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The Berbice Gazette

View original ——————— ee ——$
By His Excellency H.W. Benrincn,/Usq.,
‘Lieutenant-Governor of the Co lony Berbice
President in all Courts and Co oltéyes wi
the same. And the Honorable
Policy and Criminal Justice of the# co-
lony. ‘Toall to whom these pregénts shall
or may come; Greeting! be it known:
WHEREAS in order to fulfil the salutary Regula-
tions, enacted by the Court of Poltey, on the 30 of
April, 1804, (whereby every Burgher or Inhabitant
dwelling within the jitrisdiction ot the colony Ber
bice, was required to provide himsalf with a god
and proper Musket, Bayonet, Sword, and Cartouchs
Box, serving In case of ne Cessily forthe mainteiance
of Tranquillity within the colony). We have pro-
vided from Bneland a sufficient quantity of Arms and
Accoutrements of sinuilar standard, to the end that
the respective Individuals may be supplied. with
Arms ata atl EXPClse, (dur aloreme madned Itegu-
lafion be ne lone i nes LOC). tral Piast mre > etext
vy be made, for wart of obedience to an C yrdy: lig?
weconsidcr of (he first necess#y.

And wher Che suld Arms, alter h ving been ap-
prev bof by usy are ligay rea yo ast dv livery for the
use of th: Tahaov tants of this colony. We therefore
do ler by Order (hat the distribttion of the same
shall be m de by the Commanding Othcers of Bat-
taljons—the said Arms and Necoutrements so to be
dG livered fo the respective Jadividhials, to consist of
( Howtos articles s—A Musket and Sword, a Car-
touche Bax anal Bilis, a Turn Screw, Brush and
Picker, and Six Fliats.
And lisdyy we do Establish as the price to be paid
for the whole the sum ot Lighty hight Guilders
Ilo! ’s Currency :
And 1 rder to provide for the ret uBYvacment of.
the cust ol (he staid Arius and Accoutrements, .bich
hive heen abready patd for by us in Pnelaml: each
and every Indrvidanad, v hin the Pown New Ainster-
dam, receiving a stand of ms and Accoutremen!
and each Proprietor ol epee eutative of a P lantation
within (his colony, receiving for the use ot the Ey-
tafe, in proportion to (he nurber of Negroes there-
on, one or more stand of Arms, stall pay, or cieuse to
be paid tothe Reeetver Geacist ot the cola y, aller
the rate of Pighty Light wurllders ats. Cy., which
sum we orteraml direct the Receiver Gen -ril to ob-
tai ) rom lhe respe (ive bistates a dU la Uivicuals, by
the First Duy ol Mey next ensuing.
Givine and eiantine anto Che satd Receiver Gence-
ral the sune power fo eo tothe Assessment, aerca-
ble to the Return whieh shall be gives into him, as
hethe Recetver has lo cullect the ordinary Paxes o
the colo.
\ R ‘rthatno venoarince mnv be prefer ! 7a
this eur Proclanation shall be published, pri med ane
circulated as custo ALY.
Phesdone in our Extraordinary Mecting of th
Foutlot Poltoy and Cruninal Justice of the colony
erlnees ou the 3 Mareh t8'5.—Present, Tis Excel.
lency Ltententat-Governor Bentinck, and the }hon
Met! James Fraser, r, Fuiibairn, and A. J. Gia-
zius,—alemplts, John Tapin, Jobin mM’ ‘amon, and,
Geove hunro.— And published on the 7 March tol-
wins, present, Elis ke xcellency the Lieutenant-Go-
“1C A ‘1 LON.
le Court of Policy and Cri-
yf the Colony Berbice. To
all to whom these presents may or shall
come; Greeting! Be it known

WHEREAS a Vaéancy Ims again occurred in the
Honorable Couot of Civil Justice of the Colony Ber-
bice, by the resignation of the Hon. W. Lawsonand.J,
Bakker. And a Nomination having been made by
the Fo: oral ble Court of Policy, to supply their pla-
Ces. Hts " rcCe Ie nic y the Gove Thor has bee n pleased
to select Alexander Fraser, Esquire, of Plantation
Seaficld, and Francis Britthkebank, Esq. to be Mem-
bers of the said Court of Civil Justice.— Notice
whereof is hereby given, that the Inhabitants of this
colony may respect those Gentloanen in their afore-
said capacity.
» Secretary’s Office, Berbice, 3 March, 1815.
By Command,
Nn. C. DOWNER, Scc.
View original NOTIFICATION, the Resumed Sittings of
the Court of Civil Justice, are further poafponed, un-
til Monday the 20th inst.—And the Court of Rolls,
until Monday the 1Sth March.
By Command
View original NOTICE, those having Claims against Mr.
Jno. M’Kac, late of this colony, are requestcd to ren-
der the same properly attested for settlement, and
those indebted to come forward with paymet, within
six weeks from date, to nlr. P. Graut, N. Amst. or
11] Marck. M. NICOLSON.

—_—_~ _——
THE undersigned having returned to thisCo-
lony, request all persons who are indebted to him, to
come forward with payment, of their now so long
open accounts; he also informs those whom it py
Roncern, that he has empowered AG, Catuen, Esq.
{o receive and “ive discharges for all payments made
(o him, said A.G. Caner, Esq. being also directed
by the gndersizned&in tas¢ ofnon Compliance, to suc
ail devaulters for the cnsuing: Court.
1) March. P. A. BRAUN.
DEN ondergeteekende advertcerd aan alle
belanghebbende, dat hy van de Procurftfe van N.
Volker(s ca UF. J. Porticr, om acer diingende rede-
nen, (cr Secretary dezer kulonir, lect gercnuncidert,
voor 700 verre hem zul&s aungaat,
11 Maart. C. RULACH.
——— a
View original ——
TO all whom it may concerv! The Subscri-
ber hereby yrives Notice, that be luis, for very urgent
reasons, reswnc4, at the Secretary’s Odice et this co-
lony, the Powers ‘of Attorney of N. Volherts and EB.
J. Portier, as tar as regards for hins: of
1 Mareb. — G RULACH,
View original FOR SALE, casks of sugar rand 15 psuecheons
of ruin, from plantation Mersted/ing, for which ‘Pen-
ders will be received antil Monday next the [Sth inst.
at the store of W. Henery, wheuthe higbe.t offer, if
approved of, wil be a cepted.—This produce will
be delivered in Town, payment, cash on deiivery.
1] March.
View original FOR SALE Dy the Subscriber, long leat to-
baco, not less than 20 Ib. tur 72 pr i fresh cod fish
by (ie hid. at 6 stivers, Hegroe rum f 1-5 pr. gallon,
lined negroe jachets f SS pr. dozen, negroe blankets
f So pr. ‘do., negroe hats f 92 pr. do, tradesmans
hats {SO pr. do. salmon #66 pr. barcel, mackrel
f 59 pr. dow, hi Ni barrel f 27-10.
1] Mare b. . JILWTU LFF.
—_—_—_ se OO
TE KOOP, de voleende versche (via De-
merary aangebragt) Hollandsche uites zochte Provi-
sten, als—Rolpeus in vatyes, paling In dito, zuur-
Kool, bloembhool, rode Koool en gopekelde worst in
dite’s, mote zalm in dito, saweyscu de Boulogne,
peper- snipper- Seretarise en grecontylen-hoehken tn
(rommels, banket en heilt maker in dito, gerookte
zalio in blik, gerookte osse tonven, ingele ile ancho-
Vies- ag uakic 's- chatlotle--en salade boontjes in stoops
Vless sen, pruimens rosy nca- en corenten in dso, ‘0-
relicne brambozen- abrikozen- peizeke- ea praimen
in brandewyn, eau de coulogne, diverse Comfituren
In potjes, yrauwe en erocne erwten, Kaapsehe boent-
jes, gepelde garst- cicrst- en gort- in pullen, Zwit-
zersche kads, osse wbben en pater stukken, Sellzer
en Fachner waters, zeer goede Rynsche ea Moezel
wynen, gebrade osse en ‘half se hyven in blik, fyne
lange py pea en tabak, stoops viessen met Wille en
bruine cat dy, Kleine Westphaalsche hammen, lab-
berdaan in vaatjes, lyn olie, jenever, buter, aardap-
pelen, &c.
rs, CC hlC E-ClC
View original NOW? landing from the brig Traper, from
Glasgow, and for sale by the subscribers, pale beex
and porter, cutton and coffee bagging, port wine,
potatoes in hampers, herring in firkings, pork in
barrels, oats in puncleons, nails and cordage assorted,
also a general sup ly of plantation slores, and a tew
cases Chuice old claret.
11 March. BOUGLAS REID & Co.
eS Se
View original
View original — ——_ —
wins FOR GLASGOW, the brig Traber,
John Patterson, Master, to sail from hence
with the April convoy, for frerght or passage apply to
the Master om board, or °
11 March. OUGLAS REID & Co.
~Who have received by the above vessel, building
and temper line, and some bricks, which will be sold
on moderate (erms, if taken from alongside.
View original > FOR LIVERPOOL the brig Trea-
suneR, F¥ilson Nixon, Master, stands A. 1.
at Lleds, to sail with the first convoy from hence, for
freight or passage apply to the Master on board or to
}1 March. GLO. BONE & Co.
Who request those persons who may have goods on
board, to send alongside with as little delay as posy
possible. .
View original SECRETARY’s OFFICE,
This is to inform the Public, that the following
Persons intend quilling this colony. .
John Dow and his child named Jolia August, in six
weehs from 4 Feb.
W. Broderick in & weeks from 4 Feb.
David Dwine in G weeks from 10 Feb.
A. Fleury in 6 weeks truin 1S February.
D.C. Scheidius MW do.
Ren Settle and child in do.
The free black woman Zephire in do,
David Miller in do. from — do.
C.G. R. Eckhard in 6 weeks irom 25 Feb.
J. 1’, Stapel in do. .
Win. Jouff In do.
Walter Kennedy in do.
J. A. Picken and tamily indo. or 8 months.
P. Harrivelle and a mulatto servant iv do. er do.
John Fraser (Pl. Kilcoy) with the April ceavoy.
James Fraser with do.
The irce mulstto woman Eligabeth Servy will quit
the culony Berbice.
The tree mulatto woman Philippina in 6 weeks from
Eebr 25.
View original Voticeis hereby given, that a month after date the
yllox n¢s Ll) LAS Por rsand Mortgages will be passed.
Keb. 18. Wm. Lawson wiil transport to Demerary
~UU Neyrces
J.G. ‘Tout gq. will transport to Demerary, 3 Nee
groes, named Bristol, Gloucester and Lancaster.
beb. 25. P. B. Bender will transport to J. Johan,
the one eight part of Lot No. 7, within the first
empolder of the town New Amsterdaim.
—- Ja es Fraser will pass a mortgage in favor of
~H. L. Maurenbrecher, us Rep resentative of
Sa son Sharp and Batard, to be vested on Pin.
Belladrum, or No. 6, Canje, and on 75° Negroe
Sli Ves.
—— John Tapin will transport to Sam. Taitt, i
tation No. ‘50, West Corentive Coast, and 5
Negro Slaves, and all other appurtenances tothe
e belung
Sam. ‘Laitt vat pass a mortyage in favor of J.
Papin, for the purchase mouacy of Pl. No. 50
and the N groes.
March 4. R. Harpe r will mortgageunto J. G. Jones
= roods of land, of dot No. 22, with the builds
jugs thereon, situated gy the first empolder of
Nex w An:sterdam.
—— Hl. Dowme, » u. will passa mortgage on Plane
tation lketre vat and on 62 Neg rocs, in lavor af
Boltom aud Litthedale, of Liv ‘pool.
AT. ‘ 0 | 1. Jan ics Chali nets, Will pass a morte ‘Sey in
favor of J. ‘TV. and A. Douglas & Co., of Glase
wv, to be vested a1 1 plantatio: 1 Kildonand, Slae
> he ASN Rn cow’
J. Hyslop will ansport to Demerary 9 negrocs,
painely Alia *KCIIZIe, Ma) ry Fortune, br shan
Alonzo, Pantie, Smart, CRarles, and Just
—— Walter Scot wil transport to Demerury 9 ne
crocs, Cuinbd.srland and flenry
Re. C, ON ER Secy
= = — = - — — —
NOTICLE—A] pe rsons having inv Demand
avainst Jolin Frraser, squire, of Plantation Kile Vv,
roon the ben | I it rol Jolin b raser & ‘~O tbe HH UC® -
ed to render such demands fot paymeas ;. art such
> as yel reirath indebted lu (hie late | were of
in raser & Company, or to Jolin Fraser, are carne
y ent enled lo seflle Them accoums, Prevlots to
is dep (ure a! U Cals COluny 1 April nent
Secretary > Om@¢ce, V5 Feb- 1815
® w- gE
. -
¢ 7 Re ~~
View original PUBLIC VENDUES.
On Monday the 13th instant, will be sold at the
Vendne Office, beef, porR, butter, hams, linens, po-
fatoes, salt, Tine, ferras, couls, an excellent London
made chitise anc harness. a superior vig horse, Ma-
deira wine, Ch napaten, hock, claret, malsmey in
pint battles, frontiznac indo., Constantia wine in do.,
and a few pipes Madeira wine of the first quality.
By order of Mr. W. Reynolds, paints and oil, nett
tum pr. puncheon, Port wine in bottles, ladies bon-
nets, boys and children shoes,.Madrass hkfs., linens,
Stripes, Jeans, cotton shirling, ginghams, &c.
D.C. Cay ERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
yn Wedaesday 15 March, will be soll at Plantae
lion Geanies. a flock of cattle, in high condition and.
vf &t superior breed, payable in S mentlas.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
Sn ee
On Thursday, the 16sh insiant, will be sold on the
spot, Pkiuutation Manchester, Correntyn Coast, with
all its buildings and cullivation, a schooner boat, SG
feof kecland 13 feet beam, 50 head caitle, about 100
sheep, a chaise and harness, 2 our horses and a sad-
Cle horse, houschold furniture, plate, &e.
On the-same day and place the Plantation No. 75.
or Spring Garden, situated on the West ( orrentyn
Cost, with the brutldinus thereon, consisting of a
dwelling houseca coffee lomie with suitable outbufld-
j There are 803000 coffee trees on this F's! ite,
OU,000 of which are now in full bearing—also 50
“eres in plaatains, and in good order - possession to
be viven on the day of sale, of Plantation Manchester.
nd of Plantation Spring Garden on the firet day of
Fane casning.— Terms of Sale: cattle and furniture,
pivable in Sand 6 months, and the land in | and 9
~+- —
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Monday 19h March, by order of Mr. W. Luff
on Lot No. 1d, New Amst. the whole of his house-
nold furniture, as: ryiee af plate, kitchen utensils &c.
MCL CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
~ o —— ————____.
On Pharday the S0dr March, Instant, will) b
sold by ord sr ot 4.G. Calmer, and &. P. van Holst. ain
TU rit Vos bse | pervading executors, go! the I fate ofthe
fife FV. Beisuer, on Plantation Werk cn Rust in
( mie. The Meets of the deceased : cons sting ol
pold end silver watches, one of which is an excellent
old Cimie he eper. a cold snuff box, wearing apparel,
re. lass. | arthen- ware, || Negroes (4 O}
them excellent carpenters,) domestics, a washer wo-
man, corpenters bouts, a coffee mill, a punt, anew
cortaal with six ours. one hundred and twenty pieces
of bulletuee of vations dimentions. bullettree anit
crabwood dDoards.— And Tasthy thy Plantation Werk
en Rustowith all ifs bottdinss and cullivation. an
Juventory of which may be seen on application to
eit ‘T ofthe J Kechile) —f ie wood 1s partly lay ye
nn front of Jot No. JO, and on the back part of (he
saine lot, where it n av be seen any day previous to
the day of sle.
D.C.¢ AMLRON, Dep.Vendue Master.
NB. The sale will commence at TL 0’ ioc preeiscly,

Forside atthe | endne Of ‘ (he foll MST Wines,
a consigainent received by tee brie 2 china, frora
London, which will be sold on reasonable terms for
Pomediale pryvment --Best London particular Ma-
detra wine tn pipes, first quatity, Bourdeaux, claret
Incases ofS dozen each, old heck in cases of 3 Jdozeu
each, rich maimsey tn cases of 2 Qoxen each, Chame
Pprgne in cases of one dozen each.—I 1th March.
DD ¢.. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
Door A. Cr. Calmer en G. P. van Holst.
MY) Conderdas den SOsten Maart 1815, zal in Kwa-
Fil fa ety Delbércerewtle Executeuren ten Boedel en
Novofecsehap van nu wylen dom Heer J. A. Leisner,
or sleszelts printagie, cenaemd Werk en Rust, in Rio
nije velegen, aan de if @estbiedende worden verkoot
do nawelat ocderen ; bésfaande im youd en zilver
rk. coude en ‘vere gah-oi unger my, (let pon lee cH
frme heeper.y soude snuifdoos, gemaakte klederen,
Hntsraad, aard- ca elaseaerk. 7] slaven, waaronder
vier zee, bekwaine Hipmeinmans en molemakers, huis-
qonzen, waschiietd, tiimmergerecdschap, reode bast
eneolwwaatmolen, ronde pond en ai ‘Uwe coral
Voor zes rlemen, TO ns. boerewy bout van diverse
Jenelens, Oa 6 duim breed. boerewy en krapplanken,
het bout ligt gedechtelyh aan de waterkant. your Op
het bert No. 19, bn cle ze Sad ; alwaar zulks ts Ce 21en,
fon Latte [ k ade hove or nielde plantavie W rk Cl)
FRust, net deszelfs gebouwen en beplantingen ; Tiven-
farts waarvan is te zien, ten huize van een der buoyen-
gesmelde [execatleurcn.
Me Verkvoping zal beginnen des voordemiddags
tes Ld uuren
i, GC. CAMP RON D p Vendue Masler.
” =
View original | BERBICE.
» . 9 ae. . ‘4 > yy > . , —
Kino’s Flouse. QC ia) ( e175.
The Dispatch from the Bari Bithuy 1, Of which
the following is a copy, having been this morning
received bygthc Lieutenant-Gior. mrry Hes Ercel-
leacy has UWected the sune fo ven fified for gcneral
By (on) Nay 7,
r. WHITE, Gov. Sec.
Circular. )
Downine-Street, 97 Dec. 1814
TY have the honor (o tnformwm you, (haf 2
Treaty of Peace and 4m ity between His VE jesty anc
He United State 's of Anicrica, was signed at Ghent
n the 24th inst ant.
You will observe that Hostilitics are not ta cease.
until the Ky, hange of the Ratificationus shall hay.
(aken place at Washin, ston.
I have the honor to De, Sir,
Your most obs lient humble s-
To Lieut.-Governor Br (in
a ee . ae - ee FS eee '- =
View original ere
MARCH uatiu $1 DAYS.
a es —
Ya c =a8 - -
View original D. of Phases of the Moon, Holidays, . WwW.
H. @.
Me. ow. Phenomena, &c.
ee -
View original eee
i: W yar ATE V9
2; Th] Last Quarter, 6h. Lon. evening. | JO) Is
3 | | Neap Tides. ° 2111] 32
4/S At | 27
5} Su |4th Sunday in Lent, 1} o5
O| M | Court of Rolls. 215
7 | Tu} Perpetua. 3/15
S| W 5! 39
9|'Th 4! 30
10|F New Moon, V1h. 99:n. evening. 5] 4
Il) Sj Spring T ides. 9 | 36
12 | Su | ath Sunday in Lert. Gregory. Ob} 2
13; M 6420
]4 | To 7{ 9
5; Wi 7 | 42
16) Thy 3} 24
I7|\F . Patrick, 9] 13
1S Pe s | : “lw. i. W.S.18t Or. 10h. 87m ev. | 101 16
19) Su | Palm Sa: day. Ne; ap Lides, Il | us
20; M Ni] de
°1) Tul Benedict. Sin liters Aries.
22) W | Vernal Equinox.
931 Th] Sir Isaac Newton died £797.
O14) P | Good Friday.
29) S | da. Day. Full Moon, 9h. %5m. mor.
96|Su | Faster Sunday, Sprtug ‘Tides.
"71 M | Easter Mond, wy.
YS) Tuy Easter Tuesday.
et ee
-_-_—_--— — Oe ee
Sm IVY TO etl =
cc G
oC =
YO! AV 1
3G | Ph 97
oT} bk i7
re a
—_—I—O — — —- — eS eS
View original Lith Sequestrators of Plantation Aendall’s
herchy give Notice, that they will expose to Sale 50
square bales of Cotton, to the hig lst offer, amourst
the Creditors of said Fstate, at the store of Mr. Juhn
Croft, Now Amsterdain, at | 2o’elock on Thursday the
Oth or April, ensuing. a full Attendauce of the Cre-
difors ts requested earnestly, as matfers of consider-
able inyportance will be pri pused for their upproba-
(ton. —Berbice, 24 February.
TENDERS will be received at the Store of
Mr. John Wulf, New Amsterdam, for 6Q «70 bales
Cotton, addressed to the Seqnestrators of Plantation’
Geans, until Monday the 13th March, when the
highest offos, if approved, Rill be accepted.
New Amst. 25 Feb.
View original —_ — -— M$
TENDERS for Twelve Thousand pounds of
first quality Coffee, from Plantion 2 Eeward, tor
which Tenders will be received until Wednesday the
15th inst. at the house of W. Fraser, Esq. where a
sainple of the same isto be seen; the colttee to be re-
ceived by the purchaser on the [state, and payment
to be made in Colonial money.
4A March. . G. ABBENSETS, fgr self, and
M. RADER, Scquestrators.
View original TENDERS ror COFFRE.—-8 or 2000
Lbs. first quality, and 8 or 900 Lbs. of broken Cof-
lee. ‘Tenders tor the above quantity, the produce of
Plantation Goedland, will be received at (he house
of the second undersigned, until Wednesday the 15
March, and it appreved of, accepted—payment to-
be made in cash. G.P. van HOLST,
25 Feb. M.S. BENNETT, Seq.
- on
View original See
KC OR SA. SALE, ol very reasonable Terms, to
an approved purchaser, four excellent Slaves, the
first a good Cuok with her child »—the second a good
Washer woman and Huckster,—the third a young
Chainber Maid. For further particulars apply to this
Ofice.—Sa T° ep.
View original
View original Y i \ | j q . y ’ ’
. } 4 {] } “J ictt 7 ” tL) af Li . c ‘
! ‘ . 1 ¢
( ra ad ‘ ‘ : { ’ ‘) On . . Qt yaya
if CONCel!Vve to ive Ciaims a ruin { ra so )
nerf : tr ‘ted dun Nis nc] rinse On or
iY, CONTFAC(CG Curing Dis adiuinistratt r WihLOse>
} ' . f - ee
Ciwlims appears dy mou ) lO rend if) Cir UGCCOUN
, . . .
DOreVvIOUs to te Poth isiant, Wm yrder la bee MmMned
ir er ° ie g> — ‘ 1! 7 wrhne ; ,/ i(
l regularly entered.—Tbe | idersiened tc
' . ’ ‘ ;
Onake no alterat Ns Whatever, alter that date
( HK? Ts . .
Nevel »trouDke Ply SUCCCSSOYS VV a ceriilcat
, 7
{ Nl; { “fp
View original -
Wanted for the Detachment 2d Batt. 60th
feet. at Port St. Andrew, weekly, One Hundred and
Wy Bunches Plantains, to be Aclivered at the
at the Port; for which cash will be paid
kot the month.—Tenders to be send lo.
hdch, at the Fort. Ath March.
TN tg —
LOST, drifted or Stolen from oposite the
premises, occupied by the Cofamisary H. Hendy,
ks ys Punt, measuring trom about 25 feet in lenwit
fo 7 lectin breath, painted with a white streek on the
fe rn—whoever can give information where the sane
oay be found, will be liberally rewarded by apply-
tng at this Oftice, A March.
—__————..___. __._f
View original ANY person having Watches &e. given to
Vr. I’. 1. Afosset, dec. for repairing, are requested
fo send forthem, by Mr. Ae D. Cuche, as atter six
weeks trou date, ifnot Claimed, the same will be sold
for the benefit of the Boedel. 4 Mare.
ee a
LLL Persons having claims agaist the Boe-
delat fr. #. L. Mosset, dec. are requested to ren.
der the same, properly attested, to Mr. A. D. Cuche,
for examination + and those indebted 9 come forward
Wilh payment lo Mr. B. BP. Hanize, duly authorised,
before the sittin# of i a In April next.
4 Marcl. J. F..MOSSET, Q
A.D. CUCU, g Extcutors
———_ - —
View original ~
Inecbragt in de Greranna Jacosa Loursa, von
Amsterdam, entehoop by den ondergeleekcnuie,
evens cloile prysen, de lecrde, duor hem selss
tigesochts beste ariixelen, te weclen:
OUDE rede, Mallaga, and Rhynse wynea,
likeuren, genever, Wyn-azvny Selster waier, vlecsch,
ham, worst, geroukt vieesch, rol pens, haring, boter,
kaw, blocinkool, suurhool, gedrowgde tuinboonen,
incel, perlgort, hele gort, fyne tabak, pypen, gegote
Kaarsen, tyn-olic, witlood, ecnige verf-waren, medic
cynen, papier, inkt, schryf-pennen, kurken. linnens,
Hricsche bouten, zwart Plorentyn, gaas, batist, grene
planken en latten, &c.
G. van TROJEN,
25 Feb. Lert No, 29.
—_————— ee ee eee
View original asenr Ss] Ba
. > @-X- ©
The vessels of the Cork Fleet destined for this
Port, arrived on Thursday, having been convoycd
trom Cork by H. M. ship Cygnet, Capt. Russel;
We regret to have to state (hat the Cygnet got on
shore off the mouth of the Corenfra River, and was
ina very pericalous situation ; but by information re-
ceived this morning, we are happy to add, that she
was succcedd in getting intp Corentyn River.
The ships forthis Port by the convoy, are the Sy.
sannah, James Paterson, from Glasgow ; Trasurer,
W.Nixon, Liverpool; Apollo, T. Brown, from Ma-
deira; Trader, J. Paterson, from Greenock ; and
Henrietta—the Claude Scott, also Forder, was
left at Madeira.
Cleared—Goede Verwagting, J. Roelofs, for Ame
Oo e ——
View original - re {ee ee

(from the 23th December, to the 9th Jan:
—yp o<—
The news of the day is, that the Negociations res
pecting Germany are Suspended, in con®equeuce of
the great diversify of opinions manilested by the
Members of the Commission.
Austria is confidently stated to the Power to which
(he decission of any difference inthe American | ego
Clation is to be referred
Some of the Ministerial Papers are quite at a non-
plus what to say about the’ Peace with America ;
which bas been concluded just at the mo.ucut they
View original were prophecying and imploring a rupture of the
negociation. One of them seems to have a high idea
of the abilities displayed in the formation of the
Treaty; for he consoles himself, “that the great
question ts still lef{ to Commissioners.” and, therefore,
that there remain very cheering hopes of ultimate
discord. In short, that as the Treaty leave matters
of the greatest consequence unsettled, it is not so un-
pleasing to ati, as one which bad comprcbensively
and difinitively arranged all subjects in dispute, must
inyeliably Lave been.
Major-General Sir George Murray is appointed to
succeed Sir G. Prevost,, aad Commodore Owen to
succeed Sir J. Yeo, in their respective commands tn
Canada. Both these Oilicers were expected at Pors-
mouth on Sunday, tomake preparations for ther prs-
sive. Sic G. Murrray was Quarter-Master.Genera]
to the Duke of Wellington. Commodore Owen is
confesscdly one of the ablest Commanders in the na-
val service, and whose qualifications are peculiarly
adapted to this coumand. The ships, and all that
appertain to them, are in fultre to be under the sole
equipment amd direction of (he Naval Commander, to
act inconcert; forthe common objet, with the com-
minder in Chiefof the land forces. The Niobe, Capt.
Deacon, was ordered on Saturday morning to take the
Commodore out, and to sail to-day.
A British Officer on the American station, in a let-
ter to a friend, states as follows:—pilot vessels for
fowins tropedoes have been invented in New York,
for the purpose ofimpelling throneh tbe water the
infernal torpedoes intented to blow up the British
line-obatile ships. A winch inside the vessel turns
two wheels on the outside, and which are placed on
the larboard side. These wheels impel both the pilot
vessel and the torpedoe attached to it, at the rate of
four miles per hour. Within the vessel are twelve
meu. The botfom of the vessel is not much unlike:
that ofa boat, bat itstop isarched. The scantling
are those of a shtp of 100 tons fons. The planks are
ofinch and hilfscuff, and those being cgsed over with
iron plates of lialfiaud inch thickness, are not ta be
injured by shot. On the top there is a scuttle forthe
crew lo enter, and this epening is elso the look-out
Where a sentineh is constanty pliced. “he air holes
forward and abaft, give sufficient atr to the crew.
The vessel draw six feet water, bat one foot only is
to be seen above the water, and this being painted of
a dingy white, is not perceivable. The torpedo is
of course attached to the stem of this vessel, ropes
Jendiag to at fron two ring bolts inthe after part.
The torpedo is filled with powder and combustible
matior, and in its inside (here isa gun lock, to which
is fustened a striné, which leads to the seattle of the
pilot vessel. Waving this infernal machine elose to
the vessel which itis infented (to fire, the string is
pulled the moment the tropedo touches her, and the
pilot vesselalteriag her course, by means ofa rudder
altached to her, goes off in the general confusion.
Anarticlein 2 London paper, under date of Vien-
ma, 13th of Deceinber, says,—“ We are assured that
the Russian forces that have advanced to the Turk-
ish frontiers under Gencral Benigsen, amounted to
120,900 men.
Rear-Admiral Rolles is appointed to the command
at the Jamaica station. Mr. Halliday, Secretary.
Capt. Perby, of the Shark, is appointed Flag-Cap-
tain to Admiral Rolles. @
Commodore Owen is appointed to the Lakes of
Canada,—anid is to go out with considerable reinfor-
cements. A frigate was preparing at Portsmouth for
the reception of himself and oflicers to join his coin-
Sir Jamess Lucas Yeo, as commander in Chief on
the Canadian Lakes, bas preferred a distinct charge
against Sir George Prevost, respecting his conduct at
Plattsburgh, so fur as it was connected with the ope-
rations of the British Sguadron,on Lake Champlain.
Sir George must; in course, be brought to a court-
View original The Mission from the King of Spain to Bonaparte
is stated to have had for its object to require him to
deliver up the Prince of Pe&ce. This demand Bo-
parte is said to have refused, but to have intimated
that he would not allow the Prince of the Peace tore-
main in Lelba.
We have letters from Cadiz which mention that the
utmost exertions bave been making, and that 3,000,
000 dollars have been raised to accelerate the expe-
dition to (he River Plate. The time appointed for
its sailing was the 15th December, but it is now said
that it will not be prepared to take its departure much
before the conclussion of January. It consists of 4
ships of the line, and some very very large unwieldy
transpor(s, on board which 10,000 men are to be
crowded, so as to leave scarcely the hope that the
half of them will be ina state fit for active duty when
they have crossed the Atlantic. The port to which
they are bound is Maldonado, 109 miles tu the east of
Monto Vido, which, with all other stations on the
shores of the River Plate, is in the hands of the In-
surgents, and must therefure be conquered before it
can be occupied.
Slolen or strayed ‘+ the Master of the Mint :’’ who-
ever will bring him to his disconsolate friends, in
Downing-strect, shall be handsomely rewarded.
Milhtary Force at Hayti.—At the Cape there are
about 5000 infantry and 1500 cavalry, with a very
good park of artillery. The whole of the regular
military es(ablishment is calculated at 22,000 men and
the militia is said to exceed 3S,0C0,—total 53,000.
Fort Henery, or the citadel of Christophe, isa stu-
rable Its
extraordinary clavtation will secure it from any sud-
den attack ;—ils fortifications are constructed with
pendous work, and is considered Iupres
great skill, and ainply provided with water within ;
—and is supplicd with provisions and ammunition
for six thousand men for two years.
— ie
Deke or WeurryGron.
By the arrival of the confidential Secret iry of the
Duke of Wellington from Paris, Ministers are, no
doubt, put into the knowledve of the real situation
of partes in that metropolis, and (hey must have
learned that things are very different trom the state
shewn ta the pnanifacturcd letters hat appear ia the
corrapled prints. ‘hat General Dutonr and tour of
his fricnds ware arrested at one tine, and that in all
forty persons have been taken up, though not one
syllable of the matter has appeared in any of the Pa-
tls ptpers, is cectainly trac. Lhe most. serious part
of (le intelligence from Patis is, that the evil Spirit
Which is sting points with the most malignant eye to
ingland. ‘Phe perseu of our Ambassador i8 not con-
sidered as sate. The most insidious stralageins have
been practise.{ {0 provoke amd irritate his m tnly mind;
and itis earnestly hoped that ine may yicht to the
wishes of his best friends, and return to Bneland.
[Tis betel is called the £ce “quarters of the Belgian
Army, avd the Prince of Orange is still considered
as his dic-de-Camp. This is the language of the
military circles of Paris; and ft cannot be denied but
that his presence must be graling to the mortified
pride of the Marshal.
Phe report in circalation of the intended specdy
of the Duke of Wellington, was also prevalent in Pa-
ris. One of the causes to which his Grace's suppos-
ed disgust with his present situation is altributed is
of so singular, but at the same time of so trival a na-
ture, that it ts difficult to give credit to it. The story
runs, that the Duke, soon after his arrival at Paris,
gave a grand dinner party, to which, among other
distinguished guests, the Prince of the Moskwa ( Mar-
shal Ney) was invited. A plate was put before the
Marshal, on which was richly depicted one of the
Dnke’s victories. The Marshal requested the servant
to take away the plate, and to give a clean one. The
man, ignorant of bis meaning, exchanged it for one
of the same kind; upon which the Marshal took his
hatand withdrew. The same evening, he scata nate
View original to the Duke of Wellington, complaining of {iis af-
fair, asa direct insult towards bimand the rest of th
French Officers present. His Grace (as (he report at
Paris goes), in his reply assured the Prince that he
was entirely unconscivis of the matter which had
giaen him ofience ; that his friends in Iengland bad
scnt him presents of all sorts, and, amoigst others,
different scts of china with various devices; and that
on the occasion alluded to, the plates had been used
by the servants at their discretion, but, of course,
without the smallest intention to give offence to any
of his Grace’s visitors. Notwithstanding this expla.
nation, it is satd a coolness was still obseryeable on the
part of the Prince towards the Duke.
View original IN CUSTODY of the undersigned, a red
Cow with white spots; the owner may have the same
restored, on calling tor the satne and payingthe fine,
expences, advealising, &c. and it not cali’d for, the
same WHI be sold, atter having been three times ade
ver(ised, according the preclamation of the Couit of
Pylicy, dated 6 July 18J4. A.F. FISCHER,
duly authorised.
View original TF
Tine undersigned offer for Sale, Cin addition towhat
they have on hand from other importations) the
folloxing choice articles, imported from London,
per Laronta, via Demerary, whith they wile
dispose of, cheap, for iminediat payarcaty iiz,—
LONDON brown stout in bottles, old Port
wine, Hoffinan’s raspberry and cherry brandy, ditto
fine French olives in hale pint bottles, real Coonine
biandy and Holland’s gin per piece, Northwilshire
and pine cheeses, double rose bulter in firkins, Oys-
lers pul up ina superior manner, pichles, split peas
and barley, vinegar in jugs, refined sugar, ventleis’s
tashionable cluthing, eonsisiiag of coats, black silk,
casimere, silk s(ripe, toilenetle And other waistcouts,
\W cllington’s overals, buff printed Marcilla dressiny
coats, lightmililary topt- Hessian- and W éllineton-
boots, full dress- hall do.- and Planters strong shocs
with buchles, fashtonable silk umbrellas and ladies
parasols, gentlemen’s fashionable walking sticks, ele-
gant towhnge pieces with gold pans and touch: holes
finished in the highest style, pecket and other pis-
tols, elegant Otliccrs swords with belts and hiiots,
ric silk sashes and gold epaulets, gun-powder and
shot, brass bound writing desks and dressing cases
complete, geullemen’s mahogany tool chests come
pletely furnished with the very best materials, cliaise
harnessess, Jockey saddles and bridles, an assurtinent
vt whips, plated spurs wilhacd without silver chains,
mahogany seving glasses, clegant vase lamps with
shales and brass mounting complete, gemtlemen and
Indices black and white silk stocking, cotton. dee-
shine and other gloves, gentlemen’s superior beaver
hits, super fine black- blue- greene and mixed broad
clots, white Marsala waistceating, scarlet. blues and
green- table covers, fine large counterpanes, India
Jean, musquito netting, colton aid lineu checks, plas
(illas cotton and linen, gown patterns, muslins, an
assortinent of cutlery amony which are some elegant
setts of ivory handled kniles and torks, silver ferreld
and tluted penknives, razors, &c. a complete assorte
ment of brass and hardware consisting of all kinds of
locks and hinges, side boards; hat and drawers knobs
aud handles, window pullics, dour bolts, &c., large
and small steelyards, Deracrary hoes, shovels, and
cutlasses, Cleavers, ship scropers, falling axes, sauce
and stew pans, grid-irons, tea kettles, cut- pit- and
saw files, stathonary assorted, books of bills of exe
change and loading neady bound, one and two quire
bouks, paints and oil, soap and candles in small boxe
vs, neatsloot oil, Day and Martin’s blacking, an as-
soruneut of brushes consisting of long- aud band.
brooms, harr- cloth- (able- furniture, shoe-tooth-and
nail brushes, sal€ in barrels and tierces, an assortincat
of cut glassware, Osuaburgs and thread, a laice ase
sortment of negro clothing of the bess qiialtty, bline
kets, &c. GEO. BONE & Co.
NB. No new accounts opened ifntil the old ones are
settled {S lcb.
View original -——
FOR S S ALE. t two Excellent h ealthy Slaves,
one avery good Washer women, a good ¢ ‘ook, and
house servant—the other a boy, who is alsoa good
Cook and house Servant; both healthy and strone
Payable in cash or produce to satisfaction, and toa
voli purchaser, a shortecedtt will be given,
kor particulars enquire at this Office. —-18 Feb.
Vie Manners ot eoeeadlines before the Court of Civ]
Justiec, in nelish and Dutch
The Charter of the colony Berbice, tu English.
The new Dutch Constitution, in Dutch.
Coflee Certificates, Bills of exchange sand Ladine
All kind of Books, blank and ruled, Quills
Ready made Ink in Bottles, &c
View original MARSHAL ’s OF FICK
(> Erratum-—In the Advertisement the [exe ¢
Sale of O} W. Lantsheer. last wee k, siyned ‘.
£rUencnen, first Varsha f "read: ¢*/ f [lant
on LITA sh al. , i \ rap
BY virtue of an Order from His Excelfency
H. W. Bestincen, Esquire. Lieut.-<Govera
Colony Berbice and its Dependencies, &c, &c. &
dated the Oth instant.
Notice i: hereby cviven to the Public. that che
Execution sale su hIry N eroe S|
of W. Gordon, ' hich serle was to
Sth and Oth instant, in favor of Lh s Frayer Lay-
ficld, is postponed Gll the 13
Berbice, Oth Mareh. IS]5.
KP RANCKEN, First Marshal.
BY virtue of at anvointment from the Ho-
norable Court of Civil Justice. of this colony. dated
© oar Arty ) . .
20 January IS15.-civen upon a peti lon | ented by
- ro . : ; ; \ ’ . . .
K. Krancae , First coursbal of his colon for and
. Pr c rN > ’ 7 } , .
Ail TLAMV? i (yg L« ‘iS. ‘ ce fd i@rcDy criven fo
the Publ c, that Tthe 4 nderstened intend to Sell. at
Public Sats, in the presence of two Counsellors Cem-
missaries and ¢ rScoreftar®. on Mdyvey hay the rar
day of Maren ISi5, the Coffea Estate called Aton
kieraad, tele willin the river of thi OLORY, Wil
all its cultiva » bucldinygs, slaves, and other ty}
prafensnces thereto bel ugiigy (he property of J.J.
de Mey.
W boever should think to have ar v rieht. action.
or intcrest on the above Gd Coflee Estate called
, > ° ' 4
Kort Beraad. ( thdaa af ic .AI | \' tS]) \, tO OP Pose (he
. e :
} KCCUTLO Sace tH CO’. fet Wet) Pers MTS address
theiselves tothe Wearsh ls Otfhce, of thts colong
de Lapin thers SOS fOr me ow due tine and
forma, as Phereby give matics Chiat [ will veceiy lL}.
positien from every bilecp anya d We per yr) app int
thema doy to have isor they may bres
i] 1
Court. and hurt rd f J) Fare c-{ | | ¢ " La 4
Boibice, 10 1) \ a One) i> }
View original BY virtue of an sppoiutment trom the Ho-
norable Court of Civil Justice of (he colony Berbice,
dated 20 January 1815, given upon a petition pre-
sented by Joha Wiison, as (he Attorney ot dolia and
Rodert Gladstone, of Liverpool, Merchants. Notice
is hereby given fo the Public, that Pthe undersiened
intend (o Sell, at Public kxeention Sale. in the pyres
sence of trvo Ceuneccllars Commissories and their Se
crefary, on Monday the 1O of Apul ISts, the undi-
vided brit of the Coton Estate eatled Pesonree.
with all its boillines, slives, cultivation, and. ture
ther appurtenances thereto b fonving, situate on thre
Corentyn coast of this colony, the property of DP.
Whoever should think to have any right, action
orinterest, on the abavenamied uadivided hvlf os
Plintation Resource, and wisbes to Oppose the Exe.
caution Sale the eot, let sueh persons address ilreim-
selves fo the Marshal's Oftice of this colony. declha-
ring (heir reasons tor so doing in due time ane forin,
as LP hereby give novice that Twill receive Opposition
from every tfermediate person, appoint then a day
to liave his or ber claiin heard betore the Court, and
and further wet there as the Law direots:
Berbice, (0 Mareh, 'S105.
Kh. PRANCK EN, Foret Moredar!,
-_—_ CO
PURSUANT to a Surrender in Execution
Made by A. A. de la Court, as the eeneral \ttorne y
of Otto William Lontsheer, now absent from the eo-
lony, in favor of Kits Praneken, anc in consequence
ofa Writ of Gyzcline, served for that purpose on
the sald A.A. ce la Coucl in capacity aforesaid. J
the undersigucd intend to Self, at Public Execution
Sale, in the presence of two Conncellors Commissa-
ries and their Secretary, on Wednesday the 29th of
March, $815, at the Court TITouse of this colony, at
[1 o'clock in the tagenoon of thint day .—Tlre front
hat ot Lot No. 46, second Empolder ot the Lown ot
New Auisterdain, with all the buildiogs thereupon,
viz,—a capital Dwelling house, balletiree frame, two
Stories end a halt bigh, long 44 by 22 tect in breadth,
divided in two large chambers, under a Hall, and a
Chember on top, and two very good Chambers up
stairs, Together with a Gailery a beck of the house,
with a Side Dbuilding being a hitehen with a brick
fire plice and oven, a small chamber for servants
next to the hitchen, a nec ssary with a pigeon loft
attops; aSide building being a chaise Louse, horse
stable, and fowl house with an excellent chamber in
top: a building, being a new ene, made for Negroe
houses, and divided in different chambers: also a
Garden with different fiait trees of all description ;
and aa entirely new honse Frame, of bullettree wood
Wiig a gallery a back of it, standing up ¥locks, and
View original
View original Oo
a staclling honse, and lastty, two
water Vats, and anew rading ot dats round the
hole Lot,—the property of OLW . Taatsheer afore-
Whoever should think himself entitled to oppose
the Execution Sale of aforesaid half Got No. 46 and
buildings, let such persons now address themselves
to me the undersiene ‘dl, declaring their reason for so
Coing tn due time and form, as k he reby vive notice C.
that IT will receive Op} ositien from every intermediate
person. appoint them a day to have bis or her claims
‘ard Belore he Court, and further act therein as the
Haw directs,
This 2nd Proclamation made known to the Public
as Cusfoinary.
Berbser, 3 March, | a
TH. AN TZE, Marsha}.
View original —————
—_—_——- ~~
BY virtue ot an Appointment from the Honorable
Court of Civil Jastice, of this colony, dated the 17th
December, 18/4, given upon a Petition presented by
i. Franchen, as First Marshal, for and in name ot
WV .Gordon, as together with Evan Fraser and Angus
Fraser, the surviving Attornies jointly and severally
for Donald M’Leod, of Geanies, in the County of
Ross, North Britain.
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that I the
nndersigned intend to Sell at Public Execution Sale,
in the presence of two Councellors Commissarics and
their Secretary, on Wednesday the 13 of March 1s 15,5
firstly, the Cotton Estate called GE ANTES, situated
on the Correatyn coast, with ali its cultivation, slaves,
buildings, and further appurtenances thereto belony
Iigy—and secondly, the lower halt of lot No. s0.,
situate in (be Correntyn river, of which Estates an
Inventory may be seen, as also of the ‘enns of Sale,
at the Marshals Ollice, during the hours of duty :
snd Estates being the property of J.C. M’Leod and
John Bethune.
Whoever should think himself entitled to oppose
the bxecution Sale cf the two ab venrntoned Ls.
fates, icf such person or persons address themsclyes
te the Marshal’s Office, declaring their reason Cor
60 doing, ast hereby give notice, that | will receivg
Oppostiua from every one ti Teuutoqual fied by law,
sppout them a day io have bias or her claim beard
betore (re Court, and fnither act therein as the Lay
This 4th Proclamation published as cnatormary,
Berbice, 29 January, 1815.
KO PRANCHUIIN, First Marehat.
NB. The Sale of said Lstates is to take place on the
Jespective spots.
KK. Francxen, First Marshal,
BY virtue of an Appointment from His Ex-
ecllecey Ti. We. Bentinck, squire, Lieutenant-
Governor of the Colony Berbice and its Depenaden-
Clesy Ke. Ce. ke. given Upon a petition prescnted by
James fraser, for hisaself and other Sequestrators ol
plantations Now 40 & 41, west coast of the Colom
Sorbice, the property ot M csrs. Sinadband Lhreltall,
deceascw s said appointment beavis = date the Oth ol
Siorch 16].
J the understened, First Meaishat of the Courts
Within this colony, ana of vee request of aforesaid
Sequesttitors.-=-Do heccoy Suminow by diet: at!
haowtand utknown © fanmenfs, as wellin this Colony
asin the Gnited Colonies of Demerary and }ssegueba,
OM Ladd vieceeds of the sale or plantadons 40 & m | ty
west coast of this colony, the fate property of P.
well ened Wo Pheeltall, dee. to appear ia PCVson oF
by | roxy, at (he Bar of the Couis ot Civil dustice of
(is colony, on Monday the 17th day of A prul lot,
avd following days, there, to render in their claims, to
maintain the same, and to witness, alter the fourth
bdictal Saummons, the Court's decission, on the pre-
twrent and concurrent right of the claimants, on pain
uf perpetual silence.
This Simmons by Edict, made known to the Pu-
blic by beat of drum from the Court House of this
coloay, and further dealt with according to Lavy.
Berbice, this 10th day of March 1815,
le. Franewen, First Marshal.
HY virtue of an Appointment from His KEx-
ecllency H. W. Bentinck, Esquire, Lieutenant-
Governor of the Colony Berbice and its Dependen-
cles, &e. &. &c. given upon a petition presented by
the Orphan Chamber of this colony, and in that ea-
pactiy baving charge of the unadministercd Estates ;
said appointment bearing date the Sth of March I825.
Tithe undersigned First Marshal of the Courts with-
in this colony, and at the request of abovenasned
Orphan Chanber.—Do hereby Summon by Idict:
all Known and unknown Criditops against the under-
incntioned Estates, viz :—
M. Haring, I’. van Ball, G. FP. V. Smalley,
Donald, HM. van Aken, A. Frase, W. Nicolson,
J. C.F. Harras, R. Rose, R. Towle r, IV. Agard,
D.C. Park, W. Miller, T. Stohes, J. Champlin,
and J. Munro.
View original
View original se
View original eee
BY virtue of an Appotatinent from Lis Eo <
cellency H. W. Bentinck, Rsguire, Lieutenant.
Governor of the Colony Berbice and its Denenden-
cles, &c. &c. &e. given upon a Petition pres tod
by KR. ©. Downer, in capacity as Allorney of \\".
King and P. Benjamin, the Curators ot (he ix
Francis Bynoe, dec. and the Parties in Whose
an Execution Sale of plantation Bess Power. can
anneXts, Was made inthe month of Melruare, Ist,
sald appointment bearing date the Sth March IS).
Ithe undersigned First Marshal of the Courts wit!
lu this colony, and at the request of RG. Dow Ty
in hits abovementioned capucity,<—Do heroby Sui.
mon by Edict: all known and unkuown claimants ja
the proceeds of plantation Best Bower, CHM aANNEXIS,
lo appear before the Bar of the Court of ( ‘tvil Justice
of this colony, on Monday the I7th day of Void,
Slo, and fotlewing days, there, to render in th ir
Claiwis, Co maintaia the same and to Witness, Ver tre
fuurth ledictal Stumumons, the Couil’s decission « mthe
preferent right or the claimants, on pain of perpetual
Lhis Summon by Edict made known to (he public
by beatof diam: trom the Court House of this colony,
and turther dcalt with according to custom,
Betbiec, this JOtd day of March, 1815.
K. FRANCKEN, Lirse VWarsho!.
BY virtueofan Order froin His Excel}einey
I. W. Bexvinck, Eeqaire, Lieutenant-Govereor
of Che colouy Berbice and its Dependencies, &e. &e.
uider diate the 2d inst., given upon a Petition poo
sented by H.C. Hintzen. Notice is hereby eiven
to the Public, that the Debt for which Plantscion J
Fraternitc, situate inthis River, the proparty of thy
Mets of the late Widow Sporon born van Deinse,
was peascd tn ‘oo Sequestration, bavine been arrare
“od, the said plantation La Fraternité is bereby re.
leased from Bxccution and Sequestration.
Berbice, 3d March, 1815.
K. FRANCKEN, First Wares?
LLL a ee
dle of
View original LLL oe
wiry FOR AMSTERDAM. the brie Go
a eete arda Jacaha* Louisa, Janes Johaunicen,
Viaster, wall sual Ue 25th of March next, Coe Breielit
apply to G. PAUECS and
IS Feb, Hl. oO. LINTZEN,
es FOR LONDON, the fast sailing briz
ebicem maw, Jun Pavy, Master, stands A. 1. at
Lloyds, copper and copper fastened, will positively
erowith the April convoy —lor freluhit apply to the
dlaster on board or . G. PAUELS.
Capt. Pavy has exeetlent accommodation for pase
sengers, and offers for Sale a consignment of choice
provistons and dry goods. 1! Feb.
Who has for Sale a fing lone boat, which pulls ree
markably fast amd carntes well.
DEN ondergeteekende vooruemens zynde in
hort deze holonie te verlaten, verzoekt ten vricude.
Iyksle aan cen iegelyk, waarmede hy openstaiade
rekening heeft, dit ten spoedigste te veretfenen, ten
einde hem in staat te stellen zyne cngagementen te
Pot Levordering van spoedige en gcleverde afleve-
ring vanwit turepa berwaards geconsigneerde goce
deren, proponecrd den vndergeteckende aanalle Plane
(ers en Tnwooners dezcr kelonie, een ruim gebouw,
metal het daar toe benodigde, gelegen in het midden
dezer Stad, aan de voordain, tot een zoozenaamde
Vryinans pabhuis te appropricéren, in manicre als te
veren Ther in de kholouie gebruikelyk is ceweest, op
zoodanig plan en konditicgals zal hunven worden
overeengckomen; verzoekende hy onlerecteckende
de Planters en andere zich daartoe Inclincrende, zich
aan hem, ten einde gelicve te addresseren.
a er
FOR SALE a cowplete sett of the £:: cyclo pe-
dia Parthensis, an exce!lont light Chaise aud a good
chaise Horse,eas also 5Q sheep. Application forthe
purchase of the above, may be made to the subscri-
ber, on plantation Kilcuy, West Cerentine coast.
25 Keb. Jnu. FRASER.
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock pm.
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Privileged Governmont Printers.
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11 March 1815