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The Berbice Gazette

View original By Permissiow of {lis Excellency the Governor
———2e- oe
Tate of the diferent Theatres in Great Britain an’
Treland, respectfully informs the Laces and Geotle-
men of New Amsterdam and its environs: That he
will give an Ent rtainment, consisting of
At the Mason's Lodee, on Thursday next the 28th
instant. (the Right Worshipful Master and Members
of the Lodlce baving kindly geauted him tie use of
the same.)—
The E tertainment Writen hy the Celebrated C.
Disp; tlie Songs selected feo she most Bminent
Com posers—In the course of Part Fist, the folluw-
ing Songs :—
Piurt Qn.
The Performance to commence at7 o'clock
Tickets of Admittance Fil. and ta be had at Mr.
Wroaster, at the house of Wihon Taylor, on
Lot No. 18, New Amsterdam,
Berbice, Sep feinh-r 984.
TENDERS fo. 25,000 pounds first gt ality
Coffee, (the produce of Plant vtign sireskvre.) will
be reccived at thehouse of Mrod. Go P Vike am ,
until the 2! OctoWer next, when the lnie hess offer, §
approved of, wili be wccepled.—Payment to be wide
in caoh.—23 Sey t. &. De TOEL, Sesion.
NB. Tosvit purchasers, the coffee will be sold in
lots of 10,000 bbs cach.
View original _—— rt
TEN DER S for Ce Bs bhr—1teOs thevsane
povads frst quality, imdtyam 3 ty 4000 pounds bro-
ken © flee,—Pencders tor the abuve quantity, the
produce of Plantation ? Esperance, will be received
at the house of the first undewlyned, antl Monday
the Dh day of October, next, and if #pptoved af,
accepie!, paypegnt tu be ade incasti. :
‘ Ho STAAL for selfand
33 Sept. : W.KLWIEIDY,
, Tensices.
Eee ee
TENDERS tor COFFE E—Fifteen thout
send pounds first quality Ceffec senders for the
above quantity the produce of Plantation Reimsigt
and Dankhaarheia, will br reecived at the house ot
Mr. H. Staal, until Monday the 9th Ocraber nx xt,
and if approved of, accepted. ©. C. SWAVING.
23 Sept. S.questratore.
View original a e
ON ‘Tuesday the Sa Ociober, will be sold
amongst! the Creditors of Plantation De Edward, 8000
wads first quality cofve, atthe howe of W. Frases,
Esq. — Ale by Tenders, 8000 pounds first quality
Coffve, for cash, on the samesday and place, at 12
r L. C. ABBENSETS, for self, anc
_ B3Sept. M. RADER, Scquesiers
ALLE de geenen die aan de Boedel van wylep
“P. van Assell, versshuldigd zyn, worden by deeze
r het laatst Shay aaril betaling te docn, en dic,
welke nog icts van gemelde Bocdel ic verderen mog-
ten hcbbors worden ten vriendepy ksie verzocht bun-
ne he ben inte leveren, zuflende dezelve by ace
@vord-bevinding vollaan worden, deur
Overgebhevene Extcuteur,
View original ALLE de geenen, welke aan den Boedel yan
J. Deteringhy verschuldigd zyn, worden by deze voor
het laatst aangemaand betaling te docn, en dic, welke
nog icts te vorderen mogten he peor warden lon vrien-
delyksic verzocht bunse rekeningen in te leveren , les
welke, by accoord-bevinding voldauu zullen word len,
door de Lxecuteuscn van se ane lide i3 eel.
View original ——————————
TUE Subscriber intending to leave this Co
lony tue Buvwope in the begianing of next year; begs
all those whe are indebted to him to come forwant
vith payment as soon as possible, and those having
any demands against him, todcliver in their accounts
without delay to Mr. J. G. FP. Thicnsma, who isdu-
ly authorized to receive all monics ne him,
23 Sep'. ° Pp. A. BRAUN,
PLAN'PAINS for Sale —Irom 60 to 800
buscies, to be dclivercd weekly, from Plantation
Hampshire, on the west coast o: Corentyn, at ‘Ten
slivers per buach, or at Twelve stivers at the mouth
of the cast coast canal in this colony. Apply al cin
‘bovementioned Estate, or to Wim. Kewiey, Esq.
New Amsterdam, SSSe,A.
— =_——-
—— -
AANGE BRAG? pec ci Sehip de Bervici-
Joy Cant. C2 tao, conte hoop by dom ondergeive.’
ends lof ZV seweone cid: pisscu, Voor Caeasa,
ic Velvend yaddem wy —ocler, Kats, tain, aardape
pelen, rolpens, no kel west, soueysede soulogne,
sort, gopelde Gvst, osc loticed. Joule Vis, lauuk in
zeorton, lange cn ne les poy on. con aitte kaarsen,
wrepneves in kelders on nti: >, 7 lew Ro ynscne
wyn, ly nobly, will dood, fyne linge nsen bunien, garcn,
Kinder speet coed, fyoe hiquer in ke ea jos, daverehe
hoek may beth t, ®cu assosicun nb ean vomdakt Zil-
veron goud wech, &e. we. .
25 Pepi. J.G.F. THICNSMA.
AANGEDRAGT per de Rerbiciaan, Capt.
“. Bob,ente hoop by den ondengeteekciic, op het
bet No. 7, aan dc voordam, cic vWevnte, tot de kas-
sa pryzen, ale—Khya won f 100. het anaes, wouce
wn f 77. perdito, stokwvisch 10 sturve.s per pound,
hug visch, 15 stuisers p. 1b., vantjes worst 78-5.
Wiestphaalsche bun /8 st.p. tb., gervokt vlecseh 1S
sl. ps th, gerocate osse tuncen f3., suasysece Bou-
lelne f= 15. p.tb., zoctemelksehe Kaas 10st. p.
dy heste reas Gabak fl - TO. por th., porcelaiae
pyp a 75. bet mandy, tromacl banket a fll.—
mercfatiy cecken @ f 2-10. tyne hatoen batist af $3.
de stuk ven iG elbow lang en @ do. breed, V riesehe
Irontia fol. dect) hel) cohen a f2., Pullen lainp
clea PTD cs he Witte dinnens, cormmaate horen robe
hen, laarsen, verlakic tabaks doen, wasch k LATS,
port po pier, schayi Lueheaywte.
23 Sept. . van RGOSSEN,
a —
View original — nn
TWOJOLS REW ARD.—Ruaaway from
(he Subscmber, on the niche ofehe [yrs pl., a goou
looking Vou ne ¢1O Womens aboat PT or 18 y curs of
af@, abuul 5 feel 2 or Sane bea hi |, a egeole of Des
moerary, lar name ty Aesees she Wa, lormerly the
Peope ty OL Messis. MM. Swsuh, am oh Dectick, oF
1). meraey; whoever will tppr. ena her, anduchives
lace tao dye rower, Of .ochkge Depa i ve Sass cks, siiall
feceuve Two Jucs wowed, and whoever stall be.
knows to harbouts bh: Tyo, take he, otfihe col Ny, the
law wall be ste ty ehovecal acuinst such offender.
If she returns o. kf own accord, she will be forgiven,
2 ee
SelnbhsAni’s Us rich.
—~= Bee —
This ts to inform the Public, that the following
Persons talon quillung this Lulumy.
Alexander Simon in 6 “cehs from 26 Aug.
od. Groadecl, in weeks wommSept. 2d.
t. . DOWNER, Sce.
View original Ne, , TC, ccc nnn nr nnrec creer essen
Noise Nin nen, thata imnonth after date the
fol. (iUau Ms : doa i UIFS GHG 28076 UL cS Gill be passed
oe 2
Sept. 2. A. J. Schott will transport to J. J. lilken,
petrt of dot No. 27, with.» the Vown New Am-
sterda ily parliculs ’ io be sn at Uits Ollice.
— J. Ub. Schhlarbojst, will transport to J. P. Broer,
(he borthern trum quarter or lout No. 15, New
ANistk charm.
—— WM. Antz, will transport to Daniel Allty plai-
fallon is. siuaitage, k own as loiavo. 13, Last Sea
cuoist, wilhalltbe shives and other: apy urlenances:
wd Gependonetes lo the same be lousiily, as per
scbedule to be seen al this Office.
—— Daniel Alit, will puss a soorigaye on plantation
Heritage or tut No. [o, cast Sea Coast, and on
the a IO sbUCeS And vl) eT ; pile nccs ald depen
Cies, ih tavor Olluc i Xie ulots ol ihe late hobert
rats the Heirs of th same, of their Repre-
entatives, particulars wiieicui way be seen at
hs is Oflic v
—— Daniel Alt, will passa mortgage on Plantation
View original Hermitaye or lot-No. 13, East Sea coast, ond on
the negroes and other appurtenances and dep. n-
deneies, for the btance of the purchase im oy
thereat, to take efocl uext ia suceessiva to the
mortgage Cod, ta fewor of the BExceutor or
Heirs or Representatives of Che leitrs of Rob rt
Wilsoa, in fiverof WK tz, particulars whercof
may be seen at this Ofice.
— Lewis Cameren, wil! transport 10 negroes to
Dewmerary, nacves to be seen at thie Once. ,
Sept. 9. The Uxecutors of the Ewate of the late wie
dow HL. uc, will fanspout te te ander nen.
fioned perens, the following Mvtntee and ieces
of Laat, viz,—Piantation Gud bercnstein, fo
J. H. Is. Maurentn cher: —La Petit® Bertoe oe
to L. F. Gailezs — De Velden Boven, De Velton
Beucden, J. G. F. S.10s—Reosendaal to Won,
Burton ;—De Bencischito \. de Costa :—Nova
Cassa io L. F. Giatle?;—Chiistina’s Rusttu J.
H. LL. Mauenbrecter.
Tle following tuts of Land at he Ol Port
Nass iu, Wiz, Meerzoray liapenbers, Pas) 4,
V vedeuste im, Crowe V« PWactiing, Once. bes l,
Minder Vices, Mind ¢ Werk, deat Hav ny Rese
kam, and te d§ Cenions, tod. van den Brock.
The following picca sol Land in Now Amstere
dam, viz, the southerm hott of Lot No. 1, te
whole front Land of Lot Ne. 2 depth of upp Ff
Jine Qt roots S$ ict, depih of &werfine 19 sod
S¢icctto W. Katz.
Part of the norhera half of lot No. 2 west of
the centre road, upper ime 19 rou. J leet, undce
Jing 24 rvod, to dunn Be taste |.
Pact os (he southern halio do: No, & west of
fhecentrc roni, tipper liwe Bk rou, lower dine
AW rood, to W. Toate, ‘
Part of Lot Now J, enstaf the eentre roa’, pe
PF line 95 co.u! Steet, ower lise 47 r00d 5 ket,
tu AV. Uowk.
Marius Loa Ne. Ly tacing the bee’ daw, ore
perlite TT i@oa Spal, tower line 4 suv, to
=. Chaluiecrs.
Partai Lot Ne. Q casts che entre rod. fem
the centre route due Beg Gans, Ube Alt wasten
Oi the I a, ts br. Ni? ye
, ; > ! 11 > . -
Lic Wise? On ry > af Gc em pacer, | ifile
ly lw the tec f7etng ie 4 (i iDe, Artin Py rar
fae : : . P
Scigitan, dicen, Dov. dba, f codcth guitttes (hose
» Chikteen, aniigihke suppivess therce ,
Sept. Hl, Bae @kecut ts ef the Lst.teol ob» widow
Jn. 1. DUS WHE ERECUE ite c al Diiveumb: (e-
"ed tions pant to Deke Schwiers and KOO) Deu..-
» mer, plastation Sst il Aust, siicate on cle
west banh vi the tiver Leiba.
ae Executors of the Estate of the wilow HM.
q:. Buse, will Cxecute a tiee and unincumbered
Transport to OSU. Cameron, plantation er or /,
, Situale On Le West pea Cuasios tle Cuiny Lev
the Execators of the Estate of the widow [!.
J. Buse, will execute a iree aim! ahibeunsds cd
transport to M, Kader, pkmtaion Providence,
situate on the east bank ot the river Berbice.
Particulars of the above Lslutes, niay be
scemal the aevichary’s Off'ce.
‘Septl6. Phe Attorney of tie Assignees of the bar
krupt Estate ot Turubull forts. & Co. hte of
London, Merchants. will traiespogt io Andiow
Melville, plantation Ze ideey’, svuate on the
west bank of the river Boruice, together with
227 slaves, andall other appuricwinces and dhe
pendencics tothe same b longing. turiher pare
ticular whereof, nay De Lnow : on applic “aUion
at the Secretary ’s Oibev, of bie Col ny.
—- Andrew BMeiville, o: bis Attorney sp ccially
constiiutcd, will execute a speciubs offgace on
plantation Zuidwyh, with 227 slaves, Ou che ise
suc aad increase thereo!, aud on all viher ap-
purtenances and dependencies to the same be-
Jonging, amt further g- nerally ou his personand
propery, ln favor ol the Assign es of Purubull
borbes & Co. late of London, Aierchanis, tor st.
Curing the purchase money oj (le satddbastate sonia
annexis, further particulars whercoty may be
hnown at the Secr dtry *s Otlice of Unio ce lossy.
‘Sept. 23. G. van Westerveld, will transport tou. ©,
Swaving, and J.C. dpansenberg, as Keprescu-
tatives of the Meirs and othets, imtituain the
Estate of J. van SMaphorst, dec., the unis fed
Hall of plamation &uid-J/ ollond, with ayes and
further appurtenances; dures parucufir to be
sces at this Office.
View original "|
Secretary's Of ce, Bertiec, 9 Sepi. 1815.
NOVICE os hereby viven, at the request, of the
urviv ine: Partners of the late firm of Mssrs. Mackin-
osh Camcran & Co., tgt ). C. Cameron, of this
cOlowe, isduly authorised, te collect all oulstarding
Dobts to the suid firm ; and, that he will pay all Des
mands awainst the same, onapplication at the Vendue
Om t. R.C. DOWNER, Sce.
NOTICE, those who are indebted to the late
6: cco Cuche & Co,, are hereby d sired to come lore
waril with immediate sctilement, eithe® with Mr. A.
D. Cuche, or with EF. Hantze, who is daly autho.
rised to scttle and wive receipts (o their oulstinding-
debts amd as their firm is (lissolved since a year, one
Who dees pot come forwerd to a seltlement, will be
suet! fur the next Courts.
A.D. CUCHE for self, and
[6 Sepf. J. GUHLUNE,
NOTICE i is hereby given, that ‘Cuche a:.d
Barnes went in Copartne si ipa year ago, and they
eins those gentlemen who are indebted to come
f-rwardsnd catile their acecunts, or give their goods
for the same, as they intend closing their boaks every
y wr. — phe Subscrh rs are always ready to oblige
thheiprachoners, willi condition, that in future they
willy th: theiraccounts every three months, ¢ “ther
with threiis goods or money, only to have no disp ule
16 Ser’. CUCHE & BARNES,
-_—— ---o_
View original —_——_——
ton thousand poundes of first guality coffee, Lenders
fo the above quantity, Che produce of Plantation:
Good Fand,) will be received at the house of the first
velersigned, until Monday the Sd of October next,
sd, approved of, accepted, payment te be made
ia Cash. for M.S. BENNETT.
snd sch GLP. vax iOLsT..%.
16 Sept: , Sequestrators.
FOR SALE, the whole Lot No 59, wi
the hoiklises th -reon, sitnate inthe second empold
of this town, the back part bearing in plantains anc
fiers -ct hot the ront cor bach half will be sold sep
ritely, ifr quied—apply tothis Office. 16 Sei
— — -— ——w
THE tHouse formerly occuvicd by the late Widow.
os. deceased, situatic onthe Soutbern Front Quar-
tec oi Lot No. 15.—Also the Premises at present oc-
enpied by d. 1. L. Maurenbrecher, Esq. ; for fure
thet iuformation, please apply to
lo Sip. FE. THEOBA LN. qq.
View original FOR SALt& ly the Subseribers, in addition
te what they hod on hand, the following articles for
jooneceliete payment, ta cash or produce :—
Prime Newsound land cod and seale fiish ia 8 and 9
quidtaleasks at 5 stivers per lb., fresh mackarel in
Dirrels f 55-smoaked salmon {9- each, flour in bar-
red. f 50= do, in tierces f77—Cumberland and Yorke
1 cbams f 1- pertb., Bologne sausages f 2- perJtb.,
} sbon onions f I- per }b., fresh pickles and oysters
J 5- per bottle, spermaceti candles f 4- per lb., tal-
low do. f l—per tb., beefand porlgn hall bartels £55-
prime India beef in whole barrels f 100- Londoa
brown stont f 12- per dozen, do. pale ale f Il- to-
hace { 1- perth., eordage of ol sires,
score WULEE & BROWN.
View original = A th
ete TTS, fost satlus brig pen sonson, Robert
\y tse Master, coppered” ant copper fastencd,
Saude A. Tat I dowils, hos wnore than on: holf of
hha corre ongaced—ter tr tehtot the remainder, ap-
pI bo Master on board, ov to
a) Mee ‘Sh: fine coy per boftomed ship URANTA,
Tuowas Poxk, Master, will sail positively oa or
mou! he 2Ob instant; having haif of her cargo on
bye loon tnearly the whole ofthe remainder envaged.
For freight ofa few Pachages, or Passage, please ap-
ply to the Mister ou board, or to
—— = 2 -_. BD
By virtne ofan appointment granted by the Hon.
Court oh Civil dustice, of this colony, upon a peti
tron of KR. Prancken, Esquire, if his capacity as de.
Lboorating Exceutor to thes kstate of J.C. Scholle-
vanwer, beuing date the 19:1 August, 1815, will be
sold at the Vendue Offiee, on Thursday the QS inst.
the lallowing slaves, belonging to the deceased’s es-
fate, Wits ddonts, a honse hoy ant. Taylor, Februa-
ry, a field aero, and a woman nemed Betsey wit
hey ehald, also a pivce of land being part of lot No. 3)
hem polderat the back dam, with the dwellin,
ho eomboathuildlings.
saine wih be scld without reserve, forty to
iy vartcls o. pileauids in good condition, also two
View original hawsers 5£ inch and 6 inches, 6 coils, 6, 9+ and 3,
inch cordage, a trunk of children shoes, three guarter
casks Madeira wine, upwards of three years in the
colony, paints and paint oil, 40 hams, 10 dozen port
and 10 do. sherry wine of a superior quality, some.
houschold furniture, plate, &e.
D.C. C. \MERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Monday the 9th October next, will be sold by
order ofthe Hon. J. H. L. Maurenbrecher, Esqr.,
at the house occupied by the late Mrs. Buse, at 3
months credit, the whole of bis household furni-
lure, consisting of glass, earthen and China ware,
tables, chairs, beds and bedsteads, silver spoons and
forks, fable and bed linen, kitchen utensils, anda
collection of books in various languages, a six oar'd.
fent yacht in excellent repair, a curricle and chaise,
chaise harness, a superior chaise horse, saddles and
bridles, &e.—Also a few cases of excellent St. Julun,
Midoc, and Muscatel wines, and old hock by the
© _ D.C, CAM BRON, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Tuesday the 10:h October, will be sold by or-
der of Messes. L. F. Gallez and P. A. Braun, Exe-
cufors to the last Will of the late Mrs. Gauch, a
piece of lane, situate in Canje, aboul 20. acres more
or less, with a dwelling house and out building, aid
IS negro slaves, men, women and children, some.
household turmituce, an elegant China diancrservice,
two punts, &e.— The Sale will take place on Me pre-
mises next to plantation Werk en Rust, in Canje,
and 3 and 6 mouths Credit.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
Parts, Ju’y 27.—Faittiul tothe principle of Al-
liance formed with the Powers of Burope, and whol-
“y directed against the man whe, usurping again (he,
ft ° , a ‘ 7
supreme power in Franbe, ghas caused to re-appear
all the evils which war beings in its irain—His Koy-
al Highness the Prince Regent of England, who so
coastantly has proved bimscl{ animated with the no-
ble desire os preveming these evils, having been in-
formed that Napoleon Bonaparte had given hiinself
up tothe Naval Forces of Mis British Mey sty, foels
this duty to cause all haytiities on the coast af
Prance to cease Lumediately. His Excellency Lord
Castlercagh has made te the King's Minister the oth-
cial communication of these orders, and the follow.
ing nole has been addressed to his Hishness ihe
Prince de Talleyrand to that effect :—
Paris, July 24, 1835.
6 The wntersi ned Principal Sceretary of his brit-
annie Majesty for forcign Affairs, has received the
commands ef his Royal Highness the Prince Regent
to inform the Prince de Valle yrand, in oider thal he
may communicale itto his Most Christian Majesty,
(hat upon receiving information in England of the
surrender of Napoleon Bonaparte to the naval forecs
of Great Brifiiny bis Royal Highness isomediately
gave orders to cause all hostilities on the coast of
Fra-ce to cease. ,
66 The undersigned communicates with the great-
est pleasnce to the Proce de Talleyrand the copyol
orders wiven on this subject, aud takes this occasion
of renewihe to bim the assurances of his most distine
cuished consideration.
“6 To his Highness the Prince
Translation of a dispatch from Lord Barirvast
lo the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.
* War Department, July 21.
“My Lorps—Having been this day informed
that Napolcon Bonaparte has surrendered to the Ho-
norable Capt. Maitland, commanding his Majesty's
ship the Uclicropkea, his Royal Mizhness the Prince
ege@l, eager to scize the opportunity of delivering
the ports of France from the inconveniences occa-
sioned by the state ofthe war; and, in as much as is
compatible with the grand object of the alliance of
the Suvercigns, (he stability “of the peace and tran-
quility of Lucope, has commanded ine to acquaint
you that bis intention is, that your Lordships give
orders that all hostilities on the coast of France cease
immediately, and that the ship’s of his Majesty al-
low Preach ships bearing the while flag to navigate
licely. Thave the honor to be, &c.
(Signed) sh BaTuutsy.”
The result of this communication is, that France
and England are now, with respect to each other, in
the sume state in which they were before the 20th
of Mareh last, and that the subjects of both nations
will enjoy the benefits again which the state of peace
anf the good understanding which exists between’
the two Governments insure.
Courier Extraordinary of Friday morning.
The Ex-Director of the Posts, Lavalctte, has al-.
ready undergo three interrogatories.
Prince Bluches has left Paris for his bead-qnarters,
View original
View original Several changes are spoken of as shout to take
place in the adiministrativa of the indirect contribu-
tion. =
The four Electoral Colleges of the four grand ci.
ties of the kingdom will be presided over by the
Priricess of the blood,
Paris, July 28.—Yesterday the Duchess d’An-
-gouleme entered Paris through tbe barrier at St. De-
nis, and arrived at the Thuilleriss at 3 o’clock, Mon-
sicur andthe Duke de Berri, hcaded a detachment
of the National Guards, who escorted her [lighness.
The air resounded every where with shouts of Vive
Madanie a Angouleme: Virent les Bourbons!
Marshal Macdonald, Duke of Tarentam, will take
the command of the army of the Loire. Prince Da-
vortst has arrived at Parts.
It is probable that the Foreign Sovereigns will re-
main two months longer at Paris, and that in this cie,
ty will be adopted those important and definitive de-
cistons, which, by assuring the tranquility of France
will consolidate the peace of all Kurope. It is be-
lieved that the Congress will mect in the Chamber of
Peers, inthe Luxemburg palace.
; Paris, J ul 29.— The Papersatate, that peace was
signed yesterday or the day before. We cannot yet
confirm this agreeable news.
All the inhabitant of the Department of the [sere
have bo en disanued bs order of the Austrian Officers.
The Army of Che Loire is to be disterbuted w dil-
fercnt varpisons.
Leticrs icon Lyons, dated the 26th, state, that the
greatesttranquiility reigns in thatcity. Barracks ea-
pable of containing frou Gto 7000 menare building.
A contribution of ee million tor defraying the éx-
pences of the army, bas been imposed on the town.
The Prefect has ap, ointcd M. Seaneville Licutenan!«
General of the Police.
Phe town of Mctz has been for some days in the
greatest disttess. A number of respectable citizens
were Chreatencd with+imprisonment, and perhaps
with greater danger. ‘Phe Allies would permit no
communication with Paris until the white flag was
hoisted. This was at loneth done on the 24th; about
20 of the frctious we arrested, and tranquillity was
restored to the city, for which much is owing to the
firmness and wisdom pf Count Mioltes.
Monstur is Co preside in the Departmental College
College of the Scine; the Duc d’Argonuleme in that
of the Gironde; the Due de Berri in that of the Rhe-
nes and the Due de Bourbon in that of the Bouches-
{tis svcd that following are to be pre ‘idei ts of De-
paronental Collescs, vize—
M. de Chate.ub:tantjof the Loiret; M. C. de Da.
mes, ol the VotesW’Or; M. de Brsvelin, o the Cotes
du Nowl; the Duke of Ragusa, of the Marne; M.
ov’ Andigene, oo the Marne and Loire ; M. Lanvuinais,
of the Ile dé Villiiners; M. dle St. Cricq, Director
Genera of the Ctirioms ot the Seine and Marne;
Count Garnicr, formcay Prefect of Versailles, of the
Seine and Oise. | ,
Yesterday Generals Haxo, Gerard, and Valmy,
left Paris te proceed (6 the army ol the Loire. It is
believed thatthe objeet of their missiowis to break up
the army, and to fix ihe camtoninents it is to occupy,
On the 2st ol duly the white flag wis displayed at
Bayogue, by the erders of the Mayor and General
Thouvenot. Pivedays previous General Donnadiew
bac tcarlesty entcred the placerhy himself, and sum-
moned it in the name ofthe King and of (be country,
but without e@ect. *
‘Phe strictets discipline 1s observed among the Au-
strian troops. Yesterday merning the Elungarian
rlussars carried (wo of their comrades in irons to the
Staff Quarters. [tis said that these soldiers had been
etilly of someviolence fowards a person in whose
house they were Guirtercd.
Bands of thedescrters appear te wish to throw theme
sclve into the Cevennes, and to anite there in order
to give themselves up toa system of plunder,
The mountains in thedepartment of the Loire serve
also asa refuge for bands of soldiers who have desert.
ed from the army of Marshal Suchet.
It is said that Gen. Lamargne had an action a few
days ago neat Chinon with the King’s ‘Troops.
We are apprised of the spec:ly arrival at Paris of
their Imperial Majesties the Mmpresses of Russia and
Austria, as wellas the Grand D®\ke Constantine, who
conynands the Imp rial Guards.
A Column of 25,000 Russians arrived on Thursday
cat Troyes.
A private letter from Turin confirms the neéWs of the
arrest of Lucien Bonaparte in that city.
The Emperor ot Austria has appointed Baron
Stranch vice Governor of Metz.
In virtue of the act of the Congress of Vienna, the
Austrian Government has caused possession to be ta-
ken of Johannisberg (Monnt St. Joha,) on the Rhine,
near Mentz, known for the excellent Khenish wine it
A Decree of the King, dated the 21st July, ordains
that the Officers, Gencrals, and other Military Com-
manders, who have, in any part of the kingdom
checked the expressions ot fidelity and loyalty of
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View original -
2 ™
French subjecte, by violence and force of arms, shal’
be arrested aud proyeented bere the Councils of War.
An official article from the War Departineat, sign-.
ed by Govion St. Cyr, annouaces the restoration to
their rank of all the | ‘tice rs of the Gendarmerie and
the Guard of Pa is, wo were suspended from actual
service after the 20th ot March last.
Circular addressed to the Prefects of the Kingdom.
“(Gentiuenurn—Your relations with me embrace
two great obj cts, the establishinent op public order
aud the pacification of the kingdom.
“The King knows the extent of the nation’s suf-
forings; abl his efForts tend toassuage thems; but we
cannot obtain from Europe ahi appy state until Kurope
sce in the Cermination of onragitatic Ons, and the union
of the people with the throne, a certain pledge ofour
and her rm pose.
‘OT he will of the Kine has cast a veil aver common
errors and faults. ‘Phas bis Majesty has left the
puoishment of crimes and trexsous tv the laws; and
that suspicton might not be extended, he has been
ple ased to eesi nite tae aecenused and to limit their
nivuber. “Phere ds then seen rily forall: neo ground,
no pretext for disquictucte ‘Of irritations is left to male-
valence. All things in their existing state are under
Mee cuargitee of the law and the agis of a Monarch,
Sioa wish-s tw be the father of all Frenchmen.
‘Stabrlity is the first object of his Majest y *s attcn-
fio. anibot “0 we MNeAISUrES Shih he lias prese ribed to
his Ministers. Tivery sort oftc-action, being subver-
sive’ ot:st itolrs 5 work be a crime. lt woukl is.
fur the trauguilly of the State by destroy ingall con-
“OW hile being under the weisz ht of Europe, united
against apamiation of which we were the first vietims,
fot us at least have the consolation, that not aaother
drop of blood nor a teat shall be shed which can be
ty puted to us.
‘The public tatertst ought to have the fitst rank
among alhinterests. Who thea, aniicdst such pubuae
nistertunes can Uinkot private venegeance 2? There
i. no dongerany hope tor satety, Chere ws even no lon.
gereny tiue encour execpt In Our Maton,
to LT) wen feitiz us bhawe a lean only have Fone sale
Opec thos teen Hinsour resentments. Neces-
sity Minarms even lace neldest Courage.
foe wish of concahation is the offspring of al!
h orts. because ttis the eX peesston ofall interests. ft
will subdue all fares, twill triumph ower their pas-
sions becatse all parties are krenehinc n.
“The adventrgcs which France may vet hope for,
depend ascatidly upen ocr intinate union with th.
Kins. Uodnot the mation united with is Moesarch,
we shuld buve obtained from tle Sovere ivialo llae
rantee os Ww lepe nidence, because we could have giv cn
none for our traug wile
6S creat uation, » hitewer rovy be its reverses, can
sil. by the voice of its. verg, Chim, and cause to be
respeciet, ifS ops Lits 5 for justice ts bey yne the blows
of torfune. The voiee of trac aeons is justi iy re pre ssucl,
and will nol wcrersacceedeventamakine usell Fan
‘There is tien ay degre e of misfortune in the erisis of
a sta‘e in which necessity preseribes that we should
sicrifee all aad tons fo th e publi w liure, and think
only of (de sately of he whole. ‘Progduty, true put-
triolism, now pequire us to unite Inone body found
the Monarch, whose knowledye and eminent virtues
have sv long beea proved, ur Couatry, im resurre
ine her rank omen wedle States of Europe ; will find a
durable p-osperity in fide tity.
(Signed) “The Dake of OTRANTO, ~
(6 Paris, July 28.’
Paris, July 2h. SP 1 Wellington has offered to
the Profect cithe Polree the service et las soldie rs,
and the crrriages of Ihis ariny fo vet inthe harvest.
Vesterdayv, alr the moss, filly young Uasties
clothed in white, ad carrying standards ornamented
with fleursed-"ys of gold, were atuitted fo the pre.
sence of Matinee (the Duchess oe! Angouleme.) Her
Royal Highness tcccived thew homages with sensi
vw Duke of Anzouleme arrived at Tours on the
£51, amid the acclamations of au immense Concourse
ople, transported with joy
he Duchess of Angouleince yesterday received a
t from the Princes Or: ANZC,
e are assures that Bonaparte offered to create
the meagiain of tie Bellerophon Duke of the Island ol
Rhe, ithe ould let bin cscs pe.
ria. ol the Duke of Otranto’s marriage with
Macdemoise lle Castellane, were published tast Sunday
in the parish church of St Geemriu des Pros
Courier Extra Ordinary of Tuesday Morning.
Lanilreey capitulated on tie 2isi uit. and the car.
rison marched out on the 29u, wath ail che Lonors ot!
Yesterday the King presided in th: Council of!
Ministers, and afterwards went to St. ¢ tou.
Weare assured thatthe 1 Og Ki ss will opcn in two
It is said that M. Bouliy te la Meuathe was arrest-
ad yesterday cveulug.
View original There isa report of (he marriage ofa French Prince
tothe ArchJuches Leopoktine of Austria.
It appears that Gie King bas already replaced the
Peers who accepted seats in the Upper Chamber,
created by Bonaparte.
Paris, July 31, 1815.
Notice. —Field-Marshal Prince Blacher, wishing
fo facililate by all the means in his power the eutting
down of the harvest, authorises, in consequence, 21!
the Commandiy O licers of Reziments fo permit the
soldiers fo assist in the fabours which relate to if, ac-
cording to the demand which shall be male by the
inhabitants. The proprictors themselves will agree.
with the soldiers oboul the price: but the Command-
ing Officers of Regiments will not permit the soldiers
(v assist in the labours of the harvest without a de-
mand, siened by the Mayor, at the request of the pro-
prietors.—The Commanding Officers shall know’
where to find the soldiers, who, if possible, anust re-
turn every cvening to the regiment, or, in ail cases,
at least twice a week.
Paris, Aug. 1.—We are assured that the King’s
military household will consist of toue companics of
the grardaedu-corps, four regiments of infantry, and
lourofartittery. The cavalry willbe commanded by
the Duke of Kacusa, the inanigy by the Duke of
iReowio, and the artillery by General Lauriston, The
army, tt said, will invuture be composed of Only de-
partnental Legions, and willbe ke oft in active service
no longer than three months. Squadrons of cavalry
will be attached to each legion.
The Journal of Indie, and Loire, of the 29th, erys.
(hat the report of the Prince of Kekmuhtand his Statl
having appeared at Tours with the white cockade,
is talse. rs
The Commissioners sent to Paris by General Rapp,
commanding the Prench troops in Alsace, are oe
their return with orders from the Ministers of War.
The departure of all the English troops from Paris
Is spoken off; forage begins to be scarce around the
capital; itis supposed that they will go to Normandy.
{Cis said that Generals Excclmans and Fisheut
haut have established themselves at Daiit, in Aue
vergne, ina castle capable toa cerfain decree of de.
fy nee. They have with them abet SM) men, whe
spread terror throngh the neighbourhood. General
Doe fi bvre Desnonett elias adapted (he same COUrSEe On
the estate of Mi de ta Premouille, near Cosne. Ve
makes warasa partis n oa netehbourin- country.
Che remainning partofthe Proneh ory, which gain-
ed Au Verene, appcarson the eo raryenverto bubrnit.
Marat was stullot Toul aon the 24¢ of July.
The Pret cto the Poibic ° hes CaAatise al 9 oT Ot 0 CO-
pies of Carnou’s Memoirs to be seized in the house ofa
printer, mihe quarter ao. Sic Jagues. It appears that
this book ts now sold by weislt, at the rate of three
sous the pound.
acer wr re es eee Seren ee ees a
View original ocean eee ees a
-— ---° o- «St ibs- --————
View original -— --s° 2. “nbs: -—-———
Fatered this weck the brig Ber sieran, Capt. C.
Rab, with a well asserted cargo from Amsterdam.—
sloop Onive Branctu, from Surinam, laden with
sweet oil, biscuit, wines, far, and tobaceo.—
Passengers by the Berbician, Mrs. Westerveld and
her Daughter, Mrs. Thiensma and Sister, Miss.
Rehter, Mr. J. C. Brown, Mr. H. Novy, and Mr.
M. van Vloten.
A ship anda brigare now offthe bar. Four more
Dutch vessels are expected soon for this river.
View original --—- eee ieee
We are most happy to announce that the King of
Candy, who has long beeua ferocious and Barbarous:
enemy of the British in Ceylon, has been taken pri-
soner, after the total defeat of his army by the Brit-
ish forces; und that another trophy ts about to be
laid at the feet ot the Prince Regent—the sword and
scepler of the conquered King and the colours of his
Major Brownrigg arrived yesterday at the office o!
Lord Bathurst, wiih dispatches trom General Brown-
rigg, containing intelligence of this woportant event
—ond inthe course of the afternoon the following
bulictin was issucgl ; :
“© Downingestreet, lugust 2, 1815.
‘< Dispatches have this day been s:eceived from
Licutenant General Sir R, Brownrigg, dated Kandy
in Ceglou, the ota February, 1815.
‘On the Ist oi Kebruaty, after overcoming very
great difhculties, principally in) provisioning the:
troops of the Ist and 2d divisions, under the com-
wut vi Majos Movk aad Livut. Colonel O’Conncll,
View original reached the foot of the Bilani Monntine, a7 the
yreat road lead ng to the cily of Kandy. he tort
commanding the pass throngh the mou tains was
token possession of by the Ist division, with ont loss.
On the Oth the army avein moved forward, and
reached the ereat river of Mahavellizans:. thr.e
niles distant from Kandy, when if wes first learnt
that the Kine ont his adhereuts had aban toned his
cepitaland th: defenees which had becn’erected tu
prevent the prassitere of the river.
Onthe 13h Sir. Brownrigg joined the a:'-
vance of the army, and on the following day entered
the city of Kandy, and fixed his head-quasters in the
© On the 19th the King was surrendered by the
people of Dambera, the Province into which he fled,
and alter some resistence was, logether with tworof
his wives, taken prisoners.
‘Sir Rh. Brownrizg speaks most highiy ofthe con.
duct and discipline ofall the troops engaged in ibese
The happy consequence of the above important
achievment is the catire possession of the island of
Ceylon by the Beithish. The King of Candy was
(he Bonaparte of that quarter, «A few years since he
barbareusty pul to death, by the most crucl Qurturesy
several British Officers who were sent to him on +s
political missioy, and it Was bis constant practice to
treat alt his prisotiess of war in the same merciless
manner. « Major Dasy a most intellizent and entere
prising British Oificer, a few years since became one
of (be must conspicuous of this moustess’s victims.
—— ea :
The reportsare varicus of the manner in which Boe
naparte received the comniunication mede io him by
Sir H. Banbury, of St. Helena being his destined
place of residence. Some say that he received it with
(he vunost composure and coin placenc y 3 while oth. rs
slate thathe was eomged, and declared that he would
hot go alive to M. Helena. Our opinion however i-,
that he values lie tue much to be induced to termie
hate it himself, vn ‘erany circumstances. The North-
humnberland, which isto cons cy hineto his destination
wuted trom Portsmeu- hon Thursday, and would pro-
bably reach Plymouth yesterdays. By this tim 7
iherelore, he is inak Waclheud pracecding on his
voyave. Part of his satte have been removed from
hin. Bertrand, om Liv, Ube Js th nirad, have f, ‘mR
taken out ol the elhrejhow, embarked on board the
Lipey, amd senC back te branes.
Phe tollo wing wotorestins jy orteulars were recvived
(ron Plymouth, oy yestereny’s pust:—
Sir H. Banbury went on board the Rell: rophow
yesterday Mornin, Wannounceto Bonaparte the dee
termimationolGovernieulastohis atu edestin ition.
WheuSt. Helena was wentioncd, he ex, laimed, that
hecoutd notbeliewethalthe reportwhich he had beard
of such a determinetion would have been officinily
Confirmed; that nv power omeacth should force him
to leave the Bellerophon on such a Voyace:s that he
woukl no go alee cutotthe the Sound> and tuat if
wis purpuse wos prevented, he hoped that he could
ely on his Officers to put aa endl to his existenec.
When le appeared, as usual, inthe evening, before
the multitude “> he Looked extremely dejected
and unwell,
** Such ace the reports circulated since the visit of
Sir ti. Bunbuiy, and which continned toe ceulateat
Piy mouth Dock uucontradicted. In the mein time
the Nortihumbersand, &c. ae hourly expected in
the Sound, and some dreeiital events is looked for.
* Saortlyatter Sir tt. Bunbury had quitted the ship,
an order was issued to keep all boats in future aco.
bles leught trom her, ft was found impossble, los -
ever, to carry the order into eff ct on that y sand
on Wednesday evening the dillicult war mn arly 49
greatas On tuesday. The press of boats is overs
wielming, and among such multi wdes vt persons ag
are collected, any other measure (hia that of usine
guard-boats would be attended wih most disastrous
‘On Monday eventag a boat with two men, one
woman aid three childe n, who were returning srom
visiting the Bellerophon was cut into two pieces, by
a nian of war's launeh. ‘Phe whole, however, aece
saved, with the exception of a stonemason of his Ma-
jesty’s Dockeyard, an industrious whorthy man; the
husband of the woman and tath r of the children,
Two others who were picked ap are not expected to
— es —
The King of the Netherlands has created Lord
Clancarty Marquis of Heusclen,
The kmperor Alexander 1s expected to attend the
Coronation of the Laaperor of Austria, as King of
lsombardy, at Malan, in the present month, (Aue.)
_ Two English ships are arrived in iivltand trom Jae
vay With 24 wnilitons cufice.
BIED, in town, Mr. Wa. Hawkesworti.
View original ,
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1p a teem iporn YT
» 7 .
, NovWen yor Is 0
’ e% ~ 4 ] ‘
“‘AcYV C (Up ae 4
.) "s ‘ Matt
- . .
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- - :
" neon —-
- 5 - > . . ‘ aon

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2. : . :
; 1
s bee tierejo ‘I ;
vice (which the Law -

ye nimed), may be wally
iis as aie el ’ Pe. ei

. ’
’ ,
' [ ’
__—_—— endl


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View original SS
hires r ff. f
‘ .
= f , ‘
=» 7 oa
° a. J ; :
fi. ‘ f
' j f ‘
‘ 7 c( 4
. : . < ‘ fy 7
. © eae . Mi 5 (
View original
View original a ee eee eee ~ -
Capita Disk Kengken, fret b. ta
“iT \? (© Joh Ee apts, iv adher lee. ict we _“
fivi ‘i, Virngiie Th Tis Pyuinle Div 414 oe Th tel. .teer ‘adie!
(ee, |. RR Wee) Las
lege ph din Wet acneeat, dat by oy Miranlag ai
LT them to. man _=': a zal apn wet ey Vinvih:
>» mpom cde Me LobercieD, Veit et ae oy
tei.’ Mi» BP rv.\citie.u CCR
a (yey. m abies Bs. . al Vv saan Doe 0 Ve weud. ity
rit wate (f.> gered te Perm acl rf ‘9 ,» & Gh wl
Qui Gepimcttv nis purtyen lin nS d. - om,
COs i cb OD Pe eet I x adcaev luastel, vor —_ -
bactaeh Maat: . Ate, gn. adic Voir
Pea ie Valo eto ci fen, ® den verze + dea iwe het
Mets OU weet? Corwen 0. Let wat Lynn Mo ic zi ih Ny cabin
wi deva a Op het vate nit zu heanen
widen 102 vomcn. 9 Sept.
NOLLCE.—All these who have any demacs
ogainst, ornare indebud to the Boede! of the lete Me.
J. F. Moeset, dee., are requesied to render their
cloums, ad fo pox Cieir tespeciive Gebis without Ge-
lay, lo the Uhucislgned,
9 Sept. A.W. CUCHD,
_—- — ee +
i. ——$——S=_
View original v : . ~
é ii ‘ i
, :
' ’ :
. .
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. 4 J
- : . .
gi : . ’ ia se ;
, a
' : ° °
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sa O] : tug 5 * + ’ , ‘ ia
; :
ed ‘+ sw * 84 °
i) ’
Ty . vs -
. dfs
‘ ‘ ‘é a . 4
’ ’
‘ ’
. Li ‘ i ! : "CGT
'¢ ' ‘ ! , } i ' » ‘
‘ i! ‘ kati bi aq
4 ;
, ‘
' sat
’ "fF . ~ ¥ - 4
. n 7 v i s Ul ; Ci 4
View original | MARSILAIL’s OF FICR.
BY virtue of an Extract frointhe Minutes
of the Caurt of Rolls, dated 10 Jalys USES jceiven in
th cae entitled R.C. Downer, in CapPrAcic, as Ate
torney of W. Kine and P. Benjemin, Cutatoes to the
tatate of F. Bynuc, dve., versus, allKaewn and un.
known Claimants on the proceeds of Pleutation (ese
Bower, cum annexis. I the uw, ersivrmec!, at the rée
givst of satoresaid Curators, do hereby Stenmon by
bdiel: (for toe toarth Gi) ex super niants,) all
Known and unnnowna chiiiants on (he procecds ef
Pisntation Bost Bower, cum annexis, loappoor helore
the Court of Civd Justice of this calumyy en Monday
10 Octobet, (S15, aud following ay ay dere toren-
dorian thetr clates, to verily the same, te hear the
Oy CTs male inersuatoy a need, and further to
pe ocecu @ bocniie To cust om,
lity Sustains tide hava the Public according
WwW gusfour, 2
. .
uw jf UK 5
ptember, S15.
nh. FLANCKEN, Piret Marehal.
——- See om ee, ge oe
BY vVirtwe of an Extiact from tel Niinutes

th the Gort of Roll, dated 10h July, $8°S, vives
fa the en ase entitled faces by acr, bw Vo tun se lf and
ther S CCS PaTOTS o Plan’ ion No, 1(Ovat 4! .
Const, corse, oT Loew, ait oan ereiors ons
( bee tiie. 1s SET Ly CORRS Ss 8 in ibe united os
Iie Ula cunemly y moasconmeoo, ov the procecis™
o th. sate of Plont tion wo. 49 aad 41, \\est const of
in C8 wis. bh the mel foie, at the bequcy! of
Poa LS rite Saat *) > rcby Svinawion by haul ce
Coe tie Come lime ox stipe bumesmia). All. known
Met how wel item or clilivusts, a» well ia this
Howat thes umtodk colonics el Domerary and
So quer oy on lhe proc ods ot Ulegpale of peautation
No. 40 ans fi, yy tl e@oorst of thoes Colonyyto appear
be ootte, CDi Tastee, of thus colony, at
wor srexmon wheel wi tee Trehs on Mondwy the 16
ties, OS'S, wel Putt hadhive, Lhege to cender

baa? get a’ ‘
’ sé iT ( . i , ti) tt; ‘ oe tlhe “G07 ’ on } fo hear,
, 1, (Mee Dye tes ot URL de aad further
>) ime Cj ‘ . 76 il j | ¥ < ® 3
iva 8d daee Oe lyy r.. at ft %! ; knuwa ia the Pane
i FY De owt Ceaet tie (he Cont Hhenee of thig
Cwiony, amebtinhhes deal wath CCU RE to custum.
Db .UKC,S eget DT, STS.
A. LAAN. ALAN, birst Marshal,
Ly Y wiftsse ot an Ayici timent fram Mis. Ex
coll ey PT. OW. oi » bsquir)” Dieutetant.
poVvertor oF thre Cor - orDece antl TR De pert.
vb @e. Qo. Be. dat POD Auecust, WTS eteriled
Cbantme ba ger Thue, Oe sem! af ter Peat pr ly osaatey Sis .ete
mtb eed in her GQailiy a eqpietnsin gee
Caontice. F %5 Wiisii ciits colous e Ol her five! ye il ~ in n
pS heck eek ink Ulagitbis suing) J
thre 0 adkeers “ty al HY regu’ Lo satel Susin rvh Mfae
ila ] 1 Hi hae Wha vil q tpi | ¥ uoher by SMe
WMO hihi, itl RavOWae ce) ete i wh ("re Nitors ¢ f
Ne aera .) Sion Psere to ; powr beinc The
Ldom al de Clow: \issarics of the Oeurtasl Civil Jee
(tCe, ah Las e Aun y , ci brid Ly the Gth af Oc' ober,
OER thea ged pcre to heat the pecoposals mide ia
eh a Mage beast, to concedt or debate the
NUTIM' y ann twowtlye: TW phocced! aceordng {9 stile.
bho Sari by lid.ct wel Baie The Poblic
Syobeut of Crity trom ine GU Bout of (his colony
bhatoudiierdeall with accerd its 10 esto. Ca
ier Dice, Zo Au tuet, 1515.
nw. EAN CN EN, Fire Alarelaly
2 SS eT fe, ee ee UE,
View original WAARSCHOUL WiNG, Cap.
Mivotiecriy UIC Gen sec l tle yb
ayn schip de Jonge Ypeus onal: tat eee
sch ike _ ty OM het ineth Aiimepate
dite Bie), twee Vale MH pest beare pot daar ne
ORE ls & Ge... ea bet mow ESE
clever Je be “ij “te. M. Sin ney 1). Berk, ~
Vaien Ch voatpa sanyo. &) ta No, 99,
coedcreu, (oUt eZ i. vinode inkomne
Ari tadgeran We vooug schip Rim
20Cabecivekl. | apitetn Henke ,
tow fi ty dezelyete doen at tin
Zc de ian deze advest ntte, am
wei n'y worden yeland ta &
ab huts, VOur rekeiing vande :
co Vad dege PO weiea Zoo veel op
hugtals modig zal zy, om de
View original 5 U bk Lis dQ illl cave Zeal ot November text,
pi entercd jo intmediat ly, he heute Oe wide
raul, lately possessed by tte Rewl Bi Winy; ape
y at (he Crown Agcuey OBR == Te Sept,
. ewes = & ELE A A
——_—<_ «_——-
me eee ae
Published ecery Saturday at 4 o'clock F. R-
be W. SCILL LA & Co
Privileged © everarment Printers
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View original \
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ih) ae iO
2 Ye
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al a e@
ex! )
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oS a
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1 van
5 : V '*
q CfA
s vA
' -
y 2
} ' °
x a
,i ie 8 i
Bu :
1 oat
ati le
afe profeetion of every
‘nder desireable, and
Which your Majesty
le authority ol &@ mo-
Cy melt not resemble
and promises of the
> cumeuted by solemn
rill be accom nas
o this grandact the
5 periormed according
quire, i will be in the
Ais Subjects, that the
llemiance, which will
, thot heewill himself
iit law, to have at
le. to tmifate Hhetoun.
NCC, and tie fist Aine
‘rewn inthis ile {rious
: he convention which
wer! tCin the fonda.
- yout the necesstry de-
lle US « chy Dis and Te
1) is Cust nations sy
ities have been attract.
x ot its law ~ see lov th
fGQoraal them.
| hich «
i \ ' ‘
vatcaty by | :
~ rTives ff ) ' -
Xtiiary of coun Dae. \ il
Pr, t0Of WO Ss 1 -| \ ne
lien, urd preven L thal al-
raetaece a i . yews, So
ti) \ chu yal lu.
i] : it i ¢ ]
oN .
Pe ’ Ry
- yr .
(fad fLine i lhe ¢-
ansec Nassau, Cri
Tein was viven into
Powers, we ty ' po! ©
Siento the condition
Me United Provinces
Lobeen agreed 1 pon al
‘sal the said Power, in
ol which the tovowing
¢ tatunate ani) cos,’
View original plete; sothat thetwwo countries shall forra one and the
same Sfate, governed be the Constitution already
established tn Holland, which steatl be modified by
common consent, accordin sto the dew stat of things.
2. No tnnovation shall be made in the articles of
this constitution, which inseres equal taver and Dra.
> , . 7 +
fection to all forms of wars ar l wun pitee the ad-
Mission of all citizens to pu - ofices ead employ.
‘ .
ments, Wwhitever be their relicions creed
3. The Belzian Proving s shalt be lufy re pected
>» WI.Oet OTrdle
nary sitltngs, ia time of peave, shall be held alterna.
(ely ina town in PHollind and in a town in Be vin.
A. Allthe inhabitants of the Neth tlands bejny thus
. ’ ‘ ,
inthe Assembly ot the States General
constituti mnally assimated amome each other, the
several provinces shall equall enjoy all the co amer-
clatand other advantaves of which their 4 spective
situations are suscentr! €, nor can any ol acl be
lid wpon one to the disads sataee
). Tuinediately ; fler the union the proviares ar
. ve
: : ' ’ ; ‘
(Ow: » ) , Ten } siU6 ilbbea Peeeeen. i (> | ae . et
Urb navicralion of ike Colours u vel I © ww
piovires and towns of Plollan
Q. As tne burdens inust be inc non, ‘ella
, .
th: ‘uly iNtaces the ley CON. sf lime O
' ' ; °
i bo umtom by the gut } cove . } { rin.
vb ly th ebsic Province: on th iO
( roi y at st {VO : cr i@ i i T-*
*.% if .
— , eo” ’ ‘ ’ ;
te ls i] ' Vv ; i e > 4 -
yy ' elif ‘ lee] | ti ‘ > riea ei iy? 7 '
{1 TD daa 1° rire ' if (1 {tdi th) t! .
’ , : , . ear
s') 5 rt) : , Plage ; [= TY ‘ | 1
’ © "' © 7 ’
i Orel Lineal perferceests wid baa -
dence of a me pro wine te whole Nation
$4'Bhe | | d‘heeging up th
© ' . 8 . ;
'¢ *s 6 li 1) j a | \! flim ° ot
pe erally Linfe "a : hy a of Tipe pub ie
vice, reserving Hie obligation of the Soute imei ta!
to furnish aid ia case of extraorbinicy disogtes . ail
o ft > a ; saat ’ 2 se ' f
wee "% ly a9 I . J r TOUT TVE' TIO ay CI t. ft] I vl.
a ra% PS i ’ . . .
bie. reaty of CM bavey Ince CON Med tpon
ef, , rig q>! ite Ff ’ ce : bi» °, . | .
} i ei ! () ) i)e* 45 a 54)
: . . . ‘ . .
Vv) é s. { ote Tale 11) & Hy ' Vy ct) tee’ { Pile | f ©
: : \ '
vinces of the N- the T medon: we h
hastened to appaint a Special Comoniter to oxg
whit 17) ’ ‘ ‘7? 2 { ' : ;
; ’ : :
bit a '¢ il : ‘ ‘ i il ,Ole-
’ : *
‘ .
° ’ , ?
' ? } 5 ti ij ' ,*¢ ls re ’
‘ ; '
‘ ’ ’ IC -
: ' ait ve : : 1 7 1 } ae v ’
he . q?, , rt ' ! Bue f ;
} : ' : l ii } ! : ify. ’
fel | 1, ! ‘ , ) ' iVe .Y ly )
.? '
2 | } : i. ‘i uf] ¢ » 7
THER the : : ,
ye C , ba =e 7 vomrh. fi? e }
, q .
, if all Ls 4 i .
. ' ‘ ’
’ , ’ § } >> ' P pe f i) j } ()) i}
, . ;
r ' | ¢ is ; bi ' v Lhd]
: >% 7 : ’ ’ 7 ; }
, i tA ii | : : ‘
’ : ,
yA { i Mew) ; : \ {oe ' as ‘
: y ;
Tt so] cvyvery ! ‘ ‘ial setae Vovrpecsel weipie ) @xX-
Co cha) | btiy } ‘fr si. il iy ye ij Ww i I) siIcce “a v’.
“A 7 aon :
: : ver, how ewc () B Gad UFRE§ Juee t eae w
: ' : -
Pet) Large tal law, We Cle BITE 1O Gandy | ice Ooursely Ss Oj
bei ‘nt of on Ly yerert one principal regnbition:
bor lis Ty se opu is ( vofables) shell be assem-
: ;
’ ban , ‘ ry ity ¢ } : . ' } i ’ |) yyy ‘ pi¢
j or p ,f | [ \\ i ‘eoOre peng lipat Ee
’ '
} shal! ly } ’ le siti) bi) ]) it) bavi ! }) 7
80 inose{ estinable amd ' st wl) ftyoith ( min if
ft Chete felbow-cttizens. Udit in order to be eertain
‘ : 7 ace a «4 | terns ,
Vel OU LACM he sam thes fbostiall b.
. ‘ : ; .
° ; | threat tly we win ;> ‘e Tt v i ? : , ee | { Cit pulies
: . . , .
are really deserving of the hover of being the organs
t vgs wreric' | il hie ; os. we turth ‘ry order Chiat the list
shall be publisGed and denosited for eight days in the
chief towns of the 1 ‘speclhive clistricte.
> > p °
At the same tinre registers hall be opened in which
c }
ewery inbabitant whois the h Pofia fatnily may
come and tosert a simple note ol reyectton, of one or
ili ) G of the le ii iso named
i is eecordiog ta the result which these registers
all a@ord that the lists will be finaliy determined,
ind the Nofables convowed tnerch Arrondissement.
to vate upon the plan of the indamentallaw which
will be lant before them. Kach of these Assemblies
shall sen us Proces Veiballo Brassels, and shall de-
pyryt es three of us ATembers to attend in eonernl
Meeting at the oneniag of Chose Proces Verbanx
(JOUTMAlS OF PFOTEs lin,) and at the colle ling of the
votes of the Netab:
Such, Belvians, are tae measures wh) » we have
judeedt Ost proper ve the estab Ushinent of a com-
‘yf ; ls ; ‘destinte tye as | Cas
pact Watch ie FO NN your destinies, and thal lo hasten
the moment when your Soverctgn will be surrounded
yy a rvepresetitation legally constitated.
- ’ b } : :
Happy (o eigen over a tree ’ rave, and LMI USt TIONS
peepie, we are sure ol fiadine init that character for
yalty and frankness which hasalways so eminently
- stimg ui >a d Al All UUT ¢ Cirle will be diy cct )
View original ' 4? j
ind the eg IS ¢ cli Sand
‘ ) } yo) . . 2) f 43)
’ ’
ait Tt! ‘yi i i {per \ ' :
ri? | ( 1¢) ! : } cl
ptt dibes ? } \e I hiopl
, : rev, ()] y } , § } 1) ’ i ;
; , } '
»¥ | » |i ‘ » te j Lr.
' I, . Pa \ 's pt)
g* ; .» FT evry ae ’
~ ‘ p 4s
Vor ¢ OUT I ?
‘ ’
a ¥y ’ .
{ ! L180.)
Ve Lt 4 ' ' fal
, ;
’ ‘tr, » ‘
[ .& ‘ j
’ ’ .
. ’ .
‘ i ae it) ‘ \
: *
a =,
4 ’ _ : ] ,
ce° | ’ it
i ' :( }
. ‘UU sia
. 2 ew
View original NEW AMSTERDAM, -
a aS
Sarcaasy, Serriverae SOl1815.
eS) ee »
View original oO SS EOL ee -
Phe shim Wary, (opt. Shans, from Gibraltar, i In
illest. orice cd (his woek.— Nb news, é
cndgreretngiasiremnttisigilinstsreatiarepsnn ad itt ain
View original Pe val VIEENDUES.
On Thursday che oth Ocfober will be soll, by ore
} —_s .
oy cv “OF P, il is. f f.sq. 4. ii aa int ol rap Lage COile
corted an bwithoat ns cvec—Deef and pork in half
barrels, Cevibares, ssleimpores; cotton and coffee
* ° — . : °
miggine, proatill sy EP per, epic silinon, pichles,
naistamd, swe foil, strces wscetet, four in barrels,
riipebyy th - < plore. prvi : Ths Lan} |.
i. . : ;
Q’n fhe syne day wrt be’sold 90 barrels nil hards,
' '
fo Coe ntlesy claret and 7 Prdeiia wine by Uhre cle OZ7CH,
hort ae > - '
ene ry a 4 FAS #2 y Ntas ly > vk Port a nd sherry
Wwinesa low coil ‘
te rc
ICCA MERON, Rep. Vendue Master.
On uf pdbov the Ora Ud pale rnext, will be sol | hy
ore ron lye fen. J. H. ; Vaunrenbrecher, lisqr.,
the ease oo met ay t a c Mrs. Buse, at ¢
repmiths crediy oe athe of his househol.J furni-
(Mee, couselios « beamed a neal China ware,
fables, clriws, bes Cae tsy se 'ver spoons ant
forks. rab ore d ty QD tom Rite deen vlensils, Snle
teetton of booths ta wero Tooguiees, a six oad
leat vecatrrexc Hea rover, a corrmle and chip a
Vutec tare sg, Mamperton Chie hoarse. saddles anc
Dries, &o.— \leoa & cis ao excellent Sr, ‘Julun,
Lidoc, aryl lincateld yoo oubohiboek by thed 12.
NY. OL MP IN, I? en Be Maser.
Oa fuenl Vie CO Ghetto rt, will be seld bv ore
ler of Bessee. U0. hoor PLA. Biaur, fxe-
Ciutors te ity Q } wt vt i Gi ti, , lite Virs. Gauch, A
piece of fand, sauate in Cese, about 20) acres tnore
vy fi otise inl oul I, tit Ming, -
eee! SN ee women ard? chilleen, some


Werte se ti tN, gs cmeet f Ii iia Lem rseraed J.
(wo puats, Xo.-— he. Hew Pre place Om
. . " . 1 © . .
Tins Pere >? | 84) ; . 1 ¥ uth ct) idust, baa Cally.
inl S aml O snemlhis Cor.ctil. ee
D.C. Cameras. Dep. Vendue Master.
SS eS eS eee ee ee
Is herby given to those who hate any demands
acainst the baedle of the bite Dry Po van Voorst, to
romier tho same to the unclerstonecd, within fourteen
days fron toisd fe, as atter taal > rixl the bordel
vilbo forwarded to Demers rv to his widow—whe
theo hones that those wentlemen inftebted to her late
busbond, will come toe ward with immediat payment
G. C. Kh. REUSS,
JOSept. ss By request of the widow,
ALLE de ecenen ale aan de Boedel van wi len
Po van Asselt, verschuidigd zyn, worden by deeze
wer het laatst aangemaand betaling te doen, wen cre,
welke nog jets van gemelde Boedel te vorderen moe.
ten hebb n, werden fen vriendelykste verzocht lune
ne rekenive@ca in te leveren, zullende dez-dve bw ace
coord-bevinding voliaan worden, door
Overs P = ble yene Exetul tT
—— ee ee
~— _—— ee >
- Lb de geenen, welke aan den Boedel yan
. Deteringh, verschaldicd ayn, worden by deze voor
Li ‘tlaatst aangemaand betahag te docn,en dic, welke
nog iels te Forderen moton hebben, worden ten vrien-
delykste verzocht hunne rekeningen in te leveren, dee
weike, by accoord-bevinding voldaan zullen worden,
duor de Lxectteuren van eomelde Bocce.
THE Subseriber imtending to leave this Co-
lony for Rurepe in the beginning of next year bees
all those who are tudebted to hun to come { rwatee
with payment as svon as possible, and Cross having
any demanls against him, todeliver in thete accaunnuts
without delay to Mr. J. ‘o F. Thiensima, wlio is due
ly authorized te receive all monies due him.
es Sep ; Py A. BRAUN.
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View original - s -
- i :
o ~ r
: ;
: 2 :
a '
: '
. .
- 7
7 a
—_— .
. -
- __ ;
; |
_ = >
“~ :

23 September 1815