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The Berbice Gazette

View original By His Lreeliney Wenry "errs
Besxtincnk, Li-quire, Licut.-Gocerno
of the colony Borvtce and its Dependen-, & : Ve. &¢,
And the Honorable the Court of Policy
and Criwninal Ja dice of ihe said color.
To all tow'iom there presents may or shall
Come, Greciing ! Beit known: eo
VV 52 (“
[ CPeCaAS the late unhappy premec-
ditated disturbances on the Wrest and Joust Sea Cos
of this colony, places ms uaider the necessity to eas
wpon the Colonists under t's Government, to bear
teeir proportionate qroteiot the expences nceceesstri-
ly bociire Daim erusttuae at plot whieh endangered th
Bivty oe (he colony.
And whereas (h procecdings instituted by us for
the detection and pamoliuest of such oflnders its
Were proven ta be concerns doin the satdh premedita.
tadhstuibarce:, have oeensic ned severe wad be avs
expences. —And as by oar Ordinance of the Pith of
Jinciyy IST, weace bound to in fermaty an Pinake
goad tothe Proostetors of the Slaves so capifally pu-
mesucd by viele oPour Sentence, the value thereat :
Nee hive irordor to provide for the prvnent ofthe
grid yustand aecosary expences, con dere) it most
exvedeoniandequtabls, thatall the Cohabitunts at
this colony possessing Shaves, should conreibynte tn
poop mon to the auwnber op Slaves . mscscec] hy
(hom, fowares the repayment of lose expenses which
the Caras 1) eon Wi top,
SOU ISyoch twe liaveeneeted, as we do hereby
Evict, that ct) ant ove ¥ diartebitant diol contrie
bute and prvnitothe Pe iver Generalof the colo.
ny & hice, ; mreaole tothe Rettern for rhe Capita.
Goon Vax, nade fo the Neectver Generals Oee de.
ring the months of fan ivy, IS] , (Weir queaaty aor proe
portion (owas !s the Pav nfool the eforemmekttyy
expenses ates the rave of Feo gi fos per lew?
y fot
ench and every Slave POANSESS © Ploy thes ated buy
duable to che Ordioary Header orerpir Phen,
AND we do further by thes | ass combi ots
antlio.ize Mie hi ee iver Ci nerabe thy eolans 2 Tes
the expiration of che ttre wpoomnte boom os ciy the 3y
Decetuber, IS14, fo compel and enlorce pevinent o:
the sid capitibon Gay, from all devintts he Sao.
mary Leeculion, ad witout furtker process o
Andinorder (hat no tenoravce may be proton bel,
these presets shill be poblished, printed, posted Min
and sont round the lowy as usual.
Phas evicted in our Ordinary Assembty. 1
the King’s House, New Seostereum, Berbious clus 9:
dayviol Octob ry ISA. Present, Wis exeeteney T,
W. Bentincoh, Usa. Lieutenant soveror: aut tle
DPonorable Members Jota Pap ony las. Prases. 2p
burrboirn and Geo. wtanre s—Densotis, the Shou.
Neomb rs Johan SW ameovaad Woe Gilisius, ¢
And published on the Goh Octob rc focboainees a
presences or Elis ExectHleney the Lieut ur-dios er.
Bor, and ihe aoresaid: Mou bers,
Pe @umend ofthe Court,
——S_$———— =
_— -——_______.
By slis Excell ney SLEN?: fa) bp unaran
Benrrscor, Lyguive, Licut.-Go ver aos
over the colony Berbice wid ivs Ley cv:
deucies, 6. &e, Ye
“nd the Tonorable Court of Poliey an.
Crominal Jusiice of the said colony.
To all whom these prescnts may or shal
come, Greeliug ! Be it khoiwn:
' jy
\ mereas Rinresentation has bees
made loeus, thal due attention is pot pan to our Ov-
dinance of the bith November, IN'O, whereby Slaves
are forbidden to be worked by their Masters on @
Jn order therefore focnsure halter ohserconce of
the Reowlation contcived iv our aforesaid Procla-
mation, we have, after such emendation as we have
deeiicd necesen, yecaused the said Ordinance to he
we-published for genera! Mpormetion, strictly re yun
ring obedience thercunto frou all the Lukabdants of
this colony.
View original PROCLAMATION,
BY Wis. BereclMeney Major Ceveral Sayvuver
far RYMPLT, adltiae Gorvernos s avd the tlo-
groranle Comtof Policy and Croninal Justice
of Ue (! Tony Perhicc.
To atta coor ilave present may or shall come:
Ciree! cra! i. ¢ il AMOR MUM:
Waren “AS we ve deen }i of {!) ’ lho), wf.
cessity for Tye welooure of he Colo Vy th bats dnt cy
Monessand beimg desirons of meek wh essenys
tee ily jane, ws will yr note fhe MV ot root Neor:
Hoyee, ened (ye Pear eality of the “al, Wy tas nha
foo comoly with the wishes ofa ereatin rarity of the
POMPEY vit veowlh) Novem: le pr preset Con fous ay
Mie penciphe oe: Gheiaal qoa wet theexistiae Beew
Hose purposes 3 fa revise saad roconsther ti dew
mm Ob aces a the Colony at pres at a. bores,
which bayvone be mn dow by Cs. Wagghie Gover ay,
“nd Court of Policy tay Couceiboa Re rite
KNOWN ‘) > * OUT Ne ’ “d rehoch Uke hati Mis, tor | ‘|.
brea Penqoining all the Paliobitaats of thes Colony.
loohde y them, vad evipse U Sy tobe ol eyed 5 fon tlic
pu pose revoking all former Laws aad eeonbitions
made by Us, that in any wise mille or can be con
roed Coomilinrte acotnst Ghese our prescat Odin
CUS, cnc Dorstly willy re: evr to the punishiucal Ui
Newroes, or ollicr Slaves, Ordaun.
That no Owner, Proprietor, Atforney, orany other
deseription or Chass of persons havin Coulroud Ove EL
Nevroes or other Slaves, stall, under agy pretence,
Whatsoever, on Que Diy orat Que Pune, Pantsh oy
Slave in aay more severe MENTS thanh, Vhuly-s el
Vashes, witha J hip, Which Pantsaineat shail mot
heanflicted on any other purl Gran ow ihe Greece ot
(he Stoveyso pumisheds sae p rsoas waa oveced
his cour Ord aar ces b Lag sto yoet (0 Pe penile ai
mrce hiaandcd eu. ers. da Ny | Lebo Ge ow ets
ee alty dy do be dade as hereatiocn saul be resutycd
by ls,
Wi llanare Chal circmnsdraees cannot fail of ari-
Sab tie ei) the Saws that ace ba ttote severe
{ ) are pa Sn nly nob lig? des ct.ous on brenting
Pastivesy vac such fumeniiv, that Jouve and cot
y “ATS year if ; VN tp olavecs tol thew vod Conduct
tofticur \lusters, Welheroby Order, that whom ves
rSloyve Cory) “fs ‘Y nd 1) 7" I rlail ve aba ly itis Mats-
Ports Reo cfes mvrey ats vorer Pan stamentthaa Girt
vontae Pa dhesy they cv ban clint ease bo have such
Woobroceht bore the Gurcher Caplain or nearest
mroaer OOpoerogl the | strich, whoots b reby Or-
ier tad on jolmed to Cause a Panistiment not ex-
weline O,0 hundied ba hee to be dalticfted im his
Sseners it hy ine fo-it to sue surged Oiticer’s dis-
Ciefton, to Punish such vl rovy as are brousht bes
tore Lider vs hea ly 10) In PYOD TL, always Wildl the
Huiailed number of One h) ndred Lashis.
AN Mastors, Owners, or Hirers of Slaves, are here-
by strict yen sujet d, whens ver any slave has com.
Hed any Qiuencge whieh ean be so far looked upon
asa Cotac, and (herein to oifend against the Laws ot
the Land, to couse such slave tu be brought before
the Burchor Captain of the District, or next Senior
Curve r Oarce r, that the Crime laid to tlie Negroes
Chorre, y be looked into, and it found ol (hat Nae
thbers SO EIS i deserve Severer Punishment than what
lethy OQeigher Oulicer has it in his power to iuatitet,
PO CUES? (ies Neon or slave so olfe nadie, lu be seni
lori tth tothe Fiseal of Che Col oly, WW be dealt with
CE built s { ) Law.
Al persons, Planters, luhabitants, and others,
Whomsoover Che same may be, are heraby strictly ene
man a, under ~ pretence whatever, to diflict, oF
ruse tobe taileted, any punishment, of any hind,
on the Negro or Shave of another man, or on Slaves
nol their own property, or over which they have not
hcensed contronl, or have in hire, save aud excep!
One Blows, white! le any person is allowed to give toa
Negro or Slave, being guilty of insoloncee or inper
finence In spe aking or re plying fo i while or tree
person, under pen: ity of forfeiting tor every ollcuce
the sun of One Thousand Guilders.
Allsndevery ofthe Inhabitants of this Colony arc
bereby atricily ordered aud enjoiacd, under a pMhal-
View original (viof Fire Wlurdrd Gui'ders not to send og or ler theie
newrovs to work inthe Piclds, or to do other plantre
fon wo k ona Sunday or Holiday, except where the
muinediate preservation of the Estate requires It,
seea ashy Danbrenking, Koker viving away, or
wth or Aecidents, v hich for the s ety anu preservite
haryof the preperty red Mires Iimecdinte ASSIStANe e
The Burch rOmMe roof the District or either otthem
Hoime positive’ enjuincdoa ifs coming totheir know
Theol eh Ne procs are made to work en amy Listateg
arSar toys fo reoor the sune to the Piscal. And
mee Ne Onderod, that Che Bursher Ollicers of
Mie MY steiet) Shall Foten toy and attend to all Come
tliets of Shives on Chis bead if the sare, cdo not
Yppear to Lin five ous; and todo them justice.
No Newroarother Slive, shall be prnished b
(re Way without bine previonsty Etid thitom the
oryryeyey rode. acts rnd fo {Is tical suilictently fo pr ‘se
veati his vitub ports being Drared, ander a penal
monary one cousing puishinent tobe inflicted in
vdiderentamanner of Lye hudred guilders lor cach
We herchy strictly protibit Wand. very pereon
or porscas, Whatsocever from causiag any Ne srocs
another Stives tobe boericd, who lave died saddens
yor who have ded in eonseqnence of | unishment,
Octiotl or who have inves, or ofhern ise made away
with thom. Ives, witout previous'y ceiving notice
tothe Burehor Ollicer of the Districts or it Ir teva Ny
tothe Piscal, or without at) least procurins a Certie
fleate from the Surzeon of the Exute who had ine
speeted the body, what the nature of the Decease
Vecrientar Cause was by wh cli the nesto died
dera penalty o. One dhoweund guides.
Testy We Deerce, that the Pines and Ponaltivg
Inyposcd be Us) or non complance, with these our
present Ordinveces, shathbe divided as lolows: one
2 he
third forthe Piseat, ose third to the T.turmer, and
ore third for the Poor of this Colony.
Andin order datas ignorance tvry be pretend: iF
his our present Prochunation shall be postop, ate
fixed, and circulated for (he in oration ofall whong
Inmavy concern,
Phus Resolved, Enacted and Published in ourexs
‘crorauiry Sittings, held ina New Amsterdany, bere
bice, the }4th Novemb ry Isl: Pres nty his [exe
cellency Major Generil Saneel boa rymples Acting
Governor; and the Honorable Members Eb. C. Abe
bensets, J. Taping S. Ken .ll, P. Varrbaiin, and 8.
Mrascr. Absent, the llon, A. J. Glazius.
Ja presence of
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended
these presents shall be sent round to cach kstate, an
blished in the usual manner.
Thus enacted inour Ordiniry Sessions of the Court
of Policy and Criminal Justice, on the 4th Oe, ISl4.
Present, Wis Excellency the Governor, and the Hon.
Membeis J. Tapin, . M’Camon, Jas. Fraser, Peter
Fairbairn, G. Munro,—deniptis, A.J. Gilasias.
And published on the 5: October following, in
presence oF His Excelicney the Governor, and the
aforesaid Members.
By Command of the Court.
RnR. C. DOWNER, See.
BY IHis Excellency LW. MV. Bentincyr, Esq,
Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony Berbice
and its Dependencies, President in allCourts
and Colleges within the same, S&c. &e. &e.
Whereas I have received the Complaint of Mere
chants and luhabitaats of this Colony, stating that there
area nimber of Negrocs huckstering tn and about this
Colony, cho are net belonging to Resi nls, which prace
Mere ty unlacfiul and detvimentul to the Complainants.—
[ huce the ee thuught fil fi r the Hemedy and Prevene
Hoon of stn deicgulaiity, to Declurey and do here by
Notiry: thu coy llhickster found without my Pause
av Livence, shall be apprehended ai él Le deed in the Co
lony Jail, and further dealt with ac uriline to Laz.
ANo that the said Licences muy be ely and rog warly
Pocaived, the dpyliuuls gor dhe same shoals be outigca
View original Go Certefy inceritire thal the Wuckster ts etther a frec
Resident, or tl
, > p- _/ i> .
UE OCtLONZIRNG lu an established Liesl.
dent of this ( ’ lis,
And La C/u4. 4 Sve Rplow I
r may be strictly observed
Tl 5 }] Mi “Eh ] ‘cal Ts ¢ Ny ted fod npris nN the [ Vebis
growers as aforesaid, and pursue them for such Fin
and confiscation es | he Laz ts established.
Gitven u ronyllandand Sea at the hives
divuse, berbi y lhis Lada ¢ fo} Oclobor Ista.
Ry Conmmnnd
View original Bersice.
King’s [louse, \Oth O tober, 181A.
Tur Dispatch of which the following isa copy, was
Yesterday received by the Licut. Governor, from Rear.
Adiniral P.C. Dorman, and is published for general ine
By His Urectlency Command.
I. WHITE, Gov. See.
Venerable, Saintes, 8th Sept. 1811.
Waving vesterday received Directions from
the Lords Comiiissioners of the Admiralty, to appomt a
Convoy, for conducting the homewardbound Trade from
St. Thomas, on the 15th of November next. b acquaint
your Kaccllency, foe the information of tie Merchants
and Pianters, thay ia conse ucnce of such directions, the
homeward ‘Urade will sail from the Colonies and Istauds,
atthe time bere ued -rurentioncd, boing 15 days dater tuan
the perivde fixcd by aay forueor arrangement,
Lhaveche honor to bey Sir,
Your most obedt. himble servant
Rear. \diniral, Co ninander-in-Chief.
ND. The Trade m msl poids: ty be at St, Thomas's by
the Vath of November, ot (icy have to wait unial
the acaloo LOY.
Barbs los.
cece eee ee Ute (\) miinica eee c cee e NU. 8
Ber; +5 2) Or AS XOIN G| lontservratl oc. ecco 9
Dowicracy, 2$ feras pusedie |Antizua.. cc. eee eee 2
Toago ws... ec... St 10
St. Vineont........ ane NITUS oe ee eee 10
Grenada... a jot. Moartin'’s, oo... eee Y
Trinidad oo..00.8., 7) OVO, cee ee ew eee 14
St. Lucia. ....... 7st. Crowns cc. cee eee 1-4
Moirtinigue........ fist. Thomas........ 15
St. Mustalius.......
To His Excellency 11. W. Rentinck,
&e. Ne. AC, Ie rbee,
—_—_—_-—-- ee" ee
Derhice, Vath Oct. ISl4.
THE pressing demands against this Office, requires
Ammediate pryment of the Taxes, now due, for
Weigh Money and old Arrears.—The undersigned
therefore gives notice, that it will aut bein his power
to grant any iidulvence alter the Ist ofnext month,
TONIELALLT, Dep. Ree. Gen.
Leorbice, Voth Oct. Ist.
CAST wanted forthe following Bills, drawn by the
Commisscrcy Coenen on the Rioht Tfonorable the
J. Tne MLdss$one sot [his \i | ‘sty » Dieasury,
Vic:— No. 9777 2£ 120
07 78——150
“03 — 100
60 $ -—100
L600 Sterling.
for which Terdersin Triplicate, (expressing in words
aflenehttheamonot required, and exelrinmae offer a)
willbe reeetwed at this Oilice until TPaesd \y NeXt,
the TSth instant, at 10 clock in the mornin.
MH. WENDY, Dep. Assist. Com. Gen.
——_— VQ ———_
View original PUBLIC VENDUES.
On Thursday the 27th instant, will be sold by or-
der, and af the Store of Messrs. Douglas Reid & Co.
the following goods, viz :—Colton and linen checks,
printed calicocs, cotton shirting, Trish linen, platillias,
furniture, chintz, Brifannias, waistcoats patterns, an
assortmen(of tapes, threads, and bobbing, fine Welch
flannel, ginghams, diaper and towelling, woodstock
gloves, suk umbrellas, Oznaburgs, cotton bagging,
beer and porter, stationary assoricd, saddlery, ear-
penters and coopers tools—also fo close sales, a {i
cases veontiemen’s best silk hats, anda few half barrel ly
pork, &c.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue M aster.
—_— -_- —_

Ou'Phursday the 20th instant, will be sold at the Venduc
Oilice without reserve tue followin g goods, viz :—leal
Russia sheeting, gentiemen’s made stuirisy Ozuabures
boots, shoes, ladics ditto, stu@onary asserted, dow las,
cembric musiun, tweeled and Madrass hk .y linen, Britaue
‘niws,*blue cotiun, salempores, turoilure, c! WiNZ, ladics
straw bonnets, durdaye, coflee and cotton bagging, salt in
barrels, sugar in ditto, cum, ging brandy, Ituen and cot.
ton checks, [Trish lien whole and half pieces, beef, p.
pease, barlvy, Madeira wine in bottles, (thread, ee
bobbing, siik and straw hats, a few casks of blue stone
Ware, au assortment of gluss ware, &c,
D.C, CASLRON Dep. 7endue Masteer.

View original *
. LS ‘ ' f
rye} f oY. a , ; t L ¢ an) + an y . 1)
» il t rOl \ ¢C- ° Ml!
r t \| i O Fur e Dv tl t P, c °
. d
l | Wi
>.) \ ) [ \ oO tne Att ney f
i i i (1 i. } ~~
i. '
. '

a1 ' r y
fon ; y A n, {ack is
} '
] 4 j L'] ‘) }
> { ‘
: 1 } ‘
Ma y lack ls
t) t W , >i I | y.
I os
; io UC,
A ’ i I I, )
{ O ’ \
vt y .
: ) ‘ ,
e i
i> >
} ’ -
( i .
’ >
t ! L. BP.
(, }
a (hy TV W ' my
0 oe
bs OF) ‘fr
. ’ 7+
rsitil I's Ae he
blarris Vy. S rod
i orth,
i yc’
8. i :
A | A
‘ Vv, \
i )
\ i
: (
Deirbice, I 1 Oct !
‘4 . Ty ere e an f -
View original ee ————
OA Mail will be made Up at this Oulie e, and for-
warded to Dewecrary by the sloop adventure, on
every Monday morning ti future.
Bewbice, Ist Oet. IST.
Ro. MehKENZIL, Act. Dep. Post Master Gen,
—— —
Tre next mectine of this Society, will be heldon
Wednesday the 86th instant, at No. 11, Correntyu
15 Oct. By reanest of the Stewards.
PP. CORT Ss ci).
—--_-_ —_———————__—_- S— —— —
View original eee a
Iv consequence of the sailing of Che fleet beire
postponed, the Sequestrators of the above estite wl!
Continue fo receive teaders for the 20 or 25 Drales.
previously aivertised, td) Pucsdiy Ghe 25th instant,
atthe store of Mir. Charles hyve, ven the lowest
offer, payable citherin crash ar bills of exchange, th
ap proved, will be weer pted. lo October.
BY the subse ry brown stout, poorter pr. dozen
yd pre pun, hee Ma letra Whe i pipes, quoerter
cusks, and oor. doz oi, Patch sweetimilk cheese, Py-
son fea, refined loat snacy beefin barrels) soap and
candles, Xe.—also atew punchcons new rum.
bd Oct. Lb. sal Lehtlt
— SS Ce SS _ -———_—_
View original —_ = ——_ = $$
A UNile Evanelisehe Luthersche Ger smecnte dezer
Nolome, wordt by dezen bekend gemaakt, als dat in-
eevolse het Artikel van het Reglement op Dingsde cr
den Lb ten November, door de Regenten van de plan-
togie aresfure, de jaarlyksebe rekening en veraat-
WwBording ail worden gedaan ten huize van de vreije
Luci:, te Nicuw Amsterdain.
15 Oct. C.D. TOL, Seriha.
View original TENDERS
PO" Te: » Thousand Powndeof good qu ality Coffee,
fhe produce “ Plantation P Esperance, payable in
Cash, will be reecived at the house of the first undere-
Gone. I, in \ Amsterdam, until Wednecd: iv the
lOch October instant, when the same willbe opened,
and the hichest offer, if approved of, accepted,
forselfand B. J. SCTIWW TERS
Se ‘questrators,
View original Ne
STN thousand pounds first quality coffee, the pro-
dunce of Pln. Goedland, will be received at the lous
@ (he second undersigned, till Monday the 21st in-
stant, andif approved of, accepled—payment to be
Made in cush. G. P. van flOLST.
View original € SCRETARY’s O O “FIC
NOTICE isSherehy siven, thata month after date the
follorcing Trans» ts and Movleases will be passed.
Ll Oct. We. Lawson will transport to Maria Vhrel-
fall, seven roods of land of lot Mo. 5, in New
Oct. 8. Ro Parnes will (ransport to Polly Hill, a part
of lat No.7, New Amat. adjoining the centre
R.C. DAW NER, Secy.
TS hereby given toatl whon itm ay concern, that
Vowanrnp Pairocwany, o this Town ot New Amst re
dam, ts duly empowered by J.T. Scurantonst
sq. for and da his name fo triesaet, sotide, and
Tyast ali his concerns tn ils Coluny, Demerary, aad
Berbice, Sth Oct ber, IST.
ee et en —-@
View original % ZHL BURBICE GAZETTE.
ae’ 8 -X- 6 Ga
Sarunvay, Ocronin 15, 1814,
—. 4 5
Py the arriving of cur Government Boat the Harriet
“shen, from Lareudos, wo hace recetved our Finglish
Fotos ditetts the 20th u/ aepl.—of which the fullode
CMY ee CHE | GTEC dm
Fiitradtiofialitter from S/rumstad, dated July 28.
‘Pe A aeoly Gtecera Baron de Paul e, reports, thag
atelevenia’) ocho ou Che wiorning of the 26 ny he set said
with the wai ales stu order to acach the evemy’s Hos
thilay Statioued ta tae aslands Jl dlvalo. Theenemy Slew.
Cd titused wn order ov bate. wo doubt for the purpose of
re Contos our forces. Yarable or coutrary Winds,
followed by a cau ad above all, a curcent eatrowely
Stroud tious parts. provonted our vessels from advante
Hayy aud Oooizod (oem to cast avcpor. Ta the night the
“Very an BN DOs bel nla (he Archirelago, betw evn
the islands cf ilveto wood rcderichstadt. Uf tb ‘y had noe
been able to cueer fact pant, they would mall per babuily
have taken fefogs vo tue oto side of the Gully in Tonse
beg aad becderickswarn, and then they would lave beer
manatey acttehed. hus the first Operdnon of Ure
NorweotitiS tas been to abandon, without glitiay, a Us
han (faatal toeistes of Hvalo) which th 'y thought te
Veathtbees at tie wery sgt ofour tlect, and which wag
recacdedin hie Comntey as the palladium of Notway. ‘This
Hicht will, without agub!, lave a gical effect upon the
GUHe oO; bon, “Pac spiit Chat aniinaics the officers and
Cfuws uf Our il ‘ol le s'IC., (h il had the CT) Wy offered any
POs del bee, Gucre Contd be io double that the Viclury wou.g
have Leow cou, bete.
"One (roo, >, vider the orders of Major-General GQ,
Moos Nery OCCUPY the islands ot |] valu, the boy of the Gulf
or Chiisdana, Colonel tay has made a descent on tle
island of Noth Sando, Colonel Deskoldebrand on that of
Soudr Sando, Major jiay on the island of Herfode, The
cuemy bois teftany of hi eileets, and as case several
canton intga ie sea, Phe tauubita:ts seen content and
Wap, y at scene (oir sulleriags terminate. They accuse
fhe rich aud powerlul men of the conutry of having been
ine cause ofall the evils which threaten che nation, ‘The
island of Weraguro, situate at the entrance of the yort of
Mrederick stadt, wiil be attackalto morrow. Inthe mcan
tine the eneniy’s ilotila coutisnes inactive, till it shall he
faken or buried.”
Subsequent to ie above occurrences, there are also said
(oO De letters in Cownol tac betingtaue from Goltenburgh,
stating, that a succes fal attuck was made on the Istand of
Wiacero on the 26 thoul ss the Swedes having destroyed
the Norwegian tlouila, aud taken tw euly of their gun.
“The Prince Royal reminds the army, thatin combate
(ing the factions and foreigners who only scek the miser
of Norw iV, the Swedes are not making war upon the
Norwegutis, Po them the army owes good will and pros
tection; their property ts put under the safe cuard of its
loyalty and good disciplio®&. The Generals of Division
tre personally respouasible for any infraction of this order ;
inohifracton which will be equally contrary to the honor
vf the Swedish name, and to the principles which at ald
tines GtoGaguished our soldiers.
‘Ievery requisition of cattle and provisions made ig
districts, the inhabitants of which shall submit to theie
duty, shall be paidin ready money 3 which will not be the
case in Chose districts which, by furnishing Mgans to the
ayitators, render themsclves liable to tue crime ef resiste
ance against their lawful Suvercign.”

Frankfort, Aug. 6.—We have here strange reports
from Ltaly, King Jochiin, itis stated, is reconsiled to Nas
polcon abd there resort to the latter many adventures fron
Piedmont and other parts of Ttaty, but particularly from
Corsiea to Piba, as he seems to be in no waut of money,
—On the other hatid Napoleon is said to be in(riguing in
l’rance, by theaid of money, aud Co seck toexcite discon.
tent among certain classes of people. ‘These we repeat ag
reports which eannot be warranted as (ruc, aud Whiew
pechaps have little foundation.
View original Priussels, Aug. $.—Some batatlion of Engttsh Guards
Qreeapected to lend atQstend — “Phose cioseit thovps secin
Intended to form the gacrison of Brussels, wath the corps
of Guards alroidy here. ‘The Hanoverian (coops 12,000
in wawber, are tu come joto Beoigiaut. Weare busy au
preparing Lairagks for these trooys, whicu are ou the
Aus, 10.—Iis Roya’ Highness the Prince Sovercig
holds a pubhice Couct twice a week, bie endeavours to
Fepair, as mucd as possible, the evils which the former
admiuistrativa vecasioncd, and guiny by this general ap.
probation. lis flo, a! Hishuess inhaoits still tae Pace
of the zovernment, ferincaly the Palres gf the Princes a1
Orange. Some treasures have givcu cle fo an oP tia,
that the line of custom douse station argue the Miease, wil
not lonw remeing but toad all the countoes oa Gis teft oa
the Kuine will be placcd onder the Gosycrmacut ol Bel.
giuin, Tn this case, the Diusstaas will withdraw to th
richt bank of the Riaae, and ecenpy Che M hole ertout leon
the Wose. to the Laho. A Kassian ConiiuissiQugr we ox
pected to join the conicrences at Ghent.
Paris, Ang. 11.—M. Mougaillard has published an in.
teresting Work, (rue awiich We tiabe the fulluwins Guolte
tions :—
‘Ministers. thoscefern:! courticrs of Kings, will always
bive one hand upon Che eyes wi tie Vrice dad the olaer
bn the pockels of (he peoyr.
ON Minister amd a bee cur are equal ia the eye of the
Jaw 5 such its (roc toer y.
ed the Chambers of Deputies and Poers donot reject the
projectof the law propos do by the Crown, Keoncbhime
will haere no Gaatler, fo i). rly , Oo political riglils.
(Where is the manwho can atten lomocli wit going to
sleep iu sefety. HW the pees. is pat Wider Cousorsiiy tual
a ?
Ohi Grater dacs notlenjoy the liberty of the press, the
Bititic mast be rebuilt, the dingovus resopencu, and
bethics he cache Prov d: Rorit wo habe Cucuuistos tune oa
@ ocak asdiiet tae adams tea bon of 2 manin power, ar bo
say thathis wife his nos a suo appearance, isa foul, oud,
or ugly. =U we hayes tie misforta ce to des, lease the dee
Mires of a yecdl pata, or tie teeqey of @ tan ba allice,
there cannut be a doant that We siad receive a titans
for tive [ya-tale, and We oats Caves Sy Waits UL Ucs- Uibstli.
Our vorns will be no loager heard
COA Cotmon Cogcoman reason in these times, on matters
of state, more jastly Chau fommerly Uhe greaiet pdel ol
our great Lords.”
Vienna, ig. Ve—Ttis said, that the Mintsters Of the
four Powers, Prince Metternich, Count Ness reac,
JLoord Castlereagh, and bituce de tbardenbersy wi Loantect
here on the LOth ov sete. bor, dor Cie pury,are ol settiu
the bases of peace. “Their Atay stres tay hurpecrot Ob ivas.
sia aud King of Prussia are ca ected bo ae tave ner ou the
97th wf Sep tonit erg when they, Wilh paddy the buses thal
shall be agreed upon, i roMpubelae wal (ie Banperoe of
Austria. ‘he Conc: s Whit afblbeorw ats De oy clioed Ol line
Ist of October. foe aa! Gate Nbaloo ul L,US Ojre WileCue bbe bike
terested ina generate oder eatin ds.
Major Cot rt ix vt i \ diet Hore yest ral iS fr in NGA
in Savoy and bro: moO file Loin, tou bebe ward Mal Isha (OF)
accounts of tac Arched icuess us Hat Py oedsay tras cine
dangiiter. ‘Phas Deibe cs anes us cdi pect tere teh b Cab db Goan
Mitheral waters, About tre taddle ob sve, Com Der sale We.
leave Avy toretira to Vata by ib rae a ad Constance,
Leghorn, ddg. Vim toy aber Doty sted Rod
{or SU TE Ie vd WS FoSUee cd HEPC Lhe oredlest activdbe,.
Or Ports iS iui aah ‘sscls, pie Collle ooh thOU aia j asi,
€s, Coa Prot cebaita and sicily.
Marnch, Nae. Je—dlis Seay ty Has nade @ prescat ol
the fine lao ua lip Mitimacny ta date day to va bested
Piinee Wisdes to cwab!l tia. boos ee dicgity ie ‘)
Ceulferred vn ui. Tas estate preys de dyad be gu
‘The Chamber of Cou merce of t efoan of Nant lia.
publohed AM boberestit2 taco t ob awe sere brades an
the res(oraiionw of St. Waouamo. NCCOGMNS FO Lic. Cale
Culatious, which come dow ia the yote 17d, wl voltaws.
that in order (eo tow a ; OP taaland suis bor ti cule
ture, in the peace of five yours We ssutta diol by,o7
bead per year.
Algiers, July 17.—The goverament nas reesived fron,
Kts Admiral an accurnt of baviag sec vlb Cae Nt. atoon
a Swedish ship of war, ahd ater cla E vesset ob tine sii
bation, both destincd for tars part bassin Swede Vee
eels detained bere bave been set ae aber yr tive of toein
bailed forthwith : fic Sivth Wiel ood Olfay Suu, alr jf O-
Visions shall be complected.
Paris, Aug. 12.—Slone Levin ona carte left Rome
for Kiba on (he 270k July. Phe Nee cacao Maria
Louisa is expected ia View at fac Loh or Qo get
An article fiom Atagshurg states, Chie the Cougross us
Vienna will assign Peeves, and aj art ol tie clectorate ot
Chateprineipality Co lye ne dom rans,
The Vieowia Gaselle ol he 23.0 July contains the fore
Bowing articlu:—
According to accounts froin the stand of Fla, th.
Emperor Napoleon Corumacs Coe 1] ry Jao bealth, aoa
to exhibit every sign vi contcul. bic cesides at Porto
Ferrajo, ina small house, Gb th palace who leas bua.
buy gutside the town chali be finished. A great Qusber oi
atrangers, and particalaedly of iGngosh, achading ail the
Officers of the deet cruiginy in (he icditecranean, put ine
te the island, and came to see the Mureror. “Liat sove.
reign continues fo icada very acuse bye, caployed alter.
mately in bis Cabinet, of miop clung the dieroal public
works which he his ordeecd to be crcected. dle oxpends
Cousidesable sums vu less Wyebo, aud Lua driicd ble mwas
View original celebrated artists from ditercnts parts of Italy for the
eaccuuiun of thew.
= ——
Hamburgh, Acg. \.—several of our patriotic eitizens
have focm da Uvininittles, to ailord coat to ihe pour
Casses ofour community, by purchase beds aud tools,
redgcuog Caevir pawned eucets, we. Puey haves; ated no
pais iv cramining wite hei owa eyes, a d tare already
distributed $9 thousand masks, ad to oe Cat the new
comtitoutious whielh (hey expect trou boglaud wall cua.
dle thom to extoad tho aid.
Aig. 5.— War betwee Sweden and Norway ts at last
rectucd. what ACY Qs pabtionts Commenced om the 26th ul
J ily yHotween tae ae cdisth aad N rwessall ficate las, dh
tulloys ae are the garcia detaus ¢—
CO] (Lil-G 44NCCrS of the Crus Prince, J Sy 27.
bY ord Nyy tl creb oan hee abbere thd beet Ce ainel UNG
Need Prd COW ede t Hie ed Pe hae CO Tbe Qe al little diee
CD ve CE BLED ed ber aed dab ese bate WE el I
Wet olds) Work ve se atou id Weer Cle leearions ie.
hbrds, Pwo oe 1 Vodur ids Podiloeeen Fareed Chere. aa
Heol dimen 5 iL oo NE ch ol kl Uy OU SOK
hours litera Caren tok SO Oe oh tne
line ainboos regate could peach the ae cO sam be. cde tae
(lhe wreabes, Chores, Wore made 5 tb other detaching ily Die
dered to latl ow toe rear ol bag JO dtouw teow ly lie Nove
Woeslal ool, could aotrevehats acsabation b-fure Mot,
which ctuscd hoa tack lo be poseponcd nad tcedag. Wwlen
~ | re co "» .
atanmearty boue ous dleets Were auvanmedly. Phe cyvorwee
gov Conanauder, afraid of a cour levee destruction, avai's
ed himsctf ob tae wiht bor evacuating Che islands, and at
(hi yl croselb ob the Swoutel rq ld. FON, be alr wdy Ve As
lu full cotveat to Pecdcoeks:adi. ‘Poe evacuation of i.
lands alsy had veen perloeioed an such tastes, Chae th
Ureatest partoor Giae Carvod bat been thrown tata thie
Sod. The reise De of woluosland was th Nest ol tue trou, >
winch occu, ied the tslands., blius we are in the pussesst.
on of positions of the Ing? e (importance toe the opening
of the cain, atu, without the lors of a@ Sits may audit
istube hoped thatthe people of Norway wall De pere
suaded of the say uslillly vil Cacther restisliuby aswedi lh are
my, who, aubudated with eu cliussaste valour, wil very
soon terminite the fooliea pan ofp reven tag the uimow of
Norway wit sweden”?
Onthe @7:b July the Prince Royal put himself in
warch, with all ves Ary yg AL UDL LV baddy
bie Ab 2oo8 Awedin lia y bas ily des acted fron Ue
deowalla dor strodatics utonder lo goo boaed the ship
of war the Gust lois (he Grok, apy tedhy Wirt @ view
fotuke partum Gre Wival Gpesations, as lave beew fore
mely Gaeand Adiiral.
Copenh ren, Aug. 2—On the Wu ult. the four Com.
tart Su lore ol Gib NE aed aoacFs Sel DAE Peers LCueta tt to
return to Crveistiantity peobdely Cy tidae d rash atlenyi
Law.tleds an aueiCauie ae ed cciicie.
Mecrh ntures, Arg. 3 —ibts Highness the Dahe hes
Pre pedo bo eFeee a Milmary oeder ol Vboiel, 4> ob live
Works Of (neva oUF Ob Out CPO QDS bl bas bbe 2 hoes Woe,
Prone ls Of Nur we is Juy 27 Pus ice Gedy wa
Ee pot Ga SUC ey ab baa Ce AUT) babe UNO Vee th
Chutsors ave d got ads sever ES a cdish pide 5 ba bie
ywedied hte gisu takow ara ee id ig aww ty.
Guileibiurg, July 18.—Somie days aso, veing on Doar’
ote Gh oue ilasates. aoadt Ovbord, aa (oe NODWwey idl Gaunt,
L saw scecral Notwegiad uo tooth Cone to beg fora lide
Oreoad, bhey peportca, tigate lurge quautides oO. tluar aud
Cora were arrayed a vorway pbudtoat be whole was kepe
yee use vl tae army 5 acd Chat the people all over the
Outi y Were IN Le Qredtes® cdisthess for want of food.
Lhe pour, eo, le reectyod some Orcad aud left us.—Sevene.
COM shops Nate becn dately Cay iured on the coast of Nor.
iy, sa consequence of (he ulochade, twelve by the Swedes
beG Wve U, the beiguas .
Krom the Maine, duly @.—It said that the coffin of
Quoen Caco ine Matuaa as to be romuved trom Zell tu
Yala, a de sulomaty batersod at ao. Kelle.
Nolo Ping untortunate Prine ss was the youngest
ster OF tus present Wing Of Gocet beta, wile tu Curis.
iat) Vba. on Dentisih, dud mOcdes tw bie Posy ills ako
6d Cute
The BxePmperor Bonaparte give Capt. Usher on his
loading at Biba, a invest splendid saattevua, the hid ol
ylucn as Covercd wit diamonds. valued al # 2,500.
At ecems Chat Che fronticis of Dclamum are to extend fo.
he preseat fo the oor; and wtius hoped (hat at the Con-
gress they wil bo exteaded ty the hive,
Woo yosterday stated (ang. 17) that advices had been re.’
covod frota ish authouty ia bcanee, stating that Bona.
parte iad been Canpemog with evme of the French Mare -
-hals, who, however, to their eternal honor be it stated,
prumptly iad the pecidous overtures of the Corsican be-
lore their logitinate Sovereign. By the fullowing catraci
of a letter from Pati, ioserted in the German Papers, il
Appears (hat the frlicn tyrant has also been writing to th,
ormer wiinister of Palice :—
Phe adhercats of the Emperor assert that Gen. Savary
has receieed a@ tetter from Bonaparte, in which he eaters
minetely inco his motives for rejecting the terms of peace
that were ottered hitn SA» the people in generai,’ says he, !
‘arc not Satioficd with the peace which the King has con.
cluded with the Allicd Powers, (hey would have had much
more Just reason to reproach me had bagecved to that which
was ;roposed tome, as it was far more disadvantageous to
France’? Lt is contidestly sau, that General savary,
who received this letter by spat, has forwarded it to the
Director-General of Police, and Minister of the King’s
aku articie in the kvuileur says the Allics decline astiste
View original ing the Crown Prince of Sweden in his attacks on Not
lway, and tiat he has detesmincd to vodcitike the ruuce
iow ol ths Norweziaas with lis ow forces,
~The Kaperor of Russia and the Kins of Prossia have
presented the crew of toe [mpreguable with £ 800, luv ve
equally disteibuted among them,
Capt. Boyd, late of the Pelham, said to have boon kile
ledin anengagement with an Amicican provateer, ss aciived
it Jamaica, and recovering of his wou ds,
The Ulalycon sloop of war, Cat. J. Ul. Marshall, wae
wofortanately lust, in the middle of May tasty dy Anal
bay, on the northside of st Domingo, ana reel ofochs
(uukyown to any bat the watives,) wich was created by
the earthquake of 1212, and extends four nates dro ie
Shore, Suuertly after she struk sie liticd aud wel dow ,
md trom a gile of wind s, cinging up dering tie ene g
Wont, few of her stores were saecd, Muca wiiheulty [ite
vated against saving the peaoleys which wary tower, ae
pily elfected. Caot. Siaesual and ths Ollic re Cane Nous
ry tae sakes,
Lt is suai to be dntend to give the command) «fous Mts
sty’s Packets mp botuee to Cotman ‘ors awa bey a Noe
v\ Mt ith asuplaule estaulistimcud of ul oe Nava Ounces
Noder Caen,
I, teers from the Canary Ttantsof the 9th July une
ton toat Meedorand Via tas been, coclastacd tO Penerca ts
he Er paisitoo roecseaUlished, aud the teow Con Gituido
Bowlers mothor set out from Rome on the 27:f
J iy, for the islaud of fitha,
lt is und rstood, tiatthree Comm ssionors from the Ning
of France, deft France for S). Dowingo abuula moot
mec. ‘Phesegouthomen, whose names are Slessrs, Lavaise
ce, Moding, aid Derayeman, came throueh fnglacd, and
emotrked ow the 13fb Joly, al Falmoush, for Kingstoain
J amued. Wee they intend tu yvpen a Colma atom
with St Wosaingzo, and to proceed thertee (o complete thee
arrangements, af cirCuuistances shall afford nuyes of Uhoe
safety dud success.
Conunerce is tutally stasnantin th: ports of the Modi.
terranvan, ‘Phe | reparations to oppose the iaibiry Cove
sairs, rouder its revival sil more dificult. dt is) surly
He ty put an ead to the tyranny ex ect cd wich dinpuite
y by these grcedy pirates on Choewtiaw wavigitors. Hue
rope sees Wilh adinieation the successfil comt ination of
the chic Powers, weing with cach otuce in etlurt for tue
sthversoan of a tyranny that threaten d Co mduce all nae
Mons tO Gonerd. Siavery. flow mach ts it to be wished
(hatthey would ccown the work of general liberty and
hiopivess, by delwertng Cheichan burupe trom the pitae
cles Of the Barbary Sa es?
Pacuament be t rorug ied {Oo Tuesd \y the frst of Noe
vem or meal.
The Gozette of ‘ast ob (aig. 16) announces the noe
mivationw of bas Ruy a! Ibigirness Cae ddoceuie ry bet ee. f
Qa gy 10 be au tealia dct of (be ws Vol facu. O.der f
Clit aaall,
Pa S senty.frst Annual Conferene of the Methodists,
ass ubsed at Geestol on tne 25 GQ ult. aod is ex ee cd te
otectide ats st (ties. De. Adan Ciatho was choscu Live
sidoht; aud there were dcerly 00 Ministers present. dha
Incroase, ducing the last ycar, amounts Co wear 15,000 !—
12, 84 of whom have been added in Britain, and the res
maodertin the West bidics end Nova Scotia.
The West Lodia fleet, under convoy of the Magnificcut
will sail frow Portsmouth ov the Ist August.
Three American privateers are reuctiog at Rochelle and
were expected to sail on a cruise,
Longelivily.—A New York Paper contains the ful.
lowing :—‘*ibenry Brown, native of New Jovscy, residing
near Beavertuwn, was born Jan, 16835 consequcw ly as
now in his k29th ywar, Tle is a biack man, wita long
Straight hair, and wears it ted. dle was tu General Sroue
doch’s defeat, in. 1755 and then was 69 years old. Le
had been a Slave TU yeoars—has boca a free man 59) yours
—is now iv good health, can walk pretty well, has a god
appetite attimes, but getung weak.
The Dutch Awbassador, for North America, was ar ie
red there with his suite, in the sloop syasy sud recurved
there du great procession,
How soon Iheric! have tho.e proud hopes ficd,
‘hat lately rous'd tu life thy torpm realur j—
Again Oppression tifis her gorgun uead,
And sorimaking Freedom tamely yicids tie helatl
Thy sons have shed their noUlest blood in vaia,
‘Lo reseve tice froin Foreign slavery’s yOke 3
Grim Superstition lucks thy lutbs again
In bondage baser @an their valour broke)
Al! what avails it that thy brave A‘li-s
Maintain’d they cause iv many a da sparate fray, }
: And gaiud for the immortal victories—
; If thus their fiults are blindly turuwa away!
Are these the ‘ind returns thy kidnapp’d King
Markes for thy toils, thy in tis caused
To reeost.blish Chat tust odious Gins—
The txqutsirion, and ils barbarous laws s
To seize—ivroression—banis fron the land, }
Patviuls, Wao, ia the days of tay de-piuir,
Sill faitfol to theie “dear-loy d Fervivanp,’
bor his coca.n proferrd the scrvent pray
O black ingratitude !—O burning shame !
blush! Koyalty, aud Ro vale,, and afl
That eer respected treedures sacred unme,
Or triumph felt at dyrenny's dowalall
— eee
Le Mercierright! pun'shed is
By Britain's equai taw 5
Ele suould teach (adie, proper ef Ps
@u6 vol @ grand jius pure
View original MARSITAL’s OF FICE.
BY virtue ofan appointment from Tits Excecllen-
ey J Merry y Major-Ge neral, TLieutenant-Gover-
nor of the colony Berbice and its Dependencies, &c.
KC ° &c .
Given apona potifion presented by Edward Theo-
bal.!, VCTeUS, J. C. Schollevanger, dated 9th Oc-
tober, ISt3.
Notice is hereby given to the public, that T the
undersdened intend to Scl. at Public Execution Sale
in presence of two Counselors Comuntissaries, and
their Sceretary, on Wednesday the 26th of Octobe r,
Shy at thee ial House of this colony, at eleven
o'clock ia the forenoon of that day, the following fur-
Wiftre, vo 7,—
A pentale, 6G maly ngany chairs, a bureau, 9 pic-
tures, a tooling glissyatuble with Deends, a writing
desk aside Dowd, abate and tork case with some
steel Corn. ‘! chy: IN. a hv iss. Tb avis horse, a sinall
table, 6 1! oul candlbestiohs with shedec. 2 Sader, o
ditto to hans agaist he wall, asimait Gabtey as ne
anda liquor ease.
Whoo ver sboutd think to have a iv richt, action,
Or interest. on the aforementtom doarieles ‘or Uri)te
tures amd wishes fo oppose the Ex cution Sale ther
oF fet such persons tddbess themselwes to the und re
eicaed, al Tanne them reasons fer so doine i da
time and fora, as bhercby wive notice, that Iwill re.
ceive opposition from every meter, ad ‘Me person, ty
point thera day to have his or her claim I ard yee
fore the Court, and further act thereon as the Law
This First proclimation published as customary.
Berbics, Gun October, ISTE.
K.P RANCKEN, Ferst Marsha’,
BY virtue of an Appo: cntment from Tis Excellency
H.W. Bevvinxck, Psa. bi une nant-Governor of the
colony Berb: Tce, and its De pend lencies, &c. &c. &c.
Dated! Qist Sc ms (S14, given upon a petition pre-
genfed by Lewis Cameron and 'T. Fraser, as togetber
with the vow abscat) John Cameron, Attornies for
W. Fraser, of Culbockic County of Inverness, North
Brifaing and pure proprietor of Plantation Union,
Weost coast, cersvs, the Executor Or hxeculors, Re.
resentative ar ite prese natives, of the Estate of R..
Gordon, of Plantation Borlum and of Drakies, in
Notice is hereby eiven to the Public, that T the
undersigoced tatend to Sell, at Public Px: caution S.,
in fhe presence of two Councedlors Conmyissaries an!
their Secretary. in) the mon hoof Neyveo ber. [Rr
q ‘ brite
(the precise dav AUICES AL,
of this colony ).
The Coon Pete teedd BORTUM,
s rowed thro’ (lic Gazelle
gituafeon Cre Lostson comstot des eolony, and Mere
knows un! ec Noot ay with alo its eubtivation. build.
e 1
firs, staves, col eroepp arte ances: thereto be.
Jousing,amborywhoohoan Teventory is te be seen at
the Marhal’s Cibew during the hours aolciuty. Said
Eyvtate being the properly of the Estate of R. Gor-
don afoces iit.
Wiroever sboutt eink to bave any rieht, action,
or inferest on the atborenamed Phiantation Borlum,
cum aanexis, aed wishes fo orpese the Exce aiien
Bile thereo’) let such person address himself to the
Ma shaat's Oilice, declaring their reason for so doine
in Awe tine and f rin, as l here by « rive notice, that
will receive oppostiion tram any intermediate De rson,
appoint then a day tohave his or hor elaine heard
betore the Couit, and further act thereon as the Law
This 2nd proclamation published ag customary.
Berbice, Sth October, 1S14.
K. FRANCKE:? Y, Tirst Marshal.
View original SALE ey EXECUTION.
BY virtve of an apporntyen from Tis Exeelen-
ey jI. W. Bentinck, Rsqhire, Licutenant-Gover-
nor of the colony Berbice and its Dependencies, &e.
&c. &c.
Under date of 21st Sept. ISI, upon a petition of
J.U. L. Maurenbrecher, as the A(orney of Rouge-
mont and Belrends,
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that T the
undersigned intend to Selly at Puble exceution Sale,
in the presence of two Couneellors Comuniss:ries and
their Secretary, ta the month of November, 1815, the
precise day hereafter to be notificd through the Ga-
gcite of this colony.
The Coflee Estateenled VaTENDSCITAP, situate
In the middle river ot this colony, with all its cultwa.
tion, butldings, slaves and further appurtenances
thereto belonging,, and of whieh an Inventory is to
be seen af this Othce ; said plantation being the pro--
periy of George Pauels.
Whoever should think to have any right, action
ax wiereet eu above Kelate Viricudschap, aud viele so
View original NNR al, ~ i a
oppose the Exeention ile thereof, Jet such nersons
address themselves to the undersiened, ino weitine
and indie Gime and form, as thereby give notice
(hat Twill receiv -opposifion from every tntermedie
person, apport thema day fo have his or her claim
heard before the Court, and further act hereon as
the Law directs.
This Sth proclamation published as customary.
‘Berbice, 9th Oct. IST.
K.ERANCHKEN, Firet Warhals.
BY virtuc of an appointment from Hit Pxecllenes
the Governor, dated 19th Sopfomber, IStd, given
upon a Petition presented by WK. Pranchen, as Pies!
Marshal, for and in name of D. AL, Receiver of the
Church Pand, wishin this colouy.
Notice is hercby @iven, that b Che undordencd ine
‘ ‘ i . !
fend to Soll, at Publie toscen tion 9 WE Thue .
sence Of two Couneellors Cop pot eorex. andt "i
eae ’ y ’ . q > ee | : % : ' ‘ '
cretary, ow Wednescde tl. ror Now, | J th
‘ ) ‘ , ; } ’ ’ 7 . .
Coflee Estate eatt | Vd] ry Si
Clan (° { ch. Wid L, Cult yy Me Today
eday XS i] | ‘ j \ "mC ee belo \
( ( (| ( y iA
, f . , ”
‘ c \ > | blo ‘ U i tia !
’ ‘ ( ,.) y > f
\\ | \ | f act
r | ' ;
Nnyaye pos! ) it
I () wo’) ~ too ;
\I-), Lys never { ¢)y: Co) veo ' | the dy lips.
: ° ’ '
ons for so doin fn ore tte ond wore. as Pdeveby
TIVE NOLCE p that Pvill recetve oy POSTEO TrOnrey
Intermediate person, aproiit themadey toheve irs
or herclainy beard before the Courf, and iuriher act
thereon as the | iw directs,
This 4th Proclamation pablished as customary.
Berbice, 9th Oct. 1814,
WK. PRANCKEN, Miest Marshal.
BY virtue of an appolntinent from the TWonor-
able Court of Civil Justice of this ec! ngyy under date
of 23d July, IST4, given upona Potitios presented
by John Layfield, qq. Thos. Gadecon, and others:
as also ot W. Kewley and Rola. Paty in heir cae
pacity as Curators to the Vsivte of {2, Carry, dee.
I the undetsizned, at the 1 quest ol alurcosaid Cu-
Sammon by Evlits
? ® . rye © v
All | ryyINfs Oy line por ceeds of i tation TIanes.
° | / ! ‘ "Ae \
fyey Cu me uends, toa pens botore the Comitol Cin
. . ' ’ -
U1 Cy obtiis colors conn J Whe leh Oetohey
> ! ‘ ’ , c ‘ ‘ r pe ; ’ :
b¢ 5 cya A ’ ) { bea ( ( pllinle ii (f) Le
. te ¢
cl pes, rude F CO yt acd PCOOREMIY TO J iW,
pout : ; : i: . 4 e) ; vy:
si ‘ ‘ tid i , cf ‘ { } , 1) () He Pt yi .
: : . 1 | f° -¢ ? ;
y | OF CrUAny § ¢ me Cont | hse or tbls COlOnYy.
. we /
thee further deate with according to custom.
> .
Berbice, rt (), Que f
KPA NONUN, First Varsgohl.
BY virtue of anextroct from the Minutes of the
Procecdivoes of the € rurbef Raolley ceted Sih oO}
June, 1S] Pegiven da the oruse, encithed: We foeave)
aml Wel Praser, Curators to the Abandoned !
of Teywood & Taylor, Pivintitts by ciel, versus, all
Known and unknown creditors against the
Tithe undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
Within this colony, and at the request of weoresaid
Summon by Edict, Exrsuperahundant:
All known and unknown creditors against the ab-
andoned Estate of Heywood & Taylor, toappear be-
ore the Court of Civil Justice which will be | elon
Monday the 17th October, 1814, and follow ine d Lys,
(heir to render in their claims, to verify the sine. and
hear objections made thereunto, i need, and turther
fo procce

® ' '.
. ‘.
olla Losfiale,
has the Lew direets.
This Stunimen hy didtet, made known to the public
by Deatot deum from thie Court Mouse of this coluiy,
and further deal) with according (o custom,
Lerbice, Ia) Aue. TST.
K.P RANcKEN, First Marshal.
eee ee eK —_— — —__
~ _
In furtherince of an Ay potntment from THis ex.
cellency HH. W., Bentinex, Esquire, Lieatenans-
Governor of the colo 'y Berbice and ity Dependen-
cles, &e. &e. &e. Given Upon a pelilion, present-
ed by his Honor M.S, Revnerr, Fiscal vi Uhis co-
lony, FLO. dated the 12th Sept. IST4,
If the undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
within this colony, in (he name and bebalf of M.S.
Bennerr, Viscal . O,.
Do hereby
Summon by Edict:
Residents of the colony Demerary.
View original PERSONALLY to appear hefore the Wonorabte
Counsellors Cominissarics of the Courtof Polov and
Criminal Justice of this colony,on Monday the [7th
et October, ISl¢, and following day Sy ioneed, for
(he pai pose of there hearing, answer iieey and proceed
losueh conclusion and demand as he llonor the Fis
cab RO. then and there sball erxhisit, and further
(lo proceed aceordire to Law,
This Stuamion by idiet, made known to the publie
by beatof drum fiom the Court House of (his colony,
posted up, and further dealt with as the Law directs.
Berbice, idth s ole IST YG.
Ne EP RANCHKEN, Dtat VWarshal.
DY virtue of an appomtinent from Tis Exeele
leney the Governor, dated £Oth Sceptbr. ISt4, given
Wpow a pelifion presented ly the ¢ role Clanbe ry
Oi this colony, tin capacily us Ndbsin stcrime (he Ps.
tite ot J. fdfiasscl a ) In whose bustate is con pichens
Ced and yet remaining the Concer:etthe | irm now
di S( Ived, Hare hiavines for
Meity carriod on business
(heaame and styleol Se SLasselypep & Co,
rm oun |. 1 “FANE 9 ail Vit Fe joi Nl anf wloresaid Ore
lout Chaimber. witheire
i )
Sfoeity ay above expressed.
feo hereoy Sdiumien by fiicl, La Super
. 4
tl herndeey /, °
(Woy rand unbiovw eritors or cliimants on
OC. te | boat. Passchear, or of the Firm. now
Oso et Phasse dana ( QuIp. OS We Noun this coe
Prov ane tseyy dre re, — 4 roca boetore the Honor ble
‘our! oy 4 ivit eUSh ce ar iy COWODIN . ove (1 KN 18) 3
Which will be hel bow the P72 q ¢ Clober, IS'4. end
Pest lenyy pry divy ss there to render pn (hetr clatuiss hi wr
° . . 7
olyy ‘Chrons, | eed aincde theceus (oO. ad witness the
Gecision ot the toon. Courtoou the ) rererentand cone
Curren’ rio ht of elatiorn Sy On pan of bar.
ThisStaumon by (diet, Cox sip rabundant?) made
Now fo the pul ee by best ot drum from te ‘oure
Pi. Use aft (lii 4 alony, ah | further dealt with uccurde
ity loo cuestony,
Dewbic ) [st Ootol T. IST 4.
We ba NOW IINS Fie Marskal,
BY victue ofavancointinent fom Tis ccllepey
the Governor, red oe Soon TS tg, fiven upon y
peaition present d ty (he Orphen Chamber. oy tle
' ,- . ’ 7 .
olony CTC, EE OU city as teas lie Chareve of une
So -
tle verter lene, af the request of aforesaid Ore
phan Chanter, do herly
Samnton by EVots
All Known and auhnown Credirors of the undere
mention: d) boedels, viz, —————
f fers,
John Jones, Coorre Adamson.
Joseph | itiot. PM. Lohman,
Vhoomas J riser. PL bh: Nuson,
Richard Collier, | oF. de Vadder.
J.C. Swavine. Jobn Broderick.
rans von Wal ‘Lirch. C.M.s CSE.
\Woowetl ta this colony, as clhewhere,— To appear
belore the Hon. Court of Civil Mustice of this colony,
MW their session inthe month of futy. Ps 1D, there te
render in th irehiums against he abowena ned Fix
files. fo VOL {hres res to hear obi Chhons yp ide
(hereunto, thaced, and ty wittess the Comes af a
sionon the preterent ane) coneurrent rizht of clad,
ants, and furdler fo proceed accordine to pis
Wig aca
. . . ° ! ’ ’ ® 7 . .
parm of being for ever debarrest the rrohtofeloin.
This Suemnon by bdtety made Known to the pthlie
by beatof drum trom th: Court Monse ¢ Cthis colony,
ind further dealt with aecordine (yo custom.
Berbice, Ist October, ISd4.
KO BFRANCKUN, Perce VWaurshal,
7S ep a
AN ox about (roe years old wos found a few dag
ALO, Mays the cattle on No. ds \Vest const - w hoe
ever Can prove property, can have it restored an
prying the expence of this advertisement, by applys
inv fo the Manaver.—Inverness, | Oct. 1814.
A new crabwood Punt, 19 feet long, and 7 feet
vices whoever can vive such information as ma
recover the same, will receive a reward of one Joe,
View original POR SAL by the subscriber, a few puncheons
Crrenada rum, excellent Madeira wine in pipes, and
Temper Lime in small kees, very reasonalje fog
. _ —— ee — See
View original —_ — - -—-—-— _- _——— —___ ———————
TH) Gudersizned offer for sate, from 20 to 25000
feet Lumber, monthly, ata moderate rate.
1 Oct. GLORGH BONE & Co,
Who have on hand a few barrels Salt lish, alse
Lime nd ‘Verrace ia barrels.
View original ~~

15 October 1814