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The Berbice Gazette

LITTLE attention beinz paid by those indebted
toths Office. for Taxes due im all last: month,— —
Notice is herve by given that a list of Defaullers will be
handed over to the Deurwanrder on the [Sth mist.
D. ALLT, Dep. Ree. Gen.
Berbice, May 7.
awe oor ew mere ewe Se we
View original TENDERS ror COTTON.
TEN bales of good clean cotton, froin plantation
Fyrisi, for cash or approved bills of exchange on
delivery, to pay currentexpences: Tenders fer the
same will be received at the residence of the Sub-
scriber on lot No. 20, until the Ist of June next.
Tus. FO LAYERED, for himselfand
7 May. Jno. ERASER, Soquestrators
: hd
Tuk creditors of plantation Clifton, and of Tleau
B. Inaruisyare hereby informed, that there will be
9a Qhbales cotton to be sold amongst them, at 12
o’clock on Thursday the 26th iast. at the louse of
Mr. McUcan, at the late Vendue ollice.
May 7.
View original THE Subscriber requests those who have any
claims awainst the Estate of the late War. Duncan,
Esq., to render them in to Gr. Cus. Ry te; to whom
all indebted, are requested to make pryment without
delay, he being authorised to give receipts for the
7 May. A. SINEPSON, Del. Iexccutor.
View original —_—_— gm
IO i ( f..] SG, U iy
gabe Tre Bie ALTA.
D. McCoananniek, Master.
To sail with the June convoy ; for treight or passage
apply to
W ho have received by the above vesscl, beef and
ork in barrels, butter im half lickins, Westphalia
hams, dam, pine, and Dutch comunyin cheese,
herrings in kegs, gentlemen and ladies’? boots and
shoes, beer and porter, soap, Gullow and) spermacet
candles, pearl bar'y, oatmedt, split pease in jus, gar-
denseed assurted, white, yellow, and green patnt and
paint oil, spirit (urpentine, port wine, Gin, glass, and
crockery ware, negro clothing, knives and forks,
Trish linen, cotton shirtine, caliooes, Osnabrugs cot-
ton and coflee bageing. hees, shovels, cudlasses, gun
powder and shot; pichtes aud fish svuccs assorted,
house brooms, &c.

View original WANTS A SLPU AION,
As a Clerk, at a moderate Salary, a young man
who writes a tolerable liand.—Address to this Oliice.
7 May.
View original TILE Subscriber has received by the last arrivals,
sundry articles, mosUy consisting of hardware, lamps
standing and hanging elegantly ornamented, Ladies
and Gentlemen’s dressing cases, work boxes, card
ditto, and a variety of otheraticles, which will) be
sold reasonable, tor Casi.
30 April. M. LINDNER.
View original ALL de genen dic enige pretentien moete heb-
ben lasten den Heer W. Srirucx, celieven dezelven
intelevercn, Voor exaiminalic, aan den ondergetec-
30 Apyil. J. i. KIP.
“THree young Negroes, custome to work in fown,
pulling a boat &c. ‘Lor which Tenders will be re-
ceived at the store of J. El. Scith AntorstT, Msquire,
per ycar—the ofler approved of, will be accepted,
Pln. Deutichem, J. van pen BROEK,
SOth April. P.b. BENDER,
Guardians of Kart STOKKEL.
View original - _ >... °
ef tl late SAMUEL BERESFORD, are required to
render th nto HR ( ; VG 7
SCcr¢ ys Otbc 9S th \} ri ie
View original SHUCRETARY’s OFFICE.
This is to inform the Public, that the following per-
sons intend quilting this Colony,
Th. Fraser in 6 weeks from 26 March.
IH. Wylie in do. trom do.
Geo. Bagot, family, and 4 slaves, will quit the co-
lony Berbice by the first opportunity,
Wilson ‘Taylor with the next: convoy
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original NOW ishere!y given, thata mouth aficr date the
folloxing Transports and “Morlguges wile be passed.
IO Apr. Peter Rose will transport to Demeray, 100
Negrocs, from plantation {nveruess, west coast
—names to be scenat this office.
—— J. Bakker qq. Edward Barnwell, will trans-
port to Francis Arthur, plantauon Mary ’silope,
situated on the Corentine coast, No. 49.
—— francis Arthur will pass a morigage to J. Bak-
ker qq. Edw. Barowell, on ptantation Sonry?s
Hope, cattle, sheep, and) TE negrocs, Giames 0.
nevioes to be seea at this ollice,
—— Phe Curators of Richard Borry’s estate, will
transport to the Curators of Jolu Stobte's estale,
plantation Richland, the south halfoet No. id,
—— The Curators of J. Stobie’s estate will trans-
port to Elizabeth Johnston plantation ltchland,
situate on the west coast of Berbice, ocing south
hal’of No. bé.
= Apr. G. Goreon, will transport fo Domerary stx
Anegroe slaves, named Bachus, Meator, tid-
mond, London, Mars, and Samba,
_— Henery and ‘aylor will try port to TL. BR.
McRae. £0 rods of land, tiore or Tess, of tae
castern half of lot No. LS, ‘convenes tron Uhh
new road, north side.
May 7. Phe Excceutors to the Will of Robt. Wade,
dec. will transport to Susan Mintos, 7 roods of
land of lot No. 6, with the buildings thercon,
ee '422@8 DOSS 8 Ss Se wee - 8 ee Sle Se eS owe
View original NOVICK
ALL persons having demands against the estate of
the late Mr. Ne van Havre, are requested to rend-
eran therraccounts; and those indebted) to said es-
tate to come torward with payment without delay, to
the undersisned, as appointed Executor to the WV ill
of the said Mr N. van Uattem, dee.
SO April. J.J. vay per STOOP.

WIT groot en spacieus woonhuis op ’terf No. 15,
geheel of in gedeclicns, hebbende vv tappartementen
in de cerste, en ces logeable Kamers in de tweede ver-
dieping. benevens cea rule zolder, zyde gebouw en
pakhuizen. toereikhende oor cen schceps lading te
bergen,— Mede te koop twee qnuarten van gemelde
erf, int front van de middelweg, te bevragen op
gemelde ert of by
25 April. J. U1. SCHLARITORST.
_ —_— - ——~ eee
View original a _ — er OO
THT undersigned, in order to close Sales, offers
(he tollowing goods on Sale, at the first costs, for im-
mediate payment :—Fresh warden secd) well assort-
ed, hams, sweet oil, salmon in’ tin boxes, pichles,
porter in hhids., patnts & of, nails assorted, a few
pieces Osnabrags’, ditto green baise, Gentlemen’s
ready made cloths, boots & shoes, Ladies & ehild-
ren ditlo, paper hanging & bordering, hyson tea,
black pepper, foolscap & post paper, calicoes, cing
hams, negro blankets, printed table cloth & carpent-
ing, hair seating, Russia duck, saddles & bridles,
soap & candles, green & while canvas tor window
blinds, knifes & torks, snuficrs, cork screws, scissars
pen knives, &c.
May 3. J. L. KIP & Co.
—_—_— --
View original NOTICE
IS hereby given to all those who are indebted to
the Iestate of Joun Morrison, dec., to come for-
ward with payment, before the Ist of June, and all
those having claims against suid Estate, to render
them in before the above date, to Mr. Cowie, in N.
Aimst., as after that date no claim will be received.
23 April. J. MchaAY, for self, and
W.COWLE, Exccutors
View original
View original VENDUE OFFICE.
On Wednesday the 18th inst. will be sold at the
Vendue Ottice, by order of A. Simpson, Esq. Exe-
cutor to the Estate of the late Wm. Duncan, Esq.
sundry articles of household furniture, among which
are an elegant side board, two badsome sophas,
chairs, dining tables, two beds with matresses, bolster
and pillows complete, counterpains, a night chair,
knives and forks, glass and earthen ware, assorted ;
plated candlesticks, do. tea, coffee, and milk pots,
sugar bason, bed and table linen, saddles and bridles.
Also the house on lot No. 5, as at present occupied
by Ths. Chapman, Esq. three slaves, excellent
domestics, a good saddle horse, coffee and cotton
bagging, Madeira wine in bottles, hhds. and pipes,
afew dozen claret and port wine, two silver watch-
I. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Puursday the 19th instant, will be sold an
issorGnent of goods imported in the Sia.on Cock and
Alpha, consisting in dry goods, provisions, beer and
porter in botiles, two new chaises, 20a 30 bhds. of
Dest London brown stout, 5 dozen strong ale, boots
and shoes of the latest fashion, carpenters tools, nails
issortcd, cotton and coffee bigging, hard ware as-
sorted, a few boxes of candles and soap.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original — 2 Ss eS a eee
BY C. RULACH, in Commission, Dutch sweet
iitth Cheese, do. comyn or Leyden cheese, do. but-
tor, all very fresh.—93 April.
——— — ee
BY the undersigned, 12 prime Mules, just im-
ported from the Oroneque—also a few good dratt
and saddle Horses.
23 April. B. JEPFERY.
View original Corn for Sale,
On Plantation Scotland.
23 April. J. McKAY.
$$ ——
View original meee
TITE Subscriber having renewed his European
and Colony News Papers, hopes a continuance ot the
public favor; such gentlemen as intends withdrawing
(heir names from the Subscription List, are requested
to notily the same, previous to the 10th of May 18/4.
Subscription Rooms, April 23rd.
View original NOTICE
IS hereby given, that all those who having any
claim against the Boedel of A. SCHLUPFER, dec. can
receive their payment, at the house of J. G. F.
Puiensma, Esq., and those indebted to the said
Boedel, are requsted to come forward with immediate
25 April. J. A. TICKEN, qq.
View original LOR LONDON.
ey Thos. LANGrrick, Master,
Is ready to receive her cargo, and will sail with
the first couvoy, for freight apply to
23 Apu. A.A. dE LA COURT.
View original SS ——————L—
thes Tue Brig MINERVA.
ela = Ts ready to take in her cargo, and will posi-
tively sail with the first convoy, for freight apply to
23 April. A. A. DE LA COURT.
View original l
N aot te cedeelte van het [erf No lO. : ren
q I c Polder deze stede N Am [ can de 1)
wee, met bet cgaarop Staande woonhuis. onlan rs
ycheel nieuw e@etimmerd, yan de | ‘omaterialen
rebouwd en bewerkt. zy} lec hang 38 en | ‘d LO vi
ten, benevens een mdery van I ‘ten,
met Jalosién nai \ 1; le met o| I
Zien, zynde VCE | » J ( } ()
het woonhuts. Vall y vort
recbouwen en alles wat verder tot
Kleine famielje noodzakelyk is: te bevracen b
J .
<3 April J. tl. SCH]
View original MARSIAL's OFFICE.
BY virtue of an appointment from His Excellency
H. W. Bentinek, Esquire, Lieulenant-Governor
of the colony Berbice a ifs Dependencies, &c. &
Upona petition of R.C. Downer, as the Attorney of
Wm. King, toeecthes mart P. Benjamin, appointed
Curators to the Estate of F. Bynoe, dec., versus, the
Plantation Lewis Manor.
Notice Is hereby given, that T the undersigned,
First Marshal of the Courts of thts col mv. will Sell,
at Public Execution Sale, in the month of une IS),
the precise day hercafter to be notified through the
Gaz ite of this « olony.
The Cotlon Plantation Lewis Manor, situate o
the ast sea coast fhis c i, 1
cultivation. slaves, buildines., \c.
Whoever should think to haveany right, action o1
interest, Oh avovelr ed iation Tews vEnnoO)
Wishes to oppose tlic | Cu 1 Sale thereof. let such
persons addres themsclves to the Marshal's Ofliee of
this colon . decl: "| (heim reasons for so lole 1
due time and form.a Lhereby ¢ *mOLuCe {| if [will
recetve Opposition from every one thereunto quali-
yi dd. Pypo { (heim aday to I Ve his or her chain
hear Ay ore the Court, and further act thercin as
the law directs.
This first proclamation publisucd as customary.—
Berbice, Ist May IST.
AK. PRANCKIEN, Tersé VWarshal.
View original SOMMON py EDICT.
RY virftte ofan enppointinent frou Che Tonorable
Court of Civil Justice of mis elon granted upon a
pelition, prescul hd by the Board tor Orphans and
unprovided: Mstates, hearin date the T6th Novem-
ber ISIS. 1 the uncle vsiened, at the request of afore-
said Board, do hereby Summon by EB ‘dict :— AM per-
sons havins or prete nding to have any clamor right
onthe [state of the late Robert Mitchell, to appear
before the Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at
their session in the month of July, (in the year one
thousand cight hundred and fourfeea.) say EIStt, for
the purpose of there delivering tn thetr elims, see
the same objected to, should if be necessary, and to
witness, affer the fourth Tedietal Summon, the
Court’s decision as to the preterent and concurrent
ticht of cloimmants, ol pain to such as remain de-
fault of being for everdebarred their right of claim.
This Summon} by Lilict, made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colony,
and further deal) wilh according to custom.
Berbice, the loth Pebrnaiy, ISN,
Kh. FRANCK EN, Piret Marshal.
BY virine of en appointment from the Tonorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, eranted upon a
etifion, presented by Thomas Fryer Lavficld and
Pobert Douglas, as ‘ urators to the Estate of Jolin
Ross, dees. and of James Sinclair, as Curator to the
Pstate of John Sinclair, dec., under date of 29th Ja-
nrary ISE4. 7} the undersigned, at the request of
aforesaid Curator, do hereby Suunon by Edict:—
for the fourth tine ex superabundant, all creditors
or clatinants on the late firm of Rossy and Sinclair, or
plantidion Niog, situate within this colony, or on
the se prrate LestatesofJohn Ross and James Sinelvir,
to give tn (hetrebuies in person, or by proxy, betore
the Bar of the Court of Civil Justice. at their session
which willbe held in the mondh of July PSd4, there
to hear the objection made thereto, if necessary, and
further to proeced according to Law, on pain to all
such who remain tn default, of being tor ever debar-
red their right of claim,
This Sainmon by eciet, made known to the public
by beat of denim from the Court House of this colony,
and further dealt with according to custum.
‘ Berbice, the [Gch February, ISU.
NK. ERANCKEN, First Marsahl.
View original SUMMON tyr EDICT.
BY virtue of an Appottment from the
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, granted upon a
petition, presented by the Board for Orphans and
unprovided 2 fates, bearing date (he loth Novem-
ber I813. TL the undersigned, at the request of afore-
said Board, do hereby Summon by Edict :—AIL per-
sons having, or pretending to have any claim or right
Oli the L’state of Alexander [louston and [fueh Hous-
ton or plantation Mary’sburg, negroes and other ap-
purtenances, to appear before the Court of Civil Jus-
tice of this colony, at their session in the month ot
July, (in the year one thousand eight hundred and
fourteen,) say 1814, tor the p Irpose of there deliver-
ing in their claims, see the same objecte d to, should
it be necessary, and to witness, after the fourth
Edictale Summon, the Court’s decision as to the pre-
ferent and concurrent tight of claimants, Qn pain to
such as remainin default, of being for ever debarred
bei ne lt of clalnas
View original This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court House of this colony,
and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, the 15th February, IS].
_K. IK it ANC K EN, First Marshal,
BY virtue of an appointment from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, granted upon a
petition of William Innes, as appointed Curator ° the
Isstate of John Donalds Stil. dec., dated 26th Janu-
ary IST. [the undersigned, at the request of afore-
said € urator, do hereby Summon by [dtct .—All
known and unknown creditors of the Estate of the late
Jolin Ponalesans dec., to appear before the Bar of
the Conrt of Civil Justice of this colony, at their
SOSSLO] vie will be held in the month October of
the present vou r ISI 1, there to verify their claims and
Wilness {he Court’s decision as to the preferent and
concurrent right of claimants, and further to proceed
according to Law, on pain of being tor ever debarred
their right of claim.
This Sauimont by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of dram from the Court House of this colony,
an] further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, the lath Pebrunry, IStf.
kK. FRANCK EN, First Marshal.
ee —$—$—
nc ——— —
View original ee
BY virtue of an appotatment from the Tonorable
Court of Civil -ustice of Chis colony, granted upona
petition, presented by James Sinckur, as appointed
Curator to the Estate and Effcets of the late John
Sinclair, dec., under date of 26th January, IST.
I the undersigned, at the request of aforesaid Curator,
do hereby Summon by Edict, ad carves enriue :— All
creditors or claimants on the Estate of the lite John
Sinclair, to appear in pegoo, or by proxy, before
the Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at their
session which will be held in the mouth of ganaary,
(in the year one thousand cight hundred and fit-
feen,) say, IS15, there to render in (heir clatus, to
verify the same, and further to proceed accordine to
Law, on pain of being for ever debarred their rig lit of
This Sammon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat ef dium from the Court House of (iis cotony,
and further dealt with according to custoin.
Berbice, (he 1Gih bkebruary, IStt.
K.PRANCKEN, Ddrst Marsha’,
—— ——_—_
King’s House, V5th April, 1814.
TITE Lieutenant-Governor bas been pleased to
make the following appointment:—Mr. Roperrick
Veontenztn. to be Acting Civil Commissary, and
\eting Deputy Post Master General, during Uc ab-
scence of Wain. Scorr, Lsq.
By command
PR. WHITE. Gay. Sec.
View original MAY
D. Th
Jeull Moon....4....6..
.. 49...
Jiast Quart, . V2. .10.
D\ VS.
Nee Moon, as
fis Quurt,. Gr... d..
—_— —_— ool
2207 eee MON! UE.
morn ne :
2 flernoon,.
View original i Su | Sd Sunday after Flaster, St. Philip & St. Jas
ST \Invention ef the Cross.
4 » Spring ‘Tides.
6G }°
7% Wutehes of York born, 1767.
S/Su WA Sunday after Laster.
QV! | Cominissasy Court.
fe) |Neap Tides.
l5|Su lath Sunday aftcr Faster. Rog. Sunday.
lo) M4 [Court of Civil Justiee.
17) | Princess of Wales born. 1768.
Is) W
I9)"P }Queen Charlotte born, 1744. Ascen. Day.
20'F (Spring ‘Tides.
21)S {Sun enters Gemini.
29'Su|Sunday after Ascen. Day. Princess Tlizah.
25'M |Court of Rolls. (born, 1770.
25) W
26/T’ |Neap Tides.
27 |i
29 Su |TThit-Sunday. King Charles I]. restored.
SO|M |W hit-Monday.
SUT | Whit-Tnesday.
View original NOTIFICATION.
TIE Sessions of the Court of Civil Justice are.
postponed until Monday the 16th May, 1814. ,
By Command,
View original . a (
A paragraph in your last Saturday’s Paper, seem
Messrs. Printers,
to insinuate, thata neglect on the part of the Owners
of the schooner Eagle, for not having sufficiency of
ballast on board, was the occasion of that unfortunate
and melancholy accident, her being upset; I dont
know who so ofliciously gave you such incorrect
information, so far, from not being in proper ballast,
from, that double the quantity, that vessels of her
size ever carry in these colony, was on board at the
(ime the accident happened, the vessel likewise un-
der easy sail, it was not the wind, but the sea, that
was the occasion,—It is particularly recommended
to Travellers, in her on a journey, to shape thete
course to their destined port, as nearas possible, had
(his maxim been attended too, the public would not
have to lament the loss of five valuable Members of
Society, nor the Proprictors of the schooner Lagle,
the loss of so fine a vessel.
Berbice, the 7th May, IST 4. J. CoapiraM.
eww wert OTE Eee eee
—=9® 6 5. 8 Ga
Surcrpdiayv, May 7, 1814.
— =
Tico vessels arrizcd én our Port this week, one from
Glasgow the other from Greenock ; neither of Khem has
brought us any later news.
- rrr OO ee
View original eT eee
The LONDON GAZETTE, March 5, 1814.
ADMIRALTY OVFICN, Marci 5, 1814.
Copy of a lether from Ainerat Lord Keith, h. B. fe
John Wilson Croker, sq. dated on board his Mayecty’e
5/ p dork. in Cowsand Bay, the 2d inst.
S72 [have the honor to inclose, for the information
o} the Lords Commeéssioners of lhe Admiralty, “copy oj @
letter from Caplacn Phillimorc, reporting the capture of
La Clorinde French Frigate, ajicr a most severe conflict,
on the evening of 25th ult, beticcen her and the Eurotas ;
an action which reficds ic highest honor upon the bravery
and professton skillof Captain Phillimore and his officers,
and upon the valour and good conducl of his crew. Capt.
Philémore has becn severely wounded on the occasion, but
fentertain ajlaticréiz hope that his Majesty's service,
and the country al large, will not long be deprived of se
valuable an oyicer
[haze the honor to be, §c.
KEITIT, Admiral.
His Mujesty’s ship Eurotasy Plymouth Sound,
March 1, 1814.
Ny Lonp,—lI have the honor to inform your Lordship,
that his Majesty’sship under my command, parted com.
pany from the Rippoon on Nonday night, the 2Ist alt.
in chace ofa vessel which proved to beaSwedish merchane
ship, and on I*riday the 25th, in endeavouring to rejoin
the Rippoon, being then in latitude 47.40. north and long,
9.30. west, we perceived a sail upou the lee beam, to which
ve gave chace. We svon discovered her to be an enemy’s
frigate, and that she was endeavouring to out maneuvre
us in bringing her to action ; but having much advantage
in sailing, (although the wind had unfortunately died
away) we were enabled ot about five o’clock to pas under
her stern, hail her, and commence close action,
When receiving her broadside and passing to her bow,
our mizen mast was shot away. I then ordered the helm
to be put down to Jay her aboard, but the wreck of our
mizen mast lying on our quarter, prevented this desirable
obiect from being accomplished.
‘he enemy just passed clear of us, and both officers and
men of the Kurotas renewed the action with the most de.
termined bravery and resolution, while the enemy returned
our fire in a warm and gallant manner. We succeeded ia
raking her again, ana then lay broadside to broadside ; at
6. 20. our main mast fell by the hoard, the enemy’s mizem
mast falling at the same time; at 6. 50, our foremast fell,
and theenemy’s main mast almost immediately afterwards
At ten minutes after seven she slackened her fire, but
having her foremast standing, she succecded with her fore
sail in getting out of range. During the whele of tho ace
View original tion we kept up a heavy and well-direcied fire; nor do IJ
know which most to ad: ire, the seamenat the great guns,
or the marines with their small arms, they vying with cach
other who should most annoy the enemy.
I was at this time so much exhausted by the loss of
blood, from wounds [ had received in the carly part of the
action from a grape shot, that I found it impossible for
me to remain any longer upon deck. I was therefore un-.
der the painful necessity of desiring Juieatepant Smith
(First Lieutenant) to take the command of the quarter
deck, and to clear the wreck of the fore mast and main
mast, weich then lay nearly fore and aft the deck, and
to make sail after the enemy ; but, at the same time,
had the satisfaction of reflicting that I had left the com-
mand in the hands of a inost active and zealous officer.
We kept sight of the enemy during the night by means
of boat sails and jigger on the ensign staff; and before
twelve o'clock the ucaxt day Licutenant Smith reported to
me that, by the great exertions of every officer and man,
jury courses, topsails, staysails, and spankar, were set in
chace of the enemy, who had even cleared away his wreck,
and that we were coming up with her very fast, going at
the rate of six and ahalf knots ; that the decks were per-
fectly clear ; and that the ofiicers and men were as ¢agel
to renew the action as they were to commence it; but, to
the great mortification of every one on board, we percely.-
ed two sails on the lee bow, which proved to be the
Dryad and Achate, and they having cr d the enemy
(we only four or five miles distant) before we could
up to her, deprivcd us of the eratification of having her
colours hauled down to us.
The enemy’s frigate | roved to be the Clorinde, Capt,
Dennis Legard, mounting 4! guns with 4 brass swivels 1
each top, and a complement of 360 men.
It is with sincere rezect I have to state that our loss
considerable, having 20 killed and 40 wounded ; and I
most sincercly lamceut the loss 3 fine young midshipmen ,
two of whom had served the whole of their (ime with me,
and who all protnised to be ornaments to the service.
Among the wounded is Lientenant Fooid, of the Royal
hi «tk
Marines, who received’ a grap shot joins thigh, while
A >
gallantly heading his party.
L learn from Mousicur Gerrard, one of the French
officers, that they calculate their loss on board the Clorinde
at 120 mene It is therefore unnecessary for ine to parti.
cularize the exertions of cv ry dndivid Mou 1] 1 ¢his hi
or the promptness with which crery order was put i
execution by so youns a siip com any 5 bat banast be.
leave to mention the able assistaice which £ received fro
Lieut. Smith, Grave-, Randol) hy, and Boca, Mr.
Beadnell, the Master, and Licut. Foord and Connell, oJ
the Royal Marines ; the very great skull aud attenGon
shewn by Mr. Thomas Covhke Jones, Surgeon, ia tae
discharge of his impurtant duties; the active services ol
Mr. J. Bryan, the Purser, and the whole of the warraat
officers, with all the mates and midshipman, whom 1 beg
leave most strongly to recommend to your Lordship’s
I inclose a list of the killed and wounded, and have the
honor to be, &c.
(Signed) J. PHILLIMORE, Captain.
Admiral Lord Keith, K. B.
“(Soldiers !—the Army is now inthe heart of France, in
that country where the voice of the people expresses tlicir
cry at our arrival; we must only regard those as eiemics
whom we find armed against us.
J learn with the greatest dissatisfaction that some strag-
giers, who have escaped the observation of their chicfs,
haye ill treated the peaceable inhabitants, This disobedi-
ence to the formal orders which I gave at the time the Ar-
my entered France, obliges me to renew them, and render
them more severe. Reckoning from to-day, every soldier
who shall allow himself to pillage, or commitany other ex-
eess, shall, without any distincttun, be brought before a
Council of War, and purished with death, according to the
Jetter of the law.
“‘T hold the Commander of the corps d’armee_ responsi-
ble, for the axact observance of this order and its publica.
tion. Itis only by this means that a strict discipline,
which is one of the Hirst dues of brave soldiers, cau be
View original The fuhabitanis of l’rance ought always to see in us,
warriors who are fighting for the repose of Europe. Let
no shameful action blast the laurels which you have just
gathered—you will merit the love of the world, for the
world will be indebted to you for the palm of Peace.”
It is reported that arrangements are making for the
marriage of one of our Princessess to the King of Prussia.
A paragraph in the Dutch papers announces the depar-
ture of Count van Byland, for England, to request the
hand of her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of
Wales in marrige with the young Prince of Crange.
After the preliminaries which lcd to the treaty of Til-
sit were adjusted, Bonaparte was attended by the King of
Prussiain his own apartment, where the unfechag cone
Quecror received lim with the Freals C | pohtin : C Toe
me see your wile!’ said he. S*5he ds. hKonigsberg, your
Majesty.’ ¢*L must see your wilc,’? sternly re; lth
the Ty rant. ‘She will not come,” replied the humbled
Monarch 3 ‘6a sense of the injuries she has la‘cly sustamed
would forbid ker attending youn. “Tet me see your wire,
or I will not sign a peace,’? added the Corsican,
ee . sel Vyae thy , ]
King, reduced by the most urgent necessity, scué a lelte
\ ’
Ci isn Wu l, lL) - - ker attendah itt 1 l cA ( -
: ! }
ed re¢ uved a ~ that Sho O (| vot Diilt CO) -
. ’
\ we \ Ci) punicaled lils J y (0 LOU
) r pdt dy Ty] 5 (| Ourse)l di
JI , t | } > < ( 1G
) ’ f
i . 9 (116 il } ®
’ ’
i upon tine ( hn to ¢ ( \
Ol | I | !
7 }
Cissy alld t ( \ < Lid i A 4 ~
pear before U lpmpere och, his .
‘ ye
{ clU ] LiV¢ C \ lu i a { i I l 5 ll
} } 1)
ri | iIiesS. ‘* I €) : i Ni, « i bi Cli
tu her, -*lo & ‘ r Qu », but LT beliold the fatrest
‘ '
Ol WOT } _ i ) riyiui LO » ) ) i he
} : if. : a | .
selected from them arose, @ud presenteou it, a 1, **) of-
fer the fairest of flowers to the fratrest ol hh . blac
+4 ] C > ' ; . Pf ; ,¢) ar
(Que tl dist Ltd repl Oi. lr. \ are not or it}, aC.
quatuted LOFT fC to FCCCIVE Lalls ‘ peed ad Wiel tue
. / , . ,
,Ojl ed bo O! a lI » ft) ‘td it to ti I, ‘ i 5 ’ J i \ oa
I Ok al id iT, re: Lt l. -*" da ae Aly baudi ic— tl ; l WilO Ole
Io ricoive it asa pledge of friendship to
come.” \pparent! ifiened by her bea ity and nob!
= . rl . J ~ J
snetnour. this gracious lomperor made an offer of his
services. and inoquired what fayor ne could grauther. °°
L, | 7 ,. ° » | 99 ; ? , : . . } *.
have nothing to ash, id tee Queco. Sth wish you to
command WV SeTVi m—lshk Wildl db €Q FIVE VO \.7? CO AS
Aur Me. A wisn | i bu A « dilly Sl ile adiliict (| | bille
Cess: ** { <L* Ih) rer, | ‘ r Cie { WO dhid Clif tdelof Mag.
denburg for m1 2 — You are avery beauliful Queen
. “+ ; a ~
—replred Lb el yut you WL t vou so>k—
Masdeuburgh s Worlia han i i . us.’?
3 ‘ a \ i a 3
The following Decl ridion appear ty O}} the 17th,
at Middlefart, on the Islam of Funen.
CRBy the care of the Danish Goverument, the war which
already, for fifteen years, had devastated burope, had not
disturbed the repose of the Danish nation 3: when the vin
for a moment, saw himself under the necessity of using de-
fensive mcaus, partly for the protection of his subjects’
commerce, and partly for the security of his provinces
bordering on Germany.
‘The attack made by the English on his Majesty’s cas
pital, and carrying ofl the Danish fleet, in the year 1807,
put an end to the happy tranquillity which his Majesty
had, until then, been enabled to preserve for his subjects.
The Danish States, at that time, had the same common
enemy with France, and the consequence was, that an al-
liance was sought and concluded with that power. The
emperor, openly and directly, promiscd men and money ;
and a numerous army immediately moved into the provin-
ces belonging to his Majesty the King. It was axzreed
that the expence of its support should be defrayed by the
French Government, and this amounted to a sum of se-
veral millions of six-dollars. Without undertaking any
thing, however, this army remained a burthen longer than
the Danish Govergment thought requisite. Ihe expence
View original V
of its support remained unpaid, and the request of Dene
mark on this point, were equally fruitless, as those, cone
cerning the announced requisitions in money. The situ.
ation of a state whose resources were already diminished
by the naval war, and by these naval disbursements, be-
came totally exhausted, again sullcred a most prejudicial
influence from the shutting of the Contivental ports,
which was represented as one of the means for obtaining
a general peace. The annexation of the Hanse Towns and
contiguous provinces to the French Empire, became af-
(erwards a most heavy burthen, with regard to the com.
mercial intercourse with Germany. Its effects extended
even to literary connections. Earnest professions which
were frequently renewed, had given hopes, that these ob«
stacles which were so directly contrary tu the good andere
standing in which his Majesty contributed all in his power
(o remain with the French Government would have been
removed, but these hopes always remained unfulfilled.
Whilst the French army was retreating in the winter be
tween 18t2and 13, the Imperial troops, which, according
toa particular agreement, were to have remained for the
protection of tie frontiers of [olstein, were drawn away.
As the frcnch Government had at the same time declared
"Go Teafgeny
ifs tudention of entering into pezociations for peace with alll
her cacmices, the King deemed it important fur him to make
wortures of peace to Great Britain. The a:liance with
trance was now become of no utility. The King “w ould
Wwilltngly have prevented the citics of Llamburgh and Lue
ck from again falling into the hands of the French, im
Op the war from his own frontiers, a: d save
from destruction those citie ) whose iterests were iu such
direct connection with those of his subj cts; buthis Ma.
Jjesty was obliged to desist from the prosecution of this
in: his interests therefore required that he should ac.
- the offer made him of renewing the alliance with France
ud to givelt a larger extension, in order to assure him of
a powerlul assistance against those Sovereigns who had no€
hesitated to declare that they would support the demands
of Sweden, which were so inimical to the integrity of his
bil Oe
‘Dae King on his part has conscientiously performed
the stipulations of the (reaty. Whilst his auxiliary troops
were lighting by the side of the French troops, they ree
ceived only a part of the pay, which according to the ae
srecment was thetr duc, and his Majesty’s subjects suiere
cd a considerable loss, as well by the cubargo laid on their
property which was deposited in the cities of Lubeck and
Il. nburgh, of which the French Government tevk to ite
elf the privilege of disposal, as by taking away the funds
of the bank in the last mentioned city. The promises of
restoration given itt Consequence of the complatots there.
ou made, remained equally with the reclamation made on
the subrect without effect.
‘¢l¢ was assured by the ‘Ty ‘aly, that 20,000 men should
bein readiness to protect the Duchies and Jutland, but
Niarshal @iechmuhl quitted the position which covered
(hose provinces, and retreated with all the troops under
his command, to Hamburgh, leaving the King’s troops to
their own fate, and who were not able to withstand the
superior force which was moving forward, to force, by
their overmatch in strength, an entrance into the country,
The enemy’s irruption into the Duchies, together with the
loss of the fortresses, was followed by the King’s being for.
iken by an Any, on whose assistance he had reasonable
grounds for placing a reliance.
‘His Majesty has been under the necessity of consent-
ing to the greatest sacrifices to protect the remaining part
of his states from invasion, with which they were threaten.
ed by land by the cowbined troops of several powers, and
lor the purpose of again getting possession of those pros
vinces which had fallen into the enemy’s hands,
‘He recalled his Minister at the Court of the French
emperor, and declared to the Minister of his Imperial Ma.
Jesty residing at his Court, that he could no longer con.
sider him as being in that capacity, and that Opportunity
should be given him for his return to Frauce.
‘*TTis Majesty likewise declares, that he will join the
Sovereigns united against France, in order to assist in
bringing about a general peace, for which all the nations
of Ikurupe are languishing, and which is 60 Necessary foe
the Danish States.
**Middicfart, Jan. 17, 1814.”
Basle, Keb. 7. — Preparadions are making here for the
Tec ntigs al hei Nd ijJeoly the Liu reos Vl AvUsalu,
The Hague, March 3, 1814.—We, William by the
grace of God, Prince of Orange Nassau, Soverciyn Prince
of the Netherlands, &c.
To all whom these presents come, greeting!
Invited to the Sovercignty of these States, by your con-
filence and your attachment, we from the first declared,
that we would undertake the same only under the guaran-
tec of a wise constitution, which might secure your free-
dem against all possible abuses; and we have ever since
continued to feel the necessity thereof,
We regarded it, therefure, a, one of the first and most
sacred of our duties, (ov suminon together some men of
consideration, and to charge them with the weighty task
ol cstablishiug a foundameutal code, built upon your man-
ners, your habits, and corsespondiag to Uie wants of the
present tine.
They cheerfully (ook upon themselves this office, per-
formed it with zeal, and have submitted to us the fruits of
tacir uninterrupted tabours,
After a careful examination of this work, we have given
> ':
it our approbation, rut (lis docs not satisfy our heart.
It respects the concerus of the whole Netherlands. The
Whole Datch people must be recognized in Chis important.
work. That people must receive the strongest possible as-
surance, that Greie dearest interests are suflicieut y, at-
as the fountain of all
tended fo therein; that religion,
good, is thereby honorcd and mantained. and reli
freedom di-turded by nothing of temporal curcerns but
secured in the most ample manner; that the education of
youth, and the spread of scientific, shall know led ry Shall
be attendcd to by the Government and froed freedom all
those vexatious re tulations which OPPFCSS Q tus and sub.
duc the spirit; that personal frecdom shall no longer be
anempty vane, and dependent on the captices of a sus.
picious aad crafty police: thit an impartial administra-
tion of Justice, guidcdl by fited principles, secure to every
man his propeity 5 (ial commeice, a (iculture, and ma.
a . ’ . . . : c
nufactneces be no Jon ser obolrucee 5 but have free course,
like ri priugs of publle and puivate pros] Crify 5) that
thercloie, no restraint be ini, mn ie domestic econo-
inv of the bigher and Jower cl. of the state, but that
they be conturmabie to Ghe eencral Laws and the genera]
governments that the movements of the genceal Govern.
ment be not palsied too great a zeal for local interests,
bu¢ rather receive from an ecdiGional ispulses thatch
veneral law, by means of an harmonious corooerations of
ihe two principal branches of the Govern: » be fuund-
edon the (ruc interests of the State; that tie finances

and the arming of the people, the main pillars of the dud)
,* . ! , e * . \
PUltic, be praced iit that contre point, poll ow hich the
greates€ and most invaluable privilege of every free peo.
le -~—()4¢ ir dic d. end /(C¢ —WHie be firm] Hrve {, WY hie ‘ly
i ) d )
of you can doubt of this truth, after the terrible expert.
euce you have hid of a forcign teruanny which ackuow -
ledlo r,- ole by as if ve: } for i :
aCage no Plat Whew le Wanted Meats Tor ifS OWh Digits
. .
tenance by vierenes, afier having sighed of late year
undes Cle most oppressive yoke that ever was MWA POSsed
BIC? t x Yall a tlw s?
Now, at tcast, you know the true value of those pre-
Clouse rinhts for waich our fathers sacrificed their property
} ,
and blood: of that happiness which they bequeathed to
theie decenJdants; and which we saw lost through the
adversity of lec times!
Following, therefore, and deriving encouragement from
their example, it becomes my duty, in imitations of those
whose name LT hear, and whose memory I honor, to re-
Store that which is lost: itis your duty to Support mie
therein with all your efforts, that uuder the blessings of
Divine Providence, who summons us to this task, we may
leave ouc beluved country completely reconquered and re.
established to our children,
In order to be enabled to judze whether the consitu-
tional code thus framed, as before st uted; bea means of
attaining the above great object, we have thought it right
that the said code be submitted for iwaturer consideration,
Co nuincrous assembly of persons the most considerable
and best quallified among you.
We have for that purpose aj pointed a special commis.
sion, whe aro to choose, out of a nuimcrous ust given in
to us, six hundred persors, in due propertion to the po-
pulation of each of the nuw existing departinents,
Mouvred with your couhdence, they shall, om the 28th
“nn = —“ on
View original tails month, assembie in the melroro’l Vinsterdarm
(vu come to a determination upon this w ighty business,
ancy shall in like manner, with the leiter of convuoea-
tion, receive the plan of constitution, that they may be
able to prepare their decision thereon with Maturity and
calmness of dcliberation; and for the more eflectual at.
tainment of this object, a copy of the sainc shal! be seat
to each member previously.
And as it is of the first importance that thesc Members
be possessed of the general confidence, we order that a
lis¢ of the persons chosen for each department be made
/public, and that to all the inhabitants of the same being
housekeepers, an opportunity shall be afforded by signing
his naine without any other addition, in a register which
shall lic opon ineach canton for eight days, to disapprove
of auy such person or persons as he may decin unqualified.
No inhabitant is deprived of this right, with the ex-
ception of domestic servants, valets, bankrupts, persons
in state of non-age, or under accusation,
When it shall appear to us from the summing up the
registers, that the majority are satisfied with persons thus
submitted to their clecuon, we shall cousidcr them as the
representatives of the whole Dutch people, call them to-
gether appear in the midts cf them, and satute them as
constituting the great assembly, represcuting the United
They shall then commence their labours in frcedom, and
vive us an account of their progress by a committee ape
pointed to that effect; and as soon as the adoption of the
constitutional code is the resuit of their deliberations, we
shall make Uie necessary arrangements fur taking the vath
prescribed (vy us by Che constitution with ail due solemn.
ily, and after that be instaileged.
Tn the adoption of these measures, whorty countrymen,
yo must feel convinced, thal, the welfare of our beloved
country ts my first and only objects that your interests
and wine are tue same; aud how cau they bo more mani.
festly promoted, than by the introduction of constitutional
rules, in which you will find Che guaisentce of your dears
est rights?) ‘Phey will faruish me with the adyantase of
conducting, on fixed pilaciples, (he cuarge wad responsi.
bitty of goverument, avsistcd by the best and most itellie
gcntof the citizens ; and will secure to me the continuauce
of that affection, the expressions of which rejoice iy
heart, animate my courage, lighten my burthen, and bind
meand my house for ever to our regenerated country.
Given at the Hague, this 2dday of March, lol4, aud
ofuur regu the lst.
By command, A.R.FALCK, Secy. of State.
2 tle gue, March 6.
The accounts from the Grand Lood-quarters reach down
to the 26th Pebruary., ‘Lhey were then at Chaumont,
Where Prince Schwartenburs had concentrated the grapd
ariny, in consecneccs of the retreat of Piinee Wittgen-
stent. Qa the Jeli wang of he grand army a corps of
30,000 men was postd at Dijon; on the right wing.
dMarshal Blucher was at Chalous, Gen. Bulow at Rheims,
and General Winzingerode at Soissons. Marshal Wrede
had driven back the Freuch under the walls of Troyes ;
and on the 26th another French corps was defeated at
Accounts from Bremen mention, that of the 28th of
february, and Ist of March, 10,000 troops had marched
through there, under General Walmoden, on their v ay tu
the Rhine; and that 30,000 Prussians were coimein front
of Hamburgh which city, it was expected, would be im.
mediately attempted by storm.
Yesterday evening Mr. Provost, Austrian Counsellor
of Legation, arrived here as Charge d’Atiaires from his
Imperial Majesty, with the information, that a Minister
would be speedly appointed, and wilh the strongest as.
surances of the friendship of his Court for the United
Basle Feb, 20.—All the troops in garrison here, the
day before yesterday, received orders to put themselves in
motion for I’rance, All the corps already on their route
to strengillen the Allied Armies, have received orders to
hasten their march. The passage of troops through our
town will be very considerable, and last fer several days.
Other columns march for France by Schattbausen and Zue
rich, and some through the Frickthal.
View original r ‘
Hae great mo gases cf oats and Flour established a+
Lindau are to be removed hither. &
The tollowing are the principal articles of the Act of
Confederation which has been adopted by the assembly at
Zurich :—
The Cantons mutually guarantec to cach their constitue
dion and independence,
No canton to make any alliance with foreign Powers ;
but cach to be entitled to enter into military capitulations

provided they are compatable with the general ordinances
of the Diet.
The contingents of each canton, in men and money, to
be regulated by the Dict.
Commerce to be free and unimpeded throughout Swit.
The canton of Zurish to be the first canton, and the
Burgomaster of Zurich for the time being to be the Pres
sidcnt of the Dict. P
Berbin, cb. 2!.—The Dutch General Daendals is are
rived here from Warsaw, on his way to Holland,
The 2d battalion of aregiment which was formed ia
Sweden, out of deserters and prisoners of war, chicly
Dutchmen by birth, has passed through liere ou its way
to Wolland,
Biicgc, heb. 28.— -Yosterday evening the Crown Prince
. : ’ : . a , - ‘ . * ta i : —
OF Sweden culered Oar city, atiidst the greatest a Joicings,
He alighted at the Acse ioury hotel, where he was) waited
upon by (he Authorities of tae Department, and a Come
mittee of the Control Government. Tis Royal Highness
came from Atv-la-Chapelle, aud his suit was VoTy NuLiee
rous and b illiang,
Britssc Is, Mar h 3.—There are «till at this moment
1OCO French trooys at Menin, Itis said, that General
Borstel having defached a corps Of 5000 mea against Gee
neral Maison, the latter retired in basteto Lisle: 8 pieces
of cannon anid 609 pri Ners were how ever, taken from him.
Our provisional Government has addressed a proclamae
fon to the inhabitants of these provinces, inritiag thena
to cowe forward with voluntary subscrijtions for the arme
ig of a f ree yor tue A fonce of the CO. Wry.
We have reevived ihe following list of superior Officers
Who were made prisoners at Daatzie: besides ihe Cover.
nor Count Rap, there were the Generals of Division Hleu.
delet, Grav loan, Bachciu, Lepin, Cana redou; the Gee
» ° }
morals of Brisade, Adiniral Dumanoir, d'lHericourt, Vile
ers, Husson, Besancourt, Marie, Cavaynac, Prince Rade
avails aad tae Neapoliian Genetals of Brigade, Destreas
Aitstocdany Murch 7.—Our paper of this day cou.
falas a listof 152 gentlemen, selected from the Depart.
mont ol (he Zuiderzee, who are to form a part of the Ase
embly of Notables, appointed to take into consideration
the plan of a Constitution,
The raising of 18 battalions of Landstrum for this city,
which commenced on the 18th February, is now come
pleted. Yesterday, after church-time, all the battalions
assembled on their dileront parades, for the purpose of
being exercised: the good order and regularity which the
members of these corps have displayed, both in the course
of their raising and exercise, prove the excellent Spirit
with which they are animated. Thus, in less than three
weeks, these 18 battalions, consisting of 600 men each,
aud amounting in the whole to 10,800 have been armed
and organised ; and a part of them have already replaced
(he national guards in the service of the city, the latter
having marched off for Naarden,
SS ee 6 eee
View original SS
List of Run-a-way Negroes, in the Colony Stocks of
Beneice, on the 6th May, 1814.
/ Names. Proprietor | By whom brought.
Nainen, higenarcen. ~ Aanbrengers.
Rosa oe \Pin, Onverw agt |[Dehnert
Hercules Do. McCamon e
Larose. Mara. Gouverneur,
Sunday Unknown. Hicken
Primo Shanks (Dem.) = |Costenbader
Murphy lierstelling Fiscaal
Marsh Laurentz. Adami
Sammy. Lewis Manor, Dehnert
Sunnie Welgelegen, van den Broek,
Marsh Rice. Prass
Glasius Bellevue. White
Mandriena Barnes Fiscal
Cicilia Do. Do.
Thomas Mrs. Beresford. |Heytmeijer.
J. A. DEHNERT, Under Sreriff.
Se a eee
View original _ =" wee ~~ Ca@Maeatiin = A ee —_ —
Published by IW. SCHULZ Cy. Privil
j ° **
Vs 6 £1 blilGsd Be

7 May 1814