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The Berbice Gazette

View original 1814
View original Twelve dollars p. annum.
View original PROCLAMATION.
BY His Excellency Uenry Witttam Bentinen,
Esquire, Lieutcnant.Governor and Commander tn
Chief in and over the Settlement of Lerbice with its
Dependencies, and President in all Courts and
Colleges Tithin the sume, Sc. Se. S&e.
WERIAS we have perceived with wroat displeas-
ure, that the privilege allowed by us to the Slaves,
within this colony, of publicly ant privately Daa-
cing on Estates and other places, at) stated) periods,
has been perverted by them to purposes of the most
dangerous nature.
We have therefore thoneht fit, to withdraw the
pernussion, for, merely sanctioned by our different
Ordinances, with reward to the Dancing of Slaves
upon [states and other places, at certain appointed
times, and to forbid, as We do hereby Fonrsip and
prohibit, under any pretence whatsoever, **Any and
all Dancing, on any Hestates, or in any place within
the jurisdiction of this Govarnment, from henceforth
until the year VWe25, or watil our further picasure
and licence be nude huown.”
And we wara and caution all Proprictors, Mana-
gers, and others, having charge of Slaves, to prev-
ent any Dancing on Lstates or other places, strictly
forbidding on Lxtates or other places within this co-
Lony, all Assemblics for Wakes, Feasts, Festivals, or
Dancmy at Burials,on any pretence whatsoever, on
pun of ours vere displeasure, and further of being
Kr -ourously punished,
The Fiscal and the Burgher Officers in their res-
peetive jurisdictions, being required and enjoined by
us lo heey 2 vicilant eye onthe Nezroes committed
to their charge, that Chis our Order be strictly obey-
Given in our Court of Pulicy and Criminal Justice
of the coleny Rerbice, the Sth of March, IS]-4,.——
Present, His xe I ace Clovernor IENTINCK, Qn
tthe Hionorible Members D.C. abbeaser od. feCae
mon, Js. Prascry PD. Painbairn, A. do G2!esius and G.
Munro.x—Ana published on the sane dic.
Py comman’ of the Court.
First tone of iublishiv x,
oO a - = —-—-_——__—_——_— — —-—_ + -_ ___ —
View original — eee
Ming’s House, th March, V4.
THE DTteutenint-Governor has been pleased to
make the tollow ine Appointment :—Joln Beresford
Gent. to be Adjutint, (with the rink of Captun) of
the Od Bat’.lhon of the Militias whereof Sdajor Le J.
Schwicrs, is Commander.
Ry command
. BP. OWiitTE, Gov. Sec,
View original Iing’s House, 23e March, 1214.
Tre Cicutenant-Gorvernor has directed the fol-
lowing to be published for peneral infor malion.
By I ts Fccelle ncY’s command,
kr. WHITE, Gov. Sec.
At the Court at Carlton Hou-e,, [4th Jar nary ISi4d.
Present, His Royal Highness the Prince Regent
in Council.
WueReas in consequence of the successes which
have attend his Majesty’s arms, divers ports and pla-
ces in France hive beeu, and may be pleced in the
military occupation, or under the protcetion of his:
Majesty ; and it is expedient that the same be open
to the trade of all nations, not being at war with lis
Majesty, or any of the Allicd Powers: His Royal
Highness the Prince Regent is pleased, in the name
and on the behaif of his Majesty, and by and with
the advice of his Majesty's Privy Council, to order,
and it is hereby ordered, that all such ports and pla-
Cos as aforesaid, after the same shall have been de-
clared by the Commander of his Mayesty’s Forces in
those parts, to be so frr under the pretection of his
Majesty, as that British subjects may safely trade
thereat, shall be forth ith released from the restric(-
lons of blockade heretofore jinposed thereon as part
of France; and that it shall be lawful for his Mayjes-
ty’s subjects, and other persons as aforesaid, to trade
thereat. subject to such regulatious as shall be impo-
sed thereon by bis Majesty, or by the Commander of
his Majesty’s Forces in those parts. And the Right)
View original PHE
View original SATURDAY, March 26.
View original a cm SS — ESS ee ee ee
TTonorable the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty’s
Treasury, his Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of State
the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the Judge
of the High Court of Admiralty, and the Judges of
the Courts of Vice- Admiralty, are to take the neces-
sary measures herein, as (o them may respectively
anpertair, JAMES BULLER.
View original IN custody, at the Town Manager, a white Ox
with dark brown spots—which will be ex posed at pu-
blic sale to defray the expences, after the usual time
of publication, if not released within that Gime, con-
formable to the Court’s Regulations.
Maart 20. C. RULACH, Town Manager.
Tire next Meeting of this Society, will be held on
Monday the Ath of April next, at Plantation Bole-
WW. Kat~, John Tapin, W. Kcwley.
NEW Foundland Fish in 4 & 6 qnintal casks and
by the 100 Ibs. weight, prime mess bect & pork in
whole & half barrels, salmon, kegs herrings, Cum-
berland hams, needs tongues, potatoes, pine & Glaus-
fer cheese, an assortinent of pickles & fish sauses,
black pepper, small loats refined sugar, hyson tea,
Madeira wine in ¢, 2 & whole pipes, tubacco, ne-
gro pipes, &c. &e.
26 March. DB. ZiltGLeErR.
_— -—-—
View original SECRETAR Y's OFFICE,
This is to inform the Public, thut the following per-
sons inlend quitting this Colony.
WN. Richards in 6 wechs from Feb. 26.
Hf. Sinithson in G weeks trom Feb. Is.
Wim. Croft with (be next April convoy.
J, Derrick, in 3 weeks from starch 19.
~ Paitt and 3 servants.
iB Rule with the April convoy.
Petty, a free black woman, and 2 chil.lren in 6 weeks
Mh. Uraser in 6 weeks from 26 March.
H. Wylie in do. from do.
©. Grant with the April convoy.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original ~
’ ’
' ‘

i i
’ ¥
‘ , } f j
« ‘ :
i 4 y?
» ( —
4 -
— vil
dhe OI
. U Lut
‘ 7
I st ) s :
hy :
eRe M4dee VIEL I
“ 4
i l
f ' ) y .
: a f ‘ » | r
» ) j
* A v iN Ltd vy i > >
- ol a
I) rt ¢
0anN ‘ L tri Oo 1n
» f
A i Wn
Alatal Of 101
> ~/ ~ * 7 kK
View original (No. 496.
View original [ Payable in advance.
View original BY PERMISSION of His Excellency the Go-
vernor, on Monday the 28th inst. at the house of
J.T. Mathews, Esq. on Lot No. 21, N. Amst.
Mr. Smaurey, from the Theatre Royal Covent
Garden, begs leave to nform the Ladies and Gentle-
men of Berbice, that he intends preforming, a few
nights, at the above place, where he intends intro-
ducing the most eclebrated and fashionable airs, as
sung by Messrs. Branam afi INcLEDON, &C. GC.
Song.—NELSON, or England expect every man
will do his DUT’¥-—composed and sung by
Mr. Branam. ;
sung by Mr. Brattam in the Opera of the
Chaos or Love in the Deserts, with unbound-
ed applause. ;
as sung by Mr. Branam.
Song.—THE BEAUTIFUL MAID, from the cele-
brated Opera of the Cabinet—cumposed and
sung by Mr. Braiam.
CROMBY, with recitative, as sung by Me.
Brauam, on the popular Opera of kamily
Song.—VAIR ELLEN, from the Opera of the
The first part to conclude with Mr. Dratnan’s
celebrated song, called, said ASMILE TO A'TEA ly
as sung with unbounded applause in the Opera ut
False Alarms.
MY HEART! with recitative and sony.
( Comic.)
Song.—CABIN BOY ! as sung by Mr. Smanrry,
184 nightsin the popular Pantomine of Mo-
ther Gouse, at the Theatre dtoyal Covent
( Comic.)
To conclude with G. A. STEVENS, celebrated
description of a sea Storm in Characters.
The songs to be accompanied on the grand Piano-
Forto, by Mr. Smauury and a young Lady, Amateur.
For forther particulars inquire at Mr. Dinnina’s,
subscription rooms, where ‘Tickets may be had.
Adnitltance Four Dollars.
The room to be open’d at 6, and to commence at
7 o'clock precisely, refreshments will be provided if
Mr. Sm aLyey begs Icave to inform the respectable
coloured Inhabitants, tliat in consequence ot having
so many subscribers to his Concert, and the room not
sufficient large, that he will use his utmost endeay-
ours to provide a proper place ina few days.
Berbice, 19th Match.
_ ————_ - —
THE Coloured Inhabitants of this colony inform
Master Sinallcy, that respectable as they are, they
decline accepting any distinguished plice offered by
a Man of His description-~ 26th March. :
View original NOTICE
THOSE indebted to the Printine Office of W.
Schulz & Co., are earnstly requested to come forward
with payment.—12 March.
View original a
ALT, those having any demands or claims, against
the Ship MULLETT, or the subscriber. ace res
quested to render them for payment, at Messrs. Evin
& Angus Frasers’ on or before the Sly inst.
20 March Dus. SMITE
View original VENDUE OFFICE.
On Monday the 28th March, will be sold by order
and at the house of Adam Thorrborrow, Esqaire,
(colony town) the following goods and eftects, viz.
a dwelling house, at present occupied by the Com-
missariat, with necessary out buildings, and with
a gaart lot of land extending from the front to the
middle road ; tea and coffee pots and stands, sugar
bason, table-, desert- and tea spoons, soup ladle,
table forks and desert do., a fish knife, butter do.,
sugar tongues, (all silver) a mahogany low Ww ardrobe,
do. side board, do. liquer case, with ‘bottles com-
plete, do. hair bottom chairs brass bound with 2 sets
chee k couvers, do. dining tables, do. Pembroke do.,
do. tea chest comple te, do. 2 set bedstead, feather
beds complete, a nicht chair, painted ch: ‘irs, sophas
and pillows with covers, a backgammon box, 2
Egyptian lamps with plated st: inds, a hall I: amp and
shades, glasware ; table-, desert- and tea service, tea
trays, dish covers, table and bed linen, Knives and
forks, 23 volums encyclopedia perthensis and maps
complete, sundry English-, Dutch-, and French
books, an exccllent thermometer, a lurec time piece
and cise, a gold repeater, a theoditlite deuble- and
single barrel guns, 2 sets plated casters, drawing paint,
lookings giassess, old Madeira wine and claret, a spy
elass, a box of scales Wad weight, a chaise and har-
ness, agool horse, saddles and bridles, a garden rol-
Jer, kitchen furniture, &c.-—Terms of payment : the
House and lot, payable in 3, 6 and 9 months, the
furniture in S months—in cash,
D.C. CAMURON, Dep. Vendue Mastr
— —__
View original —_—
On ‘Pharsday Sist March, will be sold, on the pre-
mises, by order of Hf. Smithson, Esq. PIn. WEY-
MOUTH, or lot No. 63 corentyn coast, containing
5CO acres land, a dwelling house, and logie, covered
wil wallaba shingles, ont buildings allin good or-
Ger, 150 acres are in fine cotton, 34 acres in plant-
ains and ground provisions, aud 24 negroes, (to be
sold in familie 's), St head of cattle, L450 sheep, &e.—
The land payable tn four equal annual instalments,
on security being given on ten negroes, the negroes
another articles payable on the [st of J: anuary I8!5,
with the exception of purchasers under f ‘1000—
payable in 3 months, in cash or approved bills of
excnanee. coffee or cotton, deliverd in N. Amst. at
cash price.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original Sa ge pir
On Saturday the 29d April, will be sold, at the
house and by order of Win. Scott, Esq., the follow-
ing arlicles, viz. —Ain elegant side board, chest of
drawers, dinings and card tables, Hquor case, a col-
lection of elegant prints, bedsteads and beds, a night
chair, a case of fe tatolssaes, ibre, a large bathing tub,
glass and carthenwrre, claret aie Char: wpaign, silver
table. and tea spoons.— Also the remaining part of
the Hull of the shin Speculator, a quantity of old
iron and copper, arda variety of other articles,
D.C. CAMIRON, Dep. Veadve Master.
View original
On Monday the Ath April next, and following
day *S. wil! lyee rx 0: (* | for sale, aul the house J Croft.
Lisq., on lot No. [2.— Pores, tripe, beef, pork,
batter, hams, herrings, pilchards, pickles, pease,
barley, refined sugar, beer, porter, wine, salt, medi-
cines, tir, cordage, pipes, tobaeco, shot, patof and
vil, soap, candles, hats, bonnets, boots, shoes, blacks
Ing, canvas, negroe cloathing, green table couvers,
seine and sewing tyvine, ¢ snabrug’s, sheeting, brown
table and Trish tens, lawns, coffees and cotton hae-
ing, Ghread and Cipes, musqueto lawns, printed cali-
coes, furniture, chintz, ladta blue and white saleim-
Pores, blue, \\ lite and yt low nankeen, black pepper,
Bandaniaa-, Madras-, Pallicat- and Balasore pocket
hkfs., spotted plain lappet cambric, tambour’d and
joconet imuslins, corded dimities, white callicoes,
checks, stripes, platillas, Britannias, sheeting, table
cloths, towels, ginghams, quilting: earthen-, elass-,
tine and hard-ware, stationary, hosiery, sadlery, fur-
niture, perfumery, a tew pipes of excellent old wine,
brandy, &c.
Also one undivided half of the front of lot No. 19,
formerly the property of fleywood and Taylor, with
all the buildings, &c.
Also the premises on lot no. 12, occupied by John
Croft, Esq., which as a comfortable residence, or
for an extensive mercantile concern is well known,
At the same time a lew negroes, men and women,
(servants and field people) ternfs will be made fav-
orable (oan approved purchaser, and made known
on the day of sale.
On the same day, by order of J. B. Rule, Esqr.,
his house on lot no. 6, with suitable out-buildings,
at present occupicd by John Binning, I’sq. as Sub-
scription Hooms, the situation of these premises as a
Tavern, or otherwise, are too well known to the pu-
blic to require any other recommandation.
Terms of payment, 6, 9, & 12 months.
D, GC. CAMERON Dep. Veudue Master.
View original OWE ST to at
a a ee Le
———==™ © -X- 0 ee
SaturDay, Marcu 26, 1814.
Wednesday last, we received, cia Demerary our Letter
Bag of the pst February Mail, with London papers to
the 3th February. | At the sume time we received Barba-
dus papers containing three days (to the \Nth February)
later news than by our Mail.—The intelligence which tt
conveys ts upon Itrench authority, and therefore not en-
titled to full credence ; tts certain nevertheless, that there
had been, at least, one severe batile betzecn the Allies
and the French troops under Banaparie, at Brienne, in
which he claims the victory, but admis that he lost avout
3000 killed and wounded, besides General Basie, whe
was killed, and General boresticr and Lejebre Des-
noucttes, who were severe/y wounded, and that, of course
the Allics sustaineda loss of double that number, (caving
him masler of the ficld.— The account of this aff ar hau
not been received from the Iead-quarters of he Aldics,
but we may justly infer avery differcat resull, when ut
ty known that the enemy were obliged lo retreat. Stace
this action, tl ts rumoured that there hus ocen another
Joueht near Chalons-sur-Saone, inwhich the Allies caus.
cl the grectest slaughter among the I’'rench, ving to an
unerpected arrival vf VO,000 cavalry and a corps of horse
artillery, that had been detached by Prince Schwurtzen-
bere, anthwhtch reinforcement reached the field dia ing
fhe combat,—— This led to the tmmediate retreat of the
encomy, those loss on this occasron ts supposed to har
been not less than 30,000 men. Il is said, that Bona-
parte afterwards retired to Parts; and, from the acive
preparations that are maktng for ts defente, by the con-
struction of pallisades and other barriers, thy are evt.
dent/y apprehensive of Leng speede'y altackid. The
Cossacks, as forerunners of the Grand Army, hed ap-
proached within a few leagues of 3 and in consequence
of this, the garrison of that city are performing duty the
same as U tt were a frondécr tucn ;—and thoi Journals
slate, thal they have aninmeuse and well organts d force
within, composed of a population “animated by the desire
of defending their famtiies and property—their Country
and ws Governm nt,??’—zhich ty fully capable of resisting
any assault (hat may be mediated agaist that capital,
The surrender of the fortijication of Dantzic aud Shit.
fenberg, which hid employed to strong divisions of the
Allied Armies, ts ertremely wnportaat «ut the pres nt
moment, as une of those corps twill now be at lites ty to
join the invaders of France; whilst the other will derce
its attention to the reduction uf Mose rematning Jorur sses
of Prussia (hat wore in possession of the French.
Weare happy to fad, that the KRegeney of spain have
acted with advegree of frrmness and resolution whtch some
cercumstances thathad previsusly transys tired, hud rendered
doublsful, [t appears, that one of the Grandecs which had
been deputed to present the terms of the Treaty agreed
wpon by Ferdinand of Spain and Bonaparte, had relurn-
cl frois Madrid, in order to lay before the French Kalor
4 copy of the Resolutions of the. Spantsh Goverunent,
aud ta chek they pledged themselves strictly to adicre,
one of whi h ts the following effecd:—* That the Spanish
Nation wil never treat wiih bunaparic, nor the French
Nation, wittl the King ts restured, and all their lerri-
forics evacuated by the Lrench (roups,’?——and he was
yo directed lo acquaint Nupolcon, that they would not
be concerned ta any treaty that was not safisfaclury lo
their Aitics, the British and Portucguese.
Negotiations are to be catered upou Gollenbure ; but,
judging from the Presidents communication to Congress,
and the Secretary of State’s letler to Lord Castlereagh,
there does not appear to be much likelihood of their lead.
ing foan aapustment extsting differences.
As a natural result of the important intelligence which
had recently reached the British metropolis, the Funds had
risen considerably,
i —
Feb. 4.—Yesterday, at three o'clock, a Cabinet Coun-
cil was held at the foreign Office, in consequence of the
dispatches from America,
Hague, Jan, 28 —Wis Royal Highness has received
the importantintelligence of the town and fortress of [ere
togenbosch (Bois-le-Duc) being taken from the enemy.
After that General Bulow had considerably reinforced the
troops which for some time past had blockaded the place,
an attack was made on the town, and the French Com.
mandant found himself under the necessity of retreating
from it.—Qn this occasion the inhabitants attacked the
French garrison, and were active in forwarding the entry
of the Russian troops. ‘Their zeal on this occasion is
highly praised by Gen. von Bulow. They continued their
endeavours for preparing an attack on the citadel, which
was on the pointof being made on the evening of the 26th,
when the garrison capitulated, which was 900 men, above
800 of whom, as prisoners of war, are to be sent to Siberia ;
but the Officers, and 100 veterans, have obtained permis-
sion to return to France, after having given their parole
of honour not to scrve again during this war, either azainst
the troops of His Majesty the King uf Prussia, or those
of his high allies.—With the 70 pieces of artillery found
in the fortress it may immediately be put in a state of de-
fence ; aud this service readered by Gen. von Bulow and
his valiant troops, and for which we are indebted to them,
is thereby rendered of dyuble ollicacy. Nou less satisfactip
View original on is derived from the conduct of the citizens of Hertogen-
bosch by this twice repeated assurance, that no Nether.
launder will evade any sacrifices or danger when the inter.
est, when the navonal interest or reputation aad indepen.
dence are concerned.”’
Feb. 7.—Six Dutch Mails and a Messenger from Lord
Castlereagh arrived yesterday,—Hlis Lordship arrived at
Basle on the 18th, and a German Paner mentions, that
after a long conference with M. de Metternich, Count
Nesselrode, and Baron Tlardenberg, it was resolved to
make new overtures to Bonaparte. Wedo not attachany
credit ¢o this statement. Lord Castlereagh certainly had
a conference with the Emperor of Austria and the Minis.
ters of the Allies immediately after bis arrival ;—and we
believe we shall be found to be correct in stating, that the
object of the first conference related to Holland aud the
Netherlands, It was settled that Hlolland should have a
strong barrier and accession of territory on the side of the
Netherlands, Tlis Lordship was received, as he deserved
tu be, in the most distinguished manucr ; the Emperor ‘of
Austoa and all the Maanisters vying with each other in
Coldphbticnts to the CUUSTANCy and m ignaniniuty ol this
country. Well isdecd du wedeserve them— Lsse venlom
“nlerr ys Ul fa enpensa ac pericido bela gerat pro les
Ocerluke dituriity Marta (rajictat ne qucd toto orbe lerrva.
rum ve poliim imperiam sty ubiqea gus, jas, lex, poten-
fissimad sint.— Lit.. Liv. Lio. 33.—VPhe Mmperorof Rus.
sha Was at Langres when Lord Castlereagh arrived at Bas
ste, und Chituer bis Lordsnip Was gulls lo pay his respects
to his imperial Majesty.
Krom {asic a accbunt has been received. and it ts ree
ported jrom our Jtimister there, that a keene) Nolfoman
of tae name of Viscux or Vartcux. had arrived from Paris
atthe divod-yuarters of the Prince of Schyuartzenberg, dee
uted | y lutoy persons of great we wht at Paris, to exe
press to the Vrince their wishes, thacthe Bourbons should
ye restured, and that the cA dies would countenance and
uppurt their claims. Ife was received by the Prince with
Many assurances of good will and wishes tuwards that il.
lusirtous family,
Neb. ¢.—Varis Papers are arrived to the 2d, and the
reports of Che wast Giree days, with the alleged tiring upon
the french coast, had inade us extremely ansious for their
arrival. ‘Phe Mondleur of the 2d infornns us, that—
‘After (ne taking Of St. Dizter, the Emperor advanced
gn the roar of the enemy, at Biseuney beat him on the
2Uth, and louk possession of the town and castle, aftera
pretty smaré action with the reareguard.”

‘uieition made in the official paper, ‘a
pretty stat action wath the rear-guard of the Allies.”
but the otaer Papers, the minor Paris Papers, are more
saclhog and ‘*sounding in the index.’ They present us
with more particular accounts, and ‘the pretty smart
action’? ds magoifled, like kadstajf’s accounts of his ex.
rlous on Cead*s Patl, into a great battle. One of these
Papers, of the 2d, assures us, that an express arrived at™
Parts atfourin (he morning of the Ist, from the Lupe.or’s
road-Guarters, with an account of the complete defeat of
the Allies on the 29th and SOth. “Phe courier saw
15,000 Prisco rs”? Procdivies of valour by (he (roops,
ind feats af gailantry by the country people with their
seythes and forks, swell this #cconnt in the Journal de
Faris, which, not content with this complete victory,
adds, that there are *Sprivate letters from Troyes, which
ypeak of another acuien, connected probably wath the pre.
ceding, in which 15,000 French troops, half conscripts,
engased SO,G00 of the enemy, killed 4 or 5000, and lose
only 300 1’ — Mighty well, Mer. kditor of the Journal de
Paris! butif the express with the above intelligence reaches
ed Paris, as you assure us itdid, at four in the morning of
the lst, why is it not published in the Monieur of the 2d ?
Whey is no Bulletin transmitted,—no letter of the Em-
press? No placards at Paris? No announcement at the
heatres? No cannon fired? No rejoicings of an
kind 2?) Why does the Monétewr preserve so profound a
silence upon all these grand exploits? Why? Because
no such exploits had Deen perioried.
Keb. 9 —The two first of the dispatches (published in
the Gazette last pight) are from a British Minister, dotail-
ing, from towns in france, the operations carried on
against the Power and the Ruler that were to dictate sub.
mission to the [Emperor of Russia on the borders of the
Wolga, and to plant the tri-coloured standard on the
banks of the ‘Thames. The opening of the year 1814,
which was to sce a French General in the capital of the
British Empire, behold as an English Minister marching
with the armies of the Allies towards the capital of France.
Lord Burghersh’s dispatches are from Vescul of 14th
and from Langres of the 18th; of course, not so late by
a fortnight as theaccounts we had by the last Paris Papers,
But they furnish us with very interesting military details
and, which is of much more impartancc, they assert this
fact, that every effort made by Bonaparte to induce the
people of France to rise against the Allies has failed.
Almost the first operation of the Allies in I°rance was to
secure the debourhes of the mountains of the Vosges,
They form one of the principal barriers to (he entrance ine
to the heart of France on that side. The French Genéfal
Milhaud had been sent ta get possession of them: but the
Bavarian General de Roy drove him from St. Dicz, and
this important position was secured by the Allies. Mil.
haud was driven to Raon l’Etape, on the frontiers of the
depariment of the Voges. The Prince of Hesse moved
upon Besancon and invested it, and General Burna pro.
ceed towards Lyon. Meanwhile the Bavarians and the
Prince Royal of Wirtemberg chaced the strong country on
the right of Prince Scwartzenberg. ‘Lhe French force at
Epinal was driven to Charmes with loss, and the Prince
moved on to Langres, the Bavarians under General Wrede
flancking and defending his right wing. Continuing to
follow the movement of the Austrian General, we find in
View original Lord Burghersh's second dispatch, that it was expected
the Fench would make ‘some defence at Langres. Mortter
was posted there, bat, on the advance of the Austrians,
he retreated on the loth ult. towards Chaumonut, wloich
heoccupied with 12,000 men ‘Phe Prince Royal of Wir.
temberg, who cominanded the advanced guard, was direct.
ed to march agaiust Chaumont, and was expected to reach
it on the evening of the 12th. The official account does
not bring down events to a later date: but we know (hat
Mortier retired froma Chanmont upon Troyes, and after-
Wards upon Nogeotesur-scine,
Whilst these events were passing in this quarter, Mar-
shal Biucher advanced upon Naacy ; Marmont retreated
before him with great rapidity, breaking down all the
bridzes over the Saar. On the 17th Blacher entered
Nancy, and (hus forced the noclit of Cen, Wrede, WV ho
formed the right of Schwartzcn berg. Hence the three
Generals were in communication, and we see no reason to
depart from the opinion we expressed yesterday, that
though Bonaparte was on the 29thin the roar of Sehwart-
zenberg; in his rearsonly, because Schwartzeuberg was
advineing, Blucher must have Dech ta the rear of and
close upon Bonaparte. There have Deen sume atlairs near
Strasburg, in which the enemy have been as unsuceessful
asin every other quarter.
The Emperors of Russia and Austria and the King of
Prussia, are all in brnce.
Fed. 10.—The empire of the modern Charles magne is
falling asunder fast. very day some partof the edifice
Bives way. ‘Shits foundation is louses it standeth on the
Sand.” ‘othe other defections fiom his yoke, to the
other diminutions of his territory, we have to add the loss
of eroat part of Flanders and Brabant. Brussels and
Bruges bave been entered by the Allies. Given has cman.
cipaled hevself by the efurts of her own inbabitants. Os.
tend is ew pel ted to fall in:mcdiately ; and the French Aue
thoritics are abandoning other places with all possible ra
pidity. ‘dis important intelligence was received yoster-
day by ascny trom Ostend, w ith letters dated on (ie Gth.
Our intelligent correspondent, whose letters We inserted
yosteraiy, informew us that the Prussians, under Gen,
Bulov . ba moved from Breda on the 380th, in) their route
towaids Prussels, which they cntered on the Istaccording
to some accounts; onthe din according to others, No
opporitionis understood to have bees made; imdeed the
' +
enemy bd vo force in that qaarter, and the inhabitants
throvenoul the 2. thee! vuds nave been dong ripe for throw.
ing oll wi Lo —On the 4th, a detachment of
the Ali Foce Ostend, which had only a
Parrtsgu vi cil ur} mem. ‘Lhe Mayor and the
Doran rs hy bamdoweu y az coeled to Pune
kirk.. Fernie: a Nicup ort were Leagved to ee ready) te
Open Cociv gates: wad ie Wats s Os G th bercuch
Authorntics at Duokuh would not a iy longer
than was pecessary tu cOrvey a 7 ™ ™ — a
they co. Vitae was felt Co. Whe lo adsen which
had beer rv @iced to about LOOGO men. Coa. Xl aison,
as our readers huow, bad goined Macdonald, ond retived
tothe French froutier, so that (hore ty no loucer any ene
my’s force 1 in] ortance ia the Netacrlands., ow ica mas
now be classed amongst the territories bostileto the € vy.
per. Astomishmceint was formerly excited by the ra, idity
of his CONQGUESLS, awd uy the shoriuitess of time which mo.
marchics were overthrown, and termortes aftor tervitori
added to the French enipire.— bal w hatis the ra iltty with
which he increased the French empire, coorcarcd wach he
rapidily with which he has ditministod 12 What as di
specd with which he built up tic vast edises of his pow ry
compared with the specd with which he has laboured at
its destruction? ‘Khe ctpires Gb Ober conquerors have
been destvoy.d; the niasterehand Chat sustatacd them be.
ing taken ave ty, they fellasundes. heeamptre of Charles
mazne, to whom Bouaparte has presumpltyuusly enough
compared hinosclf, was but of short duragon; butat least
it lasted the live of the Conqueror Chat nad created tt. Brut
Bonaparte scents ambitions of a dillerent fame; of destroy.
ing with the same hand that buil€ up 3 of digging himself
amine under the walls aod pillars of lis power. During
a shorter space than one year be has tose Prussia, Saxony ,
and Westphalia; his power over switzerland 5 his i lu.
ence over Austiia and Bavarts, and Wietemburyg and Ba
den. Al! Holland bas thrown oft tis yokes; andthe Ne.
therlands are following her example; Italy may be said
to be no Jouger iu his grasp. the has tost of the German
terril ry ou the left bank of the Rhine, the departments
of the Rocr. the Rhine and Moselle, Sarre, and Mout
Tonnerre (with the exception of Ment). Ol France, as
she was before the Revolution, he has been dispossessed of
the Upper and Lower Riine, the Saone, the Vooges, the
Meurte, and the Mozelle, the Upper Marne, and Bearn.
Tt was said of our James-the Se@ond, after he had been
driven from his throne, thathe had sacrineed three king.
doms for amass. It will probably be said of Bonaparte,
tft he lost a larger empire than ever was possessed by one
mah, for a few pounds of sugar and coftee.
We mentioned yesterday, in a postscript to a correspon.
dent’s letter, (hat Gorcum had surrendered. This is men.
tioned in other letters. After atremendous bombardment
the Governor agreed to capitulate, aud the garrison are to
be prisoners of war.
It is said that Admiral Verhueil has offered to surrender
the Texel flect, but that his offers have been rejected.
The Prince of Orange has issued an order for the con.
fiscation of all property in Holland belonging to the sub-
jects of France, by way of reprisals, for a similar decree
confiscating Dutch property in France,
The letters from Holland mention a prevalent belief that
the whole of Sir ‘Thomas Graham’s army is to be imme-
diately embarked for the South of France, where it may
at once turn the scale against Soult; whercas the object
View original to which it was primarily directed, on its present desti.
nation, viz. the security of Holland from attack, ts al-
ready sufficiently attained.
The Moniteur says, that Lord Castlereagh, Caulain.
court (alas!), Count Stadion, Humboldt, and Count Ras.
samowsky, are at Chatillon sur Scine.—/'his will be con-
sidered as bad news indeed, if any negotiation beintended
with Bonaparte.
All the line-of-battle ships now fitting out for America
are taking on board a large quantity of ordonance
stores and Congreve’s rockets. ‘The Abundance store-
ship, now in Portsmouth harbour,,is taking in a large
assortinent of naval stores for the service of the vessels on
the Lakes of Canada.
Ou Thursday an order came down for annmber of ship-
wrights at Plymouth, to be permitted to volunteer their
serviecs on the Lakes in Canada, where they will be em-
ployed to build vessels adapted to that navigation, The
terms offered to them were so liberal that 220, together
with eight smiths, have readily come forward, and, we
understand, that great cargerness has been expressed to
be allowed to volunteer,

To the Senate and Touse of Representatives of the Unit.
ed Slates in Congress assembled,
IT transmit for the information of Congress, copics of
le(ter from the British Secretary of State for Morugn Af-
fairs, to the Secretary of State, with the answer o! the let.
ter.—Ju appreciating theaccepted proposal of the Govern.
ment of Great Britain, fur instituting uegotiauons for
peace, Congress will not fail to keep in mind, that vigor.
ous preparations for carrying ou the War can in VO respect
lpede the progress to a favourable result, whilsi are lax.
ation of such preparations, should the wishes of the Unit.
ed States, fur aspeedy restoration of the blessings of peace,
be disappointed, would necessarily bavethe moustinjurtous
Junuary 6, 18t4. James Manson.
Lord Casileveagh to the Sceretary of State.
Forcign-O jice, Nov. 4, 1813.
Str—I have the honour to iaclose tu you, for the in.
formation ot (he President of the United slates, a co; y of
a note which His Beitaunic Majesty’s Atmbassador at) the
Court of St. Vetersburgh was directed to present to the
RUussian Government as soou as idis Royal Ticghness the
Piince Regent was informed that Plont olen tacies bad Dee
hutminated on tie part of Cae American Cooveroticut, for
the purpose of uegotiating for peace with Grost Berta,
muder the mediadion of dis Imperial Mtojesty .— alos Lord.
shin having by the last Courier from che 3 rat trode
Quarters, acquainted me that the American WW asstuners
how at St. Petersburgh have ietivwated aa. y lo Gir
overture, that they had vo objection ty a necutadon i
London, and were equally desiruus, as the irttsn Gover.
lncnt had deciared itself to that this bustnuess should not
Le mixed with the atlairs of the Continent of Hurope, but
that Cieir powers were limited to negociate uAder the ine.
diation of Russie—Under these circumstances , ander Lu
avo au unnecessary continuance uf Che ca ainiues of war,
the Prince Revent commands me lo Crausniit, by 3 a flay ol
truce, to the American port wearest (o the seatof Govern.
meot, the oficial note ebove-mentioned, i order Chat Che
l’res ident, Whe should feel cisposcd Co cater upon a direct
negotiation for the sestor ‘tion of peace Detween the two
States, inay give his directions accoerdinely.—In making
(his communication, Lcan assure you, that the British
Gsovcroment is wilhug to enter indo discusston with the
Crovermaecnt of A\mernea, for the concilatory adjustment
of the diilerences subsistng Detween the two States, with
wacarnest desire on their part to being them to‘a fayonr-
ible issucy upon principles of perfect reciprocity, not in.
consistent with the estavlished maxims of public law, and
with the maritime rights of the British empire. —The Ad.
miral commanding thé Urnush squadron on the American
Station will be directed to give the necessary protection to
any persous proceeding to Whurope, in furtherance of this
overture; orshould the American Government have occa-
sion to forward orders to their commission at St. Peters.
burgh, to give the requisite facilities, by cartel or other.
wise, to the transmission of the same.—I have the howour
to be with the highest consideralionu, Sir, your Must obedi-.
ent servant,
Translation of a Note from Lord Cathcart, to thé
Count de Nessetrode, dated Toplitz, Sept. I, ISLS.
The undersigned Ambassador of His Britannic Majesty
to the Iymperor of all the Russias, desiring to avail himself
of the first occasion to renew the subject respecting Ame.
rica, which was brought into discussion in a conference at
the moment of departure from Reichenbach, has the ho-
nor to address this note to Ilis Excellency the Count de
Nessehode.—Although the Prince Regent, for reasons
which have been already made known, has not found him-
self in a situation to a cept the mediation of His Imperial
Majesty for terminating the discussions with the United
States of America, His Royal Highness desires nevertheless
to give effect to the beneficent wishes, which His Imperial
Majesty has expressed of seeing the war between Great
Britain and America soon terminated, to the mutual satis-
faction of the two Governments.—With this view, His
Royal Highness having learned that the Envoys Plenipo-
teutiary of the United States for negotiating a peace with
Great Britain, under the medation of Mis tmperial Majes-
View original ty, have arrived in Russia, notwithstanding that he finds
himself under the necessity of not accepting the interposi- -
tion of any friendly Power, in the question which forms
the principal object in dispute between the two States, he
is nevertheless ready to nominate Plenipotentiavics to treat
directly with the American Plenipotentiaries.—His Royal
Highness sincercly wishes that the conferences of these
Plenipotentiaric Smay result in re-establishing, between the
two nations, the blessings and the reciprocal advantages of
peace.—If through the good officers of His Imperial Ma.
Jesty, this proposition should be accepted, the Prince Re.
gent would prefer that the conferences should be held a€
London, on account of the facilities which it would give to
the discussions. —But if this choice should meet with in.
superable obstacles, His Royal Highness would consent to
substitu¢e Gottenburghas the place nearest to Mngland.—
The undersigned, &c. (Signed) CATHCART.
The Secretary of State to Lord Castlereagh.
Department of State, January, 1814,
My Lonp—I have had the honor to receive, by a flag of
tracy, your Lordship’s letter of the 4th of Nor. Jast, and
acopy of a note which ITis Britannic Majesty’s Aimbas.
<idur at the Court of St. Petersburgh presented to the
Kv sian Government on the Ist of Sept. preceeding.—-
By this communication, it appears that His Royal High.
ness the Prince Regent received the mediation offered by
His Smperial Majesty, to promote peace between the Unit.
ca states and Great Britain, but proposed to treat direct]
wtth tac United states at Gottenburgh or London, and that
He tad requested the interposition of the good officers of
the domperor io favour of such arrangment-—Hayving laid
your Lordship’s communication before the President, Lan
instructed (o state, for the information of His Royal Migh-
aess the Prince Regent, that the President has secn with
regret this new obstacle to the commencement of a nego-
tiation for the accommodation of differences between the
United States and Great Britain, Asthe lymyperor cf Rus.
sta was distinguised for his recitude and unpartiality, and
was morvover engaged in a war, as an ally of England,
Whereby it was his intercsts to promote peace between the
United States and Great Britain, the President could not
donbt that bis Royal Highness the Prince Regent would
accept the mediation, which His Imperial Majesty had of.
fered to them, It was the confidence with which the high
character of the Emperor inspired the President, that ine
daced him, disregarding considerations which a more cau.
tious policy might have suggested, to accept the overture
with promptitude and to send Ministers to St Petersburgh,
'o make advantage of it. ~It would have been very satis.
factory to the President, if His Royal Highness the Prince
Regent had found it compatible with the views of Great
Britain, to odopt similar measure, as much delay might
have becn asioded, in accomplishing an object which, it is
edinitted, is of high importance to both nations,—Vhie
course proposed as a substitude for negociations at St. Pe.
tersburgh under the anspices of the Emperor of Nussiag
could not, Lmust remark to your ‘Lordship, have bee
required for the purpose of keeping the United States une
conected against Great Britain with any allairs of the Con.
tinent. ‘There was nothing in the proposed mediation
tending to such a result. The terms of the overture indi-
cated the country, cflering to bring the parties together,
not ay an umpire, butas acommon friend, to discuss and
settle theie difierences and respective claims, in & manner
satisfactory to themselves, His Imperial Majesty shewed
the intersts which he took i in the welfare of both parties.
—W herever the United States may treat, they will treat
with the sincere desire they have repeatedly manifested, of
(crmimating the present contest with Great britain, oa
conditions of reciprocity, consistent with the rights of both
parlies, as Sovereign and independent nations ; and calcne
lated not only to establish present harmony, but to pro.
vide, as far as possible against future collisions which might
interrupt it. ~-Before giving an answer to the proposition
communicated by your Lordshis, to treat with the Cnited
States, independently of the Russian Mediation, it would
have been agreable to the President to have heard from the
Plenipotentiaries of the United States, sent to St, Peters.
burgh. The Otter of a Mediation by one pow er, andthe
acceptance of it by another, formsarelation between them
the delicacy of which connot but be felt. From the known
character, however, of the Emperor, and the benevolent
views with which his Mediation was offered, the President
cannot doubt that be will see with satisfactton, a concur.
rence of the United States in an allernative, which, under
extsting circumstances, alfurds the best prospect of oh.
taining speedily what was the object of his interposition.
I amaccordingly instructed to make known to your Lord.
ship, for the information of His Royal Highness the Prince
Regent, that the President accedes to his Proposition, and
will take the measures depending on him for Carrying it
into cftect at Guttenburgh, withas little delay as possible;
i¢ being presumed, that Nis Majesty the King of Sweden,
as the friend of both partics, will readily acquiesce in the
choice of a place for their pacific negotiations, within his
dominions. —The President is duly sensible of the attention
of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in giving the
orders to the Admiral commanding the British squadron on
this coast, which your Lordship has communicated,—
I have the honor to be, &c. James Monnos.
The American frigate Constitution, which was seen by
La Pique in the Mona Passage, is expected to be off te
Brazils in April next, for the purpose of accompanying
the Essex, with her prizes and some American whalers,
to the United States.
The Mail to be forwarded to Europe hy the Snake
Packet, will be closed at the Post Office here and dis.
patched fo Demerary, precisely al 6 o'clock losmorvow
mor ning ‘
View original é
; 4
4 i ¢ \

> ; ro
' '»

? ,
‘ '

1? f
, ‘
View original SUMMON ny EDICT.
BY virtue ofan appointment from the Tlonorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, granted upon a
etifion, presented by Thomas Fryer Lavtield) and
tobert ss *-uglas, as Curators to the Estate of John
Poss, dec., and of James Sinclair, as Curator to the
Estate of John Sinelair, dec., under date of 29tb Ja-
nuary ISt4. Tothe undersigned, at the request of
vforesud Curator, do hereby Summon by Edict :—
for the fourth time ex superabundant, all creditors
ve claimants on the lite firra of Ross and Sinclair, or
puntation Nive, situate within this colony, or on
the separate Estates of Vohin Ross and James Sinclair,
fog vein theirelatios in person, or by proxy, before
(he Doar of the Court of Civil Justice, at their session
which will be held in the month of July [8t4, there
to hear the olyteetion made thereto, if necessary, and
furtherto proceed according to Law, on pain to all
steno who remain in defiull, of being tor ever dcbar-
red their rirht of claim,
This Suson by Ediet, made known to the public
by beat of drain from the Court House of this colony ,
aul further dealt with according to custum.
Lerbice, the idith Pebruary, IS14.
KR. FRANCK YN, First Marshal.
View original _—_—_—eoeoo OS nn
whe 4 LB) EDICT
BY virtue or arappotmntment from the Honarable
Court ot Civil Justice of Cis colony, granted upon a
petition, preseuted by the Board tor Orphans and
unprovidod Estes, bearing date the 16th Novem-
ber (S13. Tthe widerstazned, af the request of atore-
suid Roard, do her by Summon by Edict :—All per-
sons faving eorprefeadins to have any clatm or reht
on the fistate of the late Robert Mitchell, to appear
before the Court of Cryth Justice of Unis colony, at
their session Inthe month of July, Cv the year one
thousand elo bt bundred and fonrte en,)say ISbL, for
the purjose of there delivering in their clits, see
tlie same olnected toy should itbe necessary, and to
wittiess, after the fourth Edietal) Summon, the
Conr’s decison as to the preferent and concurrent
right of claimants, cn pain to such as remain in de-
fault of betns for everde barred their right of claim.
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat ofdram from the Court Mouse of this colony,
and turther dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, the 1oth Pebrnary, PSi4.
he. FRANCK EN, Férst Marchal.
———_+ ———_- ---e—nn rn
View original SOMAMON sy EDICT.
BY virtue of an appotniment trom the Honorable
Court of Civil Pusties of this colony, granted Upon at
petition, presented by James Sinclair, as appotited
Curator to the Estate and Etkeets of the late .lotn
Sinclair, dec., under date of 20th Janvary, ISl4..
T the undersigned, at the request of aforesaid Curator,
do hereLy Summon by Edict, ad varvas curia@ + —A |]
creditors or claimants on the Estate of the late John
Sincltir, to appear in person, or by proxy, betore
the Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at their
session Which will be held in the month of January,
Cin the year one thousand eight hundred and {if-
teen,) say, IS15, there to render in their claims, to
verity the same, and further to proceed according to
Law, on pain of being for ever debarred their right of
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colony,
and further dealt with according to custom.
Serbice, the Joth February, 1814,
K. FRANCKEN, First Marsha’,
View original \ ’
A 4 4 4s 2 44
° Y
D V1 ] t 4 < I ) | t ‘ ,
url i ( )
Tif ) y! 1
P LILLON, | ) rit
, =
unp ( V VAs ‘ > I . Vv ‘Ty
7 ]
be! 1X ( J . UT iC \ lOre

said urd, » by dict :—
gO) AVIN { .
’ ‘42 “ ‘ ‘
VA lade Bstaie Qf esa-MumUls JAQUSLON wud fs]
m 4 AAU UA
View original ton or plantation \farv st nrg, Negroes and other ap.
purtenances, (0 appear betore the Court of Civil Ju
tice of this colony, al tne dv session in the month of
July, (in the vear one thousand eight hundred and
four(ecn,) say 1814, forthe purpose of there deliver
ing in their claims, sce the same objected to, sould
it be necessary, and to witness, after the fourth
Edictale Summon, the Court’s decision as to the pre-
ferent and Concurrent right of claimants, on pain to
such as remain jn default, of being for ever dcbarred
heir right of claim.
This Summon by Edict, made known to the 1 u blic
y beat of drum from the Court House of this col ony,
, ine further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, the Lath February, 1814.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshat,
View original NOTICE.
IS hereby given tothe Public, that the Execution
Sale of Plantation KI LMORACK, the property of
Simon Fraser, Usq. advertised to take place on the
4th inst.. is postponed until further order, on ac-
count of an Opposition has been entered against the
sale of-said estat‘e.—Berbice, 11th March, ISI4.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original AP the request of W. Brumell, lisq. for self and
Thos. Goo. Heiliger, dec.--Notice is hereby given,
foall whom itmay concern, that the cotton Estate
euled GIBRALTAR, situate on the east coast of
this colony, the property of Messrs. W. Hobson and
I. Jelfery, ts this day released from Execution and
Sequestration, and given over to said Gentlemen, in
consequence of an arrangement between the parties
having taken place.—Berbice, 11th March, iS 14.
K. Francken, First Marshal.
View original A'T the request of Messrs. Isaac Parley, M. Rader
and Krieger & Schlarhorst—Notice is hereby eiven
fo all whom it may concern, that the cotton Lstate,
called LEWIS MANOR, situate on the east sea coast
of this colony, is this day refeased from Execution
ad Sequestration, in consequence of an arraegement
between parties having taken place.
Berbice, 11th March 1814
K. FRANCKEN, First Jfaorsha’.

View original <=.
THE uodersignest intending to leave this colony
for Lurope, by the April convoy; requests all pers
soas who bave any demands against him to present
their respective accounts; and thase indebted, to
come forward with immediate payment.
March 19, J. RAWLINSON,
penne oo
ON Friday the Sith proximo, 25 bales of wood
clean cotton, from plantation Bloomficld, will be
sold among the creditors of that estate, at the stove
of Messrs. Douglas Reid & Co. New Amsterdam,
1Y March, W. LAWSON,
C. DOUGLAS, ‘Trust's
View original a SSees—S—=“”
ON Friday the Sth proximo, from 25 to £9 hales
of goal clean cotton will be sold among the ereditors
vf plintation Letterkenny, at 12 0’clock, at the store
of .iessrs. Douglas Reid & Co. New Amsterdam.
19 March. C. DOL GLAS, Trustees.
POR San,
ON Saturday the 9th April, amone the creditors
of Je C. Spangenbere, SO bales of coiton.— And 2?
the sume Gane GO bales cotton, for which the highest
Leader. payable in cash on delivery, at the store of
Mar. &. Alegier, will be accepted.—March ly,
W. LAWSON, for self
J. van nen BROLK,
—_— FF — ee eee —“‘——S
View original FOR SALE.
AT this Ofice.—In the nelish Language. the
Manner of Proceedings before thé Court of Civil
Justice of this Colony.—Slank Bills of Exchange,
Bills of Lading, Coffee Certificates, Paper, and a
lew Sheet Almanacks for the present year.— We also
Will have ready ina few days (Second Edition) the!
CHARTER of the colony Berbice, neatly printed,
asa pocket book.—1Y March,
oo i ——iMB 9
View original | REQUIRED
FOR the use of the Negroes attached to the Civil
Government, viz.— °
Two Puncheons of Rum.
Tenders for which, marked “Tender for Rum,” will
be received by the subscriber, till 10 o’clock on
Monday morning the 28th inst. when they will be
opencd in presence of His iexcellency the Governor,
and the lowest tender, if approved of, will be ac-
cepted.—New Amst. 19th March.
Wn. SCOTT, Com.
View original ~ ~ a4
4 .
Ce iV«¢ ; !
i y
rt ‘ A al LU
7’ Sy
y San, did Lb pre
‘ y
re salarea al La Aba lve DUIWIAYU
View original Kine’s House, Derbice, wth Murch, 1814.
GITE Uicutenant-Governor has directed the fol-
lowing to be published for ceneral information.
by ddis Excellency’s Command.
l’. WHITE, Gov. Sec.
Venerable, Charlisle Bay, Bervados, 9th Feb. 1814.
FLAVING relieved Rear Adiniral Sir Frawncts
Laroncy, Bart. in the command of His Majesty's
shipsand vessels, at the Leeward Islands.
I have the honor to aquaint your Excellency for
the information of the planters and merchants of the
colony, under your Exccilency’s Government, that
the convoy’s for the present year are arranced to sail
from Berbice, inthe months of A pril, June, and July,
in which months a vessel of war will call off the river
Berbice, at the full moon, to protect the ships while
compleating their lading, and take thein thence to
Grenada, from whence they will forwarded to the
place of gencral rendezvaus. | have the honor to be,
SiR, your Lxcellency’s most obedient lhumble serve.
P. C. DURHAM, Rear Admiral.
His Excellency H. W. Bentincu, Esgr.,
cc. &c. Ac. Berbice.
View original SS
King’s House, 11th Afarch, 1814.
THE Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to
make the following Appointments : a
(usert peSarve, Lsq. Tobe Receiver of the
Petty Duties.
laancis Waiter, Esq. To be Bookkceper of Salu-
By FTis Excellency’s command,
IX. WITLTE, Gov. Sec.
(Third tine of publishing.)
te i Ae ee
View original wor, FOR LIVERPOOL,
vkes The cop pered Ship TLANNA,
GirorGcr Forster, Master,
wil sail hence with the April convoy. ‘This vessel
vil feave Demerary for this River on the Ist prox:,
andlowillbe yeady to commence loading immediate ly
alter “tical. I or freight or passage ap ply to
90 beh. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
WHO have received, per Beiveisnic, from Glass
cow, via Demerary,—hams, cheese, Planters mess
beef and pork in half birrels, pease, barley, potae
lovs, her:tnes in kegs, beer, porter, Port wine, Core
dae assorted, canvas, cotton & coffee bagzing, cot-
ton & linen che ch, Te ady made clothes, “uinbrellas,
frist) linen, thread, Osnabrue’s, carpe ater & cooper
(cols, station: iTV’, sadle ‘ry, nails from 4.11040, cictper
tuwelling, table cloths, gauze, hoes, shovels, cutlis-
sesy prnving knives, cor mills, hegro hats w blan-
Kats, about dO thds. june, aud 12,000 bricks.
_ Vo ———— — _
aie. Tur corperd Ship NEPPUNE,
ach Peter Simpson, Master.
Is how ready to receive ber cargo, anid will posit ive
ly saul with the first or April convoy, tor frei hat ap
ply to Willian Duncan, or to
View original —_ >
AIL persons having any claim, aervinst the late
Daniel Leen, Lsq., are requested to render the same
In, to the Subscriber; and those indebfed to come
forward with payment. HW. CC. TINTEZ LN,
J}2 March. G. PAUELS, qq.
They also repeat their former advertisement, that
those having claims against Plantations Schumachers
lust, Rotterdam, aud Gcldcrland, to render in their
preteutions for pryiment, and those indebted to for-
ward payment.
+--+ Or
ooo ———
THE creditors of the late P. CHEsNey, dec., are
requested to reader in their accounts, properly ate
fested, to the first subscriber on No. 5 east Coast, or
to the Jast on No. 4 coreatine coast, and those indebt--
ed are requested to come forwaxd with immediate

payment J. ERSKINE.
19 March. W. ERKSKINE.
View original SAIL MAKING.
TILE subscriber infOrms his Friends and the Py.
blic in eats that he has envaged Mr. Geo. fol
TER, Sail-maker, and Master workman, for the p
pose of carrying on the Sail-making business in De.
nierary, under the Firm of Hicks & Porter, where
any orders to them will be executed with every dise
patch and on the most reasonable terms.
19 March. JOHN P. NICKs,
View original ee
PERSONS having claims or deniands against Plan.
tation Gibralter, are requested to deliver a copy of
the document on which it is founded, to the subserj-
ber, at the House of C. Kyte, Esqr., in order that
the same, if correct, may be settled.
12 March. W. HOBSON.
= sew
Published every Saturday. ut 4 o'clock, e. x
By W. SCHULZ & Co.
Privileged Government Printerss

26 March 1814