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The Berbice Gazette

View original ———S
BY Command of iLis Ercellency the Governor, and
the Honorable Court of Policy and Crininal
Justice of the colary Berbice.
ALL Proprictors or Representatives of Mstrtes,
within the colony Berbice, havine Negro Staves cine
ploved as Pioneers on the Fortiffeacons of Port ©
Antrew, and drawing allowances trom the ea
the hire of such Nesroe or Neere 3, re uu
that ihe customary Hire heretofore nui hy
Government forsuch Pioncer Yo groves
the 3istday of July, 18i4,—on vic!
poefors or Representatives of Esta
Wollintraw thete Nesroes; if bolig i. '\
notified that no Hire wilh be ola Wt ou)
Nelo er Neeroes. on ma prolea, fronama fer the
Gar ofthe fist July, 1Sl4.
Aprhestion for Orccrs tor the do Uvery of the said
x, oo :
Norse, to be made fo the Cot) bac heyy BeOn)
the Zsth tothe 3lst or duly, it.
f Co “4, lob the Court.
Re CL OV N RD See,
BY the Llonorahle Cov to al Oo yand Criminal
Justice of the coliny Bore,
THE Proprictors of bots wotla che Pirst and Se.
cond Iampolders of the ‘Voi ct leew Nsterdans,
are requested foation ta Mectings to be botdive he
Se ‘cre(ary’s Olice, on Weel ig AY (hoe Tat oe fs ’
Jel4, beierea Com visstry of tie Toor ble Coat,
for the purpose of ¢ Noesine 4 VP Ph ya Cer.
bers for he Commuites Naving hove col smperine
tendance of (he Tew Nev Nicer og fa thereon
of J... van per Sra: band PS Sbatlc WS, fsqrs.
resioned, and AL Viocrxaomnow, osq. who has
grilled the colony for wo rop
Secretary's Ollice, May Cod, IS'4.
Py eciur arndof lhe Court.
RoC. DOWN, Soo.
View original PRG
3 A “
BY [is Excell ney the ¢
Court of Poly axd Criminal J.
ny Lserbice.
To all to whom these nés mav o
Gree ing! Be it hiso
WHEREAS by our Proc! amaiio” J
th ore July, MIO) Pe, ) '- \
TAN all Tr nhabit: ifs tOny,
’ wee sary, Suri rfish
' nics in tbe poelaew |
Jere 1 Gat le, ¢ ery | ri | Ls.
0: f DINK plo; , i Orevidtts lowe yy Me,
SUX pPOTtATION th GC p Ut Potty Ouniies the
smal duty whic! ile i tly cau
were s!: ered colony, namely, thre
Lule per head Gor hoe Dewiiles and one v (
pcr Nea l tor L yeep ‘Y Os Aud \ I} cds
Cire imstanecs ha tf peces ary (hat the re
strictions attendant che i perimisston tor Exp out
thon Stroud be aeam ow itis drawn.
it therefore known that the restrictions on th
hxyportation to Dem rary, Surinun, or any of th
British Islands Or Cyoontes iid thy We Ladies, Of
Horned cattle, calves, she py, and hoes, are trom
heaceforth witha: UWI, abd Che dree ix portation 0!
the same allowed.
And i order that ali aad every lihabitang may be
acquaint’ a there with, esc presents shall be prin ted
and published as customary.
Thus enacted in our Assenmb!) vy held at the C tur
House, 1 New Amsterdam, § . ce. this 2th Day
of January, [8)4, present His Excellency PL. W
AOy eC}
Ab! eT

Bentinck, Ji
able Members Ia.
Fraser, P. Fairbairn,
J. X
And published on the 10th
His Excellency the UWOVerhol
kh. C
THOR, ancl Che il
} hy AA ‘ i
lasius, and G@. Munro.
il Ml of lhe ( Ou
VO VW; Nich, SCC.
May, 1814, present,
Ay command,
View original mm (Ee ee Se ee ee ee
Fines Touse, 28th May, 1814.
THE Lientensnt-Governor has been ploused to
make the (ollowinge Promotions in the Miliatia :
, ol
Pient. Tao. Croit tube Capt. vice, Wibon Taylor
~ ccnmeromn, Cro,teman, to be Ist Lieut. vice,
Prana te d,
endo, fot Qt Lieutenant, viee,y McIntosh,
Coase. - -_ NO)
yl shy ty gentleman, to be Reeeiver of the Mi-
lira HhiCs.
‘his Txceleney tracts thatthe latter appointment
etl oe Ke ptinicave by the gaod orderand disciple
eCev ry eutber ol ‘he Militin, and particularly by
there puncthal attendance on parade,
Ry Command,
F. WHITE, Gov. Scc.
View original KINGS AGUNCY.
EW ODor Shree ob ys ater the arrival of the next
Subs Py het, vill be pos dof by Tenders otf
ells, osether sn. iting to £ 900 Sterling, to such
AMIMOUDTSS as Wi Ml De required, vat GO days s sivhton 7,
VPACAULAY, 1, the Seeret ary tothe Coninuissioaers
forthe Crowe O60 erty in South America, drawn by
vy Mi. ALA. DD LA Court, Principal Age nt for (he
sal Fe operty. t he time vor ‘Pondering will be fixed
aftes the Packer's arival, and stuek up at the Post:
oe The Tenders to oe sent to Sr,
Tr rhi tees 2th May, ISl4. AJA. peLa COURT.
FOR a cotton Pstate, on the west earst of this co-
lors an Cversces who can be well recommended ;
—— -
wobiooral saiery wall riven.—ANe ap Ma@ition to Lb:
mocetoa Siar. a. MowleN Zit, in Nay Aimsterdam.
sy Maw
View original Se
POR sale, a valuable assoitin ag, reculiarly sut-
. . . ' .- *
mic to this clim ce, beim at the Tes: qualita, pores
wand rout pr aad Apolheocaries rhail, toa : bo,
Macon to Doswervy s the same wit oo seldia
‘ ody » - . A - 8 . i. - ' : “4
a VV Giles 140! \ he 9 Or riux vce,
\ toute a Citrhy 5 bey
bas | /FAUNGIUCS as Heity
© y vite SB edeaate: 9 Oi asscilhe. eke
rOw SAlae,
Til Pantacd Cuil ces wocing a part of Lot
No. 3, bars. bapolders ior dushes particulars ape
‘ty to
28 May. K. FRANCKEN,
THT Sequestrators of plantation Niew, offer fo,
stl by Vordors, 40 bales of eotlon, to ve delivered
at the house of sles rs Tlenery and taylor, anu pad
ori Cash; the wie est effer, wr whieh wy il, Lape
eroved Of, be ace, plod, and Leaders Opened oa thy
sth of diac next.—2oth May.
—_—_ _—
View original FOR SANG,
A handsome Carricic and pair of Horses, who ar
incomplete match, in high condition and protectly
sound, they are well worth the atlcnion ob an
crentionia, whorey be in wantot onarticle of this
descriptton—tor fiither particulars enquire of Licut.
Oownte, at Fort St. Ane rew.—28th May.
View original POR SALA
By the Subscriber, tive folluaing goods, just landed
fiom the siLpra, from Glasgow.
Fresh flour in barrels,
London porler and paleale in hhds. and botues,
Port wine,
Mess beef & pork in whole and half barrels
Pease, barley, and oatmeal in jugs,
Spermaceit and tallow candles,
Soap, prints & oil,
Sets of ivory handled green & plain knives & forks,
Pruning & yiasp knives,
Hoes, shovels, cuthasses, and nails assorted,
Glass & ta ware,
Sctts of carthen ware,
View original
View original [ Payable wn adzance.
View original - $$
Tar in barrels, canvas, and cordace assorted
Osnaburgs & salemporcs,
Negro clothing & iron pots,
Ladies & gentlemens oloves, buols & shocs,
Planters sho 'S,
Tris linen & sheeting,
Beaver, silk, and Japanned hats,
Ginghams, platiilas, calicoes, Britannias, pul. WAG
Toweling, Poyleys, sudlery, & si Money.
Brass vats & small cocks, whip saws, & (iles,
Falling axes, & carpenters tools,
Cotton & coffee bagginy, seine & sewing twiar,
Ready made cloths, and cori mills,
Setts ef shoe brushes, house brooas, &e.
28 May. DOUGT AIS RODD & Co,
View original Tbe Subscriber offers for Sale, a ic Cashes
In&, 6, 4, an! 3 quintale.s
28 May. an y, LACY.
maaenerwwwm 4 Swe eS SS oe we OCC , S Ow Os
——=$ ——————Or—n—rn ee --—OrCti— ee
~—__—_—_——— ———$_—
View original —_————
W «lo
At persons who nity havaany chins ordesvands
-of whatever hind, avainst the late Firr: of
ANGuSs Fraser & Co.
Evan & Ancus Fraser & Co.
Fraser CanuBertrs & Co.
Or against
Evan & Ancus Fraser,
ANGUS Irascr, deceased, or
ivan Fraser.
Are hereby required, at the instance of the afore 9°
lovan Fraser, Partner of the above Firass,
Sify and representing bis Geccaseal Broth
Fraser, to varuish his with statements
out delay, inorder that they mey
oti. 7
’ ; . ()
eer Cry oss
Re. ro 8
View original Whlio NS he toltoy Liye
hessclf toive Mou. Court of Polo,
Or Fetters of Viamusmassion :
Phe miulato woman CatuAryne Kicna.
sisted by A. F. Prouen, tor bers: i,
Notice Whercot is hurcoy given to (hese whou
may concern, and Who may wish to 0; > os the or. &
of satd Letters of Manumission, (hit th Y mey ade
(ress themselves in writing to the Secretory oo the
‘olony, previous to the next Sessions of the tic, *y'a
Court, when a final disposition will be made ou cue
afuresaid Petition.
Secretary Office, Berbice, May 8.
R. C. DOWNEP, Seey
View original RR
Lhis és to inform the Public, that the Julbvwiny [cre
rons intend quitting this Colony.
Wilson Taylor with the next convoy,
A. dvrtegver with ihe June or July convoy,
(©. Niolenaar in6 weeks from 25 May.
Je, Schollevanger for Barbados by the first opport-
tunity. :
W. Dodgson, family and one servant, with the June
_——- -—
R. C. DOWNER, Sccy.
NOTICE és hereby given, that a month afler date the
fe Le wag 1 VLAN POTLS anil Mortgages will be pussed,
May 7. The Excecutors tothe Willof Rebr. Wade,
dec. will transport to Sasin Mintos, 7 100ds of
land ot lot No. 6, with the buildings thereon.
May 14, David Carnegie will transport to Geo. RBa-
gol, the western half of of No. 96, west Cercne
(yn coast, Known there as Plantation Nurney,
— (reo. Bavot will (ransport to ‘th. Wade, the
western half of lol No. 26, west Corentine coast
known there as Pin, Nurmicy.
— Thomas Wade will pass a morteage for the ure
chase :inoney of Pin. Nurney, or western half
of lot No. 25, west Corentine coast, to be yest.
ed on the said estate Nurney, as also onS Ne.
grovs, named Change, Prince, Adam, John,
Howe, Cato, Lite Priace, Lite Present, and
further a second! Mortgage in favor of Geo. Bae
4 9 a7 my ; « » AT oe . 7 t
got, to be vested Lb OV AVNCETOCS, NaMCs tO VE
vy? ? ) . ‘
©ECN at Lis & a (
View original
View original ~~ —_ ~~ -_ = , - w< _—
rr TAT INT YE rz VR gy
a - 2 ¢ J ’ ‘ ’ , aly
JS 44 a AJ VS Le x. _ WwW m4
. r TwW\VN TTY
re) TRF * ‘7 < ? a?
[| AD ii , > Y t ‘ Se 5A
_ , ’ ? 4 ~f < wa - J al },
On Wednesday the 1s Sine, weil be sold at t
- . , 1° r\
z ‘ {Jj eC fp) ) j 0} VF CSS ce. 4 af $ a d ‘ \ ).
st , 7 . os. fa, ace f L )
C.') ful ) ‘ Mid, fll. amy rele , ‘2 — J dms cA Use,
/j ’ °
} a » L/; l d / al (L/ 4 ¢¢ ’ Tred 5 t Los die
, , . f ; . ‘i >
i deg ( / yy Cd ) l ‘ al ifs, pren Cu
Coe < ? fd S4 Sf ACES PO (ov | ae j Ti ie e? © >)
y @ } ’ 7) ¢ fi / ) roes.,
yr - yy °
) / SLI f uy rn ra : XV (é sler ?m ~_Comni v? é
. / nif
l 4En7Cu ( [ é ) S$) fell / ts. hest Le ? id
/ ‘ POM, (é ee ) ¢ ’ J p af » GU ® Ou

e >) j .
f i (eS » aid ¢ fce OUAFEINe, ¢
J s o/ ( be / Cc Cf Sldece ’
‘ ‘ Ty Oa 4 .
LJ e ws | a .N Den | Al l*
f) ’ ° ’
C f /} iJ lO. ‘ il ec $¢ fa by ( il é
‘v /
5 (’. OM é v sU ase j -
' ’
f 5 f /é GC ow. I de yo , i ) », CY , ?) S/i
5 y ‘yy io Ai) Q, ) » ul fu’,
\ ’ ) i“ >? J - (é * s J files
4 ,
f ) i §, Ube 4d / Me SIOId, és
/ ’ '
< [ As fs ) f ce yy é e « é
clus . of ( ) il $22 rod dell ]
‘ ) Oo e ’
ds f Wille z EPya , — 15 fIU¢
/ , . o/8 o / , >) ' _
plus) / cf 8g fy, CuNsly Z
ro j >
Uy 9 ( b t l Chis SMLVES 5 f
¢ f . é \ 5 “ 0 ivi \ > ? { ) f ? .
Oo’ T ? rau OT ttsAres,
f j ’ “s/f av/ ‘ *
¢ ‘ Adil be by Ll flr gs Clie of f C.
? ts rl Se [ Crs. W J NAS, CVO CHA 5, § (Ure
qd /. ( d ‘ § 2 : C U ; f mil dé Ril ; 4 iw
y 7,
} A ‘ - 5 f. , ! © ‘ ’ dul . b 4 y Wry, ( Ud.
s i
Orusnes, AaNdha TH) e rune Sof in tuise.
C/nr f same Uy -of Wessrs, UO. U. &is
> t
( ( d ld. € 4 r¢ S le eJ.J.., .
- a _ , i a P ~
/ - 4 (] q lo (oO / I cS LS ita ~ -
pig AT O° ' : ‘ f -
7 i LivVO J e 4 E MY Olcle 5 YU] .s eli, ¢ é 7
’ -7 j
A ve j ?¢ f. 2 Cl ( Jus dread RANIMNLECS.
/ )
fo il ins. a fC clth | oUcT Spouns, QI do.
. 1» dealo: AY nuns. 9 solver af.
¢ iar sup de rs. ff A S§Poons, Zsllever maunleau
cards, glassware, elecant Chinaeare, consisting in pum
z | té, } ’ - / ss° , ; . »
QOWes, @Eslic yp 6A Chek COZ-C | Ul$S, Gilkh & CL mi pile le (Cu
oy fa an ’ boas <2 , «ff y .
also Onl $2 iY a rill plac 9 hy Orde) of J SST,
J. da. A X ° é “C (iiludecl yy} ell Loo - at
r vu o 5 oo } iZ ( (bi ld ‘J ‘ é § ESS l¢ é /
ar> or 7° ; j ,
View original 0 * ee eee
hal ied van f i, 6s U ef CH,
BY virfee ofan oppetmtment trom this hxechoney
Ho. . ogpstaseky bequtrey Looutenunt-Governot
n’ th Coy! i\ Pr. vibe as rr pendeneles, A Cc XC,
Lonona pv (te OP RC. Poin reas the Aitorn: y¥ of
Won. ivy dovethes with Po Beryunin, appointed
Curators to ite OOF. byhoc, dec., versus, the
( '} IL, af “J T,
vers tier ty civen, that T the andersigned,
jyr ce’ dsc
4 ‘i
(lay hh
cofth sec! iy.
halel tie Courts of this cclony, will SH,
Sens ueyin (hemonth ot dune IS15,
over ty be notiied through the
Th Cotton Plaotetion Lewy Manor, situate on
the Matseacoust of this colony, wih ail i
cultivation, slaves, huildings 5, OC.
Whoever Fant think to hiveany right, action or
Interest, on bor oniumed pl: intation dae oi olaror,
wishes to eppose He Pexccution Sale thereol, let such
persons : address themsclves to the Marshals Ouiee of
this ce lony , eclirt 1a their reasons for so doing | 1)
due tine and form, as | hereby givenotice, that [will
receive Opposition from every one thereanto qual -
Led, appa vf thoma Cl dy to rave his or he) claisi
heed berorco the Court, and further act therein as
(he law directs.
This dor pr Iemation published as customary .—
Berbice, gd AT ty IS] 4.
WKeERANCAEN, First Marshal.
View original ,
, ‘
C (
. ,
< > ‘
j )
' }
\ ¥ !
4 i ‘ }
j } ' thie ( } }
4 ( , (
, i
i pene ) ‘
~*~ ' ( , -
vy . y y
4 i /
y f ‘ - j
. se
wv 4 & © > . ¢
View original Whoever stone think fo have any eicht, action,
ar interest, oo voresmid plintation Lowis Sfaner, and
Wishes fo oppose the ME xccation Site thereof, let such
porsons address themselves to the Marshals Office,
of this colony, teelaring their reasons for so doing
in due tine and form, as Pheieby cive notice, that
[will reesive opposition from evecy one thereunto
qualified by law, apnoint them a day to havehis or
herclaim heard betore the Coart, and) furtler act
thereon as tae law directs.
This 2nd prockumation published as customary.
Berbice, 221 May, ISS.
K. FRANCHKEN, Férst Marstal.
View original SUMMON cy EDiCy’
BY virtue of an appointment frou the Wonorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colony y cranted upona
Nelition, presented by John Tapin and Peter Faire
bairn, in their capacity as Sequestrators for Plouto.
tion YEOVIT,, th e late property of Dudley Wade,
sald appointment bearing date 26th January, 1814,
[the undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
withia this colony, and at the instance of aforeaid Se-
Summon by Edict:
Allchimants onthe proceeds of plantation Yeovil,
cunannexis, soldat Execution Sal>
Toappear before the Court of Civil Justice of this.
colin, at their session which will be held in the
nonth at July JSl4, there to exhibit and very
thea claims, see the same obj ected to, ifneed, and
‘uither to proceed according to Law,
Whereas acter the fourth Summon by Fdtet, the
Court will proceed to decide on the preterent and
covcurrent rightotclimants, on prin toatl such as
rematnin defultto exhiba their ebeins, of betie tor
everd barred of their right of elit
This Suumon by Edict, mado known to the public
by beatet dram from the Court cbouse of Uris culuny,
and further declt with ae ordi to custom,
berbice, 20h May, S14.
- e. - '? ~ ~ ry. ‘¢
[ CHUN. Pore! sSarsha’.
View original re
SSUMON cy Lalo.
BY virtue of an appointreent tion the Monorable.
Court of Civil Justice of Gots consay, aeacted anon
petidon of Peter Pairbatia, ay: ? Olde d Interiny Se-
questrator fo the Estate of daincs biawer, dec., dated
26th January, Ista.
Dtheundernign ', Firt Moashal of the Const
cithin this colony, avd at Cie regucst ofaieresaid 2,
P airbatrli, qq.
Summon by Elict:
(Tor the fourth (ine ex super abundanti.)
All creditors or claimants on the Peode of James
Praser, dee., to give in their respective claims, in
Porson or hy proxy, before the Bar of the Consi o:
‘Tvat Justice of this co lony., at thetic cession which
oe held in the mont of July, 'S$14, 10 bear ob
wections made thereunto, tfhneed, and ta ith, Clo pros
ceced according to Leow, on pai to all such waa or.
marin defaall, of betag forever debarred (heir right.
ThisSommon by Fdtet. (exsuperabondintt) mad)
hnown to fie pnotie by boo of dram fron the Corer
Vouse of this colony, and further Gealt with accord-
Ine fo custom.
‘Berbice, the 16th of Ray, IR14.
K. FRANCK EN, Pirsé Marshal,
"or oe a ° nen ee / epee
- —__—___
ee ee =
Saturnay, May 28, 1814,
Weare happy to conmonicate the arrival in De-
merary of the A/utinc, sun brig, and astoop af war,
vnd that the continucsce of the depredation of the
American privateer, as no louger tobe apprehended.
London Gazette Iextraoraimary.
Dispatches, of which the following are COPS, were re-
celved last night from General Sir Thomas Graham, K. 1.
ITead-quarters, Calmhout March 10, 1814.
My Lord—It becomes my painful task to report tu
your Lordshin, that anattack on Bergensop-Z oom, which
seemed at first to promise Complete success, ended tu fate
lure. and occastoned a severe loss to the ist divisiun and
to Brigvadier-<General Gore’s brivzade.
{tis unnecessary for me to state the reasons which de.
termined me to make the attempt to earry such a place by
storm, since the success of two of the colum inestablish.
Ing themselves on the ramparts, with every trining lass,
niust jusGfy the having incurred the risk for the attain.
ment of s0 important aa object, ao the capture of such a
View original
View original The trcons es\ployed were formed f1 four columaos, ag
Por margiu*, wo. i, Che loft colucun, attacked between
the Antwerp and Water Port Grates. No. 2 attacke, ‘a
the nght of the New Gate io. 3 was destined onl .o
draw attention by a false attack near Steenbergen Gate,
aad to be afterwards applicable according to circumstane
cus. No. 4. right columa, attacked at the cntrance of the
harbour, which could be forded at low waler, and the
hour was fixed according at half past ten P. M. of the
Sth iastant.
Major-General Cooke accompanied the left column,
Major-General Skerret and BrigadiersGencral Gore both
eccompanicd the right column; this was the first which
forced its way inio the body of the place. These two
colum:s were directed to move along the ramparts so a3 to
furm a Junction as soon as possible, and then to ) rucerd
to Crear the rampart and assist the cente. column, of to
force opcn the Antwerp Gate.
Au unexpected difficulty about passing th ditch on the
ice having obliged Majo. Ceneral Cooke to Cuange the
polit of aitack, a cousidcrable delay ensucd, and thet
colmina did Not gain the rampart till ha.feoast eleven,
Meanwhile the faineuted fall of Brig dicreGeneral Crore,
and Liewt..Colonel the Hon. Georse Carleton, aid the
dangerous wound of Major-General Skerrest, depriving
the rignt column of theis able direcy ts Nefell into disore
der, atid Sutiered great loss in killed, wounded, ad pre
sugers, Phe centre column heving been forced bach with
considerable loss by (be heavy tee ot the place (laicut..Gcl.
se oflice als Commander, and ateot..-Colonel tal, MOstones
COMMmMaeNdOe the SIG oF yiment, Somes botu wounded,) was
rormed under diajor Md aitlebury, marched round and
Jun d MajoeGereral Coukey leaving the left wing of tae
O91 60 Femove (ae Wounuged trom the ziacis. However,
cic Gruasds tuu had sutiered very severely during the night,
0) Si dy tee frou tue houses on their position, and b
Hie goo Ol ae detachment of the lst guards, which having
dec ocut tu cmidcav our to assist Lieut.-Col. Carleton, and
(oscCure the Autwerp Gate, was cut off, after the mose
gallant rebistauce, wiica cust the lives of many Mostva ve.
able officers.
At day-break the enomy having turned the guns of ie:
pace, Opucd their fre agai ist the troops on the unproe
beclod bau ait, and the reserve of the 4th column (the
levy al acolch) ceticcd {rom Water Port Cate, followed by
(uc God. Jue loro regi WEN ZOLN g under a cross fire
fois Me piace aud Water Port reduubt, soon after srde
wid dowar their arms,
Najoi-Goneral Cooke thon despairing of success, die
rected iue retreat of the Guards, which was conduc’ d im
cue Must Orderly Menger, protccied by the remains of the
OUth regiment, aud of the right wang of the 54th (which
CUI ps Fepeatediy dvove the enemy back with the boy onet)
under dae MajoreGeneral’s immediate direction. The
General alteswords fou d it ppussdle to withdraw these
Acdew ooligiuus, aud having thus, with the venulue fecle
Hes Or a (rae saider, Gevoted himsell, he scrremtered, to
eaVe Cae ives Of the galaut men remaoing with hia
id Suuuid wish to uo Justice fo (he great evertions and
culsplcddis Sarnautry vl ail tacse uthicers who had the ope
PERU Ns Ge Gouiguoling themselves. f have not as
yvb boon able bo Comcec Saficicnt ruformation.
obojoreGeucra: Cooke re, ures to me bis highert a )praoe
vba, SCociallyy ol ath the ofcers and men om Noyed
Yeas ilu, Pavoculany MoanGoung Colonel Lord Proby,y
aU eeUiOdcls Mourne, Commanding the Coldstream :
wberCer of (he Ju GUudlas, Comiitdtu) g the izht companies
vie Dibddey (tac diter udtor unaaly among the kil.
WG) Mbejors siuddebory and biog, of the 69th and 55th,
dos deol Ol is Warr pratse. Me iamenis, in Common
wilh the WNuie Corps, Cdesevore .oss tu the serviee of thse
Uistinguished viticers, bieut.-Coonel Clifton, e:mmande
WIS lee dst Guards, aid Licut.-Colonel the Hou. James
Macdonaid, of cat reoboent. These officers fell, with
va@iy Uluersy at tne Auiwerp Gatey all behaving with the
s satestibireyida’y 5 and daicul.eColonel Jones, with the
remaiouey vl the detacument, was furced to surrender,
Hie seavace of conducting the columns wasably provide
ool for by Licut.-<Culuse: Carmichae! Smith, of the Royal
etgiiecasy Gay Misclf accompanied Major General Cooke,
ds di also tacaweculonel sic Geo, Wood, commanding
ve thoy a Avullery) who ottached officers to lead cach
big WZ. Uapl. Sir Goo. Hoste, and Lieut. Abbe
ty tite del aad Licut. Sparling to the right, and Cape.
fdwward Miche ) Key al Artillery, who volunteer'd h's
subi, to the ceite column, cach having a paity of
Sdppers a and i inmors under his command.
f.ulesant Abbey was dangerously wounded, and Capt,
Michell was covcreu with wounds, in the act of escalade
Mg vac scary wall of the place, but 1 trust there are good
Ihuy ts Of iis Lol berg lust to the service.
Your Lordship wilrcaud, beieve, that though it is
na possable gut to feel the disappotutment of our ultimate
fasdure ah cas acdack, 1 can only think at present withthe
Heepest resrel of the loss of sv Inany of ny gallant co.
Mugades., 4 Nave tae honor to Le, &e.
‘buomas Granam.
Varl Bathurst, &c.
Pos. Returus will be transmitted as soon as they can
po sbly be received, meauwihile L send the most correct
nomual list, (vat can be obtained of the officers ki Jed,
wounded, and prisoners, Yr. Ge
View original :
LUu 5
View original Bergen-op-Yoom, March 16, 1814.
Sis—TI bave now the honor of repurting to your bacel-
lency, that the column which made the attack on the Ait.
ecrp side got into the lace about eleven o’clock on the
eight of the 8th, by the clock of thistown; but at about
half-nast eleven, by the time we regulated by, a dela,
baving occurred at Bourgbliet, occasioned by oy fiindin
it necessary to change the point of alteck, on account o1
the state of the ice at first intended sot, Hvery exertio
was made by Lieut.-Colone! Smith and Capt. Sir G. Hoste,
ef the royal engineers, in geting on the ladders and planks
requisite or electing the cuterprise, and in directing the
placing them for the descent into the ditch, the passiiyg the
fect in the jce, and ascending the ramparts of the body of
the place; during which o; eration several men were lost
by a fire from the rampart. After we were established on
the rampart, and had occu;icd some houses, from whence
we might have been much annoyed, and had sent 2 strong
patrole towards the point at which Major-Gen. Skerrett
aod Lieut.-Col. Carleton had entered, I detached Licut.-
Col. Clifton with part of the let guards, to secure the
Antwerp Gate, and to sce if he could yet any information
of the column under Licut.-Col. Morrice. Lieut..Col,
Clifton reached the gate but found that it could not be
opned by his men, the enemy throwing a very heavy fire
Bp a street leading to it. It was also found that they oc.
pied an outwork, commanding the brigade, which would
efectually render that outlet useless to us. ] heard woth.
Ing toore of this detachment, but considered it as lost, the
communication baving been interrupted by the enemy.
Licut.-Col. Rooke, with part of the 3d wuard, was af.
ferwards scnt in that direction, drove the enem, trom the
infermediate rampart, and rcaahed the gate, when he found
it useless Co attcnipt any thing, and ascertained that the
ovtwork was stilloecupickh We werejoied in the course
co? ile sight by the 93d, 35th, and 2d battahon of the
Coil resiment, but the state uncertainty as to what had
passed at cther points, determined me not to weaken the
forse. Mow Coileeted, by attempting to carry joints which
wi could not maintain, or penetrate through the str et:
with acertain loss of agreat number of mea, particularly
as [ heard that the troo;s at the Water Port Gate, under
Bisut.-Col. Muller, were very seriously op posed. J sent
#h- 23d to reinforce him.
The eveny continucd a galling fre upon us, and at one
time held the adjoming bastion, from the angle of wihaca
they completely commanded our communication with che
exterioc, aud brought their guns at that angle to bear
esainstus, They were charzed and driven away by Ma.
Jors Mutt ebury aad Hog, with the 69th and 55th, ina
very spirited and .a-laut olyle. that matters were becoming more serious, and
being still without any infurmation trom other points, ex.
Cepting that of the failure of Licut.-Col. Morr.ce’s column
Bear ‘he Nourd Gate, ib detcruua.d, at the suggestion of
Colones Lord Proby, to lot part of the treops withdraw,
which was done al the ladders whore they entered.
About day-light die enemy caving agaim possessed them.
@lyes of the before Mentioned bastion, they were again
Coven from itby Majors Mutthbury and Jlog, wath thei
Weak battations, ia the same gailant maoner. Jsoon ate
tersvards began sending off some more men, when Lieus..
Co! Jones, who had been taken WES OUST in the night,
cane loinc, (accompanied by ak rench officer, who sum.
Moved me to surrender) and informed me thae Licut..
Col. Moller, and the troups at the Water Port Gate had
been obliced to surrender, and were marched prisoners mn.
to the town, wheo Lalso Jearnt the fate of Lieut.eCol.
Clifton’s detachment, andof Major-Gen. Skerrett, Majure
Con. Gore, and Lieut.-Cob, Carleton, aad that the {roo, -
which had followed them had suffered very mich, ead hau
been repulsed from the advanced points alone the ram} ait
where they had penctratcd to. Lo sas convinced that a
Jonzer continuance of the contest world be an useless Luss
of lives, and without a prospect of relief, as were situate
ed. T therefore consented to adopt the mortifying alter.
nalive of laying down our arins.
[have now to perform the just and satisfactory duty
of conveying to your Execilency my sense of the merits
and good conduct of the officers and soldiers in this bold
and arduous enterprise. Lhave only aknowledze of what
pressed under my own observation and [lament that the!
loss of Major-Gen, Sherrett, from his dangerons wounds,
and of the other superior oflicers employed at the other
points of attack, prevents me from giviog such detailed
praise of the merits of the officers aud soldiers as J have
po doubt they deserve.
I beg to repeat my sense of the distinguished conduci
of Co!, Lord Proby ; Lieut.-Col. Rooke and Mercer,
commanding the 3d guards and light infantry, distinguish.
cd themselves by ther activity and bravery ; and Majors’
Niutdebury and Hog, of the 69th and 55th regiments, de-
écrve my warin praise for the conduct display ed by those
corps inthe charges J have before mentioned. I have
every reason to know that Lieut.-Col. Clifton conducted
his detachment in the most gallant and oficerelike manner,
and [ have to Jament that his death deprives me of receive
ing hi! report of the conduct of Licut.-<Celonels M. Don.
ald and Jones, and the ofiicers and soldiers of the Jet:
guards, under his command.
J am not yet able to transmit an exact return of the
prisoners taken at diffcrent times by the enemy, uor of the
wumbers taken from them.
I have the honour to be, &c.
(Signed) J. G. Coors, Major-Gen.
Genera! Sir Thomas Graham. \
—_— !
List of Officers Killed, Wounded, and Missing, of the
Army under the Command of his Excellency Sir 7.
Grokom, K. B. inthe Abtack upan Lergeneop.2o0om,
View original
View original | By Storm, on the nish? of the 8thand morning of the
Gih March, i184.
Staff, Brigadier-Gen. Gore, 33d regiment.
Jet Foot Guards, Liect.-Col. the Hon. J. Macdonald.
fd Witto, Lieat -Col, beercer.
4th Batt. Royal Scots, Captains M'Nicol and Wetheral and Lieut.
eury Miles
3Tte Reg. 2d Battalion, } nsign Sandes. Reg. ¢d cattalion, Lient.-Col. tbe Hon G. Carleton; aad Ea-
SIZ James VMaarawell.
91-( Foot, <d wattalon, Ensign Hugh M'Dougald.
Koyal Suppers and liners, sub Lieut pant Adamson,
Ro al Artillery, Capt. E. slitebell, B. M. severe!y.
Royal ' ngtovers, ieut. Abbey, se verely, -ince dead.
Ist bho ¢ Guards, Lieut.-Col. Clifton, severely, since dead; Cap-
telie ind-ey, (huckenticl!,ao. Trelawny, severel, ,not dangerously,
Prisviers; Captain Bulteel, severely, since dead; Lusizn Pardoe,
severe] , not dangerously, pr-ouer.
«Coldstream ‘uirds, Capi. Shaiwe, severely, not dangerously.
3d Foot “wards, Capt. Siotd are (iB. M ») severcds, not dangerously.
Royal Scots, sth Bitialion, ' ‘pl. Purvis, severely, prisoner; Lieu-
tenants Sto. te, Robertson,aud \W. \idgles, severely.
ZIst Foot, 2d battalion, Major obcert Wenry (Lieut.-Colopel), se-
verely, not dangerously ; Capt. Darran, severely, not dangerously ;
Capt. Donald Me izie,secerel,, lez aupmtated 3 Ist Lieutenants
the Hon. FL tt. Morris slicitl 3 4. Pigou, slighth : ¢d Lieutenan’s
Join Bulieel, severe}. since dea’; D. Moody, severely prisoner ; D.
Rackin,-ev rely, prioners Ensign Sir W. Crosby. severely.
33d Kegment, Lt.-Col. ! Ipninston,severely, not dangerous]. ; Capt.
Guthrie, dittos Lient. M Quarrie, slivtth Lient. Kerr, severely 5
Lieut. Buck. sbightl, 5 Lieut. Pode,severcly, prisoner; Fnsizgn bane
Natvne,sever ly 3 ] nsign Canning, (tio; tns yo Howard, slightly ;
Adjntart Privately, ditto.
STth Peg. °d battalion, Lieut. Dyer,severely, pr soner; I nsigh W.
Rolph, slight § Ln-ign Thomas butler, ditto; Adjutant John Long,
4 ti Rez, 2d battalion, Mator(ceorge Harding (Brevet Lieut.-Col )
Severe dy, not dangcromly, pnaoner; Capt. J.C. Cutorie, slightly 5
Captains Wavid Power and J. Bollard, severely, prisoners; Capt.
*. Dudie, severely 5 Lieut. G, (©. Beatry, slight, prisoner; Lieu-
ten nts John OReilly and O. bo kins, severely, prisoners: bnsigus
ffenr, Martin and Gilbert Dunlevie, severcly 5; Adjutant Meade aud
rnsizn Whitne,.severcly, prisoners,
Soth Regimes t, Capt. Canrpbeil, severely, prisoners Capt. Macdo-
nald,sliphth., dito: Lieut. Friend, sieht) , ditto; Lieutenants Gar-
duer, Adar, and Sinciair, severe ly, prisopers; Lieut. and Ad ttaot
Delgairns,severel prisoner; i'nsigns Marshall, Kkevely, Goodall, and
King,severel , prisoners,
G69 Rey. <d battalion, Lieut.-Col. Morrice, severely, not danger-
ous! 3 I nsign Ryan.severel,, prisoner
9}st Reg. -c b.ttalion, Tieut.-Col. Ottley, severely, not danger-
ously, prisoners Capt. Arch. Campbell, slighth, prisoner; Licat.
Jonn Camybdell, severel , not dangerously 3 Lient. Jom MM Denald,
slightly s Lieut. and Ad vtant Scott, slightly, prisoner; bzsiga D V.
Machen, slivhily, prisoner, i nsigos J. Briggs. Horsley, and Gage,
severely, prisoners; Quarter-Master Ferguson, severely, not danger-
ou-l., prisoner,
General otal, Major-Cen, Skerrett, severely, prisoaer 3 Cept. Des-
brow, Ajdedie-Capp, oligut!), prisoner.
Ist Foot Guards, Major-"ien. (0 %>; Lievt.-Col, Jones; Ensigzs
Masters and Honyman ¢ Surgeon ( uit ..
Royal Scots, th battalion, Lieut.-Ccl, v.vller 5 Lieutenant Macart-
44th Foot,?d bittslion, Capt. Georve “roziers; Lieutenants Frede-
rick Henning, 2.0 Turnburrow,.i. 8. saclair.
33d Foot, battalion, Capt... Colcougu, Aide-de-Camp te Bri-
gadier-“ien. Gore.
99th Foot, Major Hore.
60th Foot, ¢d ba(talion, Maior Muttlebur: 3 Surgeon %. Reeve.
9st Foot, 2d battalion, 3urzeon WL Y ounyy .\-Sistant Surgeon H.
J. O Doone.
Capt. Cuyler, Aide-de-Camp to Major-Gen, Skervett.
Lient.-Co!l. Dep.-Adjutant Ten.
N.R. Those returned mi sing are all prisoners ta Berseo-op-Zoom,
Tue lotof ie remainiag iiesing not obtained.
fead-quarters, Calmhout, March 11, 1811.
My Tord—J have tio honos to inform your Lordship,
that Gren. Bizanet, (he Governor of B rgeneopeZoom, ale
lowed Licut.-Coi. Jones to come h re with letters from
Gen, Covuks, am consequence of wiirth T sent in my Aide.
deeCamp, Major Stanhope yesterday morning, with full
powers to conclude an agreement relative to an exchange
Uf onsoners; a copy of which J have the honor toenclose,
eroeveable to which, all but the wounded were marched out
from Bergen-op-Zoom yesterday, for the purpose of being
ecabarked for Jsugtand, as soon as the navigation of the
river shall he open; and I trust that my conduct in p edg.
ing my honor tu the strict observance of this agreement
will be approved of, and that an immediate release of:
French piisoners of cores; onding ranks, will take place
with the least possible dalay.
1 must not omit th.s opportunity to express my entirc
sot)sfaction with the indefatigable zeal of Lieut.-Col. Jones,
rlative to the comfort of the prisoners, and my obligation
to that officer and to Major Stanhope on this occasion,
am anxious too todo justice to the conduct of Gen. Biza-
net, which, truly characteristic of a brave man, has been
marked from the first with the most kind and human at.
tention to the prisoners, Tle has sent me the name of an
officer, prisoner in England. formerly his Aide-de-Camp,
and I would glad!y hope that, in compliment to the Gen. ,
this officer would beimmediately released without exchange, »
Major Stanhope. who can better than any body inform’
your Lordship of all particulars you may wish to be in.
formed of, is sent purposely as the bearer of my dispatches, »
which makes it unnecessary for me to add more. J have
the honor to be, &c. Tuomas Grauam.
Ear) Bathurst, &c.
(Here follow the Articles for exchange of prisoners, in
which it is stipulated that proper care shall be taken of the
wounded left in the fortress, by English medical officers ;
_and that all necessaries shal! be allowed to be conveyed to
them. The other Articles are of no consequence, being
mercly agreements oj course. ] .
- ~_~—
On this 10th of March, Lieut.-Colonel Jones, Licut.-
Col. Stanbope, Aidv«de-Camp to the General Oftcer com.
View original
View original manding the British forces; Messrs. TWlugot Foufrille,
Major, and le Clere, Lice t.-Col. of the French Eogineers,
having been appointed by their respective Generals, and
having met for the purpose of setthing the corditions ofan
exchange of prisoners, to be sabmitted herecalier to the
Cominanding Generals of buth partics ;
The British officers have proposed:
Art. 1. A. suspension of hostilities for three day*, to
commence from this day at noon, in order to atlord time
for making the necessary arrangements for the execution
of an exchange of prisoners. —Answer, Granted.
_ Art. 2. That all prisoners of war, wounded and others,
belonging to his Majesty’s forces, shall be given up, give
ing their parole of honour not to serve against France or
her Allies in Europe, until they shall have been regulars
ly exchanged.—Answer, Granted.
Art. 3. That all French prisoners of war, wounded and
otherwise, shall be given up and be accounted for by the
prisoners to be restorcd to his Britannic Majesty, as las
been stipulated in the preceding articlen—Anuswer, Grant.
Art. 4. As some of his Majesty’s Officers and soldiers
have been dangeronsly wounded, they sha‘) be left in the
fortress of Bergen-o, -Zoom; and two medical officers,
together with the requisite number of hospital attendants,
to take care of them.—Answer, Granicd.
Art. 5. That a building shal! be allorted for the pure
pose of being used as an hosjitai for the wounded logs
lish; and that the Brotish Officers be allowed to lodge
with the inhabitants, at their own expence.—Answer,
Art. 6. That when the officers, or any others of the
British wourded, shall be cured, they stall reccive passe
ports from the Governor of Bergen-o)-Zouom, to enavie
them to proceed to the English outposts; and thar the
madical officers and hospital attendants bein Like manner
permitted to depart, when their servic ss sa. ll be ao louger
required.—Answer. Granted.
Art. 7. That the general ofieor commanding the Sritish
forece be allowed to appoint a Commissary, for the pure
pose of carrying into the place of Berser-on-Zoom such
articles as may be wanted by the wound d iemaining ther -
in, and that the said Commissary be permitted to | ass aud
repass.— Anawer, These articles shall be carried once 2
week, and on a fixed day, between ten o'clock in the
morning and two in the afternoon; they shail be dey osit.
ed within cannon shot, aud from thence be taken. ‘othe
Art. 8. That the troops of both powers do ren.2in dur.
ing the suspension of hostilities in the same pusiiione wich
ihey now occupy.—Answer, Granted.
Art. 9. That a British officer be authorised to remain
In the place of Bergensop-Zoom ducing the sus) cnsion of
hostilities, in order to regulate the execution of those dife
ferent arrangements —Auswer, Grarited.
Art. JO. That the British Officers preserve their swords,
—Answer, Granted.
Art. 11. That waggons be allowed toenter thetown fur
thy conveyance of the wounded.— Answer, Granted.
Demanded by the French.
Art. 12. That a French Officer be sent with the dis.
patches of the Governor of Bergcn-o; -Zoom, forthe | ure
pose of acquainting the Governor cf Autwerp with the
result of this exchange.—Answer, Grauted. He will be
accompanicd by a British Otficcr attached to headsqeare
ters, to the French out-posts liefore Antwerp.
Art. 13, That a return be drawn up of the officers and
Soldiers of his Britannic Majesty who are actually pri-
soners of war in Bergen-op-Zoom, whichis to be auneacd
to this treaty of exchange.—Answer, Granted.
Art. 14. That aretura be likewise made of the officcrs
and men of the French army, who were made prisoners
of warin the night of the $th to the Oth instant, and that
they, be immediately given up.—Answer, Granted,
Art. 15. These returns shall contain the names of the
risoners according to their ranks, and duplicates of the
same shall be made out.— Answer, Granted.
Concluded, subject to the approbation of Gen, Bizanet,
Chief Commandant of Bergen-op.Zoom, and to Ma.
jor-Gen. Cooke, Superior Officer of the prisoners of
warin the place, furnished with the full powers of
Gen. Graham.
(Signed) Leslie Grove Jones, Lieut.-Col.
Jas. Hamilton Stanhope, Majorand Aides
de-Cam; to the Commander of the Forces,
Approved by me G. Cocke, Major-Gen.,
Le Clerc, commanding the Lattalion of Ene
{ ZIincers,
Hugot De Neufville, Town Maior.
Approved, Le G eneral Bizanct.
View original eae Ee
P The Muvfrne brig which arrived in Demerary da
@® ring the present weck, proceeds immediately
(0 Surinam to take charge of the convoy from thence,—
The June fleet being appointed to leave Denicrary bar on
the 21st of that month.
The April convoy from this eoast, arrmed in safity at
St. Thomas, from whence they proceeded on the 4th 7 t
—the fleet, inclusive of about 1CO sail fur
a, consisted in 426 ships.
Wefind by letters from Demerary, that the Ameri
privateer, independent of the damage done on tat c >
has captured during her cruize, the ship Astrea, from Hae
lifaz, bonnd to Suriuam > the Suzy
fur Trinidad.
crt a
4’ aii fZihiiccsi!
ly licla tou 2’ ort,
View original
View original c¢ FOR ONE NIGHT ON TY.
- ev,vina-~
Mr. SMALT, r Vhees leave totiform his Subscri-
bers, and the Geutlemen and Lavlics, both of
Berbice and Corentyn Coasts, thal his
“tll take place on Monday Evenmg the ith of June,
Sl4, at the above place; on which occasion, he
Wr... williniroduce to his most repocetahle andicnec,
he most celebrated Songs as sung by Messrs. Bra-
7AM, INCLEDON, Droxem, Ketzy, Farcer,
nd PERISH Jouson » vie
{ais or Love on the Mountains,— with a Recitative
and Air. (composed by Lratam.)
Che Yhorn,—as sung by Tncledon in his entertain.
ment, called Variety. (composed by Shiticlih.)
Che Death of Lord Viscount Nelsen,—tngland ex-
pect every Manto do hits Paty.
Said, a Smile toa Tear,—as sung and eomposed by
To conclude the first part, and hy narticalar desire,
he Conic Song ays sane by Mr Paweet, cailed,
Lobsky and his Uesly Wife, o1 Fishing | in ‘Lroubled
No More shall Sgriaw Chace My Heart,-- Polaerc,
(composed by Biaham.)
Comic Soug, called
Che Farm Yard, or Plessqveking, Wheels creaking,
Carty: crachine, Parkées gobbling, Carters
squabling, Rooks coome, Plow ohboy S jawing,
Horses neighing, Doakics braving, Cecks crow.
Ine, Oxeri lollow i it, Dogs barling, Noalv’s ark,
as sung by Mro Poweet in the Popalar Farce
of Love Larehs at Loek Smiths.
“ar Pur at Sea or Tossed on the Billows s—Sung by
icledon, D’situm, Kelly. &c
Incledon, D’: » Rely. &
sprigs of Shillels w—An Trish Song, sung by Mr.
Johnson, at Prary Lane Pheatre, with uabound.
ed applause, inthe Opera of Fam aly Qu irrels.
Toney and Mustard,— Or matrimony. with Swoe
and Sours.
To conclude, by prrticular desire of scoveral Geu-
lemen, with the Son a, called,
Wiats a Weman Like.
Adimniitance f 22.
N i, Coffee, fy ecolate “Le Pend Ves, Sar ervics, Sand-
wich V5 oC. 7 lf be SCM Te ( “yp.
—Ser It
Mr. Swarrey will feelhncelf highly honored, if
the Gentlemen and TLaidics, who intend visitirs
the Cumcert. wil subscribe their names avd the
number of Tic! C13 %& anlins qe
“+r Tickets to he had of Mro Swarnrey, ow Plarta-
tion Tiverpoo!; and al the Gazelte OF Ce, NCW
NB. He the weather sbonld not permit on that Even-
Ing, if will ve postponed until (ie following
Berbice, tay 24, IS)4.
-_—_——-— >
_— ee
Fierers bales of good clean cotton will be sold
‘mone the creditors “oF plantation Letterkoney, to
he highest bidders—the sale to take place at the
tore of Messrs. Douglas Reid & Co. ,on the Lath of
lune, af 12 c’clock. Wh LA WSON.
1 May. - ‘Trustees.
View original S\LIE or COTTON.
Tuirty bales of good clean cotton y il] he sold to
he highest bidder among the creditors of plantation
Toomperd, at the store of Douelas Red & Co.
“ednesday (ie loth of June next, at 12 0’clock.
May. C, DO ‘GLAS,
‘| ‘rustecs.
Tite undersigned beings about to leave the co Tony,
ol several of the Subscribers to
* Quart Balls. to request
p cai" »y desire |}
a Meeting of Sub-| 4
(8S Pavernyon the 5th of
ve next, for the purpose of entering inlo arrange. | ,
it nuing the same » and of appointing a | }
‘asurer in jis rou GEO, DAGON.
1 May. ‘Treasurer.
ibers, at Mr. Binniy
4 ye +
JO] 4 Orit
View original GEO. LACY,
Offers for Sale, the followine articles, at. his Store
wn froni of the New Town's Tavern, on modes -
ate lcrins, for tnimediale payment.
*RIMT mess beefin half barrels, Yorkshire hams,
pine, double, and shingle Gloster cheese, split peas,
pearl barley in ues, Bristol (ripe, Trish potatoes in
hampers, salade oil, draft porter in bhds., Port, Wa-
detra, and claret per pipe and bhd., old ram ineasks,.
rose and lavender water in pint bottles, printed cali-
coes, Zenticmen Cress, halfdo., and buckled shoes,
ladics fancy do. do. boys, airls, and children do, do,
raspberry vinegar, scitionary assort: d, tiped & plain
concorded flutes, kotves and forks with carvers, best
mlated table ond rea spoons, fish kettles, sauce pans
WIT COVETS, sets ol distr covers, melion montds, stew
pans, Jroarnod turnble , eve codlers, table bells,’
suerr bonesy satto 7. pois. horn and class Tanthorns,
ion avers. ladies scissarse cheats
' ' ’ . 1 ’
WV) | cu more byes WEN) Nie a Wee fe chanel need | >
’ ' 1 vf «
ral il oe ee 1 *¢') mad t nee as, 1) n atid Pac sel y
, ’ : ¢
AME VeS. Pat f by ff iso. | Cis | Oi depar alaKs SS, SWE Me
° . . 4 , 4 ]
([) 2 ley ] “2. erry @ Pray Woerres assorte 'y Coolh
boyd, } ~\¢F, hye } .
rushes, rsd sia Pwrtile.. bort.ole coffee MYVAING,
COLON OIYam I aid. styrig 21 May.
View original See
IFTY- Two le Tes rood eloan cotton, the produce
of Plantiion AM vin—TPenders for yw! hich, or aay
anantity not loss than 10 bales. wa ‘ be vceeived af
the Vendue Oilieo nal Satur lay the ith of .]
When the strie wilh be opened and the highiost nite
accepted yp yan! lo bei Li eade In cash on delivery.
D. C. CAME RON, for sclfand
21 May. JOHN ROSS. Seque ‘strators.

View original —e———
ATT those who have any Cemand av
me ‘bted to the fate J. Eo Tye SOE. Hq. a.
equested to render their
‘list, or are
vy) va
Clrtiys, to Make.
uentio sir. H. Staary, New Amsterdam.
Oo; Mow
xOR &
Ponce & barley,
Py fi yy
Sn vf
a Sab a
7S Ata W me,
Windsor choirs,
Parks chubarb &
Abus ard,
ol vi 0)
Whales ’ oil, /
(00) nw WY revel
P&S eri ttes,
(ie , mens Xe ladies
bats’ & :
hoes ‘s
Blochii wey Ligaid for bow
tops ms
Negro packets & laps,
Green table covers,
Sewing twig
Irish shee ‘ing & linen,
Table & brown hacny,
‘T re ad & lape,
x, .
. 3
Coffee & cotton bagging,
l4 May. ar

Tie POT,
vcraling ISxecutrix.
thr Xe wl “ce salempores,
minted @
Ursiture Chuinizy
ams, -
Vins ito lawn,
Priilcate. Damdana, Ma-
a Bile ore, and poc-
het hanadkere Niele
Plato, spotted, st ip a, lia-
pe, & tam. boured mus-
Jeans & cords) diiity.
White cottons,
» Bie, y eHow, & whifenan-
bee Ms, .
Otitis "g check c,
Sritania & cotton slitting :
Mble c rs & na plins,
M1: Vrs td Sy
Vg, lin, & hardware,
“ti ito: lar yyy
‘Poze Vy
Abe “dlery, :
Persumery, &c.
) ree, .
es s
sul or
View original KOR SALE.
THTE too he'f Tots No’s 3° and Yo Shean
older, an excellert situaiion far bree tne cole —
Enquire to this Office. oo 2! say.
AT the rate of ten cuilders per thousand CATS OF
at eight enilders per thousand by taking a quanti’ y
of 19,000.—Aprply to G. PAL TS,
14 May. or at Pln. Ma Retraite.
— -_————————
View original FOR SALE
Tur fast sailing Pilot Sloop, copper hottam’d and
in good order.—I] not sold by the first June, will be
put mpat Venduce.
View original —_—_— . a
A Negro man, who understands in perfect, order
ne Baking professton.—cnquire at this Office.
May 14.
_—_~> -_—— — —- ee
FOR the use of the Civil Crovernment, Tivo.
undred bunches of Plantauins, weekly, to be landed
! Government stelliag ; For which ‘enders will be
‘ceived by the Subserib er until Monday the 30th
stant, when they will be opened in presence of His
xcellency the Crovernor, and the lowest, if approy-
I, aceepted.— New Amsterdam, 21st May.
KR. MACKENZIP, Acting Com.
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View original ~
‘ &

View original oe .
tee Tue Biz MINERVA,
St Is ready 14 ‘a)e¢ in her careo, and will nos!
ively sul with he G45 convoy, for treight a wie ;
23 April. A. A. De va COU RT
View original ——
Kak The Bric ALPHA.
wie D. MCEORNNTEK | Master.
To sil with the June convoy; i
apply to
7 May.
rfroielht or passag
ES ew err + 8 eee) SET = o> = ee ewe eo Oe 2
View original LL a SS arena ~~
BY virtee ofanaes ointment Sra. the Bfonarabl
> ay ¥: . /
rere of Civil ot t ne VIS colony, eranted Wpooyey
pet Tay, Prescry o POD tap Ve yvbae
. ) f
UN Pray: ‘cd fost:
ber ISIS. 16
sind Go: Toate 1, = vteae y
sors hevincer mdiver(odovaen woud
on fhe wstytooot fy tate obert chisel bo’ -
bevore the Court of Civil festicn oft . ‘V5
hei, sesson ia thoe sont ofintlyy Co he veg
thousand eter anrdred an] urbe ay sry IS", fo
thn PU poss ob there dotiverin rintaer el LauiSy S2
the Sane 0)! moeter| lo, h yet] if I). NOCCSS | V; end t
wifmess, aber the ftooth EMetat Sunuos, th
Meurts decisenias fo the mref rent and cone ren
rorhioor claingants, en cain to sech as 7 mainin de
fault fbsore for overdo barre| vheirricht of claim.
ThsSuoc con My te ote ade know: vot we onubli
by bearet roar tre - the Court ll use of thi iy colony
a turther dealt..i according to custoin.
evboooy the Lot Pebruary, 1ST4.
Hh. BRAN OREN, First Marshal,
ee ee .
View original —— - _ —_-. = .
a ——s — = 7 — —_
7 "LON py EDICT.
BY virtue e an eppoint ent from the Bonorabl
o'r) ‘fo! ivy! hiy toe ol || IS ¢ lomey, oranted uj; out
Meo dony presale bby Bona, Cryer Prvvficld an
robert Bouel pos furaters fo the fustate of John
my Chir, as Curator to thy
feat.’ , Vevey hing y 4 lor date ot 29th tn
merry FS, TP th uaderstes Ty at the request
Mores oid ry hy Stun son by Edict +—
a yr it 5) « SID mn Tint, all er 1) OO?)
cl ’ rriy ! lire fir l QnA . vc | ot. YO
amiahion la Sy! “ov in this colo cr oO)
a i : olin Rass and J + lay
li) eee dy yersondvor Dy pcor wd)
Lire | Tonrtad Civil Gist C tly ta io!
ered boy Van Cons rof dul root ds thes
( yomade ch CHO. UE thoes
iy, ; , ‘nate T-
aay t ¢ ruif. Ol be :
di J ' ,
Ne i ' ‘
STMVM NN py Tibi,
BY viene ofan appormtment frou te I
hr. O civil Jus ree ot t in | MV Ty )
pef chor pres lec hy (he 309 ( Youn
ray rovided Tistates, bearing dat ihe lay
bee ISP]. f the understand, vt the recuosto
ssid Rowe d, do her by Summon by det :— 1]
sons having, or pretendin : tohave any cliimor ry
(he Bsture of \lexander Houston an) Paeh 1
fonor yp lontition Mary’sburg, negroes ard oth
urfenaneces, to appear before the Court cf Civil Jars
fick ot of this colony, at their session in the mor hh y
July, (in the year one cieht hundred any
fourteen,) say IS14, tor (he purpose of (here deliver
“ in their claims 5, see the same objected fo, shoule
t We necess ary, and to witness, atfer the fourt
‘dictil Summon, the Cour’s dectsion as to the pre
ferent and concurrent rights ef clatmants, on pain t
such as remain in ceaul, of being for ever deberres
their night of chim.
This Summon by Edict, made Known to the publi.
by beat of drum from the Coor€ House of this colony
and further dealt with accordine fo custom.
Berbice, the 15th February, 1814.
K. EFRANCKIN, First Marshal,
— a — —_ ————
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock, p.
By W. SCHULZ & Cu.
Privileged Gozerument Prirters

28 May 1814