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The Berbice Gazette

View original eee 7 _—— a en
Proclamathon !
By Wis Eecelincy Henry 'rrrram
Benrinex, Lvquire, Lieut Governor
of the colony Berbice and tts Dependen-
cies, &c &c. Xo.
And the Honorable the Court of Policy
and Criminal Justice of the suid colony.
To all to whoin these presents may or shall
Come, Grecling 1 DPeit known:
Whereas as rycrinrsey
the Ticutenout-Governor, has represented to Ue this
Dav, in Conneal that coreuinstinces bave arysen on
the Court of Civil fustiee, wheel las phreed tum
uniter the necessity oi declaring the saat Court to be
AN!) braving farther Sivnified ta Ua, that: areal
Detyiinent mayoenste to (he diatvalbiraats of the Colo-
ny, from dhe non-ecastence of a Court of Civil Jodie
catiices th robe trap ding Ore choe ov aainistration of
Justice, Welboiis Lnpressedl With te meeessity oO
the caistence ota Court of Pustiee thaw assented te
the Proposiion mode this Reccheney for the Vy)-
pototon rit cof a ue ot Civil Justices, proniss Lan ttl,
mntil His Maj sty’s pleasure siilibe cate kuown,
Ania Now i milion of Persons to fill the sittin
of Menibers of the said Court of Civil Justice, bav-
ing Deen suade by the Court and subnatted to bits
Excellency, in order that He might lect such Gen-
Cleinen as be should deearinost sutteble for the sttua-
tion. lis Excellency the Governor has been pleas-
@dto S lect and Ap point the followiee Gentlemen,
Mewlers ofthe saul Courlat Civil Justice, uituacl y :
Jowansre Banner, >
Saw. bxespdate,
Lewss Camano,
Henay Swirieson, P'squires.
Wa. Dawsons,
; }
Jot Mem ewer were
Notice of hous Piva \ vent, tect none may
prevent beng ; ti brill of
Chis Colom es ke CochUenen in then
Phas Apoosie tov b oe tred anor Court of
Poliev vabelriomia dactiee, oF Che Colone Berbice
Kine bia NeW sted bree N ember 25. Is] 4
Presi its be teclione cs ibe b ieuteniante(Graver
nor. sd the Uenoriole tbembers ona At PIN, Veetvay
Biv Cammon, Manes Prae ry Peter Paitbairn, AJ. Gila
@ius, And Gevtge Muaro.
Joy command of the Causrk,
B.C. DOW NER, Seeg
— —_—___
Tre Court of ly shefteatice wail hela ther Sittings
forthe Dispatch of DBustuess, on Plorday the )ouh
ei Dece “mber , IMTS. ai 1 tl. vow tue ali Lye.
Becretury’ ® Oliice y Ot Dic
Ry Comms,
R C. DOWNER, Neoretice .
Tue Courtot Poltey and Criminal Puehee, of the
Colony Berbice, Waving Ordered aod Kequire 4 all
Returns of the White and Black Population of the
@ifferent Pvtvtes within this Colony, to be rendered
Bo. attbe KMecerver Geacrl’s Othcee, ia a partoular
form: Notice thereof is hereby given, as also chat
Bianaw borms are now ready, and dying at tae Re-
@rivers General's Ofce, whe the same may be bad
by the respecttye Inhabitanis and Planters of (his co-
ony, in order that the pleasure of the Honorable
Gourt way be carsicd into ctheet,
Py Command of the Court.
R. ©. DOWNER, Seeretary.
(Ques ce
View original EME SES A A TT A A
A Meeting of the Li dive w be helhlon Wednes
@ay the ist instant, whe lL the Meobere are re-
¢ Pci Oa (| le
L6 ec H. LUTIIL|S, Sec
View original BDERBICE.
King's Houee, 9th Dec. 1814.
ORDERED, Phatthe Commanding Officers of
Competes, doon, on betore Thursday next, Report
to the bacutensnt-Crowernar, the Names of the O1-
cers ard Men composing their sevoral Companies,
canal the mames of the Pstutes te which each Citheer
oc Mian Pemoecti ve Ty te beng: Inoornder that Vaew
cles of Otheersonty be saaotio’, wedaregabae die
fribution of Atiers and Yccoutrcntente sdeeted
rv ( ‘ moma,
ROWuHiTh, 4 D.C.
oe ae oS eC wewwwmwomrew@ ei er
— —
» = . f . sr
REC | een,
FOR the use of the Civil Comneescre Denartwent,
Viz t—
HO00 Peet fone pach) cratve se) dembes
HOO Po, Citchy.) bow. boo,
Vyy ch ce Roald
rr rowinic I qT.» in)? ha 4 le race -@
sc rf
errs watbad ae ey bee (ed few ame ve et they
will be voyye tread VW TH } a Cer siermey toe
Croveruor, wd the tae ec at ae : » | (bey BCs pled
Berbice, leh Ure,
R.A nN be Aciung Com.
ANY person dessous of Coatractios for the
Erection ofa Bucldtng, required for a Colontal Are
VTS andl Courrel! LOne § ” Vlearaotoacther pare
(ie ulars, by sppbeation atthe Goverment Secreta.
rye Ovice, nit ae belore _ iinesdoy the Dot ans
Lerbsce wy 10th December,
It MORE NZIF, Acting Com.
aS ee ere. ee ee
View original ALCLIV Li GLNELRAL'S OF k.
Berbice, 2oth November, Ist4.
NOTICE is herehbe ’ivon
(hat the Nccounts
@vrninst Plantaiors ane ds
ryacittels, fer the bate
ihead- vroney on Negroes (usrcable go
motion of (ne dlororalbie eure ov, 4,
Oth of October laste are ners
sid Cheol tere sate petiel Oo ) ‘
Ddecempty r.
DUNT oT Aber
lhe Lucia
OW Wy ol the
Ieoule vos delivery,
No tne Otnece taall
Dhiin. Rec. Gen
View original EEE = 8 SS aE 2 -\_ ns ea
WHERE VS a Picea Lorde, woe treetse nan!
iro, Coen cod te te care ob ihe Sabscmbor, by \W
Viurcay dasg. Ol aetbados; the empence of the re-
petits, af wisch logethyr with the Preapht, bravrig
been puld by the Subsendtin, anl notice repeeted!y
Ziven | crsonally wud by letter totic partion ty who
it De lorigee dl, lo “take aw 'y ain pi" the ‘aporce
Ihe sage, willhotl emect: the Suus bes teow Obra
(be geeadiot of Che Oreredte op yerizee the wera BOP
Copped Uncle\b thes sard Piano bent ieee aay end
wl UX PEncey Prarcl ood oor Yehope | ¢ lees 3 15,
(howwithl be soldb ef the 7p e'yt \ Nec telout b>
lo niect the se'ne
'S Dec
a — ——— ee
ee —_—_
Aisle those Cede'yted tet Vi ertmers
either tor Accounts over IR). oF 7 Yor 125
Of biand, are sor dhe las. ve ee woe
warck with payment, uf or ole
sued for atthe frost sittings of ie oo
tee, or ther Comiuitssarie
10 Dec, PF. NiCOLAYV, Commissary,
For the Priocipal Ageo: cc ite. n $
a ———————— eee
View original t .
icrcs f } e
@ | *
' Vi ) j
4 I i i i j ‘b
ive myc . > e
nished ! ao :
\Te It Dy«x “~s j eas Lealate aU wat
View original FOR SALE,
FROM 95 to 30 bales of Cotton, from Plantation
Geanres. ‘Venders tor which will be received by the
Sequestraters, payeble inccash, at Mr. J. Wulth's,
New Amsterdam, until Wednesday the 20th corrt ,
when the highest, inappreved, will be accepted.
10 December.
FOR 40 Ialee clean Cotten, or part thereof, (not
lees then JO bales) the produce of Plantation Nigg,
will be reeenved at the house of Mr. HH. Lutners,
wil the ist melant, on whieh day they will be
opened by Curators. Payment to be made in cash.
JU December.
THEE wadersesned understant's, that some p rson
cr petsous lave been in the habite of drawing Orders
send waving voce i his mains; this is lo inform the
Pubic in senmenokl, that he will not eseepl of any of
Liesr notes, as he has never himself put his name to
more tan three Gols, which is taken op, a reward
Y Ten Joos willbe given toavy person thatwillyive
SUC inte nation as imeay bead to a discovery ol the
LN Dee, Roer, FARK,
—— ee te
View original LOR SALE.
Tresry Vive Thorns po nds of good Coffve,
ah dove Thousand pounds of broken Collee,
rom Platanon Welpeleven, and Live Thousand.
pounds of browen Coflee tow Quideyh Estate; for
whieh Ten lors willbe received at the house of Mr,
Hey weed Ney Acwtordam, until Tuesdiy nxt the
Joth tistant, and the highest offer, ifapproved, will
be ace pied. Payment to be made incolony money,
and the coffee to be dclivered on the Estates.
l0 Dec. WLNATZ, qq.
View original kot SALE,
At the Nee Town Tareayn, the following Arti:
cles, om moucrale lerms, for tumediate payment
CRVEES of ware, pipes in boxes pork in balf
borrels, houran terees, Port, clan‘, aud Madeira
wie, Gentlemen's dress and Plarter’s stioe +, Ladirs
wnd children dite, calicoes, shirt, sel oil, raspbers
ry vinegar, tose and lavender waver, tink stands, cone
cert lites, fisle hooks, egys codlers, table knivesand
forks satlors and pen boives, tooth brushes, pewler
iwole and tea spoons, illo single aud Geeble phitd
do., eoup ladles, stecl (op thumbics, needles, chest
and cupboard locks, round bolts, cheat hinges, steel
pam irons, wpan tumblers, stationary, tin ware, and
dish covers, glass asd born lanthurns, hair brooms,
¥teters, shot betls, split pease, Lurley, corke, empty
Luffre Days, &e.
Lo Dec. D. MARTIN,
SS eam — .= ~~ o
View original at Ou
Thies istoinform the I mite , hal the Joslowing pote
sonéanfer. cuttting (hts Colony,
P. Grant in € wecks from 5 “November.
A. Sunpson in G wees fron Nov. 19,
Isaac Purley in 6 wecks from November 26.
Semuel M's ac it ) 6 ac Cae from ditto,
' Sioor with one servant in § weeks from Nov. 26,
W. Kewley, wilh ove servant, in six weess o1 (hice
monts, from November. 26
M. Manséiin G weews fron. Dec. ®,
Fverhardus (ee Bosch it do. from do.
Jurges Samuels in ditto frem ditto.
h. C. LOWNER, Secy.
View original “UIA Yh aa a @
am, =
View original the umicrmentioned Fislates, commonly called
an! Lnowna by the names ot * Denfield’s : ales:
And he said Chs. M’Garel will pass a mortgave
in fivor of the said Assigaces, on the same, viz:
J Plantat ions — flersle/ling, I ageleg gen, New
Cleelecen, Belmont, Union, E dinbure and
Gi rweow, Mor chosi, Ldéertown and Zee Lust.
Nov. 26. J.C. >, de Nieuw auiers qq. the Estate
of his late Excellency A. J. van [mbyz ze van
Batenbure, intends to pass a mortgage in favor
of Contadus Schwiers, on 40 Negro Ss, hames to
be seen at this Otlice.
a—— Phe Curators to the Estate of Wm. Threlfall,
will fransport to Wm. Fraser, a part of lot No.
7, facing the front damy with all the buildings
the ‘reon
— 11. Downie will transport fo Demerary 2 Ne-,
£6oes, names to be scenat this Othce.
Dec. 10. John (duarles wall (ransport to W. Kewley
his part of the lower half of lot No. 8. in New
Amsterdam, with the buildings thereon.
R.C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original —_——
ATV, persons having any claim or demand on the
Plantution Cuidwyl:, situated within this colony, are
required, within one nionth from this date, to render
In such vccount to the Tien. W. Katz, on plantation
Vryheid.—8 December
View original NOTICE
ALL persons having any claim or demand on the
Plantations situated within this colony, known as
Benfield’s Estates, or Plantations Mdinburgh, Wel-
gclegen, Herstelling or Bdderton, are required, with-
iu une month froin this date, to render such account!
to the Hon. W. Katz, on Plantation Vrybeid.
S Dec.
SL a Qe Ss oe eres = we WS
View original aed
Berbice, December 10, 181A.
CAST svanted fer the following Bills, at 30 days
Sloul, viz:
No. 5612 & 200
29!13 — 100 —
O Sterl.
Sad — 100E 2 960 Ske
vb !35 — 100
Por whic) Tenders, in Tri iptic ate, will be received
wtih Lue dacnent. the lth inst. at 10 o’clock
H. TEND Y, Dep. Assisi. Con. Gen.
apr" "er 1 aoe rar) @ Pa St SO Se acest 8 ~~ eae
View original PUBLIC VENDUES,
On Mondty 12th December, will be sold at the
Vendue Office, by order of Mr. ‘Ehs. Brumont, the
Piantation Vor noceeon, situatal on the west bank
ofthe river wcromey ssith a dwelling 40 teet by 22,
one and atittoterys high, Anegro carpenters and
saweers, feo women, a punt, Swhip saws, 2 jack
Ry order af the Executors of the late Mr. P. A.
Rodenbroc., 8 writing desks, $ hammocas, a penna
duplex, a gold seal, &e.
Also 2 excellent negrues and a house boy, 2 bar-
rels pork, dry goods.
By order of Me. D. Marting mess pork in half bar-
gels, fourin (lerces, split peas, barley, Port, claret
amd Madeira wine, shoes, tin ware, vinegar, salad
ol, negro pipes, sailurs buives, metal spoons, hair
brooms, &c.
D. C. CAMPRON Dep. Verdue Master.
,. -
ioe oe
View original atthe Vendue Office, by order of J. G. Ci de Nieu-
werkerk, Esq. qq. the Estate of the late Governor
van Batenburg, 45 prime Negroes, in families, some
of which are excellent domestics ; terms of payment
3,6, & 9 months.
By order ot WW. Katz, Exq. on account of those
concerned, 27 keys anils, assorted, marked W. K.,
bmporicd ta the gtip Planter, to Demerary, and for-
warded on sid ship's account to this colony.
By Mr. Joba M’Donald, a prime negro man, na-
med Smith.
By the Vendue Master in comniission 3 negromen
and 1 women.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original ly \ of a )
0 LO | J )
. i ‘ 7 !
lon of J. C. Spangenh
A is vyii Jes yi 1)
Cot ed ]
mebt banko al ;
tiva fon, cl J furthey aly
OnNdadition of
kustate may be seen at 1
previous to {be sale. ar )
} ,I , ’ ’
Ca avy day alter the 19th inst.~The salu
} ‘
i I cal ’ ( (
\ ‘ ( 44 q {
' } ,
= siita . | 1, i ‘ j i
) y. ‘ i
1} ;

y t l ae Uf
C= | . h i? ’ [] i
¢ ? '
Bile \ S, Dut Se LA
*\ wrt TY .
AA \ °
} i . 1 S
° Cc 4
> YCtl a. ’ ’ {
: ‘
ne ver uc &) ce eical dd
14] ff
re FlantatLo nay VE Vic!
Wald la Av
View original place on (he spot, and commence at 11 o’clock pre-
‘Dp. Vendne Master,
Uit kragte van appoiniement, vericend opecn Re-
quest, en dien cinde geprescatcerd aan den [ove van
Uiviele Justitie dezer kolonie, in dato 25 July UU,
door den Heeren J. C, Spangenberg en PLB. Bender,
in qualileit als Curateuren inden boedel wylen J. A
Doscher, en Voogden over de minderjarige kindcren,
zal up Vrydag den 23sten December aanstaande, wor-
den verkogt: de Kolfy Plantagie genaaimd Planters-
Lust, gelegen aan de regterhand van Rio Canje, met
de gebouwen, beplaating, slaven cn wat daar verder
De inventaris en konditién van verkoop zuilen te
zicn zynagt dagen voor de verkooping, aan het Com p-
toir van den Venduemeester, en de Plantagie kan be-
zigti¢d worden van Maanday den 19den December
(ot de verkvop toe.—e Verkooping zal begiunen
om Uf uuren precies, op de Plantagie Planters- Lust
I). C. CAMERON, Gedep. Vendue Meester,
ee ee oe eee eee oe 2, om weq
View original — wn EEE ee ee
-—- —— —
—— — —
Ligsul3d Sunday in Auvent.—New woon 2h. $4. after-
Ls} ve (Qv0u.—Spring Udes.
biti Iucy.
‘ \
bolt (Court ef Civil Jastice,
fiall this month the Provision Fields for the Slaves are
to be inspected by che Cargher Gieere, whu ace to ren.
der thlir reports of sacud IsHectiuis ly tie Cocke of Pouiny,
Lu ile Lrst asschiccy ia the yoar 12i5.
oS eae we oe ew wo «sr =
tee ———
———=—aS @ - 4-0 0° se
-. BS «2a
-—— 2 see
No ase arrivals from Europe, here; Oar Suriaan
Boal came in here this week, beucng thud place Saturday
fast; the Packet reas nol arrived thon ub (he Limevy her
departure. —IVe also beara, thal the ship Vraveller, who
departed the flect, tearrtved in Demerary, if és satd she
Uriiigs the confirmation, as former atuted, bhat those cu-
bovites call be cedediv Greut Lriduin.
Messrs, stdans, Beyard, Clay, Russell, ant Gallatis,
tu Mr. Monrue, Secrelary of Stute, luted Gheut
Aognsh ly, ish.
Sin—Mr, Baker, Secretary to the British Mission, cal.
led upon us today, at one o’cluck, aud invited us io a
comferrence to be held at (hree— Tan was agieed tu, and
the Uirtisn Comimssioners opened ait, by Saying that they
hed received their further instsuctions this Mmerning, wud
hal nol lost a mument, in requesting a meeting fur the pur.
pose of commun ating the fectssion of (heic Gouverument,
(Cis proper to notice, that Jord Castlereagh bad arrived
bast gightan this city, whence, itis said, le will Uepart to-
Wertuw On his way to Breosets and Vienna.
The British Commisioners stated, that their Govern.
ment had felt seme surprese, iat we were mot instructed
respecuing the Ludtans, as it could uot have been expected
that they woul! leave their Allies, in their cumparative!)
weak situation, exposed to oui cesentaent. Great Britain
might Justly have supposed, that the Amirican Govern.
ment would have furvisted us with instructions, autheris.
ing us (v agree to a positive article on the subject ; but,
the east ste could demand wae that we should siga a pro.
Visional articls dicey the principle, subject to the ra.
(nication of our Goverment, so that, if it should be ra.
tihed, the treaty should take ellect; and, if not, that it
should be null and euid; on our assent or refasa! to adait
sugh an article would depeud the cuontinusoce or Suspcn.
sion of the Negouciation.
As we had represented, that the proposition made by
them en that subject was uot suiciently explicit, their
Government had directed thei to give us every necessary
caplavation, and to state distinctly the basis which must be
considered as an indispensable preliminary,
It wasa sine qua non that the Indians should be included
in the paciuication, aud, as incident thereto, that the bun.
Jarics of their territory sliuuld be permanently cstablished.
Peace wilh the Indiavs was a subject su simple, as to
requireno comiment—W ith respect te the boundaries which
were te divide their territory frum that of the United Stites,
the ebject of the British Guverameot was, that the Indiaus
Should remain as a perinanent barrier between our western
SetUements aud the adjacent British Prerinces, to prevent
them trom being eonterminous to each Other; aad (hat
neither the Uuited States nor Great Britain should cver
herealler have the right (o purcuase, or acquire any pact
View original of the territory thus recognised as belonging to the Indians.
— With regard to the extent of the
hecian territory and the
boundary line, the
Sritiel Government would Propose the
aes of the Grouville irealy a8 & Proper basis, subject
however lu discussion and inodification,
We stated that the lidian terrilery, aecoriling to those
lines, would ce:nprehend a great number of A incrican citia
Zens, not less perhaps than a hundred thousand = and asked,
what was the intention of the British Government respect.
ing them, and under whose Government they wahld fall 2
Lt vias unowered, that those Settlements weulasa taken
tute consideration, when the line became a sub> . of dis.
cussion ;—but, that such of the inhabitants, as would ule
timately be included within the Indian territory, must ma.
Ku their arrangements, and provide fur themselves,
Pie Biitish Commissioue.s here sridy Chat, considering
the importaace of the Guestion we had to cecide (that of
esrecing to & provistonal article, ) their Gavcrnment had
(hoeght it ght, that we should also be fully lutuiored of
its wiews, wath respect to the proposed revision of the
uidare ine between the dominiuns of Gicat britain aid
Uurtted States,
Ist, Papertence had proved that the Joint possession of
the Lakes, and a right common to buth Nations to hoop
Upp a vel furce on then, Hecessatily produced @otlisions,
and rendered peace imeecure— As Great Britta could not
NYC SUP pPasea lw hake Cunghest ou that Suarte ry and as Chae
province Was Crseuttally weaker than the United Stutes,
eRd caposed Lu ivastons i Was NeCesvary, for its security,
hat Ceteat toritor should require (hat the United States
Nould Nereafter: heep ug anned fosce on the W estern
fakes, frog Lake Outario to Lake Superior, both inclu.
We ;—tiat they should oot ere clany ftertilied or iillary
post vt establishment ou the shores of these Lakes, and
they should wot matniam chose which were arcad
wasting. Phas must, they sali, be cousidercd as a modes
Pete demand, since Great Britain, if shehad not disclaimed
(he intention of any incresse of territory, might with pros
Ptiedy laveashed a cesston of the adjccent American shores,
Phe commerciil nayivadion and would be left
un Che same fuoting as beretofore. lt was expressly stated
(iu answer ty a question we asked,) thatGroat Britzin was
berets the ngutet having a armed naval force on those
Laake, and of nuldiny mulitary posts and establis!:mense
Yu their shores,
2. Phe boundary line west of Lake Snvorior. and th vce
to the Misstesippt to be revised; apd the treaty right of
CGoreat Mertan ve the Uativation of the Mississippi, te be
coltintied, When ahed, whether Chey did not mean the
liae from the Lake of the Woods to ihe Nliscissinui, che
Britt Comimsssouers ropwated, that Uhey meant the ling
frow fake Superior tu that River.
J. A duect communi ation from Halifax and the Proe
vinceot New Bruusweck to Quebec, to besecurcd to Great
Urertar. diy answer tu ous question, in what manner cis
was tu Leettected, we were tuld that it raust be dune
secsclun to Creat Beritam of the district 2 Ne, in the
Ylate of Massaciusetts, which intervenes between Newe
Uruuswich anw Quebec, aud prevents that direct commu.
Keferring to the proposed provisional artiele respecting
the Indian pactheauen and boundary, the British Come
hixctoners Conctuded by stating to us, that if the eonfe.
rences show!ld be suspended by vur refusal to agree tu buch
aniarbele, without having odtained further instructions
from our Government, Creat Britain would not eunsic
tes herself bound to abide by the terms which she now ofe
fered, but would be at liberty te vary and regulate her des
maids accortiong to eulecginac events, and in such mate
ner as the etate of the war, at the time of renew ug the
Wesoa@Guns, might warrac.
We asked whether tie statement made respecting the
proposed reviston of Cue boundary line between the Uailed
States and the Cominioue of Great Britain, embraced all
the ubjects she mesaut to Liing forward fer discussion, and
what were pariicuiaily liv views with respect to Moose
SsJands in the Day ov! Passumaguoddy, as hed been iw our
Dor cession tall che present War, vult had becn lately Cape
tuicd 2) We were answered, chat those Islands, beluny of
right to Great Ueitain (de much so, one of the Commis.
sioners said, as Northamptonshire, ) they would certainly
be kept by her, and were not even supposed to be an obe
ject of discassion. From the forcible manner in which the
demand, that the United Sates shou'd keep no naval armed
force on Wee bor any gailitary post on their shores,
had been ught forward, we were induced to enquire
whecher this condition was also meant as a séne qua non?
Te this (he British Commissioners declined yiving a positive
answer. ‘hey said they had been suficicutly explisit—
they nad siveu us one sine oa nom, and when we hed dis.
poscd of that, it would be time choush to give us an answer
4$ to anothers.
Wwe thea stated, that considering the nature and impor-
tance of the commenications made this day, we wished the
Bi itish Commissioners to reduce their proposals to writing,
belore we gave them an answ er; (this they agreed to, aud
promiscd to send us an official Note without dslay.
We necd hardly say, that the demands of Great Britain
will receive from us en unaniuious and decided negativo.
We do wot deen it necessary to detain the Jokn Adame
for (he purpose of transiting to you the oficial Nete
Wuich may pass on the subject, and close the negociation
Aud we have felt ittous duty gnmediately to aprise you
by (his hasty but correct sketch of our last Conferonce.
(hat there is not at prescatany hope of peace.
We have the honer to be, &c.
Jouwn Q. Anims, | Jona Russric,
J. A. Bavarp, | A. Garatix.
HI. Caay,
( Recetoedafter the above Letler was ies isten.
The Undersigned, Pleuipotentiaries of bis Britannic
Majesty, do themselves the honor of acquainting the Pleni-
potcatiarics of the United States, that they have commu-
Dica’cd to their Court the reselt of the couferrence wiie!
they had the honor of holding with them upon the 9 hiss
in which they stated that they were unprovided wild an
Specify, nstructions, as to comprehending the lidian Na-
tions” a’ Treaty of Peace to be made with Gieat Britain,
and as=m dedning a boundary to the Tndian territory.
The undersigned are instracted to acquaint the flenipo-
tentiaries of the United States, (iat His Majesty ’s Coovern.
ment having, at the outsel of the neguciaGon, witha view
to the speedy restoration of peace, reduced, as fur as pos.
sible, the namber of porats to be discussed; and having
professed therrsclves willing to forego, On soe Important
Covies, any stivulatuion tu the advantage of Gieeat Britain,
eannot but foc! some surprise, that the Government of the
United Siates should not have furtiaehed Cheir Plooipoten
tiarics with Tasteuctions upon these posits which coald
baurd!y fail to come under discusston,
Under the inabi'ity of the American Pieninofentiaries to
couclude anv eriicle wpon the subject of indian pacifica.
tion and [Indian boundary whieh erall bind (ue Govern.
went of the United States, His Majesty’s Gorermment con.
ceives that they cannot give better prooi ut ther sincere
desire for the restoration of peace, than by professing (heir
Williugnesstu accept a provisional article upou these beaas,
in the event of the American Pleptpotcutarics couidering
then: clves authorised to accede to the gcnucral patactpics
vULon wire uch avarice ouallto be fountec.— Witla
vi bio the Amocicaa Pleuip cloatiarics to decide
. ¢ . PAs’ an ities, se a ge
how far the concit n of ench an aricleis win the tie
wt of (he. peacral dc cretion, the uncdorsigued are dicected
fostetu, (uly aud distincily, the basis upou wiica alone
Greet Deitsia sees any prospect cfadvantare in the conit.
nuance of (be negociations at the present tine.
‘Khe Undersigned have already bad the honor of stating
te the Americaa Picnipotentiasies, Chat in considecing the
points above refers to, asa sine goa vou of any trealy
of peace, the view oi the British Gevrernioentis the perma.
nent tranquislity end security of tue Pndian mations, and
the prevention of Coose joatous.cs atl Trecations, to whicu
the fecquent alteration of tie Monts has berclofose
giver rive.
For tls purpote iCis indispensably neceseary, that the
Todian natioue wo Lars been duriug toe wae id allaace
with Geet Britain Suuuld at the tecuinativw ef the war,
be includ. sa the taciicaGon,
lcos equally necessary, thala Cefinice boundary sould
be assigned to tec Ladiaas, aia Chat the contrachng | acties
should gucrantee Cioiat. grity oli or tormitots, by al. itual
atipulation, not tu @cy ~ 2 DY oe “or ¢ cherwise any
terridory within thes ecicd bouts. Pec bisa Govern.
Dent sre wilting to take, as thotasss of an accicle oa this
subject, thos@stipr ations of (he treaty of Grenville, aul.
ject CO MOUs Assy Wed Poidce Tee VL GAFy Woe.
As the vandeisbswed abe desirous Of starr every potat
in connection with the subject, which way casouably in.
flucnee the decission ef tac American Pheuip Acmtiartes in
the exercise of Cheur dascrw'ton, (acy avao! tuemsclycr of this
@pportanity (o repeat. Lac tuey Lave witveadts slaled, thal
Great Britzin @ecites (he reeiston of tae fromuer between
her North American dumitious 2ud those of the United
Bales, wot with any view uso acquiiGon oftciritury, as
uch, Unt for the yj urpoec of securtog her puasessions, end
prevesting lufure G.6,utcs.
The Bostish CGoovcemmeat consider the Lakes, frow Luke
Ootarivo to Lob: Susertar., both Bictusive, (0 De bbe ba.
tural wiili Th I tier of c.e wBertish dO sse tone iM aor!
Av.crica, Attac weekes power on the Nosth American
Continent, Ce lea teanable of acting offensively, acd the
mostexpued to sudden ine iiow Great Britain cousiders
Cue military OCC patton af these Twletas vocesary Co the
eecurny of her douiiens., A Boundery How equally dr
wicing these waters, wall a nicht to each wonton to arin,
beth upan the Lotkkes and wuenm their SHUTCS, iS calculated
fo create a conlese fur naval ascondency in peace as wels
asio war, ‘Lhepaower which occupies the Lakes, should,
as anecessary reSual, hare the military occupation of beth
In forth rance of this object, the British Government
§s prepare ~ ro) oee a Docudary.—But as Cus might be
Misconstruete. wean iafent.on to extend theif possessions
to the outward of the Lakes, which is by no means the
@ebjec( (icy barein view, they are disposd to leave the
derritoria! limits wnndi-tarbed, aud as incident to them, the
free comircrcill naviguiion wf the Lakes, provided that tee
Amirican Government will stipulate not to maintain or
@oustruct avy armed vessels upon the Lakes in question,
@rinthe rivers which empty themsclres into the same,
If this can be adjusted, there wi.l then remain for disces.
sion the arrangement ef the north western borsad iry be.
twee Lake Superior and the Mississippi, the free navivi-
gation of chat river, and sucha vacation of the ling of fiun-
tiers as May securca direct communication between Qucbec
and I{alifax.
The undersigned trust, that the full statement, which*
Brey have made of tac views and objects of the British
Gevernment in reqoiring the pacification of the Indian
Nations, and permancut limit to their territories, will en.
able the Amcrican Pienipotentiaries to conclude a previ-
gional article upon the basis above stated. Should they
fcel it necessary to refer tu the Government of the United
States for further instruetions, the undersigned feel it in.
eambent upoo thom, to acquaint the American Plenipoten.
fiaries, that the Corernment cannot be precluded by any
thing that has passed from varying the terms at present
proposed, im such a manner as the state of war, a dhe
View original time of resaming the conferences, may, im theic Judgment,
render advisable.
The uadersigned avail themselves of this occasion to re-
new to the Plenipotentianes of (he Uuited States the a>.
eurance Of their high consideration.
_ (Signed) GimsBier,
Texsrny Covucaurn,
Winciaw AbDasy.
Paris, Oct. 1.—It is not assuredly without @ sincere
sentiment of pain that our readcrs have scen the particu
lars which we have given, of the capture aud destruction
of the capital of the United States of America, Thus,
then, war is carried on in the new world with the same
character and fury which has so long spread desolation in
the ancient, Jt there presents the same spectacle of de-
vastation and horror, at the inoment when every one flat.
tered himself with secing revived, even tn the midst of
combats, those principles of hugaoity and right which
vught never to be lost sight of by polished and civilised
nations, is it to furnish anexcuse to him who had been
justly upbraiged with trampling on all, those principles,
that we now see his barbarous example imitated?) What;
the Ung sih, who reproach him, with so quoch force and
reason, with leaving every where in his track pillage and
fire, with roimiae and destroving (he cues which his army
eubmitted to his power, have now pesew sed Chemselves of
Weosdington, pul ved it, devastated tf, dem ished all its
establistuneits, aud ifs mised, atedt vers, and borne away
mo thie ships all at (hey bo ve uol ehoven tu destroy by
hero an stecl! otis nota toca whelly oekrown Co ther,
ardas tou which there caste! no th jG ue of these ancient
relations, which double the cichts of biaaniy to ensure
ita milder fate, whica they Vioc! realed : this a lown
almost Innglish, speaaing Cre sams Loic aayey possessing
the same inanaers, ana or ipuces uf valwlileuts WAGs fa.
thers are Bnglistacco !
In this Jast war. which Lat Uvidel England and theU.
States, one wishes aud ome footings have ced Constunely
for the suce ssof the Wetish arms. The Pglish com...
tal the cogmoun Enemy of Garope, and the particular en
enyof kh rhice. ‘The American Government seemed te
have attached itself te the odivus cause of Gur Tyrant: it
checked the active warfare waged azainst lin » dy deci.
ring itself warayeinst Eugla.t, which we regarded as the
soul of the Coalesced Powers, and to we feel so
grateful for having sustained a part at ence so brilhaut
and honorable. Wesaw tes, in Mr. Medison and
party, adberents of those democratical principles wich
have caused us so much onhappincss, and we therefore de.
sired the fall of this party. tut how much better had it
been, if bloodshed had ceased in America, as it has ecased
in Furope, en the fall of him who had giveu the signal fur
iGin every pact of the world! Why, et least, hes vot war
iésclf felt che influcnca of the happiness and Deneliis which
spring from this fall? Why is it carried on aft.r the man.
ner of pira‘es, who descend on a coast to ravage it, ar d
then preci, lately reinbarh, not feelinggthe:nselyes sul.
Cicntly strong tooctu py iby ad maintain thems lees tier?
[y if not ius that the bissish have disembarked to the
nim oe of 5000 at Washington, whenee they nave ded,
vider having rained, and so to speak, caused to disappear
one of (he moet beautiful capitals of the word, taat which
most stick by its mageiieence and its estab ishmenis, one
of the mo- | colebrated travellers of Our time, Ni. de Tbutne
bol dt 2 andit is thus that the hero whom the ’ otter witha
wellefounded onncds, to che admiration of Murope, mad,
wari Portocs!. ia Spato and in France?
The Poghst have oftcu preciaimed eery lofty princi.
ples of meriity aud Sumanity : they have of'oa, and with
Justice, reproicled (oer cucuiss with violating these prin.
etyles; but let them tee cares their edifying digsours
mid tiie Keon repruaches will lose moch of theic ferce,
Shomid Chey Gromer dees Bo colty of the excesses of which
they have accused ofacrs. ‘loo cr caemies pretend that it
is rather their own tnterec oy that of humanity whieh
directs ordinarily theiy wivia oe aid Cicir condnet—that
at the present moment, for cx" »vheuthey plead with
so much zcal, the cayse of the negrocs, it is less regard
|for the African than jealousy af he iD roneh colonies which
prompt them. We Delisve not this aesuredty ; but, it must
be owned, many instances like that they have just givena:
VW ashingiot. would mighuly emlarras thess friende.
(Journas deo Debais.)
Oct. 6.--We have received French Papers to the $i in-
stant, Our readers will find an article, extracted from
one of the most sensible and caadid anong them, remark.
tog in termes of some severity upon our treatment of the city
of Washington, If this attack upon the fame and honour
of the British nation had been couched in language of less
temper ard moderation, we certainly should not have be-
stuwed upon it the pains of a reply, but left it, with some
other caluninies which have lately issued from the French
pres, to find readers, and believers if it could, in those
wilose malice, or whose envy might be gratified to fiud it
true. Butas the remarks of the Editor of the Journal des
Debuis seem to bespeak rather an impartial observer than
a deterrained libeiler ; and as, (oo, they are founded upon
4 fact. —althovg: a fact mistated in itself, and misunderstood
as to ifs cause, we shall not think that time lost which is
Heyes to the purpose of setting such aman right, appeal.
ing to his honor and gouid faith, to viadicate our national
charact. r fiom the imputation which he has cast upon il.
The French kiitos appears, iw tae fir t place, wholly
View original ignorant that our conduct at Washington was atented, In
a grvat measure, as a retaliation tor the ceuch and usless
excesses ef the Americans in Canada, whore they have
burnt entice towns aud villages, which were as dofencele-s
is unotiending. Tu have permitted such outtages to ).ase
unpunished, would have bec a direct dereliction of ducy
(v our loyal and peaceavle Canadian subjects. Et would
have becu so to swerve from the protection which we are
vound to give them, as to leave us no ground for wonder
ve complaint shauld they deviate from their allegiance to
us. Had our vengeance been complete, not a wall wou!d
have been left standing in Washington ; and when this w.@
donc, the Amcricane would have had no plea for murmur.
ut what did wedo? We destroyed the public establish.
ments, the Capitol, and the President's Mouse, the Arsenal,
the Men of War on the stocks, and the casnon fouudery 5
but weleft cvery private house unhurt, unpillaged, and
unentered (the soldiers not being quartered in the city,)
extorting even from the Arecrican Papers praises of ihe
order and moderatien of the conquerors.
Weare charged with having transportcd away in our vet
sels what fire did not consume, or theswerd destroy. This
accusation has found ifs answer in the statement we have
given, but we will again meet it in detail, by observing,
that the only things burne on board the British dect were
the prinfiog presses of Gales, a recreaut Eaglishman, and
iiditor of (ic National Intelligencer (a paper whica has
been Iomg a diurnal ibel upon this country, and the dise
grace ofthe American press;) and that (hese presecs were
so reaoved, instead of being Durnt Cogether with the honse
which centained them, because sume Ladics stated to Ade
miral Cockburn that the latter measuse would eda sce
(hoir habitations.
Having thus pre@ed (hat our troopsd id no! make a dss.
cent ‘in the manner of pirates,’’ torob and ravag», it will
be easy to show that they did not fly like them when une
able to remain longer on the scene of ruin. ‘They lf the
city of Washington (for it has not disapeard,) because their
object was accomplished ; they left it at their ewn good
pleasure, and undisturbed by tbe presence of an Americsa
soldier, not onc of whom was to be scen after the moment
when 9,000 of them were shamefully put to ight by 1,500
English bayenets.
‘Their enemics,” says the Editer of the Journal des
Dedats, speaking of the English, ‘their enemies pretend
that it is morethcie own interest than the interest of humae
nity which generally guide their conduct; that, at the pree
sent moment for example, when they plead with se much
sca! the cause of the Negroes, itis less out of love for the
(fricans than f7om jealousy of the Freach Colonics that
they de so, but we assuredly do not believe this.’ Wea
fae him at his word, and thank him for being in the night.
Were it possibile for a whele people tou becume, with one
aceord, hypocrites, we believe that the Engtish would be
the last people to become so, and the belief is founded ae
much wpon a consideration of our faults as our virtues.
As it is, we have yet done nothing to belie our professions
“or to ‘embarrass our friends."

The fellowing is an accurate list of the secend and third
hatlalions which are to be reduced on thc 24th of the pre.
sent month.
15th Foot, @dRattalior, 41st Foot 2 Battaliog
TSth do. do. 42d do. d>.
92d do. do. Sth do, d.
9°%d do. do. 49th do. do,
94th do. de. 50th de, d».
25th do. de. 56th do. Sido.
, 26th de. do. 6ist do. 2d dy,
Sist de. de. 63d do. do.
S2d. do. do. ROth do, do,
= § 86th do. do. 92d do, do.
' 8th do. do. O6th do. do,
The King’s German Legion, except the Istand 2d light
battalions, is to be reduced at the same time.
Oct. 18.—There are open wagers at Vienna, that the
General Peace will be proclaimed on the 18(b October,
the aniversarg of the Battle of Leipsic. But reports pres
vail also of the dificalties which tacire estab'ishimcnt of
Poland encounters—diMeultica, however we belicre, are
to be removed.
' Jt will be learnt with much regret, that the gallant Gen.
Alva, whe, on acceunt of his distingeished merit, was ave
pointed Aide-de-Camp te the Duke of Wellington, | as
heen eoneigned to the prisons of the Inquisition. Tle «6
Spaniard, and the supposition is, that by some of the oce
cul€ modes of accusation known to that terrible tribunal,
he has been charged with the crime of Lioing a masder of
the proscribed socic!y ef lb recemasocs.
View original
View original ee Ce OSS _ —= — oo
BY virfue ofan Oniler from Tas Excedleney the
Governor, dated the COth Oetoter, IShbhy gives up)
ona Potion presented: by Phe. Pryer fry feldd. on
of tite Peccutors to the Estate oarthe lute Hobt. Wal.
een. and Viforney of Phomas “onc {nother of
he Execcators and one of the Vets of sad Rob rt
Wilson. and oot TE Steal aq popotee! in the phivee 3
W Do deeson dire reer dpe absence treme the cob
the nnderstenedty at the request of atoresaid bx
@ciilore lo frrrestyy S ven eog) hy Pd
At] clhacnantes o Udy Pyrcrcee i en ation [les
gefoer cir anes, to conden en there Chetius belore
q) : ( gyecef cyt ¢ f | a) hae, ( f thee clony uf (hi, i
0 ! icy Basset ave \f arefony 14 , bevel layol Pathe y
So, and totflonin cay, ond rtther to preececd ac.
coiling to Bow. On , after the fourth Edietal
Broomons, of Deine Cob riced Metericht of charm
Phissnoonen by Posctimade Keavito the pubti
by beat of dram from the Court House of this colons
aad turcherctes tth accomioe te custom
Berbice, Uh November, IN) 4
KR PUNNOWIN, Feret Vareakl.
——— a i aa ~
~ ——__—— -—- — _ =
TH Sutecnthere ace now Fridiag Poo the olity
_ ’ . - i
Soelleisle trom Cileweow and Ma re. ined eon
i PM TeCeNE porte e Oods,
’ } '
vi ‘ cr! : ! Joa 7 tolis
( «th ce
i° nN if ly f | y ey . €O {0 che =
oe ) sf !
A i V4 \ } ( | ,
i 4 ite ( Ba » -
yi ( 1.4 pou cf h ie

Dost wine, fora shirlinee,
we ; | ’ ; . '
Poase come bag] " ,: sy diet
N ‘orto liats and lyineete, S |i Tr bler@,
er facheota and trowsers.! oles lend Lipes
WWoalc timers corps, cdeh flinnel!
Womens Wrapreis ane TOCM pane
pellica, ‘ . re ana ec Vw ©” W isi
Nero ® | ol ruie® pe ss ® spece@l
panchean, otdlary and station ory
Gentleonens enmee fine Loedies boots and etaes
COATS | Ag ! < viloce, {f veaifa hats
Do. Veets, suche & aluce able ka veeand forks
kings, Poeket and non nives,
No. boats an! shore, L hoember door and stock
. . | ’
Do. silk, willow, and Ja.) locks,
pant hats Jveapand cancles in boxes
Do. fine buff eloves, Manas tobls clothe,
; ye
( Frere hon &tinwarll ie pert de e,
> ; rf | ;
J _ s bpd. £.
ri 8
3 ' 8 a i*.
é ! »° . ( cee Well) da \F4@
‘ . riaeid | cl eld
we ‘
{ '\«a fj { a
° \ ‘sf eo ( } \ »vv I; i C8,
( " ye Myul Walters
1 4 { Oye. POO. bed poe ca thoeti es
‘ °
tit Pyrat e miils ° pyar eit) DOs 1})m,
er biita 8 a . Wa’. &C.
(ondaON Dore Ivaerie & Co's Chiuice Jond.
Dart. lor . d é (C. | rye ‘y he we | ube iA «|
gueieler Cask ter, se some Lids. of bDurldinee lise
and afew thousacd DOricas
+’ ‘ff T ’ ‘ . r
@itunled on the W est Sea Coat, of this fo ny,
being the middle third of Low No Ja WSO Phe
cularvation consists of One hindered and arety Cor
Acres of Cotlon, chiel'y young, and of Thirty acres
of Pluntuins
There is acomfortable Dwelling TTouse on thr
property, as well as good Negro Houecs, and th
back lands afford excellent Pasturave.
Possession to be given on the 2d of April next. —
J 1c Terines of Nes will be niaUu®e suitable Co wf)
ee Viper
api Vea { “ i .
CoD pathcnare sappy lo
= Y > rycen ~ pT
» ~@@. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
~~ ----s_— - -—_—_— _ ——
View original fiie nall dct No. 40.0 situated ine second em
polder of this “Pown, exten line in futl widt fran
the front dam to the aii dle road. with all the bral
dines thereupon stately rriedkby OI, Lante-
hee: bsq For hurthes particulars Chipure afl
3 Dec. 4, A peta COURT
DB. ifthe eatd louse and lot. &e. te not dispose
of by private sile previons to the Soth of thi
month, twill be sold at Public \ eadtue, ae
au Januinry lege,
ATL thote who have any Demands against (he
lustate ot the late J. E. Virnore. EF: y. alec. oar
CATV ely requ steal te renaer ler tlreve accounts foo th
tndlersigned, sndto deliver captes ot Notes ot [ots
rather Vouchers en whieh thee clase ps forded
Lad those tadebted Coa eed betate g TO Come forsee
with poeemecdtuat pawirent, vethe tndersiene die mite
the Atavern thle mecesst) vo for pracecd al | iW Ww tf)
ie Gien.? toon op Poet Neches mreinel ity e wy brine (
counts comin aaa de fle request those Crit hots
Receipts of the hete Mer. Pret L tor accounts mn-
dered by the nderteae tl) toewhroit the sune t
Mt me thet Lacy ity we Cree el Pate.
‘ ’ .
3 ive li}. ss] cot ratin
View original For Teaerte Ole not el on Colton, fran Plin-
tation Deweie Waeor, yoy
vedhatthe drow sor tr geod ado ne ly unt
Monday (ie 1Yili tect, J.P Oy AQ ON,
M.S. 3. NNEYT,
3 Dec
“1q bootTatlors.
i¢ sh, wif! ly Toe
By the Subseriber,
In casas of 1, 6, aml S Quintls
B. ZU Len.
—_ —-———_ - —_—$—$—$—$ ee
Fine lone lef To! Heenan ho cyl style anc laarrele,
piret auyolty s AML ohare rf mn { »') | . an
; roll,
. Jed@’s Pale Me pyr ey ct en or doe ,
eager . ’
Poriasia de fee so etd
A quiat’y io. Laue atone
dn ao. WOULEP
2 Nec,
TU SUS OTR een concernet afdy ini,
sf tu th rronhe ae
. S PcrsrtS Wola lov
8 tor navy ocirs
pid Cts ow Vy tSscvee
erin odes Ce we coe,
ton fhrowerl this medics
Weonend lone bal ted oa ner:
Seas lead to ew apoan he
‘iy nol corn | suger | iota (Os Vey I ‘Ty wot i! Wao
Coneeqgurect crud eter vy 6 ft! ong tty ir decoy
Talys she das owith brie tl Boolty been endbb ds
more hee pryinenty ‘acad reomitfere.s ta Pruper fir
woreslyle toy Joie verre ety es Shoo the, ‘Hore Wor
WP persons alone Cote cay eoneerny that, all suc
Mecounte and Notes or Tiand, remermed mre
tera dewdays, will be put dere the Tvands of th
Denrwaarder to be sued for next Courts,
2 Peo, Mf. | INDN BM
a —_—— —> - —-
_ Seine
View original —_— —— i —— _ — = ee
Le PORTAN pe the ree li lor, wiA Lewerar
ans for Sueby ine stbserites :
HANS, checee, butter, cove, yorley, prehles, fi I.
eetcae, Eile sal fia ees four pumehoons, sal-
Pdose he } doae bore tery Tyson tea, refined
plans CN pepe ry hace Avy. to LO dv., hook an
PWT haley Dore and staples, wroug le
lem ache yd yang poe cad yridhinems: common
Seb roc sy wk os tts) Dewss chamber dour
dito sy; Gortlemed’s sapor fice beaver and Leghorn
etsy scuvane elozobautto’s woth silver bands and
Cockades, Liosh linens, breach eunb leks, cotton
soi tiae, Wife ad vellow minkeoens, white and bine!
silesnyy resy sip 8 five pte) Dlae and botte green
Drotd otis. fae Web flan Te treble wilt bate
fare, Mossi sheeting, hocntboek, pullicat bandker.
Chriets, Calin loth, Pesthios”’ and Coonthomen's cotta:
vasl sith toch lus, Greottomen’s brown BOCK, ro clon
tloves, Hesstia boob, Phinters ancle shoos.. Geitle
coets (ress and hatedinese ditto’s, Ladi’ black Mo-
rocco, white and coloured ditto’s, children's bouts,
Negro sliirta, hate and bbus kets, Chamber tooks 4
lasses, sili and cotton unbrcllas, Ladies parse is,
colfon and coffee barging, Javender en rose cealer
batracd tooth brushes, Windsor soup, thread, tape.
ind Whitcchiappel needles, a large assortment glues
and earthenware and sundry other artic es
Also a few casks Sault Fish, and old Maveirs wine
In Pipes, cheap, lor cash or produce.
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View original
View original <_<...
PItaye fe iD Ned try thyee hy perc deel of th- lote Afr r
V. Rewlentyrnn 2
heel are requested fomake pagent
and rite hoy peyer ( fale ts eve Baict bocded, ren.Jer
the aa if) for oy vee ° :
m9 ND,
POMP AD ea ?
TCLs 'yopE_eVaNngs iy Pixecutore.
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OW DO rey OF tyes reoot@ foo the MMusterog
12 Nov. bovrdow DOL CLAS REID & Co
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Thre V@ar i pe oF Prince diners hn -fore the ¢ ourt of Civé
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Treew Dated Comseation. ia Dateh.
me Eee Corr tentes Billsot he hase and Ladine,
it) may t ) »'o ' ® In| vn | a Al, Quills, Poucile,
Mo iwonade Pak in Bott) sy Ge.
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(ar the Meelines «f He res: ective Courts, of the Colony
Beerit e, for fie your (83d.
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BMordayv 9d Tancar —Cuocrto® laos aol Crimiags Jwtieo
Pow’ ' Wi TN mt umd of Habe,
ho ‘ , Ba or [—Corecal 1) ‘setiee.
, a bay crm ve wi.
bo «a a! Moone Ne.
D« ‘p ,—Cortot ?ohev and Criminal Justice.
P: ae le Niehof Ral,
Mo iday 17 ho— of € of Coral Betace.
Minisode \ toe Cotte.
1 d (oan, . | al >.
Bev a ol? iyo. t 1%. 1-y aod Criataa) Jaustioe.
Ry B PONS —O ert of Rote.
Seat e DTG al Sp eurs of Pal. tehlce,
Nonmdayv Ttn Ay ( -( « im'pe ( oart
Mondey 2d October. --toutel P bie y aad Crimea! J at.on
Mania Von October, Cs if Rolls.
Monday HAro Octal or colt at Jastice,
Monday (oi) Noventer - 1Bisee@ v Cour,
3 odes Out Noveas: ‘— urtuof Roe,
Borlse, Sd November, 1814.
A ,
\ ‘ON.
By Command, ) ( K. "RANCKEM,
R.C. DOWNER “e- Fini Macthal. )
eae. ee] Ss © ~~ Oe 8 «ene
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Les, Le (“~ Wiel lve : és 14 2 C my olacke of
Seupece. 75.2 9:8 Decer.Ser 1714.
Names Sot eeare, | Rerwkos lo cght.
eae d|”*«Céiagetarca. | desl eagene
Dirca, lin Bereateto |e sal
Reve Jin. Orverwagt Der acct
Her ules bdem IM «Ce sa
[iwrat 4 Pic. Mara Weta
Mar: Mose Laurar’s Acai
Naucen> Vin. Bersleliog |Piecal
Nic otans ifecm item.
Prin JE. Cs idt Deh-ert
é pa {derm. idem, °
A-c us cen ‘en.
r*mO S.anks( em.) | idem.
Peniel Noeepel ba-s ol
beke hewly Brumont
Jee Aileo Fravendorf
J. A. DEIINERT, Under Sherig
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10 December 1814