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The Berbice Gazette

View original Sere WALI YS p> CLILILU Tbe }
Kin2’s House, 10th May, 1815.
Tre Lientenant-Governor having receiggg from
the bein ht Flon. the Farl Bathurst, a cap of the
Treaty of Peace, which has been concluded between
i! SNajesty and the United Stases of Ameriea.—
Ss Excellency has directed the same to be publish-
ed Jur general informulion.
Ri Command,
Fr. WHITE, Gov. Sec.
. —ae™ 9 Oo
Hlis Britannic Majesty and the United States of
America; stgned at Ghent, December 24, 1814.
TIS Bretannic Majesty and the United States of
Amenica, desirous of terminating the War which has
unhappily subetsted between the two countries, and
ol restoring, upen principles of perfect reciprecity,
peace, friew hip, and good understanding between
them, have for that purpose appointed their respec-
live Plenipotestianics, that is to sav.—His Britannic
Majesty on his port has appointed the Rieht Honor.
able Jus. Low Grantee, late Admiral of the White,
now Admiral of the Read Squadron of His Majesty’s
) Fleet; Menry Goulburn, Esq a Member of the Im-
peria! Parliament, and Cndcr Secretory of State; and
Williams Adams, Esq. Doctor of Civil Laws—And
the President of the United States, by and with the
advice and eensent of the Scuate thereof, hss ap-
pointed Jdokn Quincey Adams, James A. Bayard,
Tenry Clay, Joaathan Russell, and Albert Gallatin,
Citizens oc the United States; who after a reciprocal
communiontion of their respective tull powers, have
a a pon the following articles SoS
Art. 1. There shall be a firm and universal Peace
between Eis Briiainic Majosty and the U. States,
and between their respective countrics, terriforics,
Cilies, owns atl people, of every degree wifhout ex-
ception of places or pc. Ons, All hostilite s broth ly
soa and dail shall cease, as soon as this Treaty shhoil
have been ratified by both partiesas hereina fier men-
med. All torrigay, places, aint poss: ssions what.
soever, fokeu by either party from the other dusing
the war, or which may be taken after the signing of
this ‘Treaty, excepting only the islands hereafter
mentioned, shall be restored without delay, aud with-
out causing any destruction, or carrying away any
of the artillery, or other puble property, originally
captured in (ie suid forts or places, and which shall
remain therein therein e pon the exchanee of the Ra-
Gfications ef this Ticaty, or any s!aves erether pri-
vate property. Aud allarelines, records, deeds, and
papers, ether of a public natere, or belonging to
private pefans, which in the course of the war may
have fallen into the hands of che officers of either
of the party, shall be, as far as way be practicable,
forthwith restored, and delivered to the proper au-
thorities wil persons to whem they respectively be-
long. :
Such of the Istands in the Bay of Passamaqnaddy
as are clabmed by both parties shall remain in the
posscssion of the purty in whose ocenpation they may
be at the time of the exchange of the ratifications of
his ‘Treaty, untit the decision respecting the title of
he said Extends shall bave been made, in confurmi-
y with the 4th article of this Treaty. ,
No disposition made by this Treaty, as to such
dossession of the tslands and territories claimed by
oth parties, shall in any manner whatever be con-
frucd (o affect the right of either.
2. Immediately after (he ratifications of this Trea-
y by both parties as herein-after-mentioned, ordeas
hall be sent to the armies, squadrons, oflicers, sub-
es and citizens of the two powers, to cease from all
ostilities. And to prevent all cause of complaint
hich might arise on account on account of the pri-
vhich may be taken at sea after the said ratifica-
lons of this Treaty, it is reciprocally agreed, thatall
essels and effects which may be taken after the
pace of twelve days from the said ratifications upon
Il par(s of the coast of North America, from the la-
ade of 23 degrees north, to the latitude of 50 dee.
ith, and as far eastward in the Athintic Ocean, as
he South degree of west longitude from the meredian
f Greenwich, shall be restored on cach side; that
he time shatl be thirty days in all other parts of the
Hantic Oovan north of the equinocetical line or equa-
or, and the same time tor the British sad Erish Chan-
els, for the Gull of Mexiev and all parts of the W.
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View original Indics; forty days forthe North Seas, for the Baltic,
and for all parts of the Mcditerrancan; sixty day
forthe Atlantic Ocean, south of the equator, as tar
as the latitude of the Cape of Good Hope; ninety
days for every other part of the world south of the
equator, and one hundred and twenty days for al!
other parts of the world without exception.
All prisoners of war taken on either side as well hy
land as by sea, shall he restored as soon as practica-
ble after the ratifications of this ‘Preaty as hercin at-
terementioned, on Cheir paying the debts which they
nay have contvacted during their captivity. Vhe
‘wo contracting parties res;cctively engage (o dis-
charge in specie the advances whien may have been
made by the ofber for Che susfcnance aad mainten-
ance of such prisoners.
4, Whereas it was stipulated by the @d art. inthe
Treaty of Peace of 1782, between [fis ritanme Ma-
testy and the U. Staies of America, that the bounda-
‘y of the oF Stateselould Ce Py pone beiict - all bslaniets
Within 90 leagues ofany parlot the shores of the U.
States, and lying between lines to be dravwa due east
from the points where (he aloresaid bouncaries, be-
(ween Nova Scotia on Me one part, and Last lori
da on the other, shall respectively touch the Bay o!
Fundy and the AUantic Ocean, exceying such Is
lands as now are, or kerctotore ave been withia th
limits of Nova Scotia; Aucl whereas the several fs.
aig! s in the Day of Passamaquad iv, Wheels is pent
of the Bay of Fundy, aml the Island of Grand Me-
nan, in the said Bay of Funday, are claimed by the
U. States, as being comprehensed withia th ir afore-
suit howndaries, which said [stands ave clammed as
brisnging to His Britanate Maogesty, as having been
at the time of, and previous to the aturesaid ‘Treaty
of 1783, withia the limits oF the p ovinee of Nowa
Scotia; inorder, tierebore, Laatly, to deeide upon
these claims, itis azreed thit thoy afall be referred
lo (wo Commissioners, to be app aicd dn the follow -
ing manner, viz.—OQue Cominssioner shall be ap-
pointed by His Briagwic + ay sty, aad one by the
President of the United Utaces, bv and with the a
vier of ail consent af the Senate thereat: and the
sikt two Commissioners so appointed, shalib: eworn
Ie paitially to examine and decide upon the saic
cletms, according fy such evidence as sketl be brid
before them on the part of fhie Jovitannie Rinjesty anil
of the United States respectively. The said Com-
inissioncrs shall meet at at. Arclrews, inthe province
of New Brunswic, and shall have power tu adj tert
tosuch other place os they shell think fit. ‘The said
Comurtssioners shall by a cleclaration or report un-
der their hands and seals, decide to which of the two
contracting patties the several Islands aloresaid do
respectively belong, ia con ormity with the trac ine
lent of the said Treaty of Peace of 1783, and if the
said Commissioners shall agree in their decision,
both parties shall consider such decision as final and
It ts further agreed, thatingthe event of the two
Commissioners differing upon aller any of the mat-
ters so referred to them, or in the event of both or ei-
fh rotthe sad (omupissaties refusing or dectining,
or wilfully omilfiag to aetas auch, they shail make
jotatly or separatcly, report or reports, as well to the
Covermmuent of His Brilannic Majesty, as to that of
the U. States, stating in detail the points on which
they differ, and the grounds upon which their res-
peciive Opinions have heen lormed, or the grounds
upon which they, or excher of them, have so refused,
declined, or omitted to act. And lis Britannic Ma-
Josty and the Government of the United States here.
by agree to refer the report or reports of the said
Connaissiencrs to some triendly Boversigu or Sinte,
lu be then named for (iat purpuse, and whe shall be
requested to decide on the differences which may be
stated in the said report or reports, or upon the re-
port of one Cemmissioner, together with the grounds
upon which the othe; Cemunissioner shall hawe re-
luscd, declined, or omitted to act, as the case may
be. And ifthe Commissioner so refusing, declining
or omitting to act, shall also wilfully omit to stmte
the grounds upon which he has so done, in sach man-
ner that the said statement may be referred to such
friendly Sovereign or Slate, together with the report
of such other Commissioner, then such Sovereign or
State shall decide, ex parte, upon the said report al-
one; and His Britannic Majesty aud the @overn-
meat of the United States eneage to consider the de-
cision of such friendly Suvereign or State, to be final
‘and conclusive on all (he matters so referred.
, -
] - = 2
View original | Payable in advance.
— —_———
5. Whereas neither that peint of the Fighlands
lying duc narth from the source of the river “1, Croix,
designated inthe former Treaty of Peace between
the (wo powers as the nort-west angle of Nova Seo.
tla, nor the north westernmost head of Connecticut
River have yet been ascextained| s and whereas that
part of the boundary Kae between the dominios of
the two powers, which extends from the source nf
the river St. Croix, directly north to the above wene
tioned north-west angle of Nova Scotia, thence nlong
the said Highlands which divide those rvers thie
empty themselves into the river St. Lay renee, fron
those whieh fall into the Aganiic Ocean tothe perth.
westernmost head of Connecticut River, thence down
aleng the middle of that river to the 43h ck ree of
north latitude, thence by a line due west on seid Lae
tite vatil it strikes the river lroeuois or Caturae
vny, has not yet been surveyed, if ts agreed that for
these several purposes two Coonnissioners shall be
yppotnted, sworn, and wutherised, to act exactly in
he manner directed with respect to those inentioned
in the next preceeding article, antess otherwise Spe
e fed inthe present article. —The said Commissae
ris shill meet atst., Andrews, in the province of
New Brunswic, and shall fave power to adjourn to
such other place or pices as they shall think ft—
The said Commissioners sliall have power to ascert-
iin aud determine the poilsts above mentioned, in
conivrmity with the provisions of the said Treaty of
Peace of 17835 and shali cause the bonndiry atore.
said, from the source of the river St. Croi< to the rie
ver froquois or Cataraguy, to be surveyed and marke
ed according to the said provisiois; the said’ Com.
missioners shill make a map of the said boundary,
ind annexed to it a dectaration ander their hands and
seuls, certifying it tobe the truc map of the said beens
dary, and particulavizing the latitude and longitude
of the north-west angle ef Nova Scotia, of the north
weslermnost head of Connecticut River, and such
wther points of the said boundary as they may deem
proper. Al both parties agree to consder such
cmpand declaration os as finally and conclusively
fixing the said boundary. And in the event of the
stid (wo Commissaries difering, or bath, or cither of
them, refusing, declining or wilfully omitting to sect,
such reportt, declarations, or statements shall be
made by them, or ciiher of they, aad such sefcrence
toa friembiy Sovereign or State shall be made in all
respects, asin the latier part of th® fourth article is
oontatned, and in as full a manner as if the same was
herein repeated.
6. Whereas by the former Treaty of Peace, that
portion of the boundary ot the United States from the
point where the 45th degree of north latitude’stikes
the River Jroquois or Cataraguy, 40 the Lake Sape-
rior, was declared tobe “alons the mit le of said
* river into Lake Ontario, through the mice of said
‘lake, until it strikes the communication by water
‘“‘ between that lake and Lake Drie, thence atvag the
‘middle of the said communication into Like,
‘*throuzh the middle of ssid lake, until it arrives at
*¢ the wafer coinimunication into the Lake Huron,
** thence (hrough the middle of said lake tothe water
‘communication between that lake and Lake Sue
*¢ pertor;"’ and whereas doubts have arisen what was
the middle of the said river, ahd water communicae
tions, and whether certain islands lying in the same
were within the duminions of His Britannic Majesty
or of the United States. In order therefore, finally to
decide these doubts, they shall be referred to two
Conmmissioners, to beappotnted, sworn, and outhorise
ed to act exactly in the manner directed with respect
fo those mentioned in the nxt preceeding article, uns
less otherwise specified in this present article. ‘Ihe
sil Commissioners shal! mect, in the first instance,
at Albauy, in the States of New York, and shall bave
power to adjourn to such other place or placesas they
shail thing fit. ‘Phe said Commissioners shall, by a
report or declaration, under their hands ant seals,
designate the boundary through the said river, lakes,
and water communications, and decide to which’ of
the two Contracting Parties (he several Islands lying
wilhin the said rivers, lakes, and water communicag
lions, do respectively belodg, in conformity with the
true intent of the said ‘Treaty of 1783. And both Par
tics agree to consider such designation and decision
as finaland conclusive. And inthe event of the said
two Commissioners differing, or both oreitherofthem
refusing, declining, or wilfally omitting toact, sucly
‘reports, declarations, or statements, shall be imade by
them and such refercace tua ficad!ly Sovereign or
View original
View original tof (he fourdh article is contained, and inas full
Rate Mel be made, in all respects as in the taller
rer as if the ste Was Herein repeated,
. )
7 tris furtherawreed that the sail two tust men.
tione} Commissioners, afer they shall have executed
the cuties assigned to them in the preceeding article,
shotl be, and they are hereby authori ed upon their
Ons, | npartially to fix and deterniiue, according to
the truce intent of the sid Treaty of Peace of 1783,
that part of the boundary between the dominions vi
the two Powers, which « xfends (rom the water com-
munication b-tween Lake Huron and Lake Supettor,
te the most north wostern port of the Lake of the
Wroeds: to decide lo which of the two Parties the
eoveral Eston ts lying ta the Loakas, water coumune
cations and rivers fooming the said boun lary, to ree
goectively b long, In conformity with the tooe biten
of the sid Treaty ot Peace ol 1785, and caus: such.
Tavtsoft he satdh runclary as require ito be surveys 4
ay tmaqk &. ‘Phe said commtsstoners shall by aye
port or dechuration, wader their hands at seals, a °
destumate tlie ly syrdary seores at i, staic theirdecisio
oath: polats thas referr “to them, and particutarts
t's batitn te and loneitmcte of the most nor h-wesieti:
point of the like, of the wouds, and of such otae
syytn ofthe sab boun lary as they may devin proper.
Andboth parties agree to cousider such destgna.tom
avd deciden as final and conclusive. ‘nd in th
eventofthe said two Commissioners dit roizorb nh,
or either of them, refusing, declining, or witPibls
omitting to act, such reports, declyrations, of state
ynents shail be made by them, or cilher ol them, anc!
sich refesrence toa fr ndly S vereign of State shh fi
hen ade in all re p ‘cis nS it the latter pauct of the
fourth aitiele is contained, and in ay lull. uaauer as
if che same was herein repeated,
8. ‘The several beards of (wo Commissioners, men-
tioned inthe dons preceeding articles, shad respects
vely have power to yppomt a ScereGary, an L to em-
ploy sah sneveyors of other persons ots they stall
jinize necessary. Depticates of all there respoetive
reports, chavattous, statements, an 1k cisions, an
of their accoun's, ant of the journal ofthetr procesd
s. chall be delivered by Uren to the agents ot STi
rateinic Majsty, and tothe aygeats of Che Cnited
fates wibo miy be resp clively appetnted an tan.
rise | tocreatnire the business oa. behalfol ther.
speetive Government. ‘Phe svid Cornaatssioves
seaullbe rep cively paid in seh manver as shall bh,
aeceed betacen the two Contracting Parties, sauce
asrcoment being to be settled at the tune ol the exe:
chonze of the ratifications of Chis Treaty. Antal
oh cexponces aitenting the said Com nissioaers
efile defrayed equatly by Che two parties, An .
ja the cose of Joath, sickness, restgnation, of neces:
siry absence, te place of every such Com.aissioner
Tespe tively, shail be supplied im the same manner as.
uch Commissioner was first appointed, and the new,
Comunissioncr shot ta ce the same vali of allismation,
ani do the same daties.
Tt is further agreed between the two Contracting
Parties, that ia cise any of the isliods mentione.s in
any 0: the precec ing articles which were in the pos-
esin1or one of the parties prior te the commence.
meat of the present war between the tvo cou tries,
- siould, by the decision of any of the boards of One
missioners aforesai!, or of the Sovere’ga or “tite so
referred ions m the four next preceedi py artictes con.
tritied, fall within the dominions of the other party,
all grants ofland made previous to the commmeacem ne
of the war by the party having frad such possessten,
svi be as v dil as ifsech isdand or isha uds, bud by,
suc! decision, of decisions, been adjadg od to be ws the?
in the dominions of the party having had such poss,
9. The United Statesof Ainerica engize to pul an
= ', tume Hately afer the ran “ettion of the preseart
Preaty, to liostilitics with alt the tribes of nations ot
Jatinas with whom they may be at wor at the tim -
0! such evtification, and forthwith to res‘ore to sinh:
tribes or nitions respectively, all the p SCSSions,’
rI clits and privileves which they may hive enjoye
OT Deer vntt led toin ISH, previous to such hostili-
ties. Provided always, that such tribes or nation.|
Brill avree to desist from all hostilities asminst the U.!
States of America, their citizens and subjects, uponi
the ratification of the present Treaty betng netified tor
such tribes or nations, and shall so desist ac prdinzly.|
An His Britannic Majesty engage on His put, to
putanend immediately after the ratification of the!
present Treaty to hostilities with all the tribes or na-.
tions of Indians with whom he may be at war at thes
time of such ratification, and forthwith to restore to:
such tribes or nations respectively, all the possessions,
@- his, and privileges, which they may have enjoyed’
or been entitled to in IS11, previous to such hostili-
tics. Provided always, that such tribes or nation,’
shall agree fo desist from all hostilities against His’
Britannic Majesty and his subjects, upon the rat:fica-;
tion ofthe present Treaty being notified to such tribes,
er oztient, wad shall so desist accordingly,
View original
View original 1, Wi dee ers 1%e fy: eo in ore i 1s irreeoncils Nile
with the hein ‘ples of hueanity and justice and
Whereas bot His Majesty and the United Siates are
desirous of cuittin ning their efforts to promote ifs ene
tire abolition, itis hereby agreed tb: A botly the con-
Vracting parties shall use ‘thei ir. best endeavours to ace
7 lish so lesipeble an obie ct.
This Treaty, when the same shall have been
tie d on both sides without alteration by cither of
I ie ontrac fine Partie © ean the ratific afions! ulustly
xchenged, shall be binding on Hath parties, and the
ratific: ations shail be ¢ XCi hang A a’ W ash pmatet, tn
the space of four n.onths fiom this day, or seoner i!
In faith whereof, we the respective Pl nipotentia
rhe Ss have signed this Treaty, and have thereunto a
ixed onr seals,
Done in triplicate, at Ghent, the twenty -fonrth day
f December, one thousand eight hundred and four-
(L.S.) Gamwerrrr. 1.8.) J. A. Bavanp.
(L.S.) H.Gounsenn. | 1.8.) Ub. Cray.
(L.S.) Wa. Apaus. [. S.) J. Ressese.
(L.S.) Jonun Q. Apaus. | U.S.) AoGautatinx.
The Ratifications of the stk Treat ‘y wete duly
exchanged at Washimgion, at sleven P.M. on luc
7th ullime.
2 = 3S — a rene rr Se
View original LLL ST
J45. FOR LONDON, the new coppered
—_—<- Siip Grantham, A. 1. dohn Beooua, Bless.
fer, Wil svil as soua ay posstole, fs coxd acconnne-
datlona for passengers, three fourths of her cag te
possitively engaged, and mary reasoatbly be exp cle
cd fositin all dune—pl-ase ap oly at the Siuse ©
Ww. Henerys Hag. or on board the vossch.—!3 May
View original IRAN EC has «: roe ered from Loadoe, per
aad aes, trand, weomstommen’ of sadlery, co isie’- !
ihe of ect leae ws wrul Laine 5 sich: line, | wel liv > yi Ls: vs
gts laraess, wich be will Gaspose vi ¢ PP. | i
13 slay.
_—_—_—_- —_—_——_ =
pre rs tery rile —
PIF C Y! Diles of Cotton for Sale, from Pin.
L.Wis Manor, Ponders toe which wil be received
ivy oh Spe relors of sald P.emfation, at the tracy
a Me. ROW, New Amete: hui, ue Mca tay
te 22 bint. whew the highest over or o.fers, ope
p> ed vu.— iyeuc culty oe nate
le May.
——- -
yroved, wiil be ace
® as!).
FOR SALE, au @¢xceilont Caare wita llar-
Wi Se Compile. |
eS ,
View original ——
DRIET ED, on the 3th tastaut, from Fort
Peyers, a ship's long Boa, marked on lie stera—)
{ee bghu ty Londan, dohu Pury . ly lonmeing iv Or.
\Wohisteion, Port St. Amdiew. Aly peso yiviag ine ;
Joriiasiva of lac avere beal, slid Qe rewarded,
13 May.’
FOR SALS, bullelteee Cimber and Plank,
crabwoot Lind ry an ta heise Fiaine, very 6 dsone!
able—anply at i hes 3.0ore ol at i. Schirr'iast, ne
IS Viay. EB. Tw SALD.
View original FOR SAL, thenupethera quart of Lot No.;
(27, trom the mide real te the > cmdam, ath the.
buiklings thereon, 25 tt ow staads.
Bivqutce at this Office. 1S Mav.’
Wee. ws TS oe LY OT See ee eT ee ee
View original | SECHRUEPARY’s Ua riCh,
‘ BY virtue of an Acpo.atmegt of Us Excel.
Loaey Liew enant Governor Beatinek, dated Eb Stay
('1S15,—L the uatersizned call upon all Creditors oi
(he fate WO. Liot, to renter in their claims at Chir
Mice, within three weeks from the date of thiy pu-
die nulidicatia. fny 12, IS.
This is to inform the Public, that the followin.
Persons intend quilling this colony.
1 ©. M'Leod in 6 weeks from April 15.
I. vansder Schroeff en thonty indo. trum do.
ON. dd. de Wolff in do. from do,
AR. Wheatland in do. from do.
‘The Hon. J. M’Camion in one month from 1S April.
Walter Scott in 6 weeks from May 6.
2). G. van Oostram ia do. from do.
A. A. de la Court in do. from do.

Rk. C. DOWNER, Sec.
View original call, Ay
Noticets hereby given, thal amoath after date th
fo lowing d ra sporrs and Ne rt¢ GA2esw UL be pass
;April 22. C. C. Swavingand M. I. Castenbader, aq.
Westrik and Pool and Syn ties, will (ransp: rt
the Minor Heirs of the late Johanna Ants
Westrik, late Wite of Charles Henry Pras
dec. 53—i44 in the united coffe Plantations
ee c ‘ ) . q F
Mssendam and Sans Souci, wii staves all tui-
View original ' “@ 7
, a Or° oe rv
ene ‘ worry 'nvre of it) Toda { ‘
& sel C be 2 ™
. é, 5 ¥
J. Pose, wil teansport to
é J 4 4 ' fA 7? a ‘ '
1! : i Tsyf () ’ | e t eh} }
} aster ( thy Ov le
’ ,f - } ’
—— i 8iaai Ww franspor '
. a | A ry
Wi ( trart i oft 4 ' ‘
i ‘ eran the be ; (
& ’ ' ° — 4 -
——— .!. oh rtw
T Ver abou J TO Ya
a” qd | ¢ y ‘
7 , ’ ary
t . hy \ on)
‘ 5
‘ iS per Its, !
© ‘' ’ °
i) rv’ ; y ely ¢! lA , \
} ’
. : | tte ’ if rt f thi ‘
+ .
the late J. ] 1 pan, A ,

‘ : 4 ' t
' r ( ' i “> v1) ' }
° a ' '
I a < J at Ind, 4 cl ’
ll. 2... a — —E _———_——
ae ‘ ri} (dil. (
’ ‘>
- io ? (dtl ; qe
} '
cn rice, ot the
1 . . oe
' , ' .
‘ PTT { ; iat | el (
. 4 ,
’ I

‘ {{,
' ’ ‘ Clic i\yU miuiath ‘ i yan ’
r }° y,*. tone 4 {
: , *) , ntiVv a¢ < r\ ‘4 y : » ]
i { i f Lait ( rhs
: | C.
’ 9 ’
it mivenfo those v t
' f
i j v , | PO) { 1
mamisstonshat Chey CSS
: fo ; i j
* ] ) . j ,
. i Lalt JONI Ol W il i) frit
= <
s 4 ‘ l.
’ > '-«1 4 ’ '- (
Piil . . , P ' ’ J
a , . 7
a’ . i ’ o “4
+ = - a “= or es —s
View original |
BANNS of MERRIAGE, between Jahn
Junthss. Becheior, born in Barbados, vad Liz sop
Veocleh, Sprascer, barn tn Demerty., aminor, bat
sith cogs ot ol and assisted by her Parcuts. Any
Wisc Knowing asy just canse or impedinant, why .
be abeve parties should not be joined to cetherin
foly “Satemmony, must declare the same to the Rev.
F. Whit fies. May 13.
<= et ees ~~ ew ee 2-3 ee
View original ea en ee ow oe 6 a ees 2-3 eee
|) Op Thar tay the 18 tnt. will be sold at the ¥
tue Oinee, by orter of Mir. KR. Mo aonaio, agogecen
Agent tor the Sale of H. BL. Sloop Cygret, tat
stranded Mes coast.—Uer hullias it now bry
Mallthe copper, bats, &c. 2 bunts imexcellent rep
riot of pasa hoops, alotol staves, about 110 hae
ovr seferon, about 150 hall pigs of iron, and al
100 gaarfer uo. Xe.
On the same day,
Moedleira, claret, beer, porter, beef, por’, bi
er, cheese, W cing, soap, cendles, cry wounds, a
teyacwe with excellent pistels, gentleme.r’s cloas
ig, Matioaery, Demerary loes and shovels, cutly
+, Knives, mul, b wis, shors, Ke. wo
Also 2 whcls. real Bourdean claret. imported in|
‘Live Scat, ifew boxes candles of 2Sbbs. each, a
owe Americaa felling axes, cornine brandy, are
cnsive assortment ot cutlery, silver watclies, Xe.
‘ D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master
Deputy Assistant Commtssary Gere al’s Ofte
Berbice, Gih Alay, Is 5
REQUIRED for the Quarter-and Barrack
Deparuneat ;— Eight blue Negro Jackels,
Bight check Shirts, \
Nine yards Check,
Fifteen yards Osnaburgs, and
Fifteen yards coarse Liacn.
enders, in Triplicate, stating the prices in wor Ye;
lene t, for the supply of the sane, will be reefs,
this Otice, till Monday the 15¢h instant, at (
clock in luc mourning.
YO HIRE, Eight or Ten excellent Fiel
Negroes. Inquire at this Olfice. 29 April.
View original —- eee Oe a @ aS
a OO Or
saTURDAY, MAY 13, IS15.-
oo ——
No arrival since our last. We present our readers
this day with the further progresses of Bona parle. :
View original <n
‘LONDON, March 59, 1814.
4¢9 ]ate hour we received Paris Papers afi ;
ind Sanday, from whigh we have gtven suipic
View original Paris, March 4.
RTI Dake of Be Weno marched on Paris with the
f of the secendgnilitary division. When the re-'
leerned that tie Emperor was approac thing the
ie the y moonte 4 in secession the national co-
! ‘he Duke of Beilune withdrew, and (he whole,
(Pm ontinucd its Raith. re- -united under ifs au-|
4 » q
wie G an “ 4th divisions, in spite of the effort
A aoe et Vaublance, snd of some Generels, the!
a he offic CTs, a: uP soldiers all mounted the tite.
pee hate. Phe Colonel Jacguemrimot, Aide-de-.
. the Duke of Rew reriv, bronght to-<! ay the ade,
BE Fe 6 diderenteorps, and presented them to,
LET. Moetar ia edie sna! 1@. .
» luke of Albufera andl General Ge rard did no’
v ‘rihe ne 3 of the progress of the mare: h of the
L ror, antall the (roops hi: ve joined themsclyes,
lo > wishes ‘af all the inhabitants of Alsace. ‘Thu
1h Vation al fag flies in that Province as in Burgundy
One cig Pranche Comte.
Licut.-General Pajol had mounted at Orleans the
firi-ccloured eockade, when Marshal St. Cyr arrived
tothatcity, ant put him unter arrest. The (roop
having usanimousiy declared that they would march
towards the Eimy peros, and would joia Chemselves bi
the wishes of all the army, the Marshal ordered th
gatestabeshut. ‘The b ave cuirassiers of the [st re-
giment broke them epen, and Marshal St. Cyr has
hts: ry ard,
Licut.-Geaeral Clausel is gone to command at)
Bourdesss., At the time of the last news, the Du-
chess dV Lageuleme had quitted that cify, ind had em-
barked on the river.
ltap poars from the last conriers arrived from ‘lar-
scill ss th otuhe wh te cockade was stiff hoisted in th
city. There had been lormed there, inorder to march
avainst the Meereror, enrolmen'sa to the a count of
“T,500 men. Marshal the Pr nce of Bisslin® en len-
voure! to res{rein these spin ts: the troops cried out)
Within dioautieon whea th y saw the agents of dis‘ urb-
ance abuse and agiace the peopl. These comno.
fous would cease on the ness af the entry of the Bas-
Paror tify Paris, which by vie reached Lyons on the
Zist, wowkl be known al Vars-il es on the 29 4.
The tuhabituts andthe troops by land and sea v'|
Toon have displayed “4 ;<e ev. Uhusitenr, an
adopte.! the uations colours.
Hes Mj jesty lo-dvy athe Court of the Tieuillerie:
reviewed ti 1¢ division ef General Lefel, the dtvisio:
of General Dufour, the vrenidicss and closseurs Gs.
the okt enard, : ind the lancers ot {the guar ls,
The cbd va We s presented to the Emperor t's ane:
Cont cag! °8, which iC had preserved, His Majesty:
embdriced them. He horrengued the officers. The)
tro ops m iuilested the liveliest enthusiasin.
Addiesses of the SGP, of he troops of all Ceacrip-
tions, of the re-united Ou icers, «tf the Acrainistrative?
an! Siuntietpe! Authorities, of the National Guards.
ol Ciltes, &e. &e. arrive trou all pacts. We will!
Dot p ieee ithe text of the Addresses. ‘The few fol-
lowise. wortls comprenen - the analysis and sub-
stance of these Adary ‘SSUBS
“PF anace and the E ope rorarenolanver separated.
Cowarids have b trayed the country : France, losiag
Its Prince, lost itsstrome bt, andthats-niimeat of glors
to which if owed so maay ‘ierndgelll actions. ‘Tha
army which trad so well ‘ritecdt of the cennt: ao Hi
tic objet of a shamefal) necteet: the brave wer
Loaded wit'v haenthintions and with diseusts: a ema}
Humoge of orivilegad persons usurped their tiles,
their ranks, Chetry Soasuredl: recompences: recatted
by th: wistes of a pcogle men teu with a refure fo
is ancik nt slavery, recille. oy he wishes oi tye he.|
roes who had beer al mays faithfali fo him, the j Hm -|
werer has reeappeured ; and the sentiment ye atrona}
loneur, ay lol the e an leur of our institati: mS, Nee
viveewia all our he rts : weswear to live and Se “u-
der the laws of the Lasperor and of his dynasty.”
Paris, March %.
The Voniteur of this date contain the following in-
imation :—
The Afoniteur is no longer the official Journal
W hot is official mast be authenticated by the : sigma.
re of a Minister or public tuactonary, ‘and there is:
renceforth nothiag printed officially but the Builetin|
es 7 ie. 9
Prince. joseph arrived on the 25,1, at two in the af.
ernoon. Tealighted at the Emp-ror’s inthe Th il-!
leries, an | then went to the Palace E lyece, wher: he;
resides. he Princess Julia, and the two Princesses,
his daughters, were:with*him. On his passage:
through Dijon on the @ist, he was recugniged and re-
ecited wilh general acclamations.
! )
§ Extract of the Lispatch of the ‘Marshal “Duke of,
On the 23.) of Mareh, the Count de Lille, head o!
\ the Bourbon Family, quitted France to goto Menin.
Va the 26ih, at twe iu ihe morning, the Duke of Us-
View original leans i like manner quifted Lille to go to Tournay.
Orde rs have been given by the Marshal to allthe Ge-
nerals in commandat Valenciennes, Maubeuge, Aves-
nes, Landrecies, Guesnay, and Cuntle.
E very where the imperial caule, the national cock-.
vie, the triecoloured ag, b xve ben displayed amid!
the ‘neclamations of the peop! le asd the army. Jure,
‘Kirk, Gravelings, Bergues, all the places of the North
present the same aspect: there has aot been a mo-
‘nent’s disturbance iu the [0th Military Divisien.
‘“xtract of a Letter from the Marshal Duke of;
(" Regsto— March 23.
Al Metz, and all the places of the Eastward, the
splitofthe people, the zeal oi the soldiery, are the!
ame. The cagle and the national flag are univer-
sally seen.
‘Latrac of Dispatches from Count Caffarelli,
March 23.
Wiltany isqniet, and animated with the best spiril. :
Vi Rennes, the Emperor's bust was carried intriumph. )
Phiough all the West there his been no plunder of
he public (reasur os; the Verdee insurection wag
shown tu be a dream even (> those who attempted fo
‘xcife if. Outhe 22, at (woin the morning, the
Juke of Bourbon entourked on the Loire at Poat de
‘ee. Phe prep rations lor his embirkation ang
marture fur actand weee made at Nantes.
Cow icr Ee vtraordinar yor Sunday Morning.
© Prince Jerome arrives in Per's toemorrow.
Marshal Aucercan, Dake of Castighone, has ob-
lined peroviss orto retire to bie estites.
Sewmal travellers, assert, that in passing throush
Lie se they sw the ae More | flag hoisted on con-
equence of an insurection of the inbabitan! 8.
Yesterday G. ‘necal Jounlin wes preseated to the
cmperor at luis levee. ‘To-day tis M> jessy will ree
‘sive Che Constituted Authoritres.
Tie Couriers teom Bourde: Auk, Nintes, an] Strae-
ure, which dit nef arrive or Prid ‘Yin, Omen veste@r-
av3 which shews that the rosds of ie d partments
athe Westaid South are at present entirely free.
We are asand that Count Mutia is appointed
~ommandant of ibe be Mf Ltery Division.
, 6 Palace ofthe Tuileries, Varch 4, 1813.
(6 Naeronron, Buoperor @tibe | Breech.
6 We have ctecree’, aml Jo dv cree, as tollows:
— &© The Gereral Direction ofthe Gook Trade aud oa!
‘4 intiy ry wel the Ce rsors,aze suppiesacd. Onur Mi-
‘ister of Justice is che: ged Wica the execution Vv. ‘the
prescut Decree.
(Sig rae’) , “Naporron.”
( ———a
LONDON, Aarch 31.
_ This day we have received the Moniteur and sev-
eral other Journals.
The Address of Bonapacte’s Minis to their Buster,
may be consiferedt somewhat ia the light of a Mui-
‘estoy not only to the Preneh-peeple, but to the na-
‘ions of Europe. To the litter, because it renounces
tl forcign wars, except to repel aggression; to the!
rier because it pives a promise at least to the peo-
ote that their persons acd property shall be held ss
Sill gS over wd only according.
‘red, and that the
‘olaw., The uiiain represent themselves as onty !
re-ccroing the sentiments of the Emperor when they
‘hus address him :
* Already has your Maies'y traced to your Mi-)
tisfers (he raate which they ought to follow ; already :
vave you made kaown to all sttior, by your pro-
‘lanations, the maxims aceordiag to which you wish
youe Kuopire to be ia futare goveraed. No ex(ernal
war!—tf not torepelan unjust aggression. No intes-
ine discord! No arbitrary acts! security of persons!
‘Security of property! A free circulation of opinions !
vuclvare the principles which you have rendered
Tis Majesty's Answer.
/ The sentiments which yeu express*are my own.’
‘Every thing for the Nation, and tur France! Such)
my motto!
“Tand my family, which this great people has
raised to the throne of the French, and which it has
‘maintained there in spite of vicissitudes aad political,
ftenipests, we Wish not, we ought not, and can never:
elain any other titles.”
His Majesty afterwards passed into the [Tall of the
‘Threae, where, surrounded by bis Ministers and
View original Dee a
Grand Officers, he received—~e
The Council of State,
The Court of Cassation, .
The Court of Accounts.
( The Court Enperiale,
The Prefect and the Municipality of Paris.
Paris, March 27.—A courier of his Majesty the
Sing of Naples arrived here the day before ycestere
lay, from Naj les.
Four waggens, lidea with precions effects holong-
‘ig tothe C.oan have been stopped by the ren
roops on the fron‘ ter.
The F.upero: Napoleon, when at L yors, sent of
‘courier with dispatches, to the Empesor of Austvia.
Me took the road of ‘Turin.
Imperial Decrees of March 26.
: THis Majesty has appointed the Duke de Cudore,
‘Tatendant General of the Public Buildings,
The Decree of the 13th, relative to the Sequestra-
‘ion of the property of Ninigrants, dues not affect avy
legal transfer which may have taken phice.
Any property made over in + fraudulent way since
he 130 of March, to be confiseat
Emigrants who have entered France since the Ist
f April, and acquired property since thu time, will
tat he sudivet to the act of Sequestration, but are
rohibited fron disposing over such property with.
athe space of two years.
The Deerce of the 15th of March to be enforced
vith the atmost ri cour.
‘The Eaperor is Commantler-ineChief over tha
National Gueed of Paris, Lienteaint-General Cou it
durvonal, (Aide-de-Camp & the Emp: rur) to be see
ond in comracrd,
Ministry of War—Offcia!l Nezws.
The Telegraphic communication from the Come
vandantofthe 26th Division, Count d’Erlon, the 25th
of Mirchs
The Count (Artrois and the Due de Berri lefe
France this nigh’, passing by Armenticéres.
The troops which accompany them are at Bethune,
inder the orlers of General Lauriston.
The King’s household subpiited without resistance
to the Decree for its suppression.
Ectract from Dispatihes received from Marshal
Duke of Treviso:
all the places of the Northare provided not only
giinst any coup de main, but aleo against any more
sectous atfempts that might be ma.te by the foreiguer.”
Extract from Dispatches from Colonel Catre, Come
mardani of the Qist regiment of the line at Came
bray, dated Murch CA:
( Cambray and Couchaia are devoted tothe Ems
iperer. Citizens and soltiers rival each other in zal
vad enthusiasa.—Cambray is in a state of defence.”
Letters have been received this morning from New
(York, dated the 24th of February, by the Junon
W hich state, that an immense aumbsr of yessels were
prepared to quit that port for England, mosey
mith half cargoes, as Amevican produce was so scarce
(they could no: procure whole frAshts. She has not
brought American Papers.
—- +
Justly indignant 2s the public is against the tren«
son and-prejury of the Fiench, what will be iss teel-
jigs fo leara that Bonapirte’s plot was discovered ia
!Londoa, and communicated in the mouth of October
Jast to one of the Secretaries of State, and in Nov me
ber tuthe Preach Ambassador, Mere precauiionwy
measures, taken at that time, would inevitably have
‘reseucd the Bourbons and Europe froin the horror of
war of extermination, We have'seen te tocuinen s
ia proot this statement, which are in the bands of a
most respectable Bog-scllery ia Pall Mall.
View original a Se ry
'OIED J Ou the 9th iust. Mr. Jd. C. Soleil yang. re’
View original Jd
TILE Lieutenant-Governor observing, that not-
withstanding the Notification made on the 16th July
last and the repeated admonitions since given, sever-
ul persons do stll suffer their Horses and Cattle to
stray about the Government or Colony ‘Town, to the
great damage of the Roads and Draining ‘Trenches,
Notice is hereby green: That is Excellency, in
consequence of the inattention to the Reeulations in
that respect, has thought fil, to duect the UnJer-
Sheriff and Dicnaars, to seize and impound all Hor-
ses, Cattle, &e. found upon the roads or lrespassing
within the said colony Town.
King's Llouse, Sth May, 1815.
By Command,
F. WHITE, Gov. See.
Bv the Monorable Court of Policy and Cri-
miual Justice of the Colosy Berbice —To all
to whoin these presents suall or may come!
WHER Sas the Honorable the Court of Pclics
and Cvimiac) Justice hive deemed it expedient to
Nominate, uit t Peas Excellency the (rovernor to eleet
the Hon. P. Fairbairn and the Hlon. A. J. Glastus.
Members of the Court of Poliey, to be Momberyggg
the Honorebl: Court of Coal Justice, in the plat
of siuon Fraser aad Francis Brittlebwak, Esquires.
Notice whereol is given to the Pablic, that all per-
sons within this Government, may respect the atures
sid Gentlemen in their erpacity according’ y.
Secretary “s Ollice, Berbice, 25 April, 1815.
By Command
View original WOVIFLICATION.
BY His Excellency Henry Wairnniam
Bentincs, Lieutcaant-Gosernor and Coin-
mainder in Chief in and over the Settlement
of Berbice and it Dependencies, Pres een
in all Courts and Colleges withia tie same.
ae. &e. &c. : .
WHEREAS I have been daly informed, that the
Commissioners, appeinted by the digit thoes
the Lords Commissioners af tis Majesty's ‘Prens-
ury, for the direction and manayemeat ot Hfis Ma-
jesty’s Estates and Plontations in this colony and th.
Siives thereunto appertaming and also all othe:
Siaves bebuneing to the Crown, in Berbice, have re-
grove! Ay AL de da Court from the Onlice or employ-
gment of their Principal Ageat, and appointed Jame
Walther es their said Principsl Agent or Manager,
aod William Scott as Assistant; moreover, that th
act of revocation and removal was duly made known
‘to he said AL A. de da Court on the Ob day of Fe-
DMeuary last, aad va that day his said Ofice determin.
Natice is hereby given, that the said James Wal-
“kor as such Princtoal Aweat or Manager, ant Win.
Scott as Assistant, have been, are and ought tu be du-
Ty acknowledged and respected in theit several ca-
piciies aforementioned, trom the 9b diy o Pebra-
ary last
(liven under my Ffand and Seal at Arig, titis 24h
Ajpuil, ISIS.
Py Command,
F.WULtE, Gov. See.
@msa 4. RS A ee Le es eee ee eee
View original Ques 4. WR) hn ee eS eee ee eee
BY virtue of an Estract from the Minutes
Of the proceedings of the Court of Civil Justice, of
this colony, dated 10 May, IR15, given in the cans
entitled Wan. Gordon, Plaintiff in case of opposi-
tion, versus, the Sale by Execution of Plantation d
Voedster, cum ankexis, to be sold in favor of Danie
Allt, Ree iver of the Church Fund. Notice is here-
by given to the Public, that the Sale by Execution
of said Plantation de Voedster, cum annexts, wil:
now positively take place on Thursday the 8 of June
1815, on the spot.
Whoever should think to have any right, action,
or interest in the beforementioned Plant. de Vocdste
cum annexis, and wishes to oppose the Execution
Sale thereof, let such person or persons address them-
selves to the Marshal’s Office, of this colony, dscla-
ring their reasons for so doing, as J hercby give no-
tice that I will reecive oppositions from every inter-
mediste person, appoint ikem a day to have his o:
her claim heatd betore the Court, and further act
therein as the law directs.
Beibige, 12 May, 1815.
Kk. RF ANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original a
BY virtue ofan Appointmént from Tis Ex-
‘ellency TH. W. Bes crt. Msguire, Licutenant-
aovernor of the coiony Berbice, and its Dependen-
cies, &e. Re. Ke. Given npon a Petition present.
dby R. OC. Downer, in his quality as Representa-
tive of W. Ring and P. B enpumin, in their capacity
» Curators to the Estate of Francis Bynoe, di ceased,
suid appointment bearing date 23d March, 1813.—
Notice is hereby civen to the Public, that ‘| the an-
Jersigne:!, First Marshal of the Cousts within this
colony, in) end to Scll, at Exccution Sale, in the pre-
sence of two Counsellors Commissaries, and theirs. -
crotary, by the going out of a buraing wax-candle,
m Wednesday the 7ih dane ISI.
The Cotton fistate called Lewis Manon, sitnet
on the Fast coast of this colany, with all i
Slaves, Buildings, and further appuitenaice
thereto belonging.
“" hoever should think himself entitled to op pose thy
“xecution Sale ef said Plantation Lewis Maser,
ach person or persons odelress themselves ta ths
Varshat’s Offiee of this colony, declaring the tr remas-
ms for so duing in due time nod foar, as Lobes I
vive notice, that 1 will receive o} Y OSil in ‘o Cyr
intermediate person, appotut thea a div te have
tis or her claim heard before the Cuuit, mi ithe
act theretn asthe Law dieets
Bechiee, 25 March, 1815.
" hk. . Prancnen, PI Yirst Marshal.
BY virtue of an Extract from the Minutes
of the Procecdin Ss oo! {tie Court ot Civil fushiec, ol
this colony, adi ed OO dann: wy ES13: Given in the
ruse entitled Win. fins, ta quality, as appointed
Curatorto the Estate ot Jolin Donaldsan, deceis: d,
Chinn by biadict, verstis, atl known and unknown
crectifers aeatnst the Estate ot Jobn Donal.!s mM, Cee.
Defendont by Edict. L the undetsigned, at the re
quest of aforesaid Curatois, Sunimon by Pdet
AH hnown and uoknowa ere Ai Hors vsaimstiltes postin
af Joha Donalds Ny dee. to 5), 7h ae led love '¢ { ere
WH RGOMS, on Monday (fuse Ov May, ISE3, thete to cen-
ler in thei Irchetms, to verry the same aud tr tlion t
preece dt according to a :
This wang ws by bhdictimade kaawn tothe Pabiv
Hy beatet Crum trom the Court tiouse of this colon
tal fonhcradealt with seconds
Revhice, 27 Rped. '5'5.
K. FUANG A NY First Wa chal.
— —— eS
£ foe tslourl.
BY viriue of an batract fom tue ohinties
ol the proceedings Vi tie Court of Cavdt austien, a
tals Colony, dated the iG:h November si wives
Inthe caus: cntithed Ro Patt and We Weaty, as
ippototed Curstars to the botate of beclond cairs,
deceased, Pi nnnilt by ballet, Versus, ull amon a
Woshown efecdeors atti ile iyslaie ol tt. ballin 9
iC. be eu) nets aiy’s. ] the unde ‘ts) Pail | lirst Mars.
A tie Courts within thse Homy’, ab dat (he reque
of aforesaid Curators, do herchy Sammon vy idict:
Ali hioawn wnat Unhnuwn credilours a es" Use diytints
of R. Barry, cee. To appear dttore the Court oi
tolls, on Monday thev2t Mf tay 1515, there to rend. &
im their Comin 8, (0 verily the same, and turther to
proce ed aceuiding to Law.
This Summon vy Ldict made Lnown to the Publi:
by beat of dram fiom tie Court Honse of (nts colon,
aad fustherdeait with according to custuin.
Lerbice, Jou Apait, 1515.
nh. PIRONCKUN, Tirst VWorshal.
CO wp ea WEP" Oe FE SSE Sl SES Cl eT el ee
View original . ® ‘ . “ee. . . e
YU BE RENT, a Dwelling tiouse on Lot
No. 15, tronting thesmid tle coat, with the necessary
om ebuiblines, affan wood order. aud very prope
‘ora family. bor pier Cie ulare enguiie al iliny 4 Hive, :
of op sata tod NN wv. ivdlu
6 Moy. " OW. KLOUWENS,
View original ‘LE LOU, een Luis staande op het Eri
No. 15, ech gen aan de mid@nweg, voorzien van de}
soodize amtere gobouwen darian boheorende, alles
inde beste order, en zeer ceschikt voor ecn fainilie,
Be bevragen ter dezer Diukhery, of by
J. JOWAN, recommandeerd zich zelve by
degen aan het Publick, tot het repareren van Horlo-
zien, Klokken, &c. verzekerd eca spoedige en civile
bedicning—woond op het Eri No. 2t. 6G May.
J JOHAN hereby give notice to the Pu-
blic, that he has undertaken to repair watehes, clock:
&c. recommending himself in above capicity, anc
promise a civil and speedy service.—Lot No. 24.
May 6.
View original Ee =—
FOR SALE, a Negro woman with her chil¢
a good house servant, will be sold very cheap for
unmedtiate payment. Apply to this Ollice.
May 6.
View original ‘is herebv eiren, to the Subscribers
fr yotin future, theigPapers
Ibe delivered at the ( «~ of J. FE. @ ouller
s] ic rlain, emg VIonday an rsday
ere day Conimunicalois lor the pP can b
ct @
. > ‘ . .
rm mdeb! ‘o this Pe PALI CG,
‘ < ‘ a . > ) ©
ce ISP, a reaies! tc) inake e pay
“sal, Pts Wei soe ‘ich thre S Ir /
“ g* a ‘ . e “SS ‘
hattime tll al fenfhow pail w@
‘ , ’ . . se . ‘ ory *% : "4 ' ’
We, ti? «ab ’ dae bad ; i ($30N) aschl Ll! ertton i
. NT... Y
and ct er
NOI Ge 1 « etc Mail orbs mM laaroy
' , 7 voetel nde oy
ry LON , zydegebou
, yz Ly a v4 4 clo.
= : '
ty ( 17 by ig te ao.
ee { nm Ott > pied alty S edckt.
! ‘ “R! ? :
Now Vaan th bie be bin TC CT Ne i, | rene” *
iden | S. re hiawhl. Voor vert
fia by NG? veh, a | j | . lets e YOOT Ver, vA\
' . )
ehcus HN Vwivwvece?e thed te th Dy La hose, ol hy
‘ ‘ , ge’ ie. tm?
vpital. \. BALTER.
r ‘4 ) = Ss “ d ae ty he ss I.) - 7 ,
ro ¥ , ete s Cs ot lurd ol Lot 0
e Pte Deal ol bi tore W 1a liottse thereupon,
- | {9 {\ ‘ i tf.
il ‘ it} ~ id C, stdin CU ahd sidliuill Vad
q j *
ic ’ ' ‘4 ‘11°
\ ‘ j f Le ( ad siae building.
f q°] ’ . Gu,
‘ ~
\ 7 q} .
be CON les.
“a & south side of No. 8, f li
' ‘ s* ,f ’ , ’ 7 ;
i [ tj rticulars, apply to Sir. La
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View original LAMEN treme et the desk of the undersigned
loceei veh bau sctiin wold, such person who may
naive Dy poi fehe, (er offer wise) taken the same, ace
eeste } fo relataat, a being a present froma triead.
v9 Asiil GhO. BONE,
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bit bh. —ibe Pebserbec having: char.
elie dite collect the subser:ptions for F. dal.
c's prerge tol erepe, begs the Subscribers to sem
um thea: Dabs et Cth as soon as possible, in’ ores
hohe may be aule to pay the expences for the
29 Apitle | JG. F. THIENSMA!
ee Ee oe
View original Fiast Quarter, Ist Daw, at 8h.
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acd mE, ‘Zou ay.
Juaik ‘9
(? rrle)
ry the Moon.
295i. Morning.
on, 9 h Dey, ai Qu. L8m. Mornin.
DN Day, vt Ob. SS. Mourning.
at li. Sin. Morning.
, List Vay, al Zh. 12.0 Morning.
View original lididays
, Phe
nomena, &e.
View original Mt. Phitity & St. Jus. Com. Court. Vl
Oo; Pu | Ne ip ‘tides. At
>| WW] Tavention of the Cross.
¢} vl | Ascension Day. Holy Thursday. | 2
>| I 2
|S 3
7 |Su |Sand. after Ascene Day. Duchess} 4
situ fof Yurs bora 1767. | 4
9} Ta 5
10 | \V | Spring Tides. 5
pei PI 6
191 F 7
sys &
4) Su | Whit-Snaday. 9
isi MM W hit- Monday. lO
1g | Tn | Whit-Tuesday. Neap Tides. 1}
17] Wo] Princes of SY ales born 1768. M
18) Th J
Oo} F | Queen Charl. born 1744. 2
1S 8 |.
21} Su | Trinity Sunday. 4
2) M | Pers. blizabeth b. 1770. Et. of Rolls | 4 |?
1931 Ful Sun Boaters Gemini. 5:
4) W {Spring Vides. G6
29) Th 6
26) F 7
27 |S e , | 7
“1 Su S |:
3| M | Ist Sunday after 'Prinity. 9 40
20} Tul King Charles 1. restored. 10 |96
View original Published every Suturday at 4 o'clock P M.
By W. SCHULZ & Ov.
Privileged Government Printers

13 May 1815