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The Berbice Gazette

View original Secretary's Office.
Wordt geadverteerd, dat, This is to inform the Pu.
de volye nile persunen voor- blic, that the following per-
memens =yn uel deze Kolonic sons intend quitling this Co.
fe verirckken, ‘lony,
A. A. de la Court in 6 weeks from Aug. 14.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original WORDT hiermede bekenis NOTICE és herehy given,
gemaakt, dat een maand na\that a@ month after date the
duto de valgende Transpor-| following Transports and.
ten en UMipotheeken zullen) Mortgages will be passed.
cerleden worden.
July 17. James Praser will transport to W. Alves
andthe Assignees of the tstate of G. Baillie,
Lot No, 14, east sea coast canal.
——— she Representatives of the Estate of the
late Jas, Piaser, will transport to the Repre-
sonfatives of the bLstate ot Harbourne Barn-
Well, the westorn halt of lot No. 4, in Canje.
—— .. 13. Rule will Gansport to S. Bain 21 roods
of bind of lot No. LO, New Amst. south side
nextthe back dam, and 27 roods on the north
side of No. 19 next the back dam.
S. Bain will Wansport: to Harriet Parkinson,
21 roods of land of lot No. J9 N. Amst. south
side, back dam.
S. Bain will transport to Elizabeth Fraser 13
roods of land of lot No. 19, north side, back
July. Phs. Frankland, qq. will transport to De-
meriry, 100 Negroes, being the Gang of Pin.
Union, west corentyn, naines to besecen at this
—__ Dr. ©. Schwiers will transport to J. Voet,
Lots 35, 50, & 37, second empolder,
—— Simon Fraser will transport to the Repre-
sentatives of R. Dodson, Plawe Litchfield, on
the west sercoust of this colony, withali the
slaves and other appurtenances tu the same
——— WV. Wate will transport to J. A. Pravendort
TT) acres | nd, pourt vt Pla. Camberleid, i
Aug. |. J. Ainunceman will transport to the free ne-
gro worth May, 69 reads irom the northern
hallot Lot No. i9, New Amst. adjoining the
new centre road.
w——_ Mrs. ©. Klonck, widow and Relict of TT. J.
Buse, dec. will traisport to doha Berestord,
Nou. apartol the lot No. 1, first cm polder im
New Amst. with the building thereou, adjoins
ing the new centre road.
e—— A. 'bhiorsborrow wiil iranspert to Demerary
51 Newroes, names to be sen at tis ollice. —
—— WW. Nimo (Coreniyn) will Piss a morta
in laver of Campbells Viaser & Co. vestec: on
Plo. Dingwall, or hali No. 40, Corenryn, cum
—— Win Munro (Corentyn) will transport to
Taittand fHollingsworth, the bal of Lot No,
AO Corentyn, known vader the name of Ip-
som.—Taitt and Hollingsworth will pass a
mortyage on Pla. Kpson, or the hall of Lot
No. 40, Corentyn, as also on 20 Negroes, in
favor of W. Nunro, (Corentyn).
Aug. !4. J. Quarles will transport to W. Kewley,
his part of lot No. 8, in New Amst. with the
building thereon, adjoining west to Mary
Blair, and east toH. W. Hackmoenn.
Wm. Kewley will transport to Th. C. Jones
and John Quarles, the lotof land called Ta-
pin’ sburgh, situated in the East coast canal.
Who are to pass a mortgage on said land,
with 30 head of cattle and their encrease, in
favor of said W. Kewley.
View original WHEREAS the following persons have addressed
themselves to the Hon. Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice, of the colony Berbice, at their Sessions of
the 26th July, 1813, for Letters of Manumission.
The mulatto woman Molly Hagar, assisted by A.
I. Fischer, for herselt,
H. Luthers for the Sambo woman Massy.
Notice whereof is hereby given to those whom it
View original SATURDAY, the 14th of Augu
View original as
may concern, and who may wish tooppose the grant
of said Letters of Manumission, that they may ad-
dress themselves in writing to the undersigned Secre-
‘tary of the Colony, previous to the ensuing Sessions
of the Hon. Court, when a final disposition will be.
made on the aforesaid Petitions.
Berbice, 27th July. R.C. DOWNER, Sec.
View original RUNAWAY.
FROM the subscriber, a Negro man named Dick,
of the Congo Nation, and is well known in this co-
lony, has a remarkable rising on his right wrist
any person taking himup, or lodging him in the
barracks, shall have a reasonable reward.
14 Aug. MARKY W. DAWS.
= Eee
View original DRILTED from the water side of the Subscriber,
a Punt, about 27 tect long by 10 broad, with a flat
bottom and square ends. -—Also Strayed or Stolen,
from Plantation Scawel/, a large black Ox with
spreading horns. Any person giving such inlormna-
tion that they may be recovered, wil be rewarded,
aint all reasouable expences paid.

THE flouse and Oat-buitdings, situate on lot No.
8, at present occupicd by Uie Subscriber. ‘Terms of
payment will be made easy. Forturther ialormation
apply to
$s Oe ee -_—
TITE whole or any part or paits of the Lots No’s.
I aad 2, situated in the Pow ot New Amsterdam, a
Chart thereot is to be seen at Mis. Buses’s, or at
Mr. I. Nicolay’s, at whose iouse on loi No. 3, fur-
ther particulars may be known. 24 July.
In Commissie, te belomen. od
Brown stout in vaten, houdende 2{ douzyn, a f 120"
And per the dozen f$ - 10.
Rurken a f4- 10. het gros.
Spykers, &c. 17 July.
View original —_—_—— ee ee —- ———- - _
BY the Subscriber, on Lot No. 11,—Trish linen,
long lawn, colton shirting, cotton & cuilce bagging,
Negro hats, stationary, soap & candles, sadlery and
close harness, PEL. & hook and eye hinges, from 6
iO 24 laches,, colon pruning knives, Aweriean fal-
ling axcs, socket Chiissels, all sizes & stay bars & sta-
ples, nails, collec mentries, and London particular
Madorra wiacy in prpes, bids, & grt. casks, and a
Quantity of clabsoud luusber inch and inch & half.
7 chug. Cll. AY'TE.
FROM Pla. Good Hope, Corentyn, between the
affernoon of the 2Gth and the morning of the 27th ult.
Anew Punt, silver bally planked, 26 feet long by 7
wide, without any tar, except a little ran over the
seamms—any person piching it up, will be rewarded,
by applying to JV. Lawson, Esq. or on the estate to
the Manager.
7 Aue. G. GORDON.
View original THe subscriber (supported by a Gentlemen on
the coast) will Kill, on Sunday the Ist Aug. at the
house of James Burnett, middle dam. a Fat Ox,
which he pledges himscif to continue weekly, provi-
ded he meets that encouragement. his attention may
merit; and as it may not be convenient at all times
to send cash, he request a Good to amount of beet
required, at fifteen stivers per pound, which Goods
he proposes collecting every two or three months, or
sooner, if circumstances would require, so that he
may be enabled to support the concern with first,
quality Beef.
Good Mutton every Tuesday and Friday, to be
bespo&en over night,
Sl July. B. YOUNG.
View original “WANTED.
A good house boy—apply to this office. 3 July.
View original [ Payable in advance.
View original Vendue Office.
Public Vendues:
On Wednesday the 18 August, will be sold, by
order of the Curators of the late W. Threlfall, the
premises on lot No. 7, known as the Vendue Office,
Negroes, furniture, and what further may appear on
ihe day of sale.
By order of Capt. Clapham, a schooner, with sails
rigging, cable and anchor.
G. BONE, Act. Dep. Venduemr.
View original wes
On Thursday 26th August next, will be sold, on
the spot, by order of the Hon'ble. Orphan Chamber,
Plantation Mary’shurg, situate on the east sea coast
of this colony, with the Negroes and all other ap-
purlenances, thereunto belonging—terms of Sale may
be hnown on application to the Vendue Master.
The Vendue Master, on above place, will sell. in
commission, 14 Gne fot Oxen,
G. BONE, A. 1). Vend. Mr.
On Wednesday the Ist Sept. and following days,
will be sold by order of Robt. ‘Taitt, and Win. Kew-
ley, Esqrs. in their capacity as Curators to the [s-
tate of the late Richard Barry, dec.—The western
halfof Plantation Newlandhal/, being one-third of
Lot No. 25, Corentyn coast.
NB. The Sale will take plice on the spot.
The southern half of Plantation F/arriet, being half
ot No. 76 Correntyn, together with buildings, and
slaves, stock and all and every thing thereunto be-
longing—Inventories of which to be seen at the Ven-
clue office.
G. BONE, Act. Dep. Vendue Master.
G. BONE, Act. Vendue Master.
On ‘Tuesday 7th Sept. by order of James Bennett,
isq. on No. 12 West coast, frou SO to 40 head fine
‘cattle. —3 and 6 months credit.
G. BONE, Act. Dep. Venduve Mastr
View original eo .OO3O0 CC
On Wadnesday 15th Sept. by order of 1. A. de
li Court, Esq. the whole of his household furniture,
an elegant blue table service for 24 persons, a horse
aud chaise, 2 sets of harness, saddles and bridles, &e.
G. BONE, Act. Dap. Vendue Master.
——<$<—____ _ =
View original —— >
A Brick Sluice being wanted in the front part of
lot No. 52, New Amsterdam, of suilicient dimens-
ions, to drain the sad town. Sealed proposals for
the building of satd Sluice and the furnishing of all
the materials thereto required, accompanied with a
plan of the work, marked, ‘(Tender for a brick
Sluice), will be received by the undersigned until
the Wth August, when the said Tenders will be op-
ened by the Committee, and the lowest offer, if ap.
proved of, accepted. Security will be required frum
the Contractor for the performance of his agreement.
Berbice, Sl July. /
By order of the Committee.
aS er
View original NOTICE.
ALL persons indebted to ?. A. Braun, ever since
the years 1809, 1810, IS11, & 1812, are once more
requested to render payment of their accounts, either
to the undersigned or A. G. Calmer, Esq. as being
thereunto duly authorized; in default of which the
undersigned will be in the hecessily to enforce pays
ment by law procecdings.
31 July. H.C. HINTZEN,. qq.
View original ALL those indebted to the Estate of the late An-
gus Macdonald, dec. are requested to come forward
with payment, and persons having demands against
said estate, to render in their claims to either of the
undersigned, dos. MACDONALD.
4 July. Executors.
—~_——————— —————————————— _/) ee
2% se 8% @e tc. ==
View original -_—s-— -
SIX able House’ Servants—apply to the under-
signed, or either of them, J. VAN DEN BROEK,
24 July. G. PAULLS.,
View original ~y | ¢ , _ @ O se
Commuissarial Office
Berbice, lAth Aug.
CASH wanted for the following Bills of Exchange
No. 558—< 100
559—€ 113-7-9 ~On the Paym. Gen’l.
776—£ 200
No. 325—£ 150.On the Commissary in Chief
And a Bill of 4 54-14-0. On Messrs. Greenwood &
Cox, Agents, Royal Artillery.
For which Tenders will be received at this Office,
until 12 o'clock on Thursday the 19 Aug. when they
will be opened, and if approved, accepted.
JAMES B. BUHOT, D. Assist. Com. Gen.
View original NOTICE.
ALL persons having any Claim or Demand against
His Excellency Governor Gordon, are requested to
render the same in without delay to
“—____ oo - — > > CV =
NEW AMSTERDAM, 14 Aug. 1813.

By the way of Barbados, we have received this
week, London news to the 22d of June, eight day's
later than by our last Mail, brought by the Lord
Lobart Packet, in 29 days from Falmouth.
A Mail for Barbados will be made up at the Post
Ofiice here, on Monday evening the 16th inst. at six

The state of the armics in the Peninsula has now become
an interesting feature in the scale of European warfare ;
Lord Wellington is in advance against the French, who
are retiring before him ; and it has been ascertained, that
since November last, the following numbers of their treops
have passed through Vittoria in a direction for France :—
Foot guardsgand detachinents, 14,100; skeletons of ine
fantry regiments, 15,500 ; Polish lancers and German Le-
gion, 680; Commanders in Chief, Soult and Caflarelli,
and 28 Generals of Division ; 150 Brigadicrs and Colonels ;
250 Licut.-Colonels, aud 1000 other Officers.—We also
leara by the Lord Hobart Packet, which spoke on her
passage the Jasper sloop of war, two days from Lisbon,
that the Garrison of Borges had been w ithdrawn, and that
the French troops had burnt che Castle previous to their
i ee
Barbados July, 21.—We feel much regret in having to
recount the lasses sustained by sume of the Merchant ves-
Sele at this anchorage since ‘Thursday last. On that day
the wind sef in et N. W. from which guarter it Blew with
much violence during the night; but, towards daylight
on the following morning it veered to S$. W. which occa.
stoning a great swelling of the sea, drove on shore many
vessels, one of whici f. ‘ly laden aod ready to proceed
with convoy for the rendezvous of tbe present homeward
bound flect, and ayother, with part of a valuable cargo on
board. ‘The folluwing is a statement.of this unfortunate
occurrence :—
Lhe Ship Bootle, Ford, is on shore a little above the
Fort at the Pier-head and completely Straud.d; she had
70 tons of outwardsbo.nd freight from Liverpool, and
150 hossheads of sugar on board for that port—ail da-
Ship Codunist, Oliver, went on shore abreast of Mar.
tindale’s walering-place in the Bay ; she was ready for
sea, her passengers were also on board at the time, bound
for London, and had cargo of 533 hogsheads, 267 tierces,
15 barrels of Sugar; sv bales of cotton, and some other
tvilling freight. —The water in her hold is up to the second
ticr of Sugar, about 200 casks of the remainder of which
may probably besaved, She has lost her bowsprit and
Atno great distance from this, the Army-Schooner Tea-
zer and the two prison-ships were stranded.
Mais-boats Lady Spencer and Sprightly are also on
shores and damaged.
Sloop Chance, of Anguilla, got on the reef of Need.
ham’s, in attempting tu proceed to sea, and is bilged.
‘Two foreign schooners are on the beach, and as they are
not bilged, eliorts are making to get them off,
View original PS eR
A boat belonging to the Bustard man of war was upset
on coming round the point at the entrance to the wharf,
and two of the crew drown’! the remaining three being
saved with difficulty.
The small craft at Speight’s Town are repotted to have
been destroyed ; and a shallop belonging to Mr. Evelyn,
off Oistin’s, was also lost.
ITis Majesty’s ships Grampus, Venus, Lighting, Prigs
Meron, Bustard, Espiegle, schooner Belabou ; aud several
merchant vessels, rode out the gale, without receiving any
Mr. Lockwood, Master Attendant at the Naval Yard
established here, and the Captain of the ‘Transport Three
Sisters, afforded every assistance in their power to the
Colonist, and rescued the passengers and crew from their
perilous situation on board that vessel, at the hazard of
their own lives
Barlados, July 27.—There was a meeting yesterday
morning of the Gentlemen concerned In the trade to Gua-
deloupe, in consequence of its alienation by the late trea-
ty. On this occasion it was determined that the present
agent for the Island, with Messrs. Le Comte, Wilson, and
Marryatt, should constitute a Committee, to manage their
interest with Ministers, and particularly to arrange the
means of liquidating the demands of the merchants upon
the Island, either by admitting the produce to enlry or
otherwise, as circumstances might render prudent.
Barbados, July 31.—The American schooner Decatur,
of six 18-pounders and one long 9, with acrew of 140
men, captured on the 9th instant the schooner Brothers,
from Demerary bound to this Island, which she burnt on
the following day. The General Horsford, from Surinam
to Cayenne, laden with flour aud fish, was also taken by
this privateer; as was the Murriot & Eliza, Berbice Co-
lony-boat, bound hither, on board of which was R. A.
Hyndman, Hsq. She had previously made prize of the ship
Helena, from Fayal for New Providence, and sent: her
lo New Orleans : and the enemy had chased ov shore, to
windward of Surinam, the sloop Gilet, from on board
of which she touk jive puncheous of ram and a quantity
of dry goods. The L/arriot xy Misa was given up to the
passengers and crews of these vesseis, and has arrived at
Grenada. The privateer afterwards stecred to the north.
ward with the view of iatercepting our homeward bound
The tempestuous weather which destroyed several of the
‘wessels in this Bay on the 23d instant, has been severely
felt at the Islands to leeward. By arrivals frum St. Vin-
cent we learn, that the Ship Severn was driven ashore at
tbat Island; all the vessels at Dominica shared the same
fate; and at St. Piere, Martinique, the following damage
has becn sustained by the shipping, aad a number of lives
lost :—
Atst. Pierre, wreekcd and totally lost—the Ship Watt ;
the brigs Barbados and Blonde; the sloops Liunet, Kau.
ny® Porpoise, Dispatch, Superior, Fanny, Little Edward,
Medway ; the schooner Betsy Gavauon, Also, the Spa.
nish brig San Lorenzo, 90 (ons.—Swedish schouners rece
port, 133 tons, Owbary, 99 tuns, Packet, 95 tous—and
ive Deoghiers.
Foundered off Fort Royal, after escaping from St. Pier.
re, Bay :—The Ship Amelia.
At Caze Navire, foundercd—the schooner Miss Park-
insong and the sloop Governor Beckwith.
At Lamentin—the sloop Florissante.
At Fort ikoy al—the schooner Kentish, and a Swedish
At Trinite—the sloop Requin ; act a Swedish ship ;
also six Droghers.
At Vauchlin—four Droghers,
At St. Ann—the sloop Rachael.
Aé Robert—the sloop Polly.
At Macouba—the sloop Dove.
Total 42 Vessels.
Downing-Street, June 15, 1813
A dispatch, of which the following is an extract, has
been received this morning by the Earl Bathurst, address.
ed to his Lordship by the Marquis of Wellington, and
dated Carvajales, May 31 :—
The troops arrived at Salmancaon the 26th inst. and
we found the enemy still in the town, with one division
of infantry. and three squadrons of cavalry, and some
cannon of the Army ef the South, under the command of
View original Cen. Villatte—The enemy evacuated the town on out
approach, but they waited longer than they ought upom
the high ground in the neighbourhood, and afforded an
opportunity for the cavalry, under Generals Fane and
Victor Alten (the former of which crossed the ‘Sormes at
the Ford of Santa Martha, and the latter at the bridge),
to do thems good deal of injury in their retreat; many
were killed or wounded, and we took about 200 prisoners,
7 tumbrils of ammunition, some baggage, provisions, &c.
—The enemy retired by the road of Babila. Fuento,
and near Huerta was joined by a body of infantry and
cavalry, on their march from Afba. lL then ordered our
troops to discontinue their pursuit, our infantry not bes
ing up. Major-Gen. Long, and Brig.-Gen, Motillo, in
command of the Spanish division, attacked Alba, from
which place the enemy retired. In the course of the 27tR
and 28th, I established the troops which had marched
from the Agueda and Upper Estremadura, between the
Tormes and the Douro, under the command of Leut..
Gen, Sir R. Hill; I set off myself, on the 20th, to join
the troops here, aud arrived that day at Maranda de Douro,
and here on the Sist. I found the troops on the Esla
under the orders of Sir T. Graham, as [ had intended,
with their left at Tabara, and in communication with the
Gallician Army, and their right at this place, aid all the
arrangements made for passing the sla. The greatest
part passed that river this morning, the cavalry by fords,
and the infantry by a bridge, which jt was necessary te
throw over that river, as it wa. su deep that some men,
even of the cavalry, were lustin the passage. The Ene
glish hussars who crossed urst, touk an Oticer and 33
men prisoners, near Valdeperdices.—The enemy have eva.
cuated Zamora, and our patroles have been in that town:
the troops which were there have fallen back upon Toro,
where I understand they have one division of infantry
and a brigade of cavalry. —It appears that the enemy have
joined at La Navadel Rey, the troops which retired from
Salamanca, Avila, &c. with those which were at Arevalo
and Medina del Campo; and [ imagine that as this part
of the aimy alvances, they will retire across the Douro,
—The enemy’s troops were still at Madrid, and on the
Fagus, on the 22d; but T conclude that they will have
evacualed that part of the country on hearing of our
The late hardfoughkt battles in and near Bautzen, it seems,
have led to a suspension of hostile operations between the
arinies of Irance and those of the allies, Bonaparte have
ing proposed an Armistice, which, it is said, had been
acceded to ;—for the only exception to this conclusion
appears to rest upon a report, that the Emperor of Ruse
sia had refused compliance, as far as regarded tho period
that had been prescribed for its continuance, which was
from the 4th June until the 20th July ; but that he had
offered bis ratification for a term of fifteen days, provided
such stipulations as he should propose were agreed to on
the part of the French Ruler; the result of which propo.
sals, however, has not becn satisfactorily stated in the pae
pers beforeus. ‘This Armistice has, no doubt, been the
Ofispring of Austrian interfercuce, whose Emperor has ig
view the annexation of certain places to his territories,
which this step may occasion, either by negociation or by
means of war. ‘Ihe signatures to this document, as pub.
lished in a French paper, are those of Caulincourt, for
lrance; Count Schouvaloll, in behalf of Russia; and
Gen. Kleist, on the part of Prussia; and the following are
the provisions of the
Art. 1.—THlostilities shall cease upon all points apon the
notification of the present armistice.
2. The Armistice shall last to the 8th (20th) July in.
clusive. Ifostilities not to commence without giving six
days notice.
3. Hostilitics shall not cosequently recommence till six
days after the denunciation of the armistice at the respec.
tive head quarters.
4. The line of demorcation between the Belligerent Ar.
mics is fixed as follows :—lIn Silesia, the line of the dema.
reation of the Combined Army, setting out from the fron.
tiers of Bohemia, shall pass through Detersbach, Psaffen.
dorf, Landshut, follow the Bober to Ruderstadt; pass
from thence through Bolkenhayn, Striegan, follow the
Strieganerwasser to Gauth, and join the Order by passing
through Bettlern, Olfaschin, and Althoff.—The combined
army shall beat liberty to occupy tac towns of Lundshut,
View original Rudelstadt, Bolkenhaya, Striegan, and Gauth,, as well
as their suburbs. The line of the French army, also sct-_
ting out from the fronticr which towches Bohemia, shall,
pass thro’ Serffershaus, Air-Ramnitz, follow the course of
the smal? river which falls into the Bober, not far from
Bertelsdorf ; afterwards from the Bober to Laha. From
thence to Nicukick, upon the Katzbach, by the most di-
rect linc, froin whence it will follow the course of that.
river to the Oder.—The town of Patchwitz, Deignitz,
Goldberg, and Lahn, no matter on what side the river
they are situated, may, as well as their suburbs, be oc-
cupied by the French troops.—All the territory between
the French and combined armies shall be neutral, and
cannot be occupied by any troops, noteven by the Lands-
turm—The disposition consequently applies to the town
of Breslau.—From the mouth of the Katzback, the line
of demarcation shall follow the course of the Oder to the
frontiers of Saxony and Prussia, and join the Elbe in pas-
sing the Oder, not far from Muhtrose, and follow the
froniiers of Prussia, so that all Saxony, the country of
Dessarc, and the small States surrounding the Princess of
the Confederation of the Rhine, shall belong to the French
army, and all Prussia shall belong to the combined army.
The Prussian territories in Saxony shall be considered as
peutra’, and shall nut be occupied by any troops. The
Elbe to ifs mouth fixes and determines the line of demar-
cation between the Belligercut armies, with the exception
of the points herealter mentioned. The Frencharmy shall
remain in possessivn of the Isles, and every thing which it
occupied in the 32d military division, on the 8th of June,
at midnight —if Hamburg is only besieged, that town shall
be treated like other besieged towns.—All the articles of
the present Armistice which are relative to them are ap-
plicable to it.--The line of the advanced march of the
Belligerent armics after the epoch of Sth June, at mid.
night, shall form for the 23d military division, that of the
demare¢ation of the armistice, with the military alterations
which the respective Comtnandauts shall judge necesary.
These alterations shall be made in concert with an officer
of the staif of cach army, upon the principles of perfect
5. The fortresses of Dantzic, Modlin, Zamose, Stettin,
and Custrin, shall be pevictoalled every five days, accord.
ing to the fusce of their garrisons, thro’ the care of the
Commander of the blockading troops. A Commissary,
appointed by the Commandant of cach place, shall be
with one of the besieging troops, to see that the stipula.
ted provisions are exactly supphed.
6. Daring (he tise of the Armistice, every fortie 45 Shall
bave bey ond ity walls an extent of a Prench league: this
ground shailbe ncutral, Magdeburgh will consequently
have its fiontice a league upon the right bank of the Libe.
7. A French ollicer sha! be sent in cach of the besieged
places, to inform the Commandant of the conclu ivu of
the Armistice, aud of its re-victualling. A Lovssian or
Prussian oflicer shall accompany bun durtug the youiuey,
both goiug and coming,
8. Commissarics named on both sides tu each place,
shall fix the price of the provisions furnished. ‘This ac-
count, settled at the eud of every month by the Commis.
sivners charged with maintaining the Armistice, shall be
paid at the head-quarters by the Paymaster-General of
the Army.
9. Onlicers of the Staff shall be aypvinted on either side
to regulate in concert the general line of demarcation, res-
pecting puints which shall not be determined by running
walter, and respecting which there may arise any difliculty.
10. All the movements of the troops shal! de regulated,
that each army shall o¢cupy its new line. On the 12th
June. All the corps or parts of the Combined Army,
which may be beyond the Elbe, oriu Saxony, shall return
wito Prussia.
11. Officers of the French aud Combined Armies shall
be dispatched conjointly, to cause hostilities to cease in
all points, and make the Armistice known,—The respect-
ive in Chlef shall furnish them with the necessary powers.
12. On both sides two Commissioners, General Officers
shall be appoiuted, to watch over the stipulations of the
present Armistice. They shall remain in the line of neu.
trality at Neumarkt, to decide upon such disputes as may
eccur. These Commissioners shall proceed there within
24 hours, in order to expedite Officers and orders that may
be scht in consequence ef the present Armistice,
View original Done and settled the present Act, tu 12 Accictes in dou]
ble copies, the day, mouth <and year abuvementioned.
(Signed.) caulincourt, Duke of Vicenza,
Count Scheuvalot.
Seen and ratified by order of the Fmperor and King,
the 4th June 1813.—The Prince Vice Constable of France
Major-General of the Graud Ariny.
(Signed. ) Alexander.
_— o-_-
Army Promotions.—The following Officers to take,
rank by Brevet—their commissions to be dated 4th June,
1813 :—
Major-Generals W. Dyott; Sir J. Leith, K.B.; W.
Munro,—to be Licuténant-Genera!s in the army.
Colonels J. Murry, Adj. Gen. in the W. 1.; G. Re
Ainslie, of 25th Foot; Edw. Scott of 96 Foot; H. G.
Barry, of 15th Foot—to be Major-Cenerals in thearmy.
Lieut.-Colonels Edw. Cocd. 6-th; ‘T. Austin, 60th ;
and P. Anderson, 60th F'oot—to be Colonels in the ar-
Capt. C. Vigny, 60th Foot—to be Major in thearmy.
60th.—Lieut. J. Johuston, from the 50th Foot, to be
Capt. of a Company, by purchase.
If any credit is due to the subsequent extract of a letter
from Madeira, the success of the Allies in Spain may yet
prove a timcly diversion in fayour of the united Powers
in the North of Exrope.—**The latest accounts from the
Peninsula, are to the 28th of June. They mention, that
Lord Wellington then was near Victoria, ; that the French
were retreating to the Pyrenees, and had crossed the Ebro,
after blowing up the works at Victoria and Burgos ; that
Lord Wellington had taken their military chest; and that
there had been a few partial eogagements, in which dhe
Allies were victorious. Miva was at Madrid, and pre-
paring to proceed to Arragon,—Suchet was retreating by
Arrago for Navarre. The Athes under Geu, Murray,
it is reported, had taken Tarragona.’
The Acasta Frigate—Crpt. Werr, placing a due
confidence in the largest, the best onicered, and bes,
manned frigate in the service, has been roaming abou,
fur his prey for several months, and we only wish
him fairly alongside the President, © stitution, or
the United States. On recciving the account of the
capture of the Guerricre, Capt. Kere assembled hits
crew, and addressed them as follows:—%Mvy lads,
it is with adistress which | cannot sulliciently depict
to you, that Linform you of the capture of the Guer-
riere by the Constitution, American frigate. We are
going to sea, and in the largest and best: armed. tri-
gate in the seryice. Hear my deterinination—I am
detertained never to strike the colours of the Acasta
—my mind is made up—what say you my boys ?—
The exclamation oi——*'To the bottom 3" and three
truly British cheers, followed his words, and the
anchor was weighed,
Tu respect to Americ¢a, we find adetailed account of
additional success on the part of the British Army on the
frontiers of Canada,
We have received American intelligence to the 15
of June, which state, thatthe American force which
landed in Canada, had been surprised in their camp
by 500 British, and entirely routed, with the loss of
1C00 men killed, wounded, and prisoners—among
the latter are Generals Winder and Chandler,
The following toast was drank at a dinnerin Bos-
ton—‘* May the death of Bonaparte’s //orses in Rus-
sia, be followed up by his Asses in America.”
View original It having pleased His Royal Highness the Prince Regent
to appoint T. Williams, Esq. First Fiscal of the Colony,
Demerary ,—that gentleman was sworn into office on the
4th instant.
His Excellency Governor Murray has been pleased to’
nominate his Honor Jabez Henry, President of the Houbl.
Court of Justice, a Member of the Honble. Court of
Policy, until His Royal Highness the Prince Regent’s
pleasure shall be known,
View original SALE sy EXECUTION.
Fourth Proclamation
WHEREAS I the undersigned, by authority ob-
tained from His Excellency Rosert Gorpon, Go-
vernor General in and over the colony of Berbice
and its Dependencies, Vice-Admiral, and President
in all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c.
Upon a Petition of James Fraser, under date of
29th March 1813, versus, the Attorney or Attornies
or such person or persons as are qualified to act for
Alexander Fraser.
Have caused to be taken in Execution and Seques-
tration, the Cotton Estate
situate on the West sea coast of this colony, with all
its cultivation, buildings, and slaves, the property of
A. Fraser.
Be it therefore known, that 1 the undersigned in-
tend to Sell, after the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 25th of June IS13, the abovemen-
tioned Cotton Plantation Seafield No. 42,with all its
Cultivation, Buildings, Slaves, and further appurt-
enances and dependenciesthereto belonging, and spes
cified inthe Inventory laying at the Marshal’s Office
for the inspection of those whom it may concern, in
order to recover from the proceeds of said Execution
Sale such capital sum, interest and expences, as
wherefore the Estate abovementioned, has been tae
ken in execution.
‘This 4th Proclamation made known to the public
is Customary. Berbice, | Ang. IS13.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original SALE spy EXECUTION.
Fourth Proclamation.
WHEREAS T the undersigned, by authority obe
tained from Tlis Excellency Ropert Gorvon, Goe
vernor General of the colony Berbice and its De-
pendencies, VicesAdmiral, and President in all
Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c. &c.
Granted upon a petition presented tor tha’ purpose
by James lraser, under date of 29th March 1813,
versus the [executor or Executors of the Estate of
Patrick Small. As also versus the Executor or Ex.
ecutors of the Estate of the late Vim. Threlfall, dec.
Have caused to be taken iv Execution, and put
under Sequestration, the undivided moiety of the cot-
ton Plantation No. 40 and 41, situate on the West
sea Coast of this colony, with all the Cultivagiony
Buildings, Slaves, and further Appurtenances and
Dependencies thereto belonging, agreeable to an Ine
ventory formed thereof, and which lags at the Mare
shal’s Oflice for the inspection of those whom it may
Being the property of the Estates of Patrick Small
and Wm. Threlfall, dee.
Be it therefore known, that T the undersigned ine
tend to Sell, after the expiration of one year and six
weeks, from the 25th June 1813, the said undivided
moiety of plantation No. 40 an! 41, with all its Cul.
tivation, Slaves, Buildings, and further Appurtens
ances thereto belonging, in order to recover from the
proceeds of said Sale, such capital sum, interest, &c.
as wherefore the same has been taken in execution.
This 4th Proclamation made known to the publie
by beat of drum, as customary. Berbice 1 Aug. 1813
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
View original Swunnons by Edict.
BY virtue ofan extract from the minutes of the
proceedings of the Court of Rolls of Civil Justice;
held at the Court House on the 26th April 1813, gi-
ven in the cause, entitled— Ths. F. Layfield, Robt.
Douglas and Jas. Sinclair, in capacity as Curators
for Plantation Nica, belonging to the boedel of Ross
& Sinclair, Plaintifls by Edict, versus, all known
and unknown Creditors, as well of the Estate John
Ross as of John Sinclair, in their life time partners
inthe House of Commerce trading under the Firm
of Ross & Sinclair, and in that capacity Proprietors
of the Cotton Estate Nigg, Defendants.
I the undersigned first Marshal of both the Hono-
rable Courts of this colony, and at the request of
aforesaid Plaintiffs.
Summon by Edict for the Third Time:
All known and unknown Creditors as well of the
state John Ross as of John Sinclair, in their life
fine Partners in the Ilouse of Commerce trading un-
der the Firm of Ross & Sinclair, and in that capaci-
ty Proprictors of the cotton Estate Nigg. To appear
before the Hon. Court of Justice, at the sessions of
the ordinary Court of Rolls, on Monday the 2d Aug.
1815, in order to render their claims in due form.
W hereas after the expiration of the fourth Edictal
Summons, will be proceeded against the non-tppear«
ers according to law.
This third summons by edict being made known
to the public, by beat ofdrum, as customary.
Berbice, 26th July, IS13.
hk. FRANCKEN, 1s¢ Dvpl.
View original Marshal's Office.
First. Proclamation,
BY virtue of a Writ of Execution, granted by
His Excellency J. Murray, Brigadier General,
and Acting Governor of the colony Berbice and its
Dependencies, &e. &c. &e.
Upon a petition of Jno. Douglas and Gilbert Ro-
berlson, Executors to the last Willand Testament
of Jos. Cliff, dec.—versus, Peter Fairbairn, the At-
torney for Jas. Marwell/, of the Island Barbados.
Be it therefore known, that I the undersigned have
caused to be taken in Execution, at the instance of
said J. Douglas and G. Robertson, in their aforesaid
capacity, the Cotton Estate
situate on the West sea coast of this colony, the pro-
perly of the [estate of Jas. Maxwell, dec. with all its
cultivation, buildings, slaves, &c. conformable to an
Inventory formed thereof, and lying at (he Marshal's
Office ior the inspection of those whom it may con-
Which said cotton Estate Pritannia, cum annexis,
T the undersigned intend to sell, affer the ex pira-
tion of one year and six weeks, from the 6th August,
ISIS, conformable to the Regulations of the Court
of Ctvil Justice of this colony, dated Ist January,
ISTO, respecting the Sale of Ustates by Execution
in this colony, tn order to recover from. the pro-
cecds of sid sole such) sum of money as wheretore
th seid plantation Britannia, has been taken in Lxe-
This first Proclamation published by beat af dram
as customary. Merbice, S Aue. ISS.
K. FRANCKEN, Dérst Marshal.
View original SALE sy EXECUTION.
first) Proclamation,
BY virtue ofa Writ of Execution, granted by THis
Eexcetleney Jous Murray, Brigadier General, and
Acting Governor in and over the colony of Berbice
and its dependencies, View Adiiral, and President
In all Cyucts and Colleges withta the same,
&c. XC. &e.
. Upon a Peti(ton of John Lay fic ld qq. John Dod-
son & Co. ot Lancaster, ve Mss, C'eorge iWunro, un-
der date of 26th Pianacy, 2St3.
Be it thercef re hoown, that Ethe undersigned haye
caused tobe akon in Lxeention, at the instance of
suiddJd. Laylichi ga. db. Pedeon & Co. of Lancaster,
Th Cott vn bst te No. Qt,
sitaate on the Core dine cout, the properly of said
G. Munré, wa houlit: Cabovation, Buildings, Slaves
and further operon nees, id Dependencies there-
to belonging, eet peciwied in the Inventory thereof,
lying af the Marshets Othee tor the inspection of
those whom tt imiy coucens.
Wich stid Coton Lastete Ne. 21, cum annexis,
{the undersigne! i tered to Selly after the eX pira-
lion of one yerr te sx weeks, from the 2d August,
ISIS, conrormeble to ih Reyulations of the Court
of Civil Justices, ditoed Lt January IS1O, respecting
the Sale of Estates by ee \ceution in this colony, in
order to recover trom the proceeds of said sales such
sum of moncy as wheretore the said Estate No. 2]
have been fa'en in} xecution.
“This first Proclamation published by beat of dram
according lo cust. Berbice, 8 Aug. IST3.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
— Cr TOOT” eee
— —
View original — —_ — - —_
BY virtue of an katract of the Minutes of the
Proceedings of the Court of Justice, of this colony.
dated 2th June Esto, given in the cause entitled
“The Gluirdians of (he minor Any Cameron, Plsin-
tiff in case of opposition, respecting the Sale 0! Plane
tation /fogslye, versus, P. Sythoff qq. Rich. Bar-
ry, ov the Carttors of said lestate, the Persons in
whose fivor said plantation llogstye Was to be sold
N dtice is hercby viven to the Public, ¢hat the sale
of Pla. Hogstye, with all its ( ulftvation, Buildings,
Slaves, &e. thereto belonging, will now take place
on ‘Vharsday the 2d Septemberr 1813, on the
Whoever should think to have any right, interest
or claim onthe aforesid Plant 0. Hogstye, and wish-
es to eppose the sale thereof, let such person or
persons address themselves to me the first Marshal,
declaring their reasons for such opposition in due
time and form; as J hereby give notice that I will
receive opposition from every one thereupr
fied, appoint them a day to have
lo guali-
bis or her claim
heard before the Court, and further to proceed ac-
cording to law.
This first Proclamation made known to the Public
by beat of drum as customary. Berbice & Aug. 1813
KK. FRANCKEN, First Marshal.
Fourth Proclamation
BY virtue of authority granted by the Honorable
(‘ourt of Civil Justice, of this colony, under date of
15t May 1813, upon a Petition of A. J. Glasius and
View original B. J. Schwiers, Sequestrators over Plantation Vrede
cn Vricudschap, and half Goudmyn.
Notice is hereby givers that | the undersigned,
First Marshal of the CoSgs of this colony, will sell
by public Execution Sate, in the mouth of July,
1814, (the precise day hereafter to be notified thro’
the Gazette of this colony.)
The Plantation VREDE en VRIENDSCHAP, and
halfof Plantation GOUDMYN, with all its culti-
vation, buildings, slaves, and other appurtenances,
and dependencies thereto belonging.
W hoever should think to have any right, action,
or interest on the abovementioned plantations, and
its dependencies, and wishes tooppose this sale by
Execution, let him or them address themselves to me
the undersigned, declaring their reason for so doing
ina legal manner in writing, as I hereby give notice
that I will receive opposition from all intermediate
person or persons, appoint them a day to have their
claims heard before the Court, and further act there-
on according to law.
This 4th proclamation published by beat of drum
as Customary. Berbice, 8 Aug. 1813.
K. FRANCKEN, Ist Marshal.
Fourth Proclamation,
WITEREAS Ff the undersigned, by authority ob-
fained from Elis Excellency R. Gornon, Governor
General of the colony Berbice, and its Dependen-
cles, &e. &c. Ke.
U pona Petition of Juha Beresford, under date of
2oth April S12, versus, FF. Cort qq. Benficld’s Es-
late, as thus having signed the Bill ot Exchange for
which this action 1s instituted,
Have caused to be taken in Execution and put un-
der Sequestration :
The undivided half of Plantation RESOURCE,
being the Eastern one third of Lots No’s. Ll and 19,
situate on the western coast of Corentyn with all its
Slaves, Buildings, Culuvation, &c. the property ef
I’. Cort aforesaid.
Be it therefore knowu, that I tee undersigned in-
tend to Sell, afterthe expiration of One year and Six
week, from the 22d February 1813, the abovena-
med undivided hait of Plu. Resource, as above spe-
cified, with all its cultivation, buildings, slaves, and
further ap- and dependencies thereto belonging, all
conformable to an daveitory torimed thereot and wos,
lying at the Marshal’s Otice for the inspection o:
those whom it may Couceri, in order lo recover fron:
the proceeds of said Lixccution Sales such capital
eum, interest, co. as wihereiore the same has been
laken Inexcculion, Cv expences.
Phis 4th Proclamation made known to the public
by beat vi druisas customary. Berbice S Aug. ISt3.
Ib. PUAN CHEN, Lirst Marshal,
—_—. —
Summons by Edict.
BY virite of an appotatineat granted by the Hon-.
orable Court of Civil Justice, of this coloay, unde
date of Q8:h Aug. IS/Y, Upon a petition presented
by Ian. dunes, incapacity as Curator over the Ls-
late of John Donaldson, dec.
I the undersigned First Marshal of both the Hon.
Courts of this colony, and at the request of aturesiaid
Win. Innes, in capacity atoresaid,
Summon by Ludi:
All known and unknown clansants against the Estate
vf Jolin Donaldson, dee. to appear before the Court
of Civil dustice of this colony, at their session, to be
held ia the month of October, ISIS, say hightecn
heanticd and thirteen, there to eive in their claims
agitast said esiate, and further lo proceed according
lo Law.
Lhis summons by edict made known tothe Public
by beat of drum, from the Court house of this colony ,
and further dealt with confounable to custom.
Berbice, 2d July, 1813.
Ik FRasxckeN, First Marshal,
View original : °
Sumunons by Ndict.
BY virtue of an appointnent, granted by the
Hon. Court of Civil Justice of this colony, under
date of 28th April, upon a petition of Charles Mc-
Intosh, in capacity as appointed Executor to the
last Will and Testament of Charves Gordon, dec.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
this colony, and at the request of said Ch. MclIntosh,
in his capacity abovementioned.
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors against the es-
tate of Ch. Gordon, dec. to appear before the Court
of Civil Justice of this colony, at their session to be
held inthe month of July in the year one thou-
sandeight hundred and fourteen, (say 1814), there
(o render their claims against said estate, to verify
the same , and further to proceed according to law,
on pain of being for ever debarred thei right of
claim in case of default,
This Summon by Edict made known to the public
by beat of drum from the Court house of tbis colony,
View original e . ,
and further dealt with aecordir 7r to custom
Berbice, 2d July, IStS.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal
View original Summons by Edict:
BY virtue of authority, granted by the Honorable
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, dated 25 June,
ISIS, given upon a Petition of James Fraser, and
Simon Fraser, in capacity as the only within: this
colony residing Executors of the Last Will and Tes-
tament of van Duncan Fraser.
I the undersigned First Marshal of the Courts of
(his colony, and at the request of beforenamed Jas.
raser and 8. Fraser, in capacity as Curators to the
said Estate of E. D. Fraser, and by virtue of above-
named appointment.
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors against the ese
fate of Evan Duncan Fraser, to-appear before the
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony,at their Session
which willbe held in the month of July, [814, (say
Lighteen hundred and fourteen), there to exhibit
and verify their claims, to see opposition made there-
unto, if need, and after expiration of the Fourth
Idictal Summons, to witness the Court’s decision on
the preferent aad concurrent right of claimants, and
further to proceed according to law, on pain to all
those who remain in default, of being for ever de-
barced their right of claim.
This summon by edict nade known to the Public
by beat of drum as customary—Berbice, 14 July.
kK. TRANCHKEN, First Marshal.
View original Summons by Edict.
BY virtie ofan Appointment, given by the Court
Civil Justice, under date of Q8th April IS13, eranted
upon a petition of Charles McIntosh, incapacity as
appointed Executor to the last Will and 'lestament
OL Donald Cameron, dec.
I the undersigned, First Marshal of both Courts
of this colony, and at the request of aforesaid Chs.
MeIntosh, in bis capacity aforesaid.
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown Creditors against the be-
forementioned estate of Donald Cameron, dec, to ap-
pete before the Hon. Court of Civil Justice of this
colony, at their session which will be held in the
month of July IST4, (say One thousand eight hun-
dred and fourteen), there to deliver in their claims,
fo verify the same, and further to proceed accord.
Ing to Law, on pain of being for ever debarred their
right of claim.
This summons by edict is published by beat of
drtin, as customary. Berbice, 2d July, 1813.
Kh. FRANCKEN, Firse Marsha.
View original a»? ee,
THLE Subscribers offers for Sale, at their Store
on Lot No. 1G, the Jfoliowing articles, on reas-
onible terms, for cash,
24 July.
Bottled porter in hampers
A few half barrels Jew's beef
Sallad oil, mustard, butter, & barley
Weleh flanvel & mill ereen clown,
Printing cloth for carpeting
Green printed table cloths
Hine black, blue, & green cloth.
White & green canyas
Striped & linen checks
Russia duck & lish sheeting
Negro cloathing & check shirts
Gentlemen’s & lady’s stockings
Gent. socks—coflve bagging
Nails from 4 to 20 penny
Anda few reams post paper.
J.L. KIP & Co.
er —_--_--»=—ew Le
View original A. FLEURY’s LOTTERY.
Plan of a Lottery.
To be drawn with Permission of ITis Excellency
Governor J. GRANT.
Consisting of the Northern front quarter of Lot
No. 37, in the second empolder of the ‘Town of New
Amsterdam, with the Buildings thereon, and Ap-
praised by Mr. Wm. Grant, Carpenter, at Sf 4,708.
There will be 107 Tickets, at £44. each.
The Winner may take possession the very mo-
ment afler the drawing.
The costs of Transport are to be paid by the wine
The day of drawing of this Lottery will be made
known thro’ this Gazette.
TICKETS to be had at A. FLEuryY’s, this
Office, and La Rose’s Tavern.
Berbice, 24th July.
Sn eee
View original $e
FOR SALE—At this Oflice—Blank Bi
° . . ills 7
cnange, Bills of Lading, and the A/anner of Proce
ie efore the Court of Civil Justice of this Co-
—— LL es
View original Published every Saturday at 4 o'clock,
By W. SCHULZ & Cu.

14 August 1813