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The Berbice Gazette

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King's House, 6th April, 1815.
THE Dispatch from the Rear-Admiral C, P? Dur-
bam, of which the following is a copy, having been
this day received by the [icutenant-Governor, ts
directed to be published for general information.
by Command
FF. WHITPE, Gov. Sec.
Meria, Carlisle Bay, Barbados, 99 March 1815.
I] have the honor to inform your Ex-
cellency, thatthe Ratifications of the Treaty of Peace
and Ainity between Great Britain and the United
States of America, which was concladed at Ghent
on the 24th December fast, were exchanged at Was-
hingfon en the 17th February.
T congratulate your Exe Heney cp the restoration
ef Peace; ail f bave the boner te be,
Your Excellency > most obedient
humble servant,
ITis VveeVMorey Cc. P. DURHAM,
JL. GF. Bentine? © “(fs Rear-Admiral,
Governer of . Oe. Commander-in-Chief.
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‘ PARGAL¢ bel APRIL 1, S15.
- & <—
ON the evening ef'curs tay last, the Arad brig of
war, Capt. Jone, arcived ere, with dispatches from
RNeareAdinisn! Grd by on the Halifax station, o ffi-
cially acquainiiig Adiial Sig Chs. Durham, W.C.B.
of the Ratifcatton of the Treaty ef Peace with the
United States: and on the following morning, at 8
o’cloek, baving hoisted a white flag, she fired a ga-
lute on the oceasion: which was also done at noon,
by the Ordnance at Pilgrim andl Charles Fort.—The
Arab was onl7 twelve days from Halifax, and she
sailed hence on Wednesday afternoon, for Jamaica,
By this arrival we have obtained a Lalilax paper
of the 15th ult. contataing the Message wilh whieh
President Madison transmilted the ‘Treaty of Peace,
with his signature atlixed to if, to both Elouses of!
Congress. —We have conied this Address to the Le.
gislative Becies of the Union. in which the President
congratulates thon upon the termination of hostili-
ties, Which, chen ochout the contest, liad beea siena-
Jised by Girmy os fo the anierican arms; andy atter
adverting fo the prepnety of the conduct ot the U,
States, in having decloyred War at the time they did,
In order te chewy ue adependenee, eed burnish
proo's o. roves at defence, though the cfh-
Cien Vol iebiib ac, oot aatval resources of America,
he strongly recawmercs (he maintuinonee of an ade-
quate reeitgacnes uc esthem ta progressively ine
Crease ev k cs @blihiwent-aad also to streneth-
CMB ir precutlostiications, and erect others that
ace requisi®@ lor (ue purpose of defending their bar-
{ithe Ameriorn Coneress. on (he 16 February, the
thanks of bot. [Louscs were voted to Gen. Jackson,
and the Army wader him, for their defence of New-
Orleans; im the attack on which, according to the
statesuentol Alr. Troup (one of the Meinbers), the
British forces sustained a loss af 4000 nen, killed,
wounded, and prisoners.—Wliuminations had taken
lace at Baltimore and other places, in honor of this
Victory, wich, to use the words of the American
General who commanded, was almost incredible,”
taking info view the difference ot the troops that were
opposed to cach other.
Sir Alexander Cochrane had sailed for Bermnda ;
and Admiral Cockburn was about to proeced to Eng-
land with the major part of the squadion that had
beev stationed ou the coast of America.
The American prisongrs of war, that were at this
depét have been liberated, and are now in charge of
Mr. storms, who resided here ia the capacity of
Agent fer them.
—< ee
WASHINGTON, lesrvuary 21, 1815.
The following most interesting Message was yes-
terday transmitted by the President of the United
States to buth Houses of Congress.
** To the Senate, and
FTouse of Icpresentatives of the United States ;
**] lay before Congress cppics of the Treaty of
Peace aud Amity between the United States and JLis
View original ————————
Britannic Majesty, which was signed by the Commis-
sioners of both parties at Ghent, on the 24th ot De-
cember, 1814, and the ratifications of which have
been duly exchanged.
“While performing this act, I congratulate you
and your Coustituents upon an event which is highly
honorable to the Nation, and terminates, with pecu-
liar felicity, a campaign signalised by the most bril-
jant successes.
‘The late war, although reluctantly declared by
Congress, had become a necessiry resort to assert the
rivhis and independence ot the Nation. It has been
wared willra success which is the natural result of
the Levislative connsels—of the patriotism of the
people-—ol the public spirit of the mulitiz—and ofthe
vatom ofthe military and nayal (urces of the Country.
Peace, acall times a blessing, ts pecuuatly welcome,
(therefore, at @ periad wlien the causes of the war have
cezscd to operate; when the Government has demon-
sated the efficiency of its power of delence, aud
when the Nation can review its conduct without rc-
eretand without reprodch.
‘T recommend to your care and beneficence the
gallantmen whose achievements, incevery department
of inilitary service, onthe tind and ou the water,
lave essentially contributed to the Aimerican name,
and to the restoration of Pence. ‘The fecluigs of cun-
scious patriotism and worth will animate such men,
under every change of fortune and pursuit; bat (heir
Country performs a duty iscT, when tt bestows tho e
testimomals of approbation and applause, which are
at once the reward aud incentive to creat actions,
Phe reduction of the public expenditures to a
demands of a peace establishiocut, will doubtless e1
gage the tumediate attention et Congress. Phere
are, however, iN portant comsiccrattons which torbid
a sudden and general revocation of (he measures (hit
have been produced by the war. Ex pertence his
faucht us, that reither the tactic disposition of the
American people, nor the poetic character of (hier
palitical instiluftons, Can allan ther ex riyyprt Cherny
from toot strile whteh appeais, beyoud the oo linare
lot of Natioas, fo be dacimtiont to the actua! , “tod if
(he world; and the suoc faidital moniter demon.
strates, Chat a cectaun decree ot prenaration for waris
not only mdespenseble to avert disaster in the onset,
but atords alsu the best security for the conlinuance
or peace. The wistom of Conzress, will therefore,
lam confident, provide fot the maintainance otf an
adequate regular toree ; for the gradual advanée of
the navalestablishient ; tor improving all the means
of harbour defence ; fui adding discipline to the dis-
Hingeished Diavery of the militia; and ter cultivating
the military artin its essential beanches, under che
liberal patvonasc of Governing iit.
Phe resources OJ onr Cocntry were al all times
compctontty Ure attainment ofcovery natoral obyeet ;
but they will pow be enriched and invieorated by the
activity Which peace will intr xtuce (o all the scenes
of donesGce enterprise and labour. ‘he provision
(hat has been made forthe public ercditors during the
present session of Congress, must dave a decisive ef:
rect in the establishment of thespubtic credit both at
home and abroad. ‘Lhe reviving interests of com.
merce Wil chum the Levislatave attention at the ear-
liest opportunity ; and sacl regulations will, P trust,
be seasonably devised, as shal! sccure to the United
States theie just proportion of the navigativn of the
world. ‘Phe most liberal policy towards other na-
tions, if met by corresponding disposition, will in
this respecibe tound the naiost benciicial policy to-
wards oursef¥es, But there is no obyect Chat can en-
ler with greater foree and merit into (he deliberation
of Congress, than a consideration of ie means to pre-
serve and promoje the manufacturers which have
sprung into existence, and attained an unparallelod
maturity thronehout the United States during the
period of Luropenn wars. ‘Linis source of national
mdependence and wealth, Tanatously recommend to
the prompt and constant guerdiansuip of Congress.
“The termination of the Legislative Session will
soon separate you, fellow-cilens, from each other, and
restore you to your Constituents — | pray you to bear
with you the expressions of my sanguine hope, that
the peace which has been just declared will not only
be the foundation of the most tricndly intercourse be-
tween the United States and Great Britain, but that
it will also be productive of happiness and harmony
in every séction ofour beloved Country.—The influ-
ence of your precepts and example must be every
where powerful; oud while we accord in grateful
acknowledgmen!s lor the protection which Provi-
dence lias bestoncd upouas, let us aever ccase to in-
View original culcate obedience to the Laws and fidelity to the
Union, as cousti{uting the palladium of the indepen.
dence and prosperity. “¢ Javurs Mapison.
© TVashington, cb. 18, 1815.”
a © 9 Oe
His Majesty's Sloop Maria, Carlisle Bay,
Barbados, March J1, 1815.
* Srr—From the 2d Article of the Treaty of Peace,
the time for Reprisals is expired.
“PT have therefore to aequain’ your Tonor, the
Trade will require no farther protection ; and they
are al liberty to sail, as far as relates fame, whenever
It is most convenient. Ihave, &c.”
View original CASIL W. ANTE Di Or DB: ie of Excha ange,
drawn by Capt. Robert Russel, on the Monorah! the
Cotmiuissioners of the Navy, al 50 diyssight, to the:
extent of 30 600. in suns to seit purelirsers, bron
100 and upwards. Required dor chotreytug th
exporces of His Majesty's Sloop Cyeiet. Pouce s
with he recetwed until Wednesday the vOih inst. at
the Colony House.—-Berbice, Sth A \pril.
—__ ~— —~— — ee

Deputy Assisiant Con: issary Gencral's O /.ce.
Berdrce, Sth April, IS15.
ASH wanted for Government Bills. Ten-
ders in ‘Triplicate, stating the amount requacd. and
rate ofee xchange in words atleneth, willbe received
at this Oflice til Monday the 17th inst. atten o'clock
in the morning. Jno. LINDSA
MN. 4.0. EY.
View original CLSTONM HOUSE,
Serbice, Sth Ass.i/, 19135.
Wawntrp a fist satline Schoonec. motexvce le
Inz 40 tons, well fonnd wih 6 zou! | Ie
persan Willing to Dire a vesselot Cait disc. Ioalee at
pormmonth, are requested to apoly ab iso ce, any
day next weeh, between the hours beTelock.
THs. CHAPMAN. Codlector,
Tur next Meeting of the Agriculture! So
ciety will be held at the usual place, on Wednesday
the 26th inst. and the Members are sequested to cone
forward prepared to discuss the following important
(Juestion, viz: What are the most effectual means
or arresting the progress of the dtevioration and
inate destruction of this Colony, by the now fre-
quent breaking up and abandonment of Estates, ond
the consequentremoval of the Nevrces into the neiva
Louringe Colones 2 SAnrl
View original f
i +”
. *
{ \ [ce } p

\ no ‘ (| \
; \ ( !
' i \'
5 »
® ‘
. =

= ~

‘ \
, ‘
< i
\ a
View original Dep. Assist. Com. Generals O fice.
Kerbice, 7th April, 1815.
HALABANA LEAVES.—Tenders will be
Peceived at this Office, till Monday the 17th instant,
at 10 o’clock in the morning, for the supply of two
hundred and fifty rods of Halabana Leaves, not less
than twelve feet une each.
Jno. LINDSAY, D. A. C. GI.
View original FOR SALE, Simaruba planks and boards,
and crab clapboards, én very low terms for imme-
diate payment.
& Apr. B. ZIEGLER.
SS Cae
View original -—_---—r
THE Subscriber positively intends leaving
she colony ia June next. ‘Those indebted to him will
please make immediate payment, to enable him to
liquidate the demands against himself.—He offers
for Sale his remaining goods, at reduced prices, for
cash only. Also his house on the Corentyn coast
and four Negroes, reasonable, for cosh or produce,
NB. Wis hoped the above notice will be sufficient
to those concerned to prevent trouble. —W.S.
C—O ch ee 8 ee ee ens eee eee ee
View original — EN a eee ee ee ens oe ee e+
This ts to inform the Public, that the following
Persons intend quiltts thes colony.
dames Fraser with do.
John Fraser (PI. Kilcoy) with the April cenvoy.
Johan Cheyney will leave this colony tor Demerary.
‘Thomas Wade and family in 6 weeks from 1 April.
Simon Fraser (Itilinorach) will quit this colony.
Rh. C. DOWNER, Sec.
0 a
Notice ts hereby given, that a month after date the
following Transporrs und Mortgages will be passed.
March 25. Wao. Scott will transport to Wan. Cort,
Plantation Williamsburg or 2 of Lots No. 7, $
and 9, West Corentyn.
March 25. E.and A. Fraser will transport 35 Ne-
gcoes fo Demerary, names to be seen al the Se-
cretary's Office.
so Simon Praser will (cansport to Demerary, 80
Apil}, Donylas Reid & comp. will transport to W.
Cowie 25 roods, more or Iess, of Lot No.4, firet
der New Amsterdam, facing the middle dam,
y the breadth of half the lot, north side.
Vim. Conie will transport (ae same to Eliza.
beth Ontlerbridge.
o—— Sam. Basi will (ransport to Judith Dallimore
J3 roods tad UL fect in length of the lower half
of Lot Ao. 19, first polder.
April8. The tvee Larose will pass a mortgage in fa-
vor of H.W. Hackmann qa. the boedet C.Nan-
nings, hie plantation known as No. 13, cast side
in Canje river, with all its ap- and dependencies
and 34 Negrocs (hereon, nance to be scen rt this
View original ———- - +
Van Wegens hel Secretary dexer Colonic.
C. C. Swaving en H. Staal, qq. Westrik Poo! en
Syn Iris, verzoeken alle de geenen welke nog icts te
vordercn mogte hebben van de eerste Kigenaren van
de plantagic (Unie en Ceeburg, gelegen aan de
West-Kust dezer Kolonic, hicr van opgave te doen
tan het Secrevary dezer Kolonic, binnen ecn maand
wan dato dezes.
Berbice, den 28 Birart, 1815.
R. CO. DOWNER, Secretaris.
Cement ee, ees
View original Ce ee ee, Seems
~ On Monday the {0th instant, will be sold at the
Vendue Oiiice, by order of Messrs. J. PF. Mosaet and
A.D. Cuche, ixecutors to the Estate of F. LE. Mos-
set, wearing apparel, some furniture, a negro man
named Allan, a piece of Land part of Lot No.3 tron-
ting the middic dam, abulletree frame 30 by 17 fcet,
a story anda half high, an iron chest, some watch-
makers tools, and a tent beat.
On the sameday a tew new gold and silver watches
provisions, dry goods, bottled beer, porter, and Ma-
dcira, potatoes, &c.
By orderof B. J. Schwiers, Esq. a mulatto man,
a complete boot and shoemaker.
By oder tf. Barrow, a picce of land of lot No. 8
with the buildings thereon, payable in 3 months.
sy order of the Orphan Chamber, the effects of.
the It. Rose, and M. Haring, cousisting in wearing
apparel aud cattle,—a negro of the estate Dr. Egard;
lime, tarras, and coals.
D.C.Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master,
View original — = —— _— ccueitieemimneitiei
On Monday the 7th ins t. by the Kixecutors of the
late J, A. Leisner, the front Quarter of the southern
half of lot No. 19 in town, bullettree blocks, hard
wood plan! is. furniture, a neg ro woman andchild.
Also cod fish, herrin #, SOzp, candles, fresh flour,
linens, cotton and linen chec ks, bottled Madeira and
Port wine, brown siout and ale, hats, boots and shoes,
paints and oil, cotton and coftve b: gving, hoes, shoy-
ois, gutlasses ancl pruning knives, beet and butter.
DC. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Tuesday the 951!) insta ant, will be sold at plan-
tation Palmyra, by order of B. Jeffe ry, Ivsq. from
90 a40 head young cattle, 70 a 100 sheep, saddle
and draft horses, 14 mules: some excellent riding ones
a liebt chaise with harness, a blue dinner service,
tea and cofiee service, S50 a 40 dozer old Madeira.
NB. The sale will ‘commeace at 1l o'clock, and
refreshment be provided.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Wednesday the 26th iust. by order J. Wuilll,
Esq. 8 Negro men wood cutters and sawyers.
By the Vendue Master 2 Negro men, dry goods,
provisions, beer & porter, negro clothing, &c.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
——_—_—_— —S_— el ee
On Thursday the 27th inst. and following days,
will be sold by order of G. Hobus and Joh. Bakker,
E'squircs, qq.—Plantation Pleet Anker, situate inthe
river Berbice, with all its buildings and cultivation,
together with 102 slaves, men, womenand children,
household furniture, &e. Terms of sale may be
known on application to J. Bakker, Nsq. or Vendue
Ollice cight days previous to the day of sale.
NB. Khe sale will take place on the Istate, and
commence at lL] o’clock forenoon.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Saturday tbe 6th May !S15, will be sold by or-
der of the fxecutors of John Robinson, dec., and the
Board of Orphan Chamber, representing the Evtate
ot of Finlay Smith, clec. and in value et due autho-
rity obtained from the Ilonorable Court of Civil Jus-
lice, for that purposo, Plantation Chester, on the
West coost, with all the buildings and cultivation
thereon, together with 62 Slaves, aud {nether appur-
tenances, being the joint property of F. Smith ane
J. Robinson.—Terms of Sale—Slayes at 3 and six
months; Lands, at 6, 12, and [8 imonths credit.
D.C. Camknon, Deo. Vendue Master.
aS OW Ee SR ee Owe
—_——— Le
IMPORTED inthe Claud Scot, trom Liver-
ool and Madeira, « few pipes of Blackburn's choice
Lorton particular Madeira wine, also claret in bhds.
and cases of ope and two duzev. ‘These wines are
strongly recomended to the notice of persons desirous
of laying ina stuck for their own use, as be‘ng ofa
very superior quality and flavour, also by the same
vessel, bricks and line, and on hand ef former impor.
tations a gencral assoriment of coods, tines, cane
brick, cotton shirtivg, blue black- and eroea- broad-
Cloths, real India white and yellow nankeenus, blue
and white salempores, diaper, daniist: breakfast
Clothe, threads, tapes, ncedies, Pullicet Whts., ladies
and gentlemen's sik and colon stockings, hankeen
coloured gloves, Russia sheeting, beduek, suirting
flannel, printed calicoes, bunting for boats foes, wen.
tlenen’s beaver and Jegharn straw hats, boys beaver
ditto, servants glazed ditto with bands and cockudes,
umbrellas and ladies Chine. parasols, hessian bouts,
lariters strong ancle shoes with buck!es, dress clitio,
aches az! children’s shoes, lavender and rose waler,
Windsor soap, hair arc tocth brushes, shoe brushes
in sels, a few sets superb enamell’d bronkfest China,
a laree ascortmicnt glass ware, sets ware tacraies, blae
and white printed evers and basons, cups and sauces,
elegant toiled glasses, locks, bolls, snd hinges of all
description, shovels, nails trem @y to 40dy, beat
tron, tea kettles, grid irons, and Srying pans, best
Hyson tea in canntsters, black pepper, mustard, salt
In baskets, pease and barley, soap and candles in
boxce of of 28 Ib, eacl, salt in puncheons, tierces and
borre!s, cotton and coftce bagging, Madeira wine by
the dozen, paints and paint oil and brushes, gun
powers and 2 pipes Madeira wine, imported by the
ate Wm. Duncan, now upwards of two years in the
eolouy. .
_—_—S> SS
View original — — ———s
ALL persons who have Claime, for Services
rendered lie Majesty’s Ship Cygnet, ace desired to
send in their Accounts immediuiely, go the Colony
Hlouse. 1 April.
ee — -— a
THE Sequestrators of Plantation Kilmorack
will receive Tenders for trom 40 to 30 bales cotton,
until Mouday the 10th April, at the house of John
Wullf, Esq. when the highest, if approved, will be
accepted, payable in cash. 1 April. .
View original — TO all whom it may concern—Notice is
hereby given, that the undersigned have empowered
Mr. kK. J. Hantze, as (heir Attorney for the bocdel
of Mr. F. A. Rodenbroek, to collect all outstanding
debts due that boedel. ‘hose having claims against
will please render them for examination.
J.C. SCHOLLEVANGER, for self and
JApril. J. RODENBROEK, Exccators.

RUN-A-WAY from the Subscriber, a Mu
latto man, about 5 fcet 8 inches high, a shoemaker of
trade, he isseen inthe canal; whoever should ap.
prehend bim and jodge him ia the Barracks, will be
l April, W. SCHAEFFER,
View original BeERBICE.
King’s Frouse, 95th Mareh, 1815.
THE Lientenant-Governor has been pleased
to appoint William Sutlhre ran 1. lobe Acting Waiter
and Searcher of His Majesty’s Customs at this P ort,
in stead of ‘Thomas Travis, deceased.
By Command.
F. W HITE EY, Gov. Sec,
a ee on ae ee eee
Be bice, SO0th March, 1815.
THE Annual Plantation Accounts for Head.
Money, &c. &c. up to the Ist January, 1815, are
now ready for delivery. As those Taxes becume due
in April next, the undersigned requests the early at-
tention of those concerned, in m al ing payments, to
enaele him to disc harge the pressing demands against
this Office.
DANIEL ALLT, Dep. JR ec, c. Gen
—_——* — + eee et -—_—_--_ -«—-
View original ANY person willing to engage, to cut down
and clear away, the light bush on 40 acres new em-
poldered dand on a coffee state in the lower part of
Canje creek, to drain and divide the same in beds,
and plant plantain stooly therein, are requested to
address themselves to the undersigned, on Lot No.
23 New Ainsterdam.
1 April. J. BAKKER.
SL — —
View original FOR SALE a few pipes of Loudon particu-
lav Madeire wiav, warranted to be of an excellent
quality, has been upward of jour years in the pipe.
] April. G. PAUETLS, aa.
— -—-_
-_-- -—-—_-
View original — -—-_-
BEKRENDMAKING.— Den ondergetee-
kende als Kigenaaren Aanlezeer van het Kanje Veer,
maakt by dezen bekend, dat hy het gemelde Veer
Verpagt becft aan den Heer W. C. Mourand: kun-
nende een ieder zich verzekcren van gene vertraging
in het overgeticn over gemelde Veer, te zullen ont-
moetch, mits prompte betaling; alles volaens het
Sste artikel van het Reglement door den Hove van
Poulie daar voor bepaald. en aau genoamde Veer
aangeplakt staat.
Verders maakt hy ondergeteckende nog bekend,
dat hy alzo gemelde Heer W.C. Mourand heeft aan-
gesteld als zyne Gemagtigden tot inkassecring zyner
celden, zoo wel voor het Veer als anderzints, quitan-
Hien fe passceren, en de onwillige in regten te ver-
1 April. L. C. ABBENSETS.
NO'TICE is hereby given—That the under-
signed, as Proprietor of Canje Ferry, has given over
(he saul Establishinent to Mir. W. C. Mourand, who
witladord every accommodation to Passenyers, on
thearstriclly coinplying with the 8th article of the
Regulations for said Ferry, posted up at ihe place,
by piving the Ferriage immediately on their passing
and repassing.
And thatthe said Mr. W.C. Mourand, has also
been cnpowered by him to collect all outstanding
claims due to him the andersigned, either tor fer-
riaze or otherwise, to grant receipts, or to suc forthe
sainc, should such means be found unavoidable.
1 April. L. C. ABBENSETS.
— $$
View original FOR SAL&, an excellent saddle and draft
horse, about 5 years old, warranted sound, and fiee
lrom vice.—Enuquire at this Office. 25 Mareh.
ecoammerwer-s@r S34 7 61 ee eee
View original ; APKI a ath 30 DA JAY'S. S,
D). of Phases of the Moon, ilolidays, li. W.
Mu. OW. Phenomena, &c. H. M.
—_ —_——
View original ——— CU
1)8 | Last Quayter, Lh. Lom. Afternoon.
9 | Ist Sunday atter Easter. Neap Tds.
31M {Court of Poli icy and Crim. Justice.
5) W
6O| ‘tk
7| &
Q9|Su 2d Sunday afer Easter. New Moon,
10; M !Sp. Ts. Ct. of Rolls. (2h. 28m. Alt.
bl | Ta
1g} W
13) Th
16! Su | Sd Sun. after Paster. F.Qr.5h.99m.
17) M | Noap Tides. Ct. of Civil fust. (Alt.
1I8| Fu
19| W
90| Th | Sun Enters Taurus.
21| P
“ S
Su | 4th Sunday after Easter. St.George.
M |Sp.JI's. [full Moon, th. 25m. Aft.
24 | St. Mark. Princess. Mary b. 1770.
9G W
27 | Th
20 S
5a Sunday afler Easter. Rogation
t f Sunday.
11} 49
Af }99
View original
View original eee Sen
saTuRDSY, yPRILS, 115.
Yesterday, Barbades Papers came to hand to the
first of April, Peace between Great Britain and the
United States of America was signed by President
Madison on the 15th February last,—The Euelish
Papers (fo the 4th of Feb.) received, fre as contra-
dictory in their statements with respect to the pro-
cecdings in the Congress at Vienna. as any that have
heretofore reached us,—in one, every thing is said
to bs ina train of amicable adjustment, whilst in the
succeeding impression we arc ted to consider a rup-
{ure of the Negociations as by no means improbable;
so that iis imposyible to form any correct idea of
the real situation of afkrirs—however, we will seleet
such articles as appears the most interesting.
Sho Mail to be forwarded by the General Barns’s
Schooner, will be closed at seven o'clock to-morrow
mornin vu,
ee ee
View original Jan, 08,—TVhe settlement of Switzerland is said to
be completed. Her independence is contirmed, and
she is to coneist of Y2 Cantons. Berne is to have
Bieune and the Bishopric of Baasle as an indemnity
for the pays de Vaud.
Gen. Pertrand, Bonaparte’s Minister, who had
come froin Elba iacog. was on the point of being ar-
rested af Parts.
The tx-Empress Moria Tonisa has presented a
Sirone Protest to the Conezress, demanding ber nights
and those of her son. | This was presented at one of
the Sittings of Mic Coagress, and made a lively sen-
Jon. 30.—King Ferdinand has at leneht, it ds said,
found ont that severi€v is net the wisest way fo secure
the affections and promote the happiness of his
people. The Madrid article talks of a full amnesty
being about to be published,
Feb. 2.—Accounts from Brussels, states, that
Tiance proseeutes her military preparations with
more activity Tin was at Grst supposed; the corps
are mainte complete, nay, more thaa complete; the
cavalry is remounting, the magazines are flung, and
they are constantly at work on (he arsenaly. Phe ore
panizition of national guard fs continucd.— We flat
fer ourselves, according to xccounts from Vienna,
froma good authority, that if unhappy war should re-
commence, as some still fear, all the Belotan pro.
vinces on the left cank of the Sleuse will be declared
neutral: that a inilitary cordon wid be established
from Venloo to the French frontiers, and another
from Namur to Newport; that th this case a very
large reinforcement of Enelish and Hanovertan (roops
will increase (he means of securing our safely and in-
At Genoa, bloody scenes are expected. At Bolog-
na, Ferrara, and other places, (here have been several
‘These papers mention, that much il!-blood subsist
between the King of Naples and the Pope.
Feb. A.—Las? nieht we recetved the Paris Papers
of ‘Tuesday, and this morning of Wednesday last.
Prussia insists, with undimnished vigour, ina fresh
Note, upon the union of all Saxony, and demands
that that point shall be the first arranged. Austria
will not consent to the union of ell Saxony, but me-
rely ofa part. ‘Phe King of Saxony will not consent
ede any. Poland, which seemed to be a mach
more diflicult point than Saxony, it is said to have
beeo disposed of in tae following manner :—The
Duchy of Warsaw lo be preserved, with a population
of 2,200,000 inhabitants. A portion containing
500,000 souls in western Poland to be detached ie fa-
wour of Prussia, to facilitate the communications of
the new Marche with Silgsia, ‘The rest of the Duchy
of Warsaw to form an independenct Duchy between
the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, Prussia, and Austria.
The King of Saxony bas been spoken of as the Sove-
reign of of this Duchy. Another projet offers Bonn
and 7003000 to the King.
A new objcctof difference is said to have started
up— Bavaria ts said willnot restore Salzbourg to Au-
stria, because Prussia demands from Bavaria the res--
titution of Bayreuth and Auspach.
The Duke of WelJington passed through Stras-
burg on the 27th ult, he crossed the Rhine fortwith,
in order to reach Vienna as soon as possible.
Some tine ago, e divorce between Bonaparte and
the Archduchess Maria Louisa was spoken of; but
difliculties are seid to have arisen; Bonaparte will
wot conecuit to the divorse.
There has been much conversation, both in and out
of Parliament, respecting the employment of English
troops in Belgium, and it has been demanded, with
“some shew of justice, what kind of Peace this is to be
regarded which requires so large a permanent estab-
lishment 2—an establishment, moreover, which has
‘his main difference ovcr all former peace establish-
ments, that the larger quota of troops is kept up, not
at home, but abroad—not as a devensive force in our
own Country, but asa kind of standing camp of ob-
servation on the confines of our late enemy. The
fact, as long as it remains unex plained, has indeed an
appearance somewhat singular, but when the actual
cause fs assigned, it must satisfy every one who sceks
‘only the prudence of any political measure. No Par-
liament, more than the present, has afforded, in so
ereat frequency, the unpleasent spectacle ofa frivol-
ous and groundless cavilling against the measures of
Government, and tor no reason whatever, as far at
least appearances indicate, but that they are the mea-
sures of Government. It very seldom has happened,
but that every session, in the way of mischange or
miscaiculation, has afforded amplo hold even fora
vigorous assault upon the measures of the Ministry,
but with the single exccption of the destruction of
of Washington, we really do not see any possiL-e
point upon which any blame can be attached to Mr.
Vansittart and his colleagues. To say allina word,
our own candid opinion of the present Ministry is,
that they are a modest, unpretending, but perfectly
sufficient set uf men, and that they have performed,
and will continue to perform, all the necessary func
tions of their oifice, wilhout tue presumptnons osten-
tation and anxious complexity of those who wish to
remove then.
To return, however, to our more immediate sul-
ject—the cause of the employment of so large a force
in the Netherlands. ‘They are briefly these :—At the
(ime of the Treaty of Paris, the affairs of France, as
well as of Europe, could not be regarded as finally
settled—the French people were in the state of those
who submit to present force, and ail the other Powers
of Europe, seetug a great spoil before them, began
each to set forth their different pretentions. Now as
each of these several Powers had an ariny on foot to
maintain their own views, it isevident that anv other
Power would be in very unegual circuiastances, un-
less itappeared tna similar condition of commanding
respect. It was necessary. therefore that what one did
all should do; and thatas Prussia, Russia, and Aus-
(ria, all deemed it necessary to retain their arins and
armies, Mugland should do solikewise, The success
of the war—the overthrow of the Emperor Napoleon,
and the 'cliverance of so many people, and nations,
only afforded the Altied Powers the means and tlie
materials of putting together a new Political System
for the Commonwealib of Europe: and it was evi-
dently necessary for this end, that each of the greater
Powers should eet upon perfectly equal terms, and
that each should thas be enabled to support its own
just interests. Add to this, moreover, that the me-
ditated changes in the Congress, being such as to
vive now lorms to old Powers—to take from some and
to add to others—to raise Electorates into Kingdoms,
and (o parcel out Kingdoms into Provinces, are such
as must accessarily excite much dissatisfaction and
discontent m the suffering parties, and therefore, that
somethiog like the authority of a present aud com-
manding torce is necessary lo overawe them, :
These we belicve to have been (he causes why so
large a portion of British force remains still employed
in the Netherlands. It was in (he Treaty of Chau-
mont that the Allted Powers united together to over-
throw the power of Bonaparte, and it was there agreed,
that whether in the event of actual overthrowing his
dynasty or of subduing him to the required terms
upon which they would grant him Peace, a Congress
should be immediately alterwards assembled for the
settlement of permanent system, and that all these
arrangements were completed, cach of the Powers
should keep up an army to enforce the regulations
to be agreed upon. After the subjugation ef Bona-
parte, an express Cenvention was made upon this
subject between the Allied Powers, in the articles of
which the stipulation of the Treaty of Chaumont was_
repeated and confirmed. ‘The employment of the
British troops in the Netherlands, therefore, is ia
execution of this Convention. It is truly a subject!
of astonishsnent to us, that any Member of the British.
Parliament can find any thing to censure in sach an_
employment af our army. Can any one wish for a
moment, that the British Government alone should
speak with a feeble and submissive voice in the Con.
gress of Vienna, at a time, moreover, when all the
other Monarchs of [urope, proud in their conscious
armed strenght, will not yield an incb to their preten-
sions. .
Another objection has been made to this force, that
is to say, that it is commanded by a foreien Prince,
the Prince of Oranve. But to answer this in one
word—in the first place, this army is now stationed
View original in the Country of this Prince; and weuld any ond
desire that an army in the Country ofa foreign Prince
should be actually independent of that Prince ;—and
Is not our history full of examples, in which British
troops have been put under command of foreign
Princes. It is absured to say, that it is contrary to
any principle of our Constitution.—Our Constitution,
indeed, requires a Parliamentary controul over oer
armies, and the integrity of this controul is sufficiently
maitained by two means, the responsibilility of Mie
nisters and the pay of the Army.
We copy the following particulars of the melane
choly accident which terminated the life of the Prine
cess de Leon, from the Moniteur of the 12th Dec :—~
** At four o’clock in the evening of the 9th instant,
the Princess de Leon, 24 years of avs, and youngest
daughter of the Duchess of Seren. ; as alone in her
chamber and preparing to set out to dinner at the
Duke of Orleans. !
“In this situation the fire caught Ker robe; she
shrieked, and fell in her apartment. M. deSerent,
on hearing her cries, ran to her assistance. By this
time the flames had ascended more than three feet
above her head. The Prince of Leon, who had but
Just quitted her before the accident, was sent forj
and found ker seated inan arin chair, with herclotbes
quite consumed.
‘*M. Boyer and the Physician were sent for: af
ten o’clock the Confessor arrived. The young Prine
cess was in the greatest agony, and desired that no
person should be allowed to enter, but her husband.
With an angelic mildness she exc!aimed—* O! what
will not my mother suffer; I suffer more upon her
account than on my own.’ Her situation daring the
niglt wae frightful, but the danger was not conceivs
ed im:mediately imminent. At eight o'clock on the
10th, the Princess was freed by death from her ago-
nies; her reason, courace, and resignation remained
until the last moment. Madame the Duchess of Ane
gouleme, Monsieur, and the Dukes of Angouleme
and Berri, hastened to condole with the Duchess of
Serent. The Princess of Leon combiued the most
solid virtues with the most amiable graces; she pose
sessed an unaffected picty, and a most variedand exe
tended informations and, added to the softer qualie
ties of the heart, a sound taste for literature and the
tine and the fine arts. Al! who had the honor of an
acquaintance with this illustrious lady, will bewail
her loss, and coneccrate to her memory the dearest
IDES, S) Geet eer ey >
HET heeft den Almachtige behaagd myn gee
licfde behuwd broeder, Johannis Adamt, in den ous
derdomvan 16 Jaren, seer subiet dit tydelyke met het
ecuwige, en zoowy grondg vertrouwer xaltg, lever
te doen terwisselen. Syn voorbeeldig karakter maake
le hem by alle syne qmtenden en bekenden bemind;
ligt is*i dus te beseffen hoe gevoclig dexe slag het
hart van een tederminnende Mocder en naastbestaane
de treft, welke daar door tn de diepste rouw gedome
peld zyn.—8 April. G. P. van HOLST.
BY virtue of an Appointment from His Exe
cellency H. W. Bentinck, Esq. Lieutenant Govere
nor of the colony Berbice and its Dependencies, &c.
&c. &c. given upon a petilion presented by K.
Francken, First Marshal, for and in name of James
raser, under date of 6th April 1815. Notice is heree
by given to the Public, that the debt for which Pln.
Seufield, situate on the West sea coast, was placed
under Execution and Sequestration, having been are
ranged, the said PIn. Seafield has this day been re-
leased from said Execution and Sequestration accorde
ingly. —Berbice, 7th April, 1815.
K. Francxen, First Marshal.
View original —_— wa

BY virtue of an Appointment from THis Ex-
cellency H. W. Bentinck, Esquire, Lieutenant
Governor of the Colony Berbice and its Dependen-
cies, &c. &. &c. given upon a petition presented by
kK. Francken, birst Marshal, for and in name of J.C.
M’Leod, of Geauies, in the county of Ross, North
Britain, under date of Oth April, 1815. Notice is
hereby given to the Public, that the Execution Sale
of Plantation Geanics, and the lower half of Lot No.
80, which was advertised for sale on the 15th March
last, but which sale did not take place on that day,
will now positively be sold on Tuesday the 2d May
next. on the spot.—Berbice, 7th April, 1815.
hh. Francwken, Figat Marshal,
View original BY virtue of an appointment from the Ho-,
worable Court of Civil Justice of the colony Berbice,
dated 20 January I815, given upon a petition pre-
sented by John Wilson, as the Attorney of John and
Robert Gladstone, of Joiverpool, Merchants. Notice
is hereby given to the Public, that [the undersigned
intend to Sell, at Public Execution Sale, in the pre-
sence of two Ceuncellors Commrssaries and their Sc-
erctary, on Monday the 10 of April 1815, the andi-
vided half of the Cotlou Estate called Lesource,
with all its buildings, slaves, cullivation, and tur-
ther appurtenances thereto belonging, situate on the
Corentyn coast of this colouy, the properly of F.
Whoever should think to have any right, action
ar interest, on the abovenamed undivided balt of
fi. ‘ction Resource, and wishes to oppose the Exe-
cution Sale thereof, let such persous address them-
selves to the Marshal’s Office of Uhus colony, decla-
ring their reates,;(or so doing in due time and form,
asl hereby & h. p55 ice that f will receive opposition
from cvery intermediate person, appoint them a day
to have his or her claim heard beivre the Court, and
end further act therein as the Law dircete:
Berbice, 10 March, !815.
K. FRANCK EN, First Marshal
View original SUMMONSES sy EDICT.
BY virtue of an Extract from the Minutes of
the Conrt of Rolls, dated the 18th March 1815, civne
in the cause entitled John Tapin and Peter Fatrbaica,
in c»pacity as Seqrestrators to plantation Feovs/, the
Jute property of Dudley Wade; Plaitttifs, versus, all
claimants on the proceeds oi plantation Yeovil, cum
annxis, sold at Exceution Sale, Defendants. I the
unde rsivncd,at the regucst of atorewaid Scouestrators,
do hiérely Summom by F.cict: (tor the third time,)
All cliumants on the proceeds of plantation Yeovil,
cum annexisy soldat be xccution Sale; to appear be-
fore the Court ot Polls or Monday the l0th day of
April i. TS. there to render in their c'siins, to verify
the sanicey ance J. cd accotdine to law.
. 7 2
Berbice, Zia March ISLS.
kx. Is; “A N ( MIVLN, Pirst Mar rshal.
——_ —— -—_
View original $Y virtue of an Extract from the Minutes
of the Court of Rolls, dated [Sth March 1815, given
in the cause entitled Hl. Staal and H. Juuthers, ap-
pointed Curators to the Insolvent Estate of C. Moc:
king, dec. Plaintifis, versus, all known ang unknown
Creditors against the Estate of ©. Focking, dec. De-
fendants. { the undersigned, at the request of afore-
said Curators, do hereby Summen by Edict: (forthe
third time) All known and unknowid creditors against
the Estate of C. Focking, dec. To uppear before the
Court of Rolls, on Monday 10th of April 1815, at the
Court House of this colony, there to render in thei:
claims, to verily the same, and further to procecd
according to baw Berbice, 23 March 1813.
Ko RRANCKIEN, First Marshe!.
View original a
BY virtec of us aatract trom tue Minutes
of the Courtot Rolls, cated TSth Narch, 1815, given
in the cause entitled Thomas F. Layfield, one of the
Juxecutors tothe estate of the late Robert: Wilsou,
and Atterney of Vhomas Bond, another of the Exec.
utors and one of the Ueirs of said Robert Wilson,
and ot H. Staal, appolated in the place of W. Dodg-
gon, during is absence trom the coloty, Plaintitls,
versus, all chomants oa the proceeds of Plantation
Mermitage, cuw aunexis, Defendants. Tthe under-
sinc, atthe requcstot a oresaid Ths. F. Layfield,
and [f. Staal, qq. Lo hereby Summon by Edict: (for
the third (ine) AN claimants on the proceeds of Pin.
Hermitage, cum annexis. To appear betore the Court
of Rolls, on Stonday the 10th of April, 18!5, al the
Court House of this colony, there to render in their
claims, to verify the sanse, and further to proceed,
according to Law. Ucrbice, 93d March 1815.
K.F tANCKKN, Virst Marshal.
View original BY virtue of an Extract from the Minutes
of the Court of Civil Justice of this col ony cated 16
January 18)5, given ithe canse entitled James Fia-
ser and Simon Fraser, in cAnacity as Curators t: the
Estate of Evan Duncan Fraser, Plainuift by Kdi
tersus, atl Known and unknown Creditors apoinst the
Fistate of Evan Duncan Froser, deceased. 1 the nn-
dersigned, First Marshal of the Courts within thi
colony, and atthe request of aioresaid Curators, do
hereby Summon by Edict, (for the sceond time) :—~
All known and unknown Creditors against the Estate
of Evan Duocan Fraser, deceased.—'T'o appear be-
fore the Court of Rolls on Monday the 10th April,
1815, there to render in their claims, to verily the
same, and further to proce ed acc ordin ig to Law.
This Summons by Edict made known to the Public
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colo-
ny, and furtherdealt with according to cusdoim.
Berbice, 16 March, 1815.
OF RS&NCKEN, Kirst Marshal.
BY virtue of an Appoi intment from His Ex-
sellency H. W. Bentiyce, Esquire, Lieutenant-
Goveraer of the Colony Berbice and ite Dependen:
View original cies, &c. &c. Sec. dated the 5th March 1815 ° civen
upon a Petition presented by the Weeskamer, (O1-
phan Chamber) of this colony. — tthe undersigned,
First Marshal of the Courts wifkin this colony, and
at the request of said Orphan Chamber, do hereby
Summon by Edict :—All known and unknown cre-
diters or claimants against the [state of the late C,.
W. Schorse. ‘To appear in person, or by proxy, be-
fore the Bar of thre Court of Civil Justice, of this co-
lonv, at Chety Session which will be held on Monday
the 17th day of April 1815, and te vowing days, then
and there to render and su); yort their cinims, and
witness the Court's decisiin on the preferent and
concurrent night of claimants, on pain of being for
ever debarred their richt of claim,
This Summons by Edict nade” known to the Pu-
blic by beat of drum from the Court House of this
colony, and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, Slei March, 1S15.
Kev RANCKEN, First Marshal.
BY viitne ofan iixtract from the Minutes of
the Court of Rolls, dated the joch of Mareh 1815,
giveth in the canse entitle d falward Theobald, Cura.
tor to the } state of ilenvy Croft, dec. Plaintiff, ver-
sos, atl kiowa avd unknovn Criditors against the
Estate of Henry Croft, Defendant. I the under-
signed, First Marshal ef tle Courts within this
Colony, wid at the request ot aforesaid Curator, do
hereby Suimmon by dict: (ter die fourth line, )
All Kuowe am! uniaewo Criditors, againat the Iestate
of Henry Croft, dec. to appear before the Court of
Civil Justice afthis co! lony,on Monday the 47th April
1813, aud tollowing days, there to render in their
claws, to ferify the same, and further to proceed
according to law.
Berbice, 24h Mi vat IS15.
J PRANC KE N, First Marshal.
eae a ~-- _— —_-—--—
BY virtue of en App: intent from His Ex-.
cellency H. W. Bentincs, squire, Lieutenant.
Governor of the Colony Lerbice and its Depanden-
cius, &c. &c. &c. given upon a petition presented by
James Fraser, for himself and other Sequestrators of
plantations No.40 & #1, west coast of the colony
derbice, the property of dlessrs. Smalland Threfiall,
deceased ; said appointment bearing date the 9th of
March !815.
I ahe undersigged, First Marcial of the Courts.
Within this colajfy, and at the request of aforesaid
Sequestrators.—Do hereby Summon by Edict: all
known and unknown Claimants, as wellin this Colony
astithe United Cotonies ef Demerary and Expy ‘quebo,
on (he proceeds of (be silo of plantations 40 & 41,
west coast of this cofoiuv, the late property ef P
Small and Wd us all dew. (o appear ti person or
by proxy, althe Dar ofthe Gourt of Civil Justice ot
ibis col Wy on Noiudav (he V7th day of April IS15,
and following davs, there, (orenderiu their ciaims, to
inant o* the same, and iv witness, aller te fourth
Pdichd Sanmens, tee Court's dectssion, on the pre-
terenband concuuestright of the claimants, on pain
of perpetnel silence.
‘Eins Stuunmors by Mdict, made known to the Pu-
Dhe by beat of drui tram the Court House of this
colons, and farther dealt with according to Law.
Berbice, this Oth day of March IS15.
ik. Franenen, First Marshal.
BY virtue oO an Appointment fsom His Ex
ccllency FH. . Bentinck, lisquire, Licutenant-
(sovernor sithe Colony Berbice and its Dependen-
clos, &c. &c. &e. viven upon a Petition presented
by R. C. Downer, in capacity as Attorney of W.
King and P. Benjamin, the Curators of the Estate of
Francis Bynoe, dec. and the Parties in whose favor
an Execution Sale of plantation Best Bower, eum
annexisy, was made inthe month of February, 1814,
said appointment beanne date the Sth March 1815.
I the undersigned Virst Marshal of the Courts with-
in this colony, and at the request of R. C. Downer,
in his abovementioned capacity.—Do hereby Sum-
on by Edict: Wl known and wnknown claimants tn
the proceeds of plantation Best bower, cum angexis,
(o appeat before the Rar of the Court of Civil Justice
of thys colony, of Monday the 17th day of April,
1815, and following days, there, to render in their
claims, fo maintain the same and to witness, after the
fourth Edictal Surnmons, the Conrt’s decission on the
preferent right of the claimants, on pain of perpetual
This Summon by Edict made known to the publi
by beat of drum trom the Court House of this colony,
and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, this 10th day of March, 1815.
kK. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
aes Ss wh 8 8 8 S's —=Ee unre
View original POST OFFICE.
ADVERTISEMEN'T.—A Shoop will sail
from the Past Oflice, Berbice, every Monday, and
deliver Letters and Passagers in Demerary. She will
avain sail from Demerary on every Thursday, Ln-
guiries for Passages, &u. to be made at either Post
Otiice, or to Alr, Jolin Sirathic, Rebb’s Stelling,
Ceerge Town. 49 Margia,
View original ~
-% . 1) 4 , ,
PEN DERS will be receryed at (he lisuse
John Doy ner, Lisq. lor 4¢ { tle Ol ¢ ton 1FTOM YOline
lation Bengal, until Saturday the loth proximo.
when the bighest offer wiil be taken. inanproved
, i » ‘ S it
25 March. lor J. VAN DEN GROEN, QA, -
- ’ > ' ‘yr pvr qncer LC UTato 5
and self TI. BRIE PLEBAN
View original ~~
. -_—- — ——+-—-_ — _-______ uy
TENDERS for from 30 to AU bales of good
clean Cotton from Plantation Paloryra, will De ree
ceived at the house of Doctor Jefery in Now Arster-
dam, until Saturday the 15th Apsil; wher they vill
be opened, and the highest offer, if approved of, will
be accepted.
[8 March. FF. BRITT LEBANK, § Sequestrators.

View original NOTICE.—'Llhe Creditors of D. Carnegie
and plantation Fast Lothian, are hereby informed,
that trom 40 to 50 bales of good clean cotton will be
sold among them, to the hizhest bidders, at the store
of Messis. Douglas livid & Co., in New Arusterdum,
on the 20th proxino.
25 March S, KENDALL
~~ , (. DOUGIHAS
> © '}rustces.
View original NOTICE.—Vhe Creditors of Nturdoch
Dallas and plantation Lellerkenny, are inte rmed,
that 20 bales of eood clean cotton will be sold among
them, tothe highest bidders on the 2st proxrimo, at
the store of of Me ‘ssrs. Douclas Reid & Co. —Angi her
Trustee is to be chosen on the saine dav, in room of
William Lawson.
25 March. (". » DOUGLAS, Tiustec.
NOTICE. —TVhirty } ates of good clean Cot-
ton wlll be sold among ihe © reditors of J. M’C.
M’Donald and plantation Ploo-sfeld, on the 21st
proximo, atthe sfore of Messrs. Dougtis Reid & Co.
—A Trustee is tobe clected un Uic same day, in place
of Wiilliam Lawson,
25 March. C. DOUGLAS, Trustee.
ee eee
ALL persons hayi Ing demands acainst the Es-
fate of the late ‘Thomas, Travis, ks quire, deceased,
are requested to render them in forth with fur examic
nation and set(lement.
25 March CHARLES KYTE, Exccntor.
ee ee Ce
WORDT by dezen bekend gemaakt,—Dat
de Inladers van de Brik Gerarda Lacvba Louisa, zig
echieven te adresseren by Kapt. J. Johannisen, en
mel imecr aan den Hoer G. Pauels. 25 Maart.
FOR SALE at the house ofthe undarsiggce,
yet Fo wlon narlic: ee a4 uleira Wihe Li) }1! VR “na Lad
varies Vaobtother wines by the dozen, \ 12, I. cK cla i
(Trai WPA ae, red do. (oro it dle perdrix,) Const pee
ming and troutiente lenel, all aut reduccd prices, ia
order tu |i iqunacha ite ily sc con IN sslOns,.
NSso for hip ‘ga very large sture uncer the house
occupied Uy
95 Vieech. A. A. pr LA COURT.
me ee —
NOTICE—AII those who have any cliuns
against the Iistate of Mra Hi. J. Buse, dec., or who
owe moncy to the saw lestale, are requested to pros
mote scllement, the Executus tutending to bring the
same to a close. A. A. noura COLRT,
q4: boedel Pase.
95 March. GE O. PAULELS » 1
NOTICE is he reby ¢ even to the Public, that
the undersigned kxecntors to Mhe Estate of the late
Mrs. Busc, have resolved upon actiog conjointly in
every measure adopted, and that all Receipts and
Vouchers relating to the said Estate, must be signed
by both, in order to be valid.
A.A. pe ra COURT,
qq. Boedel Buse.
DESCRIPTION of 2 Seaman, Deserted
fiom H. M. Sloop Chantielair, Berbice, 23d March,
1815.—James Mitchell, (Scaman) aged 23 years, of
a brown complexion, has lost his right eye, hair
brown, his visege long, eyes hollow, is 5 feet 8 inch-
es high, and thin made , is stid tobe a native of Bris-
tol, had on when he left the boat a bluc jacket, white
(rowsers aud a straw hal.
25 March. Jn.’ THOMSON, Captain.
WANTED a Nursery-Maid, from 12 to 14
years of age, for a small Family.—Apply at the
Printing Otlice. 25 March.
Gentlemen who have borrowed any of the
following volumes of the Annual Register from Joha
Binning, Esq. will much oblige the Subscriber by
sending them to him, at the house opposite Mrs.
Mary Lindner, viz:—Vol. 3, 5,6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 17,
18, 19, 82, and 33.
95 March. WALTER SCOT.
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Published every Saturday at 4 o’elock P a.
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Privileged @evernment Pruise’s

8 April 1815