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The Berbice Gazette

View original —___ Ee eee
IN custody of the undersignred since the 22d inst.
a Cow, of a reddish colour, the owner may have the
same restored, on paying the fine and expences for
food, and the advertizing thereof; if not called for,
the same will be sold after three times having heen
advertized, according the Proclomation of the Court
of Policy, having date 61h July, ISIS
24 Dec. A. F. FISHER
duly authorized.
Priur mess beefand pork in ‘half barrels, hams,
cheese, tripe, berley. split peas in jugs, pickles as-
sorted, oysters, muscles, currents, rasins, almonds,
table beer and porter, I arrels coulwinines comple re
dinner services, long leaf tobacco, negro pipes, can-
nisters cup ne ler and shot, rns, SOND, canfles,
elastic silk bats. tradesmen’s bats, Indies, gentlemen
and c Lil ren cotton stuchings, blach and white silk
Cito’s. &e.
Dec, B. ZIRGLE’.,
—_ -—-—-
View original FOR SALE,
Ceder Boards & Crab Lumber.
—_ -—_ - — -_— —
“TO " Ih On the first of January next, 19 2 er v
healthy Negroes, 2 of which are c it) penters, and the
others accustomed to work ta the field ; apply to
P. Bonney, or bsdw. Theotvald. et Nec.
CAR ENTERS, having their OWN Neerocs, and
willing fo undertrke a considerable repair, wanted to
the apper part of a coffee logie, onan est “ate in this
river, nay apply for turther information to the ui-
dersisned on Lot No. 83, New Amste:dson,
91 Doe. ws DAKAR.
EEN Timinme ringns zlis worknesers Ne bhen ude,
geneween 7y nde, by ahkoord, aanfenemen ecn zware
reporratie aan het boveuwerk van een kolfy logie of
drovery, op cemholy | bantaetie, eelegen bianen de
Tivi ry en welk work voor de aanstemade hofly plok
voltootd moct wooen s crete. sere zicly by den oe Ts
getekende, op het Let No yte Nieuw Aimsterdam,
91 Wec. He UNA On.
= ——— ——— ee —_—_—_
TSIE Subserthber ofces forsale the following arti-
cles, aba very low rate, forimmedciite poviment, vig,
Blue salempores, fndian silk holeercot ts, coffon
cambric, Goldine’s Iivender, Sprnish sevens, Baek
beads, pork in burrels, peas aad barley in jugs, cold
rum by the puncheoa, a pips Cogaive brindy, &e.
24 Dec. S. DAVSON, atthe store of
D). Martin.
DF ondergetekend> informeert door devon aan alle
de gonen dic hetaangait, dat alle rekheningen, coed.
Jes, acceptancn, &e. welke nict veor dea 16 January
aanstaande betaald) zyn, in handea van cen Deur-
waarder zullen gesteld worden,
24 Dee. TW. SNEEPEL.
View original ee
THEE anderstened betng appointed First and Prin-
cipal \ttorne y of Thomas Crudlad ON, Sohn O0sA/,
andl Soshuva Minde, Vsquires, of Great) Britain:
takes the liberty fo tiform th: 1 Priends, in (his Co-
Jony, of the same, and to east the favor, inal
matter. relative tw their aliuirs, tO CoM eate wath
chim, citber personally or in writine, at Me. Wm.
Fraser's, in New Atisterdam.
Plo. Bell Air, 24 Dee. M. RADER.
THOSE havi ing any De mnt against the Subseri-
ber, will please to de liver the sameat> Mr. Phiens-
ai's in New Argsterdam, and those iadebtod. will
come forward with payinent, as itis the Subseriber’s
intention to leave this colony ina short time.
24 Ded. J. ALTICKEN,
View original ——
——_——_— —--
ALL those indebted to Plantation Ayvoshar 2, Cie
ther by Notes of hand or open Accounts, are request-
el to make payment to the undersigned, who other-
wise will be under the unpleasant necess: ity, to Sue
for all outstanding debts, without distinction, at the
ensuing Courts.
47 Dec. . d.G. F. THIENSMA, «qq.
Berhice, 20th November, 1814.
NOTICE is hereby eiven: that the Accounts
against Plantations and Endividuals, for the Extra
Head-Money on Negroes (agrechle im the Procla-
mation of the [Honorable Court of Policy, of the
6th of October last,) are now ready for delivery,
and that the same must be paid into Chis Otlice in all
DANTEL VETS Pep. Ree. Gen.
oa] ee SO Ow ee
View original ao 2 ome «- -~—2=
This ts fo tnform the VP. siete. (hut the following per.
sons tiatlenil (/ mlline lhiés Colony.
\. Siinpson in 6 weeks from Nov. 19,
Isaac Farlev in 6 weeks from November 9G,
Samucl M’ Nae in 6 weeks frau ditto,
W. hhewley, with one servant
monts, from November. 20,
Mf. Alanshke tn 6 weeks from Dee. 3.
Mverbardus ten Bosch in do. from do.
“urgen Samuels in ditto froin ditto,
Hf. Beekman in 6 weeks from Dee. Qf.
J. UU. Tilkemeyer, in 6 weeks from do.
R.C. DOWNER, Secy.
,instx weehs or three
—_——_—_—_—_——_—_— er erro ee
View original —_—_—e=————— SC Or eee
NOTICE ts herety gicon, that a month after date the
fullozsing Transports and Mortgages will be passed.
Dec. 10. John Quarles will transport to W, Kewley
his part of (he lower halfof lot No. 8. in New
Austerdam, with the buildings thereon,
Dee. 17. Delnertand Zimmerman will Gransport to
J.G. Jones, the ground tormerly called & Land
Canaan,’ and now Ve Vroeden.” situated in
Canje between the Plantations Planter’s Lust
aad the ground het Graullvk stot,
Dec. 2b. L. C. Abbensets will transoort to H.W,
Hartman, the abandoned Estate Johanna Ca-
tharina, in epper Berbice.
—— Ilenry Hunt will transport to Sam. Wendall,
the westera hali of Lot No. 2k ta the Last coast
2 C. DOWNER, Seey,
Tire Conrt ot Policy and Criminal Justice, of the
Colony Berbice, having Ordered and Required all
hecturns of the White and Black Populatton of Che
ideront bestates within. this Colony, to be rendered
meat the Keeeiver General’s Office, in a particular
orm : Notice thereof is hereby given, as also that
Blank lornis are now ready, and lying at the Re-
covers Geoneral’s OiGee, wv bere the same may be bad
by the respective Inhabitants avd Planiers of this co-
lony, in order thatthe pleasure of the Tonorable
courlanity be carried into eticet,
Py Command of the Court.
RN. C. DOWNER, Scerctary.
=o ee ee eee
oS - tt—™
a = eve esc=c SSS eee a
View original — —— ————————————— SS ——
On Wednesday the 28th inet. will be sold at the
Vendue Office, by order of Capt. Sinclair, 50 cashs
of lime and 10 do. terrace, old ram, &e.
ny order of Messrs. G. Bone & Co. 5 pipes white
wine and 2 red do. 50 hampers patatoes, fresh flour
1 Barrels, salt in dow, now warden seeds, &e.
By orderof A. McBain, Esq. 50 dozen superior
Madeira wine, and some dry goods.
On the same day, hams, cheese, potatoes, pickles,
beef and pork in half barrels, hbkis. assorted, fine
Wech flannel, herrings in kegs; a pipe best Cog-
mac brandy in legal quantities, old rum in do., India
salempores, do. hhis., fine catton cambric, Spanish
segars, perfumery, beads, a gold watch, and five sil-
ver walches—alsv some execilent 40 iueh wide Invs.
cotton bagging, svap and candles, butter in half fir-
hins, &c.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original
View original ANCIENT MASONRY.
TIPE Members of the Fellowship Lodge, intend-
ing lo Celebrate the Festival of Sr. Jorn the Exan-
eelist, on the 290: instant; invite their Grethren to
join Chem at their New Lodge Room, at 10 0’clock
on that day, from whence they will proceed to
Church, inorder to attend Divine Service, and af.
terwards spend the day in Harmony together.
Berbice, New Amst. 21 Dec.
oS eee eS eS eee
View original SS ee eee eS ES eee
ALY. those indebted tothe Winkel Department,
either for Sccounts over IS12 or TSE ', or by Notes
of Hand, are for dhe last lime desired, to come fare
ward with payment: all unsettled accounts will be
sted for at the firs€ sittings of the Court of Civil Juse
fice, or their Commiitssaries.
10 Dec, . NICOLAY, Commissary,
For the Principal Agent forthe Crowo Property,
ALT, Accounts duc the undersivned, for Perrinee,
up tothe fast of this month, will be ready for delivs
ery,on the first January next, and it is expected
thatthe same will be talen upand paid in the course
of thet month, after the expiration of which time,
albunpaid debts willbe putin suit, without respect
tu persons, Posuch defaulters, no further credit
will be allowed, and the 8th articl > of the Canje Fer-
ry Resulations, will be strictly enforced,
After the Istof January nex!, no credit: for Fer.
risa con be allowed: but for the accommodation of
the Public, Goods will be taken from creditable [ere
sons who are frequent: pissengers over the Ferry ;
provided these Goods be made ready at home. and
paid for whenever they Lave accuinulaled to Le/ecen
Coffon will ee taken in payment of the eld nect’s,
17 Dee. ..C. ABBENSETS.,
View original a —
TIE undersigned has for Sale, a very clegant
Corricle, made to order, quite new, with harness
with silver, also a very fine pair of English horses,
seasoned to the climate, perfectly gentle in’ harness
vod under the saddle, the whole will be sold toves
thor, very moderate for cash, or an approved Bill of
Exchange. We has also some very excellent’ Lon-
don particular Madeira wine, which he will dispose
of fur cash at f 1200 per pipe, and a few picces of
real broad Juverness cotton bagging, 60 yard each,
o{ / 66. per ps. cash.
17 Dee. B. JEFFERY,
—_.ewrn osm ny
View original NOTICE.
THE Subscriber from being made a conrenience
of in several instances lately, by refusal of Plantains
ater being ordered, begs leave to inform his Friends
and the Public, that no Plantains will be delivered
in future from No. 9, west coast, without a specific
writen order, mentioning the supply, ifonce oftner,
or for any lenght of time; He also intimates the
price will depend upon time of paymert and mane
ner of delivery trom scicna and ore half stivers Up-
NB. Lellers addressed to care Messrs. Geo. Bone
& Co. will mect full attention.
View original _—_—_evr—_—_—r ae
ALLE de genen welke tets te vordere hebben van,
of verschuldigd zyn aan den onder rgeteckende, we.
lieve hunne pretenticn optegeve Nn, en betalinn te
docn fen huize van den Heer HY]. ‘Luther, In New
Amsterdain, voor den Eersten January aanstaande .
zullende de ingebreken blyvende, in reate n betroke
ken worden zonder onderscheid) van personen,
View original AIL, persons holding Demands acainst the undere
sicned, or indebted to him, are bercby requested to
render their claiins, and to make payment to Mir. bb.
Luthers, in New Amsterdam, before the Tst of ae
nuary next, asthe Law will be put in force against
all defaulters.
View original MARSHAL’s OFFICE.
BY virtue of an appointment from His Excellency
the Governor, dated Slst October, 1814, given upon
a Petition, presented by D. C. Cameron, Deputy
Vendue Master of this colony.
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that IT the
wndersigned intend to ely au Peblie Execution Sale,
an the presence of two Councellors Commissarics and
their Se ‘cretary, on Wednesday the 4th January IS 15.
ail) o'clock in the forenoon of that day, and at the
Court To: issof this colony, a Negroe man named
Jaci: 9 De Ing a cook.
Whoever should think himselves entitled to oppose
the Execution Sale of the aturesaid Negroc man Jack,
being the properly of John Binning, let such persons
address themselves to the unde ‘signed, declaring
their reason for -so doing, in due time and form,
as I hen ‘by give notice, chat] will receive oppo-
aition from every one, thereunto qualified by Law,
appoint them a day, to have lis or her claim heard
before the Court, and further act thereon as the Law
This first Proclamation publi hed as customary.
Lerbice, 18th Decem wb er oN 1,
kK. FRA XCKE » Kirst Marshal.
—- - _— --— ——
ee a ee —
NOTICE :—The Sale of Plantati ion de Voedster,
will take place onthe 5th of January, IStS
K. FRANCKEN, Iéret Marshal.
BY an Order from His Excellency the Governor,
directed tome the undersigned, dated the Qist myst.
Notice is hereby vivento the Public: That the Exe-
cution Sale, of Puonitore, &c. the property of J.C
thollevenger, whieh bas been advertised to trike
place on the 23.1 of November last, in favor of Ed-
ward Vheobill, bat which sale was than) postponed
by Order of [Tis Excellency the Governor, will now
lake place en Wioednesday the oth of January, 1819,
afte Court Plouse of this cole ny, il I] @elock w
the forensoa of tut day.— Cerbice 23d Dee. TS8t5.
bh. brancken, First Marshal.
BY virtue of anappointment ftom His Excellency
the Governor, dated 22d Oct. IS14, given upon a
Petition, presented by AK. Prancken, First Marshal,
for and in name of dames Fraser, Planter and Inha-
bitant of this colony.
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that T the
endersigned intend Co Sell, at Public Execution Sale,
in the presence of two Conncellors Comimitssaries and
their Secretary, on Wednesday the Istday of March,
1815, the cotton estate called No. 40 and 41, situs te
on the west seacorst of this colony, with all ifs Cul-
tivation, Buildings, Miaves, &c., all of which an
Inventory as also che terms of sale are to be seen at
the Marshals Office, during the hours of duty ; said
estafe betny the property of the estates of Patrick
Small, and William Thre all, deceased,
Whoever should think binself entitled to oppose
the Execution Sale of above cstate Na. dO and 41,
west sea coast. let such persons address themsclyes to
the aderstencd, d clanny thetr reasons for so doing
in due Gine vod form, as Thereby give notice, that J
will receive opposition from every one thereunto quae
lified by Taw, Up | noint (hem a day to have his or her
claim heard besore Uae Court, and furtber act thereon
asthe Law dtrecis.
This first proch mation published as customary.
Berbice, the Isth December, IS14.
Ke. ERANCKEN, itrst Marshal,
ewe 6 fe 8 eT 8 8 ee eee @ Qe eee
View original BARBADOs.
Bridze-Toun, December 10, 1814.
American papers to the 19th ult. were received on Wed-
nesday evening last, by tbe arrival of ilis Mayjesty’> brig
Columbia, and her prize, the lettersofemarque scloones
Dolphin, captured four days previously, to windward of
Barbuda, on h Pr Passov lrom Boston to St. Bartholoiwn We.
and then only fourteen days from the United States, laden
with flour, tobaco, and some other articles.
These papers are of impertance, inasmuch as they con-
tain the unreserved declaration of Massachusetts and the
weighbouring Newekoglanud States, to resist the Genera!
Government in its adoption of some recent measures of tax.
ation for the prolongation of the War, as well as a tate Bill
that has been brought forward in Congress, having for its
object the leveying a Conscription, which, by taking a cer.
tain portion of the inhabitants from a given nuwber, would
add to their regular force 100,000 men, to be employed on
the Canadian invasion, as wellas other territorial acquisi-
The State of Massachusetts has taken the leading hand
in this opposition to the Madisonian faction ; and, notwith.
etauding the Governor aud other branches of that Legisla-
ture are firm in their intentions for the preservation of the
Union, provided the Country were governed upon better
principles, and by a mere formidable kxcvutive, yot they
View original seem determined upon erecting themselves into aa indepen.
dent section of America, in conjunctiva with Connecticut,
&c. provided there be wot a speedy alteration in the pre.
sent system; for which purpose they have invited a geuc.
cal Convention of Delegates from cach State to deliberate
upon what shall be dove; and in order to assist in the
prosecution of whatever may bedetermined upon, the Le-
gislature of Massachusetts liave placed at their Governor's
disposal the sum of 400,0UU dollars, and will, if required,
furnish him watit 1U,UQU mich, to Carry thew resolutions
into eilect.
To evince the existence of this disposition, and at the
Same Une LO sew that the people or tie Newein gland
States have becu disveu ty these acasuies by the impolicy
uf the General Governucut, we shali iviroduce suca pars
vl their Legistare Speeches and Meports as iay be calcu.
tated fur our purpusc. Fisst, then, they remark, that—
dhe Untou os, cndeed, dat danger. Ld ts ta vain to
dulk aboul lhe Union, of our Rulers pursue uw course mach
dunger, whicn ts lacnengy us asl to look to the Generai Wo-
vorumecnl as the cause of var ruin, Unless an effurt ts
made, the States well sven as naturally fuld asunder as rye
Jructs Jatling from our trecs,—of themsclves, or by ne
beast exertion of some ambitious hand, Wut it is suc,
‘nuw ty nol the proper tine to adopt the proposed Itesulu.
(tons, because we shall encourage our encmics.’ Wha
es there in the Preamble or Kesolutions (of Massa. hu-
sells | inthis Report (iat wild encourage them 2 Will the
Jivsl resolve, which haus passed una moausliy ENCUUPULC
them? Will oar vote to rudse 10,000 troups Jor the de-
Jeuce of the Slale# bhilba Convention to cous bon the
best mceuns of ucjence CHCOUNU CE Litem 2 No Jue CHEM Y
Cun derive nu encouragement Jrom any parl of the pro.
ceedings of this Legtssauture, excepl the Specones yf he
minority, chich give such fubsée v [i eacnlucsens «Jf val
Veews aud bileulions.”?
bor the furtacrance of this compact, the Resolutions
above alluded ty were Cransiniicd ty (ae Giuvernor of Gun.
decticut, and by hin were laid beioce the Legislature of
(hal Staley by whom a Committee had been appotatcoad to
take them tio Cousideration atl Feporl Ciercou, This
having accords y tabeu place, Chew KMeport lus been te.
Curved, addressed tv (Ne Creicral Asse ably y re which the
commi(ree fully accord with the Legislatuce ol Mlassachue
selfs; and, after dwelling Upon the milscrics which they
have experienced frows the misconductul Gur lkuiery they
concluded with ebserving, that-—
SS ahe trvaston of CG.uda ts persever’ pursued, our
coasts left defencedess, anil the (reusus.s of the Country
eshaushel on more favoured puts of the National fron.
Ger, LTomect those demauds, dud at the same time to
de fend ourselves, is tinpossible. bVhulever we may con-
tribute, we huce nurcasonable ground lo capect procecituu
return, Lhe people of ihis state ha.. no dieloyally
the interests of the Unton ,; for her fdeltly and patriotism
they may app: Gb wilh conzudencc lu the National archives
Jrom the commencement of the Revolutionary war. dn
achieving the independence ef tne Nuatioa, they bore an
honorable pure. Their contigent or mon ard mon y hus
ever been promptly furnahed, when constluticnaly ve
quired, = Much as they lament ihe pre nt unnatural hos.
cdcdlies uh Grreal Brilain,g li cy Hikes Wilh CHUTE SE ath
Ob¢ Lac nee bo bei ‘] wb aulhos ( x9 [ives fbi JY pa L th 6bhe
‘larry dm pose Ly the General Crosernment. Ui CLOT y
ba.. | ldo moid of ihe National lirec iltic, their wcll dis-
Op AMC Mike db Ve lve resluoscd lo ie field, Lhe Pbk
cuomy, when sacading (heir shor. Sy hace been meb ut the
wale edge, and vakantly repel d. Lhey duly appre-
elute the great udvantag.s which would resell frum the
federde ¢ umpdcl, wore he Cecccrament administered ac.
CUOradiilg luv the sacrcd } Porky b Cs C] Cie Constil ui con, they
nace not furguilen the (es of conjideuce and affection
cc Atich bound these Slates lo ca others 5 during their loals
Jor independence, nor the Natésnalhonor andcommercial
prospertly which lhey mutuaily shar & during the happy
years of a gv0d Administradion.—They are at the same
dime conscious of ther rights and determined to defena
theom.— Those sacred liber des—those tneslimable institu.
(ions, chvil and religious, which their venerable fathers
have begu uthed thein,—uare, with the blessings of Heaven,
to be matntuined at every hazard, and never to be sur.
renderid by tenants of the soil, tehich the ashes of their
arcstors have consecraled.—Iln what manner the multi.
perch evtls which we fecl and fear are to be remedied, is
a queslion of the highest inoment, and deserves the greatest
consideration. The documents transmitted by Wis bacel.
dency the Governor of Massachusetts, present, in the opi.
nion of the Committee, an eligible method of combining
the wisdom of New-Lngland, in devising, on full consul.
falton, a proper course to be adopted, consistent with our
vhb cations tu the United States.”
‘Juts enthusiasm iu the cause of reformation has likewise
manifested itself in Congress; for, on the 22d October,
winle debating on the bill fer leveying taxes to enable the
President to carry on the war, the Hon, Cyrus King, a
Represcntalive for Massachusetts, addressed the Speaker
in-avery long and animated Speech, expressive of his dis.
apprebation of the measure, aud gave as his reasons, Ist,
That the interest of the New-England States had hitherte
been totally overlooked, notwithstanding, were this Bill
to be carried into effect, the people of those Statcs would
have to pay the larger proportion ;—2dly, Because the
present Administration, by their impolicy, bad already
greatly improverished the Citizens of the Commonwealth ;
—Sdly, Thatthe sum thus intended to be raised, generaly,
would be individually applied, as regarded its appropri.
ation to the service of particular States, and from which the
one that he had the houor of representing would beexempt;
—and he remarked, with much vehemence, ** New-Eng-
‘fland, Sir, will not submit toit. No military despot shall
Sever reiga (here. J, tuo, thank my God, that there are
View original “within each State of New-England, the bravest yeomanry
‘tin the Country ;—h.arts of wak, ready and determined
**to beat down tyranuy and oppresston under their feet.??
—Hlis 4th and last reason for objecting to the Bill, wae
given as follows :—*d cannot unite in st \ Dorting this Ad.
‘Simimistration, with Mr, Madison at ity: head, because he
“Shas always shewn a setlled and determined spirit of hose
‘tility agaist the cnlerprise, the commerce, the rights,
“Sand, above all, the Patriots of Nev-lMugtand. And ia
concluding his Speech, he wished bo Ouscrve, that **The
‘people do nut choose Rulers to opress aad ty rannise s
“the momnent they thus act, they forfeit the character of
‘Raters, aud ought to be deposed. What! shall we be
*ttold that the hesedstary suvercign in Marope may be de.
‘hosed and bicugat ty Use block, whilsta petty tyrant of
‘tour year’s srtaddiy, ser ne choucsh to oppose, bul une
Ssuhle lo prot et’ shai, WW) (isa dee Countiy, live out hig
"*pouceal io? Nu, sir! the same crime which would
“bsing one ty the Woock, ought to biiiny the utier to the
The Boston Journals are additionally satisfactory, bes
Cause they Convey mformusoo with res; oct to the situation
of the hostiie aeanics i € anada, froa the fioutiers of which
the Armericaa diviscou that nad been stationed at Fort rie,
have reGiicd within their own liits, having previously
destroy ed the works of that fortress. They were induced
(o this, it is said, in consequence of the British brigade,
uoder Cren., DD. amaoad, having been supolied with truope
dud provisionsy Sir Jatues Leo, whose superiority on the
Lake is tow july estavlisucd, havios belt hiaystou for that
purpose, with a partol the 90th Resiment, aud, having
acrived at tae head of Ontario on the 7th October, the
Hatont.-General osc wo Ging in advancing upon the enemy,
vith Whos he came up ov the following day, and, after a
pactiil achonsawiicl Cie Auaertcans losta few men, they
prectpitatcly deat the field, aud retucued to their own tere
ritory. Wedst nut sustain Airy juss ia this atliic. The
Awerncaa Georg! i.0wn iad simce proceeded (o Suckelt’a
H ipbuur, where lacy wcre an expectation of being atiacke
Cd, aud dave uwdae covery orcparanou for an obstinate dee
fouce, = With the ea, cetation of this, therelore, the ope.
Wdlions Of Che proscud Caupaiguh in Canada nay be Consie
dered at an cud,
The Amencan sloop of war Peacock has arrived at New
Yok; and, from Cat Wareingten’s letter te the Secree
tury of the Navey, dated Occ. JO, we iind, that in the
carly partol tuat mouth, be was cruising in our veighe
bouthoud.” §*Qu the ota (saws he,) we were on the coase
of Grutawa, and next day off Surinam, from whence we ran
for Larbades, which we made on tie 9th, and contiqued
ty windward of Deseada and Varbuda fora few days, and
then steerd for our own coast, which we made on the 28th,
a little to the W. of Cape Henlopen.”
Neia- England Conseution.—TVhat there wil bea Revee
lution, it the war cu itinues Many MuHtrp, (says the Fedees
ral Republican) no wav cana duult, whois at ail ecoualited
With human nature, and is accustomed to study, and trace
cause aud elicet, Nr. Gerry, may tell Mr. Madisce
what he pleases, and Mr. Madisoa nay Delicfe Mr. Gerry,
and they may both treat the Couycution with conten e
and ridicule, buc the eastern states are marchiug stead’y
ind strate fueward, in solid culumn, directly up to their
yLyect. du Gines past, there have been much talk and
loud inenaces, but little action by the advecates of reforn
Mm Neweliigiand. Now we shait hear little said, and sce
wuci done, Phe plau, us we understaad it, is “to make
the convention of 1788 the basis of their proceedings,” and
(o frame anew goveruweut to be submitted to the legisla.
ture of the several states for their approbation aud adope
tioa, The new constitution to go into operation as in the
former Case, as suon as two, three, or more of the states
vamed shall have adopted it. The form of goverument to
be as it Now is, so modilicd in its minur provisions as to
withhold the right of sujiceage from all but free native
chile eévizens. ‘Vo forbid (he creation and admission inte
(he union of new states without the cousent of all the states.
Twe thirds of both brauches of Congress to be necessary
to declare war. ‘Tne term of Presidental service to be
lenghteuced, but the same person not to be re-cligible. The
Maposiiun of anlimited restrictions upon commerce, to be
published, “Phe slave representation to be abolished, &c,
On or befure tie 4th July, if James Madison is not out
of ollice, a new form of government will be in operation
in the eastern section of the unien, Tnstantly after, the
contest iu many of tic states will be whether to adhere te
the old or juin the new government. Like every thing
else furetold years ago, and which is verificd every day,
this warning will be also ridiculed as visionary. Be it so.
But Mr. Madison cannot cumplete his term of service, if
the war conlinues.—I[t is impossible, and if he knew humaa
vature he would see tt.
Unanimity in Connecticult.—Extract of a letter, dated
New-Haren, Nov. 11.—**You bave before this been in.
formed of all the measures of eur Legislature of a publie
nature.—It is very remarkable, that twenty-three demo.
crats, and among them the leaders of the minority in the
House of Representatives, should have voted in favor ef
the resolutions which declared the Conscription Laze before
Congress unconstitutional, aud desired the Governor to
call the Assembly together in case of its adoption, The
vote on that question stood, Ayes 168, Nays 6!! Such
a law eannot be executed in this State at less expencge tham
half the blood of its citizens,”
‘ —_
Proposed Conscription,
Our Secretary of war, in his late report, with respeag
tothe propriety of impressing Americans to fight the bats
bles ef our Adwmidistration on land, employs premsoly the
View original same kind of arguments as the British Ministry do to jus-
tify the impressinent of english seamen to fight their bat.
tles by water. This is no exaggeration, Look, for in-
stance, at the official dveuments of the Buglish Envoys.
It will be there seen that these Muvoys employ the same
argument , and that Mr. Monroe has done little more in
his late R port than, mutalis mulandis, to copy them.
In this war, Mr. Monroe recommends the impressment of
every man in the United States, to prevent the impress-
ment of our scamen by the English. Ife now says, that
there is no other way of filing the ranks of our army,
than by this land impressment. Ie says that our honor,
and our character, and our dignity, and our glory, and
our independence, and our patriodsm, and our national
existence, are all vitally concerned in our being Impressed
into the ranks of Mr. Madison. ‘The British Ministry
gay, that their honor, and character, and dignity, aud glory,
and patriotism, and national existence, depend ou their
impressing their sailors in the sea service.
Mr. Monroe, whilst he holds the British Ministry in
such outrageous abhorrence, is evidently using their argu.
ments, and committing plagiarism frein them. Ile takes
their reasons fur impressing their own countrymen by
water, to justify him in impressing his own countrymen
by land. ‘Thus, whilehets pretendedly oppossing the Brit.
ish Ministry, he is, in fact, a convert to their doctrine, in
their fullestextent. Wohoilein his dong dédéous, and dreary ,
letter of instructions to our Envoys, he makes it the udee.
mutum that our enemies shouid renounce the impressment
of Americans, he modestly claims the right himself of ia.
peessing every mau in the Onited States to hght our Ad.
ministration batces. While in one letter be is answerin.
thearguments of the Beilish lnvoy s, inanother he is adopt.
ing, as grounds of action; and thus he is at one and the
saaie time defending the very principles he has laboured to
attack. The shortest and the best answer which Mr.
Monroe could receive to his recent report, would be to read
over this agewer to the British Envoys on the subject of
impressment. Mr. Monroe will thus be obliged to defend
and to attack his own principles, and we will not presume
(o say ouwhich side viclory willincine, Weshould then
have to determine a dillicult point, what time his intellect
was the most luminous, and how he succeeded in obtaming
atriumph over himself. We can, however, venture to
declare, that whether he argues for impressment or against
it, he makes no converts in favour of that hy potaesis in
the one Case, vor aginst ic in the other, je ts) James
Monrve tiat defends; and such auswere ought always to
be ursed te such arguments.
— - ——
The ITuuse resulved itse'f into Committee of the whole,
Mr. Stanford in the Clair, oa the Bul to authorise the
building or purchasing uf not more than twenty vessels,
tu carry not less thon S nor more than ltd cuns,
M r. Pleasants of Vicginia (Chiirman of the Naval Com.
mittee) explained the reasons which had induced the Com-
mittve to report the Bul. Tt was believca, that whatever
might be the glory acquired by our linger vessels of war,
thei depredations vpon the eneiny’?s cotsinerce had beew less
thau those of the smaller pubic vorse's and privateers.
Mr. W. Reed, of Massachuseits, contended Chat) tie
employment of this species of force would degride our
naval character, andl « Npose Our srtiarne othicers to mwortte
fication; thatit would be of mech less relative eflioac
compared with the enemy's vessels, than sloups of w ir.
bince, of the enemy 7s vessers Wy commession, intiuumber 3.
at the last accounts OOO, besides the whips of the dine any
frizates, would be SUL CHOF ive wily about 4] schooners
Buperior tu it; and thatit would de intorior even Co tires.
fourths of the enemy’s merchant vessels which dy mot sail
ender convoy.
Mr. Wright, of Maryland advocated the same o; inion,
and replied to the argument of blr. Reed, as to the supe.
rivrity of squareerigged vessels for sailing.
Alr. Recd’s motion was neyatived.
Mr. Logersoll, of Pennsylvania, moved to make the
macimiumn 22 instead ef 11 ans, so as to leave to the Navy
Department a discretion within these limits, This amend.
ment was decided in the aflirmative by a large majority.
Boston, Now. 2.—Accounts from Sacket’s Harbour,
and from the neighbourhood of Che Straits of the Nitgara
state, that the British squadron bad pass ‘dup to the head
of Lake Ontario, and reinforced Gon. Drummond ;—that
the troops under Gens. Pzard and Bissel had fallen back,
and a part of them arrived at Builaco and Black Rock ;—
that Generals Beowa and Mitchell tad lefe the amy, and
were presumed to intend repairing (o Sackets Harbour,
where the American fleet was advautagcously moored, and
wherea large body of militia had been assembled for its
protection. Somethiog of iusportauce may be hourly ex.
pected from this quarter.
It ispretty certain, from the late news received from the
westward, that a part, at least, of Governor Prevost’s
troops had reached Kingstou; and that in consequence of
this event, such large reiaforcements had been sent wp the
flake by means of their feet, which now rides triumphant,
go as to render the retragade movements of our armless an
act of prudence. Whether they will be attacked on the
Ameuican side remains to be teld; it is certain we have
no forts of any considersble strenght to prevent their land.
ing and attacking our troops wherever they can meet them,
Erie, Nov. 4.—An express passed through this place
yesterday, on his way from Bufialo to Detroit. He stated
that the principal part of Gen. Izard’s troops were at Buf-
falo, the remainder at Fort Erie, Theeuter works of the
Kors hare been destroyed,
View original The account from Buffalo, by the way of Frie, is, that
on the Ist of the month Gen, Izaid had withdrawo the
greater part of his army from the Canada shore, and pirtly
destroyed the works at I°urt Eric. We are inclined to be-
lieve this ioformation may be relicd on, Tt is very obvi-
ons that no real advantage resulting from it would justify
us in occupying Fort Erie during this winter, insulated as
it is in the enemy’s country, and cut ell from communi.
cation with our side by a straight frequently impassable
for weeks. The situation would be one of hardshi)y and
peril, without atlording any correspondent good.—We
presume, therefore, it will be abandoucd and destroyed,
and winter quarters established at or near Bullalo, or at
that point which will enable the portion of the army sta-
tioned there to protect our own shore from that devasta-
tion by aruthless invader, which they expericnced duriny
the last winter.
Sackel’s-larbour, Nov. 2.—The British flect is again
atsea, destination unknown, We have cisteg 7000 men
here, under Gen. Beowwny whose name is a **foeer of
strenght.’ Gen. Drummond has, we leara, returned to
Kingston, where ra:sour says there are 15,000 regulars.
Still we have no fear of an attack.
—_—_—_— ———_—_
—a 2. Se
-_ —-_ 2
The arrival of the Mail Boat, fron Barbados, puts us in possession
of London Papers tothe Istot Nole aber, but from them we get nol-
Ning respecting Cie ultimate tate of tie Colsaics Demerary and ber-
bice.— ie Siteins of the Con cress at Vienna, appears to have veen
protracted, and froin te abstracts in our colucins itwill be seen ap-
prehension is apparcutin every party, iat any thing like unaniint-
tv of sentiments is not very likely to pervade that assembly .—Con-
cessions from the one, appears to encrease the hopes and prospects of
theother, and all the Powers wao are able, are statel to bave each
au ary at their beck and in preparation co enforce (eit own pol-
tical doctrines and iaterests. We must hope taerepose of Lurope,
will not be a; ain disturbed, but the political hemispacre is by no
meaus Drizht.—From America we have no news eraceful to Cre
hopes and expectations of the natiom.— \ misunderstanding Is said,
to ervist beiweeo General Prevost and several of the General O.licers
uoder him; and the London colunius repeat the rey ore Ciat Govern.
ment have appointed auother Commander in Chief tor the Canadas,
inthe place of Geu. Prevost, who with his stad are all eapected in
During the week we have had two arrivals from Liverpool, the
~Pairy and M Irv, briss; Dut no beter ineurmaiton by then thai wal
we previously pose ss ed.—A coavoy Was appuiied to sail wboul tac
12th Noveuber frou Cugiand.
T= -—
The Expedirionsent into the woeds on the 23d Movenioer, on the
East side of this River, under the cowwnand of t. b. daatlez, Ceom-
mandant of the Can’ * Indians. returned on ‘Tuursday lust, atcer
successfully rovding Ge Scttiewnnent made by tie Rugaways, and des-
(roving their uouece aod provisions.— Puc party were bs duvs oulbe-
fore tee runaway Camp was discovered near the Creea ( obiejarie ,
and tho’ the season proved extremely wotavorc ible, Cie pereverance
of Mc. Gallez and his detachment (in all J5 meu, saraeanted C1
difficulties of the weather, and by their vigthince ood t. fefaltigabi-
lity, has ensured the success With walca Cis expe diiivi lias boeu at-
Ilis Exeellency the Governor heving directed that offers of pardon
ehonld be held outso the rupaways; on (he deticBauenut reaching the
eocampuent, Mr. Gallez dispatched a trusty Negrce, with a Procls-
iou written to barge coarecten, inviding the slaves ¢o revura uoder
prowes of pardons; aod to aoure them on submission, vo punishment
should be mdietd on them; but oo the messenger approaching (beir
se(ilemrat, the runawaye all took the Hight, nor ceuld they be prevail-
ed upon ty listen lo (be overtures held out to them— —The detach-
nent thereupvo advanced in pursuit, and succeeded in recovering 3
women and 4 clildeen—the males, (with exception of two who were
willed in the pursuit, esoapiug.
ir, Gall é reports, the stock of provisions possessed by the runa-
ways, to hive been exceedingly ret: (hac their babitations were
‘eel nt, «nd their provision telds of all desctiption in the most
flourishin. state, and sudicient for a tar more Nuleruus body, thaa
of what this camp was composed,
From what was collected from the women who were brought in,
the runawass had provision grounds two days journey from their
habitations now destroved, but tiey add, that the el-nation of these
rru ind» Was carefully concected from Cem.
——a_i --
Married. —By the Rev. Dr. Scliviers, at plantation Belvidere, on
the Yid instant, Lewts Cameron, io 9g. Yemper of the Honorable
Court of Jpstice,ty Miss. )liza vin b enburg, fourth danghter of the
late Governor van Batenburg ; after the Ceremony the happy pair
set of tor Mr Cameron's residence, on the west coast.
Chlvistened.—At the same time aad place, Isabella, the infant
daughter of Dr. W. Gordon.
————— ae. Oe ------
November 1.
Ata late hour last night we reccived Paris Journals to
the 29th ult. These papers continue to furnish us with
abundance of vague slatcments relative to the Negecia-
tions at Vienna; but most accounts agree in stating that
the grand assemblage of Sovereigns in that city was short-
ly expected to break up. A part of the equipage of the
Mimperor of Russia had already left St. Petersburgh to
meet his imperial Majesty on his return to his capital,
and preparations were making at Warsaw to pay due ho.
nors to him on his passage through that city. The hing
of Bavaria was expected to return to Munich on the 23d ;
and in our own political circles the report mentioned in
the last foreign papers, of the speedy departure of Lord
Castlereagh from Vienna, is not altogether discredited. —
With respect to the projected Continental arrangements,
vothing certain has yet been published; but ii is confi-
dently asserted, in a Vienna article of the 17th, that the
Ministers of Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, Hanover,, and
Wurtemburg, have agreed upon the following principles,
rclative to exchange of territory in Germany. The state
of the possessions of the Princes, at least such as have not
been evidently usurped, is to remain sacred. ‘The Princes
' who have received indemuijtics, cannet pretend to acquire
View original new oves, nér claim back the territorics for which they
have been indemoified. ‘The projected changes will pro-
cecd either on the necessity of the case, or with a view te
the general good. Every Price who shall lose by the
changes, to beindemnified as a matter of right. The coun.
tries which shall privcipally serve for this purpese, are
those situated on the left bank of the Rhine, and detached
from France; countries to which her ancicnl Sovereigns
could fourm any pretensions. Of those territories, a great
part belonged to Ecclesiastical Princes, who exist uo lone
ger, and which have been secularizid. [n regard to
France, it is stated in another article, that the Altics have
resolved to oppose the line of fortifications between Strase
burg and Dunkick ; and with respect to Sweden, itis cote
Nnued to be reported that the bmpress of iKussia greatly
interests herself in favor of her nephew, the depOsed ning
of Sweden. Upon this subject, however, we hive reasom
to believe, that no project miilitating against the interests
vf Bornadotte, has ever been in the contemplation of the
Allied Sovercigns.— he Council of Doputies at Pacis stilt
cuntinue occut ied in (ie question relatife te the unsld
property of the Euigrants.
A Mailfrom Hamburgh also arrived last night. Ifcone
tains no further intelligence from the seat of Congress, exe
cept a sceming confirmation of the repurt that Hanover is
to be raised to the rank ef a kingdom. A private letter
of the 15th states, that ‘Talleyrand was to ve replaced at
the Congress by another Ambassador frum France, Aa
article from Nuremberg meations, on the authority of some
Polish Officers from tlba, that Bonaparte cxpects to be
sent to Mngland. If this be actually intended, we should
suppose it can only be for the purpose of a More sccure
and ready conveyance tu a snug abode in ove of the Weet
Judia Isles.
It was generally reported on Saturday, that Sir Thos.
Picton was aypoiuted to gv vut to Canada, ao Commauder
uf the Forces.
The Second Battalions which reccived notice of reduce
tion, were reduced on the 2th ult. with the exceptbon of
the 2°th and 4$th, a part of which are now on SUrVICC.
No further reduction will take place for some time: all
the etfective meu ef the disbanded Second Batialtuns were
transferred to the First Battalions of their respective Ree
Tur British Navyy.—The number ef ships at present
in Commission is 550, of which [10 acc of the linc; 16 fr.
50 to 44 guus; 89 frigates; 31 sloops of war; 6 hre
ships; 169 brigs; 8 cullers; and 21 schooners and lug
Warerze, Oct. 6.—During his residence, the Grand
Dake Constantine constantly presided in eur Miliary
Committce. Two experienced Officers are employed in
procuring horses in Rus ssiay which the Emperor destinece
for the Polish cavalry.
Ivanlfort, Ot, 22.—Their Bavarian Majestic® are exe
pected a¢ Munica.
According to the German news, it appears certain thag
the Allied : Owens have resolved to Oppose the line of
irench fortresses, between Strasbueg and Dunkirk ; aline
equally form idable , of which the forti fied (owns of Luxe
embarg and Mentz will form the principal points,
ani sahein, Oct, 22.—The Prince Gustavus of Sweden,
somof the deposed Monarch, is constantly at Carls ruts
wherethe Queen, his mother, superintends his education,
Hi august Auut, the Pmpress of Russa warmly interests
herself in his fate. Itisthought this subject will be made
one of serious consideration in the arrangements of Gere
many; and itis certain that many of the Swedes are strong.
ly attached to his Royal Highness. Ltis said Bernadotte
will be appointed Prince of Norway.
Vienna, Oct. 17.—Nothing important has yet been pune
blished here on the subjects to be discussed by the Cone
gress: some tracts however are announced, as ready for
publication: but as the int»rests of the Sovereizns are in
suine points opposed, the procedure is thought to bea
delicate matter, as one of the parties is sure tu be displease
ed. At any rate, what is printed here will be submiticd
to Censors before publication.
General Laharpe is constantly with the Emperor Alex,
ander, who treats him with much attention; the General
interests himself warmly iu the fate of the Swiss Cantons
particularly in that of the Pays de Vaud.
The project of establishing Provincial States in the prins
cipalities of Germany , has been for some ime under seria
ous consideration. SomeSovercigns may feel their rights
compromised by such cencessions, but it appears that ibis
gencral measure will be adopted. We are assured even
that the King of Wirtemberg, who strengly opposed the
project, has recently consented to it, and has promised to
re-establish the anutient asscmblies of the Duchy of Wir.
temberg, with certain modifications rclative to time and
circumstances, aud called for by the interests of his sube
Hanover, Oct. 21.—Oficial intelligence was yesterday
received from Count Munster, the Hanoverian Minister of
State, now at the Congress at Vienna,, that Ilanover hae
beeo raised to the rank of a kingdom.
Vienna, Oct. 15.—The Declaration contained in tne
Court Guzetle, has excited great satisfaction among those
who are better acquainted with the course of such affairs,
since all sensible peaple must wish thatthe most importan€
concerns of all Europe, and of Germany in particular,
may not be considered and regulated with precipitation ;
but rather ina wethodical and solid, if it even should be
aslower manner. When so few have any realinformation,
itcannot but happen that curiosity raised to the highes¢
pitch must make and circulate many reports ; one that exe
cited yesterday some Attention, was, ‘Palleyraud »oué
bereplaeed by another Ambasssador frem | rance
View original
View original
View original BY virt eof an appointineat drow the Honorable
Court of iV Justice of thits colo VWisy Gated YS | due
Iv, (S145 viven upon a Poritie presented by W.
Jodcsany ant the Reprgscatutives invlis colony of
th . lets | th. Li. falas T, deceased, in CP ACUEY as
Curvtors to Che now abandoned Letate of Re. Mer-
@liint, dee,
I the undersigned, at the request of aforesaid Cu-
Do hereby Summon by Fuict :
All Creditors of the Estate of Roderick Merclyint,
dec. toappear before the Bar of the Court al Cost
Justice ot this colony, on Monday the 16th Jana ery
Isto, and following days, there to render in thei
coms, and further to proeceds according to Law,
oO. prin of being deborred their right of claim.
Lhis Sammroas by ict published as customary.
Berbice, 2h November, IS].
RK. PRANCKEN, Ferst Varshal.
View original BY virtue o. au Order from Elis lexectleney tie
Governor, lated | : 29 October, IST4, ewiven up-
ona Pero proscnted by bhs. Fryer Lav tie Hd one
Olt jsveeutors 7 (he ljslateo! the late Robt. Wale
son, and Attorney oF homes Pond another of the
Bixcemors and on: of the tleirs of said Rob «rt
Wilko, and oot Pl stad appointed in the place of
Win. bodeson daring Les absence from the colony.
Pehoounders cued, at the request of aforesaid Lx-
ecutors, doleieby Soainon by kedicts
Au chines on the orececds ol biantation /7er-
puta, Cua Ge ds, bo tender tn thei claims before
the Court of Civil dustice , of this color yy at their
ordumury Sesstowon Monday the 16th day or Janu: Iry
Std. aed teollow ine avs, and sarher fo procecd Ve
forgive to dow On potu, after Che tournth Edietal
Srrmons, of bein debarced oo ‘tir rie ht oF cline,
PhisSuarnon by Edler made Known to the public
by bewtofdiian tions the Court House o! this colony,
and turcther d eto bh eceordine fo custo.
Berbice, Gol Nowe oor, IN} 4,
ROR ON NEN, Feest Varchal.
a a = = —_—— eee
Wianre ote my cetod on Plontaulrouw Joyris
Corentone Gor ya nteee ot brout Land. of about ou
Acres, hi been ene rocthis taidersal€ water, and
conser. that all the crass and weeds are des-
troved on its vo willbe reenired to beran aimedi ate.
Jy aller Cleis re sy Che duwest offer will b> accepted,
cand pry nent v dh tye made aS SOO AS the Woh IS
finished, Tor fuser taformation, please, voply to
Mr. R. Doneshisy on th: Evate, ie Dec,
View original WHER CVS a Peano Forte, wis twelve montis
avo, corsigicd to the care of Che Subscriber, by W.
Marray, Gog. of Barbados: the expence of the re-
piirs, of stich together with the Preieht, baving
been pud by the Subscriber, and notice repeated ty
given pessonilly and Dy letter to the parties to whom
Mbeloieed. tothe away and pay the eXNpENCE Of
(he sane. without effects; the Sabsecciber now Chere’
theme dena of the Gazett. , apprizes the parties con-
core Fy thatat the said) Piano be not taken awity anid
ies oe ices ondowoer belorve the Ist January (S13,
itowolloes Tdoot the first Publie Vondue bollow tine
tu meet Che same
Atthe Nuw Town Tavern, the following Arti:
Cles, on nioderale teriisy for tianec ube payment,
CREPES of ware, pipes in boxes, pork in hall
barrels, flour ia tierces, Port, claret, and) Madeira
Wine, Gentlemen's dress and Planter’s shoes, Ladies
and children ditto, calicoes, shirt, salad oil, raspbor-
ry vinesrar, rose aid lavender water, ink stands, con-
ceil utes, fish hooks, eces cadlers, table knives and
forks, sailors and pen haives, tooth brushes, pewler
table and tea spoons, ditto single and trechle plated
do., soup ladles, steel top thumbles, needles, chest
and cupboitd locks, round bolts, chest hinges, stecl
palin irons, japan tuuablers, stationary, tin ware, and
dish covers, glassand horn kuithorns, hair brooms,
graters, shot bells, split pease, barley, corks, empty
coffee bags, &c.
10 Dec. D. MARTIN.
=a i. TT... ceemmeeciils le oe all eg
View original
View original yr
} ‘
: , i
View original a eeeeSSSeeeSeSsSSSSS
FOR S bales goo ty and tbale yellow cotton, from
Plantation Larvtannia, of last crop: and 25 bales wood
Cotfon of (he present crop, payable in cash, will be
recetved at the Store of Messrs. Douclas Reid & Co.
New Amsterdam. until Monday the Qd J ladary next
—the colton deliverable in the river Berbice.
I7 Dec, P. PAIRBAIRN, = § °° '*
THE Subscriber having received full powers from
tlhe Residuary Levatee of the bite Won, Ti//, dec.,
heecby tnforins all persons indebte | to the said’ Es.
fate, hat aaless immediate pavircnt be made him
befare the Ist January, their Notes and) Accounts
Will be handed over to an Atoey at Law, to sue
tur Wifllout distinction.
View original a
FOR 22 bales good, oe 2 bales vellow Co!ton,
from Plantation Hope, } oyvable in - hh, will be re-
cerved at th ets ot i. “Tathers, eg. New Atust
ati! ‘Tonday he 2d January ne tthe Colton to
be delivered in thie tiver Berbiee,
[7 Oct. Por UIR BALIN, g SEK Ts.

View original ?


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7 5
* ‘ wet, ‘ ] j in .
; ° 47 nm J)
—— ~ i 2
View original ~—— &- <a os Se
--e-eeorr———— —_—
‘ }
athose who have. y Demands aevnt the agu.m.t the
Dottte Of the late dead. hinboe, lisq. dcc. are
earbesay requcsted to render in their accounts to the
Yagerst cue), tad to deliver copics of Nofosol Hancg
Orotluer a Nery a.) which Ghote chain is tounded.
Aud those ind. — tosnd Losiate, to come forward
WHtet bianca, Pay luenty as the und ‘stern: dis wader
thi Cisaers - he Wece sity lo procecd al Law without
Giscrimbaition aol PC Esdras A eLiMst those whose ace
Counts renaitr une aad ble request Cause that hold
Kecerprs ofthe bite ote. Vieboot for ace unts ren
dered by the undersizuced, tocahipit the same to
hit, Chatbacy aay be credited tor the same.
DO see, Hi. NSPAAL, eliberating
Tire hat! Lot Nov 40, situated in Che second eme
poldcioi this “own, extending in full width from
fhe grout dam to cue mildle road, with all the buile
Hhros therein Wy as lately OCCUY), (| by OSS. Lantse
Leer er bot lurthe c P- Weare al: ITs, ¢ wouire ut
Sos, A. A. ne LA COURT,
Nic. Pf the said house and lot, &c. is mot dis posed
o! by pris ate sale ~P eCylous oo (he Voth of (hig
hi ‘On I, meowitll be sold at Public Venduc, on (he
ue ANIry HONE.
i oe a
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Poe Manners of Proecedines before the Court of Civ
Justice, ta clretish aad Huteh.
Phe Charter of the colony Berbice, in Enelish.
The new ulcl Cowtitte or by Datel.
Coffee Certificates, rll iN ctringe and Lading.
AT hin tot Goons, blank and ruled, Quills, Peucils,
Ready made Ina in Gottles, &e.
List of Runeaer ty Nevroes, tn the Colony Stocks of
Brapice, on the 23/h December 1814,
Names. Proprietors, By whom broughte
Divou. Pio. Gerestein Fiscal
Rosa Pia. Ouve: wagt Ochnert
Hlercules bdem McCamog
(loratius Bellevue White
Stars. iss Loa Irants Adami
Miandar Pin. Ilerstelling | biscal
Nicolaas (lcm idem.
Primo ’. L. Schmidt dehnert
April idem, fdem.
Adonuse {.lem, [dem.
\boke Acwly Orumont
Jee Allen irauendorf
Samba arnos Katz
forken Pain Nicolay
Captain Vi esset Van der Schroef
Lewis ychollevanger Dehnert
A quasiba Laprudence Grallez
iclizabeth lssendam Idem «
Quajo ldem [dem
Yalla Idem [dem
(Quasie Idem Idem
Betjen [Jem [dem
A quasiba {dem [dem
Martryntje [dein Idem
Quamina [dem Idem.
J.A.DEHNERT, Under Sherip,
NN a
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock, P. ma.
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Privileged Government Printers,

24 December 1814