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The Berbice Gazette

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Any r rson willing to contract for the immediat
Cleonineg and Ditching of the frontdim, Digeine on
the Main Trenches, &e. in the first empolde rofthi:
Town New @iusterdar, aecording to particulars to
be seen at-ethe Peosiden) of said Coumittee oF.
Crorr, BPxq. will please vddress himself, by Tender,
en ot before the JS¢h instant, at TP o'clock tn the
womings, when sud Tenders wilh be opencd, ant the
loves of r, ifovs Pray dof aece to). — The Cone
tr "efor iw to mvs Curly for ihe one performenes ot
th for. rehich with be atall times aader Cie ine
6[/ L lor ofl tae | (ni " AT rane or.
ee \ wy Nast cists T Jule, T&T.
BRoareer of che Toren (lor snipe.
+ .
—_—_—_—_-——_— | / -
Perhicc, 2d Jue, IS! 4.
Reoaxx Returns for Produce, for the six mon Ms
from we Voomiry to Vs July, dre rene ly for delivery at
this Oice, which Retuias are to be made in an if Nis
month, under Tendcr of Oath,
D. ALP, Dep. Ree. Gen,
View original CP Viovlerdag den Tle dezeer, zal ler dzer Drul-
kery (¢ bekomenu zyn, boxe my yoke ar van ce
Voor de Verecnicde Nederlanden,
In de Hollandsche Taal.
Teoen veredeo betaling van [6.—
Cok zvndezelve te bohoamen, in Dererary, ter
Donvkery van de PHecren AGLERT & STEVENSON,
Alsxoprys £6.
~ ea
View original —_
X ry \ ' . . ‘ ’
ON Dhurscay de Teh inst. will be ready for co -
Vio cyoatrhis Odics, in the Dutch Langage only,
(ea X (>| the
=v $ al 4 .
7 ~~ at ys th :
> ‘ . 4 Cl ay] ite (ts,
}> ‘ : f O.—! *) I. ,
J . . ° .
A cy {i im : ye l, 1) ) ( @\ re . ‘. ’ t]; ’ Prin ne Dn”
fice of Sossrs, AU Re cs SEOVENSON. price FO.
. . ’ ro. .
Troop ene ote ec tite ie ats Parana te eng
ceerenon are pl pot) Put tot boast an Ooze nye,
_ . yd os yoo
golieve zich mrycl v Hie) rmvae ge fUlasciargbben te Vvoore
Zi" le 10 4 sresscrvell by Qa mead ur Vv eis pI }-
facie. —2 July. W. KLOUWENS.
oa ——_ ——_——- ——
The front anarter of Me whole breadfof lot Ne od
New Amstercau, with all the bit ings thereon, viv
Troma ontiacht-
--~—---_ =
a dwelling house, letcly putin repasr,
ines entirely new, ferns vill be madee sy tony ay -
sroved purchaser. —Apply for prrticulis to
\ Pply ] -
2 July. Jed. van pee SCOOP.
Teo Perzalen Ustole, nineteen bales anda pace
—kef eood cle "It, anc one b le vellow colfon, fo cash
on delivery, inthe Town of New Amat odeim —ree-
ders for which will be received at they house of
Ivhyard Theobald, until Tucsday abe twelih (1S)
of Juy next.
Jovan nen PROUK, aq.
9 July. A. KRERGER, qq.
Tir next ‘fecting of this S ciety, will beh don
Monday the Ath of July next, at the dwelling hous
on No. Lh. Correnty na const, where an carly cuid full
alfendance is requested, ,
Berbice, 25th June, S14.
By request of the Stewards,
_——_ ——————e. CC '
View original FOR SALE OR TO bie LET.
"Khe Buildings on part of lot No. 3.
apply to
95th June. A. G. CALNE.
View original FOR SALE,
Crabwood fuimber.
@5 Junc. ALLAN STEWART & Co.
View original REQUIRED
For the nse ofthe Civil Government 5S Puncheons
Lf Neio Par, also 4 six- qimnint casts of Véwfound-
and Cod- lish s for which, Tenders will be received
by the Subseriber until 10 @clock on Tuesday the
Tof July, where they will bo opened in presence of
His Excellency the Governor, and the lowes! y ifape-
proved, accepted. —2th Fras,
, ‘eting Com,
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NOaiGia de
Tite Subscribers ove civen over to Mr. A. G.
Carmen, forcol-etonar) fanidatons albaceounts
and nofesofhaud,dacy tote bite Paavers ds eveany
ad Wannrau der crv. forthe veagrs IS. 2N INTS.,
This is ther or: fo inform chose imfebtod ta the
suid Bxtate, that 8p A. G. Catecis fully ad horised
and enipowered, to given qu taneess and that le ts
instructed, not logtve tortion indulgence to apy pers
somoer persons whatsoever.
25 Jnune. W. . ke
W. . wt PyeRY,
N.B. The first nndersiencd, hes alo given the ac-
counts, &e. due fo the Ustate of ie late Pr,
Jeffery, to Mr ALG. Cabuer. for coleetion,
of this circumstance Chose indebtcd are request
ed fo tale notice.
View original / '’ & A ry
I Lau aa hs
Frou Cne hunted totwo hundred bunches Plan-
Hains 1 rvcek—olsoa Pash Gein is wanted top ue in
ap leotain wi alk, apy ly on Pin. Scotland.
5 June. : Jo McHAY.
Tron to twelve prime Noero® nen, they have been
Acousteaped fo work Ina bask Gans, are all good
Shovel Wsyg an Sure ape Mawinewrs, thoy are pecotie
mended tocbe ast atic OF Ve ccodoutlers, a they un-
derstand to square aad saw woo ly thnot sullby pre
sat sale iaohe course ofaiee: th willbe putat Puoke
Sol yap, ly to the Printer, —voth June.
PUBLIC NOTICE ts hereby givens Phat the
Copmtea “fj bormwecn the Stbseribe ‘rs, under the
Poo eto hdewcaw X&% Payrory? ow ‘be dissolved
Nyy porttaad ean ton tle Lest prON La
All perons mccbtcd toth sat bars yerer quest-
«| toon pos wen teaeiherortihe & bveriby rs, andl
bece who bare Vi ss veradtist them, will please
rouder th a without delry.
Pero, Win. TIENERY,
PAth dune. IST. eos, TAN LOR,
View original ONE JO RPLWAR ).
Lost, Wishid, ar Stolen, on Wednesday morning
Pogelist mode, with a ue "1
hist, il (iv! | \\ a ich,
cad tyeash utd the same be offered tor sale,
rood! . (hatit may be stopped.
IS tau \.

View original Notice to Creditors!
THe Credit, rsof Plantation PY RISH and Rost.
Doranag.ace hort y trformed, thaton Priday th
Suh of fuiv, chere wd be putuy nee them, 20
ba) sof coud celery eoton from satd Pstate s And tor
he eceo uo dation of the smelher erediters, thers
will beat snioe tine patup the valac of? 10 bales o
cotton in colony piper money trom Coree to five jocs
cach respeedvc cot, The sale to take phree at the
house OF Tens. bo Davergen, Esq. No.o0, New
Amsicordar i vt 12 o'*clor ° hy th: forenoon: cach eree
ditor is requ sted tacome provided with such vou-
chers ne they respect vi rn held.
Berbice, (ith June, 1814.
Peow Plantation Polyyra, trom three weeks toa
month Since, ‘1 ari bt: ich Ox Xy poor, and an Ox le
bout CO months ald, of a red colour, with very wid
spreading horns, some white inthis free and about
his flinks.— If strayed, one Joe more than the custo.
mary reward will be given for their recovery ; and
if stolen, asiine! free rly een lo any PcTadll, who
will convict the PHEER or THIEN ES,
Also drifted fron. id nt antahon, on Monday last,
adarge Pant, printed on its outside with red ocre
and tar, tor the recovery of which a liberal reward
will be siven by
25 Junc. B. JEFFERY.
a _ -
View original SECRETARY s OFFICE.
—-—~=« =__
This isto rnform the Public, that the following pere
sons intend gutting this Codony.
oe & ‘oy =)
A. ‘Sriever with the June or daly convoy.
Molenaar in6 weeks fron: 29 May.
J... Schollevanger for Barbados by the first opporf-
J. 12 Tipinand two servants, Harlequin and Wil-
lem, in O weeks from 18 June.
° R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
NOTICE ts herety given, that a manth ufler dute the
fulluccons Pransports and Mortcages well be pusyril.
June PL. Coo. Bovot will transport to Demerary 02
nowostives, pames to be secn at this office.
June t8. 4 ven don Beock, as the Attoracy of the
Beiro of ‘nh & Po zel, dee. will tou: port to Se
Prosser, the dots No. 9 and G. situ.fe in Canje
June 25 Rerkely swill transpor(to the free black
wounen 1D thn). 5 roods of laud in depth of the
north. rn hte of it No. d. ato Wan. Ashby,
the idtoining five roods in dephtol he south va
hvloof svidl lot, both fronting the new center
roud, New Amst.
=? ee — F&F "ew FT «
View original VENDUE OFIYCE.
MO Monday the 4th Jaly, will be sold an spline
toe BMW vac, by order of B.1. Sehwiers. Peo. qe.
Novas] old his ip Nye CONS ye 1") Giotne (all . 4,
a ! yp pec i do. ens | falotes, Stele ours, Odin oss ’
ph my wordro! ess eh s* ol! rawers. baal awe,
ate vs with matresses and pallous, basa stds. une
ine atesses, be 1 ne globe Poopsy ey bane eck
with od} SS Ci ue sev! co ag sera,
lessware, oondl SHrohsy botthostuatss wotters. atwes
and forks, spooos, ora with 6 tarrelsy mired clo h
99 forty bv V7, cctostinboan tercestr ab: Hob Sot ite
na dup len, a phaton with harness, a coliccteon of
books, Ne, ’
Lhe Sale will ecommence at 11 o'clock precisely.
b. C. « A Nj DAON, Dep. hendue Mea Vile
On Thursday the 7h July, will be sollat= the
v endue Office anaessortiment of dry goods, provisions,
beer, porter in bottles and Lhhds. hams, boots, shocs
say, ¢ ea dies, a few tierces of salt, a he a and Lr I.
send, chairs, tables, loat sugas, tea, stationary as-
sored, cot on and coffee bavging, carpenters (Cools.
Al oa coilof wh te rope, weighing about 600 Ib.
and a few barrels of herrings.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original Thoisday the 28th July, will be sold at the
Vendae Ofice, by order of the Weeskamer of this
colony, the one third partof Lots No. EL and 2.
situate on the west sea coast, with the negroes th: re-
unto bi longing, the property of the late FY Smith.
DP. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
ee SEES OS ez SP) evar ew
ee —— ——_—— ee ——— i ar
ee TS —
The brig Star,
Wir. Warniin, Aaster,
will atl eth first co nvoy—for freight or passage,
vy) ply fo the said Master Or
95 June. W. HENERY.
View original FOR GLASGOW,
ys) The brie Sprcur ATION,
Capt. Frreuson,
first CONVOY, —for freieht
warranted fo sail with the
ar passage apply to the eny tf. on bond, or fo
——__—— -_
{ .
SO ed Uli.
View original r
View original Eriract from ihe Pegister of the Minutes of
the Couri of Civil Justice, of the Colony Ber-
Wednesday, (5th June, 1814.
AND it was accordinely Ordered, that all persons
acting under the appointment of the Court, either as
Trastecs for Creditors, Curators to Insolvent Estates,
Sequestrato sy Guardians, Ada inistraters, and other
Accounting Porties, under the orders of the Court,
dorenier and vive in their Accounts, w thin one
mouth fron the date of the Publication of this Order
in the Berbice Gazette, and ia future annnally in th
first week of the month of Januery in every year, to
the Secretary of the Court, and on no prefeace whil-
ever to amit the sune without a snecist order for fare
ther tise being proviowsty ohruned on Pecitien,
sh ‘WS rryy | Cutbs ' 5 Lo | (') oor Off elnalty i)
ensure the dirs observance of dh. Order. it. is here ly
fu thor Vrcet os Phat the Seoret cry of the Court do
on the fiast dl Vv oyf every ordi wy Sesstony Inv on he
table of his Court a Vistal aye nanos and Capacl
ties of the severyl Neco pirtios, for cther with
the datos or Mois res cetive Vooint aus, aad the
fino towheh the sad) Mecouwrs hove already
beng yveninys er res tered fo the oo urd for conform.
attr ayovoval, such lists fo spo cty porcicularty
Whore ile several Vouchers and Documents (rer st.
b tovring, are deposited and ander whose auihorily
Oro cler,
ANO in the said List is also to bo inserted the
Namesoi all Persons who have taken out Nets of
Dlibaation, together with the dates theres! and
the tiows wheathe sane have been renewed or pros
Jonved, and furth r to contain the runes of the sev-
eral Lstates asaast which the elvims of the respect-
Ive Croodrors have been already filed ae ex ibited
for (he decision ofthe Const oa the Praeound concur-
rentie th ceo tolether wi lo the dates when the said
° } '
Clatas wee tet wedalso wood the several Proclae
. ‘ , ; .t . .
matings aod S bots gents rel ae thereto, were
BssceeeD Te ot tae ce te red end fereg ry Crizcttis.
i\ ie Count Chub (Lia porhel {nejy Swearn
Acoourtints to Chal Pry aravive al Report to
them onary wee cuits oF Mie paries aforesaid, as
thir own regue ty, orforceeive thes mreocers tor sueh
durposc, wacant tne sane fiver boom aeGuLaRuy
RLF QO). b the Coust, ou! the several
pirtics terested) Chorin, recat. rly summoned by
' wt A ! . ] 7 ge
AGVe mento de noble boyy Sy tdha due Notice
eiv aol Poistaoce Gtueder month. to appear bes
nee thomeoa od trie their Obiec‘ior vious
fore ticmy ad Go stue thete ODtrection y previtousls
tolnoireercingsey Cher report thereon,

A! tis Seerotuiy of the Court, is hereby Mrietly
febit, in future to recive aay Documents or Vou-
coers forvacy of the Aecoun ing Parties aforesrid,
witho ware dir Taventory therbof is at the same
tone rendered) to hin by the said portics, dul, sien-
etre. Gated bs them; and he is directed, on re-
Coivias such icv ‘ory, to Compare the same with
the Vouchers, aad certicy the aceur icv thereof, and
fartner do dediver to thea the said prrlies one copy
of such faventory svc ied amdattested by him, gratis,
such lave vores and Aecounts to be earclully pre-
serve (by hen in his Oilice, prop ‘thy labeled and
puriphed, and not to be returacd of given out of thy
Oitice, except in the cases of pre and concurrentias,
after provuaciadion of the “Monee In those cases,
Without aiexpress Order of (he Court. or Governor.
A truce extract, published for eeneral iormation,
by order of the Honorable Court of Civil Justice.
Quod Altcstor.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
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i a
View original


View original
View original i

i 1

" a
i «|
View original
View original tored on cilher side; thatthe period shall be one month
from the Channel and the Nord Soa to the Canary Isles,
the Pqnator, and Give moaths in all the other parts of the
world, without aay exception, or any otier distinction
as to time or place.
, Art. VOl. Phe prisoners on all sides, whether soldiers o:
seanen, or of what desertion svewer, and particularly all
hostages, shall be inimediit ty setat liberty. and sent hom
to their resceciiwe Cosas, without ransome or ev.
change, Cowunissioners shall bs ap, o-mled) reer rocal’s
to forward thes generar liboration.
Art. VILL. ‘Phe Co-Belligercats immediately after the
sicuature of che present act, soalsurrond rthogoveeniicat
Or poSscss1ou of the towns at present occas d by ther
trov} 8, (0 the Magistrates a, inted by dis Os al da a.
ness the Lieut.-<Geno. of the Woousedom of Fiacee Th
Royal Autuorities undertake to provide for the sudeast-
ence and necessities of the troo us, tl! the Guse whom th ‘
shal! lavecvacnuated the Frencd tetmtoodbe s ord the Allied
. . oo, _ ps a
Po ee OU Caer part, Out vi = Pwit aid Fat yale iby) lue-
words aiancey, Will caese all nultiacy or ii tions tu be
d.-caitteveds as Soon as the suvroa tee ue the dirnerent
Ploces by ce be ghawiate Sataowety soad lave been cilcet.
he ccereral tonmns of the ex (ion of Chis aiticie, shall
ber Boe a POT te Voth. on,
A’et. Pa N thi aia shall orewail, with
ye}. Pto tree tou woke oly Co rele, As lay the rods
Wii dfasthorsait oN ad Poovers shall take on thoi
Mieco), ds atarr t Per cusses acy sa hes niry be Prepac.
. .
ec jor then 5 wd Cowmtssard saat hoa. _Outed to Mane
aioe Necessary cerangemauts, o do to accom, any th
troors tal’ they shal quit ‘he brench teamtory.
In farch of wc the Pespocuye Pisuipos “Caarhes h .N
bigncd tue present Conveutiun, asd have adixed tu il tioir
Done at Paris, ie 23d of Nye, in the year of Grace
F . . ’ , e ’ .
The peniad of tou day $y AGLet'ca ta virwce of the stipu.
Patios o: tite Dose WNeiche of Gre eC ouventiowol tas (ald y
WJ , /
Yu. the srv Ceca doro!l (te chee: Qt lie delanes avd Deiween
thas cisce aud ect rovers ob braces is extended
} . ‘ ' ' :
to (1) Mite s [u, a si lla Jbiawd hay is lols trot 5 ol wihiat
Tia: eric s ) . ‘ ele og sedaly lL, ia ‘ . Cited A hUsduCes ol dire
Toss roscnt doa. dona Aethots sue'l dave the same Fores
~ . )
anr.lvat acl \ bee Ve Cl ott oleh! J bebe Cb dca ali tile Wisile
Ve Tilt oi edn al ’
a or . Pint hare fais
Ado vir’te Obowy . mabe Pospeetave back o Cratbcs Hav,
Sit i = ‘ boil bai i \ j Ye
vw! wat i ot ) li _ Gi . 5 bs wade ) wd ul G rac )
loi 1.
— ee oe
Ar4at " a a . ¢ rer ¢ v x
MIAYORAL, 1 Os a lL 6, [ hae
. : Vs
bleci CLA & /? ‘ j¢ 4 le
( ~¥.°% ‘ . .'e ‘
6Oy ha yiallts Gi 2U uu pom bd HV EV de rs vv
- . , ] : \ ~ ; .
f i @ dild Fd. >! Aude it Wis. UN, Ls al ic. 5 ie Ge COen ‘hboads 1;
the biuisovae ol clic bu .rcCOns Nas Thc adil 5 the a: 12g
biviace oe Che unfortunate Locis MWVd. Lous Xvall.
Is tool ta ceoume Ce reins of lis babies bbe ds the fa.
tice aia taniilyy wads about lo repo ity Cubldren, arte
alurza dl j std oad sO Meebo,
Se hiild as che dew wi ch refecshes aud fortilises thecarth,
‘this scvulition w it fee yell tue sources of puone prospec.
rity, aud sve nes Lic to socicly,
“Ve are sudeb'd for tis beacht to the gencro-ity of
theenamies of Napoleon, bastuuments of Proviucace,
they hive prepaced this eat event, Qur wounds wal
soon be healed; tacy wal be cicatriscd by the hand o!
Louis, aod we shall be couvsig sod over to. that Nay ties,
which only a few days ago we could scurcety have dircd
tu hope for.
Ssietus show ourselves worthy of that happiness. Tix
perionce has proved tous that ascord is equally fatal to
all, Lbetus rally round the throne of our hi gitinate So-
Tercisn, and Krance will alw ays be grout and strong. Tis
is the wish of the Kings of the great European family
64 haste Of T
Inhabitants of Tontorse, I exhort yon to have bit
one mind, one will, wlnchimry direct usclfto tie public
Weal, Phen will (he lendholder hay enone to fear fiom
Unjust aud tyraunical spoliatious; the labuures will re-
View original ecive the fruits of his toil; commerce will no longer be
shackled in its specufations; aad the hones¢ artisan) will
be able to maintain his family, Fathers may also, with-
ut fear, give way to paternal afdoction, and tein children
il! be able tu exercise towards thom t') most solemn act
if filial prety, that of closing ther veyeli lt !
‘pone at Che Capitol, at Toulouse, toe 13th April
The followings are the carlos | gies of his evont.
‘he SUL ISN OHECE Whe accom, 4 Ss hhiun is Col. Ca -
bell. ‘The escort consist of frou 159) 0 2 mew. Bea
travtand Dulaa! yy are ty OCC My lh n tO iba,
Montainebleast, Ap. il, 2V.— Bona, a te setout from ©
lovu yesterday, al Lt ociuch in the furcnoon, Grid in
O'dy (Ae 19ch, ‘45 stated {' ©) Ol w I] J mrrtha 2) bu ) cd mS
lonetecn carriazes. Tris escurs i aro aK y j sfohorees,
ih ,
i he four Counmissionci 3 o! the At mdb ON plhoaccome.
oa vy him ac@PMl. Suuwalew, the Prussia 1

an Eozholh Gen. und another Gen. suoposed Co be an
Au (riaa, konur Oflicers ol his hou hod, a Oat
is baker, from pact of his retinue. Very few mititary
movare rors wilh aim, and they itend, as itis reported,

to | euimat the 9 ace of caba.t Pfu.
Attihe mowentol | leoaurt ne adaressed the offic
subacieras of th waard. wio were still ADOal as
DU. Meaty be aese woul ‘i _i—
‘Po bid vou farsa Movi rse QD yeir—(1ow fw
so dl i oTere tit Sere. ] DJ vous %a0 55° )— hy
\\ ros: i | cb st palo witty
i bt rr \ | | Vi mm Fe Fo } yp Si oT , i)
Pow prs of roccouhire tak od up asin ' 2 pd
yon reels have here | rary, alt :
is De vod Wofs—_ or, blo 5 oN . | -
ed tie Usarcer (oy recur to hee lesttin Var
Wii. afte Cros. | ils } .)
COWoath vor
, and the brive men wae renin ot
(ome, £L have for theos years presorvedd banc broon Cas
} S) } yy} if Doe ’
war—(bDy causing coven the women. wo did to olabke tot
starved, to be shot at Caen, avd oo hier places.)
Cpe fathful to tren . Nit Volpe renee i ~cho
pry Wolorfumetle.- (CN teuta \ hich 1 , dy dis a <.)
' ' ,.
eo 7, at notuny faces Poshall be happy wie I kao
{ ae Lit ).
® . ° “ . , ,?? .
Sloco'd have been sai ltodte: no hing woud ba
I ti ‘ A \ {VU bibs , ! | | ' | fo i ' { )
) & \ i | lw ite Cae detory of QUF AC Ath i!
a1 a | rol j y Ooi 1! { J will euororace yo
Sonee th Carne. ¢ i ral (teem! race n.)
’ ,
emg tue doegles Tot me we Linton ~Cf
} _ fs ’ ‘ . ‘
be Jud. ve.) ~ 1) i) ‘ so Oe {
‘ ree | } Poy mily ! A -
) ' ‘
v It, 7 , l,! i ic Wy em LOLS did bg
( wore ,”
‘ t. , ace 1 ’ } VY (! fon ( ) a} WICKS O|
+ 4
t i 1 an U i O\N ‘ ® ") l A . le j rua al | ( l.
Bon. } arfe ai c ‘ ) ( iS rr 7 (° At (. i Nie
ment be was unabe to i semottwa. and sh dso
(cars, At i monet « befuyg hoa Ko dfos Con.
‘ : . ! ’ l j a | . ,,°
stan > It. {j ( Val *t Ge ( ; ( ye | La sb btdis ec Le
) } } » ! . 5 r) } \
probably that he m rol accotd Ay Done aele. Chovrg
} } . :
he I) cd Gile pt eo 5 Ge: | ae cd a 3! i a) Ol JU,!
it mics
nr ’ r e . . , '
Phe same day at 10 ofelock at nicht, the Queen of
‘t” } fr ° , ' qi
We haha oacrived ato Fouatuaeblean s buat all the poss.
rorses bene engaged tow th SOU cool! me PEC. Silbe CU {
’ : my rf ° ‘| y- | . moter sty wy
Not procure any Gh oO Clack GN Ne moray, OMe plo.
ds for Auer
» 7 a) ' .
Paris, Apri! 22.—Sona a-te, who has so often decety-
d irance, has deceived ity even repoeeting the tine Gb as
a+ \\
departure, Weare atlength assured, that be has taken
leave ol | untarebles pe ttl has sctoout for the | lace of
e a rye '
WIS ENT, ie dreat ) O! Thea CSS IS OVO! bh I> vii
‘ , hoy ae | -
lo awakoon the aistand ol tilba., Sin montus ogo he one.
eociated to retain the banks of the Kobe: three moutins
since he was dn tr afy for the banks of the Rhine; ind
urst days of March he was not sab fied with ancient
France. Now tiat all bis pretensions are at an end, hy
<Gill noezociates for a few articies of funiture, a tow
nd a few bottles of winew Tt was thooalt for some ti
that he was Gt for a hero of trog day be is now nothin
Vut@hero of meluedsame; he promised tu give us tue
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View original MARSHAL's OF FICE.
BY vittue ofan appointment from Tis Excellency
the Govern YT, wiVen pon a petition of I]. Staat.a
the wenersal and speciart Attorney of A.C. Boole
of Demerary, sail appointment bearing clate O ft]
] 1Q)4.
WN, S | t-
Noftce is herchy civen to the Pahtic, (atthe
eciliod and Socuesteation of the ua livided falta
an ve ) >, = ‘ °
Ploartation ¢ ( poh sittyy OW AY? west sor const
? . ’ 1 ° ’ ’ y »
of thos edonyy then myo re date Li. id. Buss,
° { ' ; ‘1 ' .. ‘ .
1s i sie ‘YE.
>, es } > ’ q
Cerbice, th Iv, | r.
‘ . vy. v 7 ’
i . oN ‘ ak ’ . rst iy PS.
Sul, } 4 ‘
> ‘ 6 ’ c° -
R ‘ VI ] \ ‘ } \ gyn © a) t}
‘ -t ‘
ry ‘ 4 ¢ ‘ ivit ' f ' 1 In ca
] } ’ ; . ‘ ’ 1 1%) be’ Gc alods lic
U1! PCs Oo] m4
1): . “ ay }" ) ‘ ) ’ ait ; ‘ 1)! a i
> 7 ' 7?
5 ‘ ii i at lite bpeci i | fal ‘ O ‘ i icl =
I .
’ . . y ’ y mr
Notice here | iven, { f {nes )? Th
) | SN f ,| wy & 4 i!
4 | ‘
"\1, ) ' | . ; ? iiie’ ( ti i i } it \ coloe
’ ‘ .
! ‘ ! | ( Y{) i r\ ) ',
iy f ) mys ‘ in
; f
' q 4 > ° '
( yi firts , yr { WO}
an I) a f 2 ~/
~ } . ; . ry. ‘ }.. ‘
Pig | Poa) go ce JIS ics \ . () lye
; : }
y- fy ; , f Meo ol ] 'S colo My, eC sity foewer -
» (Or SY BONS TD atbe tine aud borin, its Poh, ‘ly
notice, tha tw I roceive OP Mion Mronvevery
1, rer ' | yer ven? . e ] 1" f \,. :
“eunNnTO Litt ) rat (teary ’ ivy LKOouwWave
-. . : , ' . / rai.
( or sere. ai ie i hore teh ( Jurt, aha furthes
oT eNereon Par ch
’ ; ' {
Oi en Aig § ' Ye
Tr” * : ™: . 7
RK. fe rancren, First Marshal
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View original OO —
View original SUMMON cy ELVICT
BY virtue of anex ract ron the Vinntes of the
Proceedings of the Cuurt ot Rolls, dated 7th June,
IST4, mivenin the cance of Tilwaud Pheo! Yald, Cue
salon ‘to the Estate of Henry Crot. dec. P laintifi, —
versus, tll known and unkoowia creditors agains ile
Lstat of H.C r ff, chee,
[the undersggaed, First Marshal of the Conrts
wilhin this cold, and at the request of aforesat.
Suinpron, for the third lise, by Puict:
ik, vay an} unknown creditors of Che bestete oa
1 iry Crotty dee, fo appear at dis Court of Rolls,
’ y mtivohe bia eet In| 4 their fo rerd¢
rogetye erin, fove. ty the sues ind be wal pee
hroas made the re unt Honecd, taba ther to procees!
\ vt l\v Ch rect
or his cd Sutemoan by Edict published as custo ve-
yo Lerbice, STi v duis, IStdb.
: Ae bQANCKEN, First AMarhals.
View original SOMMON cy BOIL
DY : Hine Chonappotatacet fron THis Execllen-
VW. BeNntiINneK T. a ) Pseutesant-Goy, re
lor ol “tie colony Berbice and ily Depcadencies, &e.
Xe. Xe.
Gaven npoaa Pfition pressated by Goa. Baie,
Samuel P.lesy and Thomas Mohn D ey prooricters of
(he cotton pl niition No 33.00 Mie wot Corrente
corst, said appotucaeat bearias date tae O20 Jun
[the understrned, First: Marsh of the Cec rs
wi'hia this colony, vad at the rede ( of acaicsa.
Summon by Flic:
All the creditors of the cotton planfvtion No. 95
sitnate on the west Correntine coast ol thes cal yy ds
appear be ore Comunissaries ob Che [locorable Con
at a | Justice of Wis cota: ayy 1 Mondiw the ft
July next. at Pl ofctoe’ dn the forconon of a
dny, for Gic prrpase OF beat (he propels of sv
: f() ITiCfOrs by Vv. rlue ol above mrtg . Weolloats (ia colle
the ¢ ‘omnis l/ Cfo bmiene 4 ‘| orl oO the pr -
coe a Of (hotiect ne of ereditorss aseloo for ace
tnd le the - CUD IEN CO dol madd doa acd WN ) (hocailo.,
whet aay be acreed toy wud tad by thenr to b
This Sieesnon by Edictiunte knowa and pabiish
AS CUsfO cat Vy,
eraiee,y Yih June, WHI t
Ine bata Nt TREN, First Merskal.
LO A A ES A ——-—— - --
View original re
eee ae ee eee
BY virtue of ananpo ns vent tron the Tonoerab!
Vomtor cv dustteer or his colony, given on
portion prescafed by VP. Costent: ferent he dan
Nos. os Cuifors fa the sevteor bk. Won Bran.
ess deers bap pountiaent bearing date (he 17th oe
vy v4
bout athorsisccdy First Marshal of the Courts
Voda ay colony, aad at the reguest of aforesaia
ha 471 ron } J Ble / 7
Ail knownard aici. cred ors or claimants on
? e - ' - ° ' ’ °
ie 1Ls' fo oo, big. \ tii. ree HenNy ace,, to exhuab,
their vliims, ly >| re thre li yy. (a LO af vil dustic.
of this co, moyy WO Chetr sessi nowlooh will be tek
In the moat of January, ISf3, to veri y Cie sy
wWilhess obi Clie ns thereunto, Honece
y aed tiothord
Proceed according to Law, on pain oe boing bor eve:
debarred their ve ht ofclaun.
Tits Sununon by Lidiet, made known to he prbli
Dy beatol diam trom th» Court Louse orth s colony,
~catto Hotand and Enghud, and further dealt wat.
coordmy to custom.
Deibsec, Plith, June 1274,
In. PRANCK EN, Tirst Marsha’.
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View original 3° ° . a
¢ ays {, - . »
ecordineg { prin of beine for ever d '
a7 . :
( \ cle rrr) ‘ (
; q . . ;
lis Stn dict. niade non fo IC
] oa 4 , ‘ ] .
y beat of dyin trou the Mourt House
. e
lto Hollan | | nm
“f ( J yiia ila DUD} t( i I al vy A s
C r( iI}Yv \ ! oeld.
') . ;
berbic. , the [ rine {
' ‘ . w ’ - A
- %
A ‘
-_—— Or ———— ee
ii 2
View original —— eseFe
BY victne ofan appointinent don the Tonorable
Courtiot Civil Jasttee of this Colony. sora’ | Upon a
Petition presented by 1G. CG. do Ni uwerk A, as
mg. both to the bstate of the late Marranva Age
GUSTINA VAN Tibyz VAN Datenzcney, as wellae
tothared the Infe Susagyva Jeavve tt. Dennare
DIVA VAN TIbVanVvaAN VaTeNSUe SG, srid ar points
a ly yey (|. ta the Ooh civ of 3 V5 1¢ 14.
Pilyeoan Voastened, Porst Mar dit ot the Conrts
ithta this cobony, ard at the vequest of aisresaid J.
nw Ue Ncucrke th, qq.
Suinon ty Puauccls
WH keownantbackiome.: differs er clabnants or
he pasteles of the dats Ml AL y Dinkyze ven Betenes.
Durroand the date S.A. Bo Gin Telyvre va Galen.
Wurree, tae wedorth icuims bore te boon. Court
pc twil isGee ob tis eato cy, af thetic cosston tm
Myre month of WeWy tl, to verity the some,
bnvss Objeehions 1 rumio, Waced, ual Aurtt, orto
croe ed aces Cirg io tie .on patrol beans ior ever
charred af Hi. i Jd vf ) oy: le
This’ abs a diego l Lnoewn to (he pal tic
“) neatal hie oom the Court House of this e lou,
nde Hotisd sad Engh, and furthers dealt with
cooling fo ctistom,
Berbice, the 10.0 Iie, 1814.
Ke ba ANCAUN, First Warsadl,
= a oe
—_——- —
2Y Command of the tlorcratie Court of Po licy
aid Crim Sasice of the Colony berbice.
WH ECE AS by an O.der of Che Honorsble Court
» p licy' O, thin § olo Lys I) urls daie Yodol. AV,
Nid, Senora Sheehan a Uke Weoprators of Lots
ithiwathe bown New Mrosterdamiy woo ech at the
“yee tbe Gl ois Cate Vy On WWoedases iy tie tse
mae, PSi-t, tor Gie pury coe ee hausiie a erorident
rléwo Meniuecs tor dhe Cuematee Dovinw charge
mid snperbitendar ee Of the ‘bow New Ariotiidam.
hese are Giaeretoe Ly Coma t Ob Te bonwoabla
OMLLO Nay fot Peele Give tug bello wie Cow
lesnen have becu Clee wf ny ala) yiaty «); Volos,
meface lee. rodtn ily Corsi edd my wala LL Oe Pus
ia V’ Presi aided e EVO On bate Mber to os el Gabe ‘Ole
Pieler On Cube! fia diac Geeo whe fou yy 2 te “Sy Oe
Many Wiha COM aley bac Audus G2 (be aud uNCW
v qn . 7%
Join Crort, President
\, vdbe ] il ASL IL, ( = @¢ .
’ a ~ ClO tSe
(us. Wave, J
N or ) or Y } l a” 1 o, » | a] we
MCC WECECOH is eT by ove eT es jan every
ric dnterCol danay foveite Ube wes cor a aigly.
7 { '
“VE ainslerddas, MacOlel, JIL ADU fy wUoabe
byl Mein liduey
R. (*, Dv ‘ey ola barby Mee,
7—_—__—— = —_— LLL LTT
View original ———_ —___-+—___W
re “S\N loi, Ad Gills ()} Rick,
THE Charter og the Colony Berbice, Mbonaers of
he Piog COTES, inoue KOusis O! Citi’ lin.foe, ut
Wb dgrhst oad dated hicuae@ sy Dhan tolls of
evened ene Coles Cerattentes, a lew
‘hhecl shabbat bor ib. . |? Cesent yo Aly Price yf Jy
> Vovah tacts of Pap Ty (guilis, Wascrs, Xe.
Oo = We eee «a ws ae ——— ee
View original So = Weeeewmw 2 ws . = =~Te «© a SS
—_—_—— Le
hist of Rineascay No grecs, in the Colony Stocks of
DPERGICk, Usb Cie Lu July, 1B‘ 4.
Naes. ‘| Proprietors. of Iyy Winn brought.
Nauwthe | kigwen, —_ Aaubienn.
ost vin, Onverwagt Jchnect
ites cales Clout i¢Cauon
Lo iruse iim. Plara '. Grouvernear
bodao vah (iin) vstc bade
Siur hy in. Meorstelitag — Peuscaal
~ bate Liss Jaurauts Adami
Santje 2D. Welsclegen fean dot Broug
Ci 4altue voulewtte late
baw as bee. UGeresfard ley tney ee
[ee vicis bo. Stach (Uem. ) Aue
1 T.ano me. ds. Scituude diivcre.
NAjpual dona. bdo. >
Adoaus bon. fden.
YUL \.lon cau odoag
Woalitam Lurton riscaal
cvs. i’. Dagzerrvid, Coplen¥ader
J. AL DGAINURT, Otler Sheriff.
ew gy eee eee a eT Sr 9 PE See
View original = . = ew
“ =
/ .

2 July 1814