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The Berbice Gazette

View original - PROCLAMATION.
BY the Ionorable Court(f Policy and Criminal Justice
of the caluny Berbrec.
To all to schom these presents racy or shall come; Be tt
THAG se have thoueht proper to regulate the
Contributions tor (he payientot tbe Ebre of Filly
Neeroe Slaves, fturnRhed by several Planters, for the
repairol the Fortifications in this colony, for the year
1812, on the same footing and in the same manner as
isexpreseed in our Publication of the Sth and [8th-
Aue. S08, and fo ordain and enact, as we do hereby
Crdain and Enact by these presents + ’
eThateach Iihab tantof this colony, agreable to
the re‘nurn made by him fo the Capitation Tax, for the
year PSl2oae the Receiver Coneral’s Ollice, shall
pay. previous tothe Virstof May ISI; his quota or
prop orion towards the avorementioned hire of Ne-
eres 69 furnished tor (he repair of the Fortifications
In ths colony, deve for the year ISTY, as also to de-
froy (hs expence of Compeasation to the owners of
such \coroe Slaves as have been lost in the service,
andiow ‘= eood the Receiver General’s commission
of Opec com, lor reeciving and paying the whole
chs teenies which amounts on repartidion, to
Selec Slice ur heal,
Por rer esip tos which quotas or proportions, and
aftcrs ir! forpaymeontofthe aroresatd hire and com-
persion. the Receiver Gerveral is bercby qualified
and farther antioriscd (> compel anc enforce pay-
mento. thesald contibulions from all defaulters, after
expiration of the aforesuid icrm, by Summary Lxecu-
tiovsand withort further process of Law.
The Court of Policy rescrving to itself the right of
mahing such o(ber provision for defraying of Tire
yet to de incuried, a circumstances may appear to
Aud in order (hatno trnercace maw be pretended.
these presents shatl be published, printed and posted
upas customary.
Phas enieted ia our Ordinary Session in the Court
of Poliey, on tie 12h January ISts, and published
Pi the Ol Janu y follow ing,—present, His Exect-
Jency HE. W. Brsxwincxw, bicutenant Governor, an!
the Tlonorable Members Jo. ©. Abbensets, John
MeCanon, Stiaon Praser, Peter Fairbairn, A. J.
Cilasius and George Maio.
By Command of the Court.
View original PR¢ yC J \ NI ATL ) NX.
BY the Ivs:orable Court of Policyand Criminal Justice
of the colony Berbice! Be it known:
CTEAT the number of Slaves on Estotes. subjeet to
the payment of Plantation Money, ecnsisted on the
“SIst Decen ber, F812, in 2200% heads. and that on oa
repartition, the Plantatiou-sfoney for the present y car,
Is by these presents, fincd aud regulated at Ticelze
slivers per head.
All persons possessing any Estates, or who may
have the Administration of them, are hereby enjoin-
ed and directedto make payment for the aforesaid
Plantation-Money, agreable to the said repartion, at
the Office of the Receiver General, on or before the
First of May next cnsuing.
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
Ihese presents shall be published. aflixed, and toee-
ther with the List of Slaves, printed and seat round
to the ditercat Estates within the colony, as is cus-
Thus enacted in our Ordinary Session of the Court
of Policy, on the 12th January, 1814, and published
Ongihe Lith January, following,—present, His *-
cellency HT. W. Benrincx, Lieutenant Goverftor,
and the Hon. Members L. C. Abbensets, John
McCamon, 8. Fraser, P. Fairbairn, A. J. Glasius,
®and Geo. Munro.
By command of the Court.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original
View original «duce on which the colonial duiy of 2f percent is to
be paid to the Receiver Geiieral, for the six months
commencing Ist January, aud ending SOli June,
IS14, as follows :
Cotton, 16 stivers per pound.
Coffee, G6 do. du.
Sugar, 5 do. du. <
Cocoa, 6 do. do.
~ Rum, 30 do. per gallon.
Molasses, f I.
Secretary’s Office 11 Jan. 1814.
By Command.
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
By the Honorable Court of Policy and Criminal Justice,
of he bolony Berbice.
To all to whom these preseuts way or shall come; greet.
tug! Be it knoizn,
WHIEREAS we have experienced from the ac-
counts given in by the Receiver General, that very
little allention has been paid to the ordinance made
by us, under date of the 22d. July IS10; respecting
Transient ‘Traders.
[In order thevefore to ensnre a better observance to
the regulations made on that head, we have appoint-
ed and by these presents, do appoint Thomas Chap-
man, squire, or the Collector of bis Majesty's
Customs, for the (me botug, of the colony Berbice,
Receiverof the Traasient Duty. with the same power
and authority as was giver lo the Reeciver General
by our aforesaid Proclunation of the loth Oct. ISTO.
And with the exceptier ov the clause contained in
our Proclamation of the LO October i8tO, ordering
all persons to pay the Transccnt Dnty of 2 percent
lo the Receivers General, we con fir the contents
thereof, which for gencial beom.Gon is herewith
published. , ;
And tilat no persons may prefer trnorance here-
of, this our preseul oidinance, tall be padlished and
printed as usual.
Thus enacted ino our Ordinary Session in the
Conrt of Policy, on the 12th January ISt4, and pub-
lished on the 24th January followine,;—present, His
lexcelloncy TL. W. Bentixcnk, Lieutenant Governor,
and the Tlonorable Members J. C. Abbensets, John
MeCainon, Simon Traser, Peter Faitbairn, A. J.
Glasins aud George Munro.
By command of the Cori.
R. ©. DOWNER, Secy.
——. — i oe —_— —_ eS
Py the [Honorabl. Courloy Policy and Criminal Justice,
of the colony Berbice.
To all to whom these proscal may or shall come; grect-
tne! Be th rkuowu.
WHLEREAS on representation having been made
fous from many ci the Tnhabituits and Residents-of
this Colony, We have judged it expedient to impose
a Duty on all Goods, Wares, and Commoadities,
imported by Captains of Vessels, ‘Transient Traders,
and others, having no residence within our Govern-
ment, so as to place those persons on a Level wiih
our Resident Colonists who contribute towards the
maintenance of the Government. We have there-
fore enacted, that from and after the date hereof:
ALL Transient Traders, viz: All Masters of Ships
or Vessels, Supercargoes or others, during their tem-
porary - the colony, derive a Kevenue from
the Sale oFRroods or Merchandize, shall pay a colo-
nial Tax of*tiwo anda half perecut on such Goods
according to the Invoices thereof ;—and it is order kl
accordingly that all such Masters of Ships or Vessels,
Supercargoes or others, previous to their quilting the
colony, in behalf of the colony, the above Tax on
the orginal Invoices to be produced to them, or make
Oath before the said Receiver General who is em-:
powered to administer the same, that they have not
directly or indirectly, during their stay in the colony,
a Revenue from the Sale of any such Goods or Mer-
chandize ;—and_ unless either the altestation of their
having made such Oath, ora Receipt for Duties paid
by them, be produced in the Secretary’s Otlice, no
Permit or Pass for the departure of such Persons from
the colony shall be issued by the Secretary.
And should any Captain or other importer afore.
View original said, give ina false Declaration at the Receiver Ge-
neral’s Oflice, such Person so offending, shall forfeit
the sum of five hundred guilders, which is to be levied
forthwith on the party offending. Said penalty to
be devided as customary.
And that no one may pretend ignorance of this our
Ordinance, the shall be published, printed and
afhxed as usunl.
Thus enacted in our Ordinary Sessions of the Court
of Policy, on the Ist of October, 1810, and published
the 12th November following. Present, His ’xcel-
lency Major General Sam. Dalrymple, Acting Go-
vernor, President : and the Ifonorable L. C. Abben-
sets, J. Tapin, S. Kendall, P. Latrbairn, and S.
By command of the Court.
KX. C. DOWNER, Secy.
By the Honorable Court of Policy and Criminal Justice,
of the colony Berbice.
To all to whom, these present may or shall come; greet.
tio! Be it knoun.
WHEREAS a vacancy has again occurred in the
Hon'ble Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, fis
iexccllency the Governor has been pleased, froin out
of a nomination made by the said Court, to elect
Matthias Rader
and Usquires.
William Cort
fo be Members of the said Court.
_ Ordering every one to respect those Gentlemens
In their capacity.
Done at the Court TTouse, New Amsterdam, Ber-
bice, Lith January, 1814.
By command of the Court.
R.C. DOWNER, Secy.
By the Wororable Courtof Poticy and Criminal Justice,
of the Colony Berbice.
INFORMA'PION: is hereby given to the Public,
that the undermentioned Gentlemens are appointed
Commissaries, for the year 1814, in the different dis-
tricts of this colony.—
Commissaries for (he East sea coast, Berbice.
Jolin McCamon,
and Fsquires.
Samucl Kendall,
Commissaries for the West sea coast, Berbice.
Lewis Cameron, )
and ( Usquires.
John Cameron,
Commissaries for ‘he lower Division, Corentyn coast
Robert Douglas,
and Esquires.
George Bagot,
Commissaries for the upper Corentyn Division.
Francts Brittlecbank,
and L’squires.
John Bethune,
Conmmissaries for Canje River-
Ilenry Smithson,
and Esquires.
Isaac Farley,
Commissaries for the East sea coast canal.
Samuel Kendall,
David Carnegie,
Ilenry Smithson, Esquires.
Hl, W. IHeytmeijer,
Commissaries for the East bank of the River Berbice.
L. C. Abbensets,
and Esquires.
J. 0f. L. Maurenbrecher,
Court HTouse, New Amsterdam, Berbice, the 11th
January 1814.
By command of the Court.
rR. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original Le =~
Coe een 3 Q@ Go Taco
WITEREAS the followine persons have addressed
Vhemselves to the Hon. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice, at their Sessions of the
if January, ISIA, for Letters of MWanumission :
J. G. Jones, for the Neeroe woman Alida, the
Negroc woman Louisa, assisted by Lvizaperu
Bennett, for herself,
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whom it
may concern, and who may wish to oppose the yrant
ofsaid Letter of Manumission, that they may addres
themselves in writing to the tndersiened Secretary of
the colony, previous to the ensuine Sessions of the.
Hon. Court, when a final dispusttion will be made on
the aforesaid Petition. Berbice, Jan. Lt.
Cor the use of the Civil Government, Viz.
barrel of Vohacco.
pieces of Con mon Calico.
mock Madrass handkerehiefs.
ells of Osnabrues.
do. of Check.
doz. of Hoes.
doz. of Cutlasses.
pieces of Salempores
doz. Knives.
falling Axes.
doz. Razors.
doz. Scisstrs.
doz. Combs.
Ib. of Gumpowder.
wii blinds.
jug of Lamp-oil.
Darrel of Salt.
quires of Foolscap Paper
bunch of Quills.
callons of Rum.
haos of Shot,
182! Ib. of Salt Beef.
}29! b.o Plour.

52 |b. of Rice.
45 tb. of Suear.
S Ib. of Votice.
Tenders for the whole, or anv part, of which, wall
he reecived by the subscriber allt o’cloek, on
Monday morni the 7th ot February. when they
Will be opened is presenee of His fseclleney the
Governor, and the lowest ‘Tender, it approved of,
will be accep ‘ed.
Berbice, 29th Jan. IST. Wy. SCOTT,
Berwice AGricuLrur aL
Tire next Mecting of this Society will be held on
Friday the 4th Feb. uary next, at Plantation Adeoy.
John Fraser—3) m. Inues—Robt. Douglas:
98 Jan,
Fietecen bales of cotton, from Plantation Por/
Mourant.—Tenders for which will be recived by
the undersigned, till the Ist day of February, and
tl approved of, accepted.
22 Jan.
Wo. CORT. for self and
View original NOTICE.
Atr those who have any demands against the late
GUN RICHARDSON deceased, are requested to render
them into the undersigned for examination, and (hose
‘radebted to come forward with payment immedi-
ately.—29 Jan. Rr. GRANT, qq.
Tenpers for 1d to 18,000 pounds good quality
coffee, from Plantation Morlberaad, willbe received
it the house of Mr. J. TI]. Scusarmonst, until the
4th of February next.
29 Jan. J. van pen BROEK,
(i. PAULLS, Seq.
View original ue ee
THE undersigned having been admitted a Sworn
ockkeeper in this colony, begs leave to offer his
service in that capacity, to his friewds and the public.
i general.
29 Jan. H. LUTHERS.
Frow the indiscriminate practise of neighbouring
Estates, supplying themselves with hard) wood on
plantation Profit, the subscriber finds that article so
scarce, that there is merely sufficient to supply the
wants of that state, he is therefore under the pain-
lul necessity of cautioning all persons, who haye been
in the habit of so doing, to desist in future, or other-
wise he will be obliged to use harsh measures with
those who persist to preserve what is yet left; he now
requests, (hat no persons will send Negroes to cut
e‘ther hard or soft wood.
29 tan. P. QUIN.
“6 ‘This Notice is intended generally
View original vs
TENDERS for ten bales of cotton. from PI ny
ation Onverwagt, will be * ceived at the house of
Mr. Jony Downer. New Amsterdam, ull the 4th
of February next. G. PAUELS.
oO), Jan. NI. KADER, Seq’ rs.
View original RUN AWAY,
Frou Plantation Liverpool, on Saturday nicht
the 15th inst. a Negro man named Hope, tormerly
(ue property of Th. Fraser, dee. of Canje, and pur-
chased by the subscriber on the 6 inst. at public ven-
due, was put up there by Mr. R. Scttle,—he is well
Known allabout Canje and in 'Town—it is said he has
a wife at Goldstone Hall, and one in Town at. Miss
Butchers’. A reward will be given for apprehending
said Negro and lodging him in the Barrack, all Ma-
sters of vessels are forbid taking him of the colony,
as ihe Law will be intorced against such offenders.
29 Jan, If. WELCTE.
Ni. 1 have been informed that he took passage iu
# Colony boat, for, Demerary, on Sunday the
23 January.
—_——— Oe
View original PLAN OF A LOVPERY.
Proposed by A. Funt R¥, iolh permission of his
Fecvellency J. Granv, Acting Governor of the
Tuts Lottery for the part of the half Lot No. 292,
situated with the buifdines thereon, between the
premises of Susannals Georce and li I. Galleh, in
(he first lmpoller of the town of New Amsicrdam,
and appraised by W. Cinasty Master Curpenter,
lor f5520.—-1s to consist of $3 Wekets of f 66 cach,
the winner te take poss sssionol the Lot and buildings
in 6 weeks ator, the drawer of the Lottery is bound
lo defray the expence of a Transport.—The precise
Gay of the dra wine, Vill be announced three (imes in
(he Berbice Gazette.
Vir Prooury bees to inform the pablic, thithe has
mst recieved from London, a comploeatassortiment of
differeat inaterials and works, for repairmeg alt kinds
of watches and clocks, likewise fresh vil, Composed
for the use of watches, glasses, heys and other trinck-
ets, oc. QO can,
—— —— $e
Tr hoop by den on 'ergeteekonde, de velvende
MVedicynen, aly: youiv. cortx peruye o ey EXE. COME
peruye, valeriana, serpent. Verg., magnesia ab. obt.,
scm, santoic, lquorita, trtoremitic, puly. colombo,
puly. jallapa opt., floris sulpher, cremer tartie, puly,
specac, spt. ather mri, gun coupher, pulv. arsiuic,
luchin island, Sat. nitci, lig. at odyn hoflinan, elx,
Vitriol.—Myristice, cmp. meluotus, emp. vesicator,
emp. diapahua, cap. wach in gum—also veel mec
andere artikelen, te veclom te nvemen.
24 Jan, J.P. BROER.
rr i
View original _—_—_
Word geadvcrieerd, dati his is to inform the Pu.
de volgende personcen voor- blic, that the following per-
aemens syn wil dese Rolontesons intend yuitting this Co.
fe vertrekiien. luny
‘HWueh Beto nic in 6 weeks trom Dec. 95.
Donald Ao sQuecn ia O weeks from do. for Demeiary
Jobn [ter Sy Che first COUVOY,
Jos. Barnes 126 weeks from 22 Jan.
D. Campbell in 6 weeks from 29 Jan,
K. C. DOWNER, Sccy.
View original $a
WORDT hicrmede bekend, NOTICE 3s hereby given,
gemaakt, dat een maard na\ihat a month after date the
datv de volvende Ti anspor-| fotlosine 1 FANSPOLTS ani
fen cn lis theeken sulden| Moi lane sscill Do vss dl.
verleden worden,
Jan. 1. bk. Theobald qq. Payle Read. will fransport
to fb. C. binery, 0 roods of land. inere or
less, with the butldines (Nero. situated an
the southern quater of lot No. [0. New Am-
sterdam, extending from the middle road (o-
wards the back dam.
Jan, 22. Geo. Munro qq. the trustees of A. W. So-
marsall, will transport ty Gordon and Mur-
phy, one third of lotsA & B, at Abary.
C.C. Swaving and H. S{aa} qq. the Execa-
tor to the will of the late J. J_g ynving, de-
ceased, will transport to ©, Ce the
coffee plantation de Liefde, situat on the west
bank of this river, with the buildings, culti-
vation, negroes, and every thing appertaining
thereto, and said C. (, Swaving will pass a
mortgage in favor of said Executors of the will
of said J. J. Swaving, deceased, for the un-
paid purchase money,
Jan. 29. Mary Lindner will transport to James Bur-
nett, 9 roods in depth of the half lot land No.
10, edjoining to the 7 roods purchased by him
of her before.
—— Wn. and Geo. Munro will transport to Robt.
Douglas, lut No. 3, situate on the west coren-
tyn coast. ‘
Robt. Douglas will at the same time execute
a mortgage for the balance due the said Wm.
and Geo. Munro, for original purchase mo-
ney of the above lot No. 3.
R. C. DOWNER, See.
View original | NOTIFICATION
By )) Bieelener Hhinny Mornrrew Pp
‘ ( ly
Nisquire, hieutenanteGos rior and Conunncer in
Chics én ani ACL the ye ‘ M ‘ie ot / erb, . hh «fs
Dependencics, and Presideit ia all Cots aiid
Colleges within the su me, We. HO. Se,
WITEREAS vey little atlention has been pend to
the “Notice to Woodentters” eiven on the [oth of
November, JS13, by command ot His Exec Mercy
Major-General Murray, and as various complacits
are existing that those v ho have been favored vit
Licences to cut wood in his Miajesty’s lands, do cot
comply with the terms of the grants made to then;
I have thought fit, and do hereby declare the foitoy-
ing regulations for Woodcutters in the said lands:
“ATL Licences to cut wood shall be exhebited at
the Government Secretary’s Office, within {0 mounts
from the date of these present, or in default thercol,
the same shal! be considered void, and the uvelect-
ful punished according to the exigency of the cause.
‘And further that Lieences to cut wood, be con-
sidered as granted for one year only, Anrine which
term the said Woodcutters shall make half yeurly
return of the quautity and quality of wood they mey
respectively have cut during the halt year, the truth
of which return shall be sworn to before me, and ut
terwards delivered to the Civil Commissary to the
end, that a due collection inay be madeof his Ma‘es-
ty’s portion of the said wood so cut.”
Given under my idand and Sealat Arms. (iis 2):
day of January, IS14. and in the 54¢h your of
His Majesty’s Reign.
r ’ - my ~AY 74 ~
iI, W e BEN 4 LN Ch.
By command.
ee te LO LLLLLLL LTS eet te al
View original 8 EL TT

On Thursday the 2d Pebruary willbe sold at the
Vendue oftice, by oer We itz, Esqr. for account
of those conzerned, a bale of w hitesalemporcs, wiurk-
od WH No. 5, Imported in the beg Auna, capluin
Brand, fiom London.
Also by the Vendue moster in commission a varies
ty of yy coords, bottled ale, beer, porter, ging prist
and orl, pearl barley, all kinds of stattonary, a few
hers of double rose butler just invyported, also a few
barrels of shads, Medeira wine in hhds. and Pipes, a
few coils of cordage.
). C. CAMERON Dep. Veudue Master.
On Saturday, the 19th Febcuary next, will be
sold on Plautation Whim, by order of the Curators
uf the lite Thomas Lawrence, dec. 40 head of erk te
cattle, heifers and young oxen, also from 30 to GO
head of sheep.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
—————- -—
View original _
On Monday, the 21st of February next, will he
sold on Plantation Fyvish, corantyn, by the Vendue
Viaster in commission, from 40 to 50 head of cattle. ot
au excellent breed, at a credit of 6, 9, aud 12 months.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Venadue Mustr
BY virtue of an appointment from Ibis Evcellency
MW. Brextincn, Lieutenant Governor ofthe colony of
Berlive and its dependencics, upon a petition of the first
Vurshal KK. Francewen, for and in behalf of WiKinxe
wd Park BrNnsamin, Curators to the Estate of F.
Byvon, decd. under date of \8th January 1814.—No-
tcc /y hereby given to the public, that I the undersigned,
el sell inthe presence of two Counsellors Commissarées
anil heir Secretary, at Public Execution Sale, by the
Son oud of wax candle, on Monday the 2\st day of
February, 1814, the Estate called Best Bower. situatcd
in the East coast canal, with all its slaves, Luildings, §c.
the propei ty of the Estate of Jacon Len Is, decd.
Whoever should think to have any right, action or ine
ferest on the abovenamed Eestaute Best Bower, aad
reishes Lo oppose the seule thercof, let such person adilress
themseloes to me first Marshal, declaring their reasons
Jor so doing, as I hereby give notice that [zill receive
opposition from every one thereon to qualified, appoints
them aday to have his or her claim heard before the uit,
and further to proceed according to lav.
The aforesaid sale ts to take place on the spot.
Berbice, the 16th January 1814.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marsha?. '
ee eee
View original ee Ss
To Woodcutters and Carpenters.
WANTED a house frame of bullytree wood, 24
feet long by 18 feet wide, two stories high, viz.—the
first 12 teet, and the second 9 feet, witha gallery of
10 feet, all round the lower story—also the shingles,
materials, and workmanship, required for finishing
the same as a dwelling house.—Any person willing
to contract for the same on very reasonable terms,
may obtain furtber information and see the plan, by
applying to this Printing Office. oth Jan
View original ———$____
65-8 a
a EE
Thursday evening last, we received our Novemb. Mail,
the leltcr bag was sent by land from Demerary.
We have only received two days later news by her than
we are already tn possession of—but not a single syl.
luble news appears tn them.
The Matl to be forwarded to Europe by the Elizabeth
Packet, nowtn Demerary, will be made up at the Post-
office here, prectsely «t 6 v’clock on Tuesday evening the
lst Feb. to be dispatched to Demerary,.
November 26,— Yesterday, Capt. May ‘of the Dutch
Navy arrived in town, with Dispatches front Hlolland to
the Prince of Orange and the British Government = This
Crentleman left the Ilague as late as ‘Tuesday last. Ile
brings information that the fleet had not as yct made any
formal surrender, but was expected to doso, the momeut
His Serene Highness reached his native land. ‘The follow-
ing Procijamation had Leen published in that Prince’s
Ln the Name of {is Highness the Prince of Orange ; the
General Government of the United Netherlands :
Trhabitants of the Netherlands, —The moment is arrived
fu. cocovering our existence as a nation; the triumph of
t. Allis has laid low the pride of our opressor, and has
broken in pieces his colossal power.
At tis importantwmoment every Dutchman feels his cou-
rove iniiamed to throw oi the yoke, by which we have been
so disgracefully subjugated. National! freedom and inde-
pend.uce is the watch-word of every one; Orange, the
geuctal rallying cry of all who are proud of bearing the
nase of Dutchman. We ouly fulfil the wishes of all our
fellow citizous, by this dav, in expectation of the arrival
of His Ilighness the Prince of Orange, and in his name
placing ours Ives at the hoad of the Government; wetake
upon us this ask, confinding in’ the aid of civine provi.
dence, whose hand has been so conspicuously manifested
iu the present deliverance of our beloved country, but
also confidient of the support and assistence of ever
Dutchnan, who forgetting all that is past and without
disGnetion of rauk, station, or rejigious persuasion, is
with us defermined once more to rescuc that native country
which, ravished from the fury of the clements, from Phi.
Jip and Alva, was so gloriously defended by the valour
of our forefathers, though it has long covered with re.
proach aud dishonour.
from this moment our chains are thrown of; no foreign.
ners shall any more ty ranisse over you, every tie of com.
pulsion and slavish submisston to the common enemy of
Europe, to the disturber of the peace, welfare, and inde.
penilence of vations, we renounce irrevocably and for ever,
In the name of his Highness the Prince of Orange, and
as invested for the preseat with the supreme Government
of the Netherlands, wereleate our fellow citizens Chrough.
outh the whole extent of the Cuited Provinces, from the
oath of allegiance and fidelity taken to the Einperor of the
Freuch; and we declace to be traitors to their country,
rebels against the legitimate National Goverument, aud
liable to all the consequent penalties, such as, undee pre.
tence of connection with the krench Government, or in
compliance with its authority, shall obey any orders is.
sued by il, or ils agent, or maintain any cortesponce
with it.
All connections with our oppressors, whose contempt
and reproach have kinkled a fame in every Countcnance
and heart, ave from this day at an end. But this is not
cnough !
Dutchmen! We call apon you unanimously to rally;
round the standard which we have this day planted: we
call upon you to take up arms like men, and drive (rem) our
confines the enemy, who still appears todare us upon our
territory, but already trembles at our union.
Let all of us think of the deeds of our brave fore-fathers
when, throughthe immortal William the I. Dutch valour
broke out into an inextinguished flame; and let the noble
example of theSpanish people, who by the most persevering
exertions, accompanied with infinite loss of property and
blood, broke to picces the hated yoke, and upon whoin the
dawn of detiverance and victory now shinces,—let this ex.
ample teach us that the issue cannot fail of success.
We have every where entrusted to men of tricd military
skill, the task uf a general arming; they will go before
you in that danger which can only be of short duration
till the arrival of our allics for our deliverance.
Oi@er and military discipline shall distinguish oar troops ;
they are inseparable from true valour.
We shall take care that those who fight for us want for
nothing ; that our confidence never fail ; that the God of
Tolland warreth for us!
But as in order tu carry on the operations for the arming,
and for the defence of our territory, the expenditure of
the interior Goverument must be very considerable, we
trust that the Dutch will not be deficient in this part of their
duty ; the revenues of the country shall be expended for the
welfare of the country. It becomes the duty of every
one, therefore, zealously tu discharge his obligations to the
Treasury of the State; andbe who wouldact afraudulent
part under the present circumstances, must be regarded as
an enemy to his country, and shall wot go unpunished.
We order all Dutch Magistrates to remain at their posts,-
and in the discharge of their duties we place them under
the protection of all patriotic Dutchmen.
View original We also confide tm that spirit of order which has ever
distinguished the Dutch people; that in all the oflices of
authority, and especially in those of the adininistration o1
Justice, every one will continue in the faithful and unin.
terrupted performance of his duty, accordiag to the Lays
still in force.
We command and order all authoritics of departments,
cilies, and towns, to make known and aflix the present
proclamation, according to the usual forms.
Done at the Hague, this 21st of Nov. 181 3.
(Signed) vAN DER DUIN van MAASDAM.
Tt is said, that the Earl of Clancarty will goto Holland
as onr Minister ; and that he will be accompanied by Mr,
Hopuer, of the Forcign Office, as Secretary.
An order has been received at Portsmouth to sclect the
Whole of the Dutchmen, and other natives of the noi (her:
parts of the iate **Great Empire,” from amone the pri.
soners at that port, for the purpose of sending thein home
to assist in che emancipation of their country.
The Dutch Provisional Government requested 120,000
stand of arms, and within tw enty-four hours they were
shipped for Holland.
It is said, that one whole division of Soult’s army, op-
posed to Lord Wellingtou, consists of Dutchmen, under
the command of General van der Macsen. On learning
the’events that have taken place in their native country,
it would not be surprising were ihey to come over ina bo-
dy to the [Hereditary Princ: of Grange, who is with his
‘Lurdship. Atall eveuts, wie French can place no confi.
dence in them. ®@
By the defection of the Scheld* flect. all the expence of
our North yea ileet, upwards uf five millions annually,
will be saved to the coun ry.
ot Se
Extract of a Dispatch Jrom Edward Thornton, Esg.
daled Bremen, 19th November, 1813.
I have the houor of informing your Lordship, that I ar-
rived in this city yesterstty oftcruoon, the Prince Royal
having reached it early in the morning of the preceding
day. I found here the Niessen er Danic!s, whom Sir Ch.
Stewart dipatched fromm laanover, and who after having
made an unsuccestui aticupt to go down the Weser, fe-
turned to tins place. He proceeds again to-day. He gives
me the opportunity of informing your Lordship, that tuc
Prince Roya! has received tuformation that the Russian
troops belonging to the corps of Gen, Winzingerode, arc
In possession of Groningem aud have advanced as far as
the Yssel, where th ‘y occupy Z2wol, Zutphen, and are
in the neighbourhood of Deventer. The co?,s dWarmeée,
under the command of Gen. Baiow, is marching upon
Arnhem ; but the fabguing marches which it has had to
Sustain have rendered it Necessary lo give the troups a few
days repose, between Muuster and tuat Piace
This intelligence appears to have decermived His Royal
Highness to proceed in ,erson (o Holland, at the head of
the Russiau and Prussian (roops, leaving the conduct of
the aflairs in the Nosth, Davoust and the reca, ture of
Hamburgh, to Gen. Baron Adlecer: nis, with the Swedish
troops and the corps of Couat W alr.odeu, and the Ruse
Sian (roops under the consmand of Gen. Benningen,
a —__—__. .
At length we have received accounts of the United
States frigate Essex, Captain Porter, which has been so
long considered missing. She anchored at Lima on the
Sth of April, having iu charge two South-seamen, her
prizes, aud shortly after proceeded on acruize off Gal.
lapagos Islands. On the 98th of April, she captured the
British ships G corgiana, Pitts: Policy, Bowman, and the
Montezuma, Baxter. Ou the o8th vl May she also made
prize of the ships Atlantic, Wyer; and Greeow ich, Shut.
Shorty after Captain Porter had the Georgiana fitted
Out asa vessel of war, with 16 guns, and gave the com.
mand of her to his First Licut. Downs when she also cap.
furcd the following ships :—the Rose, Munro; Iector,
Richards ; and Catherine, Tolger ;
token at Tambres, when Captain Porter sent aletter to
the Spanish Governor of Yakile, to know if he would
sancuon the prizes being disposca of there, which he refus-
The crews of the Hector, Rose, and the Cathcrine, were
put on board the Rose, and ordered as a cartel for Kng-
land; but as the vessel was unable to perform the weyage,
they intended to proceed to Lima. Thecrews of the other
vessels were landeu on the coast of Chili. The Essex also
fell in with a Sgmnish sloop of war, baving with her an
American South-scaman, detained for smuggling, which
she liberated, and threw the Spanish yessel’s guus over-
We hear that as soon as Capt. Porter makes prize of
any British vessel, he seduces the seamen from their alle.
giance, by intoxicating them with spirits, and hoisting a
white flag, written on it, ‘‘Seamen’s Liberty, and Indepen.
dence ;”? many of them, we lament to say, had entered the
American service.
which vessels were all
The Editor of a forcing Journal is said to have been put
under arrest for the follow ing character of Bonaparte, in-
serted in an article, entitled, Souvenirs Revolutionnaires :
—‘‘At this time arose a hero who gave 4 New era to our
htstory ; whose will was his law, acd whose word was
power. He bound the iron crown of the qucen of the
world upon his brows, and witheed monarchs with his
look. He thought it no robbery to be made cqual with
Princes. He assumed the mock-majesty of Kings; and mi-
micked the demi-puppets, 20d aped their pageantry, that
View original
so he might take upon him the infirmities of his peo
and bear their reproach the navions, avd eiul « t
with his might as with a garment. Jie out-faced tis.
vile slaves of appearances ia their own way, aed:
off their own poor miracles of sound and shew a.
(hem, ‘They hated and scorned the truth, and he )
(hem chew ticis darliug lies in gall and biffernes-.
In spite of this d-grading equality, he still reagn ¢
sovercignty of hts mind, and his throne stood ta:
the ficld of battle. Hewhe had watched in Jncius 4
uwer, and had fed vo the dreams of Ossian’s hero ;
aot dwindle uito thehead-cypher of aCourt.. Over
ing the insignilicance of modern thrones, he manice
seifin the glass of aatiquity. Brooding over te: gre
pecmanent, bis plans , artook of the vastness of
nature. His saind projected and stamped the i
ected from the past on the future, Hi lofty
looking back to the mighty deeds of an A
Cesar, and a Charlemagne, could not rest th!
‘d amo. ment of equal height and gtoiy ¢
of posterity, nor till he had divided the c.,
lity with them !”
—— © 9 ©@O®@ || OSE 2Oo em
We are requested to publish the follcwing Khyme:
Dowff fleechin folk ha’e a’ gane daft,
Syne ¥.....s ha’e got abaft,
But leuk ye here, an’ talk but saft,
Ye’re i the wrang ;
Particlarly the p/ackless craft,
Wha lately sang.
We V.....—......8 now shall be,
We'll drive awa’ our: poverty,
Aw daud out S........°s pedigree,
Sell gear for cash ;
Retail auld Mollun ls, charge high fee,
An’ bdrawlie dash ;
Toubacco-reekers will live weel,
Whil gin Uhy drink aw some quid yill,
Aw should their wames begin to swell,
. Sew fur Le. t:
For he shall cither cure or kill,
An win a groat,
Clerks well keep to mak’ collections,
Grumnpéie’s breed in a’ directions,
Surely sic waun form connections,
To bring the bits;
Willie will, wi? new reflections,
Giang out his wits.
White-head’s by self pall-ver krown,
Mees eece Free... L for the cracn,
He thinks himsel’ already grown,
An inch or twa;
But gubbil gowks wv’ sic renown,
Aft get a fa?
May be soon he'll taxour horses,
He may do that, mules an’ asses,
Aw he diuna tax the Las-es,
We need na care;
But sic as I ca’ guid misses,
Are unca rare.—
Now master Thomas gi’es your paz,
I fin’ your muse ha’e got a thraw,
We kend ye, dud, when unca sma?
Say just a whalp;
Your ain wee daddie then wad ca’,
1 hear him yelp.
But now syne ye ha’e got aboon,
The folk that then wad ea? ye loun,
My head Wl niffcr for a crown,
Will ca’ ye laird;
Tho’ ye resemble a Baboon,
We? sax week’s beard.
Your pow fu’ weel is cram’d wi? gash,
Wi whirligums you're nac hash,
Aun’ gin they gi’e ye plenty cash,
Yell calk their keels ;
For ye can weel.@eid peo) le fash,
een witty checls.
But to conclude the story short,
We may expec’ to sce some Sport,
They’re a? eleekit by report,
Yo do our wark;
Thy write petitions o some sort
But ? the dark. ’
See ———$—————_—_———
View original ——ES>S>oTT—EE
THE Subscriber, in addition to Medicines recciy-
ed per the Lord Blantyre, is now landing from on
board the Ann, Capt. Br AND, from London, the fol-
lowing articles, warranted fresh and genuine.—Pale
and yellow bark powder, concentrated essence bark,
new England castor, balsem toly: oxymel of squills,
blue galls, Paytherins’s improved Chalienham sali,
powder cascarilla, oil of amber rict: arsenic, salt 95f
Tartar, verdegris, Hoffinan’s anod liq: s€VCls, Spirits
nitre, ether, chamomile flowers in Ib bottles, blist-
ering, gum & mer: plaisters, vuneper bornis, gum
tragacanth, rhubarb, jalap powder, pewter bed pans,
wide mouth bottles with lass Sloppers from |} Ib. 4
4 once, and best blacking, &¢
15 Jan W. BL. LIOT
View original
View original rE——UlCUCl rh UO Ss © @& © aE eee ee
— | ee
King’s House, Qist Jan. ISI.
ROERED. that the Commanding Officers of
Nistriets, do forthwith report to the Tieutenant Go-
veraor tae names of the Officers belonging to the
respective companies, together with the di les of their
Commitostons, as also the names of the Non-Commis-
Sioned O'icers, and the number of Drummers, and
Ataal and bale, in cach company
By commana.
T. WHITE, Gov. Scc.
BERBICE. Oro cerccrent ITonse, Voth Jon.
TH Lientenanat- Gove ray as been ple ased to
make Cie folbowiie Sppocuanents
Shubert de Salve
RoC. Downer, oid Esquites.
Peracretis White.
tobe Tis Excelloney’+ sid-de-Camps, with the Co-
Jomnal rank of Lieutoeacat-Colonels.
Lsy Com o I,
]°. WUTGT., Cov. gece

Niive’s Jooure, Vth Suir WA.
TITS Tievtenant-Ceove soar wil attend at the
Kine’s House, New Ainstercian, for tue Dispatch of
Pubiic Vuss ce yarom Teac ciogn An the inorning,
until Too O Clo ni in the: QC PROON. O Mine 7 Lesa Wy YS,
Wednesdcrysy bh realy ss and Lredays, of ev ory
week: Atw ich time of Attendance, a tlay will be
jhoisted over the \ vege. a. the House.
Dy His Pireellency’s command,
Pe. WITTERit, Gov. See.
TH. Planters and Inhabitants are required, to give
Info tiis Ouiice, a recarmolall White, free coloured
Persons, aad <I ives. —And the Planters are to make
a Return, op Oath, of ali Produce Sola, Shipped,
and ce melee l from Estates, commence ng Ist July
and eccing. ist December, 1918, ia the course of
thre po coent ue wth: delantéers with be coported to the
Viscal.— sll Accounts due this Othce, will be ¢iven
over to the De wewaarder, as the Receiver finds it ins
possible to pay the De ‘mands gn the Ollice.
Burhice, Ist January, iSI4.
View original Just reecizod by the Brig Ann, Capt. Brann,
from London, and for sale by the Subscriber.
SALEMPORES, i nen ‘chech, printed calicoes, loaf
sugar, toa, ge nth men’s Hessian boots, tob do. ladies’
and children’s do. dress shoes, planters strong do.
with buckles—tidies’ and childre n’s shoes, childrei’s
fashionable leather caps, ladies’ fashionable s(raw
bonnets, shalls, tipets, caps, ribbands and dresses of
all kandi: knives and forks, perfumery, hair brooms,
stow brushes, bout jacks, &c.
— ——— -
~ . NN
View original 4
@ s 4 1
mn sl IMana
. _| iG
(*| VY e AU, UVUi L A ig At& 4
View original (
, AGE | ‘ \
i> ( cri
Li i i
ish ch
iui l I e ’
View original CIUIL AS, is
— Officers at Fort St. Andrew, allow ances, ———
— Ilire of pioneers, at Fort St. Audrow employed on
— Provisions and cloathing of negroes attuched to
the King’s house, and provisions for ehain
nevraes.. ————
View original HEYLUTS. ——————_ —_—— StI’,
— Printing office, for publications, proclamations,
and pew money. —————__ — ——_—— 2857110
— Indians, presents to them,————— — SOO
— Militia, paid for gunpowder.————W—— SLIT 8
_— Ferriages, allowance to keepers of Berbice and
(la mie erry. orn
View original vallje bCIlye OS
Post office, hite of poStman,
Schooner Ilarriet, paid for repairs ————— —
Pxpencesof keeping up public buildings. —--—
Bush negroes, suldin Lssequebo, paid their owners.
Iexhenses of civil suits yet to be recovered —
Arrears for Dienders cloathing, p. Donate.
Arrears for ferry due the late dtlankar.-
Avrears duc from winke! department furcoals &c.
Poid overcharge as weigh mouey. ana
Paid keeping vu. road and canal on the east sea
Coast, ——_——————__- — -
a of exchange issued £ 7 '3-19-4.
. Hobson, new account, ——-
Potty duties, paid court fec.,——— ——
Protested bills. por Robson, araft,.
Receiver Gqneral’s comnisstonon sttas paid by tuna
Paper money retucned,
Ree *ivery Generals comimissioa on J 23%: 50-9-10
received by him,——————-_ —_- —
Ralnnere —-— ——. oe
a "
KS ae
i om
15109) 4:
Islus|ls :
View original mom oP UM Ee ee SS eS ee eee ss _— _ _ SS | be | J J
. . '
——-_ / 6052 fe eh
° ease a Se ee en Ul! eee
_—$ $$ ——_<—— el
—_ _- > ge ae i —_—
Atthe instance of Mir. A. A. pena Courr.
By Iis EvecUency Hrany Wirrtradn Bren-
TiIncKk, Esquire, Licutenant-Gozcernor, and
Commander in Chief trand over the seltlement
of Berbice with its Dependencies, and Presi-
dent in all Courts aud Colleges within (re same,
SC. S Cc. oc.
To all to whom these preaus shail come, Grocling !
Court, has exhivtled to mea certain Power of At-
forncy, datcd Yist July, ISi2, lo ha ay As ten:
Agent, excercising prov sionally the Otlco of Prine
cipal Agent of the Crown Property inthis Colony.
from the Commissioners appotted to Administer (he
same, empowering Lim in hits aforesaid conrcityy, to
appoint any fitand proper person withen this (olo-
ny, to act as Assistint Agent for the son. © rowa Cro-
perty under lim te dd. &. de he Court. during
such time as he should continue to excercise Che std
Othice of Pancipal Agent, as isimore fully scliorth in
the said Pow or, this day exhibited to me
Anp witrreas Che said A. A. de te Court, has
further produced to me a Substitution or Appoint-
ment fiom him in his aforesaid capacity, dated (he
10th of January instant, coustituting Joman Pre-
pEntc Osrrvuutrer, late of Demerary, now of
Berbice, to be Acting Assistant Agent tor the said
Property, as in the said Deed of SabstituGion is more
particularly expressed.
Meir THERErORE KNOwN, that the said J. Fk.
Obermuller being so appotuted as aoresatd, is con-
sidered and recognised by meto be the Acting As-
sistant Agent of the said Crown Properly, and ad]
persons whom his doth shall oc may concern, are
enjoined to obscrve the same, and conduct: them-
schyes accordingly.
Given at Government House, Berbice, under my
Handand Sealat Arms, this Lvth day of January,
(Signed) H.W. BEN'TINCK.
By Conmmand.
(Signed) PL WIbEPE, Gov. Sec.
— — —— — ~ oa —_ —_
BY the undersigned, reasonable, for cash, the
followtng articles, imported in the Jan, Capt.
Brann, frota London,
Rounds of spiced beef, pickled tripe in kegs and
Jars, Ox longucs in firkins, cheese, pickled oysters
and muscles in pots, vinegar in jugs, French olives,
old Port wine, refined sugar, brown stout, ecutlemen
dress, half dress, and walking shoes, planters strong
do., [lessian boots, gentlemen best patent silk hats,
ladics & gentlemen’s line cotton stocking, stationary
assorted, mottled soap, mould candles, gun powder,
Also on hand from former importatioos :
Best [rish mess beefand pork in 4 barrels, butter in-
Whole and 4 firkins, peail barley, spiit pease, pickles
assorted, ready inade and flower of mustard, sago,
raisins in boxes, small setts of earthenware in bacrets
and crates of ditto, fine old Madeira in bottles, brown
stout in bhds. &c.—15 Jan. G. BONE & Co.
View original
View original TO Bi SOLD,
PLaAntarion Wuymourtn,
Situate on the West coast of Corentine river, an]
known on the general chart of this colony by Lot6.,
containing 500 acres of land, with 95 Negroes, 150
acres in fine bearing cotton trees and D5 acres in
plantains and cround provision ; dwelling house and
lowie, gin house, Negroe houses, and other oul-
buildings, and 8 gins with cranks.— Also Dt head of
cattle, none above 6 years old, aml 150 head. of
sheep of a supertor breed.—The buildines are sitn-
ate on the most bealihy spot in the colony, within
39 yards of the sea, which affords an abundance of
fish for the supply of the plantotion.--[f vot disne-
sed of by private contract before the list dey of
March ISLE, it will be sold by public sale. on the
said estate, a the month of April next, (lime ly 1%.
tice of which willbe given) on the following terns:
viz.—The land, buildings, and cnltivation, payable
inequal annual instalments of 1, 2,5, & f years.
The negroes to be sold ia fisnilies, payable in ap-
proved bills of exchange, in equal sums, at 9, 12,
and Yb months siaht.——Catde sheep, plantation
stores, puts, Me. and whatever may be oferd for
sale, will be payable in end Gimonths, in cash or
prodiree, a cash price. —The plantation, negroes,
cattle, &e. niay be scen by applic to Med. Berr,
(he Manager, and for further particulars apply to
[T. Swaiieox, esq. Berbice. 22 Jan.
Lwportd by the Anua, Capt. Brann, and for
sale hy the Subserthers al their Slorc on Lot
No. l0—for Cash or Procuec.
PRIME mess boeCand tongues in jial€ barrels, los
of bath becous, Cumberland hams, Gouda and Leder
cheese, Dutch herrings aud batter, smoked tongues,
Pondon biowa stout in bottles and bhds., noyeau,
flyson tea, muscadel ratsins in boxes, currants aac
prumes ia jars, Hoflinans preserved apricols and
rreen gages ta brandy, matmegs, mace, biec pep-
per, bacmen scedly speimaceti and mould canal -,
ycllow and mothed soap, Durham mustard, Prencit
Olives, mxcd pickles; white. black, bluc and ercen
maint and paint oil in 9% eallon yurs, gentlemen's
shocy, boots, coats contees, vests ard trowsers, print ot
eassimere and superdne broad cloth, green priig ol
table cloths from @ to 12 tect lone, printed cloth tor
curpeting, green baize, flaunel, whife and coloured
calicues and prints, Liack bombazcite. ginghams,
fapes, (hread, nen checks aad strives, Russie duck,
Osnobrigs, coice and cotton bagving, hanging paper
and bordeviee, white and green caarvas for window
blinds, hair seating, brass nads, ivory handed hnives
and forks with deserts and carvers, conibs, scissars,
penkmves, fruit da. corkscrews, snaflers, steel, ra-
vors wid) strops—postand foolsceep paper, quills, sad-
lurv, mails trom Ady a2ddy, Xe.
oY Jan, J. 0. KIP & Co.
_—_oo OO Orrrvr'rrre _ _ —
View original POR SAGE
A Schooner Boat, 25 tect heel, decked, and will
carry about 70 bags coffee, has only been in use a
tew months as a passage boi if, with sails and rigging
complete, will be sold reason: alle mr prompt pay t.
92 Jan. apply to J. CLAPHAM.
View original “U'TION.
Tar undersigned ‘havin been appotnted by His
Exectlency Governor I. W. Be sTINCK, as Cura-
tor Ad Lites for Mercy Agun Y, wite of R. Hlanerr
beating date 11th Jan. 1814—hereby warns all whom
i may concern, Ghat any payment made to afuresaid
is IParper, wall not be considered as valic.
Vids Subscriber oilers tor Salea few cashs
YT » /\°
Newfoundland Fish,
from the latest arrivals.
15 Jan. J. 11. SCULARHORST.
View original — FOR SALE
BY theSubscriber, New JJ/adcira Cod fish, im-
ported via Demerary, in the ship Lune, trom New
foundland, in 4, 6, and 8 quintal casks, and by the
hundred weight, tor immediate payment,
8 Jan. Cu. KYTE.
—_—— OO rrr'nvr ied
View original Sheet Almanacks
For the r ISIT4. fe (
OO ony)
Publishe C7 ain / (

29 January 1814