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The Berbice Gazette

View original 18is.
— SS errs: eee
—- ms eee
Twelve dollars p. annum.
—S— ee
TITE undersigned has on Sale a few articles
of which he will dispose at very reasonable terms,
and if pneckased to some amount, will even take
prodice ia payment,—viz, a mahogany table for 24
people, do. sophasand chairs, a large blue table ser.
Vice, two fea services, a quantity of plate and plites
articles, Madeira wine in pipes and bottless malmsey
1n quarter Cashs, claret in bottles, and Constantia in
imts.—[i not disposed of within a week or ten days,
they witl be forwarded to Demerary.
19 Ay. A. A. pe ra COURT.
-_—-— -
TENDERS for 4,000 pounds whole, and
2,900 pounds broken Coffee, the produce of Plan-
tation Aortheraad, will be reecived by Scquestors,
ef the house of the second undersigned, until the Ist
Seplember, when the highest offer, ifapproved of,
vili be acccpted—payment to be made in cash.
19 Aug. H. LUTHERS.
SL SL 2 ee ne ee
View original LS ee ee eer eee
i ee
WITEREAS Application, by Petition, has been
made to the Hon'ble. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice, at their Sessions of th
_ duly, S15, for Letter of Manuniission :
Richard Clarke Downer for the Negro Peter, his
property, but lately having appertained tu the ks-
tate of the Widow H. J. Buse.
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whony it
may concer, and who may wish to oppose the grant
of said Letter of Manumission,that they may address
themselves in writing tothe undersigned Secretary «1
the coloay, previous to the cnsuing Sessions of the
Hon. Comrt, when a final disposition will be made on
the aturesaid Petition.
Secretary's Ollice, Berbice, 29th July, IS15.
R. C. DOWNER, See.
—_—_— -
—- o_— «oe
This 3s to inform the Public, that the followinz
Persons intend quitting this colony.
James Foderingham in 6 weeks from 15 July.
Nathurnial [tout indo. from doy
Bdwerd Tut in do. from do.
Adam Stewart tu 6 weeks from 22 July. ,
Thomas B. Walter in dle. fromdea. °
Al. x. Bisset for Demerary with 6 Slaves.
Gceorze Stewart, in 14 days of G weeks trom 12 Aug.
Mrs. Storey and 2 children, in 6 weeks fromdo.
RoC. DOW NER, See.

Notice is hereby gicen, thal a marth aficr date the
folleoing Transporrgand Mortcages will be passed
Aug. 5. Alexander Fraser will transport to Dempra-
ry 50 Slaves, names to be seen at this Ofice.
Avg. 12. Alexander Fraser, will transport to Lewis
Cameron, 15 Negroes, part of the gang of plan-
tation Seaficld, west coast, names whereol may
be seen at this office.
Aug. 19. John M*Donald will transport to Demerary
Eizht Negroes, names to be seen at this Oitice.
— Edward Bartcum will transport to Donald Ross
and M. Nicholson, 21 Nezro Slaves.
—— |). Ross and M. Nicholson will pass a mert-
gage on the aforementioned 2) Negro Staves in
tavor of idward Bartrom, and a further mort.
gage on 25 Negro Slaves.
R. ©. DOWNER, Scce.
Ge! en ewes @ owe aD
View original PUBLIC VENDUEs.
On Thursday the 24th instant will be sold at the
Yendue Ofiice,—best mess beef and qpork in whole
and hadi barrels, bottled Madeira wine, do. Port and
sherry wine, Irish dowlas and sheeting, real Russia
sheeting and duck, pullicat and Madrass bkfs., bluc
and white salempure#, boots and shocs, negro and.
. trades men hats, coffve and cotton bagging, 30 barrels
of pilchards, 50 kegs nails from 4dy to S0dy, paints
and oil. :
On the same day by order of A. A. de la Court, Esq.
a negro main, a good cook, and a few dozen French
chirct, &c. &e.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Wednesday the 6 September, wil! be sold at the
Vendue Oflice, by order of K. Francken, Esq. De-
liberating Executor to the Estate of J. C. Scholle-
vanzer, dec. household furniture, silver spoons and
forks, a horse, chaise and harness, wearing apparel,
two slaves, extensive collection of Law buuks, &c.
D.C. Canzenon, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original , THE
View original — ee
View original —_————_ SS Oe
His Fxeellency Lieot. (ren. Sir Js. Leith, G.C.B.
having been amthorised by the Prince Regent's Pro-
clamation, to continue the services of that portion of
the Army under his commagd, which had becn en-
Listed for a linvited period, kas been pleased to notity
the sae in the following GCoomeral Orders s—
dicad-querlers, Barbados, July 20, 1815.
General Orders.
The Commander of the Forces announcis to this
\ry, ibatthe events in Europe bave unexpected-
ly led ty the recommencement of Llostilities; and that
in Cossequence, the security and honor of the Brit-
ish Monarchy have required, that His Royal High-
ss the Prince Regent should place the Army and
Navy onthe War Establishment.
His Royal Highaess, invested by the Law, with
(ty) powers to coitiaue the services of that portion of
() vray which is enlisted for alimited period, for
thice yours beyond their term of engagement, has
cen pleased totssue a Proclamation, in the name
“don behall of His Majesty, so to continue the ser
vices oF those Non-commissadned Otlicers, Drume
Mets, amd private Suldiens of the Army, according-
ly 5 oruntibs x months of continued peace shall have
elapsed, atler (he raufication ot aay delinitive ‘Trea-
ly. ,
Lhe unprincipled and boundless ambition of the
Usurper, wheeecks to ruin bianco and to disturb Fue
rope, bas thus, lor a tive, iutecrupled the benignaat
Intention OF toe Prince Moyent, who liad restored
Peace ta the Monarchy, aad wished to see those of
lies daithewt soldices,’ woe services would bave lee
sitly torminaled, return to theirhomes, f the peace,
SO glufonsiy wan, had been of six cionth’s duration.
iy 10D a sCice of duly to the Siaiey His Royak
Highness, in pursuance of the Lew, has issued his
Proclamation Gehich is herewith puolished), wie
Commas. Botiee dorces cannot dount, but that its
cfecton the tritish Agmy will be, to rouse their in-
dignation agaist the common cnenics of the inde.
pemleace, anguility, and happiness of all civilized
Lieut. General Sir James Leith is proud to an-
bounce to the Army he fas the honor to command,
that thére .s but one vorce—one arm against the com-
mon Pestroyer and bis dishoncred adherents.
Wily all the veteran force und: youth‘ual strength
of Britain. Wass 4, Austria, Prussia, in fine of every
Walon tH Betiop y vt owe tat ond determination,
aie pressed Wo ward wita tim xXamipled cagemess to
Ab Chose ramas 4 hich bere now, perhaps, have been
lect to the fletu of moi by the Deke ot wel ington
end the distinzu.shodg «utels who serve under his
buipotal banger, who cau douse whe side on which
\ iclory wil fnliy’ deelaie.
Jct thivaeny, in & anine up againstthe disap-
poIMtmertot ten sharing unthe Bonar oble toils of that
lasliimat cgreen which (heir pettus sold.ors are Cet
cea mr, Stow Chat they J -Sagves ihuse high teclings
eoich atise trem # Cousciuusitss of porto wing adu-
iy, though of a mote Dumele nature,
"Above all, bet at be remenivercd, Cat Bravery,
withowt Distipine, is a secondary Quality.
Licul. General Sis dames tx iG, Wows verr, relies
With perteet comfidence, that, a occastun should pre-
senliiscl: (and tie day may wot be far distant), be
will Gad this Army prepared to meet the enemy ima
manner becoming britons, contending for the rights
and ind yseudence of their country, and of all civili-
zed surope.
Js. Lertu, Com. of the Forces.
By His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales,
REGENT of the United Aingdor of Great Bri-
. tain and Arcland, in the Name and on the Be-
half of Lis Majesty.
Geonce, P. R.
W hervas divers Soldiers now serving in His Majes-
ly’s Army, under the provisions of the Matiny Act,
passed in the 46th year’ of His Majesiy’s Reign,
Chapter 66, and of atuther Act passed in the 47th
year of bis Mo jesty’s Reign. Chapter 32, and o1 an-
vther Act passed in the 48th year ot His Majesty's
Reign, Chapter 15, and of another Act passeu in tbe
$9th year of blis Mojesty’s Keign, Chapter 12, and
of another Act passcd in the $0th year uf His Majee-
ty’s Keign, Chapter 7, and of another Act passed in
the Slst year of His Majeoty’s Reign, Chapter 8, and
vt an anothers Act passeu im tee Ovd year ol His Ma-
View original (No. 570.
View original t drain in advance.
—_—___.. __.
View original See
jesty’s Reign, Chapter 22, and of another Act passed
in the 53d year of His Majesty’s Reign, Chapter 17,
and which said several Acts are severally and res-
pectively entitled “ da Act for purithing Mutiny
‘and Desertion. and for the better Paymeni of the
Army and their Quarters,” did at the time of their
respective entisinents, engage to serve His Majsty
for the limited periods (herein respectively ex. res-
sed; provided His Majesty should) so long require
the same, and for such further teria, not exceccing
three years, as should be directed by any Pooclima-
tion of His Majesty; Provided always, that in case
of such direction, the said: additional period should
determine whenever six months uf cotitinued Peace,
to be reckoned from the ratification of any defi tive
Treaty, should have elapsed, subsequent to the ex-
piration of such limited porivds as atoresaid: And
whereas the recommencement of hostilities renders it
expedient to exercise the: power vested in His Ma-
Jesty, of enlarging such limited periods of ser. ice :
we have therefore thought fit, inthe name etid on
the behalf of His Majesty, aud by and with the ad-
vice of His Majesty’s Privy Council, to publish this
Proclamation; and we do hereby directs that all
Soldiers now serving in His Majesty’s Army (the Ve-
teran Battalions execpred), who have been entis: a
for such hinited periods as aforesaul, shall conti .a-
(o serve therein for the term of three years after ve
expiration of such limited periods resp ctively ; pres
vided always, that the said additions! pepiod shall
determe whenever six mouths of continued Peace,
to be reckoned fram the raifieat.on of any definitive
Treaty shall have elapsed, subsequent tothe CXpi-
sation of such limited periuds respectively.
Given at the Court at CailtouneHouse, the second
day of June, 1815, and in the 56th year of His
Majesty’s Reign.
God Save the Kine ;
Ee ee eee ee
View original NEW AMSTERDAM,
SaTurpay, Avaust 19, 1815.
View original eo ——_——
Wednesday last an Am rican sloup entercd the
Fort, in distress, —no other arrivals.
1S. July.—Granibam, rand, Master, for London,
wiih SURAT, CU, colles » COUTOM, & co! Toon,
14, July.—Fairy, Sinclatty Alaster, tor Liverpool,
with susar, coffee, and ction,
27. July.—Jobauna Margareiha, T. Zwart, Master,
for Ampsterdain, with 6 casks rum, and
165,150 Ibs. coffee.
Il. Aug.--Prince of Orange, R. Wi-izen, Master,
for Aimsterdim, with $98,001 Ibs. coffee,
12, Aug.—Pilot, Stewart, Masier, for Demerary, wt
0 D1 SD 1 OS om
London, J une 26.
Ata late hour this mornivig we received the Moni.
leur ot Friday last, containing news still more Lin pore
tantthan the preceeding day's. Bonaparte abdicated
in favour of his son, but the two Chambers have ape
pointed a Provisionol Executive Government ot Five
Metmbers— they are all of the dJacobin Party
The debates in the two Cliainbersare of the utmost
importance. —They fill two sheets of the Monitcur,
The following is an outline :—
— Frenchmen!—In commencing war forn:ainiains
ing the national tric pendence, 4 relicd on the union
of all efforts, of all wills, dnd the concurrence of all
the national authoritics. 1 had reasoa to hope for
success, and I braved ull the decluiations of the . v-
wers against. ,
** Circumstances appear to me changed. J] offer
myself @ sacrifice lo the hatred ofthe enemus of
france. May they prote sincere m lheir declarae
tions, and have really dieccted them only against my
power! My political life is terminated, and { prue
claim Napoteon J4. Em peror of the fiench.
** The present Ministers will provistonally fort the
Government. The interests which I take cn My sor
tuduces me to invile the Chambers lo Jorm with dut d+
lay the Regency by a law.
** Unite all for the public safety, in order to rem aint
anindependent Nation,
(Signed) “NAPOLEON,”
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‘ ‘
C , 4
‘J :

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View original .

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: ’ -
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. 7
5 ”
. —
View original , aba io
= " "ere -
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19 August 1815