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The Berbice Gazette

View original ~_— eee ee ae el
NOTICE is hereby eiven to the Public, that the
Marshals Oflice in future wie be Key ft at the Sccre-
tary’s Oilice.—Berbice, 4th Sc pet. Lace
WK. FRANCK ON, Baod Marshal,
To furtherance of an Appointment trom: His Fx-
eclency H. W. Bresytivesa, Esonire, Lécufenant.
Governor of the colony Berbice and its Dependen-
cies, &e. &e.w Ke. Civen upon a petition, present-
ed by his Honor M.S. Des ETT, [° scal 01 this co-
fony, RLO. dated the [2th Sept. ISE4.
Poke understined, DPiist ‘tarshal of the Courts
willin this colony, ithe mame and behalt of M.S
Bunxurt, Fiscal it. O.
Do hereby
Lm by dick:
sununon Cy Hdect.
AT v t>» L - LN y
JOHN MUA se daar.
Residents of the coony Deomerary.
PERSON IVE LY to appear hefure the Wonorable
Counsellors Commo: trics of (ig Court of Policy and
Crinvinal Justice of this colony,on Monday the P7¢h
of October, 184, and follows ve dass, itnecd, tor
the purpose of there hearty, caswertn, and proc ed
to such conclustonand deniwnd as his Honor the Fis-
cal RL O. thenmand there shathextibit, and farther
to proceed according to Law.
This Suinmoa by Edict, made known to the public
by bert of drain teom the Court (Mouse of this colony,
osted up, and furcher dealt with as the Law directs.
Berbice, lth Sept. USc4,
kK. Bic AM CHEN, Pivst ‘Marshal,
A Ss —*_. =a - Se Md
View original See (CCC — -_ ——————————E_
Wier. be Yoel ive ly (! Je TV froforsof Plenta.
tion Pir: /) for pron v ) pO%7 may ‘Ss Of COO | chewy cote
ton, atthe store of Mr Cho Ns byte 6.0 Sotuatay
the 10th of Oconer inex y the tee fo ler, if pd-
proved of, wilt be ace pte “ M.
cash or ap proved bills obodwtatuge cu louvery.
17 Sept.
yo made in
View original ——$_ $_L__ IO ——— rr —t— ee —<——————
ALLL persous havine doo. tsa be dostaes
Of Fredenk Roclviit, und of th tree | NWO
Anna Caritas, deceased, or those idepted to Che said
estates, are aati reguosted within stx weeks after
date, to render ti Cheir cha. come forward with
peyiments to Gilles Hobus, tones os Fyeeulor of
the Wills of the suid pr rsoli—, ery Sept. i7.
kk. C. DO ' Ni, Secy.
Ths #s to inform the Public, that the fuolloxing per.
BOS enlenrd Y “ldinge bhis Colony.
John Cro,Crwaite in 6 weeks from met, os
Mary Biairin l4 days trom Sent. 10,
R. CC. DOWNER, Secy.
View original Se] t.
Duce ls
View original A. Leisner, 15 roods of the southern back part
of lot No. 19 in New Amsterdam, with the buil-
dings thereon, adjoining the public center-road,
R.C. DOWNER, Secy.
WIPERS the following persons have addressed
themselves tothe Won. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the colony Berbice, at Cicir Sessions of the
4 July, Iddd, for Letters of Manumission:
J. J. thiuken, dorthe Mulaito boy named Alaas
J. van pen Brork, and A. A. ne La Court,
In quality as mxecutors to Che last Will of the Widow
ll. J. Buse, tor the Mulatto man Lau, the Negroe
unin Jacoh, Dove Jan, Fredril:, the Mustice woman
Anna Letsman, the Negroe woman Turiba, and An-
Novice whereof is hereby eiven fo those whom it
may coucerny, and who may wish to oppose the grant
of said otters of Manuimission,that (hey may addres
(hemsclves tn writing tothe undersized Secretary of
he coloay, previous fo the ensuing Sessions of the
Hoa. Court, when a final disposition will be made on
the aforesaid Petition. beibice, duly 4.
R. C. DOW NII, Soc.
On Monday 19th inst. will be sold at plantation
Seaficld, west cost of (ris colony, by order of Alex.
Sunpsonm, as Executor of the late W. INerr, consist-
ing of 12 negro men, 2 women and 2 children, ma-
hogany tables with D ends, a side board, pombroke
tables, Windsor and hair bottom chaits, a liquor
case, glass and carticn ware, silver spoon., knives,
and forks, spy glass, a hhl. wine, old rem, 2 sacdle
horses, O youns creol cattle, encyclopedia parthen-
y's, a Collection of other books, beds aud suairesses,
wearin apparel, &c.
Ou th: sine day and place, the effects of the lite
Heary Phi lall, consisdiag of 2 negru micny some sil-
ver table and tea spoons, &c.
Also by order of George Bone, fiteen head
fine youn catile.
Lastiv-—on the same day and place, by order A.
Sipson, tn commission, a negro man named barry,
(6 head of eatt e.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
2S Ses «§ & oes ~ ~TR GR «eo 49°82 ES |=
- - er
On Pbursdty the 92d instant, will be sold at the
Vendue Otlice, by order of Sarah Kraan, the house
on lot No. 8. belonging to her children, as formerly
Wdvertized in this Gazette.
tiso a few hhds a
Also a few hhds. of draught porter, pease and
nutes in Wes, sorp, candles, rum, gin, brandy, a
sarninity of dry roo Sycurpenters tools, Madeira wine
in bottles, beefy pork, a cask of hoes, a few eructs
calthon ware, iron pols, butter in firkins, &e.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Mastcer.
so om eee CL
On Tuesday the O7:h instant will be sold at: plan-
(ation Ken lalls, 40 head of Ane cattle, and 50 ead o!
sheen. at Sand 6 months credit, the property of Mrs.
Surnett.— Vso £00 40 head cattle, by order of Sam.
hendall, for which demands agatost hin or (he plu,
(ation, will be taken in payment
D.C. CAMUERON Dop. Vendue Master.
View original —_— eS ——$__—___ a —
On Monday the Sd October, will be sold by ordet
of the Hon. Board of Weeshamer of this colony, the
I flects of the late Richard Towler, H. Millan, and
Smalley,—consisting in weurng appear I, furniture,
i variety of carpenters tools, a horse and chaise, ten
prime necroes, terms of sale for the negroes 3 and ©
months, other articles payable in G weeks.
On the sa:me day a parcel of dry yoods, provi-
sions, &c.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
Qn Pucsday the 4th October next, will be sold at
plantation Smithson’s Place, er No. 8 in the canal,
by order of Henry Smithson, 50 head of cattle, tine
lafoxen, milk cows and youn heilers amongst them,
ind 100 head of sheep; 20 Negroes, chit fly remov-
cd from plantation Weymouth,—to accommodate
purchasers—aiso a baling machine, in complete or-
der, some houschold furniture, &e.—The negroes to
be sold af 6 Monts credit, calile and other artic! s
at Y months credit.
NB. Refreshments will be provided at the place of sale
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Yendue Master.
View original CUSTOM HOUSE,
Berbice, 17th Sept. 1814.
IT is Provided and Enacted by
the Statute of the 26th Year ofthe Reign of His pre-
sent) Majesty George the Third, Chap. 60, That
Produce or Merchandize, of any description, cannot
be carried trou one Port or Place te another, but in
such qualified vesscts as are directed by the said Act,
having « Deck, and not being less then 13 Tons bur-
then, such vessels not duly Registered at some Brit-
ish Port, agreable to the Provisions of the atoresaid
Act, which shall be found or proved to have clans
destinely Shipped, or carried Produce frou this cO=
lony without tirst having obtained the proper Certi-
ficiies, will be Hable to Forfciture with Chree times
(he value th reot on conviction. AND represen as
lions fiiviiy boen made to this Office, that notwilh-
sftandioe tac severe penalties operating against such
Chindestioe practices, as also that such abuses AR bs
and Yio TP coatinne; at was found necessary to e-ale
(he same tothe Hfonorsble Couunissioners ot His Mae
Jaty’s Customs, London, who have been pleased
to Order (he Othcers of this Port to enforce a due
obscervaice of the Revenue Laws as transinilted tor
heir Government, ao! doublless as mary instances
nay have arisen through error or misapphiaation, it
Is hoped no future complaints wil appear; proper
measures being adopted to obiain proofs thereof, as
every boat belonzing to the diferent Colton Estates
will be required to Register their Name and Built,
Wabove 13 Tons burthen; Likewise the inost partis
cular attention will be given to facilitate the conve-
nience of clearing Boats whose situation may be near
(he boundaries of Deinerary.
=e aS eee ee eS Se
View original =e SS] CEES eee Sl
For the Use of the Civil Commissary Department
— Three puncheons of Rum, for which Tenders will
be received by the subseriber, until 10 o’clock in the
mormng on Tuesday the 20th ints. when they will
be opened in presence of His Excellency the Govere
nor, and the lowest, ifapproved of, accepted.
R. MACKENZIE, Acting Com.
10 Sept.
View original ———-—|_—-———. -»
17 Sept. Apply to H. LUTHERS.
A Green Turtle to be killed on Tuesday the 20th
and one on Friday the OSd inst. at the house of the
Subscriber on Lot No. IL.
17 Sept. LOUTS B. McREA.
View original THE Firm of A. D. Cuctte & Co. being dissolved
on the First of this month; those indcbted to that
Concern, are requested to make payment to cither of
the undersigned. A. L. CUCHE,
10 Sept. J. GUHLEKE.
View original oe
wm Onn a ee Oe Oe oe ee ss
List of Run-a-cay Negroes, ia the Colony Stocks ef
Benesicer, or the 16th Sept. 1814,
- e ———
Names. | Propriet vs. By Whom prougnt.
Le —— ee TT
View original Namen.
J Oues
—_—_——_—— (so
Pin. B b neste
Plo. Quves wagt
Plu. Mara
a La von
~ des Hing
- L. Schmide
O01 leback
Pl. Ierstelling
I, Gouvernest
. A. DENNERT, Under Sheriff.
View original Sa TT Se SS ee ee eee
View original Se ee
a ge
Leys 15th Sunday afler Lriaily.
21} \jst. Matthow.—First Quarter 8 TI. 49 M. Morning.
22)¢ [Ning George Td. Crowned 1761. ( Neap ‘Vides.
2.) Sum enters Libras—Autumnal Equinox.
© |,
€7 In the course of the present month, the Town Lots
must be all weeded clean,
2 OX? oe
Sarvrvay, Serve ubeER 17, 1814.
We lay before our Readers a few Extracts from the
blest Newspapers.
—_— ee
View original — rw ee
Lord Castlereagh, onon tie discussion of the Treaty of
Poaceia the House of Co.umons on the 290th June, thurs
Beaks of frre Views oF Cros ‘coment with rezaid lo the Co.
Jon, ‘Sy aod particalariy those of Tobago and st. Lucia s—
“Ut was necesary, we contended, that Prance stiouw.d ve
Radoced in her tecutonal dindts, and abovealloune olints,
We toda ned the wecessily of restocing that aacicnt and
faiful OWS, bdo davvdhe aac ,bovidery such a barrier fur
Ber as would sccare ner dzatastauy future encrua Ne
u yrvolrer hiber ahedh aa, peMa. thee. la | Foportton, (oo,
a (loidland conta ce miade steone and Secure, Her Costm Co
toerestora ion of bee Colonies would be considcred y Us
2 anced w ra Liat badd | PCC aNd Propriety. bie tiuste
ed that HWoliaod th tac pro, osed unio vol terri€ory . atv
7 ' , | ' . f > “rT »
pore’ sions, Would be perkeetly able te matotain her NS
pen Circe, AN pomhoaud Clee a. bat Yobehnhts oa that subjec
Were net compl teandie trea y which bad already been
. 1} : ,
§) ned. (rey Would | Canciua Wy ala he liad Ihe doubt Sade
tisfactoiry toad parties in the oeociutions which wer
app 79 ino, 1 Hb ibe Neral 4TPaticcineuti new cotnba.
Notions of Gormbory took place, that woull oo be surprise
In aifesc a wor ol suc Guratha atid afoON TS ia the Course
of which the Lasts of kingdon s and cM) tres had) been an
pery tual Heluation,—¢ hleae £ hear! hear i) Wita
TeSPCci fo the wera WNity witch lias Dow Matudes ted yy (this
Country ia her cessions to France. he wou d visly
fay that there was no prlecipie of the teach of which ti
and those wih whom be tad the Honour lO act Were wore
filly D rouaded (han thiss that tt was expodiont fully to
Open te trance Cie wcaus of peaceful occupation, and chat
it was uot Ghe ia crest of this country to make her a inili.
tary and conquerius, mistead of a commercial and a paci-
fic Nation. (Hear! hear! heave!) It was on another
prince le that we had withheld frou Fran "Cy ‘Tobaso—
Pamely, thatit lad becom fiast setihd by Gr at Britains and
theta fact ove y ndvidual at prescat on the bssaud was
ascojoct of Gicat Britain. The French Govorument,
fe ling the foree of this ciecumstance, had not dissontea
, = ; .
from Our WW, iid woh dstlaad ul Pobazo from ourolthes
Woast Tanta sessions Wilh respect to the ast bugis our
i° ,) {.° .! ‘ ’
] Poryosribomds Fad Veen Ah Ny ihe CECACH Gove Wace in
as hed f { > uf ) Paiam SS ana CCU LV Jathos ; a id
wi rarew lout dis bbouw ty COwetoan equitable aug iSl-
Dit. Ith i“ yw by Us ds a principle, Chat
Waere foeeni ts was proctiCally on the side of om PUWET,
e ' ' ' °
Mowas betfer cor the h ness OF hadi and for the peace
ortiec two c,irey rSatcs toad krance should cntirely
al). don (.C em ty podiklo us on a , Ole ha ds Wihilcoon
the other, we saould atio.d to France every fuc.lity of
Commercein th quarter of the yiobe.—TVo this the Fre ich
Govern ent aceeedsd. Wb oecounm rcial Stalious ba didi
therfore ceecd to h Ty Wilh (lie exception of the
Nausziti.s, which hod been claimed by the British Govern.
mow. nolan account of ey Commercial advautazes resalic
from tfS possession. Dut because in tine of war it was
A vrcal mariiime upisance, hi guly detrimental of our come
Mmeree. du the two last wars the injury to our Commerc.
b) the OCcCUPdhion of the ve QUTRELUS on th . part of th "ene
Dy. asac urisy station, was uncalculable. While on the
Bubjoct of withholding some of the French Colonics, he
would recur to the West Indices to Observe, that we had
there rocained st. Lucia, not for its comiuercial advantages,
but on the following geounds :—K france possessed the four
best ports in the West Indies. We had no port at all
equal fo them. Those ports were Guadedaloupe, Marti.
nique, St. Lucia, and the Saints.—I]e belay the opinion of
our secorify, we had demauded the Saints, as the least
valuable in any other respect than as a harbour 3 being
Jittle more than a barren rock. The French Gov erament
Jiad an impression, however
, that the Possession of the
Saints was essential to. the preservation of G
To us itcertainly did not
appear that Guadaloupe would
be at all cndanvered by our occupying (ie Saints; but as
all that we wauted was a good | ort, We accepted the oiler
of the French Goverament to give us St. Iaucia, an Istand
which was more valuable ia other respects [although holt
to a great degree) than the Saints.”
—_— sb.
Whea we some time since eXpressed gur warm admira.,
View original tion of the conduct of the French King, and of that due
buxture of flemmess and wederavon whieh be has dioplayed
inevery part of it, and wiren at the same time we learned
From the #vench Papeis that he had dexterously evaded
the confirmation of Gig Poovisional Constitution, aad wail
out avy force or oliessive language had procured the re.
vision of it, we fully anticipated that the event: would tu
every respect auswor to the wisdomof his policy, and cha:
Prancey under suci aSovereign, would precure, if not the
best extsting Constitution, at least the best which should
suit her actual circumstances. Lt was the folly of the
first French Revolutionists to consider the People as so
many men upon a chess board, aud putting their passions,
ther prejudices, aud thete uadgnal habits wud caaracts WS,
totally out of the question, to subject them to a foe
Consiitution, like so many soldiers dri led according tu
rules aud regulations, ‘Phe framers of the new Coustitu.
Gon would fave been guilty of the same folly suf they haa
given to Frencliien an exact counterpart of the bestisu
Constitution—a thing as little suited to (heir pauds aon
habits, as our dood and wines are to their bodies. A wove
Sion of tue British Constitution into kycnchy, would coscme
ble oaly a version of Milton or Shakspeare into Chow bane
guage. ‘Phey have veither the virtue nor (ne understacd.
lg lo practise vr fo support it. ‘The circumstance of .
New Constiuton givcu toa Krigdom uke kranceys is piace
ler of 50 Much woment and genceai brterest, that wo dee.
Ki UeCessury Co midke @ CunsOryY sur) y vf sume of the
Prowident features in whieh itdiilers trom ourowu four,
Poe Cousitutwoual Act begivs with a preanible wai
Is at gice Wace and digniied. Lt is digmiucd, because. b
asscriumg & 2Ood and sudlbouene eeason to. gavin
Lonstituiion, IU Felvuves tical pulaGonw ol oi wcubin boa
Fo give, aba readers toa Ruy al Jordtiveand Werol Ga, cr
bisiead of so much Cunguctodad eaturted reo tus Ciown
Under a pocuiiee stale ob circumstances. bl as) wis
oe .
cs a VA ,
9 i) te
Cudse. Ly Prd’ Ciidke &.
~ j a)
> MO todr Gdriiiviss aiid Justa. bilby
isc yy pecCeQ ly de Soe Ss sOneG of the wuluoraty v
Laie Marcin Sp ctor ly Gie dew Porta, oid rend rs dle .eew
VeG@ttsdletob eadidoe a CON Ot Wad aimee dinent Of th
VIO GoveoraniceDly tia tire Cheatiou ul heady. Ama.
Q’aly Of ions usay as SOLU tore Boo tae imdbads of
SNE ta yori y Uf ada. ded io ouch a jp Werlur barites
dfdtisl ue opyporte boeutir ul d .ove ol Whovest) 5 (hat al os
diWilyo da biadtles Ul Wisdour vi Laogussalors 10 cht dvour lu
yorginat Weobave tosay, tho dore, in a word, that
the preamble to tas Constuiuticu os aitugedhicr that of a
wise aud KoOod dalace, dhe oven ou point Of Cloquence ts
eHaithe to Pou ptosis aret woneral (ithe, Uthat of tine
Puowe Kilaes of the tienen, assorts all the pHUCcHples of
British borty—the equaliy of persons wtih to
fhe Law—tie mage OF p cesonal dtu ‘ity aud its SCCUTITI Cy
dnd he supremacy ve ostableucd Rongion, aud the dae
Deriy of the Picss. de ads the abuution of the Couscrt, -
Moti—~a sy stem j mguaut willh (he destruction ol brane,
My cucdlhy up the souts of ber pOpulation 5 ana stil more
bata y destructive of all virtue aad morality, by removing
Voyo vy Housatds trou tac coutroul, the exany le, aca
(he cauecatiod of thee home, mito the licentigusiess ata
Indepoud nee of (he segihnent—hu the neat general licad,
(he forme ol the hina’s Government, the mala new feacna
Is, Ciial Gale ib sees dave Ube widation ol a | Lois —
QAeist wich ws uocossary under pacsent cirCubias tances, bus
Wlach We shoud Lave boca cg ad to have seen Villy bony Ue
Paby 5 al gives LOO Wi wen pyuWwer totue | UrONe, diid Pemders
ad Lesisabve ad wecprescutiive Body a mere Counc,
flias au cueclual tinitatiow or lis pecro,adve, that emtiucs
of the bso thodses may potsva the ang to propose a
Laws becruse the progcctof this Law niust be previous.
ly discussed an a SoCucl Committee, or, in other words,
Petusiod wugatury by the mer, osition of Gove muent,—
Phe meat Golo, the Cuaimber of Meers, is formed UpPOn Ci
hivdes of Gai House of Lords, aud ditlesys no further tieou
var words (oan ioatits salungs ave to be secrete ‘Lins,
duwevor, i bitle wore Chao a diberence i furm, inasmucs
de (he debates vf out Lords are not by right public, ana
doy Mouloery citer O4 the Court or pupular side, nia)
Cost the dovis; and as tae people have wo Coustitutiuna,
Made to any Censorship apoa the lords, su there cau b.
Nu goats tor any coarpblint that they are not aduuttca
ty Gacke si oes. i Ne Liberty ol (ic Press miust tot be
CoMlyutuded with Ge aoerty Of saying, hearing, and pub-
lishany every thityg.—lre Chauver ol Deputics dither
very € misieadlas y 100) Our Comins, Divine iivet plac 5
Mole Ol bom elected by the trecholders at large, tin
Wepurdes are ty be electd oy Micctoral Colleges s that) is
(UW Say, yy Corpuratous domed trom the treeholders by
the Grown, Lae teeciolders are jest to cect the Cote
IOLES, Clhal ds to Bay, lu cleetthe blectors > nese lulectors
dre lo be appioved vy tue Crown oe chanved, and whe.
Sv approved of So Caoduacd, are to elect the Deputies.
Vins is asad failing otf trom the Beitish C ymistitudions but
isy perbaos, nocessary ty tie slate of iivrimatien ava prov.
perly tn biduce.
Upon the whole of this Constitution, it appears to us
to be as youd a system as f rouchmen cag adit; wud Gine
only Can fil up ats outhne, "Phe Deputies will be *espec.
laBicimeny a Cie qualiucation in poiatof property is suf.
Hciwnt, ‘Phe bicctors, likewise, are required to POssess
more property thao many of the Electors an) Enyland,.—
When the particular circumstances of the Gimes shall pass
away, Ue system has thatia itself which wall gradually
luiprove ity aud were Was not to be sougit or expected,
Paris, June 4, 1844.
The King, for the first time, eutered the Assembly at
halfspast three, preceded by a Deputation of the Legisla.
live body, accompauicd by the Princes of the Blood aad
‘datalial ef kiauce, why placcd tuomaclyes aver the
View original Throne. The cries of Vise le Rot wore wniversal Mowe
selameur the Chancellor was seated at the King’s leet 3 the
Wukos ob Aboouleme and Orleaus Standing ou This Mages.
ly > migat band; the Duke of Berri and 'rince of Conde
va the dell; tue Legisiative Body stanaiog., The King
Dad a blue costume. with (wo cpaulettes, the cordon biclly
deta french hat wath white feathers, [is Majesty being
eatel ou the Phrone, (ok oli his hat, aud mace the tole
‘OWI Neceh ~—
Cronilomcu—NWhen, for the first time, T come to this
Assibiyy stat unded by the great bodics of the Stat s
She teeproschuages of a Nati Ny Which docs nul cease te
ee ine the ost (ouching procis of its love. ] COUPTue
tuddte ny so dfaa hovers bo come the disy cuser of the bon. tite
Which Dive @eovdones. Gers Co grant tomy people —
(have cocciedod wate WWustria. Loussia, Hag amd, aid
Prasssiy a Poveos a worcataeir Adios ace Counpebed, thae
i> tu a), ail Lina a ea » Ol the ( ij IsGal Woot a. j ig
wae Wa avr aly fe reco ioe ds umaersal.—t le
\ . Wile bra “Ty oN Vil wCCul | G Mnotle Nill 3
’ ) blac ' t 7 Oller, Una remains to ace
Myint gy Wine Oo lor States acquire of sce
Ciba ds {u tla TEC L bot UW, and cons Ju “aathy aaas
Co erth pow or What she doses uot proserve of ter
COT Cests, Gtoat not tot Cousidercd as an ) retronchinient
U (foubste ogo -—TPhe cloey of the Froach acms bas
4 wea to adela ds —f Mii me wis Ol i it ‘ ily rss rst ly
aod (he aiaster works Abdi lo Ocho too ws b . > IhO1S
Sted) Aw sacred! Cary lec rt is Ol victorv.—} miuwhs
vl commere ys su don stat, areabvcutto be fres—the mare
Ieot of by vy 4 i bora maooly tothe TOU Ce
Gots Of ver Oowi Sout Pommestiy. Liuose which ne
nas mod awantl, or woich aren ary to th [y She
eseervet’sssy Wall oo furnd vod to bee by ' 1) OSsessions she
Feoosers, She Wali be no lore rreuieud to the want og
Cem, OF CO tie Procumastouce tous, Our manefoctares
WHT reeflouris 5 OUP NdelGie towns 6 vise, and Ctery
Ua Drones us trata cam without, and dvrabe
feleily weaiany wid ue Ga happy drums of pracee— One
Patitul reest cchua, how.svcr, dusiurbs my Joy. J wos
Mor. badd Ao cd. lo ave remwiatn d My Wwhue lite tare
Host tab iad sa joel ol the Lest ot Wa T_s——yel TosGay i
eecuny bis places Atloasts however. heis wot all Gead——
Lives agabeaa bis wad, which he destined for the ine
strectiow ol wie aucu.t and unhay jy bafant whoin | have
succeeded. bi is wach biveyes fied u,ouw this in mortad
Work. peterra cal Wiflh Glo Semtimmonts that dictated i*—
atnded by tire experience, and si couded by the counsels of
“vo ribetong you, that Ihave diawo up the Constitutie
Ona Cuaiter weicnk you wall hear read, and which fliae
Wy an sorta bases the ) rosy evity of the State.”
doo diallrosoana do with universal applause
Witer hae noeseh, Cie Chaacellor having, on his knees,
thew tie Commend. al the iva Aplalaed, by a sevics of
Peasonaedey folio: bore, Fae Muolives of the Cons titutiow
Ne dove ande Moasistor or st fey then road tie difsorcue
Articies. — Tovey are about 71 Puunber. All forcizivcra
dic exvcloua J 4d ” leticat bos s. but ihe wing las ae
power or geanoi yo lottors of uaturalivation, Atthe head
of the Chanbor a Reectrsa the thee: Kecle tastical cos
tel live Me de Pau yourt Pousord., Archbishop of
Renuss MP. de Laser oo, Bs hoo of Laucrs: and M. de
lermout bouwerre, bel 2 OF © Da OMe tie Marne 5 the
Lotion Poa Dokhos sad Poors) bo the anesber of 30, whe
recal th vl ormous cecolloetion of anes ne Fyance: neat tbe
bars dais, —o Dok s; vho brine to recollection
Ul tas gvortes of the nows biaiily,y seweral Gonerals
WhOS. WES Ged olussamong whom we recolloct
tioscol Cu bol, pastoo ty and De Vio nil. The Chan.’
eCHur ds pee ctu President, and Count Dariheloary is
Mpypomd Vice Presitent of the Pecis. At the clese of
he procecwings, Cas Ioag anngunecd that the opening uf
fae SS mon Of be two Chambers sliould take place Ob Lae
“adieu 'y ) Jon O1 vill °
-—— eee
The Hamhurgh Correspondent has re-aprcared undee
Heancicu€ form. Phe test bumber announces that the
Mrmperor Alexander his confirmed to Maisha! Ney, tbe
tile of Prince of Moskwa, and has besides given bia
9,000 peasants.
Married, at Glaszow, Mr. Henry Casu, aged 84, ta
Mes. Chirkes Bridge, aged 963 [tis the siath time for the
nidezroom,. and the niath time for the bride boing Joined
mo wediockh— (Q No cbstacics they have met with ou thes
ifot cmburacine.
In 1897, the Americans took a vessels as prize, frore
the Pripolitans, and carried her into New York. The
Captain had the linits of the city on parole. IMHasiag
never becu from the coast of Barbary before, the manners
Of Chiristias s were entirely new to him. He wrete several
letters Co bis friends at Tripoli, giving what may be suj.
posed an unprejadiccd account of the novel scenes ly
Which he was surrounded, The following is ofe of bis
letters, describing his visit (0 a Dancing Assembly.
Dear Murey—The numerons tetters 1 have written te
Chee, have in all probability awakened they cuciusity te
know further particulars concerning the manners of the
barbarians, who hold me in such iznominious captivity.
[ was lately at one of their public ceremonies, which at
lirst perplexed me exceedingly as to its object; butas the
explanations of a friend have let me somewhat into the
secret, a description of it may contribute to thy amuse.
Ment, if not to thy jastruction.
A tew days since, | was waited upon by an inhabitaat
of this place, a gay young infided, who has of late cultie
Valed wy acguaimlauce, dle prosecuted me with a square
View original bit of painted pasteboard, which he informed me would
entitle me to admittance tv the Cily Assembly. Curious
to know the meaning of a phrase, which was entirely now
to me, I requested an explanation; when my friend ine
formcd me that (lic ass 'l bury W ads ANUMRrOUS CONCOITESE O1
young people of bot: scaw, who, on certain occasions
pathercd toy ther to dance about a large room and try to
? said he, Sif you wish
to see the natives inall their glory there’s no place like th
Outdress each other.—*iu short,
City Assembly 3 s0 you must go there, and sport yous
whiskers.’—Though the matter of sporting your whis.
kers, :
Now began, as! thought, to understand hin, LP had heard
of the war dance of the natives which are kind of religious
was considerably above my comprehension, yer ft
Institution, and had lithe doubt but thac this must be a
solemnity of the kind—upou a prodigious great scale.
Auwious as | am to contemplate these strange people in
every situation, I willinily acceded to lis proposal, and to
be the more at ease, determined to lay a side my turkish
dress, aud appear in plata garments of the fashion of this
couutry—as is iny Custom whenever I wish to mingle in
a crowd, without caciung the atlentiou of the gaping
It was long after the shades of night had fallen, before
My friend appeared to conduct me to the Assembly.
“These infldels,” thought I, *‘shroud themselves in ny -
stry, and seck the aid of gloom and darkness to heighcen
the sulemnity of their pious orgies.”? Resolving to con-
duct myself with that decent respect, hich every strange
owes to the customs of the land in which he sojourus, I
chastiscd iny features into an expression of sober revercace
and strechcd my face buto a degree of longitude suitable
the ceremony ] was about to witiess, IT entercd with the
sane grevily of demeanor that bk would bave approached
the Holy ‘] empele at ‘\lecca, and bow «| ny head three
times as [ passed the threshold. *Sifead of the mighty
Amrou! (thought 1; surely 1 am transported to the
elysium of the fuittul 2’? Whenever I turned my eyes,
quick glances of bcauty dazzicd my vinion and ravished my
boart :—lo1 ‘ly virgins fluttered by me darting Imperial
looks of conquest, o¢ Deaning suci smiles of invitation as
did the anvel Gabriel whea he beckoned the Holy Prophet
te Heaven. Ob, Niu y, devee Shall Paya yonder that
avwinfidel should prove recreaut to the single solitary wile
allotted him, when cren thy frend, aimed wilh all the
prec “pts of Nlalom ty Call SU Ca hy prove fuithless to threce
aud-twenty !
lire Thad been Jong in the room, my attention was ate
tractcd by (Wo or tarec gt 1 looks S middle sized men
drossod tu black, a colour w bis universally worn in
this country by the musts and dcrvises 3 [mcaning lawyers
and clergymen; Po suoposed them to be high priests, and
é 7
was confirmed im my rst oproiion that tats Was cerlat ly a
religious Cerrcem . Phose reverend personases, Ll was
told, are ented Sunaszers, and enjoy unlimited actho.
rity inthe Assvumbly. ‘Phoy walked ound the room with
great solen-nity, and with an are of profound importance
avd mystery, put 1 lietl Pacce Ob forded paper iit cacd fads
hand, which d concluded were religious talisinans., One

foot on il, and watching an OPPOFTUNLY , [) BOG itb up ule
of them druppedgon the Poor, whereapon L silly putuy
Obs rved aud found ittoe coutautsume ult ieliiciel ords
and the mystic nhuminr 9. Suortly after the distiibution
ef these talismans, one of the Inah pric stalked into the
a t
middle of th 'poOIn Witel Or GobldetPeoty
, and clapp.d Ins
hands three tim S3 aloud explosion of mas.c suceceded
from a vumber of piten, yellow and white iusicias
perched ina kind of case over the grand entrance, Phe
Company were thercupou Larow a milo cecal Co kod am
apparent const roation. blley horthoal to and tio. dill
the room, and at Jom cht tomaicd theniscives unto itil
Rroupes, of eiolit DCPSOlls, tat t wa anal ili | 4. —Th
Ine na isl dil a sa dl i a Ny j=
Ment tomy utter astouslincnt acd disiay Chey were all
° .
BDusiC struck tito Soide tds
3 MZ J witi) what i conclided to ) { NS hi of bs Hitt.
ous pheenzy fusssug about taci heads in a ludicrous Sty
from siiie (go Side what bye i pevNtravadvant Convor j IS
ef figure—now th hor hocts into thea , and avon
Whirltiue round waite t VOL ICLY of the eastera wWdoulators.
Wo | h oth IN a creat homage to the stun by iuita.
1) me ids | bots. fan weevery OO! nt to sve ther,
fal ¢ mon ce uniat the ovwath, and sliriek
with fancied tas, ri. As usual the females seemed
most ij voll 4 \ (eS CXEICHS S49 and performed
thom with ai 9 O'y ion Ol feature that was pce
Gutiacly fone ay burl is uc hiy grated by the exem.
piary conductols verti dared votees, who, taougit their
gesuculations wo potim. a wild merriment of the feel.
< ; . . ;
Bigs, haintalbAcd t
rousnont as intlexible a gravity of
@oun{ bance as so many gionkeys of the island of Borneo
at their antichs.
My good mnssulinan,’ replied my frtond, “I perceive
you are entirely moat error ¢ yICePinuy the intent of
the cernmony. You are now in a place of ainusement,
aot of public worship.’ But pray, (said 1) who pay
them for this fatiguing exhibition 2???) My fricnd doubted
at first whether LT wasin jest orinearnest, % sShlood, inan
erie he, ‘these are our greatest people, our fashionabl
who are merely dancing here for amusement.” ‘Phink of
Ghat, Muley ; thou whose greatest pleasure is to chew
@epum, sm ke tohacco, lol on a cot CN, and dozc (thyself
ito the region of the Hourist Dancing for amusement !
Shall I never cease to have occasion (o laugh at absurdities
ef these barbarians, who are Jaborious in their recreation,
and indulent only in their hours of business 2 Dancin
Bor amusement! the very idea makes my bones ache,
‘And pray, said I, dv these musicians toil also for
amusement 7’? ——
**Not so,” replied my friend ‘they are well paid, and
are (he most IMportant personages iu ble room, ‘Abe dd.
View original dler puts the whole Assembly in motion, and directs their
invvements, like the master of a puppetshow, who sets all
his pasteboard gently kicking by a jerk of his fingers.”?
{ know not whether it is a sight most whimsical or
melaucholy to witness a fit of this dancing mala: ly. ‘The
lady hops up to the gentleman, who stands at the distance
of about tlrce paces, and hen capers back again to her
place—the gentleman of course dues the saine—then they
ski pone way, then they Jump another—then they tura
their backs to each other—then they seize each other and
shake hands—theu they whirl round, and throw themselves
ina thousand grotesque and ridiculous attitudes—some.
times on one leg, sometimes on the other, and sometimes
on no log at all—and this they call erhitiling the graces?
—Iby the nineteen thousand capers of the great mounte.
bank of Damascus, but these graccs must be something
lbke the crooked back dwarf Shabrac, who is sometim
permitted to amuse his highness by imitating the tricks of
amonkey. ‘Phese fits coudinue at short intervals from
four to five hours, (ill at last the lady is ted oth, faint,
languid, exhausted, and panting, to her carriage,
My friend and | now strolled info a small apartment
adjoining the grand salooay where FE beheld a wumber of
crave looking persons wilh veicrable urey heads, seated
around a table studying htcroslyphicks. IT approacned
tuen) with rovereuce, us so maby magic or dearned men,
chad ay O'lriny Lo expound (hed iy steal ‘Ss uf ey i {} it) CCIen “Cc:
severalot them threw down money, waich fb stp poscd was
t reward propos d for some great discovery, when pre.
sently one of them spread bis Niesogly; uehks on the table,
exXC me (rip hantly *Stwo buliets aud a bragser 2 aad
5 all the money luto his pocket. ble las discovered
key to tie hicroglyplicks, (dourae [ 5 l aps Wd il!
no doubt his name will be tommortanzed Wailing, how
ever, to be satisfied, Pluoked round on my companion wa
aM duquinayg eves he wudesstood ine, and informed me that
these were a coinpany of friends, who lad met torether to
vin each others money aud be agrecable, &ds thatail 2?
exclanmed ). ‘Swhy then, bE pay vouy mike way and let me
’ ) ) .
escape from this temple of abouitations, of who hoow
but these people, who meet wecther io toil, worry and
hatioue thems: Ives tod ith, and give the aame of Picdsale 3
anil who win cach others muney by way of Demme agrendle:
. nN
May Some One Of Chichi tewke @ bine fo me ara
. - I
|2O in Cy (>) coak hy head Li [pOLU \) sin oO] i. rt) Lood.
WHEE? ‘Phey friend, MUSTAPILA,
<r ——
wk nay
From Journals late ly published in the United States
American papers coutatis soe particulars of the effect
that the Mtcligence of Bonaparte’s reverses wand ultinate
dethrowencut ad upon the sober Cainking porto of tai
Leaplo— Phe Gunncecdéicit alirror of the boca June note
Ces (he proccedinygs of a Sicotety Coat Was hoid da Colse.
queuce of this grateful vews, aid at waicn it was propo.
sed and carcicd, that there smouid be a public dance ia
ymmemoratiod of the evert. ‘Plis accordiigly took
place; and, alter the cloth had beew removed, the Hon,
Wr. Dwigat delivercd aa Address pon the occasion, in
wach be (wouk wa retrospect of the progéess and Cermainadon
of the last campaign, and coucludcd with tae following
OLServallous 3 =
** Phe elects of these wonderful events in Nurope must
be astoui ugly gteoal, Phat Guarter ol tue world, So
lung harasscu, wasted, and desulated, by the resticss am.
bition of vie tian, nay Now tod a respite frou ils suliere
ings and sorrows, and yraduaily be composed to a gcneral
peace, Nations will (hem be ridulzg-d, at least lor a few
y CAPs, tu culiivaling those arts and pursulis Ciuose ODJEClS
Wluct tend (o their owa substantial good; and individu.
tis. af is tu Ds naped
{ > Will Wul, Tor tiany years to Cue,
De lod by Nyy PidGsy HIKE VOdsts Co the slausinter, Co Siac y
Jassietis OL crucl aud relentless tyrants. akges will,
Nd.ved, scarcory suluce to cuace the traces ef havoc and
ru wuica (le wars of the pastten y cars lave produced ;
but the miads of men wall, by deygices, become softened
dud rehacd, aud feo iaviaz deco habit Ually Savage, will
Coane lo fecltuss of allection, friendship, and the endear.
Dists of social intercourse, rejuicing in their Owu pros.
perily, aud learning to dove them peighbours as them.
selves. —W hen we tura our attenGon te the great cha-
racters who, under Providence, have been the agents in
(wis woudcitul revolution in the state of Nations, we can.
not but behold the: a unmixed admiration and delight,
he mames of We sion, Kutusolf, bBlucher, and
Schwartzenburg, and their ret and gallant associates in
(he cause of freedom, will descend to the latest posterity
with the uuited ap] lauses of the wise and good of every
Liodred, and tongue, and people. ‘To the tirst of these
great champions of liberty, isthe world primarily indebted
for its deliverance frem bondage. le pointed out the
road and led the way to victory ; and not only Spain ani
Portugul, but the whole of Europe, is ing lirectly indebted
to him for its del.verance.—W hile we rejotce with the
most unfcigncd sincerity with the Luropean Nations on
regaining their frecdom and tranquillity, whatan increase
of gratification should we have realised, if the circumstance
of our own Country had been more propitious and con.
solatory. flad the Government of this Nation pursued
the plain path of nadonal prosperity, pointed out to them
by the most obvious dictates of common sense as well as
duty, we mightin all human probability have expericnced,
throushout the ‘Trans-Atlantic struggle, a great degree ot!
national felicity, enjoying the blessings of peace and a
lourishiug commerce, and have been iu a situation, at the
present moment, without an alloy, to have Juined in the
pleasures of the occasion. But, unfortuuately for our
est interests, our Mtulers considered it expedicut to ine
volve our concernus with those uf the great cucmy of nati.
onal freedoms and in what manner we shall be ailected by
his dowulal rewaing to be deverminced, ‘Lhe path of duty,
View original of interest, and prosperity, lay fairly before their eyes,
and the wayfaring man, thougha fool, need uot haveerred
therein. Had we eultivated the friendship instead of ircia
tating the passions of those who were struggling for existe
ence; if, instead of throwing our weight into the scale of
oppression, we had possessed virtue cnough even to have
stood aloof from the conflict, we might have joined the
emancipated Nativas in their songs of joy at the restoratie
on of their peace, freedom, and happiness. —LBut though
clouds and darkness rest upon our land, and our prospeets
are gloomy aud chee less, !etus still rejoice that so large
a portion of the world is free from the horrors of Wary
and is preparing for the biessingsand enjoymeuts of peace.
Should the changes in Europe have the cflect of eventually
dissipating the storm that hangs heavily over our land, we
shall have fresh cause (o meet on the new and Joyful occa.
sion ;—if not, we must wait with patience the approach
of peace, and, in the mean time, leave our Country and its
concerns in the hands of Him whose kingdom ruleth over
all, and who, at Lis soverciga pleasure, dasheth the Nae
tious to picces \ike a potter's vessel.”
Pusvapcepura, Judy 15,1814.
The fo''owing is an Extiaet of a Letter dated —"S* J Pash.
ington, July VL.—The negotiation for the Loan is said to
be broken oli; the parties who proposed to contract for
ity and the Secretary of the Treasury, cannot agree un the
terms. 1 have understood, it was otiered as low as at the
rate OF Sd dollars and 75 cents fur 100, and refused.
What the consequence will be [ cannot tell, as the claims
against the Geovernmenut are very large, and the funds in
hand cery low. ‘Phe plan which the Secretary of War
has adopted, of refusing to sign warrants for claims passcd
by the Accountant, tends very much to embarrass Claime
vats, and postpone the payments of their claims; but it
Is cacitin: great clamour against the Department.”
British Reinforcementy.—A letter from a respectable
Gentleman in Watertown, Joforson County, under
of the 3d inst. says
“hour handred aod tifty buats loade
ed with sailors, soldiers, and munitions of war,
have youe
up the St. Lawrence within a few days past.”
Phe same letter states, thot Chaune y's flect was er.
ced to sail from Sackett's [I trbuur, from the 4th to
(he LOth tast.
Burlington, J ly 8.—On Thursday last a party of
British rezwiars and Indi ins, between 2 and 300 Sirung,
nade their appearauceat Lo owitton, and droveaway uaa ly
of the twabitauts, some of whoin they took. We lara
that tocy procecd da few mites on the Ridue Road. burnt
the militia barrachs at Hardserabble, and plundered hore
ses, caltle, hogs, sheep, &e. A branch of the same party,
as we understand, Came up to Schlosser. ‘They were come
inanded by a sou of the celebrated Elliot—We learn fure
ther, that the party have left Lewiston with above 100
head of cattle.
The latest acconuts of our army are to last evening.—
They remained at Plattsburgh and Champlain—the ence
my are collecting in great force at end near Odletow 1,—
the Quebec Pap.r of tae 22d ult. mentions the arrival of
several vessels of war and transports from Great Britain
and the West Indices, under convoy of the Beller phon
and Gloucester, 74's, with infantry of the 8:h, 15th, 70th
and 90th regiments, also the Royal miners and sappers.
A Montreal Paper of the 3d inst. mentions tbe arrival
in that city of 2000 of Wellington's army.
The enciny have letely put into the Uake several new
row-galleys; thir two aew brizs, it is pretty correctly
ascertataed, will put Co sea in the course of teu or twelve
days, which will give them the superiority in guns,
Utica, July, 9.—Batile of Chinpezca—From an aue
thentic source, we arc happy to be able to state, thatour
army nuder the command of Major Gen. Brown crossed
from Buflulo to the Canada shoreon the 3d July last, and
that Fort [rie surrendered to our arms at six o'clock im
morning, The prisoners, being upwards of 170, include
ing 7 Officers, are on their way to Greenbush; and the
Major and some of the Ojficers havealready arrived in this
village—The army, on the evcning of the Jth July, pro.
ceeded to the plains, oneand a half mile wes. of ¢ hippewa
when arrangements were made tou move against Chip: ewa
on the morning of the 6th; but in the afternoon of the
Sth, the enemy having couceutrated his force in the pe-
iinsula, came from his works cast of the creek aud otier: d
battle. Our gallant army did not hesitate to meet him,
and in the course of one hour the enemy was bro
driven from the field, leaving more than 400 Lille} iad
wounded, IIe was saved by his works, from total jn
Our loss was considerable, but not accurately ascertained,
Several of our Officers were wounded and one or two kil.
led. The enemy Ieft ten officers on the field, and no
doubt caarricd off others. Arraugements were mahing to
carry the wounded of both armies to buitalo, aud then to
move on to Lake Ontario.
_ Amsterdam, June 241.—Vhe Board of Trade hereby
mfdrms allihorm tt may concern, that it hay been uc.
quainted by his Excell n y the Secretary of State for
Foreign Affairs, that bya Decree of Lis Royal Wich.
ness, Our Sovereten Prince, dated the 15th mnslaunt:s no
shinor Vessel shallbe cleared outor dispatched from a Wf
Port of the United Netherlands, which are d fenced to
fetch Nezrocs fron the Coast of Africa, ur from any of
the Islands belonging lo thie Ci aéenent, and to cons VW
them bo the Continent or Islands of Americas and that
all such ships or vessels desiened for the slave Trade,
shall be refuscad admittance, abany Forts, Factory, Cu.
lony, or Possession on the Coust of Guinea.
Buwrernare a ar
View original 4c
ax. Ul LU
» A
View original BERDICEH.
Kine’s Fouse, 31st Aug. 1814.
The Tieutenant-Governor having received) from
the Right Womble the Earl Bathurst, the Dispatch,
whereot dhe following ts a copy, which together with
Is tnclosures his Uxcelleacy has dire cted to be pu-
blished for gencral information.
By command,
F. Wil fh, Goy. Sec.
Downing-street, 16h July, 1814.
I transmit to you for yonr information and
£1 nNdince, the co py ofan Act of Parliame nt, passed
On the 171} rult: IO, for pe nviting a T rade be tween
the Crited Provinces and certein Colonies, now in
His M ie sty? S POssession,
[have >the honor to be, § . IT,
Your most obedient humble servant,
Goyeraor Bentinck.
°¢ .
—_—ee ee > >. » < el
An Act for permittin a Prade bcotyveen The United
Piozvinces and certain Colonics now in Tis Mae
: .
J “iVos boss ‘SSIOI]). [7 UeJune isl. /
WHEREAS it bis been deemed | Paper bi the pres
Circumstanc sto peruiit the subj Cols ol Lu e Onited | Ve
VIn EY LO Carry on Prade with (he Coloates of Sua é) U7,
ys a ye ‘og es
D Ie? d Js iD Jy Vf ‘9 C 2h: =! ey > il kk on le
: vy / .
Ze l. Sibu L d wh la cil / ‘iy MUN df, dCi aud Clic J} ( sf
Drnileos vic te erly belonsed to the Ceoverniceat of
Ty. IT , f ! \
a ts —/ éé Cid pw ile Sy but bo VG Ocen oo Irrehuaect Ui (Oil Mae
yesty’s Arias aid are auw in bis Mojes y's Possession;
be it (herefure eaicted Ly the Rang*s most Mavecellent Mae
jenly, by and with the Advice and Corsent of the Lord:
Sorvitual ond ‘T. poral, and Commons, in this preset
Partiaoeot assembled, and Ly the Nathorty of the saci
Phat frown and after the hig os thus Acct wt shall and
n bo leeful forany Subgoet ot ane Gaaded Provinces
Qaid ces ot (hore san dty “| Ij) or Vesse. bualt jm the Pere
ritorv ol tae Cnocd | rovénes, and owned ly Subyeets
ol ik eeu’ 668, dod davigated by a Master and
1. clog dis ol the oranimersy Satbyects of the sad Pro.
wis Urb ary nail Mebuilt s ih or Vessel owned and
Datiziied vc ‘tof lo Jiwy, ft bu}, Or lille the sa 1d Colo.
Biss dtou d te db oceices, ald Co CAport trom Che
Said Corn WO the Ciehd tecven UNS, aud tot Miccty
tou 1) VU i’ wey Ad SUCH ( dod. ) \ “ales, aud Merchaue
diz, Woes Dy dae be baporcd mice the said Colo.
Tide rO 3, [ / My UT OD \) Wo\ DY Law be CA Pore
Cl tha tie snd Colonics to crrcdé Laan, but no olher
Goods, '“ares, ot Merchandize whatever, upon Payment
hia ale Sey OI Cae SYN Dat > as dre | Hy alile by by retass
Satocetyaa Gig said bsend or Coloni s, aad upon cotering
Itio the Sa watt ss abba CO ying with the Saloe Coudie
tions and Keg Cie @s db tho Case of such diiportaiion
f. yu ann a OF abou bo Gicut [Sree Et wily bling an
an Act, pasocd va the Pwelfth Year atthe Roign of Ph
Majcty King Clurdes Gio docoud, intituled ada tes for
the encouraging un lmercastag of Skipping aid Nai ga-
fion, or in auy viler AC, ty Gic Cuulrary nolwildstand-
IT. Provided always, and be it further enacted, Tica
the Master or Coumandcer of es Ty sca Slitp or Visas.
shall produce to tae proper Olliees of the Customs ac cay
Po rt | lmipoct allow and Paxporiac mesa doiconee fact Che
Br d/7sn i. cy rooident it i A he Gi i df rove Sy «ills
tlhoocizsay the sudo oe Vessel (a ioc. cd on tie said Voy
a T ( i ) ond dik | 0. lO Fo | CliWEL.
und r | Gis ol tue @ealioture and } “tdily provided Wn Care
SK.) ( riod oy thor ey for ocean of (iic Taw ol
Sane a al Wigathouw a dda wid) Hy 7s Cotoiies.
at carey . ee a en ee ©) seu sew
, ‘
* "
aw ite
fist saaing Sloopy Apventurr, well accom.
mo tard tory asscueess, willy if suftice “ntly CheouUur
@ecreat ds ziven, Tun eclaeey mn hits colony and De-
merry tsa Paechet, to leave here very Monday.
vu cpl. A; ply tod. CLAP HAM, No. 1Y.
Four or 3 a ches can be delivered weekly for
Zoi 0 mons, in New Atusterdam, apply by leder
tu James | Tier, al Messis. C. Bone & Co.
Sept. i
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\ - / a ~ sa 4 & & 2 44+4 4 & A Ji <
&-4 WAN AAA Ad bd
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——_—_ -
Of the Honorable the Ccurt of Civil Justice.
Sequestration of Pln. Ruisziar & DANKBAAR-
——————- ——Gornnrnann.
Curatorship of the Estate of the late Inc. Sary ER
Idem, of the late Dr. J. G. Scrrunenrr, deceased.
ldem, of DD. M, Meévern, deceased.
Mom, of Dr. B. A. Borricer, deceased.
ldem, of M.S. Muyrerr, deceased.
Vile ing of /T. y ACKECH NI, Aeceascd.
Ld My of L. fl. ISUSE, dees ascii.
Whereas the [lonorable the Court of Civil Jus.
tice, by Order bearing dale 2d July last, baviae
referred the Accounts of
M. ou r and b. J. Schwiers, Sequestrators of
Plo. Ruainziet & Dankbaarh ad,
MoS. Bennett and G. P. van [lolst, Sequestrators
ol oh n. Croedland,
Jos. Halland A. Krieger, as Curators of the Es-
(ale of the late Jolin Say,y er, dee.
Gi. Pauels, d. van den Beock, and A. Krieger, as
Curaturs of she Jet te ut Dr. J. Gi. Sc =anaiye ry de C,
he late De. Leen, dec. and A. 'riezer, as bxccu-
tors; and ailerwards Curalors of the lusiate vi Doth.
Vleyer, dee.
it D. Niersch and J. C. Schiuidt, as deliberating
exccutors; and Ao Krieger and J. C. Scemuidty ays
Curators ol the Lostate of the late Dr. B.A. bolts
#. van den Brock and A. Krieger, as del berating
Uixecutors, and aitcewaids as Curators of ihe astace
of the late Mes. bhaiubert, dec.
Jolin s. Walson and Jona Mchay, as Curators oi
the late Hurl Michkechnie.
Lh. Abbensets and M.S. Wumbert, Curators ot
(he bstate of the dace Le HL. Base, dee. amony whitel
are lo be found the Accounts of Adininistration ot
J. issaher, J. Vall den Bro! cy itt 27. Lu CNo, LxXcc-
ULOLs 5 ahd of the following: Curators; Capltai van
tiilen burs , Awd. Giasius, oJ de ale Adam ; Cc, Jd. Vall
Linbyze van Batenbury gy. Widow L. dl. Buse;
furtacr the ACCOW is Ol ds. U, AbDbDcuscts and bi. Cc.
Hintzen; J. van dea roca, J. G. OC. de Nicuwei-
KC he alt | (7. Prat icls, (uralors ot sic instlale.
Nutice isheeby given to all pemous imterested
theres by Pal Allen fa Ce Wt UC LAV al the AcCcuunt-
ants Grice, heldiar the house ot the sccond unuer-
sicned, on Mondays, conc sdays ond Li idays, trom
hoon Unlil J o'cloen ta Cie witersvon, for tbe spac
oeone month trou the ao ce | ‘real, LQ order vo enable
such Persons (O luspect lac sald ae COUNLS ANd siale
(herr obycelious Of Observe ious ta wail wry atthe cae
pu (ign of whicn Gme the Pequicea repoil abl be:
made in the abovementioned matters, aud of which
(it requircd) che parties may OUlain an ofice Copy,
awl Choir own ex] IC’, border tb th y may deemed
expedient, Go aitend the ifon. ibe Court of Civil dus-
(ice on ilies « hy CO Ee vp giited dor tres rag the said
report, and iw oe esl (he Coulrination lucicul.
bea ict» ZOU . hay v, lold
J. DO \\ Nusik.
(Third time of prhlishiig.)
. ed ww ' == oS] » > / -” a) Se
- ——— _— — — am a =
= ——
tbh. Domic th ain Chandi et Lb xecutinds, of the
S| Dower i De lr, Is al the house of A. (a. Cali ly husy.
9 \ Cpl. J.\ \Wks JACKSON.
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Atthe New Towa Tavern, old Tobago rum, im-
ported via Qomeriury, in daige aad smal quautities,
vadetra wine, porter aad vinegar in do. do. alse
a prrceberiply ptuacheons, hlids., casas, and grt. do.
weal caleuliccd or sugar estates—prouuce will be
(aken in pry iueat. D. MARILIN.
JO Sepl.
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THE undersiznod offers for sale thirty PRIME
MCS, just iported trom Oronoque, amonest
Whielh ace s vera Hida ones; good enttley sheep, or
produce willbe Ghen iu pryvient, ata tare valuation.
Ile also requ. st those, who are tadepted to him for
beer, fo come lorwaad with payment, as all accounts
wausetled aster (he Zoth tistuaty will positively be put
milo the hands of his Adlurney, lo sie for
1U Sept. B. JEPPERY.
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View original SUMMON by EDICT.
BY virtae ef an Appointuent from the Honorible
(Court of Civil Jastice of this col uVy beavius date
the Wd tuly ISI4, crited porta pelttion prosenmt
by Wan. Perch and (Wain. Praser, as topoumed Cus
raters tothe Testate of foba Stoble, dec.
J ihe wndersisued, atthe request of aforesaid Cus
Xonnon by Edict ex Surcratundand :
All kuown aad arknown creditors or claire's on
the Lstutes ob the bite Joh Siwohie, dic. to aaece 1
peFsor Ov by pro »\' Deter. (hi raur oat (le if
Civil Justice of this col my, at ther osossion to be
heldin the mond of dau: yy IN oy there ter on oe
Intheirclaims, to werity the suo ya bitte: yey
hear objeetions nade thereuutoy and ferther to os
eced aceordtine to Tuy on pai o. bens acburied
(hetr rieeht of elata,
Vhs Sumo by fdiot, (exsup rabnadunti) mare
Known to (tye pushe dy beat of droog trons ihe Court
fairs: of cha col Wy y al L ber cdac rdcall wiih dcculue
Moo Cu. TOI,
ocibtcs, Sd Auerust, IST,
Kb A NCAEN, Foret Varese tl.
ee —
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BY vitne oft ag obotment trom the Honor ble
Courtlot Civilduction or this c louivy Dewrage d te og
ary IS! 9) esa Ttrpata Pelton prse fed bye.
Vea Gen book am! Oy Ganets, as the a ttoriios tear
\\ idavy Why den, who | The lox ( Ulrian ol (ue Lslule
ol lier date Huo J.0. We ffert
Pthe und rsivited, at the ICG Ucol UO. a ufesaid ute
Svarmoi by Edict:
AM claimants on the Pstate of J. 0. Wo Tork,
Tees, Toappear ia person or by proxy, befor. the
Barofthe Court of Civil Justice of ths colo vy AB
Hhetr session whieh wil be hold in the mo. of
pal l@id, there to rendorin their Claims, to ver! t
fhe same, and if need, to hear the objectiasns 1e
thereanio, and further to proceed according wo
( 4
gu pain, of bong tov ever declared how rig of
Tins Suamon by Ludict made known aad publibed
ads CUsfo! lary. o
wetbic , Zod August, ION4.
Ne PAN NOCREN, Fersé Woerehal.
$$$ a
BY Wiilue Q) ba CANE cl fro (| uC Miirutes at ih
i ® ‘ er ‘
Proceciiess of the Court of Rol! y Caited Y ch of
J ' » le ) r aca flee “>t Dee 1 | \ar . .
e hire 9 A its a Vi il ! af ( Wd \ 9 ¢ et ‘ ‘ ° e i ( wo.
mid \V. Pesesery Curators to the Wb rate lis
. 2 .c
of They wood es Payton, Plat Air Dy Cty worse, all
Know wid gabiowac.edilors worabisi Gace . >
Detend vats.
J the uadersigned, First: Marshal of the Covrts
within this coitus, aad at he request of alurcsaid
Summon by Edict, Ersuperabundanté:
All known aan onhknown creditors avast the abe
andoued bstate at Weys.oo | & Paylor, to ippeac bee
fore Che Court ot Rotts, which will be held oa Mone
day the LOth October, lsd4, their (o roader in tbeir
clatins, fo verity Che same, and heas objections made
(herewuto, dccd, wud turther to proceed ays the Law
Plus Summon by Edict, made known to the publie
by beat ol dram trou the Court House of this culony,y
aid iurtherdealt with vecording tu custom.
Berbice, 20d Aus. 1814.
fC. bk RANCAEN, First Marshal.
ee Se eer DP
ta ‘
Sanwe Asvliw
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FOR S4 Liv,
BY the subseribers a few Casks Salt Fish, whieh
will be retailed in qui wy not less than 50 tbe.
10 Sept. ALLAN STEWART & (
The Manner of Proccedings before the Court of Givil
Justice, in Knetish and Onteh.
The Charter of the colony Berbice, in English,
The new Dutch Constitution, in Dutch,
A few Almanachs, Cove Ceriilicates, Bills of Exe
change, Bills of Leading.
AML hind of books, bicus aud rated, Quills, Pencils,
Writing Paper, luk Powder, aad Waller.
— = as"; aD
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17 September 1814