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The Berbice Gazette

View original NOTIFICATION. !
BY Command of flis Iircellencu the Governor, and
the flonorable Couctof Policy and Criminal
Justice of the cclony Pcrhice.
ATL, Provrictors or Representatives of Estates,
within the colony Berbice, having Nevyro Slaves em-
ployed as P oncers en the Portificattons of Fort St.
Andy wy, an! drawings stlowances from the colony for
the hire of sneh Nevroe or “egroes, ave informed
that tue customary Hire heretolere paid by the Civil
Government torsuch Ploncer Negroess will cease on
the Blstdayv of uly, '8145,—on which day the Pro-
rielors or Repr conftives of states are required to
with dea their Necroes: t) bene further publicly
nomad that no Hire or be allowed for any such
Neero or Negrass, onany pretext, fromand after the
dareo a the dst.Judy, isd.
Apy tieation for Ouders for the delivcry of the said
NO roes, to he nii wide f to the \ a Lil. 'S Cas iTy ; fro! nN
the Zath ‘to the Slstot July, Js!
By copmoanclof ihe Court,
Ro. CLOW oR.
BV This RreUeary the Goccracr, ane tre
Courtop Policy and Uremial Jus. e¢ +
Rf Mo rever,
To all to whom these presents mi 3
Gretinet pei lbioown;:
WUUREAS by our Proclamatic
Who Stet Solve Tote, Por ‘Oil
G@ il. oad bib hitants of ths co
to Peneeris, Susi cyor iy of the
or Colontes an thos Wes iudios, ore
Pornedt cattle olulyves. Daeep. and ve
rh! nf th) ¥ r. yur v rey: ri mony ]
Lape falio C eal verot the Po Perey tine
enyayt fe ‘oY a JO oa , dy if t! . wel COllLbLe
wore Shae he te a GH yyy Peay ly thie
erriders portent ot botanic coils, and cre suider
{™ poe | hor ¢ \ COTY hows. Ajil ve fie recs
Cire pstenee .: hood ci cessary that the re.
. . F \ 7 ° . . fy
etric us c‘tter tibetan one doy nission for doc porta-
’ f - -
Won shut I 1)
Pe dmitherotored ce Se restiicttors on the
Teacsoriarton fo! eoYaley suing Or any cf the
Prvishgscapts or Coe Ca the Weet bidtes, of
Teoreed catth. colo oes oe) and foes) are from
Honvclorth woh wy de the flee ix corlacden of
the samme allows.
AcQ@inordertuatalland every Inhofitlent mae de
acquuiat dither adh, these presents suadl be pusmce
aid publisued as Cust ny
Thus enacted i pour sscmbly, held at die Courts
House, i New Av sterckim, b>: rhice, (lis P2th foo
ol canuary, ISI4, present bbts PT xecell ney tI. W.,
Lentisck, Licatenan’-Governor, and the Tlonor-
able Members 1. C. AbDenecis, ae MeCamon, Vs.
biaser, P. katrbairn, Ae. Gd:
by command ¢ i tie Courl,
And published onthe [Cth May, ISL, present,
His kxcclleney the Goverwor.
lis, and ¢ y . o bahbspo.
Py command,
R.O. CO\W NER, See.
SG en
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a le 4 4a - vy ¥ ARAN ‘ aX ® ( 6
4 IO
‘ ( < i f cl i? 'Y¢ ’ ] ~
\ ’ ’
] } ‘ ‘ ( ' ( ‘ ‘
] ] I
yaad ! A dal i ) it (ul
] !
md Wwilloy , y assort (| Critleme CO!
} , '
ton | ( lad) rh Pale nd Orech fl lial
} ] 7
COU! li] I i \ i le
lin e Cl (i T| -tae FF l tcdes, beer
| 11 } f
13 Vi tI0¢ i ( e dic ( i! s ) i Cj ii yT
aS orted, ti¢ l ( 1 I rand « A [ e ay l ( i
al ps. (Cal A J Ved VW Acc] 1) | ( < rd le
Stich ~ SUI wid trays. KDE < 1 fQ a CANTY
stands, sctssars, pocket boo! ron p pale ale in
bottles, dryed ox tonenu & ily June
~ o } | !
. CY mad } ume Ch) nut rial » SIC IS
a pleasa ny imal, and y tead
a } is isall Ui ail'] Me peebrectl StTCACY 1T)
’ > ' ( ) .
harness 5 price 00 Jocs,—meeLuquyre of the Printer.
View original —_ —_- -—_-.—
Berbice, 2d June, 181A.
_ Casi wanted for the following Government Bills,
VIZ No. 5299—£100.2 ,
No. 2525—£ 150.4
for which Tendors will be received at this Office.
HW. WENDY, Dep. Act. Com. Gen.
OT —

View original —_—_——_——
A young Barbadian Negro, a compete Tailor ; for
particulars apply to Mr. A. Srewarv, ia New Am-,
sterdam, or to the subscriber.
TWO or three days alter the arrival of the next
Gitiana Packet, will be disposed of by Tenders of
Hills, together amounting to & 900 Sterling, to such
amounts, as will be required, at CO days sight ou Z.
\acauray, I'sq. the Secretary to the Commissioners
forthe Crown Property in South America, drawn b,
yMr.w A. A. De La Court, Principal Sgent tor tus
Property. The time for Pondering will be fince
ne Cucket’s arrival, and stuck up ot the Post
~ So: Fenders to be sentto Wr. A.A. bDELA
(Cat — ctrhice, sth Alay, [SdA4.
View original tt
a - oo.
CR a coiton state on ID. ve ef caoccf «cl tus co.
mrivg Ue Gaverseer Who can be weil recess. ocd
t lib-ral silery will be oivyen.— pplicwic.. to be
4 ’ . :
made to Ndr. ii. Mely uN LAL, 1)] iN¢ Vv oh leeS ord Lit
QS May.
Ss — A
View original —_—_—_—_—_———— ee ee
FOR sale, a valuable assortment. peculiarly suit
dole to this climate, being of the be. quality, Drie
pared and put up at Apothecaries Tall, Louden, fn
ex porlation to Deamerary + the same will be sola at
a reason ble advance tor Cash, or Bills of Lvchanyve,
Siould no acceptable offer be receiv: @ carly 5 they
wil then be retaded in such small quantities, as iit y
accomodate families, or iidividuals.
View original FOR SALE,
VIM Land and Paildings forming a part of Lot
NO. SU, First kinpolder; tor further particulars ap-
oly to
<8 May. K. PRANCKEN.
-_——_—_—_—_ —
TUT Sequestrators of plantation Nice, offer for
vile by “Poncers, 40 bat s of cotton, to be delivered
ite house of Messrs Henery and J'aylor, and paid
forin@osh; the highest offer, fur which will, if ap-
proved of, be accepted, and ‘fenders opened on the
Chor June next Sth “bay.
A handsome Carricle ard y.sir of Horses, who are
Wreomplete match, in hich condition and prefeetly
sound, they are well the attention of any
Gendloman, who may be in want of anarticle of this
deserip on—for further particulars enquire of Lieut.
Downie, at Fort St. Andeow.-—2oth May.
View original OO ~---—_————s———
By the Subscriber, the following goods, just landed
fromthe Atrra, from Glascow.
Fresh flour in barrels,
London porter and paleale tn hhds. and bottles
Port wine,
Aess becf & pork in Whole and half barrels
Pease, barley,
y, and oatmeal in ju.
Spermaceti and tallow cand!
Soap, paints & oil,
Sets of ivory handled green ¢ S plain knives €: forks
Pruning & ¢!
Hoes, shovels, cuflasse
Sp | nives,
and nails asso) { :
Gila s@& tin vy Cy
“len aw
S eid Ya “© aY the A , e
. . sa ; cose . I An. Jan / 1.
Tar in barrels. canvas and corse assoricc
. ¥ 5 ’
Osnaburz, & saleinpe C3,
{ s
, a
Negri luthin ry | wae POTS,
( le eye . ’ > / .
Ladie s&S 5 e nti MS Gg OV ~3 & ILS WX ‘i Oren
Pla iters 5]
Tri Qi] IY 1m ec :}
27 or ? ! ' Pe } \te
caver, silk, al mY wv. ps aad ~
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View original [ Payable an advance.
- —— I—~--—
View original - —— I—~-—
Ginghams, platillas, calicoes, Britannias, pul. hkfs..
Toweling, @oyleys, sadlery, & stationary.
Brass vats & small cocks, whip saws, & files,
Falling axes, & carpenters tools,
Cotton & coffee bagging, seine & sewine twine,
Ready made clothes, and corn mills,
Setts of shoe brushes, house brooms, &c.
98 May. DOUGLAS REID & Co,
View original —_-_— —— —
Att persons who may havaany claims or demande
of whatever kin Gd) acvinst the late Firm of
ANows Mtasen & Co.
Fvan & Axcus Frasen & Co.
Fraser Casuperzprs & Co.
Or neainst
Evaw & Anacus Fracrp,
ANGus Prasecan, deccased, or
Are hereby required, ote esta ce of the afores re
neat Praser, oe OF the anove ! s, for hime.
wtfy and rep ming his decer.e J 4 coy Arouwg
rer, to furnish he, Sith state caits thoreofwrihe
Our ce lay, ii onde thot Giey aay be imesaively
yee (led }> Y ’ — O’ ] ’
SCLLICG, ( 5 J) Vv.
R (* DQ V\ } r rol.
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WH eREAS the following persen tas adeoccsed
nersclf tothe Fon. Court of Policy, of iuis co! YY,
for Letters of Mamumiission :
The mulatto woman Catiranine Rica vps, ase
sisted by A. PF. Premen, for herself.
Notice whereof is here! y given to thase whom t¢
may concern, and Who may wish to oppose the yi sot
of said Letters of Manumission, that they may oc-
dress themselves in writing to the Scerci irvof the
colony, previous to the next Sessions of the Hain ule
Court, when a final disposition will be made on the
aforesaid Petition.
Secretary Office, Berbice, May 2.
R. C. DOWNER, Secy’
— ————
View original Dhrs ts to tuform the Pub! (c, that the following pcre
sons tntend quitting bres Colony.
Wilson Taylor with the next convoy
‘ Wriege ‘T with the dune Or in iN eenyey-
Molenaar in6 weeks from 83 Va
, (. Schollevanger for Barbados Dy the first opporte
hun ty.
W. Dodeson, family and one servant, with the Juns
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
NOTICE ts hereby civen, that a month cfle. Cate the
following Transports and Morigases will bc yu-ycd.
May 14, David Carnevie will tr ansport to Geo. Ba-
cot, the western half of lot No. 20, west Corene
(yn coast, known there as Plan tation Nurney.
— (eo. Bagot will tr: ansporl io ‘Th. Wade, the
western half of Ho No. 26, west Corentine coast
known there as Pln. Nurney.
—— Thomas Wade will Dass a morigacs for the Dur
chase money of Pin. Nur ey, Or western bole
of lot No. OG, west Corentine coast. to be veost-
ed on the said estate Nurney, as aloo. 4 Nee
groes, named Change, Prince, Adem. Jol...
Howe, Cato, Lite Prince, wittle Present, aud
further a second Mortgage in favor of Geo. Pa-
gol, to be vested on 32 News roes, naines to be
seen at Uiis Otlice.
June 4. W. Lobhen, will transport to VM. Ja ffr: ny, the
nevg“rToes ° ¢ Oree, Ta oy “dy Srin . S andy Yn 1
Harry. aml the said MM. datiray, viillat fice aos iC
true execute a first mortgage in favor ve said
L obban, on the negroes ee Hamed, @ anid
1 the following NCETOLe, Viz. Geoig “YY il :
c a. Jones s, and Jolin,
pom W Seite wil transport to Thos. C. Fores.
(wo halt ios ot biod, in the Cd emnaleor y. als
fown, frown ti ddie roast to ike Lb. ‘a de
knewnas No. loand Mh
Aee XY ° ay «J -Yney .
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View original tha toys : bo ew va | (po4 a =
' , ; | .
. \ | voly i) O] (*\ Oy \o | t
- 4 :
] ) ie ‘ eid be. , ) )
’ ;
~~, f. 4 Sf G.OMN. td Ty ON ivCcy hehe. :
Ca WeCS, G1) horsehotd farni-
oe ee fends vi th corfoins, feather
rbeentn oon a tol Ginine
Stone aed joelette daw, a dady’s
Cot bouts. otk tables, a neirsofas,
ch O,orovers, a dinner sett of
Soret Ar tbe er sess fable. desertard
me rliches of plate ail
. cate gy y fandiod Knives ond
} { ) ! . ry\erf. a vin ywy ob Ow
’ ‘ i
; - t i a ft, wo ‘Cs
'- - . : : ,
. / ‘ \ s ar : yi rie tt Divs ata 3 a CO_-
(, j \ ‘
. ! ae | { : , / . ’
Sait adh 2 ovial “or *f Oe 1OC CUTE. sey,
Ve tha, ~ Verdes Dhacer.
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View original
View original Ee ys es
Lt A,
= ee OES Sea
Ore 4? > EVIE ry
TY vivbae
Y =
CLiwoappointments from His Txecl-
Unity. Major-General, Lieutenant
rercior ot the e louy = berbice and its Dependen-
Sy 6OCe CCC] NC,
mint buson tyo0 petitions, presented by Nomas
bvep lye Ch, Crstisy Simon Praser, is towether
ville Ode ieaworkerkace Y Johu Poh nae, the
Atioriey OF Wao. Choco: sate oppointinc its bear-
} .
Heo ted moer, ISis,
] ve ‘ . ’ } - ce ’
woderster be toh of the Court
beodal ds Coley, eter aio Sell at Publie texecu-
wa - - a
oy db cocence Ob (Woe otnecilors Comimissa-
\ “. - - oo. - . , | : = } ‘
ahd brea Secretary, om ty the loo
huey Sr, on plintittons Ne. ab ond No. 79, bouh
Ul: LC a O,) (
oOrTe, ie

_ \ 7
Wteldy faa
a ‘
Y ‘

. . ') s e ate a

' ‘
. e a wed
boeta i J.
4) .
asks t )
moment, Ca
mt, Deodana
les chud,
he Cor ‘tine Coast of this coluny, Cie
rOOPY clive: :
ah, A hrord,
|; Dy :
s- 5 .s oll le y 7
poe? IL des sol! GL ON
INDI a tte
gye _*
ry Vy itd wn
’ ‘ wy ’ ' °
reareth, Cu-|au lea! on 7™Mastetion
tlelena toa No. WY, COPEN CIs
ranchte to the New PReenuliions of the
Count oi aval dustice of (its colony, dated Cuchi oe!
‘yt Co snould Cliath to have ary rieht, acton,
or intercstouw he etoreranocd Slay ‘sy apd wishes to
Onpase tie .seC Ur, we ihereof, tes stcl oper.
cddvess hiieott toon. Che uadersioned, doe
feelin renscn dor ode. min due time and ror. as 2
I ‘reb We role ts ok i vbeooeive eppositea h \
Wontermeaie soso, aor elit hema day to leiy
} ° ‘ ‘ a 1 | . : a vue ) >
heard tay wil Coat, and (dace e@..
J ‘
(* \ ( Coto.
Phis test proclamation pubhsked a8 customary.—
rp Clb lee Ord, Ve l4.
i” a Yr Ww i 4 y )
View original | . tery \7
prea d i s-o C Lha te
pry PROCr 4 (4T710%,~
’ ~ ¢ 4 { - | hr, 4 ety \ 4 on
Ave riue bra SA pportn S (Creren Ter tte
- oe | ory: rho “y ) t r iit: r ta q
pac a) rt read ae ul }) UY) M101) Locreks why is
a . - ; :
moots orcs covery that Po othe us ler. ty
’ : ? . ‘ . . (ve ; :
Irsf mPa of farce tres witha tos eal vy, Mu ||
Me. , os | .! -
“i i ety ae hye, . ot le i 4 Wir Fad Pere cee dl , (hee
vga Prey? ) +)! ' ' - oe Po«d, 9
Pe tha precise Gry ath. cards novidcd Uo’ the
») ° !
os fe Ol liais Coloby )
, °
/ y” yy, oF : » ad .
ait COMO? L.slate coc. TITS Tovey stv
w.} the e 2 eeacord oh Gos C6lo yy uh aid its
) ' , 0 ’ Cc e/ - .
C) fava. roy § Coes fis ;
5 eelivy Gee
VA hoever oud Claas to lin Coy )| Nt, AINA G
inferost, on abovenamed porte toa heywe, Sores
Wishe. lo Gy pose the Pececntion Sale there ff) leteuch
Joe POS address themselves to the 4 Tarsly: . s OlBcCe ot
thie colony, declaring their reasons for sa Caine
due thie and form, as Lhercby giverodee, hatha!

« c
roeove op posted fom every owe thereunto Gtitie
filet, appo.nt thema day ta hay : ao cr ber celal.
he Tbetore the Court, and fa web ULoreha
~ law ccrecis.
ibis best vogerretion publi hed as customers,
beivice, Cuay OO, TST4.
ave ii r 2ec ON, Tivst Na) i /s,
Creoi Cont on OF EG} Sapam Lisy di favor of C,
poo. bal4ee ad UL. c rntaen, Ost Jan. IS] $,.———
ae tod by Pie ixecl! roy H.W. Benrosci. 7 4.
t ieul(enant-Gaovernor of ine colony Berbice aad its
Wependencies, &6. &c. &c.
ota dated pat .WSt4: John WW nif, Loh
Andinfevoref Wii. Loach, 287th S ‘cept. IS]!
anted bs his Es:celleney the late (Sovernor Ro! . it
(cordon. Berbice, 29th May,
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View original : 4


» ;
v ‘
View original a
RY Virtue ala anappomtatent from Tis Excatlen.
cy Tf. W.Prerineny Gentry, Cloutonant-Govere
nor o ft re col ey? . erbica and es oe pramencies, &zc,
& ., ko,
Upona pelition of John 8% Camen, eye, Fir.
tofion Leeks Vener, said appowl scout bearioe date
eth Peb. ToT -
Nofoe ds haeby even, that [the pndersien-d
Mint Sarsbalof the Corleer thes coloay, will fo}
yy . a . ° : - _?
af Public Uxceutien Soloy inthe mouth of dune, 1S135
* v ! { 7
the precise Gay nerediler to be notificd through tle
Gaz ilo of this cc! ny.
The Colton Dotute Trews 3 Frwor, streeteon the
Poe coust cf thiscolory, with all its CUMITCUERN,
Slaves, bre ee) Ge,
Wohoryer sh veut Chink to have any rie if arly,
a Cf
) : 9
erinferest, on aiuvesa! P plantation Lewis Maner, ard
. . ! ’
Wisces foapnorethe Execut oa Sale thereuts | Is
pers addres: (hemselyes to che Marshals Cu, YY
rthis colony, dechiein se ete yeas: my forso Qooe
. vy , é
mm" (| ‘ . {)} / | ‘¢ ; a "Ss -uDY l ive No ic \ ‘5 that
1 “4 vote, . a ; a
Will poeetern Qian M62: every one thercunto
leo » » ’ ' ~ .
bios te often aday to havelis or
‘ - ' N ‘ =
revo Th ore the Court, and further act
e : e lfie - Ct / { °
7 [ - ) . ’ .f ) Ty: 7 .) © ,. 4 . r
bls go .. (1,4 i }wu 1S ‘aS CUSTO. VY.
SO ‘ !, .. o ‘4
JLC Vu Ce, o didoous tose
mh. PISAN CAEN, Iirst Barchol
=e_—__—_ SS
View original IVT ..% C8 : _ ~ . ee -_ vy ,-) 7
PY virtie —lement from the TTonaralte
Sortoriact, re Cas colony, erited upon a
: ) ‘y, rere ty { . Vr! : l ly clryicl WOL! { | { if ‘Tl 1 See
: . , cf ! ~ . = / - )
cn woe ty tae Potts of dumes Brace-, dec., Gated
Coty rtp rr y TS !.
. y 37. y 7 ao
I he unde ned, Part Ver lel of Ne Cones
ey tats cov, aud at the reguest of acoresaid W.
Prost, -
P| Qlboauly. ) “is
a 7 .
Summon ly [ido 4:
wy im ) 7 a ] - . 7 7 \ peo ’ ° vo, .
(ior sue fourth tine ex super abeadantt.)
All creditors or clainnonts on the Fotate of James
Ciner, dee., to give Hl Cache resy cove claims, in
poson orby proxe. bovore the Bar ofthe Court of
Civ t dustice of this coloev. at thelr es. sion which
willbe held ta the wroath daly, ISt4. to bear obs
ecttons unde thereunto, feed, and furcher to ploe
» i . '
ered according fo Law, oa pain toall sneio who me
movin defaul, of bein forever dcbarred their neht
‘faisSummon by Feet, @ozsurcrabandanti) made
nown todae public bys ooofdiamerron the Court
a yy % t ’ i . ] , : 1 ta) ), : | ’ ‘t ’ iy! yyy d
a! i (als COIONY, @ a abba Weds Wii ACCOL e
rir fact for
wer.ce, the TEC of May, S14,
Ro RANCH UN, Purest Marshal,
CM rrvoce Marsiils adverts csients, see dhe last nage. )
” @ — 3 8° “EEE 9 SEs «= 0 Sn SS ee awe —
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View original
View original be Cid alarci, Soi | I pod (iat Bonaparte has ab.
no body jaovs v Fifteen 2 ovinees have
hoisted the White wicwad Lord Wellwecon had ad.
vanced considerant. 13 rélan Bourdeauyx. “bwomors
Freuch frigates havecr en Geren and another d strayed,
vouich Jeaves only cic | ii VP tiet escaped) from
V.acce wehave ne. Dhawita, Jua Paper of the 4th
A vil, Leeceitas ey behev din beoactaad (a pre!
CoceccO repori), es. it atsof Slay a ousetis had dee
clared in favour o Jp aitina Vablic Asseml)
hed generally o, ie be te Leos Ge thor Pree idan
Al}adison. An Clad wd a, - the (ua
of America, whic: Hy ond! = ant dor the faa
.. *. ) ; , ,
bu Can Lay a Chi, . ‘ ‘ . - avec la wud ua s wall
Muinber ul shipwi : ikok Kal
- .
Arril Vj—Diovate st hoo So. from Toe:
Wellington. Hiv. | Ce | li, rer
ol March; havin: @yes
since the memorc: . . aede.
as the French u. ae C
vision from Spain,
Ficld-Marshal bid l«
Vecesford from | .
m perfect secart | ‘s Jin t
Place, itis suppes. |r. ; sasilea bout nite
thousand men hi!
[Extract ora I ,
dated Rosendarl, -—¥*. ’ wurany
larze supply of
of Congreve roc’... ' boa Were | das 1 ®
Very fine cuect feon. act ‘ Sh cd bo
seuce of Sir T. ¢
war moved on to (ic: 'y., Cousior,
ed arecent reinfou: Mool two ff
ftoyals, and the © t to) Vu awe
posed that anoth c.. . ba e8owasauimacciticly. to
take place, and «. ma Piast
results, when, (ho iu, “ yd Co!
wouuded men gare us tou 1 sonttacho vas
made, noton Anisacey. but or i ogee OM
gen-op-Zoom is vie of oo et Cowan inal! Ber, be,
We were encourss.d fo oy) cos. because it w:
known that the a) ty rms on . fo eva fe oat.
and to throw ifs... | mo pthitth > town
people were all roo ar
fore, advancod |. he
7th, towards Aniwe. rovters Dorre at f )
al -
hent. On the siy,i My oteteend to Bort Gilbo and
march from cach of ve, \ loro be at.
tacked Was iV ,ouUt CO ve L. sleiQ. 1
Bergen and Antero. ‘bho t
nasked; and th: roalatieclowes rade 1 on
saine night. Doreen ds Gna fisted gvotnal or dill
Jy one in the coantry, profectal by aganishont
and watered by the dittle iver Zoomy which is divided by
dyk ‘sand canals. On the west itis weld Dy a branch
ofthe Scheldt. The assault was (wo bricades,
simulfancously, on tac northside, neat ‘Mn MC, and © ;
the south east. ‘The MajoreGen. Skerrett cominandcd
theattack. Je had soine tine before Deoke his | obv oa
fall from his horse, from wl ich he was not recorered,'
, LUC One
other brigade was couduet | by MajoreCiren. Gore, let
a rt ~ c 1? ~ al a ' ’ wif! ’ 4 ; .
Gauards, ] t AN ,’ ved cl 1d i | Wi at A q, My ) ‘ut of the
Olst. It tray s cd a {ro: \ Mn yrals cleart d tlie Cll! alee
ments and chevauy-de-frise, aud scaled ther fis< (ies
actually got into the town undicovered. ‘luc other Lie
gade, consistit.< Gi ¢ motu, COth, and Sod, and some of
the 2st and 57th, also assaulted by escalade, Lut ve
vigorously opposed. ‘Che cenemy raised np the led
@ ila ‘ ab Oil
1 “ay 4 - 7)
tictop of the ramparts with hooks, aud dashed down
Wie vn tue frozen cicchess the getes werehaweres
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View original (7 FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY.
— > ~——
Ur. SMALLEY begs leave toinform his Subscri-:
bers, and the Gentlemen and Ladies, both of
Berbice and Coventyn Coasts, that his
cil take placeon Monday Evening the \3th of June,
ISL, J the above place; on which occasion, he
An. S. willintroduce lo his mosi repectable audience,
the mi ~ celebrated Songs as sung by Messrs. Bra-
wast, Ixctrnox, Diranum, Kerry, Facer,
and IrntsH JOMNNSON, Wis.
Kais or Love on the Mount ains,—-with a Recitative
and Ate. Ceomposed by 5 raham.)
The Vhorn,—as sung by Incledon in his entertain-
meni, called Vauety. (composed by Shittelah.)
The Death of Lord V iscounl Nelson,
pect every Man todo his Duty.
[england ex-
Said, a Smile (oa Tear,—as sung and composed by
To conclude the first part, and by particulor desire
parr, | ,
the Coniic Sone as surg by Me Pawect, called,
Lobsky and his Ugh: Wife, or Fishing in ‘Troubled
No More shall Sorrow Chace My Heatt,— Pelacre.
(composed by Braham.)
Comic Song, called
The Farm Yard, or Pigs sqeeking, Wheels creaking,
Cartwhips cracking, Turkies gobbling, Carters
squabline, Rooks cooing, Ploughboys jawing
Horses ne iching, Donkies braying, Cocks c row:
inv, Oxen hollowing , Dogs barking, Noah’s ark,
as stung by Mr. Faweet, i in the Popular Farce
of Love Laughs at Lock Smiths.
Par Far at Sea or Tossed onthe Billows,—Sung by
Incicdon, Dignum, Kelly, &c.
Sprigs of Shillelah,—An Irish Song, sung by Mr.
Jolinson, at! Drury Jane Theatre, with unbound-
ed appiause, inthe Opera of Family Quarrels.
Jiouey and Mu iard,— Cr matrimony with Sweets.
ancl SOUL .
Vo conclude, by particular desire of several Gen-
tlemens, with Che Sons, calicd.
KT : s . KuT . e _
What's a Woman Like.
— “ips
A lni la NCE f 99
Toa, Coffee, Chocclaic, f. cmonades, SAngries, Sand-
wiches, sc. will be served up.
—- —— "eo —
Mr. Swarrry will feel hnaself his hly honored, tf
the Gentemen and Ladies, who intend visit 2
the Concert, wi/l subscribe their names and the
yumber of Ticlh cts wanting.
¢2- Lickets to be hidof Mr. Swariry, on Planta-
tion Liverpool; and at the Gazelle Office, New
Tie Deors lo Le opencd aé 6 and the at7
o'clock precisely,
NG. If the weather should not permit on that Even-
lug, it will be postponed until the following
Berbice, May 21, 1814.
Firtreyen bales of eood clean cotton will be sold
among the creditors of plantation Lelferheney, to
the highet bidders—the sale to take place at. the
store of Messrs. Douglas Reid & Co., on the loth of
June, at 12 c’clock. Wim. LAWSON.
21 May. Trustees,
Tounty bales of good clean cotton will be sold to
(he dachest bidder among the creditors of prantation
Bloor yicid, at the store of Douglas Reid & Co.,
W ednesdi ty the loth of June n ‘xt, at 120 clock.
“7 May. C. DOUGLAS,
View original ee = —_—— - ——
i,t, those who have any demand against, or are
idebted tothe late J. EF. Tresorr, Esq. dec. are
juested to render their claims, and to make pay-
citto Mr. H.S AaL, New Amsterdam.
21 May Deliberating Executrix.
View original GEO. LACY,
Offers yor Sale, the following articles, at his Stare
in front of the New Tow s Tavern, on imodcr-
ate terms, for immediate payment.
PRIMI mess beefin half barre!s, Yorkshire hams
pine, double, and shingle Gloster cheese, split peas,
pearl barley in jugs, Bristol tripe, Trish potators in
hampers, salade oil, dratt porter .abbds., Port, Nla-
deira, and claret per pi peand h thd. old ran ineaskhs,
rose and lavender wi ite tan pint bottles, printed cali-
coes, gentlemen dress, half do., and bucklcd shoes,
ladies fancy do. do., boys, girls, and ne ren do. ila.
raspberry vinegir, stationary assorl “dy iiped & +3 olain
concorded flutes, Knives and forks with carve rs. best
plated table and tea spoons, fh Me Pres, SAUCE PANS
with covers, sctso) dish covers, metiow imowids, ster
pins, Japanne:! tuarblers, exe codlors, tote bells,
ugar boxes, sailon’s pots, bora and glass beatinorns,
ink stands, lariee Dutch ovens, ladies scissirs, chests
and cupboard Ine ksand binges, white che peluecdles
and thimbles, steel palm necdles, pen and pocket
snives, round bolits, Bucks locking glasscss, sweep-
ine brushes, crates of Queens wares assorted, tooth
Srushes, bridles and saddles, portable coiee Dtevines,
cotton bagging and cofice bags. O1 May.
View original LLL LD,
pag Tur Ship ELISABETH
Tuos. Lavenniex, Master r,
J y ] { vA } 4 e | it] , il ith
f. ready to reeeive her corvo, and will sail with
the ist convoy, for freightapply to
2 ) Sacil. A. A, LDC nea ‘are) "Rp.
View original -_—_—_- > yee 8
rr) my 2d
> 1 V1 t ; ‘
el? ts Pisa eye | ,.
onl Ts ready ta tase cn her care, and will poste
(ivewy sail with he fits Convo? ) fori eh t ry. y to
April. A. Avpn ira COWRY.
View original LOR GLASGOSS,
tte Var Bric AUDI SN,
Ss Lak D. \cCorsnatcr, ‘feo fer.
To satl wilh the Juas convoy; for frowht er passage
apply to
penta) nc eats vt owe" Vea « wee wae — —~
Si eT
BY virtue of an appointment from the Hono au!
Court of Civil Justice of Hho, colony, erinted neon a
petition, presented by Soha Papin nel Peter lover.
bairn, in their capacity as Sequostriters for Prova.
tion YEOVIL, the lite property of Dudley Wade
said appointment bearing date Oi Jam yy Sito!
I the undersigned, first Masato ef te Cou:
within this colony, and at the tascuce of atureaid Se-
gunmiPod OF 2,2) ts
Alfclainanisonth =» pracecdie of: lantation Yeovil,
cnmannexis, soldat ix euliou Sele,
Toauppear bere the Conrt of Give Justice of this
colony, at there ston which will be held in the
vonth of Fuly ue $, there to exhibit and verity
ther Claims, see the same oly yee cle (| to, iineed, and
turther to proe sod accominaw to Law.
Whereas alter the fourth Suamon by Edict, the
Court will procecd to decide on the preferent: and
‘oncurrent right of claimants, on pain toatl sach as
remain default to oxhibit Cheis claims, of being for
ver dcobarred of their right of chim,
Puis Summon by Rdict, made known to the public
by best of drum from the C ourt Flouse of this colony.
and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, 20th May, 1814.
K. FRANCKEN, Ftrst Marsha’.
View original SUMMON sy EDICT.
BY virtue ofanappointment from the Tfonoralte
Court of Civil Justice of this colony, granted upona
petition, presented by the Board for Orphans and
unprovided Estates, bearing date the 16th Novem-
ber 1813. I] the undersigned, at the re eqnest of atore-
said Board, do hereby Summon by Edict :--AU per-
SONS having or pretending to have any claim or rivht
on the Estate of the late Robert Mitchell, to appear
before the Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at
their session in the month of July, (in the year one
(thousand eight hundred and fourteen,) say iSt4, for
the purpose of there delivering in their clatms, sce
the same objected to, should it be necessary, and to
witness, after the fourth Edictal Summon, the
Court’s decision as to the prefcrent and concurrent
nieht of claimants, on pain to such as remain in de-
fault of being for ever debarred their right of claim,
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of dram from the Court House of this colony,
and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, the loth February, (S14.
K. FRANCKAEN, First Marshal,
View original ‘es
, . - rmrodz7 “rw?
“a °,; ‘
at . V Rp Aa / he
/ i
BY virtue ofan appointment from the Honoratile
Court of Civil dusGce colts colomy, granted upon a
petition, presented by Eliomas ryer { avAeld and
Robert Douelas. as Curators to the Estate of John
Ross, dec., and of James Sinclair, as C Tutor to the
Estate of Johan Sinclair, dec., under dat. ‘of 29th Jae
nuary Slt. TJ the ued signed, at the request of
aforesaid Curator, do hereby Summon by Edict :—
for the fourth Gime ex superabundant, all creditors
or claimants on the fate firm of Ross and Sinclair, or
plantation Nice, situate within this colony, or on
the se parate Lest: tes of doh n Rossand James Bon clair,
to give intheirclaiins im person, or by pp any , before
(he Bar of the Court of Civil Jus ice, at thetr session
which will be held ia the month of July, Tsi4, there
fo hear the objection made thereto, if necessary, and
further to proceed according bo Law, on pain to all
such who remain in default, of being for ever debar-
red their right of claim,
This Suminon hy Ediet, made known to the public
by beat of drum trom the Corre frouse of Uns colony’,
and further dealt with Gecordine to custom.
Berbice, the 1oth febraiy, (SE.
Ko FIASCRGN, First Varsabl
Sl iM aT v - o ID 107
BY virtue ofan agpoi ‘tp ent from the Tonorable
Courtol Civil dasticn ot hi Gtony, eranted UpPOna
petition, presented by Ure foud for Orphans and
Ba praye led Pistates, beatin Ce che J6th Novem.
her IS!2@, 0 DP theundcrster od atehe request ofafore.
sid arnty do here . . WOO Dy roict:—All pce
having, orp ool sn dire te hoy lvimorvricht
on the Bxtate of Vdexarder blouston ryuoh ous.
. 9 .
tonor plantation viens sour, meg rors and ; her ape
t FUCA Ces "O) Ui} Tr Oe fore OUre OF Ui) Vise
tice af this ecloay, at Chetr session ta the mech of
Julyy (in the yer one mraend eleht handed and
foyrry! cm) sav { e t rloe UT aot of there deliv: re
iain (homrefrines. seo tae sume objected toy shomid
CTPECESSITY, 2! 1 fo oweae y all Vic fourty
fal Styne ot! av'’s deetston as fo the pre-
a and concunentrichts oh claimants, en pain fo
ene) sary inddveadlt, of bewiy tor ever debarre)]
r 4
Moho Prov ntothe public
Peavy | ‘oat Llon eolthiscolory,
VAavtoo wore or fo Custom, :
Berulees the love! rary, ISP.
AL OV NGAIN, Dirst Marshal.
Gerv {SS re Tes Coa = : .7 —
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}. if. M.
Pull Moon... 2....9....038.... Evening,
Jeast Quart... Vi... .O....80... mourning,
Ne a Muon sa 17 wee el eee AIL... evening.
Parst Qeart, S4....0....420.. Jaftcrnoun.
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Lays ) } . \' 'y? Tiny) alte Trinity.
20) Vy Jot Ldw. W.of W. Sax.
YH Sun enters Cancer.
JO \\
ve "y’
oe Nativily of St. Jolin Babtist.
26)Su lod Sunday aftir Tiin'y.
271 MU
o0| Ww ist. Peter.
}{ \\
Spune 1 TV aus
ines lil. born, 17388.
Su | Trini y 3 Send. Luke of Cumbd. born, 1771.
St. Barnabas, Neap Tides.
Chey lee Sand ter Grinit
I7)F St, Alban. Spring Tides.
Neap Tides.
View original LL a
THEE Charter of the Culosy Berbice, Manners of
(he Proceeds 1g, in be Courts of Civil Justice, both
inthe Enetish and Datei Tas iuaees, several hinds
of Paper, Quills, Wavers, &c
ee ee eee eee ee SS as
View original Se ee ee — > - oe eo _ : ’ -are al es es "TU!

4 June 1814