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The Berbice Gazette

View original —————
#weelee GOUATS P. GION,
ee nee a
By Wis Excellency [Vi Bosrren Fisa.,
Licutenart-G oyerncr orthe Colony Be: biee,
Peiesident moell Court. and Collcaes sv ithin
the same. And the Lfonerette Court of
Policy and Criminal JusUve of the ssid co-
leony. ‘Yoallio whoa Cose pre o ts shat
or may come; Gicluee! be ilo ow:
bi vee hy the resicnottey - oars of the
et Joba | ‘Yin. fi; . _ concy las
yey | ho. an / ~~ boon Polley and
Cy Viudelels cee al (hes vo ‘cer And Eis
dince hl. ney (he @overior dovin comp teased) fram
oni ob Nomination, nade by the ¢ Courts to sleet \
Katy, In. to bea Mt ember ofthe said ( ‘ourl. Ne-
Doras her dy giver tothe Peblicy that atl persons
Wiboa ths Covermacnt way acknowledge amd res-
pecta oresatd Geneon tu bos sid Cupacily.
by Court af Pouwcy aid Criminal Justice of
tis. colony re hice.
Kking’s euse, New Amsterdam, 15 April, IS15.
dy commmaud of the Court,
rer Ss Lt 2 | * ew l[lUL UES Se) UlUlUlU (Ce rey
View original Owe Snes FT SS! SE COE rs YO SS ——
Cu lLuescay the 22a AJavwilthbeso!d amo woof
the cr dis gs a Pinvacon a’ bhdward, from 90 ¢
23.000 pou wast quality colle, at the house of
Vi i. Dias. r yo vow Nias,
VQ Apa. hequeatrators.
_-_— —
NOUICL teboveby civ n—Vhat on account
of the sabool Plantation (Fs ais, and other cireum-
sfances, (reopen gor tae Toodas, and the Sale of
tie coffon ol Pintitioy Goold Tiope, corcityn coast,
Is postponed usual Moo lay the Sta Aday nest.
Pour}. ae o LANA and self
£2 ‘pr iil JC. SPANGCENBE Gy, Seq'ss.
NOTICE —'Vhe Crecviorol Plantation No.
39, corentyn Coast, are requested Co iect the Tons.
tees, on Monday the Sth prosmo, tthe forenoon,
atthe rooms of \.r. cali Ve. abhor the urelus pres
cecds of ihe crop wilt be d by sed OF tmonesf (neta.
99 April. Porstces,
-—_ -—s -
ACARPENTVE? tnelived 4. 0. clatesd the
framing, erceiing, mitadisine a Cou Lowe, on
an Estate in Uis diver, conmap) ty toc tu.ther infor
tiifion do cither ot the Uli versie od,
22 April. HH. PUTNuUS S49.
Law NO TAD SMIERASDAN 2: ich « neesren voe-
Jerce tet opeichs le ae W fot pet Vii MIEN, OP Act
fone Vouvolja viureen Dio zery, op een Kofly Plan-
taste, in deze vivicry goleve zich te vervoegen by
ceil Gcr ¢ hack ot tek nde Voor vorier VLE ht. :
, G;. 2P WU ES, gq.
22 Apoil. Hoi THER S.
—~+- —— Oss

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PRE PED or Sto’, from Piartation Vry-
eid, a that bottomed Punt, 85 ject Jone by 7 foe!
broad, has lately bad a piece of new plank put On
one side about d tect lone. Any persousciving infor.
mation (hat willles ‘tow discovery, 3 Wb be rewarded,
TET Subscriber Cakes Chis opportu nly to eivenos,
tice, thiatall Negroes found on the \ ry h eu) state,
vith ar Without a pass, (“xcc of onthe pnublic road),
Will be taken up nod far her dealt with according to
Law, as the d> ‘predation committed by thei, un ley
the prevence of cultivg erass, is incridible » and con.
sequenally no longer lo be subinitted to.
27 April. W. KATZ.
View original = —— eee ESSeSFSSSeSeSeseF
FOR SALL by thasubseriber a variety of
Books, amonest which are the Puglich Fucyclopedia,
10 volumes, and about 500 volumes of Novels, just
received from Demerary. 22 April. W. SCOT.
View original ~~
TE KOOP—De volgende onlanes !
goedcren, met helschip Cercs. €
= WS—
Beste W ‘stpha uschie men, } | bah yO(
maakt in : ponds pal Ie ; lo ( , inere
ker snuif, groene en zwiaite thee j Le ls } sen
Spnransch vroen, kruts he Isen kr: 1, beeren
en dames schry ( kasie (ra ¢ e bDrillen
met ailver Olli Ze C10, i Ul Cl ‘ en, ! (°
echeermessen en diyejse andes : e nT
OO ' 4
22 April J. ( S
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View original a ee
Thiststa teform the Public, that the following
oe . : »
Persons iolrind quiliing this colony.
John Chevicy will leave this colony for Demerary.
Thomis Wadeand cumily in O weeks from | April.
Simon frase (“cthmorack) will quit this colony,
1. Mo Leod in 6 weeks from April 15.
J. vander Schv oe en family indo. from do.
No. de WollPin do. from do.
i¢. Wheatland in do. from do.
‘he Elon. J. M’Caimon in one month from 13 April.
2. C. DOWNER, Sec.
——— ee
Notice ts hereby given, that a month after date the
following Transpoirsand Mortgayes wal be passed.
Apill. Douglas Retd & comp. will transport to W.
Cowie 25 roods, more or less, of Lot No.4, first
pelider New Ainsterdam, facing the middle dam,
by the breadth of halt the lot, north side.
“Wm. Cowie will Gransport (he same to Eliza-
beth Outlerbridge. -
Sain. Bain will Qansport to Judith Dallimore
1S reodsand | feetin length of the lower half
of Lot No. 12, first polder.
April8. Phe tree Larose will pass a mortgage in fa-
vorol H.W. Haechmeann gq. the boedel C. Nan-
nings, his plantation known as Na 19, east side
In Canje river, with all its ap- and dependencies
and ‘S4 Negroes thereon, names to be seen rt thts
April ldo. J. van der Schrocf will transport to J. FT.
Schlarkorst 15 Negroes, names to be scen atthis
Omice. J. HW. Schilarhorst will pass a mortgave
on said Negrocs, with au addition of 12 ore,
nines also lo be scen at (his Ollice. -
April 92. C.C. Swavieg and Mor. Costenbader, aq.
Westrik and Pool and Syndies, wis trausp7rtto
the Minor Heirs of the Inte Johsuna Venise
Westrik, late Wide of Charles [leary Fraser,
dec. F2—144 in-the united cofve Piantations
Hescndam and Sans Souci, wit slaves and dure
Cher gppurtenances.
—— The Exccutors of the Lefate of the Widow FH.
J. Buse, will transport to the Representatives of
the Estate of H.C. Riandes, Lot 47, sccond vm-
poleler of (his town,
—~— HE Staal will transport to J. HW. Schlarhorst the
lower quart of Lot wo. 16, situale on the new
niddle rovd Ce the backdan.
—— _ J. Tf. Schlarborst will traneport fa. RR. Iieyt-
meyer about lO ro0ds of said quarter Ios,
—_—_ —
ALU persons having elaims on the Cotten
Plantations B:ahaw and Aintail, oa the West Sea
coast; and Seace/Zon the Last Rea coust, of this co-
lonwy are recuested to render (he same on or before
ihe last dey of the preacnt iment, to the undersign-
ed.— 15 Apail.
hr. C. DOWNER, Sec.
— — -— —— ee
ALL persons bavi demande aeainst the Es-
tates of the late Lambert Blair, sq. situate within
this colony 3 or aevatust John VMeCamon, Bq. are ree
quested to render in their acconuls od. M’Camon,
L’sq. without delay. —15 April.
R.C. DOWNER, Scey.

IEREAS Application, by Petition, has been
made to the Jlowble. Courtot Policy and Criminal
Justice of Che colony Berbice, at (heir Sessions of the
Sth April, IS515, for Letters of Manumission :
Johu Ross for the mulatto boy John, born from
the Negro woman Agnes.
Robert Grant for the two mulatto children John
and Robert,
John Fraser in quality as surviving Execentor to
the Jast will and testament of Hector M’ Iv enzie
for the inulatio girl Rose.
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whom it
may concern, and who may wish to oppose the grant
ofsaid Letters of Manumission,that they may address
(hemselves in writing to the undersigned Secretary of
the colony, previous to the ensning Sessions of the
Hon. Court, when a final disposition will be made on
the aforesaid Petition.
Secretary’s Ollice, Berbice, 15th April, 1815.
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FOR SALE a larye Punt 50 fect by 133
wide, nearly new—enquire at the house of
Id Apuil. iH. LUTITERS
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View original ———————— >
Berbice, 30th March, 1815.
THE Annual Plantation Accounts for Head-
Money, &c. &c. up to the Ist January, 1815, are
now ready for delivery. As those ‘axes become due
in April next, the undersigned requests the early at-
tention of those concerned, in making payments, to
enable him to discharge the pressing demands against
this Office.
DANIEL ALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen.
en eS wee Ee ee 6 ee
View original ee ee ee
(@r In consequence of the Court of Justice meeting
on Monday next the 24th inst. the Meeting of
this Socicty is postponed to Thursday the 4 of
Nay next. 22 April.
Tur next Meeting of this Sociefy will be
held at Plantation No. 11, Corentyn coast, on Weds
nesday the 26th inst.—'The undersigned is directed
by the President to state, that the article published
under the name of this Society in last Saturday’s Ga-
zelle—** Inviting the Members to come prepared for
discussing the question therein mentioned, at their
ensuing meeting ;"’ Ys unauthorised, and entircly
contrary to the estublisued usages of this Institution.
15 April. IF. CORT, Sec.
View original ——————_- :. $$
NOTICE.—The following doubtful out-
standing debts being fonnd in the boedle of the late
I’. Tu. Mosset, viz, J.J. van Mandhar, order op M.
I. Costenbader for f 68.— Haan, Gocd f44.
samuel Bain, Good (49. aad Acct. f59.—L. F.
Gatlez, Oblig. for f402-10.—J. R. Oakey, Oblie.
for IY gatlons rum.—d. Gouverneur, Oblig. flo.
J. Quarless, Acet. (27 - 10.—Capt. Thompson for
S. Barnes, in Demerary, Acct. f 540.
It is therefore that all these who it may concern,
‘ire requested fo make immediate payment to the un-
Ucisigned, or to give the necessary information to
him should they have contra accounts or receipts for
(os> remainivg in default to comply with this re-
queet, shall be prosecuted as the Law directs.
I. b. WANTZE, qq. the Execut’rs
15 April. boedle F. L. Mussét.
View original tits
WILLIAM CROFT offers for Sale, on
reasonable terms, at the Store of J. B. Rule, Esq. the
following goods lately imported, viz :—cotton bage
wine, Osnaburgs, best Carlisle checks, seine & mul-
lc twine, Osnaburg and white thread, seine nets 10
fithoms long, negro clothing consisting of hats, jace
kets, trewsers, shirls, wrappers, & laps, loes, shov-
els, and nails, packing- sail- bolt-rope- and Osna-
burg needles, iron pots, negro pipes, &c. ALSO
on hand frown former importations: Split peas, pearl
barley, paints and oil, sp. (urpentine, beer & porter,
inustard, cordage, all sorts of stationary, Chima and
ear(ben ware, black- blue- brown- and green- broade
clots, green baize and table covers, muslins, calie
coes, vinghams, linen and cotton pocket handkere-
chiefs, linen and sheeting, gentlemen’s coats, waiste
coats, trowsers, pantaloons, jackets, hats and shoes
ladies bonnets, gentlemen writing desks, tocl chests,
&c.—15 April.
View original ‘ . | C ne vests
> ~
e(te, kersyrv aud ¢ florentine do :
i i } a | i
ryt ( ]
S i e "| i ris ita
p * », Plaln an ed yean trow.
' | *
] { \ {
Rers, VeRO) ( ( 7 ets and tro ers. | rsyinere
, } v } } .
) i l HNwCcin Dla ( ul J | yndo I }
} | ’
rh) sand willow » boys black and dral
‘ ' ,
i l < ALA i) c its. Lcile DO Cc ve) (_@
; . ; 9 > &
ip I ¥ i 1@ ¢ vuvoe C CQ
} ) - ‘ ]
i } Cnt Of 'CEeTo Cl ( hu
' ‘
yroite- gy r¢ “ I gc 5 (ripe
Cot ‘ sei ‘ ‘ vi . s | ] S I eC “a nel
» mITS 1 ¢ r , i ’ a e@ ! or ’ » 1, e
. ‘ ci;
C¢( ClO 5, req la i ) AG TLVOT ae O
y , . { ~LT
[tionary a d} ed. t & ] KA10@S, preserve ind
< ices, shoe by Des, | > DroOomMsS )
vol }
S UO 1Q8 Ci lh, SMOAKed s
ve bolomne sau es Du hn | i ti ls
' } ln 1— - 1 " y
} i ‘ | 4 |) * \ ; f ] ivze
bi Ire assorted
4 | rs ty | r’
ADI] i . ‘ 11 | & ( ‘
J &
' ~ ’ \ 1 \)
View original -
A Nanaeer and Overseer Wanted on a Cof-
fee Estate siiuate in this river. For further particu-
lars apply to the Printing Office. ly April.
ee a ee ee ee + ----— —_—_-
DRIFTED from the Subscriber, since Sa-
turday last a Corjaal,; marked W. B. C. Cap 14,—
any person forwarding the same will be rewarded.
15 April, J. pu BOC.
——— $$
View original THOSE who have Claims against the Es-
tate of the deceased Mr. ‘Thomas Thorburn, will
lease address themselves to the undersigned, at the
store of Messrs. G. Bone & Co.—and all persons in-
debied thereto, arc entreated to come forward with
payment. Js. ELLIS, ? EC
15 April. P. SULLIVAN, § °°"
View original THE Shippers in the brig Clande Scott,
Capt. Comley, for Liverpool, are respectfully in-
formed, that she will sail from this bar on the 25th
inst. asingle ship. Those gentlemen who have not
yet compleated their shipments, are earnestly en-
treated to do so without loss of time.
April 15. CHs. KY TE.
THE Subscriber’s health requiring a tempo-
rary absence from from the colony, reqsests all per-
sons indebted to the late concern of Hobson and
Tantshcer, or to himself for Law business, to pay
their respective accounts. Mr. A. G. Calmer isau-
thorised to receive and grant receipts on both ac-
eounts.— W. HOBSON,
April 15. Attorney at Law
—— -__.
View original TENDERS for 35 round bales good clean
and 2 bales of yellow cotton, from Plantation Good
Hope, Corentyn coast, will be received at the house
of B. Ziegler, Msq. New Amst. until Menday the
ist May next, when they will be opened and the
bizhest offer, ifapproved of, will be accepted.
On thesame day and place will be sold amongst
the creditors of said Estate, 18 bales good clean cot-
ton to the highest bidders. -F. BRIT TLEBANK.
15 April. Sequestrators..
TUE Shippers by the brig Egham, are respect-
fully informed, that she will postlizely satl on the
LG/h inst. avunning ship, for London. :
15 Apr. Jno. PAY Y.
THG Subseriber positively intends leaving
ihe colony tn June next. ‘Phose indebted to him will
please inake iinmiediate payment, to enable him to
liquidate the demends against himsclf.—He offers
for Sale Ins remaining woods, at reduced prices, for
eastiouly. Also his house on the Corentyn coast
and four Negroes, reasonable, for cash or yfroduce.
NDB. it ishoped the above notice will be sufficicut
10 thoae concerned fo prevent trouble. —W.S.
View original PUBLIC VENDUKS.
On Tuesaday the 25th inslant, will be sold at plan-
tation Palmyra, by order of B. Jeffery, Esq. from
830 a 40 head your ve cattle, 70 a 100 sheep, saddle
and dvalt larses, [4 mules some exccllent ridiny ones
alicht chaise nith harness, a blue dinner service,
tea and coffee service, 20a 40 dozew old Maceisa.
NB. The sale will commence at 11 o'clock, and
refreshiment be provide “cl.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Wednesday the 26th iust. by order J, Wulf,
Esq. 8 Negro men wood culters and sawyers. .
By the Vendue Master 2 Negro men, dry goods,
provisions, beer & porter, negro clothing, &c.
By order of John M’Camon, Esq. .10 pipes and 10
hhds. Madeira wine, some time in the colony.
On account of those concerned, a very elegant anc
guife new three barrel organ in complete order, ca-
pable of pliyving SO various new & fashionable tunes,
marked, ‘Patent, John Longman, No. 131, cheap
side, London, and wumbered 337...
By the Vendue Master in commission, a fine tent
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Thursday the 27th inst. and following days,
willbe sult by order of G. Hobus and Joh. Bakker,
Fsquires, qq-—Plantation Pleet Anker, situate inthe
river Berbice, with all ifs buildings and cultivation,
together with 102 slaves, men, women and children,
household furniture, &c. Terms of sale may be
known on application to J. Bakker, Esq. or Yendue
Office cight days previous to the day of sale.
NB. The sale will take place on the Estate, and
commence at 11 o’clock forenoon.
~ 2D. C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Friday the 5th May next, will be sold on Pin.
seafield, West-coast, by order of the Executors of
\Jeaandcr Simpson deceased, the following elects,
View original
View original viz.—Household farniture, plate, glass, and earthea-
ware, a valuable collection of booka, among whieh
are the Encyclopedia Perthensis, Naval Chronicte,
&c. valuable gold watch, about U5 5 dozen choice ol!
Madeira wine, a valuable negro, named W iidiani, a
complete house scryant, and several field People.
D.C. Cameron. Dep. Vendue Master.
On Saturday the 6th May !815, will sold be by or-
der of the Exccutors of John Robinson, d dec., and the
Board of Orphan Chamber, representing the Estate
of of Finlay Smith, dec. and in value of due antho-
rity obtained from the Honorable Court of Civil Jus-
tice, for that purposo, Plantation Chester, on the
West coast, with all the buildings and cultivation
thereon, together with 62 Slaves, aud {nrther appur-
tenances, being the joint property of F. Smith and
J. Robinson.—Terms of Sele—Slaves at Sand six
months; Lands, at 6, 12, and 18 ionths credit.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
On We Anesday the 8 May at the Vendue Oftice,
by order of Daniel Allt, Isq. Dep. Ree’r General,
the Schooner Jiarriot Elizabeth, with her masts, sails
rigging &c., ae she now lays wt the Stelling of Mr.
Win. Fraser.
On the same day, by orderand at the Store of
Messrs. G. Bone & Co.—Grenada rum in puncheons
brandy and gin in quantities not jess than 5 gallons,
Madeira and Port wine in bottles, raspberry & cher-
ry brandy, oysters, olives, pease, barley, porter in
hhds., paints and oils, candles, negro cloathing and
blankets, cuttlery, iron mongery, and brase- ware, tron
pots, and boilerrs, steclyards (Dutch weight), sta-
lionary assorted, Russia sheetiug, salempores, cali-
coes, muslins, muscuito netting, Counterpannes as-
sorted in sizes, gentlemen's coats and waistcoats, wril-
ing desks and dressing cases, elegant maliogany tool
chests complete, glass-ware assorted, vasc lamps, and
a varicly of other articles.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
oe ee CCM =
S4TURDAY, @PRIL 2, 1S15.
We lay before our Readers those paragraphs the
most interesting, from the Lewdow Pupers brought
by the Maté last week.
—- =) »—
nD ae CIO: J eh 2)
GSS 1001 Bee’
Feb. 19.—Yesterday we reecived Paris Papers of
the 14th and 15ht inst. Phe articles from) Vienna
affirm, not mercly that the discussions there had ta-
ken a favourable turn, but that all affairs there had
been satistactorily adjusted. The statement we ap-
prehesced is premature, and ground upon the fact of
the exchange at Vienna, which had fallen to 340, and
ipwards, improved in one day 44, being on the 2d
inst. at 296, and on the Sih, at SOL. Weil informed
persons In Vienna, are of opinion however, that Con-
gress will break up witout commencing precise ar-
rangement, aad that the military occupations of Po-
land, by the Jvussians; of {taly, by the Austrians ; of
Saxony, and the department of Roer, by the Prus-
sians; ondof Belgium, by the Dutch aad British for-
ces, Wh. ultimately decide all principal question
which have been the subjects of political agreement.
The Duke of Wellington arrived at Vienna ap the
night of the Ist inst. His Grace had taken on
resideace at the hotel of Klapperstat. On the 2d he
dined with several other Ministers at M. [erris, the
The intclligeace from Rome is of a distressing na-
ture: much alarm prevails there on account of the
opproach of Murat’s army, which still treatens the
city. ‘The Paris Papers now assert that France gets
an increase of territory from the Congress at Vienna.
Yesterday Brussels and Frankfort Papers were re-
ceived. From the former place the Staff Officers of
the British army in Belgium received orders to join
their respective regiments in Britain, from which it
is inferred, that the British troops are about to with-
draw entirely from Belgium. The English German
Legion now in Brabandt, is about to return to Hano-
ver. A Swiss Paper contains a notice from the late
King of Sweden, warning the Editors of Newspapers
not to use offensive expressions towards his son.
View original
View original Tei. 23. —The Brussels Gazette tontains the fol-
lowing article :— News comming froma good source
affirm that at the Congress of Vienna all the Powers
have convenanted that the pussessions of St. Domingo
should be guaranteed by a solem act to Louis XVIII.
that in consequence England itself and the othe
Maritime Powers, if necessary, would contribute to
the armamentand the expedition. In this manner the
conquest @fthat vast colony, whiclt is of sueh inesti-
mable value to France, would be easily effected, and
(he occupation of it would leave no room for further
Ancona, Ich. 3.—Ilis Excellency Baren Caras-
cosa has just published a Proclamation to the Italians
inhabiting the Marches and the Legations, in which
is the following phrase :—
** People of Italy! Be united under the banners
of that great Prince, of the hero of the age, Joachim,
our Sovereign. He desires your happiness, and you
are all his children, by whatever nae inthe diffrence
of country causes you lo be called. Rally round this
mnvicthle Captain, whose arm so powerfully exerted
ttse/fin the late tear, to prolect your provinces from
those horrors which have desolated the other countries
of Burope.”
russel, Feb. 15.—Lord Castlereagh is expected
here every moment. ‘Tbe vessel which expects him
at Ostend is rcady to sail at a moment’s warning ; it
is, however, very likely, that he may go by way of
Holland, and that for important reasons.
From this circumstance it may not unreasonably
be inferred that the future state of the United Ne-
therlands is definitively settled, in the general ar-
rongement of European affairs.
Feb. 24.— We seceived this morning the Paris Pa-
pers of Tuesday last, and from the Moniteur having
copied in a prominent manner the articles which
st.ted that the affairs of Saxony and Poland had
been arranged ; adding also, under the head of Vienna,
Feb. &, that ‘ the fate of Saxony being decided, the
Congress isabont to take into comsideration the second
object of (heir deliberations, the affairs of Germany,”
we may infer that that difficult business has been at
lenght settled.
But we cannot say that it has been decided ina sa-
tisfactory manner. We should have referred seeing
the whole of Saxony given to Prussia. The King of
Saxony deserved nothing from the Allies against
whom he made every possible effort, and, be it recol-
lected, wilhout eompulston, for he remained faithful
(o Bonaparte when he might have safely declared
against lim. After restoring the King of Saxony,
we are not surprised to hear that another Manarch’s
claim to indemnity has been entertained by the Con-
yress—the King of Denmark! He demands, it seems,
to be indemnified for the Joss of Norway !
Brussels and I'vankfort Papers arrived this morn-
ing. They contain little more than the articles we
received by the French Papers, which, as it should
seem, by the common consent of all Powers, are to be
encouraged in their circulation throughout Europe,
fo the exclusion of other journals, particularly the
British. The consequence is, that the Continent is
presented with little else than the French picturcs or
representations ofaffairs, and that it will take in time
all those impressions which France wishes to give it.
The march of the Congress lately is said to have
accclerated by the notice given by Lord Castlereagh
of his immediate departure from Vienna. He prese
sel the Congress to declare upon three points before
his departure—Saxony, the left bank of the Rhine,
and the Slave Trade. He was to set off early in Fe-
brimry ; but he deferred his departure firstto the 10th,
then to the 12th, and last, it is said to the }5th. By
the 12th, is added, all the three points were decided ;
that relative to the Slave Trade occupied a Committee
of cight Members of the Congress, sixdays. Weun-
derstand that the Pope’s Minister, Gonsalvi, was on
the side of those who epposed the British Minister.
Bonaparte has rejected all the proposals made to
him to give up the Isle of Elba, and retire (o Scotland.
The proposals were then submitted to Congress, with
a view of compelling him to accede to them, but the
View original
View original Pr Pto hase deelired that the
. ° .
Ai Poy the couvention made with Bo-
° , . ° 1
n be Pidrof April, ualess he hiinself cheese
r» Teh. 1A. —S Tt is said that the HWouse of
Ooxacc has ceded ifs German possessions, to be com-
pchended in the same imass of indemnities. It is
added that Darmstadt will be indemnified on the left
bink of the Rhine, for (he loss of the Duchy of West-
phalia Which falls to prussiae”’
¢ Thearrival of Lord Woeltineton has already pro-
dueed some of the good effects expected from his pre-
sence: if the reports of the higher circles are exact,
this Great Captain has cat the gordion knot, by de-
claring, that as things now sfands, Eacland, which
has done every thiag for the deliverance of Europe,
is uncer the necessity of ceasing payments subsidies
: J
to those Powers who have hitherto recetved them.
This dec! ration, it is added, ha infinite ¥ contri-
buted to moderate the most exarerated pretensions.
The affairs of Saxony and Poland are postuyely scf
tlhed—how ts stilla secret
»— We reeetved thts \M rNINne the BATIS
P es of Wednesday last. The fate of Saxony
hes beon definitively arranged, an inventation has
b. ythe Wing of Saxony to repair fo Vicnna
n\\ , ‘ > ’ a 7a r~arr? . le sone : a
t i’ rmc’ss ATC a ry OCG Uy LCL upon ne emnities
{. heaven to Bugene Deanharneis, who Is strongly
sucorted by the Court of Stunich.
: . '.° {
y-assian Ministers have presented to the Con-
ose na Note relative to the afllais of Garmany, in
, * } ° | ® a , + * ‘ ~nll tha (la
shich they urge the p porictly O1 Avie au tae Gcr-
inecs to send \Linisters.
wr: - ) . ! } 7} \Y
he Vienna articles are diated the lth. Lord
CasCerearh had not united Vienna at that time.
‘Yo have received every curious article from
ve st ryy ! ae ° ‘ .
Vie rr, WHO | re Slive Prac 4 ctons in the Con-
PTOSS. ‘he subject was referred to erelt Ministers.
In thir first con®rence, Spain, france, and Por-
tual, cocoenised the principle of avoltion, but in-
sistel on its betng carcicd into exccudon with pre-
Inthe second conferrenee, Gord Castlereagh de-
manded the imnediate Abolition, out opposed by
Soitrand Portus Wythe former clechuing thatshe bad
fixed the defiattive abolttion ater ht years.
The Portuguese Envoy asseried, that Portugal bs
the treaty of 15190 had only promised the gradiun!
abolition of the treaty, accusing us, at the same time
of having seized from her subjects 10 or 12,0C0 ne
grocs Cestined to the ]
Lord Castlereagh then atterspted to prevail upon
Cardinal Gonsalvi to issue a declaration condeming
the trade as tmptous and inmoral. Bat the Cardi-
nal refused, and complained of England’s tolerating
the altacks of the Barbary Corsairs upon the coast of
In the Sittings of the 98th of January, Lord Castle-
reagh preposed a solemn declaration upon the im-
morality of the trade; but the other Powers pressed
2 more simple document. Spais observed, that Eng-
land was too earcr (oO Mm ike other Powers put an end
to the trade, she herself having had it under discus-
sions fora period of nearly twenty years before she’
abolished it. Lord Castlereagh then proposed the
establishment of a comunttee of Ambasadors at Lon-
don to watch over the execution of the conditions
agreed upon. This was gesistec! as viving too much
influence ta. England. [He then proposed to prohibit
the importation of the produce of those colunies into
which Negroes should continue to be imported. This
was opposed with great warmth. Spain cven talked
of reprisals! © She talked of them!!!
At lenght, on the 7th February a definitive con-
vention was drawnup, which abolishes the trade gra-
dually. Whether in five or six years we know not.
But we heve no hesilation in saying, that no efforts
was left untried by Lord Castlereagh to procure the
immediate abolition; and that he pressed it with
more Mh and obstinacy than other meausure
pubimitied the discussions of the Congress.
View original Leghorn, Teh. 5.—It is reported here that a young
Corsican, called Cheodore Ubaldi, after having been
some days at the Kiland of Elba, had contrived to
introduce himself into the interior of Bonaparte’s
house: thts young man, instigate], it is supposed,
by an old fawily pique, approach-i the Sovereign
tthe Island, who at the time was occup:ed in peru-
sing some papers, and attempted to assassinate him
with astiletto; buta steel buckle, attached toa belt,
rendesed the attempt ineffectual. Bonaparte scized
the unfortunate man, disarmed him, and delivered
him to one of his guards, who conducted him to pri-
The rocks of the Island of Elba are become inac-
cessible ; It seems fo be the present Policy of its So-
vereign to renounce all connection with the Conti-
nent. A decree of the Magistrates of Porto Ferrajo
orders, that no foreign vessel skall appraach thie
coasts of the island, without being visited by cap-
tains of the Port; that no foreigner shall land till he
has declared the motives of his visit, and obtained
permission; and thet no permission shall be given
fora longer stay than three days, without a special
licence from the President of the Council of state.
The intercourse of the English with the island is less
—_—~ 2s --
Extract from an Liverness Journal, Jan, 20.—
“A very handsome Snuff Box, mounted witha
Scotch pebble, was lately presented to Mr. Gordon
‘Ross, of Alness, bearing the following inseription:
‘Presented by the Owners of the Brig Bridget, of
Liverpool, Archibald Kennan, Commander, to Me.
Gordon Ross, of Alness, in testimony of the gallant
conduct of his Son Donald Ross, in an action with
an American privateer, off the coast of Surinam.’—
ecember, 1812.”
——_—__—ser aa —— —— =
View original See eee —
Capture of His Majesty’s Ships cy.ianrand Levant,
by the Ainerican lrigate CONSTITUTION.
The Constitution left Bosto: bay on the 17th of De-
cember last, on a cruise. On the 20th February,
about 100 miles castward of Madeira, she fell in with
and captured, affera very warm action, the British
Sloops of war Cyane and Levant, from Gibralter
bound tothe Western Islands. The enemy was dis-
covered by the largest of the ships (which was the
Cyane), about oaco’clock in the afternoon, whemshe
soon tacked and stood towards her. At two o’clock,
commencing up ttthina a suthetent distance for the
purpose, she mace signals lo the Constitution, to as-
certain whether she was a friend or foe—bat from
their not being answered by the enemy, she knew her
to be an American frigate, and tmmediately bore up
and made all sail to the westward, for the purpose of
communicating with her consort the Levant; making
signals to her at the same fine, and enforcing their
observance with guns. The Constitution made all
sail in chase, gaining fast; and on arriving within
gan-shot commenced, at about three o'clock, a fire
from her bow chescrs. At 45 minutes past three, the
Censlitution’s main royal was carried away by press
of sail, which enabled the Cyane to distance her fire.
“The Levant, then to leeward, having answered sig-
mals made by the Cyanc, hauled ber wind and crowd-
ed canvas to pass within bail of her consort, which
she accomplished ata few minutes before six. Our
two ships at this time had concluced it most advis-
able to delay the action, if possible, till the evening,
in order to gain the advantage of the enemy in their
manoeuvres. At 6, the Cyane and Levant hauled to
on the stacboard tack, and hauled up their main
curses—when the Constitution hauled up onthe same
tack to preserve the weather gage, hauled up her
curses also, and hoisted the American union. Atten
minutes past six, the Cyane got upon the Constitu-
tion’s starboard quarter, and the Levaut upon her
starboard bow, when the broadsides of all three ships
immediately opened, with a tremendous and well-
directed fire. The action continacd in this position
View original
View original nearly half an hour, when from the main top-gallant
mast and gaff, which had been shot away, and from
other serious dartage in her rigging, the Cyane broke
round off, perfectly unmanageable. Just previous
to this, th@Levant, on the Constitution’s bow, ranged
a-head, with intention of raking the enemy, which
the latter frustrated by boarding her fore tack, and
thereby fore-reaching onher. This compelled the
Levant to put her helm up, and receive the raking
fire of the Constitution ; which she did, and with all
possible expedition made sail before the wind, having
suffered very severely in her runing rigging. Dur-
ing these occurrences, the Cyanc, upon the Consti«
tution’s quarter, had endeavoured to cross her stern,
but from her disabled condition she could not effect
her purpose.
When the Levant made sail, the enemy’s frigate
wore, which brought the Cyane on her starboard bow,
and then ranged alongside of her. The Cyane beiag
much disabled, and having five feet water in her hold,
was notin a condition to renew the contest, and theres
fore struck her colours and fired a gun to leeward
The Constitution put her 2d Lieutenant (Hoffman)
and a prize crew on board—and at half-past seven,
made sail in pursuit of the other sloop of war, who
had repaired damages, obtained the weather gage,
and was standing down upon the Constitution. Are
riving within a proper distance, she fired a broadside
inte the Constitution, and hauled her wind fot the
northward. The Constitution, sailing much faster
than the Levant, overhauled her at nine o'clock,
when all further resistance being useless, she struck
her colours, and the Constitution put her first Lieut.
(3cilard) on board, as prize-master.
The evening wasa fatr moonlight. The Constitue
fon had 4 killed and 12 wounded—and the Cyne 4
killed and 13 wounded—and the Levant G killed and
16 wounded.
The next morning (Feb. 21.) the three ships stood
(o the westward, and at day-light on the 28d made
Porto Santo, one of the Madciras, bacring south.
From this time till (he 8th of March, they were under
short cruising sail, standing to the soutkward—aad
on the evening of the Sth, they anchored in the isle
of May, one of the Cape de Verds. Left that next
day at aon, and on the LOth of March anchored in
the harbour of Porto Praya, in the islands of St. Jago,
also one of the Cape de Verds. On the 19th, the
Newcastle, Acasta, and Leander, which had been in
search of the Constitution during her whole cruise,
appeared off the harbour. ‘Ibe Constitution and her
prizes immediately weighed anchor, and made alf
sail by the wind, and the three British friga‘es tacked
and made sail in chase. At one o'clock, the Cyane,
finding she was unable to keep with the other two
vessels, tacked to the northwar.! and westward, theres
by made her escape, with intention of pursuing hee
way direct for the United States—having left the
three British frigates in pursait of the Constitation
and Levant. At two o’clock, the isle of May a-head
the ‘Constitution by signal ordered the Levant to
tack, which she obeyed, and the British frigates tack-
ed also, and stood atter her; when the Acasta and
Leander soon opened their ports upen her, but she
notwithstanding succeeded in regaining the harbour
of Porto Praya, (relaying upon protection from the
neutrality of the port) and anchored under the land
under a Portuguese fort of between 30 and 40 guns.
The Acasta and Newcastle, after firing several broade
sides into her, took possession her, and ordered her
(0 Barbados, under the command of Lieutenant Jele
licoc, formerly of the Cyane, having also acting
Lieutenant Jones on board, belonging to ber before
ber capture. The Constitution had put about 120
of her prisonets ashere at Porto Praya, befo.e the
British squadron hove in sight.
Mr. Johnson, Assistant Surgeon, and Mr. Hume
phreys, another officer of the Aincriean frigate Cone
stitution, arrived at Barbados on the 25th ult. in the
Levant, and are on parole.
The Cyane and Levant were from Gibraltar, bound
to Madcira with supernumeraries, r gging, and other
appurtenances, for a British ship building in the
W estern Islands. Many of the superaum®@raries were
among the killed and wounded in action. The rigs
ging came into our possession again by (he re-capture
of the Levant.
The Levant is stated im Stecl’s list, at 20 guns,
which are eighteen 25’s, two long 9's, one 12lb. care
ronade on the top-gallant forecastle.
The Cyane is rated at 20 guns, but the Americane
will say she mounts 34, which are likewise $9’s of
much the same description as those of the Levant.
The Constitution, which is rated at 44, carries 5?
—20 of which are 32-lb. caronades, and (he rem
ing 32 are long 24’s. She had 458 nen iv action,
View original %
View original ——
BY virtue of an Appointinent from this Iex-
ecllency Hi. W. Bentincn, squire, Lieatcnant-
Governor ef the coloay Berbice and its Deywenden-
cies 5 Granted upon a Petition, presented by J. G,
Co de Nicuwerkerk, qq. Joba Wilson, qq. @oln and
Robert Glidstoae, of Liverpool, said appeintnent
bearing date the 25d March, 1815. Notice is hereby
given tothe Public: That the Execution Saie of the
undivided half or the cotton Estate called Resource,
the properly. ot TP. Cort, whieh was advertised rar
Sale on the tOch of april newt, ls postponed wads
Bonday (he Ist day of MTiy IS15.
Derbi ce, 20.M arch, IS15.
WK. FRANCNEN, DFiret VWorehal.
View original BY virtue ofea Apnotwnimeat from His fu x-
ecilency TT. W. 1 JENTINCR iesquire, Lieufenaut-
Governor of the coiony berbice, and ils Dependen-
Ces, &C, vec. é&c. Given Nponw a Petition prese Hie
ec hy R.C. Downer, in bis quality as) Representit-.
tive of W. King end P. Benj jamin, in their capacity
as Curators to (he Estate of Francis Bynoe, deceased
erid appointnent bearing date 234 Mareb, 1815.—
Nolice is he tebe given to the Public, that 1 (he un-
Ge sizned, t vst Marshal of the Courts within this
colons, Intca t fo Sell, at Execution Sale, in tbe pre-
ecnce oOo. brvo Coun ellors € Comni issaries, and (their Se-
cfary, by (he geing cut of a burn Ing wax-candle,
on Wediesday ite 7h June 1813.
Tie Cotlon “lave calhd Lewis Blanon, situate
otthe Vet coast of this colony, with all its
Slaves, tes » nA furlher sc ppurlenances
thereto belonni
Woioever emoutd hi. > himself entitled to oppose the
LEvecition _ Ole | rier tation Lewis Manor, Jet
pnch pers GY pei-ens sclltess themselves fo the
Sarcal’s ~ coe af this Colensy deeluriog their reas.
ms for sodursbrdre tune an form, -s |} hereby
give pelice, th tli lb receive opposition fiom every
Infoomeniare pessoa, appoml Chem aday to have
hisor nes cou beard before the Court, and furthe
e , ) )
act therein as tie Jaw directs
Berbice, 25 March, 1815.
Nn. rancnen, First Marshial,
_—_—_ —-—__- --_——_——_ ee _
View original es
—--_- -_—_————_—_—s— SC +
LY virtue of an Appointment from His Ex-
cellency Tf. Wo. Diwiinenx, Esquire, Dieutenant-
Governor of (he Cotony Berbice and its Depradcn-
civs, &e, &e. He. given upona petition preseated by
J.C. Snongen>erg and P. OB. Bender, Curators to
the Estaie of J. A. Doscher, dec. under dite of 15
Apel, Ilo. TL the undersigned, First Marshal of
the Counts within this colowy, and at the request of
aforceald Curators, do bereby Suminon by Edict :—
All known and unknown creditors against the afore-
srid Estate of J. A. Doscher, dec. to appear before
the Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, at their
Sesion (o be held in the moath of January, IS1G6,
fur the purpose of there rendering in their claims,
to verify the same, and further to proceed aceoiding
10 Law.
‘bis Summens by Edict made known tothe Pu-
blic by beat of drum from the Court House of this
colony, and further dealt with aecording to custom.
Berbice, 200 April, ISi5.
K. kKRANcKEN, First Marshal.
View original . . wa T . ‘
4 c ~ Y? i,14 rx
, y it Furcenant-
ql ( a ( . 4 ce iden-
cies. e ( ¢ ‘ [ 1the i 1’ J 15. Tle
‘ ! :
> ~*~ = > a! ,
, } PU it ( ( pa py OY J.
W. ) the undersigned, First Marshal
» \
: ‘ } . '
) ) \ } \ . ) , alt) at ti) i G| ST
—T. } ' 1, } j
A ‘ A , UU Aj | A v it ; Dv
4 ) ' , }
i i na i iO ij cie ) Cis
« . >) f f
+ | | \ { ) a ( i
a QO] + s rt i ' t , Vi ‘ i
cole ) 3 OUs A y :
AT ‘
ieiad i i aah A ‘ sf ( ( i { 41 .
, °
for Lhe ; UF DOSS mCiv I . L CG lO $uUCL
View original ny,
View original BY virtue of an Extract from the “iinutes
of the proceedings of the Court of Civil Justice, of
this colony, dated the 16th November i814, piven
inthe cause entifled R. Tait and Wo. kewley, as
‘ppointed Curators (o the Estate of Richard. arry,
deceased, Plaintiff by Edict, versus, all kaowa and
unanown creditors avaitist (he [estate of I. rs.
dec. Delendants. 1 the understaned Furst \iavshal
of the Courts within this colony, and at (he requeal
of afovesuid Curators, do hereby Suiamon by kdict :
All known and iuktown credilors against (he Estate
ofr. Barry, dec. ‘To appear de fore the Court of
Rolls, on Monday the 22d May 1815, there to rendet
Intheir claims, to verily the saine, and further to
proceed according to Law.
This Suimnon by idict mide known to the Public
by beat of dram tron the Court House of tals colony
and furtherdeati with according fo custom.
Berbice, 15th April, 1515, .
h. Fi ANC NIN, First Marshal.
BY virtue ofan Appoitine nt from [lis Lx-
cellency Th. Wo. Banrinexy squire, Licutenaut-
Governor of the Colony Berbice and its Dependen
ak given noon a Petition prese ‘fed by the birst
oshab as. Feanek en, for aud in naine ot Douelas
Reid & Co., asa Branch of the House of Commerce
ia Gila sO, carcied on under the Firm and style of
Job. Dousles & Co. ; dated Tsth March Jot3.
Notice I We ropy viven to (ie Pabhes Phar the Debt
for which the Cotton state cathed £ Hohpeld, cum
annexi is) s ituafe cn the West Sea const, was placed
under [exceution and Se cestiation, havi; ry been are
anaed, the said P lant, tlle Ml TT c| fick F is here by e-
boas: df om aforesatd Execution aud Sequestration,
Berbice, 22d March, ISi5.
i. Pm yen, Virst Vlarchal,
BY virtue ofan Appointmest from [its Lix-
cellency H. W. Pentiack, bsg. Lientenint Gover-
nor of the colony Berbice ana is lepoudencias. se,
&c. &e. given Npon a petition presenfea by ¢
Francken, tirst Moavshal, toc aad in nime of lames
Fraser, underdate of 6th April [8!5, Noties ts here-
by given to the Public, that the dclt for which Pin.
Seufield, situate on the West sea coast, was pleced
under Exceution and S sequestration, having been are
renped, the said Pla. Scafield tras this day been re-
teased Lom sald bxeculionand Ss equestratio: accord.
ingly Berbice, oth April, Isto.
bn. EF RANCREN, First Marshal.
= a Geew ¢ = =28 © se ee! me eee ee oe
View original SS ES SS ee er . me +! me eesa ee =D
AP RYT, wWATH 0 1s YS,
D. of Phases Gl ce stuon, Holidays, th. W.
M.OW. Phenomena, &e. NW. OM.
Tyo [bat Wuarter, Uh. fou. Avieuiioon, | Sd]
9) Su ] lst andayatier Master. Neap'ids. | 1] 19
S| MO | Courtor Pohey aud Crun. Justice. | At)
A} Tul St. Asmbrese. | ,
5) \ 2157
6 ! Thi 3 | ¥3
7K 41 3
S|s 4140
O} Sun | 2d Sunday afley Easter. New Moon, | 5] 15
1O| M | Sp. ‘J's. Ct. of Rolls. (2h. 28m. All. 5150
Ph Ru 6 | 28
19| W 717
S' Th 7147
14) F 813
Jo TS 9 | 929
16} Su } Sd Sun, after Master. F.Qr.0h.99m. | 10] €7
17; M | Neap Tides. Ct. of CivilJust. (Art. | 11} 3s
{iS} Vu M149
19| W 1) 59
20! Th!Sun Enters Taurus. 2/57
2111/7 3
9218S 4
23| Su |Ath Sunday after Easter. St.George. | 5
24) M /Sp.1's. [Full Moon, th. 95m. Aft. | 5
25} Tu] St. Mark. Princess. ‘Mary b. 1776.| ©
26); W 6
27| Th}, 7
28|F 8
29;§ 9
“0; Su | 5th Sunday after Easter. Reeation| 9
View original FOR SALE, Sinaruba planks and boards,
and crab Cclapboards, on very low terms for imme-
diate payment
§ April Db. ZIEGLER
View original
View original
View original oer 2. EE See ie SS we sss A ee ees ee eee
THE Subscriber will leave the colony far
(he United States in the month of June next. Re.
quests those who stand indebted to him {omake pay-
ment as early as possible s (0 those whom Ne stands
indebted will veceive payment the ensuing month —
eoflers for Sale S$ valuable Negroes, one of them
rnexcellent boat captain, eves carpenter, the ether
asader., Also one pipe and tivo cutter casks of sue
penior Madeira wine. Tfaly barre!s of mess pork ,—
and aviding mute well broke and fice of viec,
View original ee
ADVERTENTIE.— Cant. Wallems heeft
zyn Moinkel opeezet in het huis van wile Mrs. Buse,
co verhooptaldaar Lisasche deleas latten-e en rice
eels, spyhkers, kalk, coment, verf waaren, Holian’.
sche linnens, hoeden, pypcr, provision, Wyn, Ero,
alles ten civiclste pryzea,—om reden hy met den (Oe
Net aanstaande wenscht te verfrekien. = Verzochkene
de alle de venen welle nog coederen aan board 0g.
te hebbeu, dezelven ten spocdi:r fen altchalen. Vers
zoebcude viendo lyk de eenca welke iets te eden
mogten hebben, cich by hem fe Vervorgen ten ho-
Parise phaaize, S April
———S|S —_ — — oe oe
NOTICE ta hereby civen—That the urde;-
si¢ned, as Proprietor of © ye Perry, has given over
the sand Mstablshinent to Mir. W.C. Mourand, who
avillafiord every accommodation to Passengers, on
theirstrictly complying with the 8th article of the
Reenlations for said Kerry, posted up at the place,
by paying the Ferciage immediately on (OI passing
and repissing.
And that the sai ®fr. W.C. Mourand, Jina alco
been empowered by him to collect ali outstanding
chime dac to him the undersiened, either for fere
race or otherwise, to eran receipts, orlosue forthe
sume, should such means be found unavoidable,
1 April. In. C. ABSENSETS.
ee OO
View original eee
DEM ENDMAKING.— Den ondergetee.
kende ate higenaaren Aanleezer van het KKanje \. er,
maakt be dezen bekend, dat hy het gwemelde Vee
Verpagt heest aan den Heer W.C. Mourand: brane
nende eqadecver zich vertekercn van wene Voras fing
in bet overseitcn over gemelle Veer, te zutlou oat.
moceten, inits pronipte betaluies; alles volvens het
Sste artikel yan bet Reclement door den Hove van
Polie daar voor bepaahl. en aan genogmde Veer
aanseplakt stant.
Verders maakt hy ondergcteekende nog bekend,
dat hy alzo gemedde [leer W. C. Mourand heeft aan-
vesteld als zyne Gemactigden tot Inkassecring 7yNer
aclden, zoo wel voor het Veer als anderzints, quitan-
tien {e passeeren, cn de onwillive in regten te ver-
1 April. L.C. ABBENSPTS,
View original A’xY person willing to engage, to cut down
and clear away, the light bush ow 40 acres new cm-
poldered land ona cotlee Estate in the lower part of
Canj# ereek, to drain und divide the same in beds,
and plant plantain etosty therein, are requested to
address themselves to the undersigned, on Lot Noi
25 New Amsterdam.
1 April. J. BAKKER.
View original eee
FOR SALE a few pipes of London particu-
lar Madeira wine, warranted to be of an excellent
quality, has bec upward of four years in the pipe.
1 April. G. PAUELS, qq.
——_— ——— «
re we eee ee
TO ail whoin it may conecrn—Notice is
hereby given, Chat the undersigned have empowered
Mr. LE. V. Tantze, as their Attorney for the boedel
of Mr. P. A. Rodenbroek, to collect all outstanding
deb(s due that boedel. ‘Those having claims against
will please reader them for examination,
J.C. SCHOLLEVANGER, for self and
lAprd. J. RODENGROLK, Execuf rs.
-~ a a
View original .
RUN-A-WAY from the Subscribersa Mu.
lattoinan, about 5 feet 8 inches high, a shoemaker of
trade, he isecen inthe canal; whocver should ap-
prebend bim aad lodge him iu the Barracks, will be
o.D =” — =” oy "GRGme= "7 oes - @& (PT aw o — =; =
a —— a — <
Published every Saturday at 4 o'cloek PF KH,
By W. SCIIUI.Z & Co.
een footed . Sosy
Privilesed G eve: hmce7itg a2 (hE S
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22 April 1815