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The Berbice Gazette

View original NOTIFICATION.
BY Command of the Honorable Court of
Policy and Criminal Justice, of the co-
lony Berbice.
\ \ HEREAS by an Order of the Honorable the.
Court of Policy, of this colony, bearing date the.
5th of April, 1813, a general Meeting of the Pro-
prietors of Lots within the town of New Amsterdam
was held at the Court House of the colony, on Satur-
day the 17th Aprilé for the purpose of choosing a
Committee, to consist ina President and Six Mem-
bers, who were in future to have the Charge and Su--
perintendance of the Town of New Ainsterdam.
These are therefore, by Command of the Honor-
able Court, to notify to the Public, that the follow-
ing Gentlemen have been Elected a Cominittee by a
majority of votes, and are accordingly constituted
by the Court of Policy a Committee for the future
care of the Roads, Bridges, Wokers, and generally
the affairs of the ‘Town New Amsterdam.
J. J.van der Stoop. PRESIDENT.
B. J. Schuiters. Commniissaries
J. H. Schlarhorst. for the
A. Thornborrow. First Empolder.
J. Th. Mathews. (C‘oimmissaries
W. Kats. for the
J. Vogt. Second Empolder.
Notice whereof is hereby given, that each and
every one iaterested, may goycrn themselves accord-
‘New Amsterdam, Berbice, 5th May.
Rk. C. DOWNER, Secy.
ecient nail tig rene
View original Secrelary’s Office.
ALL persons having any claims on the Estate of
the late Wa. Turecrann, sq. either prive, or as
Deputy Vendue Master, are desired to render in
their claims to the Curators appotuted to adiiinister
to his estate, Janes Fraser.
Lewis Cameroa.
John Downer and
DC. Cameron. "squires.
and all persons indebted to that estate, are requested
to make payment without delay.
-Secretary’s Office, 8th May.
Rk. C. DOWNER, See.
I ee
View original NOTICE.
ALL persons having any demand on the Estate ot
the late (bvaAN Duncan Fraser, Esq. are requested
to render ina slatement of their claims to the under-
signed, forthe purpose of being transmitted to his
Executors. Sceerctary’s Office, 8th May.
View original NIG
IN the name of the Executors to the Will of Joun
Hewitt, dec.; all persons having any claims against
his Estate, are requested to render. the same at the
Seeretary’s Oflice of this colony, within six weeks
after date, to enable the said Executors to bring that
estate to a close, immediately after the expiration of
that period. Secretary's Office, 8th May.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original Wordt geadvertecrd, dat; This is lo inform the Pu.
de volgende personen voor.|blit, that the Jollowing per-
nemens zyn uil dese Koloniesons intend quitting this Ve.
te vertrekken. Toman
John Forsyth in 6 weeks from April 10. !
Isaac Farley in 6 weeks from 24 April
Rich. Settle de Piza in 6 weeks from May 8.
J. H. Georgy in 6 weeks from May 8.
R. C. DOWNER, Seey.
View original WORDT hiermede bekendy NOTICE is hereby given,
gemaakt, dat een maand na)\that a month after date the
dato de volgende Transpor,| following Transports and
ten en Hipotheecken sullen| Mortgages will be passed,
verieden worden.
View original SATURDAY, the 8th of May
View original April 10. A. Fleury will transport to Susannah Ge-
orge, 146 feet of the northern front quarter of
Lot 22, 2d empolder of this town, also 50 feets
of land on the north side of the same lot ad-
joining the aforementioned 146 feet, the width
of the quarter of said lot 22.
Susannah George will transport to A. Fleu-
ry, the quarter lot and buildings thereon pos-
sessed by her, being a part of lot ‘37, in the
2d empolder of this town.
—— WidowH. J. Buse will transport to Thomas
Robson, part of lot No. |. first empolder.
Th. Robson will transport to J. Broderick,
part of said lot No. 1.
May 1. The Attorney of Elisabeth Sharp, will trans-
to D. C. Cameron, 6 roods of land of lot No.
6, in New Ainst. with the buildings thereon,
adjoining the premises of J. B. Rule.
View original TO BE SOLD.
ON Saturday the 22d of May, on the west half of
plantation No. 36 Corentyn cuast, at 12 0’clock noon
precisely, to the highest bidders, mong the Credi-
tors of Jos. McDonaLpy Esq. Seventy head of Sheep,
some Horned Cattle, and some acceptances for medi-
cal practise, belonging to the said J. McDonald.
THE Subseriber has, by the late arrivals, receiy-
ed a generaFassortment of Dry goods; also a quanti-
ty of excellent London bottkd Porter. The above
articles she will dispose of tor cash only; a few erates
of earthenware, assorted, is ofjered, either by the
crate or otherwise.
AT Fort St. Andrews, two four oarfd Boats, the
vwhers can have them restored, by paying the ex-
pences, on application to Mr. Joun Kempe, or the
Subscriber. If not claimed in due time, will be sold
al Public Vendue.
S May. | Tus. HW. SHAW.
Subscription Ruvoms.
Under the Patronage of His Excellency Governar,
Gorpox, and a number of Respectable Ine
habitants of this Colony.
Will open the above on the 10th inst., at the house,
lately occupicd by J. B. Rouur, Esq. and bees to
inform the Subseribers, that altho” his Papers are not
yet arrived, he has bcen assisted by several kind of-
iers from many of his Subscribers, to supply him in
the mean time with Luropean Papers. 1 May.
Tue next Meeting of this Society will be held at:
Plantation Bohemia, on Friday the 14th of May next,
W Katz—D. Carnegie—S. Kendall.
Berbice, 1st May,
[ee Ee hr
Y p e
Commissariat Office
Berbice, 1st May, 1813.
_ ‘THE Contractor for Rice having failed in deliver-
ing the quantily required. )
4,500 weight
is wanted immediately, for which cash will be paid
on delivery.
JAMES B. BUHOT, D. Assist. Com. Gen.
View original [ Payable in advance.
View original Vendue Office.
Public Vendues.
On Friday the 14th May, by order of Simon
Fraser, Esq.—1!2 fine full grown oxen, a few heiiers,
an excellent chaise and harness complete, a saddle
By order of H. Snecpel, Esq. a house, situate near
re back dam of lot No. 8, late the property of...
The Vendue Master in commission, dry goods.
G. BONE, dct. Dep. Venduemr.
View original On Tuesday the Ist June, will be so & at planta-
tton Hogsty, Corentine coast, by order of the Cura-
tors‘in the boedle of the lute i. Merchant, all the
Negroes, furniture, &c. belofiging éo the said boedle.
G. BONE, dct. Dup. Vendue Master.
View original —————
On Wednesday the Ist Sept. and tollowing days,
will be sold by orlerof Robt. Tajtt, and Wim. Kew-
ley, Esqrs. in their capacity as Curators to the hs»
fate of the late Richard Barry, dec.—The western
halfof Plantation Newlandhall, being one-third of
Lot No. 20, Corentyn cost.
The southern half of Plantation Harriet, being half
Lot No. 76 Correntyn, together with buildings, and
slaves, stock and all and every thing thereunto be-
longing—lInventories of which to be seen at the Ven-
due oflice.
G. BONE, Act. Dep. Vendue Master.
ne -_-_- —— —- -——_— £-
View original By C. RULACH,
Js in Commissic te bekomen :
Vaatjes Hollandsche rolpens.
Trommels Hollandsche banket.
Brown stout in oxhoofden,
Spy kers.
Elegante dames strooije hoeden.
En andere kleinigheden meer.
I May.
View original Jmported in the Stmon Cock, Jrom London, and
for Sale by the Subscriber:
Beer, porter, & old Port wine.
Centlemen’s silk, beaver, & leghorn hats.
Negro hats, jackets, & blankets.
Osnubrug’s & checks.
Gentlemen’s jackets, waistcoats, trowsers, pan
taloons, coats, & coatees.
Damask & diaper table cloths.
Cotton shirting.—and an assortment of jewel-
lery of the latest fashion.—The above arti-
cles will be sold cheap by the package.
1 May. Wm. CROFT.
View original ———
ALL those who have demands against plantation
Hope, situated on the west coast, since the Scques-
tration, are requested to render them in as soou as
possible, and certified by the Manager, to Mr. H.
Lutuers on lot No. 17, or on plantation Overvssel
1 May. Surviving Scquestrator.
View original EEN icder die iets te pretenderen heeft van de kae
toen plantagie J7oop, gelegen aan de west-kust, ze-
_dert den tyd dat dezelven onder Sequestratie is, ge-
lieven daarvan ten spoedigsten hunne rekeningen in-
_televeren, behoorlyk gecertificeerd door den Direk-
teur, aan den Heer H. Lutuers, op het Erf No. 17,
of op plantagie Overysscl aan
Mey. Overgeblevene Sequester.
View original NOVICE.
ALL persons having any demands against the late
Joun Baptist, dec., are requested to render in the
same to the second subscriber.
1 May , G. SCHWARTS. g “*CUE
View original NOTIFICATION.
THE Goyernor has been pleased to appoint Mr.
Bengamty Tuckiss, Assistent Government Secre-
tary, of this colony. .
King’s House, Berbice, 1st April, 1813.
ly Command.
Tuos. C. EMERY, Gov. Sec'y.
Militia Brigade Orders.
AS the new Arms and Accoutrements for the Mili-
tia, are now daily expected. Lieutenant Colonel
Praser requests, that the East, West, and Coren-
tyn coast Companies, will assemble for Drill, in such
divisions as the Captains may appoint, in order to
prepare themselves fora general Muster, on the 4th
June, on the Parade in New Amsterdam, to fire a
feu de Joies in honor of [lis Majesty’s Birth Day.
By command.
Berbice, 10th April, 1813.
-_— — —— =
THE undersigned is happy to inform the Public,
that the Shoemakers profession is now re-established
y him, at the house of Mr. A. D. Cocur & Co.,
which once was very successful kept up to the ercdit
of those gentlemen, inallits various branches. Begs
those whom forinerly used to give their custom, will
now do the sime, and being but on carly beginner,
will work on the most reasonable terms, namely,
Plaiters shoes f 15.—dress ditto, f° 11.—calashing
and soleing boots f 16-10.—calashing alone f8-5.
will both warrant the leather and work to beas dura-
ble as any customer may require. With thanks begs
this advertisement to be adhered to
17 April. Win. WELCIO.
rm -—-——-
——— — - — ——- S - - S
View original °
‘Vo be disposed of
Fither by Private or Public Sale, and immediate
possession with ‘Pransport eiven—those extensive
and very valuable Promises, ou lot No. 3, in the towu
of New Amsterdam, Consisting of an excellent Dwel-
Jing House, Oul-Buildings, and Stores, all lately put
in complete repair, ata considerable expence. — Che
eligibility of the situation, for either a store, ship-
ping, or public estabtishment, can be exceeded by
pone; and no Buililus could be better caleulated tor
a commodious aud good fiotel, wih Stabling, &c.
so much wanted inthis colony. Terms will be made
easy to an approved purchaser. Apply to Witui-
Should the buildings not be sold by private bar-
gain, betwixt and th Oth May ext, they will then
be disposed of by public sale, in suc’ lots as pur-
chasers may inchme. Produce will be taken in pay-
Oe + +
View original —— ll
Pilot and Llarbsur Master.
INFOKMS the Masters of Vessels in the River,
that he keeps his Oiuee at the house next the Ven-
due Office, where they are requested to calland pay
their Fees, previous to leaving the river.—-3 April.
A piece of Land of lot No. 1, containing 1
roods, situaté at the south side of the backdam—ap-
ply to this Ollice, 7 April,
Tel E Subscriber having appointed Messrs. Ru-
LAcn & FRANCKEN as his general Attornies in his
prive and for N. Volherts—all those indebted to him,
cither by notes of hand, or otherwise, to come for-
ward with payment, if not, to recourse to law shall
be the consequence. Lo J. PORTIER, & qq.
10 April. N. VOLKERTS.
——_—_——- ——
ee ee
View original BitKiNODMARKING.
DEN ondergeteekende aangesteld hebbende als
zyue generale Gemachtigceas, zoo in zyn prive als
voor den heer N. Votherts, de heeren C. Rutacy
en K. Francken, verzockt vriendelyk aan de genen
van dew lke hy goedyjes, aeceplatien, of andere pre-
tenticn te vorderen bectt, zulks aan genoemde zyne
Gemachtigdens ten spoedigsten te willen voldoen,
zullende by faute van dien, middelen van rechten ge-
Druikt worden he J. PORTIER, en gq.
10 April. N. VOLKERTS.
nner tesla >
THE undersigned hereby gives notice to the Pu-
blic, that he is appowmted Agent in this Colony, for
Lloyds Committee, London. ‘Vo whom atl persons
having Demands against the ship Speculator, or her
Cargo, since she stranded on the Last Coast of this
Colony, are requested to render them in Certified, as
customary, at his Ollice on Lot No. 16.
1 April. Il. STAAL.
View original cm '
wees RES
NEW AMSTERDAM, May 8h 1813.

No arrival this week in our Port—but having had
this week a sight of several of the last English Pa-
“pers, we have collect the most interesting extracts
from them.
We are in the meantime happy to say, that an-
other Plantation, in this colony, is released from its
Sequestration, as will be seen in the head of the
Marshal's Office—This will be now the fourth, which
in a short time, is released.
Glorious News!
— March 20.—
Two Genilemen arrived from Holland, ona
prticular mission to the Russian Minister at
the British Court; and another Gentleman ar-
rived yesterday for the purpose of inviting the
Prince of Orange to Holland, where the people
were desirous of joining his Standard ; and it
is further said, that d!-patches were immedi-
ately forwarded to His Serene Highness, in
Copenhagen, Feb. 27.—A Danish sloop of war ig to
sail for Rngland with the Austrian Envoy,
Golttenburgh, March 9.—Vhe Crown Prince of Swe-
den will land with a Swedish force at Stralsund with all
possible speed—and descending at once into Hanover, will
iC is reported, take cominand of the Hanoverians, now in
arms, and declare the re-establishment of the ancient Go-
vernment of the Hlectorate.
It is said to be the determination of the Duke of York
that every one of the Generals wow serving on the Stall,
in Great Britain and Ireland, who have not served iu the
Peninsula, shall be sent out for the approaching cam.
paign; aed also the Adjudant-Generals, Quarter-Mas-
ter-Generals, PaysMa:ter-Generals, Medical aud Com. Departments,
Phe Hon, Gen. Stewart, brother of Lord Castlereagh,
is tumediately tu proced to the Peninsula as Adjudant-
General of the Marquis of Wellingtou’s ariny.
A Gentleman who left Paris in the beginning of March,
states, that the Conscription has been enforced throughout
France with the utmost rigour, and has in most places
been successful, The drawing, assembling, and diilling
of the troops, were scarcely permitted to occupy three
wee ks, befure they were marched off towards the Rhine
and the Elbe, where several corps of observation were
assemb'ed under General Lauriston and the Duke'of Ra-
usa, to Cover, or rather overawe, the German States.
In addition to this resource, in the begianing of last mouth
a proclamation was issued, inviting all males, between
(he ages of eighteen and thirty-two, who had escaped
being drawn for the Conscription, to jain the Northern
Army, oflering to provide for their families, or whatever
‘elatives might be dependent upou them for support ; and
holding out, in consequence of the deficiency of oflicers,
the hope of early promotion, as an inducement tuo those
who shoui? volunteer their services. ‘he 11ch inst. was
fixed as the period for marching those who had enlisted
to join the army. In regard to the cavalry, it is stated
that there was every probability that 40,009, the number
originally required, would be raised, their being Scarcely
an individual, -possessed of competency, who had not
yielded to the influence of those around him, and provided
a recruit or horse, or asum of money. In France, there-
fore, the opinion was, that the Emperor’s exertions to,
assemble a vast military force would be successful, and
that in May or June he would assume the command,
An order was sent to the Custom House, yestenlays
allowing all vessels to clear out for the Prussians ports,
and dirceting that no hindrance shall be given to vessels’
coming from thence.
Admiral Hope, one of the Lords of the Admiralty, is
appointed Commander in Chief of the British squadron in
the Baltic.
View original Yesterday we announced the preparation of a large flvet
of transports forthe Northof Europe. ‘These transports,
we unders(aid, arc to assemble at Yarmouth, whence they
will sail for tue Baltic. It is re, orted that thdy are dese
tined to convey the Sw. dish force, under the command of
Bernadutte, to Pomerania,
Stuttsardt, March 6
**For some days the passage of couriers thro:gh our
city has been very frequent—they are French, Austrian,
and Bavarian couriers, &c. proceeding to or returning
from Paris,
**A great part of the French troops which pass the
(thine, and defite by Frankfort, proceed to Erfurt, where
considerable forces are collecting. Weare assured, that
the contingents of several Princes of the Consederation of
the Rhine are also to march thither. The contingent of
the Grand Duchy of Jlesse has already set ouc for that
‘Feb. 28.—They write from Inspruck, under date of
the 27th, that a new corps d’armée, composed of French
and Italian troops, was proceeding from tie kingdom of
Italy to the North. It will traverse the Tyrol.”
The value of British goods only, expor'cd from Port
Glasgow, in the three months ending th: 5th January
last, amounts to nearly 300,000I. Sterling
The La Gloire, French frigate, which escaped from
Brest some time ago, has safely reached that harbour,
having during her cruise, captured the shi Minerva, from
Surinam, bound to Loadun, which she a erwards sunk ;
the Linaneé sloop of war, of 18 gaus; and the Spy of 16.
His M ijesty, on the 18th of January, issued the fol.
lowing decree at the Thuilleries :—
Art. 1, The men and horses offered by th: cantons and
communes of the 'mpire for the service of the cavalry
sball be furnished, viz. the men above 22 yeirs of age, and
accustomed to horses, and horses more thin 6Q months
vd, having alroady been broken, aud capable of being
mimediately used,
2. Phe men aud horses offered, shall be collected at the
chief places of the avrondissements to aud when the Sub-
Peefect shall have accepted them, they shall be conducted
to the chict place of the department, where the Prefect
and Genera commaudirg shall review then. ‘The 10th
vi tie men and horses shall be chose for the Imperial
Guards. ‘The Oliicer appointed to receive thei shall gife
a receipt for them,
3. As soon as they are accepted, the men and horses
shall be directed to the depot of the regiacuts to which
they are destined,
4. During the time that the men and ‘orses shall re.
main in the depaitment, they shall be m .siained at the
expence ef the department, and under the care of the Pre.
5. As soon as the men and horses shall 1 ve been choseu
and accepted, and left the chief place of the department,
they shall be maintained at the expeuce @ wie Miniater of
6. The men shall be clothed, equipped and armed, and
the horses accoutred by the care of the ¢orps into which
they shall enter,
7. ‘The Minister of the War Administration will make
vulatarif of what cach department must place in the mi-
litary Chest, for the clothing, equipping aid harnessing the
men aud horses oflered; and the Mivister at War will
make out a tarif for their arming. ‘The sums shall, in the
lirst instance, be placed in the chest of the Receiver-Ge.
ucral of the department, from whence the Prefect will
transmit them to the Council of Administration of the
corps with which the men aud horses are to be corpo.
rated. The Minister of the Treasury will giveinstructious
for the removal of the funds.
8. ‘he men and horses offered by Corporations and in.
dividuals, shall also be presented for inspection at the chief
places of the department, and they shall be sent to the
corps for which the departments furnish them. The sums
necessary for the clothing, equipmert, and arming of the
men offered, and for the harnessing of the horses, shall be
paid into the chests of the corps into which they shall be
incorporated, in the way already stated.
9. The Minister at War, of the Administration of War,
of the {nterior, and of the Treasury, are charged with the
executions of the present Decree.
Corunna, Feb, 19.—The French to the number of 800
infantry and 25 horse, entered on the 14th into Astorga,
la Banena, and alle towns. Itis also reported that it is
their'intention to come to VillaFranca. It is believed to
be false, and that their object is to extort mouey.
Feb. 20.—It is currently reported that a nnmber of
French have assembled in Salamanca and its vicinity, and
to this it is attributed that the English and Portuguese,
who were in Braganza, under orders to proceed into Cas.
tile, have not advanced. 1t is also said, that from the
same cause the head-quarters of the Marquis of Welling-
ton have gone back to Freuada, which had set out for Cui-
dad Rodrigo.
Oviedo, Feb. 6.—They write from Laucs, that the
‘French who occupied Sautandar and Torre Ja Vega, eva-
cuated those places on the Ist, carrying away what they
had plundered from the inhabitants of ali the villages in
La Montana. The direction of their march was towards
Feb. 10.—There are reports that there has been an en-
counter towards ‘Talavera, between the troops of General
Hill and the French.
King Joseph was preparing to march for France on the
96th of last mouth, announcing in a proclamation to the
people of Madrid, that the motive of his journey was not
for the aflairs in the North, but in order to assist ata
Congress at Bayonne. During his absence coult com-
Iu the vicinity of the Guadarama 200 French have died
out the 2000 who went to Madrid with Gen, Drouet. .
They write from Lugo, that the Marquis of Wellington
was already there with his army, and that he would im-
mediately open the campaign, which must produce events
of great importance tu the common cause. A new regu.
lation has been made in eur armies, agreed ov between the
Government and the Duke of Cuidad Rodrigo.
Abicant, Feb. 3.—The enemy have begun to concen-
trate their furces and withdraw their artillery, but still
making incursivds with small parties on the intermediate
points between the two lines, and ravaging a country
which they must abandon as svon as operations commence.
Jean, Feb. 10.—IAn Atmodeva are the hussars, and re-
giment of Calaivava, with 300 Catalonians, and in Caro.
lina the other troops which compose the van-eguard, which
is trish, and the regiment of Catalomans under the com.
mand of Brigadier Falquez.
Almadeu de 0 Azogue, Jan, 23.—The breuch continue
in the same positions, making great erxactions of ail kinds
of provisions, which they sell to rane uivncy.
Murcia, Jan. 26.—IUvis generally supposed the French
will evacuate Valencia, but nothing is hnown with cer.
tainty. Ourcavalry which had proceeded to Lorea to
rest itself, is but in ill condition, as there are Wo pi avisi-
ous for either men or horses.
Cadiz, Fed. 10.—1t is reported that the French abar-
doned Madrid on the Sd inst conmiitting a Ciousand ex.
We are assured, that a Proclamation from the mtrufive
King, ia which he takes leave of his beloved subjects of
Madrid, on account of the necessity he is in of procecding to
assist his august Brother, has arrived in this place. It
exhorts them, during his absence, to preserve order, peace,
traugquillity, and love for his persoa,
By the high road of Cabrillas have passed towards Va-
lencia, about 10,000 men, with 14 pieces of artillery, and-
7000 sheep. ‘They had previously made, in the Quintanar,
an exaction of 500,000 reals, aud 2000 bushels of wheat,
and the same in proportion from the other places in the
Cadiz, Feb. 16.—Our campaign is expected to open
early next month, and surely the prospect was never
brighter. Our army of reserve will shortly be respecta-
ble, and we must ultimately succeed. )
A change of Regency is said to be determined on; va-
rious are the opinions respecting the persons likely to form
the new one; the majority, however, think the election
will fall upon the Cardinal of Bourbon, Garne, Ilerrero,
and Theron: the two latter are deputies in the Cortes ;
the first for America, the other for Old Spain.
By the Spanish frigate Vinzanza, from Havannah, we
bave received 1,039,997 dollars, and some eflects.
Cadiz, Feb. 17.—The Americans, aad Crecks from the
View original Black Sea, arrive in great numbers: provisions prowise td
be down to nothing, and as the Ar rican Government
have not been able to prevent their stips sailing with pro-
visions for the Peninsula, brother Jonathan continues to
carry large supplics of wheat, flour, and rice. Flour is
now without a price, and every store in Cadiz piled up to
thetop. Itisnow three p. m. and six Americans in sight.
Carolina, Feb. 20.—According to a person from Ma.
drid, which place he left on the 28th ultimo, the equipages
were proceeding by the road of Alcala, and no ont doubted
the speedy retreat of the French.” He adds, that from
Burgos to Madrid there was not an enemy’s garrison.
An express has arrived with the information, that on the
5th the intrusive King slept at Villa Robledo, and _ that
with his escorts of 5000 infantry and about 2000 horse,
marched towards Valencia; that in the whole of La Mancha
there scarcely remained 5000 French, including the garrison
of ‘Toledo ; and they had, for the last time, exacted in all
the province a contribution of 13,000,000 of reals.
Jean, Jan. 29.—The troops remain in the same points.
We are assured that General Friere’s cavalry were, on
the 24th inst. in Cuadex, and that Wittingham’s division
was to march to Grenada, and from thence to....
Jan. 30.—The day before yesterday set out, from this
place, for Martos, all theartillery belonging to the army:
and that from Consuegra proceeds to Grenada, Every
day provisions and money become more scarce. ‘The army
has not yet received half pay.
Buga, Jan. 18.—We are assured that General Sarsfield
has passed the Ebro, and that Gen, Mina was in Bar.
Elbe, Jan. 26.—We expect General Murray from
England, to take the command of theallied troops, which
already amount to more than 80,000 men. The enemy's
army does not exceed 14,000.
The whole of the property taken at Djojocarta, is im-
mense. The greatest part of it is now on his way to Ben-
gal, and the prize-money is about to be shared amongst
the claimants.
The following is an extract of a letter on the subject:
Djweocarta, June 28, 1812.
‘< Since [ last wrote, we have hada brush with theSul-
tau of Djofocarta, and with very trivial loss on our part
have stormed his place, taken him prisoner, and raised
his son to the throne, I[lis treasure has become the pro-
perty of the captors, and a subaltern’s share will amount
to between 3 and 4000 dollars, Our Joss ® inconsidera-
ble, compared to the number of troops whom we had to
oppose. ‘The enemy stood well while they were sheltered
by their fortifications, but at the sight of our men on the
top of our walls, they fled in all directions. Colyuel Gil-
lespic, Who commanded, was wounded, but not severcly ;
and an officer of his Majesty’s 14th regiment has since
died of his wounds.”
New York, Jan. 7.—By all that we can learn from
Washington, says the United States Gazette, it appears
to us sulliciently evident that some juggle is about to take
place between the Administration and their underwoikers
in Congress, with a view to get this troublesome war off
their hands. Lt has served the purpose for which it was
made, by securing to Mr. Madison his re-election, and he
how wishes to have nothing more to do with it,
I'rom the National Intelligencer.
We observe that au idea is in circulation in some of the
Gazettes, that there is a prospect of au ¢arly accommoda-
tion with Great Britain. We wish it may be founded on
any recent indications, on the part of Great Britain, of a
disposition to meet the liberal advances of our Government.
Of such a disposition we have however no proof. Of the
perseverance of the United Statesin their pacific disposi.
tion, we have no doubt that every additional proof will
appear from time to time that circumstances may render
proper. We allude more particularly to its being intend.
ed, as we learn, to introduce into the Legislature a propo-
sition for excluding by law foreign seamen from the public
and private vessels of the United States. This will pro-
vide for giving effect to any stipulated arrangement between
the two governments, which may take place after the ad.
journment of Congress, without the delay and inconye..
nience incident to a special call for the purpose.
Extract of a letter, dated Norfolk, Dec, 26:—‘‘A.
View original vessel arrived yesterday with the crews of scveral vessels
captured by the squadron at our Cape, and put dn board
just at our Light, among them the ship Pekin (formerly
the British ship Ann Green), coming round in ballast with
a Sidmouth, to load at Alexandria, taken becanse that
she had becn made a prize from them siuce the war, (dn.
other account states that it was because they would not
abmit that her licence protected her only from Alexandria
outwards )—sent to Bermuda. It is said the Commander
of the Poictiers regretted the capture afterwards, and
thinks she will be released. They are close in with the
Capes and speak every thing. ‘Thereare some fears of an
attack here or more south, and the State Governments
are making some preparations.”
Lord Wellington’s Answer to a late Address of the
Merchants of Lisbon.
Lisbon, Jan. 18.
Gentlemen; I am much flattered by the honor
you have conferred on me by this visit, and gratified
by the terms in which you have addressed me.
In the conduct of the operations entrusted to my
directions, it has been my invariable wish and en-
deavour to spare the lives of the brave Officers and
Soldiers under my command, to whose galantry and
discipline their country and the world are so mnch
indebted ; and to diminish, as far as lay in my po-
wer, the miseries inseparable from a state of war;
and Jam happy that I have met with the approba-
tion of Gentlemen equally interested in the happi-
ness and prosperity of the people of the Peninsula,
aud capable of forming a judgment on the imporlant
occurrences of late years. WELLINGTON.
View original _—— ————_
BY the Honorable Court of Policy, and
Criminal Justice of the colony B&bice:
To ali lo whom these presents may conie
or concern; Be it known:
THAT the Colonial Duty of 2! per cent, on all
Produce delivered, or shipped from [states within
the colony of Berbice a its Dependencies, from
the First of October to the 3lst of December, 1812,
inclusive, to be paid to the Receiver General of the
colony, has been established by the Hon. Court, at
their Sittings of the 20th Jan. ISIS, at the following
ates :
Cotton 1] Stivers per pound.
Sugar 4
Coffee St
Cocoa 4
Rum 30
Molas: 20
To which Notification all concerned, are desired to
attend for their government.
By command of the Court.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
per gallon.
ALL persons holding demands against Pln. Brit-
annia, situate on the west coast of this colony, are
requested to render in writing a note of such claims
to the undersigned.—27 March.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original —_—_—_—__—- ——owr————————————
ALI de genen die iets te pretenderen hebben
van, ot verschuldigd zyn avn den boedel van wylen
den Heer Andreas Schlipfer, ofte deszelfs plantaad-
je Te Vreden, in Canje; gelieven daarvan ten spoc-
digsten, uiterlyk binnen «len tyd van zes weken, na
dato dezes, opgaven en betaling te doen aan den Heer
J. A. Hicken op Pln. Standvastigheid alhier, als
‘Testamentaire Executeur, of aan den Heer J. G. F.
‘Turensma, aan deze stad.—97 Maart.
R. C. DOWNER, Sce.
TITE Uouse and quarter Lot No.3 in this town,
in excellent condition, hardwood frame, 45 feet long
hand 20 broad, a story and a half heigh, raised on
blocks 3 feet high, with a new side building, 61 feet
long and 15 bread, hardwood frame, boarded with
crab planks, covered with wallaba shingles, divided
_in several apartments to serve as out ollices, 2 large
water vats, lately built, garden, &c., railed in with
slabs. —'Terms of payment will be made easy to an
approved purchaser—for further particulars apply
on aforesaid lot to its proprietor.
6 March. A.G. CALMER.
View original FOR SALE,
LIGHT prime Ficld Negroes— apply to the sub-
scriber, who will take in payment cash, produce,
or approved bills of Exchange.
— Qk April. Wa. INNES, aq.
View original — a
Marshal's Office.
IS hereby given tothe Pubfic: that whereas the
enal Interdiet, obtained against the Execution Sale
of the Negroes Chance and Iarry, the property of
W. W. Kine, at the instarice of [f. Burro, hav-
ing been settled to the satislaction of both parties:
Said Execution Sale will now take place on Wed-
nesday the 19th instant, at the Court Tlouse of this
colony, at 11 o’clock im the forenoon of that day.
Berbice, 7th May.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal,
View original NOTICE
AT the request of Jouw Layrienn, Esq. qq. Tus.
Bonv, Notice is hereby given to all to whoin it may
concern; ‘That the Estate Lancaster, cum anneris,
situate on the Corentyn coast of this colony, the pro-
perty of W. Tosson, Msq. is released from the pre-
sent Sequestration and Execution, in favor of afores
said Ths. Bond, in consequence of the claim for
which the said Estate Lancaster was sequestrated,
having been satisfied to the satisfaction of both par-
ties. Berbice, Id May. '
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
AT the request of Messrs. Dovanias Ret & Co.
of this Colony, Notice is hereby given to all to whom
M may concern, that the Estates
Bloomfield, the property of J Me C. MeDoxavp.
Letterkenny, do. do, M. Dantas.
1 Pla. No. S6 Corentine, Jos. McDoxaup.
have been released from the present Sequestration, in
favor of the Mercantile house of Douguas Rip &
Co., inconsequence of the claims for which the said
Fstates were Sequestrated, having been satisfied to
the abovementioned house.
Berbice, 14th April, 1S13.
Kk. FRANCKEN, Firs? Marshal.
eo Sul Lik Bg) EXECU TION,
Pow th Proclamation,
BY virtue of authority eranted by the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, dated 6 March
JS13, on the petition of John Layticld, in behalf of
Thomas Gudgeona, Jolin Dodson, and Joshua Hinde;
and of Win. Kewley and Robt. ‘Taitt, as appointed
Curators to the Estate and Milects of Richard Barry,
Notice is hereby given, that I the undersigned,
First Marshal of the Courts of this colony, will sell
in presence of two Councellors Commissaries, and
their Secretary, by public Lxecuion Sale, on ‘tues-
day the Ist of June, Jkle.
The Cotton Plantation JIOGST YE.
situate on the Corr. coast of this colony, with all the
Cultivation, mButhdings, Staves, ancd-lurther Appurt-
enances and Dependencies thereto belonving, agree.
able to Inventory formed thereof. and which favs at
‘the Marsbal’s otfice for the mspecition of those whom
jt may cone.rn.
Whoever sheuld think to have any rieht, action,
or interest on the abovementioned plantatiow //oe-
sty, and its dependencies, and wishes to oppose
this sale by execution, let him or them address (hem.
selves to me the undersigned, declaring their reason
for so doing, ina legal manners in writing, as [ here-
by give notice that 1 will receive opposition trom all
intermediate person Or persons, appuint thenra day
tu have their clans heard before the Court, and fur-
ther act thereon according to law.
All persons bee invited to attend at the day of
Sale on planiation Hogsty, and make their prolit of
the same.
This 4th prockunation pubtished by beat of drum
as Customary. Berbice, 2d May, 1813.
K Francnxen, irst Marshal
Fourth Proclamation.
BY virtue of authority obtained from the Honor-
able Court of Civil Justice of this colony, dated 6th
March 1813 ona petition of NaGgures and Fyrz-
GERALD, Merchants of Pemerary, as Agents for the
ene House of Laing Turine & Co of Lon-
Notice is hereby given: That I the undersigned,
First Marshal ot the Courts of this colony, will Sell
in presence of twe Councellors Commissaries and
their Seerctary, by Public Execution Sale,on Wed-
nesday the 12th May 1819. ’
The Colton Estate named
situate on the west sea coast of this colony, with all
its cultivation, buildings, slaves, and other appurt-
enances and dependencies thereto belenging, all con:
View original formable to an In-ventory formed thereof, and lying:
at (he Marshal» Oltice for the inspection of those
whom itmay coggern. Said Estate being the pro-
perty of Duptey Wane.
Whoever should think to have ary right, action
or interest on the abovementioned Plantation Yeovs/
Place, and its dependencies, and wishes to oppose
this Sale by Execution, let him or them addres them-
selves to me the undersigned, declaring their reason
for so doing, ina legal manner in writing, as 1 here-
by give notice that I will receive opposition from all
intermediate person or persons, appoint them a day
to have their claims heard before the Court, and fur-
ther act thereon according to Law.
All persons being invited to attend at the day of
sale, on Plantation Yeovil Place, and make their
profit of the same. .
This 4th Proclamation published by beat of drum
according to custum.
Berbice, 11 April 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal
fuurth Proclamation ,
WITEREAS I the undersigned, by authority ob-
lained from the Houvorable Court of Civil Justice, of
this colony.
Granted upon a petition presented by W. Katz,
under date of 28th Aug. 1812.—Versus, the Repre-
sentative or Represeatatives of the Cotton Plantation
Nigg’, situated on tie Corentyn coust ; have caused
to be taken ta Execution and Sequestration, the
abovenamed estate Nige.
Be it therefore known, that I the undersigned in-
tend to Sell, atter the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the ]l Sept. 1812, the said) Plantation
Nigg, with all its Cultivation, Slaves, Buildings,
and further Appurtenauces thereto belonging, and
specified in the Inventory laying at the Marshal's
Office for the inspection of those whom. it may con-
cern, in order to recover from the proceeds of said
sale such sum of money as wherefore the Estate above
mentioned, has been taken in execution.
This 4th Proclamati@n published by beat of dram
as customary. berbice, 2) April,IS!y.
KK. Francren, First Marshai,
Lourth Proctamation
WHEREAS J the tndersigned, by authority ob-
tained from His Mxcellency J. Murnay, Brigadier
General, and Acting Governor of the colony Ber-
bice and its Dependencies, &c. &c. —- &e.
Granted upon a petition of W. Karz, in qaralaty
as Atlorney of Samucl and Llisabeth Ames, ot Bar-
bados, have caused to be taken in’ Execution and
Sequestration, the Western Two Thitds of Lot No.
[1] Corentyu coast of this coiony, the property of R.
Hanrais, the person against whom abovensaiged wri
of execution ts granted, under dete of 26 November
. Be it therefore known, that 1 the undersigned in-
tend to Sell, afler the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 22d of Feb. ISi3, the abovemen-
tioned two western thirds of Lot No. 1] Corcatyn,
with all its Cullivation (being Cotton), Buildiners,
Slaves, and further appurtenances and depeudencts
thereto belonging, and specified in the jnyeutory
laying at the Marshal's Oitice for the Mspection o.
those whom it may concern, in order to recover from
the procecds of said Sale such sum ot money as
wherefore the Estate abovementioned, has been ta-
ken in Executions
This 4th Proclamation made known to the public
as, Customary. Berbice, 21 March [s13.
KK. FRANCKEN, First Marsha.
View original Summons by Edict.
BY virtue ofan extract from the minutes of the
proceedings of the Court of Civil Justice of this co-
lony, under date 2d March, 1813, given in the cause
of Josepu HALLand A. Krircer, as Executors to
the Estate of Joux Sawyun, dec., versus, all known
and unknown Creditors against the said estate.
[ the undersigned, First Marshalof buth the Ho-
norable Courts of this colony, and at the request of
aforesaid Jos. Hall and A. Krieger,in their said ca-
Summon by Edict for the Second Time :
All known and unknown creditors of the estate of
John Sawyer, dec., appear before the Court of Ciyil
Justice of this colony, at their session, to be held in
the month of July, 1813, and follow-ing days, for
the purpose of there exhibiting their claims, to ve-
rily the same, and if neeessary to hear the objections
made thereon, as well to witness the Court’s deter-
mination as tothe Preferent and Concurrent right of
claimants against the said estate, and further to pro-
ceed according to Law.
This second summons oY edict being made known
to the public, by beat of drum, from the Courthouse
of this colony, and further dealt with according to
Custom.——Berbice. 7th May.
k. FRANCKEN, ist Marshal.
View original Summons by Edict:
BY virtue of an Appointment, eiven by the Court
Civil Justice, under date of 26th Oct. 1812, granted
upon a petition presented by B. J. Schwicrs and A,
Thornhborrow, in their capacity 14 the (wo eldest Ore
phan Masters, (Weesmeesteren), and in tbat Capits
city Executors appointed by the Last Will of 47.42
I the undersigned, First Marshal of both Courts
of this colony, and at the request .of aforesaid B. J,
Schwiers and A. Thornborrow, in said capacity.
Summon by Edict :
All known and unknowh creditors against the ese
fate of 1}. M. Grau, dec. to appear in person or by
Representatives before the Court of Ciyil Justice,
at their Session which willbe held in the month Oc-
tober, 1815, there to give in their claims agaiust said
estate, to verify the same, and further to proceed
according to law, on pain to all those who remain in
default, of being for ever debarred their right of
This summon by edict made known to the Public
by beat of drum from the Court [ouse of this culouy,
Berbice, Sth eb. ISIS.
K. Franexen, First Marshal.

View original -e

Sunmons by Edict:
BY virtue of an appointment granted by the Hon-
orable Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, nnder
date of Gth March 1813, upon a petition presented
by E. Theobald, appointed Curator to the Estate and
i.flects of Henry Croft, dec.
[ the undersigned First Marshal- of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request of said L. Theobald,
in his cxpacity abovementioned.
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors against the es-
tafe of Thenry Croft, deceased, to appear in person,
or by power of attorney, before the bar of the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their session to be
held in the mouth of January, in the year one thou-
sandeight hundred and fourteen, (say ISI4), there
tu render their claims against said estate, to verity
the same , and atier proceeding according to law, to
witness the Court’s decision on the preferentand cone
current right of claimants, on pain to ail those who
remain in default of being for ever debarred theit
right of claim.
This summons by edict is published by beat of
drum, as cuslomary. Berbice, loth April, 1813.
kK. FRANCKEN, Firs¢ Marshad.
View original ee.
BY a gentleman leaving ap the river, two Negro
Women, the one capable of understanding cooking,
and the other washing, for whieh f 25, per month
each will be givens
2b April. Apply to this Gliice.
ee. a ey! a
View original a : é
ee ee
AN excellent full toned PLANO FORTE
Apply to R. C. DOWNER,
24 April
LL LLL I tl,
View original _——
FOR SALE—At this Otfice—Blank Bills of Exe
change, Uills of lading, and the Manner of Procees.
dings, before the Court of Civil Justice of this Coe
View original -_-.!-hUhll CC OCU" —
_ —-——- _
List of Run-a-way Negroes, in the Colony Stocks of
A a Sy
a —- t—t—i—e
Ligenaren, '
Airs. Merchant
Pin. Onverwagt
Plu. Maria
Pin. Lancester
rong ( Dein.)
Pin. We'daad
James Fraser
Spaugenberg «
Dr. Gordon
Pin. Weldaad
Pln. Wassondom
Idem ¢
Ky Fraser
Berbice, on the 29th -lpril, 1813,
By whom brought.
I rauendorft
KF rauendorft
J. A. DEHNERT, Under Sherip,
View original eee et
Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock, P. a,
Br W. SCHULZ & Ge.

8 May 1813