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The Berbice Gazette

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Berbice, 10th December, 1815.
CASTi required fortwo Bills of Exchange of £100
each, drawn on the Right Hon. the Paymaster Ge-
neral, at 20 days sight.
For which Tenders in triplicate, marked ‘ Ten-
ders for Bills,” willbe received at. this Office until
Monday the 20th of December, at 10 o'clock.
JOHN S. WILSON, Commissariat.
View original ———— —
TENDERS for 26,000 weight best quality Colfee
the produce of Plantation Anegsbure, will be receiv-
ed until Monday the 20th instant, at Il o’clock, at
the house of the first undersfigned, by whom samples
of the coffee may be seen, and the highest offer, if
approved of, accepted, payment tobe made in cash.
ALSO Tenders for 260 Bunches Plantains, to be
delivered every Saturdey evening, or Sunday morn-
ing, for the tine of six months, poyable in cash every
three months, for which the hirhest offer, with rood
security for the paymeat, ifapproved of, will be
WANTED for the Use of the said Estate, Four
barrels Beef,—one barrel Por!.,—and 2000 weight
Salt Fish. ‘Venders for the abovementioned Provi-
sions, will be received until the 20th inst. at eleven
o'clock, and the offer most advantageous, if approv-
ed of, accepted. Paynient willb " ade in cash.
il Dee. J. A, HICKEN, qq.
THE Carpenters business hitherto couduacted un-
der the Pirin of Rovertr Lownte & Co. is this day
dissolved by mutarteonsent ; all Persous having any
demands ayainst the said Firm, are requested to ren-
der them to the first onderstyned for examination.
on, or before the Slst tusc. as none will be attended
to after that period.
11 Dec. R. Lowere:r.
‘Tenders for Cofice.
NINE thousand pounds of First quelitwy, and 700
pounds broken Cotiee—Penders for the above ouan-
tities, the produce of phuitition frocd anil, will be
received at the house of the secoud ondersigued, un-
ti] Monday the 20th jast. and ifarproved of, ac-
ceptcd— pay ment to be miade in cas hh,
Povan TiOELST, for se'f and
ll Dec. M.s. BENNEUVT,
ne ng ea ees
THE undersigned being appointed Sworn Book-
keeper r, within this colony » Fecormmmnds Tes services
that eqvicity, to his Friends and the Public, pro-
Mtsing secrecy, accuracy and Uispate I.
— =e C(O ~
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DEN ondergeteckende aanvesteld zynde als Ge-
zworen Boekhouder in deze-kolonic, neemt de vry-
heid zich als zoodaniz by zyne Vrienden en het Pu
bliek te recommandecren, belovende echcimhouding
nauwkeurigheid en spoed,
DEN ondergetcekende verklaard by dezen, de
boedel nu wylen den Heer C. Fockine, niet Insol-
vent bevinde, en verklaard de advis daarvan door de
Executeuren in de Courant gezet, onwettig.
ll Dec. H. FOCWKING, Executeur.
a — < -——-- ——
Colony salted fish in barrels, well cured,
Do. lamp oil, clear and fluid and equal to sper-
mace oil.
Tobacco, tar, white soap, &c.
————— Cr rr oer OOO
View original FOR SALE—At this Office—Blank Bills of Ex-
change, Bills of Lading, and the Manner of Procee-
dings, before the Court of Civil Justice of this Co-
bony, Foolscap Paper, and blank books of any size:
View original VENDUE's OFFICE.
THE Subscriber respectfully inform the Public,
that the Vendue Office is removed from lot No. 8 to
lot No. 5, New Ainst. 20th Nov.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
On Friday the 14h January, [&8l4, will be sold by
order of Joseph Hall & A. Krieger Esqrs. as Cura-
tors tothe Estate of the late J. Sawyer, dec. By
Authority obtained from the Hon. Court of Civil
Justice, dated 221 Oct. 1813, (on the spot) one
third of Lot No. 71 Courrantyne river, with all the
Slaves and further Appurtenances, as will be seen on
the day of sale.—Inventory as well as the terms o!
sale, will be seen at the Vendue Ollice.
DD. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
te peepee
Oo Thursday the [Och inst. will be sok at. the
Vendue Office by order of P. Reynard, Esq. an clie-
gant assortinent of London printed cambrichs of YS
yds. of superior quality, consisting of Llue, gold,
pink, black, yellow, and purple colours, fine Irish
yard wide linen and cotton sheeting, London plated
silver edged, cruit stands, with gliss cruifs, candle-
slicks, snulfers, trays & egg stand & cups, fruit stand
of cut glass, plated coffee, tea & milk pols, & liquor
stand with cut glass bottles, brushes, gold watch
chains, seals, keys, ear rings, finger rings, locketts,
bruaches, and breast pins, old rum by the gallon & in
bottles, bitters Reynard’s eream of nuyau, ofmint, of
venille, syrup of orgeat, capilaire, rose water, lowers
of orange water, bay ruin, vencgar Spanish segars in
boxes, gunpowder, (ca, potatoes, quills, paper, build-
ing lime, &c.
By order of J. van den Broek, Esq. from 40 to 350
barrels and hogsheads of Londen brown stout.
And by the Vendue Master in commission, a few
licrees & barrels of first quality beet.
D.C. CAMEROW, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Monday the 20th inst. will be sold by order ot
S. Fraser, qq. on pln. Kilmorack, from 60 at SO beau
of fine cattle, say fatonen & milek cows, 3 saucle
aud draught horses, and 100 head of sheep
D.C. CAMVURON Dey. Vendue Master.
- 7 _ ———_
View original ————$
A A A A A a
BY thesubscriber, an cleeant assortment of Lon-
don printed cambricks of 28 yards cach, ot superior
quality, consisting of bine, wold, pinch, black, yellow
and purple colours, fine Irish yard wide linen and
sheeting, London plated: silver edged cruet stands
WH gitrs cruits, suffers, trays, eg@ stand and cups,
tril stands of cut glass, plated coffee, tea aud milch
ports, Liquor stands with cut glass bottles, brushes,
coid watch chains, seals, heys, ear rings, finger rings
vehets, broaches, breast pins, old rum, bitters, iey-
aad’s cream of noyeau, of mint, of venilie, sirup of
orgeat, capilaire, rose water, flowers of orange water
bay ruin, veinegar, Spanish sears, gunpowder, tea,
potatoes, quills, paper, building lime, &e.
ll Dee. Lot No. 7, front dam.
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THE undersigned intending to quit this colony for
Murope, in the month ot February next, requests all
those who have any claims agaitst him, either by
Open accounts or notes of hand, to render them in at
his residence at plantation Paliyra; And all indebt-
ed to him are particularly solicited to come forward
with payment, before the 15th Dec. ensuing; as all.
accounts not then paid will be put into the hands of,
luis A(torney at Law, to sue tor.
He also offers for Sale a family of cight negroes,
viz,—T'wo men, excellent sawyers, and two very fine
field women, their wives, and their three children,
all girls ; an old man, an excellent gardner ; also three
or four very fine young men, amongst whom there is
a man boy a very good house servant, a good groom,
and a carpenter; anda very fine strong healthy was-
her woman with her three children; a good strong
and new chaise with a moveable oil case head with
curtains at the sides that runs up and down on. brass
rollers, with two setts of new harness attach’d a shaft
and tandom ; a sett of very handsome mahagony dine-
View original —_—_—E es Se
ing tables with D ends, a bed stead & mattresses with
mosquito netting compleate, a patent sopha bed, a
handsome mahogany Escrutoire with private draw-
ers, silver spoons, chairs, a handsome sett of china
warse &c.—And lastly, his red roan or flea bitten
grey horse and his mule, both of which are too well
known to need any comment.
The negroes will be sold moderate for produce at
cash price, or approved bills of exchange at 3 and 6
months sight, cattle, &c.
13th Nov. B. JEFFERY.
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The Friends of Messrs. Campbevtcts Fraser and
Co. are respectfully informed, that the Deana, Capt.
‘oGrorGe, is expected inthis river, in time to load
for Glasgow by the January convoy.
View original Ke ulation for the Meetings of the respective Courts
in the Colony Berbice, for the year 1814.
Court of Policy and Criminal Justice.
Monday, January 10.
—— April 4
July 4.
October 3.
Court of Civil Justice.
Monday January 24.
April Js.
July 1s.
October 17.
Commissury’ Court.
Monday, February 7.
——— May 9.
August 8.
November 14.
Court of Rolls.
Monday, January 17.
———— March 7.
Wednesday, April 183.
Monday, May 23.
July IL.
——_ October 10.
November 21.
Approved. _
By Command.
—_—_—_—_—— ees
View original wiht ’
To sail with the Junuary Convoy,
Theship MULLETT, Tuo. ssiru, Master, for freight
OF passage, apply to said Master, or to
16 Oct. W. DUNCAN.
View original sate
To Sail with the First Convoy.
The Fast Saiting Brig EGHAM.
Stand A. 1. at Lloyds,
coppered and copper-fastened, Joun Pavy, Master,
has excellent accommodation for passengers. For
freight or passage, applay to said Master, on boaid,
30 Oct. orto J. VAN DEN BROKK.
View original sa
THE fine coppered Ship Harmony, Jonny Wit-
son, Master, will be dispatched with the convoy to
sail in January next. Apply to
23 Oct. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
Who have received by the aboye ship, smalk boats
for colony craft.
6 ove" “te Wain an ee
Sheet Almanacks
For the year 1814, for this Colony,
Will be ready at this Office, on the last Saturday of
(his month.—(25 Dec.)— (a For CASH only.
View original NDAD
BY His Facellency JAMES GRANT, Esquire,
Major in His Nlajesty’s OOth Regiment, Acting
Governor in and over ‘the Colony Derbice ; And
the Honorable Courtof Policy and Criminal Jus-
lice of the said Colony.
TO al to whom these presents may or shall come or
rOnrCETN ; be it Known :
\ {PE REAS This Majesty has been pleased to
dircet inthe event of the absenee of the Governor
appointed for the Civil Adiministration of the colony
Berbice, thatthe Government thereof showd de-
Volve on the Officer Conmmanding This Mayesty’s
Troops within the colony aforesaid, and Tis Excel-
lency VM Yor™ eneral Mereray having, on the oc-
castomot his Appointment to the Government of the
( alc ‘s Demerary and bssequebo, resigned this day
the Civil Administer: von of the colony Berbice; the
Goyvcrament thereof has devolved on Major Jawes
Ciaranry who has this day taken the Oath preserth-
ed for his Majesty's Governors, before the Honorable
Court of Pahies -—Notice whereof. ts hereby elven,
thot all the Lihabiteats of tuts eolony may rewulale
and vovern themselves accordingly,
Thos done ato our Extraordinary Meeting of the
Conrtol Potheys te ld his) Gth day of December,
IS)5.—Present, Ehis boxe Heoney Major Grant, and
the Tonortble Members Lo. 0 fhe: relsy Jno. MM
Canon, Jas. Bravery and A. J. Glasinus
Court House, New Amaterdam, Gth Pec. ISIS.
By Command of the Court,
R. GC. DOWNER, Secy.
View original NOP TONELION,
IIS Excellency Major Jd vuurs Geant, has been
pleased to Appotnt Mr Pirowas C. Exwery, Go-
vernment Seereiiry. and AI. bengauin FB. Pouck-
Niss, Vsststant Coovernmonut Secretary of this colony.
hking’s House, Berbice, 7th Dec. ISto.
Ry Coimarand
Tiros. C. PIER Y, Gov. Sec’y.
View original S’CRETAR Y's OFFICE
a /
Word! ceadecrieerd, dat) This ts to inform the Pu.
de volgende porsonen voors biic, that the following per-
mnemens ryd dilides> Nolonicsous tulend quitting this Co-
te vertrehken,. lony
oR. Card by the first ar portunity.
J.C. Poorternags ta eceks from Nov. 20.
John Diuvies with the Jantiry ecnvey,
Chs. Lawton tn od weeks thor ditt Dee.
Alex. draser ui O weeks from Plihl Dee.
View original ——__—_— a ~ — - — -
j Ok pst iid Ihesherebi C2UCIL.
gemadil, «i ply ainonth after date th
dito a pays bees 9 i imsporls and
ten on Mipotiacica sudten| Mortgages will be pussed.
Covel .
Novy. |» HOM bey ve fransport to he free ne-
gro yyormin Sasanua Gareen, the northern back
quarter of lol No. 27, in New Amst.
97 Nov. J. vanden Broek qq. A. Donzel, | trans-
port to (reo. Miunro, Lot No. 4. west Coren
tine const.
~—~—— _ James braser. in qua tv as Curator to thre
Pstate of the late Ee. i raser, Will transport
to Simon fF r, bis nine half of Plan-
(ation Bo iehton. Slaves, and other appurten-
anees Uierelo be fonging,
1) f. WR. fda vr. will transport to the free
George bn , 21o00ds of land of lot No.
t,o between the centre road and back dam.
_ S—6oJ. van den Broek aq it. the [leirs of A. Don-
1 will Uribsport »\W In. Munro and Geo.
Munro. the ( ai atine coast lot No. 4.
— Wain. Munro and Geo. will transport to Jolin
Fraser the westhera half of said lot, and to
the lictrs of 4s. Chesney, the eastern half.
——— The Attointes of 2. Lowrie, will tr insport
15 Negro men slaves, 'o Deme rary, names to
be seen at the Secretary’s Office.
Dec. 1]. A. Krieger and G. Tauels qq. C.J. Mcyen
and W.h. C. Meyen born van Staden, will
transport to J. van de ‘n Brock, their richtand
litle to asecond mortgage on plantation Ruim-
R. C. DOWNE R, Secy.
AI.L, persons ti Iving any clain or dem: nd acainst
plantation RETREAT, situate on the west sea coast
ol this co'ory, are requested lo deliver ina note of
theosame to the undersigne d, on or before the Ath of
January next Secre lary’s Office, T1th Dec.
KR. C. DOWNER, Secy,
View original WITEREAS the followlns @eon hac addre }
himself to the [Tou Court of . ve of this col ve
their Sessions in the month October lagt, for a bet-
ter of ATanianission
H. P. Betdewer, for therinntlatto irl Pranciseu,
Notice whereof is hereby eiven to those whom i
may concern, and whoimay wish fo oppose the grant
of said Letter of Manuniission, that they may addres
Chemselves in writing to the endersigned Secretary
of the colony, previous to the ensuing Sessions of
the Hon. Court, when a fin: disposition will be made
on the aforesaid Petition. Berbice, Nov. 2
View original NB,’
IS hereby given, that all Accounts due to the
Winkel Department, for the year IS!2, which are
not paid by the 15th of December next, willie sned
for in the January Courts, without respect to persons.
A. A, ne na COURT,
Principal Agent for the Crown Property
ip South Ainerica,
View original eC
ABSENTED himself from the Subscriber r, i amonth
ago, a Negro man named Carel; any person who
can give information or lodge him in the barracks,
or sending him up to plantation Kortberaad, to Mr.
Grvon, will be good rewarded besides all expe neces,
A Dec. Z.van LEEUWEN.
View original WANTED TO HIRE.
TEN or Twelve good Ficld Negroes, for which a
liberal hire will be given, and punctus ily paid.
how particulars apply to the subse rib’r.
A Dec. S. PALLET, Pla. Supply, Cane.
View original Tle Pablic are respeetfully informed, that the
Brie Ulysses, is cuily expected tn this River to load
for Liverpool, and tosait with January convoy. ‘Phe
Sabscriber will receive produce on freight jor said
vessel, and find store room in town until her arrival.
4 Dee. Wawa. CROFT.
View original —_—— ON OU ee ee oe eo —— a
TILE Subseriber intending to quit’ this colony by
the January corvoy, requests all those haying De-
mands against him to render Chen in for payment:
and all those indebted té either hia oor Mr. Fors
Crort, to come forward with iumediate payiuent,
4A Dec. Wau. CROP.
NB. A few tierces Salmon, and heroines ta berrels,
alsonegro cloathing, which will be sutd cheap
to close sales.
LOR s_\ Lk.
PART of Lot No. So, firstempokler, with all the
buildings thereupon, at presentoceuptied by the Sub-
scriber. Whoalso oflers for Sale, a Chaise and ilar-
nass, and an excellent chaise Lorse.
View original DEN ondergeteckende geeft: liermede heniisse.
win die het mogte aangaan, dathy den Peer ed.
bbantze vemaetiod heeit tot het inkasser nm van zy ue
uiisteande penningen, waar voor hy quant nokan
[asseren, 27 Pie He VINO,
TO anapproved purchaser, at 3, 6, 9 & 12ionths
credit, Po soods and 4 feet Tand, of Lot No, 22, be-
(ween the centee and baekdamy aod the buildings
thereon. cS bs0 20 coeds Tain of Lot No. by towards
the backdam. Tt not sold onor belore the 18th De-
cember next, the sune walbe disposed of al public
Vendae. (Good quality Coffee will be faken da paye
mont, al Cast price,—leor particulars, apply fo Chis
Olice. O7 Noy.
— Ka - — —$ — —— ——_—— -
LOST or miuslaidy an unde ‘ryrittem Account of i.
B. Rene, Esq. for work done for the Amectean
Schooner President. Should any Gentleman have it
in their possession, the Subscober will be obliged by
its being returned, payment being stupt, it can ae of
use to none but himse It.—4 Dee. R. BARN:
Notice to W ovdc itera,
ALE persons holding Licences to cut Timber, on
ungranted lands in th s colony, are desired to attend
and exhibit them at Government Secre tary’s Ollice,
within six weeks from the date of (his Notification.
King’s House, Berbice, 13th Nov. 18138.
By Command.
Ts. Tus. C. E wit RY, Act. Gov. Sec.
ALL persons indebted to N. Voukerts, for his
Printing Office, up tothe 30th of June, 1812, are
requested to make payment to this Office, otherwise
will be sued for by the next Courts. A Dec.
View original FOR SALE
BY G. BONE & Co. Fresh Cumberland hams a
25 stivers per lb., or in any quantity a 22 stiy. cash,
A Dec.
View original < (72 208? Gree es Fe" © ER.
—— =D, T°. O CE
ee. ~ ht
Sunday last our Packet came ta hore with the Vail for
October, the English Papers brought by the sail, go
to the 21slof that month.
The affairs of war in the North of Germany, are almovt
standing, the same as we have stated by our September mail.
The Dispatches from the Marqais of Wellington, an.
nouncing the entrance of the Allicd army into the French
terrilory. The Park and Tower guns were fired upon
the receipt of the intelligence, and a letter from Lord B. ‘.
hurst was sent to the Lord Mayor, stating the substance
of the dispatches.
It will besecn from the official detai's, that the left of
the army, led bo Sir V. Gratiam, crossed the Pidassva on
the 7th, and car.i-d the enemie. entren bm v's i bout and
above Andaye, those on the Montag e Verte, o don the
height of Mandale, (aking 8 prees of cannon, Sir P
(rraham having thus established the troops withii the
Irench teriitory, resigned the conma d to Sir J. Tope,
who artived from Ireland onthe preceeding d ly.
y on on the left, tle
Whilst these oF Clations were gomg
chemy’s cntvenchments in the Puerto de Vera, and on the
inountain called La Rliwne, were also attacked by the
light diviston, and a body ot Spanish troops, the focmer
of which tuok 22 officers and A400 man prisoners, and 3
pi Ces of canuon. Those (roops Carr { (Very Ching bee
fore tiem till they arrive at the fout of tne roc k uy} cu
. ' . e . ’ . . e
Which the heritage stands, and which they found tein.
possible lo % cond, The Lert WiOrwily Lord Wellin fon
, ! . ’
ordercd au allach on the eu Iny’s works in front of the
\ ‘ ! ; . 1°! — | . in .
Canty) oF arre, ard an cntrenchiment ou a tall which |. rCe
tected the mahtot the cap haviag been carmted, the ene.
Wy Gumediately evacuated all their Wwoiks to defend the
Vy] r aches to th) yen. and withdrew fr M1) (heir pus ut
the Tlertmituge, and teom the camp of Sarre during the
Phetloss of the British and Portuguese in these affairs,
was StF Killed, wounded and uussing 5
abd of the Opa.
rds, about 750,
Downed 28liecl, Oct. 18
, Isis.
Captain the Marl of March arrived this norning with a
dispatch from fuicld.Marshai the Marquess of Wellivg ton
nidvessed to orl Bathurst, one of his Moujesty’s princie
Bezaca, Oct. 9, 1813.
My Lornn,—ITfavi'g deemed it expedient bo cross the
Didassoa with the left of the army, L have the pleasure to
pal Secretaries of State, of which the fullowiiy is acopy.
infoem your Lordship chat object way edected on the 7h
Licut.-<Gen,. Sir Thomas Graham directed the Ist and
oth divistons, aud the Ist @ortuyuese brigade, under Bri.
vidier-Gen Wilson, to cross that river in’ three colunns
below aud tn one abeve the site of the Bridge, under the
command of MajoreCeen. Play) the dbonourable Colonel
Crreville, Major-Geu. the (onourable Pdward Stopford,
and Major-CGeen, Tloward ; and Licat.-<Gen, Don Manuel
freyre directed that part of the dth Spanish army under
his ummediate command, to cross in three columns at fords,
above those ab which the allied British and Portuguese
troops passed. ‘The furtaer were destined to carry the
encuny’s ecntreachments about and above Andaye, while
the latter sbou'd Carry those op the Montagne. Verte, and
on the heigh( ol ciauaale, by which they were ¢o turn the
enemy’s loft. .
Phe Opecratio is ol but! bodies of troops succeeded in
every point. ‘Phe British and Portuguese troops took
seven pieces of cannon the redou&ts and batteries which
they cartied, and the Spanish troops one piece of cannon
in those by them,
} had particular satisfaction in observing the steadiness
and gallantry of all the troops. The 9th British regiment
were very strongly opposed, charged with bayonets more
than once, and have suflered ; but Lam happy to add, that
in other parts of these corps our loss has not been severe,
The S; anish (troops under Licut.-<Gen. Don Manuel
Freyre behaved admirably, and turned and carried the’
encemy’s entreuciiments in the hill, with great dexterity
and gallantry ; and } am much indebted to the Licut.-Gen,
and to Lieut.-<Gen, Sir Thomas Graham, and to the Gee
neral and Statl Others of both corps, for the execution of
the arrangements for this operation.
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Graham, having thus establish.
cd, within the French territory, the troops of the Allied
British and Portuguese army, which had been so frequently
distinguished under his command, resigned the command
to Licut.-Gen. Sir John Hope, who had arrived from
Ireland the preceding day.
View original Wihise this wa Ing ©n UpOl ve | l, Major-Gen. C
Baron Aiteu attacked, with the light division, the enemy’s
entrenchments in the Puertu de Vera, supported by the
Spanish division under Brigadier-Gren, Longa; and the
Mar cal del Cairo Don Pedto Giron atta hed theenenmy s
entrenchments aod posts on the moun fain called La Rune,
immediately oh (he right of the lisht diviston, Wit ihe ar
my of reserv¢ of Niclalicsia.
Co! I cl J >| Orie, Ol t | (" 52d r in ene. We | conn vnc.
ed Najyor-Gacon. Shecrett rivade. tn the absence of Che
Maj}: reGacn, ob account oF | > health. atiacked Che enemy?
righ{ na camp which thes 0 Wi stronely entrenched 3 anu
the 52d r cu yout tran r lie 6 Hd atbhyyy Ol Major Nie i.
charg c{ it iuIOst eatledalel | . rad « urged Loe ehtreu le
ment with the Lavonet. Vhe bst and Sd cecadures, and
the 2d ul thou OSth 4 Wecte te as Webb as Che Jd. distiue
gulslic dl iNemsc \« etd tall alladct
Major-Gon, Kompes & isade atlacked by the Puerto,
. s
where the Oy)! ys) baoit | rol Oo CVOERO § \I t] yin Ih.
Charles AJten bas’re: ortcd bis sense of the pudsinent dis.
played both by he NPajor-Gen. and Ly Col, Colborne,
i) thesea ‘ack : a (J Lot marti las Y iit lel Cod (CO wwhd]poie
Cren. (‘| iurvles + Vor tire Mittinves ith which he ervACCH EO
this service: the lzht division Fook ts iyefWo ollicers
and four hud: G men pul OllChsy anna thas po Cos Ol Cdil-
These froo carted rv (hing before them ta then
gallar! sty] . Chal flicy avrieved ( thi | Oi Lite Vi an (1)
vihiach the }, rt. it we (| : at (| ) ir . be peat (| lle
tempts to ta! th that (| 1? bE Waals Wbpose
\] to ( ae | | (| yer sii!
r) (| W 14 douas Lon th line
4g tat Watt () , AIS TPOO!
Sn ely ‘ Y be Obl. peti foot ¢ Je
ed away Cc, Wty to? bel ’ ( poblre Clie
tai. 1 Cod fou t cl { Ly ats 3 it.
and t! i ff | op tt Poa } { d Wall) LU Viallle
face wins 7 get Works im front of the
camp of ™! l ' | of Mee
erve to ¢ © lodl It bila. ss . it
eoneel!! sooth ¢ CirCoue. buds Cal Gel A i Ge i,’ CULO
Giron ©) (| Prattats de pdemes to eh
enemy ’s port ct rock on the right of the toss oO.
cupicd by fas trootss which Instablry Canrbed | a
most wallant styl. e troops f 1! Tags dotro thor Sue
cess, and carricd « Ni renec! mton a hill which protect.
cd the r | ( i Sade. mid rhelny od I ~
rreoly ai dia! \ hs fo val ft 7 rit
to the rewltc on ol I J
rents | Pion t)ye \ -(; il. i
Of Dali (0) j e tal. , Uv » Ua, e hl. I. y]
Don Pi: , ft cf ished Nattalion on the en
my’s | ft. oO { thi bic ‘ 7 pi Was TOO Fal,
to prod “ { / : \ | Chie ™\ \V i (| ’
from their porta avd fivin the Cabip
Sarre during ¢
It cives mie sine L ort the good coun.
duct of th OliiCeS { ) ()! ( \ cde
Andalusnm,. as well in tl ay oot
those of yoesturdeve 11
Las Orden
Pit, asia { i
was much ;
whole of this cc
leannot; | no! I
ments for the 1! s ,
Pedro Garou. uid tetas Ga : boro ds
dis chlo
T omitted to revort to your $ aes aude t me '
the fil lyst { j 1) ‘\ \
inst. | (i I y ye =
Carry ¢ he enemy's paqu
ed yrvoul foi and Cul | of Vil
tuvne:re ty )| Hnoder his command, red
oO! ol | fo consisting of \ ) bili
the miountain ¢ Vrolla oy VN ( cad,
w he ‘. ison (fo tl
See { ada ( | \ I Ivy ! , Lode \ ¢
dispatches from Licut.e€ien. Clinvtou. a Cas be
Sd tast, The General was st) lat Pari Ola. uuid (h
my were tn their old iion a the bohregat
Lieut.-<Gen. Lord Wi lam Beutincoh had embarked fo
Sioa VON the Q2d of Se. ter wher.
Psond this dispatch by iny Aid-de-Campy, Captain ti
Fort of Slacech, whom T bez to recommend io yout bord.
2 4
C's S yy MCCHOn,
f have, &c. (Signed) WiLLINGLILON
Returu of the kitled. wounded. and missigg of the Army
under the comtaanid of his lhexcelleney Piacltd- Marshal the
Marquess of Wellingtoa, AK. G, in the Passage of th
Bidassoa, and forcing the cuemy’s ‘lines, on tie 7th and
Oth of Oct. 1813.
Total British lo-s—] captain, 3 lentenant-, 5 scrjeants, | drummer,
69 rank and tile killed; }anajyor, 12 Captiils, << llenfenants, den-
sigus, | staff, SS serjcants, 3 drummers, 419 san! and lle, wounded ;
5 rank and tle missing.
Total Portuguese \# ) l heul nant-cc lone}, ) Cc ip mn, ! lieut nant,
9 ensigns. 2 serjeants, 4) rank and file. hi led; Jomajyor, | captuin,
Y lieutenants, 7 ensigns, 15 serjeants, | diummer, 152 rank aid Lile,
wounded; 8 rank and file, missing.
Names of British Ojjicers killed and xounded on the 7th
and Oth 0 f, ISLo.
95th Foot, 2d bat.—lieutenants Hill and Campbell.
Ist Light bat. King’s German Legion—tlieu.. Alanck.
6th Foot, Ist bat.—Capt. Shawe.
4th Foot, Ist bat.—Sutgeon J. Gordon, severely.
9th Foot, Ist bat.—capt. Jervoise, slightly; lieut. Dale, severely ;
lieuts, Sheppard and M’Adam, severely : lieuts. C Campbell and
Lemesurier, slightly ; lieuts, Brooks and Stirling. aod Lasiyus Nash
and Kenny. severely. :
View original i L
ic. RR
aptatn | ty} i
ere] Plallls
3, Hitt ge a
re iy anid
li { vi I
crimad AM
nd licut. Wah
len, and ensis
ese rel
capt. bogers
viantt —thh ri
Wackholz,sligl )
Schneider and (.
View original nn $$
FOREIGN-OFFICh, Ocr. 15, 1813.
Dispatches, of which the following are copies, have been
received by Viscount Castlereagh, his Majesty’s Pra.
cipal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairr, from Lt.-
Generabthe lon, Sir Charles Stewart, A.B. his Majes-
ty’s Buvoy Matraordinary and Minister Plenipotentia-
ry to the tNNing of Prussia.
Prague, Sept. 17, 1813
— Aly Loan,—Although nothing very material has oc-
Clefeu icity quarter since my last dispatches, [take ad-
vantage of am opportunity that oliers to state to your
Lordship a few particulars that may be interesting.
On the loth, Gen, Couat Bubna, who now commancs
tue Austrian corps lately under Gen. Neipperg, which
has boon eek reimforced, entered Neustad¢ and Neukir-
Chen, a.d came inio close cominunication with Gen. Blue
cucry, Who had his head-quarters at Hermshat, with his
advauced pusts beyond Bautzen, Che cneiny having retre
ed to bisbotiswerder,
On tae Lith, in the mornias, (he advanecd posts of the
grand ariny advanced aga to the tronters by Cie road ol
Poterswacde. “Phe rear guard of the chea.y, consisting of
(wo battalions of Infantry, a regiment ul Cavalry, and
sui gulls, Were forced from Noliendoct by Count a aucen,
commatiime Count Wattgenstel’s advaites. be di line.
ry of the Atlics, and uiore forces@vere inte dittess tu lol.
low as soun as Che ruads Could be made piachcatie., the
Vinssiausy under Gen. Micistauu dance ag Istus, moved
(uo Mbersdost and ‘dolsducit
Lonuparte assisted personally al the grand reconnois.
sance Chat Was made ou the bOta: he had bis deauguarlers
at boibstadt on the Lith, and moved forward ou aie leit
vl tie Atines to Barenstein, near Adtlenburgy ow tae bth,
die | lan of th “CHOTNY Seehas to have been to have atlack-
cd be Ndiicsy at he coud do so with ait evident advantle oe,
ioduis fy iy cde Cher ady sauce, aa Sy mew .eos gun Cane
oer to catricate himscld from rb] dau genous -.cbcane ae
at Wined lic studs
Ga the Pothyin the morning ;
Geog and Poince Sctwarteenbers Ocderes. a Cervera) recuue
woissatee OU ad spies te be nade; Count Wag uote s
OF LO Ih aN@ Lyre coe Ald Ou Ot Chea
Nocuerits contina.d tu ree
eid Count Vallema corps fellin wilh tec ebony Moar Pe.
Lo FN Ide, four sqn arols cf fetrsSdah Cavalli Very sale
Ul Coatecd a bicaeh Colvin, and Chul dow scovetal
Dore rad nen. ‘| Ovbse your fouidsinp Ol med Gh Cesc
(hocks, froma bacweh iettaa which has beea found ol
(ee toss Of Che 7eb rociment of inlautry, waen the ars
Casa ry da Coudt Ostchiawn'’s actow elated, they nae
cone suited cca ia Marcuty wounded. and scveu lruteareu
sted Ely Aaida ‘5 { ae ae bale vl fugiuives Pent. \V Cre
AA eolblhedd. 1.
. ; \ ’ >.
bavchomy s corpeitedvaree, opposcd to Count i alilon,
codestid of Ovelve Urousand iien, under Gen. Buiwet;
i. duade a guvod slacd hou Gottiebe. SiN Rassian tite
fue Cad grestexceation, aud forced thas columu ly leave
hear sr techs the dye tdaa | Vetllgn ol bic Clay Was Hol
eos! he
wi Nastia corps of sevention Chousand men, unde
suc eolorcdo. ayally reecounuwn (| lic vucmy oO te
* ¢ eraeclls Coolio Geral bolbegteuat.
: ; 7 .
baie’ Ne dee [iveed “Crs Of Ee etrou ys; ACCO LAID J report,
‘ be i \ schoo ea tw Laippol Mwai.
lich T have alicaddy
Wo tata toyoue deorcetapey bats tad ¢ meeiGcrable sce
Gaon. Gailemaa’s partizan corps, 3
ves. dhe took pussesctan ol the town of Wetsscatels,
ach Was oceuph d by wiaudey and artillery, and made a
vreucial, lorly ollicers, and Near one aousand three hun.
(eed iocu prisoners,
Paue Susteren Colonel Mensdor?, another partizan, took
t Gvench courier, between Leipzick, and Dicsdea, caarg.
ca Will dispatches and letters trom the french army for
Paris, at least ve thousand in number. ‘Lhese letters
vive the most doieful details of the avench ara, and of
their defeats. ‘The whole are to be printed, and are in the
inost desponding stile.
Of the whole corps engaged under Marshal Ney, oaly
siateco thousand men have escaped, ten thousand have are
rived at Dresden, under Oudinot, the rest at Wittenberg
aud ‘Torgau.
It is also stated, that the new guards, and particularly
the artillery, suflered dreadfully in the battle by Dresden ;
Generals Vachot and Scibier were killed; and Generals
Dumouticr, Dental, Gros, Boieldien, Maison, Veen, and
Aubert, severely wounded.
— Reinforcenrent amoanting to sixteen thousand men have
reached Kefort; but they are of a bad quality of troops.
On the 15th, in the evening, the enemy brought up
more troops against Count Pahlen, and asit was not the
intention of the Allies to engage ina general affair in the
mountains and defiles of Saxony, the advanced corps mov.
ed back to Nollendorf. Vhe French had two corps
(Varmee supporting their advanced corps of twelve thou-
sand men.
Gen, Blucher’s last accounts were from Bantzen, and
his advanced posts at Weiskelurch, within a Gerwan mile
View original a mmm
of Dresden, and he is in close communication with the
Prince Royal's army.
Gen. Kicinau’s corpsis at Maricnberg. A considerable
corps of the enemy are at Freyberg, and acorps of their
Cavalry between that and Nossen.
1 have the honour to be, &c.
(Signed) C. SYEWART, Lieut.-Gen.
Prague, S¢pt. 19, 1813.
My Loro,—It appears that the enemy on the 16:h oc.
cupied the mountain and heights in front of Nollendortt,
in considerable force, ‘They made, in the evening, an at-
tempt to (urn the right of the Allies before Culm, while
they also assailed the centre and left,
Bonaparte seems to have assisted in person at this aflair.
Fifteen thousand men were detached to turo the right,
vight thousand advanced in front and on the left: about
thirty thousand men and cight thousand cavalry in reserve,
formed the attack on the part of the enemy,
On the 17th, the corps moving on our right, being con.
cealed by an intense for, and, advancing through thick
woods, had aucceeded in gaining our flank before its move-
ment was perceived. While the enemy forced the Russi-
aus and Prussians from the village of Nollendorf by ver
superior force, but were kept in check on the left, Gen.
Jerome Colloredo, with a corps of Austrians, fell on the
enemy’s advanced column, which had gained our right,
ang with an intrepidity, steadiness, and order that has
gained universal admiration, completely defeated it, took
between two and three thousand prisoners, among whoa
is the General of division Kreitzer, and many officers, aud
ten guns: our loss may have been about one thousand
killed and wounded,
Atthe time the enemy made their attack on the centre,
the Prussians were aboutto be relieved by the Russians,
which occasioned some monientary disorder. A very fine
youns manason ol Gen. Dlucher, who was dist.ngui hing
Huinself very gifantly iv re-establishing ord. r, was kiiled.
The enemy, repulsed at all ponits, retired into their po.
sition sgain ou the mountains, occupytig, Lowever, Nole
londorf, ‘The allies took up their old ground, and extend
across the plain in a semicircular position,
The continued atlaivs aud skirmishes during the last fort.
Hehe have cost many men on both sides; but there can be
uo duubt of the encwy having sullercd in at least a dou.
ble propordon.,
[tis stated as a positive fact, that Bonaparte had his
horse shot under hun while reconvoifeing on the hil,
L cnelose a detailed report received froin Col, C vuke, of
he ala of the 16h and V7th.
LT have che honour to be, &e.
(Stsned) CHAS. STEWART, Licut.-Gen.
Then foilow a report from Col. Cooke, detailing the
He circumstances as mentioned in Sir Charles Stewart's
dispatches, and (wo Austrian military reports to a similar
eliect, dacd Pop litz, Sept. 15th and 17th.
— a ——
O.t. 18.—Sir Jolin Tope arrived at head-quarters on
(he Sth inst. Sur Thomas Graham is to go homme in the
Piesident, and may be daily expeeted. The stete of Pam.
plows was considered as nearly desperate. She garrison
was destigus of sending out all the inhabitant: of the towa
to save provisions; but the besieging Spamards refused
Parsage tu a single individual, and at the saine time gave
Nulice to the Governor, that if the rations of provisions
were nol fairly distributed to the town’s people, as well
as the gercison, quarter would not be given to the troops
on its fall. Suchet had arrived and taken the command
vf the brench army in the room of Soult, who had goue
tu (ie Northern army.
We have stated, that the Minister would necessarily re.
quire ten millions of money belore Christmas, and that
Most seriaus doubts had arsen as to the means of obtain.
Ing thissum. ‘Po have issued Exchequer bills to this ame
ount would have been vain, for there is at present no de.
mand fos them in the market, and (he inconvenience of
the quantity already issacd iy most seriously felt, since
the dutics are now to a great degree, paid in Exchequer
Bills, which bring no muney into the public coffers. To
raise it by a Loan would seriously interfere with the ways
and means for the next ycar, and would also create the
necessity of imposing new taxes, which Government must
be convinced would be unproductive. An attempt is
therefore to be made tu raise moucy on the Continent for
our Allies; that is to say the Courts of Austriaand Prus.
sia are {0 beallowed to draw bills on this country, bear.
ing interest, and made payable six months after the peace,
which bills, it is thought, may be uecgociated abroad, or
may be paid to the persous W bu provide necessaries and
stores to the Allicd armics instead of money. Upon this
proposition we shall only say, that if we could bring Bo.
naparte to the extremity of jssuing paper payable six
months after the peace, we shuvuld indeed consider his case
as desperate —( Morning Chronicle.)
In the papers of yesdecday, itis said that letters from
the French coast state, thas owing to the pecuniary em.
barrassincats of that Government, it was in contempla-
tion to itsue a paper currency similar to our Exchequer
bills. ‘The fact ts, iat bills of this description were cir.
culated in France nearly six months ago, to the extent of
50 millions of francs.
Dispatches are received from Sir George Prevost, Que.
bec and Montreal Papers have also been received to the
Qith of August, at which period Sir George was actively
employed in counteracting the preparations naking by
tye Americans for another invasion for another invasion
of Canada, He had himself quitted Kingston on the 17th,
and proceeded to York, in consequence, it was believed,
of secret intelligence that the enemy was upon the point of
inaking some important movements, Co relieve tis blocks.
aded force in the neighbourhvod of Fert Geo
View original Letters have been received from Halifax to the 14th of
Jast mOnth, and it is Said on this authority, that the Brit.
ish squadron under Admiral Warren, had taken posses.
sion of Swan Island: which had been fortified, and both
from this station and Kent [sland the ships’ barges enter.
ed Chester aud Choptbank Livers ; they were provided
with a competent force, and having proceeded to the towns
of Chester, Cambridge aud Oxford, has sent detachments
tu Vaston and Centuville. In most of these Situations,
such stores as could not be carried off were burnt, and
and abundance of cattle and other provisions was obtain.
We understand that the Capt. of the Packet was
in possession of a London Paper of the 25th, which
contained the details of the capture of Pampeluna, by
storm, on the 9th. The loss of the Allies in this af- stated to amount to nearly 600 men.
By the arrival of the schooner Caledonia, in Rar-
bados, accounts from the United States to the 0th
Oct. have been received. The position of Gereral
Proctor at Amherstburg having been rendered criti-
cal by the capture of our flotilla on Lake Erie, he had
commenced his retreat, after having burnt the fort
an! all the publtc buildings, which were Very ex-
tensive. On Lake Ontario five small schooners with
provisions for our troops in the neighbourhood of
Fort Georze had fallen intothe hands of the cneny.
_ = — oe = | ee
View original —} ~~ — _—-
— — —
—_—_——— ss
: a
© Execution.
BY virtue of an appointment, granted by the Ho-
norable Courtol Civil Pustics, of this colony, upon
a petition of Pyon & Angus Praser & Co. as a branch
of Campbells Fraser & Co., under date of 20th No-
vember, IST3.
Notice ts hereby givens That T the undersigned,
Pirst Marshal ot the Courts of this colony, will Sell
Inowresence Of two Connecllors Conmmissaries and
their Scorctary, by Public Pecention Sale, on Tues.
dey the Ist day of February, std, the Cotton Ls.
fate called
the property of Thigh B. Inelis, situated on the Co-
rootine coast, with all its cullivati my, slaves, build-
lags, ond further appurtenances thereto belonging.
Whoever should think to hive any right, interest
or claim oi the aforesaid Piantn. Clifton, and wish-
es fo eppose the sale thereof, let such person. or
porsons address thenuselves tome the first Marshal,
declaring th tr reasons for such opposition in due
time and form: as Thereby vive notice that [will
recetye opposition from every one thereunto quali-
fied, appotat thenea doy to have his or hee claim
hear! before the Court, aud further act thereon as
the liw directs.
The sale is to take place on the spot.
eroice, 4th December, 1813.
K. Fraxcnen, First Marshal.
Sales b
WHEREAS f the undersigned, vy authority ob-
fained from the tfouw. Court ot Civil Justice, of this
colony, upod ao petition of H.«. Hintzen, under
(late of Qist Nace. ESi3, Versus, the proprietor or pro-
prictors, representative or representatives of planta-
tion La Trateraié.
Have caused to be taken in Execution, and put
under Sequestration, the coffee Estate called
Situate im the lower division of this river, with all its
cullivation, buildings, slaves, and jurther ap- and
dependencics thereto belonging.
Be idthvefore known, that Ll the undersigned in-
tend to S. Hl, after the « XN piration of one year anil six
weeks, from the Go October, S13, the abovemen-
tioned cotter Plintation La fraternité, with all its
cultivatio®, buildings, slaves .&e. thereto belonging,
and specified inthe Inventory laying atthe Marshal's
Oflice for the nspection of those whom it may Con-
cern, in order lo recover from the procecds of said
Sale such sum of money as wherefore the abovemen-
tioned: Estate has been taken in Execution,
All conformable the Regulitions of the Hon. Court
of Civil Justice, beansing date Ist January, 1810.
This 4th) Proclamation published by beat of drum
as Customary. Verbice, 28 Nov. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, Mirse Marshad.
WHEREAS J the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, upon a petition of H. ©. lintzen, versus,
the Estate of D. P. Morthier, under dato of 6 March
Have caused to be taken in Execution and Sceques-
tr tion, the coifie plantation called
situate tn Canje river, with all its cultj
vation, build-
ines, slaves, and further ap- and de
pendencies there-
tv beloagius ,the property of said D. P. Morthicr,
View original Be it therefore known, that I the under. ined ine
lend to Sell, after the expiration of one year aud six
weeks, from the 29th Juiy, 2813, the aAboveuamed
coffee plantation called Gaed Land, with all its eul-
tivation, slaves, buildings, and further appurtenan-
ees thereto belonging, specified in. the lnventory
formed thereof, laying at the Marshal’s Ollice, for
the inspection of those whou it may Concer, In ore
der to recover from the proceeds of said Sale, such
sum, as wherefore the same has been taken in Exe-
All conformable to the Regulations of the Court
of Civil Justice, bearing date Ist January 1810.
This 4th proclamation published by beat of drum
as Customary. Berbice, 17 Oct. 181s.
K. Francken, First Marshal.
WITER EAS I the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained trom the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, upon a petition of J. Bakkerand.J. C. Span
senberg, as the Attornies of J. M. van Vioten, ver-
sus, the proprictor or proprictors, representative or
representatives of plantation Goed Land.
Have caused to be taken in Execution and Seques-
tration, the coffee Estate called
si{uate in Canje river, with all its cultivation, build-
ings, slaves, and further ap- and dependencies there-
Be it therefore knowu, that I the undersigned in-
fend to Sell, atterthe expiration of One year and Six
weeks, from the 29th) uly ISIS, the abovenamed
coffee Estate colled Gocd Land, with all its cultiva-
tion, buildings, slaves, and further appurtenances
thereto belonging, as specified in an Inventory form-
ec thereof, which lays atthe Marshal’s Office tor the
Inspection of those whom it may concern, morder to
recover trom the procecds of said sale, such sum) of
money as wherefore the said Estate has been taken
In execution.
All conformable to the Regulations of the Court of
Civil Justice of this colony, dated Ist Janaary, IS1O.
This 4b proc amation published by beat of dram
as Cusloluary,. Berbice, 17 Oct. ISTS.
k.. Francnen, First Marshal.
@ ae... -_-—- —— --=
WILEREAS T the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, of this
colony, upon a petitiorol Jd. A. Lei ner, underdate
Oth March ISIS, versus the Exceutor or Eexecutrix,
representative or representatives of the Estate of I).
P. Morthier, dec.
Have caused to be taken in Execution and Seques-
tration the colfve Estate called
situate in Canje river, with all its cultivation, slaves,
building, and further appurtenances thereto veloag-
Be i therefore known that T the undersiened in-
tend te scli, aiter the expiration of one year and six
weehs, trou. the W9ih July, ISIS, the abovenamed
coflce Estate Goed Hand, with all its cullivation,
buildings, slaves, andfurther ap- and dependencies
thereto belonging, all conformable to ai Inventory
formed thereotand now lying at the Marshal’s Ollice
lor the inspection of those who I inmay Concern, in
order to recoyer from the proceeds ofsaid Sale, such
sun, as wherefore the same has been taken in eXeCu-
Alle iformable to the Regulations of the Court of
Justice, bearing date Ist January, IS1O.
his 400 Poclamation made hnown to the public
as CUstouuary, Berbice, 17 Oct. IS1S.
WK. PRANCK UN, Liret Marshal.
—_——- -—. = ~
———- -
_— ooo or
Y e
Sumnions by Edict.
WHEREAS T the undersiened hay
neland the Newspupers, containing the Advertise.
ment calling upon the Creditors of fne Surrendered
Estate of Heywood & Taylor, Notice is bereby giv-
en tothe Public, that the said Creditors, by virtue
ofan Appointment obtained by W. Leacu and W,
FRaser, Curators to atoresaid Estate, under date of
29th November, ISI3, from His Excellency the Go-
vernor, are hercby SUMMONED, ‘To appear before
the Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, on Monday
the 24th January, 1814, and tullowing days, for the
purpose of there rendering their claims against the
said Surrendered Estate of Heywood & Taylor, and
further to proceed according to Law.
Berbice 3d Dec. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal. .
¢ received from
I> 17 s a a
View original BY virtue ofan appointment from the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date of
2Ist Aug. 1813, upon a petilion presented by Jas.
Morison, Wm. Fraser, F. Graham, and Th. henny.
Lxecutors to the Will of Gustavus Graham, dec.
I the undersigned, First Marshal of the Honorable
Courts within this colony, and at the request of afore
sald Lxecutors.
View original Summon hy Fiict:
All known and unknown creditors of the estate of
Crustavus Grahain, to appear before the Bar of the
Court of Civil Justice, of this covlony, at their ore
dinary Sessions to be held in the mouth of October,
ISI4, there to exhibit and verily their claims, to
sce Opposition made thereon, if need, and after the
expiration of the fourth samimons by edhet, to wit-
ness the Court’s decision as tothe prefe, atand con-
current rightof claimants against the sar estate, and
further to proceed according to Law, on pain of being
tor ever debarred their right of claim,
This Summon by dict made known to the Public
by beat of drum, as customary.
Berbice, 12th Nov. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, Firs¢ Marshal.
hata, Mada
View original BY virtue of an appointment granted by the Hon-«
orable Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under
date of 2ist Aug. 1813, given upon a petition, pre-
semed by Tf. Sraan and W. Louturrs, appointed
Curators to the insolvent Estate of C. Fockine, dec,
I the undersigned, First’) Marshal of the Courts
within this colony, and at the request of aboyenamed
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors against the Ey.
fate of C. Focking, dec. to appear before the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their ordinary ses-
sion, to be held in the, month of October, IS14, sy
in the yearone thousan! eight hundred and lourtecn,
there to exbibit and verily their claims, to see Oppo-
sition made thereunto, if necd, aud afier the ex pira-
tion of the fourth summons by edict, fo witness the
Courts decision as to the preterent and concurrent
right of claimants, and tur:her to proceed according
to law, on pain of being tur ever debarred their right
of claim.
This Edictal Summons published, posted ap, and
further dealt with as the law directs,
Berbice, Ist November, 1812.
Ke. PRANCKIEN, Ust Warshal.
I virine of aa dppuintuent, grantca by the
Hon. Court of @ivil) fustice of this colony, given
Upon a Petibon presented by John Liayficlit, he Ate
torney of Thomas Bond, ot Lancaster, and Progries
forof phiit Con Lancaster, situated in this colony,
under date of YE Nug. ISt3.
the undersigned First Marshal of the Honorable
Courts within this colony, and at the request of said
J e Luay field ; qq
Suminon Ly Eilict:
All known and unknowa claimants on plantation
Lancaster, situate on the west Corentine coast of this
colony, or on (hie Slaves, and other appurtenances
and dependencies thereto belonging, or on Thomas
Bond, for and on account of any book debt, bond,
morigise, legacy, or annuity, arising from out of
the withoft the lite Robert Wilson, dee. or other-
Wise, fo appear before the Court of Civil] Justice, of
this colony, at their oidinary Sessions, which will
be held in the month October ISI4, there (o exhibit
and verily their Clatins, fo see Oppostiion made there
unto i need, and atier expiration of the fourth sume
IOUS by edict, to witness the Court's decision as to
the preterent and concurrent right of Claimants, and
further to proceed according to Law, on pain of he-
ing forever debarred their richt of Claim.
This suinmon by edict made hnown to the Public
by beat of drum as customary—Berbice, [Sth Octv-
ber, ISO.
K. FRANCKEN, Porsz Marshal.
BPA Lt. . .!
View original BY vutue of authovity eranted by the Honoravle
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date of
loth Nov. 1813, granted upon a Petition presented
by Robert ‘Taitt and William Kewley, as appointed
Curators to the Estate of Richard Barry, dec.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request of aforesaid Curators,
Sumrnion by ldict:
All known and wakuown Creditors against the Es.
fate of Re Barry, dec., Vo appear before the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their Session which
will be held in the mouth of July, 1814, for the pur-
pose of there exhibiting their démands against said
Estate, to verify the same, and if necessary, to hear
objections made against such claims, and further to
proceed according to Law, under pain to those who
remain in default of coming forward with their de-
mands at the appointed period of being for ever de-
barred their right of claim.
This Summon by Edict made known to the Public
as Customary. Berbice, 18th Nov. 1813.
K FRANCKEN, First Marshal. .
Fa FX TAI sn aT - .
View original PERSONS indebted for the years 1810, 18] 1, and
1812, to the Estate of the late Dr. Francis JEFFE-
RY, are earnestly requested to settle their accounts,
&c., previous to the Ist day of January 1814, as
further indulgence cannot possible be granted,
W. KATZ, for self and
20 Nov. Mrs. T. JEFFERY.
EEE ee
View original er
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Published every Saturday at 4 O'clock, ep. ag.

11 December 1813