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The Berbice Gazette

View original IMPORTED tu the Lenai, from London, and
for Sale by the Subserihers, om reasonable torms
for prompt payment, a choice assortment of Why
following ailicles, sclecled by themselzcs on the
spot, Tizy—
IRISH linens and sheeting. French pullicat and cam.
bric red bordered handkerehtels, mos puito awn, Iin-
dia dimity, light ground ecambric prints, biae and
ereen shawls, liackabacks, diamond cuslings, super
fine and pate nt shirfiae, yreonet neckeloths, coun-
terpanes, stout c at, Hane lh) I. ached Ru bt shecel-
ing and do. brome, | O » men’s brown and white
cotton whole and hall hose, brown cotton linabe wool
ancles and feet, clastic colton and) worsted jackets,
silk and cotton hall hose, single colton caps, women’s
plain and sandal mbrowercd cotton hose, silk and
cotton hose, men’s white and black stlkh hose & white
sk hod’ hose, wouren’s white and black silk hose,
lidies and wentlemens lia's, ladies straw, lustre and
waited bonnets, finey Lowe rs anil wre ats, plaids i,
piec es, jewellery. be ids, WiaiChies, Hessian tend Weel-
line@ton boots, Ligetit am strong shocs, oil floor cloths,
z idle Iv, ne rfame TV, hha Yenc: she Ty ) gloves, Gangs,
ladies writtny and dr SSIN® Cases, wearing apparel,
nezto hats aad elothi ine, cullery. Japamwdl and plir-
ted wares, ich blick silk pteees, black and colouid
checked silk hkfs., ilsluarls ane! sewing silh, pochet
books, cotton brzvaine, bantin, sewing and sein twine
nod sail needles, blach varnt ish, green, red, fine blac
and yellow palitts, pent and neats foot ail, Ivory
fans, anticorrodin paintin firkins, butter in firkins,
pine oy mle end loaf checses, Wesphaliansand Y oth.
shire hens, michkled Comenes tr kegs, prime Leaden-
hal! beefin Grainne, rounte of beefin tubs, (ripe, bar-
ley and ss Hitpoos ta hes Sy nhocs, shovels, Cirpeaters
and COONS (60) Ny ch CUT | msaunls nent ol Lronmon:
wery, © andles, SOPs * OL, S,& Ob inch rope, sta tonne
ry, cold cy cash ts and i sulation sistes, pale ale in
bottles, brows H(oatin bottles and in b mre ds. Port sic
Vidonia wines ta Loctie: —a lamdsonie vig will har
nes complete.
}} Feb. ROBERTS & DOoTau NE.
Tot No. ly, New Amsterdam,
es ee ek
View original ee ee
THs Subseriter bas reeeive dp. the Renan,
anextensive ard ele
on assoriment of fondon re aly
made cloath ys. boo sob
mess at sepduack, cotton! forens
tine, silver and elifed wor hte lhe
Will dispose
of very toasonebty. fori onecive payin ity oo
Whosale or refatl, at (he store of DiC Caner Wb sg.
tl beh. P. ANTE:
_- —-—
View original a Ne eee —
—— - —-- ——__$_ —__—__.
RECEIVED per the beigs Bordiciaan, Le -
p , J
kan wand OUP CMW d; ”, a choice SOP MME nt
of wines, Woyuors, provisions, ar x68, ke. whieh
will be sold very reasonable, for iummediaf payment,
Th ROOP by den onderecteekende, op het
Erf No. 7,—Edanimer hatsjos a 34 tbe, onde pluite
) '
diloa 10 tb., Leidscbe komyne ditoa LOL Ib., bote
Mm Kleine Viratyes, beste Y | le vont W do., VV.
in do., Maus- Vrouwee cn Kinder- schoenen, gezout
vieesch en visch.—Tevers rehommandeerd den on-
derecteekende zich tot: het waarnemen van kormmis.
siéa z00 bier als in tlotland, als hebbende daartoe de
cunsttysle eclegenheid, Vcr zoherende cence prompt«
encivile behartizing der Dclangens van de wan hem
toevertrouwde zaken.
]1 Feb. PETRUS pr COBJE.
CRABWOOD LUMBER, of all d ‘sCrip-
fione, for Sale very reasonable, if taken by larsrc
quantities, apply to A. G. Caliner, in town, .
Pl Feb. G. PAULTLS, qq.
yeti s FOR LONDON, the fast sailing brig
esccam Baan, Jel Pavy, Master, stands A. 1. at
Lloyds, copper and copper fastened, will postlivels
sail widh the Apuil convoy—for freight apply to the
Masteg on board or G. PAUELS.
Capt. Pavy has excellent accommodation for pise
seneers, and offers for Sale a vonsienment of choice
provisions and dry good, I] Feb.
whee FOR AMSTERDAM, the new brig
bile BerBIcIAAN, Cornelius Rab, Master, wall
sail the Sth of March next,—tor freight apply ta
1] Veb. G. PAUELS'or H.C. HINT ZEN.
TO RENT, the front House on Lot No. 29
wwe )
For particulars enquire of the Subscriber, on Lot
No. 29, New Amsterdam.
11 Keb. J. MUNO.
View original Tbe yy Ff
ry. ‘ ‘ ’ ’ ‘ e-
NOTE ku 18 i ‘ ‘ a Me bs. 5
‘I. ‘ : Q . ' : ’
' hl Ze iN bf et. ¢° ‘ } ) ‘ re ley
he Boechebotthe wie say poe tow eth,
rid over Corts foor | Soil ty. “(|
(iY) sd ly teat, are] EW a a I
payment, willout lt! | Sit imeand onthe
first April New, a bal UW ‘ is) | j ar he | (Oo
persous.— Tt Peb. ‘ AS VL. .
¥ 4 | - . ACCEL S
ve. Ve bi yy
Oo = —— —_—_
A WD. Cl Cc 1. ba. Liv NL, as well
In prive as tc anip. i ein OL bres bom ie aay
may coneera, ot boyodty re pow of Ar
Corney on Mr. Ps
. ;
al eZ 4 6h ie UL outst uF
debts, CAVINE Fees wos ty oN. bt beb.
2B Ro JUG inho c oo. GSU oceiber,
a black Horse. spotted wor eo. aet ty legs.—
which, attee Girce fio sn ry bor chimed,
will besold at Veucu. , ON pence.
bl feb. , J Nita, Sheriff
— —_—— —_— —_— — —__——__—— $$
NOVPFEC LE ais hee Sots oy (ie undersign-
ed, that Virw ot. | eS 2) tot hess which ts
now nullbinvalio ls ors cre ot. un fora howe whieh
he wasramteel (obs sonids Une fore proving to the
contrary, Was beotictuon do waelia Che diated time
specified da (Mie notes waten te ae ses eave Up
as the note was dian to Onder, Unis ly (0 CAULOn
persons taking ian pry meit.
I] beb. Jue. QUARTLISS,
quan assesses Se —— <7 2 ee a
View original Giueen, 26 ee Bw 8D ee aa
Tif NMcreheate of this Colony,
and Masters of J sey ore herehy i formct,
thalno ficllere ep lity tase of the Ccners or
Consienecs) shal be cou. GI fre. oF ECC eed L0
any of Elis Mavi sty ts Laci ney ly Merchunt ese
eles anlose they are. orl yy ted thicusha
Post O fice aelddcar lhe scat t/ 6. t/ j. ‘Leer forc
thc Letter Bacce cil! ta Pucere reocanoat the Psi
Office ta piace Of (Moir Cor there diaues sy aercoal'e
tuan Actof Purbarrort, of, Grow I. Cap. 169,
poesed vast year, Traisercsscors are lighle to heavy
Ponaltics, which are orucrcd bo be rigkl’y eaforced,
Berbice, Sh leh.
Re Woh ONT, Net. Dep. Postinr. Gen.
rare. = i 4a &®& + =e s 5 -— a 6) Ee £2. a see
View original re!’ - - a ——_— . —_ » a SS °° -2.= =e * suey
TE V1) “AS for ae ON) | bs. Dest quality,
and y,' Ss. ead broken Cote ; the (rT rvida ,
Plintattion Jia Prat I) will be Hee uved bw the
Subscribers, Gib the Sele’ Uits moatiy, et the bouse
Ol Dr. J. Bor i. Poof ‘vo. 1, New \moel roan,
8 Reh. S. i stralots.
Payment to be made in colony curren y.
FOUNDER D of Berbice River, on Mon-
davai ht dest ths Odrotlanuary, a Schoener, la-
dean with T7 bcs ef eof ony vizs—
21 Scuare bales marked HC,
2? Round dos usiked PR OW,
S Po. do, marked PW,
$3 Dy. Go. ene ccd le gf.
Shontd any Oye toove dh [ be yi kel np, infor-
ination Cheroobais ve yt sted tu be given to J. Wulff,
Ibsq. New Aust. 8 Icb.
The undcesign od inteudivg to cuit the colo-
Ny MN O weeks oe Qoanvomelis trowe dates requests all
persons hhavies coy demondsacutnet him to render
the same; aad Qhoose indebted to come torwrd with
prviaent., fhe oiler vor Sale, cherp, his premises an
lot Now TO, Com vist 2 3 road Load, v ha dwellimg
lotrge: QY fy y TLE kecland out-houses, &c,.
4 Feb. JOHN DOW.
—_—_ —ti—(—C —— $e
SS) Li. 7).
THE next Meeting of (his So-ricty will be
heohdat Plantation Port MM vurant, on ‘Tuesday the 14
iust.—4 cb, F. CORD, Sec
EOR SALE, by the Sul ISCLID r, at reduced
prices : Ban mut mackrel (09: oh to ile fois
barrels salmon P88. boxes of fish 120 lbs. each at
Of stuiver p. 1b., lone leat tobicco foe JO. per lb.
lrishhamess beet in tierces (1b 4. ba els mess pork at
f 1oe. halfdo. 1 70. assorted pickles in boxes con-
taining 9 laree bottles at JAA. per box, fish sinuses
at fot. por boide, coffee and cotton |. weving al f 1,
per yard, hums, hang beet, lies fish, cheese, &c.
alicb. J. WULIEE
View original -_—- --oorr————————————————————— ——$—_ Ss ee
NOTICE —This is to inform the Public: —
That the President and Members of the ‘Town Com-
mittee, have authorized Mr. A. F. Fischer, to take
np all horses, mules, asses, cattle and sheep, which
wflany fime may be found straying on the public
roids ordams of this Town, according to a Procla-
motion of (he Honorable Court of Policy, dated Gt
July, 1813.—New Amst. P1th Feb,
Sec tothe Town Commitice.
ew Se eS Se ees
View original aS a ee Sees eel
LOR SALE by the Subscriber, the tuliow-
hye facia Goods, imported Inthe Sinan Coch, Capt.
Warren, from London:—Blue and white salempo-
res, blue, white and yellow nankecns, OS & 6b ja-
couct musiins, seersuchus, Bandama handkerchiets,
liyson tetand black pepper.
=— —_—
View original (MIPOR TED inthe Ship Simon Cock. Capt.
BO. Warren, from London, and tor Sule by the Sub-
<eriber :—London particular Madetra wine in hes,
Champagne, chiuret. Port wine, evdary sola water,
Preneh brandy, Wolland’s gin, flo fnaws chorry +
rispberty brandy, preserved fruits, confcetion:
hams, cheese, potatoes, herrings tu barrels, line
sourcroul, beefand pork in tierces and half ho
inuistard, vinegar, sptces, black pepper, prance,
tins, cuitants, reGined sugar, gun powder hyson
cotton and coffee bagging, Russia shirtine, br
Mollind’s, cheeks, Osnabure’s, India whise and
low naakeons, satempores, hkfs., India book, ia.
nef, cambric, mull, sprigged, spotted and satin
ed mueling, fine Tiaens, Jong lawns, French cam
pocnet hifs., black crane, bombazeen, sarcenct,
colon shints and bkES., sup. fine Iidies blec!., '
aod «reen cloths aad kerseymore, Manchester ot
ed ninkeens, ginzhams, thread, ta pes needles, bali x
straw and while beaver bonnets, fashion ible ti!
children do., ladies dresses, Lappels khis.y coliois,
(bread Jace, edgingsand footing, childron robs a.
caps, silk and cotton stockings, gentlemen's <i! ‘
beaver hats, gloves, boots, shoes, shirts, pooiio -,
waistcoals, robes des chambre, ladies shoes, elo ves
pearl and earmet drop earings, bricelets nnd bv a's.
youths hats and shoes, mahogany wriling ests. ay
diessing cases, lavender, rose and honey water, hi]
cotiquiy Windsor soap, Pack wood’s ravzorstrrps ar
shaving brushes, silk umbrellas and Parasis, waz
and spermacett candles, pitch, tar, drved rel octire,
paleatand common paints, sperm. net fool & ra
oils, gunpowder, shot and flats, sash pultics & cnt
fishing lines, sewing & scin twine, vat hoops, riy
sheet lead, building & temper lime, Romane eo .
nails 4d. to 40d., boat nails 24 to Sinch, clis en's
cd do., boat chains, hand and whip saw:. | TR Ter
braces amd bitts, adze, axes jack, smoothine aod
beading planes with spare trons, hammers, cimblets,
compass: s, files, hoes, shovels, ivory handled and
comnmon knives with or without forks, wine and vat
cochs, ylog pans, rid irons, tea kettles, bras, j late
and banbury locks, hinges, screws, shop scales and
weivhts, plantation do. with Dutch 50 Ibs. do., wa.
lerscals A to Z, portable billiard tables, swiaging
cradles, hair inatiasses, toilet glasses, stationary, and
glassware, Negro and tradesmen’s jackets, Wrappers
and hats, neat leather dunks, bird cases, corks, &c.
A keh, Wa. HENERY.
———_ —
View original NEGROES TO HIRE. —Tweuty valuable
Pieht People, menand women. For particulars en-
quire of the Sabscriber.
98 Jan.
Cifls. KY TE.
View original Ss = | a
Noticets hereby eizen, th atamonth afler date the
follois ne Teonspares anil. Vorleages will be passed.
21. James Praser will tra: Inport to Alex, l'raser
Loot No. iz West coast, comnonly called Sea-
ficld, \\ 11) . id slives.
Alexander Fraser W illinorteage to Jas. F rascr,
halt of said DT, th one |: re of all Rlaves how
altacned thereto, tn seety ity of the balance due
(o was. Fraser of the purchase of the whole of
sald Lot with 47 slaves.
——- Alex. Fraser will Irauspor! fo Alex. Siepson
the ofher half of soid Lot No. AY with bathed
all slaves, stock, boat, Appurlenanes s BUC ¢
Jan. YS. Colin Douelas will (rinsport fo Demerary
OS Negroes, names to be seen at CO,
Kk.C.DOWNe Sey
J ali.
View original
View original
View original A A Ft -—__<
Py Tits Bacelovcy Henry Wrreras
LENTINGK, Lt pre re, Lireul.-Gooci nor
ocr bie colony Perbsce und its Depen-
incites, se. . or Kc
And the Honorable Court of Policy of
fhe sald colony.
Zo. lf whom these presents may or shall
COLL, Greeling ! Bedi known:
if HS Tthe number of Slaves on Estates subicet to
reopewment oof Plat tations Money, consisted on the
MDecetrber ISTE, in 22,094 Heads, and that on
partion, the Pluatadon-Moncy tor the present
vi . is by these presents fixed and regulated at
ve Sdizvers por sleaid.
Ih pvetsotts pronase SSNS any Estates or who may have
Hitoistrattod oO them, aie horcby enjoined and
Med to imake posiment lor the alores ud Planta-
vie Money, orresbe tothe said Reprrtition, at the
reotthe Reccwer Geuctal, of on Lelure the First
PY MEXfensaine,
sab Harder Tiara. tenorance may be pretended,
ise resents shillbe pablihed, auined, aad love.
eee warietie Lit of Staves, priaited ani sent roun
NC Cudideat satales withia cle culony, as is cus-
) ve
renveed rronr Ordinary Session of the Court
vy the doth J hiaaty slo; Preosen‘, idis
gy laoutcoun-Goverior Benresek, and
tae Sionbers das. Diasery Po baucaira,
eee Ghoeiusy aed Gr. SDuaro,
by Comuonad of the Court,
RoC. Os N tak See,
Ato ladon the OS: hrollowiag sees sity bids
j a bie GEOVOLul add. j the Honor: ble She an
tH 2s cele ice fu previce or
6. OC. LOM Natt, Soe.
—_—_— a + oe —— —— —=~se -_-——~— - —
vy Corvsard of the Court of Civil Justice.
ik oceole Courctot Civil Justece ot the co-
Prev LO. Pdf OOser veh Coat Waly persons,
dy ba ee thor Gir cts, remain de erent ta obe-
Cale t, rr ee Pe ieee ob Che dota d ey TS14,
(dst bee tee ti bdshed dur niloiualom
Aa 1 Ve tot to be paul (horcuulo, by all
( ' (3 ty rbetore dae sod t Comal y,
~li dog ob , ' ot Cie Cons Displeastac,
are bow bas Uae dvew presen s.
dali o asvlscy Sebalory, teal Jauuuaryy bold.
a, © OIA ly
DN e ( . wd \\ .N alt, Sec.
~~ ee ee PH, le A ee
View original
View original ~—/?
- ’ “ ‘ ? ’ , I y ° ’ -~
se fo¢ | ) 7 t)
( ’ v ( \ Os ata ft
lt © ' 4 0 OT rir {ve ‘ \ f }
- | ’ ! : “a NOT cit
Pipose, Wrcont tie same having boou eeaunaagne
rereipto Tae by the Courts amt the < (
morftes qaterested therein, reed rly S1 onal by
Vdvertisement tar the pul hie Pape rs, und due Notice
rivenofat least ne cali romonth. to Wy pear bee
fore them, and to state Gheir Obj ctrons , pre Viously
(Co their marking up their report the en
AND the Secretary of the Gonit, is here y slictly
fort; Vi to future fo veccive any Doe UMmecnts Or Voue
Chers tron aay ofthe Mecounting Parties afor said,
withotee a reg ilar Ll ventory (hh rey is af the Sting
ves | ve hem by the svid partioss ch ily signe
eda ited by then; and he is dir ‘cled, on ree
reiving such Inventory, to 0) NPE the same with
the Vouchers, and certity the aceurac y thereot, and
further to dcliver to them the said par mS one repy
ofsuch Inventory signed and attested ly hin, wratisy
such Inventories and Accounts to be care uliy on
served by tim tn his Oluee, property Label doond
paraphed, aad not to be returned or etyen out ot tha
Oflice, except tn cases of pire and concurrentia, wicer
pronawackition ol (he SCTHMCHee Tn {hac sc CSCS, Wi houé
anexpress Order of the Court or Governor.
A thuc extract, published tor general informa‘ nN,
by order of the Honorable Court ot Civil TRIES
( 7 (( -_ Lite \ :
I . iL OW NL. ty See.
—— —— - | —
-— os =o —_— = _ —.<.—
[3k Le [3] . “
Finge’s House, 2'3t Jan. 1815
THE 1 euterant us OVCTDOL EN | ling cten Tre
reou wi y al i! Contuston for the Wwauloor due atlenme
(4 nto the Clr ‘roaow th crespeetive: tle | morible the
Courts of Pohhoy, Criminalan! Civildustiee. NOW
1D] Ch! Ls, rat the sam le re-publ recs cant <'ricle
ly complicd with, by all parties; and Notilicd chat
Ho petion willbe recerved as (h reia meastidned afe
ler the thine SPCCU | Iyy (he same Order, mnbless in
Cases of 6 ericulun in ora, which must be made
tuacuyad de »‘l) tU WpPpeuk
Py command,
PW. Wl ., Gov. See,
The HWonerable Courts of Policy, Ciimi al and
Civil Justice of tue Colony » and
Ji bboving observed that many persons pr ‘senting
Poticions to the aforesud Courts, frequenidy deviate
from the weneral order, civen out in thers f, une
derdate ol 92 November [Sf ). Whereb: Gd | tions
were required to be delivered info the P ‘ent’s
Rice, within a ce ortain period pres tons to or Site
nes, NOW ORDER, and require, rsons
Vio have Petitions to present Co the Cau [ icy,
. .
Craminal, or Cival fustice, Co remncer ia the »seme to
Ifis Pxceleney the Governor, as President. 48 bours
resionus fo the sitttme of that Court to whic l such
Non isadare Ws asotherwie Pettis cil not
mw Noticed, except in ctses Of poricilint in iivrae
Court House, cerbicc, 28th July, IST4.
by Commnane 3
It. C, De WINER, SEeCci Clary.
By Coinmand of the Honorable Court of
Podey ond Crinitual Justice of the Colony
The following Explenatory Extract from the
VIinates of the said Court, is published for Gee
iCfal fulormation:
«Vl IW EREAS it has been represented to the
Court, (hat imany P roprictors of Estates are impres-
sed with ani ley atin the Annual Returns to be
<tven ti by them to the Receiver General, it is uns
necessary to include tv: a Slaves; they being
Considered exe uipt from the Capitation Tax.
And as this lnipression is perteetly erroneous and
andi ecl comradicttonto the Ordinances of the Court
of Policy, whereby, undera neayy fine, to be paid
by Dotautters, Sk a of every d escription are require
ed to be ine lade din the list viven in by their Owners
to the Receiver General, and are equally liable to
Tax: tion, as all other Negroes; this Notifeation of
the Couri’s pleasure, is desired to be be published to
obvinte the error many may otherwise tall into, and
(o prevent those sho have been in error, from being
fined tor undue Returns.
‘ And the Court desire it to be further notified,
that the Slaves who have been absent from their
Masters or the respective Estates to which they
belone, mi ore Chan twelve months, are not subject te
Coniormable to the aforesaid Minutes.
By Comma.d of the Ceurt,
Kk. C. DOWNER, Secs
View original
View original NOVISICATION.
By the Ho orable Courtof Policy and Cri-
minal Justice of the Colony Beroice.
lS \ OTICT ts herve hy emiven: That the Honorable
Courtol Poliev las boen pleased to fix the Rates of
Produce on whtiel the : ‘ofontal Duly of OE » reenf
ito be paitto the Recover Gener, for the Nix
moon is. Commence ‘he Pst of July IS) Jy and ond.
ine ho Ststday at December of the same year, as
Cofon—1G slivers per pound.
CoM e—8stivers por pound,
Snear—G stivers per pound,
Cocoi—7 stivers per pound.
Rinn— OO slivers per gallon.
Molasses—one guilder per gallon.
Scerctary’s Qiice, Berbice, Qhth Jan. E815.
iv (Conn yond,
View original NOTIFICATION
Bw the VWonuoralle Court of Policy and Cri-
minal Justice of the Colony Barbie e.
IN OPTIC i hereby given tothe Public: that the
the on derarenttone dd CGrentloman are appar! wl Com-
miissartes forthe your ISJS, owthe different Districts
o! this colony.
Coinissarics far ve oS Soa Coast, Derhice.
= yu |
a ne Es yuires
Diiles rrneedcy §
Comniccsc Jas of if lect Sea Cr rely Perlice
; ,
cr Porbairn, @ ps.
rns e EasQuires.
evs Sal AN ar | 5
Coinmissaiice for the lower DMevision of the West
Correntyn ( ( dvd.
Nohort Douchs. dys ce
I molIaAs \\ ide, y ‘|
Commissartee for theupper Corventya Divircan.
BR. ittlebanth 5. .
- #aN( CS.
fol Bothuae 9
Cons iscm es for Canje River.
are nmr v GC Wit han, Or
Jeune | en
Commisscrics for the Fast Sea Coast Canul.
Seonel Kendall,
David Carnecie, Usquircs.
Heury Smithson,
Commresariee f rthe East Rank of the River Berbice
J.0'. 7, Manrenbrecher, Meauir
C.C. Swaving, seis:
King’s House, N. Amst. 25th January, 1815.
By Commannd,
a ee
squire S.
View original w )
& ’ ,
ts, dal ;

U Lu
7 F y
d thé
’ ‘
¥Y Lich.
& 5 era Oe ee ls
0 «le <raa "5 f ‘Fin
? °
latin het his can J
‘ Cll JC.
L iS
o i?
‘mm r~o
7 Ce » 7
7 ’
j/ ‘ ° 1},
C ‘
‘ , VC.— lcen ep arl-
4 ”
‘ l : fey -
, MN. CHAL F] di.
yYrgr 7
; ,
= Ase Oj ( f ( /
. j
; ? 5
ray yr. ¥>
lh aha 4d si ile
View original _——) Sr Oe
View original V ' \ JWai.onoriou uw,
Mh) bua Dev. Mary. Neap tides,

i | Onin se stna Sunday. Agatha.
“Toy to Vy cont.
\4 , 7
p 1 teeg tay,
Th | Son aeh. Om. niorning.
F por Pides.

sund+y in Leat.
Po pret Qeator Ob, SOm. rorning.
Nes: . .
Yo) od Suneay in Ment. Sun Enters Pis-
\f (ves,
MT Fann 4h Oley, evening,
Seo VEohuas. Por Con bob. 1774.
(Spriag ‘Tides.
od Sanday in Leat.
SSTVNNO OD &@ & 67 1H
View original Geers c .9l ee oe: =~- a ae
$$ ee
+ —— —— ———
Vix TN Lm
PENOE 2S for 5 2a S609 pounds clean Cot-
fon imovwrecl o Ob lec. val io reeetyrd Lill The say
the Ttih instant, ac (he house ef the second under-
C.PAU CTS, aa.
1) eb. A.A. pera COURT, qa.
Qeme ae = © & _ oo ~ — nee
4 4 he 4s faa. se
mer = @ = ow
saTuRnoay, rraccacy di,
Cor Guiana Picket came in here this week, Duet
brines no news than we ore atreacty tn possesston of.
Win. Scott, Psa. of this eclooy, and 2... Waller,
Fan. came peseraers ia the Poelet.
iere a third Dateh briz, loaded with
Also cone ain
pron istone— ane) a MENV PIsscmrers,
The VMaitwill be closed at 6 o'cleck in the morn-
ingon Ducsdiy Cie Pith anst,
LO eee
Da-celne- ‘reel, Vovenler 9G,
A Seovtehy oly ch the followins tsa cony, has
heen receive] " yy ont, Gen. Sir Ceo. Prevost,
art. ad trees TD to Bad Datiiarst, one of His Mayes-
tye Proncipel S-cretari s or Stites
LTeasequa lore, 7] Mehorgh, Crile of?
Vew Pork. Sept. Tl, I8t4. §
My Lonr.—Upon the arrival of the reinforee.
ments frourthe Garonne, Tost no time in assembling
three brigades on the frontier of Lower Canada, ex-
fendine fran) th) : river Ricneliou to the St. Lawrence;

and in forming them tofon diviston, under the com-
mand of Major Gen. de Rottenbure, for the purpose
of carrying intoeTect Tas Royal Highness the Prince
Regent's com nands, which had been conveyed to
ime by your Lordship in your dispatch of the 2d of
June last.
As the troops concentrated and approached the
line of separation between this Province and the Uni-
ted States, the American army abandoned its entren-
ched camp on the river Chazy, at Champlain: a po-
sition [tnmediately seized, and occupied in force on
the Sd inst. The following day the whole of the left
division advanced oa the village of Chazy, without!
mecting the least opposition from the enemy,
On the 5th, it halted within Gight miles of this
place, having surmounted the dilliculties created by
the obstrugtions in the road from the telling of trees
and the removal of bri !zes. The nextday the divi-
siun moved upon Plalisburg, in two columns, oa pis
View original , V ’ p '
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. : ' A ‘ eh \V bbLLLS
susta ( | ) ( “ef )
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can > removed, ft nl tof

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View original ee
BY virtue of an Appointment from the Ho-
norable Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, dated
the 17h December IS14, given Upon a petitian pres
ented by Mathias Rader, as the ouly surviving Cu-
rator fo the Listaite of Robert CGrordon, deceased, — I
fhe uadersigned do hereby Summon hy Kdict: All
known and un nown Creditors of the Estate of Robt.
Crordon, dec. ‘To “ppear befoe the Court of Civil
Jurleesof this colouy, at their Session which will
be beld in the moath of Octover IS15 and following
days, there Co render in their claims, to verity the
mines and further > proceed according to Law.
Tits Suuunon by edict, made hnown to the public
by ieatol druia from the Court House of this colony.
Beioiue, SIst January IS{5.
K.P rancxen, First Marshal,
View original ——__
BY virtue of ao Extract from the Court of
Cay lvusceey of this cowwny, dated J7th Janutry,
Slo, etycn in the cause aati Phs. by Lavtield,
meob (ye Hxecutors to the tstate of Cie date Robert
Wilson, ana Atornmey of Paouus Boad; another of
(lie duxecutors and one of the (leurs of said Re Wile
son nd of th. Staal appoutcd inthe place of W.
Doceson urge tis abscuce frou Uhe coway, Plain-
(ils by Edtet, versas, all Chiments on the proceeds
Ob Plintitton aierndlaee, Cums annexts, Detendants
by dace J the under: pedo bercby Stuaimon by
bahict: AK Claimants on (ae proceeds of Plantation
Uermiluze, Cum annexts, to appear belore the Court
of Kollsy on Monday the Oth of Masch, 1515, and
loliowiced iMsy at ihe Courl House ob Unie Color y 5
fhere So center ao Choir Claamts, fo vortiy the pare,
thd farther Co procecd according to Law.
dans Sumuous by Let paotsted as customary.
Berbice, Ulst Jinmuaiy, lSto.
K.P RANCKEN, rst Mlarsnal.
BY vietue of an Extract froin the Minutes
ol tbe Courtot Civit duscce, ef tits evlony, dated
(ie Joth January lsro, vtiven ia the cause entitled
MoStiabaned th. Lutieie, ap pomled Curators to the
fh oolvent dotate ot Cy boen.iz, deceased, Piaint ds
Dy to Lety versus, all known aud gunnowa ceedlors,
dowcust tue destate of Cornelis | ICaAllity dec. Deien-
Geos by hdich Pthe undersicned ao hereby Sum-
Inotoy dadicts Alb anon and uekoown creditoss
dgotist (ne ts ale ol ©. booking, dee. to apocar be-
more the Couilol wes, ons oaday the Oth sdarely
11D, Hid Peo Wide Goysy ab the Coast blouse of Uns
Clovy 5 Uhre totendor an thei ehiias, (a verity the
A bared LO PPaCesG aceoidiaye bo Liaw.
Pdiis Suuueiuas Dy a hick tiade knuwa tothe Pu-
Dac by beal ol Grund tio Ghe Court tacuse of this
CL. w= dUIVICL, Gist Jaithury, Slo.
WK. branckin, bist STarshal.
ee - - = _ es
vr vietue of an Extract from the Minutes
{ ,onoro dle Court of Cay th ars ICU, hited 20th
Meloter [oad, given inthe cause entithds J. Papin
wind Be Parts. ity ED caerty ay pucstrators to
Pio vtatior YROVIL, tie late properly Ol Didley
Veale, Pirintifhby borcl. verses, ath Claimants ov
tae procscds Of Plantotion Leovil, cum anoexts, sold
at deaceution sate, acclendants, by dediet. bf the wae
derstigucd do horeby Sumimoa by iadets All Claim-
ants ga the proceeds of Plantation Yeovil, eum in-
Nexis, sold al dexecuGon Sale. ‘Toappear betore the
Cuurtofiteits, oa Afonday the Goh Siareh 1815, and
olloving days, atthe Court lioue of twis Colony,
there to ronces da there claiias ag Uastsaid i state, and
further to proceed according fo Law.
Phissuo non by bdictinade known to the public
by beatoldrum from the Court House of this colony,
wud tuether doait with according ly culo,
Berbice, he 27th January, 1s15.
AK. FRANCHKEN, First Marshal.
eee -erRrRKgKxRRReae Qs. =——_
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View original SURBICT.
Of ihe Houorable the Court of Civil Justice.
Uxecutorship of the Willof AL Schtspter and dec.
(runr hanship of the Minor A. Schlipter.
Sequestration of Plantation Yeovil.
AdiuinisGation of the Estate and Effects of the late
eames Fraser, dec.
Sequestration of Plantation Ross.
Sequestration of Plantation La Fiaternité,
Wiurerras the Honorable the Court of Civil Jue
lice, by Order, having referred to us the Accounts
ol the persons hereafter named, viz.
J. A. Hicken, Excutor of the Willof A. Schliipfer,
deceased; and Guardian ofthe Minor A. Schlipfer.
P. Fairbairn and J. Papin, Sequestrators of Planta-
(ion Yeovil.
P. Patrbairn and Jas. Fraser, Administrators of the
Pstate and Effects of the late Jas. Fraser, dec.
A. ‘Phornborrow and P. Fairbairn, Sequestrators o€
Plantation Ross.
B. J. Schwiers and Hf. C. Wintzen, Sequestrators of
Plantation La Fraternité.
Notice is hercby given to all pegsons interested
thercin, that attendance will be giverat the Aeconne
tants Office, held at the house ef the second undec«
signed, on) Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,
from noon until 3S o'clock in the alfernoon, for the
fern efone month from the date hereot, in order to
enable such person {oO 1) 2 ct said Accounts, and
fate (heir ols@ctions or obscryvttions in writine. at
the expiration of which tine, the required report
wil be made in the abovementioned matters, and of
Which (it requied), the partics may obtain an office
Copy, at (heir own expence, in order should they
decia if capediont, fo attend the Hon'ble the Court
of Civil Justice onth»: day appointed for hea Ing said
report, and contest the confirmation thereof.
Lerbice, Wd February, 1S15.
View original a) Sa se ee ese Le ee es, cama @
FOR SALE—Plantation GOLSPIE, being
the [Dastern half of Let No. $4, Corentyn Coast, B26
Koods facade, and cimpoldercd about GOO Roodg
deen; having a Canal extending the full depth fron
trou€to bach, and the whole perfectly secured by
pooper Dans, Treaches, &c. with a cullivation of
PO acics oF Cotton aint OO verces of Plantains ; also
large Ficlds of od cotton whieh has becn for some
tone uader salt waters; and 50 acres of excclleng
Plantain Land ready fo pbint.
Phere is a contortable Dwelling House 44 feet hy
2), Litely rebudt of best materials, alarse lardwool
cotton Logicand ofher necessary Suildines: ineverg
respect, requisite for a cotton property sand the ten
iiag of Cattle tor which the situation is inferior to
none in (he colonies. It being the intention of the
Actvertiser to quit: the colony, a great sacrifice will
be meule (oan approved Purchaser, with or without
about SO very valuable Slaves, (18 of which are Drive
nen. One hundred head ofa very superior breed of
horned Cattle, aad 200 fine Sheep; and it required,
long credit: will be given, on good security, fora
constderable part of the pure h sceinoncy, For fure
(her particulars apply to the wadersigned onthe pro
NB. Should the above property not be sold by pri-
Vile bargain previous to the Iatof May next, it
will (en be sold at public sale, without reserve,
View original —____—__ - ee
C. L. BRANDIES—THereby respectfully ine
forms lis Fricnds and the Public, that he designs to
establish himselfas a Preceptor of Music, under
which determination he Hatter himself (o acecde the
encouragement of a liberal Community—the Instrue
ments tor that purpose are the following,—Ist Clee
renetle,—2d. hlaulces—AN. Lifc,—4 bh. french horn,
His residence ison Lot No. 4, middle road, where
he can be seen any hour in the day. Gentlemen that
may teel pleased to bestow on their servants liclures,
oncither or every of the above Instruments, will
meet with very agreable terms. 2S Jan.
Ile atso undertakes to repair Forte Pianos,

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Dis ondergeteekenden in Compagnie, maken
aan het Publiek bekend, dat zy voorncmens zyn om
de leremakery te excerceren (ot het ma&en van al.
ferley mans kledcren, belovende een prompte en cie
vile be licaing, terzocke ean icders gunst en recom.
mandatic. De cenen dic hun gelieven te begunstie
gen, vervoege zich op het erf No. 6, aan de agtere
dam, ten huize van de cerste ondergeteckenden.
4 Feb. A. JUNG, and
ok et ee ee a Ee SD
View original ok oe Swe ee WE SD
Published eccry Saturday at 4 o'clock P a.
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Privileged Government Prin

11 February 1815