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The Berbice Gazette

View original PROCLAMATION.
By Ilis Excellency Henry Mrrrran
Benxrincx, Esquire, Lieut.-Govcernor
of thecolony Barbice and its Dependen-.
cIcs, &C Kc. SC.
And the Honorable the Court of Policy
of the said colony.
To all towhom these presents may or shali
Comc, Greeting ! Lett hrnown:
I HAT we have thous ht proper to reenlate the
Contributions, forthe final Payment of the Hire of
the Necroe Slaves furnished by several Plaaters, for
the Repair of the Forlincatiens, in this Colony, tor
the year 1813, and part of the year IST4, on the same
footing, aml in the same manner, as is expresed in
our Publication of the Sth and Isth August, TSOS,
and te ordain and enact. as We do leieby Ordain
and Enact by these prascnis. !
That each Jnhabitant of hic colany, agreable to
he Return made by hun to the Capitation Pax for
the yrar ISTS, at the Recesiver Ceneral’s Olec, shall
pay previous to the frst of Mey, Iolo, his Gy» ofa or.
Proportion, towards the arorem tioned final hire of
the Negroesso furnished for the repro thet ortifica-
tions in (uit colony, due for the year T8102, and part
ofthe vear 1614, and to meee good the Reeciver
General's Commission, of 5 percent for receiving and
paying the whole charge incurred, which amounts
on repurtetion fo (rity Siuivers per Head.
For the receept of which qnotas or proportion, and
aftersards for payment of the aforesaid hire, the
hieecciver General is bereby qualified, and further
antharised fo compel and cniorce payment otf the said
contributu fics all Detaulters, alter expiration of
the aforesaid te lid, by SUMMINLAY’ Exccution, and
without facies Process of Tunav.
And in order that no bet c leay Ip pretended,
these presents shall be published, potated wid posted
up as customary.
Thus eract ban ony O) lroary Se 1 the Cone
of Policy on the Io h Jnuonars. IST! oy, > ht
Excellency Licut.-Governor Th, Wo rine. and
the Horable Members: Fans cocore Petr lair-
bain, J. A. Glasius spd free. sttioo.
By Coumaicct the Cour,
oe a eC.
An } ry list “lon the Gal! v. [Sloopresents
bis Excellency wud the alo. sacl Hon. Members.
[In presence of
By Wis Evcellenaf ITeoxnry Waarrress
Brntincn, squire, Ltent,-Goverrur
vor the colony Peibice aut its Mepen-
dencics, &e, &e, Sc
dud the Honorcile Court of Policy of
bic said colony.
Tv all whom these presents may or shall
come, Greeling ! Lett hnown:
i HAT the number of Slaves on Estates subjecet to
the payinent of Plantation-Woney, consisted on the
lst December 1813, in 2,094 Heads, and that on
a repartition, tlic Plantation-VMoney for the present
year, is by these presents fixed and regulated at
Troclve Stivers per Lead,
All persons posses ine@any Tstates or who may have
dhe Administration of thein, ave hereby enjoined and
directed (o make payment for the aforesaid Planta!
dion- Money, agreable to the said Repartition, at the,
Ollice of the Receiver Geucial, or on before the First
of May next ensuing.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
these presents shall be published, aflixed, and toge-
‘ther with the List of Slaves, printed and sent round
fo the different Estates within the celony, as is cus-
Vhas enacted in onr Ordinary Session of the Court:
of Policy, onthe [5th January 1815; Present, His
Excellency Licutenant-Goyernor Bentinck, and
the Honorable Members Jas. I'rascr, P. Fairbairn,
A.J. Glasius, and G. Munro.
By Coinmand of the Court,
R. C. DOW NLT, sce.
And published on the 25th following, present, His
Excellency the Goyernor and the Ilonorable Alem-
«bers aforesaid. In presnce of
View original NOTIFICATION.
By the Honorable Court of Policy and Cri-
minal Justiccof the Colony Berbice.
Tv all to whom these presents may or shall
come; Greeling! Beit known:
\ \ HWEREAS a Vacancy has again occurred in
the Honorable Court of Civil Justice, of the colony
Berbice. by the resienation of Samuel Kendall, Esq.
Sndia Nomination having beea made by the Honore:
able Coart of Policy to supply his place. His Ex-'
cellency the Governor bas becn pleased to select Sr-
ton Fraser, Fsq. of Plantation Kilmorack, te be
Member of tue Court of Civil Justice.
Notice whereof is hereby given, that the Inhabi-
tants of this colony may respect that gentleman in his
sald capacity.
Secrelary’s Office, Berbice, 24. Jan. 1815.
sy comy rand, j
View original NOTIFICATION.
By Command of the Honorable Corrt of
Policy and Criminal Justice of the Colony
The following Explanatory Extract from the
Minutes of the said Court, is published for Ge-
ueral Jnformation:
- \ \ IWEREAS it has been represented to the
Court, that many Proprictors of Estates we Im) pres-
sed with anidea, that in the Annual Rotarns to be
given in by them fo the Receiver General, it tsun-
necessary fo include invali led Slaves: they being
considered exempt from the ¢ ‘Ap italh mi Tax
“ Andias this impression i is portect}< erroncoms and
in irect contradiclionto the Ordinan: os ofthe Court
of Policy, whereby, under a heavy: >, to be paid
hy Deliallers, Slaves of every descr Wye Sean tp.
] iD De inelnded in (he list given iby thes Owners,
to the Recciver Gencral, and are equally bioble to
‘inxation, asall other Negroes: this Notife ution of
te Coart’s pleasure, is desired to be be published to
obyiate the error many may otherwise fall Into, and
fa prevent those who haye beca in error, from being
waned for nadue Re curns.
And (he Court desire it to be further notified,
that the Slaves who have been absent fun their
Masicrs or the respective Estates to which they
belong, more than twelve months, are not subject to
Conformable to the aforeeaid Minntes.
Sy Command of the Court,
By the Honorable Courtof Poltey ons Cri-
minal Justice of the Colony Berlice.
IN onter; is herchy given: That the Honorable
Court ot Policy has been plessed to fix the Rates of
Produce on which the Colonial Duty of 21 per cent
isto be paid tothe Receiver General, for the Six
months, commencing the If of July IS4, and end-
ine the 3lst day of December of the same year, as
Cottoa—16 stivers per pound.
Coffeo—S stivers per pound.
Sugar—6 livers per pound.
Cocoa—7 stivers per pound.
Rium— SO stivers per callon.
Molasses—one euilder per gallon.
Secrctary’s Office, Berbice, 2{th Jan. 1815.
By Command,
R. C. DOWNER. Sec.
View original tas LLL LL ALLO LLL
View original — ———___— ———_- ee
Commissaries of the West Sea Coast, Berbice
Peter Fairbaim, ap.
|* John Ross, ¢ pssquines.
Commissavies for the lower Division of ihe West
! Correntyn Coast.
Robert Douglas, ap.
Thomas Wade, Eesquires.
Commissartes for the upper Correntyn Division.
I. Brittlebank, 9
John Bethune, § Esquire.
Commissartes for Canje River.
Henry Smithson, 9p.
Isaac Farley, = § Esquires.
Commissartes for the Fast Sea Coast Canal.
Samuel Kendall,
David Carnegie, > Esquires.
Henry Smithson,
Comoriesartes forthe Last Bank of the River Berbice
J. df. 1,. Maurenbrecher,
CG. C. Swayine, [squires.
King’s House, N. Amst. 25th January, 1815.
By Com nnd,
View original NOTIFICATION,
Br Command of the Court of Civil Justice.
THE Honorable Court of Civil Justice of the co-
lony Berbice, having observed that many persons,
acttne under their Orders, remain deficient in obe«
dience to their general Order of the 1oth June, 1814,
Direct the same to be re-published for information 3
And to Order, Attention to be paid thereunto, by all
Accounting Partics, on or before the 23d February,
nexfensuing ; on pain of the Court’s Displeasure,
and of being dealt withas the Law prescribes.
King’s House, Berbice, 17th January, ISI4.
By Command,
_—_— oe Eee ——-
View original _—_———_ 2 eee,—,-
Mxtract from the Register of the Minules of
che Court of Civil Justice, of the Colony
LMAND it wasaccordingly Ordered, that all persons
ycting under the appointmet of the Court, either as
rustees for Creditors, Curators to fnsolvcnt Estates
Scquestrators, Guardians, Administiators, and ov
Accounting Parties, under the orders of the Cou
do render and give in their Accounts, within an
month from the date of (he Pablication of this Order
tn the Berbice Gazette, and in future annually in ihe
frst week of the mouth of Jeauaty in every year, to
the Secretary of ihe Court, and on no pretence whiat-
evcerto omit the same wilhouta special order tor ture
ther time beiug previously abtained on Petinen
shewiig good cause; and the more effectually ty
ensure tho due observance of this Order, it is hereby
further directed : ‘That the Secretiry of the Court do
on the first day of every ordinary Sessions, Ixy on the
table of this Courta List of the mames ard Ca pari-
ies of the several Accounting parties, tog ther with
the dates-of their respective Appointments, and the
fine up to which-the said Accounts have alread
been civen in, or rendered to the Court for confose
mation or approval, such lists to specify particularly
where the several Vouchers and Documents thereto
belonging, are deposited and under whose authority
or order.
AND in the said List is also to be inserted the
Names of all Persons who have taken out Acts of
Deliberation, together with the dates thereof, and
the times when the same have been renewed or pro-
loneed, and further to contain the names of the seve
eral Mstates agaist which the claims of the respect.
ive Creditors have been already filed and exhibited
for the decision of the Court on the Pre and concure
rentia thereol, together with the dates vy hen the said
claims were filed, and also when the several Procla-
mations and Advertisements relatin: thereto, were
issued both in the colonial and foreten Gazettes.
AND the Court prohibit and forbid thoir Szeoyy
Accountants to Certify, Tcvamine and Report to
them om any accounts of the parties aforesaid, ut
their own request, or to receive theie papers for such
purpose, without (he same having beon nicer Larry
REFERRED To THEM by the Couit, end the several
parties interested therein, regulary stuamoncdl by
Advertisement in the public Paper., and duc Notice
bl ednesday 15th June, 1814.
View original iven of at least ond calander month, fo appear bee:
fre them, and fo state their Objections, previously
fo their marking up their report (hercon.
AND the Secretary of the Conrt, ts hereby strictly
forbid, in future to receive any Documents or Vou-.
chers from any of the Accounting Parties aforesaid,
withouta regular Inventory thercot is at the saine
tine rendered (o him by the said parties, duly sign-
ed and dated by them; and he is directed, on re-
cciving sueh Inventory, to compare the same with
the Vouchers, and certity the accuracy thereof, and
further to deliver to them the said parties one copy
of such Inventory signed and attested by him, eratis,
such Inventories aad Accounts to be carefully pre-
served by him in bis Office, properly lebelled and
paraphed, and not to be returned or given out ot tho
Office, except in eases of pre and concurrentia, afler
pronunciation of the sentence in those cases, wilhoui
an express Order of foe Court or Governor.
A true extract, published for general information,
by order of the Honorable Court of Civil Justice.
COutod Allestar,
ee ee
Kine’s Flovee, 21st Jun. (S15.
TITE Ticutenant Governor experiencing e@reat Ire
reom arty and Confusion for the want of due atten.
tion to the Order of the respective the [Lonorable the
Courts of Policy, Crin inal and Civil.lustice. NOW
DIRECES, that the same be re-published, and strict.
Jy com) ticd with, by all parties; and Notiicd that
no peQtion will be received as therein mentioncd af-
ter the tine specified by the same Order, untess in
eases of Periculiom ta dora, which must be made
manilest!y to appear.
By command,
¥. WHITE, Gov. Sec.
View original OF
The Honcrable Courts of Policy, Criminal and
Civil Justice of the Colony Berbice
PB ine observed that man y persons presenting
Petitions to the aluresaid Courts, frequently deviate
from the general order, given oul in this re speet, une
der date of 29 November 1805 whereby all Petitions
were requircd to be delivered info the Presideat’s
Office, within a certain period previous to their sit-
tings, NOW ORDER, and require, all) persons
Who have Pelitiors (> present to the Court of Policy,
Criminal, or Civil Justice, to render in the same te
His Excellency the Governor, as President, §S hours
revious to the silting of thai Court to which such
botition is addressed; as olherwice Petitions will not
be Noticed » except In Coses Of periculum tn mord,
Court House, beihice, sth July, IS14.
By command,
R.C. DOWNE: N, Secretary.
View original CIVIL Ji!
RE ~wWwry mT. ~ ~ . 7% ¥ ’ . ‘an!
4a , j i i Ui >r — ) . -
« | ’ .
Sine iviver, — LI ‘ ? Yideoes=2
wi) Yj
, a 9
20s | Cy
} 4 C y
‘ ; . ‘fy
CoO + v
QZ J hd | [ s
( )
‘ 4
a a
j ‘ ‘ C7id .
e ns . ,
Foy Tye } . ‘ \ s ré 4 y i i , the ¢ ‘ acy
eer ry } } P '7/ ? ]
ber i t¢ ~ f tii itil v, Aa rt O Cl ICK l
, ° °
the morning, when (obey will be opened in presence
of Ai xcceslency ' ! | 4h { 7
5 + ‘ i IVUVCT 494 aii Lac } ( a il
. 4 '
approved of, acce pi 2 all.
™ ” y,avry rs ‘
HX 4 iA (| ZAE, fA Uno }
} ] I & : } ‘ }
Q ' > ( . r S I »
ie DD ie whole Pine aboy d iClie@S 1@ UC CGellV-
avril f ’ ’ y i.
ered a i \ | 1h & id ly rs) Office.
rT. TrpRNn ~ hn . .. 4 ;
REQU iR sa7 iUlh the Fi uiaD J the lollowing
A ont rs e
rhit CS, 945
Picces Salem ores,
M Zey Anives
ling Axes,
Do. Cr lasses,
oO, Fa
Do. R 2018,
] oO, & i SATS,
Bo. Com YS,
bed A QO pe te mC)
bs. cy. -pow der,
100 J
90 Gun-flint
I 3
a , Bare os mp ' J,
4 I al is = alt,
A () i? ) . ' -
‘yt 0018Ca P- papi
an ’ 4
200 Qu LilTS,
A ba y \ i ( ¢
r _ - v>
75 Gallons new Rum, and
An assortment of Medicines.
Yor which Tenders will be received by the Subscri-
ber until Puesday the Gth Februai 10 0% lock in
the NOrnmmMe, when thy VV i}] be Opel a in prc sence
of His Mx ellency te ( OVernor, and the | ’ “st. if
&pproved oy accepted. 98 Jan
Ais McKENZIE, Acting Cow,
View original BERRBICE.
Tie Licutenant-Governor having been honored
with the Letter from His Excellency Sir Jas. Leith,
and its inclosures, has desired us to insert them for
the information of the Ladies of Berbice.
On perusal of these papers, His Excellency expe-
riences his inability to add any remarks that can pos-
sibly conduce te the proposed Honorable anderta-
king ; and he therefore fclicitates inthe consciousness
that the Ladies of Berbice will not suffer his solici-
tations for their aid in the furtherance of the propo-
sed Noble Undertaking, to be unavailing.
Licutenant-Colonel Allt has kindly undertaken to
be the Receiver of the Subscriptions of our Fair, to
(he monument of British valor and talent.
——"F Oo Oe
ANTIGUA, 1aih Decembcr, 1814.
PITAVE the bonor to transmit herewith, an
Extract of a Letter which T have received from the
Countess Spencer, one of the Ladies Directresses,
Who have associated themselves tor the purpose of
erectins by Subscription of the Ladies of the British
Momuchy,a Monument to commemorate the Services
of (he Duke of Wellington,
[ bey leave to Solicit your Aid in applying to
the Ladies of Berbice, in Order to forward the pro-
posed! Pian.
A Cause, of which the Merits are so universally
known, and now brought forward under sack Aspices,
dlues not require that { should make any further Ree
marks, i therefore take the Liberty of enclosing the
Prospectus, with a Subscription Paper for the Signa-
tures of sacl Ladies as may be leased to forward a
Pian equally calculsted to prove a lasting and dis-
‘Unghishked Memorial of the Services of an IHlustricns
Man, as of the Public Spirit, Generosity and Taste of
the Women of the British bnipire.
I would beg being honored by an Answer as
soon as mary be Convenient, and to bave the Subserip-
Hon Paper ieturned tome, with a Specification of the
‘Japner in whieh such Sams as may be put down, are
fo be renatled to urope.—T have the honor to be,
Sir, Your MmOostl Obedient, Llumble Sery ant.
To Lieufenant Governor Bentinck,
&c. &c. &c. Berbice
Ertractofa Letter from the Countess Spencer,
one of the Ladies Directresses, tu Liecul.-
General Sir James Letth.
“TIT? Ladies of Great Britain and Ircland are
very desirons of perpetuating their Sense of what they
Owetothe Valourand Tallents of the DUKE OF
WELUING TON, by a Monument ofa more lasting
Kind than a Dinner, a Masquerade, or a Fete, and
(hey haveaccordingly determined, to arise one, which
docs ercdit to their Gratitude and good taste. Phe
Subscription to this end is rapidly tihng, and altho’
(he expefce of so noble an undertaking will be large,
yelwe think the means will be adequate to the de-
mands. But for this purpose we hope to be assisted
by every one who feels as we do a strong desire of
lestilying in wsplendid and beautiful shape, the warm
Gratitude which the Duke of Wellington and his
brave Companions in Anas haveexcitedinour Minds.
And it ts to obtain the assistance and co-operation of
the Ladies in your part of the World chat I address
myself (o you during the absence of Lady dugusta
“Will you have the goodness to persuade some of
the principal Women withia your reach to become
active Supporters of this interesting Memorial ? ‘The
caver manner with which it has been received in this
Country givesme the best hopes that its Success will
be equally certain in every quarter of the World,
Where Baglishe Women are established, and where
English feelings are participated by them.
“The Alto Keltevos round the pedestal of the Group
which isto forin this Monument are to represent four
of the principal Victories of the DUKE OF WEL-:
LINGTON during the Peninsula War, and his Por-
tratt apd those of his Principal Generals are to be
introduced. Jt is tobe placediina consptcious situ-
ation in the upper part of Green Park, or in Hye
Park, and the whole of it will be about 50 feet high,
the figures in rclievo six feet.
‘* We receive any Subscription from one Guisea to.
fity. So that we include every class of Females.”
A PLAN is under consideration, to erect an.
appropriate Monument, to ‘Commemorate the sense
which the Women of Grrat Britain, and Ire-
LAND en(crlain of the Services rendered to their
Country by the Duks or WeLvincTon.
__ ftis placed under the Patronage of Her Royal
Higuncss the Ducuges or Yoax, the Wile of {ac
View original Commanortery-Curer, who hag graciously been
pleased (o adept and promote it,
Should this Plan be supported by ceneral
Subscription, if is proposed to erect in Bronze an
exact Copy of the celebratod Group, by Phidias, on
Monte Cavallo at Rome, usually but erroncously cale
led A/lerander and Bucephalus (being a most beauti-
ful exemiplification of the Taumph of Skill and
Valour over Force.) with appropriate Bronze Decoe
rations and Inscriptions, best calculated to illustrate
the obyec( in question.
The Bronze of which this Monument is to be
composed of the Cannon taken by the Duke of W EL-
LINGTON’s Army in Spain and in France.
If this Project should meet your approbation,
you are requested to put your Name down as a Spb.
scriber to this interesting Testimony of Female Grae
tiftude and Respect, to such aniount as you may
please to contribute; and you are also requested wo
‘use your influence amongst your Female Fricnds, to
induce them to follow your ex: mpl.
We hope you will have the goodness to afix
your Name and amount of your Subscription to thig
Paper, and to return if to George Wa TSON, sq.
No. 5, Saville-ltow, or at the Board of Ixcise, Lone
don, (if by Letter from the Country,) as it ts very de.
strable that your concurrence dn this Honorable Une
derfaking should be circulated as soun as possible,
for the encouragement of others,
Subscription Books are opened at the Banking
House of Messts. Drummond, Coutts, Hoare, and
Herries, Farquhar & Co.
Cuarrorte Duciess or 2reumonn,
Anne AIarciuyonces og Br CKINGHAM,
Louisa Marcrtovess oF Las “DOWNE,
Frances \Varcurovess Caupen
Lavinta Countess Spencen,
Aucusta Countess or LANSDALE,
View original LT
Of the Ilouorable the Court of Civil Justice.
Execntorship of the Will of A. Schlipfer and dee.
Guardianship of the Minor A. Schlipfer.
Sequestration of Plantation Yeovil.
Administration of the Estate and Effects of the late
James Traser, dec.
Sequestration of Plantation Ross.
Sequestration of Plantation La Fraternité,
Wuereas the Honorable the Court of Civil Suse
tice, by Order, having referred to us the Accounts
of the persons hereafter named, viz.
J. A. Hicken, Excuior of the WiJlof A. Schliipfer,
deceased; and Guardian of the Minor A. Schlipfer.
P. Fairbairn aad J. Tapin, Sequestrators of Planta-
tion Yeovil.
P. Fairbairn and Jas. Fraser, Administrators of the
Kstate and lffects of the late Jas. Fraser, dec.
A. Thornborrow and 2. Vairbairn, Scquostrators of
Plantation Ross.
. F. Schwiers and H.C. Hintzen, Scquestrators of
Plantation La Iraternité, ;
Notice is herevy given'to all persons interested
therein, that attendance will be given at the Accoune
(ants Office, held at the house of the second undere
signed, oa Mondays,) Wednesdays, and Fridays,
from noon until 3 o’clock in the atternoon, for the
(erm of ore month from the date hereof, in order to
enable such person to inspect said Accounts, and
slate their cbyections of observations in writing, at
the expiration of which time, the required report
will be made in the aboveinentioned matters, and of
which (tf required), the parties may obtain an office
copy, at their own expence, in order should the
decm it expedient, to attend the Hon’ble the Court
of Civil Justice on the day appointed for hearing said
report, and contest the confirmation thereof,
Berbice, @! February, 1815.
View original i errr Ss
FOR SALE by the Subscriber, the follows
ing India Goods, imported in the Simoza Cocl-, Capt.
Warren, from London:—Blue and white salempoe
res, blue, white and yellow nankeens, 98 & 6||4 jac
conet muslins, seersuckus, Bandama handkerchiefs,
hyson tea and black pepper.
View original Phe undersigned intending to quit the coloe
ny in 6 weeks or 3 months from date, réquests al]
persons havimg any demands against him to rendeg
the same; and those indebted to come forwrd with
payment. He offer for Sale, cheap, his premises om
lot No. 10, comprising 5 road land, with a dwelling
house 22 by 12% feet and out-houses, &c.
4 ich. JOHN DOW.
PY EX We ewer
THE next Meeting of this Society will be
beld at Plantation Por Nlouraat, on Tuesday the 14
inst —4 Feb. KF, CORT, Seg
View original REQUIRED for the Civil Commissary De-
Pariment, vizs——2 Puncheons Rum, 2—6G quintal
casks Fish, and 1 barrel Tar. For which ‘Tenders
will be received by the Subscriber until Tuesday the
7th inet. at ten o'clock in the morning, when they
will be opened in presence of His Excellency tie
Governor, and the lowest, if approved of, aceepted.
4 Veb. R. M’KENZILE, Act. Com.
NB. Theabove articles to be delivered at the Civil
Commissary’s Otfice, and the two puncheons to_
be returned.
View original IMPORTED inthe Ship Simon Cock, Capt.
B. Warren, from London, and for Sale by the Sub
scriber :—London particular Madeira wine in jilids.
Chainpagne, claret, Pert wine, cydar, soda water,
French brandy, Holland’s gin, Woffman’s cherry and
raspberry brandy, preserved fruits, confectionary,
hams, cheese, potatoes, herrings in barrels, ling fish,
sourcrout, beef and pork in tierces and half barrels,
mustard, vinegar, spices, black pepper, prunes, rat-
sins, currants, refined sugar, gun powder hyson tea,
cotton and coffee bagging, Russia shirting, brown
Holland’s, checks, Osnabure’s, India white and yel-
low nankcens, salempores, hkfs., India book, jacco-
net, cambric, mull, sprigged, spollecd and satin strip.
ed muslins, fine linens, long lawns, French cambric,
pocket hhfs., black crape, bombazeen, sarcene(, Bar-
celona shawls and hkfs., sup. fine ladies black, blue
and green cloths and kerseymere, Manchester strip-
ed nankeens, ginchams, thread, tape, needles, ladics
straw and white beaver bonnets, fashionable tripv’d
children do., ladies dresses, Leppels bkfs., coltors,
thread lace, edgings and footing, children robes and
caps, silk and cotton stockings, gen(lemen’s silk and
beaver hats, gloves, boots, shoes, shir{s, pantaloons,
waistcoats, robes des chambre, ladies shoes, glovea,
pear! and garnet drop earings, bracelets and beads,
youths hats and shoes, mahogany writing desks, and
dressing cases, lavender, rose and honey water, hui
antiqui, Windsor soap, Packweod’s razor straps and
shaving brashes, silk umbrellas and parasols, wax
and spermaceti candles, pitch, tar, dryed red ochre,
patent and con:mon painis, sperm. neat foot & paint
oils, gunpowder, shot and flints, sash pullies & cord
fishing lines, sewing & sein twine, vat hoops, rivets,
sheet lead, buuiding & temper lime, Roman cement,
nails 4a. tu A0d., boat nails 2F to 3 inch, clasphead-
ed do., boat chains, haod and whip saws, borcing
braces and bitts, adge, axes jack, smoothing and
beading planes with spare irons, hammers, gimblets,
compasses, files, hoes, shovels, ivory handled and
common knives with or without forks, wine and vat
cocks, frying pans, erid irons, tea kel(les, bras, plate
and banbury tocks, hinges, screws, shop scales and
weights, plantation do. with Dutch 50 Ibs. do., wa-
fer seals A to Z, portable billiard tables, swinging
cradles, hair matiasses, toilet glasses, stationary, and
glassware, Neero and tradesmen’s jackets, Wrappers
and bats, neaticather trunks, bird cases, cerks, &e.
4 Feb, Wa. HENERY.
Que rs Oe ee Oo ee
View original Que Crs Oe ee Oo eee
DE ondergetcekenden in Compagnie, maken
aan hel Publick bekend, dat zy voornemens zyn cin-
de Kleremakery te excerceren tot bet maken var al-
Jerley mans klederen, belovende cen prompte cn ci
vile bediening, verzocke een icders gunst en fecom-
mandatie. De genen dic hun gelievea te becunsti-
gen, vervoere zich op het crf No. 6, aan de acter-
dam, ten huize van de cerste ondergeteekend. n.
& Feb. | A. JUNG, and
EOR SALE, by the Subseriber, at reduced ,
rices: Barrels of mackrel f 66. half barrels do. (56,
Parrels salmon {SS. boxes of fish 120 Ibs. each at,
6} stuiver p. Ib., long leaf tobacco f2 - 10. per Ib.
Trish mess bee! i tierces f15-+4. barrels mess pork at
f 132. halfdo. f 70. assorted pickles in boxes con-
taiving 9 Jarge bottles at (44. per box, fish sauses
at f 4. per bottle, coiice and cotton bagging at f 1.
per yard, hams, huug beef, ling fish, cheese, &c.
A Feb. J. WULFF.
ueEoe———_— Oe eS - a
View original THE undersigned as the oldest Attorney of
Thomas Gudgeon, John Dodson and Joshua Hinde,
of Great Britain, takes the liberty to inform their
Friends, that they will please apply to him on their
business as usual.
28 Jan.
View original a
THE undersigned having appointed K.Franc-'
ken, Esq. as his general Attorney, requests all those
that are indebted to him, to make payment to said
gentleman. 28 Jan. J.C. ScHoLLEVANGER.
View original AN ORDER drawn by Messrs. M’Intosh
Cameron & Co. on D. C. Cameron, Esq. favor of
Robertson and Ross, for Nine hundred cuilders, has
been lost or mislail ; Notice is hereby given that the
payment of the same has been stopt.
38 Jan. ALLAN STEWART & Coa.
View original
View original |
1, WwW ee: re oth. .Un 1 gv. M ) 35
2) Th) Purffof B. Vv. Maiy. Neap !ides. | 11] 36
S|F Af|4l
41S 1} 3
54 Su | Quinqnagesima *wnday. Agatha. 2| 29
6] ‘1 | Commissary Court Oo} 18
7; Tu 4| Q
8] WW) Ash Wednesday. A) 42
9) Vh}] New Moon, 5h. 9m. morning. 5118
10) F | Spring ‘Tides. 5 | 54
Lis 0 | 20
12] Su | First Suaday in Lent. 7} !
it Mw 72
14] Pu 8 | 19
Ii W 9} 3
16] Th 9 | 56
I7| F | First Quarter, Oh. 29m. morning. | 11] 3
18 S Neap 7 d “~, M 9
IG} Su {2d Sunday in Lent. Sun Enters Pise} 1] 9
2)|M {ces,] 2] 3
Ol} Tu 3/ 1.
ov | \A 31 53
95) Th | Full Moon, 4h. 94m. evening. 4 | O7
O24} [se. Mathias. D. of Comb. b. 1774.1 5150
235] [Spring ‘Tides. } 6] 15
26] Su {2d Sunday in Lent. 6 | 56
O7 | MM 7) 54
———— — —
This is to inform the Public, that the following
Persons inlend quitl ng this colory.
John Dow ant his child named John August, in six
weeks fom 4 eb,
J.G. Tout qq. will transport to Demerary, 3 Ne-
grocs, paincd Lristol, ciloucester and Lancaster,
Notice ts herehy cizer, that aimonth after dale the
Y ’
following Transporisand Mortgages iii be passed. '
Jan. 2). James Froser will (pansport to Alex. Mraser
Loot No. 42 Wes! COAST, commonly called Sea-
ficld, with 47 slaves.
Alexander Fraser wisl mortgage to Jas. Fraser,
half of said Lot with one belt ofall Slaves now
altached thereto, in sccurity of the bafance due
to Jas. Fraser of the ptuchase of the whole of
_ said Lot with 47 slaves.
—— Alex. Fraser will (ransport to Alex. Simpson.
the other half of said Lot No. 42, with half of
all slaves, stock, buat, appurtenences and de-
Jan, 28. Colin Douglas will transport to Demerary
63 Negrocs, names to be sceu at this Office.
View original WHEGEAS Applicauon, by Petition, has been
mace to the Flonble. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice, at their Se sions of the
(3th January 1815, tor Letters of Manumission:
The Negro Cuma, assisted by A. G, Cal-
mer, for herseifand her tirce children, Llisabeth,
hrances, and Susannah.
Notice whereof ts hereby given to those whom it
may concern, anc who may wish to oppose the grant
ofsatd Lellers of Manumission,that they may address
themselves in writing to the undersigned Secretary of
the colony, previous to the ensuing Sessions of the
Hon. Court, when a final disposition will be made on
the aforesaid Petition.
Secrelury’s Olice, Berbice, 28th January I814. ,
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
ee $<
On the6th February, at the Vendue Office, by or-
der of J. Gi. F. Thicnsina, Esq. Dutch potatoes, do.
herrings, do. sweet milk cheese, do. white wine vi-
negar, &c.
Also beer, porter, tobacco, soap, candles, dry
goods, hardware, cotton & coffee bagging, a pipe of
brandy, &c.
By order of W.. Katz, Fsq. on account of those
concerned, 24 barrels herrings and 5 kegs temper
lime, imported to Demerary, in the ship Planter,
A. Nicholson, trom London.
Also Osnaburgs, Madeira in bottels, &c.
D.C. Cameron, Dep.Vendue Master.
View original —_—_—
On Friday the 10th inst. will be sold at the Store
of J. Wulff, Esq. cod and ling fish, salmon, mackrel
herrings, hams, hung becf, beef and pork, Dutch
cheese, split peas, barley, raisins, salad oil, fish sauce
‘Mustard, (obaccy, old run, paleule, negro cleathing
View original and pipes, cotton Lieging, iron moncsry
» *V
hi ives. saws, hats, cotton shirting and she
tick, cotton for lining, turead, stockings, lace, frow
ses, pantaloons, shawls, hkfs., kadies and ch lire.
shocs, Ilessian boots, gold ear and finger rings, anc
broaches, ivory and shell combs, hair- shae- tovthe-
and nail brushes, oval and squire chamber glaescs
elationary, &c.
By the Vendue Master in commission—a few dozen
very superior hock, whiteand red Champagne, Tone
fignac sane} in p'nt bottles, superior clarct Constan-
tia wine, Seltzer and Spa water
By order of Dr. Kenncdy, a saddle mule, a cow &
D.C.Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Monday the 6th of Mareh, next, and following
days, will be sold to the highest bidders, by order of
the Executors of the late Mrs. H. J. Buse, the cof
tee Plantations LUST TOT RUST and PROVI-
DENCE, in the river Berbice; and the cotton Plan-
tation ZEEZIGT, on the west sea coast of Berbice.
together with about 600 Slaves, also cattle, furniture
end what further may appear. For terms of saleand
other particulars, application may be made to A. A.
de la Court, Esq. or to
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
By den ondergeteekende de volgende onlangs
aangebrachte versche Hollandsche provisieu,
VOOr Cassia :—
Nieuwe haring in vaatjes,
Boter in dito,
Zoete melksche kaas in kisjes,
Edammer dito,
Zeeuwsche en Vriesche aardappelem
In groote manden,
Zeer goede witte wynazyn in pullen,
Beste Rhynsche wyn in kisten van 24 bottels,
Extra goede gekorvene rook ‘Tabak in hisjes,
Kn zeer goede groene thee
14 Jan. J. G. KF. THIENSM A.
View original —~7~"S-
_ By the subscriber the following fresh Duteb
provisions, lately tmported, for cash :—~
vew herring in kegs,
Butter in ditto,
Sweet milk cheese in boxes,
Edammer ditto,
Potatoes in large hampers.
White wine Vinegar in jugs,
Choice Rhine-wine in boxes containg 24 bottles,
Smoke Tobacco in small cases,
Very good green tea, &c.
14 Jan. J.G.F. THIENSMA.
_ NEGROES TO HIRE.—Twenty valuable
Field People, men and women. For particulars ens
quire of the Subscriber.
28 Jan. CHs. KYTE.
View original FOR SALE by the undersigned, new Cod
fish in 6 and 8 quintal casks, fine salt in lierces and
barrels, crabwood lumber, &c.
14 Jan. G. BONE & Co.
———= 0-X-©< a
— ey
This week came in here the ships Simon Cock and
Egham, witb excellent cargoes of provisions, &c.
.they bring no particular news ; a good understanding
‘between England and America, for Peace, was every
. moment expected. Also came in yesterday, the
Dutch brig Berbician, Capt. Rap, witha great runic
ber of: Passengers, all inhabitants of this colony.—
The said brig has brought a very extend quantity of
excellent Dutch provisions Three more Dutch vese
sels are every moment expected. 60 vessels have
sailed from ‘Texel for the West Indies, and was to
be followed with 5 Dutch men of war, supposed with
Troops for that quarter.
—_—.: Reo
This week a report was in circulation, that a gee
neral Meeting would take place by the Merchants of
this Town, for Lieing the Custom-House Charges.
Next Wednesday, 4 o'clock afternoon, 4 regylap
Berbice @azgtte will be published.
View original — —_——
View original ——— —_ _—__—— ror oon CC"
By virtue of an appointnent fram the TTorvorstte
Court of Civil Justice of Gis colony, det d bedi ee
cember ISl4s given upon a petition proscitod oy
John Layticld, es Attorney of Thomas Gudgeoa, o1
Sloke Dvewingres, near Lordonu,.
Notice is boreiy given tothe Poblic, thet Thea
» <
dersigned intend to Sl, at Public Ponce
the presence of (vo Councellors Cou oa.
their Secretarc, on tne first comicg “Pose yo iat!
month of Vay ~ Sho. the Cotton Lstete called ial
MOR AGK, sitated on the Corcnten ~
eoton sy. with {| its cul llv Ay, bet ittel }_<. : -
fertherappurlenaners hor to coum ss. Herve oieh
} Tere - € sds {! Pe { Sale - . ! )
An boventory as abso tia eCrmsofe. (Yue oF @]
atthe Marshals Office during tie hors. ot uty, sud
Estate being the property ot Sten) caser,
Whoever shontd thing Touseli entided to oppere
the Executien Sche of above Pstate mutta Ks let
such persons addtiess themselves at te Morshal’s Of-
Boe. decline thet ressons forso doteg. in ue time
andtorayas dt liormby ceive notice, that bE the under-
siened will reecive opposition from every person
therean(o quatined be taw, appoint them a day to
have his or hor ctv heard betore the Court, and
turthes cet the, toae the dow directs
Div th saa be oli hed as customary.
Derbice, tb is Sib.
NOK rN, Vicst Marshal
WD. The abeve youd Sale is to tuke plaice or,
Ahe spot.
BY virlve on. NY por. noat fron the Won oo
( muil of ¢ wud a ee, ( / 1 ¢ / a C } L the (th
Treeember, Isi$. eircom up or a Petition sreswnted
Wh. Peciteseat. ue be sole fora ia name o!
Y Ceordon.: 4 . Sh hvenw Prescrard ANEUS
Jrwere (he singe cy foivies qointhy and severally
Jor Poneld Vol wa, of Geetive, aa the County O:
Ro «, North oor ota.
Noftee rst obs oven fo the Pablie, that J the
nadediened apts dre Sabet Cube Excention Sate
Pdhe promete Cowa Can cothits Conmnoissaries an
their Soy . | Vine liv the IS of Sflorch S15,
fir thy tue Ge, ete called Ca NGIOS, sittrated
ont) CC erey ‘ovals bits Cultivation, slave :
builas iy Fr opnartenances thercto b loners
bie —ad os the dower halt of lot No. Sy...
Shuto ne. ro tynomiver, obo Sitch Pstates an
Tave forever Ise 1y as also of tie ‘Per of Sale,
atthe Moa. Or oe ey. duinge the hours of Cuty ;
cd DP states beg tae properly of JLC. APD ced and
J Povoa. O Ul
Wooever shouldthink ThiwselVentitled to anpose
tie GreCUL ad * ile OL toe t\.0 aboy Ne ft seu
tice leteue pee Or persons addie.s t.
{ Afar’: Cioec. decliring their reason tor
rodon ets) acre cave notice, Ged Pwill rece’
Hopes Hoa Pow ee Wie rearttnan diticd by
ihonraday to have bis or her claim hear
by the Cou.t, and turtheract (hercia as the Law
Whos th Proc) mation pnbhl hed as customary.
boil@ee, 27 mosry, ISLS
A. Pal ANCH LN, First Marshal.
The Sat > oi cid Lstates is to like phace on the
respccuive spots,
View original
View original
View original ———_— LS
—— ——$ S/S —
ABSCON DED from the Subscriber, a Ne-
ero beg named S/Zarry, about tL years of are; he
boom ainthe habit of travelling with the Sabscri-
y; all Masters and O ners of vcs-
suis are requested nul to harwour or take said Necro
trom the colony, a» dag Law will be enforced ATalnst
me otle nding.
Jan. 2). CG. SCHW ARTZ.

View original
View original
View original CAU TION—De serted fromthe Brig airy
onthe nivh€ot the Qfuh inet. JOHN PE es native
if (ic TMs’ but speaks I nelih tolerable well—
Wohoeve reoncval or employs the sad Jolin Mink,
affer this notice ., will be pro coute “{ 2CCcOr Lewy {uv

ONE JOE REWARD will be given 0 any
perouwhoray hive found a red leather Pocket
Book, contusinga bill of exchanee for 225, three
ene joe papers, three balfjoe papers, a 6 bits paper,
ob a Nlar, and fv peee, towether with a letter and
other papersavlich have his name on. As oo oe ‘Te
(iserowall susteia the loss more severcly as the pros
} cts Isnot lis ow is he hopes any onc teat - with
the above pepers will restore them,
NB. The bil) is diag by J. d. Stipe Va. for
J. Hophins. —98S Jan. ~ TOL NI \s
Pint Eiust tot Rust.
NOPTICH,- ‘The undersigned begs leave to
mtorms (he Public, that Mr. Gi. Schwartz, is fully
uthorised ta collect my oulsfandine Necoucts. os
wolas Notes of Lland, and lus reccipt will be of full
eee Vecs
et Jan, JP. pRore.
eee ee Ce
i RS AL K by the Subscriber,—Port. sher-
bd Madsira wines in bottles amd eashs, brown
stout, tent, (ripe in yess potatoes, boxes soap ar 5
candles trom O9 fo O53 tbs. hams, real Russia sheet.
Ine, therapeutich bitters, ‘&e.
2d dan, W. REYNOLDS.
—_— —
View original kK ORS SALIi,—%9 bales of Cotton, from Pi.
Onierwoel. Tenders forthe same will be received
at tue house of L. van Rossum, New Ams @ dam.
Ju. van ROSSU M, qg. for selfand
2] Jan. W. h. VEZ, qe
THE subscriber inforns the Public, he shall
lake such steps as the Paw allows him, against all
Horses, Goats, Oxcu, kee he tinds straving in hie
premiscs. Win. WOODGATE.
%| Jaa. Lt. Col. Commandant.

C.L. BRANDES—Hereby respectfully ine
forms his Friends and tbe Public, that he desigas to
establish bimsclias a Preceptor of Music, under
which dofoentnation he ilattes himsclf to aceede the
encouraccment of a Liberal Community—the Instrus
ments for that purpose are the following,—Ist Clas
renetie,—2. Lluic,—Sd. bifey—Ah. Buchel horn.
Hlis restdence ty on Lot No. 3, middle road, where
he cau be seen any hour in the day. Gentlemen th at
may tock pleased to bestow on their servants lictures,
on cither or every of the above Instruments, will
meel with very agreable terns. 23 dan.
View original RUNAWAY from the Subscriber a2 Negro
wormen named Sinire, formerly belonging to Miss.
ki. Bannister; whoever will apprehoad thegaid woe
men and lodge her in the barracks, will recgive a Joe
reward. Masters of vesscls are forbidden to tale her
from this colony, on punishment as the Law dircets.
[rom who also is strayed, afew days ago, a young
Ox and a heifer, a reasonable ew: trd will be given
(o any person who deliver thea up to the above > sube
——[_— _§ CC ~~ Ch —
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View original

4 February 1815