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The Berbice Gazette

View original —+—— — — = aan: ee

ABOUT twenty bales from Pin. T'yrish; for which
Tenders will be received by the subscriber, at the
store of Messrs. Doucias Rep & Co. till Wednes-,
day the 3ist inst. when the highest offer, if approved
of, will be acceptod—terms, cash oa delivery.
13 Mareh, JOHN FRASER, Seq.
View original FOR SALE.
LIGHT prime Field Negroes— apply to the sub-
scriber, who will (ake in payment cash, produce,
or approved bills of Exchange.
13 Mareh. Wa. INNES, qq.
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FROM plantation Lancaster from 30 to 40 hales:
Tenders for which will be reeetved by the Subscri-
bers, at the Stose ov ©. Kyte, Leg. till Monday the
22d inst. when the highest o%er, itapproved of, will
be accepted—terins, cash an delivery.
Jao. Be THUNE and
6 March. Di. ALL 'T, Seq.
TWENTY bheles of good Coton will be offered.
for Sale amongst the Creations of M. Danas, on
the 25th of this month, at the store of Doucuas
Reto & Co, in New Atmstendain,—the cotton to be
pat up one bale ata fine.
W. LAWSON for self and
6 March. C. DOUGLAS, Sequestr.
PWENTY FIVE bales of goad Cotten, will be
offered for Sve amongst the Ctediters of J. Me C,
McDonanp, on the Qathof CVs imonth, at the Store
of Douaias Kin & Co. in Now Aessiendaun,—the
colton will be put up ono bate ata time,
We. DAWSON for selfand
6 March. C. DOUGLAS, Sconesters.
OO -'-- rr 3 ee i‘
THE undersigned being eboutto leave this colony
for Surinam, has given security to the satislaction
of the colonial Sccreiary, which secuiity to stand
void six weeks alter this date, within which period
those that might have a just claim: against him, can
receive payment for the same, at J. Gr. P. Sites.
MA, Rsq.—G March. P. BONTE,
ec cr ee eg ee
LOT No. $9, situated ia the second empolder of
this town, withthe buildings thereon, consisting in
two Dwelling tlouses wiih the necessary out-Build-
ings; the whole Veing eligibly situated, having a
free prospect over (he river. Terms of payment will
he made easy tan epproved purchaser. Por fur-
ther particulars apply tod. LE. Vrenorn, or
6 March). A. G.CALMER.
THE House and quarter Lot No.3 in this town,
in excellent condition, liardwood frame, 45 tect lone
and 20 broad, a story and a half heigh, raised on
blocks 3 tect high, wilh a new side building, GL feet
long and ]5 broad, hardwood frame, boarded with
crab planks, covered with wallaba shingles, divided
jn several apar{ments to serve as out ollices, 2 large
water vats, lately built, garden, &c., railed ins with
slabs. — Terms of payment will be made easy to an
approved purchaser—for further particulars apply
on aforesaid lot to its proprietor.
6 March. A.G. CALMER,
View original DE ondergeteekendens van hier naar Europa ver-
trekkende positivelyk, met de vloot die zeilen zal in
de maand April aanstaande, daarom wordt een icder
verzogt dic iets te pretenderen heeft yan liun, vol-
doening te komen ontvangen, en die verschuldigd
zyn betaling komen doen, op dat zy by het afhalen
hunner passen niet mogen verhinderd worden.
6 Maart. CL. J. PORTIER.
View original ——— Sta es ee ee ee ee
TILE undersigned positively intend to depart for
‘Europe with the next convoy, for which they re-
questing every persons to come forward with pay-
ment, and those how have any claims against them
to call for the same, because they may not be disap-
pointed with their passes.
G March. $ FE. J. PORTIER.
ie Zee eS 6 hl ll a ee
View original TUE Subsenber intending to leave this colony,
With next convoy, requests that all demands against.
him nay be rendered for examination and payment,
and those indebted come foraard with payment in all
this month.—5 March. JOUN CROFT.
DE genen die iets te pretencderen hebben vanglen
ondergetcekende, gelieven hunne pretenticn intele-
veren by den Ueer d. L. Tresoer, en die verschu!-
digd betalingen aldaar komen doen, alzoo hy voor-
nemens is binnen kort van hier te vertrekken.
6 Maart. : IF. A. MENTZ.
mea gepepeg a
Bernice AcricttreraL &
A Fall Meeting of the Members of chis Institution,
is requested, at Port Mourant, on Monlay Che 15th
inst., when a Vallot fur Office Beurers’ will take
J.G. C. de Nieuwzerkerk—W. Innes—S. Mourent.
Berbice, 6 March.
View original FOR GLASGOW.
Loading at Demerary,
- To sail with the April conzoy.
sete The well known Ship Aurora,
M. McDOUGAL, Mastef.
For freight or passage apply to
Se eee
View original Vendue Offic
epedue Office.
On Monday \9th April, 1813, will be sebd atthe Ven
due office, by virlus of an appointment obfuined Jaom
he Ion. Court of Ci i! Justice A this Cole: y, Ly Jos.
Vall and A. hrieger Kequires, Curutors to the Estat.
of the late Sohn Nacyer.
Two thirds of Lot No. 71, Courantive coast. sith the
arcs (18 in number), buildines, culliviltun, &c. as per
laveitery ta be seen at the Vendue ofice.
—————— ge ee ee i
View original ee
Bevcbwme, Wh Peh.,
Several articles of Furniture, (he property of Ma-
joc Wiitevonc, RL WL. Rangers, shipt by the
Sehooner Robert Augustus Hfvadmaa, for Surinam,
having been picked up oa the coasts of this colony ;
the same are requested fe be sent to this Office, where
all expences will be paid. eb. 27,
J.C. DOWNIE,. Dew. Asst. Qe. & Brrr. Gen.
Miss C.& W. BRANDES.
LATE from England, respecfally anrounce to
their Friends and the Public, that they will receive
Children to instruct in Reading, Writing, and Arith-
metic, also in Plain and Fancy Works. ‘They beg
leave to assure those Parents who may honor them
with the care of their children, that assiduous atten-
tion shall be paid to their improvements—children
from the country can be boarded on mederate terms.
Application to Mrs. E. Bennett, or on lot no. 35,
2d empolder. 27 Feb.
——_—___.. i i
View original FISCAL’S OFFICE.
THT, following Slaves, at present in the colony
jail, will be sold at public Vendue in three weeks ai-
ter date, Negro Samby, brought on the 18th Feb.
IS12, and the Negro Francis, on the 13th of March
1S12.—Proprictors unknown.
27 Feb. J. A. DEH.NERT, Under-Sheriff.
View original ch. { Payable in advance.
View original _ Secretary's Office.
Wordt geadverteerd, dati This is to inform the Pu.
de volgende personen voor. blic, that the following per-
nemens zyn uit deze Kolunie sons intend quitting this Coe
fe vertrekken, \lony
J. Rawlinson per Westbury, from Feb. 8.
Th. Harvey in 6 weeks from Feb. 4.
‘Wo. Henery in 6 weeks from Feb. 20.
John McRae in 6 weeks from Feb. 13.
Th. W elch with the April convoy.
Th. Robson by the first opportunity.
I,. Hintzen in 6 weeks from Feb. 27.
John Croft with the April convoy.
A. Corbin in 6 weeks from March 6.
Ik A. Mentz in6 weeks from March 6.
EL J. Portier per brig Westbury.
View original WOKDT hicrmede bekendy NOTICE ishereby given,
gemaakt, dat cen maand ng thata month afier uate the
dajv de volgende Transpor-} following Transports and
ten en Hipothecken zullen\ Mortgages will be passed.
co worden,
an. JO. J. van den Brock as representative to the
estate of A. Donzcl, dee., will transport to
Wim. and Geo. Munro, the Corentyn coast
lot No.3.
Wim. and Geo. Munro will transport the
sme lot, less 3 reods, to Robt. Douglas.
And to Messrs. Colin and Donald McRea,
the said 3 rvods of taad adjoining lot No. 2.
heb. 6. J. Zimmerman will transport to R. Bell, 15
roods of land of the lower back quarter of lot
no. J9, inthis town.
—— M.S. Bennett will transport to H. Welch,
the halfof lot no. 10 , east coast canal.
M.S. Bennett will transport to the free La
Rose, the $ of lot no. 13, Canje.
I3 Feb. Js. Fraser will transport to E. S. Fraser, lot
No. 28, on the west sca coast of Berbice.
Js. Praser will transport to Colin Mehenzie,
the western halt of lol 29 west coast Berbice.
-——— Js. Fraser will transport to Wm. Fraser, lot
30 west coast Berbice.
Ths. Law will transport to Wm. Fraser the
northern half of lot 20, firstempolder New A.
v7 Feb. The Guardians of Robt. Binning, will trans-
port to Chs. Kyte, Esq. 340 feet of land, fr.
the front dam, being the south part of half lot
no. 11, with all the buildings thereon.
Feb. 27. Isaac Farley will piss a mortgage in favor
of the Executors of A. Benny, on his planta-
fion Adelphi, cum anexis.
March 6. J. A. Leisner will(ranster lot No. 49, Qnd
empolder New Amsterdam, with the buildings
thercon, to J. be. 'Tieboel.
John Crolt will transport to Wm. Croft, the
south front of lot no. 12, with the buildings
thereon, being 29.roods, or less.—And Wm,
Croft will pass a mortgage on the same, favor
> Jobn Croft.
March 1S. J. J. van der Stoop, will (ransport to J,
Griffith Jones, the upper half of lot no. 4},
second empolder.
; = —
Whereas the following persons have addressed
themselves to the Hon. Court ef Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice, at their session of the
4th and Sth January 1813, for Letters of Manumise
sion :—
O. W. Lantsucer for the Mulatto gitl Polly
Lexa Muctien, free mulatto, for the Sambo girl
Mic tie. :
The mulatto woman Kirry ITALL, assisted by A,
G. Caumen, for herself.
Notice thereof is hereby given to those whom it
may concern, and who may wish to oppose the grant-
ing of the said Letters of Manumission, that they
may address themselves in writing to the unde: ste
ed, Secretary of the colony, previous to the evsuim ,
Session of the Hon, Court, whena final disposition
will be made on the aforesaid condition.
Berbice, 6th January, 1813.
View original _ BY Order of the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, oi
this Colony, Notice is her “by given :—Thatthe nex!
Court of Rolls will be he | on Monday the 22 inst.
and that the said Court of Civil Justice will, for the
resumption of the last proceedings, Meet on Wed
nesday the 7th of April, next ensuing
Berbice, Feb. 6.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original
View original —_—__-----_—_—_——— SO SS '““—““- -
THE Public are requested to take Notice, that the
Convoys, for the present year, are arranged to. sail
trom Demerary at the following periods :
Aprilatthe Full Meon.
Junaect the Pull Moon.
July ot the Lull Moon.
The trade trom Deimerary wil be joined at Grenada
by the ships of that [sland, from whence Mey will
proceed to the place of gencral rendez vous.
By Permission of His Lacellency the Governor.
Signor ARISE,
Rope Danccr.
dfasthe Honor to inform the Publi® that he will
verforin on Wedarsday Evening, (Vor thé Last
Vine inthis Colony), the 17h March, when he
hapes, that he with kis Company will be enabled
to vive sulisfacl ‘on la the Spectators, as no exer-
tions shall be caching on the part of the Perform-
ers, lo render lhe Spectators as much amusome
as postible
On the Tight & Siack Rope.
Pumblings, Pantomime, &e.
he Parromtmer called. the Four Friends: and the
Lnéestatament will feriminate with a Phentasma-
goric Scene, owhich will be diselived the Dis-
lion of a Living Mon.—By which, and sever-
al other thines, Mir. Arisa assures, the Spreta-
OTs will be well satis fied. ;
_—— -
eee eed ¥ of. 8 ove
N ‘Thes venting the Theatre will) be open.
aN @ cl—S veral Feats of Activity will be
perierved upon the Rope—and concluded witha
Pantomime ortled -—7% 6 Gatlaut Sadur.
@ Ota eee eee eee ee
» 7 "aide ‘
NO i ay Bue
ABSCONDEN? tron Pim Rose Tall, Canje, a
Negro. named Js / —the custonicuy fewand wil be
paid foe Jodzing tiim in the bariachs—-and any pers
sen found harbouring hia, with be prosccutod as che
Law directs.
12 March. Jno. MACDONATL”.
TILE subscriber oilers for Sale bis Dwelling House
situated in front of plantation No. 58) west coast of
this colony, being OG feet long and 8 broad, rrised
on green bard blocks, one story hieh. lias been nade
of the best materials, clapboarded and eovered with
wallabo shingles, no niore than 3 years okt, will an-
swor well for the reception of a family.
‘Terms may be hrewn on applying to K. Paanxc-
Ken, Esq. New Amsterdam; to Mr. Motrnaan,
plantation Oaverwaat: oF to
20 Feb. _ P. van VOORST.
NE. Some furniture mav be had with the house.
DEN endergetcekende presenteerd te hoop zyn
Woonkuis, staande op de voorgrond van plantage
No. S2 aan de west kust dezer kolonie, zynde 3O yoe-
tentang en22 breed, staande op cipiere blokken, éne
verdieping hoog, yemaakt vau de beste materialen,
geklapboord, cedekt met wallaba schaaltjes, en niet
meer dan 5 jaren oud, is zeer gescbikt om een familie
te recipicren.
De konditicn waarop men het huis verkoopt, zyn
te bevragen by den Heer K. Franeken, aan deze
stad; by den Heer Motenaan, plantage Onver-
wit: of by P.van VOORSTY.
NB. Enige meubelen zyn met het voormelde huis
te koop.—20 Feb. ;
A gang of 20 Negroes, beng 1G men, 3 women,
and one boy ; by the ycar. Apply to
J. vAN pen Broek, qq.
(2 Peb. G. PAUELS, qq. and
G. J. SCH WIERS, qq.
eesti a te
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View original
View original $n ——
No arrivals this xeek—but by a Rarhados Peper
of the 2a Mar h, recevecd warden mM Vy DElCcls,
the arrtsal of the First kebruary Mail, rocemidby
Princess Chaylotte Packa—she is reported lo hax
hed a sexere engagement lo windward of Barbados,
wih an American ship, which she beat off.
It has been officially notified, that the Board of ‘Trade
will not issue more Licenses for euninercial wees uuls
with Fran = ofl
Adviegs from Valencia to the 13th, and from Alicant to
(he 2)st Dec. r "Preecul tle Stale of anairs int lhuse prrets
Of the Peninsula as tm proved. Sunehet’s army Was retie
ring.—Iive thousand troops had arrived wt Alicant from
Sicily, and Lord W. Bentiick was expected with 2,000
‘The sieh of Lord Wellington's army, Porfuvucse and
Britieh, are stated lo be abuut $'3,! nm).
‘Dliv two subscriptions opeacd for the relief of the poor
sufferers im Kuss, by the latest uccounls, amounted to
more than sf GS,000,
os* 9
he Tast accounts from Quebec notice the arrival of a
store-ship in the river St. Lawrence, having on board
10,000 stand of arins,
Sy his Majesty's store-ship Cormors nt, which erriscd
at Porismeouth onthe tGth Jan. from Cibraltar, intelli.
sence of a dreadful storm at that place has been receivcd.
Motherbank, Jan. 16.
‘“T regret whilst J inform you that on the 29th ult.a
violent sturm came on at Gibraltar from the 8. BE. in which
many vessels and lives were Jost. Nine sail of vessels,
part of a convoy from Malta, Were diiven on shore in
Catata Bay (at the back of the rock) and all om buard
perished, except one gentleman and his servant, passen.
gers. Seventeen more vessels were driven on shore in the
Bay, several of which were American prizes. One of
them was a transport (name unknown) which had 36 of-
liceesand men, invalids, on board, who, it is feared, were
all lost.
Extract of a letter, dated Freynada, Dec. 20.
‘*Phe campaign has finally closed, and the army are ei.
ther in cantonments or in winter quarters, Those divi.
sions and regiments which suffered most severcly from the
late fatigues and privations, and have great numbers of
sick, have been ordered further into Portugal, and are in
quarters in the neighbourhood of towns where they can be
quickly and abundantly supplied with every necessary
conducive to their comfort and recovery. ‘The remaiucer
View original we iat more forward stations—some on the Purluguese
frontier, and others weil advanced into Spain. General
Pill is at Covia, watching fhe movements of the enemy,
Who have a streoy ecrosin be tremadura. The French
are tertibly distressed lor provisions, they are necesis
lated therefore to separate, dn order rocure food.—
Their foraging :artivs are obliged to go over a great space
of ground; and to guard against the attacks of the pea.
santiry > tues have recourse to Che lolluwiny preeautions .
om entering a village, apart of the detaglnient takes pos.
Sssion afa couvent,.barn, or other large building, which
Chey barricade: they then seize the magistrate, or some of
the principal inherbitants, ay hostages for the prompt exe.
cuGon of Che requisition; shoald there be any delay, or
suspreton of attack, th» hostages and any of the inhahi.
tants whom they cad seize, are putto the torture; milita.
ry execution net unfrequcntly follows, when whatever
cannot be carried away is condemned to the tlames. Not.
withstanding the inclemency of the season—for it rains in.
cessantUiy—the brench, by repairing the bridges on the
Tagus. appear to meditate proceeding to the southward.
Soult has fixed his head-quarters at ‘Toledo, iu order to
keep the army lately under Ballasteros in check. M wy
of our best officurs, are applying for leave of absense s on
account of indisposiiion. Oureavalry is dreadful cat up
the horses dic fast, their food beth in quantity and quait-
ty difloring so much in this country from whatit is iu
Cobbett’s Register.
The reader will bcarin mind, thst after the Battle of
Salamanca, an order was sued from the IPorse Gua tls,
statbrg, that. i cousequenee of the German Legion hav.
ing freqnentiyy distingatshet ieelf during the war in the
Pomnsula, Lis Nos at thohoe s the Prince Regent had been
pleased Co direc’, that tue Oficers of the corps of that
iegion show!) va@ve permanent rank in the English
Army. 1 obocrved at thetime ofissuing the order, that
rs, af L understood the meaning of the words, was not
a Sul, aud Guat, to give effect to the Ord ry an act of
Parcament must be passed. Since the new Parliament
assembled, a discusstum has taken place upon this suiject,
In COWmegueney OF 4 motion of Lord Folkestone, who is
eititled to the thanks of the nation for the watchfulness
he bias coustantly sheanin regard to the einploy ing of foe
reign ‘Proops in this kingdom, Before benter uconan
accoantof the debate to which I now allude, it will be
necessary, in yrder to a clear understanding of the watter,
bricily to state what the law is. First, then, the las,
as comtaimus! in the det of Settlement, passed in the 12th
and Pochet Wiltam the Sd, and which act, be it observed,
expresses the conditions, upon whieh the House of Brans.
wick Should succeed to the throne of Eng and; the law,
a> faid down in ghit act, expressly says, that no Foreigner
Shall hold, uuder thy Crown pf these kingdoms, avy afp ie,
or place of (rust, coat or military. Ava, | bes the rea.
der fo observe, that this act os entitled, an act for further
limiting the Crown, and betler securing the rights and
brherty of the people; so that, in order better to secure
the rights and liberty of the peunle, it was thoucht ne.
cessary to prefubite the Crowu from employing Jorciau.
CFs de vllicens in thearmy, in casethe House of Brunswick
succeeded to the “Elirone,—Thus stood the law, when,
In Pst. ao Bed was passed to authorize the King t yembody
certain dore gners toto eorps, aud to employ them in- his
scrvtee “Pls was the set under which those troops called
the German Legion were raised. [Tt authorized the King
fo putthe mea thus raised under the commend of Foresgn
Oficcrs, aud, of course, itdeparted from the act of Settle.
moult in Uats respect, because, it sanctioued the putting of
lorcigners into places of military trust im this kingdor,
L inust observe here, too, that this was adel of inde minty .
fur the Kiug, or rather his ministers, had actually raised the
corps and appointed the ollicers before the aet was passed,
dud by the act the Parhament tndema/fied then for having
dune so! However, the act was passed, and it became legal
for the Ning to givemiilary trust to Foreigners as Officers
in these particular corps; but, that the act extended no
farther, Chat it did not authorize the Keng to give them
military teust any where clse than ia these corps, is quite
clear from the preamble of the bill itself, which states, that
the Kins shall be authorized to give forcigners places of
intiitary Crust in these corps, because they understand the
language and manners of the men of whom the corps are
fo be composed.-——Under the sanction of this act, how,
ever, or, al least. since this act was passed, Foreign Oflicers
have beon put ypou the General stall; they have had com.
mands given (hem in the districts of Fngland; they have
cormnmanded at reviews in Eugtand ; they bavehad the com.
mand in England in some cases, where even regiments of
militia*have been under them ; and, lastly, they have held
commissions in English regiments; though i¢ would seem
strange that they should have been thus employed, seeing,
that, at any rate, they are not likely to understand the
language and manners of our men better than our native
ofiicers !—Still, however, there was one clause in the act
of 1804, which it seemed impossible to get over ; and that
was, that the act should cease to be in force at the end of
the war. Of course, when peace eame, the commissions
of these officers must all cease.—This 1 was well aware of,
and, therefore, 1 said that the Order from the Horse
Guards if I understood it rightly, was illegal.—Not so,
the hireling writers of the London press. ‘They applauded
the Order, and the Courier vews-papers in particular
abused before-hand any one that should find fault with it,
asserting, that any one who did, must bea friend of Bo.
naparte.— We now come to the debate In question, th
View original whole of which, ¢s published in the Courier news-paper
of the 11th inst. 1 have inserted below, and every “word
of which I beg the reader to attend to, as being of the ut-
most importance tg our libertics and our personal safety ;
aye, of much grater importance to those liberties than are
the events in S inand Portugal, and, perhaps, even those
in Russia and Noland-—Lord F olkestone, as will be scen
in the account of the debate, 1 ial that the German
ollicers were how tohave permanent renk, and that they
were shouldering out our own oflicers and taking the com.
mand ofour Own atinies. Lord Palmerston, the Sceretary
at War, did not, it seems think it proper lo support the
Order from the War-oflice, and explained it to mean, not
that the German officers were to haye real rank after the
end of this war, as Lord Folkestone supposed, and as
supposed, aud as Mr. Canning said he supposed, and a
every body c!se supposed; but thatthe Order meant mere.
ly, that those oilicers shold, after the war, have their
NAMES prigte Jinthe army tist according to the rank chich
they had borne befovethe end of the war.—Lut, why was
it not so e% pressed i in the Ordcr ? Why cid not The Order
suy this? ‘Phe Order said no gucin ting + and, indeed, as
far as words heve a definite meaning, the Order said just
the contrary. Said, S*i at Chose oOfieers, Now ser yang
with dempo, oy rath iw the several segimeats of that
‘Scorps, shall wave permancoat rank in the British army.”
What could this be understood (o mean othee than that
these officers were to come in and take their turn in all
promotion in onrarmy, and to remain in it with the same
security for the duration of theit commissions as that pos.
sesscd by our own olliccrs ?—Lord Palmerston says, how.
TS fe hal Us permanence related mercly to the insertion
of their names in the arary bist, after the war. Ef this had
heen Oe Care, tae Order was perfect NOMSEDAL ; for, as the
reader may sec, if be looks bach into the arary lists, their
naines hate, jor along time past, beow inserted ip that fist,
But, what a gross absurdnl y will that list pre ent; what
auegregious piece of fully, if it should contain the “Wames
of these officers after the wae? Aftcr the war, they will,
as we have secon, be wo longer vsaecés in our ethice > their
commissions div with the war; The many others, peace
would be death to thete ogen pa oon and thei hoe their’
corps would be ds banded, Sand they thom elves stript ofal
authapity bere. and pot back ince their former state of
eae inte ariow of the Bleetor of Manover.—With
hat propoaly.thea, woud their names appear in the
English armyehet; in the lst of an army to whieh they
would ne more Walon, rthan they would to the army of the
American stat >? fUappears Cr nioeto be something too
absurd to be though! yo. -ib'e, chat this scheme should have
been in contiispiatios. No: sometiieg more solid w as,
J am fully convimced, intended ; and, i basing been dis.
covered, thet the boca could not be cranted without an
act of Purliament, it becwune prudent (uo give the matter
up. If the Order had gone ingo eect agreeably to the
plain Euglish of it, it is very clear that iC would have Up.
raed greatly to the injury of the otffcers of our own arniy.
Kor instance, an Pngh-h colonel * lave had twenty
or thirty of these Geeman colons pat, at once over his
head, if there were (hat number whase commissions were
of a date prior ta his, which woukl have Docu extremely
injurious to Lin, and, wpoa the supposition of bis having
purchased his commission, ul lows unpect than jajurions :
seeing that, whew lie purck Ase. ) tie Could wot have bad tu
contemplation the ntbductt of thee or any other fo.
reigners.—The matter, however, has now boot expheined,
and with that explanation PE should base beew satened for
the present, if other matters, conncctal wath tty had not
been introduced. While the orloe was, in the debate, ex.
plained not to mean that the Germans were to have rank
permanently in our army, great pains were taken to incul.
cate the opimion, (hat such a favour would not have been
too great for their merits. ‘Vhe praises bestowed apon
thein were unbounded ; one member appears to have been
understood as giving them the prefercnée to English obigers
and Lord Palmerston, rather indiscres ‘tly, as it turned out,
called upon Lord Foikestune to look at the gaeclivs, if he
wished to know whether the Germans had, or had not,
distinguished themselves during (he war.—Lord Folkestone
accepted the challenge, whith was repeated by Ceneral
Stewart. Ilis Lordship said, **With respect to the desire
or rather challenge, of the gallant Officer (Stewart) to look
to the gazettes, in order to ascertain the achicvements of
the German Legion, he (Lord IF.) had taken oceasion to
review those gazeltes, because asimilar desire lad been
the night before expressed to him by others, and he was
happy to Gnd that in glory, asit appeared from the losses,
the British army was not inferior, compared with those
highly-applauded, those particularly honoured Foreigners
For what was the comparison? Why, let the House and
the Country judge fr6m a few instances.”"-—His Lordship
then made the following comparative statement, a copy of
which he has done me the honour te transmit to nie.
Battle of Talavera.
Killed. W. Total.
German Legion Jost, onan average, per
Batiiide., : 0d. 056s - aera. 8. we ae 12S
British regiments, on an average, Jost.. 18 91 109
Battle of the day before.
German Legion—6 batt. of Luft. and one
rea ol Gavalry.o...0....5....3.0. 33 6123 156
One Englispspatt. (2d batt. 87th regt.). 27 187 164
Battle of Busaco.
eGermans—4 batts. and 2 detachments.. 10 49 59
English—1 batt. 45th regt............ 25 I13 138
1 batt. 88th regt........00-- dh 102° 133
View original Battle of Barrosa.
Germans—not one Ser kill. or wound.
, Agurpes 3d May, 1811,
Germans—6 hattalions?...7..0....a%. 93 20 28
English—t batt. 7[st regt............. 8 38 46
b Balt. 7@e tect... Be GD SBM
Affair of 5th May, 811.
Gernaene6 Iki... 1... cae... . WEBEL 48 51
English—1 batt. 7istregt............ V8 74 87
1 butt. 79th regt.......0.... "27 135° 162
—_—- —
Siege of Badujoz, from Sth to \th June, 1811.
Germans—6 battalions..............- 1 9 3
English—l batt. 5istregt............. 26 78 104
Assaull of Cuidad Rodrigo.
Enaten los. . Tou &. F.. eee. 0... FOO S06 926
German loss... . 2.0... eee eee eee eeee O 0) O
Capture of. Badajos.
Hinglish loss.......-.2+2eee+e0-+-0-+ 668 2402 3370
OF En A , , oon onan 0 va. O O O
Battle of Albucra.
(rermats,s® battaiuns....Bs..6..... £8. 96 104
éugiish, 2 batts. of the 7thaegr....... 125 557 628
Liesl. 26 cea, oo we . > mie -- aan? 206 273
I batt. 9th regt.s...se0.s-eee--.. 80° 215 325
Battle of Salamanca.
(und observe, this was the battle, for the decds perform.
ed at which, the order was issued. )
Germans, 5 battalions...... ep. .ts dee 9 87 #96
Luglish, 1 batt (the éd of the ‘Ist foot. 23 137 160
1 baat. FG Gee ew ce... 20 175, 195
Lbart llthregt............ 43 296 S41
b batt. 38ch rege 7... 16 T97 148
S Data Ole reet.. me... 44 322 366
SC —-——
L{8 1067 1205
5 other Fnglish batts. (being the 5 who .
suffered jeatt in the cugagemenr,) fost. 0 19 ~ 10
148 tue7 1215
=— “a
That's. (dividieg these numbers
by 10,) on af average per 14 “1U6 J2)
Latt@WOn ............ =
That is for cach one English Battalion, more than the fivs
German Battalions put together.
Now, reader, Fnzlish reader, when you have looked
wellat this, look once more at the order in question, whieh
said that, In consideration of the King’s German \ gion
having so frequently distinguished themselves against the
enemy, duiiug the campaigu, but particulary at the battle
of Salamanca, [is Royal Highness the Prince Regent, act.
ing in the name audean behalf of Ihis Majesty, has been
p cased to order that those Ollicers now serving with tem.
porary sank in the several regiments of that: corps, shall
have permanent rank in the British army, from the dates
of their respective Commissions.” Mere, then, are we all
ina situationto judge. **U pou this review,’ added Lond
Fotkestune, the Country may decide which description
of force encovucered wore danger, suflered mere loss, game
ed more glory, or was entitled to more praise. ‘Tu sume
persons he knew it would be absurd to appeal. From
those who paid more regard to then own will than to daw
vr reason ; from those who coald originate an orders appa.
rently designed, a. ul sinee it was issucd be would wader.
take tu say wotoriows!y coaceived, to tuvolve a direct viow
lation of law, bow « meric nul expect Y8e attention. But he
ttl 10 Thal eousiderat.ou of the Cecutleun eS e,
who must fee! (hat whatever dilcccuce of ign might
pre vail Upot gen ‘ral Yiles tions, the 7 fsa lion of this
extraordinary order wes ca’culated toe good."—A great
deal Of good, certainly, and for wieh tho country is ine
debted to Lord Folkestone, who by Uns one act, tas, in
my opinion, rendered greater serviee to the country than
would be rendered by the driving of the Preach out of
Spain.—That the Order was gcaeraliy wacerstgod as put.
ting the Germans upon the same footing as our officers ;
that it was understood as giving Chem a permanent situation
in our army, is very clear, and, indeed, General Stewart
defended the Order iathat sease uf it. Lord Palmerston
said, indeed, that the German Officers did uot so under.
stand it; and, in proof of the truth of his assertion, he
said he had a letter to thateflect fromsome German Baron,
who is a General ; but, upon a question being putto f. ord
Palmerston by ext I olkes (one, the former eoufessed Chat
the said letter was written after the latter had given notice
of his motion.— Upon this occasion the old doctrines ; that
is to say, the doctrines of the last writer, were advanced
in defence of employing these foreiguers in England, and
Mr. Ponsonby, the leader of the whigs, be aged to be uu.
derstood as not participating in the vulgar prejudices”
which were said toexist against employing these foreigners
in England. Sir If. Mildmay is also reported as having
disclaimed such prejudices. ‘They were well answered by
Lord Milton, who said, that he must protest against any
foreigner whatever, being appointed to commands i in Eng-
land, and that he could make no exception in favour of
I[anoverians, for that they were not, and never had been
subjects of the King of England.—It was urged by Lord
Palmerston and others, in defence of the employing of
foreign troops, thit Bonaparte did the same. ‘This was
urged once before, and it was once before observed in an.
View original swer, that it ought to be shown, to make if a case in point,
that Bovaparte employed foreign troops in Prance ; that
he gave them commissions in French regiments; that he
gave them command of military districts in France; no
part of which has ever been, and, in nvy opinion, ever can
be, shown,—Besides, must wedy a thing, or thivh a thing
Hy to be done; beeause he does the like’ ? What would
be said of me if I were to insist (hat we ought to dbolish
tithes, for instance, because tithes have been abolished in
I'rance ? Nay, to come closer to the point, what was said,
and what was attempted to be donc, to the editor of tne
Independent Whig, because he found fault with oar Go-
vernment for not treating our soldicrs in the same manner
that Bonaparte treated his soldiers? ‘This, supposing the
cases to be perfectly similar, is no justification atall of the
Measuic, But nothing can, in my opinion, be more dis-
similar than the two cases, and the use of the argunont
only tends to shew how destitute the measure is of auy
solid ground of support.—'There may be room for doubt
as to whether the employing of foreign troops abrowd be
Wiseor not. That is a question which J shall be very
willing to leave to the decision of these who are in ex; ec.
tation of being able toetlect ‘*the deliverance of Muro: .
Itisin England; it is here, in our own country, an!
amongst ourselves, that 1 disapprove of the employment
of forvign troops, and [ disapprove of it, upon the same
principles and upon the same grounds that itwesdimwapprov.
ed of by our forefathers. L would rather that they nev rc
shoulh be where an English army is; but, the object of
my rooted antipathy is their being in bLngiand —I do
seem too, rather.singular, that we should stand in need of
these Hanove.ians to assist us in a war in Spain and Poe.
tuxal, where, as we are told, all the people hate our en.
mies aud love us. weys if this be true, should we go to
Ge ‘rmany, and pay large bounties far troops tu assist us?
Surely, we inight raise troops enough in Spain full as zea.
lous fur the liberties of that oe as the German Legion
istikely to be. In short, as Tnever haveseen, su i cane
nut How sev any good Fesson fur the employ incut of these
troops, and fam tully convinced, that the'd ry is not die
(aut when the public will be unas aimonsly of my Opinion,
—Atthetime when the famous Order was issued, the
Courier asserted, (iat Gere was but one man in Pagid
who would object to it, iu the sense that itwas then ane
derstood.—Tie hitching is now silent.
The subscriber has the following articles renaine
! ing of his depos tution by the ANNA, Sr. Lona:
NATLS from Gd. to 20d., shovels, hoes, cuilesse<,
colfo knives, American felling axes, stay bars ond
staples, hook, eyeand HL hinges, brasswerc colte.
setves Inscls, patnt & oil,, soap, c candles, butter im
half firkins, lonfistiear. Negro hiats, blankets, shirts,
aun] trawsers, Osnaburghs, cotton and cofice barging
cotlee bags, Ge ntlemens super fine beavers and Lew.
horn hats, and blue pantaloons, London made sw !-
dles and bridles, Lrish linen, long lawn, collon ie
ing, Jndia w hite and yellow nankeens, striped eu
hans, Russia sheeting, and a few pipes Oxo Dn.
DON Parricutan ManEerra vine.
Which he will sell very cheap, to close sales, and
will take coflee or cotton, at the highest mark: t price.
13 Feb. Cus. AYTE.
View original FOR SALE.
AT the Store lately occupied by D. Martin & Co.
the following articles, for Cash or Produce on deli-
very.—Old Madeira wine in hhds. & qr. casks, Lon-
sion wired porter, double refined sugar, tobacce in
hhds., pickled Duteh herrings in kegs, garden secd
in boxes newley imported, shirts, Britannias, &c.
97 Veb. LAROSE.
ALL persons having demands against the estate of
Josceu Tayion, dec. are desired to render them
in to the undersigned, in the ensuing month ; and all
persons indebted to the said estate, are requested to
make payment without delay. W. TAYLOR.
27 Feb. Del. Execut.
View original On the Sd Tebruary last.
DRIFTED from plantation Lust tot Rust, a Flot
of Crabwood, the number of Tect is marked on cach
plank, on the above rait were 100 Slabs. Any per-
son who can give information of the same, will re-
ceive trom the subscriber a reward of f50.
20 Feb. I’. L. MOSSET.
— i
—>_—_—>———————— — ee
View original rr
ALLE die iets te pretenderen hebben, ofte ver-
schuldigd zyn,.aan de boedel nu wylen den Heer M.
Scuaar, Cz., gelieven hier van opgaye en betaling
te doen aan
20 Feb. P. rer REEWMORST,
Del. kexecuteur.
View original a NOTICE
AJ, persons having any claims or demands against
the Estate of H. W. Branpns, dec., are hereby 1 -
quested to render the same, properly attested, to the
first undersigned ; and those indebted, to come for-
ward with payment, in order to close said estate as
soon as possible MH. LUTIERS, and
13 keb M.b. COSTENBADER, Cur.
View original Marshals Office.
First Proclamation.
BY virtue ofa Writ of Execution, granted by
His Honor J. J. van pen Stoor, Acting President,
Nc. Sc. Sc. in the colony Berbice.
Granicd upon a petition of A. ‘Tuonxnonrow,
Deputy Receiver General of this colony, versus, the
Proprietor or Proprictors, Represcutative or Repre-
scitatives of Plantation No. 28, east const, under
date of 19th March. 1812.
} the undersigned, First Marshal-of both the Hon.
Courts of this Colony, shall expose and sell, at) pu-
blic Execution sale, in presence of two Councellors
Commissarics and their Scecretare. on Wednesday
the 7th April, IS13. at the Cour(-heuse of this colo-
ny, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of that day :
The abovementioned Lot No. QS, cast coast, con-
tatning 500 acres of Land, without cullivation and
any dwelling house thereon.
Whoever shoukl think tohave any right, interest,
or claim, on the aforemeptioned Lot'No. 23, east c.
of Berbice, and wishes to oppose the sale thereof,
let such person address himselt to me the First Mar-
shal, declaring his reason for such opposition, Hiidue
fine and form, as {hereby vive notice Uhat t wil!
receive UPPosion from [ ver y oOue thereunto ou rhs.
fled, appoint them aday to have his or ber claim
heared before the ( ourt, and further a therein ac-
cording ts stite and law.
This Viest Proclamation madé known tothe Public
by beat of driin from the Courthouse of this « ony,
ad tucher dealt with accomiling lo CUS @mNn.
Derbi. e, Ut March, ISI3.
kK. ERANCKEN, st Warehal,
-— a
bersl Proclamation,
BY virtne of a Writ of Execution, granted by
Bis Honor J. Povay per Stroop, Actine President,
Oc. OC. AC. in the colony Berbice.
Upona petit present: for Chat murpose by A,
Tors nonnow, De ptitve Ke ceiver Gencrat ef Ber:
bice, versus, the Propriefor or Proprictors, Repre-
Scnlaiive or Representatives, et plotation No. 86,
Cast coast, uoder date of Vth Morcit, ISJ2.
lf theaadersigned First Marsival of the Courts of
this colony, shall expose and sella public exceution
sile, bt the prFCse! ce ol two Coiuneetlors imniissa-
ries, aml (em Secrn tary, at whe ¢ oat tiouse of this
colony, on Wednesday the 7th Vol, IStv, at 1
o'clock in ihe forenoon ol tl adi Jay 3 >
The abovenamed }.ct No. Oe. enet come contain.
Ine 500 acwes of Land, unculuvated
any Uweliing house thereon,
Whoever should think io hive Any rielit. milerest
or claim, on the above bal No. Goce. «. omc! wishes
10 Oppose the sale thereat, fet one? peveon address
himselito me the Viiot Marshal, fectarine his neasen
, aml without
x : -_. : ] ; 2% ‘ : : ’
POE SUCHE Op pOriasend, iti Chu Cimie aac tor s fie re.
by ive notice, Uiat §} wall TeoCihe Opepraesthnor oe
: ; t*« ’ et
every core thereunts CUduneG. ipod thea: te chy
to have lis or her clei heard betore the Cougs
further to proce el nc" ding {a has in suc Cum.
This tics prowl: bit Miri ber i » hao fo tie pabtic
by beat of drum, fromthe Court [louse crtbes colony.
~ Berbice. Th Mareh. IS13. '
WK. FRANCKEN), Fires Miers
5 hliG
ene eee
~—— + —
Second lVravlomation.
WILEREAS FT the undersigned, by authority abe
tained froin His Excellency J. Mornay, Bricadicr
Gewral, oud Acting Governor of the’ colony Bere
bic? and its 1) “yp nadehCics, NC, Ac. &ce.
Crranted wpou a petition of W. Wares in quality
as Atwrnacy ob Scanuel aud Llisuheth Acs. of Bar.
hades, have'caused to be taken in BP recution. and
sequrs'raiton, the Western Pwo Thirds of Lot No.
1} Corenatyn coast of this colony, the properly of R.
Manrnts, the person against whom abovenamed writ
of Execution Is granted, under date of 96 November
Be it therefore known, that 1 the undersiened in-
tend to Sell, Atlee ic ex pliration of one year and SIX
weeks, from the 22d of Feb. ISIS. the abovemen.-
tioned two western thirds of Lot No. 1) Corentyn,
with all its Cultivation (being Cotion), Buildings
Slaves, and further appurtenances and dependencie
thereto beloncing, and specified ine the Inventory
Jaying at the Morshal’s Office for the inspection of
those whom it may concern, in order {
the proceeds of said Sale such sum
whereforé the Estate abovementioned,
ken in Execution.
Dhis 2nd proclaination made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court Uouse of this colo-
ny, and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, 7th March 1813.
K. LRANCKEN, Firse Marshal,

O recover from
of money as
has been ta-
View original SALE BY EXECUTION.
Third Prodiangss
By virtue of autherify ob BA veg ihe Toror-
alte Court of Civil Justice of thas cofony, dated 25th
Jan. IS13, ona petition of Contin Dovcras, in-his
quality as substituted Attorney of Arex. Simpson,
the general and special Attorney vb the mercantile
house of Yeu Envier & Co., of London, the
present proprietors by transfer frow J.T. & A. Dor
Guas& Co., of Glasgow, of « certain mougage vesi-
ed on plantation Last Lothian, the property of D.
Notice is hereby given, that I the vadersi«ned,
Hirst Marshal of the Courts of this colony, will sell
in presence of two Councellors Conimissaiies, acl
their Secretary, by public Exceu-tron Sale, ou Mou-
day the 3d of May, ISIS.
The Cotton Plantation EAST LOTIIIAN.
Sitnate on the east coast of this colony, wilh ait the
Cultivation, Buildings, Slaves, and further Appurt-
enances and Devendencies thereto belonging, agree-
able to Inventory formed thereof, and which lays-at
the Marshal's oftice fur the inspection of those whom
if mary concern. '
Whoever should think to bave any right, action,
oranferest on the abovementioned plantation Lasé
! cthian, aid its dependencies, aml wishes to oppose
(his sale by execution, let him or them address them-
sclycs tome Che undersiened, cleclaring their reason
lorsodoing, ina leealmanace in writing, as T here-
by give notice that | will receive opposition from al!
intermediate pero of persons, appum them a day
to have taeir elaime heard before the Court, and fur-
ther act thereon aceorting to law.
AIL persons bemeg iivited to attend at the day of
Sale on plantation tet Lothian, and make their pro-
fit of the same.
This 3rd proclamation published by beat of dram
us Customary. Berbice, 7th Alarch, ists.
I. Frasxcars, Mirst Marshai
——- - ~~ —~-
—- CC —
Fourth Prodaumation. ;
BY virfne ofa Writ of Execution, granted by IM
Pxcellpncy JOUN Mor RAY, Brigadier G ‘ Che, asic
Acting Governor inand over the colony of Derick
aind ifs deorndencies, View Admiral, aul Pi ~ideut
inallCourts and Colleves within the saan,
Ke. , Xe, &e,
Granted upon a petilion presented for Chat purpose
hy Hon. Lawson, versts, Geo. Ratid, Te. Weite,
and Sam. Liles, under date of 10th Aug. IST.
Beit therefore hnown, that 1 the undersigned have
causcd to be taken in Execution the Cotion Lstate
No. 55, situate on the Corentyn coast, Berbice, with
wil its Cultivation, Buildings, Slaves, aud tucther
{ppurtenances, and Dependencies thereto beloreing
the joint property of said G. Baird, Th. White, and
S. Piles.
W hich sid cotton estate No. 25, situate en the
orentine coast, with aff its cultivation, buildings,
faves, aud farther ap- and dependencics, couform-
able to an Luvoniory Iheaeot, Ty is eat the Maratial’s
Oilice fur (ue wispection of tiyuse whom it may Cou
Oeit. :
Pthe undersigned wtead to Sei, after abe ex pira.!
tion of one veal nial SUX weehs, tram Go Sth Vee.
IsJ2, confonoable to the hersuladions of tye Cougs
of Civil Justice, dated Ist Jasuagy sid, respecting
the Sate et Cstates by Uxeouften im this entony, on
onder to recover fio the proeveds.of said sale cach
sin @f ruoney ae Wherefore the said plamation No.
3%. Corentine, has been tukem ja exeeution.
‘This 4th proelamaiton pablished by beat of dram
as Cusioimary. ~" Lerbice, 28 beb. ISIS.
K. Prancney, First Marshal.
eee eee C—O ee ——~—O
View original SALE py EXECUTION.
Fourth Preclkination .
BY virtue of three Writs of Uxecation, granted
bry Ifis Excellency Rowe KT Gonvos, Crave rior
General in and over the Colony of Berbice and its
dependencies, Vice-Admiral, and President of all
Courts and Colleges within the same, &e. &e. &e.
Under date of 15th Feb. and 2d March, sly, Upon
three petitions presented for that purpose by G. Peu-
els, the other by G. Pauels, qq. I. & J. Saportas,
and the last one by J. B. Rule, ‘all versus J. TV.
Isc it therefore known that I the undersigned have
caused to be taken in Execution, the Coffee Estate
called P Esperance, situated in this river, with all
Us Cultivation, Slaves, Buildings, and further Ap-
purtenances thereto belonging, the property of said
J. W. Heytineyer.
W hich said coffee estate ’ Esperance with all its.
cullivation, buildings, slaves, and other appurten-
ances and dependencies, all conformable to an In-
ventory formed thereuf, and now lying at the Mar-
shal’s Olflice, for the inspection of those whom it may
1 the undersigned intend to scll, after the expira-
View original tion of one yea amds.x weeks, from the 15ehWOctch
IS12, conte rmabic to lie Reeulations of the Court
o Civil Mustice, Gated tt kemiry 1810, respectin-y
the Sale of Pstates by Bxecution in this colony, in
order to recover from the nos of As sale of sail
Istate Pesperance, serch sums of, ‘y as Where.
fure the kame bas beee taken mexesFion,
This 4th¢yProcehtimation publisied by beat ofdrui
accore hig lo custane.
Betlice, 28 Feb. S18.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
Fourth Proclamation.
BY virtue ofa Writ of Execution granted by His
Pecellehey Ronenr Gornon, Governor General
vi the colony Berbice and ils Dependencies, Vice-
Admiral, and President in all Courts and Colleees
willin the same, Ke. &e. &e
Upona petition of P. Sytnorr, as the general anc
special Attorney of W. King and Park Brevyas-
MgN, In their capacity as Curators to the estate of
I’. By Nor, dec. versus, the Proprietor ur Pioprie-
(ors, Representative or Representatives, of pliata-
tion Best Bower, under date of 27th Joly, IS tt.
be it theretore knowngthat Lthe undersigned have
caused to be takea in Execution, the abovemuned
estate Best Bower, with all its slaves, and further ay:-
puitenanees thereto belonging,
Which ssid estate Best Bower, cx anneris, ant
conformableto an Inventory formed thereof and now.
tvingat the Marshals Otlice for the inspection of
those Wdom it may concern,
I the nudersigned trtend to sell, -afler the CX Pinte
tion of one ycar and six weeks, from the month No-
vember (S12, conformabtsto the Rewsilations of the
Courbol Civ Justice of thts colony, dated Ist Ja.
hurry ISO, sespeciing (he Sale of Metates by Exc
culion in this colony, ti order to recover from the
proceeds of said sale sueh sum of money as Where.
love the svid estate Best Bower, cum annexis, has
been tiken ti Lixeeution, cum expences.
‘Tlis 4th proc amation published by beat of dram
he cistomary. Berbice, 9S Fel. Istss.
: Ke FRANCKEN, Pirst Marshal,
——_— — oo - eo Oo
Sumunons by Edict:
BY virlue ofan Appoimment, given by the Coug
Civil Justice, amier date of 26th Oct. IS12, granted
pon a petition presented by B. J. Schwwicrs and A.
beormtercox,in thetreapacily as the two eldest Ore
plat Masters, (Weesmeesteren), and tn that Cape -
city Bxeeetrs appointed by the Last Will of £7.47.
f7v de. ;
Pthe usclosiga-d, Wiest Marshal of both Comrts
of this cofouv. and at the request of aforesaid Boe
Schwiers hat. Chernborrow, in said Cupicily.
Summon hy Edict:
All huose vod unknown eteditors awainst the cs
fate of f7. Mb. Grau, dee. to appear i) peroon or by
Represeniattves before the Court of Cryil Justice,
altheir Session which willbe held in the month Oc.
(ober, IST7, there to cive in their claims against said
lay te yOlby (ue mile, and furtice to proceed
‘conde Co Low, en pain to atl those who remain in
deme, ov betag for ever debarced theic right of
chien, :
Phis stuemon by edict made known to the Public
by beat of drum fromthe Court House of this colony.
- Berbice, Sth Feb. isis. :
A. Francxen, First Marshal.
ans ee
Summons by Edict.
BY virtue of an appoiutment granted by the Hons
orable Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at their
Session of the 26U1 January ISIS, upona petition of
W. Leaci and W. Fraser. io their cypaecity as
appointed Curators of the estate of JJ, Sronutie, dec,
I the undersigned, First Marshal of both the Hong
Courts of this colony, and at the request of said W.
Leaclvand W. Fraser, in their aforesaid capacity.
Sranmon by Edict:
All known and nuknown ereditors against the es
(ate of Juhn Stobie, deceased, {0 appear tr person,
or hy power of atiorney, before the bar of the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their session to be
hed in the month of January, in the year one thous
sandcieht hundred and fourteen, (say 1871), there
(o render their claims against said estate of J. Mobie,
dec., to verify the sume, and if need to hear the ob.
jections made agatast such claims, and further to
proceed according to lew in guch cases.
his summons by edict is published by beat of
drum, as Customary. Berbice, LOth Feb.
K. FRANCKUN, First Marshal.
LL .
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FOR SALE—At this Oficce—WBla
ce an ills of Fix.
change, Bills of Lading, and the Sa 0) Procee-
dings, before the Court of Civi! Justice of this Cu-
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13 March 1813