended since theaccessivn of the Emperor, on Im.
perial Paiaces, Fortifications. Maritime Ports, Roads,
Bridges, Canals, and Public Works; the whole amount.
jug to 1,005,000,000.
‘L’his is (vllowed by a prolix cnumeration of these works,
and their several improvements,
Interior Administration.—V be Concordate of Fontain.
bleau has put anend to the discussions of the Church.
The Government has heen constantly satishied with the at.
tachment shewn to it by the ®Bwhops and clergy. The
ancient principles of the Church of France, known by the
pame of the Liberties of the Gailician Chureh, perfectly
reconcile the rights of the Throne, aud those of Pontitts.
They ought to be constantly the Lasis of instruction in ail
the echvols of the Empire.
Marine.—After stating the causes which had produced
the destruction of the French marine, and the fuemer dee
pressed state of the French navy under Louis the XIV.
aii XV. the exposition proceeds to give a statement of
the improvements, &c. in the diifercnt ports ; the Helder,
Flushing, Aniwerp, and Cherbourg, are said cu be in that
state of defence, that the armies co dd have time to come
to their relief from the interior of Italy o¢ Poland,
In the Dock-yards of Cherbourg arv constructing threes
deckers“and ships of BO and 74. In Genua and Venice
vesselgiare being built. The Duck-yards of L’Osient,
Rochfort, and ‘Joulon, continue to have tiat activity, of
which they are susceptible. Ina few years we shall have
150 ships of which 12 will be threesdechers, and a still
greater number of frigates.
We can easily construct and arm from 15 to 20 shi,s of
the limeeach year, Butitmay be asked, wacre will sailucs
be found to man these squadrons, Camps, aad oxcrcsing
from an army in afew years, but wlere will hat be found
to replace cainps aud exercising fur marine (roa.s:
Colbut’s Lustitutions, and the pruicipics winch he laid
down for the reeruital, af naval force, were diniost nuli—
our maritime commerce was catrepiely reanced—uve ad.
mitted as ai! axiom, No commerce, tu mitiary marine.
It was, however, bad reasoning ; fur it might have been
said with asmuch justncss.—Nv military marive, no Coin.
Du TCe.
The Administration then conceived the idea of recruit.
jng the naval forces in the same manner as the land, to
have recours to the conscription, without abandoning the
resources the inscription wight produce. The Maritine
Departments even in part exempted from the Conscription
of the Land army, and all their youth called to the Mari.
time Conscription. ‘The most experienced seamen wished
that this conscription should extend from the age of 10 to
12 years, pretending that it was impossible to make a seaman
ef aman of matureage. But how concvive the possibility
of crowding together in ships 60 or 80,000 infants, The
expences required for their instructiun, for two years,
were alarming. A midd cage was adopted, young meno:
16 or 17 years were called to the Maritime Conscription,
It might be expected that in four or five years they would
become skilful sailors. But how instruct so great anuu.
ber of young men to navigate, when the sea was almost
every where interdicted tous, Flotillas were constructed,
Sor 600 vessels, brigs, guo-doats, &c. were navigated
upon the Zuyderzee, the Scheldt, &c. From time to time
they manned our squadrons in Toulon, &c. fulfilled the
expectations formed of them: eur squadrons now per.
View original | forming theit evdlitions with a» much pfortiptitude and
precisidn as at any epoch in the ' ory of our marines.
During the five years this system has been adopted, 80,000
young ment drawn from the conscription have thus aug-
‘mented owt marine. Muth cdnstancy was Fequisite to res
solve upon all the sacrifices which such a system cost us.
[ Here follows an account of the progressive improve.
_ment of the young seamen.
In short of our 100 vessels we have now 65 armitd,
equipped, and provisidned for six months, constantly ap-
pearing in such a situation, that no one knows at the mo.
‘ment of weighing anchdr, if it is to exercise for a distant
The Maritime Cotiscription produces 20,000 ydtitig men
annually. The Inscription of the fishermen also prdduces
very important resources,
England may have the iumbet of ships and lard ttoups
which she pleases ; she tidy give her commerce the direc.
tion that suits here: but we claim the same right. If sbe
pretends to impose upon us the secret condition of destroy-
ing our squadrons, of reducing them to 50 ships, or tu dic-
tate commercial treaties, not conformable to vur interests,
such a peace w.Il never be signed by the Fmpcrof, nor
desired by any Frenchman We desire pedce? but if we
cannot have it on these conditions the war must be con.
tinued and each year of war our hava! forces will encrease
without the enemy’s superiority being able to prevent it.
The Land army is composed of the Imperial Guard.
which comprehends 20 regiments of Infantry, and 44 squa-
drons of 150 regiments of the Line, and 37 of Light In
fantry, making 189 regiments of Infantry, or 913 French
Battalions ; of 15 regiments of Artillery ; of 30 battal ’s
of the Train; of 90 regiments of Cavalry of 8 companies
each, independent of of 4 Swiss regiments, 6 foreigu regi-
ments, and several Colonial battalions,
J will not speak to you, Gentlemen, about military or
political events; I can add nothing to what you know,
and what the Emperor told you in a few words, but with,
sv much profoundness. It appcared to me that the simple
Exposé of our interior of our maritime and wilitary situa
tions were sufficient to make the immense of our resources
cumprehended,, the solidity of our system, and the thanks
we owe toa vigilant Government, whose labuurs are con.
stantly comsecrated to all which is grand, aud useful to)
the glory of the Empire.
The firm resolution of the Sovereign to protect equally
all parts of his Empire, aad so constantiy proceed in the
same system of economy, and of the grand aduinistration
cannot but redouble, if that was possible, the coulideuce
and ove which all nis subjects bear hin,
The Expositiou having been read, the President of the
Ldygistauve Budy replicd as follows :— )
Geatlemcen,—The Exposé of the situation of the Em.
pire, waich we never hear without fresh interest, cannot
id mere enlightencd Judges, vor receve mure applausee,
iaan in the huaur of the Legsiative Corps. Who among
us is ignurant of the the progress of this sterior circulia.
tion, which entivened every kind of industry, and has’
caused its cilects tv reach even that lavourious ¢.ass which
vad for so long a time been igaorant of itd enjoyments, It
is by the remembrance of those days, not far remuved from)
us, and not by the regret of those whe cannot hope for
them again, that we love to judge uf the Works of Go.
verament, and of their success, Frauce, always tributa. ;
ry to Foreigners for the greater part of its want without
circulatien among the interior towns, without certain em.
ployment to the inhabitants of the country, and without
siving them p.opurtionate wages, saw ber commerce and
her fortune cowcentrated in a few maritime cities, whose
splenduur we for the muwent regret, but the intiuence of
which was but little felt in the distance provinces. At pre.
sent amore skilful agricultural yields a more considerable
produee; great manufactures bring into every district fo.
reign arts; more abundant and better paid labour makes
the people forget their privation, But nevertheless, far
froin us be the idea of any injustice towards those anteri.,
ortimes ; much was then dune, but we have surpassed the
hopes of our forefathers, and far from misconceiving these
benefits, welove to place the giury of them to their au.
thor, How can we forbear admiring these generous ef. '
forts which no interest could celax? In this very year,
wheo unexpected losses appear to have no other than that
of repairing them, immense sums are consecrated equally
to intesivs judustry, to retaining What has already been a
View original chieved and to the execution of what is not yet perform-
ed. May our enemies at letiyth acknow!edge the ine
resources of this Empire, and judge of her ereatucss by
this noble emulation of generosity between the Suverciga
anil the pedple; ard thence foresee its d siny, which isin
the hands of a genius equally capable of iy: viring his ene
nies with terror, and his pebple with cdulice sce.
New. ¥ork Jan.20.—Admiral Warren, with two 71's
‘five frigates, and threé smaliér vessels, is c'usely b uckading
this port, and has detdiried severel vessels, among oheis
the schooner Syretie and ship Silenus of Charleston.
General Armsttong receite@ his appoititment as Secrola-
ry at War; at New-York, du the 19th of January.
Admiral Warren says thete is no prospect of jedce be-
‘tween the United States and Great Britain.
A Bill has pdssed the Ld@wer House of Congress for
raising twenty tegiments of regttlars.
Washington, Feb. 4.
A very violent Message hag just been recived
from tHe President of the United States, enclosing
and tommenting on the Order in Council of Octob- +:
26, and the accompanying instructions: He inveie hs
in harsh and reproachful terms against Great Brit
accuses het of attempting to divide and dembri ¢
other nations ; of attempling td prosecute trade be’ -
tumed on a mass of perjury arid fotgery } end wines
up by recommetiding an effcttaal prolavition of any
trade whatever, by citizens or inhabitants of ihe
United States, under special licences, whethet relat-
ing to persous or ports ; and in aid thereof; a prohrbis
tion of all exportations from the United States in
foreign bottoms ; few of whicli are actually employe,
while counterfeits of their flags and papers are coves-
ing and encouraging the navigation of the encuy.
Philadelphia, Jan. 9.
“Sir—I have this day received information of te
discovery, in New-York, of a very extensive scence
of forgery of British Licences. From the intelligence
communicated to the Magistracy of this city, by the
New-York Police, there is every reason to believe
that many of the forgeries ha®@: been disposed of in
Baltimore, to the southward of that city ; it may be
of importance to the commercial interests that this
information be communicated as early as possible ;
and therefore I have taken the liberty of addressiig
this letter to you, as I cannot conveniently see the
Major, in whose hands I have placed the papers:
“Reap, Recorder of Philadelphia.”
Boston, Dec. 4.
‘‘News from the Frontiers. —A Gentleman wio i 't
Champlain about ten days since, says, the recu or
force is about 5000, and 2, or 3000 mililia.—Sow of
the regulars are fine troops, and will doubtless fii’ t
well. A few days since, Col. Clark, wlto was an oi-
ficer of the day, rude 2 or 3 miles into Canada alone,
‘and learned that 3 or 400 Indians were in th vicini-
ty. Gen. Chandler was detached, with about 350
‘men, including one company of light artillery, and
one of cavalry, who proceeded in the evening tv the
village ot Odletown, where there was a sinalt breast-
work, lately occupied by the enemy: Abont iweive
o'clock, this fort was surrounded, and our trop:
fired, but on closing up, only a sifigle musket was
taken prisoner, with the loss on our part of 2 w>::ini-
ed; one ear bored, and another his hand;
but whether from the Indians or by their cross-fire,
was not ascertained. The tréops returned; and the
next night the search was renewed, but we know not
with what success, 300 men had voluntecred to cut
a road, who had axes prepared for this purpose.”’
View original {
On the 7th April last, we are sorty (6 hear, « most
lamentable conflagration destroyed the whole of Cas-
tries, in the Island of St. Lucia. It is reported that
several lives were lost in this dreadful calamity.
View original eee
DIED) At bis plantation Greenbank, Canje, Mr.
ese F Faser.<
View original a
Marshal's Office.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the Execution Sale
of Plantation Fast Lethian, cum annexis, adverti-
zed to take place on Monday the 3d_ May, 1813, is
by direction.of the ]Tonorable Court of Civil Justice,
postponed till further orders.
Berbice, 1 May.
K. FrAncken, Ficst Marshal.
——— —_ glee
AT the request’of Messrs. Docatas Reap & Co.
of this Colony, Notice is hereby given tu all to whom
.it may concern, that the Estates ee i?
Bloomfield, the property of J} Me C. MeDonatp.
Letterkenny, do. dos, M. Datias. »
+ Plu. No. 36 Corentine, Jos. McDona LD.
have been released from the present Sequestration, in
tavor of the Mercantile house of Dovaras Rei &
Co., in consequence of the éltinis for which the said
Estates were Sequestrated, having been satisticd to
the abovementioned house. .
Berbice, tb April, IS13. ‘
KL PRANCREN, Pirse Marshal.

View original El lee
Third Proclamation, a? 2
BY virtne of authority granted by the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony. dated 6 Mareh
ISITS, on the petition of Jolin Lay field, in behalfof
Thomas Gudgeow, John Dodsou, and Joshua Linde:
and of Win, Kewley and Robt. ‘Paitt, ays appointed
Curators (o the Estate and) Eilcets of Richard Barry,
deccased, ; ;
Notice is bereby given, that I -the, undersigned,
Pirst Marshal of the Courts of this colony, will sell
In presence of two Councellors Commiissaries, and
their Seeretary, by pubRe Execatién Sale, on ‘Tues-
tlay the Ist of June, 1319. i deme ods
The Cotton Plantation HOGST)£e-
siinate on the Corr. coastotthisecolony, with: all the
Cullivation, Buildinws, Slaves, and further Appurte
enanecs and Depeudcucies thereto belonging, agrees
able to Inventory formed thereof, and which Tays al
thle MarshalS office for the inspection of those whom
homavyeconcem. me 1 git | —
Wihocver syould think tobaye ayy cicht, action,
or interest on the dbovementioned L antation Tlog-
sty, eid tts dependcaces, and? Wishes to® oppose
this sale by exeowtiondethimoornthete hdd reyetheimn-
ssclyes tome the aanctoxspnedls declaring their reason
for so doing, ith “ lee nce] Dhhle es m +) rifiier. asl heree
by vive potce th rf ! wil ecéive 0 } ostion fom all
infermediate person of Petraaxycap pou wet lent day
te have their class hea d be Jer tgsy bie 1 seni Ly sch huur-
ther act thereon accor Hite toshiw, : : :
\ All persons bets eae Vo Mehdi Ne ddy of
Sale on plantal ion tory, and ohake their profit ol
the same. x n-
This 3rd proglamation published by beat of drum
as Customary. Berbice, 24 April, Jats.
ee re ieen ed ate Warshal
tie tte ore —
’ ) , . i
Fourth Pro Lamat (an -"*
© ; : ;
WHEREAS] the undersigued by authority ob-
. . oe A 3 ,
tained from the Honorable Court oF ( yl Justice, of
this colony. ; tow «abn %
Granted upon a petition preset cd. feW. Katz,
under date of 25th Aug. 1 pallial Ue Re pges
sentative or Representatives of the <ollon Plantatio
Nigg, situated on the Cowenty n coust’S have otha
to be tuker int bxbeutton quel Scquéstration Sethe
above named cot OgNA@ Sede ete L) vais
Be it therefore hnown,. that f the undersignig ink
tend to Sell, alter the ex pirafioi of ohe year And six
weeks, fromthe TP Sept, (812; he saa PAA
Nieg, with wbh its Wiles vatirrgs DMiwes, Bailding
and further Appurtcnances thereto belonging, and:
specified in (th: Taventory fyinc at the MMarebal’s
Oliice for thie Inspcetion of those whonft nay cén-
ecrn, in order to recover froin the proeeeds of ‘said
sale such sum of money asavhcrotore thy, Estateabove’
mentioned, has been taken in execution, ,
This 4th Proclimation published? hy beat of drum
as customary. ¢ 8 Burbiee@peipril, ISS.
. KB. Branowens WitstMarshal,
Fourth Proclamation.
; > Goce WP? @® a’ i
BY virtue of authority obtained trem the Honor-
able Céurt of Civil Fustice of this colony, dated 6th
March 1813. ona pétition of Na@aren and Prrz-
Gerao, Merchants of Demerary, as Agents for the
Mercantile House of hai ne“Perree & CO" Or Lon-
Notice is herébygiven zteBhat Idhe undersigned,
First Marshal of the Courts of this colony, will Sell
View original in presence. of twe Conaccllors Commissaries and
their Secretary, bysPublir Execution Sale, on Wed-
nesday the 12th jyhes ISI.
The Cotton Tstate named
‘situate on the west sea coast of this colony, with all
its cultivation, buildings, slaves} and” other®appurt-
enances and dependencies thereto belonging, all con-
formable to an In-ventory formed thereof, and lying
at (he Marshal’s Office for the inspection of those
whom itmay concern. Said Estate being {he prto-
perty of Doptey Wane. -
W hoever should think to have any richt, action
or interest on the abovementioned Plantation }eoré/
Place, and its depeudencics, and wishes {9 oppose
this Sale by Execution, let him or them addres them-
stlves to nd the undersigned, ‘declaring their reason
for so doing, ina legal manner in wrifing, as 1 here-
by give notice that I will receive opposition from all
infermedia(e person or persons, appoint, then a diay
to have their claims heard before (he Court, and fur-
ther act thereon accottling to Law.
All persons being invited to attend at the day of
sitle, on Plantation Yeovil Place, and make their
profit of (he same. | ,
This 4th Proclamation published by beat of drum
‘tecording (b éustum.
Serbice, tl Aprib S13. & )
K. KRANCKEN,. First Marshal,
Pourth Proclamation 7 ,
WHEREAS 1 the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from Wis*Excellency J. Murra Y, Brigadier
General, and? Acting Governor ot the colohy) Ber-
bice andl its Dependencies, &¢. Se." . &c.,
Granted upon a petition of W. Karz, in quality
as Attorney of Samuel and Elisabeth Ame s, of Bar-
bados, have caused “te be taken in’ Execution asd
Sequestration, the Western Two' Thirds of Lot No.
Il Corentyn coastof this colony, tha property of R.
Hiarngs, the person against whom aboycuamed writ
of Execution is granted, under date of 90 November
1812. os
Beit therefore lnown, that | the undersi®ned in-
tend to Sell; afer, the ex pirationof£ one year auch six
weeks, from the mets Ach, ISIS) the abovemen-
lioned two western { ids of Lot Now) Corentyn,
With all ifs CaltPation (being COttbh), Buildiivs,
Slaves, and farther appurfenanets and dependencies
Ahereto belougiag,. nde specified ain the Jiventory,
laying at,the biaitl's Ollice for the Jippection of
(hose whom if may concern, in order to recover from
the proceeds of said Sale sach Suni of moucy as
Wherefore the kstate aboveihentioned “has Been ta-
hem im kexecutMu. o9 -@ hss 2
Hhis dth Pegghamationmade kngwnsto, the public
us Customary. erbice, 21 March Ist.
' ~ own FRANCKEN; Pisst Marshal.
- 7 o,f Av» 4
—————_— _<-
~* Smninois by Edict:
DY virtue of am.\ ppointrent, given by the,Court
Civil. Justice, under gate of 20th Oct. IS512, granted
upon a petition presented by BL J. Schiorers and J.
Thorndodrrd&, inVicir capacity as‘ the two eldest Or-
phan Masteas, e@V cesmevsterey), anch in that Capit-
city Leeutogs appealed by Lge Last Will of //./
i the Waderstzned, First Marshal of both Courts
OF HHS collfyfand at the request of aforesaid B. J.
Schvwers aneiwh. Phoraborrow, iwsaid cupueily,
— —
b £00 me ye 4 Suntinow®b yp bitict :
UM iknow wind un®nowit creditors against the CS-
dateot Lie Ms Gian, dec. (oatppear in person or by
Jtepresgutadives betore the,Court of Civil Justice,
al thetr Session which willbe held in the month Oc-
tober, ISIS Mhere'to vive ietheir claims agaiust said
estate, Te verityAhe same, and further oto proceed
accordiiny todaw, on pain to alletbose who remaia in
Lota yas, being for,eveg debarced Uwir right: of
“PH Simnion by edict vhade known tO the Public
‘hy beat of dram from the Court House of this Colony,
eberbice, 8th Feb. 1813,
oe Kk... Francken, First Marshal.
i LL 1. CS eee tl
View original : Summons by Edict :
BY virtue of an appointment granted by the Hop-
dfible Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, nnder
‘dat of Gtt’March 1818, apoti a petition presented
-byed:. ‘Theobald, appompbed Cérator to the Estate and
Lets of Henry Croft, dec. , » ,
the undersigned F irst Marshal of the, Courts of.
‘this colony, and at the request of said E, Theobald,
in his ‘capacity abovementioned. 2 3
Summon by Edict: 3
All. known and unknown creditors against the és-.
tate of Henry Croft, deceased, to appear in person,
or by power of attorney, before the bar of the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their session to be
‘eld in the month of January, in jhe year one thou-
View original said eight hundred and fourteen, (say 1814), there
to render their claims against said estate, to verify
(he same , and aller proceeding accotding to law, to
witness the Court’s decision on the preferent and con-
current ri¢bt of claimants, on pain to all those who
remain indefault of being for ever debarred -their
right of claim.
This summons by edict is published by beat of
drum, as customary. Berbice, [5th April, 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal
a eee ee
View original SS
ALLE de genen die iets te pretenderen hebben
van, gt verschuldigd ayn aan den boedel yan. wylen
den Heer Andreas Schlipfer, ofte deszelfs plantaad-
je Te Vreden, in Canje; gelieven daarvan ten spoc-
digsten, uiterlyk binnen den tyd van zes weken, na
dato dezes, opgaven en betaling te doen aan den Heer
J. A. Hicken op Pln. Standvastigheid alhier, als
Vestamentaire Executeur, of aan den [leer J. G. FE.
Tuiensma, aan deze stad.—27 Maart.
R. C. DOWNER, See.
ma tee a es
ALL persons holding demands avainst Pln, Rrit-
annia, situate orgthe west coast of this colony, are
requested” to render in writing a note of such claims
to the uncersigued.—27 March.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
—_—-~ TO >
View original ——-
THE Subscriber having appointed Messrs. Ru-
Lactt& Fraxekey as bis general Attornies in his
prive and for N. Volkerts—all those indebted to him,
etther by notes of hand, or otherwise, to come for-
ward with payment, if uot, to recourse to law shall
be the consequence. N.J. PORTIERLSS& qq.
lU April. N. VOLKERTS,
+ antl
7 '— = "> yee
DEEN ondergcteekende aangesteld hebbende als
zyne scterale Coomacltigdens, zoo in zyn prive als
voor den heer N. Volkerts, de heeren C. Revaen
en WW. Pranckrn, verzockt vriendelyk aan de genén
van dewelhe hy goedjes, acceplitien, of andere pre-
tention (eworderen beett, zulks aau genoemde zy ne

Gemachtigdenss ten spocdigsten. te willen voldocn,
aullende by taute yau dign, middelen van rechten ve.
Oruikt worden hi. I. PORTIER, en qq.
10 ApH. - N. VOLKERTS.
“TIVE House and quarter Let No.3 in. this town,
in excelent condition, hardwood fraine, 45 fect long
and 20 broad, a story aud a half heigh, raised on
DluckS 3 feet high, with a new side building, OL Tepe
long and Librowd, tordwood Ietines bodtrueA with
Cray planks, cavered with wallabe shingles, divided
In several apartments to serve as out oliices, 2 large
wafer vats, fately builf, garden, &c., railed in with
slaby.—'Terms of payment will be made casy to an
approved ‘pirchaser—tor further particulars apply
on aforesaid lot to its proprietor, how
6 March. ;
ane -——ttieeinetiaedil aie
View original tt
' LLOYDS. _..
THE undersigned hereby gives notice to,the Pu-
hlic, that he is appointed Agent in this Colony, for
Lloyds Committee, London. 'To whom all persons
having Deinands against the ship 8 eculator, or her
Cargo, since she strandet on the East Coast of this
Colony, are requested to render them in Certified, as
customary, at his Otlice on Lot No. 16.
1 April.
Lisl of Run-a-way Negroes
_—— -- —o« —
_ tJ,
» a the Colony. Stocks of
Bernice, ou the 29th April, 1813.
Namen, A gg | Migguaren. Aanbrengers,
Retje Morris by Fraser
Sara Mes. Merchant Frauendorft
Rosa Plo. Onverwagt |[Dehnert —*
ilercules Du.» McCamon .
Larose Vin. Maria Gouverneur
Lewis Johnston 0.
Strap Barry Thomas
Quicst Dodson + Frauendorft
Sam, Pin, Lancester Dehnert
Margrict forsy (Den.) Do.
Preis ~ Harris Rose
Edward Pin. Weldaad Leuss
Seijst James. Fraser Ward
Jack Spangenberg Dudson
Bab Dodson Smithsou
Diana * - ‘\Dr. Gordon ‘Farley
Cupido + Laurentz . Idem
Judwin Pin. Weldaad Reuss » . 4
‘Captain Bartrum Theobald
“Murvy Pin. Wassondom |Reuss
_Babtist ‘|Spangenberg | rauendorf
Bellorus Idem idem
J. A.DEHNERT, Under Sherip.
—_—_—_—_—E ee ee ee
View original SS RS oe
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock, p. a.
By W. SCHULZ & Guo.

1 May 1813